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tv   Starting Point  CNN  May 14, 2013 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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new this morning the stunning revelation by one of hollywood's biggest stars, oscar winning actress angelina jolie revealing that she's had a preventive double mastectomy because she carries a gene that dramatically increases her risk for breast and ovarian cancer. this is really about so much more than hollywood celebrity. it's also about medical decisions faced by millions of women. nischelle turner is following developments from los angeles. quite a shocker. >> shock and a lot of support for angelina jolie who has invited the world into her journ journey. she called the op-ed piece my medical choice and she went in depth about her difficult medical decision. >> actress, activist, mother. the actress talks about her decision to undergo a preventive double mastectomy after testing positive for brca1 a gene that
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increases a woman's risk of certain cancers. jolie writes, quote, my doctors estimated that i had an 87% risk of breast cancer and a 50% risk of ovarian cancer. >> you guys look awesome tonight. >> reporter: the oscar winner began her preventive process in february, at the pink lotus breast center in beverly hills where singer sheryl crow was treated for her breast cancer in 2006. now, nine weeks later, she says the final surgery has been completed. and her breasts have been reconstructed with implants. cancer is something jolie knows only too well. her mother died six years ago after a decade-long battle with ovarian cancer. she was 56. jolie talked about her in a 2011 "60 minutes" interview. >> she didn't have much of her own career, her own life, her own experiences, her own, you know, everything was for her children. i will never be as good a mother as she is. i will try my best. >> reporter: at 37, jolie doesn't want the same legacy for
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her six children, writing, quote, i can tell my children that they don't need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer. jolie says she wrote "the new york times" op-ed to tell other women that the decision to have a mastectomy was not easy. but it is one i am very happy that i made. adding, she chose not to keep her story private to let other women know they have options if they, too, are high risk. it's a bold and public step from a woman who is well-known for her privacy. she says her children often ask her about mommy's mommy and she would tell them about her mother and her battle with ovarian cancer. she also says that she's going to post her regimen on the website of the pink lotus breast center here in southern california. this is where she was treated. she says she also hopes it can be helpful to other women. christine. >> and she begins that piece writing about mommy, mommy, and how not all of her children were able to meet her mother, and they talk about, her mother died
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of ovarian cancer back in 2007. how did that influence her decision to get this procedure? >> well, it definitely did. you know, she talked often about her mother and how close they were. you heard her there in the piece with "60 minutes" talking about how strong her mother was. she definitely says that that influenced her. because she knows that there was a history there. that's why she was tested, and you know, the good thing that's how she found out that she did have the faulty brca gene. so you know, a lot of people have been offering her support this morning, christine. hollywood is definitely reacting. actress nia vardalos took to twitter early and said a moment of quiet respect for angelina jolie's candor and all women's bravery in facing this choice. elizabeth banks also tweeted much respect and for sharing in a classy way. and then she went on to post why angelina jolie on why she had a double mastectomy and how it can save lives. also giuliana rancic who was diagnosed with breast cancer and
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had a mastectomy. she tweeted, proud of her for using her incredible platform to educate women. a lot of reaction out there already very early. >> and she mentioned her children, her fiance brad pitt in the piece as well. a big support system for her. >> yeah, absolutely she does. you know her next movie that she's doing is call ed, a disne movie, that tells the tale of sleeping beauty. her daughter vivien has a role in that film with her. this will be the first time they are acting together. just about a month ago we did see angelina jolie on the red carpet. we hadn't seen much of her lately. she had been spending a lot of family time. her and brad pitt with her children. she appeared at this women of the world summit, and there we see some video of her there. i remember she's wearing like an olive green, flowing saint laurent gown. at the time i remember people commenting on how covered up it was. and it wasn't like the angelina jolie we usually she on the red
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carpet that she was very demure. you see the came over her. now we know this was back in early april, on april 4th, that she was in the middle of all of these procedures, that she hadn't had that full breast reconstruction yet. she had that an april 27th. so here we see her and we know that she is right in the middle of the process of having a double mastectomy. >> not all women make these choices. she certainly, certainly is very beautifully illustrates why she made this choice. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> i've seen a lot of people talking about this right now. it could affect millions of women potentially. coming up in a little bit we're going to talk about the science behind this, and the test, and it can be controversial, for this so-called cancer gene. so stay with us for that. our special medical correspondent elizabeth cohen will join us to explain the science behind all of that. also we're getting a disturbing look into the back yard of cleveland kidnapping suspect ariel castro. photographs taken by a neighbor and obtained by cnn revealing a pink barbie bicycle in the midst of some horrifying evidence of
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torture and abuse. also learning a lot more about castro's dark past. our pam brown live from cleveland this morning. just seeing the pink barbie bicycle just turns your stomach. such a sad story, pam. >> it really is. it's a picture of innocence there in the midst of everything else. really a treasure trove of evidence in the backyard of ariel castro's home. we're seeing in these pictures barbed wire, chains, items that could give us clues into what possibly went on inside the house of horrors and how ariel castro kept an eye out for unexpected visitors. chilling new photos give us a glimpse of ariel castro's backyard, taken over the weekend by a neighbor. the backyard resembling a junk yard, spools of barbed wire, and probably the most unnerving, chains. the neighbor said he saw hundreds of thick, heavy chains in the yard. and then this mirror, hanging on castro's back door that may have allowed him to see if someone was coming up his driveway.
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possibly using it to prevent any surprise visitors. and finally, a pink barbie bicycle, fit for a little girl. a bicycle that may have belonged to amanda berry's daughter, fathered by ariel castro. and moments after this cell phone video was shot of amanda berry's rescue -- >> we've got onil castro and ariel castro in custody down here at mcdonald's. >> reporter: just released police dispatch reporting that revealed the arrest of ariel castro. and we're now learning more about him. from six different police reports filed about castro since 1989. he had an argument with his wife in which she allegedly, quote, slapped her across the face several times, grabbed her and slammed her against the walls. 1994 a neighbor claimed castro attempted to hit him with a shovel, and threatened that he was going to take care of him. when arguing over a chain link fence. castro remains jailed on suicide precaution, being monitored every ten minutes by guards. locked up in solitude, receiving
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no visitors, no friends, no family, no mail. life in those respects not unlike what dejesus, knight berry and her daughter endured for years. and according to our local affiliate here in cleveland, woio castro has been exhibiting some bizarre behavior inside his cell. he said walking around naked, using loose strings of the mat to floss his teeth and really just bizarre behavior here. and this is according to logs inside the jail, that was documented by guards. every ten minutes guards must document everything he's doing from eating to sleeping. >> pam brown live this morning in cleveland. >> we're also following a story that gets right to the freedom of the press and also possibly intimidation of reporters. we're following these reports that the justice department secretly obtained phone records of associated press editors and reporters. the ap calls it a massive and unprecedented intrusion into its news gathering. and they are threatening legal
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action. cnn's joe johns is following the story for us. he's in our washington bureau. good morning, joe. >> good morning, john. the associated press says the government subpoenaed this information two months of telephone records for five reporters and an editor we know of at the ap. the government has not said why it needed the information. but it's apparently an attempt to investigate unauthorized disclosure of classified information. an investigation was promised after a story surfaced in may of 2012 about an alleged bomb plot that failed against a u.s.-bound plane. members of congress from both parties are asking about it. now, the one thing i think we also have to point out is that the justice department has issued a very measured statement. it essentially has said that it followed all of the procedures before taking such a step. this statement was issued by the united states attorney in washington, d.c. who was appointed to investigate the story. it says we take seriously our
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obligations to follow all applicable laws, federal regulations, doj policies when issuing subpoenas for phone records of media organizations. those regulations, it says, require us to make every reasonable effort to obtain information through alternative means before even considering a subpoena for the phone records of a member of the media. so the tone is measured here among members of congress, and the department of justice. we don't know a whole lot about it. but we do know doj promised an investigation into this issue and apparently they're delivering. >> does raise a lot of questions this morning. president obama says he will hold the irs accountable. a report says the agency targeted tea party groups to turn out to be true. acting irs commissioner steve miller is set to testify this friday before the house ways and means committee as republican lawmakers demand more transparency from the obama administration. brianna keilar live at the white house for us.
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>> good morning, christine. you could definitely say the without has had a very tough last several days. buffeted by these controversies involving the bombing attack -- orb the attack, the terrorist attack on the benghazi consulate in september. the irs, and now this latest involving the seizure of phone records from the associated press reporters and editors. as a series of controversies boiled over in washington, president obama left town. >> as i sure want to do some governing. i want to get some stuff down. >> reporter: headlining new york city fundraisers with justin timber lake and jessica biel. amid news the justice department seized phone records of ap reporters in an investigation of leaks. accusations they down played terrorist involvement in september's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya and claims the irs targeted conservative groups looking for tax exempt status. >> i will not tolerate it. >> reporter: just hours before,
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obama addressed the irs scandal. >> if, in fact, irs personnel engaged in the kind of practices that have been reported on and were intentionally targeting conservative groups, then that's outrageous. and there's no place for it. >> reporter: the agency's watchdog is expected to release a report this week that will show the irs targeted applicants who made statements that "criticize how the country is run." this as e-mails became public showing the administration changed cia talking points on terrorist involvement in the libya attack just before the presidential election. >> the whole issue of this -- of talking points, frankly, throughout this process has been a side show. suddenly, three days ago, this gets spun up as if there is something new to the story. there's no there there. >> reporter: but republicans see opportunity and they're accusing
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the president of hiding the truth. >> where is the outrage all along as things like this keep happening? the patterns becoming one in which this administration is not transparent and they don't seem to care if the right things are done. >> now, the chairman of the house judiciary committee, at least on the story involving the seizure of phone records of associated press reporters and editors says that congress will fully investigate the situation. to that end, christine, there was already a previously scheduled hearing on wednesday before that committee that attorney general eric holder is set to testify at. he is going to be asked very tough questions, no doubt tomorrow when he does. and the truth is, for republicans, these issues, these controversies, are really just gifts that keep on giving for them. >> oh, yeah. a strategist this morning was e-mailing how it's been a very bad week already for this administration and it's tuesday. >> thanks so much. >> it will continue to be so. >> on defense on the ap, on the
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irs, and on benghazi, a tough, tough week. the question is what will it do to the overall agenda? ahead on "starting point" as o.j. simpson tries to get his convictions tossed out we get our first look at the disgraced football star in four years. will we get to hear him testify? then he's accused of killing three people and wounding scores of others. the boston marathon bombing. so why are so many women fawning over dzhokhar tsarnaev. the disturbing trend coming up. k what you loved. added new surprises. and now, you've come back to us. we're speechless. except for two little words. ♪
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welcome back to "starting point" everyone. we're getting our first look now at o.j. simpson after 4 1/2 years in prison. you've got to see the difference right here. look at that. his face much, much fuller. >> he looks like he's walking kind of slowly, too. like maybe some bad knees. >> arthritis. the hair gray, obviously. when he takes the witness stand in a court hearing in las vegas he will point the finger at his former attorney who he says botched the case that resulted in his conviction.
4:18 am
>> simpson is now seeking a new trial. cnn's paul vercammen live in las vegas for us. we've seen him. we may hear from him. >> absolutely, christine and john. they say simpson could be on the witness stand for up to two full days and the strain of prison time seemed to show on his face, but he is no doubt thrilled to be having his day in court. heavier and grayer, disgraced football legend o.j. simpson slowly stepped into a las vegas courtroom after 4 1/2 years in prison for kidnapping, assault, and armed robbery. the new simpson legal team is presenting 19 claims they say showed he was so poorly represented in the 2008 kidnap trial by yale galmentor that he should get a new trial. new lead attorney patricia palm argues simpson was never told about an offered plea deal and should have taken the witness stand. gabe grasso assisted galanter in 2008, and emphatically told the court monday he wanted simpson
4:19 am
to testify then. >> o.j. is a very eloquent person. and he can explain himself very well. and so i thought he would be a great witness. >> reporter: simpson's lawyers also tried to show the former heisman trophy winner had been drinking alcohol, which impaired him from seeing his cohorts carry guns into the confrontation. the new simpson team argues that galanter knew about simpson's plans to get back some of his memorabilia. simpson's daughter arnelle took the stand saying she was with her father and galanter at dinner the night before the incident. >> was your dad drinking alcohol that evening? >> yes. >> do you recall overhearing any conversation about your dad's plan to go look at his property the next day? >> yeah. >> and who did you hear talking about that? >> my dad was talking to you. >> simpson is waiting to testify in this hearing. >> this will be his first time
4:20 am
to be able to tell what happened and, you know, instead of hearing it in bits and pieces and, you have to remember the evidence in this case was extremely conflicting from all the witnesses. >> reporter: simpson may take the stand as soon as wednesday. and simpson's defense team telling me they think that he will be their star witness. christine, john? >> all right. paul vercammen, thanks, paul. police in new orleans have a suspect in their sights for the mother's day parade shooting sunday that left 19 people wounded, three of them critically. the suspect, 19-year-old akein scott is still at large but multiple people have identified him. police say scott has a criminal record that includes drugs and firearms charges. authorities are offering a $10,000 reward in this case. a saudi man arrested over the weekend at detroit metropolitan airport for traveling with a pressure cooker and allegedly lying to federal agents about why he had it. he claims he was visiting his nephew and bringing him the
4:21 am
pressure cooker as a gift because the ones sold in america don't work as well as the ones made in saudi arabia. there were also issues with the suspect's passport. you recall pressure cookers were used in the boston marathon bombings. >> a lot of people saying it's a curious thing to travel with. ahead on "starting point," massive product placement in the blockbuster film "the great gatsby." will it have you buying luxury brands? and looking like leonardo dicaprio? you're watching "starting point." hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true.
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good morning, welcome back to "starting point." i'm christine romans "minding your business." the record run, well it could end today. futures indicating a lower open for stocks.
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the s&p 500 hit an all-time high monday, despite talk the federal reserve is discussing how to safely stop its economic stimulus program. several major retailers joining forces to increase safety standards in the country of bangladesh. this comes after that building collapse last month killed more than 1100 people, most of them young women making clothes that hang in your closet. now, h&m, zara, pvh, they're signing on to a five-year plan that calls for independent safety inspections, and the reports must be made public. the companies currently hire their own inspectors. the results aren't usually publicized. and bangladesh, the new trade commissioner said it is modern slavery for the young women who make the products that hang in our closets and european products. "the great gatsby" products, brooks brothers, tiffany, they're plastered all over this movie. this isn't your trip cal product placement. these are full-fledged partnerships. tiffany, brooks brothers have
4:26 am
launched entire gatsby lines so you can shop what you see in the movie. the brands clearly an integral character in the movie. a move that can be difficult to do. we spoke with sonia misak of global marketing consultants. >> with luxury brands it has to be really, really subtle to work. and also to be integrated you have to believe that this actor who is an aspirational figure would also live with that brand out of the set of the movie, as well. >> it's interesting for that authenticity "the great gatsby" went for brads that were popular in the '20s. brands that f. scott fitzgerald bought, companies are undoubtedly hoping the marketing will translate into sales. i guess you could buy your wife a lovely tiffany headband for $200,000. >> yes, if my kids don't want to go to college i certainly could. ahead on "starting point," angelina jolie's shocking revelation about surgery to prevent breast cancer. an important story to so many women. just what is this cancer gene she talks about and what women
4:27 am
should know about it. it's personal for us here. >> and dzhokhar tsarnaev is accused of a deadly terror attack but he's developing a strong and passionate fan base. that's right. women who are attracted to this suspected killer. and then, speaking about attractive, prince harry visiting the jersey shore. will he be able to keep up with chris christie? you're watching "starting point." mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down
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the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. welcome back to "starting point," everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. new this morning, stunning revelation by angelina jolie, one of hollywood's biggest stars. she has had a preventive double mastectomy because she carries a gene that dramatically increases her risk for breast and ovarian cancers. she talks about the entire process in a candid new op-ed. jolie's openness will potentially help millions of women, but who should get screened? and how? senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen joining us now
4:31 am
from atlanta to talk more about this cancer gene, and more about this test that angelina took. good morning, elizabeth. >> good morning, christine. so this gene that she has is what's called the brca gene or breast cancer gene. women usually get tested in her situation, where they have a close relative or relatives with not just breast cancer, but also -- or instead of ovarian cancer, one or the other or sometimes both. so what she did is really smart. she knew her family history and she got herself tested. and when you get tested they might say guess what? you're good. you don't have any mutations. or in her case there were mutations. let's read a little part of her "new york times" article that talks about what was found in her case. she said a carry a faulty gene brca1 which sharply increases my risk of very muching breast cancer and ovarian cancer. my doctors estimated that i had an 87% risk of breast cancer and a 50% risk of ovarian cancer, although the risk is different
4:32 am
in the case of each woman. so, you know, those numbers are high, imagine being told, christine, that you have an 87% chance of getting breast cancer. you know, you could do different things. some women say i'm going to get a lot of mammograms and mris and keep my eye on this. other women take drugs to prevent it and other women do what she did, which is to get both their breasts removed. >> first, women who i know have gone through this cry because this is really a scary thing to go through. some women decide not to have preventive surgery. others decide that they're going to monitor it and others decide that they're going to do it or first do mastectomy and then remove the ovaries. the first step is getting screened for this gene. how do women go about getting screened for cancer? >> you know what's interesting about this is that doctors themselves often tell me, you know, you can go to a doctor but really you're better off with a genetic counselor because they're steeped in this and this is really complex. i can't emphasize enough this is not simple. you want someone to counsel you through it.
4:33 am
if you can find a genetic counselor, go to one. sometimes they're hard to find in some cities. if you can't, go to your doctor, talk about the testing and talk about what it means and be prepared for news that you don't want to hear and be prepared for tough choices. you know, what we've seen here is that she decided to have her breast removed and in the article, it sounds like it's possible that she's going to go on to have her ovaries removed, which is recommended in this situation that women have their ovaries removed, you know, before the age of 40, a genetic counselor was telling me that. she tells her patients get your ovaries removed before your 40th birthday. >> angelina jolie is 37 years old? >> that's right. 37. >> hang on -- i just wanted to bring in my "early start" co-anchor zoraida sambolin who is here with us who has a unique perspective on all this this morning and the decisions angelina jolie has made, and the challenges she faced. >> i said i really struggled. you know for awhile i've been struggling because i was diagnosed with breast cancer about three weeks ago and i was trying to figure out how do i
4:34 am
share this story, how to tell viewers i'm going to be gone for awhile because i've chosen to have a mastectomy so angelina's story hit home. i don't know if i have the brca gene. i have chosen to have genetic testing, not because it runs in my family because at the end of the day i have a lot of girls in my family. and i figure it starts somewhere. and elizabeth cohen is absolutely right. it's a genetic counselor that you sit with, and it goes over this entire history with you so that you can make this major decision as to whether or not you even want to do this. but it's an expensive test. and one of the things that angelina jolie, if elizabeth is still there, one of the things that she talked about is it's an incredibly expensive test and it's not always paid for by an insurance company. so what is the option for women if, in fact, it doesn't get paid for by an insurance company if you know that you do carry this gene, elizabeth? >> right. one of the options is that you can apply to the company that makes the gene and ask them for help. and they have helped many, many women, you know, sometimes giving you free or giving
4:35 am
subsidies so that they can get it. but what's interesting is that the supreme court is now looking at this. because one of the reasons this price is so high is only one company is allowed to make it because they have the patent on the breast cancer gene. if the supreme court this spring says guess what, guys, you don't have the patent yaent more that price may come down because with competition prices come down. but ask them if they'll pay for us and there are also foundations that will help women pay for this if they need it. if they've got breast cancer or ovarian cancer in their family there is help for getting the testing. >> absolutely. the other big thing is that when you do choose to have a double mastectomy, first of all you can make that choice as a woman. you can decide this is what i want to do in order to manage my care and the insurance company does pay for the reconstruction. and i cannot emphasize that enough. because there are so many women that i've talked to that had no idea that an insurance company actually pays for that. it's a big process. it's long. it's daunting. angelina's talked about it. three months. this long process in order to get to the other side but an
4:36 am
insurance company will also cover that cost. >> she says it's empowering decision in a way. >> you know what it is? it is. because you can, you can make that decision as a woman. one of the things that she talks about that is very emotional for me because, you know, as a woman your sexuality and your breasts and how attached you are to them, right, as a woman. and so at the end of the day, it's really difficult to say that i'm thinking about this, that this is something that affects me when i have two kids, that you know, i want to live for, and that at the end of the day i'm going to cut off my arms if it means that i am going to live to see them and to see them grow up. that's my boy. who, by the way, has handled this incredibly well and will be there with me for the surgery. but it is a tough decision to make, to say, because you know, this is a crazy thing, but i did a google search, breast after mastectomy and the computer could not compute what i was asking. because you don't have breasts anymore after a mastectomy,
4:37 am
right? elizabeth, so it was really tough because i just wanted to know what's that process like? and you couldn't put those two together. >> that's interesting. >> you do have breasts after mastectomy. >> the tissue. >> right. you have reconstructed breasts. >> right. >> i was with a woman as she was coming out of the operating room after she had her reconstructive surgery and she talked about after she, you know, sort of came to, how glad she was that she'd done it and how relieved she felt that these breasts that had become cancerous were gone. and that she had reconstructed breasts. so i think it's so brave, zoraida, that you're talking about this. because so many women will have to go through this. making the decision once they've been diagnosed, which is your situation, or trying to make the decision if they carry the brca gene. if they carry the breast cancer gene. these are tough decisions in both cases. and it's so wonderful that you're talking about this because it shows you're a smart woman, you're pro-active, you're empowered, and you went about this in the exact right way.
4:38 am
>> i have to say i watched that story that you're talking about. my first phone call when i was diagnosed to my aunt who has been nothing but an amazing supporter in all of this. the second one was to ronnie selig who you know is your reducer in the medical unit. she was my second phone call, a strong woman who knew exactly who i needed to call in order to get through this. my biggest worry was, you know, how do i tell my kids and how do i walk them through that process? my son handled this incredibly well. between i asked him, i said you know, when you think of breast cancer, when somebody says that to you, what -- that's my little girl there on the left-hand side. that's sophia. what do you think about? and he said, i think about a fight. and i thought, thank goodness. because that will make this conversation a lot easier. for my daughter she's only 9 years old and it was actually a much simpler conversation than i originally thought it was going to be. i asked her what do you think about when you hear breast cancer? she said i think about people's
4:39 am
hair falling out and i think about them being sick. i said my hair's not going to fall out and i'm not going to get sick and she said to me, why did you want that picture of me that you asked me for to send you and i thought, great, we've moved on, you know. so that fear that women are going to have about talking to their kids there are ways to do that. there are ways to be empowered also. and i cannot say enough, elizabeth, that our own website, i have an incredible family here at cnn, who is totally supportive, and there's so much information on our website for women who are struggling with this. and surround yourself with women. because at the end of the day they're the ones who are going to help you get through this, as well. great men, also. i'm going to give kidos to john berman because he's been incredibly supportive. but the women here really, they can walk you through this process like nobody else can. >> zoraida, what you're saying is so important because it's important, whatever diagnosis it is to know someone else has been in your place before you. someone else has gone through this before you. get in touch with them. they may be across the country but get in touch with them
4:40 am
because they can give you so much business com. i can't even tell you how many patients told me i made the right decision because i talked to someone who has been in my shoes before i was in my shoes. >> angelina jolie she had brad pitt. you've got your own family. >> i do. you are not alone is all i have to say. >> all of us right here by your side. very much leading the way. zoraida sambolin thanks to you. elizabeth cohen our thanks to you. we'll be right back.
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we're learning more this morning about the brother of leila fowler. that brother is now under arrest there the stabbing death of his 8-year-old sister. fellow student and a school administration source say the 12-year-old boy was suspended for five days earlier this year after bringing a pocket knife to school. cnn's dan simon is live in valley springs california with the latest on this investigation. good morning, dan. >> good morning, john. the fact that he brought that knife to school and was suspended is sort of a noteworthy development given the fact that he's accused of stabbing his sister with a knife. we're also getting a better sense of what may lie ahead for the suspect in the months ahead. chris piper knows the
4:44 am
12-year-old suspect from gym class. you say he made threats to you and others? >> yeah. >> reporter: can you tell me about the threats? >> he'd say like i'll stab you if you don't -- he'd just say he would stab us, messing around. >> reporter: he called the threats lighthearted but told us of an incident earlier in the academic year when the 12-year-old brought a knife to school. did you see the knife? >> yeah. >> reporter: did he show it to friends and classmates? >> he showed it to kids. >> reporter: was it a swiss army knife? like a little pocket knife? >> yeah. >> reporter: what happened? >> he was showing it to people and so then he gave it to -- someone told on him and he went to the office. >> reporter: it landed him a five-day suspension. the boy seen here at a candlelight vigil days after the killing had some people suspicious at the outset. >> we kept kind of behind closed doors as saying, you know, we thought it was him. >> reporter: the young boy told investigators an intruder stabbed his 8-year-old sister
4:45 am
leae baseball game.nts were at penny's daughter also knows the suspect from school. she thought it seemed strange the killer would only target leila and spare the brother's life. >> you don't kill a person and then leave a witness, you know? and that's why we kept saying that, you know, they're not going to leave him alive if there was somebody else that did it. he witnessed this guy. so in my heart, i thought it was him from get-go. >> reporter: the boy is currently being held at a juvenile detention center. >> because the child in this particular case is 12 years of age, he cannot be tried as an adult. if he was 14 years of age or older, of course, and because of the allegations that i'm certain will be raised here, he could have been tried as an adult. >> reporter: attorney brian chavez-ochoa has represented minors in cases involving serious crimes. >> these proceedings are going to take place behind closed doors. this isn't going to be an open
4:46 am
trial like it would be if he was an adult. in this case, the public is not going to be allowed into the proceedings. >> and if the 12-year-old is charged an convicted of murder the law in california is that he would remain in custody until the age of 25. and, john, we're beginning to hear something from the family, the father of the 12-year-old telling the associated press that he believes his son is innocent, and will continue to believe so until he sees some evidence that proves otherwise. john? >> has to be so difficult for that family. dan simon in valley springs, california, thanks so much for being with us. 46 minutes after the hour right now. ahead on "starting point," just awful moment on the field when nationals outfielder bryce harper smashes into a wall at full speed. we're going to have an update on his condition, next. >> plus don't expect any wild antics on this trip to the jersey shore. a look at prince harry's visit to check out the superstorm sandy recovery effort. >> and next hour, is a disney princess getting a bit so sexy
4:47 am
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4:50 am
prince harry has been busy crisscrossing the united states. today, in seaside heights in new jersey visiting the devastated residential area hit by hurricane sandy in october. a very different trip than the last time he was here. that was intentional? >> they are calling it the rehab tour because of what happened in vegas. >> i can't remember what happened in vegas.
4:51 am
>> a private visit that became very public. but this is about rebuilding his image. he's doing really well. the tour is going really well. today, quite interesting, he knows that it's gone really well. a lot of great publicity and you know, not always easy appearing in front of the cameras and have to be a natural. he does that really well and very good at the tours. i was standing next to him, and he is having fun. the event of the weekend, warrior games, core part of the week for him. today will be quite fun as well. >> he will see sandy. he does -- when he's in the military, working alongside american soldiers and they told him about that. and governor christie will show him around, and he will be one of the last people see the roller coaster that will be dismantled and he will meet up with david cameron, promoting
4:52 am
british trade. and someone in the foreign office, struggling to get publicity for david cameron, and prince harry no problem. a big moment for the prime minister as well. >> on the same trip, we saw him with john mccain, with wounded warri warriors, today, chris christie and david cameron, wounded warriors, and michelle obama. >> they chose his interests and charities. he will encourage people to gain confidence through playing sports. and the trade conference representing the british government. he brings in big names to promote the uk. >> the advantage for chris christie, he gets more attention on the jersey shore. a lot of towns keen to get things back up and running so we can spend money. >> he is very appreciative that
4:53 am
prince harry is putting it back on the news agenda. >> these tours, prince harry does it with the smile? >> he has a problem some would say with the media. he talks about how much pressure diana was under, and saw that growing up. poignant images of him walking behind the coffin. >> he blames the media for her death? >> i think he blames paparazzi for her death, yeah. but he also has this -- reads everything written about him and a lot of publications that make things up. but he tends to put it together in the media. we meet him, he has a good relationship with us, but generally, he wants the media to be there to promote his causes, but not too much away. >> there is paparazzi, sleeze media, and he lumps us all together. >> he reads the comments on the
4:54 am
articles, which isn't good for anyone. 53 minutes after the hour. a big night for people in boston last night. a huge, historic night. boston bruins made a comeback like no nhl team has ever done before. jarred greenberg with more on this morning's bleacher report. >> no more towel? >> i got the towel. go bs. >> if you don't like playoff hockey, maybe these highlights will change your mind. boston bruins, lost two straight. monday night, toronto cruising toward the second round. three goals with 11 to play. under a minute to go, bergeron, a blast and a beauty and a probable combat. two goals in the final 90 seconds to force overtime. first team to score wins. bergeron, comes through again. game over, series over. bruins become the first team to ever win a game seven when trailing by three in the third.
4:55 am
boston advances to face the new york rangers. >> we stood resilient. that's what i can say. we found a way, and not necessarily the way we would have liked to play the whole game, but, you know, like i said, we showed some character coming back in the game. >> elation in boston, bewilder meant in toronto the choke's on us. the hockey-crazed city hasn't seen a stanley cup champion since 1967. heat/bulls game a joke. but seriously wearing this. polka dot suit with capri pants and loafers. that's a confident man. no silist owning up to picking out that outfit. things only getting weirder. the most entertaining part of the game, the halftime show. bulls scoring on the wrong hoop. the heat held the bulls to 33
4:56 am
points. and miami leads the series three games to one, can close this one out on wednesday. number one right now on bleacher scary moment for nationals star brice harper. don't see this too often. goes face first into the wall. tippic this will happens when an outfielder leaves his feet. harper runs right into the wall. he would leave the game. stitches requireded to his chin, no concussion thankfully and harper is okay. relatively speaking. nationals did go on to beat the dodgers. john, 1,000 miles south here in atlanta of you in new york. i would like to request, because i'm all the way down here, you take that bruins towel out to the streets of new york and see what type of reception you get and we'll film it. >> not like there is aniy ebad blood between new york fans and
4:57 am
boston fans. he ran right into the wall, bryce harper. >> usually you use the warning track. he seemed oblivious to the fact. very strange that he didn't leave his feet like you talked about and that's how he would make contact. very strange. and he was dazed and confused. obviously, you can see he was bloodied. once again, stitches under his chin, he's okay. and nationals saying maybe he will miss a game or two, but thankfully for one of the bright young stars of the game, he shouldn't miss much more time than that. >> jared greenberg, thank you. ahead on "starting point," a stunning revelation from angelina joelie. she had a double mastectomy as a preventative measure. and incredible story of how two sisters found each other. you are watching "starting point." nothing... but they could be early warning signs of a gynecologic cancer,
4:58 am
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good morning. welcome back. i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. starting point, the stunning revelation overnight, angelina joel jolie reveals she had a double
5:01 am
mastectomy to avoid breast cancer. and the disturbing items found in ar yael caiel castro'sd paints a vivid picture of what women endured. a new look for a disney princess. we'll talk to the director of "brave" about why she is not happy with princess merida's adult makeover. "starting point" begins right now. new this morning, a stunning revelation by one of hollywood's biggest stars. angelina jolie reveals she has had a double mastectomy. she is hoping her journey eds indicates others. for any woman reading this, i hope it helps you to know you have options. i want to encourage every woman, especially if you have a family
5:02 am
history of breast or ovarian cancer to seek out the information and medical experts who can help you through this aspect of your life and make your own informed choices. quite a shocker. lost her beloved mother to ovarian cancer at 56 years old. this woman wants to save her own life for her children she said. >> absolutely. and save the lives of others, john and christine who have to make the same type of decision. that's why she decided to speak out or write out and get very personal in "the new york times" op-ed piece. a lot of shock. angelina jolie invited the world into her journey. she called it "my medical choice" and she went into depth about her dis. >> activist, advocate mother, angelina jolie is many things, and she added proactive survivor to the list. she talked about her decision to undergo a preventative double
5:03 am
mastectomy after testing positive for brca-1, a gene that increases a woman's risk of certain cancers. jolie writes, my doctors estimated i had an 8% risk of breast cancer and 50% risk of ovarian cancer. she began the process in february at the pink lotus breast center, where sheryl crow was treated for breast cancer in 2006. nine weeks later, the final surgery has been completed and her breasts have been reconstructed with implants. cancer is something jolie knows too well. her mother died after a decade long battle with ovarian cancer at 56. jolie talked about her mother in a 2 on 11 "60 minutes" interview. >> she didn't have a lot of her own career, her own experiences.
5:04 am
everything was for her children. i hadder in be as good of a mother as she was. >> jolie doesn't want the same legacy for her sirn children. they don't need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer. she wrote "the new york times" op-ed to tell other women that the decision wasn't easy, but it's one i am happy that i made. she chose not to keep her story private to let other women know they have options if they too are high risk. it's a bold and public step from a woman who is well known for her privacy. now, along with "the new york times" on ed, she will also post a regimen on the website of the pink lotus center. she hopes this is helpful to other women as well. >> noticeably absent from red carpets and hollywood events. tell us about her last public appearance? >> last public appearance was
5:05 am
april 4th and at that time, no one knew what she was going through. she appeared at the women in the world summit in new york, and there you see her on the red carpet. at the time, i remember people commenting on her dress. it's an olive green, long flowing st. laurent dress and people say this doesn't look like the angelina jolie we usually see. her breast reconstruction happened on april 27th in this picture there, she is right in the middle of the process of having the double mastectomy. a three-month process. her first procedure february 22nd. so we known that picture there, she is in the middle of the procedure. >> she talks about her support system, which includes brad pitt. >> yeah, absolutely. her fiance, brad putt, itt, on cover of "vanity fair."
5:06 am
he didn't talk about this issue. her kids would ask about mommy's mommy and she would tell them about her mother. she said i am fortunate to have a partner that is so loving and supportive. brad was at the pink lotus breast center for every minute of the surgeries. we managed to find moments to laugh together. we knew this was the right thing to do for our family and that it would bring us closer and it has. i love to hear that, especially after going through what she is going through and having to make some really personal decisions to have a partner that would support her every step of the way is so important. a lot of women don't have that. >> so important to have that support and talk about it with people love. and for angelina jolie to talk about it publicly. let's bring in the chief medical officer and executive
5:07 am
pri vice president of the american cancer society. so nice to see up my first big question for you. in this particular case, a woman who knows that she has the gene, this faulty gene, is it -- is it standard operating procedure to recommend a double mastectomy, preventative mastectomy? >> well, most people -- first off, everybody has this gene and these are people who have the mutation. certain mutations increase risks considerably. and women need to know what mutation do i have. what is the risk associated with the mutation and make a personal decision. and bilateral mastectomy does increase risk of breast cancer, removing offries does increase risk of ovarian cancer. >> do women usually do both? >> ultimately yes. usually the mastectomy occurs earlier as it has here, and usually we wait until a woman is
5:08 am
early 40s to do the oovorectomy because it puts the woman in menno cause, and increasing the risk of osteoporosis later in life. >> someone like angelina jolie, a mega star, a beautiful, feminine, mega star, how important is that to your cause? >> this helps a lot. awareness is incredibly important. but i also have to stress why is awareness? a bunch of people will be helped because of concerns about image and she's a wonderful lady who has chosen to have double mastectomies, that will help people get over that problem, but there is also a group of people who are going to panic. we have to stress wise awareness, know everything you can possibly know about this. don't go out and run and demand the test. people talk to their doctor. i prefer they talk to a genetic
5:09 am
counselor. many women who think they get the test really need a simple conversation with a genetic counselor to allay a lot of fears. >> this test is not really available or affordable to everyone. costs what, $3,000? and a lot of insurance doesn't cover it. an issue a lot of people face. >> that is absolutely correct. we actually see a lot of people getting the test who actually should not get the best test and end up with information that they don't know who to deal with. it's more confusion. i can't overstress the fact that women who have a considerable history of breast cancer, usually two or three first-degree relatives, sisters, mothers, that sort of thing, ought to have a conversation about getting this test and ought to consider it, but are you absolutely correct. costs $3,000. very expensive and a lot of people can't afford it. >> dr. otis brawly, thank you
5:10 am
for your insight on a big story this morning. >> thank you. ahead on "starting point," the obama administration accused of spying on journalists. the obama administration spying on journalists? is this legal? an amazing story. sisters living in the same city, playing the same high school sport, but strangers to each other. complete strangers until four months ago. >> my team was like, she looks exactly like you. >> the sisters, there they are live. hey, guys. met for the first time in 17 years, just a little while ago. they will be here talking to us live. you're watching "starting point." ot. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting.
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written by people just like you. with angie's list, i know who to call, and i know the results will be fantastic. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. this just in. an american diplomat is being detained in moscow. he is being called a spy for the cia. in a statement issued to cnn,
5:14 am
fsb says this american was trying to recruit a staff member at one of the russian special services. the russian foreign ministry has summoned the american ambassador for an explanation. >> complicated when we are trying to deal with intelligence around the boston bombing as well. a disturbing new look into the backyard of cleveland kidnapping suspect ariel castro. photos by a neighbor and obtained by cnn, pamela brown live from cleveland. >> reporter: good morning. pictures are pretty telling. show spoolz of barbed wire, chains, many other items that give us clues into what possibly went on inside the house of horrors. chilling new photos give us a glimpse of ariel castro's backyard, taken over the week know by a neighbor. the backyard resembling a junkyard. spools of barbs wire and
5:15 am
probably the most unnerving. chains, the neighbor said he saw hundreds of thick, heavy chains in the yard. and then this mirror, hanging on castro's back door that may have allowed him to see if someone was coming up his driveway, possibly using it to prevent surprise visitors and a pink barbe bicyclarbie bicycle. and moments after this cell phone video shot of amanda berry's rescue. >> we have onil castro and ariel castro in custody down here at mcdonald's. >> the arrest of ariel castro. we're learning more about him from six different police reports filed about castro since 1989 when he had an argument with his wife, when he allegedly slapped her across the face self-times, grabbed her and slammed her against the wall. in 1994, castro sathreatened a
5:16 am
neighbor when arguing over chain-link fence. he is being monitored every ten minutes by guards, locked up in solitude, receiving no visitors, no friends, no family, no mail. a life in those respects, no unlike what dejesus, knight, berry and her daughter endured for years. according to our local affiliate, woio, castro is exhibiting bizarre behavior since he's been in jail. according to the log inside the jail, walking around in his cell naked at times. using loose strings from his mat to floss his teeth. the only visits he's had are from his attorneys. evidence still being collected in the investigation and a grand jury will decide what other charges he should face. >> pamela brown in cleveland this morning. strange behavior indooed.
5:17 am
thank you. appreciate it. the associated press threatening legal action after it was revealed that the justice department obtained phone records of the ap staff. government lawyers were after the source of news leaks. but it's a massive and unprecedent unprecedented. >> the government subpoenaed this information. for five reporters and an editor. the government hasn't said why it needed the information. unauthorized disclosure of information after a story in may 2012 about an alleged bomb plot that failed against i u.s.-bound plane. members of congress from both parties asking about this. probably strongest reaction from darryl issa.
5:18 am
>> the sneak and peak kind of approach. imagine if congress wanted to know about leaks that came out of administration, they would be outraged if we tried to get that information, but that's exactly what they are doing, looking at what is considered confidential. people wanted the pentagon papers too. but it didn't mean you could look behind the doors broadly the way they are doing. >> reporter: both democrats and republicans saying the justice department needs to explain itself and show that it followed all procedures that were in place before taking a step like this. u.s. attorney in washington, d.c. was appointed to investigate how this story made its way into the public. issued a statement through his spokesman, bill miller, saying we take seriously our obligations to follow all laws, federal regulations and department of justice policies when issuing subpoenas for phone records of media organizations. those require to us make every reasonable effort to obtain information from alternative means, even before considering a
5:19 am
subpoena for phone records of a member of the media the tone is measured on all sides right now, christine. we just don't know a whole lot about it. >> thank you, joe. ahead on "starting point, " sisters living in the same city, playing the same sport, but they didn't know the other existed for 17 years. they'll join us live. the sister who's met the first time a few months ago, here, great to see you. we'll get to them when we come back. if you're seeing spots before your eyes, it's time
5:20 am
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5:22 am
welcome back to "starting point." a story of sisterhood interrupted. two girls, one given up for on a
5:23 am
adoption, leading separate lives, reunited. >> imagine finding your long lost sister after 17 years and living in the same town. that's exactly what happened to robin jeter and jordan dickerson. two sisters born nine months apart, separated as infant and living ten miles away. >> i didn't know i had siblings. >> i thought i had only one sibling. >> i knew about my adoption and my last i'm in is jeter. >> after 17 years, the two found each other at a high school track meet when teammates alerted jordan of their striking physical similarities. >> my team was like she looks exactly like you. >> somehow their paths had never crossed. they are making up for lost time and searching for other siblings separated from them. >> robin and jordan join us. i have to tell you, i have identical twins and you look as
5:24 am
alike as my identical twin sons do. my question, jordan, you look at your sister, what was it like to look in the mirror all of a sudden? >> it was pretty -- pretty surprising really. i couldn't believe it for the first time. and, you know, it was -- it was like -- it was really looking in the mirror. it was kind of scary at first. kind of scary. >> robin, how much sleuthing did you have to do? at the track meet, exchanged numbers, talked later. how long did it take to put together that you really were sisters? >> didn't take long. as soon as we got home, we called each other and i called my brother, and i told him, and he just started like trying to interrogate her, but it all came together, and we found out we were sisters. >> in being looking at pictures of you over the last four months, you speak the same words
5:25 am
at the exact same time. talk to me about the emotions of discovering all of a sudden that you have this sister. what it's like to all of a sudden have this other person out there, jordan? >> i mean, it's -- it's always good to know that you have someone, you know, to talk to and to relate to really, and, you know, it's been really emotional these past four months. we're getting through it one step at a time. >> robin, you agree -- you have brothers. i have brothers, you have a sister, i have a sister. sisters are special. aren't they? >> do you share clothes, have you raided each other's closets, joined at the hip? >> yes. >> i have seen you talk about this is sort of the honeymoon period and could be tough times. is there anything difficult about all of a sudden learning have you a sibling? >> no. i don't think -- i don't think it's difficult or anything.
5:26 am
you know, ever since four months, people expected to us get in a fight or anything, but we haven't had one argument, one disagreement and that's just almost a miracle. >> can i ask you, your biological mother knows you found each other. what does she say about all of this? >> you know, all i can say is that, you know, i think she l e likes that we found each other and got to spend time with each other. >> we certainly hope you have a lifetime of fun memories and sisterly things together. really nice to meet both of you. so glad you are teammates. they didn't have to take much to say you guys look like sisters. that's incredible. nice to meet you both. one of hollywood's biggest stars making blockbuster medical
5:27 am
news. angelina jolie had surgery to prevent breast cancer. we'll ask elizabeth cohen about a mutated gene that put jolie in the high-risk category. >> and not sexy, just drawn that way. controversy over a new look of a disney princess. you're watching "starting point." [ jennifer garner ] why can't powerful sunscreen feel great? actually it can. neutrogena® ultra sheer. its superior uva uvb protection helps prevent early skin aging and skin cancer, all with the cleanest feel. it's the best for your skin. neutrogena® ultra sheer.
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to fuel the metabolic cycle they were born to have, purina one created new healthy metabolism wet and dry. with purina one and the right activity, we're turning feeding into a true nature experience. join us at welcome back to "starting point," everyone. i'm john berman. >> and i'm christine romans. a stunning revelation by one of hollywood's biggest stars, angelina jolie, that she had a double mastectomy. talks about it in a can i hdid op-ed. >> millions of women are no doubt talking about this. many questions, including who
5:31 am
should get screened. elizabeth cohen talks more about this cancer gene and tells us more about the test that angelina joelie took. >> the test is called a brca test. breast cancer gene. if you have a mutation of the gene, you could be or are at a much higher risk of getting breast cancer than other women. let's look at a little section of her piece in "the new york times." she play lays it out so beauti. i carey a faulty gene, brca 1, which increases my risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. i had an 87% risk of breast cancer and 50% risk of ovarian cancer, although the risk is different in the case of each woman. angelina jolie's case, she got tested because her mother died at a pretty young age of ovarian cancer. diagnosed in her fourt40s, and
5:32 am
guess she wondered if that was a fluke or a joan gene in my fami. >> she wanted to write -- i wanted to write this to tell other women that the decision to have a mastectomy was not easy, but one i'm very happy i made. my chances of developing breast cancer have dropped from 87% to under 5%. elizabeth, is the procedure she underwent, a sure way to scientifically decrease the risk of developing breast cancer? >> you know what, christiniechr. it's not 100%. it's not possible to remove all of the breast tissue. i can see why she thinks it's worth it. from 87% to under 5% is dramatic. let's talk about her ovaries and the reason for that is in these circumstances, genetic counselors will tell women, have you a faulty brca gene, if you are young and still want to have
5:33 am
children, go have your children, but we recommend that you get your ovaries removed by the time you are 40, that's what a genetic counselor told me this morning. angelina jolie did say she started with her breasts and it's unclear whether she's planning on having her ovaries removed as well. >> and dr. otis brawly, his life work is prevention of cancer, he says that the recommendation is that the ovaries are removed. >> so many people had discussions and started talking about this openly and publicly. one of the people we have been talking about this with is our dear friend and colleague, zoraida sambolin. >> it was a blessing that this happened, because i was trying to figure as you know, john, how would i tell our viewers i would be gone for a while. diagnosed with breast cancer about three weeks ago, i too have chosen to have a double mastectomy. different reason than angelina
5:34 am
jolie. an intensely personal decision what you decide to do about your health care, but at the end of the day, and elizabeth will confirm this, a woman has a lot of options and choices now days and can weigh in on what the best decision is for them. angelina jolie inspired me today on so many levels, talked about something i really struggled with. i have two beautiful kids that i talk about all the time. and as women and mothers, there they are, nicholas and sophia. you want to live for them. i would cut off any appendage for my children, but my femininity was something i struggled with as well. i felt bad struggling with that, and yet today angelina addressed that very issue. a woman's femme financial anyin part of you that are you about to lose. i have chosen reconstruction also, and that's a daunting process also, right? >> i don't know if i want to use the word daunting.
5:35 am
i watched -- i watched a woman go through reconstruction, and it's not easy. i wouldn't use the word easy, but think many women do it and are very happy with it once it's done and over and that societies important. zoraida, i think some women think when they talk about double mastectomy, they think they will have nothing. so many different ways to do reconstructive surgery. come so far since the early days. the fact that you went public today is so important, because it shows here you are this wonderful, smart woman, making empowered choices and thinking through what you want to do. you don't have to have a double mastectomy with a breast cancer diagnosis in all cases, but a choice many women make and go on to have reconstruction. and their lives move forward. >> i have chosen the reconstruction and working with a wonderful plastic surgeon, and the reason i use daunting, a
5:36 am
major decision are you making and major surgery you are having as well. and there are some really wonderful success stories out there. i had this wonderful man who has walked me through what his wo t worst-case scenario, and best case scenario. how do you talk about saving a woman's nipple, right? she had the presence of mind to have that conversation. that is my fiance, the first person i called when i was diagnosed and a remarkable support for me. but those things, when you talk about your sexuality, and those kinds of conversations, can you save your nipple. can it at least look like a breast when it's all said and done, those are tough conversations to have, and making that decision and you do -- the insurance company pays for the reconstruction. i was amazed at the women i talked to that had no idea that the insurance company would pay for that. in angelina jolie's case, that genetic test, the brca test, is
5:37 am
something that all insurance companies don't pay for. like to see a nice, strong history of genetics in the family before they decide to pay for that $3 new te,000 test. as angelina jolie is talking about this, that at the end of the day, more women can have the option of the genetic testing. >> it really is tough if you don't have insurance, if your insurance won't pay for the whole thing. it's so expensive. i talked to women who have a family history of breast cancer and, you know, mother, sister, aunt, multiple people, can't get the test because they can't afford it and they go to the company and makes it and asks for financial help. interesting that right now the supreme court is looking at this case, because one of the reasons why it's expensive is because only one company is -- >> there is a monopoly. >> the supreme court is looking at whether it's okay to have a monopoly on a test like this and the decision will come out in the next couple of months, the
5:38 am
price may come down in the future. but there is help out there. women just said, forget it i couldn't afford it, and luckily genetic counselors says there is this foundation, that foundation and set them up with funding. >> can i ask you a question. zoraida knows all too well. so much i don't know about this situation. angelina writes this op-ed overnight. sounds like she will be out in public acting soon. what is the length of the process she is going through that it takes to get through this? >> i want to weigh in on that? you experienced it because you went through it with someone. >> i think it depends partly on what kind of reconstruction you get. they can use implants which is what angelina jolie is doing, you can take fat off a woman's hips and make breasts off that fat or take fat from her stomach and make breasts out of that. it depends. it depends how quickly you go from the mastectomy to
5:39 am
reconstruction. it can be a matter of months, and it sounds like that's what it is in her case. >> she started with the expanders, you go in, have everything removed. they put in the expanders and basically -- looks like a sallin implant, and they slowly fill it up. typically by three months, you should feel pretty whole. three total surgeries, the big one, the first is the most complicated. after that you are pretty much smooth sailing. >> elizabeth, one question, or make one point for you to weigh in on a little bit. breast self-exams and mammograms starting at what age? detecting cancer or talking about this morning maybe a good time to remind women to make sure we're really on the lookout without a $3,000 brca gene test. >> this is something every woman
5:40 am
should do. glad you genetic test, only recommended when you have a history of breast or ovarian cancer. but monthly breast exams is something everyone should be doing. a big controversy for mammograms, the bottom line, most major organizations are recommending starting at age 40 and doing it every year. you get radiation, you know, nobody wants radiation, but, you know, these organizations have said the little bit of radiation you get is worth the information you get from the test. >> can i say one other thing. i have a history of fine on cystic breast tissue for a long time. it's very dense breast tissue and had a hard time figuring out what is wrong with me. but i have been religious about getting my mammograms, at the end of the day, one of my
5:41 am
diagnosis on the left side is a very early breast cancer. and i believe it's because of that. because i did not mess around. i went when i was supposed to go, and i followed it diligently. because at the end of the day, that makes you empowered also. and i can't let you leave, elizabeth without empowering other women and men. a couple of guys who have a history of breast cancer in their families. one guy, the entire family of women have had breast cancer and those who have not chosen a double mastectomy have died. powerful stories and i want folks to know we are a resource for them. so much information for folks to be empowered. so can you tell them about that? >> go to the cnn health unit website, see all of the information, but links, all sorts of stories, and all sorts of stories about being an empowered patient when you get a diagnosis of breast
5:42 am
cancer. you found this also. lots of options out there. you don't get a breast cancer diagnosis, and you immediately do a, b, c. there are choices and different women will make different choices. know the choices you have. and if it means going for a second opinion, go for the second opinion. rarely is it one thing that you have to do. know what your options are and make smart choices. >> exactly. i had three opinions and at the end of the day they allowed me to make my choice. it's important to surround yourself by amazing women. i thank you and your entire team. ronny has been amazing. >> she's great. >> zoraida knows we are all 100%. >> i want to be that too at the end of the day. >> really leading us through the whole process. >> thank you for that. >> any time. >> we'll be back in just a moment. the middle of this special moment and i need to run off to the bathroom. ♪
5:43 am
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i am merida.
5:46 am
and i'll be searching for my own hand. >> what are you doing? >> merida, supposed to be a different kind of princess and this morning, a new controversy, swirling around the pixar disney movie. merida was hailed as an empowering princess. >> she is now appearing thinner and more glamorous. the transformation has left many angry. it has gone viral. an online petition with 100,000 signatures. one of the signatures belongs to the creator and director of brave. good morning. you know, you won an academy award for codirecting this film. you know this character. really know this character and the main character was inspired by your own daughter. also pretty personal to you. what do you feel when you see
5:47 am
this new version of this princess who to all of us was supposed to be the anti princess? >> a bit appalled actually. i just couldn't believe it when i saw it. it -- it is so not merida, that it -- it was kind of shocking to see what they did to her. >> what is going on here do you think? disney trying to cash in by sexting up this princess? >> i think they've taken -- gone through the whole disney princess line and doing standard procedure, which in this case was i think a bad choice. because merida is not standard procedure. not one of the regular princesses and created to be not one of those princesses. >> you can see her in the middle with a saucy pose i would say, a lower neckline and slimmer waist and she looks older and one of
5:48 am
her characteristics, brenda, was sort of a resistance to conventional beauty. appears in the same kind of dress her character sort of detested. >> exactly. merida wouldn't be caught dead looking like that. and that's what is angering everyone. is that they have totally lost sight of the character in this new design. >> let me read the statement that disney released them said merida exemplifies what it means to being a disney princess through being brave, passionate and confident and is the same merida from the movie which inspired moms and daughters around the world. i'm not sure you agree with that statement, do you? >> not at all. if they left her looking the way she looked, i would be great. but i understand with the toys they have to -- they don't want to put in a lot more money creating the body for the doll, so she has a barbie like
5:49 am
quality. but this is a drawing that will be on tons of merchandise. it's not that hard to put a little effort into a drawing that portrays the character as who the character is as opposed to this sort of grotesque, you know, sexist sort of depiction of her. >> maybe some people will say she looks a little older, more in line with the other, you know -- playing devils advocate. more in line with some of the other princesses. anything that you can do, any other actions like a lawsuit? do you have any standing on merchandising claims, anything you can do aside from putting your name on the petition? >> not really. i mean, i -- unlike live action directors and writers, i don't get a residual check. not whining all the way to the bank as i've been accused of doing. because there is no check.
5:50 am
but really there is nothing i can do but speak out. i have no rights to that character anymore, other than what's in my heart, and why, you know, she was inspired by my daughter and by real teenage girls. >> let's leave on a positive note. what is in your heart. what is in your message that you want young kids to take from merida? >> that for young girls you don't need a romantic relationship to be complete. you should be an individual and strive to do what love to do and be who you are, accept who you are. that is merida's spirit and what i was hoping to put forward with this character. >> so nice to meet you. thank you for coming by this morning. >> thank you. ahead on "starting point," no shen anigans, what we can expect next. you are watching "starting
5:51 am
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welcome back. prince harry's latest stop is in seaside heights, new jersey. an area hit hard by hurricane
5:54 am
sandy back in october. >> poppy harlow tracking his stop. >> reporter: this is day six of a whirlwind tour for prince harry. began with time spent in washington, d.c., he visited the white house, arlington national cemetery. he moved on to colorado, where he helped out with the warrior games, and now he is in seaside heights, new jersey, he will be here shortly, taking a tour with governor christie of some of the areas hardest hit by sandy, he's going to tour a town right by here to see the worst of the devastation. that's what the prince wanted to see, also tour the boardwalk, which just reopened for business. a locality of business owners excited he is coming, we're told by someone close to the prince on the u.s. tour that governor christie is very happy he is putting the rebuilding effort of new jersey back in the spotlight in terms of the media. i want to take a listen tois to
5:55 am
hard, considering what happened. and his presence alone should bring people into the town, generate interest and more business. exactly what this town needs. >> and just hours after prince harry departs, they are going to start to disassemble that damaged roller coaster that is iconic, iconic part of this town. they will remove it, part of the whole rebuilding process, and as far as prince harry, rest of the day, head to new york city. where he is going to go to an event with prime minister david cameron, promoting british trade relations and then to harlem where he will be attending a baseball event for underprivileged youth and end his evening with a big fund-raiser for a number of his foundations. guys. >> poppy harlow. hearing that prince harry overshadowing david cameron. i ghaes is no surprise.
5:56 am
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welcome back to "starting point." >> welcome, everyone. we have a unique tribute in ink. this new tattoo of charles ramsey on his leg. local tattoo artist rodney rose did the work for free. nice work. as a tribute to his local hero. >> that's cool. that's it for "starting point." i'm christine romans. >> and i'm john berman. "cnn newsroom" begins right now.
6:00 am
happening now in the "newsroom," breast cancer bombshell. breaking overnight, angelina jolie and her drastic decision to have a secret double mastecto mastectomy. a "the new york times" op-ed entitled my medical choice. also when will it end? >> a pattern becoming one where this administration is not transparent. >> the irs targeting conservative groups, benghazi. and now the justice department secretly collecting phone records of reporters. this as the president going fund-raising with justin bieber and jessica bealle. plus, a cnn exclusive. >> some photos have to tell you are chilling


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