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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 2, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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of me. >> what does that mean? >> it means jokes. wayans brothers. stooge brothers. at least, mo, shep and curly. >> what does that mean? >> it means power. emanuel brothers castro brothers, castro brothers, bush brothers and kennedy brothers. >> he will be remembered as a good and decent man, saw wrong and tried to right it and saw suffering and tried to heal it and saw war and tried to stop it. >> it means generius. >> are you the police? >> no ma'am, we are musicians. >> almond brothers, everly brothers, and gib brothers. >> we had a few fights, you know, we had a few arguments. just like all brothers.
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like roman brothers. >> crime brothers, car brothers, champ brothers, dr. joyce brothers. >> it's a blessing and a occurs. >> jim, john, coach, coach, harbaugh, harbaugh. after the big game will they be good brothers, bad brothers, they will not be stepbrothers. >> hey, are you awake? >> yeah. >> i just want you to know i hate you. >> no, no matter what happens, jim and john will always be super brothers. >> cnn john berman reporting. doing a great job at it. you can follow what is going on here in the "the situation room," you can tweet me@wolf blitzer. the news continues next. on cnn.
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i'm don lemon going to start with the headlines, an american woman missing for two weeks in turkey has been found dead, she was killed possibly stabbed to death, more details, coming up, in turkey a radical leftist group is claiming responsibility for sending a suicide bomber to the u.s. embassy yesterday. the bomb killed a turkish security guard. alabama's dade county sheriff tells his team has been in constant communication with the man holding a 5-year-old boy hostage in an underground bunker, the man identified as jim dykes allowed police to send down coloring books, crayons and medication to the boy. he killed the bus driver before taking the boy hostage.
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a murderer is back behind bars after walking out of the jail in chicago. he was on the run for three days before he was captured. he was serving a 60-year murder sentence in an in prison when he was transferred to chicago to face a drug charge. the charge was dropped and he was supposed to return to indiana to serve out the rest of the sentence. but instead, he was let go. a follower of charles manson, may be released from prison. his name is bruce davis, he was sent to prison for his role in the manson family killing. parole was recommended for davis, but now it's up to jerry brown to give final approval. brown has 30 days to decide. the usual roar of subway trains in new york, replaced by the sound of a water fall, a water pipe nearly 100 years old, burst above ground in the flat iron district, it sent water
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into the station. trains are being diverted while the repairs are made. want to get an update on the alabama story where a 5-year-old boy is headed into his fifth night inside an underground bunker. a man they have identified as jim dykes killed a school bus driver and took the boy hostage. the police are communicating with dykes through a ventilation tube and do not feel the boy has been harmed. good evening to you, george, what did you see? >> well, don, you know, dozens of people came together. you know, this is a vigil not only to honor charles poland, the slain bus driver who gave his life to try to protect his students on that bus, but this is also a vigil to pray for the 5-year-old boy who is back on the property here behind me, a child who has been in an underground bunker now for five days and there was a slogan that people said, a statement, they kept saying ethan will come out
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of this hole, ethan will come out of this hole. everyone out here is trying to be as optimistic as possible, but don, there's so much uncertainty, psa woman spoke wi ethan's mother today and said that the family is distraut, hanging on by a thread, don. she and everyone out here is hoping that mr. dykes has a change of heart and lets ethan out of the bunker. >> what do you hope he gets from this if he hears this or sees this? >> he -- he just needs to know that, you know, everybody -- everybody makes mistakes. everybody has been through life events that changes them. but ethan is innocent. you know, let him go home to his
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mother. let him go home to his grandparents. let him go back to school and be with his friends. >> don, you can hear the helicopter buzz behind me. the activity is remaining 24 hours around the clock, and we learned from what michelle learned, the family is in constant contact with the investigators and are getting updates hour by hour. >> the sheriff met with reporters earlier today, george, any information about police communicatio communications with dykes? >> we got information, insight from the sheriff about how mr. dykes is treating the young boy. in the bunker he has a heater blankets. that is important because it's cold out here. underground it's a constant 50 degrees. so that is good news. the investigators got medications to the young boy. he suffers from adhd and
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asperger's's syndrome and we learned that they are able to get crayons and toys and coloring books to him. and when the sheriff relayed the information, he said this. i want to thank mr. dykes for taking care of our boy. that was a direct appeal to mr. dykes, does he have television, are they trying speak to him directly. it's fair to assume they are trying to talk to him, don. >> george will be back with us at 10:00 eastern as we continue to monitor the situation. it's similar to an incident that happened nearly 40 years ago. it happened in california, when three men kidnapped a school bus full of children and their driver and buried them underground inside a moving van trailer in hopes of getting ransom money. they all survived but still feel the effects of it.
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moving on now, in turkey today, a claim of responsibility for the attack to united states embassy. >> yesterday, in the turkish capitol, a suicide bomber blew himself up and killed a man who worked as a security guard at the embassy. a group has now said that they sent the bomber and that they are against u.s. foreign policy and they oppose close ties with the west from turkey. and a woman that vanished two weeks ago, we have details on that. >> what we are learning now from the semiofficial state news agency is that sarai sierra's body was found in a poor neighborhood of istanbul, they believe her body, perhaps, was taken there from the site that she was killed. they also say that nine people
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have been arrested in connection with this. our sister network said that the police told them there's evidence of stab wounds on her body. obviously very sad news for her family. her brother and husband in istanbul expecting to be taken to identify her body. not clear why she didn't make that flight home as expected by her family on the 22nd of january, the last communication sh she had with her family the day before, she was excited to come home, has been missing all these days since and now her body discovered in a poorer neighborhood of istanbul. thank you very much, what do you get when you hold a gun buyback program. in tampa a, they got glocks and revolvers and a couple of rocket launchers as well. in all, the sheriff's department collected more than 2500 firearms in exchange for $75 in tickets to some athletic events. it is going to be a near
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members, the class of 2013 was announced in new orleans, the most famous on the list is coach bill parcells, the boss that won two super bowls with the new york giants. the class included warren sapp, chris carter, and jonathan ogden and two senior selections. we are fewer than 24 hours away from kickoff at the super bowl, no city knows how to have fun like new orleans, but the teams and coaches are all business, knowing a chance like this may come once in a lifetime, and cnn joe carter is in new orleans, a lucky man out with this assignment right now. all right. besides the food, and the drink. and the partying, i don't know, i guess what has today been like? you have to talk about that as well. >> well, you know, i have to work, don, i mean, come on, that is what i'm here to do is work.
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yeah, we have had plenty of fun, believe me. we will have fun as soon as we are off the air here. for the teams, today was a lighter day for them, both the 49ers and the ravens did a walk through, there was no helmets, no epads, an opportunity to hav a dress rehearsal of sorts. what was interesting was that they invited family and friends. for every player that had somebody in town, they had an opportunity to go watch the walk through today. they were able to stand on the sidelines and walk around the superdome, it was a special last practice, ray lewis gave a speech to his team saying, this is it, this is my last practice in the nfl, so the ravens have an emotional advantage going into the super bowl tomorrow and then we have seen a real big uptick in security around town. earlier in the week, it was easy to get around and today, very, very hard. you are talking about no vehicle traffic within two or three blocks of the superdome, most of
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the streets are barricaded off. they have a lot of police presence around the superdome, i saw bomb sniffing dogs today, a lot more cops than we have seen all week long. the 70,000 plus that come in tomorrow night will have a security check. those watching, remember to pack your patience, show up early and travel light. and those coming in to new orleans tonight or tomorrow. the traffic is starting on to get bad, again, it's hard to get around in town. once you get in town, as you know very well, don, it's all good in the big easy. >> enough of the traffic report. we are not there. what is the food like? what have you done that is fun? where did you eat? i told you to go to acme and get t the oysters and then -- >> i went he to ocean air -- ocean an. >> that is it. >> and i had -- >> oceana.
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>> on bourbon street. thank you, mo is the owner, great guy. we went to another restaurant, had char boiled oyster, a lot of red fish down here. we've had a great time. a lot of work and play as well. i feel like my smart money is to harbaughs. >> how is the harbaugh family doing? both brothers coaching, it has to be nerve wracking, afterwards they will say it was a great time, but it has to be nerve wracking for the whole family. >> yeah, you know, i ran into cooper manning earlier in the week and i ask canned him that question. his brother, peyton and eli and he said i don't know, i think they will enjoy this week, but i do not envy the family at all. you know what? earlier in the week, we saw jack and jackie the parents in a very good mood. they were sort of soaking all the atmosphere up and oozing with pride, because their two sons are in it, the negatives will settle in tomorrow, more
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toward kickoff. they implied that they may go to the losing locker room, when they played in thanksgiving, they went to the winning locker room and said, they should have made the different decision. so we do not know where they will sit or where the family members will be. but i will tell you, if they find them on camera tomorrow, you will see their faces a lot throughout the game. they are certainly the most famous parents of super bowl xlvii. to think their two sons are coaching against each other in the super bowl is a unique experience. >> yeah, and my family would say, one will come in first, and the other will come in second, instead of a winner and loser. so, joe -- >> nobody remember who is comes in second, man. >> have a great time, have a great time. that is a fun assignment, really, enjoy it, take it all in. thank you, joe carter. he we will see you soon. the super bowl will be seen by football fans that are not even on planet earth. that is right, the six
4:18 pm
astronauts may not have chicken wings or even gravity, but they will be able to watch the game. a nasa spokesman tells cnn -- rather, that nasa control made a point of asking them if they wanted the super bowl beamed to them and they said definitely. they definitely wanted to see it. of course they want to see it. another thing that the international space station may be watching, an astroid is set to fly kroes to earth in two weeks, nasa said that the small astroid will be on a collision course with the planet, it's about half the size of a football field. nasa said it will be closest to earth on february 15th. about 17,000 miles away. you cannot see it with the naked eye, but a small telescope or binoculars may do a trick for you. school is a tough place for even the cool kids. jacob rudolph, a teenager who
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maybe you have seen it, if you have not, we will show you in a bit. it's a video of a teen, jacob rudolph, coming out to 300 of his class nates. he decided to come out in as public a way as possible. he was made a role model for equal rights. and helping him get know know an invite to the human rights catch pain. how are you do something. >> doing well. thank you. >> we will start by taking a look at your big moment. roll it. >> most of you see me every day you see me acting the part of a straight gay guy.
4:23 pm
when i'm in fact an lgbt teen, less bean, gay, bi sexual, transgender teenager. unlike millions on of other lgbt teens -- i'm not going to do it anymore. -- so take me, leave me, move me out of the way, i am what i am, and that's how i'm going to act from now on. >> jacob, no doubt it took a lot of courage to stand in front of your classmates and reveal your sexual orientation, in your speech, you say that you had been acting like a straight man, so why did you decide to come out in this way? and so early in high school? i would never have had the courage to come out in high school or even college. >> well, i felt like i had gotten to the point where keeping this a secret from my friends who i cared about so
4:24 pm
much and they did not know it about me, it was too difficult. i did it in this manner because i wanted this to be a public coming out. i wanted everyone to see it, and i wanted, especially lgbt teens to know that if i can come out in this way, and in front of all my peers with the potential of not being accepted, i think they can do it too. >> hm-mm, and you use the term lgbt, why did you use that teen instead of just gay teen? >> well, because that is actually gotten a lot of criticism, i used it intentionally, because i think using labels as gay, straight or buy sexual in society is antiquated i don't have to dee fine myself right now. but i know that i am in a category and i feel like because i'm in the category, i fall in
4:25 pm
the category of being left out of critical groups of nonstraight oriented people. >> your video went viral and you have -- i'm sure you have gotten a lot of support. >> absolutely. >> but you probably got a lot of backlash that you probably don't want to focus on. talk about that. >> the support initially, as soon as i finished the speech, it came from my peers. they have been so incredible and supportive and i really, i cannot thank them enough for that. there has ban lot of positive feedback from the media, and i have gotten a lot of attention about this, and ify that is very, i think this is what it deserves. it's a very important topic in american society, but i don't think that we have the answers. as far as criticisms go, i have seen too many divisions on line, especially from people within the gay community, i think if you take the civil rights movement, for example, it lovsta lot of credibility, and momentum when it started to fracture in things like the black panthers,
4:26 pm
it -- i think if american lgbts want to see progress, they have to stop with the differences and opinions and i think we need to start banding together and become a unit with a similar goal. that is how we will get somewhere. >> it's refreshing to hear you say that, especially from an d older person in that community. >> you are not old. >> i have seen the division and i talked about that in my speech just yesterday. someone asked me if i had ever experienced racism in the gay community and i said absolutely. just because you are gay, doesn't mean you are always open minded and many times i go to gay events and i'm the only person of color in the room, because i'm getting an award or the emcee at the event and there's something wrong with your parents put your video online, and that means your parents are supportive.
4:27 pm
people are watching saying, he is a teenager, he doesn't know what his orientation is right now. how does he know as a teen? he should not be coming out at this point. >> well, yeah, my dad has been incredibly supportive and my mom as well, and support in the realm of how parents react to their children's orientation. parents cannot be supportive if they support what society says is okay. i think parents reaction come from the want to have the wife and kids and the same opportunity thes that they had, but once they hear the words gay or anything in that category, i think parents become disheart ened and they start rejudging their opinions on how things are going to play out in their kids' lives. the more parents are educated on how gays can have exactly the same opportunities that straight people can in many states.
4:28 pm
that is one step closer for parents getting more reckoning. >> so you are going to the hrc gala? >> yes. >> you are not peeking he though, right -- you are not speaking though, right? >> that has yet to be said. >> you want to talk about an anti-gay bill in texas and lgbt? >> right, well, the bill there's a part of the bill that discusses how subjects like gays, and lgbt matters. it should not be taught in the he education system, it should be left for home discussion and up to the parents to impart that information on their children. in a state like texas, that is very heavily religious and those sort of topics kind of dominate the home life, i don't think that that is going to be a reality and if anything, i think more biases, are going to be put forward than anything else. it's up to the education
4:29 pm
institutions to start educating the kids on lgbt matters and destroying some of the biases and prejudices that have gone through society and are really starting to effect people. >> jacob, best of luck to you. >> thank you. >> you are a brave young man. thank you. it was a pleasure to talk to you. >> have a great night. >> you too. super bowl commercials are just as much of a highlight as the game itself. how did the biggest football game of the year turn into a commercial showdown. ahead what goes into making the great commercials. nurses are dealing with a wider range of issues. and there are ever-changing regulations. when you see these challenges, do you want to back away or take charge? with a degree in the field of healthcare or nursing from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to advance your career while making a difference in the lives of patients. let's get started at
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>> just past half -- just half past the hour right now, a look at the headlines right now. cnn can confirm that an american woman that was missing for two weeks in turkey has been found and sadly she is dead. the body of sarai sierra was found in istanbul today, and authorities is say it appears she was stabbed to death. the new yorker was on vacation alone in turkey. soccer season is kicking off in egypt, there's one important thing missing. >> so did you notice? no screaming fans. it's not that they don't want to be there, they are not allowed to be there. matches are being played in secure military stadiums after 74 people were killed in a riot after a game last year. secretary is of state, john kerry will likely visit the middle east on his first official overseas trip. kerry was sworn in yesterday, a
4:33 pm
u.s. official said that kerry's trip could include stops in israel and egypt this month. a kerry insider said that the new secretary of state may try to revive stalled peace talks in the middle east. a sheriff said that a man holding a 5-year-old boy hostage in an underground bunker has allowed coloring books, crayons and medications to be delivered through a ventilation pipe. dykes shot and killed a school bus driver before taking the boy hostage. nature's most unusual looking creature is joining the endangered species list. the wolverine cannot out run climate change. there's only 250 to 300 left in the u.s. interesting. rising temperatures in the northern rockies is causing
4:34 pm
their habitat to melt away. world's most famous groundhog is indicating this spring could be on the way. punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow. but with another groundhog has a differing opinion. general beauregar lee predicts more winter. that's a lot of winter. and a lot of people will be gr glued to their televisions for the super bowl. we are talking about the commercials not just the super bowl. the super bowl is sometimes a distraction between the commercials for some. this time, a 30 second ad can set a company back $4 million. is it worth it? jamie turner is the ceo of 60-second and you have written a couple of books on marketing. why is the super bowl the commercials, why does it happen? why do people pay so much money
4:35 pm
for these commercials? >> it's crazy. four million dollars, it's crazy. however, believe it or not, they work. >> it's worth it? >> i can be worth it. the trick is to get a great commercial behind what you are spending the money o remember, also, these commercials cost a million dollars to produce. you are spending four million to run it and another million to produce it. there's a lot of money behind it, but marketers found over time that they do work. >> i will ask you again, i mean, do he they typically see a spike in sales if a company runs an ad during a super bowl. >> it's hard to track, so that is the debate that goes on all the time. hey, we are spending all this money, how can we track it. what they do is they say, we research, we do interviews with people after we run the commercial. and find out if they like our brand better. and then people, the board room is like, wait a second, how does that translate to sales. they say, we may have seen a bump in sales after the commercial.
4:36 pm
but it could be any number of factor ones. it's a hard debate, it's a debate i have had plenty of times. >> if your company is humming along and then all of a sudden after the super bowl, you would know that. >> you would know that. definitely, you would know that. but it does not always do. that a lot of times it's a small bump and they cannot tell, if it's the super bowl promotion or the promotion in other areas. >> a super bowl ad has to do one or two things or they are wasting their time. what is that? >> it has to either make people laugh or make people cry. and research has shown that if you can get people to have an emotion around a commercial, they will remember your commercial more and therefore end up buying your product. so you have to make them laugh or cry, if you do not do one of those two things you could be wasting your money. >> a bunch of companies are turning to the -- a bunch of companies are turning to the commercials toyota and pepsi are
4:37 pm
asking for viewers to send in instagram coca-cola, audi, and prom date, released teasers asking for viewers to vote how they should turn out and bud wants you to name their new clydesdale whart is going on? these are like reality-mercials. >> they are, had they are trying to get people to respond in real time. so what happens the people are having a dialog right there. so you can start tracking. it's a pretty good way to get people engaged. >> is that going catch on? >> it is. so what is happening, and i see you do it a lot. you are tweeting between commercial segments, that is
4:38 pm
creating a brand for you and cnn, it gets people engaging with you. >> can you say that again? >> yes. absolutely, people don't understand that. when they say of course why are you always -- i say, this is part of brand creating, creating a brand and profile. >> and you are doing a great job. and you have to keep doing it too, it gives people the ability to have a conversation with you. >> thank you, very much. excuse me, this camera right here. thank you. >> you heard it here, folks. >> thank you very much, this is an audience you can take with you no matter which network or where you go. >> there you go. it's a great way if you are coca-cola or budweiser or don lemon on cnn, you are having a dialog. you look a super bowl ads out there, we will run down the best of the best next. this is america.
4:39 pm
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>> marketing pro, he is here
4:42 pm
talking about the much-anticipated super bowl commercials. before we run down the favorites, a lot of super bowl ads were released ahead of time on the internet, that is a newer trend, a lot of times it was hush, hush, so why are they watching them before the game. >> people enjoy them, and anticipate watching them again during the super bowl. so it builds the anticipation and they get more bang for their buck, because people are watching them on youtube. >> you will watch them anyway, because you want to watch them with everyone else etch if you saw it. >> let's run down them. >> this one right here is a coca-cola spot, take a look at this? yeah. ♪ >> okay, what is this about? >> what is going on, these guys are racing to get to the coca-cola, and there's three different people, it's a
4:43 pm
commercial that engages people to react on the internet, you have to vote on who won, the western cowboys, the guys on the motorcycle or the show girls and you get to vote, and whoever wins they will do that at the end of the commercial. >> it looks like queen of the desert versus blazing saddles. >> and then there's a to it, a toyota ad called wish granted. >> let's watch it for a second is. very, very funny stuff. >> i'm your rav-4 genie, your wish is my demand. >> i wish today spare tire was gone. >> okay. >> the charm behind it. >> they are creating an engaging commercial around with the people there and what ends up happening is people remember it. there's a bit of everything in there, for everyone watching the spot. >> and there's some that we've not seen that will debut at the
4:44 pm
super bowl. >> absolutely, my friend. >> can i call you jt. >> you can. >> build your brand at social media. absolutely. >> thanks, jamie. appreciate it. here is something else that you want to see, a courtroom camera caught a wild attack by a suspect in oklahoma. sean kennedy turned on his own attorney at a trial where he was already facing assault and assault with a deadly weapon charges, the deputy that subdued him said he was not surprised since he has dealt with him before. >> and a new way to use twitter video, but while some users have made these beautiful short videos with it, others find another venue to put porn on the web. details straight ahead. ♪
4:45 pm
good morning, turtle. ♪ my friends are all around me ♪ my friends, they do surround me ♪ ♪ i hope this never ends ♪ and we'll be the best of friends ♪ ♪ all set? all set. [ male announcer ] introducing the reimagined 2013 chevrolet traverse, with spacious seating for up to eight.
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>> take ago look right now at your tech news, this time around, something for everyone. from faulty cancer detecters to errant porn collectors. let's start with the first. there's several apps that say that it can tell if you have a mole that is possibly dangerous. depending on the app you use the crassry rate goes from single digits to 100%. that is kind of scary that it can do that. how do i know if i can put any faith in one of these? >> you know, i say, this is a good time for a reality check, i mean there are apps that claim they can do anything. you have the quote, there's an app for this, but an app cannot
4:48 pm
always detect skin cancer, that being said, one was 98% accurate when they tested it. you had on go on the app, and take a picture and they sent it to a doctor. that will be better. it will have a better track record than one that just says yes or no. all the apps have the ability to tell you what to look out for, where is the nearest dermatologist, they are not all bad. >> it was found a while ago, that a high tech bra that was able to detect breast cancer, and it could not deliver on that promise, are we getting close tore things that will detect it? >> i think with technology getting better and better, we will see more and more of these. you know, i think it's always very, very important to remember that that the technology might be getting close tore connecting you with medical care. but it should never replace
4:49 pm
medical care. that is what you should always think and we have seen all the body tracking technologies, you can measure your heart rate and everything. but your smartphone will not replace your doctor. >> very good advice. we have been hearing about this new thing for twitter that lets us watch video right there on the page. tell us about vine, i have been hearing you talk about it on the network earlier in the week. >> sure, vine, it's something that is getting a lot of attention, and it's a separate app that you download, but it's under the parent twitter company. and, you can take six second videos using your iphone by putting your hand on the phone and it will record the video. it will go in six seconds and it loops over and over again and it has spurred a lot of creativity. in twitter, you have 140 characters and vine, you have six seconds and people are coming up with creative vines. you know, that being said, they are having a bit of a porn problem, because like any
4:50 pm
technology, when this kind of stuff happens, bad actors are using it, you can search for different types of things, #new york city, people are searching #porn. that was a bit of an issue for the company. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> pockets will have changed but not a penny to spare, why people in canada will have to soon pay for things without pennies. it could mean some items will actually lost less. i there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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back in 2007, "mad men" was making its debut on tv. the third spider man was a box office champ. fast forward five years and that spiderman is just a distant memory. but the dow has come roaring back. allison kosick explains now. >> party like it's 2007. on friday, the dow closed above 14,000. it's a milestone we haven't seen since 2007, but we hardly heard
4:54 pm
a peep from traders when it happened. no hooting and hollering like in years past. maybe it's the been there, done that attitude. still, the dow hit the mark thanks to upbeat jobs data. investors really expected better. also consumer confidence and manufacturing rose, and that pushed stocks over the edge. but the momentum has been there for a while. the dow has been powering higher ever since it hit rock bottom back in 2009. it fell as low as 6,500. so hitting 14,000 is the reminder of the comeback. but most analysts we talked to say it really doesn't mean much. instead they've got their eyes on the next big one. >> these are certainly nice round numbers, i personally think it will be more of an event once we break through that october 2007 all-time high. that is more of a milestone than
4:55 pm
just go through a 1,000 marker, which we, again, have done before. >> and it's that all-time high of 14,164 that we're watching for no uh. >> all right, thank you very much. it's official. canada will be penniless by monday. penniless by monday. no, canada is not going broke. it's just not issuing any penny coins. over time, canadian pennies will disappear from cash registers. so what happens if you have something that costs, let's say $1.02. well, it gets rounded down to $1. by the way, ditching the penny is nothing new. australia, new zealand eliminated the pennies years'll. canada spent about $11 million a year to supply pennies to the economy. the government hopes to save money by scrapping the penny altogeth altogether. 1235rs funer as far as funerals go, this may
4:56 pm
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standoff in alabama is now in its fifth day. a military veteran is holding a 5-year-old hostage in an underground bunker after kidnapping him from a school bus. we're closely monitoring the situation and we'll have a live report at 10:00 eastern for you. the story is eerily similar to an incident that happened nearly 40 years ago.
4:59 pm
it happened in california when three men kidnapped a school bus full of children and their driver. all the victims, buried underground inside a van in hopes of getting ransom money. thanksfully they all survived but the trauma is still being felt by many of them. one of the victims joins us tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. a world war ii veteran goes out in style. that is if one last fast food hamburger on the way to the grave is your way to go. here's cnn's jeannie moos. >> the hearse and the entire funeral procession went for a burger king drive through on the way to the cemetery. >> it was a joke then it became a reality. >> the deceased loved fast food, especially whopper