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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 28, 2013 6:00am-8:00am PST

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energy there. you can see the interplay. i want to see you perhaps get bill clinton and michelle obama here together, and you interview them. >> that would be awesome. >> and see how that works out. that's what i want to see. >> on it, done. write that down. on it. charles, what have you got? >> i can't wait until we can line up the gang of eight's immigration plan against the president's plan. this is an issue we have to deal with. it's all in the details. it's not really the big ticket items, it is the down ticket items. >> the big ticket items actually haven't changed from generations ago. >> everybody has to register, but they can't work until they've paid all the fines. >> details, details. >> all that stuff is where it really works out. >> the president has said, as a father, he wouldn't let his children, if he had boys, play football. >> i have two boys, and i have the same debate. i grew up in football culture, friday night lights, small town texas, and i don't know if i'd let my boys play football.
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>> i've had that discussion with 15 friends of mine about their own sons. >> i just say no. i have two boys. they want to play. i'd say no. >> i have two boys, three fractures, and three titanium plates. >> tomorrow on "starting point," the director of "silver linings playbook," david o'russell will our guest. and paul krugman, new york times columnist, is going to join us as well. carol costello takes over now. hi, carol. >> hi, soledad. happening now in the newsroom, trapped. new details on the nightclub fire in brazil. doors were locked. thousands of people, and only one exit. and now there are new questions about the club's license and word of arrests made just this morning. obama, clinton, and 2016, the secretary of state and the future. >> i don't think either he or i can make predictions about what's going to happen tomorrow or the next year.
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>> just ahead, the love fest and what a difference an election can make. credit alert. stores can now charge you a so-called checkout fee. we'll tell you how much and where. plus this. i really hope "30 rock" is ending this week, but i hope it has a long life in syndication. i look forward to another generation of nerds kind of finding it and enjoying it. >> it was so cool being able to roll out the red carpet and coming here today and them calling our name. >> backstage at the sag awards. newsroom has your all access pass to the winners and the moments everyone is talking about, including this wardrobe malfunction from jennifer lawrence. newsroom starts now. good morning. thank you, everyone, for joining me. i'm carol costello.
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we begin with new developments from that horrifying nightclub fire in brazil. just a few minutes ago, we learn that the police arrested one of the club's owners and two members of the band who were using fireworks in their show. more than 230 people died in the inferno, nearly half of them college students from the nearby campus. cnn's shasta darlington joins us live from santa maria, brazil. shasta, what can you tell us about these arrests? >> reporter: well, carol, they obviously give us some indication where these investigations are going. there have been a lot of reports that the club simply wasn't prepared for this kind of emergency. perhaps that its license was even expired, that the whole inferno could have been set off by a pyrotechnics show that the band members themselves were putting on. the fact that these people have been arrested certainly gives us some indication that this is the problem. now, i'm just a few steps away from the nightclub kiss where this fire tore out early sunday
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morning, killing 231 people. the investigators now still going through the clues, combing through the rubble. it's a bright, quiet day. people from santa maria gathered here. this was a different scene just a few hours ago. smoke filled the air when the first firefighters entered the nightclub, where shirtless men were already trying to rescue some of the injured. emergency vehicles arrived, not realizing the extent of the tragedy they faced. chaos and terror among survivors, and the bodies of victims all around. the fire broke out about 2:00 in the morning in a nightclub called kiss in brazil's southern state santa maria. the club was packed with 2,000 people, twice its legal capacity, according to officials. >> people who were inside the facility informed us that, when they came out, security guards
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blocked the exit to prevent people there from leaving, and that's when the crowd started panicking, and the tragedy grew worse. >> reporter: this is santa maria's local gymnasium, but it's been turned into a makeshift morgue. there are hundreds of bodies here. hundreds of families have come together to try to locate and identify their relatives, who were, of course, young people in their late teens, early 20s. they died of asphyxiation, and some of them were even trampled to death. as the coffins for the many victims were lined up, investigators searched for the cause of the fire, which tore through the soundproofing insulation in the roof. brazilian president dilma rousseff cut short her appearance at a summit in chile and headed to oversee the government's response to the tragedy. it was the end to the holiday season in brazil, a chance to party for many young people due back at school or work on monday. >> shasta darlington reporting
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from santa maria, brazil. as we said at the beginning of the show, one arrest has been made, the club's owners. and also a member of the band playing that night. also this morning, big change is being proposed for the nation's immigration system. a bipartisan group of senators will unveil details this afternoon. let's get a preview now. brianna keilar is at the white house. >> reporter: good morning. this is a big week for the immigration reform. a press conference will take place this afternoon at 2:30 p.m. eastern. this is a group of eight senators, a bipartisan group, and a forceful lineup, charles schumer, dick durbin, mrobert h nen des, michael bennett, and on the republican side, john mccain, lindsey graham, marco rubio, and jeff flake. this would offer an immigration plan for millions here
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illegally, it would also have an employment verification. and cracking down on companies that hired unauthorized workers. the president, as you know, carol, will also be taking up this issue this week. he'll be heading to las vegas tomorrow. he met monday with the congressional hispanic caucus to sort of talk and preview this plan that he's already put out, but he'll be highlighting tomorrow. >> brianna keilar reporting live from the white house this morning. also today, about two hours from now, president obama plans to meet with police chiefs and sheriffs from around the nation to talk about reducing gun violence. the police chiefs of newtown, connecticut, and aurora, colorado, saw their share of gun violence last year also expected to attend. even as the president convenes this meeting, a law enforcement backlash continues. a wisconsin sheriff is now encouraging citizens to take up arms and not solely rely on law enforcement for protection.
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>> with officers laid off and furloughs, simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option. you can beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide undered bed, or you can fight back. with you reprepared? consider taking a certified safety course in handling a firearm so you can defend yourself until we can get there. >> that's a radio ad running right now in wisconsin. sheriff david clarke defended that add on cnn's "starting point." he said it's necessary because of budget constraints. >> and last year with the budget cut, i had to lay off 42 people. the city of milwaukee police department that i work with, in conjunction with them anyway for public safety in milwaukee county, this year is furloughing 1,500 officers three days each. that's 4,500 fewer officer days that will be spent on the street. >> sheriff clarke is joining other sheriffs and bucking a law
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that's not even really a law yet. we've told you about a south carolina sheriff who says he will not enforce any new gun laws he deems unconstitutional. sheriff al appeared on my show last week. later we'll talk about a petition calling for the sheriff's resignation. it's taken three months, but finally the senate is expected to vote to help those devastated by superstorm sandy. you know the back story. republicans balked at getting money to disaster victims unless costs were offset. the idea enraged northeast governors like republican chris christie. >> disaster relief was something that you didn't play games with, but now in this current atmosphere, everything is the subject of oneupsmanship, everything is a possibility, a piece of bait for the political game. it is why the american people
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hate congress. >> today survivors will be watching to see if lawmakers actually vote to send $50 billion their way. our national correspondent jason carroll live in hard hit staten island, new york, where people are desperately waiting for that help. good morning. >> reporter: many go, carol. nowhere can that desperation be felt more than here on hamden street in long island. this was a vacant lot. there was a home here that's been demolished yesterday. the other homes, questions on whether they'll be demolished. workers still working on the house. you can see the yellow sign on this door. so many doors in the neighborhood. con edison still deciding if it's safe enough. debris outside this home. she's lived here for seven years. you can see the devastation she's still dealing with and the destruction inside her home. she rode out the storm like so many in this neighborhood. she actually survived by holding on to a cooler which actually
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ended up floating down the street. you, like so many people here, this really is the 11th hour for you. >> reporter: yes, it is. thank you, jason. as you could see, my home here is destroyed. as you can see, i can't live in it. i have no electric. i have no plumbing. i have no boiler, and i need some help over here. hopefully, someone who's listening out there possibly can help me get back into my home. >> reporter: i know this emotionally is very difficult for you. i want to thank you for doing this. i know it's been a struggle for the past three months financially. what are you hoping that this bill will be able to do for you? >> i'm hoping i can get a grant, some money to help me pay. i'm now paying a mortgage and a rent, and i'm on temp disability. i just had my second spinal surgery. it's difficult for me to handle
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both, and i've been asking for some rental assistance, which has failed me, once i went and they messed up on my paperwork, and i had to go back. i'm still waiting for some answers in regards to that there for rental assistance. >> when i look at your house here, basically, it's been -- the inside of it has been destroyed. you are still hoping to stay, hoping to rebuild? >> yes, i want to come back to my home. this is a wonderful neighborhood. i have wonderful neighbors on the block. we're all good people. and i want to come back. i hope soon. >> i think a lot of people don't realize that, even though some assistance is being offered in terms of trying to provide rent, for example, but, carol, in new york city we're talking rents at a discounted rate, sometimes $1,700, $1,800 a month. that's something that middle class families simply cannot afford. >> i was going to say that, even if i was working, i still could
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not afford to pay a rent and a mortgage at the same time. you want to know, people want their money. banks are calling me every week. they want their money. banks want to get paid. contractors want to get paid. and my landlord wants her money. i need some help with some sort of assistance. i hope that is going to be coming to me shortly because this is three months in after the hurricane. >> reporter: carol, you take fran's situation, multiply that by thousands and thousands of people in new york and new jersey who are looking for aid and hoping they will, in fact, receive it from washington later on today. carol? >> well, the senate expected to vote on that $50 billion aid package today, and then it will go to the president. we'll see what happens. jason carroll reporting live from staten island this morning. the 49er flag waves on top of the team's super bowl flight. the niners have arrived, but the ravens are coming.
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15 minutes past the hour. time for top stories. congressman paul ryan says, when it comes to the country's financial health, the president is not taking it seriously enough. the former vice presidential candidate took to the air waves in his first live interview since the election. he said why the gop controlled house decided to buy time on the debt ceiling debate. >> they haven't put out a plan. the reason why we wanted to get the debt limit extended is so we can showcase our budgets. here's our plan for economic rule. here's our plan for balancing the budget. here's our plan for entitlement reform, which is necessary if you want to save medicare from bankruptcy and get this debt under control. >> as for 2016, ryan says it's premature to say if he will run for president. several miles of the
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mississippi river closed this morning after two tank barges loaded with crude oil hit a railroad bridge. happened near the town of vicksburg, about 45 miles west of the jackson. one tank with 80,000 gallons of crude oil zastarted leaking. the coast guard stopped the leak. they're trying to figure out how many gallons spilled into the river. icy conditions causing trouble for drivers. some are hitting slick spots and losing control. the wintry weather already blamed for several accidents. gatorade no longer using an ingredient patented as a flame retardant in its drinks. the oil/flame retardant is banned in the entire european union, japan, and several other countries. "the new york times" is reporting you can still find the chemical, however, in 10% of drinks sold in the united states, including mountain dew, power ade, freska, and sunkist peach soda. the countdown to the oscars is on after the 19th annual
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screen actors guild awards were handed out last night, better known as sag. the show kicked off with traditional laughs after the i am an actor feature, and there's no doubt who soon became the favorite. >> i grew up in colombia in a traditional catholic home. my father told me if i ever did anything artistic, i was going to look like a hooker. i told him with these huge boobs that i inherited from your mother, i already look like a hooker. i am sofia vergara, and i am an actress. is there any cuter woman on the planet? maybe nischelle turner is one. good morning, nischelle. >> wow, carol, thank you. what a way to start that monday morning. i appreciate it, and i'm going to take that compliment. thank you very much. it was a fun show last night. i think sofia vergara and hall holbrooke were any two favorites. but the star of the night was
6:20 am
ben affleck. it keeps getting better and better for him. his movie "argo" took home the best prize and best ensemble cast in a motion picture category. now "argo" has to be considered a front-runner for best picture next month. however, most film critics will dell you, if a director is not nominated for on oscar, the movie has little chance of winning. this could buck the trend. speaking of a great awards season, mr. lincoln himself, daniel day lewis, took home best actor for a male in his role as lincoln. he swept the season. and "silver linings playbook" jennifer lawrence won statue for best female actor. and anne hathaway earned a trophy in best supporting actress category. beautiful dresses, good speeches. i think it was a good night, carol. >> speaking of beautiful dresses. it's all over the internet. jennifer lawrence's dress, did it really rip open when she stood up to take her award? >> you know, looks can be
6:21 am
deceiving because this seems to be the wardrobe malfunction that actually wasn't. it's almost like that depends on what your definition of is is. because technically she did have a wardrobe malfunction, but the dress didn't rip. in case you're not completely confused, here's a little bit more. according to e-online, when she was walking up the steps to receive her actor, she adjusted the beautiful christian dior gown, and she revealed clear lining, which was purposely connected to the gown. it wasn't a tear. it was a little fabric connection that you weren't supposed to see. >> it was just a complicated construction thing going on. >> there you go. complicated construction. i like that. >> exactly. talking about dresses, we must show a picture of you in your beautiful dress that you were wearing last night. >> you're embarrassing me. >> oh, what were you wearing,
6:22 am
nischelle? >> oh, thank you. i was trying to give you a little leg there, wasn't i? trying to give a little pose. yes, indeed. that dress is by a little known designer. her name is carasan. she's so talented. if you watch a little reality tv and watch "project runway," she was on the very first season of "project runway." she was the runner-up. she makes dresses that really fit women's bodies. that felt kind of good when i put it on. i was happy to wear her dress. >> i don't think i'd be able to eat for two weeks before i put on that dress. i admire you. >> well, it was carrots and celery for a little bit. i'll tell thaw. >> i believe it. nischelle turner, thanks so much. >> but i had pizza last night. so there you go. >> that's the way. they swept into washington promising to take back the country from big government and excess spending. now the tea party movement seems to be losing steam. it's our talk back question. what's killing the tea party?
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bring on the big game, or at least the media frenzy before the big game. the san francisco 49ers arrived in new orleans last night. the baltimore ravens will get in later today. as you know, super bowl week officially kicks off today. cnn's mark mckay is in new orleans with our coverage. ray lewis hasn't even gotten
6:26 am
into town yet, mark, but he's already a topic of conversation. >> reporter: he certainly is, carol. we'll be talking about him all week long. good morning from the super bowl city. as you mentioned, the san francisco 49ers, the nfc champions, were the first to arrive, doing so sunday. the baltimore ravens, they arrive later today. all this week, we'll be falling a number of intriguing super bowl story lines. one of the biggest will be baltimore ravens linebacker ray lewis. win or lose the super bowl, he will retire after sunday's game. he has been a polarizing figure, of course, during his 17-year career. but one thing is for sure, he is a respected leader on the football field, among both his baltimore ravens teammates and opposing players as well. >> i call him moufasa. obviously, that's from the movie "lion king." by no stretch of the means am i calling him a king of like --
6:27 am
just a king in this game and what it's about and the things he's been able to do, to me, and at the linebacker position, that's -- right now, you know, he holds that. he holds that crown. >> reporter: what the niners want to do, though, is deny ray lewis another super bowl crown. you may recall he was the most valuable player of super bowl xxxv when the ravens beat the new york giants 12 years ago, carol. >> yeah. i know where ray lewis is this morning. he's in the city of baltimore in the inner harbor, and he's about to address this big pep rally going on. literally thousands of baltimore ravens fans are there, and all the snow and the sleet and everything. so ray lewis is fired up, and i don't think anything can fire him down. on another matter, mark, super bowl week is going on the same time as mardi gras. is new orleans ready? it seems like a silly question. of course new orleans is ready for all that partying.
6:28 am
>> reporter: this is a party town, carol. we saw it when we arrived. media members arriving along with super bowl visitors. this was the scene sunday and all weekend long here in the super bowl city as mardi gras was going on. parades all over town. traffic was a mess in some parts of the city. new orleans is such a walkable city that it's really not a big problem. you just have to have a lot of patience. we found a lot of people ready to keep this party going all week long. >> super bowl next weekend. we can't wait. going to be a great time in the city. everybody is going to be having a lot of fun. >> we're excited that super bowl is here. can't wait. it's going to be a great thing for the city. >> the city is electric right now. between mardi gras, the super bowl, mardi gras had to be pushed up a week. so we've got pretty much the entire month of partying, which we're used to. new orleans can handle it. >> reporter: here's the good news. this week it will be all about the super bowl here in new orleans. carol, they will let mardi gras
6:29 am
take a break, if you can do that, until after the big game is played here at the big dome. >> i'd like to see that. mark mckay reporting live from new orleans this morning. coming up in the "newsroom," why instagram might need your government i.d. they want you to post your driver's license online. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay alive... but feel alive. the new c class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers
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good morning. thank you so much for being with us. stories we're watching right now in "the newsroom" at 30 past the hour. futures up this morning as investors saw better than expected earnings from manufacturing giant caterpillar. ringing the opening bell, distinguished representatives from peru in honor of the third annual peru day.
6:33 am
now you know. there are new developments this morning in that horrifying nightclub fire in brazil. we've now learned police have arrested one of the club's owners and two members of the band that were using fireworks in their show. more than 230 people died in the inferno. nearly half of them college students from a nearby campus. one day before president obama kicks off his push for immigration reform in las vegas, a group of democratic and republican senators, including marco rubio, are unveiling their own. the bipartisan plan offers a path to residency, even citizenship, for millions of immigrants who are in the united states illegally. it also calls for an employment verification system that prevents identity theft and would add hiring of unauthorized workers in the future. for the past four years, president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton have shared the world stage and a few laughs, but laughs were few and far between when both were running for president.
6:34 am
>> while i was working on those streets, you were a corporate lawyer sitting on the board of walmart. >> you were practicing law and representing your contributors resco in his slum landlord business in inner city chicago. >> ouch, ouch, ouch. what a difference an election makes. president obama, of course, he won the nomination. clinton won his confidence. and now the president has nothing but praise for the woman who could someday succeed him in the oval office. >> i consider hillary a strong friend. >> i mean, very warm, close. >> hillary will go down as one of the finest secretary of states we've had. >> this has been just an extraordinary opportunity to work with him as a partner and friend. >> it has been a great collaboration over the last four years. i'm going to miss her. >> okay. so what do we make of this? brianna keilar is at the white house. are they frenemies, or are they
6:35 am
really truly friends? >> reporter: i don't know, carol. it looked like a love fest to me as well, but at one point i was watching, i was fascinated as secretary clinton was talking. she sort of reached over, and i thought that she touched president obama on the wrist the way you might casually do with a friend. so i don't think that they're frenemies. it seems they had genuine affection for each other as they talked about politics, as they talked about their rivalry, yes, and also 2016. >> i consider hillary a strong friend. >> i mean, very warm, close. i think there's a sense of understanding that sometimes doesn't even take words because we have similar views. >> reporter: rewind five years to their bruising primary battle. >> you're likable enough, hillary. >> thank you so much. i'm here. he's not. >> i can't tell who i'm against sometimes. >> how long did it take to get
6:36 am
over that? >> it didn't take long as people perceive it. >> it took longer for their staffs. not to mention -- >> i think spouses take it much harder. in a way -- >> reporter: 2016 came up. the president laughed off a question about endorsing clinton. >> and i was literally inaugurated four days ago. and you're talking about elections four years from now. >> reporter: and the secretary side-stepped. >> and i don't think either he or i can make predictions about what's going to happen tomorrow or the next year. >> reporter: clinton, who recently suffered a concussion and a blood clot and has been wearing glasses for double vision, answered a question about her health. >> oh, it's great. it's great. i still have some lingering effects from falling on my head and having the blood clot, but the doctors tell me that that will all recede, and so thankfully i'm looking forward to being at full speed. >> reporter: and we got another close look, carol, at the
6:37 am
president this weekend. he did an interview with "the new republic." he was asked about gun reinviol and asked if he ever shot a gun, and he said yes. with guests at camp david, he goes skeet shooting all the time. he mentioned his daughters don't participate in that. he was also asked about football, a topic that all the parents talk about because of the repetitive concussion that's cause lasting medical conditions. and he said he'd have to think long and hard, if he had a son, about letting him play football. carol? >> interesting. brianna keilar reporting live for us at the white house. we're going to talk more about the president's and hillary clinton's joint appearance on "60 minutes." l.z. granderson is a cnn contributor and analyst, will cain is a cnn contributor and also contributes to good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> i'm wondering, it's so unusual, two high powered democrats appearing on television together talking about stuff. what was it about really, l.z.?
6:38 am
>> it was a campaign ad essentially. perhaps of it a not so subtle message to his vp, joe biden, that maybe you shouldn't run. if it is between clinton and yourself, my endorsement, my direction for the country will be to vote for hillary clinton, not you. i saw both those things in the interview. i didn't see very much policy talk. it was a love fest. i think it was important that the last thing on tape of those two next to each other wasn't the debates that we saw earlier, but actually this love fest. >> well, speaking of love fests -- and, will cain, i'm sure you'll agree with me. during the benghazi hearings, democrat after democrat after democrat expressed their love for hillary clinton. is this sort of a well thought-out plan on the democratic side to prepare the way for 2016? >> well, as he's certainly suggesting, that, and i think it's hard to rebut the end
6:39 am
message people are gleaning from this. it's interesting you bring up benghazi. because there's really no loser, there's no risk in this interview. president obama and hillary clinton would do this because it reflects well on both of them. they're both negotiating, they're standing on a position of a lot of good will. president obama just won an election, had a rosy inauguration. hillary clinton, as you said, is revered by every democrat. it's kind of like a lollapalooza of politics. i will take president obama at face value. he is thanking hillary clinton. she's not just any secretary of state. she's high profile. but, yeah, there's probably some four-letter words being uttered from joe biden's residence last night. >> maybe so. let's talk about hillary clinton's tenure as secretary of state. steve craw from "60 minutes" pressed hillary clinton about her tenure, and she wasn't able to point out any huge, giant policy changes, l.z. >> no. but you know what, to be quite
6:40 am
honest, i really can't think of any policy change that's come from a secretary of state in the last few. i don't think it's as high profile of a position to the american people as it is to those within this junket of politics and those who cover it. so it is difficult to really pinpoint one significant thing she has done or her predecessors. with that being said, though, i will give her credit for an amazing speech that she delivered equating the rights of lesbian, gay, transgender people with human rights. when she delivered that speech, it went viral, and she was given heaps and heaps of praise from people in her base. if there's anything, at least in the past year, besides benghazi and the concussion, that people can remember, i think it was that speech. >> well, oddly, that was not mentioned on fox news when brett hume did his piece on hillary clinton. he said clinton did what she said supposed to do but didn't go above and beyond. he said, "she has certainly been
6:41 am
instrumentius. s industrious. she has visited 112 countries. her conduct as secretary of state has been highly dignified. she does her homework. there have been no gaffes or blunde blunders. so i think she has been a capable and hard working secretary of state, but the case for her being a great secretary of state is exceedingly weak." is that fair, will? >> i think it's fair. history will judge those things over the long term. those adjectives that brit hume chose were very good, dignifies, industrious. the main thing people can tell you about when asked about hillary clinton's stewardship as secretary of state, is how much she's traveled. she's visited "x" amount of countries, been constantly on an airplane, she's worked hard. as you just asked l.z., what has that amounted to any kind of shift in direction or policy difference in secretary of state? i don't know that we can put our finger on anything. >> l.z. granderson, will cain, thanks for the interesting discussion as always. >> thanks. >> thank you.
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43 minutes past the hour. time to check our top stories. one day before president obama kicks off his push for immigration reform in las vegas, a group of democratic and republican senators, including marco rubio, will unveil an immigration proposal. and no one can believe this
6:46 am
man survived a two-car crash that left a car split in half and half the car was left in the woods. miraculously, no one was seriously hurt. a dramatic rescue in australia when raging floodwater trapped two women and a child inside a truck. the two women stuffed the child inside a duffel bag that rescue workers airlifted to a chopper. the women followed. australia has been hammered with rains and wind from cyclone oswald. reports say at least three people have died. icy conditions around minneapolis continue to cause problems for drivers. take a look at that. if that's not bad enough, drivers also had to deal with patchy fog. more snow moves in today, and then bitter, bitter cold. jennifer delgado is in the weather center. we're talking 40 degrees below normal. >> yeah. by the end of the week temperatures once again are going to dip below average. in some parts we're talking
6:47 am
minus the teens. we'll get to that in just a moment. we'll show you what's happening on the radar. notice you can still see, still dealing with rain as well as freezing rain moving through parts of pennsylvania and into new york. the temperatures have been slowly rising, and that's good news because in most areas those temperatures are going to be above freezing by late this morning. you can see for new york as well as into philadelphia and down to areas, including norfolk, the warm air is winning out and really changing all that precipitation over to rain. but, of course, when you're talking about a warmup, when you're in the middle of winter, we're going to see a clash of two air masses. notice for today, for dallas, a high of 75. for washington, d.c., 43. good things are happening. we're going to warm up. we're going to say good-bye to that chill only temporarily. as we go through tuesday, 56 for washington. and then kansas city, 56. well, notice, when that cold air comes through, we're going to see the potential for severe storms to set up. by wednesday, a high of only minus 8 degrees for bismarck. we're talking even colder than
6:48 am
that in some locations by thursday. on a serious note, for tomorrow, we're going to be looking at a line of storms developing, as it moves over toward the east. tuesday into wednesday. we are going to look at a chance for some of these storms to produce isolated tornadoes along with damaging winds. certainly, this is going to be an interesting feature to watch, and then the other cooldown comes. carol, just when you thought you were warming up, it comes right back and gets you. >> it does. >> jennifer delgado, many thanks. a checkout fee to use your credit card, how much is it, and why do we have to pay it? ♪
6:49 am
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just a click away with the geico mobile app. it's not just for police officers anymore. today facebook and instagram will be asking for id as well. users who have been abruptly locked out of their t accounts are being asked to identify themselves by uploading images of their drivers' licenses. many users thought it was a
6:52 am
scam, but cnn reports requests are legitimate. of course, that's little comfort to some users who are very worried about identity theft. it's called a checkout fee. it means if you pay with plastic and almost every state in america you're going to get hit with it. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. what is this and how much is it? >> let me start from the beginning with this, carol. it stems from a $7 billion settlement that happened between the people who issue the credit cards and millions of retailers. in this settlement, basically settled allegations that visa, mastercard and big banks were fixing what's known as swipe fees. that's the fee that businesses pay credit card issue is to process those transactions. credit card companies said, listen, we'll temporarily reduce the fees but the fact remains that someone still needs to pay it. hey, it could be you. merchants are now legally permitted to pass along that cost to consumers. it winds up usually be about 1.5% to 3% of your total
6:53 am
purchase. you will be able to so it on your receipt as a line item if you are charged that fee. but here's the thing with this. most businesses don't want to push this on to the consumer. they recognize how sensitive we are to these type of changes and could risk losing shoppers. but if they don't charge it, stores have to absorb it themselves and that cuts into profit margins, especially if you're a mom and pop place. >> okay. so it's somehow indicated on your sales receipt, right? >> right, xakly. >> a lot of people don't check that. if the stores choose to charge the fee, do they have to tell you by law? >> well, that's the thing. they do have to tell you. so what they have to do, they must post the sign telling you that they're going to add a surcharge when you use your credit card toss make a purchase. but they don't have to tell you exactly how much it is until the sale is already made. now, keep in mind, though, this isn't legal everywhere. ten states in the u.s., they
6:54 am
don't allow the surcharges. we're going to throw up a screen here, they include california, colorado, connecticut, florida, and others. there is one way to get around it though. you can use your debit card because processing fees don't apply there. the good news is experts don't expect the surcharges to catch on. i even heard it in your voice, carol, it could cause too much outrage, can you imagine? i'm not pay that 3%. no way. >> i would be one of the loudest voices, frankly. >> i know you would. >> i know. allisons kosik, thanks so much. more evidence tiger woods owns torrey pines. he holds a huge lead with just 11 holes to play. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. when you're carrying a lot of weight, c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg.
6:55 am
say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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6:57 am
tiger woods is running away with the farmers insurance open. tiger leads the tournament at torrey pines in california by six, count them, six strokes and he has just 11 holes to play today. the other golfers chasing tiger has this gaudy stat running against him. 38-2 going into the final round. tiger has won seven times at torrey pines. goode could tiger's success at this tournament be a sign he's on his way back to the top of the golf world? boston celtics are hoping to
6:58 am
break a losing streak playing the miami heat yesterday. they won the game but suffered a loss anyway. team star point guard rondo out for the season after suffering a torn acl. rondo injured it in a game on friday night. he was sent or tests just before sunday's game. some of his teammates did not learn about the severity of the injury until long after fans found out about it on the internet. scary crash at the x games sent spectators scrambling. jackson strong tried to do a midair flip on a snowmobile. oh, but he couldn't quite grab it. the snowmobile took off towards fans, breaking through a barrier. espn reported one fan had to be taken off on a stretcher but was later released to his father. luckily he sustained only minor injuries. wow. that's a look at sports this hour. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a short break.
6:59 am
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7:01 am
happening now in the newsroom, newtown, auroaurora, creek, three towns that have seen their share of gun violence. now the police chiefs are headed to the white house today to talk about ways to keep that from happening again. forget about sharing likes or dislikes. facebook and instagram wants you to share your driver's license online. we'll tell you why. go to your fridge.
7:02 am
grab a bottle of gatorade. look at the ingredients. one no longer is there, that would be flame retardant. yes, flame retardant. believe it or not it's still in 10% of the drinks sold in the united states. found out which ones. newsroom starts now. good morning. thank you for being with us. i'm carol costello. next hour police chiefs from around the nation are expected at the white house to talk about ways to curb gun violence. the police chiefs from aurora, colorado, oak creek, wisconsin, and newtown, connecticut, also expected to attend. all three of these towns were scenes of mass shootings last year. california senator dianne feinstein is trying to prevent such shootings. she's introduced legislation that would ban certain types of military style assault weapons and high capacity ammunition. new york's police commissioner though, ray kelly, says while he applauds dianne feinstein and
7:03 am
what she's doing, he told cbs' "face the nation" handguns are even bigger problems in cities like his. >> a lot was eliminated last year. but what we know is that he wasn't motivated for this person. "inspire" magazine in which he was the prime mover behind, the magazine or this is the article that he read that justified to him the killing of children -- the killing of women. >> the problem really is concealable handguns. only 2% of the people that we've arrested for guns in the last two years have had assault weapons. we don't want them on the streets. make no mistake about it. but the problem is the handgun. 60% of the murders in new york city are caused by handguns.
7:04 am
>> white house correspondent brianna keilar joins me now. with feinstein's bill focusing on certain semi automatic weapons and commissioner kelly calling handguns the real problem, i don't know. it just seems like it's going to be impossible to pass such a bill. >> reporter: well, it's certainly not going to be easy, that's for sure, carol. we've known that even immediately following the shooting in newtown, connecticut. but the administration is continuing to push and vice president joe biden is really spearheading this effort for increased regulations, trying to deal with gun violence. today we're seeing that at the white house as national representatives from law enforcement are here and also which really draws eyes here is having these sheriffs from law enforcement chiefs coming from newtown, connecticut, from oak creek, wisconsin, and aurora, colorado, where we've seen such, you know, visible incidents of gun violence. they will obviously be
7:05 am
discussing some of the president's recommendations that have come out recently. he wants to close what's called that gun show loophole, making sure that anyone who purchases a gun, even if it's private, that they do so with a background check. you mentioned the assault weapons ban, reinstatement, and also limiting the high capacity ammunition clips, that's on there as well. as is dedicating more resources to mental health. they'll be talking about all of these things. as you know, carol, there has been pushback from folks who support gun rights and that includes, of course, the national rifle association. the white house is really looking to get some support from law enforcement which obviously has some clout as it tries to move forward and focus on dealing with this really difficult politically problem. >> and i know the president spoke a little bit about gun control over the weekend. what did he say? >> reporter: he did. so he did an interview with the new republic, and he was asked about gun violence. he was asked has he ever shot a xwun. this was interesting because we
7:06 am
hadn't heard him talk about it. he said, yes, in fact, at camp david, we do skeet shooting all the time. he was asked about the family. he said not the girls, new oftentimes guestses of mine go up there. and i have a profound respect for the traditions of hunting that trace back in the country for generations. that has lampooned the people on the right. there's been a lot of suspicion from folks who support gun rights. not just on the republican side, not just on the democratic side, suspicions about what the administration wants to do here when it comes to gun violence. president obama has repeatedly tried to say that he respects constitutional rights to bear arms but obviously there's still a lot of suspicions and we saw that in the reaction to what he said to the new republic. >> well, i don't know if this skeet shooting thing will calm things down but we'll see. brianna keilar, reporting live from the white house. also new this morning, a bipartisan push on one of the most divisive issues in washington. it's a nation's immigration
7:07 am
system. and this group of eight republican and democratic senators are proposing big, big changes. they will formally unveil details later this afternoon but here's what we know. the plan offers a path to residency, even citizenship for millions of immigrants who are in the united states illegally. it also calls for unemployment verification system that prevents identity theft. and it would end hiring of unauthorized workers in the future. our chief congressional correspondent dana bash is working her sources on capitol hill. so, dana, take us behind the scenes, if you will, and give us background on how this happened. >> well, i think the best way to explain to our viewers is to remind them what happened in the election with latino voters. i just went back and looked at the numbers. i want to put them up here. the latino voters, there were 16% of the electorate. so it was pretty big, certainly the biggest so far. mitt romney got only 27%. only 27%. barack obama got 71%. and if you just compare that to
7:08 am
the last republican president, george bush, when he won re-election in 2004, he got 44%. you see that precipitous drop from george bush to mitt romney. there was a big drop from mccain, too. you see that abundantly clear. so what happened is, after they got crushed with latino voters, lindsey graham, republican senator from south carolina who has been working on this on and off for years, called up democrat chuck schumer and said let's restart some talks on comprehensive immigration and soon there was a group of -- core group of six bipartisan senators that formed. they met shortly after the election. they met five times, john mccain's office and chuck schumer's office. and they came up with what ended up as a pretty comprehensive bipartisan proposaproposal. there are some things left on the table but they got comfortable enough so that i'm told chuck schumer called the president yesterday and said we have this. we're going to unveil it and we're going to do it tomorrow,
7:09 am
meaning this afternoon. now, there are some things that they still have to work out. some very, very sticky things, carol, like how you actually define border security and a secure border. and how you define that path to citizenship. for example, marco rubio says that he does not want attorney crease the number of green cards for what would be 11 million new people here who would be eligible for those and democrats say that they do want to do that. those are some examples of pretty deep differences but by and large this is the most comprehensive bipartisan agreement that we've seen in years and years. >> all right. dana bash reporting live from washington. and president obama will unveil his own plan for immigration in las vegas on tuesday. three months after super storm sandy tore through the northeast, devastating lives and communities, survivors will be watching to see if lawmakers send more help their way today. the senate set to vote on a $50 billion aid package just hours from now. for many families that help can't come fast enough.
7:10 am
tens of thousands still displaced without adequate heat during one of the coldest months of the year. and now the latest developments in that horrifying and deadly night club fire in brazil. an hour ago we learned police have arrested one of the club's owners and two members of the band. the band used pyrotechnics during its show and those fireworks are a possible cause of the fire. more than 230 people died in the inferno. nearly half of them college students from a nearby campus. cnn's shasta darlington outside the club in santa maria, brazil. shasta is on the phone right now. can you tell us any more about these arrests, shasta? >> reporter: well, we're still learning the details. basically there have been a lot of lines of investigation. and some of the problems that have come up, as they investigate, relate to the club's evacuation system. da did they have an appropriate system in place. there have been questions about whether or not their licenses were up to date. there have also been some
7:11 am
questions about whether security guards might have initially tried to prevent people from leaving the club. obviously they didn't know that there was a fire. but they might have tried to t a least very briefly to prevent people from leaving because they thought they were trying to get out without paying. on the other hand, there were two members of the band that was playing who were arrested. it was the band that sort of put on this pyrotechnics show, this amateur pyrotechnics show. that is when the fire started. so what responsibility, if any, did that show have in starting the fire. and these are obviously some of the questions that investigators hope to answer during all of the work they're doing here in the questioning of those individuals. so we hope to have more answers in coming hours and coming days. but i think it's really too soon to jump to any conclusions, carol. >> shasta darlington reporting live on the phone from santa maria, brazil. your driver's license, sure,
7:12 am
you need it to buy alcohol or board a plane, but how about to logon to facebook and instagram? alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. seriously? i mean, facebook and instagram want you to post your driver's license online? >> well, no, they want you at least to show that you are who is actually logging in to that site. so this is coming from, you know this, lately social networks are getting into a lot of hot water over privacy concerns. what's been happening lately, carol, there have been a number of users apparently locked out of their t accounts, so what that said is it's prompted not just instagram but facebook as well to ask you to confirm your identity. now, this isn't just a simple e-mail confirmation but instead they're asking that you provide a copy of your government photo id which, of course, shows your full name, birthday, often your address, and for some that hasn't been enough because some users are getting follow-up messages that ask for more document tags like a birth certificate. it's obviously raising lots of big questions about user
7:13 am
privacy. so we put a call in to facebook to find out more. we have yet to hear back from them. at the same time, you know, this isn't coming completely out of left field. you know, all of this is actually stated in each of these networks' terms of service. the problem is, probably you or i just never read those terms of service. now, in facebook terms, they state that people have to provide their real names and information. and these checks are actually meant to help you, help protect you. they're meant to keep users from pretending to be someone they're not. while it's annoying and a little off-putting to provide this documentation you wouldn't want somebody on your facebook using your likeness. these checks come at an interesting time when you consider how a woman's photo was used without her knowledge to allegededly do you know manti teo. you know, carol, it is a little off-putting to think about handing over this kind of information. but then again, you don't want somebody impersonating you on facebook, either. >> it's like a double-edged sword. >> yes.
7:14 am
or choose not to be on facebook. you don't have to. right? >> that's true. but -- >> but you want to. >> you know that's not likely. >> you want to. >> well, is it ever a good idea? if they're asking for your birth certificate, it must be a secure site but i would never put my birth certificate anywhere on the internet. >> well, obviously you're t not going to post it on the internet. the whole point is, is to give them this information and it's supposedly kept private -- kept as private information. once again, we do have a call out to facebook. we're dieing to ask that question, what are you going to do with this information? yeah, we want to ask that question, carol. >> all righ alison kosik, thanks so much. he may not gun control laws if he deems it unconstitutional. there's a petition to call for that sheriff to resign. [ loud party sounds ]
7:15 am
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[ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. 16 minutes past the hour. time to check our top stories. egypt's president mohammed morsi is trying to tamp down a 40 day of antigovernment violence.
7:18 am
protesters clashed with security forces after hearing reports of nighttime curfews being ordered and a limited state of emergency being declared. watch this incredible rescue out of australia. two women and a small child trapped in the bed of their submerged truck. to protect the child the women stuffed the kid into a waterproof duffel bag that rescuers then airlifted into a chopper. wow. the women and kid all okay this morning. beginning today there may be a new hidden cost when you use your credit card. stores in 40 states now have the authority to tack on a checkout fee. that could be as much as 3% of your entire purchase. president obama meets with some police chiefs and sheriffs to talk about reducing gun violence today. sheriff al cannon of charleston county, south carolina, will not be among them. he told me he might not enforce new federal gun laws he considered unconstitutional.
7:19 am
>> we have an obligation to follow or enforce lawful laws, if you will, constitution allows. it's very similar to the responsibility that the military member has to, on the one hand, obey orders but he's also obligated not to follow unlawful orders. it's left up to that individual to make that decision. >> oh, there are plenty of people though who not agree with sheriff cannon's plan. he launched an online petition calling for the sheriff's resignation and he's joining us now from charleston, south carolina. good morning, brady. >> good morning, carol. thanks for having me on. >> thanks for being here. first of all, when you hear the sheriff, what goes through your mind? >> well, i think especially for those of us here in the south, you know, we can't help but remember the civil rights movement and really we don't need another george wallace
7:20 am
copycat. i think what we hear is someone that says, i don't want to obey these laws because i don't agree with them and that's not really his role. his role is the sheriff and it's to enforce the law. he doesn't get to decide what's constitutional and what's not. >> he told me he would, if, of course, there are no federal gun control laws passed just yet, but if there are, he says he will go to the attorney general and discuss with him whether it's constitutional and then he will make a decision. but i think in the end he kind of said, well, i'm going to uphold the law. do you believe him? >> well, i think this might be some level of sort of political grandstanding. i think, you know, he probably made these statements to play to the tea party base but i think there's a reality that, you know, any judge would force him to uphold the law and, you know, any judge would sort of advise him to follow the law. i don't think anyone is going to say, go ahead and balk federal law just because you don't
7:21 am
happen to like it. >> more than one sheriff across the country has come out and said that he's not going to enforce laws he considers unconstitutional. where is this attitude coming from, do you think? >> well, i think it's really just coming sort of from a bitterness, really. i think there are sheriffs and people in this country who may not like that we've moved into 2012 and we're reassessing gun laws and what it means to live in a safe society. and so i think there's just really a sort of anger on the far right that fuels this. and i think that's why you're seeing these sheriffs do this. it's sort of -- it's grandstanding to play to the far right and to base tea party folk. >> so you started up this petition. tell me about that. what are you asking? >> i did. i started a petition, and you can visit it by going to basically i'm calling on the sheriff to resign until he says publicly that he will uphold all
7:22 am
federal laws. i think, you know, if you wanted to be a judge, he could have run for that but he ran for sheriff and as the head of law enforcement in charleston county, i think he needs to resign unless he says he will uphold all federal laws and state laws and all local laws. >> so you have some 300 signatures so far. how many more do you need? >> i'm unclear how many we need but one of the great things is that he's already having to respond to these comments. and i think that's one of the great things about this, is it's citizens holding the public officials accountable. you know, he made some comments that, to me, were outrageous and unacceptable. and so we're helping ban together with other people to say, you know, we're holding you accountable. we elected you but we want to make sure you're going to follow all the law before the next election. >> brady quirk-garvin, founder and start of the online petition,
7:23 am
thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. i appreciate it. talk back question for you today, what's killing the tea party? or tweet me at carol cnn. excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app. ♪
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now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question for you this
7:26 am
morning, what's killing the tea party? remember back in the day when fox news and glen beck championed humongous tea party rallies? ♪ those were the days of tri-colored hats and american flags and what many call the dawn of a third party. but no more. sarah palin arguably the queen of the tea party movement is gone, gone, gone from fox news. that means no more home spun political hard balls thrown from her tv studio in alaska. here's how she defended the group which had been called terrorists in a 2011 interview. >> i'm not just going to roll over with a sticker plastered ok my forehead that says hit me baby one more time, call me a terrorist again, call me a racist. i'm going to stand up for those
7:27 am
physically conservative patriotic independent americans who want to best for this country. i'm going to stand up for radio talk show hosts who, if it were not for them, we would have even less factual information out there about our weakened economy caused by big government, liberal spending, socialists type programs being rammed down our throats. so i'm going to stick up for people who at this point are being called terrorists and being accused of waging jihad against our own country. >> oh, but today palin seems to have a different message, encouraging tea partiers and their fellow conservatives to widen their appeal. she said, quote, i encourage others to step out in faith, jump out of the comfort zone, and broaden our reach as believers in american exceptional lymph. we can't just preach to the choir. the message of liberty and true hope must be understood by a larger audience, end quote. maybe michele bachmann feels the same way but weigh really don't know because the former
7:28 am
presidential candidate and current tea party caucus chairman has gone underground. you can understand why. she barely won re-election in minnesota last year. and for minnesota, florida, where one tea party group is changing its name citing branding reasons. the tea party seems to be at a cross roads. still, tea party express chairwoman amy cremor insists they aren't going anywhere. she says the tea party doesn't have a message problem but a messenger problem. >> when we articulate our message properly and what we're all about instead of getting off on these subjects of rape and stuff, i mean, we win big. >> still, all the important issues of the day, the fiscal cliff, the budget, and immigration, the tea party's response has been muted at best. so talk back today, what's killing the tea party? or you can tweet me at carol sa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
7:29 am
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good morning to you. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining us. checking our top stories at 30 minutes past the hour, new developments this morning in that horrifying nightclub fire in brazil. we now learned police have arrested one of the club's owners and two members of the band that were using fireworkses in the show.
7:32 am
more than 230 people died in the inferno. nearly half of them college students from a nearby campus. new developments overnight in the royal phone prank scandal. the australian radio show behind the call has been taken off the air permanently. michael christian and me did a bad impersonation and were patched through to the royal hospital ward. the nurse who routed their call later committed suicide. several miles of the mississippi river closed this morning after two tank barges hit a railroad bridge. it happened near the town of vicksburg. one tank with 80,000 gallons of crude oil started leaking but the coast guard managed to stop the leak. now trying to figure out how many gallons spilled into the river. it's one of the key issues president obama wants to tackle in his second term, immigration reform. now it seems the president may be getting a little help from a group of bipartisan senators who will unveil their immigration
7:33 am
proposal today. here's how one of those senators, new jersey democrat robert menendez, summed up the likelihood the legislation will pass. >> first of all, americans support it in poll after poll. secondly, lat sin no voters pet it. third, the democrats want it. fourth, the republicans need it. >> joining me now is congressman steve israel of new york, chairman of the democratic congressional campaign committee. good morning. >> good morning, carol. >> is menendez right? >> yes, he is right. and, look, we now have two of the three elms necessary to pass immigration reform. you've got a bipartisan group of senators, on the left and the right, who support immigration reform and will unveil their plan. you've got the president of the united states who will unveil his plan in las vegas tomorrow. now all we need are house republicans to come to the table and agree and compromise. the question is this. will those house republicans who
7:34 am
have always pandered to their tea party base to tea party extremism and intolerance. once and for all stand up to the tea party and join republicans and democrats and the president in a solution to an immigration process that is broken and is dysfunctional. >> well, you know, we're asking that question of our viewers today. you know, when you mention the tea party and how much power it actually does still have in the house of representatives. in your mind, does it have power, because we don't hear much from those house members who are very supportive of the tea party. >> you know, we just had a vote an whether democrats and republicans and people of no party affiliation who saw their homes and businesses destroyed by super storm sandy, whether they should get federal assistance to rebuild their homes and their small businesses. and only a couple of dozen of republicans voted with democrats to provide their assistance. why? because the tea party continues to exert its influence and its
7:35 am
intolerance on the house republican caucus. yesterday paul ryan double downed and dug in on a ryan budget that will cut medicare on an accelerated timetable. they're actually intensifying the damage that they tried to do last year. so to your question, is the tea party still influential in there are still too many republican members of congress who will do what the tea pear tells them to do who are not interested in solutions but continue to be interested in pandering to this tea party base. >> you know, speaking of paul ryan. he was talking about the ongoing budget crisis in washington and he said things would have been different had hillary clinton won. let's listen. >> look, if we had a clinton presidency, if we had bowles, chief staff of the white house or president of the united states, i think we would have fixed this fiscal mess by now. that's not the kind of presidency we're dealing with right now. >> he has a point about erskine bowles rirk
7:36 am
bowles, right? >> looks like he is going or hillary clinton for presidency. i don't know if he's running. in the clinton presidency of the 1990s that actually shut down the government, so those tea party republicans in this congress who talk about fiscal cliffs and showdowns and shutdowns, they're getting their instructions from a playbook that houses created in the clinton presidency in the 1990s. so i don't think paul ryan has a heck of a lot of credibility when he talks about a clinton presidency being easy to work with considering that his forebearers tried to shut down the government in a clinton presidency in the 1990 sglz president clinton did come up with a way to, you know, to solve the welfare problem in this country and many republicans say the democratic congress today doesn't have any ideas about how to bring poverty levels down in the united states or how to bring long-term unemployment down, either. in fact, they say you guys aren't even paying attention to that anymore. >> well, obviously i
7:37 am
fundamentally disagree. in fact, it's the democrats who are taking the lead in protecting the growth of the middle class while republicans a protecting oil company subsidies. we protected tax cuts for middle class. while republicans are allowing big korcorporations to outsourc jobs overseas, we protect small business necessary this country and protected investments in college education. so, you know, house republicans -- and now this new ryan budget he's talking about doubles down on what they tried to do last year. they're now saying they will accelerate and intensify cuts to medicare beneficiaries. instead of joining democrats for real reform by negotiating, volume discounts on prescription drugs, they want to continue to accelerate and intensify a budget on the backs of seniors. i think that's fundamentally wrong. we're going to fight that. >> so i'm going to -- i'd like you to predict something because paul ryan says we're headed for a sequestration, the series of steep federal cuts to the defense department and to other
7:38 am
government programs. he says it's going to happen. is it? >> well, it shouldn't happen. again, we're willing to compromise. we have already supported $1 trillion in cut to the budget and the budget control act, house democrats have. we are willing to continue to engage in common sense solutions and compromise. but when paul ryan goes on national television and says, my way or no way, that there is going to be sequestration, there will be cuts to defense, there will be more cliffs, and there will not be a willingness to talk about more revenues from those most able to pay, that doesn't bode well. we need to get away from the -- you know, the sound bites and drawing lines in the sands, as i said before, doubling down and digging in and, instead, find areas where we can compromise approximately i'll invite paul again, meet us halfway. we will be there for you. but don't draw lines in the sand and don't tell us it's going to be your way or government shutdowns or sequestration. >> skong man stevishial iaia i
7:39 am
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7:42 am
an ingredient patented as a plame retardant in its drinks. the ingredient already banned in in europe and japan. alison kosik is here to talk about the company's move. this all came about because of this amazing teenager. >> exactly. so, yeah, after hesitating, pepsi is taking action finally. yeah, it really felt the pressure after this petition was started by a 15-year-old from mississippi. and what this 15-year-old was asking is for pepsi to stop
7:43 am
using brominated vegetable oil in its gatorade line. what that ingredient does is it keeps other gradients from separating but there are some studies out there that suggests bbo could be tied to neurological and thyroid disorders. pepsi put out a statement saying while wour products are safe, we are making this change because we know that some consumers have a negative perception of bvo in gatorade. now it's going to use a new ingredient that will replace bvo and added to a variety of flavors including orange, citrus cooler, lemonade and the powder form of glacier freeze. it's not being removed from all of pepsi's brands. currently you can find bvo in regular and diet mountain dew and including coca-cola's powerade, as well. carol? >> wow. well, at least it's the first step, huh? alison kosik, live at the new york stock exchange. run away snowmobile. it wasn't even an official x
7:44 am
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45 minutes past the hour. time to check our top stories. late january in minnesota and even winter natives had a tough time dealing with these wintry, slushy, icy roads. road crews were in the highways. for a lot of cars that came too late. today there's sporting crumpled fenders and it was foggy, too, this morning. wow. as investigators look into a deadly nightclub fire in brazil that killed more than 230 people, we're getting a glimpse of their final moments. these images shared with cnn by a cousin of one of the victims showed the young woman and her best friend getting ready to go to the club that night. a scary crash at the x games sent spectators scrambling.
7:48 am
jackson strong tried to do a midair flip on the snowmobile but just couldn't quite grab it. the snowmobile took off toward the fans, breaking through a barrier. espn reported one fan had to be taken off on a stretcher but later released to his father. he sustained eonly minor injuries. we're just about a month away from the oscars. and last night's screen actors guild awards gave us a better pictures of the front-runners vie for that gold statue. nischelle turner caught up with us. she joins us now live. there you are. you look good. >> oh, wow, thank you. that dress, everyone has really been complimenting that dress. i've got to pass along the kudos because she makes a beautiful dress but you need to do one of those musical numbers at the academiry wards with your oscars. you do great doing a musical
7:49 am
number. the big news of the night last night, carol, though, interesting enough, it's starting to be the ben affleck award season. despite if t. fact that he's not even conominated in best direct, "argo" took home the motion picture category. that show's best picture award. he won a major prize saturday at the producer's award. just keeps getting better and better for him because "argo" has got to be considered a front-runner at the academy awards how far most film critics will tell you if the director is not nominated the movie has very little chance of winning. it's setting up for an interesting oscar night. expected favorite in that oscar race was "lincoln," while the movie is losing steam the star, mr. lincoln himself, daniel day-lewis took home the best male actor in his role. he swept the season and could be a lock on oscar night.
7:50 am
both ben affleck and daniel day-lewis reacted to their wins backstage. let's listen. >> i could also not, it's a good chance i won't. i think i -- member bs of the academy love surprises. so the worse thing can happen to you is some kind of expectation. >> i didn't get nominated as a director, and i thought, well, okay, that's that, you know. and then, you know, i remembered that i was nominated as a producer, which was pretty exciting, you know. so i've kind of gone at it with that approach. i don't know what's going to happen. who knows, nothing mau happen but it's a wonderful opportunity to be on the ride and i'm honored. >> the glass half full, that's how he's look at this, carol. those were highlights of theirs. but my highlights last night, i danced to "jungle love" on the red carpet with chris tucker and hugh jackman planted one right here. >> i'm jealous.
7:51 am
you rock, mischelle turner. for the latest entertainment news watch "showbiz tonight" 11:00 eastern on hln. progress-oh! -oh! -oh! for the latest entertainment news watch "showbiz tonight" 11:00 eastern on hln. nischelle . for the latest entertainment news watch "showbiz tonight" 11:00 eastern on hln. ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter. britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand.
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and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. between the new iphone and samsung's galaxy 3 you don't hear much about the blackberry, anymore. the what, you say? you don't hear about the black berly unless you're secretary of state hillary clinton. her love for the blackberry even became fodder for the top particular website that parodied her text messages. remember, texts from hillary. they found mark zuckerberg texting, guess why just bout? a shirt with a big boy collar? now, hillary and the rest of the united states will learn more this week about the latest version of the blackberry. it's the blackberry 10 is expected to be unveiled on wednesday. maggie lake has a sneak peak of the phone and how far the company is going to promote it.
7:55 am
>> so, am i see you later in our other secret place? >> reporter: research in motion marks it as the smart phone of love. after years of business steps rem needs to rekindle the passion of blackberry 10. >> the blackberry 10 we are at the start of a new era of mobile computing. >> reporter: the blackberry used to be the main squeeze for millions of smart phone suitors. including this user who said four years ago -- >> i'm still clinging to my blackberry. they're going to pry it out of my hand. >> reporter: but as spoofed in this youtube video -- >> you're just too slow. >> reporter: -- the relationship cooled as sexier phones beckoned. >> it's really like breaking up with someone when you break up with a mobile device or mobile platform. >> reporter: blackberry sales have plunged 47% with 1 million subscribers dumping the device. >> yahoo! will discontinue the use of blackberries. >> reporter: high profile splits with companies like yahoo! and u.s. government agencies made headlines last year.
7:56 am
and blackberry's executive rockers release this video to keep app developers on board. many called the effort cringe inducing. but all will be forgiven if the 10 catches on. >> delayed numerous times because i believe rim really wants to get this right. >> reporter: the 10 is getting high marks for innovative touch screen. >> it's quite thin. it looks a lot like the iphone with a bigger screen. and it's very fast. >> reporter: the first models won't come with blackberry's beloved keyboard, but never f r fear, rim says more than 1600 corporate customers are ready to give the 10 a shot. and the top four u.s. phone carriers are signed on to provide service. that gives the 10 a leg up compared to microsoft's new lineup of windows phones. it remains to be seen whether blackberry can become a crucial
7:57 am
third player behind apple and android. but without the success of the 10, some say the very future of the rim is in question. one thing is certain -- >> it was a deal breaker. >> reporter: -- with the new 10, research in motion is trying to bring sexy back to blackberry. >> whoa. meg is in new york. i'm still getting over foreigner singing for blackberry. >> exactly. >> so strange to me. so no keyboard. that's what set it apart from other smart phones though. >> yeah. you know, carol, this, in my humble opinion, is a misstep that they don't have that traditional version hitting the stores immediately because they really need to prove themselves out of the gate. we'll see. they may have it very quickly. and that may be enough for people. that's a negative. the cameras are supposedly not that great. but people do say it is much cooler. it has very good flow. you can work on applications, many of them at the same time which kind of sets it apart.
7:58 am
so people do have some early positive reviews, but can they convince people to break from that eco systems, all of those a apps from the galaxy and iphone? it's a tough one. >> maggie lake reporting live from new york. we're going to take a quick break. let's go. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new cadillac xts... another big night on the town, eh? ...and the return of life lived large. ♪ hi, i'm ensure clear... clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got nine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach.
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