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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  February 1, 2013 1:00pm-4:00pm PST

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larry, where are we going? he goes, my place. i thought, oh, mother of god. so we go to his place and it was covered with proclamation. it was all over his apartment. that was sexy. >> katie couric dishing about a date she had with larry king. she was 30 and he was in his 50s. we know they went out and obviously nothing happened. that's it for me. check out the brooke blog at for interviews. thanks very much, brooke. happening now, a banner day for wall street. the dow has more than doubled under president obama but should he take any credit for it. landing in political trouble, legal troubles may be ahead. if you're among the millions
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who watch the super bowl just for the commercials, we'll point out the controversial ones you won't want to miss. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in the situation room. today wall street reached a milestone we haven't seen in years. for the first time since 2007, the dow jones industrial average climbed above the 14,000 mark. the average has more than doubled since bottoming out at 6547, 6,547 just after president obama took office back in 2009. let's get quickly to alison kosik. she's at the new york stock exchange. it's just above 14,000, alison. >> it is.
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what's interesting, as we see the dow cross over 14 thourk for the first time in five years, believe it or not, not everybody thinks it's a big deal. some people say it's a nice round number that we like to talk about and others say, yes, it is a milestone after the economy pretty much fell to pieces. now this is a sign that things are finally come canning back. remember this, march 1999. the height of the dotcom boom. the dow hit 9,000 for the first time. >> it was a big deal when we hit 10,000. we handed out hats. >> fast forward to 2006, the height of the housing boom, dow 12,000. but we wouldn't see that threshold for a long time. the housing market was crumbling and recession was lurking. now, five years later, we are back. and the returns, staggering. bank stocked buoyed by cheap
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interest rates are back and the rally is driven by you, the individual investor. you've plowed $16 billion into the market in the last three weeks. the economy seems healthier but perhaps the biggest driver is the federal reserve. >> it goes right back to the fed stimulus. they are pumping the system with so much money and keeping rates artificially low that sabers and they force this trade into risk assets. >> that means stocks. the fed is pumping $85 billion a month into the economy by buying long-term debt and mortgage-backed securities. that drives down interest rates leaving investors nowhere else to turn. so that's how we got here. but does 14,000 really mean anything? >> these are certainly nice, round numbers. i personally think it will be more of an event once we break through that october 2007
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all-time high. >> that all-time high is 14,164. and where there are bulls, there are bears, wolf. one economist is telling me this is just a market where it's a correction waiting to happen. he believes that this rally isn't real but then again you look at the jobs trend that's been going on, triple digit gains in jobs that we've seen lately and they want to think twice about that. >> alison, i want to ask you about the very interesting jobs report that was released this morning. we learned the unemployment rate stands at 7.9% after employers hired a total of 157,000 workers, new workers in january, revised numbers for all of 2012 show the economy adding a lot more than originally reported, total of some 335,000 new jobs beyond those that were originally reported. seems like we're adding jobs but the unemployment rate remains
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7.9%. why isn't it coming down? >> exactly. the unemployment rate actually ticked up last month from 7 poib 8 to 7.9%. the reason is as much as we're cheering the fact that you see these triple digit gains being made in the jobs numbers for a very long time in the jobs market for a pretty good long time, it's not enough to keep up with population growth and the thing is, it's really going to sort of kick into gear when we see -- when congress plays a role in this in march when they take up the automatic spending cuts again. the big worry here is that you may see a reversal, not just here in the stock market but these n these jobs additions because what could happen, wolf, is company may freeze and not want to hire when they see what is happening on capitol hill. wolf? >> alison, thank you. virtually everyone with a 401(k) retirement account owns stocks but today's news from wall street is much more than a financial story. there's political fallout as well. our chief political analyst
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gloria borger is here to discuss how this could impact the president's agenda, how he hopes to get things done. just to recap, the dow jones industrial shortly after six weeks or so after he took office, march 9th, 2009, was at 6547. today, closing more than 14,000, more than doubling over the past four years. a lot of people are making money. a lot of people are -- this president has been good for wall street, at least so far. what's the political fallout? >> well, it really hasn't helped him politically. there's always been this disconnect, wolf, between what's going on on main street and going on on wall street. people are more optimistic about the economy than they were a year or two ago. i would argue that's one of the reasons that president obama got re-elected, because people started feeling better. but when you look at the numbers about how people regard president obama's handling of the economy, they are still not really good for him. take a look at this.
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we asked in mid-january. look at that. his approval rate for handling the economy, only 48% disapproval. and one reason may be that while wall street is doing well, wolf, household incomes have not rebounded at all since the be beginning of the recession in 2007. >> there are some people investing on wall street that are feeling pretty good about it. >> they are. most americans are not. >> having said that, he did get re-elected with 7.8, 7.9 unemployment and that's a pretty impressive feat. >> because people were feeling more optimistic, wolf, but they still believe the economy is headed in the wrong direction. but their optimism was improving. >> more jobs created, 150 thourk last month. they revised figures for november and december. another 200,000 beyond those. so how is this going to impact his legislative agenda on some of these critically important issues?
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>> before he gets to immigration and everything else, he has to go through all of the business speed bumps, the economic speed bumps. and there are plenty of them coming up. i think both sides can make the case, wolf, and they will, that a dysfunctional washington really hurts consumer confidence and hurts business hiring. republicans will say you've got to decrease the deficit and the president will say, you know what, we have to perhaps think about spending a little bit of money to get out of this and to try and reduce that unemployment. so they are going to come at it from different sides, wolf. the big thing to think about here is the president's approval rating. it is now at 52%. that gives him an awful lot of leverage on these economic issues. >> he's going to need that if he's going to get some of these agenda items through. >> every bit of it. a u.s. senator's travel habits are under fire right now and may land him in serious legal trouble. we have the document showing that senator bob menendez, did not, as requested, to report that he accepted free plane
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a number of reports say the fbi is looking into allegations a u.s. senator accepted free trips on a private plane and while there also are allegations democratic senator robert menendez of flu injuries see flew to the caribbean for sex parties and prostitutes, the travel appears to be his biggest legal trouble right now. let's bring our national political correspondent, jim acosta, who has been looking into this story. what are you finaling out? glt ethics rules are clear when it comes to these free flights. the senator did not, as required, to disclose them on his financial form. the question is, what, if anything, the ethics committee will do about it? it was another day of a very public senator keeping a low profile. outside a dinner on thursday
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night, bob menendez only offered a few words in response to the questions flooding his office. >> i have comments i've already put through my office. these are nameless, faceless anonymous allegations. >> just as menendez is officially becoming chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, a key member of the ethics committee is talking about a raid that was issued on dr. melgen. we are aware of the news reports regarding the fbi raid on dr. melgen's office. the ethics committee will follow its established procedures. one potential violation of the rules, the free flight he took on dr. melgen's plane in 2010. for that same year he said, no, he did not receive any reportable travel more than $335. his office now says the flights were worth $58,000.
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menendez reimbursed dr. melgen two years after he accepted those free flights but according to a governor watch dog, that might not necessarily be a violation of senate ethics rules. >> only can you pay back money and sort of get off the hook. >> melanie shown says the trips amount to gifts that should have been reported properly. >> he should have paid the charter rate for the trips at the time or disclose them and didn't do either of those things. >> his group sent over his own files including an e-mail claiming the senator was flying to dominican republic to meet with prostitutes which eventually appeared on "the daily caller" website. dr. melgen donated more than $100,000. >> 2012 was supposed to be his year. >> melgen's company sent another
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$100,000 to a super pac to get menendez re-elected. the "new york times" reports government officials to help a port security contract to a company tied to melgen. the top republican in the senator's home state suggests it's time for menendez to address all of the questions head on. >> senator menendez has been in public life for just over two decades. i think he has a complete understanding of what he believes his responsibility is. >> when asked why menendez failed to report those flights on his financial disclosure time at the time, his staff did not respond to our questions here at cnn intentionally falsifying these forms is a crime and it says so right on the form. you're supposed to report these flights, this kind of flights promptly at the time you take that travel. >> this investigation is ongoing right now? >> that is the indication from the ranking republican on the senate ethics committee.
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we should report, wolf, that many of these committee investigations don't really reach the light of day. it's only when they reach the potential for a hearing process that you start to see some movement, perhaps a senator might resign. in the case of senator ensin of nevada regarding senator ensin, he decided to go ahead and resign his seat from the senate instead of going through a senate ethics committee process. we'll have to wait and see. there aren't many hearings that come out of these types of investigations. the last time we had hearings, i think, was back in the mid-1990s, wolf. >> we'll stay on top of it. jim acosta reporting. thank you. the former vice president al gore is defending his decision to sell his cable television network current tv to al jazeera. analysts estimate that gore is making roughly $100 million on the deal. gore spoke with fareed zakaria.
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>> current tv, a great business deal but you started it because you wanted to create a greater -- another liberal voice, a stronger one, an independent voice. is this an endorsement of al jazeera and you're saying al jazeera represents the same type of traditions that were trying to further when you founded current tv. >> well, i think that al jazeera has, in fact, established itself as a highly respected international news gathering organization. it's won awards all over the world. it has a reputation for integrity and excellent reporting. i'm sure you watch al jazeera english. >> you're talking about the english language channel, not the arabic language? >> yes. and al gentlemjazeera promises even better. it's viewed as a highly
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responsible organization and i'm very pleased. i think the net result is going to be very positive for the american media landscape. >> fareed is joining us now from new york. good interview, fareed. what's your take on this sale? >> well, i was struck, wolf, by how gore defended it. he could have said, look, this is a free market, we founded a channel. there was a bidder. we sold the channel. conservatives he could have said, look, should be the last person to say i should look into the province of everything that i sell something to. this is what capitalism is all about. we have buyers and sellers and instead he really doubled down and said that he -- he endorsed al jazeera. it was very high-quality reporting, it's shown itself to be independent of its origins with the qatar government. i was struck by that. he didn't feel like he just needed to describe this as a
1:20 pm
market transaction. it was an endorsement of al jazeera. >> do you think the charges that have been made of al gore, that he's being hypocritical because of his passion against global warming, selling his company, a significant part of the company to al jazeera, which is really owned by the government of qatar which makes a lot of its money with oil and carbon emissions and all of that, that he's being hypocrite cal. that's the charge that is being levied against him? >> i tend to be a capitalist about this. you enter into deals with all kinds of entities. that's not an endorsement of every single person you enter into a commercial transaction with. $100 million, $500 million away from the qatar government. it's not clear to me that every time you engage in commercial transactions you are morally
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approving of everything that that entity does. it's an awkward reality, i think is the way i would put it, more than some kind of actual ethical violation. >> fareed is going to have the full interview with al gore this sunday on fareed zakaria gps. i want our viewers to know you have another excellent interview coming up with the microsoft founder, bill gates, al gore, fareed zakaria, sunday at 10:00 a.m. eastern. >> thank you, wolf. the 2012 campaign will go down in history as the most expensive to date. here's a hent, you could have bought dozens and dozens and dozens of islands with all that cash. except what it's done to my hair, dozens and dozens and dozens of islands with all that cash. h, bought dozens and dozens and dozens of islands with all that cash. i, you could have bought dozens and dozens and dozens of islands with all that cash. ysn, you could have bought dozens and dozens and dozens of islands with all that cash. t, you could have bought dozens and dozens and dozens of islands with all that cash.
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violent protests are unfolding in egypt at the presidential palace. lisa sylvester is monitoring that. those pictures are pretty dramatic. >> that's right, wolf. thousands of anti-government demonstrators have gathered outside the presidential palace in cairo. they hurled rocks over the palace walls. that set up a fire at the entrance. egyptian security forces fired back with teargas and a water canon. at least one person has been killed. the protesters are furious at mohamed morsi. the head of mexico's oil giant says it's too soon to speculate if yesterday's deadly blast was caused by a bomb. 33 people were killed when a blast tore through the company's headquarters in mexico city. more than 100 people were injured. crews are combing through the
1:26 pm
rubble looking for anyone who may still be trapped. president obama is losing another cabinet member. steven chu plans to resign in a few weeks. the noble prize recipient has been a leading candidate for energy alternatives. a solar company went bankrupt after receiving federal financing. chu says he wants to return to teaching. president obama thanked him for his, quote, dedicated service. take a look at this. the 2012 elections all told, spent $7 billion. that's according to the federal election commission. and that amount, in case you're wondering, is equal to 28 787 boeing planes or 70 private islands or how about this, 50 billion polio vaccines.
1:27 pm
if you think that amount of money is a lot, well, it is expected to rise in the future. were you surprised by that number, wolf? $7 billion? >> that's not just for the presidential races. it's for senate races, candidate races, all of the races. >> but that's a huge sum that we're talking about. >> advertising executives, mass mailings, executives, political operatives, they made a lot of money last year. >> everyone says this, the number is only going in one direction, up. >> a lot of advertising. thank very much. hillary clinton's tenure as the secretary of state officially ended a while ago. her last day on the job, though, was marred by a terror attack. we have the latest details on the u.s. embassy bombing. that's coming up. and how does this sound? senator geraldo rivera? he says he's serious. you're going to hear why.
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so john kerry officially the secretary of state. he was due to be sworn in just a few minutes ago at a private ceremony over at the state department. he has to deal with a crisis, though, from the first moments that he has taken this new job. a suicide bomber detonated a device outside the united states embassy in turkey's capital earlier today. it killed a turkish security guard. there is no doubt what kind of attack this was. >> a suicide bombing on the perimeter of an embassy is an act of terror. it's a terrorist attack. >> this is an individual wearing a suicide vest trying to come into our embassy compound. >> hillary clinton says we live in what she described as complex and dangerous times. of course, today was her final day on the job as secretary of state. in her resignation letter to president obama, mrs. clinton
1:32 pm
thanked him for his friendship and the opportunity to serve. jill dougherty is joining us from the state department. a pretty tumultuous reception upon her departure? >> reporter: yes, it was quite some day. she was right here in this hall about two hours ago after an emotional farewell to her staff. on her last afternoon as secretary of state, an emotional farewell to the state department staff hillary clinton led for four years. >> i will miss you, i will probably be dialing ops just to talk. i will wonder what you all are doing because i know that because of your efforts day after day, we are making a real
1:33 pm
difference. >> but early friday morning, even before she left her house, reports of a suicide bombing outside the u.s. embassy in turkey. clinton was briefed by her staff, then was driven to the state department where she called the u.s. ambassador to turkey and the turkish foreign minister. at the same time, senator john kerry, the man who within hours would succeed president clinton arriving at his senate office for the last time, kerry brushed off saying he's still senator. >> as you know, she's the sitting secretary until 4:00 and then he will take over and take up his duties. obviously a difficult day for both of them. >> hillary clinton drove to the white house for a farewell meeting and formally submitted a
1:34 pm
letter of resignation saying, i am more convinced than ever of the strife and staying power and just hours before leaving the state department for good, more breaking news riots at the presidential palace in egypt. but now for hillary clinton, private citizen, all of that is in john kerry's hands. >> and the new secretary of state already is making plans for his first official trip according to u.s. official, john kerry expected to travel to israel and to egypt, perhaps as early as the middle of february. and also western diplomats saying that he's been invited to some european capitals as well. wolf? >> we should point out, wolf, the new secretary of state john kerry is up on capitol hill actually being sworn in a private ceremony. he just got into the chambers
1:35 pm
there. the supreme court justice, elana kagan walking in as well. she will swear him in. there she is. elana kagan swearing in the next secretary of state, john kerry. i earlier said the state department. i obviously wanted to correct that. thank you, jill. it should be a seamless transition. john kerry is being sworn in. there's some political news fallout from all of this. republican former senator scott brown announcing this afternoon he will not run for john kerry's senate seat. let's talk a little bit about what is going on in our strategy session. joining us, democratic strategist, donna brazil and republican strategist ana navarro. a lot of folks thought the republicans would have a pretty decent chance of winning that
1:36 pm
senate seat if in fact scott brown were to run. he's not running. so does that mean in effect the republicans are going to give up on it? >> oh, absolutely not. you don't give up until you lose and until then you try to win. a ppp poll, which is a liberal leaning poll, showed that scott brown was 3 points ahead in that race. which tells you that the democrats don't have a lot of on that race. they may have it themselves a very bloody primary and i think scott brown, not making a decision had froze in the field. he was the elephant in the room. we do have good candidates in massachusetts. there's former lieutenant governor healy, there's a former state governor, who is openly gay. there's a hispanic who was a former navy s.e.a.l. and has been in the financial sectors for 15 years. there's also former governor weld. we have good candidates. i think you're going to see them come in and filing now.
1:37 pm
this is a special election. anything can happen in a special election, as scott brown himself shows. >> we don't know what's going to happen. we don't know the democratic candidate may be. what do you think? >> first of all, i applaud senator brown for his decision to step aside, so to speak. i do believe that this seat will now lean democratic for obvious reasons. it is a blue state. the democratic party is much stronger today than it was two years ago and i also believe that duval patrick made a good decision with the interim person that will free up the democratic party that put all of its resources in securing a seat for the special election. there's no question that running for senate is a costly endeavor and with ed markey and perhaps mr. lynch, we'll have a vigorous primary but the democrats are united in massachusetts and we will retain this seat. >> let's talk about new jersey. there could be a pretty
1:38 pm
interesting senate seat in new jersey as well if geraldo decides he wants to be the republican candidate to face either frank lautenberg, cory booker of new jersey is toying with the idea as well. listen to geraldo rivera on fox earlier today. >> remember, i believe in immigration reform. i believe in gay rights and gay marriage. i believe in choice. not obscenely but i believe in r roe v. wade. so you have to take my fiscal beliefs with some of these social policies that aren't in sync with republicans. >> he's pretty moderate republican. in new jersey, chris christie is the republican governor of new jersey.
1:39 pm
i assume geraldo would have a shot. >> i think he would. there's a lot of hispanics in northern new jersey. as someone who has always advocated to have more candidates, i would welcome his participation. i think he would bring flair to a race we thought would be ho-hum. there's a lot happening between frank lautenberg and cory booker. you have chris christie with a popularity in the 70s. i also reached out to the rnc and they have reached out to geraldo rivera's camp and would be welcome to help him in any way that they would help any other candidate. they have reached out and they think that he's seriously considering it. >> it s it appropriate for cory booker to say that he's
1:40 pm
interested in the seat even before frank lautenberg said whether he's going to seek re-election? >> he's truly someone that i admire and would love to see continue the senate but cory booker has to see what his future plans are. he's been outstanding mayor of newark. he's a great public citizen. i've been looking at geraldo rivera. he's a great showman and passionate about these issues but when you look at everything that he's said and done on television over the last 20 years and shows like this, wolf, he's going to have a real, tough time securing a republican primary. but i want to applaud cory booker for being out there and at least consider run aring. because if you decide to run for the united states senate, you have to raise millions and millions of dollars. i'm glad he's putting his name out there and i know republicans
1:41 pm
like to say that democrats are having a bit of a messy family stuff but at the end of the day, frank lautenberg and cory booker will break bread and we'll see what happens. >> we'll see what happens. i've known geraldo rivera for at least 30 years. it would be a lively race. >> maybe that's precedent. media guys coming to politics. you never know. senator wolf blitzer, i like the ring of it. >> thanks very, very much. >> you decide to get involved in politics -- >> i'm not getting involved in politics. i'm aiming for exactly what i'm doing right now. >> have a good super bowl weekend, wolf. >> you guys as well. thank you. >> thank you. he's one of the most powerful catholic leaders in the country but today l.a.'s cardinal roger ma hone knee was relieved of his duties. some call it an unprecedented move. what prompted it? stand by. e happy too.♪
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then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. a man who was once the most powerful leaders of the u.s. catholic church today stands? disgrace. roger mahony has been relieved of his remaining duties because of newly released court
1:45 pm
documents. brian todd has been looking into this. it's pretty shocking, todd. >> such a public reprimand is according to church observers, just stunning. it doesn't happen. the fact that cardinal mahony was rebuked. it's the biggest catholic amplg diocese in america and it's reeling from a scandal that extended to its top official. cardinal roger mahony who retired in 2011, has been relieved of all his public duties. the man slapping him down, jose gomez, the current arch bishop of los angeles. in announcing the review of mahony, the way that he handled decades of abuse under mahony was unheard of. >> it's unheard of for a bishop
1:46 pm
to rebuke another bishop. in this case, a public bishop. >> mahony's reprimand comes with the release of thousands of pages of documents reviewing how it handled al gags of sexual abuse involving 200 priests and bishops. a judge ordered the archdiocese to release the papers. it gives graphic aamounts of minors, which is considered brutal reading. >> very clear and deliberate actions to hide priests from law enforcement. >> in one memo from january 1988, an official of the. >> larry: a. archdiocese discusses allegations against a visiting priest from mexico who the l.a. county district attorney's office charged with
1:47 pm
19 counts of molestation. the official discusses whether to give ininvestigators a list of boys to interview. i am reluctant to give any list to the police. the l.a. county district attorney's office says aguilar-rivera remains a wanted man. he fled to mexico. cnn was also unable to find him. people who describe themselves as victims of abuse say the release of the documents and reprimand of cardinal mahony are still not enough. >> these people behaved horiffically, absolutely horiffically. as far as i am concerned, their felonies must still be paid for and i think the federal government needs to be looking at this deeply. >> the l.a. county district attorney's office tells us it is looking at all of this. it is reviewing the newly released files. >> the archdiocese apologized
1:48 pm
again and said that the ability to protect the kids in the country has been the best in the country. the cardinal, roger mahony, remains a priest of good standing. he can celebrate mass with no restricts. he can vote for the pope even now. the only thing he can't do is give as many speeches that he once did. >> what a fall indeed. thanks brian todd very much for that report. on a very different note, this sunday, millions and millions of americans will be watching the super bowl. many of them for the commercials. this year, several of them are steeped in controversy. all 335 foot-pounds of torque. it's chevy truck month! silverado was also recognized for the lowest cost of ownership. hey, what are you gonna do with it? end table. oh. [ male announcer ] it's chevy truck month. now get 0% financing for 60 months, plus trade up to get $1,750 total allowance on a silverado all-star edition.
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more than 179 million people are expected to watch sunday's super bowl showdown. so it's the most prime -- it's an excellent time for advertising. advertising real estate is critically important. lisa sylvester is joining us now. you've been taking a closer look at these ads that we'll see sunday, we'll be talking about monday. >> i want to first talk about some of the numbers. all right in $4 million for a 30-second ad. $8 million for an 8-minute ad. it comes down to how much impact these ads have and how much buzz. it's all about the big reveal. who is going to have the most talked about super bowl ads. zf and that milkaholic wasn't over? >> milk a what?
1:53 pm
>> but this year companies aren't even waiting for super bowl sunday. they are rolling them out now. >> there's the tail wagging the dog here? yeah. that's what's happening now. before the super bowl even gets here, there's hype about the ads. so for guys like me who make our living this way, we couldn't have it any better. that's great. that's what we want. >> here's a look at a couple of the ads you'll see on sunday. ♪ >> no worries, man. everything will be all right. >> yeah, man. >> this one from volkswagen, instead of getting kudos, is generating controversy for vw. >> yeah. great coffee, mr. jim. >> the ad didn't go over well with some members on the panel of cnn's starting point. >> i always have a problem
1:54 pm
that -- >> the quality of the accent? >> it's not the quality of the accent. it's the fact ta it was coming out of people who seemingly were not supposed to be from jamaica. it was done as a joke. >> vw said they test marketed the ad to make sure it wasn't offensive. >> vw is a brand that everybody has a story about and quite often those stories put a smile on their face. that's what we're trying to achieve. >> it's not the only ad that will raise eyebrows on sunday. >> together they are perfect. advertising want to keep with you a lasting image of their ad and hopefully their products. >> okay. i'm one of those, i love watching super bowl ads. something else has changed in the last few years and that is social media. people are going to be watching and tweeting which ads they loved, which ones they didn't like so much and the word of mouth advertising is very, very
1:55 pm
valuable to these companies, wolf. >> because they can make a lot of money. that's what they are in the business of doing. >> this was a fun assignment because i got to watch a lot of these ads in advance of super bowl sunday. >> thank you. cnn's special coverage of super bowl xlvii kicks off on saturday in new orleans at 4:00 p.m. eastern. stand by for that. a hollywood star on capitol hill. but this time he's shadowing a congressional leader. kevin space see is here in "the situation room" to explain why. but, first, he had koch's successors remember the former mayor and we have his final interview. twins. i didn't see them coming. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligations. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio.
1:56 pm
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a great mayor, a great man, and a great friend. that's how new york mayor michael bloomberg is paying his respects for ed koch. cnn takes a look at his history. >> i thought to myself, this belongs to me. >> he was funny. >> shut up and let me talk to these people. >> he was tough and confident. >> good morning. i'm ed koch and i'm running for mayor and i need you like. >> he was just like the city he loved. vibrant, on the go, and in your face. >> he'll be remembered by me and i hope a lot of other people
2:00 pm
with one who told it the way he saw it. and he never minced words. >> he became mayor in 1978, during a time when new york was a much different place. >> when i came in, the potholes were enormous, the trains, the subways had graffiti, crime was rampant. >> not just rising crime, businesses were leaving. new york was on the brink of bankruptcy. >> i brought a spirit back to new york because new yorkers were ashamed of living here. >> ed koch picked us up. when we were worried, he gave us confidence. when someone needed a good kick in the rear, he gave it to them.
2:01 pm
if you remember, he enjoyed it. >> koch served three terms and laid the foundation for what the city is today. low crimes, more affordable housing. his popularity slipped in the third term. koch's critics accused him of being slow responding to the aids crisis, a corruption scandal affected his. >> god gave me a really good hand to play over my 88 years. i have no regrets. >> koch acted as a judge on the people's court, hosted a radio show. his supporters even asked him to run again in 1993. >> i said no. the people threw me out and now the people must be punished. >> koch's personal life remained private. he never married. film maker just directed a documentary about the mayor.
2:02 pm
>> what is more poignant is not that he was gay or straight, he was alone. he never had a live time companion. >> koch will be buried in new york. he was the son of 308 lish jewish immigrant. his headstone will invoke his faith. my father is jewish, my mother is jewish, i am jewish. ed koch was 88. >> you just saw a little bit of piers morgan's conversation with koch in the last few weeks. tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern, be sure to watch the interview right here on cnn. and you're in "the situation room." happening now, a bloody suicide bombing at a united states embassy raising new questions about security for americans abroad and the motives of the group behind this terror attack. violent chaos in the heart of egypt's capital as protesters
2:03 pm
throw firebombs at the presidential palace. and a murderer serving a 60-year sentence is mistakenly allowed to walk out the front door of a jail. you won't believe why he was transferred to that jail in the first place. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." we begin with a terrorist attack aimed at the united states. a suicide bombing right in the heart of turkey's capital. it was a deadly attack that could have been a whole lot worse. let's go straight to barbara starr. she's got the latest information. barbara? >> good afternoon, wolf. this attack was relatively contained but no one is resting
2:04 pm
easy. the suicide bomber struck a perimeter checkpoint at the u.s. embassy in the turkish capital killing himself and a local guard. several u.s. and turkish personnel were struck by flying debris. >> suicide bombing in the perimeter of an embassy is an act of terror. it is a terrorist attack. >> there was chaos in the moments after the attack but this time security measures worked. >> the level of security protection at our facility ensured that there were not significantly more deaths and injuries than there could have been. >> the gated complex includes glass doors, reinforced windows, and a series of checkpoints and metal detectors. >> this is is one of the compounds where we have been making steady security upgrades over the last decade. >> even so, a new embassy compound is being planned. and in the wake of the attack at a small u.s. outpost in benghazi, libya, security at u.s. compounds around the world was reviewed and strengthened.
2:05 pm
turkish officials say this person belonged to a radical organization responsible for a previous attack on turkish forces. >> they do not have very significant capabilities. it stands to be stand-off attacks with our rpgs, small arms. >> some say the anti-u.s. group opposes the deployment of patriot missiles in turkey to defend against weapons fired out of next door syria. >> there is a sense in turkish left in particular that the arab spring and, in particular, the syrian war is something that the united states is stirring up for regime change all around the middle east. >> just after the attack, the u.s. ambassador made clear the ties with turkey remain in tact. >> after events like this, determined only more to cooperate together. >> now, this attack might not
2:06 pm
have been the work of al qaeda but it's escaped no one's attention that there's a growing number of small violent extremist groups in the region, very capable of the money and organization to carry out attacks against u.s. interests. wolf? >> obviously a very, very worrisome development. barbara starr, thank you. all right. this just in. we have a new secretary of state in the united states. john kerry has just been officially sworn in as the secretary of state by the supreme court justice elena kagan. the private ceremony taking part in the senate foreign relations committee room up on capitol hill. john kerry the secretary of state now. in a farewell appearance, the former secretary of state hillary clinton took note of the latest trouble and warned of very tough challenges ahead. >> of course, we live in very complex and even dangerous times
2:07 pm
as we saw again just today at our embassy in ankara where we were attacked and lost one of our foreign service nationals and others injured. i know the world that we are trying to help bring in to being in the 21st century will have many difficult days. but i am more optimistic today than i was when i stood here four years ago. >> our chief national correspondent john king is here in "the situation room." john, like me, you met hillary clinton 20-plus years ago in little rock, arkansas, when her husband was running for the democratic presidential nomination. she's been running for 20 years basically nonstop as well. >> she has been, wolf, in our country and around the world sort of a living, breathing
2:08 pm
evolution of women in politics, women in power. a lot of that quite successful, the most powerful woman in american history without a doubt, the most powerful woman in american politics without question. but you remember this. there was a big controversy back when she was hillary rodham clinton. some took offense to her using her maiden name and to her being a working mom, if you will. she was active with the children defense fund. i was there at an event in chicago in 1992 where she caused a huge stir campaigning for bill clinton when she said, what do you expect me to do? stay home and bake cookies and have tea? a lot of housewives took offense to that. look, she saved his campaign during the jennifer flowers outbreak, she saved his presidency during the monica lewinsky by standing by him and becoming a force of her own when she left the senate and then helped the obama administration.
2:09 pm
she's been so critical in the last two democratic presidential campaigns. one, of course, her husband and then the first african-american, never been a ceo, didn't have much experience in the united states senate. a remarkable figure. the question now, of course, is what next? >> i give him a lot of credit for reaching out to his formal rival for the democratic nomination, trusting her to be the secretary of state. she's done an excellent job over the last four years. she'll rest a little bit, write a book, do some good deeds. i don't think this is the final chapter in her political life. >> there's no question it's not the final chapter. the question is, what is the next chapter or what is in the next chapter as plural. if she says she wants to remember what it's like to not be tired, that's going to take a while. but within months, you know the political group is going to come to her and say, madam secretary, mrs. clinton, choose your title.
2:10 pm
yours is for the taking if you want to run. her number one goal is to empower women around the world. someone is going to give her a pretty compelling case in just a few months. you can be the first female president of the united states. it's going to be a tough, tough, tough personal decision. she'll be active otherwise. she'll continue to work in global affairs and do some stuff with her husband, the ex-president around the world. remember, she leaves so popular. we remember her from when she was so polarizing. now she's so popular on a bipartisan basis, one of the questions is does she want to get back into that environment. >> if her health is good, and i hope her health is good, i think she will be in that fight. but we'll see. >> it's going to be hard to say no. a pretty compelling case. >> you've known her for 20 years, thank you very much. chaos in front of egypt's presidential palace. a fire broke out after protesters hurled molotov cocktails. violence has rocked egypt now for more than a week as
2:11 pm
protesters have been challenging the islam mist president, mohamed morsi. let's go live to ben wedeman. he's back in cairo on the scene. what's the latest, ben? >> reporter: well, what we have, wolf, is ongoing clashes at the palace, the seat of the egyptian president. at least one man was killed, shot with live ammunition in the head and chest, and more than two dozen people wounded. in addition to that, egyptian tv has broadcast live pictures of a protester, a man who was stripped seminaked and then beaten brutally on the ground, an indication that the situation here is increasingly volatile. there are also things going on at the american embassy. what we've heard from the egyptian president, mohamed morsi s. that he says the
2:12 pm
security forces are going to use -- act decisively to protect political institutions. he's blaming the opposition for this -- today's outbreak of violence, saying that the opposition needs to pull its supporters away from the presidential palace. however, what we saw on the ground was that the opposition really doesn't have any control over those who are involved in this vie len. it seems to be very much driven by a deep-seeded hatred for the muslim brotherhood-led government of mohamed morsi. many people increasingly frustrated with the government. they said the first 100 days would be days of great achievement. as far as people are concerned, things have only gone from bad to worse here in egypt. >> and the u.s. embassy from cairo is about a block away from tahrir square. is there any indication that there is an anti-american effort
2:13 pm
under way, any threat to the u.s. am baembassy in cairo? >> reporter: that doesn't appear to be the case. it's a question of clashes between the egyptian riot police and the young demonstrators, protesters, street fighters in the area. ironically, wolf, the u.s. embassy has been closed for most of the week because of these clashes. however, they did try to reopen yesterday for normal business. of course, friday is the day off here in cairo. >> ben wedeman watching what is going on in cairo. thank you, ben. a manhunt, meanwhile, here in the united states for this hour for a convicted murderer mistakenly released from custody in chicago. how could this happen? you won't believe how he got there in the first place. 
2:14 pm
2:15 pm
2:16 pm
a man hunt is now under way for a convicted murderer who was
2:17 pm
mistakenly released from custody. cnn's ted rowlands is joining us from chicago. ted it, how can this happen in the united states of america? >> reporter: well, a lot of questions, wolf, for the people here in chicago. it's been two days since steven robbins was let out of jail and they still have no idea where he is. convicted murderer steven robbins was just allowed to walk out of chicago's cook county jail. he's serving a 60-year sentence for murder in indiana. tonight he's free and prison officials have no idea where he is. ross rice, the former spokesman of the chicago office of the fbi, says robbins is potentially dangerous because he is desperate. >> this wasn't a planned escape. he was probably as stunned as
2:18 pm
anybody when the door opened up and he walked out. he has nowhere to go. he has very little funds, no communication with anyone. >> reporter: kwha exactly happened is unclear. paperwork sent with robbins was very clear that they wanted him back. >> in this case, the release paperwork has clearly stamped on it, do not release this offender from court. >> robbins is 44. he has the name nicole tattooed on his neck. we got ahold of nicole, his ex-wife, in indiana. >> i know he's a good guy. i'm scared for him because they might kill him. it's their mistake. he's not no serial killer or nothing like that. >> reporter: the same thing happened in 2009. jonathan cooper serving time for manslaughter in mississippi was brought to chicago and inadvertently let go after a court appearance. cooper turned himself in. and in december, two prisoners used bed sheets tied together to escape from a window from chicago's downtown federal
2:19 pm
prison. it took almost three weeks to get those inmates back into custody. wolf, it's hard to imagine why robbins was brought here to chicago in the first place. it was over a warrant from a case that is 21 years old, a case that had already been dismissed by the district attorney and robbins apparently tried to deal with it from prison, sending in paperwork. his request was denied to deal with it from prison because he didn't have the $5 processing fee for his paperwork. they brought him all the way here for a quick hearing to deal with a 21-year-old warrant that was out for him in a case where, as i said, the charges have already been dropped. >> they've got to get their act together there in chicago. something's wrong. thank you very much for that, ted. alabama authorities have just released a picture of a suspect holding a 5-year-old hostage in an underground bunker for a fourth day. what do we know about jimmy lee
2:20 pm
dykes? >> reporter: he's been in that bunker for more than 72 hours now and we're getting the first look at him. the photograph shows a man who is 65 years owed, 6 feet tall, about 170 pounds, we're told, with white hair and a beard. we know that this is the man, police say, on tuesday climbed aboard a school bus and shot the driver and took that kindergartner. we're also seeing today that the bus, the crime scene, is being moved. it was moved earlier today. as we said, it has been treated as a crime scene for the past few days. the dale county school board came and sent a truck to move it back to the school lot. so that part of the investigation is continuing but they are still inside that bunker, wolf. >> what's the latest? has there been any movement at all in terms of hostage -- in terms of the hostage situation continuing negotiations, talks? >> reporter: we know that there are local, state, and federal
2:21 pm
authorities here negotiating. they are speaking through this pvc pipe that goes more than 20 or 30 feet into this bunker but we learned something else today that there was possibly a relationship, a meeting between the alleged shooter, jimly lee dykes and the man who was killed. we're told the bus route that charles drove ended at the dykes property and we've learned that he was very protective of his property, would walk around with a flashlight and a gun. because poland turned around in his drive every day, that might have been the catalyst for what happened on tuesday. >> let's just hope that little 5-year-old is okay. we're praying for him, obviously. victor, thank you very much. new details about an fbi raid on the office of a friend and supporter of the embattled u.s. senator, robert menendez.
2:22 pm
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the "closing bell" signaled a new milestone on wall street. the dow jones rose 1% to top 14,000 for the first time since 2007. all three major indexes posted gains for a fifth straight week. investors were cheered by fairly positive reports on jobs, manufacturing, and construction. here's cnn business correspondent christine romans. >> wolf, i think you can call this a modest start to the year for job kree ag.
2:26 pm
157,000 jobs created and unemployment ticking up to 9%. where it was a surprise for these numbers, look at november. the month the president was re-elected, november, 247,000 jobs created. remember all of that drama about cooking the books? it was an actually very strong end of the year in term of job creation. a couple of other places that we see job construction jobs 28 thourk. that's likely after rebuilding after superstorm sandy and the housing market is starting to recover. again, we saw health care jobs added. 22,000 of those. and we also saw retail jobs hold in there, even as a payroll tax expiration, the holiday expiration, many worry that you see retail jobs get hit. that didn't happen at you will. we saw so much information, some of it conflicts, wolf, about what is happening on the economy.
2:27 pm
gdp over here on the bearish side of the ledger. it actually sha rank. that's a job concern. jobless claims rose in the recent week. consumer confident got hit. but durable goods, home prices, the fed, private sector job growth, all of those are lining up in favor of continued growth in the u.s. economy. wolf? >> christine, thank you. president obama reportedly will be changing offices in the coming months, at least for a temporary period. the president will move out of the white house oval office into a replica across the street in the eisenhower executive office building. the current oval office was built during franklin roosevelt's term. it's due for a major, major renovation. sad news from former president george w. bush and his wife laura, their 12-year-old dog has died. barney guarded the south lawn entrance of the white house as if he were a secret agent and
2:28 pm
they added a, he wandered the halls of the west wing looking for treats from his many friends. president bush painted the portrait of the first dog featured here. barney, we'll miss you. netflix is taking a gamble on house of cards. the actor kevin spacey is here to talk about the role and why the series is such a risky move. no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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2:31 pm
a bold and risky move by netflix. the company is branching out from original programming combining the technology of silicon valley with the creativity of hollywood. so we put our correspondents from both beats on the story. >> i'm in silicon. >> and i'm in hollywood.
2:32 pm
>> i'm a powerful friend to have right now. >> this program, "house of cards" stars kevin spacey and produced by award-winning director david fincher who filmed fight club among others. spacey plays a congressman hoping to become secretary of state but after being passed by the president, he sets out on a methodical path of revenge. >> it's poised to shake up the tv industry but you won't see this on a cable network a premium channel like hbo. the whole season will be available at once. so viewers won't have to wait a week for the next episode. >> the video streaming service spent $100 million on the washington-based drama. >> now it's saying i want to be like the abcs or cbss of the world. i want to be the place that you watch content first and they have the deep pockets to spend
2:33 pm
to make that happen. >> netflix stock has been recovering after the fee as fiasco 18 month ago. since then, licensing deals with the likes of disney and others have convinced billions to subscribe to the internet streaming service at $8 a month. the company's stock had the single biggest day stock since netflix went public ten years ago. >> in terms of volume, consumers are watching more movie digitally than they are physically. that actually happened in 2012. >> a big reason for that, netflix is on practically every device. >> we license the content that we know our members are going to like to watch. >> with four more original series to be released this year, netflix is betting big on its new strategy. but if it pays off, it could change how and where audiences consume new shows. >> it certainly has to make the showtimes and hbos of the world
2:34 pm
nervous. it's another player in an already crowded field. >> consumers want to watch content p whenever and wherever and obviously the more revenue they get, the more they can invest in new shows like "house of cards". >> and netflix does have competition nipping at its heels. hollywood is looking for original content scripts and on thursday announced 11 new pilots in the works. for my colleague dan simon, i'm nischell turner, cnn, hollywood. indicate bolduchl an and i had a chance to sit down and speak with the star of "house of cards," kevin spacey. that interview in a few seconds. first, here's a clip from "house of cards". >> this is a memo i developed and i would like to coin the
2:35 pm
phrase trickled down diplomacy. >> i'm going to stop you there. we are not nominating you for secretary of state. i know he made you a promise but circumstances have changed. >> the nature of promises, linda, is that they remain immune to changing circumstances. >> the dramatic clip. kevin spacey is joining us now. he's the star of "house of cards." kevin, thank for joining us. you've been in a lot of political fields. you played a campaign operative, casino jack, now the house majority whip and "house of cards." you've almost become synonymous with washington politics. what is drawing you to these political roles? >> well, i not only, as you know, do a lot of theater and therefore i can do shakespeare and more classical work, but i'm very driven by the opportunity to examine current situations and current things that are happening in our world and i guess when i look at the two
2:36 pm
other films that you mentioned, a recount about the gore/bush election in florida and how many days it took us to find out who our president was and the lobbying industry and what it has done in terms of washington politics and examining that in the jack abraham story, casino jack. i think these are important stories to understand who we are and how we got to where we are and can we make it a better than it is. >> and almost reality is almost as out ranl jous as art so you can't even make this stuff up half the time. >> you're right, kate. because i would come back to the hotel in baltimore where we've been shooting the first season of "house of cards" and i would watch this last election cycle that you all were a large part of and i'd watch the news at night and i'd think, our story lines are not that crazy. they are really not. >> let's talk specifically about
2:37 pm
this role in "house of cards ". the character is francis frank underwood and to prepare you worked with kevin mccarthy and house minority whip, steny hoyer. what did they tell you? >> first, they were both very generous with their time and allowing me to come to the capitol and follow them around and in some sense see what it is on a day to day structural basis to try to control 218 congressmen to vote the way you want them to vote and, of course, as we've just seen with the least productive congress in the history of the united states, that's not an easy task. so i wanted to understand a lot of what it is to actually whip. 62 deputy whips talking to specific congressman about why they should vote in a certain way on a certain bill. i got to go to a whip meeting which was very informative. and they were both very upfront about answering my questions.
2:38 pm
a lot of it was off the record but i found it very, very helpful. it's an extraordinary building. i got to go into the congressional cloak room, right outside the dome, and it's a pretty remarkable place. and when you watch even a current film like lincoln and you see even a president who was as beloved and in some sense has been almost put in a saintly spectrum, he was there doing backdoor deals to try to get the votes that he needed. so it's a very interesting opportunity for us to examine a fictional congress, a fictional majority whip who, while he might be devious and diabolical, he, i believe, is going to be very effective. >> do you ever think about making the transition from being a movie star, an actor, to politics? i believe once was a guy named ronald reagan who made that transition.
2:39 pm
>> yes. and he did rather successfully. i think perhaps the difference that i would feel is that i am a person who likes to set a goal and then achieve it. i like to get things done. i think if i ever -- i couldn't imagine entering politics because i think it would be a walking into a profession knowing that you were going to spend the rest of your life being frustrated. >> kevin spacey's house of cards. i am looking forward to it. a lot of people have been comparing it to homeland and i'm obsessed with that program. i'm looking forward to seeing what you guys can do. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me, guys. >> see ya. deer antler spray. some athletes are accused of using it but what is it? you're about to find out. ♪ ♪ ♪
2:40 pm
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2:43 pm
we have some new details about our raid by federal agents on an office of a key supporter of senator robert menendez of new jersey. menendez has been trying to fend off allegations that he made nondisclosed trips to the dominican republic and hired prostitutes there. let's go to susan candiotti. susan, what are you learning? >> wolf, tonight we've learned more about this week's fbi raid of officers on senator menendez's biggest campaign supporters. the fbi's interest in florida eye dr. melgen did not begin this week but when a shredding truck showed up at the office, a law enforcement office told cnn. the fbi has not commented on why
2:44 pm
it removed boxes and books from the complex, simply calling it a law enforcement activity. agents from the department of health and human services were also on hand. dr. melgen, a long-time friend of senator bob menendez, held campaigns of those and other democrats. melgen not only owns a home in the dominican republic, he has a stake in a company called icssi. he has a contract reportedly worth millions to run security and scanning equipment in the d.r. but a dispute over whether it fairly shut out competition has put that contract on ice. at a senate foreign relations committee last july, senator menendez seems to throw his weight behind his friend's company. >> you have american investors seeking to -- has a contract actually given to it by the dominican -- ratified by the
2:45 pm
dominican congress to do x-rays of all of the cargo that goes through the ports which has been problematic and for which in the past narcotics has been included in that cargo and they don't want to live by that contract either. >> the senator's office says he's always tried to bring attention to drug trafficking, adding in a statement, stemming the growth of narco-trafficking is a key challenge in the region, a fight from which senator menendez will never back down. now he has an even more powerful role and has not heard back. one of his previous lawyers said, they don't know why the fbi is interested in dr. melgen. wolf? >> clearly the story is not done with, not going away. susan, thanks very, very much. take some deer antler fuz, grind
2:46 pm
tup, turn it into pills or a spray. it may be a formula for success for some companies but for some star athletes it could be a formula for serious trouble. now a pro golfer is facing scrutiny along with a baltimore ravens star, among others. lisa sylvester is looking into this product. what are you finding out? >> this is one of those water cooler stories. people are asking, what in the world is deer antler spray and why is it causing trouble for some athletes? it is called deer antler spray, or sometimes referred to, deer antler velvet. >> deer antler spray? i have no idea. >> it's to spray in the air so that deer antlers don't come near you. >> something for hunting? >> according to sports illustrated, which broke this story, deer antler spray is a sports supplement that has been marketed to some of the top athletes by a company called
2:47 pm
s.w.a.t.s. oral tu alternatives steroids. their fuz contains a hormone called igf-1. s.w.a.t.s. said that it can take it, he can tract it, and turn it into a spray form or a bill. owner mitch ross says it helpses muscle recovery. ross says they have a long list of well-known customers. >> the main players want to perform at a higher level. >> but it's banned by the major pro leagues, ncaa, and the pga tour. vijay singh acknowledged using the product but said, when i first received the product, i reviewed the ingredients and did not see any banned substances. i am angry that i have put
2:48 pm
myself in this position. s.w.a.t.s. also says ray lewis has also used their product, a claim he strongly denied. >> i've never, ever took what he says whatever i was supposed to do. >> in a statement, the company says, quote, we have always been about aiding athletes to help heal faster and participate in an optimum level of play and in a lawful and healthy manner. we never encourage the use of harmful supplements or dangerous drugs. even with all of the controversy, it's not even certain whether taking the deer antler velvet as a pill or spraying it in your mouth will have any effect whatsoever. dr. joshua cohen explains why. >> igf-1 is a protein. it's a peptide and in general terms, pep tides need to be given typically as an injection. as you know, for example, insulin is a peptide and people who take insulin give themselves
2:49 pm
an insulin injection. >> so one question, is it safe? the doctor says essentially it's a growth hormone and it's given to patients by doctors for legitimate medical reasons. for example, if there's a problem with the pituitary grand that regulates the hormone in children. but too much could lead to glucose can intolerance, vascular disease and tumors forming. this is a product we've never heard of before but now because it's been linked to high-profile athletes, people are asking questions. and i should say also, we tried to get a sample of this from the s. work a.t.s., this particular deer velvet, a lot of people were sold out. >> he knows what he's talking about. thanks, lisa. thanks very much. if you ever wanted to visit the grand canyon, now is your chance without ever having to leave the comfort of the home. a new belt. some nylons.
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2:53 pm
an update of on the pilot who lost consciousness in the air. lisa sylvester. >> yes, a spokesman for the alaska airline said the captain was suffering from the food poison torg fling or the flu, a much better today. he safely landed the plane at the closest airport in portland, oregon, and a medical on board treated the doctor until medical pe personnel arrived. and now some people are calling prince harry a coward for leaving the country before he finish ed the tour in
2:54 pm
afghanistan. the third in line of the throne talked about having the taste of blood in niz mouth waiting to attack insurgents and talking about having his finger on the trigger compared to playing video games. an afghan commander also said it could risk damage to relations. and you have to look here. oh, so, so, close. oh, heartbreaking! wow. had that gone in, golfing star phil mickelson would have joined an elite group of just five players who have managed the break 60 on the pga tour, and it happened on the final hole of the first round in the phoenix open, and mickelson still managed an amazing 11 par under 60, but he said it was crushing to have missed the magical 59. that is so amazingly close. all right. have you wished you could visit the grand canyon and missed your chance? well, google is now bringing you the grand canyon to you with
2:55 pm
more than 9,000 extraordinary 360-degree panoramic images including the famous meteor crater. look at the gorgeous pictures captured by a street trekker, which can function in location only accessible by foot, and google plans to take the trekker to more unique location around the world. i am guessing that you have been to the grand canyon by this point? that is a gorgeous way to get the there. >> if you can't go there, it is a better way to see it, but the better way to go there is to go there. >> it is beautiful and one of my favorite places, wolf. >> me, too. it was exactly ten years ago today that space shuttle "columbia" broke apart killing all astronauts on board. we will talk to the widow of the commander of the shuttle next. ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay alive... but feel alive. the new c-class is no exception.
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then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. a white streak across the sky and the first sign that something was horribly wrong ten years ago today when the space shuttle "columbia" broke apart minutes before landing, killing all seven astronauts on board. here is cnn's john zarrella. >> wolf, it is hard to believe that ten years have passed since the columbia accident, and today here at the kennedy space center visitor complex, a memorial
2:59 pm
service and wreath laying. members of the family, friends and nasa officials were on hand. i had an opportunity to sit down and talk with commander rick husband's widow. the past ten years have been anything but easy. ". >> reporter: "colombia" was 200,000 feet up when the spacecraft began to fall apart. unknown to nasa and the team, the shuttle had been damaged. a chunk of foam had come off in liftoff and punctured the wing. at the command center, rick husband's widow was thinking the worse. >> i was thinking is that it? is that the end of rick's life. >> reporter: seven sastronauts died that morning leaving behind family and friends. in an instance, she was a single mom with two young children, and without rick, it was hard. >> god created families to have a mom and dad. and so when rick left, he was a
3:00 pm
great dad. an amazing man. it was challenging to raise them as a single mom. >> reporter: there has been healing evelyn says, but it is not done. >> it is a lifelong process. i don't think that pain ever completely goes away, and perhaps the greatest memorial to "colombia" sits across the water at the kennedy space center where in here 84,000 pieces, and 40% of the vehicle found so far. nasa and the families decided to preserve the debris and not entomb it so that scientists and teachers could borrow it, study, and learn from it. mike jenneli says that nasa workers come, especially the young ones to feel why failure can't be an option. >> when you walk amongst "colombia" and talk about the accident and the lessons learned and how you can do the best job you can do to prevent this from happening again, it is very
3:01 pm
power f powerful. >> reporter: there is no longer an active search for "colombia" debris, but once in a while something is found. the last time was 2011. during a severe drought in lake nacogdoches in eastern texas, it surrendered a big chunk of "columbia" and another piece returned home. and also honored are the members who died on the space shuttle challenger and the three astronauts who died in the apollo i fire. >> john zarrella, thank you. happening now, a suicide attack on the united states embassy in turkey. a rare joint interview with the defense secretary and the chairman of the joint chiefs. a sheriff who says he won't enforce new gun control laws. vij lawn gilantes trying to enf harsh martial law in london. and a veteran who lied about
3:02 pm
military service on "american idol." i'm wolf blitzer, and this is i'm wolf blitzer, and this is "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- and in ankara, it was a scene that shook the compound and rattled nerves all of the way to washington. ivan watson is learning more about the attack and attacker. >> reporter: wolf, the turkish government is blaming a suicide bomb attack against the u.s. embassy in ankara on a little known leftist marxist turkish organization. shortly after 1:00 p.m. friday the suicide bomber struck damaging the heavily fortified entrance of the u.s. embassy in ankara. it shattered concrete and stone and left the bomber and moustafa carchu one of the embassy guards
3:03 pm
dead. >> right now we are dealing with the loss of a fellow member of our embassy, and we salute his bravery, and his service to turkey and turkish/american friendship. our hearts go out to his family. >> reporter: among the wounded is a turkish television reporter who is now in the hospital. turkey's prime minister denounced what he called an act of terror. >> these acts are against the peace and welfare of the country and we will stand tall and stay together and overcome these. >> reporter: within hours the turkish authorities identified the bomber as this man seen here in 1997 when he was convicted and jailed for attacking a turkish police head quarters with a rocket. he was a member of a violent turkish leftist group called the people's liberation party front. >> it is a marxist revolutionary
3:04 pm
organization. they have not been very active until recently, and they have started to kind of started stepping up the attacks in parallel with the war in syria. >> reporter: turkey's support for the war and syria have angered some leftist groups and they have taken to the streets to denounce the turkish government and the close american ally. >> there is a sense in turkish left in particular that the arab spring and in particular the syrian war is something that the united states is stirring up for regime change all around the middle east and that for example they have been very opposed to the placement of pay ttriot missiles. >> reporter: the turkish government asked nato to place the missiles along the border of syria to deter any threat of the ballistic attacks, but the turkish group opposed them to operate the patriots. friday's suicide bombing was not the first time that western
3:05 pm
diplomatic areas have been attacked in turkey. in 1993 al qaeda killed scores of people as well as the consko late. and in istanbul six people were killed there as people fought to protect the building. the security measures work. twice in six years attackers have failed to break into u.s. diplomatic missions in turkey, but that is due in large part to turkish guards who lost their lives as the first line of protection. wolf? >> ivan watson, thank you. let's get a closer look at the united states embassy right now, and cnn's tom foreman is joining us. tom, show us how the em embassy is laid out in ankara. >> well, ankara is the second largest city in turkey, and the capital, and if you take the
3:06 pm
largest metro area, it is home of the government, and the u.s. embassy in the middle of everything with the company of the germans and the italians and the french and the serbians with a embassy here, and this area is affluent area and restaurants and homes and good place for people to be here. and one of the big shocks when the attack kornlgs because this is the embassy compound, and here is what we know about the embassy. we know that the attack happened right down in this area here, so it actually was a little bit of distance wolf to some of the main facilities of the embassy. >> what kind of security precautions, tom, do embassies like the one in ankara have? >> well, the truth is that embassies over the world have become increasingly secure, but sure some indents in the smaller outposts, but mostly they are reined in, and this has a lot of property around it that separates it from the roadways. this is the main building right in here, and schmidt what removed from everything. there is security and layers of
3:07 pm
security here to keep people away. in fact, wolf, one of the concerns for some diplomats in the world is that our embassies have become so secure because of the attacks like this, it makes it difficult to do the job which is to connecting to the population and spreading u.s. influence and also listening for the good of u.s. interests. wolf? >> i'd rather be secure obviously, and you need the security in many of the capitals. tom, thank you very much. our chief political correspondent, and the host of "cnn's state of union" candy crowley had a rare interview with the joint chairman leon panetta of the cia and head of the joint chiefs general dempsey. >> do you believe that the recent bombing has anything to do with the patriot missiles we have sent there? >> no, this is obviously a terrorist attack, and we have to find out what the motive is
3:08 pm
here, but i do not believe it is linked there. >> was this an internal thing and they have just attacked the u.s.? >> well sh, the intel community and this is a very recent event and the intel community has exactly that question to wring out and see if there is and coneck shun, but as the secretary said, we have no indication it was. >> and candy, joining us with more of the rare joint interview, and candy, reports that both of them will be testifying before congress on the benghazi attack. >> yes, i talked to them both, and thursday is the day that secretary panetta was not particularly, yes, we are going to do it, but, yes, we are talking to them about that and yes, we are trying to work it out, but later the chairman of the joint chiefs said thursday when we talked about benghazi which is one of the topics for us, he said, well, i'm sure that this is the kind of questions that we will get thursday. and these are the kinds of
3:09 pm
questions we will get. >> and what about leon panetta -- >> he said not on camera, but he said, i think that i will give my wife a nice valentine's day present and a lot of it depends on hagel's confirmation. >> that vote is supposed to be next week sometime, right? >> yes, that is suppose pod be next week, but some folks on capitol hill said they did not want to confirm him until they talk to the current secretary about benghazi, so that the timing was not coincidental. >> and was secretary panetta update about how he is leaving and handing the defense department over to the successor? >> yes, he is proud of the record, and we talked a little bit about the legacy and how he looked at his term. but he is also happy, because this man has done long time service and at the cia as well for this administration and other administrations, and i think that he is excited to be going back home to california. >> he has worked hard and given a lot to the country as a public service, and going back to being a congressman from california
3:10 pm
and budget director in the clinton administration, and white house chief of staff and now cia director and defense secretary, and he deserves a little r&r. >> he is looking happy about going home to california. >> caramel, california, and it is a nice place and he will be happy to be with his wife sylvia over at the panetta institute. and i want to alert the viewers that this rare interview that candy conducted with the secretary of defense leon panetta and the joint chiefs chairman general martin dempsey airs this sunday on state of the union at 9:00 a.m. eastern and also noon eastern sunday, and you will want to see it. serious ethics allegations against a powerful senator, and first an fbi raid and will an ethics investigation be next. and next an "american idol" contestant's war story is now exposed as a lie. but he had purina cat chow indoor.
3:11 pm
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3:13 pm
an fbi raid shining a
3:14 pm
spotlight on apparent ethics violation by a democratic senator who has just assumed a powerful committee post. our national correspondent jim ak acosta has more on the brewing scandal surrounding new jersey's robert menendez. >> wolf, the senate ethics rules are clear when it comes to the free flights that the senator accepted. he did not report them on the financial disclosure form and the question is what if anything the ethics committee will do about it. >> reporter: it was another day of a very public senator keeping a very low profile. outside at dinner thursday night featuring new jersey's top leaders bob menendez offered a few words in response to questions flood iing the office >> i have comments from my office. >> and the name is faceless and anonymous allegations. >> reporter: just as menendez is becoming chairman of the foreign relations committee, a key member of the ethics committee is indicating that the panel is looking into a raid by federal
3:15 pm
offices of his friend solomon melgin, and johnny issacson said we are aware of the raid on dr. melgen's office. the ethics committee will follow its established procedures in this matter. one of the issues is a flight he took to in 2010 because on the financial form that year, he said no, he did not receive any reportable travel worth more than $335 and the office says that the flights were worth more than $58,000. they say they reimbursed him after they took those flights, but according to a watchdog, that may not be a violation. >> it is only in the senate ethics committee that you can pay the money and get off of the hook. >> reporter: melanie sloan says that the trips amount to gifts that should have been reported
3:16 pm
promptly. >> he should have paid the charter rate for the trips at the time or disclosed them, and he didn't do either of those things. >> reporter: sloan's group turned over its own file on menendez to the fbi last summer, including an e-mail from a man who said that the senator was flying to the dominican republic to meet with prostitutes which later appeared on the conservative website "the daily caller." also, the man was a donor of menendez, and donated to his campaign and other selected democratic committees. >> 2012 was supposed to be his year. >> reporter: melgen's group sent more to a super pac to get menendez re-elected. as reported by the "new york times," at a subcommittee last year, he urged government officials to help secure a port security company tied to melgen, and a top senator in his home state said that it is time for him to address all of the issues
3:17 pm
head-on. >> senator menendez has been in public life for over two decade, and he has a complete understanding of what he believes the responsibility is. >> reporter: when asked why he failed to report the flights on the financial disclosure form at the time, the staff did not respond and intentionally falsifying the forms is a federal crime, and it says so right on the form. wolf. >> jim acosta, thank you very much. the obama administration is retreating to what critics have portrayed a as war on religion. it is dropping a controversial health care form provision requiring religiously affiliated provision to cover cont contraceptions as part of the plans. jessica yellin is joining us with detalils. what is the latest then front, jessica? >> hi, wolf. this policy is meant to help those organizations like catholic universities that offer their own insurance policies, and self-insure, but object on moral grounds to offer contraception.
3:18 pm
does the policy go far enough? the jury is still out. >> medals of science -- >> reporter: obama administration officials say that proposed guidelines would ensure that women get contraception for free, and no objecting religious oorganization would have to pay for it, and a seemingly perfect compromise. >> we had to ensure that women have access to preventive services like contraception, and that the policy also respects religious beliefs. >> the policy would allow a self-insured organization like a catholic university to opt-out of providing birth control, and another insurance company would give employees birth control for free. >> this clarifies that there are not going to be some women who get this benefit and some women who don't. all women in america through their insurance coverage are going to have access to birth control without a copay no matter where they work or where they live. >> reporter: not everyone sees this as a win-win. >> it leaves an awful lot of the conscience and the moral
3:19 pm
objection and concerns covered. the private sector does not retain objections. >> reporter: they are going to study the 80-page guideline, but in statements the head of the national association of evan gel kals ripped the new policy as bad news for all who love religious freedom saying that the obama administration should have done the right thing and dropped the contraception manda mandate, and the family values organization concerned women for america slammed it as a blatant attempt to mislead and trample the religious libber tis of americans. this is the second attempt to clean up the original policy since it ignited a firestorm almost a year ago. >> religious liberty will be protected and a law that requires free preventive care will not discriminate against women. >> now, wolf, this new policy also clarifies which religious organizations actually qualify for this exemption. there is going to be a 60-day
3:20 pm
comment period before this proposed guideline becomes the new rule. there are about 50 lawsuits challenging the so-called contraception mandate and we will have to wait for the 60 day comment period to expire to wait for the lawsuit s s to stand, w. >> jessica yellin with an important story coming from the white house. thank you for that. they are targeting women, gays and even people out for a drink. we have details of a muslim vigilantes on the streets of london.
3:21 pm
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3:23 pm
getting some new details on the deadly blast that rocked the mexican capital about 24 hours ago. lisa sylvester is monitoring that, and some of the day's
3:24 pm
other top stories. li lisa? >> wolf, no word yet on the cause of the reason that rocked the headquarters of the office of pemex. more than 100 were injured and it happened in an annex at the 54-story tower at the sprawling headquarters. some wbitnesses reported smellig a strong odor of gas after the blast. and mark kelly is retiring and helped to protect five presidents. he has been secret reservice director for ten years. his resignation comes after a scandal involving agents and prostitutes in colombia ahead of a visit by president obama. a new bell rang out on wall street. the dow rose topping more than 14,000 for the first time since 2007. all three major ind dexs we -- indexes on the nasdaq. google hit an all-time of $156.
3:25 pm
and they were positive on jobs and manufacturing, and the unemployment rate notched up to 7.9%, but longer term job growth show shows a positive trend. we are just learning that country music star loretta lynn had a narrow escape from severe storms that hit thursday. her ranch suffered wind and water damage and her son says that at one point the singer had to take cover in a closet. hundreds of trees were toppled and damage is estimated at more than $100,000. so we are quite happy to report that loretta lynn is okay though, wolf. >> i am happy to hear that, and so are the viewers. lisa, thank you. sheriffs vowing to quote trade their lives to preserve gun rights and they lay out the position in a controversial letter to president obama. we will talk to the law enforcement official who wrote the letter. that is next.
3:26 pm
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3:29 pm
just received some pictures of the new secretary of state john kerry as he was being sworn in a few hours ago. took place on capitol hill, and kerry was joined by his family and 50 staffers from the senate foreign committee, and the bible was held by his wife theresa, and the bust in the back is the former secretary of state kordell hull. congratulations to the new secretary of state john kerry. and a new battle over gun control. this one sparked by comments from joe biden. joe johns, our correspondent, is on the story. >> reporter: reporters after meeting with senate democrats, vice president biden said that while new laws can make a difference, they will not necessarily prevent another tragedy like newtown.
3:30 pm
>> nothing that we are going to do can fundamentally alter or eliminate the possibility of another mass shooting or guarantee that we will bring gun deaths down to about 1,000 a year from what it is now. >> reporter: and that started off a war of words. mayors against illegal guns, a group started by new york's michael bloomburg said that the president is right, no law is going to stop all firearm fatalities but when you make dangerous acts legal, it makes people less likely to do the dangerous thing. the national rifle association said that both are wrong, and called on congress to stop fixing the heinous broken mental health system and by providing a blanket of security to our children in schools. the nra says that new laws are not the answer. the vice president played down the comments and pointing to a similar line a few weeks ago
3:31 pm
calling for congress to take action against guns. >> while there is no law that can prevent senseless acts completely a on the other hand piece of legislation that will prevent every tragedy, every act of evil, and if there is even one thing that we can do do reduce this violence, if there is even one life that can be saved, then we have an obligation the try. >> reporter: and those efforts continue though the vice president may have gotten ahead of himself by suggesting that the sandy hook school shooting caused certain groups opposed to gun control measures to change positi position. >> now the evangelical groups are saying we must do something, we must do something, and the same with the sheriffs when you talk about the need to deal with assault weapons or trafficking, they are much more forward leaning. >> reporter: at a news conference today i asked the national sheriff's association if they supported some of the more controversial gun control proposals being discussed,
3:32 pm
including banning assault weapons. they were noncommittal. >> for us to take a position on what existed today, we are not there. another thing we don't want to do is to talk about what divides us, but we want to talk about the ways that we can work together. >> reporter: and we should add that the national sheriff's association also stopped short of supporting members who have announced they won't enforce any new laws enacted that they deem an assault on the second amendment. wo wolf. >> thank you, joe. let's dig deeper and get more on the gun control e debate with sheriff jim tray soif utah county in utah who is here in washington with a group of sheriffs. sheriff, thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> you in the utah sheriff's association wrote a powerful letter to the president of the united states, and among it, no federal official will be permitted to descend upon our constituents and take from them what in particular our amendment ii, the second amendment to the constitution has given them.
3:33 pm
that is a threatening statement to the president. what did you mean by that? >> it is not threatening, but powerful. the question is how do we enforce the laws in the counties and there are 28 of 29 sheriffs of ut thaut are members of the group, and within that, there are varying opinions of what county would do if there were federal officials who did come down. part of the issue i look at is as a constitutional issue, we were hoping that we could send this letter to the president obama and ask him if he would do, work with congress and not make executive orders that might counter-man something that was not law, and the law and something that would come from that point would go through congress where it should come through. >> because there is another line in the letter that says that it is pretty tough as well. we are prepared to trade our lives for the preservation of the traditional interpretation. all right. those are strong words.
3:34 pm
if there is a federal law that says that you have to do something, you are going to obey the law of the united states of america, right? >> that is correct. we would. and that is not the intent of that letter is to say that we would not be within the law. part of tissh the issue as stat every day when there is a discrimination between the state laws and the federal laws, we take it to court. we e -- we indicate in there that it is the right of the supreme court to look at it. >> while it is being ajude kated and in the lower courts and the all of the way to the supreme court, if the president signs a executive order, you have to obey the law. >> i guess so. but we put it in context of the marijuana laws in colorado and up in oregon or washington, and the federal law says that marijuana is against the law, and yet the states have voted to take that law and ignore it? would that be the same situation along these lines unless something is adjudicated in the
3:35 pm
supreme court would we not take action on it? it is a possibility. >> so if the president said that you would not do it, would you violate it? >> we would not enforce it and at that point i would look to the courts to have a case taken forward and set a precedence frit and get a determination from the supreme court specifically. >> okay. specifically, on greater background checks for people buying guns, would you close the loopholes that everybody who is buying a gun would have to be checked so no criminal would go out there to buy a gun. >> well, i do not oppose the background checks. >> so you don't oppose that, but what about magazines? >> there is a push to take inanimate objects like magazine s to take this and try to enforce limits on those. we deal the firearms everyday and takes a second to half a second to go from one magazine to another, and it is not an
3:36 pm
effective issue. >> the fact that it has 100 bullets in it? you don't have a problem with that? >> no, i do not. >> and what about assault weapons? >> well, i don't. what does the individual do with that tool, and nnd we refer tos a tool, and the tool is no more eel than the individual using it. >> and what if congress were to pass legislation putting a limit on magazines or banning certain assault type weapons and the president signed it in law, and it is the law of the land, what would you do? >> two things. we would look to the state legislature to see what they would do, and if they do something contrary to federal law, we would look to taking that law passed by the state to push it forward through the federal court system to get it up to the supreme court and look for adjudication. >> but that could take a while, and a few years and in the meantime, you have to limit the sale of magazines and assault-type weapons and you are the sheriff and you would have to do it if you like it or not. >> i am not sure i would.
3:37 pm
>> would you retire or resign? >> i am not going to retire, but i am gone in two years, because i have been with the sheriff's department for 37 years burk i would not based on that law looking for the court injunction to stay that execution. >> and what would you do until then sfwli would look for the point of time until we got a ruling from the supreme court or the federal court. >> because it is unusual for a sheriff to say he is going to violate the law. >> i am not going to violate it. >> a sheriff has to uphold the law. >> well, the president said the fact that the states were ignoring the marijuana, and we have other fish to fry and something more important than that to look at. >> sheriff james tracy from utah, thank you for coming in. >> shariah law coming in, and muslim vigilantes harassing people out for a drink in london. a full report is coming up next. ♪
3:38 pm
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3:41 pm
muslim vigilantes trying to enforce the strictest form of islamic law and they are a fixture in many parts of the muslim world, but now they are a growing cause of concern in the british capital. dan rivers reports. >> reporter: white chapel in east london a hard-line vigilante group is trying to impose sha ryriah law on the public. >> this is a muslim area. >> it is not just drinkers being targeted. >> yeah, yeah, get out of here. >> reporter: and women wearing skirts above the knee are also harassed. >> you cannot dress like. >> reporter: five men have been arrested on suspicion of
3:42 pm
harassment, but we join others who have not been picked up be ti police. the men say they are tackling drunken behavior where alcohol is already banned from the streets, but they do share many of the same hardline beliefs as those arrested. >> alcohol is causing so much problems in the area, and it is blight in the area, and causing crime and causing people misbehaving and drunken disorderly behavior. >> reporter: would you condemn then the more intimidating patrols where they try to seem to impose shariah law in parts of london? >> i am not here to condone any action, but i am here to say that there is a problem. >> reporter: and those doing the patrols are reveling in the media spotlight, but the number of people involved is very, very small. the vast majority of muslim people livinging in this part of east london want nothing to do with the vigilantevigilantes, w. at the local mosque, muslim leaders are appalled and condemned the patrols which they
3:43 pm
say are stirring up hatred. >> it has done a huge amount of damage to the muss limb commuli and it is no doubt going to increase islam phobia. >> reporter: police patrols have been stepped up as the authorities take a tough line. >> we will not accept such behavior. it is unacceptable. >> reporter: leading the british muslims saying that their communities need to integrate into wider society to stop extremism. she said, we have been treating our communities like foreign embassies where the rules from abroad apply and wider society keeps well out of it, and for too long, cultural sensitivities have often led our leaders to become morally blind, but there is evidence that the lack of integration is partly because in many cities across europe people are moving away from ethnically-mixed neighborhoods. >> even with the whites fleeing,
3:44 pm
you can get changes that are dramt nick an area. here in london, between 2000 and 2011, one-third of the british population has moved. >> enormous demographic changes resulting in profound challenges like the so-called muslim patrols which the communities, themselves, are trying to tackle. dan rivers, cnn, london. britain by the way is not alone, denmark, belgium and spain have seen similar groups going after what they call unislamic behavior. iraq war veteran brings the e motional story to "american idol," and story he now admits is false. and we are going to new orleans and a super bowl countdown. [ laughs ] now this is a test drive.
3:45 pm
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3:48 pm
you may have heard the emotional story on "american idol," an iraq war veteran talked about being wounded in the war. turns out, it was all a lie. cnn's martin savage is joining us, and tell us, martin, how all of this played out. >> well, it is a remarkable story, wolf. i mean, you have a young man comes on american idol, and he serves the country so he says, and he is there with his little girl. take a look. >> oh. >> sheer cuteness. >> reporter: he was one of the made for tv moments that was guaranteed to melt your heart. 26-year-old matt farmer taking a shot at fame on "american idol" wednesday night holding his precious 3-year-old daughter, and telling a story of valor from his military service from iraq. >> we were on a mission, in ramadi, iraq, and we came across an ied, and the ied exploded.
3:49 pm
i just remember waking up in the hospital in kuwait. >> the only problem, it was all a lie. among the millions watching and listening was farmer's former best friend nick best. >> no, it is not true. >> how do you know? >> because i was with him the whole time. >> and he says he deployed with him to iraq in 2006 and 2007 and he says that the idol wannabe was never in an ied blast. >> there were numerous ieds in that tour, but thankfully nobody was killed by them and we did have a fellow soldier who was maimed, but farmer was not. he was not involved in any of those. >> reporter: betts says that farmer was flown out of iraq for medical reason, but it was due to farmer getting drunk and mixing prescription drugs and not the enemy. "american idol" was not the only time farmer lied. he told a huge church audience of a harrowing tale of survival in afghanistan when he said that the truck he was riding in ran
3:50 pm
over two landmines. >> everyone but myself was killed. i was the only one left alive. >> according to farmer's military buddies and his ex-wife, farmer was never in afghanistan. not long after his idol moment, the guardian of valor website dedicated to keeping records truthful lit up saying it is a disgrace to the true military heroes, and another simply said, ssos. sorry sack of -- expletive. later on the website farmer posted his own statement and admitting that it was all, quote, lies. and to everyone, and more importantly the men i served which, sor vit a lie betts is one of those. >> and i feel like he did take
3:51 pm
away from those who did sacrifice to the country, and we lost really good men that year, and some were maimed and some were killed and to claim that he was with them and involved in this tragedy is disgusting. >> reporter: and by the way, wolf, i have been having an ongoing conversation over the internet and e-mail to try to get matt he won't do that. at this time, i am not in the best of mental states to call and talk. a bit scattered to be honest. i would like to call and let people hear me set that record straight as soon as i get checked out and make sure i'm okay. i guess the good news is he is seeking professional help. >> obviously he needs some help. thanks so much for that, martin savidge reporting. >> >> excitement is building for sunday's super bowl. looking at live pictures over there. but there's a serious undertone to nfl football this year as well following recent comments by president obama about head
3:52 pm
injuries. the nfl commissioner roger goodell says the league will take more precautions. >> i welcome the president's comments because it has been a priority. and the changes we're making in the nfl i think are changing all of sports. there's a better recognition of head injuries, of treating them conservatively, and that affects every sport. >> joining us now from new orleans, rachel nichols. she's just joined cnn and turner sports. first of all, welcome, rachel, to cnn. good to have you on board. let's talk about these head injuries for a moment because this whole problem is hovering over nfl football big-time right now. i wonder how it's hovering over the super bowl. >> yeah, absolutely. i mean, roger goodell, it was the first question he was asked at his annual state of the state, state of the union press conference today. and you could tell that he knew it was coming.
3:53 pm
once president obama said that he was concerned about this head injury issue and if he had a seven he would wonder if he wanted his son to play football, roger goodell knew there would be plenty of people asking. it's not going to be an actual concern for the president but it is echoing the thoughts of many parents around the country. you know, friday night lights, it's such a cultural part of so many kids and towns in the u.s., get your kid into football. should parents still do this, is this a smart thing? goodell wanted to assure people that this is a problem they are continuing to work on, continuing to pour research in. they're going to take an additional step for the players on the field coming up this next season. they're going to have independent neurologists on the sideline. these will not be doctors that are hired by the team with the team's interest in mind, these will be independent neurologists who will then talk to the player and supposedly be making a more independent judgment about whether they should go back in with a possible head injury. but still, there is a lot of criticism from different sides
3:54 pm
about whether this is really enough. because as you know, there have been fines, there have been suspensions, and players say they're concerned there's too much for show on the field and not enough going into what's happening in the training rooms and really preventive care. so the debate here is really raging on. >> certainly is. very quickly, rachel, is there a story line that you're most looking forward to seeing unfold over the next few days in new orleans? >> well, ray lewis has had a seven-team career, we have seen all kinds of things at him from both ends of the spectrum. who thought deer antler spray, a supposed enhancement, would enter the story line. we've had more things go into the catalog just this week and i'm eager to see how his story ends. this is a hall of fame career but the punctuation is yet to come. >> welcome to cnn and turner sports, rachel, good to have you on our team. appreciate it very much. >> thanks so much. >> please be sure to join rachel
3:55 pm
tomorrow on super bowl eve when she hosts "kickoff in new orleans." a cnn bleacher report special, 4:00 p.m. eastern. ted nugent talks guns on "erin burnett outfront." erin's here to tell us more. >> when you talk about guns and who wants to have guns in this country, is most passionate about gun rights, you think about ted nugent, the rock musician. we have a special investigation, spending time shooting with ted nugent on his ranch in waco, texas. that story is coming up at the top of the hour. with the horrible story in texas about the assistant district attorney who was shot and killed in the parking lot of his office, we look at other district attorneys, prosecutors, people who have gone missing, who have been killed, an incredibly high-risk job in this country, a lot of people may not realize just what risk these people take on. a pastor leaves an angry note for his waitress, on the
3:56 pm
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[ male announcer ] icy hot arthritis lotion. powerful encapsulated menthol gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. power past pain. a restaurant squabble that may have started small is now growing, going viral. not over the food but the tip. and an angry customer whose complaint ended up online.
3:59 pm
here's cnn's jeanne moos. >> reporter: if how much to tip leaves you stumped, wait till you hear the story of the waitress, the pastor, and the receipt. >> make themselves out to kind of be a jerk. but also play the religion card as an excuse? >> reporter: pass for alios bell was part of a party of ten at an albell bee's in st. louis. the pastor did not appreciate the automatic tip to average groups so she equaled on the receipt, i give god 10%, why did you give 18%? that was too much for waitress chelsea welch who posted the receipt on the website reddit. >> i thought it was comically immature. >> reporter: pastor bell wasn't laughing when the receipt went viral and posters started calling her. >> you hypocrite pastor. >> cha