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tv   Starting Point  CNN  February 19, 2013 4:00am-6:00am PST

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welcome back. titanic fans may soon get a chance to be king or queen of the world. an australian bill on air is building a represent i had calf the famous ship. happening in china. "titanic 2" is slated for its maiden voyage in 2016. 40,000 people have already expressed an interest in tickets. more than a third of those are from china that maiden voyage could cost up to $1 million per seat. >> never let go. that's all for "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm zoraida sambolin.
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"starting point" starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome, everybody. you're watching "starting point." breaking news. olympic runner oscar pistorius reveals why he shot his girlfriend. that as a judge decides if the so-called blade runner can get out of jail. while he's before the judge, reeva steenkamp's family lays her to rest. live team coverage from south africa. a developing story we're following as well. shocking new report that links a chinese military to multiple u.s. computer hacks. >> and more breaking news. cnn learning eight masked thieves have made off with 50 million from brussels airport. plus, a 1-70 million chance. not only that a texas woman give birth to quadruplets. but two sets of identical twins. coming up, meet manuel and tessa montalvo and the kids, live.
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new trouble discovered with the dreamliner's batteries. that and more in my business report. tuesday, february 19th. "starting point" begins now. all right. welcome, everybody. breaking news this morning in the oscar pistorius murder case. pistorius releasing a statement about premeditated murder charges against him saying this. i fail to understand how i could be charged with murder as i had no intention to kill my girlfriend. at his bail hearing, still going on as we speak, the judge ruling that premeditated murder charge, the severest charge in south african law, will stand and that makes it highly unlikely that the olympian, accused of killing his girlfriend, will be given any kind of bail. these new pictures of pistorius in court this morning. he was sobbing throughout the
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entire proceeding. his attorney revealed why -- you know, sort of the discussions they are having around what has happened here it is -- what, 2:00 in the afternoon now in south africa. they have taken a break in the bail hearing. the first part of the bail hearing coincided with the burial of reeva steenkamp, of course, and they did not send a representative to the pistorius family to the burial of steenkamp, thinking it was inappropriate. >> it has been a day so far of major legal setbacks for pistorius. the judge determining he will be charged with premeditated murder. very unlikely that he will be el swribl for ba jibl for bail. he conditionannot rule out the possibility of planning and premeditati premeditation. that statement for pistorius, he is too upset to make a statement himself. no intention to kill his girlfriend. very interesting language there.
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>> prosecutors say he got up, put on his prosthetic legs, took his gun, and he fired into the room where he was locked behind the door. that is what the state is saying. how much time he thought about it or planned about it, that is planning in their view. >> the state did convince the judge. no juries in south africa. >> the two sides gave very different accounts of what happened. the prosecutor had said, in fact, pistorius fired four times through that bathroom door. and as he was sort of relaying the prosecution's version of how it went down, pistorius was sobbing through the entire bail hearing. his side, the defense attorney said the shooting was not premeditated and said that pistorius shot his girlfriend, believing she was a burglar. the prosecution has doubted that assertion because, of course, all of the pieces of evidence we know she was in a bathroom, apparently sitting on the toilet.
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at one point, a gunshot went through her hand and into her head. a lot of questions as to what happened. and the cricket bat as well. john kelly is a former prosecutor worked on many high-profile wrong file death suits, including nicole brown simpson and kathleen savio, drew peterson's exy-wifeex-wife. thank you for joining us. there is a lot of differences of how the law works here and in south africa. we have the prosecution present their version of what happened and you have the defense also sort of present oscar pistorius' version. >> this is very similar to u.s. courts. a judge will decide whether pistorius is granted bail or not. we will look at the charges against him, the strengths of the places against him. whether is he a flight risk, whether he has strong opportunity ties or not.
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that's what they are developing right now. the real focus is the crime itself. >> the details are -- >> devil in the details and i'm quite surprised that this early on, he seems to belonging himself into a defense into intruder in the bathroom. shot through the door four times. >> such big challenges. >> he should have laid low, listened to the evidence, how the forensic evidence developed and then plot his line or keep quiet on the intruder thing. he could have said she went in there to try to take a bottle of pills, that she was going to slit her wrists, he was in a steroid rage, that he was maybe blacked out because he had taken am by yen the night before, and doesn't remember the whole thing. the intruder thing seems like the least likely scenario. >> or it could be true or he could be arguing what he truly believed. we're going to go to robyn
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curncurn curnow. she has been in court for our early morning, but her afternoon. walk us through how the bail hearing went. >> reporter: i missed the last part of your question there. but i'll go ahead and talk. a very dramatic, quite sad, overwrought morning. a court that fits 60 people and about 150 were jammed in there. hot, steamy, and you could feel the tension and pressure as different sides argued over whether it was war anted to charge him with premeditated murder. throughout the process, oscar pistorius was not coping well. every so often he would burst into tears, sob. a colleague of mine inside the court says he is crying and heaving, hyper ventilating so much that the magistrate has had to tell him to literally
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calmdown, give him five minutes and told him to get himself together. he can't afford to have this adjourned all the time. very emotional scene. oscar's family putting their hand on him. they can touch him over the chairs from where they are sitting. is he in a lot of trouble, and the premeditated murder is -- is now going to be part of the defense's -- they will have to defend this premeditated murder. rather than murder, makes it all the more serious. the on us is on them to prove that he didn't do it, or there is some exceptional circumstances. so really we will be hearing now over this afternoon in south africa more details. and how oscar's trying to defend himself. >> the bail hearing continues on. just after 2:00 in south africa. that keeps going. the prosecution presented their
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version of what happened that night. what has oscar pistorius' defense attorney said about his version of what happened? >> well, we are just getting that. i'm outside here talking to you and my colleague is inside in the courtroom sort of sending text messages and they are reading out an affidavit. from what i understand, oscar pistorius says i fail to understand, i didn't intend to kill my girlfriend. at the start of the affidavit, saying he didn't do it. that is being read by his lawyers, i spoke to his uncle, and he said oscar couldn't read it, he wasn't in a state to do that. >> robyn curnow will head right back into the bail hearing. we'll get the report on the other side. one final question before i let you go. he framed it i didn't intend to kill my girlfriend. i imagine intend is --
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>> the buzzword, sure. but looking back, apparently security was called to the house a couple hours earlier, a reported domestic dispute, arguments between the two. she had been there for about ten hours, so it's very difficult to, you know, sell this intruder thing and that it was all an accident, and i'm sure he's upset, but it might be sin sheer, might be alligator tears, but you will be upset when you are finding out you are charged with premeditated murder. you won't get out on bail and facing a mandatory life sentence. he's in a very difficult position right now. >> we continue to watch this, because as we mentioned, the first half of the bail hearing has happened. now back in session for the second part of this bail hearing, where the defense, oscar pistorius' defense team will present what happened. his version of what happened on that evening. so much more information to follow. thank you for talking to us. another breaking news story we're following for you, this
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one out of turkey, police making more than 100 arrests in connection to the dead al tack in ankara earlier this month. we remember that ivan watson is in istanbul with the latest details on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, soledad. turkish police have fanned out across the country, arresting more than 100 people believed to be linked to a terrorist, leftist organization called the dhkdc, or revolutionary people's liberation party front. this group claimed responsibility for the february 1st deadly suicide -- female turkish journalist and the bomber was a suspected member of this group who had served prison time in turkey for attacking a police station with a rocket. he was released after he gone on a hunger strike, and this group
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claimed that it attacked the u.s. embassy, because it's angry about the deployment of u.s. patriot missiles in turkey to protect it from the war in neighboring syria. the irony here is that the syrian rebels in syria are accusing the u.s. of not doing enough to help them against the syrian regime and this leftist group, soledad, angry at the u.s. also accusing it of imperialist regime change in syria. so you can't win one way or the other here. soledad. >> ivan watson for us, appreciate the update. happening right now, a new report claims a secret unit of the chinese military is behind a massive computer hacking of the united states. a cyber division of the people's liberation army is behind sustained hacking attacks against american interests and might be operating out of a white 12-story tower in
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shanghai. china is blacking out cnn's signal every time we talk about this. that's interesting. every time we mention chinese hacking if they are following us in china, this part of the broadcast drops out. >> even our beijing correspondent has had a difficult time reporting this from china all about the new report from the american cyber security firm mandiant. it has linked a group of prolific computer hackers to the chinese government. it was traced to shanghai, with some operations taking place in a building housing a secret division of china's military. the report claimsory on a six-year period, hackers have stolen large volumes of international property, blueprints and business plans. the report does not list the companies that have been hacked. the chinese government dismissed the claims, saying china is also a victim of cyber crimes and
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claims most of the attacks come from the united states. >> translator: internet hacking is an international issue and should be dealt with through international cooperation based on trust and mutual respect. making baseless accusations is irresponsible and unprofessional and doesn't help solve relevant issues. china resolutely opposes any form of hacking activities. >> reporter: this is a big concern for president obama and the administration here. president obama signing executive order last week to strengthen the nation's cyber security network. >> sandra endo, thank you. another breaking news story. a daring heist happened at the brussels airport. eight masked thieves cut a hole in a security fence, drove onto the tarmac and stole diamonds from a swiss-bound airplane.
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it sounds like the plot from a movie. we are joined by dan rivers. walk us through what happened. was this essentially an inside job, dan? >> reporter: we don't know for sure what level of collusion there was, but we're being told they cut a hole in the perimeter fence of the airfield and simply drove on to the airfield, pulled up right alongside the plane with a huge cache of didamonds was being loaded. the figure we have is they got $60 million worth of diamonds. there may have been gold and palladium as well. there could be a huge amount of money involved here. and the sheer audacity, it is
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like the plot of an "oceans 11" film. the only evidence recover the so far is there say van that was found on fire near the airport, they are trying to cover their tracks and gelt rid of any evidence and the eight men have disappeared with the diamonds. >> it certainly does sound luke a movie plot. lots of questions remain of how they would get access of the information from the plane, to cut through the fence, et cetera, efforts. dan rivers on the way to brussels to cover that. right to john berman. lots of breaking news we're starting with. >> breaking out all over the place. a biz zard with winds topping out at 57 miles an hour, paralyzing grand forks, north dakota right now. road has to be shut down yesterday, and emergency crews rescued dozens from stranded cars. even snow plow has to s had to d back. rough weather we're seeing, jennifer. >> conditions have quieted down across parts of north dakota.
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we are looking at more snow developing today from west to east and we start off in california, where we're expecting had 4 to 6 inches of snowfall along the sierra mountains, and we're talking about snow in the four corners, but the big area in the central plains for areas like nebraska and missouri, we're potentially talking a foot of snowfall and blizzard conditions setting up potentially late tomorrow night as well into thursday. we'll see wind gusts in excess of 30 miles per hour. more than a foot of snowfall, and the other part of the story, severe weather setting up for tomorrow and thursday this will be certainly something to watch. back over to you, john. >> a lot of rain coming too. jennifer, thank you very much. police in kalkalamazoo, michigan, are investigating whether three toddlers there may have been left alone. the 3-year-old twins and 1-year-old girl died in the blaze. they were the only ones in the
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apartment when they arrived. and is a california man using a christian dating site to find and attack women the man raped a woman he met on and he used the screen name rarity may have other victims as well. this just in. brace yourselves. first look at duchess katherine's baby bump. you can barely make it out. 4 1/2 months pregnant. the former kate middleton making her first official public appearance since announcing her pregnancy. she paid a visit to addiction center, her charity. like a jillion cameras there to see it. more baby news to tell you about right now. a houston couple is going to need plenty of diapers and plenty of help after four bundles of joy arrived on
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valentine's day. tessa montalvo gave birth to a very rare form of quadruplets, two sets of identical twins. the chances of that happening? 1-70 million. we'll hear from the happy mom and dad and see the newborn sons coming up at 8:30 eastern. >> when have you twins, john and i both have sets of twin boys, they name them twin a, and twin b. ace, as in baby a, blaine, b, and cash, c. and dylan, d. >> and they have a 2-year-old boy at home. so in two years, they have gone from zero to five boys. still ahead this morning on "starting point," new details to share with you about the newtown massacre. did another mass murder inspire shooter adam lanza? a disturbing report that could shut light on a possible motive. straight ahead. business news to share with
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you. >> two hawks taking another try at changing the tax code. will simpson and bowles be able to bring both sides together on tax reform? (dog) larry,larry,larrryyy. why take exercise so seriously,when it can be fun? push-ups or sprints? what's wrong with fetch? or chase? let's do this larry! ooh, i got it, i got it! (narrator) the calorie-smart nutrition in beneful healthy weight... includes grains and real chicken, because a healthy dog is a playful dog.
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beneful healthy weight. find us on facebook to help put more play in your day. welcome back. investigators may have found a motive for the sandy hook massacre. a report from cbs news said adam lanza was obsessed with another mass killer who murdered 77 people in norway a year before the newtown shooting. susan candiotti is following breaking developments. >> adam lanza may have been trying to one up another murderer, by killing the 77 people shot by anders breivik in norway. law enforcement sources found evidence leaning them in that direction. the evidence appears to be news articles. several stories about the norway
4:22 am
massacre was discovered in one of lanza's two bedrooms where he lived with his mother. they went to washington last week to brief authorities and told them of this theory. he he used an assault style weapon purchased by his mother. he shot 20 children and 6 teachers before taking his own life. he chose the school because of the number of potential targets in a closed-in setting, that's part of the theory. a spokesman for connecticut state police called the cbs report speculative and no single motive has yet been confirmed. the spokesman told me as far as duplicating breivik and the mass murder in norway, nothing ruled out, soledad. >> walk us through the training, much made about the video games, who was adam lanza, and we know
4:23 am
a little bit about some of the issues he had, mental issues and developmental issues. a lot reported about that. but what exactly do we know about the violent games and things like that? >> we know he enjoyed playing them and he had a lot of violent games. we reported that already, that were found at the house, that rest sgators retrieved and he spent a lot of time in a basement room set up as sort of a game room for him there. we know authorities have been working hard. the online gaming community to see if anyone there knows about him when they played games with him, shared any discussions with him. and they have been trying to piece together the hard drive, not having very much success as we understand it. that he smashed to smithereens before he took off on this massacre at sandy hook. >> such an interesting case. trying to figure out what the
4:24 am
motive is. thank you. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. this case is raising some international tensions this morning. an adopted russian boy found dead in texas. 3-year-old boy. the question, what does it mean for other families trying to adopt from russia? implications of this little boy's death, straight ahead. we're back in a moment. with the spark cash card
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welcome back, everybody. our team, ron brownstein is back the "national journal." abby huntsman of huff post live and chuck blow. i love that you tweet you're coming on. you lea minding your business. stock futures up slightly. the market reopening after a three-day weekend. lots of corporate earnings and economic data on tap. the dow finished friday a little over a percent shy of the milestone set in october 2007. we'll see if the market can build on the momentum with the economic news we'll get. new this morning, cass gast prices up for a 33rd day in a row. a gallon of regular unleaded.
4:28 am
$3.75 per gallon. up 45 cents over the span. reports out of japan report slight swelling in battery cells. "the new york times" says officials from the japan transport safety board will continue to investigate. they did not confirm internal damage to the batteries. meantime national transportation safety board investigators are looking into the japan airline 787 that caught fire at boston logan airport. the dreamliner mystery continues. these two men taking another shot at getting the government's fiscal house. simpson and bowles will work on a new form, their goal? compromise between democrats and republicans. the simpson-bowles bipartisan group formed in 2010. the plan they came up with still
4:29 am
lauded by some in congress. i predict you will see competing budget plans and they will run out of time. >> where did that plan go? right in the garbage can. >> they show there is a pathway. every group comes out with the same combination. the issue, you can't conceptually figure out how to respond to the deficit challenge, but neither can get to the comprehensive plan that is needed. >> the voting public gets sick of it and says we actually need you to work together to figure it out. >> we want you to compromise. >> not everyone wants a compromise. so the polls consistently show democrats, independents, prefer politicians to compromise. republicans consistently do not want their elected officials to -- >> and polls show people are very resistant to almost anything with major impact. by the way, quick silver lining
4:30 am
on gas prices changes. 20 miles a gallon, up to 24 now. still ahead, a case that could have far-reaching implications and international investigation under way over the death of this little boy. he was adopted from russia. take a look at what it means for other families trying to adopt from russia as well. a violent assault caught on camera what happened, right after this short break. ur moist? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno.
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welcome back, everybody. you're watching "starting point." we begin with breaking news in
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the oscar pistorius murder case. he has released a statement about premeditated murder charges against him. he says "i fail to understand how i could be charged with murder as i had no intention to kill my girlfriend." the bail hearing still going on as we speak. 2:30 in the afternoon in south africa. the premeditated murder charge, the most severe charge in south africa will stand. that makes it unlikely that the olympian, now accused of killing his girlfriend will be given bail. he can't keep breaking down and delaying court. we heard 30 minutes ago, robyn curnow, he was so overwrought and heaving and so upset, they've had to stop the proceedings several times to try to calm him down this is what he has been saying as the defense now lays out oscar pistorius' point of view of what happened
4:34 am
that night. he is saying he heard a noise in the bathroom at night, he said a sense of terror overwhelmed me. it was pitch dak. he thought reeva was in bed with him. he did not have his legs on, he felt extremely vulnerable about that he shouted to reeva to call the police, and there was no response. and he realized with the benefit of hindsight, she had gone into the bathroom. is he not a flight risk and made no attempt to flee. we are getting a better sense of what the prosecution is alleging happened and what the defense is saying. we'll chat with a reporter from there as it goes through the courtroom. she is at reeva steenkamp's funeral. the funeral is taking place at the very same time that the first part of the bail hearing was happening, and, of course, family and friends of reeva steenkamp saying good-bye.
4:35 am
in port elizabeth for us this morning. update us on this part of the story. >> reporter: soledad, as you can imagine, it's been a very, very difficult morning and an emotional morning for people who knew reeva steenkamp. family and friends gathered her. her body was creme maam creamat. her brother adam says there is a space missing inside the people who knew her who will never be filled again. sounds like she was an amazing person from people who knew her. the question on everybody's mind is why did she have to die so violently, soledad. >> we hear more about the bail hearing that is under way in south africa. thank you. we appreciate it. >> something is off here. >> finally we hear the two
4:36 am
different versions. >> how do you not look for her to make sure she wasn't there. >> the news we're getting in, not insignificant news at all, is the case pistorius is going to make very specifically that he was in bed, heard a noise, that he thought she was still in bed and fired into the bathroom thinking there was an intruder there. what his defense is obviously doing is piecing together a case based on evidence which is out there and has been in the public, very interesting to hear. >> you reach for the gun, but you don't reach for your girlfriend? >> that's my question. >> there is an intruder in the house, sweetheart, please wake up, we have to get out of here, do something. something doesn't quite jive. >> this is the first opportunity we've had to hear the prosecution lay out their case. the first time we've heard how it went down, according to oscar pistorius, and because of that, we don't know if he reached over and tried to feel for his girlfriend or reach for the gun
4:37 am
firstor what. now, that bail hearing is still happening, as we're on the air, 2:35 in south africa. we'll continue to monitor that. robyn curnow reporting on that. growing attention between the united states and russian officials over the death of a little boy from west texas. a little boy adopted out of russia. his name, max shadow. came week after russia banned adopting children from russia. david mattingly with the latest. what happened to this little 3-year-old boy in west texas? how does that relate to what russian officials are saying today, david? >> what happened to this little boy is under investigation. almost all of the information we're getting so far is coming from the special human rights representative of the russian foreign ministry. he says this child, a little
4:38 am
over 3 years old, when he died on january 21st of this year. a russian-born boy, adopted by american parents living in texas. in a statement, he said i would like to draw your attention to another case of inhuman abuse of a russian child by u.s. adoptive parents. he claims the child suffered injuries to his head and legs, as well as to his abdomen and internal organs, drawing the conclusion that this child was hit. texas officials are looking into this. texas child protective services, the county sheriff and medical examiner at this point, the child's death has been described as suspicious. no arrests we're told. but that could change, depending on what the autopsy reveals. we did reach out to the boy's adoptive parents. when we called, there was only this brief recorded message. >> if this is a report eveer ors agency, we have no comment.
4:39 am
>> reporter: this case is heating up a very sensitive issue between the u.s. and russia. you might remember back in 2010, the outrage that came up when an american woman actually put her adopted 7-year-old russian son on a plane alone and sent him on a one-way flight back to russia because of violent episodes the child had. they recently imposed a ban on adoptions in russia this situation is sure to get worse if this child's death in texas is proved to be abuse. >> thank you, david mattingly. i want to get to adam pertman. nice to have you with us. so how will this case, as david has just laid it out, how will this affect this law, this russian law that puts the kibosh on russian adoptions down the
4:40 am
road? >> the answer is this is going to be more of a political gain if you will than a legal one. russia has stopped adoptions. there may still be a handful of people waiting to see if their adoptions are finalized, but for adoptions per se from russia. it's not likely to have an impact except russia is going to be able to say, see, we told you so. >> part of the see, we told you so seems to be, if you look at the number of fatalities from adopted children, the russian fatalities are higher. statistic back from 2007, not the most current of 18 fatalities they are looking into. 14 were russian. 2 chinese and 2 guatemalan. why? >> we don't know why. i don't think there are comprehensive statistics on the number of children from russia who died. we think it's about 20 of the
4:41 am
tens of thousands who have been adopted from that country. any one is one too many. and i want to stress that. but if you look at overall statistic s of the number of children adopted. again, tens of thousands, and the number of children who die in biological families and adopted families, the percentage is really small. it doesn't excuse one of them. but we have to keep it in perspective. >> russian officials say the family is not cooperating. should they be cooperating? >> i don't know whether they are cooperating. they need to cooperate with texas authorities. texas authorities certainly have every right to investigate the death of a child and i assume they are doing so. i don't know -- i am not familiar enough with international law to say a russian authority can investigate a death in texas. i don't think that happens a lot. but i think that when texas authorities come up with whatever they discover, then
4:42 am
certainly they will hand over that information to the russians who will use it however they use it. >> ahedam pertman. thank you. >> thank you. >> what a sad sorry. >> i think we have had issues with russian adoptions for years. it was meant to happen eventually. >> these cases happen intermittently. >> the political context of what he's battling. other stories making news this morning. seven members of congress led by patrick leahy in hcuba this morning. they are trying to convince the castro regime to release alan gross, an american contractor jailed in 2009 for bringing banned satellite equipment into cuba cuba has long accused gross of spying.
4:43 am
the parents of a pregnant 16-year-old texas girl who tried to force their daughter to get an abortion have had a change of heart after she took them to court. they have agreed to allow her to carry the baby to term and marry the father. piers spoke to him last night. >> i knew her parents and many of her family would is definitely have a negative reaction, but i never intended on this happening. we were always determined to have the baby. >> the girl claimed her mother threatened to slip her an abortion pill and took away her car and phone to pressure her to having an abortion. a brutal laundromat attack caught on camera 27-year-old fernando gonzalez is now
4:44 am
charged. >> people are out of control. that is bizarre. >> when it comes to laundry, people do crazy things. >> it's the cart. geez. >> 42 minutes raf the hour. alec baldwin and a "new york post" photographer filed police compliance against each other, following a weekend confrontation outside his new york apartment. the photographer claims that baldwin used a racial slur. baldwin's rep claims the claim is absolutely false. controversy never seemso be too far away from alec baldwin. >> the man is talked by camera amen and reporters all the time. >> he tweets about it too. >> but they follow him around about the apartment. >> you don't have to wait for the news to come but alec. we showed you this incredible video of a coach
4:45 am
sinking out a half court shot. helping out a student with tuition in a big way. up next, we'll talk to the hero coach and grateful student. they will join us, coming up next. what do you see? um, i see a duck. be more specific. i see the aflac duck. i see the aflac duck out of work and not making any money. i see him moving in with his parents and selling bootleg dvds out of the back of a van. dude, that's your life. remember, aflac will give him cash to help cover his rent, car payments and keep everything as normal as possible. i see lunch. [ monitor beeping ] let's move on. [ male announcer ] find out what a hospital stay could really cost you at
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welcome back. more on that increasdible videoe showed you before the break. the half court shot and on the line, free tuition for a semester. he sinks it. it happened at canada's brandon university. the student, mason, with the head coach bill chung who sunk that shot. nice to have you with us. appreciate it. mason, let's start with you. you could have picked anybody to make the shot for you. why did you go with the coach? >> yeah. i've been getting a lot of people asking me why i picked bill here and getting razzed from some of the guys on the team that wanted to take the shot. i guess they've been practicing, and at bu, we really only have a student body of about 3,000 people, so especially i know in our phys ed department, we are tight knit with our prepro-fess
4:48 am
sores and coaches, when i went out there, really the only guy i knew on the team very well at the time was gill. i never thought that it was -- it was going to happen, so i figure i may pick a friend of mine. if he misses, he misses, and i can bug him a little bit. >> coach, it doesn't sound like he has a lot of faith in you. i thought maybe he would miss anyway. i love the fact you took off the jacket but sank the shot in a shirt still buttons at the wrists and a tie. >> well, yeah. the awkward thing, you waswe ha second half to play. i made eye contact, you better pig me. took off the jacket, made the shot, crazy thing, five minutes of warmup. the other coaches came out, what did we miss? shirt is untucked and doing the human airplane. a great night for our program,
4:49 am
university and for mason as well. >> looked like you knew you what were doing there. how often do you practice that shot? looks like it was not the first time you tried that? >> it's great, because i played at brandon university for four years, graduated from there, every day at the end of practice or shoot arounds, i never shoot it, but our meal money, extra meal money for players and athletes, we'll take a shot from half court, you make it, you get $10 extra meal money. i stand and watch and hope they don't make it. i rarely ever shoot them, so it was -- it was weird. the thing is, when i shot it, i don't want to sound like that guy, but about ten feet since the ball left my hand, it was good all the way. and i kind of turn around and start running away, and try not to let guys catch me. the tough part was being a coach the second half. >> so now what happened? mason, playing for tuition. how much tuition did you win? it's for a semester, right?
4:50 am
i imagine your mom and dad must be pretty happy about that? >> yeah, for sure. i'm not too sure on what the exact figures are. i don't know what i will get back my way. >> your mom and dad do to the dime. >> what's that? >> i am saying your mom and dad know exactly how much they are paying for your tuition for the semester. >> yeah, no doubt. >> that's really exciting. what happens now? you go on to finish up your degree in phys ed and then more college. what does the future look like? you get to try again next semester to pay for your tuition? >> i will pick gil again, that's for sure. i don't know what happens. the basketball season is over, the guys are done, so, yeah. one free semester, and all of the buzz that's happened after it, that's good enough for me.
4:51 am
>> i cannot stopwatching this video. we keep rolling it while you are talking. so much fun to watch. mason and gil, congratulations. gil, you are now the guy tapped every semester to sink the shot for every student. >> no pressure. >> nice to have you, congratulations. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> i used to make those shot all the time. >> you did not. >> i saw it on tv, i swear it was berman. john berman. >> what he said, it looked good right out of his hands. >> it did. >> nothing but net. >> and the airplane. that was awesome. ahead this morning, we'll talk about the coast guard and if she know what caused the fire on the nightmare carnival cruise. carnival cruise and we continue to follow this bail hearing for oscar pistorius, he's in court right now, the charges have been upgraded, we'll tell you what he says happened the night that his girlfriend was shot and killed. we're back in a moment.
4:52 am
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4:55 am
welcome back to "starting point" everyone. quick look at some of the top news this morning. jury deliberations begin in the corruption trial of the former deproit mayor kwame kilpatrick, allegedly bribing contractors wanting to get or keep city contracts. rob morrison will appear in a connecticut courtroom to face domestic charges. he was arrested early sunday morning after allegedly choking his wife, cbs business anchor ashley morrison. the fire that crippled
4:56 am
carnival "triumph" was caused by a leak oil return line. it ignited the fire in one of the ship's two engine rooms. there is no indication that this blaze was set intentionally. so it turns out michelle obama's much talked about new haircut, the bangs, was the result of a mid life crisis on her 49th birthday, she can't buy a sports car, won't be allowed to bungy bump so instead she got bangs. >> a good fashion choice. >> and looks just like you. >> still ahead on our next hour we're going to be talking about what happens in this bail hearing for oscar pistorius, speaking out about those accusations that he planned to kill his girlfriend, the premeditated murder charges. we'll take you live to south africa for the latest on what he has been telling the court. also hacker headquarters? that building there, new reports say secret chinese military hackers are carrying out attacks against the united states from that building there in shanghai.
4:57 am
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welcome, everybody. you're watching "starting point." breaking news in the oscar pistorius murder case, the court has just adjourned for the day, some big developments to fill you in on this morning. no word, though, on whether or not he will get bail. they've continued that bail hearing until tomorrow, and he reveals what happened the night that he shot and killed his girlfriend, a judge also has been reprimanding oscar pistorius for his behavior in the court as he falls apart. all that plus his girlfriend is laid to rest, we have live team coverage on the story for you straight ahead. a startling new report suggests china is conducting
5:01 am
cyber warfare against the united states from this shanghai office building. and more developing news, eight masked thieves made off with $50 million worth of diamonds at a brussels airport. sounds fishy, right? also four babies beating the odds to be born as two sets of identical twins. coming up, we will meet those lucky parents live. it's tuesday, february 19th and "starting point" begins right now. welcome back, everybody. we begin with breaking news in the oscar pistorius murder case. court has just adjourned for the day. they have not made a decision though on bail for oscar pistorius. they'll reconvene tomorrow morning our time, 9:00 in the morning in south africa, the former olympian faces upgraded charges of premeditated murder and he released a statement saying "i fail to understand how i could be charged with murder as i had no intention to kill my girlfriend." some new picture this is morning
5:02 am
of pistorius in court, he was sobbing in the court, robyn curnow just gotten out of the courtroom in south africa. what is the latest on where this case stands right now, robyn? >> reporter: hi there. indeed it was emotional. oscar pistorius could barely contain himself at times. i watched him literally hyperventilate. i was worried there was going to be some sort of, he was going to collapse or something at one stage. it was very, very tough for him every time he heard reeva steenkamp's name he burst into tears. we heard his version of events, the first time we're hearing what he said happened and it's quite emotional stuff. he said in the middle of the night when it was pitch dark he woke up, he heard sounds, he heard noises in the bathroom. he thought intruders had climbed through a bathroom window. he didn't have his prosthetic legs on, he got his pistol, .9 millimeter and hobbled on his stumped and shot at the door
5:03 am
thinking there were burglaries inside. only then did he yell to reeva, his girlfriend who he thought was sleeping next to him in the bed to call the police. it was only then he realized she wasn't in the bed with him. he then bashed down he says the door and picked her up, took her downstairs and he describes how she died in his arms and also, we heard in this very, very tightly packed courtroom about 150 people squashed into a courtroom that really only should seat 60 people. we also heard emotional statement from a friend of the couple saying that reeva had told her if oscar had asked her to marry him she would have said yes. >> wow. all right so let's talk about some of the relevant evidence that we know will play a part in this at least down the road. the cricket bat, there were some reports this bat had been covered with blood, we're now hearing in this bail hearing that he used that bat to break down the door. does that explain the condition of the bat?
5:04 am
>> reporter: i would say so. what we understand is that reeva, he found her slumped in the bathroom, she was still alive, her heartbeating and she was hit at least three times we understand so there was a lot of blood because her heart was still pumping, as he moved her downstairs from the bathroom, there was actually an extraordinary amount of blood according to sources so that's why they knew she was still alive and that's why there might have been so much blood on this cricket bat as he pounded it to get the door open. the question the state asked, if this is his defense that he thought there was an intruder in the house, why would a burglar lock the bedroom door -- the bathroom door, and it's those kinds of questions that are going to constantly pick at him perhaps try and pick apart this very rifting a iriveting and em testimony. >> why would reeva lock the
5:05 am
bathroom door, why would a burglar lock themselves in the bathroom. why would a girlfriend lock the bathroom door when he's sleeping. did those questions come up at all? >> reporter: no, that hasn't come up president basic statements of what each side thinks and is putting in as evidence was literally given to the court today. there hasn't been any cross examination or anything like that. if you look at it on a plain and simple based on facts, reeva according to oscar went to the bathroom, went to the toilet in the middle of the night. why she locked the door, there's no answer to that, unfortunately, i don't have it. the state argues that she was perhaps terrified and hiding in the bathroom, and it's up to oscar pistorius' defense team to say that was not the case, and his version of events that he tragically mistook her for a burglar is the one that is true. >> robyn curnow watching the story as we mentioned that bail
5:06 am
hearing goes into day two tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. robyn's time which is 2:00 in the morning here for us on the east coast. reeva steenkamp's family laid her body to rest. more than 100 family and friends gathered to say good-bye, some of them calling her an angel and there was anger toward oscar pistorius, no surprise, one person told at the funeral told reuters without a doubt pistorius is a danger to the public and he must stay in jail. want to get to anne bremner, criminal defense attorney, former prosecutor, trial attorney and knows how the cases go and international angles as well. thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> let's start with the latest we now know what the defense is clearing shaping up to be which is a story of fear of an attacker. this is the first time we hear
5:07 am
oscar pistorius' version of what happened that night. what do you think of what he's saying? >> it sure seems like in something like this they say we don't concede this is murder, that's what his defense lawyer said which is kind of a weak statement at best and as somebody basically an intruder in the bathroom it's better not to say much about the defense until they know more about the forensics and how it's going to shape up. >> you think for his bail hearing he has to lay out some kind of defense or he's not going to get bail and bail is looking relatively unlikely with the upgraded charges. >> it might be better to wait. the judge can revisit bail at a later date and look at exceptional circumstances if they exist but the fact is right now does it make sense he thought there was an intruder in the bathroom when she'd been in the bed earlier, they'd argued earlier, been there since 6:00, they can say there was a scenario for an accident, because they got him locked into some defenses that are widely disbelieved apparently in south africa at least in the reported
5:08 am
press. >> so you think that an answer that is general you try to figure out what the evidence ends up revealing. >> yes. if he's saying the truth he could say what he thought happened. >> again it's the whole truth but the fact is there's a lot of contradictory evidence to this intruder theory and in breaking down the doors, shooting through a door, a lot of it like the prosecutor said she didn't get a go anywhere, "you're going nowhere" is the first thing he said and the second thing is you don't have a burglar in the bathroom usually. the question is, is it reasonable for him, oscar, to basically use deadly force and when someone's in the bathroom and you're shooting through a door is that really reasonable? >> i'm curious to know, ron brownstein, if there is a similar stand your ground law in south africa, because in a way
5:09 am
you could see them potentially shaping up to be creating this kind of a case for oscar pistorius, it was dark, i didn't have my legs, i was afraid. >> there is an atmosphere of fear that exists in south africa, crime is rampant. there are stories and the pistorius defense is trying to put them out of people defending themselves in their own home. >> we have the cassell doctrine and the equivalent. it's interesting to commit yourself to a version of a specific set of events when there may be evidence to the contrary. >> is it because you're talking about someone who is an international star? you were a representative of amanda knox and you know that to some degree you had to have a story and get that story out because there will be this groundswell of opinions if you don't jump in, and help shape
5:10 am
that opinion. >> absolutely. in amanda knox's case it was a super tanker information and get up and publicly talk about the evidence, the evidence, the evidence and that's not what i think they can do now here. i think it's too early but just say it's an accident, tragedy, sad, horrible. i like the atmosphere of fear in south africa, argument, the gated communities, but don't be too specific. >> interesting, a judge will hear this case with two assisting magistrates. it won't be a jury. the jury system was abolished in south africa. i wonder how that will influence how this case will -- >> the time line in the south african system, when will the actual facts be argued in court. >> when will they share the defense? that i think is the more striking thing when you lock yourself in as we've been saying before, before you get what the argument will be with the evidence from the prosecution is
5:11 am
very, very, very dangerous, and the -- >> because it's true. this is why i love attorneys, she said i like the information about how dangerous south africa is, there is this fear. you're right, attorneys are cherry picking this works for our case there is an argument to be made of what happened. anne bremner always nice to talk to you. they have the continuation of the bail hearing tomorrow so we keep watching it. other stories making news, john has that for us. following several developing story, police in turkey issuing hundreds of arrest warrants in response to a deadly attack at the u.s. embassy there, officials looking for members of the revolutionary people's liberation party front, that's their name. they claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on the u.s. embassy in ankara earlier this month where a turkish embassy guard was killed. a huge jewel heist at the
5:12 am
brussels airport. police say eight masked thieves in two vehicles stole $50 million worth of diamond stones, they reportedly cut a hole in a security fence at the airport then drove onto the tarmac and robbed the diamonds from a swiss-bound plane before speeding off. cnn has a reporter on the way to brussels. we'll bring you more on the incredible story throughout the day. lot of questions about that one. a new report suggests a possible motive for the sandy hook elementary school massacre. law enforcement sources saying adam lanza may have been trying to outdo a notorious mass murderer. anders breivik killed 77 people, mostly teenagers. investigators found recalls about breivik in adam lanza's home. police in california want to know if a suspected rapist is using the popular dating website to target potential victims.
5:13 am
investigators say suspect sean banks of delmar raped a woman he met on the site. he is pleading not guilty, free after posting $500,000 bail. president obama is holding a news conference in a few hours on the massive government budget cuts that will be automatically triggered in ten days. the president will be joined by first responders whose jobs are threatened if those budgets are slashed. you'll want to stay with cnn for live special coverage of this event that begins at 10:45 eastern time. and new this morning, the first look at duchess catherine's baby bump. look really, really carefully. >> is it really there? >> really carefully you can see it. this is the first public appearance since announcing her pregnancy in december. the former kate middleton spent the day at an addiction center, amongst a swarm of press. she's four and a half months pregnant. not everyone is quite as
5:14 am
enthusiastic about the duchess. recent comments made by hillary mantel called "royal bodies" whipped up major controversy. the award winning author cried catherine as a machine made doll with a plastic smile who lacks the personality and human frailty shown by princess diana. ♪ somebody's jealous, somebody's jealous ♪ >> what would cromwell have made of kate middleton after that? >> please. >> i think she looks better pregnant than i've ever seen her. >> really? >> i think she's finally coming into her own. >> i don't recall her looking badly ever. >> why would hillary mantel say that? >> that's odd. she's the apex of anyone's career, winning the pulitzer prize twice in a row, not friendly. >> let's talk about chinese hackers.
5:15 am
the headquarters might be this building, this shanghai office quarter is said to be where the chinese military is conducting cyber war against the united states. and it was a 70 million to one chance of happening, a woman gives births to two sets of identical twins, all at the same time, no fertility drugs involved, we'll talk to her, her husband and dr. sanjay gupta, too.
5:16 am
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welcome back. new report claims there's a secret unit of the chinese military behind massive computer hacking against the united states. reports say it happens from inside this white 12-story office tower in china and the people's liberation army is responsible. china blacks out cnn's broadcast signal whenever we talk about hacking from china in any way,
5:19 am
shape or form. sandra endo is in washington, d.c., good morning. >> good morning, the american cyber security firm mandiant says it's linked the prolific hackers to the chinese government t traced the activity of four networks near shanghai with some of the operations taking place in a building housing a secret division of china's military. the report claims over a six-year period hackers have stolen large volumes of intellectual property, blueprints and business plans but the report does not list the companies that have been hacked. the chinese government dismissed the claims saying china is also a victim of cyber crimes and claims most of their attacks come from the united states. >> translator: internet hack something an international issue. it should be dealt with through international cooperation based on trust and mutual respect. making baseless accusations based on premature analysis is
5:20 am
irresponsible and unprofessional. and it doesn't help solve irrelevant issues. china resolutely -- >> outgoing defense secretary leon panetta said cyber attacks could cripple wall street or disrupt the power grid. >> there is obviously a growing technology, growing expertise in the use of cyber warfare and the danger is that cyber could, i think the capabilities are available in cyber to virtually cripple this nation. >> president obama addressed it in his state of the union speech last week and signed an executive order to strengthen the nation's cyber security network. soledad? >> great reporting. thanks for the update. we appreciate it. we want to get to a new story about michael jackson's son, prince, has a new gig in the spotlight.
5:21 am
we'll tell you what he's going to be doing up next. >> adrenalin pumping, prince michael warms up for his very first job. why turbo? trust us. it's just better to be in front. the sonata turbo. from hyundai.
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5:24 am
welcome back. stock futures trading highest, some important reads on housing market later this week, corporate earnings rolling in. we'll see if any of that can push the dow to its all-time high. the dow just 183 points away from that record. shares of office max and office depot both up big ahead of the open. the retail chains reportedly in talks to merge as both struggle to compete with the rival staples and online retailers like amazon. companies aren't talking publicly yet, worth about $1 billion each.
5:25 am
market value could get a nice boost. gas prices getting a boost, up today for the 33rd day in a row, the new national average $3.75 a gallon but californians are paying $4.17 a gallon on average, second highest in the country behind hawaii and one auto dealership in sacramento is taking it seriously. customers must be pre-approved for a loan and they have to replace the gas they used during a test drive. the dealership tells affiliate ktxl it's charging customers because many come in, test drive multiple cars and don't end up buying, that costs up to $3,100 a month in gas. >> good luck with that. >> can you imagine? >> that's probably the only car dealer in sacramento that does that. >> energy independence is so important. >> we have that conversation every time we have a conversation gas prices are rising. >> fuel economy is rising, people are reacting.
5:26 am
things are moving in the right direction on that front. >> the number of people who own a chevy volt small but growing. >> we're growing and we've mandated big improvements in fuel economy so people might over time be saving money even if gas prices go up because they're using less per gallon. >> let's talk about what's trending online, hackers having a beef with burger king, bk, say it's not so. people hacking into the fast food chain's twitter page swapping the golden arches of mcdonalds for the burger king logo, made it seem burger king had been bought out by mcdonald's. michael jackson's oldest son prince may be the next king of entertainme entertainment. his first assignment on "entertainment tonight" the great and powerful, remember his father played the scarecrow in "the wiz" with diana ross.
5:27 am
16 years old, already a correspondent. >> the anthem is classic. >> i feel confident he'll do just fine. ahead on "starting point" we're following developing stories on the oscar pistorius case for you. the court has adjourned for the day. they'll be back tomorrow morning, we're live in south africa with the latest on what happened today in court and it was stunning. also, a woman gives birth to two sets of twins at the same time. no fertility drugs involved, we're going to talk to the parents and meet their four little precious bundles from their hospital room, baby ace, baby blaine, baby cash, baby dylan and the doctor who brought them all through it, that's straight ahead. not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested.
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welcome back everybody. breaking news as we follow the oscar pistorius murder case, the court has now adjourned for the day. there's been no decision made on the bail in this particular bail hearing. the olympian telling the court
5:31 am
his side this morning. he said this, "i fail to understand how i could be charged with murder as i had no intention to kill my girlfriend." this was a statement that was read. in that statement he said his girlfriend reeva steenkamp died in his arms. the premeditated murder charge makes it unlikely the olympian will be granted bail. steenkamp was laid to rest along south africa's southern coast. robyn curnow just got out of the courthouse where they have wrapped up in pretoria, south africa. let's talk about pistorius' side of the story, the prosecutors laid out their side of the story earlier. what is he saying happened that night? >> reporter: hi there. i have the affidavit read out in court this afternoon, it's the small details, the sense of what their relationship was and what happened that night. according to oscar pistorius, he said on valentine's eve he was
5:32 am
lying in bed watching television without his legs on, without his prosthetics and reeva was doing her yoga exercises. they went to bed. in the middle of the night oscar said he woke up, he was terrified, it was dark, he heard noises in the bathroom, he thought a burglar had crawled through a window in the bathroom. he said he didn't have his prosthetic legs on. he hobbled over on his stumps, and by that stage we picked up his .9 millimeter gun which he keeps under his bed for protection, he shot at the door, only then he said he turned around, looking for reeva, tell her to call the police, realized she wasn't in bed and that's when he said he bashed down this bedroom door and then carried her downstairs, she was still alive and he said she died in his arms downstairs. >> rob yin curnow updating on what happened according to oscar pistorius. the jury returning without making a decision on the bail
5:33 am
hearing. they come back tomorrow. is it expected it's likely at all he'll get bail considering the upgraded charges? >> reporter: you know what? i didn't hear you again. we're standing next to a rather loud road and everybody is honking their horns. can you please repeat your question. >> i was going to ask you the likelihood of pistorius getting bail considering the charges have been upgraded to premeditated murder. >> reporter: you know, i think there is a real sense earlier on this morning that there was an unlikeliness that there would be extra pressure on his team to try and get bail. however, with him reading out this statement, there is a sense from those who observed it and who watched inside. i was outside on air and i've got it and i've read it now. they get a sense that he really gives a heartfelt sense of what happened that night. are these the exceptional circumstances that will convince the magistrate what happened, that it wasn't premeditated
5:34 am
murder. if that is the case and the magistrate is more than likely to give him bail. all that will happen tomorrow. indeed an emotional and dramatic day in court here in pretoria. >> robyn curnow for us, thank you for the update. john berman has a look at the rest of the day's top stories. growing tension between u.s. and russian officials over the death of a west texas boy that local officials are calling suspicious. 3-year-old max schatto was born in russia and adopted by american parents. russia blames his death on inhumane abuse. they heard from adam pertman author of "adoption nation" this case probably will not have any additional impact on the process. >> there may still be a handful of people waiting to see if their adoptions are finalized but for adoptions per se from russia, it's not likely to have an impact except russia will be able to say see, we told you so.
5:35 am
>> so cnn's phil black is live with us in moscow for more now. this is a case of a tragic death but also international tension. >> yes, indeed john. some very heated language used by russian officials in describing the circumstances surrounding the death of 3-year-old max schatto, they refer to him by his russian name, maxium kuzman, his death is the result of cruel inhumane abuse. no one has been charged, an investigation is under way in texas but one russian official the president's commissioner for children's rights says this child was killed by his mother and that that death is in fact a murder. spokesman for russia's foreign ministry released some details that they say points to responsibility for this child's death, they say the child suffered injuries to his head, abdomen, legs, internal organs
5:36 am
and had been forced to take some sort of psychotropic drug for an extended period of time. russian government officials say they hope all of this is proven in court and ultimately the people responsible will be severely punished. all of this comes at a time of very tense tensions between the u.s. and russia, particularly on the issue of adoptions. at the start of this year, u.s. nationals were banned from adopting russian children because of concerns here about the way that russian children were being treated and now as a result of this case, russian officials are saying we told you so. and they say it justifies the decision to implement that ban. >> phil black thanks very much, a case being watched closely on two continents now. back here at the u.s. a georgia deathrow inmate hours away from execution. warren lee hill is scheduled to die today by lethal injection. his lawyers are making one final attempt to show hill, who has an iq of 70, is severely mentally disabled and cannot under the u.s. constitution be put to
5:37 am
death. georgia is the only state in the nation that requires mental retardation, those words, to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. some interesting legal developments in colorado this morning, a package of four democratic gun control bills cleared the colorado house monday, the plan is heading to the senate, where the vote really could be close. today police in denver public school official also sign an agreement that specifically defines when police officers should step in, and when educators should instead handle problems with students, they're hoping the agreement will cut down on the number of denver students ticketed or arrested in schools. those gun control measures in colorado, a lot of people looking at the state of colorado as a test lab for gun control laws. >> colorado trending from purpose toll blue but emblematic of how far apart the states are moving, the red and blue states are going in very different directions on everything starting with guns. >> i think that's a huge problem. now you have a swiss cheese legislative landscape for gun
5:38 am
debate and when we hear people say we have thousands of gun laws on the books, well a lot of those are state laws and so you can get kind of washover from state lines. >> that's why it will be so important we see the results i think it's in june. >> this is probably my favorite story a couple that was hoping for a little brother, a little sister for their 2-year-old son, and they ended up not with one other child, not with two other children, not even with three additional children. they ended up with four more boys, yes, two sets of identical twins were born to the couple, they were not using fertility treatments. the four little guys arrived on valentine's day. joining us from houston, texas tressa and men we will montalvo, their doctor is with us this morning. this is dylan who is kind of waking up it looks like. nice to have you guys with us. first manuel and tressa, congratulations to you. you look amazing considering all
5:39 am
that you have been through. walk me through, tressa, the names of the babies and how much they weighed. >> thank you. the names of the baby we just decided it would be easier for the family to keep up with the order that they were born, so we decided to stay with the a, b, c, d theme and our 2-year-old son being named memphis we thought of let's get something maybe like a little vegas theme going on and we decided to go with ace, blaine, cash and dylan. >> so manuel, i have to ask you, when did you know that it was going to be four babies and it's not accurate to say quadruplets because it's two sets of identical twins. how did you take that news? i was happy, telling my wife i think home run, and i was jumping up and down for joy. >> memphis is 2, maybe he was hoping for a little brother or
5:40 am
sister. now he's been overwhelmed by the younger siblings. how he's doing? does he even understand what's happening? >> i'm not sure that he does. i'm not sure that he understands that the babies are actually outside of mommy's tummy versus being inside of mommy's tummy because he was constantly kissing and rubbing my tummy through the pregnancy and even yesterday he was doing the same thing so he got to meet his brothers for the first time yesterday and he seemed pretty excited. >> i have a set of twin, twin boys, they're fraternal, not identical and my two older daughters were always like this is great. can we send them back now? they've been enjoyable, let's send them back. i want to ask your doctor a question if i may. how likely is it, what are the odds that you'll have two sets of identical twins when you're having quadruplets? >> it's extremely uncommon. the instance is approximately one in 500,000, the instance of
5:41 am
two sets of identical twins that make up the quadruplet set would be one in many, many million so it's an extremely rare event. >> so what are the risks to the mom? i look at tressa' she looks amazing and through her pregnancy i read articles how great she felt. that must be unusual not just for having quadruplets but two sets of identiticals. >> sure. so the risks are substantial. the risks are the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and then at the time of delivery, hemorrhage, the need for a hysterectomy, even the risk of maternal death, the risks are substantial and the risk for the babies are substantial, abnormalities, growth restriction, early delivery. there's maternal and fetal risks associated with such high multiple gestation. >> my goodness that must be terrifying to hear that list of things. i'm sure you knew that when you
5:42 am
were delivering quadruplets. tressa and manuel you look like you're feeling well. the babys look like they're big for quadruplets certainly in the three pound something range. when do you get to take them home? is everybody healthy? are you feeling good? >> yes, i'm feeling really good. and i was told maybe four to six weeks before i get to bring the babies home, but they are doing really well and i am just as shocked as everyone else that they're so tiny yet so big and i can't believe those four were in my tummy at three pounds. >> my goodness, manuel, i'll give you the final question here. you thought you were going to come home with just, have two kids at the end of this. now you've got five. one to five, a basketball team as ron brownstein points out. what have you had to do to your house? how have are you going to manage this? >> actually still working on it. she told me yesterday we were going to be on tv so i had to put the tools down and come up
5:43 am
here to do this interview. it's an ongoing process. >> an extension and bunk beds eventually. >> maybe, yes. >> many, many. thank you for being with us this morning. we certainly appreciate it. congratulations. glad to see the babies are all fine. the three of us around this table have twins. >> people who don't have twins are in the minority. >> when my ex said the doctor said she was having twins i said that's not true. i could not believe it and i went to the next sonagram, i need to see two babies on one screen, this is one shot, this is the other. no, i need one shot with two babies. i could not believe it. >> it's overwhelming but the greatest thing in the world. >> memphis, cash, dylan, was there a music theme going here? >> she said, it's all vegas. congratulations to them. that's so exciting and great. we have to continue to update the breaking news, a new report says that chinese
5:44 am
military is secretly hacking american companies from this building here in shanghai. should we be concerned about our national security? we'll have a live report coming up next. 7 [ male announcer ] rocky had no idea why dawn was gone for so long... ...but he'd wait for her forever, for any reason, and would always be there with the biggest welcome home. for a love this strong, dawn only feeds him iams. compared to other leading brands, it has 50% more animal protein. help keep rocky's body as strong as a love that never fades...
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. the secret unit of the chinese military is said to be behind a massive hacking campaign against the united states, the report comes from a u.s. security firm, says the people's liberation army is responsible for the hacking and might be operating out of this white 12-story tower in shanghai, china. china has been blacking out cnn's broadcast signal whenever we talk about hacking out of china, no surprise there. grady somers, vice president of customer service at mandiant,
5:47 am
nice to have you with us. walk me through the proof you know about the hacking scandal but what ties it to this particular building. >> sure, we've laid out 60 pages of evidence in our report, including 3,000 digital indicators and actual video of the attackers doing their dirty work on victim machines. this is not a baseless, casual allegation. this is based on six years of data. >> walk me through the victims back in the united states, who actually were the targets? is it government targets? is it corporate targets? is it individual targets? >> sure, it's actually mostly commercial, corporate targets. it's really a who's who of american companies, of the 141 victims worldwide, 115 of them were in the u.s. and it's a blue chip roster of companies in aerospace, defense, transportation, financial services, biofuel, clean technology, 20 different industries we counted were targeted by this group apt1. >> you name this group comment
5:48 am
crew. talk to me about comment crew and how they came together and what they do. >> right, comment crew is a name of lot of security researchers gave to the group we called apt1. they're called that because they do command and control, the way they talk to their servers on the internet but what's most important is the evidence we've provided that links this comment crew or apt1 to the unit of the chinese people's liberation army unit 6931. this is the first time researchers like mandiant have been able to establish the link. we've given evidence to show not only do they come from china but sponsored by the chinese government. >> is the response only to toughen our defenses or can you go on the offense once you know who is generating the attacks? >> we actually don't advocate going on the offense. we think that creates more problems than it solves. we believe there's no technical or legislative problem, solution
5:49 am
to this problem. we think it's a combination of better defense by organizations, but also diplomatic pressure that washington can bring to bear on beijing on this matter. >> when you listen to the chinese officials their answer in part has been yeah well we're the target of u.s. hacking, so there. so how do you bring diplomatic pressure if that's the starting point? >> i think it's very different. certainly they're alluding to auto things we've all read about in the past where certain countries are attacking other countries, but never before have we seen one state-sponsored entity like unit 16398 of the chinese pla attacking helpless commercial organizations in other countries. this is not government against government. this say well financed well resourced government entity attacking organizations who aren't prepared to deal with that onslaught. >> grady summers with us, thanks, appreciate the update from you this morning. we'll take a short break, ahead, a air disease cripples a young man to the point where he cannot walk, he's in a wheelchair but
5:50 am
by a drastic effort by his brother he's out of bed, now even driving a car. how he turned his life around, coming up next.
5:51 am
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cashback concierge get the new it card at welcome back, everybody. what would inspire a large people to run in the dead of winter in their underwear? it raise as wareness for a rare disease known as nf, our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta has the explanation in this week's "human factor." >> reporter: what would compel thousands of people to run a mile in their underwear in the middle of winter? they're raising money to help this man, drew leathers and many others who suffer from
5:54 am
neurofibromatosis or nf, causes noncancerous tumors to grow in the body. drew grew up in the suburbs of atlanta. when he was 16 he was diagnosed with this rare disease is. >> by senior year of high school the pain was a daily experience for me. >> reporter: by the time he was 23 the tumors were so bad he was unable to walk. little was known about the illness or how to treat it. drew's struggle inspired his brother chad to do something drastic. he joined the children's tumor foundation to raise money and awareness for nf. >> to see a life that you see so promising being stripped away, you know, the only thing to do is to reach out and do your best to try to find a solution, educate other people about it. >> reporter: four years ago the cupid's undie run was conceived. the first event raised approximately $10,000. now the event has gone international and race officials say more than $1.3 million will
5:55 am
be raised this year. at 25, drew is benefiting from his brother's efforts. after being bedridden for years he's in a clinical trial that uses a cancer drug to this vink the tumors. he's out of bed, drives a car and plans to go back to school next fall. >> the fact we have an pgs to stem the tide of the suffering makes it the most important thing i could do with my life. >> reporter: drew gives a lot of credit to his brother and their friends working to help him and others suffering from nf. >> through all of this, you know, he's just been a stalwart, been so strong, he's had such faith because of the communities that's been around him. >> soledad, i love this story, two brothers. they are just such good friends and took such great care of each other. nf is pretty rare, about 1 in 30,000 children are born with it and it can have a wide variety in terms of the types of complications. you notice he's in a wheelchair,
5:56 am
it affects the nerves, can cause disfigurement in some cases but there are clinical trials like the one drew is in. >> good for them, appreciate that, thanks. ept is up next. "end point" is up next. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
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our "end point," looking forward to what happens in the bail hearing as it wraps up tomorrow for oscar pistorius. we heard from the prosecution which has now upgraded those murder charges so i think that makes it much less likely he's going to get any kind of bail. >> there are still so many questions that so many people have. >> his side of the story is fascinating. >> that's why we have trials. >> that's why we also speculate ahead of time, he said in court today that she died in his arms and it was dark and he thought she was in bed with him and reached for his gun and fired into the bathroom, did not have his prosthetic legs on and he was fearful f


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