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tv   Around the World  CNN  April 10, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. ♪ are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. welcome to "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> and i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company today. we're going to begin of course north korea topping the news keeping the world guessing. it could launch -- test launch
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anyway some missiles at any time. that is missiles, plurl, that's what we're hearing from the pentagon and that's what south koreans are saying. and nobody knows if the north koreans are bluffing or not. live in seoul in a few minutes. and here in the united states a breakthrough in the gun control debate. two senators announcing a deal that expands background checks. we'll go live to capitol hill as well. and celebrity chef anthony bourdain going to talk about his new show premiering sunday where he travels to unusual places like myanmar to sample the local food. >> really looking forward to that, huh? rets begin with a bit of a breakthrough in the fight over new gun laws. two senators, a democrat and republican, reaching a deal on expanding background checks. >> so across the network today we are bringing you in depth coverage, guns under fire, a cnn special report on background checks. get right to dana bash on capitol hill with details of the deal. dana, we know it's all about universal background checks.
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the obama administration wanted this, but it is not the complete picture here. it really is kind of a watered down version. what does he win? >> that's right. the president you hear him talking all the time about universal background checks. this does fall short of that, but it would expand the current law. currently background checks are only required at firearms dealers. this would expand it in two places, gun shows and internet sales. but it was as you mentioned leave out all other private sales, which is a lot of interactions that are left out from this requirement of background checks. the other key part of this if you talk to gun control advocates is that they believe that the idea this legislation would force the sellers to keep a record is crucial because otherwise the background check wouldn't be enforceable and wouldn't be traceable if it were used in a crime. listen to the republican pat too
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merks eme, a republican never dipped his toe in the whole issue of guns particularly when it comes to bipartisan compromise. >> the common ground rests on a simple proposition and that is that criminals and the dangerously mentally ill shouldn't have guns. i don't know anyone who disagrees with that promise. from either political party or whatever folks views might be on broader gun rights issues. so if we start with the notion that dangerous criminals and dangerously mentally ill people shouldn't have guns, the question is how can we accomplish that? now, background checks are not a cure-all by any means, but they can be helpful. >> now, the reason why this breakthrough is called a breakthrough is so significant is because senator toomey, the republican and the democrat you saw standing with him both have a ratings with the nra. two men they believe they can
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get others and 60 votes they need to pass what essentially will be an amendment. as soon as they were done with the press conference, the nra put out a press release saying they are opposing this. i'll read you the first line that says it all, ebs up and down expanding background chens will not prevent the next shooting, not solve violent crime and will not keep our kids safe in schools. this is really going to be a true test for the power of the nra that they are now going to be up against two of their -- has been most loyal senators who are breaking with them and saying they want to at least take these steps to move towards what they consider curbing gun violence. >> all right. dana, thank you so much. we know the first vote's going to happen on thursday and then a number of debates in the next couple weeks. >> yeah. of course expanded clip size and assault weapons off the table completely. >> completely. the president hoping to get new budget proposal draw some republican leaders to the table. it was delivered to congress this morning. >> yeah, for the first time he has included changes to medicare
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and social security. but he stressed these deficit reduction proposals are not a starting point for upcoming discussions. >> if anyone thinks i'll finish the job of deficit reduction on the backs of middle class families or through spending cuts alone that actually hurt our economy short-term, they should think again. when it comes to deficit reduction, i've already met republicans more than halfway. so in the coming days and weeks i hope that republicans will come forward and demonstrate that there really is as serious about the deficits and debt as they claim to be. >> the president's budget and news from the federal reserve are pushing markets higher today. both the dow and s&p 500 hitting new trading highs. as you can see the dow up by 118 points. >> all right. right now it is 1:00 in the morning, thursday, in north and south korea. this anticipated missile test launch we've been waiting for really from north korea didn't happen on the day that many
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analysts predicted it would. >> but don't think that the tensions are any lower right now in asia. in fact, the top american admiral in the pacific today says he cannot remember when there was so much uncertainty about north korea, so much guessing about what is the country going to do next. >> let's go live now to seoul in south korea. anna corin is standing by there. anna, the analysts and military leaders are worried, but one of the things that came out today was interesting is we were waiting for a missile launch, there could be multiple ones. what's the sense there in seoul? >> that's exactly right. it didn't happen today or yesterday just gone, but it could happen in the coming days. and then the news out of the pentagon that there could be multiple missiles launched. so what we do know is that two missile launches have been to the east coast. this is a medium-range missile can travel up to 4,000 kilometers.
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and if it goes ahead would prove that north korea is successful in launching a missile that could potentially strike south korea, japan and u.s. bases in guam. while u.s. and south korean military are certainly on heightened alert, the feeling here in seoul is one of, you know, business as usual. people have been living in this climate for 60 years, ever since the korean war ended back in 1953. let's now have a listen to what one korean man had to say. >> translator: i am not worried about my safety. i'm worried about our economy which would be influenced. i don't think any war breaks out. i'm just worried about the situation where foreigners might be scared even if they do not have to be. >> so that is the feeling from one south korean man. but as i say, people are generally getting on with their
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lives and a little bit oblivious i guess to what is happening to the north. >> i'm curious, the south, i mean everybody seems to feel this is a test. they're not actually going to shoot at anyone, but is there any more of a sense of what kim jong-un wants? it's like rekals fin trial and he's not coming out saying what he wants for all of this. >> yes. that's a very good way of putting it. he's the naughty schoolboy in the schoolyard, isn't he? we don't know what he wants. we know that his nuclear weapons program is not for sale. that's nonnegotiable that north korea is going ahead with this regardless of the international condemnation. what does he want? political leverage? legitimacy? a place at the bargaining table with the united states? you know, he's grabbing international headlines around the world. this crisis on the korean peninsula is pretty much dominating news right around the world, which would make this very young untested leader
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extremely happy. so, you know, we can all guess as to what his motives are what he wants out of this, but you have to assume, michael, at the moment he's just enjoying wreaking havoc in this part of the world. >> that's what he's doing. anna, good to see you. anna coren there in seoul. >> she says south koreans are trying to take this in stride. there are other folks really feeling very tense about the situation. this is the city government yokohama japan jumping the gun. they sent out this emergency tweet today telling thousands of people the north koreans had already launched a missile. the emergency statement saying it was prepared ahead of time, but somebody in their crisis management center sent it by mistake. city officials pulled it just a few minutes and followed it up with this apology. >> no kidding. it reads this "we will further look into why this kind of thing happened, and we will make sure there will be no recurrence." many, many people in asia of course jittery today. why wouldn't they be, living within missile range of north
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korea. that's a heck of a mistake. >> and tonight at 6:00 eastern our colleague wolf blitzer, he's going to devote an entire hour to the crisis in north korea. you're going to want to tune in to a special edition of "the situation room" and it starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern. get this, the u.s. thanking cuba for turning over two american fugitives. john and sharon hakken booked into a u.s. jail today. the couple kidnapped their two young sons from their grandmother's florida home and sailed them to cuba. >> well, it was cnn crew that found them in havana. hours later they were in the hands of the fbi. the couple is charged with several crimes including kidnapping and child neglect. hakkens lost custody of their children just last year after drugs and weapons were found in their hotel room. in china two more people have died from bird flu. that brings the death toll now to nine. so far no evidence bird flu is
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spreading from person to person, which would of course be a critical development and would cause a serious epidemic potentially. but now the world health organization is investigating suspicious clusters of the virus within families. >> so it's a sign what one family member could have actually infected another. at least 28 people have contracted the virus in china. and this, a bizarre twist, chinese police have now detained at least ten people for spreading rumors -- just spreading rumors about the virus. they allegedly made up reports of bird flu cases and then posted them on blogs. can only imagine the panic that can cause. >> not something umt to kid about really. here's more of what we're working on this hour for "around the world." chicago has suffered from gun violence more than most cities in the u.s. well, this hour first lady michelle obama is trying to do something about it. >> she is in her hometown of chicago speaking to high school students. going to bring that to you live as soon as it starts. and it sounds like a story from
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the great depression. stores from australia to the uk now having to ration baby formula. we'll tell you what is behind the shortage. and anyone can talk about french or chinese food, but here on "around the world" we do like to do things differently. we're going to test the colorful cuisine of my yan mar. >> and who better to do it with than celebrity chef and new cnn host anthony bordain. do you have anything you'd like to ask him? feel free. tweet us your questions. be sure to include #@bourdain. l use neosporin to help you heal. it kills germs so you heal four days faster. neosporin. use with band-aid brand bandages. neosporin.
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liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? ...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. welcome back. here's some more of the stories making news around the world. >> in france same sex couples might be one step closer to marriage. late last night the french senate approved one part of the bill that grants gay couples the right to marry. another vote is expected on the full bill tomorrow or friday. >> politicians in great britain are paying tribute to former prime minister margaret thatcher. have a listen. >> today, we in the house of
9:16 am
commons are here to pay our own tributes to an extraordinary leader and an extraordinary woman. what she achieved even before her three terms in office was remarkable. >> typical on style on breakfast tv she said this in 1995, consensus doesn't give you any direction. it is like mixing all constituent ingredients together and not coming out with a cake. democracy is about the people being given a choice. it was that approach that enabled her to define the politics of a whole generation and influence the politics of generations to come. >> thatcher passed away monday at the age of 87 from a stroke. the iron lady, as she was nicknamed, was the first and only woman to lead britain as prime minister. thatcher's funeral will be held next wednesday at st. paul's
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cathedral. in nova scotia canada funeral plans underway for a teenager who was allegedly gang raped by a group of boys and then bullied about it on social media for a year and a half. >> it is such a tragic story. the 17-year-old was taken off life support a week after hanging herself. paula newton is joining us live from ottawa, canada. it is such a tragic, tragic story. i understand that her mother now is speaking out about her life, her death and the circumstances around all of this. >> yeah, suzanne. imagine how tough it is for this story -- for this family to really talk about this story so soon after she died. they're going to have a funeral for her this weekend. but her mother saying, look, i want everyone to know what happened to my daughter, and i want to know how it happened. so apparently her daughter was at a party, everyone started drinking. her daughter says at least four boys gang raped her. what happened afterwards, suzanne, was a picture of this
9:18 am
alleged incident was circulated on social media. and after that her mother says that the bullying, the insults were just relentless. i want you to hear now from lea parsons. >> one girl that was her friend put on her status, sluts need to leave this school anyway. just bullying and boys that she didn't know send her messages, you want to have fun, you did it with my friends, why don't we get together. it's just -- was nonstop. >> you know, all this just tore this young woman apart. the mother says they were trying to get her psychological help, but she was emotionally distraught. and her mother says one day feeling completely desperate that she locked herself in the bathroom and her mother knew that she was in trouble. listen to leah parsons again. >> i didn't even knock on the door. i just picked it open and could feel the weight of her body on the door. i didn't think anything, i just
9:19 am
opened the door and said her name and i had to cut her down. she was hung -- she was hanging. >> can you imagine? and so leah parsons says her daughter hasn't even been buried and she's speaking out about this. why? charges haven't been laid, suzanne. they said we did not have enough evidence to bring anyone to trial, not even for the fact that an image of this alleged incident was texted and e-mailed to people, even though that in itself is an offense under the child pornography laws here in canada, today we do have a bit of an aboutface from the provincial government. they say they will now look into the case again and see if any charges will be forthcoming. suzanne. >> thank you. i understand too she had moved away from her school and because of social media, because of those visuals and those messages that she was still traumatized by all of that.
9:20 am
thank you so much. we appreciate it. 29 current and former students shot in one chicago high school last year, if you can believe that. >> yeah. michelle obama is visiting that school today to talk about gun violence. that starts in just a few minutes. we will bring that to you live. and ahead, celebrity chef and new cnn show host anthony bourdain joining us live. he is just back from myanmar and libya and he's got some stories to tell. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers.
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would absolutely not have taken a zip line in the jungle. i'm really glad that girl stayed at home. vo: expedia helps 30 million travelers a month find what they're looking for. one traveler at a time. expedia. find yours. welcome back. in china and england families are being told they can't buy all the baby formula they might want to buy. >> it's actually because the supermarkets are now rationing this out. isa suarez explains why this is happening. >> reporter: restrictions in australia, curbs in hong kong, and now rationing in the uk. feeding your baby has just gotten even more stressful. here milk formula powder is being rationed at leading supermarkets because of surging demand in china.
9:24 am
i've just tried to buy three cans of formula at the supermarket and kindly asked to only buy two. but if you're a parent, you'll know this won't get your very far. if you have a newborn, it will last about six to seven days. twins, you'd be running out already. manufactures say the restrictions were put in place to avoid bulk buying of what it called unofficial exports to china. the company apologized to british parents for any inconvenience. behind the rationing is china's thirst for western made formula. in 2008 the industrial chemical melamine got into the nation's milk supply killing six children and leaving thousands seriously ill. as a result, many parents distrust formula produced in the country preferring instead to pay more for international brands. >> translator: even 2,000 yuan is not enough for a month's supply of baby food.
9:25 am
all the income spent on a baby's necessity. >> reporter: china's demand for milk has forced governments to step in. in hong kong curbs have been interested at customs. travelers will cannot leave with more than 1.8 kilograms of formula. last month several people were arrested for smuggling more than the allotted quantity. australia too has introduced restrictions. >> the reason for the shortage is a lot of people were out buying it and sending it overseas so people left here finding it harder. >> reporter: manufacturers tell cnn that there's no shortage of supply. that may be the case, but some may be stocking up. a quick search on e-bay shows hundreds of packs of powder formula on sale in bulk. cnn, london. well, first lady michelle obama back in her hometown today. >> but she is actually there to talk about something very serious. of course we are talking about gun violence out of chicago. she's going to be speaking to high school students as well.
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welcome back to "around the world." here are some stories we are following right now. this is seoul, south korea. this is where people are now u glued to their tv sets to get the latest information on the threat from north korea. >> u.s. military sources now believe north korean mobile ballistic missiles, yes, plural, missiles, are fueled up and ready to launch at their targets. and north korea's intentions, well, that's the big question today. nobody knows for sure. >> and in iran state-run media say that 37 people died, more than 850 injured after a strong earthquake hit the small coastal town of kaki. magnitude 6.1 earthquake was followed by four aftershocks. happened near a large nuclear plant, but iran saying that the plant was not damaged. and in london construction workers dug up a huge piece of
9:30 am
history, bucket loads of stuff dating back to the roman empire 2,000 years ago. we're talking about things like leather objects and coins and pieces of chariots. >> cool. this is at the art of london, used to be a bustling roman city back in the day. since then archaeologists removing the priceless items out ot ground now. >> how would you like to find a chariot as you're digging up a site. picture of what daily life was like in the first century. and celebrity chef cnn show host anthony bourdain traveling to places he has never gone before with cnn to sample the foods around the world. >> this is exciting. this sunday his premier cnn show "anthony bourdain parts unknown" he's going to head to myanmar -- or he has already, a place few
9:31 am
westerners have gone. a country that shares border with bangladesh, china and thailand, but closed off for so long. >> anthony bourdain, joining us from new york. great to see you. welcome to cnn. explain to us, show us how is this show different than what we've seen in the past. >> well, for one, i like to think i can make smarter tv here on cnn. but as well i can go -- i think most significantly i can go places like myanmar, the congo, libya, countries that for various reasons would have been impossible for me on any other network. so it's opened up the world for me in whole new ways. >> this sunday you go to myanmar, and i envy you, i always wanted to go to that place. we had a chance to meet up with a family here in atlanta actually that immigrated from myanmar in some parts of the world still known as burma. they created a meal for us. i want you to watch it and get your reaction afterwards.
9:32 am
>> reporter: joshua williams moved to the u.s. in 2009 to start a new wife with his wife and two children, but remaining connected to his burmese culture is important. and cooking is a way to do it. this is just for the color. it gives you smooth skin. in burma we used to say the word -- the food is medicine and medicine is our food. every single meal we have garlic, ginger, onion. we say the bone makes taste better. >> reporter: he's making a fish soup with rice noodle and burmese curry chicken with coconut rice. in his home country they pride themselves on the bold flavors they achieve. it becomes somewhat of a competition among the cooks.
9:33 am
>> burmese food smell very strong. in our country when you have a meal, if your dog -- no, you don't have a good meal. >> william suggests that in myanmar this meal would require a little more work and is not for the squeamish. >> the whole chicken, the whole process we do ourselves. but here it was so easy to do those things. we cook noodles separately and the soup separately. >> reporter: the burmese typically do not go out to eat. they prefer meals at home. >> i stay with my grandma. so my grandma teach me since i was 12 or 13 years old, so i know how to cook. we eat a lot of spicy food. when we prepare the food, our shirt, our clothes are stained with those smell. so american people would say,
9:34 am
oh, those people smelly. we use the hands. that's culture. inside the family we use the round table and eat together. >> yeah. by the way, did you ever -- we've got some here by the way, anthony, i'll bet you're jealous. i don't know if you tried this when you were there. did you? >> that is maybe the most popular everyday food of myanmar. it's so delicious. i'm so hungry and envious right now watching you guys. >> it's good actually. >> it is. it's a little salty, but it's good. tell us about your trip. you were there. you were on the ground. you saw this all firsthand. >> well, it's a beautiful country. made all the more exciting by the knowledge that so few westerners have seen it. this is an enormous land mass in asia with an incredible history, incredibly beautiful. and yet they've been closed off to most of the world for almost 50 years, a pariah of state. there's the sense of you really
9:35 am
feel fortunate to see a place that complex, that old, that beautiful knowing that you're really one of the first to be able to show it to the world and one of the few who's been able to see it. >> how did they view you too? it works the other way around. i mean, as a journalist, i'd love to go there. we've had people go in and out occasionally, but you would is have been a rare sight. >> it was extraordinary because just two years ago speaking to a western journalist would have put you in prison for an indeterminant amount of time. i was stunned by how open people were and eager to talk to the camera and how frank they were with us, how freely they spoke. that's something very unusual in a situation where freedom of speech is such a recent thing. >> you know, people have a ton of questions for you. and obviously we've been asking our viewers to weigh-in if they have anything they'd like to ask you just by tweeting. i want to read a couple of these if you want to address these.
9:36 am
>> sure. >> this one, where did the best pork dish you've ever eaten come from? >> and as a long-time viewer of yours, i know you like the pork. >> yes. well, that's a tough one. i would say the whole roasted pig in the philippines is as good as it gets with balanese pork just behind. >> we're going to do another one. is it true when you were in malaysia you did not try the durian? >> no, that's the other guy. i love durian. it's an unspeakably foul smelling dinosaur looking fruit illegal to bring on mass transportation or into your hotel room. it smells satanic, but the taste i find very delicious. kind of like a funky custardy cheese. >> we mentioned earlier you went to libya.
9:37 am
what struck you about libya? i'm throwing everybody off by mentioning that, but what did you like about it? >> seeing what's essentially a whole new country meeting these extraordinary kids who are just a week before the uprising were playing playstation, going to school in montreal, working in manchester who went home and in the course of a few weeks became hardened guerilla fighters and managed to topple one of the worst dictators in the world, a guy who everyone thought they'd be living with forever. these are kids. skater boys. and young hipsters and indi music fans. the shock and surprise and inspiration to me was to see who fought this war and who won it. libya has become an abstraction in the news. and i think we at least show who these people are. >> and, anthony, we both michael and i have traveled quite a bit. we were talking about some of the strangest foods we've ever had. i had zebra in kenya, we were
9:38 am
very curious as to what was the strangest thing that you've eaten. >> well, i don't know what strange means anymore i've been traveling and eating so long. i guess the most difficult are situations where the food is clearly old, it's funky, it's not clean, it's in an unhygienic situation and i just -- in order to get the scene that i want and to be a good guest, i have to take one for the team. and i know there's going to be a long course of antibiotics in my future. >> i covered the war in libya with the zinatani rebels and one was camel stew. it was rather good i must say. >> yeah, camel's not bad. >> all right. we've got to run. they're kicking us here to move along, but we could chat for hours i'm sure. >> thank you very much. great to see you. we'll be watching. of course tune into "parts unknown" this sunday 9:00 p.m. eastern join anthony bourdain as his crew is traveling to myanmar, colombia, peru, many,
9:39 am
many places. >> take me on the next episode, will you, anthony? a pleasure to meet you. now to chicago. suffering from gun violence more than most cities in the united states. really very tragic. this hour, the first lady michelle obama trying to do something about this. she's in her hometown speaking to shool studehigh school stude. we'll go live next. the most valuable real estate on earth. ♪ that's why we designed our newest subaru from the back seat forward. introducing the all-new, completely restyled subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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pain over.
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tighter gun control, right now she is attending a luncheon in chicago on reducing gun violence among the city's young folks. michael, this is unblooervel. the violence in chicago hitting close to home for the first lady. this happened back in january, but they've seen a lot of violence. >> exactly. the story we're talking about is 15-year-old hid ya pendleton.
9:43 am
during the inauguration in washington, that shooting happening just blocks from the obama's chicago home. that really does bring it home. and just last month a 6-month-old baby, remember this story too, hit by a bullet and killed. >> george howell is at the event in chicago. george, first of all tell us why the first lady is getting involved in this. i mean, she does so many different causes, you talk about health and fitness. and this is, you know, this is gun control. this is part of a much larger and perhaps more controversial issue and debate in our country. >> suzanne, you're right. in many ways she is stepping into political territory here in many ways leveraging her own popularity. when you hear what the first lady has to say about this, it's an issue near and dear to her as you mentioned close to her own home here in chicago. here in the next two hours we're expecting the first lady to take the stage here. there's a long line of people outside waiting to get in. and we're expecting a group of business leaders, of community leaders, the focus here is to encourage them to invest in
9:44 am
programs for at-risk youth in chicago specifically on the south side. again, an area that is very important to the first lady. and we also know, suzanne, that she will attend, she will visit harper high school, one of the most dangerous high schools in chicago. just last year the last school year this school alone lost 29 of its students to gun violence. she plans to go to that high school really as inspiration to talk to students and faculty members to help encourage them through what is a very difficult hard experience here in chicago. >> george, yeah, the statistics of course as you're aware in chicago on violence just dreadful. 535 people were killed last year. and that was up from 433, which was bad enough back in 2011. as you said, she's going to this high school. that figure is staggering. 29 current or former students were shot this year. what do people in that community think is the answer to stopping the violence? what is it they want to see?
9:45 am
>> michael, just the other day for another story that i'm working on on gang violence i spoke to some people about, you know, what is important? what is it going to take? and they say it's simple, it's going to take investment in the community. it's going to take jobs. it's going to take opportunities. right now a lot of people don't see those opportunities. so, again, what we're seeing today the first lady coming here to encourage business leaders, community leaders to invest in the community. that is a first step especially when you talk to people on the street about what it will take to curb, to change the problems we see on chicago streets. >> george, thanks very much. george howell there in chicago. >> as soon as it starts we'll bring that to you live, the first lady's remarks to the school and the community. a possible murder mystery we're following as well involving one of the world's best known poets. >> why investigators are digging up pablo's remains after he died
9:46 am
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9:49 am
rafael romo with that. >> the question has become an obsession, did his boss and friend poet pablo neruda die of cancer in 1993 or was he poisoned by dictator leadership. >> translator: i asked what was happening and he said, oh, my friend, they gave me an injection. it hurts a lot. he told me he was desperate. he had a little red dot as if he'd been stung by something. a little red stain very close to his heart. his suspicions were dismissed for almost four decades, but in 2011 the chrks ochilean government demanded investigation. >> translator: capable of leading a large kbrup against the dictatorship. he was an enemy and became the target. >> he died 12 days after a military coup ousted the poet's close friend.
9:50 am
neruda was a communist party member and spoke out against the coup and its leader. earlier this week his body was exhumed. >> translator: i believe it is extremely important to get to the bottom of this and make a determination about the cause of death with the help of the latest technology. >> reporter: but even neruda's family doubts he was poi e poisoned. >> the dictatorship didn't have anything to do with his death. >> rafael romo joining us as always. good to see you. what do we know about the investigation? i mean, how soon will we actually have some answers about what was at the bottom of this? >> not soon enough for a number of chileans. it's composed of 14 forensic experts not only from chile, ultimately the ministry of justice in chile is in charge of this investigation, but there were experts from the united states, from spain, from the uk.
9:51 am
and they are going to examine the body centimeter by centimeter trying to find out if there are any traces of any kind of poison. the problem is that the body has been buried for 39 years. it's in an area where the level of saltiness in the soil is very high. so that might have erased any traces of poison that they could have. but the ministry of justice says if there's any remote possibility that we may find what happened exactly to pablo neruda, it's worth launching the investigation. >> he was that important. good to see you, rafael romo here in the studio with us. and he's the youngest golfer ever to play in the masters. he's practicing now with tiger woods. up next, we'll introduce you to a 14-year-old boy who is now the talk of the golf world.
9:52 am
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welcome back. the masters begins tomorrow. we all know tiger woods, rory mcilroy will be grabbing the headlines. >> they will. those headline stealers. but there's going to be one 14-year-old boy who will be getting his share of attention. we're talking about gua guan tianlang will be the youngest masters player ever.
9:55 am
he wasn't even born when tiger woods won the first of his two. >> shane is joining us from augusta, georgia. shane, another golf prodigy, yeah? >> another golf prodigy and a record breaker at that, suzanne. it's amazing to watch this kid play. the maturity he's showing, the name on everyone's lips, we were very fortunate golf on cnn international to do a feature on him ahead of the masters and really attracted a lot of attention. very positive attention as well because he's a fascinating kid. he's been over in the states for the last three weeks. he's been aclimatizing and he's here in augusta relishing every moment playing with former champions like ben crenshaw and out with tiger woods as well. a lot of talk about his impact on the game and what he's doing for the growth of the game in china. it was fascinating listening to the top two players in the world talking about guan's chances and what to experience here at the
9:56 am
masters. i'm talking about tiger woods and first rory mcilroy. >> playing in the masters at 14, i mean, he could potentially play -- i mean, i don't know, 60 masters. i don't know. >> when i was here i was getting ready for, you know, midterms and things like that. so what's he doing? books here or anything? or just golf? no, it was cool to see. i mean, just the attitude and just the open mindedness. he's just taking it all in. >> it's just amazing, really, to tiger woods and rory mcilroy played when they were young. nothing like this. a 14-year-old from china, really go online and check it out. showcases him at home with his parents and evolution in golf up to this point at 14 years of age. >> that's pretty awesome.
9:57 am
>> a shameless plug of his own show. >> we will check it out. >> it's a great show. >> great story. we've all had bad experiences at restaurants, but if you ever imagine maybe it's your own fault. i went out to dinner last night with friends. i had a great experience, but sometimes it's a little slow, right? >> why didn't you ask me? >> oh, i'm sorry. >> you got that next hour, right? how you should be sabotaging your night out, right? >> yeah. big tease for the next hour. 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge!
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