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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  April 22, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm jonathan mann. >> and i'm isha sesay. >> the surviving suspect in the boston terror attack is starting to tell authorities what he knows. >> dzhokhar tsarnaev had indicated to investigators that his now deceased older brother
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was the driving force and no international terrorist groups were involved in the attack. three people were killed and more than 170 were injured. >> a sign of a city moving forward after a week of combing the street where the bombs went off. other streepts around the bomb site remain closed while officials make sure nearby buildings are safe. the court case geagainst tsarnaev. this was an important day for the court case and the investigation. tsarnaev is talking to authorities. they are talking back. what are both sides saying? >> reporter: let's clear up one thing. he is not doing much talking. he is nodding. he is able to communicate with
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authorities but he can barely speak because he suffered very serious wounds including to the throat. he was able to say no at one point during his bed side hearing with a judge. he did learn he is being charged with the use of a weapon of mass destruction as well as the malicious destruction of property. he did seem to acknowledge that he is being charged with all of these things. >> once again you make the important point communicating and not talking. i don't want to lead us to delicate territory. because of what he told authorities by nodding is he acknowledging, confessing to his role in these attacks by suggesting, for example, that his brother was the ring leader of something that happened and he knows what everyone is talking about? or is he making a an effort to deny it?
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>> reporter: as far as we know he is not denying anything. we learned earlier this evening that federal authorities have been investigating and questioning him some more and that is where they have gotten some of the information that they were radicalized online by watching online videos and that his brother was the driving force and by acknowledging that he does seem to admit to some level in these bombings. >> so what happens now? are there going to be more hours of questioning? are there more formal legal proceedings? is there a court appearance? >> well, we do know that authorities will be doing a lot of investigating. the brothers have a lot of friends here in boston. they want to make sure that they are chasing all leads. also tamerlan tsarnaev spent six months in russia last year and they want to get to that, too. there is a court hearing on may 30.
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the state of massachusetts has not yet charged the brothers with anything including the death of a police officer a couple of nights ago. >> working late shift in boston. thanks very much. the fbi investigators want to talk to the wife of the dead bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev. they have a 2-year-old daughter together. so far detectives have only been able to speak to the lawyer. investigators are chasing a host of leads delving into the every day lives of the suspect. one has been a mixed martial arts gym. before he killed americans tsarnaev had dreams of representing americans at the olympics. >> reporter: long before the world knew of his brutality the boston community took note of
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tamerlan tsarnaev. he competed in the golden gloves championships. he told one interviewer he aspired to box on the u.s. olympic team. that dream stalled after his petition for citizenship was denied. this is a mixed martial arts jim njim -- yim gym. he was regarded as one if not the best boxer here. he disappeared for some time and reappeared a few weeks ago and acting as if he owned the place. he was asked to leave because he was being disrespectful to other people working out at the gym and law enforcement took the surveillance equipment from this gym in part of their investigation. one fellow boxer told us
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tsarnaev struck a figure in the gym calling him a premiere athlete. trainer eddie bishop travelled with tsarnaev to a national competition. you said he was eccentric. >> he had cowboy boots on and leather pants and a special hat. >> bishop says tsarnaev was strong but not tenacious. >> he had a really big punch. he knocked a lot of people out but, you know, he lacked that fight. >> reporter: what do you mean? >> he couldn't get you out of there quick. meanwhile, authorities in canada say they foiled a planned terror attack. on monday two men were arrested and charged with receiving reports from al qaeda networks to bomb a canadian railway line.
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the chairman of the counter terrorism and intelligence subcommittee says the train was bound from canada to the u.s. >> the individuals were receiving support from al qaeda elements located in iran. >> thank you. >> now, i can tell you that there is no information to indicate that these attacks were state sponsored. >> authorities say these two men arrested are not canadian citizens but declined to comment on their nationality. >> he said there is no connection to the boston marathon bombing. tom foreman has more. >> the target for this alleged terror plot was the train system in canada. it is an intercity connecting
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system. in fact, that is where the two men were arrested. this is what authorities say they were up to watching trains coming into and out of toronto, surveying the trains themselves looking for a weak spot that they could attack and try to derail a train. this is a very, very busy hub there. you can see just exactly how urbanized this area might be. this was the sign right there telling you where you are. the belief was if they had been able to get into this train station and derail the train it would have amounted in heavy loss of life and real damage and yet authorities say they machnad to stop the plot in time. >> while we are talking about travel the u.s. transportation security administration is holding off on the planes to
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allow passengers to carry small knives. officials say they will delay the rule so they can further review comments from the public. among the most vocal opponents unions representing flight attendants. an uncertain football future for suarez. and tension is flaring up between china and japan. at the heart of it is a long running territorial dispute. we will have the latest developments when we return. woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child
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welcome back. you are watching "cnn news room" 2:12 in the morning on the u.s. east coast. time for the most talked about story in sports. sw suarez faces a lengthy suspension after sinking his teeth into an arm. a little surprising to me. it appears liverpool is standing by their man. >> they did it before and they are doing it again. we saw when he was charged abusing. the attention of the world is very much on them standing by their man. in one small reason he scores goal. the latin american striker
11:14 pm
scoring 30 goals this season. his club simply he is too valuable to lose. speculation is rife. what is next for the striker? >> we have to work with him on his discipline but he is a very important player for the club and a very popular player with his teammates. he signed a new contract last summer. he is a fantastic player, top scorer. everything we would want in a striker so no change there. i think this is more about getting him back on the right track. >> the big job for the head coach of liverpool to sit down with his player and basically talk some sense into him and try to work out what is going on there. there is no doubt at all the club wants to stick with him. he played his last game for the
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pool. the world will be watching him closely, indeed. gauging reaction to the shocking incident in latin america as a whole. >> you find that there is a cultural difference as far as sports in europe and in south america where there is a tremendous amount of fervor among the fans regarding the players that they follow the players that they love. sometimes they can be very tolerant as to the things that they do. we all know that in this case it is the second time he did it. you do it once it can be an error in judgment. you do it twice there is a flaw in the personality that needs to be looked into. many times in latin america they are a little more tolerant of these things. >> so basically it's a situation of what next, how is liverpool going to handle it? i know the fans are very vocal on twitter.
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they absolutely love this player. they are standing by their man. it is larger issues here. will he be a liverpool player come the start of the new season? >> and how will they make up their minds about this? millions of people saw this happening. >> this is not going to be -- the player has to enter his plea. they have to sit through a whole amount of evidence. it is not going to be done very quickly. >> he has already apologized. >> he has apologized to the player and the playerer in question has accepted it. that is being done. there are not criminal charges but it is a question of how it is going to be handled and how is liverpool going to deal with it and players losing faith. >> not a lot of sympathy with this crowd here. the death toll is rising in southwest china three days after a powerful earthquake.
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193 people are dead and at least 25 are missing. rescuers are still searching for survivors in the rubble of homes and buildings destroyed by the magnitude 6.6 earthquake. tension is rising between china and japan putting pressure on an already strained relationship. japan says chinese government ships have entered waters near a group of islands claimed by both countries. how serious is this? what have you been able to find out? >> reporter: well, the chinese government says that it rushed a number of additional coast guard ships to a total of eight at the waters off of the disputed islands after japanese vessels were seen in the area. we have gotten reports of a flotilla of japanese
11:18 pm
nationalists approaching the islands. both governments lay claim to these uninhabited islands. the japanese government has announced that it summoned china's ambassador to tokyo to protest the arrival of the chinese ships in these waters. it is not the first time that ships from both governments and planes from both governments have engaged in these types of cat and mouse games. in today's incident the japanese coast guard says it radioed a warning to basically back off. according to the japanese coast guard the chinese response was no. this is chinese territory. this has been an area of friction in months past and it is also resulted in very heated rhetoric from nationalists in
11:19 pm
both countries. we saw some very angry protested against japan here in china after the japanese government nationalized, purchased a number of these uninhabited islands. >> watching here in the united states and around the world, give us context. you have said that these islands are uninhabited. why is it so important to these two countries? >> reporter: some of this goes back to the world war ii and wars between japan and china. and anger and bitterness that lingers to this day, bitterness that has been aggravated in recent days as the number two man in the japanese government made another visit over the weekend to a controversial shrine in japan including war
11:20 pm
criminals from world war ii and the chinese have grievances about the actions and war crimes that the japanese military committed on chinese territory during these bloody, terrible times. that has exacerbated anger on both sides with the chinese and the south koreans who have their own anger against japan. the foreign minister cancelled the trip to japan because of this controversial visit to this shrine. there is a lot of history going back and some of the nationalist moves that the japanese government has made in recent months and in recent days has resulted in a reaction from the chinese government where we now actually have not warships but coast guard ships issuing warnings to each other in
11:21 pm
disputed waters. that is something that could lead to tensions and unpredictable actions when you have these kinds of vessels in close proximity to each other. >> that is the concern that this has potential to become a clash. always appreciated. thank you. it clearly is an explosive mix. all of these different reasons historical as well as economic interests. >> as you say there is a lot of trouble already in the past to be dealt with. the violence in syria shows no sign of stopping. they made a disturbing discovery over the weekend. we'll bring you the details next. ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify our pre-owned vehicles. we inspect, analyze and recondition each one, until it's nothing short of a genuine certified pre-owned... mercedes-benz for the next new owner.
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welcome back to cnn's continuing live coverage of the after math of the boston terror attacks. >> let's let you in on some of the details we have. a u.s. government source says tsarnaev indicated that his brother tamerlan was the driving force behind the attack. he is charged with using a weapon of mass destruction resulting in death and malicious destruction of property. if convicted he can face the death penalty. police in india have arrested a second suspect in an alleged rape of a 5-year-old
11:26 pm
girl. noi the child's girl says police tried to bribe them. fureerous p fureerous -- furious protesters took to the streets. >> this time we are not seeing the spontaneous large scale protest that we saw back in september after the student was gang raped on a moving bus. this time being organized by opposition charges. still many people here are shocked by the number of rape cases being reported in the media every single day and the gruesome nature of many of the cases. >> has been under medical care in the hospital since last monday's attack. state tv reports president bashar al assad met with the delegation of lawmakers in
11:27 pm
damascus on monday. assad apparently stressed the importance of parliament in representing its people. that came one day after syrian opposition activists say they found hundreds of dead bodies in a suburb of damascus. they say it was the highest number of victims discovered in a single day since the war began. >> new reports of a massacre emerging from activists who say a massacre was carried out in the damascus country side. at least 100 people were killed in what they are calling a massacre. that area is south of damascus in the country side. many activists we spoke with say the town is now controlled by syrian regime forces, surrounded by syrian regime forces. they are not able to go in and
11:28 pm
get a clear idea of exactly what happened. they expect the death toll will rise in the coming days. now the syrian opposition coalition says they expect the death toll to rise. they issued a statement in which they said the deafening silence of the international community has become routine for the victims and their families. the demands for international human rights organizations have been a lost cause. amateur videos reporting to show the after math of this massacre are extremely graphic. we will show you a couple of them right here. we have to blur most of what is in these images. one of the videos reporting to show bodies found outside wrapped, some of them wrapped in blankets, some of them wrapped in carpet. as the blankerates pulled away
11:29 pm
you see victims whose faces are bashed in and some shot at close range to the head. another video also very graphic showing bodies found in a room. these bodies in body bags. opposition activists telling us this is evidence of the extreme brutality faced by men, women and children in this area south of damascus. syrian regime and state media has said that the area has been cleared of terrorists. opposition activists say there have been intense clashes between revel forces and regime soldiers. that is when the massacre took place at the hands of the regime. both sides agreeing saying that the town has now been taken over by syrian regime forces, that it is the syrian regime that has
11:30 pm
ceased control of the town. things may soon be changing for same sex couples in france. lawmakers expected to pass a bill legalizing same sex unions on tuesday making france only the 14th country in the world to do so. the issue has been controversial to say the least. there have been demonstrations for and against. president francois hollande is expected to sign the bill into law. american folk singer richie havens has died. his career included 30 albums and thousands of performances. he is also remembered as the opening singer at the woodstock festival in 1969. >> i am old enough to remember those performances. that was amazing stuff.
11:31 pm
and you can hear them on the radio all the time. house name in a certain kind of household. >> indeed. i was right in front of it, right in front of the business where it was. so i felt the direct impact. and it immediately blew off my left foot. >> a dance instructor's life changed in an instant. an exclusive interview with one of the victims of the boston bombings. for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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34 minutes past the hour. i'm jonathan mann. >> and i'm isha sesay. it is just over one week since the boston marathon bombings that shocked the world. >> and the city is trying to heal. people in boston and across the u.s. observing a moment of silence at 2:50 p.m. local time monday. >> it was intense. it was full of highs and lows. we worked really, really hard. there were a lot of people that came to help solve this problem but the bottom line was we got them. they are either arrested or dead. and that is the way we have to
11:36 pm
deal with this type of a situation. we try to prevent everything. and we are so sympathetic to anybody injured or killed in this attack but they caught us and we now have to go back and hold accountable. >> let's bring you up to speed. the surviving suspect is communicating with investigators from his hospital bed. dzhokhar tsarnaev indicated that he and his deceased older brother acted alone and had no help from foreign terrorist groups. as the dust begins to settle investigators and lawmakers are looking back at how the case was handled. >> the movement of one suspect is raising important questions. >> reporter: as lawmakers are praising authorities for the wick work members of congress are calling for hearings into the fbi's handling of tamerlan tsarnaev who travelled back to
11:37 pm
russia last year. >> what did he do when he went back for six months? did he sit in his aunt and uncle's home? when he came back to this country, why didn't it ring a bell with the fbi intelligence unit. >> reporter: the fbi was asked to investigate tamerlan. the russian suspected the 26-year-old was a follower of radical islam and a strong believer and he had changed since 2010 as he prepared to leave the u.s. to join unspecified underground groups but the fbi said it did not find terrorism activity. tamerlan made that trip and spent time in war torn chechnya. >> i don't know where those relatives live. the relatives from his father's
11:38 pm
side. >> reporter: despite the warning from the russians the trip apparently went undetected by u.s. authorities. south carolina senator told republicans tamerlan's name was on a no fly watch list. >> i have been informed that the passenger list that his name was misspelled and it didn't get into the system because of a misspelling. >> reporter: after that tamerlan's activity on jihaddest websites. a rebel group denied involvement saying the caucasian mujahideen are not fighting against the u.s. they have shown up in iraq, afghanistan and syria, all questions they want answered from tamerlan's younger brother
11:39 pm
dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> we will prosecute this terrorist through our civilian system of justice. >> investigators did have a public safety inspection that allowed them to question dzhokhar tsarnaev without reading him his rights and now the suspect has a public defender. preliminary interviews with the surviving suspect subjects the tsarnaev brothers fit the classification of self radicalized jihadists. >> new information on tamerlan tsarnaev's perspective on islam. january 18 friday prayers in cambrage, a mosque leader is giving a service.
11:40 pm
according to mosque officials it was too much for tamerlan tsarnaev. >> some people said that he said something to the effect that you cannot compare or make a parallel between a prophet and a nonmuslim. some people said he referred to the person giving the sermon as a hypocrit. >> reporter: says the disruption was a clear violation of mosque etiquette. he says people in attendance told him to back off. mosque officials say it was the second time he had objected to something said at a sermon. were there any red flags that tamerlan tsarnaev had been radicalized. >> there were no indications. trained specialists from the fbi were not able to see anything i'm sure you can understand how people who were merely acquainted with these individuals seeing them
11:41 pm
sporadically at prayers would not see anything of this nature, as well. >> reporter: mosque officials say dzhokhar tsarnaev never came without his older brother. friends say tamerlan tsarnaev was the leader between the two brothers, one saying dzhokhar tsarnaev was the follower. in recent months he saw the brothers come in, sometimes sitting down, sometimes getting chicken and lamb for take out. tamerlan tsarnaev always walked ichb front of his younger brother swaggering looking serious and tough. >> like we do this and we do. he was always in front. and the other one behind him. >> reporter: it may not have always been that way. a lifeguard with dzhokhar tsarnaev at harvard.
11:42 pm
she says this about the younger brother. >> an effort to create because they didn't see the world quite in the same way. >> reporter: neighbors gave us new information on the broader family dynamic. this is the top floor apartment where the tsarnaev family lived. neighbors say the entire family, parents, brothers and sisters lived here together at one point. one neighbor told us he observed tension in the family when they all lived together. it was at this address where tamerlan tsarnaev was arrested in july 2009 for assaulting his girlfriend. it quotes tamerlan tsarnaev as saying i slapped her. they thought the tension dissipated after parents and sisters moved out. we are also thinking about the victims, of course. one week after the bombing 50 remain in the hospital, two in critical condition. at least a dozen have had
11:43 pm
amputations. >> one of them is a dance instructor who lost her foot and part of her lower leg. she was watching the marathon when they were hit by the second blast. anderson cooper has their story. >> i hate to ask you to relive what you have gone through. >> i relive it every day. >> you think about it every day? >> absolutely. >> how close were you to the second explosion? >> i was right in front of it, right in front of the business where it was. i felt the direct impact. it immediately blew off my left foot. >> how far away was the bomb? >> my guess it would have been about five feet. >> we are lucky to be alive. >> did you lose consciousness? >> i don't think we did. i remember everything so if we did it was for a matter of seconds. >> do you remember being blown through the air?
11:44 pm
>> yeah. >> what happened then? >> i landed and closed my eyes and was underneath adam and covering my head and my face. it was very gray and quiet, gray smoke and ashes and a lot of debris falling. and i remember telling adam i'm alive and he said i'm okay. i'm okay. are you okay. and i said i think we are okay and i couldn't believe we surviveled and we weren't hurt at all. i didn't feel any pain. i had no idea what had happened. and then i sat up and i tried -- he said we have to get out of here. i tried to move and i said my foot. there is something wrong with with my foot and he lifted up my leg and we lost it. adam had a lot of blood all over his pants. it was hard to tell his injuries and my injuries because of the
11:45 pm
amount of blood everywhere. he was hurt, as well. >> what did you do then? >> it just went into survival mode. i have to do something about this. i can't lose my foot. i can't lose my foot. i have to get it somewhere safe and clean and i have to get something wrapped around it. and then i grabbed the door open with my elbow and crawled into forum and asking a couple of people for help and received it and got a couple of people to do a tourniquet and adam was shortly behind me. i wanted to stay with him but my brain was on getting somewhere clean. i'm losing so much blood. >> what did you do? >> i followed behind her. she jump kicked me. we have to really maybe get somewhere where we can lay down smarter and get a tourniquet around her leg and start doing
11:46 pm
some basic like shock triage stuff. we crawled into forum. from there i remember her legs were over mine. i had one belt and another guy with another belt. we were just as much as i could putting as much pressure as i can. >> where did you find the belt? >> my belt came from me. >> you took off your belt and tied a tourniquet. >> i pulled the loops. >> you were basically pulling tight. >> when did you realize the full extent of the injury? >> i think when we were sitting in forum i realized how bad it was. we were bouncing between tying the tourniquet faster and this may be the last minutes together and i'm sorry for everything that has ever happened. and it is hard to not get emotional thinking about it. but it was going between safety
11:47 pm
and helping each other and helping his injuries, also and saying what we needed to say to each other. >> in case you didn't make it. >> in case we didn't make it. >> tying the tourniquet on the scene probably saved you. when did you realize it? >> i was -- i woke up and my parents were there and i hugged them and kissed them. i said mom, i feel like my foot is falling asleep because it feels like my ankle is falling off of the pillow and my foot is half on. and i realized that was a phantom. she said your foot is gone. i lost it. it is really hard to hear. >> you were determined to dance again. >> i am. >> dancing is really important to you? >> it is so important to me. it is my life. >> what about it? >> dancing is the one thing i do
11:48 pm
that when i do it i don't feel like i should be doing anything else. ever. i feel so free and so wonderful. i'm big on music. and i feel like all of us when we hear music we kind of move to the music. and i feel like -- >> i don't. >> we are going to change that. i told you i'm going to teach you. >> i'm going to hold you to that. >> it is on camera. but i feel like it's just such a freeing thing. it's such a big part of my life and part of my life also is being able to teach people how to do that. and so not only is it big in my life for me and an outlet for me i can see it developing in other people. >> you want to run the race next year? >> i do. i can't believe i saidt that.
11:49 pm
adam has been making fun of me. you are not a runner. i am not a runner at all. i wasn't a ball room dancer at one point in my life either so i'm going to do it. >> yeah. >> i hope to be on the finish line watching you. >> you should run with me. we will conquer dance lessons. >> little by little. >> you get me dancing and running. >> if i get me running i will be amazed. >> are you angry? >> yeah. i'm angry. i'm not angry 100% of the time but i am angry. i think when someone tries to stop you from doing something or something happens in your life where it's not exactly what you expected you have to conquer that and you have to find the better side of it.
11:50 pm
it's not something that -- i don't know. i don't want that to be the end. i don't want this to be the end. i'm only 32. whether it is running the marathon or walking the marathon or crawling the marathon or being the last one across i'm okay with with that. i didn't say i would win it. i am defiant and i want to come out stronger. >> an incredible spirit. >> remarkably composed, cheerful, joking. this is one week after her life was changed, after literally she has been disfigured by a crime that isless. >> if you would like to help those effected by the boston marathon bombings check out our website. >> you will find links to the one fund boston and many other
11:51 pm
groups working to help the victims. >> we will be right back. businesses more than two billion dollars to grow jobs, cut middle class income taxes to the lowest rate in sixty years, and we're creating tax free zones for business startups. the new new york is working creating tens of thousands of new businesses, and we're just getting started. to grow or start your business visit google's backyard for the wbing it on challenge.. [fight bell: ding, ding] what's your preferred search engine? search engine, uhh, probably google. if we do a side by side blind test comparison, and you end up choosing google, you get an xbox. i'll bet you the xbox, you bet me your son. well let's look up what you need. okay, i would do the left. yeah? what?! i am a daddy! bing wins it! bing won. bing did win. people prefer bing over google for the web's top searches. don't believe it? go to and see what you're missing.
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. welcome back. coming on five minutes before
11:55 pm
the hour. accused marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev has told authorities his deceased brother was the driving force. >> the 19-year-old could face the death penalty if he is convicted. he was charged on monday. a judge went into the hospital to see him. tsarnaev was mentally competent in his initial bed side hearing. >> monday a moment of silence at 2:50 p.m. in boston. people paused to remember the victims. >> president obama also paid tribute observing the moment of silence at the white house. friends, family a total strangers packed a boston university ball room to
11:56 pm
on the massachusetts state house steps to the new york stock exchange, to the senate floor in washington, on ordinary streets, to the marathon route where instead of cheers and smiles of a runner crossing the finish line there, is silence. to the flowers and flags, the signs of "boston strong" to the spot where last week two bombs
11:57 pm
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