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tv   Starting Point  CNN  May 10, 2013 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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in bangladesh that killed more than 1,000 people, a woman has been found alive in all of that rubble. the incredible details in moments for you. and jodi arias being held in a psychiatric ward this morning. we'll look at the next phase of her trial coming up. it is friday, may 10th, and a special edition of "starting point" begins right now. >> we are learning horrifying new details this morning about the abuse and torture three women were forced to endure for a decade. inside this home right behind me on cleveland's west side. and the daughter of ariel castro, the suspect who lived in this house of horrors, is speaking exclusively to cnn about her father's arrest and the charges that he is facing. >> it was like everything crashed down. i just wanted to melt into the floor. i just wanted to die. i have no problem cutting him out of my life.
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i have no problem doing that. i never want to see him again. >> nor of our exclusive interview with angie gregg in a moment from now. first, at castro's arraignment yesterday prosecutors described his home as a private prison and a torture chamber. he is being held on $8 million bond this morning charged with kidnapping and rape. and, an aggravated murder charge could be next for castro's alleged killing of his victims' fetuses. this morning we're also getting an exclusive first look at the backyard of ariel castro's home, as well as a glimpse into his very dark past. pamela brown is outside the home of freed kidnap victim gina dejesus. good morning to you, pam. >> good morning to you, zoraida. the women in this case still recovering, healing from their ordeal. this as we're learning from sources that ariel castro has confessed to at least some of his actions over the past decade to authorities during interrogations.
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these exclusive pictures obtained by cnn give us the first glimpse into ariel castro's backyard. though much of it is obscured by tarps you can see junk strewn all around and this eerie image of a white cross spotted by a neighbor. at his first court appearance, castro looked despondent repeatedly looking down and seemingly making eye contact with no one. >> we evaluate whether to seek charges eligible for the death penalty. >> reporter: following his arraignment, cuyahoga county prosecutor tim mcginty made it clear additional charges could be added. castro already faces four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. >> for each and every act of sexual violence, rape, each day of kidnapping, every felonious assault, all his attempted murders, and each act of aggravated murder. >> reporter: an initial police incident report says one of the women, michelle knight, became pregnant at least five times during her captivity. and that each time castro starved her and punched her repeatedly in the stomach until she miscarried.
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for reasons still unknown amanda berry was able to give birth to her baby, and castro forced knight to deliver it. according to the report. when the child stopped breathing, knight gave the baby cpr. as investigators sift through at least 200 pieces of evidence taken out of this house of horrors, one in particular is getting attention. details of a note written by castro in 2004 have surfaced. according to law enforcement sources castro wrote about being abused by a family member, in an attempt to justify his own horrid actions. according to woio reporter scott taylor, castro says, quote, i am a sexual predator. he reportedly writes about picking up three women, saying they are here against their will because they made the mistake of getting in the car with a total stranger. sources say castro has been cooperating with investigators, and has confessed to some of his actions. ariel castro's daughter arlene gave an emotional interview to
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abc news. >> i would like to say, i'm absolutely so, so sorry. i really want to see you, gina. and i want you to meet my kids. i'm so sorry for everything. >> back live here at the home of gina dejesus where she is staying. right now you see police officers, looks like they're switching 14i69s. they've been here monitoring the home 24/7 to ensure that this family has privacy. we see the black tarp there. that's where gina dejesus, it's there to give her privacy so she can go in her backyard without anyone looking in on her. we're learning that amanda berry, she's also still recovering, dealing with her family and michelle knight still in the hospital recovering. it's clear that these women still have a long way to go to readjust to this new reality, to readjust to having freedom. >> pamela, investigators are testing castro's dna right now
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to see if it may be linked to other crimes or missing persons cases. how soon could we see the results of that test? >> well, according to the ohio attorney general, zoraida, we're learning thats there been a rush put on these test results. there was a dna sample taken from castro yesterday, and now he could be getting those results today. normally it takes 20 days but special resources are being allocated so that those results can be rushed. officials then run those results through a database and see if that dna is linked to any other previous crimes or missing person cases in the past. >> high volume of work being done by them. thank you so much. appreciate it. and the daughter closest to ariel castro is very angry that she is shattered, she's speaking out exclusively to cnn. angie gregg says she never saw signs of that horror that was allegedly unfolding inside her father's house and she wants the world to know her family doesn't have monster in their blood.
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laurie segall is joining us live with an interview that you can only see exclusively right here on cnn. the details of this just amazing, and just, you know, so heartbroken this girl. >> you know, she talked to me and you could see the pain in her eyes. she said, i was very close with him. and we should emphasize that she was very, very close with her father. and she described him -- you said it before. he bought her a puppy. she was at his home just months ago and he was cooking her dinner and playing music. listen to this moment, she tells me about when she found out. listen to this. >> my husband and i are in complete disbelief that the friendly, caring, doting man i knew as my daddy was, in fact, the most evil, vile, demonic criminal that i have met or heard of over the past ten years -- >> this is part of a letter that angie gregg wrote after learning her father was allegedly behind
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the brutal kidnappings in cleveland, ohio. now, she's speaking out. >> and to go to the vigils, to show these girls the footage of their parents' pleas for their return, to rape, starve and beat innocent human beings? i'm disgusted. >> you've learned that your father wasn't the guy you thought he was. >> no. >> what is that like? >> it's -- it's like a horror movie. it's like watching a bad movie. >> only you're in it. >> it's -- only we're in it. we're, you know, the main characters. and i never suspected anything was going on but the more i sit and dwell on it, i think of things that make a whole lot of sense now. >> you look back and you say, okay, you can piece together you're beginning to piece together a puzzle. where were the signs? >> well, he never wanted to leave the house more than a day at a time. he was adamant in the fact that he wanted to leave home early
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morning, and he had to be back by evening. >> were there certain areas in the home that were just off limits? >> ever since my mom lived in that house, the basement was always kept looked. i've never been upstairs in the house, and i never had reason to be. i asked him if i could see my room for old time's sake and he says oh, honey, there's so much junk up there you don't want to go up there. >> when you think about, you know, what was behind those doors, how do you -- how do you cope with that? >> i mean, it all makes sense now. now i know. it's hard. but, i have -- i have no sympathy for the man. i have no sympathy. he was just another -- another person who's lied and deceived and manipulated people, and i could never forgive him. i could never forgive him. if you were to ask me this last week i would have told you he's
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the best dad and the best grandpa. >> now angie realizes ariel castro may have fathered a daughter with one of the women he allegedly held captive. meaning she may have a sister. >> he showed me a picture that was in his cell phone, randomly, and he said look 59 this cute little girl. it was a face shot and i said she's cute, who is that? you know. and he said, this is my girlfriend's child. and i said, dad, that girl looks like emily. emily's my younger sister. and he said, no, that's -- that's not my child, that's my girlfriend's child by somebody else. >> angie says she was always close with her father but she said she witnessed abuse in their home. >> he was pretty jealous. he was always saying that my mom was, you know, messing with certain neighbors, things like that. and i've seen -- i've seen him
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basically stomp on her like she was a man. like, he's beat her pretty bad several times. >> her mother passed away from cancer-related complications in 2012. >> i've lost my mother, now i've lost a father. but i don't -- i don't cry for him. >> if you had a message for him, what would it be? >> all this time, why? why -- i don't even know what to say. why, after all this time, why did you do it in the first place? why did you take these girls and why did you never leave? and why did you never -- why did you never feel guilty enough to let them go? >> what message do you have for these women and their families? >> i feel so much -- so much sorrow that you had to endure this. i'm glad that you're back home with your family, finally, because they never stopped
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thinking about you. they never stopped, they never forgot you. right now these girls need to heal. >> do you feel that you're going to need to heal, too? >> i'll be fine. i wasn't submitted to the horror that they were. >> in a day you lost -- you lost the man that raised you. that must be hard. >> he's nothing but a memory anymore. he can never be daddy again. >> and yesterday a tough day for angie, too. she sat down and she actually told her -- her son, she has two sons, and she told them what their grandfather had done and she said there were tears. she said one is young enough that he doesn't really understand what's happened. but she's done with him. she said this is it. you know, she said a week ago, had we spoken, you know, he was the best grandpa in the world, and now she said, he's dead to her. >> you know what struck me is how composed she is. this must have been incredibly difficult to talk about. >> incredibly difficult.
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and she didn't immediately talk. she took a couple days, and she wanted to compose herself. she actually, you saw her reading those thoughts off those pieces of paper because she said i want my voice out there and i want it heard. and there were a couple moments where she would pause and take a long pause and say i'm pretty nervous doing this but i think for her this was a process and she felt a responsibility to these women, and to the public in general. >> i know that she said, you know, he's dead to me. at the end of the day she still has a lot of questions if she could ask, did she mention, did she say i'm going to have to pursue this at some point maybe in the future because of all of these questions that she has? this man that she thought he was versus who he is? >> she said her one feeling right now, she's disgusted. and i said, we were looking at photos of her and her father with his arms around her as a child, and she, you know, she got quiet and she just said, i had so much love for him. which was very, very powerful. but when she sat down, i said, you know, do you want to talk to him, is there anything you would
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say, she doesn't -- she's done with him. she said, you know, i am so angry and disgusted by this she doesn't want anything to do with him anymore. >> and what about the families? does she say she's going to reach out to them and try to reconnect with them? >> i mean, she's -- she's understanding that she could potentially have a sister from this. and you know, she said right now she wants them to heal. would she like that eventually? yes. she said it would really, if this is her sister, this is something that in the future she says when the time is right she would love to do. but she said right now she knows that there's a long healing process ahead, and i guess the tough thing to really for her to really wrap her head around is the fact that this is all at the hands of her father. >> laurie segall we really appreciate that perspective that you can only see here and you know just so it's heartbreaking isn't it? it must have been tough. >> really. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. the city of cleveland is celebrating. and they're celebrating the safe return of the three women who escaped from captivity. this is called a victory vigil. have you ever heard of this? it was held in a local park.
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i am so glad to be able to share this. participants released balloons into the air as part of the event which was organized by a local radio station actually several of them, and the domestic violence center. several meetings were held in the neighborhood last night where residents voiced their complaints about crime. one gathering was hosted by a group called imperial women, which is named after 11 female victims of a strangler found back in 2009. they claim that police paid little attention when girls or women of color are missing. we're going to take a -- a john this is just an incredible story and we're going to continue to follow it. because that is what everybody in this community is talking about. we do have breaking news for you right now. nothing short of miraculous. after being trapped in the rubble for 17 days, 17 days, a woman has been found alive inside a collapsed garment
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factory in bangladesh. just incredible video of her being pulled out of the rubble there. the second in command of the rescue operation told cnn about the amazing discovery. the survivor there, just look at that, apparently called out, i'm alive, please rescue me. this sent workers scrambling, they apparently used a hand saw, drilling equipment, welding gear to get her out. you're looking again at that picture from just a short while ago of this woman being pulled from the rubble. 17 days after that horrific building collapse there. and this news, rare bright spot coming just as authorities there confirming that the death toll in that collapse has passed 1,000 people. 1,039 people now confirmed dead from the april 24th collapse. it is the deadliest industrial disaster in that country's history. again the news this morning, a woman pulled from the rubble alive, 17 days after that collapse. we'll bring you more as we get it. meanwhile, happening right now in lower manhattan, the final piece of one world trade center
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is being put in place. you're looking at a live picture of a glorious morning in new york right now. here's some different perspective on it. the last sections of the spire were brought to the top of the building last week. when completed one world trade center will be the tallest building in the western hemisphere at 1776 feet. high speed, high risk, and now deadly. the death of an olympic gold medal winning sailor raising questions about the safety of high speed yacht racing. 36-year-old andrew simpson, who you see right there on the right of the picture, was killed when his yacht crashed in san francisco bay trapping him underneath, underwater, for about ten minutes. here's dan simon. >> reporter: after the highest speeds the 72 feet catamarans look as if they're almost flying. in the right conditions they can reach speeds of 45 miles an hour. that's why a capsize can turn deadly. it happened thursday afternoon in the san francisco bay. a boat operated by the "artemis"
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racing team went end over end, hurling its team of 12 sailors into the water. the crew representing sweden was practicing for this summer's america's cup. andrew simpson, an olympic gold medalist and well-known figure in the sailing world, died after being trapped underneath the vessel. a desperate scene unfolded on the shore as paramedics tried to save his life. >> it's shocking, it's an experience to go through and we have a lot to deal with in the next few days in terms of assuring everybody's well-being. >> reporter: winds thursday were strong on the bay but not abnormal. it's one of the reasons san francisco bay is considered a sailor's nirvana and why the america's cup is being held here this summer. >> it's a tragic day. this is someone that's very well-known and well-regarded as an expert racer. and everyone worked really hard to not have this outcome. these are always difficult things to report.
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and our hearts go out to family and members of the racing team from the "artemis." >> reporter: it wasn't the first mishap involving one of these yachts. last fall team "oracle" from the united states capsized its $8 million boat in a nearby part of the bay. but no one was seriously injured in the accident. the team had another close call in 2011 when a smaller catamaran pitch-pulled, sending sailors flying through the air. these boats are all harnessing new technology allowing them to travel faster than ever before. it's not immediately clear what caused the "artemis" boat to capsize, but with one of the sports star sailors dead and other high-profile incidents, the debate is growing whether these boats, engineering marvels they may be, are too dangerous for competition. dan simon, cnn, san francisco. >> and our thanks to dan for that story. ahead on "starting point," boston police claiming the fbi
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never told them they were looking into marathon bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev. is our intelligence system failing? next. a simply wild police shoot-out caught on camera. how the suspect was able to surprise police, coming up.
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welcome back to "starting point" everyone. new developments in the boston marathon bombings. suspect tamerlan tsarnaev has finally been buried. police are not saying where he was laid to rest. this as lawmakers in washington are grilling law enforcement about the bombings. cnn's paula newton is live in boston with more on the investigation. good morning, paula. >> good morning, john. there was that sense, definitely in washington that it was disturbing, it was troubling. that there might have been some way that those boston bombings could have been prevented. for the first time, lawmakers in washington got a crack at parsing details of the
4:23 am
boston bombings, and any intelligence failures, with republican chairman michael mccaul saying he feared the bombers succeeded because the system failed. boston police commissioner edward davis testified the fbi did not tell him russia had warned the u.s. of tamerlan tsarnaev, one of the bombing suspects. >> if you'd had this information before the bombing, would you have done, your police force, and you, would you have done anything differently? >> that's very hard to say. we would certainly look at the information, we would certainly talk to the individual. >> reporter: but in a statement released after the hearing on thursday, the fbi said boston police officers serving on a joint terrorism task force, had access to a database that detailed the investigation into tsarnaev. as testimony unfolded in washington, the drama at this funeral home over. the body is gone, tamerlan tsarnaev has been buried in an
4:24 am
undisclosed location. >> as a result of our public appeal for help, a courageous and compassionate individual came forward to provide the assistance needed to properly bury the deceased. his body is no longer in the city of worcester and is now entombed. >> reporter: tsarnaev's uncle ruslan tsarni confirms to cnn that he took his nephew's body out of state to be buried, and has not even told tamerlan's parents where their son has been laid to rest. he also confirms that no second autopsy was ever performed. the touchy issue about where to bury tsarnaev unnerved many for different reasons. those who felt he didn't deserve an american grave. those who felt uncivilized to do anything else, but more than anything it diverted energy and emotion from victims and their families. you know, and john, i want to give you an update. you know you remember the richard family. this was the family that all
4:25 am
suffered injuries and martin richard, 8 years old, died in the bombing. they released a statement yesterday saying after 11 surgeries 7-year-old jane can now finally be fitted with a prosthesis. i know you followed that story you were here. can you imagine holding your daughter's hand through 11 surgeries in just 23 days. >> no. and i can't imagine everything that family's been through. such a hopeful thing that her surgery is finally complete and soon she'll be fitted for the prosthetic. thank you so much for that story. appreciate it. ahead on "starting point," the suspect in the cleveland kidnappings is talking to police, revealing more horrifying details about his alleged crime in what was going through his mind. we're going to talk to a former profiler about what kind of people are capable of these crimes. then, it was a brazen scheme to steal $45 million from all around the world. how these thieves pulled it off and were eventually caught, next. you're watching "starting point."
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prosecutors aren't mincing words. they say ariel castro ran a private prison and a torture chamber right inside this house on the west side of cleveland for the last ten years. the man who lived here, 2207 seymour avenue, and allegedly held three women captive inside, made his first court appearance yesterday. he was arained on kidnapping and rape charges and prosecutors plan to pursue an additional aggravated murder charge for the killing of his victims' fetuses. cnn also has obtained exclusive pictures of ariel castro's backyard. you can see junk littering the ground. and a white cross that was spotted by a neighbor. let's go to pamela brown outside the home of the freed kidnap victim gina dejesus. good morning, pamela. >> good morning to you, zoraida. that's right. we're outside the home where gina dejesus has been staying with her family. she is still recovering and healing. you can see behind me, here,
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balloons cover the front yard of the home and then in the backyard, there's a blue tarp. that's so that gina dejesus can go in her backyard and feel, you know, hear the birds chirping, feel the wind, see the sun come out. these are things that are new to her that she hasn't experienced in ten years, according to family members. we spoke to her aunt last night. anderson cooper interviewed her and her aunt says that she is in good spirits but that she is still readjusting to this new reality. >> she's in great spirits. you know, finally some people listen, and she spent an hour and a half outside and i've never seen her -- i mean it's just exciting. >> what -- i mean how is the family doing? to have her back? >> words cannot express, cannot express, the joy that we have.
4:31 am
>> and we have noticed that authorities have been parked outside this house 24/7, ever since gina dejesus came home here. so it's clear that the family wants their privacy so gina can reacclimate to her new life along with amanda berry and michelle knight who remains in the hospital. >> pamela you have some details on some writings, maybe a diary written back in 2004. what was in those writings. >> that's right, zoraida. i've been talking to sources, and we learned that these writings are basically justification from ariel castro for his actions with these women. this letter was written in 2004 after he allegedly abducted the women, and in the letter we're learning from woio reporter scott taylor that he said they are here against their will because they made a mistake of getting in the car with a total stranger. he goes on to say in these
4:32 am
letters, i don't know why i kept looking for another. i already had two in my possession. so it really just gives you a chill learning about what he allegedly wrote in this note, justifying his actions. and also he talked about being abused by a family member and how that basically helped him rationalize his behavior toward these women. >> that's really disturbing that he writes that they made a mistake. pamela brown reporting live right outside of gina dejesus' home. thank you very much for that. and a clearer picture this morning of how all of this happened. the man who was engaged to ariel castro's former wife says there were signs throughout the years that he could be a monster. cnn's brian todd has more. >> looking down and despondent, ariel castro hears the words from a judge indicating he won't get out of jail any time soon. >> bond is set at $2 million on
4:33 am
each case. >> reporter: with four cases against him, that means his bond is $8 million. his defense attorney says he doesn't have any money. castro doesn't respond as she speaks to him. the prosecutor has plenty to say about how castro allegedly treated amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight while they were held in his house. >> while in captivity there were repeated beatings. they were bound. they were restrained. sexually assaulted, basically never free to leave this residence. >> reporter: the details get more horrifying in a police incident report obtained by cnn. one of the women held captive, michelle knight, said she was pregnant at least five times but was starved and punched until she eventually miscarried. according to the police report, amanda berry said the 6-year-old girl she gave birth to inside the house is ariel castro's child. a source familiar with the investigation tells cnn when berry went into labor, castro ordered michelle knight to deliver the child. the baby was delivered in a plastic tub, or pool, to contain
4:34 am
the mess. and the source says once the child was born there were moments of horror and panic. the child stopped breathing and everyone screamed and ariel castro allegedly threatened to kill michelle knight if the baby didn't survive. according to the report, michelle knight said she breathed into the child's mouth to keep her alive. the revelation that the women were bound, that chains and ropes were in the home, is consistent with the accounts of fernando colon. he was engaged to grimilda figueroa, ariel castro's ex-wife, until her death last year. colon told me castro would beat figueroa mercilessly, sometimes with barbells. >> she told me she was locked in the house, he had tinted the windows, she had padlocked the doors. the only time she was able to come out was for her appointments, that was it. >> reporter: but fernando colon could have motivation for accusing ariel castro. colon was convicted of molesting two of castro's children several years ago. he has long said he's innocent.
4:35 am
claims ariel castro orchestrated the charges against him to deflect attention from castro's own alleged crimes. colon is now planning to appeal his conviction. the three kidnap victims said they never left castro's property but there are counts that castro did take the little girl out. moses cintron says he occasionally saw castro with the 6-year-old in a neighborhood park. the girl, he says, wouldn't play with other children. but would pet his small dogs. >> she was well-dressed, you know, and well cared of. slightly slender, but, you know, she was also kind of white. >> reporter: cintron now says he'd like to take one of his dogs to the girl to let her play with it so she won't have to come back to that park. brian todd, cnn, cleveland. >> and we are also hearing for the first time from the mother of ariel castro. lillian rodriguez mae a very tearful plea for forgiveness to the young women and their
4:36 am
mothers. saying i suffer because they suffered. >> translator: i have a sick son who has done something serious. i'm suffering very much. i ask for forgiveness from those mothers. may those girls forgive me. i suffer the pain they suffered. i'm suffering for my son's pain. my son is sick and i have nothing to do with what my son did. >> ariel castro's daughter is also speaking out. angie gregg spoke exclusively with cnn's laurie segall. she says the accusations leveled against him took her by complete surprise. >> the ariel that i knew, that if you would have asked me this last week, i would have told you he's the best dad, and the best grandpa, and he was very kind and loving, and he did for me and he did for his grandchildren. i just -- i would have never saw this coming ever until i saw it with my own eyeballs. >> angie gregg also said that
4:37 am
she is so disgusted with her father that she never wants to see him again. and joining us now from washington to talk more about this investigation, former fbi special agent jim mcnamara. thank you so much for being with us, jim. premeditated, deliberate, depraved, these are the words a prosecutor used yesterday to describe ariel castro's alleged actions. what can you tell us about the psychology of a man that is capable of confining and repeatedly abusing three women for ten years? >> well you're dealing with a psycho path and a psycho path doesn't understand simple regular emotions that regular people do, like empathy and sympathy. and with this offender you're also dealing with a sexual sadist, who enjoys the suffering of his victims. along with that comes a pretty strong streak of narcissism. it's all about him. >> you know, we heard in the writings that he actually wrote
4:38 am
that these girls made the mistake of getting into the car with him. what does that tell you? >> that's a pretty common trait among psycho paths. laws are written for suckers, they're for other people, not for psycho paths, and they tend to project and rationalize. they project onto the victims it's their fault. it's never the psychopaths fault for committing the crime. >> this is supposedly the case of a monster who was hiding in plain sight. he allegedly had regular interactions with neighbors, even his brothers claim to have absolutely no knowledge of what was actually going on inside of this house. you know, we've spoken to one of his daughters who is incredibly close to him who also was inside of that house and had no idea. so how is it possible that he led this double life for so long? a lot of these sexually motivated offenders are very good at compartmentalling their lives. people such as dennis rader,
4:39 am
dbtk in wichita, he compartments his life, he doesn't share the illegal things he's doing because he knows it's not acceptable to people around him in society. >> all of these girls have said that they were lured. is there a special type of victim, a guy like this who preys in that particular way? >> sexually motivated offenders are fantasy driven, they target their victims in three different ways. first is desirability. what he wants in the victim. then he'll look around the area that he lives in or works in, and call that desirability availability. who's available in the area that fits what he wants. thirdly he'll look for the most vulnerable victim. and that's what he's done with these victims. he's chosen young, petite teenage girls, and with his communication skills that he's got, he's able to talk them into the vehicle. >> you know, i want to focus on one of the victims in particular. she's still in the hospital, her
4:40 am
name is michelle knight. and she told investigators that ariel castro starved, beat her until she miscarried each of her five pregnancies. yet he is the assumed father of amanda berry's 6-year-old daughter. so does this indicate that castro was treating his alleged victims differently? why would he do that? >> it's his personal choice. what he's enjoying is the suffering of his victims. one of the popular misperceptions is that these type of offenders enjoy torturing people. the torture is a tool. he enjoys the suffering of his victims. so he's got multiple victims, it's his choice as to what he does with them. >> you know, one last question for you. what do you think is going through his head right now? >> the only thing going through his head right now is he's sorry he got caught. the only remorse he feels is for himself. >> oh. all right, jim mcnamara we really appreciate it. former special fbi agent. thanks for your time this
4:41 am
morning. >> great talking to you. >> john berman has breaking news in new york. thank you. >> our breaking news this morning, really a miracle from bangladesh. an amazing story of survival, after being trapped for 17 days, 17 days, a woman has been found alive, inside the rubble of that collapsed garment factory in bangladesh. cnn is live in hong kong following the story. what is the latest? >> john, incredible pictures that you're just showing there on the screen. the rescue recovery workers were brought to a standstill when they heard a faint voice coming from within the rubble screaming, i'm alive, i'm alive, please rescue me. you can imagine the recovery workers were there to pull out dead bodies. that's what they've been doing for the past 17 days. instead, hearing this faint voice they were able to pinpoint exactly where she was, and they pulled her out, as we see there on the screen there right now,
4:42 am
amazing. hundreds of people gather on the scene, including military personnel, and officials who then put her on a stretcher, and rushed her to a military hospital. the bangladeshi military official and the chief coordinator also rescue operation has told cnn that he believes she may be in her 20s, and this is the incredible part, john. he doesn't think she has, from what he was able to see, initially, that she doesn't appear to have any major injuries right now. as there was no bleeding on the outset. and she was able to communicate with people. in fact, the prime minister of bangladesh even was able to call her and she spoke to the prime minister. so incredible, incredible story of is your viefral there. 17 days without food and water, and she is alive. john? >> more than 1,000 people killed in that disaster. this morning learning that one woman apparently did survive. thank you so much this morning. really appreciate it.
4:43 am
we have a glorious picture of a much different kind to show you right now happening in lower manhattan. the final piece of one world trade center being put in place. again, this is a live picture. high up above a beautiful morning here in new york. the last section of the spire were brought up to the top of the building last week. when completed, one world trade center will be the tallest building in the western hemisphere at 1776 feet. that work again going on live this morning. simply beautiful pictures here in new york. we have some new developments this morning in the jodi arias murder case. arias something held in a prison psychiatric ward under constant supervision in the psych ward at the lower buckeye jail in phoenix. hln's dr. drew pinsky says he doesn't believe that arias is faking it. >> if somebody's in a psychiatric ward, a clinician takes that responsibility just to meet criteria to be there. that's not just a manipulation. on top of that, if i were the warden and had somebody doing a news interview where she just said i want to die, boom, that
4:44 am
person goes in a locked facility. >> the sentencing phase of arias' murder trial has been postponed until next wednesday. wild shoot-out to show you at close range caught on camera. surveillance footage of this fierce gun battle last july outside a suspected marijuana grow house. this was shown in a miami courtroom yesterday. the video shows one of the suspects getting out of the car and shooting police officers. also shooting at fbi agents. a detective was seriously hurt. the suspect gerard delgado was killed when police returned fire. police say they found 80 pounds of marijuana inside that house. so ahead on "starting point," prince harry taking the united states by storm, and making some fans along the way, as you can imagine. not just john mccain, by the way. we are live in arlington, next, with what we can expect from the prince today. you're watching "starting point." hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
4:45 am
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4:47 am
welcome back to "starting point," everyone. day two of the latest british invasion. prince harry's visit to washington, d.c. the royal bachelor had the ladies swooning and snapping pictures on capitol hill. you know, nothing says dreamy
4:48 am
romance like capitol hill. the big question, what is on tap for the prince today? max foster on royal watch for us from arlington, virginia. good morning, max. >> yeah, john, it will be very different today. you'll see prince harry in uniform. he's going to come here, known as the saddest acre in america, has always the precious graves from those war veterans. and he's serving officer. so in the back of his mind is the fact that he could one day die in combat, as well. but yesterday was all about harry mania. it's already got a name, harry mania, and the prince did his best to ignore it. so here he is, prince harry on the first stop of his u.s. tour. and this particular event is an exhibition about land mine clearance. a cause close to diana's heart. and this particular leg is about keeping his mother's memory alive. her legacy alive.
4:49 am
>> frankly, i found him to be a very attractive young man. and i think he's very serious certainly about this issue, so i was very impressed. >> reporter: then a surprise stop at the white house where the first lady was helping children make gifts for mother's day. harry showing his creative side. swiftly on to a reception at the british embassy in washington. they call it gentle diplomacy, a chance for influential americans to meet the prince and learn about doing business with the u.k. >> this gives me great personal pleasure to my mother who believed passionately in this cause, would be so proud of my association with it. >> reporter: on day two expect prince harry in uniform paying his respects to jfk and the tomb of the unknown at arlington national cemetery.
4:50 am
and he's also, then, john, going to go on to walter reed medical center to meet veterans from afghanistan where he's been to meet the guys and women injured in war. he sees them as heroes. today, in his view, it's all about them. >> clearly, max, important to him. it will be an important visit for wounded vets as well. max foster, great to see you today. thank you for the report. up next, $45 million, a brazen heist from thieves who used nothing more than their computers, some ingenuity, how they pulled it off, how they laundered the money, how they get caught, coming up next. everybody has different investment objectives, ideas, goals, appetite for risk.
4:51 am
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would absolutely not have taken a zip line in the jungle. i'm really glad that girl stayed at home. vo: expedia helps 30 million travelers a month find what they're looking for. one traveler at a time. expedia. find yours. welcome back, everyone. 53 minutes after the hour. stories we're watching at this very minute. a leak in the international space station. nasa says this is not an immediate threat to the crew. the station has been leaking liquid ammonia, used to cool down the power systems. this has been a nagging problem for several years.
4:54 am
nasa thought the leak was plugged back in november. the state of minnesota stepped closer to being 12th in the nation of allowing same-sex marriage. supporters mobbed the statehouse chanting thank you. >> thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. >> the state senate plans to consider the bill on monday. it is expected to pass, and mark dayton of minnesota has pledged to sign this into law. federal prosecutors say an international cyber theft ring is responsible for stealing $45 million from banks around the world. the they allegedly used prepaid credit cards to pull this off. hacking into accounts, hacked into credit limits and a $200 card could be worth $20,000. eight defendants hit more than 2,900 atm machines in 10 hours. they bought rolex watches, a mercedes, a porsche.
4:55 am
trying to launder the money fast. anthony bourdain heads to morocco, where he learns to buy lamb's head and hangs out with master musician who's record the rolling stones. here is an amazing taste. >> pretty much never getting out of this. feel like elton john at home. some country you go to, as soon as you get off the plane and the place smells like splay you want to be. right away. true of tangier. but part of this part of the world that really does it for me, should be happening at any moment. it's magic. oh, yes. when the other ones start to come in, that's when it really gets good.
4:56 am
so beautiful. you get three of those going, you know you aren't in new jersey. you know you are someplace. >> the coolest job on planet earth. airs sunday night. do not miss it. still ahead on "starting point," new, disturbing details from cleveland. the suspect, ariel castro allegedly wrote about the kidnapping, what he wrote, years before he was caught. that's coming up next. you're watching "starting point." [ female announcer ] from more efficient payments. ♪ to more efficient pick-ups. ♪ wireless is limitless. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief.
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5:00 am
fogood morning, everyone. i'm john berman in new york. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin in cleveland. the starting point, the suspect forcing three women to live in depraved conditions for three years is speaking, and could face more charges and the maybe even the death penalty. ariel castro's daughter shares harsh words for her father and asks the question on everyone's mind. >> why did you take these girls, why did you never leave and never feel guilty enough to let them go? >> plus, the clues that she wishes she had not missed. and brand new this morning, 17 days after a factory collapse in bangladesh that killed more than 1,000 people, a woman has been found alive in all the rubble. the incredible details in a
5:01 am
moment. right now, the spire being put into place on top of the 1 world trade center. look at that. more live pictures in a moment. that is so exciting. friday, may 10th, "starting point" begins right now. here in cleveland, heartbreaking new details about the unimaginable hell that three women suffered for a decade inside this house on seymour avenue. on cleveland's west side. prosecutors sayar yell castro operated a private prison and torture chamber inside that home. is he being held on $8 million bonds. charged with kidnapping, charged with rape. and aggravated murder charge could come next for the alleged killing of fetuses. in a cnn exclusive for you, the daughter closest to ariel castro, speaking out about the charges against her father. listen to angie greg describe
5:02 am
the moment when she found out he had been arrested. >> it was like everything scratch e crashed down. i just wanted to melt into the floor. i have no problem cutting him out of my life. no problem doing that i never want to see him again. >> we'll have more of that emotional, exclusive interview with ariel castro's daughter in a few moments from now. now for more on castro's arraignment, an eerie, first look into the back beyond a reasonable doubt of his home along with his dark past. live to pam ra brown, outside the home of gina dejesus, one of the freed kidnap victims. >> reporter: according to law enforcement source i have spoke with, we learn thad ariel castro has confessed to authorities during interrogations to at least some of his actions during the past decade. allegedly holding these women in captivity. this as the women readjust to their new found freedom.
5:03 am
>> these exclusive pictures obtained by cnn gives us the first glimpse of ariel castro's backyard. much obscured by tarp, you can see junk strewn all around. and a white cross spotted by a neighbor. castro looked down and seemingly making eye contact with no one. >> we evaluate whether to seek charges, eligible for the death penalty. >> following his arraignment, cuyahoga county prosecutor tim mcginty made it clear that additional charges my be added. four count of kidnapping and three counts of rape are already charged. >> for each and every act of violence, rape, each day of kidnapping, every felonious assault, all his attempted murders, and each act of aggravated murder. >> reporter: initial police incident report says michele knight became pregnant five times during captivity and each time, castro starved her and
5:04 am
punched her. for reasons unknown, amanda berry was able to give birth to her baby and castro forced knight to deliver it. investigators sifted through 200 pieces of evidence taken out of the house of horrors, one in particular is getting attention. details of a note written by castro in 2004 have surfaced. according to law enforcement forces, castro wrote about being abused by a family member in an attempt to justify his own horrid actions. according to woio reporter scott taylor, he says "i'm a sexual predator" and writes about picking up three women. they are here against their will because they made a mistake of getting into a car with a total stranger. castro has been cooperating investigators and has confessed to some of his actions. his daughter arlene gave an
5:05 am
emotional interview to abc news. >> i would like to say i'm so, so sorry. i really want to see you, gina. and i want you to meet my kids. i'm so sorry for everything. >> reporter: she wants to spend time with her family. you see balloons outside the home of gina dejesus and a blue tarp where she can go into her backyard and still have privacy. amanda berry is at her home with her daughter, recovering with her family and michelle knight remains in the hospital this morning. >> pamela, it's so great that the family put up the tarp so she can go outside and enjoy the fresh air. she's been lacking that for years. investigators are testing castro's dna to see if it may be linked to other crimes or other missing persons cases.
5:06 am
how soon could we get the results of that test? >> gorgeosfwlor aida, we could results soon. the attorney general's office in ohio, there is a rush order placed to get the results back from the dna test soon. today, we could see results. normally it takes 20 days, but special resources allocated to this so the results could be provided as early as today. what officials will do, they'll run them through a database to see if castro's dna samples match up with previous crimes or missing persons cases in the past. >> all right. pamela brown reporting live outside of gina's home, thank you. the daughter closest to kidnapping suspect says she is chattered. angie gregg insists she never
5:07 am
saw signs of the abuse and terror unfolding in her father's house and she wants the world to know her family does not have monster in their blood. angie siegel joins us live with an interview on cnn. so great to see you sitting down with her. she's tortured. >> she has a lot to say. she was very close with ariel, and, you know, she -- he actually bought her a puppy at some point. spent a lot of time at this home on seymour avenue, having dinner with him, playing music. grew up here in the early '90s and now she knows, she is beginning piece together this puzzle, and she said there were some clues. listen to what she told me. >> all these weird things that i've noticed over -- over the years, like about how he kept his house locked down so tight, certain areas, and how if we'd be out at my grandma's having dinner, he would disappear for an hour or so, and then come
5:08 am
back and there would be no explanation where he went. like everything is making sense now. u.s. all adding up. i'm disgusted, horrified. >> did you ever try to get into that basement? >> not since i was -- when i was very young, when my mom was still living there, i did pick the locks on the basement, because there was a cheap master lock on the door, picked the lock, and we went snooping. and i remember there being a fish tank down there, which was odd, because nobody was down there to look at the fish. >> did you ever see any signs of a 6-year-old there? >> i never saw signs in the house, i never saw -- you know, her with him. but about two months ago, he picked me up, we spent the afternoon together, i had some service on my car, and he showed me a picture in his cell phone, randomly, and he said look at
5:09 am
this cute little girl. it was a face shot. and i said she's cute. who is that? and he said this is my girlfriend's child. and i said, dad, that girl looks like emily. emily is my younger sister. and he said, no, that's -- that's not my child. that is my girlfriend's child by somebody else. >> your family is attached to this stigma. what is the message that you want to tell people that they might not understand? >> that my father's actions are not a reflection of everyone in the family. they are definitely not a reflection of myself or my children. we don't have monster in our blood. >> ever want to talk to your dad again? >> no. i have no problem cutting him out of my life. i have no problem doing that i never want to see him again.
5:10 am
and another thing i would like to ask him, when did you think this would be over? how did you think it was going to end? you're 52 years old. you think you can carry this charade forever? what did you think was going to happen? and eventually, you would have been caught and then what of these girls? what of your family? you didn't care. >> what message do you have for these girls? they are safe now, no longer there, but they were held captive and their whole lives turned upside down. what message for these women and their families? >> i feel so much sorrow that you had to endure this. i'm glad that you are back home with your family, finally, because they never stopped thinking about you. they never stopped -- they never forgot you. they always thought you were alive, when everybody else thought you were gone. i also -- you know, i also feel
5:11 am
sorrow that michelle's case, i'm just hearing about her now too. that her case was treated differently because she was an adult when she came up missing. like that's real tragic. she was taken against her will as well. it's -- it's sickening. it's sickening. that could have been -- there could be anybody in that position. you know, in the blink of an eye, you could be abducted, brutalized and nobody would ever know it. you could be right around the corner and nobody would ever know it. this just goes to show. >> do you want to see them at all? would you like to see them at any point? >> i would love to see them, i would love to see the little girl, jocelyn, but i don't want to pressure them at all. and that's -- maybe further down the road, maybe it will be a possibility. i would really love that, but, you know, right now these girls
5:12 am
need to heal. >> and, you know when it comes to healing, the community has to heal, to know that such horrific events took place right here on this street. a tough day yesterday, because angie has two sons, set them down and had to tell them what their grandfather had done. a lot of tears, one of them is young enough he didn't quite understand, but for this woman too, her whole life is so different knowing that her father was capable of such horrific actions. >> and a grandfather so seemingly involved in those kids' lives. she walked through some pictures. i was struck by how composed she was. it must have been very difficult for her. >> she took a couple of days to compose herself and wrote her thought on a piece of paper and read them outloud. she wanted the platform and say everything she wanted in the right way. very brave. at the same time, you can tell there is a lot of pain and a lot of disgust there.
5:13 am
she walked me through some of the pictures. a picture of her, of ariel on a motorcycle, surrounded by children, and she said, laurie, the neighbors used to let him ride around the children. he was a man trusted with children. pictures of her with his arms around her as a child. you can see the pain, because nothing will be the same again. >> thank you for the story, we appreciate it. the city of cleveland is celebrating the safe return of the three women. a very emotional time for them and so-called victory vigil, held in a local park. participants released balloons into the air. look at them celebrating. part of the event, organized by local radio stations and the domestic violence center. several meetings held in the neighborhood, where residents voiced complaints about crime, one gathering hosted by a group called imperial women. named after 11 female victims of a strangler back in 2009.
5:14 am
they claim very little attention when girls or women of color go missing. ahead on "starting point," an incredible rescue for you. 17 days after a factory collapse in bangladesh, a woman has been found alive. the amazing details in a live report. plus, right now, the spire being put into place on top of 1 world trade center. that is next. you are watching "starting point." new car! hey! [squeals] ♪
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bruising, bleeding, or paleness. if you've had enough, ask your dermatologist about enbrel. tony used priceline to book this 4 star hfree breakfast why. with express deals, you can save big and find a hotel with free breakfast without bidding. don't you just love those little cereal boxes? priceline savings without the bidding. breaking news this morning. nothing short of a miracle. after 17 days, a survivor pulled from the rubble of the collapsed garment factory in bangladesh, this long after crews have given up of finding anyone alive. matthew chance with this amazing tale of survival. >> reporter: it really is amazing. 17 days in a building that
5:18 am
collapsed in bangladesh. more than 1,000 people have already been pulled from the rubble. absolutely staggering to see dramatic images out of the capital, the rescue teams pulling that woman, apparently uninjured, out of the rubble. apparently the rescue teams as you say, have given up hope of finning anybody inside alive. using heavy machinery to cut through the remains of the building and found this woman. heard her first of all crying out, i'm alive, i'm alive. please save me. so they stopped the heavy machinery and went in by hand and found her sort of trapped in an air pocket that had been formed when the building collapsed. 17 days ago. absolutely incredible. according to rescue teams on the scene, she doesn't have any severe injuries either, treated at the moment for whatever it is they can find. shock i expect, in a local hospital. >> we are looking at pictures of her right now from inside the
5:19 am
hospital, and her condition is remarkable. after being trapped in that rubble for 17 days, she really does look to be just frankly in a relatively speaking, unbelievable condition right now. one more quick question. any sense that the rescuers will change their methods right now? go back and look for others who may be alive? >> reporter: i think it's got to, hasn't it? nobody number one was expecting that someone would have been pulled out alive. they moved from a rescue effort to salvage effort, that's why they brought the heavy machinery in. the operation to get people alive out of that building is clearly not over. >> remarkable story for thus morning. matthew chance, thank you for bringing us that very good news. 19 minutes after the hour. happening right now in lower manhattan, talk about amazing pictures, this is a slice of new york city history. the final seconds of the spire atop of the world trade center.
5:20 am
this will be used as a broadcast antenna. it will make you dizzy it had been scheduled for monday. weather postponed it. last sections brought up last week. when completed, 1 world trade center will be the tallest building in the western hemisphere at 1,776. wonderful look in manhattan this morning. ahead on "starting point," back live to cleveland. we'll speak with the achieve assistant prosecutor, victor perez, about the charges against kidnapping suspect ariel castro. the american dream is of a better future,
5:21 am
a confident retirement. those dreams have taken a beating lately. but no way we're going to let them die. ♪ ameriprise advisors can help keep your dreams alive like they helped millions of others. by listening. planning. working one on one. that's what ameriprise financial does. and that's what they can do with you. that's how ameriprise puts more within reach. ♪
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5:24 am
with three counts of rape and four counts of kidnapping. >> victor is joining us. we appreciate having you here. you are very familiar with what the charges are here. they include rape and kidnapping, but we have one of the victims still in the hospital. that is michelle nigknight. there are allellegations that s pregnant five time, and he beat her and starved her and she miscarried there could be death penalty charges. we have been watching as the fbi is going in with cadaver dogs. apparently there is a lack of evidence. can he face the death penalty if there is a lack of evidence? >> that is for the grand jury to decide. but as to any other comments on this case, out of respect for the privacy and the well-being of the victims in this case, and
5:25 am
for the legal justice, i can't comment. >> but you're a lawyer. >> correct. >> if there is physical evidence lacking, and this is going before a jury, how complicated is the case going to be? >> they will present the evidence to make that case. >> all right. so you have signed the charges against ariel castro. what is the next step? we're talking about perhaps a capital punishment case. >> for the cuyahoga county prosecutor and the cuyahoga grand jury to decide? >> do you known they are discussing that. and that could come next? >> that's the question you have to ask the prosecute's office. >> the other brothers leased. a lot of people shocked they were released. they feel how could it be possible? they were in and out of house constantly. do you feel satisfied that they really -- they will never face charges in the future? >> yes, i'm satisfied. >> why is that? >> the testimony -- not the testimony, the interviews that were conducted, reveal that they had no involvement with the
5:26 am
action of ariel castro. >> do you sympatyou think they charges in the future? >> i don't think some . >> this puerto rican community has been hit hard. a rather sizable puerto rican community. when you talked and announced charges, you said something i want folks to listen to. >> i will tell people, we don't have the sound available. born and raised in puerto reek york rico, that the acts of the defendant in the criminal case are not a reflection of those here or in puerto rico. why so important to bring that up? >> would you think after just over 100 years of puerto rico being part of the united states, people would be more aware of what puerto rico is and the
5:27 am
community, and i felt it was important for the people to know that there is more to the puerto rican community than the as of this individual. the puerto rican community is a hard-working community. a community that sacrificed a lot for our country. a lot of us have served in the military. as far as 1899, a year after puerto rico became a territory of the united states, the puerto rican community is everywhere. everywhere i go in the world, i run into somebody from puerto rico. there is over 3 million people in puerto rico. over 3 million people in the united states and we are more than just the acts of this individual committed for the last decade. >> victor, i appreciate you coming out this morning. good luck, i know you have your hands full. appreciate it. ahead on "starting point" as we learn more about the incredible nightmare, investigators are rushing tests of castro's dna.
5:28 am
what they hope to learn, coming up. a news crew film near the mexico/u.s. border catches something they didn't anticipate. and prince harry visiting arlington national cemetery to pay his respects. you're watching "starting point." ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats.
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5:31 am
a man who many are calling a monster making his first court appearance. prosecutors accusing ariel castro of operating his own private prison and torture chamber at this home on the south side of cleveland. arraigned of kidnapping and rape, and there are plans for aggravated murder for the killing of his victims' fetuses. we're learning more about ariel castro, a first look into his
5:32 am
backyard and a look at his shadowy past. let's go to pamela brown, outside the home of gina dejesus. >> good morning, zoraida. we know that ariel castro is charged with three counts of d rape, four counts of kidnapping. the county prosecutor says authorities are looking into charging castro with aggravated murder. right now, they are studying case law, looking at all the evidence to see if they have enough evidence to support that. this seems to be connected with the miscarriages of michelle knight. we learned that michelle knight says that castro caused her to have miscarriages by starving her and punching her in the stomach at least five times. >> capital punishment must be reserved for those crimes that are truly the worst examples of human conduct.
5:33 am
the reality is, we still have brutal criminals in our midst who have no respect for the rule of law or human life. the law of ohio calls for the death penalty for those most depraved criminals who commit aggravated murder during the course of a kidnapping. >> pamela, we're learning that castro may have written about his alleged crimes in 2004. what are the details of those writings? >> that's right, zoraida, i spoke to a law enforcement source who says this was basically a diary of his actions. handwritten by castro, and he allegedly justified his actions, and some parts of it, blaming the girls for the abductions, according to scott taylor, woio reporter, one of our affiliate who's saw this note, he said they are here against their will, because they made a mistake of getting in a car with a total stranger. castro goes on to say, i don't
5:34 am
know why i kept looking for another. i already had two in my possession. so really just shocking to learn about this, zoraida. a note that was taken out of the home. apparently written in 2004, after he allegedly abducted the three women. >> disturbing that he tries to justify his actions. pamela brown, thank you very much. we're hearing for the first time from the daughter of ariel castro. angie gregg recalls the disgust she felt the moment she first heard what he had done. >> everything crashed down. i just wanted to melt into the floor. i just wanted to die. i have no problem cutting him out of my life. i have no problem doing that. i never want to see him again. >> and despite the anger and heart break that she now feels,
5:35 am
castro says her father was generous to her and her sister, even giving her a puppy. ohio state crime lab is rushing tests on ariel castro's dna to provide vest gators with results that could link him to other crimes. mike dewine, ohio attorney general," is joining us. >> good morning. >> the bureau lab is rushing dna through the lab. you apparently get results this morning. do you expect there will be matches or hits to the crime's database? >> well, the test is completed. and we have turned the results over to the cleveland police department and i'm sure they will be talking about that later today. we also were doing the paternity tests and they will talk about that paternity test as well. >> and, you know, i have to ask if you can share any of the results of the test? >> well, i can't. we do the lab work.
5:36 am
>> can you at least tell us if you got a positive hit? >> sure. i can't tell you anything. we have turned that over to the cleveland police department and that's the way it works, but we did rush it last night, we got it about 3:30 yesterday afternoon, we did it overnight, and it provided the preliminary results back to the cleveland police department. there is some additional testing that needs to be done. and we'll be getting we hope shortly. >> all right. so let's talk about the death penalty. is it on the table now? >> well, prosecutor mcginty in the clip you played in his press conference yesterday talked about that. i think clearly that is on the table. you know, you have several different ways of getting that under ohio law. i mean, just so people understand, ohio law provides that if -- if the unborn child is killed, that that can qualify
5:37 am
for aggravated murder under ohio law. you also have as the prosecutor -- >> let's explain -- >> a possible -- i'm sorry? >> no, go ahead, sir. go ahead. >> you also have the issue of kidnapping, which can be a continuing act. in other words, the kidnapping is not just the taking of someone, but if you continue to hold them against their will, that can be considered a kidnapping as well. that could be what we call in ohio, a specification, which could possibly qualify this as a death penalty case. that's what the prosecuting attorney is looking at. he's very good, his team is very good. and if they can find a way under current ohio law to charge the death penalty, they certainly
5:38 am
will do so. >> perhaps to clarify to those additional charges have to do with michelle knight and her allegations that she was pregnant perhaps five times and that ariel beat her and starved her and that she miscarried. i want to make sure people understood the connection between those additional charges and then the death penalty in ohio law. anyway, records show that castro was arrested for domestic violence back in 1993, but a grand jury declined to indict him. again in 2005, accused of domestic violence, that included among other things, a nose broken twice, two broken ribs, knocked out tooth. blood clot in the brain, two dislocated shoulders, his ex-wife noted in the 2005 incident that castro frequently abducts daughters and keeps them from mother, even though he did not have visitation rights at the time. worth noting that the protective order from 2005 was only dropped because the ex-wife's attorney was unable to attend the
5:39 am
hearing. law enforcement failures, court system failures as well, what do you think? >> i don't really know what happened in those cases. i'm not really in a position to talk about that i will say that there has been some comment about whether the cleveland police department did a good job and responded to complaints. from what i have seen, i think they did do a good job, and i think it's -- it's really a bum wrap to look at the cleveland police department and say they did not do what they should have done in this case. if you -- you know, these were very high-profile cases. everybody in the community knew about it. the police were very, very focused on it. and so i think at least from what i've seen so far, that the police department did a good job. >> our pamela brown and martin savidge reported yesterday and
5:40 am
again today, investigators are examining writings actually found inside ariel castro's house and that he writes -- very specific details of his actions and what he says are the reasons behind all of his actions, hard not to think about your own family when you hear about a case like this. have you eight kids, 19 grandkids, what do you make of this case? >> well, it's so sad. and you are absolutely right. i think if this was one of my children, or one of my grandchildren, how i would feel. and it's hard to even imagine how bad that is. great joy that they had been found, but they go back and think what they had to endure the last ten years, sickening, just horrible. it should not surprise us that this man justifies what he's doing in those writings. i've seen that in other cases. you know, individuals like this who commit horrible acts, they
5:41 am
blame the victim. always blame the victim. and justify it in their own mind that way. so this is -- this is in some respects a typical reaction. >> now, it's absolutely horrible. one of the details, which you are alluding to, he said in the writings, it was the girls' fault because they never should have gotten in the car to begin with. thank you. tonight, anderson cooper hosts a town hall meeting on the frightening number of people missing in america. vanished tonight at 8:00 eastern time. right here on cnn. john berman back in new york with the rest of our top stories today. good morning to you, john. >> thank you, sfwlzoraida. any moment now, prince harry will pay respects by visiting
5:42 am
arlington cemetery. he just finished his tour of duty so a very poignant moment for him. we are live on royal watch. >> reporter: harry mania you saw in washington, d.c.. this is prince harry in uniform, in zone six. this is the area described as the saddest acre in america. these are the freshest graves. so war victims who died in iraq and afghanistan. some fresh graves there. i was in aftghanistan with prine harry earlier this year. in the back of his mind, will be the fact that he could have been killed as well. if he goes back again, key be wounded or a victim of war as well. very serious for him. after this, to walter reed to meet wounded service personnel. he wants today all about american war heroes as he described them. a very different tone from yesterday.
5:43 am
very much about america. very much about war. >> very solemn, poignant day for the prince what is on the rest of the schedule for the rest of the visit, max? >> well, actually tonight he flies to denver. this is the other aspect to the whole tour, promoting british interests. a reception where senior, well-known americans invited to mingle with brits to promote the british economy. so that's the gateway, and then over the weekend, warrior games, back to the war veteran issue. wounded war veterans competing in the war games. british team also competing. that for him is the backbone of the tour. and then he comes your way, john, to new york. >> for baseball i'm told. max foster at arlington national cemetery. thank you. ahead on "starting point," an unbelievable rescue 17 days after a factory collapse in bangladesh, a woman found alive. the amazing details, coming up next. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
5:44 am
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welcome back, everyone. looking at live pictures from arlington national cemetery. that is prince harry. great britain, arriving at arlington national cemetery in uniform as you can see to pay his respects to the american service members killed in the line of duty. of course, harry himself serves in the british military. he just served a tour in afghanistan. this is one of his causes. he is very involved with wounded warriors and veterans causes all over the world, certainly in britain and in the united states. a big part of the tour he's on
5:48 am
right now. max foster, in arlington right now, watching the prince, can tell us more about what the prince is doing. max. >> it's interesting. here to lay a wreath at the tomb of unknowns and lay flowers at the grave of john f. kennedy. but the crucial bit for him is this really zone six, the saddest acre in america, and these are fresh -- the freshest graves really of war heroes who died in iraq, particularly afghanistan, prince harry served in afghanistan, beginning of this year. he takes his military role really seriously. you can see from his face. this is poignant for him. serious for him. he's in uniform. he knows he could be killed in combat, looking at these graves and thinking this is very personal for him. he actually left a note although one of the gravesites as well. and to my comrades in arms of
5:49 am
the united states, cin appreciation, captain harry wales. >> on behalf of brittain, drum up business, smiling on capitol hill, but this is really, max, a much different side. prince harry in full uniform, somber, paying respects. >> reporter: he's always said, john and a very authentic person. the three sides to him. the prince, the soldier, and there's the 28-year-old out having fun. and in his view, actually, he's got a right to go out and have a party and get drunk and be out all night if he's the 28-year-old. in this situation, he is a member of the military, an officer, and when he is in this role, he takes extremely seriously. you will never see this party side to him. when he's supporting the queen and representing the queen, he
5:50 am
takes that role very seriously. so there are three sides to his character, and a very distinct, and that's part of his appeal. because a soldier, an american soldier who sees this guy right now will relate to him. because he understands their point of view. unique about prince harry. very authentic. >> we saw him lay a wreath in arlington. looking at the graves, saddest mile in theiate. those who have recently passed. been killed in service of the country in iraq and afghanistan. you were in afghanistan with prince harry on the most recent tour. clearly affected the way he thinks, not just about himself, but about service as well. >> reporter: yeah, i mean, he's committed for life really to the military i would say. private secretary, a former special forces officer. he surrounds himself with people of the military.
5:51 am
you know this is a long tradition in the royal family. his uncle, prince andrew, a helicopter pilot exactly as prince harry was. his brother, william, cannot be on the front lines, he's in the direct line of succession. harry has been close to the front lines. we were with him in afghanistan. some degree of frustration. he been in afghanistan before on the front lines and pulled out because news leaked. this time we did a deal with him and he said you can come film me, interview me, but we cover that, but none of this released until i come out, i don't want my comrades put at risk. that's always the thing. in the field, but a target for the taliban, and he doesn't want to put comrades at risk, but wants to be involved, as close to the front line as possible. >> max foster live this morning from arlington national cemetery. we're looking at these live pictures of prince harry visiting some of the graves there of some of the soldiers
5:52 am
killed and servicemen killed in iraq and afghanistan. a poignant, serious moment for prince harry on this visit to the united states, which will last several days. our thanks to max foster in arlington. other news this morning, including some incredible breaking news out of bangladesh to tell you about. after 17 days, a survivor found in the rubble of the collapsed garment factory in the bangladeshi capital . she called i'm alive, rescue me. 11 days after crews gave up hope of finding anyone alive. the death toll stands at more than 1,000 from the april 24th collapse, but, again, that bright piece of light right there, a survivor pulled from the rubble today. looking at pictures of her from the hospital. just amazing. this just in to cnn, an incredibly large search called off for two cruise ship
5:53 am
passengers that fell overboard wednesday off the coast of australia they were reported missing by relatives after the carnival line ship "spirit" docked after ten days. surveillance shows them falling off mid deck when the ship was 65 miles out to sea. hottest commodity in the fashion world. how did model kate upton model a business that normally favors shall we say thinner bodies. her secret, up next. you're watching "starting point." ♪
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be on the path to superstar dom from bikini model to movies to the pinnacle of fashion, the cover of "vogue" magazine. alaina cho has more. >> the mesmerizing video of kate upton dancing in a tiny bikini went viral. the dance called cat daddy. >> cat daddy? oh, yes, well, apparently i could dance. i didn't know right away, but everyone seems to like it. >> try 16 million views and counting. these days, upton just 20 years old. is everywhere. shooting a movie with cameron diaz, on the red carpet, beloved by top designers. >> i love a sexy, curvy girl. the stick figures are not for me. >> but how did this curvy
5:58 am
one-time bikini model become the new it girl? >> i never saw it coming. >> upton, great granddaughter of one of the founders of whirlpool, grew up in melbourne, florida. >> i did want to be a bikini model. >> reporter: upton discovered in her teens, soon "sports illustrated" came calling. one cover, then two. tv commercials for the super bowl, like this one for mercedes-benz. >> you missed a spot. >> and this provocative ad for carl's junior. >> one thing to get noted by the masses and entirely another to be embraced by the sometimes prickling world of high fashion. somehow kate upton has managed to do both. here is your first look at the super model on the june cover of american "vogue" out nationwide on may 21st. what makes her cross over to
5:59 am
high fashion? >> i think that kate is a very accessible model. she reminds me of the old days of cindy crawford or stephanie seymour, i think she has that american girl next door quality. >> does this show that curvy girls can make it too? >> i mean i really feel like being healthy and loving your life is important. if that means your curvy, that's what it means. i'm excited that it's being accepted. >> alaina cho, cnn, new york. >> somehow beating the odds and succeeding in every facet of life. that is all for "starting point." i'm john berman. "cnn newsroom" with carol costello with the latest on the investigation in cleveland begins right now. happening now in the "newsroom," cnn exclusive. daughter of ariel castro,
6:00 am
breaking her silence. >> i have no problem cutting him out of my life. i never want to see him again. >> angie gregg, opening up, talking about her father, and piecing together the horrors that happened at her childhood home. >> ever since my mom lived in that house, the basement was als always kept locked. >> the warning signs, abuse, message to her fathers. >> there will be no visits, no phone calls. he's dead to me. >> this morning, cleveland comes together. a vigil, then a pause. to mend and heal, a special edition of "newsroom," live from cleveland, begins right now. good morning, i'm carol costello, thank you for being with me. we'll get to the latest on the cleveland kidnapping investigation in just a minute. we begin with an incredible rescue in bangladesh. a miracle. a woman has


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