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tv   Starting Point  CNN  February 25, 2013 4:00am-6:00am PST

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captures the zeitgeist for good or bad in some way. >> and he sang. >> he sang brilliantly a terrific voice. >> and he danced. >> and some say that he sang about actress' crest chests. as i was watching it, i thought it went a little far. charlize theron, she wasn't laughing at all. if she wasn't laughing, there is a problem. he pushed the envelope, and we're talking about it this morning. >> people were saying was he great or totally tasteless? that's "early start" for today. "starting point," a special "starting point" with soledad o'brien in hollywood starts right now. >> good morning. welcome, everybody. our starting point this morning. some surprises and some snubs at the oscars. he won best picture for "argo." we're hearing about director ben
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affleck being passed over in the best director category. jennifer lawrence speaks about her stumble to the stage, and the southeast seth macfarlane moments that everybody is talking about. we come to you live this morning from the roosevelt hotel in los angeles. good morning, welcome, everybody. our starting point this morning, the morning after hollywood's biggest night. the 85th oscar has lots of song and dance, a couple of upsets and a few surprise endings as well. also history being made. daniel day-lewis winning his
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third best actress award and revealing how he nearly lost the role of lincoln to another screen legend. i think he was joking, let's listen. >> before we decided to do a straight swab, i had actually been committed to play margaret thatcher. and -- and meryl was steven's first choice for lincoln. and i would like to see that version. >> we would all like to see that. cnn's nischelle turner joins us now. she watched it all. >> and now for the moment we have all been waiting for -- >> first lady michelle obama gave the oscars a jolt of excitement and a huge surprise when she appeared from the white house to announce best picture. >> and the oscar goes to "argo."
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>> reporter: an especially sweet victory for ben affleck who wasn't even nominated for the hostage thriller. "life of pi" based on the best-selling novel about a boy adrift at sea with a tiger won the most, four, including best direct for for an li. >> namaste. >> reporter: lincoln's leading mandan yell day lewis made history of his own. becoming the first male actor to win three oscars. so grateful for this beautiful honor. she took a tumble heading to the stage. everyone else on their feet when "silver linings playbook" won for best actress. >> you feel bad that i fell. that's really embarrassing. >> and the quest to make tommy lee jones laugh begins now. >> reporter: seth macfarlane took a cheeky tone.
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poking fun at himself from a victory of captain kirk. >> worst oscar host, is that bad? >> uh-huh, uh-huh. >> reporter: and there were full-throated performances from "chicago," "draeamgirls" and "h will misser he will miserables." and shirley got a standing ovation after the theme from "goldfinger" sung and adele got the best oscar. and barbra streisand sang "memories." >> i was here 15 years ago or something, and i went out, never thought i would be hack here, and i am. and it doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life,
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because that is going to happen. you have to get back up. >> reporter: that was a very good night, a very good moment last night. one of the things i don't know if people caught the fact that george clooney was also on stage there with ben affleck and the other producers of "argo." he didn't say a word during the whole speech. i said why didn't you say anything? he told me simply this was ben's night. it was ben's moment to kind of redeem himself for that oscar snub, and i think he did. >> he surely did. let's bring in tom o'neil, i think you actually got 10 %. >> in all of my top categories, yes, i did. >> congratulations. >> i thought that the ben affleck speech was really moving. o so prepared in their speeches. he was all emotion. it was great. >> the perfect oscar moment. it turned the oscars into a
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hollywood story because we saw the happy ending play out. he referred to how he had been there 19 years before on the red carpet. came to international acclaim and finally made the journey to the podium as winner of best picture. >> with a great message. >> don't give up. >> against great odds and michelle obama of all things. >> what did you think of seth macfarlane? >> i liked it a lot. in general, way too many song and dance numbers. in the beginning, i'm wondering why is he dancing with daniel radcliffe? but in general, i thought he was suburb. >> i thought the opening monologue went a couple of beats too long. i thought he was funny, kept the pacing going and his comebacks quick and sharp, and i thought he was funny. >> i felt like they were showing us entertainment on the screen, even the song and dance numbers, which went on and on and on. and some of those taped pieces
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were hilarious. the skit with sally field. so funny. >> how many kids knew what he was talking about. >> let's go to that. >> i am going to go to a party. >> count me in, man. fire up the trans am. >> i can't go anywhere. i -- >> i have a bottle of wine and some boniva. >> amy, i don't know who that is. >> jackie. >> no. >> it was hilarious. i thought it was so funny when he said the boniva. that was hilarious. the thing that -- all of those clips and song and dance numbers, just showing how amazing he is. he really is so mult i faceted. >> singi inin inin ining superb.
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>> a lot of people know him from "family guy," he was nominated for best song for "ted." we have always known he was talented. he can do so much. >> he can be crass and inappropriate and can be -- >> that's why we love him, right? >> the joke about the actor who could get seidlid inside linco. that was terrible, but funny. >> the actor really got inside lincoln's head was john wilkes booth. 150 years and still too soon? i have some napoleon jokes coming you up. you guys will be so mad. >> they said we don't need big a-list stars, meshes will tune
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in because they have seen the movies. >> i have seen all of them. >> last year "the artist" people were saying what is that? >> and "life of pi" worldwide has made over $500 million. >> we'll have more coming up on the after parties and talk about the winners, the losers and the fashion. first, right to breaking news coming to us out of the vatican this morning. right to john berman with that. >> thanks, soledad. breaking news as pope benedict xvi entering his final days as leader of the catholic church, britain's top cardinal, keith o'brien stepping down. this following accusations that o'brien abused young men studying for the priest hood and amid italian media reports that the pope is stepping down due to a vatican involving priests and male prostitutes. becky anderson is live with
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more. good morning, becky. >> they say a week is a long time in politics, but an hour is a long time in politic there. there is a news briefing going on for journalists as we speak. i'll get you as many of the lines out of that as i can. bombshells coming sort of right, left and scepter this morning out of vatican. let's start with that breaking news on the top brit tissue cardinal. cardinal keith o'brien who has resigned. the pop has declared that today. we are told he talked about his resignation to the pope back in november. he was of ailing health and at 75 he thought he should go. but his resignation hasn't been announced, nor was it going to be until his birthdate on march 15th. as of today, the top british cardinal has resigned. only british cardinal that would have been here for conclave, which we are told out of his
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press conference this morning won't be announced before march 1st. it could still happen now before march the 15th. so breaking news is the news out of britain today, he will no longer be here at conclave. also hearing today about a secret dossier. this is with reference to allegations doing the rounds in the italian press. allegations that there is a network of gay clerics at the vatican who have or possibly could have been made vulnerable to black mail by male prostitutes. that secret dossier will be passed on by this pope to the next one it will not be released. allegations will continue until people get their eyes over that. we won't any time soon. >> anything but a quiet good-bye for pope benedict xvi. our thanks to becky anderson. in other news, four days
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away from the forced government spending cuts, and the white house laying out what cuts will look like. in each state. christine romans with a look at that. >> some call this a doomsday scenario, meant to pressure republicans to accepting a deal on the wealthy. the white house spelling out the $85 billion in reductions mean. across the country, washington, d.c., head start, just there. the child development program for low-income families will be cut for several hundred kids. 13,000 department of defense civilian workers will be cut. and education will take a 90 million cut in california. some navy ships in san diego won't be repaired. nationwide, the cuts mean longer security lines and plane delays, frpgs secretary ray lahood said worker furl lo eer furloughs ar.
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>> in the end, there has to be some kind of furlough of air traffic controllers and that then will also begin to curtail or eliminate guiding planes in and out of the airport. >> and food inspectors will likely be furloughed and meat and poultry plants will be closed or slow down. republicans are calling for more action, less talk. >> the president should be calling us over somewhere. camp david, the white house, somewhere, and us sitting down and trying to avert these cuts. >> senator kelly ayotte saying we shouldn't even be in this position. >> we wouldn't be in this positions if -- these sequester type situations if we prioritized spending. in terms of the democrat's plan, the first thing they come up
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with, we'll raise taxes. >> chances are slim congress will avert cuts before fry. expect to feel it hitting schools, grocery stores, airports to name a few, john. call it a very seer weather sequel. life threatening blizzard conditions. that's what the national weather service is saying. this just days after a powerful winter blast had already blanketed the area with record snow. severe weather advisories issued for portions of southeast kansas, northeast oklahoma and the texas panhandle. the system dropping a blanket of white, canceling hundreds of flights in denver on sunday. sam brownback is calling for drivers to stay off the road and says the storm has the potential to be more dangerous than last week's. you are looking at jennifer delgado standing there on the ready to tell us what will happen next. live in the cnn weather center. >> a weather blockbuster, experiencing blizzard conditions through the texas panhandle and
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the oklahoma panhandle. see where the warnings are. talking about four states. this is likely going to continue through tomorrow morning. here is the radar, snow is coming down, in fact, we know now that interstate 27 from amarillo to lubbock is closed to visibility. the roadway too bad out there. the big story as we go through today and tomorrow. thinking about heading tomorrow, through texas and oklahoma. too late. snow has been there. storms through central texas will change over to snow. and many of these talking about a foot of snow. 12 to 18 through parts of kansas, oklahoma and northern parts of missouri, but not just the snow, not just the blizzard and visibility we're talking about today, a chance for severe storms setting up along the gulf states as well as potential for heavy rainfall across the southeast. two to four inches of rainfall. we have four big storms to deal with today. >> a lot of weather happening
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around the country. jennifer delgado, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. coast guard rescue crews searching for two adults and two children after their 29-foot sailboat started taking on water. the vessel, 65 miles off the coast of pillar point when someone on board radioed for help. an hour later, the coast guard got a message they were abandoning ship. a pair of earthquakes hit japan. about 11 minutes apart. and there are no reports of any kind of serious damage. japanese officials did not issue a tsunami alert. so some good news out of there. let's go back to california. hollywood, where no doubt the party still goes on. soledad is there. >> no doubt indeed, still ahead on "starting point," more moments from last night's very differently styled oscars, plus the daytona 500. we'll talk to kyle petty about danica patrick's historic finish
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drivers, and danica, start your engines! >> so in case you doubted james patrick raised eyebrows with that opening. the first woman to win the pole. made history as the first woman to lead a lap. she came in eighth, the best finish by a woman in the daytona 500 ever. jimmie johnson, second time as winner there. this is what he said about danica patrick's performance. >> she did an amazing job all
4:21 am
day long. spent a lot of time around her, racing in the draft. and the style of racing fits her well. she has no fear and is very comfortable. and we're excited for our sport to have her in it. >> joining us now is kyle petty. analyst at speed and former nascar driver and owner. let me ask you in general, your overall thoughts about the race? >> you know, obviously they call it the great american race. if was a decent race. with the new cars, toyotas and chevys, everyone is feeling this car out, the gen 6 car. once they got in the race, they got more comfortable with it the last 24, 30 miles of the race pretty good. pretty fantastic. >> not a lot of passing, the last lap looked like it would line up for big drama maybe not so much. let me ask you this. danica patrick was slipped from third to eighth on the last lap. seemed a little disappointed by what happened.
4:22 am
did she have reason to be disappointed about the last lap? >> i think there were a lot of people disappointed. denny hamlin was disappointed. if you follow these people on twitter, a lot of people thought they had better runs and the finish didn't show that. danica one of them. she ran an incredibly solid good race. wouldn't be a great race unless you win. she ran solid, in the top five, top ten, still finished eighth. she should hold her head proud. i had to eat crow when i said she wouldn't do that way. >> she held her own. let me ask you about what happened on saturday. the big crash there, and parts of the car which flew into the stands. how big of a concern is fan safety at nascar? >> it's a huge concern for nascar. and let's go back. bobby allison in 1987-88 almost did the same thing at talladega.
4:23 am
nascar reassessed the track and fencing at this time. no issues until we get all the way to carl edwards in 0'07-'08. this design at daytona has been changed in the last six or seven years. best design we've come up with at this time. and the fence did exactly what it was supposed to do. it kept the car on the racetrack, did parts and pieces fly into the stands? yes, they did. but the catch fence keeps the majority of the car on the track and out of grant stands. it did a fantastic job. i believe nascar will go back to the r & d center, take the car, the fence, and the parts and pieces and lay it out, just like in a plane crash or that type of situation, try to figure out what went wrong, how it went wrong, when it went wrong, and nascar will definitely look at this, and the sport will move forward in a safer way. >> we didn't even talk about
4:24 am
jimmie johnson, lining up to be a legendary driver in nascar. we'll get to that. nice to see you. back to hollywood, where soledad is basking in the post oscar glow. >> yes, i am basng. ahead this morning on "starting point," we'll talk about the rookie host of the oscars and his brand new producers, the result, on as car show with a whole different feel. did love it? hate it? we'll break it down, coming up next. yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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the road to gold. welcome back, everybody. a special edition of "starting point." live from hollywood, california. we're talking oscars with tom o'neil, another oscar night in the books now. 85th oscars have been short on surprises. but some drama, it's fair to say. with "argo" winning best picture. lots of musical numbers. seth macfarlane, a lot of talk about his performance. tom o'neil with us and nischelle
4:27 am
turner. nice to have you both with me. let's talk about seth macfarlane's take on the oscars, he brought an entire different team of people to produce the oscar show. >> i think people who have an appreciation for pop culture and a context for all his jokes on target. he did a superb job. >> not only was he a first time host, but the producers were first time producers. one of the things they told me, we will make sure the oscars have more music than ever, a little edgier, they want to bring that back. >> i thought they gave it a really big feel and tone. >> it was entertaining. the boob song. >> i loved it. one of my favorite. >> mine too. >> let's play a little bit of -- i thought it was hilarious, but completely inappropriate. ♪ christin stewart we saw the
4:28 am
boobs and in monster we saw charles let charlize theron and on scarlett johansson we thought them on our phones ♪ ♪ and jessica chastain in lawless ♪ >> the cutaway shots were meant to look like the women they were referring to was unhappy. >> that was a taped piece and those women participated. and naomi watts, charlize theron, all wearing something different. they really weren't put off by it. they enjoyed it. they participated in it. i thought it was hilarious. >> right up to the edge. naughty, but didn't go too far. >> he consistently went to the edge or over it. we'll talk about it all through the morning. still ahead, we'll talk about what is a long road going from "gili" to "argo" for ben
4:29 am
affleck. and the end of the castro era in cuba. a transfer of power now in sight. that's ahead. it's a hawk with night vision goggles. it's marching to the beat of a different drum. and where beauty meets brains. it's big ideas with smaller footprints. and knowing there's always more in the world to see. it's the all-new lincoln mkz. oh, hi thehey!ill. are you in town for another meeting? p, i brought my a-team. vo: business trips add up to family time. this is my family. this is joe. hi joe! hi there! vo: earn a ton of extra points with the double your hhonors promotion and feel the hamptonality. did you know not all fiber is the same? citrucel is different- it's the only fiber for regularity that won't cause excess gas. it's gentle and clinically proven to help restore and maintain regularity.
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you have to work harder than you think you possibly can, can't hold grudges, it's hard, but you can't hold grudges. and it doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life, because that's going to happen. all that matters is that you got to get up. >> i love this speech. a great speech from ben affleck. sweet victory from him. the director of "argo" celebrating from the oscars. we have a special edition of "starting point" from the oscars. but first, right to the news. john berman has an update on the
4:33 am
top stories. another powerful winter storm bearing down on the plains states. the national weather service warns the storm is bringing potentially life threatening conditions to kansas, oklahoma, and the texas panhandle. governor sam brownback is asking people to stay off the roads. in colorado, more than 9 inches of snow blanketed denver area. hundreds of flights canceled or delayed out of the denver airport. jim spellland is live in denver. people will try to make it to work in a few hours. will they actually get there? >> i think they will do okay once they get on main arteries. this is interstate 25 right through the middle of downtown. we have seen plows keeping this road open. traffic begins to pick up here, it looks like they are doing okay. the problem is getting to the interstate. take a look at this joon-ramp.
4:34 am
they are dealing with an upper level of nice fluffy colorado snow, and underneath, as soon as you step on it or drive on it, it turns to ice. really difficult. 300 blows across the state using de-icing material to deal with the sublayer of ice. john. >> however bad it is where you are, jim, much worse in kansas. under a state of emergency in kansas. got hit badly, and more extreme weather ahead. >> not even done digging out from the 20 or so inches they got a few days ago. another 10 or so inches today. extending the state of emergency. oklahoma and the panhandle of texas have blizzard warnings in effect. john. >> our thanks to john spellman in denver. raul castro plans on stepping down in 2018 at the end
4:35 am
of his second term. fidel castro's brother made the announcement on sunday shortly after the national assembly elected him to a second five-year term. we are live in havana with more. >> reporter: god mowrnin good m john. not a complete surprise. cuban officials should only serve two five-year terms in office. when he steps down in five years, he'll be a young 86 years old. the big surprise, the man next in line to castro. as of yesterday, that's miguel diaz canal. he studied as an electrical engineer before steadily rising through the ranks. he is the first member of his generation, the post- revolution generation to rise to such a
4:36 am
powerful position in cuba. and raul castro says the transfer of power, the generational transfer is finally at long last taking place. >> more than 50 years of the castros leading cuba by 2018. new developments in the latest chapter of american diplomacy opens. john kerry has an 11-day, 9-country tour. 10 downing street in london where he met with david cameron and then he met with william hay. he will then head to turkey and to the middle east. south korea made history, inaugurating its first ever female president. park geun-hye has pledged peace. she has apologized for human rights abuses during her
4:37 am
father's time in power. let's go back to soledad in hollywood. >> all right, john. back to oscars talk. ben affleck's comeback may be complete. a two-time oscar winner, the road to becoming a top hollywood director has been a rocky one for him. nischelle turner with back for more on that. >> who would have thought 15 years ago, and he matt damon on the stage getting the oscar for "good night hunting." he would have overnight success, then crashed pretty hard and had to rebuild his life and career. seems like he did. because last night he was back on top. >> everyone who did anything with this movie. >> a speech full of thank thank yous for ben affleck after winning the best picture for "argo." >> i'm honored to be here among
4:38 am
these extraordinary movies and really honored to win an academy award. >> reporter: second time he won the gold statue. his career in showbiz hechb always been golden. 15 years, and he fellow boston buddy matt damon took home oscars for "good will hunting." after early success, came a series of flops like "jersey girl," and "gili," both co-starring jennifer lopez, to whom affleck was once engaged. their relationship ended in 2004. >> i ran afoul of the press a little bit. became overexposed causing me to question what i wanted to do in this industry. >> he became a director, starting with "gone baby gone," and followed by "the town," and then the move behind the camera is for the resurgence.
4:39 am
>> he was in actor jail a couple of years. he directed his way out of this. >> which brings us to "argo," widely regarded as the best directing project. a box office success and early contender into awards season. then last month, came the snub heard round hollywood, when affleck not nominated for best director at the academy awards, despite "argo" getting best picture snub. that hasn't hurt him in the awards circuit. quite opposite. golden globes, director's gild, you name the award, affleck has won it. now affleck is hollywood's comeback kid. >> it doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life. all that matters is you get back up. >> yeah, the look on his face
4:40 am
there gives you those goosebumps when you hear the words. this morning, ben affleck is the director nah everyone in hollywood now wants to work with. i mean, even when you say that, still, it's a little -- the director that everyone wants to work with. >> i loved his speech. really, really spelled out in a relatively short speech the whole trajectory of his entire career. thank you, nischelle. much of the oscar buzz, who is wearing whom? alina cho joins us now. >> we saw a lot of strapless, a lot of form-fitting gowns. old hollywood glamor, soledad, the oscars are considered the super bowl of fashion. the most important red carpet in the world, where you see the most expensive, most glamorous, most over the top gowns and jewelry on the planet and this
4:41 am
year was no exception. the oscars, the glitz, the glamor. where arguably the most important words of night are not this -- >> the oscar goes to. >> but this. >> what are you wearing? >> halle berry in versace, jessica chastain in armani. >> this was a happy birthday, mr. president kind of dress. i love. >> reporter: old hollywood glamor on full display. in a sea of strapless gowns, including helen hunt's. guess who made it? >> h & m. >> no? >> yes. >> really? >> accessorized with $700,000 in diamonds. >> and anne hathaway in prada, deciding on it three hours before the show.
4:42 am
>> i really like the back. >> i really love the back too. can you do that again? wow. >> during the show, she changed into armani, and the face of dior wore, you guessed it. dior, jennifer lawrence. and this moment caught everyone's eyes. >> she said before she would do that to guarantee a standing ovation. >> do you still feel pressure about what to wear? >> oh, my god, yes. we didn't feel any pressure at all in the old days. literally. you walked in a store and walked into a store and put it on. there wasn't all this kind of stuff. >> don't tell that to quvenzhane wallis. >> i am wearing amari jr. >> actually giorgio armani, with
4:43 am
an accessory no other person had. >> a puppy purse. i usually wear them sundance. >> those poochy & co bags, all the rage. this 9-year-old quvenzhane wallis some what of a fashion star herself. i really thought halle berry in versace looked spectacular. >> and jennifer lawrence. >> because she tripped, we saw the full layout of the gown. >> thank you. in the next hour, we'll take a look at hollywood letting loose. the once big oscar ceremony is over. we're talking about the afterparties, ahead. can your longwear makeup last 'til five o'clock?
4:44 am
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a whole lot of eyes on one driver at the daytona 500. danica patrick. right in the thick of it until the very end. joe carter here with more in today's bleacher report. hey, joe. >> good morning, john. danica's day memorable right from the jump. came out in driver introductions, a huge roar, and that's saying something. as big of a roar as dale earnhardt gets, and he is the most popular driver the past ten years and then a very flattering nod at the official start of the race. >> drivers, and danica, start
4:48 am
your engines! >> that set the tone for her day. dan yak patrick, history from start to finish. first woman to start front row in the daytona 500. first woman to lead a lap at this race, led five in all. and the first woman to finish in the top ten, she finished eighth. >> i didn't think -- >> nice job. >> great job, great job. who says girls can't do this? >> a little more calm driving around here than in indy, so i guess i had -- at least on your own, in the lead. i had a little more time to look around and see the people. >> what she saw was jimmie johnson make a late-race charge to the front row. johnson took home the checkered flag to win the second daytona 00. five-time champion adds another piece toor an already legendary racing career. and rhonda rousey made
4:49 am
history by winning the first women's match in ultimate fighting history. she defeated fellow american and marine liz carmouche. this is the highest women's pay-per-view event in history, beating out a boxing match between mohammed ali and joe frazier's daughters. and the combine, where players are drilled on physical tests and psychological tests. they tested mental aptitude and character. manti te'o took questions from reporters for the first time. >> it's definitely embarrassing. i guess it's part of the process. part of the journey. but, you know, it's only going to make me stronger. and it definitely has. >> reporter: manti te'o was met
4:50 am
with 20 teams over the past two days. he will work out later today. check out to show how he's improving his draft stock. great to see dan yak patrick make history three times and it crowned a great champion in jimmie johnson. >> turning into a legend on the track. out to soledad in hollywood now. still ahead on "starting point," while the rest of america was waiting to hear who won the oscar, the family of one woman was waiting for an apology. we'll talk about that, next. oh, hi thehey!ill. are you in town for another meeting? p, i brought my a-team. vo: business trips add up to family time. this is my family. this is joe. hi joe!
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welcome back, everybody. on september 11th of 2001, san francisco native benny ann ang was a flight attendant on board the first plane that would hit the world trade center in new york city. ang risked her life by alerting american airlines that a hijacking was under way, and she died a hero. there was a message that was recorded from that discussion
4:55 am
between the tower and miss ang on the plane, and that was played in the oscar nominated film "zero dark thirty." the family says it was improperly used, and they wanted an apology if "zero dark thirty" won an award last night, which they did. her brother harry ang joins us this morning. what she said in the clip of a longer 20-minute conversation she was having with the control tower was the plane is being hijacked, and we can't get into the cockpit. when you heard they were using it -- i don't know if you had a chance to see the film -- what did you think? >> actually, i have not seen the film, nor do i intend to, but there was a prescreening of the movie back east in the boston area, and one of our friends which know our family very well, she sent us an e-mail and said she had prescreened the movie.
4:56 am
right away in the first 90 seconds of that movie in a darkened background scene, 10 or 11 voices came out, real voices. they were not makeover voices, in which she immediately recognized betty's voice. she subsequently went up to the movie film producers and asked whether the families of those whose voices were used were notified or asked for permission to do so, and they responded, no, they had not. subsequently, she e-mailed me, informed me about the movie, and that they had used betty's voice and that perhaps whether it was okay for me to -- for her to send them my e-mail address for contact. >> there were a couple things that you wanted. you wanted, if they won an award at the oscars, you wanted an apology, and you also wanted to make sure there was a link going to the foundation that you
4:57 am
started in your sister's memory. they've done some of that. as you well know last night, the one award they won, they did not mention your sister's name. how disappointed or maybe even angry are you? >> it's really up to them, and i was hoping that, obviously, that they were nominated for five academies and that they had won a lot more and to give them a platform to express really th r their -- give an apology and mention the names of the victims that they had used in the film to give credit basically. credit really in the movie, after the movie, there are credits to be given, and none of the victims really were given credit at all. and as far as i know, my family and mr. and mrs. frank and mary thatchet of the voices of september 11th, they were also not asked for permission as
4:58 am
well, and we both have the same feelings and concerns about this issue. >> harry ong is the brother of betty ann ong, who was a flight attendant on september 11th, annoyed with how they used her voice in "zero dark thirty." thank you for talking with us. i know you've been able to get a lot more notice with people to understand what was done in this movie. we appreciate you talking to us about it. going to take a short break. still ahead on "starting point," much more on last night's big oscar winners. one on stage talking about a fall. the other talking about how he got back up. that's ahead.
4:59 am
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5:02 am
welcome, everybody. our "starting point" this morning, from dark horse to oscar gold. director ben affleck snubbed by the academy gets the last laugh and a best picture trophy. plus jennifer lawrence takes best actress and takes a stumble to the stage. and the seth macfarlane moments everybody is talking about this morning. how he made some in the crowd wince. we'll have live in depth
5:03 am
coverage with our special oscars edition of "starting point" coming to you from the roosevelt hotel. and a top cardinal quits during pope benedict's final days. we are live in the vatican. plus a crippling blizzard bearing down in the great plains. forecasters warning of a life-threatening winter storm. cuts that will hurt. we're cutting down to forced spending cuts in washington. within days, it will hit you at the airport, the doctor's office, even at the grocery store. got a packed show for you this morning. we're talking with tom o'neil, editor of gene sperling will join us as well. and also the oscar nominated director who was detained at l.a.x., guy davidi. it is monday, february 25th, and "starting point" begins right now.
5:04 am
welcome, everybody. our starting point, it was oscar's big night. we'll take a look at all the big winners, and they never call them losers, but just nonwinners. all the singing and dancing, all the red carpet fashions. whom was wearing whom to the big dance. also, oscar's most memorable moments like jennifer lawrence taking a tumble. the newly minted best actress was asked about it backstage, and here's what she said. >> the fall on the way up to the stage. >> was that on purpose? absolutely. >> was it a fall? what happened? >> what do you mean what happened? look at my dress. i tried to walk up stairs in this dress. that's what happened. >> much more on oscar's morning after on this special edition of "starting point" this morning. john, good morning again. we have breaking news this morning. just as pope benedict xvi is entering his final days as leader of the catholic church, the vatican is surrounded by
5:05 am
controversy. britain's top cardinal keith o'brien is stepping down. this follows accusations that o'brien accused young men studying for the priesthood in the 1980s. and this as italian media reports that pope benedict is stepping down because of a scandal involving vatican priests and male prostitutes. a lot of controversy. cnn's becky anderson is live at the vatican with more. good morning, becky. >> good morning, john. bombshell out of the vatican today. the pope in his final stretch, as you suggested he'll be resigning on thursday, but the amount of news coming out of vatican city today has been really difficult to keep up with. let's break it down, shall we, for the viewers. out of britain today, we heard in the british press, allegations, speculation that the top british cardinal keith o'brien, it was being reported, had conducted himself inappropriately with four
5:06 am
priests dating back to the 1980s. that was all over the british press yesterday. today we hear that the pope has brought his resignation forward. when i say that, we now believe that he'd spoken to the pope in november about resigning, about ill health, about moving his resignation forward. it was going to be about the 15th of march. he's 75 years old. but the pope has brought it right forward, and it's happened today. it was the only british cardinal who would have appeared and been eligible for conclave. we've had a news conference held by the vatican spokesman today on the speculation and rumors swirling in the italian press, that of a secret dossier commissioned by the pope that was presented to him, we believe, last december, which flushed out the fact -- this is what the italian media is saying at least -- that there is a gay network of clerics at the vatican who may have made themselves vulnerable to blackmail from male prostitutes. we've heard today that secret
5:07 am
dossier does exist. it is for the pope's eyes only. it will be forwarded to the new pope, who will have to deal with it. you're right to say that the speculation now is that, when the pope got that secret dossier on what was going on at the vatican back in december, it was then he made his decision to resign. more to come, i guess, in the next three days. as i say, hard to keep up with that. at this point, it's the news from vatican city. >> bombshells, really, becky, with just three days to go for pope benedict xvi. our thanks to you, becky anderson, live this morning from the vatican. meanwhile, the white house budget office is getting specific about the programs that would take a hit if the four spending cuts known in washington as the sequester go into effect on friday. food safety ip spnspections, me health programs, vaccines are all threatened, says the white house. the faa would have to furlough
5:08 am
its employees, causing major disruptions in air travel. and the maintenance on navy ships would be stalled. the white house says these are grim details, dan. >> reporter: that's right. that deadline is quickly approaching. no sign there will be a compromise to avert these deep cuts. yesterday the white house releasing a report that sort of spelled out in very stark terms what these cuts will mean to individual states. they've also been talking broadly about what the cuts will win across the country, such as 70,000 children could lose access to head start early education programs. 10,000 teacher jobs would be at risk. 2,100 fewer food inspections would occur. and then, of course, the faa would be impacted as well, according to the white house. $600 million would have to be cut from its budget. and then, of course, there's been a lot of talk about what this would mean in the private sector. you have to look at the military as well and the deep cuts that would happen in defense.
5:09 am
13% would have to be cut from the defense budget. and so the white house trying to show that, yes, there are real consequences if a compromise cannot be reached. meantime, there's a lot of pressure coming from individual states' governors who are here at the white house today. the president will be addressing them. their concern, if a compromise will not be reached, this will have a real heavy impact on their economies. many of the economies have been struggling. this will stop them from turning around. there's concern about that. >> no signs of finger pointing but no signs of progress either. dan lothian, thanks for joining us. now life-threatening blizzard conditions, that's what the national weather service says a powerful storm is bringing to the plains states this morning. this is days after a powerful winter blast already blanketed the area with record snow. severe weather advisories have been issued for portions of southeast kansas, northeast oklahoma, and the texas panhandle. this same system just left a blanket of white over much of
5:10 am
colorado, canceling hundreds of flights over denver international airport on sunday, and kansas governor sam brownback worries this storm has the potential to be more dangerous than last week's. jennifer delgado is live for us in the cnn weather center. hi, jennifer. >> john, that is absolutely true. we're dealing with blizzard warnings across four states and blizzard conditions across the panhandle. showing you on the radar, you can see where the snow is coming down. it's going to continue to blow up as we go up the day, and we're also dealing with very strong winds. you're also noticing the rain as well as the lightning. a lot of convection with the storm. what we're talking about, as we continue to go throughout the day, winds and up to 40 miles per hour. right now in amarillo, we're already experiencing that. interstate 27 had to be shut down because visibility had dropped so bad it just wasn't safe out there. visibility with blizzard conditions drops down to a quarter mile or less. that means don't get on the roadways at all today. now, with the winds, in
5:11 am
addition, we're talking a foot or more of snowfall in some of these locations across kansas as well as into missouri. kansas city, get ready for your snow to really start to pick up later on today. for st. louis, your snow picks up tomorrow morning. we're also talking chicago picking up po tengly six to eight inches, and they desperately need that because they have been rather dry for the last couple of months. also want to point out to you the risk for severe storms for the gulf states as well as heavy rainfall bringing flooding for parts of the southeast. a lot of weather out there -- wind, blizzards, severe storms, lots of snow. john, what more could you ask for? >> jennifer, our thanks to you. coast guard rescue crews searching for two adults and two young children in the pacific near san francisco. they've been missing since yesterday when their 29-foot sailboat started taking on water. it was about 65 miles off of pillar point when someone on board radioed for help. about an hour later, the coast guard got a message they were abandoning ship. authorities think the group could be in some kind of
5:12 am
makeshift life raft. five-car nascar champ jimmie johnson has another trophy for his room after winning the daytona 500. johnson held off dale earnhardt jr. in the final lap to win nascar's most prestigious race. earnhardt finished second. danica patrick made history as the first woman to start the daytona 500 from the pole position. patrick finished eighth. meanwhile, kyle petty told us it was a good showing for danica patrick. >> she ran an incredibly solid, really good race. wouldn't be a great race unless you win, but it was a good race. she ran solid. she ran in the top five. ran in the top ten. still finished eighth. i think she should hold her head proud. i had to eat a little crow over it. i said she wouldn't do that well. she had a great day. >> it was also a great day for jim any johnson, his second daytona 500 victory. he also won it back in 2006. turning out to be a true nascar legend. let's go out to soledad in hollywood. hey, soledad.
5:13 am
>> thanks, john. appreciate it. it was a happy ending that only hollywood could script. ben affleck, after being overlooked for best director, won the oscar for best picture for his film "argo." affleck became emotional in a really lovely speech, reflecting on his unlikely return to the winner's circle after he won best screen play 15 years ago for "good will hunting." here's how it went. >> i was here 15 years ago or something, and i had no idea what i was doing. i stood out here in front of you all, really just a kid, and i went out, and i never thought that i would be back here. and i am. >> i love this speech. it was just so redemptive for him. >> and i love the tears. it was really from the heart. >> remember he had a stint in rehab. he was down in the dumps in a lot of ways, personally and professionally.
5:14 am
he fought his way back to the point of being a dad, a husband. >> an oscar winner. >> some big blows but some really big highs capped off by last night. let's talk about quvenzhane wallis. i had a chance to interview here. she's a lovely little girl. she was the butt of a joke last night that seth macfarlane made. really he was folking fun at george clooney, but here's how that went. >> she's adorable, quvenzhane. she said to me backstage, i really hope i don't lose to that old lady, jennifer lawrence. to give you an idea just how young she is, it will be 16 years before she's too old for clooney. >> you know, i get that he's trying to make fun of george cloon clooney, but it's like, okay, she's 9 years old. let's keep that in mind. then there's this tweet by the onion. did you see this? let me tell you what they said. everyone else seems afraid to
5:15 am
say it, but that quvenzhane wallis is kind of -- then they used the "c" word. and then they went on to say right? #oscars2013. which was stunning. i get they do satire. >> that's a target at her, which is what you just said, the other joke was a target at clooney. she was so in the spirit, pumping her hands, having a great time. >> i get it. it's supposed to be satirical, they take the sweet. it was totally inappropriate. it was taken down a little bit later, and they got a lot of flack. let's talk about the first lady, taking part from a distance. here's a little bit how that went when she opened the envelope. >> and the oscar goes to -- "argo." >> i like that. that was a great moment.
5:16 am
>> here's my theory about this. at the golden globes, bill clinton introduced the movie "lincoln." there was such an uproar, come on, the white house taking sides with "lincoln." and the thought was let's have michelle give this to "argo." >> oftentimes, we see producers build things up as something we've never seen before. that's what the producers told me on friday. watch best picture. you're going to see something you've never seen before. i said, okay. we did. we saw the first lady of the united states. >> there were gasps across hollywood. >> and she looked beautiful as always. thanks, guys. appreciate it. still ahead on "starting point," that one song that no winner wanted to hear last night was the theme from jaws. we'll tell you why it was in the show last night. plus forced spending cuts just days away impacting air travel, vaccinations, and food safety. you're watching a special edition of "starting point." [ male announcer ] i've seen incredible things.
5:17 am
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just four days until your schools, your health, your safety will all be affected by massive forced spending cuts that washington said would never happen. politicians are calling it the sequester, but what it is is forced budget cuts that will slash $85 billion in spending. the white house last night put out a list of how much they say each state will be affected as well as what we can look forward to nationally. the president addressed the upcoming crisis in his weekly address. >> i believe we should work together to build on the more than $2.5 trillion in deficit reduction we've already achieved. we should do it in a balanced way with smart spending cuts, entitlement reform, and tax reform. that's my plan. it's got tough cuts, tough reforms, and asks more of the wealthiest americans. it's on the white house website for everybody to see, and it requires democrats and republicans to meet halfway to resolve the problem.
5:21 am
>> gene sperling is the director of the national economic council. he's the assistant to the president for economic policy. good morning, mr. sperling. >> good morning. >> the white house last night put out this comprehensive list of what they say will have to be cut as soon as friday. let me read you some of the highlights or low lights, as the case may be. 10,000 teacher jobs at risk, up to 2,100 fewer food inspections, reduction in work hours for border patrol, fbi agents. major airport wait times could increase 30% to 50%. small business loan guarantees reduced by up to $900 million. this happens friday. as you sit here on monday morning, you look the american people in the eye, do you think this is inevitable? >> it shouldn't be. it shouldn't be. i think what the american people are probably thinking is exactly right from a policy point of view, which is why don't we get together here and just have the compromise we need to avoid this type of self-inflicted wound on children, on our national defense, on mental health
5:22 am
services. but also on our economy because this type of thing creates uncertainty, and it holds back investment in jobs and expansion. all that you need to move forward is to have an understanding that everybody has to give a little bit. what's frustrating is our republican colleagues, in the house of representatives particularly, have taken a position, an absolutist position, that there can't be one single penny of tax expenditures or loophole closing to raise any revenue at all. an absolutist or ideological position. i know some people may believe it. but to have a bipartisan compromise to move forward, everyone's got to give a little bit. this is a choice that our republican colleagues are making. they would rather stay with this absolutist position even if it means that we go into the sequester and start to see these type of harmful cuts. what the president is offering
5:23 am
is not that you have to do everything the way he wants but that you just have the type of compromise. >> hang on one sec. >> so entitlement savings and some revenue together to bring the deficit down in a reasonable way that's not harmful and moves our country forward. >> what are your plans for today to try to reach some kind of deal? the white house has put out a list of things that will go wrong on friday. what are you going to do today yourself to make sure these don't happen? >> a couple of things. number one, on thursday the president put out to the public, to congress, in detail, what his last offer was to speaker boehner so that people understand that the president had, including interest savings, well over $1 trillion of additional spending cuts, and all he was asking is that that be combined with some of the tax loophole closers to raise revenues that the republican speaker of the house had been saying we could find $800 billion of just eight weeks ago. so, one, we're going to keep letting people know, we have an offer on the table.
5:24 am
it does call for bipartisan compromise. and then secondly, we're going to promote the idea that you could also do a short-term deal that also has the compromise, spending cuts, few loophole closures. that could give us some months to work together to come up with an agreement. what the public should want is what the president wants. everyone compromises. we don't inflict these wounds on our economy, and we come together for the type of bipartisan agreement that will help us stabilize our deficits while still making sure we have enough resources to invest in job creation and helping our workers and helping our children, investing in the future. >> gene sperling, our thanks to you. you have until friday. i think what the public wants is some kind of progress. good luck to you. >> thank you. >> 22 minutes after the hour. let's go out to hollywood. soledad o'brien talking about the movies. a little bit more entertaining, fortunately or unfortunately, than the sequester. >> a lot more entertaining than
5:25 am
the sequester. still ahead, seth macfarlane's debut as an oscar host. what did you think? was he good enough there will be a second offer for him to come back? lots of targets for his jabs last night, including spanish speaking actors. we'll tell you what he said and who he offended on the other side of this break. you need your oil changed you got to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotated, you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're car here to the ford dealership for service instead of any one of those other places out there. they are going to take care of my car because this is where it came from. price is right no problem, they make you feel like you're a family. get a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation and much more, $29.95 after $10.00 rebate. if you take care of your car your car will take care of you.
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5:28 am
welcome back, evg. the oscars trending on the web. everybody talking about the inappropriate jokes by seth macfarlane. the nazi while christopher plummer was on stage, making a joke about the sound of music. and the boob song. and then a joke about spanish speaking actors. >> we've finally reached the point of the story where penelope cruz or javier bardem comes on stage, and we have no idea what they're saying, but we don't care because they're so attractive. >> that and they left lupe ontiveros' name off the in
5:29 am
memoriam. this was a woman who would talk about she had to put on a heavy spanish accent just to get a role in twitter. i think the one-two punch offended people, especially on twitter. >> i took those folks out of it and put african-americans in, and i thought how would i feel if i heard that? i thought, you know, i'd be offended. i get it. it was a little bit over the line. and you're right, coupled with the fact they left miss ontiveros off the in memoriam list left hurt feelings. >> 60 years ago, we were making ricky ricardo jokes culturally about his spanish accent. you think we would have progressed further. >> it's always about the accent. >> he's a clever guy. maybe move on to new material. then what did you think about the "jaws" music playing? >> i love it. >> >> back at home, all the past oscars, gosh, i wish they'd take this person off the stage. he did it, of course, with
5:30 am
"jaws" music. this is for the guy accepting an animation award for "life of pi." ♪ >> many monom, thank you for tee i could do any crazy career choice i wanted to make. ♪ >> i want to thank all the artists that worked on this, rhythm and hues. they're suffering financial difficulties. >> you know what i love about him? he is like, i'm not giving up the mike. i have stuff to say. >> i'm swimming from jaws. i'm going to make it. >> paul is like, oh. >> good for him. they didn't do that to celebrities. they only do it to the tech people and everybody else. >> they didn't do it to ben affleck or grant right before him that just kept going on and on. >> it seemed a little unfair, but it was funny. >> it was a good night overall. how are the reviews he's getting? >> it's interesting. the review in "variety" said they thought seth macfarlane was a little ham strung by the
5:31 am
telecast itself, and they likened it to other comedians who had done the show, like david letterman and chris rock, people that are so funny, about you it didn't translate. >> you've got the audience at home and the audience in front of you. if you mess up for either, you're in trouble. i think he did well with both audiences. we'll take a short break. more on the oscars. we'll take a look at seth macfarlane's quips that many people say are sexist. there were a handful, the boob song and more. also, we'll talk about cuba without castro in charge. the date has now been set. more than two years ago,
5:32 am
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welcome back, everybody. you're watching a special oscars edition of "starting point." the best picture award went to "argo" last night and gave ben affleck the sweet taste of victory after an oscar snub. also, it's time for the stars to maybe push the envelope a bit and head to the after parties. that can go well into the night. i'm going to go out on a limb and guess they're going on right now here on the west coast. first, though, want to get right to john berman. he's got a look at some of the other stories taking place right now. >> those parties no doubt going on right now. hi to all of you watching the post-oscar parties. the national weather service warns a storm is bringing potentially life-threatening and crippling blizzard conditions to portions of southeast kansas,
5:36 am
northeast oklahoma, and the texas panhandle. 13 states total are under some type of winter watch or warning or advisory this morning. so could the castro era be over in cuba fimly? 81-year-old president raul castro, fidel's younger brother, says he plans on stepping down in 2018. he made the announcement shortly after the country's national assembly elect him to a second five-year term. as for his successor, yesterday raul castro praised the first vice president, 52-year-old miguel diaz canal, calling him a new generation that will provide the future leadership of the country. afghanistan's president ordering special forces out of a province west of kabul. hamid karzai says they might have harassed, tortured, even murdered innocent people in the wardak province. he says it's stirring up hatred and resentment and he wants the forces gone in two weeks. the u.s. military says it is investigating. and south korea making
5:37 am
history today. south korea has its first ever female president, park won hye pledged to guard her country. she has apologized for human rights abuses during her father's time in power. let's go back to soledad. >> there is no category for best party after hollywood's biggest night. maybe there should be. the oscar ceremony is over, but fun is just beginning for many. here's how some of the celebrated after parties went. >> reporter: from the governor's ball to the vanity fair party to elton john's famous fund-raiser, hollywood knows how to let loose on oscar night. >> we're able to come here and get our message across and raise money and have a good time at the same time. >> reporter: sir elton and partner david ferguson celebrated the 21st year of his
5:38 am
aids foundation oscar viewing event. hei heidi klum, jane lynch, just a few of the stars on hand. >> we're benefitting elton's foundation, which is wonderful. >> i thought it was a wonderful show. i loved it. i loved the movies. it was great. >> reporter: across town at the glitzy vanity fair soire, sandra bullock, gerard butler, and richard gere all hit the star studded red carpet before partying it up inside. and presenter halle berry revealed what she thought was the biggest surprise of the night. >> ang lee, i thought, surprised everybody, but so deserved. i loved "life of pi." >> reporter: at the governor's ball after party, the night's big winners bumped shoulders with hollywood icons. >> octessica. we're the super couple. >> what are you going to do tonight? >> i don't know. depends on what and who's in there. >> reporter: is this heavy?
5:39 am
>> it is. >> yeah, feel it. >> >> reporter: it's heavy, right. you have this great smile on your face. >> it's amazing. i just want a drink. >> reporter: cnn, hollywood. >> cnn's my nell tnischelle tur aalina cho joining me now. how many people said that, i need a drink. >> she hasn't slept. i slept an hour. >> walk me through the parties. what's the best party? >> the vanity fair party last night. as i like to always joke, if that place were to blow up, there would be nobody left in hollywood. you're literally shoulder to shoulder with almost every "a" list star on the planet. halle berry, jennifer aniston. at one point i was walking around, and people start to step on your gown. you've got to be a little bit careful because it's so packed in that room. hillary swank and her gorgeous red valentino gown was holding the gown in her arms, and she
5:40 am
looked at me and said, we're in the same boat. >> she was inside the vanity fair. i was outside at the governor's ball behind the hedge. i still saw lots of "a" listers, yes. >> you sure did. >> and that's where the winners go right after the oscars is over. so you're going to get everybody that's got a statue and all the people that were inside the teles ka. so that's a lot. it's a fun party too. >> one little thing that i talked to nischelle about last night was the best part about the vanity fair parties. the best part was they serve in 'n out burgers. i ate not one, but two. >> absolutely worth every moment. it sounds amazing. who did you like fashion-wise? alina won't say it? she loves fashion. >> i'll say. charlize theron was serving it to them last night. serving it. >> when she was dancing, that was a beautiful gown she wore. >> i thought halle berry was just stunning in versace. >> she's always stunning. >> what about you, soledad? >> who did you like? >> i actually think the dance
5:41 am
sequence when she was in that beautiful gown, charlize theron. and that's not the gown she wore on the red carpet. >> she wore dior on the red carpet. i'm not sure the gown when she was dancing. >> and just to have it move. it was fabulous. >> jennifer lawrence was belle of the ball. >> best attitude. she falls, gets up, tells a joke. >> i thought it was great. i thought it was refreshing. it didn't rattle her at all. and by the way, as i've been saying, you saw the gown a little bit better because she fell. >> it was a very graceful sprawl up the stairs. i loved it. thanks, ladies. appreciate it. still ahead on "starting point," one oscar nomination and five broken cameras. the filmmaker behind an acclaimed documentary feature on the palestinian struggle shares his story with us. news flash:
5:42 am
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welcome back to "starting point." we'll go back to los angeles in a couple of minutes. new developments in american diplomacy. new secretary of state john kerry has officially begun his first trip as the nation's chief diplomat. the first stop on his nine country tour, 10 downing street in london, where kerry met with british prime minister david cameron. over the next 11 days, he'll visit key european capitals, make a stop in turkey, and he will head to the middle east. a pair of earthquakes hit japan today. they were about 11 minutes apart and centered 90 miles northwest of tokyo. there are no reports of damages. japanese officials did not issue a tsunami alert. this story is just incredible. three high school students in north dakota showed up for a state hockey tournament on friday wearing ku klux klan style hoods. a photo was posted on twitter, and people there are outraged.
5:46 am
administrators at the school in grand forks say they have identified the students. they say appropriate action will be taken. paul mcillhennie died. they make to bass cosauc stabas. he was the fourth generation of the family. a loyal brother helped his sister elizabeth colbert bush serve up sandwiches. bush is a democratic candidate for congress. colbert bragged on her and bragged on his state. >> there's no state like south carolina. it has the finest food, the finest people, the best history. it has the most beautiful countryside, the greatest water. it has the most beautiful women,
5:47 am
the most handsome men, strongest children. >> strongest children. the primaries are set for march 19th. busch is one of several democrats in the running. a sock that sold for thousands of dollars isn't just used, it's not even clean. a collector paid more than $92,000 for the bloody sock that boston pitcher curt schilling wore in game two of the 2004 world series, one of history's most important moments. it broke the so-called curse of the bambino. the sock's new owner says he also has the contract that started the curse, that one that brought babe ruth from new york to boston. after that important story, let's go to christine for more business news. in today's smart is the new rich, forced government spending cuts are four days away. here's what $84 billion in spending cuts means for your wallet. beef and chicken could cost more. food safety programs are being cut, which would probably mean food inspectors would be furloughed. meat plants would be temporarily closed. at the airport, expect longer lines and tarmac delays because
5:48 am
transportation secretary ray lahood says furloughs are inevitable. also, unemployment benefits will shrink. nearly 4 million americans scheduled to get long-term unemployment checks between march and september would see smaller checks to the tune of almost 10%. and the national park service would close down some campgrounds. analysts say it's unlikely that congress will reach a deal before the friday deadline. so all across the country, soledad, people are trying to figure out exactly what this is going to mean for their community. front pages, soledad, of papers across the country, outlining locally what would happen come friday. soledad? >> big mess. christine, thanks. still ahead on "starting point," an oscar nominated movie. the palestinian government builds a wall through a village. we'll talk about the directors. "five broken many ka raz. the" the american dream is of a better future,
5:49 am
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welcome back, everybody. "five broken cameras" was one of the films nominated for best feature documentary. while it didn't win the oscar, the film makers are winning other awards and lots of critical acclaim. it began when palestinian farmer wanted to document the birth of his son, and then he spent five years documenting resistance to israeli settlements and the construction of the wall that separated the farmers from their lands and olive groves. here's a little clip.
5:53 am
>> the title "five broken cameras" refers to the damage to his camera over six years. the director guy davidi joins us. were you disappointed you didn't win, or is it a true cliche that it's great just to be nominated? >> i wasn't disappointed at all. i'm so excited with where we got. i love "searching for the sugar man," the guy that did win the award. to me, this is a film about modesty and the effect of modesty in our lives, particularly the political word. >> political is a good word to use when we talk about your film because it's really a political story about how palestinians and
5:54 am
israelis engage with each other. you're an israeli. a lot of people find it surprising you're telling the story of a palestinian farmer. >> even i wrote the text of it. a lot of the insights of the film was something that i brought from my life experience, and people are very surprised by that. we cannot judge everything according to our identities, as we all know. >> the israeli government ended up funding the film, which i think people found surprising because it's very critical of a lot of the israeli policies. >> we like to criticize ourself. as israelis, a lot of films that were done before about occupation were financed by israelis because we have this culture of criticizing ourself up to a certain limit. so we had good partners in israel, and they were supportive, not just in finance, also throughout the process of distribution and throughout a lot of challenges inside israeli society, and they were criticized for financing it. >> what's your goal for this ultimately? to have every single israeli see it? to have every palestinian see the film? >> around the world as well. we had just a few days ago,
5:55 am
because of the oscar nomination, we were shown in the biggest channels in israel and a lot of viewers watched the film. this is the kind of film that really touches people, and from the emotional journey, they go through in the film, a real political change can occur. this is very powerful for us, this nomination. it's incredible. >> whether you're in the middle of that confli or outside watching in a different country. thank you for talking with us, guy davidi. congratulations on the nomination and a wonderful night last night. got to take a short break. "end point" is up next. [ kitt ] you know what's impressive?
5:56 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up. welcome back, everybody.
5:59 am
no surprise our "end point" will focus on the oscars as well. some interesting things we didn't have a chance to get to, daniel day lewis is funny. his joke was a good joke. here's the joke he had last night. >> it's a strange thing because three years ago, before we decided to do a straight swap, i had actually been committed to play margaret thatcher mtd . and meryl was steven's first choice for "lincoln." i'd like to see that version. >> it was so great to see those two heavy hitters on stage together. e


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