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tv   Starting Point  CNN  February 1, 2013 4:00am-6:00am PST

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then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. welcome, everybody. watching "starting point." breaking news this morning. explosion outside of the u.s. embassy. taken place in ankara, turkey. reported just minutes ago.
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at this hour, we are hearing that several people have been hurt. we'll bring you to the pentagon for the latest on this story, just ahead. also breaking news ahead. the former mayor of new york, ed koch has died. he was 88 years old. a look at his legacy this morning. a controversial, combative, confrontational and brash mayor, and the people of new york city loved him. we'll tell you about that, straight ahead. christine. and the first jobs report of 2013 released in an hour and a half. the numbers for you, what it means for the health of the economy and the jobs market. >> and the defense secretary nominee on the defensive. chuck hagel grilled on capitol hill. did he blow his shot to convince lawmakers that he's the right man for the job? >> friday, february 1st, and "starting point" begins right now. welcome, everybody. breaking news, we start with. two people have died, several people wounded in explosion that has taken place outside the u.s.
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embassy in ankara, turkey. chris lawrence joins us from the pentagon. >> reporter: good morning, soledad. not much information right now. turkey authorities are responding to that scene, trying to collect more information. the blast happened just a short while ago, some. news reports out of that area, saw a big flash, heard a big bang. reports of several people wounded near a side gate of the embassy. we're waiting for more information, the u.s., of course, has two major air bases in turkey no, where near the capit capital. soledad. >> thank you, chris, for watching this story. also, we told you just moments ago, the former new york city mayor ed koch has died. he passed away from congestive heart failure. he had really problems with his health over the last many years. mayor koch elected in 1977.
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he was a judge on the people's court, and he had been hospitalized recent well fluid on his lungs. moved to intensive care yesterday. he was 88 years old. richard socaridies joins us. writer for "new yorker," former aide to president clinton. when i was a kid growing up in long island, mayor koch was almost a mythical figure. >> larger than life. when i grew up in manhattan, he was mayor, and as you said, he was very feisty, said what he thought. new yorkers loved him. he gave new york some tough love. he would say whatever he thought, famous for savering a city from bankruptcy. but also governing at very challenging times, beginning of the aids crisis. a locality of racial tension and diversity.
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issues of racial tension and diversity in new york. he served during very challenging times, took very controversial positions, no one questioned he loved the city and a fighter for new york always. >> his personality itself, a lot of new yorkers identified itself as the new york personality. someone who loves the city so much. he was a fighter. some of the quotes as we've been reading, talking about his passing. you punch me, i'll punch you back. >> most famous of all, asking how am i doing? and the voters for a long time said very well. >> a three-term mayor, but had challenges when he was running for governor, of course. >> i mean, most of his election s involved some controversy because of what he said. he had a very nasty run in a primary when he ran for governor against mario cuomo, went on to become governor. that's not what i think people will remember today. people will remember him fondly
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as someone who really fought for new york. he was a presence in new york city. >> no question. >> the last time i saw him was within the last month, i mean, his health had been up and down. >> he was very frail. the pictures going into the hospital, and into intensive care, he was very frail. his health had declined. >> i think i probably saw him within the past four to six weeks out, and, you know, you could tell his health was not great. but he was out, vibrant, vibrant until the end. >> mayor bloomberg has leased a statement that i want to read a little bit of it. he says "through his tough, determined leadership and responsible fiscal stewardship, ed helped lift the city out of its darkest days and set it on the course for an incredible comeback. his wit and wisdom will forever be part of a city he loved so
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much." >> he was such a big new york figure. >> such a personality. >> such a big new york personality. i suspect there will be a very moving couple of days of tributes to him and an important funeral, and it really rents the end of an era, his passing. >> of course, another story we're following as it develops, intense manhunt going on right now for one or maybe two suspects after an assistant district attorney gunned down outside a courthouse in texas. his name is mark hasse, a prosecutor in kaufman county, 30 miles outside of dallas. killed, shot several times as he got out of his car in the courthouse parking lot yesterday. authorities are now pleading for leads. the fbi is on the case. his boss had a message for those responsible. >> i hope that the people who did this are watching. because we're very confident
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that we're going to find you, pull you out of whatever hole are you, bring you back and let the people of kaufman county prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. >> drew griffin is in kaufman county, texas for us this morning. tell us about the leads as narrow as they are in this case. >> reporter: they are going back into this guy's caseload. 30 years he'd been a prosecutor. knew the inherent risks. some cases he was working on recently and whether or not they could be tied to the aryan brotherhood, white supremacists. two members were sentenced -- excuse me, fled guiplead guilty houston, texas. that was a federal case, but the kaufman county attorney's office did aid in the case. he was shot dead right here in
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this sparking lot behind me, just as he was walking to work. no death threats against him at the time. soledad. >> drew griffin. this case really is a mystery. thank you for the update. another story we're following, that continues to develop, the hostage standoff in alabama that we've been talking about since tuesday, the little boy, five years old, kinder gartner, held a fourth day in that underground bunker. nothing changed overnight. the boy appears to be unharmed physically, they continue to sdmu communicate with the suspect. with a big pvc pipe coming out of the bunker. tell us more about the bunker. new details about that. >> reporter: soledad, a neighbor i spoke with the other day. the same neighbor who said dykes fired a pistol at him back in december. this neighbor has been on the property. he has seen the bunker and took some time to describe to me this place where dykes has been hiding out. take a look. >> he --
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>> reporter: jimmy davis jr. and his family have been neighbors to jimmy dykes since he moves to this area and bought property here more than a year and a half ago. and davis says he's seen the bunker first hand. >> he told me it's a storm shelter and i have not seen that in about eight to nine months. not sure what he's done to update it or anything. >> when you saw that bunker, what did it look like? how wide, how deep it was? >> like a 15 by 15 foot wide in length and about 12 foot deep and lined with bricks, like the little red bricks. >> reporter: davis says dykes' travel trailer, where he lives, sits 20 yards off the road and behind the trailer is a massive steel shipping container that davis says dykes used as a ched. and behind that, slightly to the left, sits the underground square bunker. >> actually had cinder blocks going down the steps and covered up with two sheets of plywood nailed together with hinges and
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stuff as a door to open to it. >> reporter: davis saw the bunker early in its development. it had a tarp and sand over the top. he also noticed a pvc pipe buried in the ground from the bunker to the front gate. he said he put it there to hear people or cars that approached the front gate. any indication why he built this bunker? >> shorm shelter is what he told me. i forgot where he told me he used to live, he said there was a bunch of tornadoes that would hit close to his house, so he was preparing for it and make sure he somewhere to get in. >> reporter: soledad, i can tell you when you talk to neighbors out here, they describe dykes as a paranoid person, a person who worried a great deal about alien abductions and one neighbor told cnn affiliate wsfa that dykes may have known the slain bus driver, charles poland, at least
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in passing. a bus driver with a routine route through this area, near dykes' home. it's unclear, soledad, the reason that compelled him to get on the bus and make off with a child to hide out in the bunker on day four. >> such a bizarre story. george howell as he continued to cover the story. thank you, george. appreciate it. more information on the explosion we were just telling you about outside the u.s. embassy in turkey. one dead. john with an update, and also the rest of the day's top stories. >> thank you, soledad. it was a suicide bomber and two people were hurt there as well. ivan watson live for us, covering the story from jerusalem this morning. good morning, ivan. >> reporter: good morning. a blast in turkey's somewhat sleepy capital. in a very well protected area, not far from the turkish parliament. a large police presence there and we're getting initial reports that blast occurred near
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the main entrance to the u.s. embassy. i've been to the entrance, it is at least i would say kind of 20, 30 yards away from the embassy offices. you have to go through a succession of doors there and metal detectors and so on. turkish officials are telling our sister news agency in turkey, cnn turk, that two people were killed in this explosion and two more wounded. we don't know what kind of a blast it was. could it have been an accident? it seems unlikely, but it's still far too early to announce this is some kind of an attack, as for possible motives, if there was a possible attack there, is a long list of organizations inside turkey that carried out bombings in the past, running a full spectrums of political ideologies from
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anarchist troops to kurdish armed militant groups to islamist groups. al qaeda has carried out attacks in the past against british consulates in turkey and of course, you have this war on the syrian border next door happening right now. so there are a whole host of groups and organizations that could theoretically organize an attack if, in fact, this was an attack. another thing to add, turkey is a nato ally of the u.s. and in the last morning the u.s. has dispatched hundreds of u.s. personnel, as well as patriot missiles near the border between turkey and syria to help protect turkey from aircraft, air strikes, missile strikes from syria. this gives you a little of the political background as rescue workers scramble in ankara in the wake of this deadly
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explosion near the u.s. embassy. john. >> and just this week so much going on in the region, going on in the world. the news of the israeli bomb strike in syria. news in the united states, hillary clinton's last day at the state department today. some significant events going on around the world. are these the types of things that authorities will be looking at to piece together if there was a motive behind whoever might be behind it? >> listen, no question that the tension in the region has been ratcheting up. not only because of the raging syrian civil war. with the u.s. backing the opposition and rebels, others like iran backing the syrian regime. under immense pressure and losing grund. but within the past 48 hours, reports that israel carried out air strikes against targets inside syria and promises of revenge coming not only from the
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syrian regime, but also its allies in lebanon, hezbollah, and from the iranian government. inside turkey, it's important to point out, john, there are a whole host of organizations that have carried out acts of political violence within the last five years, and, again, i'll mention, they range from leftists to kurdish separate group known as the pkk. and then you have this bleeding sore of the syrian civil war that has been spilling over borders as well. we'll have to take some time to figure out who is behind this and at this point, they are still trying to collect the wounded and the casualties from the explosion and the embassy very much on lockdown in the wake of the deadly blast. >> ivan watson, thank you very much. cnn reporting one person killed, two others wounded. ankara police say it was a
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suicide bomber outside the u.s. embassy in ankara. soledad. >> we'll stay on top of that story obviously and the other stories. lots of breaking news. secretary of defense nominee, chuck hagel, could be in trouble as he pretty much stumbled his way through confirmation hearings. we'll speak to dan coats from the state of indiana who says he will vote against him. that's up next. [ mrs. hutchison ] friday night has always been all fun and games here at the hutchison household. but one dark stormy evening... she needed a good meal and a good family. so we gave her purina cat chow complete. it's the best because it has something for all of our cats! and after a couple of weeks she was part of the family. we're so lucky that lucy picked us. [ female announcer ] purina cat chow complete. and for a delicious way to help maintain a healthy weight, try new purina cat chow healthy weight.
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we're following this breaking news suicide bombing. these are live pictures now of the scene. one person reported dead. two others hurt. want to get right to senator dan coats, republican from indiana. joins us from capitol hill. formerly ambassador to germany. thank you for joining us.
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let's talk about the blast that's happened in front of the u.s. embassy in ankara, turkey. what are you hearing about the situation, sir? >> u.s. presence everywhere in the world is under threat and we have to be very careful about how we deploy our ambassadors and those who are representing the united states. we live in a dangerous time and a number of entities want to harm us. just another example, we have many challenges in front of us on a security front. >> we're continuing to watch what happens there. getting preliminary information about one person dead, a couple of other people have been wounded and it appears to be a suicide bombing that has taken place. let's talk about the chuck hagel hearing yesterday. which was i thought in terms of performance kind of a mess for him. here is an op-ed. former nebraska senator chuck
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hagel was at turns halting, question if you hadaled and often just plain bad during his confirmation hearing to be the next secretary of defense. and it almost certainly won't keep him from becoming the next man to lead the pentagon. what were his actual i guess content stumbles? and do you agree, it won't keep him from coming the next secretary of defense? >> as most of us know, chuck hagel had a spotty record relative to policy positions that would put him in a position to mainstream policy as secretary of defense. i don't think he did himself any good yesterday in terms of how he addresses -- seemed very uncomfortable to many of the questions. he left the impression of who is the real chuck hagel? the one who took extreme positions, outside the democrat or republican administrations or the chuck hagel trying to recast
4:22 am
himself once he is nominated. stumbled on key questions, had to be corrected on a couple of issues, i don't think it was a good day for chuck hagel. >> one of the issues you are very interested in is the issue of containment. a little bit about what he said about containment that he to be corrected on. let's listen to that first. >> i've just been handed a note that i -- i misspoke and said i support supported the president's position on containment. if i said that, i meant to say, obviously his position on containment, we don't have a position on containment. >> to make sure your correction is clear, we do have a position on containment, which is we do not favor containment. >> we do not favor containment, that's the president's position and my position. >> i want to clarify the clarify. >> senator levin helping him out a little bit there. i guess the takeaway, it seems to be you are concerned that he is not going to take military
4:23 am
action, no matter what, if, in fact, he is sworn in as secretary of defense. is that your big worry on that issue? >> my biggest concern is his position on iran. iran is relentlessly pursuing nuclear capability. this is not just a threat to the middle east, but to the world. in four presidents, two republicans, two democrats, including this president, says this is totally unacceptable. yet chuck hagel's position on sanctions and the kind of thing we need to do to prevent this is not in tune of where we need to go to address this. number one challenge to the united states from a foreign policy statement and the national security standpoint and chuck hagel simply off the page on this that was the primary reason i could not support him, whether it is republican or democrat, that took that
4:24 am
position. >> let's go back are to where we began. saying it won't keep him from becoming the next man to lead the pentagon. by some counts it looks like he has 5 6 votes. enough to pass, maybe not enough to stave off a filibuster. where does this go? >> i think it's too early to tell based on the performance yesterday, i think new questions will arise. if democrats want to aabsolute the preside -- salute the president and turn their head the other way, i suppose he could be nominated. but i think democrats and republicans have real questions about whether this is the right person for this critical position. >> you think the 56 votes aren't really 56 votes after yesterday. >> i would want to go back and recount those after yesterday if i were senator hagel. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> obviously we'll continue to talk about what happened yesterday. that was such a -- i mean, the
4:25 am
testimony by chuck hagel, just a mess, and i think what senator coats said about recounting those numbers, right? it all comes down to numbers, fascinating. >> 7 1/2 hours, three boards to prepare, but he didn't look particularly prepared. >> here is someone who has been on the other side of the hearings. certainly knew what was coming, plenty of time to prepare. this was -- you knew this was going to be tough. but someone going into this would have been perfectly prepared. it didn't show. >> staying on top of the story out of turkey, breaking news outside of the u.s. embassy. a suicide bombing there. one person dead, others injured. live to turkey with an update on what's happening. we'll bring in our "starting point team" on that. and former new york city mayor ed koch is dead. a look at his legacy, straight ahead.
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welcome, everybody. a suicide bombing outside the u.s. embassy in ankara, turkey. one person dead. several others reported injured. right to istanbul. we have an update on what's happening there. thank you. i think we have you by phone. we look at live pictures of the aftermath of the suicide bombing. what is happening there? >> reporter: right now, tush t security forces have cordoned off a large perimeter around the embassy. helicopters flying over, establishing a secure zone. common procedure in turkey to prevent a possible second blast
4:29 am
from occurring. right now we don't know very much. one person according to state media has lost their life in this attack and more injured. they have dispatched ambulances and firefighters to the area. but it's still unclear what the extent of the damage is. this -- the american embassy in ankara, a very secure location. right by other ministries, police protection on that street. and this blast occurred outside the second gate of the american embassy. and so far that's all we know. >> an update from istanbul about the blast that's taken place outside the embassy in ankara. we continue to update and monitor the story. they have closed off a large perimet
4:30 am
perimeter, typical after any kind of crisis like this. unclear at this point of the extent of the damage. one person dead, two others injured. we want to get our team. ryan liz, with the "new yorker." richard socarides. former adviser to president clinton. will cain of interesting to see the aftermath of this. so little known about the explosion. very typical as this information comes in. you start seeing live pictures, where usually they are crowd shots. too hard to get very close. reported to be at the second gate of the embassy and in the report, it was also said in a location quite secure. a number of other ministries there. >> ankara, the capital city of turkey, not the cosmopolitan center of turkey, that's istanbul. ankara, kind of a very secure, sleepy city. >> we continue to look for
4:31 am
answers and more information, it's impossible to separate from the context of news, yesterday, where israel had a strike on syrian weapons traveling toward hezbollah, which prompted calls from syrian bashar al-assad leader and iran saying there will be retribution. >> i'm sure as they continue to investigate to see exactly what was the link or the cause of this explosion and suicide bombing. one person dead. two others reported injured at this time. we'll stay on top of the story throughout the day. also this morning more breaking news. former mayor ed koch is dead. he was 88 years old. back in a moment.
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welcome, everybody. breaking news. explosion outside the u.s. embassy in ankara, turkey. police say that is the turkish capital. one person killed. two others wounded. a suicide bombing.
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a suicide bomber blew himself outside the second gate of the u.s. embassy. in an area where -- that is very secure, many other ministries nearby. ambulances and you can see the pictures, taken in the last minutes. ambulances rushed to the scene to try to help those who have been injured in the blast. we continue to monitor the story. chris lawrence at the pentagon. we'll get to jerusalem in a moment. chris, let's start with you. >> reporter: soledad, u.s. officials not saying much. playing it very close to the vest on this explosion. by this alleged suicide bomber. we know one person has been killed. several people reportedly injured in the blast. some of the news reports coming out of that area say there was a loud bang several people heard and saw a flash near the outer wall or near the outer gate of that embassy. again, u.s. troops are in turkey, but mostly based at two
4:34 am
major air bases, which aren't anywhere near the capital. there have been additional troops come into turkey very recently, because they are there as part of that patriot missile battery. the team brought in to help turkey deal with the cross shelling across the border. a lot of teams in turkey very recently because of the situation next door in syria. a state department team of officials were there, meeting with syrian opposition in turkey, visiting some of the syrian refugee camps and i can tell you in regard to this potential attack on the embassy. opposed to something like the consulate in a place like benghazi, the embassy is very established, has its full state department, diplomatic security services team, a detachment of marines to guard the embassy and that particular security group
4:35 am
has what's called the rewards for justice program. sort of a terrorist watch program that over the years has handed out about 1$100 million n mon money, reward for information on terrorist attacks. soledad. >> chris lawrence, updating us from the pentagon. let's get to jerusalem and the latest from ivan watson. what are you hearing where you are? >> reporter: that's right. the initial reports now that turkish police and medical workers are telling our sister organization inside turkey, cnn turk, two people killed as a result of this blast and at least two people wounded this happened shortly after 1:00 in the afternoon. a time when the u.s. embassy would be functioning. first images we've seen, soledad, indicate that the gates to the embassy were damaged. i've been through those gates.
4:36 am
basic ail room is reinforced and protected with what looks like bullet proof or shatter proof glass that any visitor or personnel at the embassy has to go through, with security badges, there are turkish security guards on duty there who search you, of course, and do things like take your cell phones away. that's the first layer of security. outside that embassy, soledad, you aren't allowed to bring a car to stand for a minute as you walk in and unload in the embassy. not only the security guards tasked with the embassy, but turkish police in the immediate area that wave traffic along. this is in the heart of the turkish capitol, not far away from the turkish parliament. a significant presence of security forces there. opposition group sometimes, labor unions, student groups, try to organize protests if not against the turkish government,
4:37 am
sometimes against the u.s. embassy there. always a very robust presence of riot police, quick to use teargas and water canons to disburse the crowd. this is a pretty locked down area if someone wanted to penetrate this area embassy. the embassy offices, at least about 20 yards i'd say from this kind of reinforced, entryway, that guests would have to go through to try to get into the building. we've been trying to reach out to diplomatic staff, the u.s. consulate in istanbul have been targeted in the last five years. none are really responding right now. still trying to get information. the embassy staff in ankara,
4:38 am
probably under lockdown as turkish security forces trying to make absolutely sure there is no potential additional threat to this important diplomatic position. soledad. >> ivan watson for us, thank you for the update. reporting from jerusalem. interesting with all that he's saying there to know that this is a suicide bomber. what we're being told. one person dead. all that security that he's describing and how aggressive they are in patrolling and keeping the area clear to see and understand the details. how they could get through the space. live pictures from ankara. >> such an interesting report. how did anybody get in, get that close? and so close to our people. >> and our embassy, especially the attacks in the 90s in africa. especially a sensitive area like turkey, heavily fortified. >> and not just in africa. the turkey consulate in istanbul was attacked four years ago, five years ago, 2008, three gunmen attack the consulate.
4:39 am
2003, turkey attack the british consulate. >> you have al qaeda stepping up attacks, but also kurdish separate groups have used terrorism in the past. not sure why a kurdish separatist group would attack a u.s. embassy. >> and this on the final day of the job of secretary of state hilary clinton. jill dougherty live in washington, d.c. >> good morning. secretary clinton would be dealing precisely with in the waning hours of secretary of state. and after benghazi, she ordered a review of the security at embassies, consulates, missions, around the world. at this point, they were paying attention to missions that were not well fortified, such as the one in benghazi, this is an embassy and is very well fortified. in any case, you can bet hillary clinton is checking into that,
4:40 am
talking with staff right now about it. also later today on the way to the state department. and we took a look at the last four years, sights and sounds of hillary rodham clinton. wherever hillary clinton went in the world, there were rock star expectations. >> will have you me back if i come back? >> yes. >> oh, good. >> reporter: her texts, her hair styles, her glasses, went viral. she said she didn't care. >> i feel so relieved to be at the stage i'm at, jill. if i want to wear my glasses, i'm wearing my glasses. if i want to pull my hair back, i'm pulling my hair back. >> clinton tried to hit the reset button with russia. >> we rocked ha edworked hard t write russian word. did we get it? >> you got it wrong. >> we got it wrong.
4:41 am
>> reporter: in burma, the fatal pains of a new democracy. but the embassy attack in benghazi is her greatest regret. >> i take full responsibility. >> reporter: prompting a rare emotional outburst. >> at this point what difference does it make. >> reporter: will she run in 2016? the answers only prompt more speculation. >> i have absolutely no plans to run. >> reporter: she flew almost a million miles, visited 112 countries. kicked up her heels, threw back a few drinks on the side. a month of illness grounded her at the end. >> for me, it truly is a bittersweet moment. to leave this room for the last time as second of state. >> reporter: enter the next secretary of state. >> american foreign policy is not defined by drones and deployments alone.
4:42 am
>> reporter: john kerry. tall, distinguished, gray haired, son of a foreign service officer. >> if you are trying to get some take light between me and secretary clinton, that's not going to happen here today. >> reporter: as his confirmation hearing showed, the policy is likely to remain the same, but the personality will change. more straight laced with a hint of humor. >> i'm taking it for the red sox. taking it for the patriots. >> reporter: so what will hillary clinton do? we talked with her as you know, soledad. did an interview this week, and they said this is really pretty amazing for her, because ever since the age of 13, she's never awakened with really nothing to do. either studying or work. so we'll see how monday morning goes when she's no longer secretary of state. >> heading out the door, but as we've been reporting, have you this explosion in ankara, and i'm wondering if you have john kerry, who is supposed to sort of step into the role. does she say on, not actually
4:43 am
walk out the door? what happens? >> reporter: he's already -- in fact, we understand he will be taking his oath today, privately, quietly. probably be a public event as well. but he's fully engaged. he's been at the state department, when they expected and hoped he would be confirmed by the senate. he's been briefed. knows a lot from being in the senate. briefed on all of the issues, so you can imagine he's probably engaged too. >> quite a way to start your very first day as new secretary of state. jill dougherty, thank you. appreciate it. up more on breaking news on the death of the former new york city mayor ed koch. john berman updates us on that. >> ed koch passed away overnight in a new york hospital of congestive heart failure. he was 88. he was elected to new york mayor in 1977 and served three terms.
4:44 am
mayor bloomberg called him a irrepressible icon who lifted new york out of its darkest days. >> reporter: he occupied city hall for 12 years, butter in stopped asking if he deserved to be there. >> am i doing all right? >> reporter: he did well enough to be elected to three terms, and never afraid to do and say what he wanted. >> i have a wonderful job as mayor. i intend to keep it for a long time. >> reporter: koch owon his firs term in 1977. >> when i came in, the potholes were enormous, the train has graffiti, crime was rampant. >> reporter: he he led the city back to financial solvency. he did more than that. he gave new york attitude. >> i am a liberal with sanity. >> reporter: during a subway and bus strike, koch personally
4:45 am
arranged other ways for people to commute. >> reporter: he was brash. >> will the next cook please stand up. >> reporter: candid and proud. >> i brought a spirit back to the city of new york that was absent. new yorkers were ashamed of living here because of what prior administrations had done. >> again, former new york city mayor ed koch, 88. i grew up in boston, but when you thought of new york, it was his face you thought of. >> i group on the island like soledad. when i was a kid, the mayor was new york. you didn't think of new york, you thought of ed koch. >> and new york city was quite dangerous. i remember coming to the neighborhood i live now, would you never have been allowed to walk around in that neighborhood. it was considered to be really risky. muggings typical. very dirty. he was right about the potholes. >> very different to what it is now. i grew up in new york during that time. he had an authenticity about him that new yorkers loved.
4:46 am
>> he also could chew people out. which new yorkers love. >> he gave new york tough love and authenticity. you never see that today. >> and focused grouped and think of every kind of possible answer, don't want to make any waves and he just would shoot from the hip. >> he was a sort of transition figure away from the old democratic machine politics and the modern era of someone who used campaign advertising to build an independent base that gave rise to people like giuliani and bloomberg who did the same thing. >> if you weren't around when ed koch was mayor of new york, think chris christi on steroids. that was ed koch. >> we'll leave with that imagery. vivid imagery. and move on to other headlines this morning. vice president joe biden will meet with the syrian opposition leader over the next couple of days and discuss the ongoing conflict, as well as syria's relationship with neighboring russia. the nearly two-year civil war in
4:47 am
syria has killed more than 60,000 people and forced more than 700,000 to flee. crews still searching pore people trapped under the rubble, and one survivor rescued after explosion ripped through the offices of mexico's peme&oil company headquarters. mexican president visited the scene thursday night and said the cause of the explosion sent thousands of panicked employees into the streets, still under investigation. and new overnight, a scare in the air after a pilot passes out in the cockpit. alaska airlines flight from los angeles to seattle had to be diverted to portland after this happened. first officer at the controls at flight 473 landed safely after 9:00 last night. emts quicking boarded the plane to attend to the pilot. the aircraft had to be towed to the gate. >> we'll continue to bring you developments on a couple of breaking news this morning. the bombing outside the u.s. embassy in ankara, turkey. and waiting for the big monthly
4:48 am
jobs numbers. christine will have that when it comes out in 45 minutes or so. she'll go through those for you. we'll take a short break. back in a moment. twins. i didn't see them coming.
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4:51 am
in less than an hour, we'll get the january jobs report. the labor department is expected to report that the economy added 180,000 jobs, and the unra unemployment rate fell lightly to 7.7%. those are forecasts. when we get official numbers, we'll bring them to you live. we continue to follow lots of breaking news. suicide bombing taken place outside the u.s. embassy in turkey. the the latest, live in turkey coming up next. [ tylenol bottle ] nyquil what are you doing?
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4:54 am
welcome back, everybody. we continue to update you as to what's happening out of ankara turkey, one person is dead two others wounded, you're looking at live pictures in the aftermath, they're obviously zooming in at an area surrounded by other ministries and described to us as a very secure location. you can see some of the ambulances and some of the other rescue workers who arrived at the scene. let's continue to talk about this. i guess obviously at this point you start thinking about motivation, ticking through who possibly could be responsible for this, considering how secure the area is and how it's been
4:55 am
described to us. >> after the mistakes they made about benghazi, people are, the officials who are responsible for letting people know what happened are going to be very careful about what they say. >> this has been attacked before. >> right, you have a long list of potential terrorist groups with grievances against the u.s. in turkey. turkey and syria recently are in some, having a small scale war, there's been some activity on the border so it could be related to syria. syria has certainly used terrorist attacks in the past. >> could be related to israel. >> could be related to israel, could be an al qaeda affiliates that are active in turkey, or it could be as we were talking about before a kurdish separatist group, the kurdish separatists in turkey have engaged in terrorism before and been active recently. >> what about what the french are doing in mali? >> there's a long list of grievances of islamist terrorist groups in the area that could -- >> but the 2008 attacks
4:56 am
connected to al qaeda, the 2003 british consulate attacks were connected to al die qaeda. in 2008 the attackers were ethnically kurdish and it's impossible as i said to separate it from the news over the last couple days that iran and syria promised retribution for an israeli air strike on a syrian convoy. is it that promis? these are your list of possibilities. >> what senate coates said to you earlier our embassy is under attack, we saw secretary of clinton say that, too. it appears all over the world in these hot spots and in relatively secure places like this embassy in ankara that our embassies are under attack and it's going to be, this is going to be a new line of attack against us. >> we're getting a new statement coming to us from the u.s. embassy in ankara. the statement says this, appropriate measures have been taken by the turkish national police who are now investigating the incident, which is just
4:57 am
saying essentially the investigation is ongoing which is what we've been reporting all morning. andrew finkel can update us with more, we'll get to him at the top of the hour. oh, there he is. andrew we want to get to more on this story. tell me a little bit about the investigation that they talked about from the embassy would look like? >> it's obviously to find out the perpetrators. what the authorities in turkey are saying is that there have been two confirmed dead in this explosion, one of them they believe is the perpetrator of the act. the other is someone who was a guard at the embassy in this sort of security entrance to the embassy. the probable supposition is that the attacker put something down which exploded, killing both him and the person examining his luggage, but of course the obvious thing we all want to know is who did this thing and why. >> we'll talk more about motivation and who could be
4:58 am
behind this attack right after we get through our next commercial break, andrew finkel if you'll stay with us through the break i'll be grateful. more on "starting point" straight ahead. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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5:01 am
two big breaking news stories we're following, the suicide bombing taking place just outside the u.s. embassy in turkey, one person reported dead, two others injured. reporters from the turkey to the pentagon gathering the details at this hour. the death of a new york legend, former mayor ed koch is dead, we talk to those who knew him, those who loved him and those who fought with him. the january jobs report numbers coming out in 30 minutes. i'll have them for you live and break them down. chuck hagel grilled on capitol hill, faltering some during the contirmfirmation hea. the question is does it matter? >> it's friday, february 1st and "starting point" begins now. welcome back, everybody.
5:02 am
let's get to the breaking news this morning. we begin with a story out of turkey, awe suicide bombing has taken place outside the u.s. embassy there, second gate is the location. police say one person is dead, several other people at least two have been wounded. it happened in ankara. we get back to andrew finkel a journalist in istanbul, turkey. we left our last conversation really talking about who possibly to be to blame. walk me through the usual suspects potentially in this case. >> well, it's a very complicated set of scenarios i have to say. one possibility, one strong possibility is that this is a warning from someone on the syrian side of the turkish border of syria or iran who are reacting against what appears to be an escalation, outside involvement in the syrian civil war, that we're talking the israeli bombardment of targets inside syria. syria promised to retaliate or in a surprise fashion, is this
5:03 am
the surprise? well we just don't know. one other possibility is that this may be a part of turkey's kurdish conflict at the moment, the turkish government is engaged in incredibly sensitive negotiations to try and bring an age-long kurdish conflict in the southeast of the country to an end, other various people don't want that those negotiations to succeed and there have been a series of incidents, an assassination in paris. is this a convoluted attempt to influence the outcome of those or someone with a grudge against america? there is any number of possibilities. no one in the american embassy or among the turks is speculating on this so far. >> no, they're not saying anything except that the investigation is now under way. andrew, thank you very much. i want to get right to chris lawrence at the pentagon for us. chris from a pentagon perspective what is happening right now? >> the word we're getting, soledad, is that the governor of
5:04 am
ankara and the u.s.ment ba amba to turkey just made a joint statement on television saying this was a suicide attack and a man detonated a bomb in early afternoon just outside the u.s. embassy saying the man who detonated the bomb is dead as well as one turkish man who was working for the u.s. embassy. several other people were also injured and of course they are still getting to the root of this investigation and getting the investigation started with the turkish police. on the u.s. side, this is a full-fledged u.s. embassy, unlike the consulate in benghazi that was in a transitional country like libya. this is fully staffed with the state department's diplomatic security services as well as a detachment of marines. the u.s. military does have a presence in turkey but they are mostly based at two airbases near the coast, as well as about 400 troops who have recently
5:05 am
arrived to man a patriot missile battery but they're about 400 miles away at a turkish army base. >> we're getting some updates as well. we know the person who is reported dead is u.s. embassy guard, no americans are among those injured in this attack, the guard of course appears to have been a turkish guard at the u.s. embassy there. you heard chris lawrence and you also heard earlier sort of the speculation now about who is to blame. there has been not much coming out of the embassy from the official standpoint which is not surprising at all but i do think this warning i guess from syria about something unexpected coming is definitely interesting timing. >> look, syria has a long history of state-sponsored terrorism. i remember doing the conflict, previous conflicts with lebanon, remember, there was syrian assassinations? the one thing to say about this is when syria does something, they do it in a sort of bigger,
5:06 am
more grand way. i'd be a little bit surprised if this lone person was a state syrian attack. but it's obviously very early. we don't have the details. >> syria may not have the reach to do this. they're embattled but hezbollah often been a puppet of syria in better standing right now, perhaps they are involved, all of this of course speculation. >> both of which in alliance with iran which issued a warning. all of these warnings, syria, iran, hezbollah are coming because of an israeli air strike on a syrian convoy of supposed chemical weapons towards hezbollah. >> let's go to jerusalem, where ivan watson is standing by. you've heard rolling through some of the usual potential suspects when you're looking at ankara and looking at sort of the, what has been happening geopolitically over the last days and weeks. what are the sorts of theories that are going to be thwarted? what degree could there be a link between that attack by israeli forces and maybe this particular incident about which
5:07 am
we do not have a lot of information? >> that's right, well the problem is there are an awful lot of possible suspects behind what a u.s. official is telling cnn according to preliminary reports was a suicide bombing. let me give you one example. in 2008, a gunman attacked the u.s. consulate in istanbul, not in ankara the capital but the biggest city in turkey and at least six people were killed in a gun battle at that very heavily fortified u.s. diplomatic mission. there are a number of organizations internally within turkey that have claimed responsibility for a whole series, you are know, dozens of bombings over the course of the last detad, some that can be little more than a percussion bomb outside a bank or a mcdonald's, others more devastating like in the early 20002 the british consulate and british bank in istanbul were
5:08 am
hit by al qaeda and that left scores mostly of turks killed. there are kurdish work, the kyrgyzstan workers' party, a war still going on, claimed thousands of lives and people are getting killed every week in that conflict. whole host of different groupists from kurdish leftists, al qaeda, islamists, who have carried out violence in turkey and some of the groups come out very angrily about the u.s. and its policy not only in turkey but also in the broader middle east. we've seen riot police around that same u.s. embassy in years past breaking up demonstrators, very angry at u.s. policy in the region so there are a whole host of potential suspects that could be behind an attack like this. >> ivan watson, thank you for that update. let's get to fran townsend,
5:09 am
and pentagon correspondent barbara starr. fran, you heard ivan describe a whole host of people who credibly could be responsible for this. obviously the embassy has been the focus of attacks in the past and focus on protecting the embassy, described in a secure area surrounded by other stre ministries. does any of this surprise you? >> that there would be an attack is not surprising given the geopolitics you discussed this morning with the panel, particularly with syria and iran. the fact that someone was brazen enough to launch this attack against the u.s. embassy to be fair, in fairness to the state department, the security worked exactly as it was supposed to have. it's an outer perimeter, initially where you're screened. looks like the blast was contained as the building was designed to do, tragic anyone
5:10 am
was killed but the security worked the way it is supposed to work but it tacks a certain amount of organization, skill and moxie to launch it against a heavily fortified u.s. embassy and that's not an accident. that suggests a fairly sophisticated hezbollah working on behalf of syria or an al qaeda affiliate, this was not thrown together at the last minute. >> barbara starr at the pentagon, what are you hearing at the pentagon on this? >> right now soledad they're close mouthed about the entire situation. i have to tell you the intelligence community has been looking for some time at the very question of some of these affiliate groups said to be affiliated with al qaeda perhaps that are emerging in the region. i was just talking to some intelligence officials yesterday. what they are noticing, they say, is a number of groups throughout north africa, the middle east, this region including turkey, where they are sharing fighters, expertise,
5:11 am
weapons, technology. this is sort of the post 9/11 era we're in now, where the small groups are rising up, they may often have their own priorities, their own targets for attack but becoming more and more dangerous because of their own ability to network and share the expertise. fighters are moving between the networks and it's causing a lot of concern. the number of al qaeda fighters rising in syria in the revolution there and moving throughout the region so i think it's safe to say they're going to look closely at this attack and see if it has any of those hallma hallmarks. >> barbara starr for us, and also fran townsend i appreciate it ladies, very much. another breaking news story, the death of the former mayor of new york city, ed koch, he passed away overnight in a new york city hospital, he died of
5:12 am
congestive heart failure. mayor koch served three terms for mayor. new york's current mayor michael bloomberg said koch's wit and wisdom will be part of the city he loved so much. funeral services will be held monday and one has to imagine those funeral services will be jammed from folks in politics of which he was connected to so many and regular folks who really just liked his personality. >> the "new york times" it says besides his sister mr. koch is survived by new york itself. >> there will be some sort of formal city tribute to him that new yorkers can attend perhaps some kind of viewing but it's going to be a big event in the life of new york. he came to symbolize the brashness and all that's great about new york, with a lot of hutzpah.
5:13 am
he was very combative. new yorkers loved him and he gave back a lot of tough love. >> ryan, richard and soledad having grown up in the northeast have said essentially when you thought of new york you thought of ed koch. as growing up in texas i might be speaking for many of us, when i thought of ed koch my recollection was the people's court. he also played a huge role in succeeding judge wapner. >> he took the same personality tough and brash, he was an attorney and he had gone from being an attorney to really starting in politics that's sort of like i'm going to be fair but i'm also going to be rational and tough and he brought that to take over from the very beloved judge wapner which is true. it was excellent casting. i remember when the swap was made. >> it was an interesting time. the beginning of his term the city was struggling with a financial crisis and bankruptcy and he was one of the first big city mayors to lift a city out of that. he helped build a lot of -- >> he did in two fronts, dealing with the banks and cheer leading
5:14 am
the people to like their city again. >> saved the city. people forget how bad things were in this town in the 1970s. it was on a knife edge. it was on its way to becoming detroit or something bad like that. >> exactly right and he built a lot of public housing, the other thing he did that was really left a mark on new york but he also served as we said before during an amazingly divisive era in new york where there was a lot of racial issues on the beginning of the crisis and his record is somewhat more mixed. lot of people he didn't do enough early. >> he shut down a hospital in harlem that was important to the african-american community and later in life said it was one of his regrets, one of the few times he actually he admitted he got something wrong. >> at the time it was the only hospital where african-american doctors could find jobs. >> he had some reasons for shutting it down but regretted that. the racial issues on his watch
5:15 am
were not probably the thing that, he didn't handle the best and in his third term his mayoralty ended with corruption and prosecutor rudolph giuliani -- >> sounds familiar. >> not the mayor corrupt, not koch himself but the people around him. >> what i remember growing up he'd stand outside the subway station and shake hands and say how am i doing? that is one of my first memories as a child of someone in politics. >> he'll be missed, that's for sure. i have a prediction you'll agree his funeral will be at overflow capacity with everybody from the top ranks of new york city to regular folks attending that funeral. you have other stories making news. following developments in the hostage standoff in alabama as a 5-year-old boy being held
5:16 am
for a fourth day in an underground bunker. police say nothing changed overnight. the boy appears to be unharmed physically and they're continuing to communicate with the suspect using a pvc tube. cnn's george howell spoke to a neighbor who has seen his bunker. >> reporter: jimmy davis jr. and his family have been neighbors to jimmy dykes and he and his family brought property a year and a half ago. he's seen the bunker firsthand. >> he told me it was a storm shelter and i've not seen it in about probably eight to nine months, not sure what he's done to update it or anything. >> reporter: so when you saw that bunker, what did it look like? how wide, how deep was it? >> it was like a 15 by 15-foot wide in length and about 12 foot deep and it was lined with bricks like the little red bricks. >> reporter: dykes travel
5:17 am
trailer sits just off the road and inside is a massive shipping container dykes used as a shed and slightly to the left sits the underground square bunker. >> actually had cinder blocks going down with steps, covered up with two sheets of plywood as a door to open to it. >> david saw the bunker earlier in its development. he noticed a pvc pipe that went from the bunker to the front gate. dykes told davis he told him he could put it in so he'd hear people or cars approach the front gate. did he give you any indication as to why he built the bunker? >> storm shelter. he lived i forgot where he told me he used to live but back where he lived there was a bunch of tornadoes and they'd always hit close to his house so he was preparing for it and wanted to make sure he had somewhere to get in. >> that was cnn's george haul.
5:18 am
vice president joe biden and the syrian rebel leader will meet later this month. the war has forced more than 700,000 to flee. he's endured one of the toughest confirmation hearings we've seen in a long time. his aides are hoping for one on one meetings to overcome any mistakes. he went before the senate armed services committee yesterday as president obama's choice for secretary of defense. republicans really turned up the heat and hagel often looked like he wasn't ready for it. 'period flustered at times, confused and unprepared for some questions as he wracked his memory, served up apologies and in some cases misspoke. >> i don't think there was a letter that i can recall. i don't recall the event. i don't recall that. i regret referencing the jewish lobby. i regret saying that. i regret that i used those
5:19 am
words. not the term i should have used. i should have used another term and i'm sorry. >> i misspoke. >> we're looking for the possibility of a fill bust per. cnn keeping an eye on the capitol for the latest on the chuck hagel nomination. did we sprint or stumble out of the gate when it comes to finding jobs? we'll find out when the january jobs report comes out in 20 minutes. the labor department is expected to report the economy added 180,000 jobs and the unemployment rate is forecast to dip slightly to 7.7% from its current 7.8%, when we get the official numbers we will bring them to you live, of course, christine romans will break down the numbers as soon as they come out, plus we'll get instant reaction to that report, that is all going to happen at 8:30, we're talking less than 12 minutes from now so keep it here. >> we continue this morning on "starting point," talking about religious organizations being
5:20 am
able to opt out of providing their employees with contraception and their insurance plans, a big change inspect president's health mandate, the details on that are straight ahead. plus a prosecutor gets gunned down outside a texas courthouse. we'll talk to his friends about where the investigation could be heading, coming up next. w!
5:21 am
a manhunt for a gunman who shot and killed a prosecutor outside a courthouse is under way and there could be a second
5:22 am
suspect. police are looking through hundreds of criminal cases to see if there's a connection between the prosecutor's work and his death. his name is mark cassie, gunned down in kaufman, texas, he worked as an assistant district attorney. >> it appears the individual intended to hurt him, whether or not it was because he happened on the street at that moment or because he had intent we don't know that yet. we're pursuing all possibilities. >> eric, he is a friend of the attorney, and our condolences. this is terrible. many are now focusing on the cases that mark was working on to get a sense of if there's some kind of clue in those cases. what can you tell me about the cases and where you're heading in this investigation? >> i think any time, there's going to be a lot of organized criminal groups that a
5:23 am
prosecutor's office is going to deal with on a regular basis and i think that he was working on some things that involved some different groups, prison gangs, motorcycle clubs, street gangs operating in an area, and oftentimes the prosecutors will deal with those kinds of cases and he has been dealing with cases that may have involved white supremacists and other tough groups. >> your assistant saw the perpetrators driving away from the courthouse right after the shooting. you can tell us a little more detail about that? >> sure. mr. hassie would have parked to my right and walked in this direction toward the courthouse. my assistant was a few blocks away when she heard some gunshots and that seems to be unusual in this area because we're near the downtown area of kaufman and a few seconds later she heard squealing tires and saw a vehicle making a turn past
5:24 am
the area where she was at, and a silver ford taurus drove past her at a high rate of speed. she began heading into work and she saw the police cars coming to the scene and she figured one thing must be related to the other so she called police and gave them an idea of the direction that the shooters left in. >> that's where the investigation stands right now. eric is an attorney and friend of mark hasse. we appreciate you for being with us. >> thank you very much, i appreciate it. still ahead on "starting point" a big change in the contraceptive coverage mandate. what it means for religious organizations. details are coming up next. 
5:25 am
5:26 am
5:27 am
5:28 am
>> welcome back everybody. we are discussing this morning this new story in to cnn, religiously affiliated organizations are now going to be able to opt out of providing their employees with insurance coverage for contraceptives under updates to an obama administration mandate. you remember this was a topic of big, hugely controversial during the election. >> very controversial. >> if an institution decides to opt out of paying for contraceptive coverage individual employee also get coverage through a separate exchange according to sources expected to be announced would be paid for by the insurance company, a spokesman for health and human services department refused to comment on the expected policy announcement, but that is what we are hearing religiously affiliated organizations won't have to do
5:29 am
what they were, paying for something they felt they morally did not believe in. >> if you work for the catholic church you'll still get all the same insurance that anybody else would get. you'll still get contraceptive insurance but the church won't have to pay for it. the question is who will pay for it? >> a third party insurer. >> that question remains unanswered. there was always an exemption for the catholic church, religious affiliated organizations. >> like catholic universities. >> how broadly are we expanding that umbrella. the contraception mandate resulted in numerous lawsuits, almost weekly from organizations like hobby lobby, private employers who have religious objections. will it include them? most likely not. who will it include? how will we define religious organizations and the second controversy is just that, passing the cost to the insurance company who really will end up with the costs. >> also those self-insured how exactly is that done? they have according to this -- >> that was the group left out. just to step back in march of
5:30 am
last year, hhs first announced this, it was hugely controversial and a lot of catholic affiliated institutions didn't want to come under obama care's mandate to pay for contraception and the administration did a carveout for them but there was one group it didn't cover this seems to now include, and that is largely catholic diocese who pay for their own insurance so there was no third party there to pay for it. >> right. >> this seems to be a fix for that. >> lots of questions they'll announce later today. we'll update you on the bombing in january and the january jobs report a couple minutes away, we'll have it along with interest reaction. and geraldo running for senate? what does it mean? we'll look at that two ahead.
5:31 am
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welcome back everybody. we have the monthly jobs running out. christine romans is listening to the earphones. >> the unemployment rate is essentially unchanged at 7.9%, the government is calling it essentially unchanged but last month was 7.8, we expected it to drop a little bit. the number of jobs created in january, 157,000 jobs created. >> lower than originally expected. >> lower than forecast and we have 9,000 government jobs lost so you still have this issue where the private sector is creating jobs but the government is still shedding jobs so overall private sector created 166,000 jobs, soledad, big, interesting revisions to the end of last year. in december, the jobs number was revised up to 196,000 jobs created in december, that's about 41,000 more than we had thought. november also revised higher, 247. i'm going to double check that, 247,000. >> 247 and what originally did they say it was?
5:34 am
>> 161 so lots of revisions for the whole year coming out. i'll double check the last two but it looks like some more momentum in the end of the year to hiring than we had thought. >> can i ask you a question, when there's a big gap between the original estimate, the forecast and the actual number and months later we get the revision, why is the revision often such a big gap? >> that's a good question. the government goes out, they have two different samples, household sample of surveys and they sample, they survey companies and people who hire and then they go back and they seasonally adjust, tweak that data and going back and looking at other data. it is a sample. you can't get out there and survey every single different company. i'm going to look at the major worker groups because this is interesting to watch. the unemployment rate for adult men, 7.3%, women 7.3%, teenagers 23.4%. that's been a real problem, this
5:35 am
youth unemployment because if you don't have a job at the beginning of your career, it sets you back. the first step is incredibly important. >> and just under 14% but they say that's not changing very much. >> and that's so sad to say, it's simply unchanged at 13.8% unemployment. but 13.8 unemployment is much too high for a worker group so we have structural issues still to address. i would call this soledad, i would call this a modest growth in the labor market. there was a pickup at the end of last year but we're seeing modest growth in the labor market. >> thank you for breaking down the numbers. one person killed, several others wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the u.s. embassy in ankara. ivan watson is standing by. what is the latest you're hearing on this, ivan? >> well, soledad we've just heard from the governor of
5:36 am
ankara, who was standing side by side speaking to journalists along with the u.s. ambassador in ankara, and they both said that this was a suicide bomber, that the bomber appeared to die in the blast. turkish guard working at the gate in the embassy was killed in the past and the u.s. ambassador said there was one other person wounded and is he praying for that person's speedy recovery. so the authorities now saying this was a suicide attack. it happened a little bit more than two hours ago, outside the well fortified and well protected u.s. embassy in ankara. questions will now turn, soledad, to who could have carried out this kind of attack. it's not the first time that a u.s. diplomatic mission has been attacked in turkey, which is a close strategic and regional ally of the u.s. government, in 2008, six people were killed in istanbul, when the u.s. consulate there was attacked by gunmen.
5:37 am
there are a whole host of groups inside turkey that carry out acts of political violence, bombings, attacks, there's a local guerrilla war going on in the southeast of the country and of course the burning syrian civil war on turkey's border to the east. >> that's a lot, ivan watson. chris lawrence is at the pentagon today of course, secretary of state hillary clinton's last day. john kerry supposed to be sworn in later this afternoon. how does that transition handled? >> what a way to start a new posting. you're right, this was secretary clinton's last day in office, secretary kerry after being sworn in today was going to start work monday but now it's likely he will get a jump on that job and dive right into the situation in turkey. the u.s. has been intensely involved back and forth from turkey recently, primarily because of what's going on next door in syria.
5:38 am
state department officials were just in turkey a couple weeks ago meeting with syrian opposition groups, seeing some of the refugee camps, a turkish diplomatic official was just here in washington within the last week or two and there were plans for higher level talks including the secretary of state coming up in the next month or two. >> chris lawrence, thank you. let's get to some of the other stories making news with john berman. just as washington is reacting to the explosion outside the embassy in turkey, cnn learned of more attacks sbened sben intended to carry out more attacks in africa. threats are coming from multiple al qaeda groups in that region. one of the alleged plotters is the man behind the recent gas refinery attack in algeria. former new york city mayor ed koch died this morning of congestive heart failure. he served three terms, elected in 19 7, he served four terms in
5:39 am
congress and a judge on "the people's court" as well and of course koch sat down on cnn with piers morgan on january 8th, this year, just a few weeks ago here in new york and he talked about his own tombstone. take a listen. >> when you look at your own grave, something very few people ever do, mr. mayor, what do you think when you look at it? >> i want to tell you, i'm secular but i believe in god. i believe in the hereafter, i believe in reward and punishment, and i expect to be rewarded. god gave me a very good hand to play over my 88 years. i have no regrets. >> what have been your greatest achievements and your -- >> being mayor of the city of new york. you know, here i am, 22 years out of office, i walk down the street, people who were 8 years old when i was mayor know me. the motto that i had, how am i doing?
5:40 am
everybody knows that, and i first uttered it in 1969. new york, the people have given me so much. on my gravestone i say i fiercely love the people of the city of new york. >> that was a perfect look at mayor ed koch. sums it all up there and that was a few weeks ago. koch had been hospitalized with fluid in his lungs and moved to an intensive care unit yesterday. mayor ed koch was 88 years old. a dramatic announcement by the catholic church in response to the police sex abuse scandal. cardinal roger mahoney who led the l.a. archdiocese from 1985 to 2011 has been removed from public duties. bishop kur curry will step down. roger mahoney a huge figure in the los angeles area for decades as well as in the american
5:41 am
clergy. >> this story never goes away for catholic church. how many times have we covered this iteration in the catholic church, so disturbing and troubling. still ahead but geraldo rivera have a future in politics. and hyundai will have five ads to air during super bowl sunday, coming up the vice president of marketing for the company will show us one of them. you're watching "starting point."
5:42 am
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5:44 am
>> howie kurtz, washington bureau chief of the daily best and lauren, nice to have you both with us. >> thank you. >> shocking, not shocking? >> come on. this is a guy just crazy enough to do this. he opened al could ka poen's vault on tv, it was a live special, he's been married five times. >> you're holding that against him? how many times you think he should be allowed to be married. >> he's got a lot of energy. >> i like geraldo. can you imagine the 30-second ads against this guy, drawing a map in the sand in iraq of u.s. military plans, boom, here he is getting his nose broken by a neo-nazi on his daytime talk show. the videotape vault has a lot more than al capone's vault. >> none of them might have the impact you might think. >> here is the interesting thing
5:45 am
is that new jersey has someone pretty outspoken and christine romans could eat him for lunch. >> choice for u.s. senator, only looks at senator lautenberg and cory booker, and 30% say they'd support lautenberg, 51% for cory booker so from that we can extrapolate a rivera/booker battle to the end. >> he says he'll run as a republican. he may be a fox news commentator but he's liberal on immigration, the five wives, and so you know, maybe that's the only available route. >> liberal on marriage? >> he may think he's -- >> the far right. >> it's a very hard state to run as a republican right now. obama won by 18 points this last election there so go for it, geral geraldo. >> i think we're looking at the another empty vault here.
5:46 am
>> good line. >> if that is the case what is the motivation. do that again. he's like -- >> why is he doing this? >> maybe his contract is up at fox. >> that's what i was thinking he's -- future option, sorry. >> he's on his radio show i'm think being this, i'm getting older. i probably would like to be you a united states senator. >> there is a tendency among those in the punditry class and washington, d.c., class to laugh these moments off as silly. william f. buckley said i'd rather be governed by the first 2,000 names in the boston phone book than the harvard faculty. it's not necessarily an endorsement of geraldo but non-politician -- >> you still have to be somebody who knows something about the law and somebody who -- >> he's a smart guy. that's not his problem. >> what? >> what are you saying about geraldo. >> this is not a guy who has been in politics.
5:47 am
this is somebody who wants the fame and attention and the adoration to come to him. >> he wrote a book called "exposing myself" a lot of which has to do with all the women he's been with. >> that's the jump on the gun, get it out of the way before you get into politics. >> no one can bring it up when do you the debate. >> preemptive strike. >> i don't know. i don't know. i have to say, terrifyingly i kind of agree with will on this. i don't know this is just a ploy. i disagree with the harvard elites part. i think you're totally wrong on that. >> you want to be governed by eli elites. >> i'm thinking hey everybody who is listening to me what do you think? it gets everybody involved, this big trial balloon. >> he has to raise money, things you have to do in politics. >> who has thought a lot publicly about running for public office is donald trump. >> how'd that work out? >> the two of you scare me. thank you lauren and howie appreciate it. coming up next another super
5:48 am
bowl ad what you'll see from hyundai this year. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas. no hoops to jump through. i earn more cash back on the things i buy the most. [ woman ] it's as easy as... one! -two. -[ all ] three! [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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welcome back, everybody. you're watching "starting point." after all the controversy over
5:51 am
the lip syncing the national anthem at the inauguration, beyonce makes a star-spangled statement with this. ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ the brave >> she drops the mike. she does it acapella, she doesn't need the band after all, she's like see people as i said, i can sing. she's going to absolutely sing live at sunday's halftime show and they usually like to have a backup taped. >> they do it every time. >> not this time. >> poor beyonce, everyone knows she can sing. >> it's a free concert for the media, they loved it. >> i can't imagine there's more to say about beyonce's lip syncing, somebody at this table thought it was a little bit of a
5:52 am
big deal she lip synced. >> i didn't say it was a big deal. >> i do think you should be allowed to say you would prefer your singers to be live. >> i actually, i don't think there's anything wrong with it, oh, haters beyonce. of course beyonce can sing. i'd love to see her sing. >> john berman, hater, not just to the super bowl. >> eddie murphy, sexual chocolate. >> if there's going to be a public event -- >> stop, stop it, no, we don't care! she can sing. let's move on. i want to talk about this hyundai ad in the actual super bowl running five of them in the game, this one is called team. watch. >> hey, give it back. >> come back when you have a team. >> okay. ♪
5:53 am
>> thank you. >> here, take off. >> gather your new team, the seven-passenger santa fe. >> steven shannon, some of the team members -- what is the message you try to get out when you create your ad. we spent the week running ads. family and humor i imagine is what you're focusing on. >> yeah, good morning soledad. it's great to be with you and great to be back with my team. we had a very simple message for this commercial. we have at hyundai a new seven-passenger santa fe and wanted to get that simple message across and what better way than to do this wonderful commercial with the terrific guys and shows what an ta fthe e
5:54 am
team can do to help with the troublemakers. >> let me ask you a question. this ad is going to be seen in front of millions and millions of people who are watching the super bowl. is that a little unnerving for you? >> uhm, ahh, it's awesome, but, uhh, it's going to be a little scary. >> how was it, keep going. >> but i'm excited. >> yes? >> but i'm excited. >> duson brown plays the fire rescue kid carrying somebody out of building. tell me about the shoot. have you done a number of commercials before or are you a long time actor or was this exciting and new experience for you? >> well, i've done a lot of commercials and this wasn't anything new for me. i knew that i had to come and do what i needed to do, so i pretty much just went in there and i did what they told me to do. >> well, it is a really cute and
5:55 am
funny ad and i know the folks at hyundai have made an ad for us as well, i want to play that for everybody. let's roll that. ♪ >> el jefe! >> you got that right, baby. ♪ >> chuckles, chugles. >> richard sacorides, the muscle, and ryan the loose cannon. back to you, steve, for a final question. what will be success for you on,
5:56 am
do we still have him? what will be success for you on your super bowl sunday is that everybody is laughing at this ad or what will make you feel like you have done your job? >> yeah, well we certainly want them to be entertained, but we certainly want them to learn a little bit about our vehicles, so each one we think has both an entertaining, fun aspect but it also tells you a little something about our santa fe or our sonata. we want the company more likeable and that always helps. to the point you just raised the film you just showed it's a big social media game. it used to be just about doing great commercials in the game which you still want to do but the whole ability to leverage social media as we just showed with find your seven, which is a program we're doing with facebook that allows people to create their own team of seven and be our guests at next year's super bowl. >> i'm not putting any of those folks in my seven-passenger hyundai. >> could you use one of those. >> i could totally use one of those, i need one of those but you're not invited to come along. final question, who is rooting for the ravens?
5:57 am
>> they all are. >> yes, all of us are. >> i like it. all right, guys, thanks for being with us. steve we appreciate the commercial you guys did for us. thanks so much. >> great. nice to be with you. >> you bet. cnn will be live on the eve of super bowl iv with kickoff in new orleans, a cnn bleacher report special hosted by richard nichols and ernie johnson saturday afternoon at 4:00 eastern right here on cnn. we have to take a short break. we're back in a moment. but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. and you'll dump your old broom. but don't worry, he'll find someone else.
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