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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 1, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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or new seafood lover's linguini. round out your seafood dinner with your choice of either an appetizer or dessert to share! don't miss our seafood dinner for two, just $25 at red lobster, where we sea food differently. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me today. "cnn newsroom" continues right now. >> i'm ashleigh banfield reporting live in boston, massachusetts. the last person to spend time with tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev before one of those brothers was killed and the other captured said it was pretty clear who was calling the shots. the carjacking victim who wants to be known only as danny has recounted his ordeal with cnn and others. my colleague joins me now with some breathtaking details of
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what happened that night. tell me what danny is telling us that really sheds light on the investigation. >> certainly a harrowing experience again. he's being asked -- who did he feel was the dominant brother? the older one tamerlan or the younger one dzhokhar? this is how he explained how he came to the conclusion he did. let's listen. >> did you get a sense from the way they interacted with each other that they were equals? >> i think dzhokhar is like a follower. >> why do you say that? >> because dzhokhar, he went up to the atm. tamerlan, never get out of the car. >> he was the guy doing the errands. >> yeah, yeah. >> they loaded some things from that car to the suv.
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what did they load? >> heavy luggage. >> you'll remember he said he was happy to be alive when he got out of that car. he have left behind his cell phone, but the police were able to use the gps tracking system to find those suspects. he is asking to be shot? silhouette because he's worried there may still be somebody out there. >> given he spent 90 minutes with these two, i guarantee that's not an anonmyty that will remember for long. let me take you to the wide net that's been cast by investigators. they're talking to friends of these two they're talking to tamerlan's
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wife. what else are they doing other than talking? >> well, i mean they're investigating, trying to take dna samples after finding female dna on some of the bomb debris. they don't have a match yet. it doesn't mean that female actually constructed the bomb. it might be a store clerk that touched it. we don't know whether they have identified a fingerprint that was lifted from the bomb debris. the students, the friends of the younger suspect, dzhokhar, who went to school with him. they were so close they even bought an iphone together. these are two young men who spoke cooperatively with the fbi. they're being detained on
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student visa violations. >> so they're in custody? >> they are. they have a hearing today and that will keep them in custody more. >> let's make clear as well. they're in custody for something completely unrelated, but that will give them an ample amount of opportunity to question them. >> that's right. ice has said they have no direct role in the bombing itself. they still have a high interest in these men nevertheless. >> thank you for that. i want to touch on the issue susan alluded to. the lawyers who are defending the boston bombing suspect have a pretty incredible client list. one of the most notorious of mire yam conrad's cases involves the show bomber. conrad is like an enemy
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combatant itself, but truly is that fair? she believes in the sixth amendment guaranteeing everyone a fair trial. >> reporter: when dzhokhar tsarnaev has his day in the court, he will be defended by some of the best lawyers in the business. only two weeks after he and his brother allegedly set off the bomb that took three lives and maimed so many others, the court has given mere yam conrad. sh she's a graduate of harvard lawsuit. she assisted in the shoe bomber.
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she recently defended a muslim american radicalized by online videos who plotted to fly remott controlled planes with explosives into the pentagon. >> she is committed to the cases that she could possibly win. she's really hard working and cares a whole lot about the client and really a determined, tenacious lawyer. >> mere yam is extremely well regarded by the judges in boston, as well as by the attorneys in the u.s. attorney's office, the prosecutors. she has an excellent reputation and combined with her own
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intellect and natural talent, she's a very effective attorney. >> reporter: she will have her work cut out for her. dzhokhar tsarnaev he is charged with detonating a weapon of mass destruction. if convicted, she could face the death penalty. clark has defended the unibomber, eric rudolph, and most recently jared loughner who went on a shooting rampage in arizona. all of them escaped the death penalty, getting life sentences instead. >> the primary goal mere yam is going to have is saving her client's life. the first step towards doing that is making a connection with
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the client, establishing rapport so that he trusts her, so she can get the information that she needs from him, and so that ultimately he respects and listens to her legal advice. >> reporter: legal experts say a big strategy is too delay until the american public is not paying as much attention. and now want to bring in my own high powered legal team. alan dershowitz, a world renownrenown ed lit gay tor. i'm thankful to both of you. there are so many questions i have for you. let me start with this one. judy clarke known for her incredible defense work.
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she's been brought in on this team. we don't have the death penalty on the table yet. >> it tells us a great deal about what the strategy of the defense is going to be. she wouldn't take the case in which a political defense of that suicide nature were being espoused. she's in the case because she knows or expects the deft will say i was young, i was influenced by my brother. i did it. i'm sorry. >> but not i didn't do it. you've got the wrong guy. >> i don't think so. he could not take the stand and let the government put its case on. he might say i didn't know exactly what was going on.
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my brother ran the whole thing. do you bring danny in as a witness at the trial? >> thank you for bringing that up. >> this guy is not involved with carjacking. what might happen is they might not bring the danny thing in during the guilt phase, bring danny in only during the death penalty face to show they were mitigating factors. >> aggravating factors. >> the state is going to say we now have the right to present the murder itself. >> i want you to jump in on that. it is very telling information that danny brings up today. 90 minutes danny spent with
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these two brothers. he was very clear in his description that dzhokhar tsarnaev was in the control of tamerlan tsarnaev. >> that's powerful evidence on both on whether or not he played a role in the commission of a crime and it's helpful on the mitigation. even if he did commit a crime, his role is minimized by the testimony of this witness. >> can i just play the devil's advocate? if he can establish in other evidence he was under the control of his brother, what's to say these fine defense attorneys that he didn't even know what was in the backpack. it could have been anything. >> one of the important things going on right now is we all need to avoid jumping to conclusions. we don't know what all the evidence is. it may be what happened with that carjacking is relevant to
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other offenses he will be indicted for. i'm sure the two he's charged with now is not going to be the only indictment. there's another issue here, which is even if he is guilty of something, it might be a lesser included offense. >> perhaps a lesser defense doesn't carry with it that ultimate penalty. >> right. >> he's probably told his lawyers that he did know that there were explosives and a lawyer ethically cannot put on a defense that he knows is false. i don't believe we're going to see a defense i didn't know what was in the box. i believe we're going to see a defense of, i did it. i was influenced. i'm sorry. i had a case a few years ago just like this where the main killer, person who was in charge
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got killed and the two people left over were two kids. the dynamic was very, very similar to this one. >> it's a mitigation factor after the fact. if you can do this in 15 seconds or less, the cost that we may face to defend this man. >> financial costs. if this man is sentenced to death, he becomes a martyr. if he is guilty, he needs to spend the rest of his life in a
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prison with ob security. coming up next, another case that's remarkable for a fact pattern. a doctor accused of horrible acts while performing abortions. now the jury is the body that will decide his fate.
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. today in philadelphia a jury is deciding the fate of an abortion doctor who is accused of the unthinkable. he is charged in the deaths of four babies and a patient. the trial was filled with gruesome testimony of babies killed with siz zors. can you tell me what stage the jury is at and what questions they need to answer? >> reporter: sure. they are on their second day of deliberations. they only deliberated yesterday about four hours. they started today a little bit after 9:30.
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they have a lot on their plate, ashleigh. i did see this jury. they seem to be very cohesive. they are joking with the judge. there's a wonderful rapport between this judge and jury. one juror said we follow instructions. as i have mentioned, they have so much on their plate. in front of me i have a list of charges. there are 19 charges just against dr. gosnell. some of them containing about 200 counts. i think the most difficult question in front of this jury is whether or not dr. gosnell is guilty of first-degree murder in the death of four babies. the prosecution is saying these are murdered children. the defense in this case is saying, no, these are aborted fetuses.
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they'll have to decide these four counts. >> sunny, with all of the charges, and clearly there are so many facts, those critical charges that carry the death penalty, are the jurors trying to decide at this point if those babies were not delivered alive, or are they trying to decide there is something else afoot with disgruntled employees who may have testified falsely? >> reporter: well, they haven't asked any questions. we're not sure what they're struggling with. i've been speaking to a lot of people outside the courtroom, even people on the street. even knows about this case. what most people are commenting on is the fact a lot of his coworkers pled guilty to third degree murder. >> sunny, i'm sorry. i have breaking news. i apologize for interrupting
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you. the boston police department sent out this tweet that we have confirmed is three additional suspects have been taken into custody. relatives to the marathon bombings. this comes directly from the boston police department that three additional suspects have been taken into custody in the marathon bombing case. the details to follow. alan dershowitz and superior court judge remain with me. i am glad you are already here. i want to get your initial reactions to this. we just spoke about others who were under investigation. >> this could be a game changer. obviously if there are other people involved and if the defendants in this case can provide information about the other people, we may learn far more about how extensive the scope of this alleged conspiracy
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may have been, but you know, we have to take it with an element of caution. we don't know if we were arrested for something they did after the offense or prior to the offense or during the offense. it can change the dynamic of any plea bargain that curoccurs or dynamics. >> they may have consented to be interviewed. they may be under arrest. they may be under reasonable suspicion. we don't know the details. it is important they provide it, if they know something. >> three additional suspects, they call them suspects, taken into custody. does that sound like someone going in voluntaritarial for an interview? >> no. we don't know if they havism
8:22 am
kated the man that was charged. it is very early. >> i'm getting the breaking news as i'm speak to you is these suspects are now in the custody of the fbi. game change again. >> it is very important. there are three or four ways this could be relevant. it could be these are people who know about whether or not the older brother was trained in russia, know about any connections between foreign sources, it could be people who helped them escape after the fact. it could be people at the scene. they showed a picture the other day of a somebody at the marathon scene of somebody that may have been involved as well. until we know more about the way these people are involved, we won't be able to fill in the puzzle. >> i want to interrupt for one moment.
8:23 am
if you're just joining us, i want to welcome our viewers from around the world. this is cnn breaking news. the boston police department tweeting out three additional suspects are in custody in relation to the boston marathon bombing. the boston police department going one step further in telling us they are in the custody of the fbi. i am joined by ie sack and alan dershowitz. it's not as though it means nothing. it's massive. we don't know who these suspects are. >> there is no pressure because of a criminal procedure to bring them quickly in front of a magistrate if they've been charged with anything, if they're in detention because of a felony. you'll learn a lot more quicker. >> get the ball rolling right
8:24 am
away. susan candiotti is available to shed some light on this. what do you know? >> reporter: well, we're in the process of gathering more information right now to find out more about this. but, yes i am confirming the boston police department put out information that the three suspects are in fbi custody. everyone has been working sources and we are following certain people that we think may be involved. but the important thing is to make sure we find out who those people are. we are now in the process of working our contacts with the fbi. if these people are charged since they are in custody, the next step would be for them as
8:25 am
you know as a lawyer to make their first appearance in federal court. >> did you say they were charged? i didn't hear. >> reporter: no, i said we don't know yet. in custody. >> okay. all right. if you could hold that thought for a moment, as we continue to send our troops to the courthouse. one of the conversations we were having before this news broke, again this is a tweet that is confirmed from the boston police that three additional suspects have been taken into custody regarding the boston marathon bombings. there were people who knew dzhokhar tsarnaev that had been brought in on immigration issues and had a court appearance this morning. i would only assume since they were in custody on something else, there's no need to bring
8:26 am
them in if it happens to be those people. >> i think you're absolutely right. are they going to charge them right away? are they going to put them in the criminal justice process? are they going to bring them in front of a judge? the last time a judge became involved the judge gave the miranda warnings. these people may be seen more as witnesses. >> witnesses you don't usually hear suspects brought in arrested. >> they may be suspects, but they still may be sources of information, and the fbi may decide -- this will create tension between the fbi and prosecutes as to how quickly to mirandize them and lawyered up and how quickly to stop whatever interrogation is going on. it will create convicts between
8:27 am
lawyers and the fbi. >> about the only thing remaining that could possibly be argued about the public safety exception is are there other coconspirators out there making threats? do we know where they are? not if there are bombs. it's possible. we don't know about other explosives. >> if these suspects are considered to be those of coconspirator nature, there would be no public safety issue. there would be no additional 48 hours. >> 48 hours is a myth. >> it's never been tested by the supreme court. >> never been articulated by the supreme court from what i know. the other thing is even if they never mirandize them, all it means is the evidence can't be used against them in a criminal
8:28 am
case. >> let me ask you this -- again i have to repeat this is a tweet that's come out. we are so low on details that we don't want to assume who those suspects are. if there is a lengthy period of time between the bombings and the shootout with the police, if there's someone in that interim who helped these two, what kind of charges might he or she face? >> access sorry after the fact would be one. >> is this a federal charge? >> you can charge someone with acceccessory after the fact. you can charge someone in federal court in assisting in the escape of a felony. >> is that more serious? >> they're both very serious
8:29 am
charges. assisting a felon is less serious. we're speculating at this point. they may be part of a conspiracy to having committed the bombings. we don't know. >> there's so much that's unknown about those four days other than one of these brothers was partying at his campus after the bombings were perpetrated. >> it was supposed to be the one that was sympathetic to the younger brother who didn't show any remorse after it happened, but, you know, that's not a crime. that's just evidence of insensitivity. accessory after the fact is not responsible for the bombing itself. it's a separate crime. if you're an accessory before the fact, then you are responsible for the deaths themselves. that's the big difference. and you can -- you can't get the
8:30 am
death penalty for just being an accessory, but you can get life imprisonment for that. >> is there often a strategy that's employed by authorities that might arrest a broad net of people in order to try to squeeze to the center of whatever alleged conspiracy might happen? >> as long as they have probable cause. >> there is very little information and any information can lead to larger leads whether they're overseas or over here. >> what do you think they're holding these kids who don't have appropriate visas? you don't usually detain people who don't have visas. they're squeezing them. tell us what you know. if you have something to tell us, you can stay. if not, you're out of here. >> you're out of here or you're
8:31 am
here for a lot longer. >> part of the defense team and what i'm thinking, these three new people, what do they know about my young client? can they point to who was the more responsible, who was the controlling factor between them? there's so much history we've heard at cambridge's wrestle team who would have never imagined him to be a part of this. if these three people can point to one of these things, that's helpful to the defense. >> the defense wouldn't have immediate access do them. at some point the defense will have access to them if they choose to speak to them. >> they'll have access to their defense right away afterward right? >> right. they may want to speak to them
8:32 am
to show mitigating factors. >> what do i know at this point? just the lo gist ticks you will about a federal arrest or being taken into the custody of the fbi? how does it play out? >> normally when you have an arrest it's followed by an appearance in front of a judge within a reasonable period of time. nothing is normal about this case, and so we don't know. the fbi may decide to keep them in detention, not to bring them in front of a judge. they probably don't have lawyers at this point. there's a lot of flexibility if they're willing to risk not being able to use statements they make in their criminal case. >> let me interrupt you for a moment. i want to go to brian todd who's standing by live. brian, you're aware of the tweets.
8:33 am
what have you been able to glean? >> a source with knowledge of the case of the two ka zach stany students tells us it's the sources understanding that those two students are going to be charged with obstruction of justice. this source says this is by way of complaint. this source says he believes the complaint is still under seal. they're going to make an appearance in federal court later today. these two students who went to college with dzhokhar tsarnaev. this source says it is the understanding now that they are going to be charged with obstruction of justice. when i asked the source about the third suspect, the source did not know who that was.
8:34 am
>> obstruction of justice. are these the two that face a court hearing this morning? >> it's our understanding according to the source that they were the same two students from ka zach stan that faced a hearing this morning on immigration. these are the two students that have been held on the visa violations. >> very, very weak charge. it's really a category charge. it's very hard to prove obstruction of justice. it doesn't carry particularly harsh criminal penalties. if that's the best the feds have now, then they're just squeezing. it doesn't sound like they have very much new here. >> again, when i talk about the squeezing that we talked about earlier, this is really
8:35 am
squeezing because again, there was no need to charge them and hold them. they were already in detention. >> this may be a government looking for ways to rebut what happened. this is one way to squeeze friends of his who were in college with him to say he bragged about it. he said he had no remorse. >> i wonder if the squeezing goes both ways. i think we had our pam brown on the line a moment ago, but we just lost our connection with her. that is another tactic i wanted to ask you about. not every defendant is the same. some are much weaker minded than others. does that have an affect on someone like dzhokhar tsarnaev? >> it matters how strong his
8:36 am
lawyers are. his lawyers are going to be doing the talking for him and a lot of things for him. his lawyers are going to be delivering the news to him and framing the issue and telling him, this is only an obstruction of justice. you have nothing to worry about, but there may be something to worry about. >> the clients always make final decisions, correct? >> not always. >> legally. tough lawyers tell clients what to do and clients often listen to their lawyers. in the end the lawyer makes the decision for the client in many cases like this. >> let me jump in for a moment with pam brown. what do you know about this latest development, pam? >> reporter: i just spoke to a
8:37 am
department of homeland security source with firsthand knowledge of this investigation and i am told the two students who were arrested a couple of weeks ago who were held in custody a couple weeks ago on visa charges have now been arrested for making false statements and conspiracy to obstruct justice. we know now there's a third suspect arrested in this case. all i'm told at this point is that that third suspect is a u.s. citizen and sources tell us that is not katherine russell, the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev. they are not able to elaborate on who that suspect is other than saying it is a u.s. citizen. we know these two students from ka zach stan were arrested a couple of weeks ago. initially authorities thought dzhokhar tsarnaev was hiding out in their apartment in watertown.
8:38 am
authorities did not find dzhokhar there, but arrested the students after finding they didn't have current student visas. and now we know we have found out that today those two students have been arrested for false statements, conspiracy to obstruct justice. we do expect them in the federal courthouse later today. >> just pam, if you would repeat the issue with regard to that third u.s. citizen. your sources say it is not katherine russell? >> reporter: i'm being told by several sources at this stage it is not katherine russell, the
8:39 am
widow of tamerlan tsarnaev. we know fbi agents have been visiting her house, her parents house, in north kingstown, rhode island. we know they have been questioning her. but at this point, we're hearing that she is not the third suspect that was arrested this morning. that doesn't mean that down the road she might not face charges, but at this point i'm being told it is not her. this third suspect is a u.s. citizen. i don't have anymore details on who that third suspect is. >> she is clearly under investigation, just given the volume of material that was taken out of her house by investigators yesterday. one of those clear plastic bags labeled dna evidence. >> if there is a charge of making false statements to the police, those are very serious
8:40 am
charges. if you talk to a federal agent, not under oath, just talk to them and tell them a lie, you have committed a federal crime. when they investigate people like these young men without a lawyer and if these guys just fib a little bit about their background, every fib they tell is potentially a five-year felony. this can become a very serious crime, which can be used to squeeze even tighter and get more information. >> important to just remind our viewers, we don't know who the third suspect is at this point. as pamela brown just reported, it is not the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev. certainly the investigation continues. don't go anywhere. i have a lot more questions for you as this information continues to development. the breaking news the boston police the first to tweet out the information that three more
8:41 am
suspects have been arrested in the boston marathon bombing. there are details to follow. two of the students with whom the younger dzhokhar tsarnaev brother was living with at the university of massachusetts campus are those two students who are originally being hold on immigration vielgolations. the third is a u.s. citizen, but it is not katy russell. we're taking a 90-second break, but a lot more details to follow after this. i remember the day my doctor said i had diabetes. there's a lot i had to do... watch my diet. stay active. start insulin... today, i learned there's something i don't have to do anymore. my doctor said that with novolog® flexpen,
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ask your health care provider about novolog® flexpen today . welcome back to our breaking news out of boston. cnn confirming what the boston police tweeted within the hour and that is three more suspects are now in custody of the fbi in relation to the boston marathon bombings. they were brought in within the last few hours. they are being held. we can tell you a department of homeland security source with firsthand knowledge of this investigation tells cnn these were two new bedford students that were brought in on charges of making false statements to police and obstruction of justice. there is a third student that's
8:44 am
been arrested. it is an american citizen. this third citizen is not the now widow of tamerlan tsarnaev, the older brother who is also accused in the boston bombings, but was killed before being taken into custody. his brother dzhokhar tsarnaev is in custody. now we hear three more people brought into custody facing charges in this case. jeffrey toobin is on the phone now. >> i think it is important to take a deep breath and find out what in -- there are two categories of offenses here. one is you're actually talking about coconspirators in the bombing. the other category is people who may have lied and covered up, but were not involved in the bombing. both are serious, but the first
8:45 am
category is a great deal more serious. we don't know yet which category they fall into. >> i want to give a little bit more breaking news curtesy of the boston bombing. regarding the investigation, this was posted by police department, there is not a threat to public safety. three additional suspects have been taken into custody in connection to the attack on the boston marathon. there is no additional information to release at this time. additional details will be provided when they become available. no info available at this time relative to a preference. that coming to us from a boston police department. you just mentioned it is only going to be a matter of hours before we find out what's happening. >> they'll make an appearance
8:46 am
without unnecessary delay. >> and there's no public safety issue at this point at least that's what the boston police are saying. >> two of these folks have been in custody for some time. >> does this matter the boston police say there is no public safety issue or is it the federal authorities that need to say that? >> just because there are other people involved don't go out of your house. there is some relevance of whether miranda aapplied or not. >> these suspects we don't believe at this point they were involved in the planning or executing of this bombing. this is an entirely different set of circumstances for which
8:47 am
they have been brought into custody. they have not been charged with anything related to the bombing itself. >> if they were involved in the bombing the charges would be conspiracy to do the acts for which the other man has already been charged. it sounds like at this point in time the only evidence they have is actions that took place after the bombing as jeffrey toobin says, very serious, but very different from involvement in the bombing. they're not being charged with that at this point. >> i want to bring in juliette kayyem. former homeland security official. if you could weigh in with what you know and what you have from your sources and perspective. >> this has been sort of percolating for the last couple of days those of us who know
8:48 am
public safety here. everyone remembers from a few weeks ago, i guess, or about a week ago, there were those new bedford investigations. that is carry on to reiterate. the fact the boston police did it is because the boston police oversee a city that is still nervous. these investigations take many forms and no one needs to get too worried about this that there was a massive plot or conspiracy. it does look like this has to do with after the fact, either discussions or collaborations. i think those are very significant because at this stage, you know, whatever the brothers said to at least two of the students and the third, we don't know who that is, in terms of their escape plan, in terms of where they hid stuff or
8:49 am
evidentiary material will be relevant. this charge is probably being used by federal authorities as both a carrot and a stick. very, very nervous they will be facing a long time in jail unless they cooperate fully and honestly. there's a big threat behind this as well. probably as everyone is saying, not related to public safety today. anyone who lives there is probably grateful the boston police came out first. i suspect that was probably a strategy. >> perhaps more significant for the people who live here than perhaps the strategy of miranda issue, whatever the 48 hour issue is at this stage. i want to alert you to a live
8:50 am
picture we have. i believe this is over the federal course. i want our production team that aerial view of the federal courthouse here? >> it is. >> and obviously that will be activity today. after the break i want you to mechanically take me through the process as pertains to what will be happening there in the ensuing i'm assuming hours. and also i want to talk a little bit about the consequences for the kinds of charges that we are potentially, you know, facing here for these three suspects. already the department of homeland security telling us that these will be charges of making false statements to obstruct justice in the case of the boston marathon bombings. we are going to take a very brief break. we're going to analyze exactly what our teams there on the ground at the courthouse are finding out as well as further investigation into exactly what the authorities know about these suspects. back in a moment.
8:51 am
8:52 am
breaking news here in boston. the boston police say they have taken three additional people into custody now with regard to the marathon bombing case. additional boston police information they're tweeting out "please be advised there's not a threat to public safety." three additional people have been taken into custody in
8:53 am
connection to the attack on the boston marathon. there's no additional information to be released at this time, but clearly there's a lot more information still to be unearthed in this particular case. i asked before the break, judge, if you could take me through the machinations of what federal authorities and these people going into custody will be going through as they speak. >> they will be informed of the charges. >> why the same judge? >> she's familiar with the case. she's handled this matter already. she is a federal court. she's a good judge. it will be in front of her. there will be advice formally by her of the charges. they will plead not guilty. they will have a right to detention hearing, probably will put that off. continued detention hearing. they're probably meeting with attorneys right now. >> this quickly? they've been afforded attorneys this quickly? >> if i'm judge boller, i'm
8:54 am
making sure -- well, the federal public defender probably has a conflict so you're getting private attorney. they are entitled to a private defense attorney appointed under the criminal justice act. >> do you think they would be afforded miranda this quickly and council thd quickly given the nature the federal government would like to find out prior to giving them those rights given the heat the federal government has faced in the last week? >> i think it depends on what they've gotten already. two of them have been in custody, they may already have lawyers for their immigration matter. the lawyers could not be denied access to them if the lawyers sought access to them. but i suspect there may be some delays and flexibility and fudging around the edges if the fbi would like to get more information they haven't already gotten from them. >> i understand our constitutional right to speedy procedure, but this is awfully speedy considered they were just taken into custody. >> well, there's really no constitutional right to an immediate appearance before a
8:55 am
judge. those are mostly rules and statutes. the speedy trial doesn't come into operation until weeks and months. so there is some fluidity and flexibility. and it all depends on what the goal is. there may be some conflict. prosecutors may be saying we want to make sure we convict these people, fbi agents may be saying we don't care as much about conviction, we want to squeeze them for information. we're not sure exactly what the procedure will be. we know what it should be, but we don't know what it will be. >> this is such an unusual case. i understand representative peter king from new york is now on the phone with us. representative king, if you can hear me, i'd like to get your thoughts. you've been very outspoken on this exact issue that alan dershowitz and i are discussing right now. i want to know what you may be privy to in congress with this latest development. >> first of all, this is part of an ongoing investigation. and this basically is, i believe, going to involve three
8:56 am
students who helped to -- allegedly helped to dispose of evidence or to remove evidence. and that's what this is going to be about. two of them, you know, had been in custody on visa violations. the other one is an american citizen who has been picked up. >> and are you being briefed at all? i know this is a very early stage of this investigation. but are you being briefed at all with regard to your committee status with what's happening here? >> no. i was just told this through personal contacts that i have. >> and what are they telling you that you are able to broadcast? >> well, basically that these were, you know, three students who knew the younger terrorist, the surviving defendant. and they were involved in disposing of evidence. that's the allegation. exactly whether that's going to
8:57 am
be obstruction of justice and having a charge or not, i'm not certain. >> and obviously i think you might have been able to hear as you were waiting to start this interview with me live that alan dershowitz and i were talking about public counsel to be assigned to these people brought in and facing charges. i would like to get your thoughts on the that because you've been very outspoken about the amount of time afforded to investigators prior to mirandizing tsarnaev here at the hospital. >> yeah. i know alan dershowitz and i have a disagreement on this, but as far as this particular situation, i don't know if the same, you know, public safety element would apply. you talk about people who are involved after the fact. again, police may have information indicating existing threat, but if not i don't think public safety would apply.
8:58 am
again, i'm not close enough to comment on that here. >> all right. peter king, i appreciate you taking the time to shed light on this and at least speak with us with regard to this very breaking situation. i do appreciate it, sir. we'll hopefully get more perspective from you in the hours and days to come. that's all the time that i have from here in boston. i do appreciate you watching. we are continuing our coverage of this breaking news. in fact, my colleague wolf blitzer is going to take over right after this short break. don't go away.
8:59 am
9:00 am
hello. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we're following important breaking news out of boston. police now say three additional people have been detained in the marathon bombing investigation. let's bring back ashleigh banfield right now. ashleigh shs you've been working this story. what exactly do we know about these three individuals? i believe they're students at the university of massachusetts, the dartmouth campus there, what do we know about what's going on? >> well, this is in such the early offerings of this story at this point. but our sources are telling cnn at least at this point, wolf, that homeland security are telling us that two of these students had contact with dzhokhar tsarnaev, may have been roommates with dzhokhar tsarnaev. and at this point they'reay