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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 21, 2013 8:00am-9:00am PST

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christine romans in for ashleigh banfield, the las vegas strip, one of the most famous streets in the world shut down this morning moll noling a hooting and fiery crash that left three dead and mangled cars everywhere. cnn spoke with a spokesman of the las vegas police department. >> approximately 4:20 this morning two vehicles were northbound las vegas boulevard at flamingo when one of the vehicles described as a black range rover sport fired shots into a second vehicle, a maserati, striking the driver and the passenger of that vehicle. it caused it to go out of control, continues through the intersection, striking a cab which subsequently catches on fire and then striking four additional vehicles. as a result three of the -- three of those occupants of the vehicles were transported for
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injuries, and the cab driver and the passenger were trapped inside the vehicle. at this time we have three confirmed deceased, two of those being the cab driver and the passenger, and the driver of the maserati. one of the occupants in the maserati was wounded from the shots. right now, what we're asking is that anyone that has information regarding this black range rover sport to contact the las vegas metropolitan police department. it's described with large black rims and some sort of dealership advertisement plate on it, and occupied by what we believe is black males. remember that this vehicle is armed and dangerous. >> a rolling gun battle, essentially, on little las vegas strip. still looking for the black range rover sport. people in the maserati and the suv, this gun battle down the street, a taxi struck, the
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driver and the passenger and the driver of the maserati all killed. we are getting a reporter on the scene and will bring that to you. a potentially crippling winter storm is pounding the nation's midsection today. snowplows out in force across the great plains trying to stay ahead of a huge system from california to wisconsin. whoa. slick roads caused numerous wreck on interstate 15 in southern california. the highway was briefly shut down there. and that's kansas. across parts of the state it's been snowing about 2 inches per hour, faster than the snow can be plowed. the intensity of this storm even brought lightning and thunder, can you hear it? [ thunder ] cnn's erin mcpike is in wichita. how much snow do you have and
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how much is coming? and karen mcginnis in the weather center. what do you see, erin? >> reporter: well, you know, right now we think we have about 8 inches. i'll show you here, we have a ruler. so, yep, that's looking like about 8 inches. but the snow stopped a couple hours ago, so now we have the effects of it, which if you want to look over here, we still got somebody digging out his car, and we're going to try -- you can see that snowplows have come by. we basically made a median out of the snow, there's big heaps of snow. so it has piled up one but the effects we have to tell you about, there are power outages in the southwestern part of the state. people need to be aware. no fatales. everybody should stay off the road. all major universities, school districts and the government is closed. basically the business of kansas has shut down today, the governor sam brownback declared
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a state of emergency. we think snow might be over, we might get more tonight, but for the rest of the day, the snowfall has stopped. >> let's go to the cnn weather center. what is the greatest threat? >> it looks like the ice is the most problematic. heavy snow, but a lot of people are very prepared for 5, 10 inches of snowfall. some areas may see a to the and a half. but the ice is very problematic. right now the estimate is about 60 million people are impacted by this system. but look at this, this is across the ozark region into northern sections of arkansas and southern missouri. half an inch, maybe up to an inch of ice. you get that on the weakened branchs or the power lines. you're going to lose power. the wind starts kicking up and then we start to see things really begin to escalate. here's what's happening, this area of low pressure is moving out of the southwest. yesterday, just to the north of tucson, arizona, they saw a
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little bit of snowfall. now it's making its way across the central u.s. ahead of it where the warm air is coming up from the south, wrapping around the low pressure, that's where we're looking at those two areas right around kansas and arkansas and missouri, that's where the ice is going to be the most intense. here's the water vapor, the storm system, a dry air drying to seep in. for kansas city the snow is heavy. but watch out, the big thunderstorms are triple threat. could see thunderstorms good evening the gulf coast and the southeast. christine. >> thanks, karen. let's go back to the los angeles strip. we've been talking about the rolling gun battle. three fatales along one of the most well-known streets in the world, the strip. our affiliate joins. walk through what happened, you had a black range rover, a maserati, other cars caught in
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the cross fire. what happened? >> reporter: you mentioned that police said it was a rolling gun battle. that's what they told us when we arrived at 4:30 this morning. but that story has since changed. here's what we know. they say that right around 4:30 there were reports of shots fired and a car thoegs sploegs. the black suv and a maserati were stopped side by side at flamingo in las vegas right in the middle of the strip when the occupants inside the suv started firing into maserati. at that point both vehicles accelerated into and through the red light, and that is when the maserati crashed into a cab. that cab was carrying one passenger and the driver. it exploded both of those people were killed instantly. the explosion caused a chain reaction involving at least three more cars. that injured at least three more people. now, we also know in addition to
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the two people that were killed inside the cab, the driver of the maserati was also killed. that death coming by gunfire. he was carrying a passenger in the car. that person was shot and taken to a local hospital. at this point no information on the condition. now the black suv involved in this took off and fled the scene, so police right now have launched a manhunt looking farther occupants inside that car. they have no suspect identification, so we don't know what these people look like, or description rather. they don't know how many people were inside that have car, but they are calling them armed and dangerous and asking anybody who sees the black suv, and they've given us a vehicle description, it is a black range rover sport, fairly new model with black rims. anybody who sees that car is urged to call 911. we ask them do you know if these were local people inside of that car? did they have local plates? they do not have that information. what they're doing is viewing
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video from all of the surrounding hotels trying to get a better idea and piece together exactly what happened. the worst part about this story, two incident bystanders caught and killed. so at this point, they're going to be out here for several more hours, and as your mentioned, closing down the most pop lated and popular street in southern nevada. not something we see every day in los angeles. michelle reporting from the las vegas strip. >> thank you. our affiliate. thanks. walmart is braces for head winds as consumers feel squeeze. but they came through the holidays okay and the first month of 2013 just fine. they reported earnings of $5.6 billion. that's up 8% from a year ago. the business world was holding its breast, because some initial e-mails found their way to bloomberg, one executive wondering in the e-mails where are the customers and where's their money? another warns, quote, in case
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you haven't seen the sales report these days, february sales are total disaster. i want to bring in alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. certainly people watch walmart because it has its pulgs on the paycheck to paycheck consumer. people aren't feeling good about the prospects or don't have the money they spend less at walmart. >> exactly. as far as investors go, when the e-mails came out, they're a crowd pleaser, they're not supposed to get out. but we saw shares of walmart take a big hit last week. they are repounding, up 3%. the reality is, they did beat estimates in the fourth quarter, and the forecast wasn't great, but within the range of the earlier estimates. as far as wall street sees, it's expectations, they were expecting worse, it got so the stock is higher. >> what's walmart so concerned about future spending?
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what has walmart so worried, i have to think that gas prices is on the list. >> it is. and we got the detail from the earnings report. they were candid for a company that remember a couple of years ago stopped reporting the sales numbers every month and then only give quarterly reports. there are three factors. end of the payroll tax holiday is taking money out of everybody's paycheck, but really hurts the typical walmart shopper. and then higher gas prices. gas prices up 38.5 cents a gallon in 35 days. and finally a delay in tax refund checks going out. that was a big part. it took so long for congress to figure out which would stay and go. that hits lower income people harder, takes money out of their pockets, especially since the tax refunds didn't come in when
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anyway began says he's not guilty of money laundering and other charges. he faces federal charges of accepting $200,000 in bribes and gifts. he's out on band bond and the trial is late april. a new twist in the oscar pistorius case. french press is reporting a new senior detective on the case, and it's one more day of uncertainty for pistorius since the judge did not decide today if he should get bail. we'll have the details in a moment. but i want to play piers morgan's interview with the victim's cousin. >> we were all in shock that reeva died the way she did. you know, for us, we are just coming to terms with the fact that she's not here, and the fact that she died so horrifically and so tragically
8:17 am
is a big shock to all of us. we can't understand how this happened. i don't want to think she was scared or frightened, or that she was fearful for her life, i don't want to think that. i just -- i -- that is my wish that that is the truth. but at the end of the day we'll find out the truth. and i believe reeva's life and her death is not in vain. >> it was a very moving testimonial from her cousin, reeva steenkamp's cousin en now to the new developments in the case. as we mentioned, there is a new senior detective on the case. that's because the former lead investigator is under investigation himself. hilton beau that is facing even counts of attempted murder for allegedly firing at a mini bus full of people in 2009. in 2011 this case came to light. robyn curnow joins me now.
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these are startling revelations. fill us in. >> reporter: more twists and turns, more bizarre revelations. now this is the investigating officer who yesterday took to the stand and perhaps left the state's case looking a little bit red faced, losing a little bit of credibility because he essentially said on the witness stand he didn't see any inconsistencies in the statement. we hear this morning that he was facing charges of seven counts of attempted murder. the state has moved swiftly to sort of get him out of this case. he's been replaced, as you said, by the south african top detective. this is about saving face, the credibility of this case. and i think now that that particular investigating officer has nothing to do with the way the investigation is going to continue, i think oscar pistorius will continue to face some serious questions from the state's prosecutor. >> so the prosecution, robyn, said that today the steenkamp
8:19 am
locked herself in the bathroom with the cell phone in fear. tell us what they're saying about her cowering in the bathroom and what she thought was happening around her? >> reporter: you know, i spent the whole day in the courtroom and it was riveting. it kind of ebbed and flowed between between what happened and what didn't happen. you still by the end of the day couldn't get a clear sense because of course each side is presenting their own version of events. it's still unclear, but what is very clear is that the state's prosecutor really ripped into oscar pistorius' affidavit. he said, for example, if reeva had got nupt middle of the night why would she have taken her cell phone with her? there was a gun and two cell phone on the floor in the bathroom. also talking about trajectories and the positioning of the cartridges. he alleges he shot from outside but the cartridges were found
8:20 am
inside say the state. again, inconsistency that they pointed out. there was a whole list of things they kept on hammering at. it was quite startling evidence, i must say, because they really did take apart what appeared to be quite a strong case yesterday from oscar pistorius' legal team. they ended off by saying things like this, oscar pistorius was willing, ready to fire to kill. they said he shows a total lack of insight and realization into what he's done. >> so many twists and turns, and this is only the bail part of these proceedings. really fascinating. robyn, thank you. just ahead, jeffrey toobin and joe ji jackson are going to discuss this. we are going to hear from reeva steenkamp's best friend tonight, erin burr note out front. and jodi arias testifying about the day travis alexander
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any moment now, drew peterson could learn if he gets a new trial or prison time pap jury convicted peterson last fall of the first degree murder of his third wife. she was drowned in a bathtub. he's a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife. yesterday was supposed to be the climax in the jodi arias trial. she testified about killing her boyfriend. she was telling jurors she had had has no memory of stabbing him. >> it's confusing. there is like a huge gap. like i don't know if i blacked out or what. there's a huge gap. and there -- the most clear memory that i have after that point is driving in the desert.
8:25 am
but there are certain little things that have come back, like pictures in my mind that have come back since then. >> following the trial for us, beth karas, correspondent for in session on trutv and defense attorney and in session contributor joey jackson. how do you think her lack of detail played? they've been hearing all kinds of incredible detail and now she doesn't remember stabbing him. >> well, i'll tell you, christine, it was veriant climactic in the courtroom. the most -- day eight on the stand and she couldn't even recall driving that knife into him once let alone 29 times? that was an issue. it was a real problem because her memory was so good for the first seven days on the stand, she could remember details of what she ordered at star bucks
8:26 am
on a day two years earlier, but in the the killing. that's not sitting well with the jury probably. >> what do you think. do you think from a defense position, she doesn't want to be up there talking about i do remember details of the stabbing, by the way i did grab the gun and shoot him. >> memories of convenience. that's what this is about. two issues, the first is that we commonly see this in the courtroom. whenever there's something that assists the wnts and the testimony and the case they'll remember, chapter, verse, hiet height, but what when it comes to things that detriment you, i don't remember, i don't recall. so it was very problematic that she remembered nothing regarding the shooting, but even more problematic was what she did remember did not make sympathy sense from the beginning to the end regarding going to a closet getting a gun that just happened to be lay there and loaded in a room with room mates. police don't have bullets, she
8:27 am
gets the gun and after she shoots him, he continues to come at her and continues to call her nasty names. it led pun one to wonder, is this the reality or a fabrication. >> so there were a few bomb shells yesterday, including she had plans at one point to kill herself. listen to this. >> i was on the fence about suicide. i wanted to kill myself, but i knew if i didn't i was going to be arrested. so i decided to move back to monterrey so that regardless it wouldn't have to be -- >> does that help her? >> you know, she thought about killing herself, slitting her wrists, she taken two bottles of advil knowing it could be fatal. this was when she was first arrested before she was extradited to arizona. she was up in a county jail and
8:28 am
she did one little slit on her wrist and it hurt too much. you got to wonder if jurors are asking themselves but you drove the knife 29 times into travis alexander, including slitting his throat ear to ear? back to the spinal court. one little sliver on her hand hurt too much. >> we have to think what the prosecution says. we have to leave it there. joey, beth, nice to see you. a reminder, you can watch the jodi arias trial on trutv's in session on on 42. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote.
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8:32 am
nashville. >> laura bush does not approve of a same-sex marriage ad that includes her marriage. she told larry king that committed same-sex couples should have the rights that everyone has. it's the respect for marriage coalition which hasn't said whether it will respect her objection and edit her out. and in 90 minutes, vice president biden will take his gun violence message to connecticut. they are taking part that conference on twice make the communities safer. you can hear the vice president live at 12:30 eastern right here on cnn. i should warn you, you're about do see a shocking video that will make your blood boil, two young girls, maybe about five years old forced to fight. take a listen. >> slap her. the hair pulled.
8:33 am
just slap her. slap her harder. hit harder. do you? >> don't punch her. >> just do it. >> grab her. grab her. yeah! >> new york city police are trying to track down the people responsible for this. someone could be heard saying slap her, slap her. you can hear the adults. when the one girl is grabbed by the hair and spun around, everyone is cheering and there are people watching. jeffrey toobin and joey jackson, is there a legal defense for the people who allowed this to happen? >> sure, there's always a defense. the issue is going to be, did they engage in aiding, abetting and having them fight. if they did, that's problematic because that's reckless engage ur dangerment, endangering the welfare of a child and other charges, potentially assault. however, if there were people there present and just observing
8:34 am
it, then mere presence constitutes a defense, but if you're encouraging them, it's problematic. >> it's horrific. you feel for the girls. one of the girls doesn't want -- she's really kind of not doing it at first. and you can hear adult voices goading her on. is this a crime being committed, or just really bad acting all the way around? >> i think it's important not to make sweeping judgments about a crime or absence base on a short piece of video tape. obviously what the police should do is find out who the girls are, who the parents are, what kind of idiot takes a video like that and doesn't step in and stop what's going on. first thing to do is make sure the kids are okay. have protective services deal with the children. then the police can look into whether a crime was committed, because perhaps it was, but perhaps, you know, we don't have
8:35 am
the full story. >> we don't know who the adults were, baby sitters, neighbors, people taking care of the kids, cousins, sisters or brothers. joe, do you take the kids, when you kind the kids, do you take them out of the care of the parents, or do people need sensitivity training that no it's not okay to make little children fight and video tape it. >> they certainly do. people should know better than this. the family law, the way it's structured, you want the reunification of the family, to be together. but at the same time you want children to be safe. it's all about the best interests of the child. while we don't know who they are, rightfully we don't, i'm certain we'll find out who they are and when they do, there should be accountability. whether that's training, temporary separation until we get to the bottom of it, and then the families reunified, if they are family, that's another matter. we want to keep the unit in order, but make sure they're safe and secure and it doesn't
8:36 am
happen. >> that video is all over new york television. there is enough of a picture there of where it took place that it's going to be quite clear to the police. people are going to report where this is. they won't have trouble identifying who's involved, and then they should conduct a thorough and fair investigation. >> as evidence, how well does this stand up as evidence? with social media and the cameras, i can't believe the volume of bad parenting on the internet. how valuable is it for investigators and maybe for the district attorney? >> it's very valuable. much more valuable than people testifying. it is not always the last word. famously we have the rodney king case, which was clear lay ly an open and shut case, the officers in the first trial wound up being acquitted. this is a different situation, but if given the choice, police and prosecutors always would want a video to start their investigation.
8:37 am
>> don't move. yep. don't move, we're going to talk about the olympian oscar pistorius back in the south african courtroom where there's plenty of drama. we'll talk about it next. ♪ good morning, turtle. ♪ my friends are all around me ♪ my friends, they do surround me ♪ ♪ i hope this never ends ♪ and we'll be the best of friends ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing the reimagined 2013 chevrolet traverse. all set? all set. with spacious seating for up to eight.
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no bail decision for oscar pistorius today. the blade runner will be back in court tomorrow. but will thereby a bail decision then? our legal team is here to weigh in, cnn senior legal analyst yefry toobin, and criminal defense attorney joey jackson joins me. letlet me start, the bail decision got postponed again. how quickly does the legal process move in south africa, and what are you watching this judge do as to whether or not he's going to getbail? >> let's focus on south africa, it's a different country. they have different rules. we can only do so much
8:41 am
projecting about what we know about american trials on to to this trial. for starters, there are no juries in any case. this will be decided by a judge when he ultimately goes to trial. there is also a terrible record in south africa of failing to prosecute and convict men who abuse who rain who kill women. that is just a -- an unfortunate fact about south africa. also, by and large, under south african law, people accused of premeditated murder do not get out on bail except in extraordinary circumstances. certainly the defense has pointed out potential weaknesses in the prosecution case, but this doesn't seem like extraordinary circumstances to me entitling him to bail, but i don't want to pretend that i know how south african judges make these decisions. >> jeff makes a good point about thu how this is a judge, not a
8:42 am
jury. and a jury maybe could have seen as a big sdrx this lead investigator now actually being investigated himself for the attempted murder -- firing at a mini van full of people a couple years ago. how does that play into this? when the guy on the stand talking about the evidence is now someone who's actually facing murder charges himself? >> absolutely. in any case, whether it's a judge, a jury, and there's no death penalty, that's something to consider there too. but it depends on the spin. from a prosecutor's perspective, it's no effect. these are charges out there since 2009, they were withdrawn. they had reason to believe it went away and they have come back. the prosecutor will say it's no effect. if you're defend, credibility, how can we we have credibility lie in someone who's charged with seven counts of attempted murder. are you kidding? the investigation tainted and flawed. that's the spin whether it's in
8:43 am
front of a jury or as in south africa in front of a judge who will have advisers who assists him. >> jeff, what a crazy twist. >> right. but let's also remember, this was a crime -- alleged crime, the one involving the officer in 2009. it's still not resolved. i think that tells you something about how quickly the south african legal system works. we're all trying decide about this case. he was just -- the murder took place -- or the homicide took place on valentine's day just last week. >> his team says it wasn't a homicide, they don't think a murder was committed. >> it wasn't a murder committed, but it was a homicide. he did kill her. that's not disputed. >> and it was a violent and fearful way for this young woman to meet her end. this is just the bail part of this whole thing. i mean, this promises to be very riveting and sad, i'm sure. now, i want to ask both of you, joey, nooe key has suspended his
8:44 am
contract. they want to follow due process. are there legal repercussions if they don't? >> well, generally not. what happens is in any contract they protect themselves. sponsors do, and they have morals clauses, and those clauses don't contemplate you being convicted and bringing a detriment. they're looking a the revenue and value, and they would have right in the contract, ichblt seen it, but if it's standard that have moral clauses, they're protected in suspending for the time being this endorsement until due process, as you mentioned, is followed, and he's not guilty or goes through the system and found otherwise. >> this is not their first ro o rodeo. they are dealing with athletes, michael vick had a criminal case against him, he pleaded guilty.
8:45 am
they have dealt with this before and know how to deal with it. >> nice to see both of you. i'm sure we'll be talking again soon. this next case, there was a little water pressure for the shower and the sink. investigators find a body inside the tank. the hotel's policy has many people wondering what their rights are in this case.
8:46 am
8:47 am
. we're expecting an autopsy
8:48 am
today on the young canadian woman who's body was found in a water tank on top of a los angeles hotel. elise is a lam checked into the ceasele hotel and she was last seen in january. they found her here and the mystery deepened. along with concerns for the other guests, guest who drank and bathed in water from the tank, the water tank where her body was decomposing for who knows how long. listen to what a former guest told cnn. >> the water did have a funny taste. >> it wasn't right. >> there was something wrong. the pressure in the water was terrible, the shower was awful. the water, and when you turned the tap on, the water was coming black first. >> okay, the hotel isn't commenting, but the young woman you heard from says it's not offering refunds to guest who is leave early, and asking guest who is stay to sign a waiver affirming they've been warned about the water. that brings me to the lawyers,
8:49 am
jeff and joe eye. the ceasele hotel is a lot closer to skid row than pair a dice. drink at your risk. >> outrageous. there are two issues. one is contractual. when you go to a hotel you expect a certain standard of care, they're going to tend to you and the water quality will be legit. you can't force people to sign contracts, you can, but whether it's valid or not, it's a contract of adhesion. you stay or go, and ultimately they're directing you to do so. the other problem is a civil issue. people could be damaged. i don't know if people got sick. they're going to test the water and then the emotional issue of the distress. could you imagine learning you were drinking or bating in water with a decomposing body? >> what recourse to people have if they have drank tainted water
8:50 am
or eaten bad too food? >> i went on the web and saw you can get a room for $46 a night. that's low, but you don't expect dead body in your water for that price. this is obviously an awful situation, and mostly it's awful for the poor woman and her family, but i am not sure this is really a legal, civil case. we talk about the carnival cruise last week, people are going to sue. you know, unless someone is proved to be injured as a result of this, if some someone is actively sick and can prove that they were caused, this is really mostly -- this is really a tragedy about this woman and her family. and the guests, i think the hotel is handling it terribly, they should offer refunds and let people go. but i think it's mostly really about the woman and her family. >> i would agree. >> sue them now and sue them later. >> that's why you're in private practice, pal.
8:51 am
>> thanks, guys. this next one. a form of meditation, stretching and exercise, yoga. in one california law district, why one lawsuit claims this is tram ing religious freedom. ♪ ♪ so if ydead battery,t tire, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!!
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young children being used as religious is upset yoga is being taught in
8:54 am
their children's public schools. they say the classes are religious. and they are suing the school district. but a statement on the district website says this. there is no discussion of spiritualism, mysticism, religion in any context. the students simply perform the physical components of movement and breathing of mainstream yoga. is this a violation of separation of church and state, jeff >> i'm usually on the fence of these things. but i think i'll give an answer here. no. you know, yoga is yoga. yes, there are aspects of it that are informed by hinduism and various eastern religions. no. yoga is yoga and there's nothing religious. it's just making them healthier. and more fit. and, you know, you should not make a federal case out of it.
8:55 am
>> the school said the kids can opt-out. those who do they actually kind of fall short i guess on their requirements. i'm not sure. but the group that's suing they actually say when you let the kids opt occupant they get bullied and then they are separated they can get picked on. it's a very big deal apparently yoga in this school district. >> jeff is too reasonable for me. he doesn't like to sue. he's a constitutional scholar. if he says no violation, novi allocation. but it's a problem if the government is endorsing it. according to their statement they are just doing these moments but it's a question of fact which will get vetted out in the deposition process when there is the lawsuit. come on encourage these lawsuits. us private practice twice need them. >> that's for sure. we have lots of cases about
8:56 am
prayers at football games, prayers at graduations, whether it's led by the students, whether it's led by the faculty at schools. this is not close to the line. yoga is, you know, all over the united states. it obviously has health benefits for people. it is as much appropriate for a gym class as playing basketball or volleyball. there's no problem. >> jeff, what if source of the funding for this program came from a religious organization. could that be a problem for the parents? >> i saw that that is part of the story. what matters is how the students are interact. what the students do. if we're going to trace tor begin of all charitable contributions to public institutions whether it's ohio state university or some school in california, that is not the test. the test is what are kids being subjected to. as far as i can tell, there's
8:57 am
nothing religious about the yoga that they are doing in class. >> jeff, i'm going to do yoga. join me. >> that's a good thing. >> instead of going to ccd you're going to yoga. >> jeffrey, joey, thanks guys. >> a pleasure. ion celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor should balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning. they all may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke, which can lead to death. this chance increases if you have heart disease or risk factors such as high blood pressure
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