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tv   Early Start  CNN  May 24, 2013 2:00am-4:01am PDT

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"early start" begins in a moment. befirst, we want to leave you with the kindness of strangers here. this is for the national prevention of starvation and we saw them marching down the street, playing some music here in moore, oklahoma. ♪ . breaking news, everyone. bridge collapse. deadlock, jodi arias' sentencing declared a mistrial and a new jury takes over. recovering and rebuilding. this morning, signs of hope in the devastating rubble of moore, oklahoma. >> good morning to you. welcome to "early start." nice to have you with us. >> it's great to see you. >> welcome home, by the way. >> thank you. we begin with breaking news, a bridge collapse in washington state. sebding cars and people plunge into the freezing river 40 feet
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below. the bridge had been classified as functionally obsolete by state transportation officials before the collapse. functionally obsolete, we'll tell what you that means. this happened in rural mt. washington. catherine, what can you tell us about there? what's the latest? >> reporter: you can see behind me there are two vehicles still in the water in the wreckage of this bridge collapse. remarkably though for a bridge that seize some 70,000 cars pass each day, just two vehicles fell into water. three victims in those victims were rescued by divers, taken to area hospitals and are all reported to be in stable condition with nonlife threatening injuries. but still, a heart stopping moment when that roadway gave way. >> whether the dust hit, i saw the bridge start to fall at that point. momentum carried us right over.
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as you saw the water approaching, there's just one of those, you hold on as tight as you can. and just a when it flash and cold water. it was definitely cold this time of the year. >> reporter: again, that survivor feeling -- saying earlier this evening that he feels blessed and fortunate to be alive at this hour. certainly the situation could have been much worse. >> much worse based on the pictures that we're seeing right now. any sense of how this happened? >> reporter: multiple witnesses described an oversized vehicle that passed over this bridge just instaminutes before the collapse. washington's governor admits at the same time that state's bridges are aging and in many cases need of repairs. >> we have a semitruck that was southbound on interstate 5 in what we call lane one, the right lane. the size of the load that he was carrying appeared to create a
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problem, striking him -- causing him to strike the bridge. >> we have work to do on our bridges whether or not this accident happened. we have some discussions in olympia to making sure that we make investments in bridges to prevent this thing from happening. >> of course, washington like so many states, has a very, very tight budget situation. and something has got to give. investments that need to be made perhaps were not. >> we mention that this bridge was rated functionally obsolete. that is a very specific term that means something specific. can you explain it to us? >> reporter: that's right, john. it sounds bad. functioning obsolete. what it does mean that the bridge is structurally deficient, merely the design is outdated. perhaps it's narrower than it might be if it were more modern, a lower clearance. this bridge is very old. it was build in 1955. still uncertain at this hour
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whether it will be able to be repaired or have to be replaced completeliment that's the latest from here in mt. vernon. >> thank you so much, catherine. appreciate it. catherine barret. we want to bring in richard desin who witnessed the bridge collapse. and a friend were heading back to seattle when traffic came to a stop. his car was some 500 feet away from driving on that bridge when it collapsed. richard, tell me what you saw. >> we were heading southbound from bellinghambach to seattle. the freeway came to a quick abrupt stop. you know, no sw down, just stop. it stood that way for a few minutes. then we started seeing people get out. we got out of our vehicle and saw that there was no traffic ahead of the bridge. we started moving forward. they were taking us off an overramp and then we could immediately see the section of bridge was gone. so then my friend and i went
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down and parked into the home depot parking lot next to this bridge and walked up on the levee. when we got, there they were just taking somebody out of the truck as you see there, they were loading him on to that boat right there underneath the bridge. >> these picture are terrifying. it's amazing that everyone appears okay. when you first saw it, it must have just seemed awful. >> just two hours earlier we came up northbound on that bridge. we had gone up to bellingham to see friends and to take some photographs. and then when we started heading south, like i said, just a minute difference of taking a few more photos and then getting back on the freeway and we could have unfortunately been in with that group. so, yeah, it's amazing that that little time. >> you saw this right after it happened as it sort of happening
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before your very eyes. was it a chaotic scene or were people being rescued? >> no, very short time that the sheriff department folks were in the water, like i said, it took us a few minutes to get off the freeway. by the time we watched the crowds grow on the levee, the first picture we took as we were getting off the freeway, there was nobody on the levee. by the time we got over the overpass, there were a number of people stabbeding on the levee. by the time i got there, 10, 15 minutes after it gone in, you could see the boats responding very, very quick. i mean the sheriff department, the fire departments, ems, some of the photos i have with how many fire engines in there that responded, they responded very quickly. >> we're so glad you're okay. thank you for joining us right now. richard dessin, a man on the scene seconds after this bridge collapse. >> that's really incredible. had he not stopped to take
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pictures, he could have been in the water. six minutes past the hour here. will jodi arias live or die? stay tuned for phase two in the penalty phase of her murder trial. the judge declaring a mistrial after jurors could not agree on life in prison or death. the trial is now set for july. we're facing all the developments for us in phoenix. what happens now, casey? >> reporter: well, what happens now is a new trial is scheduled to take place in july. that's because after five months of the first trial, jurors deadlocked 8-4 in favor of the death penalty. >> ladies and gentlemen, i understand you have reached a verdict. >> reporter: there was confusion and surprise, even in the voice of the clerk who announced the jury in the jodi arias case was hopelessly deadlocked on the death penalty for the murder of former boyfriend travis alexander. >> we the jury duly impanelled
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and sworn upon our oath unanimously find having considered all the facts and circumstances that the defendant should be sentenced -- no unanimous agreement. >> arias sighed as members of alexander's family began to sob. jurors who declined to speak with a tlohrong of on lookers. >> wish to thank you for your extraordinary service to this community. this was not your typical trial. >> reporter: that it wasn't. it lasted nearly five months during which arias took the stand for 18 days and later made one last plea for her life. under arizona law, jurors were allowed to ask more than 200 questions. throughout there war sexually graphic images and recordings and most difficult to forget, gruesome photographs of alexander's body with dozens of stab wounds, a bullet hole and his neck slashed nearly ear to
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ear. >> thank you, please be seated. >> reporter: judge stephens set a new trial date for july 18th. prosecutors could be allowed to bring up arias' recent string of television interviews according to lawyers with knowledge of death penalty prosecutions in arizona. for example, this statement to a ksaz reporter minutes after her conviction. >> well, the worst outcome for me would be natural life. i would much rather die sooner than later. i said years ago that i'd rather get death than life and that still is true today. >> reporter: nearly two weeks later she told the jury a different story. >> to me, life in prison is the most unappealing outcome i could think of. i thought i'd rather die. but as i stand here now, i can't in good conscious ask you to sentence me to death because of them. >> as she gestured to her family, the family of her victim has clearly struggled with the jury's inability to agree. they won't be granting
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interviews until there is a sentence and according to the county sheriff, neither will jodi arias. now one way out of this mess could be a negotiated settlement where prosecutors could agree to take the death penalty off the table in exchange for jodi arias accepting a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of release and perhaps dropping her appeals. but no one knows if jodi arias will accept that kind of a deal. >> how do you find a jury that is not all caught up in this trial to begin with that doesn't know anything about it? it's such a bizarre -- just one more bizarre aspect of this trial. casey, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> it goes on and on and on. >> unbelievable. ten minutes past the hour. coming up, oh, amanda. amanda's erratic behavior landed her in handcuffs. >> oiy. i do a lot of research on angie's list before i do any projects on my own. at angie's list, you'll find reviews written by people just like you. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list
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this just in, heathrow airport reopened. they were closed over and emergency landing of a british airway's flight. the flight turned back shortly after takeoff due to technical fault. all crew and passengers were evacuated safely. three people were treated for minor injuries. to the latest oklahoma, funerals for the 24 victims have begun and one of the first honoring the brief life of a 9-year-old who died at plaza towers elementary school. there is so much sadness. in the middle of that all, there is signs of hope. signs that a wounded and dazed community is beginning to pick up the pieces and now look to the future. pamela brown is live in moore, oklahoma this morning. good morning, pamela. >> reporter: good morning to you, john. reality is really starting to sink in here. just a few day after the tornado, survivors are beginning the healing process. they're starting to get back to their daily routines and trying to rebuild. this woman considers herself one
2:15 am
of the lucky ones. her house in moore is still standing, barely. >> it was the rain that caused most of the damage. the ceiling is caving in. the kids clothes are getting wet. the beds are getting wet. >> reporter: still, she's not letting that put a damper on her memorial day plans. >> it's supposed to be sunny on monday. all my friends are going to come and i'm going to convince my husband to barbecue in the midst of all the rubbish. that's the plan. >> reporter: slowly, the rebuilding is beginning and insurance adjustors are making the rounds. the cost of repairs is estimated at more than $2 billion with 4,000 claim filed as of wednesday. residents are returning to their demolished homes to salvage belongings with volunteers helping them. >> we just found important documents. >> reporter: neighbors comforted each other. matt hill once had a home. what's left of it, now fits into this black bag.
2:16 am
>> this x box i bought the day before the storm. i walked it home. i was afraid i was going to lose it. i bought it for my little brothers. >> the heavy toll is being felt with funerals already under way. including for one of the seven children killed at plaza towers elementary. surviving classmates and the teachers who protected them said emotional good-byes before summer break. >> we just didn't really talk about nothing. we just gave each other hugs. >> third grader holly herbert hugged this stuffed lion who named after her friends. >> antonio, kyle, nicholas, janay. >> those are all your friends that died? >> yeah. that's all i know. >> i bet you're going to hold on to that little guy forever. >> yeah. >> reporter: and this sunday president obama will be here in moore, oklahoma. he'll be touring the damage and
2:17 am
meeting with some of the survivors and also some of the first responders. >> a very emotional weekend there in moore, oklahoma. graduations also coming up tomorrow for a lot of the schools there. pamela brown in moore, oklahoma, thank you. a key figure in the benghazi talking points flap is now president obama's nominee for a new post at the state department. victoria newland is the nomination for the next assistant. she was state department spokesperson last september and took part in an e-mail chain between various agencies to iron out the unclassified talking points in the days immediately following the benghazi attack. she is also a very seasoned diplomat with a long career in the state department. 17 minutes past the hour. a police officer in new jersey is facing attempted murder and other charges this morning for allegedly torching the home of a fellow officer. investigators say an incendiary device was used to start the fire at the home of an edison
2:18 am
police captain. the captain, children, wife and mother were home at the time. they did get out safely. there's no word on the motive. swift reaction to the boy scouts' decision to allow openly gay boys to become scouts. the organization's national council voted thursday to make that change. gay rights groups praised the move. they said it did not go far enough because it does not allow gay adults to be scout leaders. some conservative groups denounced the decision saying even gay boys should not be allowed in the scouts. and former congressman anthony weiner's bid to become mayor of new york off to a little bit of a stumble. take a look at his new website. when it launcheded on wednesday, it featured a skyline of pittsburgh behind a weiner for mayor logo. that was a big oops. take a look at the site 24 hours later. lots of chamber of commerce shots of the big apple bright ening things up a lot. the marketing firm that handled the website is apologizing for the error.
2:19 am
they are also taking full responsibility. >> it is already an interesting campaign kickoff. only getting more so. >> it's going to continue. >> 18 minutes after the hour. amanda binds is under arrest this morning. she is facing a felony charge of tampering with evidence after allegedly throwing a bong out of the window of her 36 floor apartment here in new york city. police say binds tossed the bong after officers were called to her apartment last night by the building manager who claims that finds was smoking an illegal substance. binds is also charged with criminal possession of marijuana and reckless endangerment with the bong. >> oh, good. we're going to see the pictures again. >> not the wig. >> i was trying to figure out, does she have a new do? >> the wig is interesting. >> it is. she just happened to grab that as headed out the door? i don't know. most people grab, i don't know -- >> who knows what goes on in her apartment. that's interesting. anyway, 19 minutes past the hour. the tornado that ravaged moore,
2:20 am
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♪ the one and only, cheerios we are minding your business this morning. most americans actually 67% say the economy is in poor shape. >> is that really the case? we have christine romans to tell us the truth. >> the interesting thing is looking at the other side of the poll. the percentage of people who say
2:24 am
that things are getting better. that number has been rising. this is new, brand new cnn/orc polling showing that people are getting more confident. 33% of americans say economic conditions are good. that is rising since december. largely because the data has been getting better. look at the stock market. the s aen a s&p 500 up 16% toda. if you haven't checked your 401(k), you can. please do. the housing numbers, especially the numbers coming in this week, very strong. new home sales are averaging out to about 446,000 homes so far this year. that's the best since 2008. we're still far below the peak, of course, hit in 2005. it is shaping up to be the second full year that new home sales rise. and that has a ripple effect in the economy. building a new house puts contractors and he lek trielecto
2:25 am
work. there is a cascading effect when you build a new house, how many people get put to work. previously home sales are also at multiyear highs because of the demand. new home prices at record highs. mortgage rates have been very, very low. but they are also now starting to rise. and then there's the job market. new jobless claims are at a five-year low. the economies are going gang busters the but those are the economic signs that are turning in the right direction. you're starting to see in the polling that people are starting to feel better. 7.6% unemployment still not g people are starting to feel a little bit better. i watch it in car sales. i watch in all kinds of, you know, appliances and things like that. people are starting to move forward again. >> the depth of this gloom was so deep it will take a long time before anyone feels totally okay. >> that's true. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. british soldier savagely slaughtered in the street and this morning we're hearing from the accused killer. that is straight ahead. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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breaking news. a freight ening scene this morning. take a look at this. a bridge in washington state collapses sending cars plunging into the icy water. place on leave. the woman in charge of the irs unit that targeted conservative groups, she's out. and a touching reunion. a man pulled from the rubble of the tornado in oklahoma is reunited with his rescuers. you do not want to miss this. such a special moment there. >> lovely story. welcome back to "early start," everyone, i'm john berman. >> we begin with breaking news.
2:30 am
a bridge collapses 60 miles north of seattle sending cars and people plunging into the frigid river below. three people are in the hospital this morning. remarkably, no one was killed. the bridge gave way last night along interstate 5 in the rural town of mt. vernon, washington. let's go live to our reporter at the scene this morning. so what are we learning this morning? >> reporter: well, this is a major artery between the canadian border and all of washington state and even points south and major commercial artery. what we're learning now is that transportation officials and witnesses believe an oversized semitruck may have hit the top of the steel super structure of this bridge and knocked it off kelter and the whole section plunged into the river. this bridge was rated functionally obsolete which though we are told does not mean it was unsound. simply that it was out of date.
2:31 am
it might have had two low-- toow clearance or being too narrow. many of the state's bridges are old. a state that transportation officials do not dispute. in fact, they say the situation is near critical. >> we definitely are in need of maintenance all across the great state of washington, whether it a be a local bridge or a state bridge. we are at this point where we need to make a decision about how to move forward with revenue to be able to keep up and maintain our bridges and our roads. >> reporter: of course, there have been no easy choices in washington state's budget process. they've cut funding for education and obviously infrastructure as well. so it's a tough situation financially but certainly you see what happens when things are not perhaps kept up to date. >> no kidding. that's remarkable to think that perhaps it could have been a truck that caused this, you
2:32 am
know, by hitting the bridge in the wrong location. so what's the status on the folks that actually fell into the frigid water there? >> reporter: well, they were rescued by divers fairly promptly. all three were taken to local hospitals. reported now to be in stable condition with nonlife threatening injuries. one man even is stable enough to be granting interviews and describing what it felt like to go from cruising along at 60 miles an hour to suddenly finding yourself underwater. >> shoulder dislocated at that point. my truck top was caved in. i couldn't see my wife in the passenger seat. i asked her if she was okay. she wasn't responding. i popped my shoulder back in so i could get over to her. unbuckled her. pulled her on to my side that had less water because it was filling up about belly deep inside the truck. and managed to get the driver side door somewhat open to where
2:33 am
i could step out on to the side rails of the truck and keep her out of the water in the driver's seat. >> reporter: cuts, bumps, bruises, and certainly a good scare. but given that this bridge accommodates some 70,000 cars and trucks a day, it could have been much, much worse. people are feeling fortunate to have survived. >> it seems like the response there was very fast. >> reporter: very fast. this is a generally a rural area. but there are several moderate sized towns close by. the state of washington is familiar with swift water rescues. these rivers are cold and fast and dangerous this time of year. it is something that people are prepared for whether it's boaters, fishermen or even recreational people getting in trouble into the water. they have the capacity to respond and they did in this case. >>s that's great. thank you very much. >> not much scares you. you are really freaked out.
2:34 am
>> i was listening to him carefully. he was talking about how he got his wife out. >> i worry every time i go over a bridge. now look at. this. >> terrifying. >> it is. >> it is get away day for one of the busiest travel weekends of the year according to aaa. nearly 35 million people will be on the move for this memorial day holiday or not moving if the case may be. driving or flying at least 50 miles from home. we have a reporter live in atlanta with more on the busy start to the summer season. how it is looking so far? >> so far so good. we're seeing some heavy volume here near downtown atlanta. but nothing out of the ordinary. i'm sure the situation here is going to be very different as well as in other major cities across the country. now this weekend marks the start of the busy summer travel season. according to aaa, they're expecting a slight dip in the number of travelers this year. they're also expecting fewer people to fly to their destinations. that means most people, about
2:35 am
89%, or 32.1 million people will be traveling or driving to their destination. they'll be hitting the roads today or this weekend for this holiday. that also means that most people will be going to spend time with their families this weekend. we also know that there are some areas that are having special events for this weekend. we know that disney, for example, in florida and in california are opening the theme parks for 24-hour period starting at 6:00 a.m. so a lot of people will be heading out and traveling for memorial day. if you haven't had headed out yet but you plan to, the only thing i can say is be prepared to wait. we are expecting some heavy traffic especially in certain parts of the country. john? >> it is never easy. and the weather in a lot of places is going to make things much more complicated. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> as you said on the tarmac last night, how long after you had already landed? >> 90 minutes. >> oh, my gosh.
2:36 am
>> pack your patience. >> or a six-pack, one or the other. >> all right. 35 minutes past the hour. a miracle delivery. an oklahoma mother gave birth as that tornado tore apart her oklahoma town. we have the touching tale of survival right after the break. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit.
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the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. welwhere new york state is... investing one billion dollars to attract and grow business. where companies like geico are investing in technology & finance. welcome to the state where cutting taxes for business... is our business. welcome to the new buffalo. welcome to the new buffalo. welcome to the new buffalo. new york state is throwing out the old rule book to give your business a new edge, the edge you can only get in new york state. to grow our start your business, visit we're this close, this close to memorial day weekend.
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we're almost there. we have the forecast. >> yeah. i have bad news. >> what? >> only for us, right? you saw the rain yesterday? we're going to take temperatures down a good 15, 20 degrees coolerment yeah. take a look outside. we're talking about that jet stream driving that cold air down into the northeast. so cold, rainy, yeah, look at the temperatures. now here's the good news. if you're in the southern states, that's where it gets gorgeous. in fact, it's going to be so cold here. twint look at this. as we go forward in time, you're going to see in the highest elevations in through new york we have the threat for snow. now that's just the high peeks. regardless, that's how you know temperatures are not where they should be memorial day weekend and all our barbecues we want to have out therement we're trying to go to the hamptons, rain, rain, rain, except for monday. you get a little gift on monday. they'll have beautiful weather there on monday. if you're in the outer banks of the carolinas, you're looking good. >> that's awful. we invited you over to the set
2:41 am
and you give us this. >> i know, right? >> thank you. we'll check back in with you. >> maybe. maybe. all right, thetlantic hurricane season kicks off june 1st. there are plenty of storms predicted over the next six months. there is a 70% likely hood of 13 to 20 names this season. that is well above the season average. that is not good news. out of the storms, there could be as many as six major hurricanes with winds in excess of 111 miles per hour. >> all right. so just ignore all that bad news. four day old braiden taylor will have quite a story to tell his grandchildren some day. the newborn's mom went into labor earlier this week at the same time that deadly tornado was baring down on the hospital in moore, oklahoma. look at that doll. there was no way to run. four real life angels intervened. here is brian todd. >> oh, my gosh. look at how handsome your boy is.
2:42 am
>> reporter: a reunion that came seconds and inch as way from never happening. four nurses from moore medical center congratulate sheila taylor on her newborn son. the tornado approached town, sheila taylor was in labor on the second floor of the medical center. she was dilated, going through contractions and -- >> she couldn't move. she had an epidural and she couldn't walk. >> reporter: the staff moved her to the hallway, then to the more solid windowless operating room. the power was knocked out. it was too dangerous to move her anywhere else. >> her baby was not going the best. i really needed a way to monitor her baby to see how the baby was tolerating the labor process since she was so far dilated. so the only place to do that would be the or. >> reporter: but within minutes, the hospital was hit with massive force. now what are you thinking? >> once i felt the floor start shaking, it felt as if a
2:43 am
earthquake and i knew we were getting hit directly. >> reporter: did you think at that moment that you and braden could survive this? >> i didn't know if we would. i was just praying that we would. >> reporter: the walls were ripped off the operating room. sheila's husband and nurses shared these pictures from where they were hunkered down, a gaping hole to the outside. the tornado still raging. >> i opened my eyes. i could see i-35 and i could see the movie theater. >> with sheila still in labor, nurses cindy pokejoy, barbara brand, bonnie stevens and alice son heke draped blankets over her. >> bonnie the scrub tech was leaned over her a little more p we had plafrpg et ceteblankets . >> it worked. the tornado passed without any of them being hurt. but sheila's husband jerome who took cover on a lower floor hadn't been allowed to go to his wife and didn't know how to get to her. >> and they were like, no,
2:44 am
everybody is out of the building. and i was like, no, my wife, my wife is upstairs. >> reporter: and there was still danger. even though the tornado had passed, floors and ceilings were unstable and there were gas leaks. but jerome taylor and the nurses were able to get sheila on to a flat board down a stairwell and out. sheila was taken to the healthplex hospital in norman. within hours, braydon taylor was born at a healthy 8 pounds, 3 ounces. what do you think of the nurses and what they did? >> those nurses are amazing. you know, they -- they're definitely doing the job they were called to do. you know, to put my life before theirs. i know that's what you're supposed to do as a nurse. i went to nursing school. i know that's what you're supposed to do. but to actually see them do it and to be more concerned about me than them, i know that's -- they're definitely doing the job they're called to do. >> reporter: as for this tiny trouble maker -- >> he'll probably sleep through
2:45 am
anything now. >> reporter: one final piece of symmetry here, sheila taylor just finished nursing school. she's always wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse and this experience only reinforces that. brian todd, cnn, moore, oklahoma. >> all right, so there are two things to say during this piece. simply lovely. such a great story. >> i'm never going to complain about 18 hours if labor. that was just remarkable. >> and the sec thing is you were this mother, what you would tell the kid? >> i would have the storiment i would repeat the story over and over again. look at what i did in order to deliver you. right? look at what i went through to deliver you. what a fabulous story. that is just incredible. just incredible. >> so many stories of hope in that city amist all the tragedy. there are 24 funerals. this little girl died at the
2:46 am
plaza towers elementary school. she was holding her best friend's hand at the time. alex barnett nearly died in the rubble in his home until two passer byes heard his screams and dug him out. he got to meet the men who saved him. he got to meet the men last night. >> how are you doing? >> thank you very much. god bless y'all. >> god bless you. >> god bless you. >> barnett says he plans to take the two men who saved him to lunch to properly thank them. so many heroes. >> that is such a beautiful moment, too. new information about the man police say slaughtered a british soldier right on the street in broad daylight. a friend of that suspect takes us inside the mind of the accused killer. that's next. if you're seeing spots before your eyes... it's time... for aveeno® positively radiant face moisturizer.
2:47 am
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2:50 am
the woman who oversaw the irs unit that targeted conservative groups is now on leave. lois learner acknowledged knowing about the practice two weeks ago and suchd off a political firestorm in the process. but at a hearing earlier this week she declined to answer any questions. here's cnn's dana bash with the very latest. >> reporter: it was no surprise that lois lerner, a central figure in the irs scandal, invoked her fifth amendment rights. >> and not testify or answer any of the questions today. >> reporter: what did surprise committee republicans is before saying she would not talk she did just that. making a lengthy statement and then professing her innocence. >> i have not broken any laws. i have not violated any irs rules or regulations. >> reporter: republicans pounced saying lerner waived her fifth
2:51 am
amendment rights against self-incrimination. >> you don't get to tell your side of the story and then not be subjected to cross-examination. >> she was eventually dismissed. now a day later, ia concluded she did waive her right not to answer questions. many sperts do not think that isa is on firm legal footing. >> i don't. i think a brief statement of innocence that doesn't get into a factual representation is not a waiver. and it's been done before. >> reporter: for example, former enron ceo ken lay during the height of scandal. >> one of the fifth amendment's basic functions is to protect innocent men. >> reporter: the committee's top democrat argues calling lerner back is a waist of time. >> i think there is a 99.99 chance when she comes back in she's going to say the same thing. >> reporter: if lois lerner still refuses to answer the questions, house republicans could vote to hold her in
2:52 am
contempt and refer that to the justice department to prosecute her. but that could take years and is unlikely since the fbi is conducting their own vinl investigation into irs wrongdoing. dana bash, cnn, capitol hill. >> thank you for that report. the british soldier murdered on a london street is identified. he is 25-year-old lee rigby. he was struck by a car and then hacked to death fwoi men wednesday afternoon. two men accused of killing rigby claiming he was targeted because british troops attacked muslims in iraq and afghanistan. a man who a suspect had this to say. >> he has always been very focal and very concerned about the affairs of muslims and people being oppressed. he could never toll ray anybody to be oppressed without to say anything. >> two other people were arrested yesterday in connection with rigby's murder. a 7-year-old girl who lost part of her leg in the boston marathon bombing is out of the hospital this morning. jane richard has been moved to a
2:53 am
rehabilitation facility after spending 39 days in the intensive care unit at boston's children hospital. she is the sister of martin richard. he was killed by the second explosion near the finish line. that little girl endured 12 surgeries. they say she is in incredibly good spirits. >> that family has shown incredible strength. a florida tiger goes under the five. surgeons require to remove a monster sized hair ball. >> wow! is that even possible? >> yes, it is possible. we're going to show you more of this gory video. gruesome, really. when you're having breakfast in the morning. a hair ball, really? we'll be right back. ll say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. and those people are what i like
2:54 am
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♪ the one and only, cheerios vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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2:57 am
all right. nothing unusual about a cat queting a hair ball, right? >> yeah, a catment but when it's 400 pound tiger trying to hack one up, that is something we noticed. now jean yes moes on the olympic size hair ball. >> reporter: it wasn't just that patient was a 400 pound tiger that made this a harry operation. we mean really harry as in gigantic hair ball. and that was just the first clump removed from ty the tiger's stomach. >> he is like my biggest baby. this is my kid. >> vernon yates raised ty at his florida wildlife refuge. lately, the 17-year-old tiger hadn't been acting like himself. over a three-week period, ty ate less and less. his weight dropped 100 pounds. a vet put a scope down his throat, diagnosis, hair ball.
2:58 am
it turns out a tiger gets a hair ball the same way a house cat does, by licking and grooming himself. only host cats like puss & boots managed to hack up the obstruction. but ty's hair ball was way too big to cough up. doctors offered to operate without charge. the press pressed up against the window. >> wow! >> mesmerized as doctors removed clump after clump from ty's stomach. >> another one of those! >> finally, the doctor dropped the whole mess into the arms of ty's owner. >> show it to us. >> i don't want it. >> weighed in at four pounds. there was a 167 human hair ball a barber collected from years of
2:59 am
clipping clients. then the barber didn't swal throw that hair ball. >> this is where we separate men and boys. >> separated from his hair ball, his prognosis was good and the doctors praised the patient. >> this tiger specifically is a very, very nice, very, very sweet tiger. >> reporter: what do you do way four pound hair ball? ty's owner said they thought about selling it on ebay but apparently selling something from an endangered species get tricky so the plan is to just throw it away. it was as if ty gave birth to his own little bundle of fur. jeannie moos, cnn. >> it looks like a rodent. >> reporter: new york. >> so we need to level with you here. in the tv business, we have what we call creative differences. >> this is a big one. i find stories like hair balls out of tigers and bear mouths, you know, clamping down on cameras, i find these stories to be awesome. good but not morning television. people are in the middle of having breakfast.
3:00 am
and here's the bear for your viewing pleasure. how disgusting is that? >> i want to tell all of you people awake this morning having your oatmeal and eggs, i i respect your desire to see crazy cool things in the morning. i am on your side. >> all of the guys out there. "early start" continues right now. breaking news, a bridge in washington state collapses. take a look at these pictures, sending cars and people into the icy water. >> deadlocked. her sentencing declared a mistrial and getting a new jury. >> and amanda bynes getting another mug shot.
3:01 am
>> great to see you this morning. >> we're going to start this morning with breaking news. a bridge collapses in washington state sending cars and people plunging 40 feet into the frigid river. there are injuries and no unwas killed. it was classified as functionally obsolete before it collapsed. this is the disaster unfolding last night. it is where we find katherine barrett who is live for us this morning. let's start with functionally obsolete, what does that mean. >> reporter: what it means is really only that the bridge is out of date. not that it was structural rily unsound. this was an unbridge. it was built in 1955.
3:02 am
like many of the state's bridges, it was in need of repair and replacement. functionally obsolete did not mean unsound, but this is all that's left of a 200 foot section. we've been hearing off and on at these early morning hours the ghostly blare of a truck horn. it all happened last night about 7:00 p.m. local time. >> two vehicles were crossing when it collapsed. the three people in those cars were tossed into the river. fortunately rescue teams arrived quickly plucking them from the waters. this man was on the bridge when
3:03 am
it folded. >> from was a big puff of dust, i hate the brakes and we went right off the bridge. >> right now the focus is on an 18 wheeler. >> semitruck struck the overhead of the bridge and caused the collapse. >> a team from a national transportation safety board is being sent to the scene to determine what happened. authorities say it was infected last year and they say it was in need of repair. this survivor says he is grateful to be alive. >> i'm surprised to be here and glad. >> all three survivors were admitted to local hospitals, but report todd be in stable condition with nonlife threatening injuries. saying very thankful, and one said blessed to be alive and
3:04 am
survive this industrial injury here. >> when you look at those pictures, it's shocking. kudos to those that responded as well. >> just when you thought there was no more twists and turns we have still new developments. the convicted murders life has been spared for now at least, a jury deciding her fate could not decide on life or death. a new jury will redo the penalty faze in july. casey is live in phoenix. >> yes, it's dramatic twist after dramatic twist. after nearly a five-month trial, jurors deadlocked in favor of the death penalty. >> there was confusion and surprise in the voice of the
3:05 am
clerk who announced that the jury was hopelessly deadlocked. >> we the jury, in the above and titled action upon our oaths, find having found all of the facts and circumstances that there is no unanimous agreement. jurors who declined to speak with a throng of reporters were emotional and so was judge stevens. >> ladies and gentlemen on behalf of the participants in this trial, thank you for your extraordinary service to this community. this was not your typical trial -- >> that it wasn't. it lasted nearly five months in which arias took the stand for 18 days and made one last plea for her life. there was sexually graphic images and recordings and most
3:06 am
difficult to forget, gruesome forecasts of the stab wounds, the bullet hole, and his neck slashed ear to ear. the judge set the new trial on the death penalty. they will be able to bring up a recent string of interviews. for example, this statement to a ksaz reporter minutes after conviction. >> the worst outcome for me is natural life. i would rather die sooner than later. i would rather get life than death. >> two weeks later she told the jury a different story. >> i thought life in prison was the worst outcome i could have.
3:07 am
>> as arias gestured to her family, they have struggled with the juror's inability to agree. according to the county sheriff, neither will jodi arias. there could be a way out of this mess, and that could be a negotiated settlement. they could take the death penalty off of the table and jodi would agree to a natural life in prison. >> no one knows what is in her mind, she is seizing every moment of this situation. seven minutes past the hour, now to the latest on oklahoma. the first of 24 funerals for storm victims honoring the life of a 9-year-old who died at plaza towers elementary school. in the midst of all of this,
3:08 am
there is signs of hopes. cnn's pamela browne is in moore, oklahoma for us. >> reporter: good morning, reality really sinking in here just a few days off the tornado, survivors are trying to get back to their daily routines and trying to rebuild. >> richard considers herself one of the lucky ones. >> it was the rain, the ceiling is caving in, the clothes are wet. >> it's supposed to be sunny on monday, and all of our friends are going to come and i'm going to convince my husband to bbq in the midst of all of the rubbish. that's the plan. >> slowly the rebuilding is
3:09 am
beginning. insurance adjustors are making the rounds. the damage totals nearly $2 million. residents are returning to their homes to salvage belongings. >> we just found financial paper work, tax returns, important documents like that. >> reporter: neighbors comforted each other. >> i bought this xbox the day before the storm. walked it home, i was afraid i would lose it. >> reporter: funerals are around under way for one of the seven children killed at plaza towers elementary. classmates and the teachers that
3:10 am
helped them said goodbye. >> sidney antonia, kyle, nicholas, and jeanee. >> reporter: president obama will be here in moore on sunday touring the damage with some of those first responders. also graduation ceremonies will go on as scheduled tomorrow. no doubt about it, it will be a somber day. >> thank you, i would like to put the picture back up here. we got this from her obituary. she had the sweetest and most
3:11 am
gentle spirit about her. she could find the positive, good, and joy in everything. she was never afraid to speak up or try anything. she would point things out to help people see and understand things in a positive light no matter what the situation is. that is 9-year-old antonia. teaching tools for success, and fostering creativity. these programs are empowering people to lead positive change, and helping them discover how great a little balance can feel. through initiatives like these, our goal is to inspire more than three million people to rediscover the joy of being active this summer. see the difference all of us can make, together. with the innovating and the transforming
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3:14 am
welcome back, president obama promising to wind down the war on terror and scale back controversial drone attacks. the president also said he was to move toward closing the prison at guantanamo bay. >> reporter: the pressure to goes guantanamo bay didn't let up even when he was delivering his highly anticipated speech. >> you are commander and chief, you can close it today. >> a heckler that interrupted
3:15 am
the president -- >> the president said the issues she raised are worth paying attention to, but pointed the finger at congress. >> i tried to close gitmo before congress i'm posed restrictions to present us from transferring them or moving them somewhere in the united states. but it remains open, and the situation is more urgent than ever as detainees continue a hunger strike. to ease the way to closing the facility, president obama said he is lifting a band on detainee transfers to yemen. >> i know the politics are hard, but history will pass a harsh
3:16 am
judgment on this aspect of our fight against terrorism. >> but republican senator john mccain likes to remind americans that he also supported closing gitmo, but there's more than just shutting the door. >> there was never a coherent or cohesive plan to close it. >> others labelled the policy a failure. the heckler who was speaking the truth to barack obama seems to want the same thing as the president. but has apparently grown tired of waiting. >> i love my country. our thanks to dan. 16 minutes past the hour. president obama's choice at the state department, victoria newland has been selected. she was state spokesperson last
3:17 am
september and took part of an e-mail chain to create the unclassified talking points immediately follow rg the benghazi attack. a policeman is under arrest for setting his captain's house on fire. the captain, his wife, two children, and mother-in-law were all in their home when the fire broke out. he is being held on $5 million bail. the boy scouts have decided to allow openly ga boys to become scouts. gay rights grows say it did not go far enough. the boy scouts are still olding a ban on openly ga leaders. >> this is not quite as
3:18 am
scandalous, take a his new website. when it was first launched on wednesday, it featured a skyline of pittsburgh between the logo. he is not running mayor of pittsburgh, he is running for mayor of new york city. they clearly fixed the mistake. the marketing website that handled the firm is apologizing for the error. >> i wonder if they're refunding all of the money they were paid. >> the last thing he needs is more internet problems. and amanda bynes arrested, taken to the police station. on the way out the door she grabbed a blond wig. she allegedly through a bong out the window of here 36th floor
3:19 am
apartment. she was smoking an illegal substance in the lobby. she was charged with misdemeanors. have you ever wanted to sue a start for false advertisement? you nay get a chance. and he seas he -- says he's not a jerk, it's an illness making him look bad. we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of tim and laura. it's amazing how appreciative people are when you tell them they could save a lot of money on their car insurance by switching to geico...they may even make you their best man. may i have the rings please?
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3:22 am
. stocks here in the u.s. seem to be completely immune to the turmoil overseas. stocks in europe and asia big selloffs yesterday, but wall street fairing much better.
3:23 am
and a new court ruling would pave the way for shoppers to sue stores. >> this makes me crazy. it makes me crazy when it's 2 for 1, and then use realize this is the regular prices, or they say it's 20% off -- so a federal appeals course is giving potential class action status to customers complaining when they're lying that something is unfair. he says he bought luggage for coals that was advertised at 50% of their original price, and shirts 30% off. the sale price was kohl's regular price. a lower court dismissed that case because he didn't lose any money, but now the appeals court is moving forward. california law allows customers to sue over misleading adds.
3:24 am
retailers have an incentive to lie, because shoppers are susceptible to a bargain. kohl's tell our affiliate that it does not raise off sale prices on a short-term basis for the purpose of a future sales event. as it common from the retail industry, from time to time, product prices are increased due to production and raw material cost increases. so if you close the store down the night before to adjust all of that pricing -- >> yes, you have to be skeptical. you have to be very skeptical. if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. there could be a class action lawsuit about this. i love that, the incentive to lie. it's human nature to want to get a deal. >> memorial day weekend, that's what everybody is doing.
3:25 am
for sale -- >> this is the big shopping weegd, and deal news say it's the best sales since january. car dealers, furniture clearouts, they slap sales on any holiday these days, but it really is a good day to do shopping if you're so inclined. there are coupons, and they say don't buy anything without a coupon on top of a deal. but do not buy game counsels, they're going to be cheaper this summer. coming up, a british soldier slaughtered in the street. we'll hear from a friend of the accused killer. be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec-d®. powerful relief of nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill. zyrtec-d®. at the pharmacy counter.
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well, she looks just like roxy! you know, i'll bet she's in a better place now. i'm sure she is. [ ethereal music plays ] [ motorcycle revving ] getting you back on a brand-new bike. now, that's progressive. breaking news, a frightening scene this morning when a washington state bridge collapses and sends people and cars into the icy water below. >> and new information in the trayvon martin case. george zimmerman's defense and how it may playout. >> and the jodi arias sentencing was declared a mistrial.
3:30 am
a bridge collapsed extending cars and passengers plunging 40 feet down into the frigid river 60 miles north of seattle. three people are in the hospital this morning. incredibly nobody was killed. it gave way last night along interstate five in mount vernon washington. it was rated functionally obsolete by state transportation officials before this incident. that does not mean the bridge was structurally unsafe. investigators are also looking into the possibility that a bridge was struck by a oversized vehicle. >> new developments this morning in the trayvon martin case. we may have a pru view of how george zimmerman's attorneys are going to defend their client. we have the story. >> reporter: are these the photographs of a troubled and
3:31 am
violent teen? pictures and text messages from trayvon martin's phone, made public by his defense attorney, suggest that he was no stranger to pot, to guns, and to fighting. >> he is very used to fighting. he has used drugs in the past, and many 17-year-olds have, but that he has as well. >> three months before he encountered george zimmerman, trayvon martin sends text messages about a fight. and i got weed and i get money friday. the attorney for martin's family say the messages, images, and the implications are irrelevant. >> are they saying he was justified in killing trayvon martin because of the way he looked.
3:32 am
it's the same stereotypical mind-set that caused george zimmerman to get out of the car and chase trayvon martin. >> he was unarmed the night he was shot and killed. a week before he seems to be trying to sell an automatic pist pistol. it's possible a jury may never see the texts or photos, but his attorneys are making it clear. if prosecutors fry to attack george zimmerman's character, they're prepared to do the same to trayvon martin. new developments this morning, a british soldier murdered on a british street has been identified. he was struck by a car and then hacked to death on wednesday after. he was targeted because british
3:33 am
troops have targeted muslims. >> he has always been very vocal and concerned about the affaired of muslims, and he could never tolerate nen men to be oppresse without doing anything. >> a 7-year-old girl who lost part of her leg in the boston marathon bombings is out of the hospital and has been sent to a recovery unit. he is the sister of 8-year-old martin richard who was killed by the second explosion. they have endured so much. >> yes, and they say that she was in really good spirits. they tried, but jurors in jodi arias' murder trial could not
3:34 am
decide a punishment for her. >> kari underwood is so moved by the oklahoma tornados, she donating $1 million to the red cross. she says i watched it with great sadness. what if you could shrink your pores just by washing your face?
3:35 am
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3:38 am
welcome back, everyone. angelina jolie had a double mastectomy because she had a gene. >> i announced i'm having a double mastectomy, i have diagnosed cancer in my left breast. there's many people who have a
3:39 am
double mastectomy when they don't have the gene, or they only have it in one breast. >> it often started with a lump or a shadowy figure on a black and white screen. then your life unwinds. that's how it happened to me. >> any of these other spots in either breast can be the same, thaw did be benign or malignant, we don't know. >> i have the most common form of noninveigh suggestion breast cancer. all of the while blobs and blue blips could kigal mosignal brea cancer. it's lead me to choose a procedure increasedly done by
3:40 am
women fearful of getting invasive breast cancer. i will remove the tissue in my left breast that is cancerous, and the breast that doctors say look suspicious. >> lindsay had no signs of breast cancer when she under went a double mastectomy without being diagnosed. >> those fears were confirmed by genetic testing that says she had the same mutation predisposes women to breast
3:41 am
cancer. >>ed me to have the double mastectomy. >> her organization advocates aggressive action. deciding to remove healthy tissue is more complicated. >> we don't know that removing a healthy breast will help women live a better or healthier life. >> radiation is the most common type. but i was not comfortable with so many suspicious areas on my scans. >> i want to show everybody the mris. >> i didn't want years of anxiety and screenings. >> would you recommend for me to have a double ma sestectomy.
3:42 am
>> dr. thomas witt counsels patients to make decisions on facts, not fear. >> one is the fear of having a cancer. then there is the fear of the intervention itself, of losing your breast. what will my husband or boyfriend think about me, how will i think about myself, how will my sexuality be affected. women are inclined to want to save their breast. >> so that breast surgeon will be performing my double mastectomy a week from now, and another surgeon will do reconstructive surgery that same day. so i'll give you a window into what women face once they have
3:43 am
gone through it. >> i have been in awe of you. the only time i saw you waiver is all is when i suggested that i might come hang out with you, i'm not going to bug you. even though i will not bug you i will be with you in spirit as the founding member of team z, not just z, but super z. we're all with you. all part of team z right here, the entire staff. >> thank you. >> we're with you through this whole thing. >> thank you. these are all of the folks that work tire lelessly on the show. >> we're all here for you, we're all behind you, everyone is here. >> that is the sweetest thing ever.
3:44 am
thank you. can i say one more thing. the young girl that you saw in that piece, she has a bright pink organization that i absolutely love and this is why. as i look at my beautiful young women here. she makes sure that young women know how to do a breast exam. we're told to do it so often and we don't know exactly thousand do it. so go to her website and down load the information because her goal is to save lives. >> team z, wear it strong, wear it proud. >> this is my family. >> thank you. that is so sweet! are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule.
3:45 am
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welcome back, 47 minutes past the hour. this is a british airways flight emergency landing. the flight turned back shortly after take off because of a technical fault. three people were treated for minor injuries. somebody has a cell phone going during an emergency landing. millions of americans ready to hit the road for the holiday weekend. most people will be driving somewhere.
3:49 am
we're live at a highway overpass in atlanta. with alina machado. it looks like it typically would. things are moving smoothly, but we can expect things to pick up as the day goes on. this despite the fact that aaa says fewer people will be traveling this memorial day holiday compared to last year. most people will be driving 81%, or 31.2 million people will be getting in their cars and going out for the holiday weekend. many will be going to see family. so will be going to amusement or theme parks. we want to take you to orlando where disney is open. they opened at 6:00 a.m. in orlando. they will remain open for a 24 hour period. they will do the same thing in california. just to jump start this summer
3:50 am
travel season. there is several apps and tools to help you navigate through traffic. we know that several states have temporarily suspended their construction projects for this weekend to make it easier to get around. >> of course, the weather could be another major part of this getting around for some people this weekend. we are here with the memorial day forecast. >> if you're driving or flying, i have the direction for you -- south unfortunately. we felt the rain yesterday. more of it on the way, and temperatures 15 to 20 degrees below normal. i want to show you something so a-typical for this time of year. this is through memorial day weekend. we'll see a little slow at the highest peaks. i'm saying the air is really cold out there.
3:51 am
the farther south you go, watch the rain, it will lift up from the south and make it's way up the eastern sea board. we will not see it that whole weekend through. we talked about the south, so beautiful. the whole package, exactly what you're looking for. nashville, seeing some showered by saturday or sunday. the moral of the story, go south. >> such a shame to see the hamptons suffering. but we wish them the best. >> you must have mad memorial day plans -- actress amanda bynes is facing a felony charge for throwing a bong out of the 36th
3:52 am
floor of her apartment building. she is accused of tampering with evidence, a felony, reckless endangerment and marijuana possession. >> no charges surrounding the wig as far as we know. >> but there should be. >> brad pitt may have a medical condition of his own. the actor says he has so much trouble recognizing the people he meeting, that he may be suffering from an illness known as face blindness. pitt says he has never been diagnosised with the illness. president obama and governor chris christie have an upcoming date. lean. this is another! ta-daa! try charmin ultra strong. it cleans so well and you can use up to four times less
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so president obama hits the new jersey shore next week. he and chris christie will visit neighborhoods destroyed by hurricane sandy. you'll remember that the president and governor surveyed the destruction right after the storm hit. christie, a remember, praised the president's handling of the efforts. >> memorial day brings a start to the summer, but 79% of travelers say the storm has not changed their summer plans. 69% say they will spend the same or more time at the jersey
3:57 am
shore. it's a race to turn the former disaster zone into a summer paradise. >> the boardwalk is coming to life again. >> we said it would be done by memorial day weekend, and it will be done. >> 85% of the boardwalk's businesses will be open by this weekend. what they need now? >> good weather and people. >> the owner of lucky leos is depending on it. >> i make 100% of my money here. >> many of the people have no homes to come back do. just down ocean avenue, not one house spared. >> tears come to my eyes every time i look at those houses. >> famous for images like this. bill and louie mettler lost
3:58 am
everything. >> it's so sad. it's being destroyed. >> reporter: of the 520 homes here, 56 of them washed away the night sandy struck. many, many more are so damaged their uninhabitable, being torn down one after the next after the next. sandy took about 40% of the homes in this town. now the beach is so eroded it offers little protection from the storms. >> i think the reluctance will resist until we can guarantee them safety. >> they're fighting for 40 feet duned and quadrupling the side of the beach.
3:59 am
>> that has always been one of my favorite pictures of you. >> poppy harlow, cnn new jersey. many homes were destroyed and it's tax base has fallen half a billion dollars. sandy brought $37 billion worth of damage to new jersey alone. on monday, poppy will be live in seaside heights with the result from the critical memorial day weekend. we wish them a lot of weem. that is it for "early start," "starting point starts now." >> i'm john berman. >> i'm kristine rolands. a bridge collapses and sends people into the freezing river blow. a deadlocked jury and a m e
4:00 am
mistrial in the penalty faze of the jodi arias trial. >> "starting point" begins now. all right, a bridge collapsed near seattle and send cars and passengers into the frigid river 40 feet below. miraculously there was no deaths. all of this unfolding last night in mount vernon, washington. an hour north of seattle. the bridge was


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