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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 23, 2013 8:00am-10:00am PST

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from the cnn center, this is "cnn saturday morning." it's saturday, february 23. good morning, i'm victor blackwell in for randi kaye. the vatican may be facing a new scandal. explosive allegations involving sex, bribes, and fierce infighting. new england, ah, new england, bracing for more severe weather. we'll tell you what's brewing in northeast this weekend. and danica patrick is gearing up for the daytona 500 and hoping to drive right into the history books. we'll have all that and more this hour. oscar pistorius will be back in court on june 4. this weekend, the olympic hero is staying at his uncle's house. he was released on a $112,000 bail. of course, there are conditions. pistorius cannot return to his house and must report every monday and friday to a police station. he must avoid witnesses.
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he must surrender his passport and cannot go near an airport. and he must not drink alcohol. nick robertson is live in johannesburg, south africa, for us. what is the reaction of the people in south africa? this man was a hero. are they happy or disappointed that he was released on bail? >> reporter: he was a hero for them. and so many people here, in fact almost everyone, has followed this whether it's on twitter, step by step what's happening in the courtroom. the television headlines, local news, newspaper banner headlines. it's been there in people's faces. they've been following the bail hearings. but now there's a decision, it does seem people are divided over the outcome. >> i think it's fair. i think the man is not -- we don't know if he's guilty or not. and to trial him now it's not really fair, and i think they've
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set the right conditions for the bail. >> it's shocking to think that despite of all the evidence that have mounted up against him, he still managed to get bail, you know? it ae it's -- i guess a reflection of our judicial system after all. >> reporter: well, his family says they're pleased to have him home. they know their lives have changed irreversibly. his uncle has said he's eaten, he's had a bath. they want to talk with him about everything that happened, have further time together. the family says it's drawn them much closer together. the legal experts say don't read too much into the outcome of the bail hearing. the trial could be a whole lot different. >> we carried the proceedings yesterday live on cnn. and the magistrate took almost two hours to explain this bail decision. is that common? >> reporter: it isn't. the whole proceedings weren't
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common. he took the two hours which is perhaps twice as long as some regular bail hearings on r in their entirety. what he did there and lawyers have commented on it is lay down a very, very sort of detailed legal account of what's happened, taking everything into balance. there have been some political pressures and popular pressure on the street, if you will, to keep oscar pistorius in jail until the trial. so what he wanted was to do was lay it out so no one could come back to him and question his judgment about why he'd done it. lay it out there. he came down hard against the prosecution and against the police investigation. some of it essentially was saying it was very slipshod, and that i think is perhaps -- he wanted to make sure he was on firm ground and nobody could come back at him on that. >> senior international correspondent nick robertson live in johannesburg for us. thank you. the vatican is slamming media reports in italy about why
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pope benedict decided to resign. two publications say it happened the same day the pope received a bombshell. 300-page vatican dossier documenting homosexuality in the priesthood. ben wedeman joins us from rome. the vatican says this is an attempt by the italian media to influence the upcoming conclave. walk us through this. >> reporter: basically this goes back to the december 17 when three cardinals who were assigned by pope benedict to investigate wrongdoing in the vatican presented him with a 300-page red-bound dossier which included information, according to these two publications, "la republica," a daily newspaper, and "panorama," a weekly magazine, suggesting that there was a network of gay priests within the vatican who were being blackmailed by a network of male prostitutes outside the
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vatican in the city of rome. the vatican has come out with an uncharacteristically strong statement saying that these "unverified, unverifiable, or false news reports" are damaging to people and institutions. and the vatican is suggesting that somehow this is a means to pressure the cardinals who will be going into the so-called conclave to elect the next pope will be influenced by the contents or the suggestions being made by these -- this dossier. victor? >> indeed a strongly worded response. ben wedeman live in rome for us. thank you. now a cardinal who will vote for a new pope today is tied up in a messy legal deposition. cardinal roger mahony, one of the most powerful catholic leaders in the u.s., must answer questions about pedophile priests in the los angeles diocese during his watch. now, internal church documents seem to show that mahoney was aware of priests abusing
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children but went out of his way to shield them from prosecution. we'll have much more on this story when the deposition gets underway this afternoon. the justice department says it will go after lance armstrong for tens of millions of dollars. it will join the lawsuit filed by former postal service teammate floyd landis. now the suit says that armstrong and his team managers defrauded the government by accepting millions in funds. now i asked cycling analyst dave shields if armstrong can ever recover. >> different from athletes who have had maybe falls from grace. a huge parts of his popularity was due to his integrity. when he completely admits that he doesn't have integrity, i think it's going to be very difficult for anybody to trust him in the way that they did in the past. impossible, as a matter of fact. >> armstrong admitted last month to doping during his career. the obama administration want the supreme court to strike
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down the defense of marriage act as unconstitutional. the 1996 law denies federal benefits to same-sex couples even if they're legally married. a brief filed with the high court said the law creates unequal treatment of gays and lesbians. now the administration says annie winsor -- edie windsor deserves to get money back after the passage of the act that happened after her partner died. the air force has ordered its fleet of f-35 fighter jets grounded after a crack was found in the engine of one of the planes during a routine inspection. at nearly $400 billion, the high-tech jets are the most expensive weapons systems in military history. there are 51 planes in the fleet. we now know the identity of another victim of that deadly
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shooting and car crash on the las vegas strip. our affiliate, komo, reports sandra sutton was the passenger in that taxi that burst into flames after a maserati crashed into it. now the crash also killed the taxi driver. someone in a black range rover opened fire on the maserati. this happened early thursday, killing the driver of the maserati. he has been identified as aspiring rapper kenneth cherry. police are now hunting for the occupants of that range rover. the winter storm that buried the midwest is gone. but now, it's new england that's getting the snow. the record snowfall across parts of kansas caused a lot of problems. look at this. the roof of this dance school near kansas city caved in. the school of closed at the time, good news, no one was hurt. new england is still coping from with the blizzard from two weeks ago. with more snow on the way, karen maginnis has the latest from the weather center. karen, this is the same system
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or not the same storm that hit the midwest? >> it's kind of an amalgamation. that system broke apart, and one piece moved across the great lakes. another has lingered across the southeast. there's going to be development of another area of low pressure off the coast of the mid-atlantic. this is going to be traveling right along the coast of new england. and just as soon as it turn away on the back side of that, we'll see an increase in volume of snow, maybe wind. this is how it looks now. we mentioned boston because boston, this month alone has seen 32 inches of snowfall. the record set in 2003 had just a little over 41 inches. so we're still a good ways away. what will this system produce? it looks like between two and four inches of snow. as i mentioned, the timing is critical. this area of low pressure moves up the eastern seaboard or the northeastern coast, it will start to swing out as we go into the next several days.
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and as a result, the next 24 hours actually, but on the back side of that still could produce significant snowfall in interior sections of new england. we have some video from an ireporter. amanda laviana. she said it sounded like an earthquake. they heard a thunderous roar. her co-workers thought, what is happening here? she went down and photographed -- this is out of wichita. wichita saw 14 inches of snowfall as she captured this video for us. very remarkable, terrifying, and something you probably don't see too often. amanda, thank you for sending us that ireport. you can do the same at all right. for boston, this is the area that we're really paying attention because of the phenomenal snowfall over just the last several weeks. it does look like the computer models are not really convinced about how much snowfall. and right now, they're saying two to four. could be one to three. but whatever it is, it's not
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looking like it did yesterday. we were expecting maybe ten inches or 12 inches. but across the deep south, heavy rainfall expected here. number of rivers and screams filling up all across the deep south. and i've got to mention, victor, that coming up for the daytona 500, about a 50/50 chance of showers by the afternoon. >> looked like "bleacher report's" joe carter was there enjoying the 85 degrees and clear. that may end soon unfortunately. all right. it's danica mania at daytona beach this weekend. we'll talk about danica patrick, of course. she's the first woman to win the pole position for the daytona 500. that puts her in the best position to make history as the first woman to win tomorrow's big race. all eyes will be surely on her as she races in a separate race on the daytona track. we'll have more on danica when we go live to daytona in just a few. what was it like inside oscar pistorius's apartment when he shot and killed his girlfriend? we're going to break down his
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pistorius claims he killed his girlfriend by mistake, thinking she was an intruder. but the prosecution says it was premeditated murder. so was it a tragic accident or cold, calculated murder? our tom foreman takes a look. >> reporter: throughout these proceedings, both sides have been insisting their version of events is the correct one. let's sort them out. oscar pistorius says it all began in the bedroom in the early hours of valentine's day, in the darkness he and his girlfriend were asleep. he got out to go to the balcony to bring in a fan and close a window. unbeknownst to him, he says, his girlfriend got up and went to the bathroom. swhoe came back in from -- so when he came back in from the balcony, he was under the impression that she was still in the bed. let's fly inside and show his point of view. he says he goes into this darkened room, he doesn't have his prosthetic legs. on he's low to the ground. the room is dark. he thinks she's must be there, and then he hears a noise down
8:18 am
the hallway. there have been threats against his life, break-ins in the neighborhood before. he gets his pistol from under the bed and goes down the hall to confront the intruder, sees the open window. the door to the toilet room is closed and he hears a noise and thinks that's the intruder. yells for the intruder to get out, yelling for his girlfriend to protect herself. in a panic, fires through the door. only when he goes back into the bedroom to put on his prosthetic legs and turn the lights on he says does he realize this his girlfriend's not there. then it occurs to him that that might have been her inside the toilet room. he bashes the door down and calls for help. that is his version of what happened. the prosecutors tell a very different story. they say, look, there was no darkness. the lights were on the whole time. there was no confusion. there was a huge fight going on. they say the couple had been arguing so loud that neighbors hundreds of yards away could hear it. yes, she went into the bathroom, but she went and locked the door to get away from him. and they say that oscar
8:19 am
pistorius then got his pivotal and, yes, went -- pistol and, why went down the hallway in full light with full knowledge of what he was doing. that he was pursuing her to the door. when he found it locked, in a rage he tried to bash it down and shot through it with the intent of killing her. two very different stories, and the details will determine whether or not he spends a lot of time in jail. >> the trial is scheduled to start in june, but it's not expected to actually start until the end of the year. meantime, pistorius is out on bail. the judge says he's not a flight risk. earlier i asked jane velez-mitchell if she thought granting bail was the right call. >> i do not. i think it's actually an outrage. imagine how all the people behind bars in south african jails feel right now. accused of lesser crimes, mind you. i think we'll see possibly a whitewash in this case. i have worries about that, and here's why -- it seems that the reputation of oscar pistorius is
8:20 am
so closely intertwined with the reputation of south africa that there is a bias to accept the world according to oscar pistorius because to make him look bad makes south africa look bad. i think this is absolutely injustice. >> the question is going further along that line, can he get a fair trial? there are politicians in south africa who say he's getting special consideration. some believe because of his fame he cannot gets a fair trial. what's your call? >> i think he's going to get more than a fair trial. what about justice for reeva steenkamp? where does she come into play here? she's been lost in all of this. she's no longer around to tell her side of the story. frankly, his story does not make sense. i mean, the forensics don't back up his story. he says he was on his stumps and was in terror because he feared an intruder and that he shot through the door. the trajectory of the bullet according to the prosecutor shows that he was shooting down. then there's the arguing that
8:21 am
witnesses reportedly heard. prolonged arguing before the shooting. who has a prolonged argument with a burglar before shooting at them? it does not add up. >> a lot of questions. and then this entirely different storyline about the lead investigator who has been charged with attempted murder, seven counts. what does that play into the storyline? >> i got to tell you, this is an abomination and essentially taints the entire case. shades of the o.j. simpson case where they argued garbage in, garbage out. already oscar's defense attorney is saying, well, they contaminated the crime scene. almost using the same terminology used in the o.j. simpson defense saying they weren't wearing booties. and this guy admits, yeah, they ran out of booties. so everything that was collected under his watch is tainted. another reason why we won't get justice possibly. >> and this bail hearing went on for four days. there was a lot of information that the defense put forward.
8:22 am
has that jeopardized their case at all, and what is the length of the hearing telling us about the trial that's upcoming? >> this is just a national obsession in south africa. and again, i uft think that there is -- i just think that there is an institutional bias here to accept his version of events. face it, there's more and more evidence coming out that he may well be a hothead. the judge even referred to allegations that he threat noted to break someone -- threatened to break someone's legs. the police after the shooting said there were previous incidents of a domestic nature. we still don't know what that is about. he has a past. a gun went off. allegedly he was holding it at a restaurant. is he somebody who has a problem with temper and guns? and that as we know is a very deadly combination. >> just a few seconds left. i know we're still months out from the start of the actual trial. do you have any prediction on this ultimate ruling, the outcome in this trial? >> listen, the judge actually asked the defense attorney what do you think he should be charged with.
8:23 am
and he said culpable homicide. that gives you an idea of where they're going. i think he'll either walk or he will be convicted of culpable homicide, essentially -- i don't think that justice is going to be done for reeva, the forgotten person in all of this. >> jane velez-mitchell, good to talk it you about this. >> you, too. victor. >> and you can watch jane velez-mitchell weeknights at :eastern on our sister network, hln. she is outrunning the men on the track. we'll have the latest on danica patrick's rise to the top in racing and fan popularity.
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danica pa strict out to make more than -- patrick is out to
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make more than nascar history. she's the first woman to win the pole position, the front spot in the daytona 500 race. tomorrow she'll try to win the big race. i want to bring in joe carter who is in daytona beach. we know that danica has made history with the pole position. we got that. what don't we know about her? >> reporter: well, in the short amount of time that we do get to spend with danica patrick, we've noticed a huge change in her personality. this daytona 500 opposed to the last daytona 500. she's gone from a steely driver to really a woman in love. somebody who's warm, approachable, confident person. wanted to know as we head into this historic race day just who is this woman, this new woman behind the wheel. >> i think that there's an opinion that i'm probably kind of hard or tough or too serious maybe. but i can tell you i'm probably like the opposite of that at home. number one, i'm very girlie. i mean, i like to go shopping, i like to get pedicures. i like to wear high heels and
8:28 am
dresses. so i'm definitely a lot softer than i am at the race track where i am doing my job. >> reporter: love, as it turns out, has no caution flag. in november, she announced the end of her seven-year marriage. just we go ago, it was revealed she had a new love. fellow rookie driver ricky stenhouser j. and her happiness couldn't be more apparent. >> we're enjoying it. and i think that we both kind of laugh a lot when we get asked about each other. so i chk that's-- i think that' good thing. >> i'm not going to crash somebody because they crashed her. i'm going to drive hard every week. >> reporter: being in the spotlight is nothing new for danica. she's garnered worldwide family fame for her provocative photo shoots and record 12 super bowl appearances. >> how hot is too hot? >> reporter: danica is among nasc nascar's top earners and biggest stars. over the years she's been a lightning rod for critics who point to her failure so far to win a race.
8:29 am
or accuse her of focusing more on self-promotion. but for racing, she brings a tremendous amount of exposure and popularity to a sport that could use an attendance and tv ratings boost. >> it's really created significant added interest from a fan-based standpoint. >> reporter: patrick struggled in this point last year, her first race with nascar after indycar. two laps into the daytona 500, she crashed and finished 38th. now after making history as the first woman to win pole position for this year's race, it's clear that her years of working to make it to the front row are paying off on the biggest stage. >> i have a lot to learn, too. i understand that. i mean, i've got jeff gordon starting next to me, and i've got -- my god, a herd of them behind me. hopefully at the end of 500, we're rolling and we have a chance. >> reporter: victor, she believes her chances are pretty good. keep in mind she is a rookie at nascar's highest level.
8:30 am
this is her first full season. and a reporter asked her yesterday, danica, do you think you have any chance at winning the daytona 500 on sunday. she looked the reporter straight in the eye and said, do i have a chance of winning? absolutely. she is certainly one of the most confident rookie drivers out here. victor? >> got to be. thank you very much from daytona beach. friends and relatives of oscar pistorius and reeva steenkamp react to his release on bail. that's next. but at xerox we've embraced a new role. working behind the scenes to provide companies with services... like helping hr departments manage benefits and pensions for over 11 million employees. reducing document costs by up to 30%... and processing $421 billion dollars in accounts payables each year. helping thousands of companies simplify how work gets done. how's that for an encore? with xerox, you're ready for real business. how sharp is your business how'security?o!an encore? can it help protect your people and property, while keeping out threats to your operations?
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oscar pistorius is spending the weekend at his uncle's house. the blade runner is out on a $112,000 bail, accused of killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. premeditated murder charge. but he must report to the police twice a week and be back in court on june 4. pistorius is spending time with his family today, and a friend of his told our piers morgan that is just what he needs right now. >> you must be relieved for your friend. >> yes. it's obviously very good news for oscar and his family.
8:34 am
gives him enough time to go home and actually give him a lot of comfort. i not that's wh-- i think that' what oscar needs at this time. i think at this time it's important for him to have comfort from those that are close to him. >> the evidence produced in court over the past few days has raised several questions. the magistrate said there were a lot of "improbabilities" in pistorius's story. we asked steenkamp's cousin. >> are you convinced of his guilt or innocence? >> for me to's very, very difficult. i have lots and lots of questions. but i -- i believe that when the trial starts the truth's going to come out. we're going to get to the bottom of this. >> what questions do you have? >> i'd like to ask oscar why he didn't lean over and touch my
8:35 am
cousin first and just -- when he was -- when he thought there was somebody else, why didn't he nudge her and say, you know, are you okay, keep quiet, i'm coming now -- that's just -- i think about it the whole time, that's something i would have done or my husband would have done. i'm sure he would have grabbed me and said, "quiet. there's somebody in the house." >> trial scheduled for june. realistically, it may not start until the end of the year. new details emerge about leaks at a nuclear plant in washington state. find out what the governor is telling people there. ® retinol . the power of roc® retinol is intensified with a serum. it's proven to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. roc® max for maximum results. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you engineer a true automotive breakthrough? ♪ you give it bold new styling,
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in washington state, six underground tanks at the sprawling hanford nuclear complex are leaking radioactive
8:39 am
waste. governor jay insley insists there is no immediate public health risk but says, yes, it is disturbing. hanford's last reactor shutdown in 1987. despite a massive cleanup effort then, authorities say it's still being the most contaminated nuclear site in the country. lots of college graduates can't find work that matches their level of education. and other skilled employees have lost high-paying jobs and have been forced to work for much less. tom foreman shows us how underemployment is making our american journey much harder. >> reporter: every day on the busy streets of new york, kelich irwin is hunting. when he received his college degree last year, he moved here from the west coast and thought finding a job in marketing of the next logical step. >> not that it would be an easy task, but it wouldn't be something that almost eight months out of -- since graduating i'm still struggling with. >> reporter: he's not alone.
8:40 am
>> our economy is adding jobs, but too many people still can't find full-time employment. >> reporter: when president obama took office, 135 million americans were working in nonfarm jobs. today after massive losses and a slow recovery, 1.2 million jobs better off and many pay less than those that were lost. a study by the college for affordability found almost half of college graduates are in jobs that do not require four-year degrees. things like janitorial services, taxi driving and retail sales. professor richard vetter at ohio university helped author that study. >> let's say each one of them were making $20,000 a year more in income which was -- require plausible, we're talking about $400 billion a year in lost wages. >> reporter: numbers like it have made some economic analysts argue that underemployment may be every bit as damaging to the
8:41 am
economy as unemployment. and kelich irwin is caught in the middle of it all. he's taking freelance jobs and part-time work with moving companies but -- >> they can only support me for so long before my need to head home. >> reporter: he might be the next one moving back home. tom foreman, cnn, washington. so we've all seen first lady michelle obama dance with the president. but i bet you never have seen her hit the dance floor like this before. that's next. ♪ good morning, turtle. ♪ my friends are all around me ♪ my friends, they do surround me ♪ ♪ i hope this never ends ♪ and we'll be the best of friends ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing the reimagined 2013 chevrolet traverse. all set?
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first lady michelle obama gives a new definition to "mom dance." this is fun. she puts her own twist on so-called mommy moves. she had a dance partner, not the president -- jimmy fallon who, by the way, wore a wig and dressed up like a mom. watch this. ♪ [ cheers ] ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> love the sprinkler. you got do the sprinkler. when asked how good the president is at dancing, the
8:46 am
first lady said, she gives him a b. now to the controversy surrounding the comment made about the duchess of cambridge. re19ed british novelist hillary mantell referred to catherine as a "jointed doll with a plastic smile." i spoke to royal commentator richard fitzwilliams about it. first, to those controversial comments. listen -- >>. >> i saw kate becoming a jointed doll which certain racks are hung. in those days she was just a shop window mannequin with no personality of her own. entirely defined by what she wore. these days as a mother-to-be, she's draped in another set of thread-bare acontributitriattri. once she's over being sick, the press will decide she's radiant. and they'll will find this young
8:47 am
woman's life until now was nothing. her only point and purpose, like other royal ladies, will come to her only point and purpose being to give birth. >> now some people are saying mantell was lecturing on how the media and public view catherine. the tabloids have been raging against mantell saying she's bashing the duchess. royal commentator richard fitzwilliams joins us from london to help us sort this out. i want to start with this. what do you think about the comments? >> well, frankly, this sort of controversy is very rare. to have a top novelist say what she said in the way she said it and have the prime minister and the leader of the opposition and as you mentioned a large amount of the press ferociously attacking her, this is certainly an amazing episode, the lecture
8:48 am
that hillary mantell -- i would emphasize she's -- she's highly respected, book totaled "royal bodies" was about the way we perceive royalty. what was, i felt, unacceptable was the language she used to describe the duchess of cambridge. for example, to say of kate, the perfect plastic smile, that she had -- she was a doll to hang certain rags on, was quite a lot of personal language. and it is that i think a lot of people found very objectionable. the other aspect of this is that there's a certain intellectual thing about it, mantell is a superb writer. sheep knows the english language, but she also knows how to wound. and there's a considerable amount in this, the phraseology, which could and should have been very different. >> what's interesting is that typically what we saw in the british press is many of the
8:49 am
tabloids go after the royals. in this case, it seems that they're protective of the duchess. is that rare? >> i think it's unusual in one sense. they want it both ways because of course a lot of people buy the tabloids to read about the royals. and all the tabloids can tell them, the more they read. and the symbiotic relationship and mantell mentions diana a good deal in her lecture, is one of the considerable problems as we saw in the prince harry interview where he showed his intense dislike of the media. >> mantell has seen an increase in ebook sales of one of her books since the fallout over her comments. a new york man dubbed the most wanted deadbeat parent has pleaded guilty to evading child support for more than a decade. 50-year-old robert sand fled the country and was finally arrested in the philippines. get this -- sand owes more than $1 million to his two former
8:50 am
wives for the care of his three kids had. not even microsoft is safe from hackers. it says hackers infected a small number of its computers with malicious software. it's investigating and says there is no evidence customer data was stolen. hackers also recently attacked apple and facebook. when traveling to other cities and countries, the best way i find to get a real taste of the place is through the local food. cnn ireport has teamed up with "travel and leisure" magazine to create a global list of 100 places to eat like a local. here's cnn's jim spellman here in atlanta with a southern food sample. >> reporter: atlanta's a big cosmopolitan city with lots of great restaurants. but at its heart, it's still a southern town. and if you want some good southern comfort food, you have to come to carver's country kitchen.
8:51 am
when did carver's country kitchen start? >> we used to be a grocery store, and then my husband and myself decided i think we want to have a restaurant. we started very small. about 1992. and it has since grown to be quite a large endeavor. >> reporter: it smells incredible in here. >> yeah. it's really good -- >> reporter: i could smell it even on the street. oh, so good. i don't know what else to say. what did everybody get? chicken -- chicken breasts, meatloaf? okay, we must pause for the twitter photo. this is really a truly local place. >> this is. it's a destination place.
8:52 am
>> reporter: already, ireporters, here's your chance to help us create a food lover's map of the world. go to send us a photo of your favorite restaurant and dish, why it's special, and how you discovered that place. the definitive list of 100 places to eat local will be revealed in a few weeks. some ireporters will be on that list. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again
8:53 am
with the rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx and the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
8:54 am
all right. "cnn newsroom" starts at the top of the hour. look who's back at her normal time. >> yay! >> the great fredricka
8:55 am
whitfield. good to have you back. when are we going to see pictures of the baby? >> they're coming up, noon eastern, since you asked. been about three months since you and i last sat on the sofa, talked about stuff. i've been on maternity leave. i've had twins. they're awesome. but that's not why you're here. we'll talk about the scandal and embracing the vatican all on the exit of pope benedict xvi. reaction coming from the vatican. and then, our legal guys, yay, i get to be reunited with avery and richard in the noon hour. can't wait for that. we'll talk act the most interesting legal cases out there including the chandra levy case. remember that? the murder of chandra levy. and a man was convicted many years after the mystery unfolded surrounding her death. well, that man now is saying that he didn't do it. and he wants a new trial.
8:56 am
we're going to delve into that. then of course this is a huge big weekend in the world of motorsports. danica patrick of course everyone is watching and waitinging to see what comes from her pole position tomorrow at daytona. we'll talk with a woman who was among the first female drivers to break barriers right there, janet guthrie. she's going to be joining us to talk about what this means and how this first for motorsports really transcends motorsports. >> it does. >> she's going to talk about what it takes. it's not just the driver. it's not just the car. but there's something else that makes the trifecta of being a winner in motorsports. >> some of the drivers said they're seeing more girls line up to get those lug nuts than they have in forever, actually. >> amazing. >> amazing to see her impact. good to have you back. >> good to be back. hackers are prying into our computers. find out if you're at risk.
8:57 am
8:58 am
a cyber security firm says it's tracked a hacking network tied to the chinese military, and the lengths it says the chinese military is going to to hack u.s. computers beyond alarming. brian todd has more. >> reporter: ice a dreary looking 12-story office building in shanghai. but according to a new report, it houses part of a shadowy chinese military unit responsible for thousands of hacks into american businesses and government agencies. the report from the cyber security firm mandiant, says the group goes by discreet code names like unit 63198, is nicknamed the comet crew and is a secret division of the chinese
8:59 am
military sanctioned at the top levels of the government. what are they stealing? >> great question. it sort of depends on industry. but at the end of the day, it's hard to eliminate anything. word documents, power point documents, e-mail, spread sheaths. >> reporter: it gets more ominous. the ceo says chinese hackers in general, he wouldn't say this specific unit, have targeted vital american services. we got more specific information. cybersecurity researchers say that chinese military unit also trains its attacks on infrastructure in north america, electrical grids and switchers like this one, oil and gas facilities, water treatment plants. one prominent cybersecurity researcher told us last september a company that designed software giving oil and gas companies and power grid operators access to things like valves and switches was successfully hacked by that military unit. that firm, telvent, says it's working with its customers and law enforcement. none of the utilities have been
9:00 am
actually disabled. they say the typical hack from this unit starts with so-called spearfishing, an e-mail sent to a company official in the masquerading itself as being from someone familiar. the victim opens an attachment or zip file and their computer is infected. ma mandia says his firm's tracked this military hacking for seven years. how? they'd monitor the affected computers of victims who have hired his firm and go back click by click one key stroke at a time. >> we saw somebody log in to the victim in the united states and checking their gmail account in plain view. we call it full-content monitoring. >> reporter: the chinese government has blacked out some of cnn's reporting on this story, even as it emphatically denies sanctioning hacking. >> making baseless accusations based on premature analysis is irresponsible and unprofessional. and it doesn't help solving relevant issues. china resolutely opposes any form of hacking activities.
9:01 am
>> reporter: brian todd, cnn, washington. in los angeles, plys are searching for answers in the death of canadian tourist. the body of the 21-year-old, elisa lamb, was found in the water tank of a skid row hotel after she was reported hissing in january. her body was discovered when hotel guests complained about disever colored water with a funny taste. plys say she may have been in that tank for weeks. for now, the cause of her death is unknown. coroner is ordering a toxicology report. "cnn newsroom" continues with fredricka whitfield now. hey, fred. >> good to see you, victor. we'll elaborate on something you've been reporting on, the vatican, angry response coming from the vatican to salacious media reports about homosexuality inside the priesthood. two italian publications allege pope benedict xvi decided to step down the same day he received an explosive dossier on gay priests. cnn's senior international correspondent ben wedeman
9:02 am
joining us live from rome. the vatican denying the existence of this deszier f ido starters? >> reporter: not necessarily. they haven't sort of confirmed or denied that. what they are blasting in uncharacteristically strong terms, fredricka, are these reports that appeared in a daily newspaper, "la republica" and a weekly magazine "panorama," which suggests that, indeed, this group of three cardinals who were assigned by pope benedict to look into wrongdoing in the vatican found or allegedly uncovered, according to these publications a network of gay priests within the vatican who were being blackmailed according to these reports by a network of male prostitutes in rome. now, the vatican is roundly denying these reports taking place, accusing the italian
9:03 am
media of trying to influence the conclave, that group of 1816 cardinals who will be meeting in the next few weeks in rome or rather in the vatican city, to elect the next pope. fredricka? >> in general, are people taking this report seriously throughout rome, or is there some reticence to really embrace it? >> reporter: well, that depends who you speak to. some of the vaticanisti, veteran cat vath can watchers, are somewhat skeptical about these reports, but many other people are taking them seriously. they've been picked up not only by these two publications but really they're appearing in all the italian media. we've had in the past just three years ago there were reports that were backed up by video and still pictures of rather gay priests wnl the vatican.
9:04 am
and so there is a historical precedent to that. so many people, in fact, do take these reports very seriously despite the vigorous denials from the vatican. >> ben wedeman, thanks so much, from rome. keep us posted. a cardinal who will vote for a new pope is tied up in a melszy legal deposition today here in the states. cardinal roger mahony, one of the most powerful catholic leaders in the u.s., must answer questions about pedophile priests in the los angeles diocese during his leadership. church documents seem to show that mahony was aware of priests abusing children but went out of his way to shield them from prosecution. the deposition gets under way this afternoon. and weather-wise, more snow for new england this weekend, barely two weeks after that huge blizzard. the same weather system brought record snowfall across the midwest. the roof of this dance school right there near kansas city simply caved in. no one thankfully was hurt.
9:05 am
karen maginnis is in the cnn weather center. here we go again, especially for the new englanders. >> yes, and we're watching boston in particular, fred key rooe ka, because boston this month alone has seen 32 inches of snow. we've got this live view of boston. it is overcast, and we're looking at that snow to develop later on this afternoon, probably into the late afternoon, 5:00, 6:00. we'll keep the overcast skies. it play start out as kind of a mix with rain, snow, could be a little built of sleet in there. i don't think the winds will be a problem. they may be gustier tomorrow, but boston, i'll show you what's happening. area of low pressure develops off the mid-atlantic coast, moves towards the northeast. this is a nor'easter. it's just not as powerful as the last one that we saw. on the backside of this we'll see some snow, interior secs of new england, more snow, higher up, more snow elevation. but right around boston it has been so, so tricky because the computer models are saying all
9:06 am
kinds of different things. couple of inches of snow, a lot of snow. it's kind of been compacted down to about 2 to 4 inches, but definitely new england is kind of in the firing line for that next weather system. the mid-atlantic and the southeast where you're looking at the potential for very heavy rainfall, and i do mean very heavy. here's that forecast as i was telling you about, the accumulation in the northeast and new england. we do have flood watches, flood warnings, and that flood warning out across southeastern alabama, watch out. those roads are going to be slick. and as we go into the forecast 4 to 6 inches of rain the next five days, and yes, fredricka, that w includes daytona. 60%. >> hopefully they can kind of dodge those rain drops. all right. thanks so much. all right. oscar pistorius, he'll be back in court june 4th. but this weekend the olympic hero is staying at his uncle's house. he was released on $112,000
9:07 am
bail, but there are conditions. he can't return to his house. he must report twice a week to a plys station. he must surrender his passport. he can't eve gone near an airport. and no alcohol. senior international correspondent nic robertson is live for us in johannesburg, south africa. much relief, might it be temporary, though, for oscar pistorius, who gets a chance to stay at a relative's home? >> reporter: yeah, a little relief for his family. we've heard from his uncle, the man whose house he's staying in at the moment. it's a house in a wealthy neighborhood in pretoria. there are high walls around it, big gates around it. parole officers turned up there early this morning. what the family is saying is it's good to have him back at home. there is relief. it's brought them together as a family. they never thought they would have to go through anything like this, but they all recognize that their lives are changed
9:08 am
irreversibly at this stage. they've sent flowers and a card to reeva steenkamp's family. her family at this time, though, seem a little bit perhaps frustrated that he's been able to get bail. they say they just want to see justice done. >> not sure what to feel in the case. they just want to know the truth, and whatever happens, it's not going to bring her back, you know? they just want justice and the truth. >> well, one of the country's afrikaans newspaper has quoted reeva steenkamp's father as saying that if oscar pistorius is lying or has caused his legal team to lie so far, then he's going to have to live with this on his conscience forever. he also said that if he's telling the truth, then he said maybe one day i can forgive him. but these are changed times now, the whole pistorius family and the steenkamp family and the nation watching attentively. >> an interesting day in court. the magistrate took two hours
9:09 am
before finally announcing the decision on bail, et cetera. but along the way, the magistrate had some very harsh words for the investigation process. one has to wonder how that might influence decisions along the way during this legal process. will it be the same magistrate the whole way through, potentially? >> reporter: it doesn't appear to be so. and the plys investigation team has changed or at least the head of the investigation has changed. the defense and prosecution, state prosecution, those lawyers will likely stay the same nap's what we understand. but it does seem there's a lot for the state to do to prove this this case. the magistrate was really quite harsh on the plys investigation, contaminating the crime scene, not following up on key evidence, you know, had phone calls been made from the cell phones that were found in the bathroom near reeva steenkamp's body. so a lot of very big questions outstanding there. but i think one of the reasons the magistrate went so long,
9:10 am
there's been, you know, so degree of pressure to keep pistorius in jail, and i think he felt that wasn't right, but he wanted to lay out very clearly so no one could come back later and accuse him of sort of, just because pistorius is a star, of letting him get an easy path. he wanted to lay down legally thoroughly why he made the decision. fredricka? >> nick robertson, thanks so much. we' eel talk about what lies ahead for oscar pistorius. different legal proceedings in south africa than we're accustomed to in the united states. and it was the story, the murder case that captured the nation. an intern, an alleged affair with a congressman, and then ultimately found dead, murdered. find out why the man sentenced for killing chandra levy wants the investigation reopened. [ washer and dryer sounds ]
9:11 am
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some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. he's spending his first full day out of a south african jail. oscar pistorius is now free on bail until his next court appearance on june 4th. but here are the conditions of his bail. he can't go to his home where the shooting occurred. he must report to plys twice a week. he is to steer clear of all witnesses in the case and hand over his guns and passport, and he can't use drugs or even drink
9:14 am
alcohol. i'm joined now by dell kelly felts, who teaches law at the university of cape town in south africa. good to see you. you're joining us via skype. hopefully we can hear you if not see you. so, now that pistorius is out on bond, how do you see that influencing the legal proceeding for him? >> it's very significant for him because he will have much more ample opportunity to engage with his defense team. and invariably that will put him in a far better position. lit also put less pressure on his defense team to expedite the trial, the start of the trial, as he won't be spending the time before the trial in prison. so they definitely have got an easier road ahead in terms of their trial plan. >> is he getting special treatment, in your view? >> i don't believe so. there were some very senior government ministers who went on camera yesterday claiming that he was getting special
9:15 am
treatment. i would vehemently disagree with that. i think that the magistrate's very long and reasoned decision that he issued showed the extent to which he considered both the relevant law and also both parties' arguments that had been put forward. he applied the law in a fair and impartial manner and reached in my view the right decision. and i think anyone in his position, whether they were famous or not, should correctly have ended up in the same position. >> so help me understand what to expect. there would be no jury once trial were to begin. correct? it would be one judge that would consider everything, hear and see all evidence? >> yeah. it's possible and perhaps likely that the judge would request two assessors to sit with him or her. assessors are essentially lay people that the judge can request to join the bench for the trial because they have either extensive knowledge of legal matters or because they
9:16 am
have specialized knowledge in a particular area. so if the judge wanted to do that, they could request to have two assessors sit with them. but that's correct. in south africa we don't follow the jury system. so there's never the opportunity of a jury. >> there's a lot of distrust of the plys work there in south africa as a whole. how about in the court system? is it respected? is it trusted? >> well, i'd say it's trusted to a certain extent, meaning the -- >> oh, and we were afraid something like that would happen. it looks like we've lost audio as well. if p, indeed, we're able to get audio back with kelly phelps out of cape town, we'll try to resume that. kelly, can you hear me? no. all right. looks like we've lost that interview. but learned a lot nonetheless. if we're table to reconnect with her, we will try to bring that to you. meantime, a disgraced and jailed former penn state football coach, jerry sandusky, says he wants a new trial.
9:17 am
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9:20 am
officials say they caught a father they say has been running away from his parental responsibilities for years. the deadbeat dad, as the new york man is being called, has been evading child support for over a decade and his total tab now over a million dollars. robert sand owes all that money to his two former wives and his three kids. former illinois plys sergeant drew peterson says he plans to appeal his 38-year sentence for murder. he received that sentence this week for the killing of his third ex-wife, kathleen savio. the judge also denied peterson's attempt to get a new trial. peterson was transferred yesterday to a maximum-security
9:21 am
prison. savio was found dead in her bathtub back in march of 2004. the defense claimed that she fell, hit her head, and drowned. the case didn't grab headlines until peterson's fourth wife, stacy, disappeared about three years later. stacy still has not been found. and now to a murder case that fascinated the nation a decade ago. you'll remember 24-year-old congressional intern chandra levy disappeared back in 2001 amid allegations of an affair with california congressman gary condit. plys focused their investigation almost exclusively on condit, potentially overlooking other possible suspects. levy's body was found more than a year after her disappearance. -in a ravine in washington's rock creek park. well, the case went cold for almost a decade until march of 2009 when plys arrested salvadoran immigrant igmar, who was already serving time for assaulting two women in the same
9:22 am
park where chandra levy's body was found. he was convicted back in 2010 of her murder and is currently serving a 60-year sentence. well, now he says his prosecution was, quote, predicated on a lie and he wants a new trial. let's bring in our legal guys, avery friedman, good to see you, civil rights attorney and law professor in cleveland. this is like a reunion for here us. >> oh, my goodnd. how wonderful to see you. wow. >> and richard herman, new york criminal defense attorney and law professor joining me from las vegas. good to see you guys. >> hey, fred. welcome back. >> thank you. >> look great. >> thanks so much. >> so happy to have you back. >> great to be back. great to be talking with you guys. this is a fascinating case, has been all the while. and now we're talking about documents from the case that will -- that have been unsealed. so avery, what did these documents reveal? >> well, it's a thermonuclear development, fredricka. this week two trimts were released -- and remember, this
9:23 am
is three years after the conviction. the prosecution has been fighting to keep the trimts secret. the argument is that someone could be killed if it comes public but because of media and the defense team it surfaced. the information relates to whether or not there was evidence which would have impeopled a key witness. which witness we don't know. we think it's armando morales, who was the jailhouse informant in this case, but we don't know the answer. so there's going to be a hearing coming up on the 11th of april. we'll see more information coming up, and it may result in a new trial. >> this is incredible, because, you know, richard, for a very long time it was, you know, unsolved, and then it was sort of solved, and now questions still surround it. so are we talking act potentially reopening this case top to bottom? >> oh, yeah, top to bottom, fred. they focus entirely on gary condit. that was their target. he was in the bull's-eye. they didn't look at any other
9:24 am
possibilities. then when that went dry, they slapped together this conviction based on, based on a jailhouse informant snitch. his testimony was the one ha did it. nothing else -- >> and that was the primary piece of evidence? >> that was it. no dna, nothing, just this jailhouse snitch trying to get out of prison. and now apparently, as avery said, there's some bombshell information that undermines it, the defense says that the prosecution knew about this for at least a year, didn't disclose it. that's unethical. sounds right. sounds like there's going to be a new trial here, fred. >> we may be reliving this again. next case, former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky, now, he's appealing his conviction. again, the move comes less than a month after a judge denied his motion for a new trial. this time around, sandusky, well, he's serving a 30- to 60-year sentence for sexually abusing ten boys over a 15-year
9:25 am
period. richard, do his attorneys have new reasons now to pursue this appeal? >> no. they don't have any new reasons, fred. they already filed their post conviction briefs. the judge who tried the case made his decision on those. he denied everything. and now it goes up to the appellate division, to the appellate judges in pennsylvania, the same arguments will be made about they should not have allowed some hearsay testimony, that the jury instructions were faulty, that the defense did not have enough time to prepare the case. all that's going nowhere. the jury came back on a flash verdict. i think 45 out of 48 counts conviction. and, you know, he's fourth and 99 1/2, trying to throw a bomb. not kwoigoing to happen. this guy will probably die in prison. >> does it make a difference if the appeal is a made to a different judge, a different court all together? >> well, that's the process, but what's intriguing is the
9:26 am
underlying legal reasoning. the argument by joe amendola, the lawyer for sandusky, is look, under the sixth amendment, there has to be a fair trial. there were 9,500 roughly documents involved. i didn't have enough time to prepare. a terribly weak argument. there was a 28-page opinion written by the judge who tried the case. now they're arguing again we didn't have enough time to prepare. it didn't violate -- >> does this argument ever work after the fact, not enough time to prepare, like once the verdict is in? isn't that the argument you make before you get that to that juncture? >> yeah. >> does it ever work? >> basically, that's it. >> you throw everything up against the wall and hope something sticks. but he's being criticized for ineffective assistance of counsel. 30 to 60 years. he'll die in prison. >> all right. we'll talk to you again. we're not done with you guys. another set of cases to delve into in about 20 minutes -- >> and pictures. >> and pictures.
9:27 am
got to share. okay. this and we're going to be talking about particularly one case. it's involving a face-off between witches and prison lawyers. they're at odds over the freedom of religion. first amendment fight that everybody at home, you've got to tune in it for it. listen to see how avery and richard see it. also coming up, cops are baffled about the case of a young woman found dead in a hotel water tank. but it's not the first time bizarre and frightening things have occurred at the cecil hotel. it's got a very twisted history. and we've all seen first lady michelle obama dancing with the president. right? have you ever seen her hit the dance floor like this before? not showing you yet. you have to tune in to see. first, you're perhaps looking for a sun-splashed island to go to along with a dose of ancient history. greece has all of that. holly ferfer shows you how.
9:28 am
>> reporter: greece really wants tourism dollars, and that's great for travelers. >> one of the great things about troovm greece right now, especially during the economic crisis, are hungry for travellers to visit the country. you can find a lot of great deals and discounts in greece right now. >> reporter: there are a few must-see stop ls. >> you definitely want to start in athens. that's where the acropolis is and the national archaeological museum. from athens, you can visit the peloponnesian peninsula, the temple of apollo there, a great place to what extent plor. and you have to hit the islands. this is santorini, but there's the i, you know,ian islands on the other side of greece. >> the financial situation in greece is still a little uncertain. so buses, ferries, trains, and
9:29 am
museums could be operating with reduced hours. so make sure you get travel insurance in case of strikes or delays. >> reporter: you just have to be aware that things may change and things may not operate exactly according to schedule so, just bring your patience and a sense of adventure. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. now this...will work. [ male announcer ] just like you, business pro. just like you. go national. go like a pro.
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welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield. thanks for joining us. these are the top stories we're following for you in the "cnn newsroom." the vatican is slamming media reports in italy about why pope benedict redecided to resign. two publications say it happened the same day the pope received a bombshell a300-page vatican dossier documenting homosexuality in the priesthood. a vatican spokesman calls the report gossip intended to influence the upcoming vote for a new pope. and we now know the identity of another victim of that deadly shooting and car crash on the las vegas strip. our affiliate komo reports sandra sutton was the passenger in that taxi and it burst into flames after a maserati crashed into it. the crash also killed the taxi driver. someone in a black range rover
9:33 am
opened fire on the maserati early thursday, killing the driver of the maserati, and he has been identified as aspiring rapper kenneth cherry. pl polis are hunting for ok you pants of the range rover. the governor insists there is no immediate public health risk but says it is disturbing. now to that bizarre discovery of a woman's dead body found in a water tank at the cecil hotel in los angeles. po lishgs ce are searching for answers. she is a canadian tourist reported missing in late january. her death is another strange tale in this hotel's dark past. >> reporter: in a city of the famous and those who would be famous, the cecil hotel is best known for its infamy. founded in the 1920s, the hotel sit in downtown los angeles, just a stone's throw from skid
9:34 am
row. the neighborhood around the cecil has changed over the decades, but despite the city's best efforts to gentrify it, the hotel remains a symbol of the area's dark past. >> thank you for calling the european-style cecil hotel, the best affordable hotel in downtown los angeles. >> reporter: calling itself the premier choice of downtown hotel, it attracts mostly low-income residents. in the '50s and '60s, it was known as a place where those at the end of their rope would end their life. in 1985, it was the choice hideout for serial killer richard ramirez, convicted of killing at least 13 people throughout los angeles. ramirez reportedly lived at the hotel for months. an austrian serial killer also found comfort there. jack underweeker may have even killed some of his prostitute victims there. it's rumored the black dahlia hung out in the hotel before her brutal murder in 1947.
9:35 am
rand now this, the decomposing body of a canadian tourist found in one of the hotel's water tanks. guests were noticeably upset. >> wouldn't you be if there was dead body in the water you were using and drinking? >> reporter: canadian tourist alisa lamb chose the hotel despite it seedy past. her body may have been there for weeks. >> the pressure was terrible, and when you turn the tap on, the water was coming black first. >> reporter: just the latest mystery for a hotel with a haunted past. >> that was nick valencia's voice you were hearing. here he is live. are investigators any closer to solving this case? >> good afternoon, fred. the short answer is no. there was an autopsy earlier this week that proved to be inconclusive so officials still aren't able to determine whether she died accidentally or perhaps was the victim of something more sinister. they are waiting on toxicology reports. that, of course, though, could take weeks and her family and others will have to wait a
9:36 am
little longer to find out why and how alisa lamb died. >> what about other surveillance tape? we keep looking at that tape of her in the elevator where it doesn't really look like she's evading someone, hiding, et cetera. are there any other cameras somewhere around the building that investigators or l.a. police are saying that ear looking into? >> she's acting very bizarre, isn't she, in in tape released by the los angeles police department. so far that is the only surveillance tape that's been leased of her. we just don't know why she was there. one of her high school classmates spoke to ctv, one of our canadian affiliates, and said she was on holiday on vacation in southern california with her eventual destination being about five hours north in santa cruz. she was reported missing in late january. and, fred, if you can believe this, she could have been in there in that water tank as many as 19 days. >> it is gruesome. thanks so much. nick valencia.
9:37 am
all right. these are the stories trending. let's take a look. they are very familiar, are they not? justin timberlake, jay-z. guess what, not only were they teaming up during the grammys but they're teaming up now for a big concert tour, a 12-stop event called the legends of the summer. it's going to begin in july. it will start in toronto and wind up in hot miami. also, new york city thieves are stealing more smartphones and tablets than ever, and it seems apple products are the most in demand. the problem has gotten so bad, apparently, that the nypd has assigned some officers specifically to hunt these devices down. and first lady michelle obama has some new dance moves up her sleeve. there she is with jimmy fallon, grooving on the show last night. he apparently got -- oh, no, jimmy fallon not looking familiar to you. but doing a little sprinkler move right there, dressed up as a mom in what they're calling the evolution of mom dancing.
9:38 am
go, girls. already, drivers, start your engines. and lady drivers, as well. danica patrick in pole position to make racing history. we take you to daytona. how do you keep an older car running like new? you ask a ford customer. when they tell you that you need your oil changed you got to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotated, you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're car here to the ford dealership for service instead of any one of those other places out there. they are going to take care of my car
9:39 am
because this is where it came from. price is right no problem, they make you feel like you're a family. get a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation and much more, $29.95 after $10.00 rebate. if you take care of your car your car will take care of you.
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9:41 am
danica patrick can say she is the first woman to win the pole position at the daytona 500 and tomorrow no doubt she wants to be able to say she's the first woman in history to win the race. joe carter is there, excited about it, just like all the fans. so how is she kind of, you know, relaxing, if she can? getting that inner spirit ohm before the big race tomorrow. >> reporter: yeah. she hasn't had much time to relax, i can tell you that much,
9:42 am
fredricka. she's been very busy doing lots and lots of interviews, obviously. and, you know, the approach for team patrick this weak has really been about preserving the car. on sunday, of course, she came out as the fastest car among the other 42 drivers so they looked at it as, hey, we don't want to wreck this car, we don't want to give ourselves less of a chance of winning the daytona 500 on sunday, so she preserved the car. she had the option to race today during a practice session. she decided to keep her car in the garage. she is going to race, though, in the nationwide race, which is going to start in about 30 minutes. so she will be running, but it will be in a different car, her nationwide car. so the tactic is save the fastest car in the field for the biggest race in this sport, which, of course, is tomorrow, freld reika. >> wow. trevor made his history last year at daytona and, well, she's already made some history. has she expressed whether she feels a tremendous amount of
9:43 am
pressure, you know, to stay out in front tomorrow or is that going to be pressure coming from within anyway? she wants to win, of course. >> that's what she said yesterday in her final press conference is she puts, you know, her own pressure on herself, that she doesn't have to worry about what the media says or what fans say or even her competitors, that she puts enough pressure on herself already and she expects to win this race. she is a rookie. this is her first full season at nascar's top level, but she says she expects to win this race and expects to compete and beat the 42 other men out in the field. you know, we we expect her to do well tomorrow. obviously off to a great start. they couldn't have scripted a better start this week, obviously compared to last year when she crashed in qualifying and crashed in the second lap of the daytona 500. she's off to a great start, but we'll see what happens tomorrow when she fires it up. >> i like some of the other drivers are trying to refrain from being too envious, jeff gordon saying, hey, i'm the fastest guy, since he gets to be, you know, number two. all right.
9:44 am
we'll see, you know, how cordial everyone is once drivers start their engines tomorrow. thanks so much. keep us posted throughout the afternoon from daytona. >> thank you. prison inmates have the right to see clergy while incarcerated. right? what about inmate who is follow witchcraft? should they get their own chaplain? why turbo? trust us. it's just better to be in front. the sonata turbo. from hyundai.
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a lot of us worked multiple
9:47 am
jobs in college, right? working six different jobs when you we you are in the prime of your career, that's a different story. christine romans introduces us to a woman who was forced by the recession to piece together a new way to make a living. >> reporter: charmaine da costa is a caterer, a pastor, office manager. >> my next guest arrives -- >> host for air b&b. >> when they travel, people appreciate someplace clean. >> english language tutor, professor, and a singer-songwriter. >> i'm busy. there. >> reporter: in 2007, da costa left her job as executive assistant to pursue singing full-time. then the recession hit. >> the bottom fell out. >> reporter: forcing da costa to get droif make ends meet. >> took music jobs, catering jobs, administrative work, any job that would actually pay me
9:48 am
and was legal. the economy is forcing people to use their hidden talents. >> reporter: and redefining traditional careers, from 9:00 to 5:00 to 24/7. >> the office manager and the pastor jobs actually pay the same. the catering jobs vary, and then there's air b&b, which actually is the bomb. i can make in one week at air b&b what i make in two weeks at my other jobs. >> "can" being the operative word here. six jobs don't equal six figures. >> now i'm off to the baptist church where i do my other things. it's not the life that most people would choose, i'm sure. the con is i'm neve quite sure when the mortgage is going to be made, what bills are going to be paid and when. i don't have security of planning next year. >> reporter: while da costa says she thinks she could find a full-time job again she chooses not to. >> i'm the happiest i've ever
9:49 am
been. bar none. no time in my life have i been this happy. >> christine romans, cnn, new york. the american dream is of a better future, a confident retirement. those dreams have taken a beating lately. but no way we're going to let them die. ♪ ameriprise advisors can help keep your dreams alive like they helped millions of others. by listening. planning. working one on one. that's what ameriprise financial does. and that's what they can do with you. that's how ameriprise puts more within reach. ♪ [ male announcer ] when we built the cadillac ats from the ground up to be the world's best sport sedan... ♪ ...people noticed. ♪
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all right. if you smoke in your car and young kids are riding with you,
9:52 am
you could get smoked with a ticket. that's what drivers in connecticut will be hit with if a proposed ban goes into effect. avery friedman in cleveland, richard herman in los angeles. this guy says it's not a case of government butting into other people's lives but is like other safety requirements like seattle belts, cell phones, child restraint seats, children wearing helmets. it makes sense. it's common sense, the right thing to do. what do you guys think? is this a government overreach? will it stay in park or drive? airy, you first. >> well, that's exactly the issue. i mean, is it too much -- and, you know, i grew up choking on my mother's cigarettes. i get this issue. but the question here, is it overreach or is it the function, the proper function, of government to really look into the science of what's going on. there are legislative hearings going on in connecticut right now on this very question, and you know what, i think it's
9:53 am
likely that you'll see this law enacted because the science supports the detrimental effect of cigarette smoking in a car even if the windows are open. and believe it or not, fredricka, this is not the first time. there are six other states that actually have similar legislation. i think you're going to see more and more of this at the state level. >> really, there's no argument here about the dang dangers of second hand smoke. itis a case of where you may practice this or where you may decide, you know, to do your own thing, richard. so this isn't the only state that's trying to do this. there have been other states that have tackled it and have come up with bans of smoking in cars. you're looking at the map here. arkansas, california, louisiana, hawaii, maine, and maryland. why would it be any different for connecticut to get on board? >> it won't be different. the question is should states
9:54 am
legislate parental responsibility? seat belts, cell phones, that's different. but when you say this is how to be a better parent for the safety of your children, is this what we want states to do. that's the issue. i think it's going to pas. i xlu groou up in the '60s. those windows were shut. sheila, there was a lot of smoke in the car. i made it, i'm here. but it's a disgusting habit. they're not going to pull people over and say you're smoking, there appears to be a child in the car. it's 7 years and younger. and if you get pulled over for something else and you happen to be smoking with a child in the car, you'll get a ticket for that. that's how it's going to be implemented. let's shift gears so, to speak, face-off between witches and lawyers. a federal appeals court in california have to decide if wiccan inmates deserve their own chaplain. the followers worship nature and are also involved often in witchcraft. a group of wiccan, you know,
9:55 am
prisoners say that they deserve a full-time chaplain just like followers of all other major faiths, a trial court judge has dismissed p wiccans' lawsuit, but the appeals court brought it back this week. aichry, you say, you know, there are a number of wiccans in prison. and i guess that's what is at the core here as to whether they will get their way. right? >> well, that's exactly right. in terms of the constitutional cases of the week, i think this is number one, because it deals with the first amendment and the so-called establishment clause meaning government can't establish religion, force religion. they're arguing the wiccan practitioners, look, there are chaplains for catholics and property assistants and muslims, mainstream. how about us? they're arguing there are more wiccans than many mainstream prisoners. what's going to happen? it goes back to the trial court. the california penal institution
9:56 am
has to do the survey. and if they're right, if they're right, then the wiccan practitioners will actually get their full-time chaplain. we'll see. we don't know the answer right now. >> richard, do you agree with that? if there are a lot of wiccans, this won't be a tough argument. >> well, it's a legitimate argument, and the initial judge who heard the case said, listen, i'm not going to preclude you from practicing your wiccan whatever it is, you can do that, but we're not going to follow a full-time chaplain for you. you can get part-time chaplains to come in and see them, but we're not going to spend money in the state of california, which is already bankrupt, to hire more wiccan chaplains for their prisons. now on review, the standard, the constitutional standard and the legal argument is sound, fred. so i think you're going to see a wiccan chaplain hired full-time for these prisoners. >> we'll see. >> we will see. i can't say, you know, how great it is.
9:57 am
i can't say it enough how great it is to be back with you guys after almost three months being away. but i have to say thanks for all the love that you've showered me with. >> oh, my goodness. of course. >> and viewers, as well. this is in large part why i've been away. these two little people right here. this is nola and gilbert. they're now almost 3 months old as of next week. >> oh, my goodness. >> they're really sweet. very kind to mama and dada. >> getting sleep. taking after mom. >> why i said they've been so kind to us. great sleepers. >> wow. >> they've been very tolerant of us, which is why i'm able to be back at work. >> look at that. wonderful. >> thanks to all the love you have showered them. thank you, rism around and avery. >> congratulations, fred. so happy we're back. i'm getting text messages from your fans how beautiful you look and your outfit and everything. >> that's nice. >> lighting up the screen. absolutely right. >> thanks so much. glad to be back. thanks for having me back in your homes as well. i appreciate it. avery, richard, good to see you.
9:58 am
see you again next week, because it's always a date here at the noon eastern hour. >> yes. >> much more after this. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. for the things you can't wash, freshen them with febreze. febreze eliminates odors and leaves a light, fresh scent.
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