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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 29, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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day in "the situation room." brooke baldwin and jake tapper take it over from here. wolf thank you so much. good afternoon, i'm brooke baldwin here standing on boylston street as we continue this search for answers after this boston marathon bombing. now two weeks ago today. we're going to talk about next couple of hours about the parents here w we're the tsarnaev parents as there had been coming here to boston. still this elder brother, the the medical examiner's office. also, this afternoon, getting new details from ashleigh banfield who is here in boston. nuggets as far as what she's been learning from the beth israel hospital staff, when this younger tsarnaev dzhokhar tsarnaev was taken last week to this prison medical facility in deven devens, massachusetts, 40 miles from where i'm standing. but i want to begin with the wife of brother, tamerlan tsarnaev. her name is katherine russell.
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she has been questioned by investigators. we at cnn would love to talk to her. we're hearing a little bit from her attorney and we have seen some action today outside of her parents' home in rhode island. we want to begin this hour with erin mcpike in rhode island for us right now. erin tell me what you've been seeing today. >> reporter: well brooke about 12:30 today there were six fbi officials sitting in two cars outside katie russell's house. and just a russell's attorney two of them pulled up parked in katie russell's driveway and went inside her house. two minutes late five of those six fbi officials went inside katie russell's houseleft. so fbi officials have been inside katie russell's parent's house for the last hour and 20 minutes. now, of course we don't know yet what isg some investigating and perhaps talking to katie russell, trying to get more information from her. but it has been a while now. and what i can tell you, brooke
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also is that fbi officials have been stationed outside katie russell's house for the past week or so and they have been here around the clock. there are also fbi officials who have stationed in neighboring areas, sort of just waiting in case something happens and we saw an incident this weekend where we saw katie russell's mother leaving the house, and fbi officials from to see stop her. so, brooke there has been a lot of action here today and in the past week or so even. >> let me just ask you, we all -- those of us covering this story so so closely here in boston, i'm just curious if you can take a step backward and tell me what more we know about katherine russell. she attended suffolk university in boston. we know she met tamerlan tsarnaev in a nightclub and over the course of time there was a change in her persona in her behavior, in her dress. tell me what you learned. >> reporter: well brooke we
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tried to talk to a lot of members of the community, but they have really clammed up because the high school where katie russell graduated from has basically discouraged many members of the community from speaking out, but from what we heard she was a very good student very dependable, very well liked, and a popular kid. and a lot of people in this community jwho knew katie were very surprised by some of the changes that they saw in her after she left for college, and, of course they have been very surprised by all the activity that they have seen here in the last week and frankly by the >> erin mcpike for us thank you so much as we're getting more and more details about this family and this picture shaping from over the course of the last couple of years. erin for us in rhode island. erin appreciate it so much. and, again, i'm brooke baldwin here in boston joined by my colleague, good to see you, jake tapper standing next to me. so let's move along. the mother here the mother of these brothers now saying she will head to the united states despite the risk of her own
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arrest on shoplifting charges. she is hoping to visit her only surviving son, dzhokhar tsarnaev, who, as i speak, is sitting in this ten by ten foot cell. we're covering ing recovering from his gunshot wounds. at this prison medical facility, in devens massachusetts. just about 40 miles outside of boston. >> cnn'sshleigh banfield is here with the latest on his condition. ashleigh, a source told you when dzhokhar arrived at the hospital, originally he was covered in blood. what else can you tell us about that? >> we're getting a lot of inside information and color, if you will about that really awful night after this terrible back and forth of gunfire with the police. when dzhokhar tsarnaev was brought to the beth israel deaconess hospital, my senior level hospital source says that he was covered in blood, head to toe, his face was bloody he had a lot of field dressing on and appeared to have lost a lot of blood. only semiconscious. and also his eyes were closed. but he was aware. and that he was brought to the
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red zone traumatic area for immediate treatment. stabilized fairly quickly, but wasn't until he arrived at that zone that he started to moen ed toed to moanf sounds he was in great pain in the trauma area. i asked whether there were any bombing victims within that vicinity, trauma area curtains. and apparently not. there were no other bombing victims in that area. however, they needed to get him out of there. so there was a lot that was done. fbi did not leave his side. in fact the local police wanted to set up a crime scene right there a the fbi i'm told was very terse conversations, a very quick one, i'm told the fbi took over and said this was their crime scene and they stuck by him, right away. they were even in the er as he was being stabilized, which happened very quickly. then they took him right away from the er down to get a ct scan and x-ray and immediately into the or for surgery. the fbi didn't leave his side then either. they were right there all along. not letting him out of their
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sight. but then it was only after that a coue of hours from the moment he arrived at the beth israel deaconess, then about -- within a few hours they took him to the sixth floord icu that they shut off from everyone. no curts within patientains with patients beside. that's where he spent the bulk of the week. he apparently recovered fairly quickly. >> in the photograph, from right after the arrest we see at the bureau of alcohol, firetobacco, fire arms photograph, he's being intu bait bated. how serious were the wounds? do we know from a shrapnel wound or gunshot wound? >> i asked my source there are a lot of things you can't lease about someone's condition, but it was unclear exactly whether that was gunfire, whether that was shrapnel or what caused the wound to the throat and another serious wound to the leg as well. those were the most serious and life threatening injuries when he came in with the great loss
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of blood. but most amazing thing, my source said was that he was actually in a lot better shape than many of us thought. i told you last week that i had a senior level source who told me that he was sitting up and he was able to write. and he had been writing copious amounts of notes while in there and also getting mail which is unusual there was mail coming in addressed to him at the beth israel, which, by the way, they did not deliver to him. they gave it to the fbi as you can only imagine. one other detail you've been to hospitals, you know how this works. if you need to transfer someone out, they did this under the cover of darkness usually you go to the ambulance and wheel a gurney out. no. he did not get afforded that kind of treatment. they took him to a loading dock. they unloaded that particular loading dock into what are called federal marshal transport vehicles, bigger than humvees, but apparently they were there waiting for him. that's how they got him to where he is now. >> to avoid the media. also for his own safety one would assume since there had been word going out for a few days that he was probably going
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to be transferred. >> and to that point,ake, when i had that exclusive information on the sixth floor trauma unit that was shut off to everyone, and there was just enormous federal marshal, state police there we did not report it was thehat very reason because it was such a sensitivity security risk. w, of course he's not there i can tell you it was the sixth floor, but it is safe to say everybody at this point, very relieved he's gone. >> those families are like, get him out of here. ashleigh banfield, thank you so much. we appreciate it. much more on the investigation revelation about misha, this misha person who apparently inspired the older president obama expected to nominate another person to his cabinet and this time he reveals his pick for transportation a bombshell in the fourth world an active nba player comes out, the reaction is pouring in. we're all over it.
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starting xarelto® tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liverqw you're looking at live images of president obama. he's about to nominate a new secretary of transportation. let's listen we're from the same state. ray is from peoria i'm from chicago. but, you know we both love the state of illinois and we both get out there on the golf course and we're not that ourselves too seriously. you know he's a good man. and has been an outstanding public servant and a model for the kind of bipartisan approach to governance thatnk we need so badly in town.4j so, ray, on a personal level, i could not be more grateful to you for your service. >> thank you.
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ing fúxorward to spending more time with his wife kathy and their family especially a whole gaggle of grandchildren, and so today, i'm proud to announce my intent to nominate another impressive leader to carry on his great work at the department of transportation the mayor of charlotte, my friend from north carolina, mr. anthony foxx.w anthony's life reflects the values he learned growing up in west charlotte where he was raised by his single mom and his
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grandparents. i should add, by the way, his grandmother is here and she informed me that she worked here in the white house in the truman administration. so she is just coming back to -- just coming back for a visit. and so the values that they instilled in them was to take pride in hard work take responsibility for your actions, to take care of your community. and over the past three and a half years, those values have helped anthony become one of the most effective mayors that charlotte has ever seen. when anthony became m 2009 charlotte, like the rest of the country, was going through a bruising economic crisis. but the city managed to turn things around. the economy is growing. there are more jobs more opportunities, and if you ask anthony how that happened, he'll tell you that one of the reasons is that charlotte made one of the largest investments in transportation in the city's history.
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since anthony took office they broke ground on a new street car project that will bring tram service to the downtown area they expanded th international airport, and they're extending the city's light rail system. all of that has not only helped create helped charlotte become more attractive to business. so i know anthony's experience -- >> hearing president obama's next pick for transportation secretary charlotte of north foxx. back live in boston, a developing story out of northern california. an intense manhunt is under way as police are searching for the killer of an 8-year-old girl. police in valley springs, california, say leila fowler wasdeath friday when her parents were out. her brother told police he was the one who found her, and that he saw an intruder running from this house. so people in this neck of the woods are being warned to lock their doors, be on the lookout, there is extra security at bus stops and nearby schools.
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and an autopsy for this 8-year-old is scheduled for today. meanwhile, the family is still coming to grips with this incredibly tragic loss. the girl's mother tells cnn, quote, we are devastated. she didn't deserve this. she was so full of life. cnn's paul vercammen has more now from the valley springs area. >> reporter: it is a rural community on edge. >> they had the helicopters going over our house last night. >> reporter: place where doors often go unlocked now bolted shut. >> i'm sure a lot of families last night locked all their time. >> reporter: a killer is on the loose. the killer of an 8-year-old girl leila fowler. police say she and her 12-year-old brother were hom alone saturday afternoon when he says he saw an intruder leaving the house. the boy called his parents who called 911, he then found his sister stabbed, severely wounded. she later di since then police have been running down leads, but have no
11:16 am
specific suspects. >> we're searching, you know extensively into attics and storage sheds. it is a difficult area to search. it is real remote. the grass is tall right now. >> there are a lot of empty homes and outbuildings around here. a lot of huge rock where somebody can hide in. >> reporter: authorities have combed the home and the neighborhood for evidence. >> we did collect someerprints during that search and we also collected what we believe to be dna. those prints and that dna will hopefully be within the next week. >> reporter: there wille an added police presence today at schools and bus stops in the area. as one resident said this kind of thing just does not happen here. paul vercammen, cnn, calaveras county, california. coming up ombshell in the world of sports. an active nba player tells "sports illustrated" that he is gay. we will talk live with theng editor of the magazine about how this whole revelation went down.
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welcome back to cnn. word is spreading fast in the sports world that the nba's jason collins is gay. he came out of the closet today. "sports illustrated" has the that's jason collins, a beaming jason collins under a headline reading "the gay athlete." he writes, the recent boston marathon bombing reinforced the notion that i shouldn't wait for the circumstances of my coming out to be perfect. things can change in an instant. so why not live truthfully? a little more about jason collins now. he's played 12 full seasons in the nba. he finished in the past season with the wizards in washington, d.c. they're not in the playoffs. and come july 1st he'll be a 7 foot tall free agent. kobe bryant twe coming out as did
11:20 am
chelsea clinton who studied at stanford when collins played there on a team with his twin brother jerron. even the white house is out with a statement which reads, we commend him for his courage and support him in this effort in hope that his fans and his team support him going forward. with us now from new york the managing editor of "sports illustrated" which broke the story. he's currently on an nba roster but that could change come july when he's a free agent. he's the first. i guess the first question is is he necessarily even going to be an nba player next season? >> well i think he will jake. i mean he's fairly determined and we have a story that is running on our website, this afternoon, with a comment from doc rivers one of his former coaches, who fully expects jason collins will be in the nba next season. >> doc rivers of course the coach here in boston. he used to be a celtic as well. i'm sorry. >> just quite a story.
11:21 am
i read the piece in si. let me back up and now?timing? and why to you all at "sports illustrated"? >> well i think, you know let's be clear, he doesn't want to be the bearer of any sort of battle flag here. it is much simpler, more personal reason. he wave a family. he wants to -- he wants the same life that his twin brother jarron has. this is a very long time. he didn't even inform his brother that he was gay until late last summer. so-so much for so so much for twin telepathy. >> we should point out he's not the first professional athlete to come out of the closet as gay. not the first current professional athlete. but what he is he's the first u.s. male in one of the big four sports. and, chris, explain to people why that is significant. >> well i think, you know i
11:22 am
realize that's a lot of qualifiers there but, you know the fact is he's -- nobody has come out before him, which probably speaks to a÷' culture of homophobia that exists there that doesn't exist in other sports arenas. i think we ascribe a little more significance to this just because it has been this long and he is in fact the first after all these years. >> okay chris stone with "sports illustrated," chris, thank you so much. >> congratulations on the scoop. >> yeah. it is a great piece and it has been interesting, we have done a lot of these stories because there was talk that maybe a gay athlete would be coming out in the nfl and part of that piece and talking to a cbs sports reporter said the fear is the backlash from the fans not so much in the locker room but the fans. jason says i've been booed before. i can handle this. so this is -- this front cover -- >> i reaction on twitter, the only thing i've seen and i'm sure there who are being much harsher, but the only thing i've seen from conservatives is so what who cares? where as five years ago, tens
11:23 am
years ago, twitter wasn't there, the reaction from people who disapproved of homosexuality for religious reasons or whatever would have been harsher. now it is why are we still talking about this? >> yeah. some people. some -- >> the critics. >> yes the critics for sure. up next the conversation with two imams from here in boston, two imams we talked to on friday. we wanted to bring them back because in case you didn't hear congressman peter king has now said that the muslim community needs to give answers about extremists. so these two imams will be joining us right here it react to that next. angie's list to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare.i like the fact that i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. join today and find out why over 1 million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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tapper with brooke baldwin. b.b. live in boston for cnn's special coverage of the investigation into the boston terror attacks. >> now -- >> go ahead. >> today we turn to the tamerlan tsarnaev's widow katie russell. >> and this as the surviving suspe tsarnaev is sitting in a ten by ten foot cell in camp and medical facility 40 miles outside of boston. cnn has just learned that
11:27 am
dzhokhar arrived in bad shape, covered in blood, his eyes shut semiconscious bleeding from gunshot wounds to his head neck legs and hand. that's at beth israel deaconess center we're talking aboutarrested. his mother tells cnn she plans to visit her son in prison detainment on shoplifting charges if she returns to thes. and new revelations today about a secretly recorded phone call in which she was heard vaguely discussing jihad with someone thought to be herlder son tamerlan. >> which then of course brings us to the closer to the russia connection and deadly raid in a forest of dagestan. take a look. russian special forces killing two members of a jihadist group during an early morning raid. cnn's nick paton walsh has more. nick explain the connection to this dead suspect, what we saw the video, a deadly raid in
11:28 am
dagestan and perhaps a separate raid at a mosque in moscow. looking at there are pictures of the early morning raid yesterday, sunday morning, which killed a militant. he was part of a militant group headed by a man called abu dujan killed in december also. how does that relate to the boston bombings? there was a video linked to tamerlan's youtube channel. the man killed in that raid you just saw of the group. in fact, the brother of the successor -- the leader of the group+ when abu dujan died so there is clearly something happening on the ground in russia, chasing down members of abu dujan's group. we just don't know if that is specifically because any of them met tamerlan tsarnaev but it is an interesting coincidence that that raid happened. the fbi andfsb continue to exchange information, brooke. >> all right, tapper here in boston.
11:29 am
do we know if the u.s. specifically had anything to do with this raid and bigger ow the u.s. is working with russian intelligence, the fsb and other groups. how much closer has this cooperation become since the bombings, and since it became clear that there was a russian connection to all this? >> reporter: well we have absolutely no idea if the u.s. had anything to do with the raid we saw this pure coincidence that abu being taken out now the raids happen frequently in that part of the world. militants often being chased down by a very aggression russian security services. has cooperation expanded? we have interestingly today heard kind of the first comments really from the russian government since president putin talked in his press conference last week about how they not have been able to get anything of operational significance, an aid to the saying that cooperation over this has reached a high level, continues to be as best as they possibly can in relation to the boston bombing and another suggestion too quoted by state the spokesman for that vladimir
11:30 am
putin saying we're doing what we can. unfortunately we haven't been able to help so much because these guys w spending much of theirlight equivocation there, part of this suggesting a lot of cooperation and other parts trying to play down what they might be able to do to help. so clearly there is information being passed over, and because of that, russian apparently official reports suggesting that the mother of tsarnaev -- that nsk was passed over in the past few days. so cooperation ongoing, jake. >> nick paton walsh, thank you so much. attacks like the boston bombings and the evidence pointing to suspects who appear to be radicalized muslims always raise concerns about religious stereotyping, of course. we wanted to bring back our guests from friday, two imams from here in the boston area imam webb and imam talal. thank you for joining us. are you worried about stereotyping?
11:31 am
i don't want to be crass about it but there is a reason that stereotyping happens. a lot of the incidents of terrorism successful or otherwise, have been radicalized muslims. obviously a vast minority of the muslim people but it is an unfortunate reality that first of all what do you do to make sure that people like that in your community, if you ever come across any of them are the authorities find out about them. >> thanks for hosting us. let me -- this is not something new for me. i've been here for 30 years in the united states. and every time it rains on us as i always say. the issue of terrorists and linking it to islam is something -- i have a problem with it. the shooter in newtown, i mean nobody raised the issue of which church he this.
11:32 am
and also labeling us as responsible. it would bring less confidence to us and to our children. i was going back -- >> i never labeled you as responsible. i mean i want to make sure you -- >> i was coming back from a trip to twocountries, sponsored by the state department and when i landed in logan they looked at the passport, chad afghanistan and i was humiliated by that. so -- our children something i disagree with. it is not going to bring any benefit towmhhe issue. >> let me jump in, because there is a question let me just -- this is from thomas friedman op-ed thomas friedman new york times, react to this when it comes to the muslim community here. this is what mr. friedman writes. what is going on in your community that a critical number of your useful leads --
11:33 am
>> the question is what is going on? >> my ministry touches youth across the world and i have never come across a youth that has those kind of radical ver. and what we're seeing as far as americans and addressing some of your concerns is people say how come muslim leadership hasn't denounced terrorism. there is a problem in the muslim community within radicalization. i don't think it is the american muslim community, i think it is outside. last week in canada an imam is the one who turned authorities on to the potential, you know destruction of a train. responding to peter king's assertion that the american muslim community is responsible, he said i have no idea is getting his information from. to treat it like gang violence to talk to youth and have an intervention session that goes
11:34 am
over some of the texts, ideas they might have and what i've come across very similar to the bomber, it is coming from overseas, "inspire" magazine which i read and was blown away job here is to work with the fbi. we have a great recessionlationship. some communities meet with them weekly or monthly to address the problem that exists. it does exist. >> the elder tsarnaev tamerlan was disruptive inof occasions in the mosque in >> the islamic center of boston. >> and muslim institutions on the front line of thaton process. and if guilty, that hurts our effuáorts,u also to intervene. >> at the same time it is interesting how you parallel this to maybe you said like a gang -- >> gang violenc are your eyes wide open to this? imam webb s never had to see -- or never noticed any delinquent behavior. have you noticed anything? >> well this is where i was coming to i the
11:35 am
beginning. i'm saying that linking it too much to islam and muslims is --job, the issue of radicalism is also the job of islamic centers to handle it. it is not to keep silent about it. that's why, like friday, i was saying that about the my concerns, not the one who died my concern is the one who is coming next. and those -- so the community to work with law enforcement agents. we work together to combat terrorists rather than blaming islam and putting surveillance and watching us whenever we go. this is the point that i like to emphasize. >> and in fact law enforcement say stereotyping is obviously just empirically wrong and also even if you don't buy the ideals, it is stupid because you don't want to alienate a
11:36 am
community that can be the best friend of the rest of the community when it comes to sorting -- >> even to the discourse of the radicals that america is innately anti- -- i'm from as you can get. and i love the celtics. but sheriff bac called up peter king and said i have no idea where you're getting your information from. there is a problem in certain theological centers in the muslim world that pushes that ideology, it is our job as local imams and scholars and law enforcement to repel that. >> in the wake of what happened boston we just wanted to get ansers from the community, here in boston. we appreciate it so much. thanks for coming back. thank coming back. >> imam talal, imam webb thank you very much. coming up here in boston a brawl. >> a brawl on mt. everest.
11:37 am
you're european climbers fought with their guides. now an investigation on the four-mile high melee after this break. ♪if you set your phone to vibrate ♪ ♪ then it might alert your button flies all the ♪ ♪ girls and the guys wanna keep that credit score ♪ ♪ high like a private jet free-credit-score-dot-com ♪ ♪ don't forget! ♪ narrator: offer applies with enrollment in
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want to tell you about this
11:39 am
bizarre situation on mt. everest happened over fight broke out and a group of sherpas, local guides gets you up theuntain. chad myers joins us from atlanta. chad what happened? >> usually we talk about brawls on ice, something to do with hockey. not up at feet. three climbers, one brit national, one swiss national an an italian were up on the wanting to go farther. sherpa said, wait we have to put lines down. they just went. and when they went up, they actually kicked some ice back down on the sherpas. that got thean imagine. they're up here 24,500 feet. and they're walking up this very steep incline from base camp,three. it came down, the ice hit oneber of them like up to 40, went up there and had a fight with these three guys and said you have one hour as we understand, he said you have one hour to get mountain and you'll be okay. otherwise you won't be. so the police are investigating. right now it is a he said/he said kind of thing. we'll see how but a brawl at 24,500 feet.
11:40 am
maybe they were just deprived of oxygen. >> maybe so. i just know that the farthest i've gotten up mt. everest is reading about it. you don't mess with the sherpas. they know what they're doing. >> don't mess with lamas either. >> chad thank you. congressman peter king calls the decisionnda rights disgraceful. he says it was not required by american law. some people however say, he should have been read the rights as soon as he was captured. who's right? that's next.
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tsarnaev has been less forth coming to investigators. now critics have become increasingly vocal about the timing of when tsarnaev heard this quote you have the right under the constitution of the united states to remain silent, any statement made by you may be used against you in court and you have the right not to have your own words used you've heard this. this is a quote from u.s. magistrate mary ann voler to tsarnaev, when investigators had only questioned tsarnaev for 16 hours prior to beingmirandized. now several lawmakers say tsarnaev heard his miranda rights too soon and important intelligence information may now be out of reach because of that. >> i don't know of any case law which says the magistrate has the right to come into a hospital room and stop an interrogation. i don't thethe fbi wanted to continue the interrogation. and eric holder now is -- said he approved that interrogation being stopped. it is absolutely disgraceful.
11:44 am
because that interrogation could have ended up saving many -- we don't know the full consequences are going to be who else is involved, who was involved then who could be involved in the future. we may not know because of eric holder. >> talk about the timing of this younger tsarnaev getting his miranda rights read. let's bringstin. sunny, youal makes the call when to read a person his or her miranda rights? is it normally the judge and after how long? >> i was a federal prosecutor, brooke. this is what has been frustrating me about this particular story. the federal rules of criminal procedure mandate the timin this case. no judge will respond on her own and decide to interrupt an interrogation. that is not what happened here what happened is a complaint was filed against this defendant, and what the federal rules
11:45 am
provide, brooke is that once that complaint is initial appearance must be had without unnecessary delay. and that is exactly what happened. this first appearance wherein you must always read someone his -- a defendant's rights happened procedure. and, remember it happened with the cooperation of not only the tor, but of the federal public defender's office with this defendant's lawyers. and so the suggestion that these politicians are making that somehow this judge did this just on her own, for me is just so ludicrous, so unfair and it is just a misstatement when it comes to the law. >> sunny, the attorney general said investigators got good leads. how could that be if the suspect was so heavily sedated at the time with the multiple wounds on his leg and his throat? >> well, you know i certainly wasn't there during the
11:46 am
interrogation, jake. and i'm not certain that he was sedated and was unable to you know cooperate with investigators. some people are reporting that he was questioned for aboutt he did give information. and, remember other than miranda law or rights rather you have a certain amount of time to question while it is not fachled amount of time it has to be for the public safety. that's what the exception is about. once the questions are gone over and that information is gathered, the process moves what happened here. to suggest anything else to suggest that somehow, you know the law wasn't followed really really is a misinterpretation of the law and what happened here. >> okay. sunny hostin former federal prosecutor, thank you so much sunny, for your perspective. we appreciate it. coming up here in boston the town rivalry
11:47 am
and elvis impersonator and a tae kwon do inspector and ricin. we'll find out what happened inside the courtroom next. i'm andrew zimmer. we can make an houices for those most in need. getting ready for the first course -- peopl are surprised when i look them in the eye and say, yeah i'm a recovering addict and alcoholic and i was homeless for a year in new york. this is a very personal issue for me. >> how many people here have recently been working? >> sus provides homes and
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11:51 am
lead officials to dutschke. curtis originally arrested and charged has now been cleared. cnn's alina machado joins us now. what have we learned? [ inaudible ] >> not hearing anything on our -- >> all right, we can't hear her. we'll work on getting the insight as far as what happened inside that courtroom today. in boston the mysterious myrrhisha is finally revealed. new details are next. . at angie's list, you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. if you want to save yourself time and avoid a hassle, go to angie's list. at angie's list, you'll find the right
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welcome back to cnn, top of the hour.m brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. we're live in boston today for special coverage of the investigation into the boston marathon bombing. we have a lot of news to get to on this search for answers today is turning to the home of tamerlan tsarnaev's widow katie russell. the fbi spending just about 90 minutes inside her family's home in rhode island. these are new pictures we have got thanks to our crew there, erin mcpike is our correspondent outside that house today. and, erin tell me that kind of ou now. >> reporter: well brooke as you mentioned, they were inside katie russell's parents' house here for 90 minutes. when they came out, we saw about five of these fbi investigators
11:55 am
leave, several of them were carrying black equipment cases. one of them had a clear plastic bag with several items in it. i saw some scissors and that bag was marked dna tammsamples. we saw katie russell leave behind them with her attorneys, got into one of her attorneys' cars and drove away in a caravan that had about five federal vehicles. so six cars including katie russell with her attorneysour producer aaron cooper reports they went to katie russell's attorney's office where some of them still have. we haven't seen anybody yet return to the house, brooke. >> just erin in terms of katie russell in general, you know, we have been reading all these different accounts of howhe met years ago in boston at a nightclub and over the course of time, she converted to islam. what more do we know about her? >> reporter: not a lot, brooke. we talked to several people who went to high school with her. they say she was very likeable.
11:56 am
very dependable, a good student. she was very artistic. people have lots of great things to say about the russell family. she has two younger sisters, people gush about her younger sister anna and her parents. but we don't know much else because, of course katie russell hasn't lived here in the last six years while she's been in boston. >> hmm. all right. erin mcpike for us in rhode island. erin we appreciate it. tamerlan tsarnaev's uncle told cnn after the bombing that a man by the name of misha is this person who, quote, brainwashed his nephew into radicalism. well today, a u.s. government official told cnn that the fbi has now interviewed this rhode island man, named misha, about hiso the tsarnaev family. cnn also spoke with christian carl of the new york review of books who says he found and he interviewed this man who says his name is mikhail allakhverdov. >> when i asked him about
11:57 am
tamerlan tsarnaev it was quite -- he made it very clear he had indeed known him, he did not specify any details about the natu relationship, but was very very very intent on explaining that he had nothing to do with any kind of radicalization. what he told me was, i was not his teacher. if i had been his would know that doing som was wrong. so he was very very emphatic about that. very upset. and went to great lengths to convince me that he really had nothing to do with this. and he made the point, he claimed to me that the fbi had told him that his case was, in fact about to be closed because the fbi had investigated his computer, his cell phone, all of his equipment, and documents, and concluded that he wasn't really involved. certainly not involved in the organization of the attacks. now, is that true? i don't know. but we still have to find out. >> so this is one account. but here we are in boston, week
11:58 am
three, the question still remains who is misha and is he the guy everyone has been talking about and looking for? brian todd is standing by for us in rhode island. brian, you've been looking for misha. what have you found? who have you found? >> reporter: well, brooke, we have kind of tracked him through massachusetts and now rhode island trying to find him. he remains an elusive figure. is he in fact the person who that reporter for the new york review of books interviewed? a man he identified as mikhail allakhverdov. law enforcement sources are being a little cagey, not telling us the misha in question. the new york review of books reported that this person did have contact with federal authorities that they interviewed him, they may be ready to close his case. we staked out his apartment, an apartment that we identified as maybe belonging to his parents. and short time ago a lawyer identifying himself as nicholson who represents the parents of this person who the new york review of books
11:59 am
interviewed mikhail allakhverdov, he appeared and talked about how the parents are authorities and with this investigation. take a listen. >> today they have the questions that have been asked of them by the authorities. they're fully cooperating and that's it. there is really nothing more to say. >> what is the connection with the brothers? >> i have no comment. just these are two elderly individuals, mom has a heart condition. and she's under a lot of stress. and pressure. obviously from all the attention. so i suspect that the authorities will be asking additional questions. but at some juncture they'll be closing that part of the investigation. >> reporter: so the question remains, is mikhail allakhverdov, who is the son of the parents that that attorney represents, he is the misha in question? he did tell the new york review of books he knew tamerlan tsarnaev, that he was acquainted with him that he is an armenian -- of armenian dissent and a convert to islam.
12:00 pm
but he said he had no role in the bombings he was not his teacher. so is this the misha in question, law enforcement authorities not telling us that conclusively, brooke. we're still tracking him. >> that's the question. and he says no he wasn't the teach even though this uncle says yes, in fact he was. brian todd keep digging for us. we appreciate you in rhode island. we are also learning more today about this deadly pressure cooker that these two bombs used just up the road from me here in boston here on boylston street. u.s. law enforcement official telling cnn so far investigators have no evidence the bombs were ever tested here in the united states. this source says if tamerlan tsarnaev, the elder of these brothers, had received any kind of training in order to how to make this bombe come while he was overseas. the russian region of dagestan. a source also telling us here at cn the land fill remember this land fill near umass dartmouth, they were
12:01 pm
looking for his laptop that search came up empty-handed. dzhokhar tsarnaev thou in a cell a ten foot by ten foot cell he's recovering from gunshot wounds at this prison medical facility in devens massachusetts, abohere we are in boston. ashleigh banfield is here with more on hislso all these great exclusivebout how, you know he was brought intoes sbeth israel here in boston blood. >> it feels like it was a month ago, on that friday night,hat fateful friday night, after those -- after he was taken out of the boat under quite a bit of gunfire and the night before that they -- he and his brother had undergone a battle with the police officers, he was very very wounded. so i have a senior hospital employee source that told me the details of what it was like that night when he arrived, when that ambulance got there with paramed ins and that suspect in that ambulance, he was covered in blood head to toe. he was a -- his face was very bloody.
12:02 pm
also he was wrapped in a lot of field gauze and it appeared he had lost a lot of blood. he was semiconscious, eyes closed. they raced him off to the red zone trauma center very quickly, but was interesting that the local police wanted to actually set up a crime scene and investigate a crime scene in that ambulance. >> in the ambulance. >> in the ambulance. they get a lot of bad guys, right? they want to get much evidence anywhere they can. it was clear to this source that the fbi was in charge right away and the conversation was very brief. so the fbi took him, they went with him the entire time at the hospital staff, got him to the red zone where he was stabilized, apparently fairly quickly stabilized and the fbi never left his side. >> and you talk about where he was brought in we have all been to the hospital, where you have the curtains partitioning off where you are, not private at all. one question you suspect here and what happened in boston could possibly be sitting anywhere near one of the alleged victims and sthedthey said
12:03 pm
no. >> they said absolutely no victims in the red zone trauma response area. so anybody who overheard anything that was going on didn't overhear anything that would have been out of the ordinary. it sounded like aegular trauma victim. he was very quiet when he arrived at the loading area the ambulance loading bay. but the moaning and the pain was very evident time he got up to the trauma area he was moaning but not making any clear words or asking for anybody in particular. he wasn't saying help me, wasn't saying where is my brother, nothing like that. just appeared he was in great distress and great deal of pain. he didn't stay there for very long. they treated this guy very quickly. he was processed quickly, went down for a ct scan, for x-ray scans and then went to the or quickly as well. fbi staying within arm's length at all points of this. even the or. they were not far away from him. and after that it was about two to three hours from the moment he arrived until the time they got him out into a secured icu. last week i gave you that exclusive information, a secured
12:04 pm
icu on the upper side. >> couldn't say which one. >> we know since he's gone the security risk is over it a sixth floor at the beth israel deaconess hospital. they shut that entire icu down. the only patient in there. but man was there law when he was being operated on, there were two thoracic surgeons, other surgeons and between eight to ten medical staff processing working on him, in that emergency moment. but afterwards, of course in that week that ensuing week my source tells me he was getting betterapidly and -- >> he's 19. >> he's 19. but he self-repaired very quickly, which gave rise to the idea he was able to sit up and writing copiously at that time. and that -- and that als pretty remarkable the amount of law enforcement that was positioned outside that amazing is how they got him out. >> incredible. but it also makes sense you think of the entire staff working on him so carefully for however long they did.
12:05 pm
>> taking him off a loading dock too so we don't see it. not even an ambulance. >> he has a lot of he's continuing to cooperate. ashleigh banfield thank you. great news here beyond what has been happening in boston we have some close-up video from the new york police department of that piece of landing gear that was found near ground zero on friday. and investigators can now confirm it came from a boeing 767 like the plane that flew into those twin towers back in 2001. mary snow joins us from new york. and police mary, i know they're treating the area like a crime scene because of the possibility of finding humanus? >> r that's absolutely correct. you might be able to see bical examiner's truck and what we'remp they're going through a number of safety protocols because tomorrow the medical examiner's office plans to go into the site where the wreckage was found and sift the soil for possible human remains. and that piece of the wreckage
12:06 pm
is being kept here at the site. authorities here in new york are saying they have no doubt that it belonged to one of the two hijacked planes that hit the world trade center just a few blocks from where we're standing. we did get some new images of that piece of wreckage and what the nypd is saying is that it has been determined that it is a part of the wing structure and not a piece of the landing gear as initially thought. but, it is unclear which plane it belonged to. now, this is -- if this looks familiar at all, it generated some controversy. the building -- wreckage was found behind the building known as park been some protest becaof to build an islamic community center because of the proximity to ground zero. plans got tide up and legal but this is a street that had had a lot of headlines a couple of years ago. >> how eerie, so mr to be finding a piece of one of those planes.
12:07 pm
mary snow in new york. mary thank you. just in to us at cnn, word that president obama spoke to russian president vladimir putin today about a number of things. most notably the escalating situation in syria. we're told president obama underscored his has been using chemical weapons its own people. the two leaders also spoke about a. and the fallout from the boston bombings. coming up next a major announcement in sports. and this has nothing to do with changing teams. no, no. we're talking about jason collins this hour a professional basketball player coming out saying he wants to take a stand. we're going to talk live to a former nba player who made that very same decision to come out after he was finished playing. announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's it has 7 ant one a day men's 50+.
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i describe myself as a mother, a writer and a performer. i'm also a survivor of ovarian and uterine cancers. i even wrote a play about that. my symptoms were a pain in my abdomens that were heavier and longer than usual for me. if you have symptoms that last two weeks or longer be brave, go to the doctor. ovarian and uterine cancers are gynecologic cancers. symptoms are not the same for everyone. i got sick...and then i got better.
12:09 pm
]( fitr$etrx jason collins has
12:10 pm
entered the history books today. he did so with the simple words penned for "sports illustrated." take a look with me. i'm a 34-year-old nba center. i'm black. and i'm gay. he goes on to wte this this is a cover of boston marathon bombing reinforced the notion that i shouldn't wait for the circumstances of my coming out to be perfect. things can change in an instant, so why not live truthfully? that's a quote from jason collins, a 12-year veteran of the nba. as of today, he's the firthlete playing a major team sport in america. this is a big deal. joining me now fro former nba player john amaechi, john amaechi came out after he retired from so, john nice to see you. tell me just what does this coming out mean to you? >> i think it is a remarkable e's an active
12:11 pm
player is f who he is. we could not, and don't mean gay people could not, society could not ask for a better more positive, more eloquent role model than tman. he is remarkable in that extent. him knows he's not your average athlete. he is going to be able to come along with the many good things that ar he's going to be able to talk with nuance about issues that finds quite difficult and the sporting world within ameri very difficult. it gives me wonderful, warm feelings to know he's there and he's going to be able to take e along with playing hopefully several more nba seasons. >> you know just reading the piece, he talks about how -- he talks about his sheer physicality took someone out on the court, that person had to be rolled out one's not, you know maybe someone who his playeld think could be gay. even his own twin brother when he told his twin brother, his twin brother was surprised, but back to your point about the
12:12 pm
fact he's an active player why do you think that it is so significant for an active player toe out? >> because it is a first. and firsts are important. i think it is important bec thinks it is important. i' fo most of today because i've got 765 interview requests to talk that makes it clear that he is a huge deal. that this story is a huge deal. andust -- i get it. i can't emphasize enough. it isn't always just about the event itself. who makes the event. and in this case he is what the fact he's an active player is important. the fact he's iã one of the major team sports in america is important. the fact that he at his core is going to be ,)superbly kinds of people is me. >> john amaechi, we appreciate being one of your we appreciate you responding to ours here on cnn. and we should be clear, we're reaching out to jason, but he's not giving int john thank you. want to turn to a tragic
12:13 pm
story out of california involving an 8-year-old girl. this little girl has been stabbed to death, a manhunt under way. her olderls police he found her and saw an running from the house. next we're going to talk to mike brooks about how police can use that information to track down a
12:14 pm
b@ z1 now to ain story out of northerncalifornia.66 an is under way as police are s girl. rings, california, say leila fowler was stabbed to death
12:15 pm
fowler's older brother tol also the one, he says who saw the intruder racing out of this home. people in the neighborhood they're being warned to lock their doors, to be on the lookout. there was extra security at bus stops in the area and schools hln law enforcement anast mike brooks is joining me now. mi horrible 8-year-old stabbed to death. but i want to ask about timing, because i know it is crucial here. what leads, if ? >> well brooke they have done a search warrant on the house. and apparently they have found some fingerprint evidence and is dnaknow they're also setting up a number of roadblocks, stopping cars in and out of the area to see whether or not they may anything at all d t particular time of day. so you know they had also about 100 law enforcement county in valley springs doing a search of that area. but so far they have not found anything. but i can tell you, they're also probably looking at iser registries. i looked up myself in the california sex are a number calaveras but springs, there are 12. so i guarantee you that investigators are going to make
12:16 pm
sure that those peopl pocket and know their whereabouts when this thing happened. >> so looking at a sex offender in the area but i also know that, mike, in situations where you have someone who is found stabbed to death and find the person who discovers this individual, be it a even a 12-year-old brother, sometimes they're initially considered suspects. isthe case with this 12-year-old brother? >> they'll look at everyone especially the people who are closest to the victim in this case and her brother, who is the 12-year-old that found her. so speaking to the 12-year-old, talking to witnesses, family. but first of all, as you said you want to eliminate those closest to the victim so they can move on from there with any other leads they have. and, you know if they do have some dna that doesn't belong inside that house, doesn't belong to a family member brooke, that's a great start bycotus or state database dna. >> mike brooks thank you so much. >> thanks. >> that manhunt in california continues. here in boston after the
12:17 pm
bombings now two weeks ago about multiple terrorism watch lists.h9 well this week another list will come outturing countries that support international terrorism. and one country on that list has some saying the u.s. needs to take these lists much more seriously. we'll have both sides debate that list next. hoo-hoo...hoo-hoo. hoo-hoo hoo. sir... i promis jimmy: ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? ronny: on his way to a baking convention. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. íx
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ñ accnn,ive inu.s. policy toward cuba may not seem like it has anything do with terror attacks, especially the oneswo weeks on. he departmentrs sponsors of terrorism. and it puts category as iran and syria and makesct sanctions. watch week and cnn's nationality analyst juliette the boston globe that cuba is not a terror threat and thus should beed from nations. let me read part of her column in the globe. quote the term state sponsor of cuba is on the list.
12:20 pm
it like you and we'll find any make ithurt. and oversive one list as we see in the boston case can be as damaging as inclusive one. juliette kayyem joins me from talk about this and also ileana ros-lehtinen, an outspoken critic of the cuban regime. so ladies welcome. congresswoman, let me begin with juliette's piece in ttoday. and what are your thoughts on cuba? should cuba stay on this list of terrorism sponsors or lutely. absolutely. cuba deserves to be on this list. as recently as about 1996 cuba specifically fidel and raul tm castro, as leaders of the communistp< tyrannical regime ordered a shootdown over international air space. and that shootdown resulted in thee!
12:21 pm
g to do any ill will toward the castro regime. this was an act of terrorism that deaths of american citizens. also there are many acts that they have been complicit in. for example, they harbor folks from the farc a columnbian organization. i could go -- and a litany of -- >> let me stop you there. let me stop you there mentioned mentioned farc specifically so does juliette in her column. if i read your column correctly, i you say you acknowledge, you know, groups like farc but at the same time you say list for terrorism againnited states. you say that isference with guerrilla groups like this yes? >> i also separate the past from the present. part of the reason for the list is not only as a stick to on'tet countries to behave better.
12:22 pm
and so my point look at cuba and the dynamics in cuba as well as the dynamics the united overtures the obama administration is making about cuba does it still make sense to have cuba on the same as with iran and syria? and my argument is absolutely not. it doesn't for purposes of cuban-american relations. if we don't like cuba there areenty of sanctions we can put against cuba separately. to honest, to not have otay; >> like pakistan you point out. >> pakistan and, look libya has been on and off of it north korea has been on and off of it so kun fridays are you look at it in 2013 where are we now as a nation cuba and the administration has made toward cuba as well as whatt terrorism to mean? my argument is when the list comes out tomorrow i think it lot of things but it is not like syria, it is not like iran. >> go ahead. i know you want to jump in there.k( >> ok the list should be expanded. i think that more countries should be on the list.
12:23 pm
first of all, on north korea i blasted the bush administratn when they wrongfully took north korea off that list of state sponsors of terrorism. and i have filed since that time year after year a again list north korea as a state sponsor of orism. and when you look at the alliances that todaynow, just cuba in the past tense, right now has with iran and with syria, especially iran that is trying to get a foot hold in our[m sitting, iran has a real infrastructure that it is shipping all kinds of equipment, whether it is venezuela, whether it is cuba all over and that's going to be a problem for the united states later on. cuba has earned a right to to bebe on that state sponsor terrorism list t has a u.s. citizen, alan gross, who is languishing in jail right now. also they're giving safe passage and harbor to over 70 fugitives from u.s. justice. there is a host of reasons why it belongs on that list. and i hope that the president and the state department make
12:24 pm
the right it on the they belong ere. vastly different opinions on the issue of cuba and this list of terrorism. congressman ileana ros-lehtinen, thank you, both so much. >> thank you. bombing suspect, the mother here of these suspects says she wants to come to united states. this comes asn sh her son onshe's also wanted by the y,ere in chusetts. so what happens when and if this mother sets foot on u.s. soil. we're going to ask that question next. there is no more higher purpose right now than to take care of the folks that put themselves in harm's way to protect our freedoms. >> more than half a million folks have done more than one tour. that's a tremendous emo tional and physical burden we put on our folks that is cknowledging that people are always going to have some affect. we just to be able to be better at making that transition back to civilized society and not carrying around that pain of with a are forar for
12:25 pm
the rest of their life. i'm skip rizzo. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is a reason to look twice. this is a stunnif technology. the 2013 lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.%
12:26 pm
as we are learning new details about the suspects in the boston bombings, we're also learning more about their russian roots, including new information about the secret wiretap on the bombing suspects' mother and specifically it is this one cen this mother and her son tamerlan, ringing alarm bells 7b when these two made vague mentions of jihad.
12:27 pm
the mot zubeidat, who is wanted on shoplifti4é charges here in the state of massachusetts, is now saying she's not afraid of arrest and will travel to the united states. by phon nick paton walsh saying quote, anything if they will me me now and, nick tell me more about thisn with this mother. did she tell you when she would be coming here to boston?porter: to be constantly changing. the issue, is father, anzor wanted to come, as early as this previous weekend in fact. his health deteriorated significantly. i spoke it him he said i'm sick i'm sick other than that the motherelaborated high blood pressure is an issue. she said though regardless of any outstanding charges against her, and any focus the investigation may swing toward her, she'll come to es to see dzhokhar as soon as she soon as she can. you're right. i know you've been talking to the parents multiple we thought they were coming thcoming we'll wait and see. nick paton walsh in moscow. opening statements under way here in the trial involving michael jackson's death. we will tell you what happened
12:28 pm
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michael jackson's family is in a los angeles court today, suing the huge aeg entertainment company for billions of dollars, blaming it for the pop star's ays aeg pressured jackson to keep up this intense rehearsal schedule driving him to use drugs, driving himx6 to use those sleep aids andng to his death ultimately in 2009 just weeks before his thist comeback concert tour was supposed to be kyung lah has been inside the courtroom and she joins us live in l.a. tell me what's been said inside the courtroom. >> reporter: well before we get to that i do want to say they're actually in their lunch break. we're in the middle of these opening statements, brooke.
12:31 pm
first. the side representing the jacksons. this is a small packed and quite warm courtroom. and you can tell that these are two sides, aeg live and the jackson family that clearly do not like each other. you can hear from the jackson side of the table actual audible3aattorney the lead attorney as bickered over some of the slide shows that were going to be shown in the opening statements. the opening statements began, we certa into what the jackson family is going to be arguing. the family is katherine jackson, 82-year-old matriarch of the jackson clan and she is representing her three grandchildren, paris, prince and blanket saying that they were dependents, relie died and they are blaming aeg live the production companyd, supervised and controlled dr. conrad murray. what aeg live is saying hey, look michael jackson is a/ grown man. he had problems and they are not responsible. that's what dr. conrad murray was hired by the jacksonfamily. and these are opening statements, brooke, the very beginning o expected to last through much of
12:32 pm
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i'm brooke baldwin live in boston. and i want to talk about the suspects' mother because today she has now said she wants to come to the united states even if it means she will be arrested. joining me now, cnn legal analyst sunny hostin. sunny, we know there is this outstanding shoplifting warrant for this woman. tell me what would happen when and if zubeidat tsa soil? >> she doesn't make it out of the airport as far as i'm concerned. everyone is watching her. certainly the u.s. government is watching her. i think she gets taken into custody right away. we do she has this warrant out for her arrest on felony shoplifting charges and also two misdemeanors ng. hearing that this intelligence has been gathered she may have been on the phone with one of her sons talking about jihad. now that makes it even more significant for her to be stopped really airport and probably interrogated by federal authorities. >> she doesn't make it out of surprise ere, sunny hostin boston
12:36 pm
will that moment when and if it happens. investigators are searching for answers here in the boston bombings much of the tsarnaev brothers' brothers' lives remain a mystery. but there was an incredible piece if you yesterday, thisl4 in-depth investigation, it caught me eye. the to family and friends and all kinds of different people here acquaintance in four different states and in three different countries. one conclusion spelled out clearly in the article, quote, but over the past four their extended family found theire of the american dream, the cambridgetsarnaevs' experience in their new land curdled. author of this fantastic author mark fisher. mark a pleasure. thank you so much for coming on. i tell you, this piece is an incredible investigation, just the little nuggets you ss you string throughout. i want to begin with the transformation you out line of the older brother tamerlan tsarnaev. when did he begin to here in cambridge?
12:37 pm
>> you though was a gradual process. i think everyone is looking for one moment when it went sour but for lifef several years, beginning around t 2009 or so when he began to become much more interested in th religion in a much deeper sort of way, egged on by his mother who thought that bringing him to they7 kaoran would bring him home not smelling of alcohol at night. then a mentor who would come spend the tsarnaev apartment teaching tamerlan about the fait there, basically the family dissolved over the course of the last year year and a half. and that proceicss really i think is what was the ultimate radicalization for tamerlan. >> i think it's interesting, marc delineation between mother and father. and you talk about this father who was so once proud of this son tamerlan who was this up-and-coming who described as wearing dark eyeliner and teasing her hair sort of very muslim as did this
12:38 pm
older son tamerlan. and then you have as you write russell, the now widow of tsarnaev. tell me about this well to do rhode island family. what does she come from and who is it >> she is new england wasp well to do big boston business people going back to her grandfather, and so there she is in rhode island growing up graded waits from high schoo go university where at a nightclub she meets tamerlan tsarnaev. they hit it off. she's taken with the fact that he speaks different languages, he's very worldly, and they become boyfriend/girlfriend. this is immediately after tamerlan has been arrested for attacking or beating, slapping in the face his previous girlfriend who he had been living with for a time before that. in any event, cat falls in love with tamerlan they decide to get married, and katherine's rhode island family was not very happy about that. a lot of consternation among her
12:39 pm
relatives about tamerlan was a boxer, he was a tough guy and they thought that he was beneathullc had we've seen video, we have crews outside that home many rhode island the fbi banging down their door. final question to you, marc. you talk in this piece abo ps tamerlan's transformation seeming to develop over time. but the younger brother dzhokhar it's a pretty swift change. >> we don't know for sure. there are some indications that tamerlan took his brother under his wing as the family was dissolving the father went back home to followed him so. the two sisters moved to new jersey and got in trouble interest. so the two brothers were in cambridge so the older brother sort of took the yo even though the younger brot1r was much more similar nated, american his brother kind of brought him into the faith, into the fold and eventually into this radical state i just viewers to your's called "the tsarnaev family: a fatal of an immigrant american dream." marc fisher of "the washington
12:40 pm
post," thank you so much. >> thank you, brooke. >> you can tell a lot about a person from their social media accounts. cnn h learned that this younger boston bombingpect deleted his instagram account, but we were able to see some of the pictures he liked. our exclusive report on that is next. 5jw) so free credit score's redesigned site has this new score planner tool with these co what's this one do? i dunno. ♪every rose has it's thorn♪ score planner is free to everyone. free score applies bret michaels slider still in beta. if there was a pill to help protect your eye health as you age...ake it?
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12:43 pm
that sources say belonged t dzhokhar tsarnaev. unlike the rest of his digital life it hasn't gotten much attention since his arrest. close friends used the name jmaister but it was removed before the bombing. the images he liked the past include references to one chechen warlord who was killed in 2006. several show dzhokhar interacting with several users. say it shows an understanding ofgle for independence fromriends tell krnl krn money from what the saw, he us purposes. so how were we able to resurrect photo at a site called this is how it exists on the web today. we can see the 19 it and we can see there are six comments on the photo here are the hash tags. however, we in to the google web cache. data back from april 10th of the same there's of photo. most of which are alreadybeen some new ones since april 10th that have liked it as well. but there's one who liked it on
12:44 pm
the april 10th version, who is not on the current >> law enforcement experts say the delet account will get a tor right now obviously the platform he deleted us something about what dzhokhar was thinkings are very benign some of them standing alone mean s continue to get people become more and more willing to put their lives online. lori siegel cnn money, new york. those involved in the attacks are either dead or in jail or are they? i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." the national lead. th planning. the bomb making. the execution. could the tsarnaev brothers re own? according to a members ofss the answer is no. his picture has been inter butrí we didn't have any idea of what dzhokhar tsarnaev actually sound now. unguarded moment. the world lead. ghost money. tens of millions of u.s. reportedly slipped to the office of the afghan president off the
12:45 pm
oks. could it have ended up in the hands ofhe very enemies our troops are fighting?
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