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tv   And The Winner Is  CNN  February 25, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PST

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pooerd good evening from hollywood.
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for our oscar special. it's a huge night, with stunning surprises, many upsets. let's get right to the big winners, as they were announced. first, the big picture, making hollywood boulevard. and i have my own star panel. joining me is hollywood legend, jon voight, pop and country legend, leann rimes. and lenny barch. nichelle turner. at the governor's ball. we'll have all the winners first. >> the oscar go toez. "django unchained." >> miss anne hathaway.
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>> thank you, academy. >> "silver linings playbook." >> this is the first academy award and second academy nomination for miss lawrence. >> and the oscar goes to. "argo." congratulations. >> massive moments for ben affleck there. "argo" winning best picture.
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you won an oscar. it was more surprises than maybe we would have predicted. >> it was spread out pretty good. i think people were satisfied with it. of course, everybody's got their favorites. and the people are rooting for it. and even though you win or lose with your guy, you know? it was a very nice night tonight. >> the presidential theme of "lincoln." daniel day-lewis winning. and "argo." president carter was a figure in that real-life story. and michelle obama popping up at the end there. lots of presidents going on today, jon. >> yes. >> what do you want me to say? >> i have no idea. it happens to be a fact. >> you've won awards. you've lost awards. sorry to remind you of that. >> thanks. >> at least i've been nominated enough to lose them. >> what is the psychology of winning or losing. how important is it in reality? >> i think it's nice to be
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acknowledged by your peers. i've won awards. and i think it raises the dollar amount that's on your paycheck. and then you lose them and it really doesn't change much. >> do you see a real ka-ching impact? >> i think so, yes. >> i thought some of the singers hit great highs and others not so much. what did you think of the singing? >> oh, well i love the singing. well, hey. have a seat. >> as i said a night of surprises. >> i don't know who decided to have jennifer hudson open for russell crow. i thought she should have gone last. don't you agree? >> she sounded great. it was a huge performance. >> for me barbara streisand was
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great. adele singed within her herself and had a few mike issues. i don't think we got the full one. is she still struggling with the nose problem. >> i don't know personally. she's fantastic. amazing singer. it takes you in this weird head space. i don't know how she is but i feel like since she's had it, she's maybe held back a bit. you're a little timid so maybe that's what she was feeling or maybe it's like they didn't turn up the volume. i don't know. >> a big night for ben affleck. he's the comeback kid. let's listen to something he said tonight. >> i thank everyone on the movie. did anything with this movie. i want to thank canada. our friends in iran living in
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terrible circumstances. i want to thank my wife who i don't normally associate with iran. i want to thank you for working on our marriage for ten christmases. it is work. it's the best kind of work. there's no one i'd rather work with. >> ben affleck receiving the award. obviously produced the big picture winner. it's a great story. he was pretty much down and out in hollywood. he's made his great comeback. the big thing is not getting kicked down, it's how you pick yourself up. >> i think everybody is so happy with the result. i think everybody was reading with argo. he's had a hard time in the press over the years. he's in a position now where he's so well known for what he's doing. i think he will be one of the best directors the of our generation. >> up with of the others was george clooney. it's interesting what he had to
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say about his friend, ben. >> george, how are you? >> good. >> what's it like being the second best looking guy on the red carpet? >> well, i don't know. what is it like? >> how are you? >> how are you? >> the bleacher creatures were all asked to name the one person they most wanted to see and then it was you. >> until they saw me with the beard. >> they don't like it? >> they didn't like it. i noticed that. >> they thought is he remaking "castaway." >> is that the creatures there? >> there are two of them here. you're the first man in history to be nominated in six categories. quite an astonishing achievement. >> a trivia question, i think it is. >> a remarkable illustration of
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the range you bring to your moviemaking. you must be proud of that. >> i am proud of it. if you're going to survivor in this business you have to do other things. the fact that i've been lucky enough to succeed in a bunch of different -- i need fallback jobs, as i get older. >> "argo" has been getting a lot of attention and also a bit of criticism. i interviewed former president jimmy carter. what do you think? >> our argument is this is the american story that's never been told because it was top secret. everyone sort of dined out on the other story. we thought it would be nice to tell the story about the american who came up with the idea and snuck into iran to do it. if there's a problem of it it's through a mission and i have no problem with that. we were trying to tell the story. >> ben affleck, the come back kid is what they're calling him. what do you think? >> i like that except he's tall and good looking. >> and he has a better beard.
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>> that's actually bull. >> george clooney. we have coverage of jennifer lawrence talking about becoming the best actress. >> i'm sorry. i did a shot before i came. sorry. jesus. all right. >> the fall on the way up to the stage -- >> was that on purpose? absolutely. what do you mean what happened? look at my dress. i tried to walk upstairs in this dress. that's what happened. i think i stepped on a fabric and they waxed the stairs. >> we're going to 29. and then, back to 181. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> what was going through your mind when you fall down?
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>> what went through my mind? a bad word that i can't say. that starts with "f." >> we're going 181 and back to 225. >> over here. at 22 years old, you have your first oscar and you've already had two nominations. it's awfully young to have so much success. you feel it's a good thing it's coming so early in the career? >> i hope so. yeah. who knows. i guess we'll see. >> you don't worry about peaking too soon? >> well, now i am. god. >> okay. 225 and we need to wrap it up. we'll end with 117. >> i feel like i'm picking
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people to make fun of me. next. >> i'm really not. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> aside from the statue, what was been different than two years ago when you were nominated? >> preparing for the day. i didn't eat today because i was so stressed and then i was starving in the car ride over and that sucked. i don't know. well, i think i was -- well i was less nervous because i had been through it before and i know more people. last time i was brand new to the industry. i didn't know anybody. i would always go to these things and see these people hugging and like oh, my god, john, how are you? i know more people. that makes it a lot less awkward. >> we're going to end with 117 on your left. >> thank god. >> what did you think of seth's performance hosting? did you like the song?
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>> i did. i thought he was great. >> great. thank you so much. congratulations. >> thank you. >> jennifer lawrence giving a press conference. what a lovely young woman. funny. gives it straight. we're going to come back after the break and discuss jennifer lawrence. i think she's a breath of fresh air in this industry. we'll discuss what the panel thinks. what's more beautiful than a covergirl? two covergirls. that's right. get two miracles in one product. covergirl makeup, and olay advanced hydrating serum. it's tone rehab 2-in-1 foundation. one pump, covers spots, lines, and wrinkles. and one bottle helps improve skin tone over time. that's what i was supposed to say now. well, no one can understand you. ♪ tone rehab 2-in-1 foundation from...
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this is a big night for you. you're being described as the great movie star of our times. how do you respond to that allegation? >> are you sure that's not just my mom? >> she's been making people laugh all day with her charm and easy style. we're going to go quickly to daniel day-lewis, with his reaction. it's the third time he's won a piece of history in oscar legend.
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>> have you been able to come out of character now? >> i think i'm out of character at this moment. if i slip back into it by mistake you can do an intervention of some time or the heimlich maneuver or whatever you do with actors the get stuck in character. i'm definitely out of character now. >> we're going to 186 and then we'll go to 104. >> congratulations. right here. >> thank you. >> you've had so many acceptance speeches and they've all been so eloquent and smart. is anybody helping you? >> i wish. i wish. no. they haven't. they haven't. if you can't find your own words to say in situations like this, i think that would be a little sad, wouldn't it? personally, it's so sweet of you to say that but i kind of love
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it when people are inarticulate when they are making speeches, as well. it says the same thing in a different way. >> we're going to 104. i need to wrap it up so 147. >> daniel. >> hi. >> congratulations. >> sorry i nearly killed you on the way up to the red carpet. i didn't mean to. >> thank you for saying that. i'll get you later. listen, congratulations. >> thanks. >> this is the third time we've done this. >> daniel day-lewis obviously delighted to be winner. jackie weaver i imagine is thrilled for jennifer lawrence. >> reporter: we were discussing whether you were kind of flirting with jackie on the red carpet earlier this afternoon. i said yes. jackie, i think she believes you were too. do you think he was? do you think piers was flirting with you? >> not at all. i thought he wouldn't be that desperate.
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>> come on, you look gorgeous. we were talking earlier and she did do her loser face but you said you are just over the moon for jennifer lawrence. >> she's so brilliant. i adore her. >> now, i have to give you a little shine. you told me something just now that took my breath away. you have $2 million worth of jewels on tonight. >> i do. they're blood-free diamonds. blood-free means nobody loses any blood. >> i love that. now, before i let you go in, russell crowe is walking behind. i think he's going in and will do what you needed to do. what do you think about seth? how did he do? >> i love seth. i've always loved him. after tonight i love him even more. >> yes.
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>> he's brilliant. >> have a good time. sorry that you didn't win but we're glad that "silver linings playbook" got you. have a great time tonight. we're going to send it back to you as i almost trip over the hedge outside the governor's ball here. we see the a-list starting to arrive. i'm keeping my eagle eye out for all of those big winners. i'll try to snatch them for you. >> excellent. when jackie called me a pom it's what australians call the british. it's a rather derogatory phrase. let me come to john quickly. jennifer lawrence rising star. brilliant actress and such fun in any kind of interview environment or press conference. >> very charming, very spontaneous. both such brilliant talents. that's what you get to see.
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whoever gets the focus and it can be any up with of the five members of that nominated group, you get to see a little insight in them. each one is unique. they give you little something for themselves. >> daniel day-lewis is the only man to have won three times. only man in history to do that. is he the greatest actor in our generation? >> he's a great actor. he's a master actor. it's wonderful to see him with this great role. this role to work toward. he does this wonderful in-depth research and all the written things. i'm a lincoln guy. the voice that people talk about is exactly as they describe it. he did all this wonderful, wonderful work. he's such a graceful performer. he's a great actor and this is a great role. >> let's talk about jennifer lawrence. she's real emerging superstar.
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not just in movies. but in entertainment. >> we were saying we all have girl crushes on her. >> girls love her. guys love her. everybody loves her. >> i didn't realize she was 22. she is amazing. we were saying she has an old soul. she's beautiful. she has this spirit about her. i haven't seen in a while from someone her age. this old soul that has the knowledge of her craft. she's amazing. >> let's take a short break. i'll get the other ladies to talk about jennifer. i think she's a hot story of the night and we'll talk about seth macfarlane. i'm also hearing a lot of people hated it. there was no middle ground with that guy. let's come back and talk seth after the break, as well. waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week.
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that's right.
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>> i just lost. >> give me a big loser face. >> go on, give me the loser one. >> just kind of a glazed smile. >> testing the water with a few good loser faces from my guests on the red carpet. we have catherine zeta jones. >> reporter: i was speaking with michael douglas and catherine zeta-jones. they have moved on now. >> darn. >> i know. they just left. i was trying to told them for you. she was telling me that she was such a rush for her being on stage tonight. they're right beside me here. i'm going to see if i can grab them. if i can try to grab them.
1:30 am
>> manhandle them over. >> reporter: they're right in the middle. i'm trying to grab them. i'm behind this hedge here. >> very dramatic. i like this. lean in. >> reporter: i'm about to catapult over this hedge here. she's coming over right now to speak to me. octavia spencer is coming over to speak to me. of course she won best supporting actor last year. you're making fun of me. that's real funny. come right on in. piers morgan is making fun of me. he was trying to tell me to grab you. grab katherine zeta jones. can you come over? come on over. come on over here. we're live on cnn. how you feeling? >> i'm good. >> how awesome does she look
1:31 am
tonight? >> first of all, when i saw you step out of your car, i said wow. >> vavavoom, right? >> well, you know. i have a good teacher here. >> you are epically -- >> our dresses match. >> well, darling. >> you guys starred together last year, nominated again. you're back again. how does it feel? have you forged this lifelong friendship because you look like it? >> i hope so. we're the super couple. octessica. >> this is all over. you can let it out. >> i'm going to just -- i'm hungry. i haven't eaten in 12 hours. >> you think it will be good in there? >> i'm about ready to eat anything. >> are you vegan? >> yes. >> i heard wolfgang fixed some vaguen dishes.
1:32 am
>> can i ask you real quick because i know -- you guys. first of all, i want to join the sister friendship you guys are like girlfriends in my head. you look like you have so much fun. >> the sad thing is i feel like i haven't seen her in so long. >> we're so busy. >> we were talking today about skype. skype is a good way to keep in touch. >> we text when she's in this country, which is never. we e-mail. she's just jessica chastain, two-time academy nominee. >> octavia, academy award winner. >> you sounded convincing. how are you feeling, really? >> i feel very happy for everyone that won. the wonderful thing about tonight is there wasn't one movie that won everything. >> exactly. >> that kind of goes to show what an incredible year for film it was.
1:33 am
we can say that "zero dark thirty" is an oscar winner. >> watching a strong woman on television playing a complex role, bravo to you. have a good night. thank you. we got jessica chastain and octavia spencer. see, i pulled a double for you. how about that? top that. >> thanks. we're going to go straight to quentin tarrantino. he's backstage. he gave a great speech. i'm glad he won. he's one of the great talents in hollywood. quentin, take it away. >> to take an audience member from the 21st century and stick them in the south and have a sense of what america was like back then. even the people that have criticized the movie and a lot of people don't like it, i can understand that. a lot of people do like. they've been going back and forth.
1:34 am
that's what i wanted for this movie. and i hope it continues for the next few years. >> we're going to 117 and then 99. >> hi, over here. your movie was such a success at the box office. do you think that the financial success of these films is going to impact how studios think about making adult-oriented, serious-minded fare? >> that's a good question. i found myself -- i go into my own little film study from time to time especially during crazy moments like this to put it out of my brain. one of the things i've been doing is a lot of study on the films made in the early '70s. between '69, '70 and '71. that was the beginning starting in '67 the beginning of new hollywood. i have to say i wasn't thinking about us. i was doing that study for my
1:35 am
own edification. i looked at the nine nominees. and more than most other times you can think of i recognize the spirit that was going on then with the nine nominees now and even backed by some commercial success in the case of some of them. we're making adult movies about subjects there's nothing about the subject at all in a lot of these movies that would suggest they would be commercial or popular. rself. well, almost. splenda® no calorie sweetener. splenda® makes the moment yours™.
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they had a script. i really liked that. i called them up. will you put me on the movie? >> we're watching a live press conference. ben affleck, george clooney. three producers. let's take a listen to this. >> i was excited to make it. i was excited to work with these guys. i was willing to let the chips fall where they may as long as we thought they had done
1:40 am
something we're interested in. >> we're going to 261 then 138. >> back here. obviously at certain points we thought other films might win this. could you describe when you felt a tipping point in your favor? >> michelle obama. >> when they gave us the trophies i was confident that we would win. >> not completely confident. >> i did second guess. >> even when i was giving the speech i didn't feel as though we had won. >> once they let me talk, i felt good. >> i don't get into the pontificating and people like it and they're interested in it and i hope people are interested in the oscars because it helps our industry. and it helps to make better films. it doesn't help me to read up on that stuff. i was thrilled for billy. i was thrilled for chris. when it came along i was
1:41 am
thrilled for these two guys. >> we're going to 138 and number 4. >> i'm over here. i'm from the american foreign service association in washington. your movie and also the comments you've made on all of the award ceremonies has really raised the image and the profile of the foreign service. something that we don't get very often. we don't get much play. i would like to invite you, all three of you to the plaque ceremony that we have in the different of state on may 3rd where we honor fallen service officers. >> i'm going to have to interrupt but do you have a question? >> can you come? >> that's a really personal question. >> is it about volume? >> i'm able to, yes.
1:42 am
>> i went too far. >> here's the line. >> i don't know that we can come. we do have a tremendous respect for what the foreign service sacrifices and goes through. we gain further appreciation for that as we shot the movie. i know secretary clinton a little bit and secretary kerry a little bit better. we were able to shoot -- i'm not sure that's why. from my sort of distant acquaintanceship i've picked up an appreciation for what they have done. >> grant and i will be in berlin but maybe ben will be in town. >> thanks, george. >> how are you? congratulations. >> hi. >> how cool was it to have the first lady -- >> we're going to leave the three amigos for a moment.
1:43 am
riffing with the press there. jon, winning an oscar, you've been in that position. what impact does it have on a career? and what are the pitfalls you have to look out for? >> it's something you dream about when you're a young person. all these people that have gotten oscars had that in their mind as the apex of their careers. you're very fortunate when you get in that position. you're fortunate to get a role that puts you in that position. you're the one that walks away with it, it's a big deal. it's very good fortune. after that they introduce you as the oscar -- academy award winning jon voight. you seek those other roles that might bring forth your gift in the same way. sometime you can't get there. and so, you have to look at
1:44 am
different things. you think, maybe i will do this piece. this may not bring me an academy award. i came to that crossroads myself. and i did a picture called "anaconda." and even when i did that picture, they still introduced me as the academy award winner. >> you will always be an academy winner. let's talk about george clooney's beard. he was trying to tell me it's made his sexier. stacy his other half said she prefers him with the gray beard. >> no. i've known george for years. and he's the most awesome guy in hollywood. it's time for him to lose that gray beard or get something. can i just say his girl brings the fashion to the red carpet in way that i've never seen. i vote no for the beard. >> will you agree with that? >> i think clooney can do no wrong. i'll take him beard or no beard.
1:45 am
i didn't mean it like that. >> that wasn't my question but i don't mind you jumping in. i love him. he's charming and smart. let's take a short break. more from our panel. more live action from the post-oscars aftermath. [ lane ] d waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. license and registration please. what's this? uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, sir. it's digital, uh, pretty cool right? maybe. you know why i pulled you over today? because i'm a pig driving a convertible? tail light's out.. fix it. digital insurance id cards.
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just a click away with the geico mobile app.
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going straight to nichelle turner. we have the great adele. >> to that moment and they say the winner is and they pause. what's going through your head? >> i was shocked.
1:50 am
i think we both were. everyone was saying we were going to win it. i'm just elated. i'm very proud. >> can you show us your oscar real quick? this is live on cnn. adele with her oscar for best song tonight. piers has a quick we. they're about to pull her from me. >> on behalf of great britain we are incredibly proud of her. >> he says on behalf of great britain they are proud of you. >> thank you very much. you keep going with what you're doing. you know what i mean. thank you. see you later. >> that is adele who won for best song tonight. her voice doesn't it just sit with you like right here. it gets you right in the best parts. i love her voice so much. she's so happy. she looks beautiful. that face of hers is just gorgeous. i'm going to send it back to you.
1:51 am
i know ang lee is coming my way. if we get him, we'll have him right here. >> great job. welcome. let's talk quickly about seth macfarlane. a very polarizing performance tonight. if you're into him before, you got what you expected. and he was very funny. if you didn't like him before you probably thought what is this. >> i think a host has so have some edge to him. without that, you have a boring show. the fact that he polarizes, it's okay. it's fine with me especially if it divides people. >> did you find it funny? >> i did. i found him funny. now my kids want to know what an orgy is. thank you very much. his recovery was always so good. >> the big winners tonight, "life of pi" won the most oscars
1:52 am
with four. but it was spread across the board. as people say, it was a pretty open year. many could have won more than they did. some could have won less. what did you think? >> it was a competitive year. it was great year for movies. until "argo" lost the directing possibility, when ben affleck was snobbed. it was wide-open best picture. every film had its moment of, this is the front-runner. and that brought it back around again. i don't know if it necessarily won him the award. they wouldn't have given it to the film unless they liked the picture. >> let's talk about fashion for a moment. my casual eye on the red carpet. i loved jessica chastain. a great, old-fashioned, classic hollywood look. loved jennifer lawrence. stunning. i think some of the others were a big hit and miss. what were your big hits and maybe the misses? >> i loved jennifer lawrence.
1:53 am
she represented old hollywood in a very modern way. but i think the controversy is anne hathaway. we all knew she was going to win the oscar. >> we're going live now. let's cut. >> this is spectacular but if you want to get realistic and thank you very much for bringing me back down to earth you're always looking for the next job. you always think at the end of one it doesn't matter what's happened before no one will hire me again. i do feel this evening the respect of my peers and i'm going ride that wave for as long as i can. i do also have practical approach to acting which is got to work, got to work. >> 219 and then we'll go to 77. >> right here. >> hello. >> i have to admit watching the clip, i've seen the film and taken aback seeing your clip. when you watch it, when you revisit the film and see the scene, your song, are you kind
1:54 am
of impressed by yourself? >> i'm impressed by the work around me. i'm impressed by my make up. i'm impressed by the haircut an the set and the score and the song. but all i can hear is the notes that i didn't quite hit. maybe i'll get over it someday. >> 77 and then 37. oment all to . well, almost. splenda® no calorie sweetener. splenda® makes the moment yours™.
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back with my all-star panel. joined by oswald. oswald, how are you? >> very good. >> who rocked your boat at the oscars? >> i'm a big fan of daniel day-lewis. any opportunity to see him work and be on the stage. it was great that he won. >> who were the big winners? >> male or female. i hate when anyone puts me on
1:59 am
the spot like that. >> you're a fashion expert. >> i'm a designer. i don't want to say i don't like this. >> who do you like? >> charlize. >> very cool. very stylish. >> and very beautiful. >> the men apart from my own. >> you're not on the red carpet. weren't you like going up for -- they were doing a best dressed list in london and piers was up there on the top two or three. i was quite surprised by that. >> let's talk about fashion. it's a big night for these female actresses. huge pressure. if it goes wrong they have to pick up the pieces for weeks on end. >> it's a really difficult time. there's a ton of pressure. the minute the nominees are out designers are tripping over themselves. really, the a-list, top of the game. jessica chastain, anne hathaway. they had the choice of w


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