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tv   Starting Point  CNN  May 29, 2013 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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down overnight in the heartland. more tornadoes on the way today. wildfires, dust storms in the west, and after snow, just days ago, this. a massive east coast heat wave that starts today. we're tracking all of this this morning. >> nightmare in mexico. the american mom of seven jailed in mexico accused of smuggling drugs. she faces her accusers in court today. she could get ten years in prison. ten years. her family is fighting for her freedom. they join us live this morning. plus miracle baby. the video that shocked the world. a newborn rescued from a sewer pipe. this morning we have new pictures of the young boy, and new details on just how he ended up there to begin with. and it's bieber versus the pro bowler. the angry confrontation between the pop star and this ex-nfl star. it reportedly involves a ferrari, a high speed chase, and one fleeing from the other. can you guess who?
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>> all my favorite things. >> good morning, i'm christine romans. >> and i'm john berman. it is wednesday, may 29th. welcome to "starting point." we're tracking a lot of extreme weather across the u.s. this morning. just take a look at this right now. this massive twister touching down in northern kansas overnight, homes damaged, power lines down, you have to take a look at this map. nearly the entire country under some form of severe weather today. we're talking wildfires out in the west. more twister forecast in the heartland. you know, here in the east, the first heat wave of the year, our indra peterson is tracking all of this wild weather. and it is everywhere from coast to coast. >> literally hard to pick one spot to talk about. we're going to start you off in the northeast where yesterday you saw temperatures drop down in the 60s, and now we're talking about 20, 25 degree temperature jump out there. look at the warm front cruising through. in addition to that, we're going to see a cold front slide just to the north of us and all of that is going to produce a slight risk for severe storms even in the new england area.
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wildfires on the west coast. unfortunately conditions are not going to be improving. winds gusting as high as 60 miles per hour and temperatures there also expected to soar into the weekend with the potential for some triple digit heat. big story today, though, remains that dry heat in the west, really banking up now to the warm, humid air coming out of the gulf. the key is the low has exited the rockies that did produce some rain and now that is going to produce that tornado risk today. so there is a moderate risk out there. unfortunately the bull's-eye for this involves three million people right again over wichita and oklahoma, really kansas and oklahoma there. the broader risk of this involves 60 million of us. everyone needs to pay attention. a tornado outbreak is possible today. i also want to show you this kind of looks like. show you real quickly what it already looks like. great video for you. >> this thing's monstrous.
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>> late tuesday, a new round of tornadoes ripped through the heartland. this massive twister tearing through kansas, leaving downed trees and power lines in its wake. in the middle of it all storm chaser sean casey reported live on cnn there. >> sean, i understand you're chasing a tornado right now. what's going on? >> see this is my first interview while looking at a tornado. so, we were hoping it's going to come up onto our road and we will drive right up to the southern half. >> reporter: just one day before casey's team captured this rare and frightening video inside a tornado in smith county, kansas. the potential for supercell thunderstorms, damaging winds, and hail threaten a number of states from texas to new england today. in the plains, strong, damaging tornadoes are possible. in areas like oklahoma, already littered with damage,
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meteorologists warn of high wind gusts kicking up and carrying dangerous debris across the area. meanwhile further north, severe storms blew in to michigan and pennsylvania overnight. damage was reported outside detroit and near erie, pennsylvania. and on the west coast, a different kind of weather danger. dry conditions fueling wildfires in santa barbara, california. scorching over 1800 acres in los padres national forest. in valencia, helicopters attacked the blaze from above as brushfires near magic mountain theme park burned 25 acres in less than an hour. and look at this. just to the east of the fires, this massive dust storm bringing traffic to a standstill. finally, in the northeast, weather whiplash. from snow just four days ago, to what could be a record-breaking heat wave. temperatures rising double digits across most of the region. i mean a lot of wacky weather out there. again i cannot stress enough this is the time of year we do
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have tornadoes in tornado alley. but days like these, the potential outbreak are the days where minutes can save lives. >> we know last week 16 minutes meant the difference between life and death. thanks so much, indra. new fallout over the benghazi talking points. late tuesday congressional committee subpoenaed ten current former state department officials. they want to see paperwork and they want to see communications from the state department's number two and the top aide to then-secretary of state hillary clinton. white house correspondent brianna keilar following these new developments for us this morning. brianna, the white house has already released 100 pages of e-mails about the developments in benghazi. what is it, what more is it that the oversight committee is looking for? >> well, in a word it is just more. that's it, christine. republicans still allege that the obama administration misled americans in the lead-up to the presidential election. as to the cause of the attack in benghazi, removing specific references to terror in those
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cia-authored talking points. and the committee wants to see more when it comes to those talking points and how the state department was involved in suggesting some of those changes. those obviously were used, those talking points used by u.n. ambassador susan rice in the days following the attacks where she said repeatedly publicly she referenced a spontaneous demonstration in benghazi, as the potential cause of it. i will tell you, though, christine, the state department officials there feel that they have been forthcoming. the white house feels this is straight up a fishing expedition. you heard president obama call it a side show. >> brianna keilar thank you so much. at the white house this morning. fire caused by a collision between a truck and a freight train full of chemicals fully under control this morning. federal officials are on the scene in baltimore where several of the derailed cars exploded and burst into flames yesterday. that blast was felt blocks away. as clouds of black and white smoke filled the area firefighters were able to rescue
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the trapped truck driver. railroad officials tell firefighters the burning substances were not toxic. >> we've received word from csx that there's no toxic inhalants, which is really just a reassurance to the area that it's not an unsafe area. you don't have to evacuate. >> residents of about 70 homes in the area were told they could leave if they felt threatened but they were not forced to evacuate. several industrial buildings in the area were damaged. the arizona mother of seven, grandmother of two, accused of trying to smuggle 12 pounds of marijuana out of mexico, she will be back in court today trying to convince a judge to set her free. her family says yanira maldonado is not a drug smuggler and that she was arrested by authorities. she says the authorities were looking for bribe money. cnn's casey wian is following all these developments for us live in good 3 year, arizona. what's the latest, casey? >> good morning, john.
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it's a week ago that yanira maldonado was taken into custody in mexico. her family says wrongfully. mexican authorities say they found more than 12 pounds of marijuana under the seat that she was sitting in a bus coming back from her grandmother's funeral. well, she -- the family had hoped she would be out of jail as early as yesterday. there was a court hearing in mexico, where several witnesses, her husband, her husband's father, the woman that brought her to the bus station, among those testifying. court officials made it clear that she was not going to be released yesterday. very disappointing for the family. i spoke with her daughter, a very emotional anna soto, last night. >> to everyone because of this, that's who i'm angry at. the people that put my mom in prison. without having evidence. >> now we're going to see what kind of evidence there is in
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this case, if any, when the mexican military personnel who apprehended yanira maldonado, they're expected to testify at that closed court hearing later today. in mexico. family believes the decision will be made by the judge before the end of the week. they hope it is in their mother's favor, because if the judge decides to hold her, our understanding from legal experts is she could be held in a mexican prison for up to four months before there's a trial. >> wow. four months. casey wian for us in arizona this morning. next hour we're going to speak with yanira's daughter anna soto. you just heard her emotional words there before. we will ask her how her mother is doing this morning. tea party favorite michele bachmann says she will not seek a fifth term in congress. bachmann made the announcement in a video posted this morning on youtube. and her website. >> our constitution allows for the decision of length of service in congress to be determined by the congresspeople themselves, or by the voters in the district. however, the law limits anypun
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from serving as president of the united states for more than eight years. and in my opinion, well eight years is also long enough for an individual to serve as a representative for a specific congressional district. >> bachmann says her closer than expected win in her last race, and a congressional ethics probe into her presidential run had nothing to do with her decision. >> the subject of politics an unlikely political marriage forged in the days after superstorm sandy and before the 2012 presidential election, it is renewed. president obama and governor chris christie resuming their bromance with a romantic tour of the jersey shore yesterday promoting a big summer comeback. seven months after the storm. a credit they say to cooperation between federal and state governments. christie, no coincidence, is up for re-election this year and is considered a potential republican presidential consender in 2016. >> so once he returned to washington the president hosted a white house reception for asian-american and pacific heritage month. listen to him joking with the guests, not to give you any
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ideas about that lipstick on his collar. >> i want to thank everybody who is here, the incredible warmth of the reception. a sign of the warmth is the lipstick on my collar. i have to say, i think i know the culprit. where is jessica sanchez? jessica, it wasn't jessica, it was her aunt. where is she? auntie, right there. look at this. look at this. i just want everybody to witness. so i do not want to be in trouble with michelle. that's why i'm calling you out. right in front of everybody. >> quite an alibi there. by the way the president was referring to the aunt of singer jessica sanchez who was a runner-up on american idol. >> i feel for the president. i'm one of the few men in america who often gets makeup on his collar. and it's my own makeup. i'm always telling my wife, no, honey, it's just my makeup. really. >> ahead on "starting point"
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anthony weiner. the disgraced former congressman facing questions in his first debate in his run for mayor of new york. the question this morning, can he actually win this thing? >> and then this miracle baby. it captivated the world with its survival story from a sewer pipe. today we have new pictures of the newborn. and some new details about just how he ended up there. you're watching "starting point." ♪
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good morning, welcome back. it may take more than a few lewd photos and a fall from grace to keep anthony weiner down. he participated in his first debate yesterday and he's gaining ground in his bid to become the next mayor of new york. national political correspondent jim acosta is with us this morning. if the polls are rate, the latest polls are right, new yorkers seem to be in a forgiving mood when it comes to
4:16 am
anthony weiner. >> they are. we have seen this movie before. just not here in new york city. anthony weiner said he wants new york city voters to give him a second chance and judging by the latest polls in the race for mayor of the big apple it looks like he may be getting one. to the political pundits writing off anthony weiner in the race for new york city mayor, don't say forget about it just yet. >> you can have a safe classroom where teachers can teach and students can learn. >> reporter: the former congressman who resigned in disgrace after posting lewd photos online received a warm welcome at his first candidate's debate. and he's getting a serious look from the voters. the latest marist poll shows he's gaining fast, just five points behind the front-runner in the race for the democratic nomination christine quinn. what's more 53% of voters say weiner deserves a second chance. while 39% say he lacks the character to be mayor. >> are you getting a second chance? is that what this means? >> i have said from the moment i got in this race, that i, you know, honor the idea that people are going to have questions of me. but for the most people the questions people have been
4:17 am
asking have been about the things that affect their families. >> reporter: citing a scheduling conflict he dropped out of the debate at the last minute, even though the organizers admit she helped set the date. >> of course we're disappointed in that. >> reporter: but weiner didn't seize on quinn's absence in his typical bombastic style. >> i can't speak for any other candidate but look -- >> reporter: at least publicly weiner has changed. now the subject of tabloid punch lines he often talks about the lessons he's learned the hard way. it's almost the same approach used by congressman mark sanford in his successful bid for redemption in south carolina. but in new york, the zingers fly fast. many now aimed at the bull's-eye on weiner's back. last week, new york governor andrew cuomo told a newspaper, quote, shame on us if weiner is elected. cuomo told reporters he was only kidding. >> that was my comment on the mayoral race, and we'll now let them run their race, and we'll see what happens. >> reporter: at the debate, weiner joked he can handle the governor.
4:18 am
>> honestly, he started it. >> okay. and we'll see who finishes it. while the polls do offer hope for anthony weiner he shouldn't get too excited just yet. if no candidate receives 40% of the vote in this fall's democratic primary there would be a runoff and in a head-to-head match-up in that same poll, quinn brushes weiner by 15 points. so, he's a long way from being totally back in business. but, it's a very, very promising start. >> this poll got a lot of people's attention now. how close is he really? how realistic is the comeback? joining me senior political writer for maggie, he's five points back. and there's another number here, 53% saying that anthony weiner deserves a second chance. should this really be a shock to us right now? >> no, it shouldn't be. because people do like a comeback story. this is right on the heels of the mark sanford victory. this is a very different scenario. that was a house race. this is a mayor's race. i still think anthony weiner has a very long way to go in terms of an actual run here. if he makes a runoff, which he
4:19 am
could do, he's going to have a hard time getting out of one. >> what are the issues for christine quinn? she skipped this sort of debate yesterday. how does she have to run against anthony weiner? >> you can't run by saying that you're going to attend something and then not attend something. i don't think that looks very good. she has to sort of ignore him to the extent that she can. but her problem is not so much anthony weiner as the idea that she looks like, "a," an insider, "b," too close to bloomberg, and "c," people believe she doesn't really stand for thinking. think question what at her core. weiner looks like the outsider right now. he is the principled outsider -- >> sleeves rolled up, tie loosened. >> nobody's endorsing him. he's outside of the system. that actually helps you. >> i want to talk about what's happening in michele bachmann not going to run stand for the fifth for the fifth term. what do you make of that? >> an eight-minute i'm not running video with a score to go along with it was quite something. i think this comes, as we know, amid a federal investigation into her campaign issues.
4:20 am
and a congressional investigation, and i can't imagine that one does not have something to do with the other. >> she avoids, in theory, the congressional investigation sort of just evaporate. >> correct. >> i don't know that that will go away. she certainly answers one question. >> do you think -- she mentioned that eight years is long enough for a president, that should be long enough for me to serve the people of minnesota. >> i think her time was in 2012. by the time we get to 2016 there's going to be a whole new face of the tea party. >> maggie, lots to talk about. thanks for coming in. >> ahead on "starting point." apple ready to chain the world again. will the we will be wearing our gadgets next? >> and then there is this. you will not believe this. miss canada, but which one? the beauty pageant mix-up that has everyone asking will the real miss canada please stand up. we're going to sort this out if that's even possible. you're watching "starting point." we went out and asked people a simple question:
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welcome back to "starting point," i'm christine romans. "minding your business" this morning. another record-setting day on wall street. the dow, 22 record closes this year. and counting. a sizzling year. the dow is up 17% just this year. to compare, it rose 7% in all of last year. so no surprise consumer confidence now at the highest level since 2008. americans say they're feeling better because the job market is strengthening, and also helping home prices rising. home prices jumped nearly 11% in march compared with a year ago. that's the biggest increase since the housing boom. home prices in phoenix, san francisco, las vegas. look at them. they're all up more than 20%
4:25 am
from march of last year. now some of those are places that were hardest hit by the housing bust. you're seeing big rises in part because you're getting a lot of investor action, cash buyers, international buyers in some of those places. today, dow futures, though, down about 60 points. we saw the imf downgrade some expectations for chinese growth. so futures might step back a little bit this morning. the stock market might. meantime, apple promising several new game changers. among them, fashion. ceo tim cook teased wearable computers at a technology conference yesterday. quite coy. he wouldn't give concrete details on what, if anything, apple was working on but he did say the idea was ripe for exploration. cook also says he had a grand vision for television that goes beyond its existing apple tv streaming device but wouldn't give any more details about that, either. which is, of course, the way apple ap rates. >> i'm thinking of wearable apple products. could people ask is that an ipod in your pocket or never mind. ahead on "starting point," passengers from the stricken royal caribbean cruise liner are
4:26 am
back home in the u.s. just how bad did things get on board that ship? and then he was miraculously found in a toilet sewer pipe and rescued. so how is the newborn baby doing? we have new pictures, plus authorities have tracked down the mother of this little guy. hear what she has to say about the near tragedy. you're watching "starting point." join us at it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the new fiber one caramel nut protein bar. the new♪fiber one
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welcome back to "starting point" everyone, i'm john berman. >> and i'm christine romans. investigators are still trying to figure out the cause of that terrifying fire aboard the royal caribbean cruise ship "grandeur of the seas." more than 2,000 passengers found themselves stranded in the bahamas monday, halfway through their vacation. as erin mcpike reports many of them are now talking about their harrowing ordeal. >> reporter: three days before their vacation was scheduled to end the first of 2200 royal caribbean cruise ship passengers returned safely to the port of baltimore tuesday.
4:30 am
the "grandeur of the seas" journey was cut short by a fire aboard at 3:00 a.m. monday morning. >> pretty terrifying at first. >> in the water you could see the glow of the fire. but we had no idea how big the fire really was. >> i think people were just in shock, and it was early, and just wondering what was going on. >> reporter: some passengers said when they saw lifeboats lowered they thought the "grandeur of the seas" was sinking. it was the latest scare in what has been a string of debacles for the cruise industry. last year, 32 people died when the costa "concordia" capsized off the coast of italy. carnival's "triumph" stranded passengers in the gulf of mexico in february and carnival's "dream" left others without power in march. executive director of the global maritime center richard burke says the incidents don't spell out a pattern for the industry. >> they're among the safest ships afloat. >> reporter: the latest black eye for the industry intensifies the public relations problems they face, but attorney john
4:31 am
hickey says passengers have little recourse in nightmarish vacations. >> if passengers don't have any physical injuries or the threat of physical injury, they're, you know, basically under the terms of the ticket and the federal statute, not allowed to sue. >> reporter: royal caribbean is giving full refunds and vouchers for future cruises to the "grandeur of the seas" passengers. and some say they will cruise again. erin mcpike, cnn, baltimore, maryland. and our thanks to erin for that story. we're also following new developments in the amazing rescue of a newborn baby in china. the infant was pulled from a narrow sewer pipe beneath a public rest room and now we're learning who the mother is, and how she says her baby went down the toilet. cnn's david mckenzie is live in beijing. a lot of people wondering how on earth this could have happened. >> well, john, that's a very good question. really extraordinary story, and also, it appears, apparently, that this could have been some kind of awful accident.
4:32 am
and i must warn viewers that some of this footage is pretty shocking. it was the amazing video seen around the world. the racing against time to save this baby from a sewage pipe in china. today we have new pictures of the baby, resting comfortably. drinking formula. and recovering in icu. doctors say he should be okay. incredible, when you consider what he went through. alarmed neighbors called first responders he they heard crying, and saw a tiny foot. tearing away the pipe, they can't reach the baby wedged inside. pipe and child rushed to a nearby hospital. surgeons and firefighters gingerly using pliers to rescue the infant. revealing a newborn boy. afterbirth still attached. on local tv police saying it could have been an awful mistake.
4:33 am
>> translator: the woman started to feel a stomachache and rushed to the toilet. after she stayed in the toilet for awhile she gave birth to a baby. she tried to grab something to help herself because there was too much blood. she couldn't hold the baby anymore and he slid in the sewage through the hole in the toilet. >> reporter: investigations are still ongoing and the boy is recovering in icu. police posted these pictures of him online. they say rescuers brought blankets and formula, deeply touched by his ordeal. without a name just patient 59, an innocent boy miraculously surviving a terrible ordeal against incredible odds. well, john, quite an incredible story, and we're hearing from police there that the woman who gave birth to this child is in hospital. they're not saying yet whether she will be charged. they believe that it might have been a terrible accident. a lot of soul searching here in china. a lot of amazed viewers around the world, at the story of such
4:34 am
incredible survival. john? >> truly a miracle baby. david mckenzie in beijing. >> i have so many questions about that story. did she know she was pregnant? why didn't she call for help? why did the neighbors call for help? who is going to take care of the baby? here are your other top stories. prosecutors revealing details of their case against grant acord the oregon teenager accused of plotting to bomb his high school. they say the 17-year-old's plan allegedly included napalm bombs, firearms, and then committing suicide before police could get to him. acord, who is being charged as an adult, did not enter a plea when he appeared in court yesterday on a video feed from jail. bail is set at $2 million. so customers inside a liquor store in rhode island may have wanted to rethink that drink after seeing a shetland pony sauntering down the aisles. this is not common. even in rhode island. surveillance video shows this 51-year-old william leading his pony through the store as he shopped for some wine.
4:35 am
things got ugly when the pony made a mess, apparently he refused to clean it up until police forced him to take care of it. as you might imagine, a sign outside the store now says no dogs, or cats, or horses allowed. >> because if you only clean up the mess then it's okay to bring a pony in to the store. but you have to clean up after the pony. the glass ceiling may be lifting according to data from the u.s. census. moms are becoming the bread winners for a record number of american families and more married mothers than ever are outearning their husbands. check out the numbers. women in 40% of u.s. households with children are now the primary bredwinner. back in 1960, no surprise, that figure was a very low 11%. right now in this country, 5.1 million mothers make more money than their husbands. that makes up 37% of married households with kids. so this is the best news of the day. as you may know, my "early start" colleague zoraida sambolin, she took a break on friday, after being diagnosed with breast cancer. zoraida opted to have a preventive double mastectomy. so on tuesday, doctors in
4:36 am
chicago performed the procedure, you see her heading into surgery right there. here's the great news. they say the surgery went very, very well, so far they saw no signs at all that the cancer spread. we're going to look at more tests later today but zoraida is doing great. she is resting well. she is with her family right now. there's her son nico right now. they all report that they're doing well and great. that is terrific news and zoraida promises as soon as she can she's going to come back and share with us more about this journey again, that is the best news of the day. big news for us here on team "z." >> very strong woman surrounded by an awful lot of love and a lot of good wishes. ahead on "starting point" justin bieber draws the ire of former nfl star keyshawn johnson. seems the pop star, he's not being a very good neighbor. details behind the story that involved a ferrari, a prius and a rant on twitter. >> so he was a dream come true for like a second, and then it abruptly came to an end. we're going to speak with the contestants live about the
4:37 am
monumental blunder at the miss universe canada pageant. i mean this mix-up was huge. you're watching "starting point."
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welcome back to "starting point." not much love for justin bieber these days in the gated california community that he calls home. neighbors say the singer's been speeding around in his white ferrari, treating local streets like the 101 freeway. one neighbor, who has a big beef with bieber, is a former nfl star. is that right? pamela brown is following this for us this morning. >> good morning. he's messing with the wrong people now. nfl stars twice his size, by the way, and he is upsetting his neighbors once again.
4:41 am
this is actually the second time in a little over two months that he's been accused of speeding through his neighborhood. and now we're hearing that he's refusing to talk to sheriff's deputies. justin bieber is known for dazzling fans all over the world. but it's his offstage antics that have the pop sensation's california neighbors upset. ♪ for the second time in two months, they accuse the singer of speeding through their calabasas neighborhood at breakneck speed. the los angeles county sheriff's department is investigating the latest incident. >> we got a couple of calls from two witnesses that said that they saw justin bieber driving recklessly in his white ferrari inside the gated community known as the oaks. this kind of behavior, if it did happen, cannot be done by anybody, at any time, anywhere.
4:42 am
>> reporter: the sheriff's department says bieber refused to speak with deputies sent to investigate, prompting this plea. >> please talk to us, tell us what you believe occurred. >> reporter: tmz reports bieber shut the door on someone else who wanted to ring his bell. former nfl star keyshawn johnson. the ex-new york jets player was sitting in his car with his child in calabasas when bieber sped by. he later reportedly confronted the young pop star outside his house. but bieber fled inside, possibly showing better judgment than he did while driving his ferrari. as a potential sparring partner, johnson measures 6'4". bieber, maybe 5'7". johnson weighs in at 212. bieber about half that. but in the past, the size differential hasn't prevented bieber from punching above his weight class. [ bleep ] >> what did you say? >> reporter: or at least trying to. in march he got into a scuffle with a hefty brit behind a camera.
4:43 am
but in calabasas, neighbors are mostly concerned about the damage he could do behind the wheel. and the d.a.'s office in los angeles is still investigating an incident back in march where bieber was accused of spitting on a neighborhood who confronted him for speeding. and now looks like this latest incident will be turned over to the d.a.'s office, as well. so far, no comment from bieber's camp. >> hmm. he's had a whole long line of bad, bad press, hasn't he? >> can't stay out of the spot light and for all the wrong reasons. >> now the former nfl players are on the watch. >> yep. >> not good for bieber. >> pamela brown, nice to see you. >> so it looks like everyone is going to need to hold off on that heat/spurs nba finals talk because the nba pacers are not going anywhere. they're not going down without a fight. >> andy scholes has more in the "bleacher report." >> good morning. all of the pressure is now back on the miami heat. after the pacer beat the heat last night to even the finals at
4:44 am
two games apiece. last night's game was another battle from the opening tip. indiana used their size and interior present to control the paint for the entire game. now lebron led all scorers with 24 points but with the heat down four with 56 seconds to go he fouled out on this moving screen. this is just the second time ever that lebron has fouled out in a playoff game. the heat, they would fail to score without lebron the rest of the way as the pacers went on to win 99-92 to even the series. after the game lebron clearly not happy but he refused to blame the officials for the loss. >> it was a couple, you know, calls that i didn't feel like you know, were fouls personal fouls on me. but, that's how the game goes. >> earlier this year nike dropped all of their endorsements of lance armstrong in the wake of his admission to using performance enhancing drugs. now the company is further cutting ties with armstrong announcing that it will stop manufacturing livestrong brand shoes and apparel at the end of this year.
4:45 am
over the last decade nike has helped livestrong raise over $100 million, mostly through the sale of those popular yellow bracelets. and while it will not be manufacturing products for livestrong anymore, nike says they will continue to contribute to the foundation. over the years shaquille o'neal has had his own shoe, his own logo, now shaq has his own drink. he tweeted out a pick of his new cream soda line called soda shaq. you can get the new drink in four different flavors. strawberry, orange, vanilla and blueberry. first place boston red sox were back in action last night hosting the phillies at fenway. jeff baumann who lost both his legs in the boston marathon bombings was on hand to throw out the first pitch along with the man who came to his rescue that day. he was one of the people who helped law enforcement identify the bombing suspects. he and arredondo fired in strikes together. at the very same time.
4:46 am
guys, what a great moment for these two especially considering all they've been through since that terrible day. >> that was a great pitch, andy. a perfect strike. >> from a sitting position. what a throw. >> all right. thanks, andy, we appreciate it. >> ahead on "starting point." a major mix-up at the miss universe canada pageant. can you tell which woman is the real winner? neither could the judges. we're going to tell you what went wrong and hear from both women in just a moment. you're watching "starting point." (girl) what does that say? (guy) dive shop. (girl) diving lessons. (guy) we should totally do that. (girl ) yeah, right. (guy) i wannna catch a falcon! (girl) we should do that. (guy) i caught a falcon. (guy) you could eat a bug. let's do that. (guy) you know you're eating a bug. (girl) because of the legs. (guy vo) we got a subaru to take us new places. (girl) yeah, it's a hot spring. (guy) we should do that. (guy vo) it did. (man) how's that feel? (guy) fine. (girl) we shouldn't have done that. (guy) no. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. i've always kept my eye on her... but with so much health care noise, i didn't always watch out for myself.
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4:49 am
welcome back to "starting point," everyone. so will the real miss canada, please stand up? >> there has been nothing but confusion and apologies since
4:50 am
saturday night's selection of canada's miss universe. it seems the pageant officials somehow crowned the wrong beauty queen. >> miss universe canada 2013 is denise garrido! >> most beauty queens expect their reigns to last for a year. >> congratulations to our new miss universe canada. >> but denise lasted exactly one day. after stunning the audience during the competition, she thought her childhood dreams had come through when she beat out 57 other women for the crown. but lease than 24 hours later, the pageant's organizers realized a terrible mistake. they made a typo, which meant the first runner up, lisa santos had actually won, and denise carido placed fourth.
4:51 am
the pageant stripped carido of her title and apologized in a statement, saying we would like to offer our sincere apology for this human error while valida validating the results. we have no doubt she will continue to succeed in her endeavors and we wish her well. santos, who thought she had come so close, only to place second, is now celebrating her new title. santos won't have this same moment of glory, but will receive her crown in a private ceremony this weekend. meanwhile, garrido who is 26, is too old to compete again, but would love to come back next year this time as a judge. >> wow. joining us now, ms. universe can day for a day, denise garrido, and the newly named ms. universe canada. a tough situation. thank you for being here. this is the first time really
4:52 am
have you had a chance to speak about this since it happened. denise, do you have a message or something to say to ms. santos? vice versa? >> i would like to congratulate riza on being miss universe canada. on my end, i feel bad that i took that moment away from her, but at the same time, riza, i'm glad to share this bonding experience. we were both a ms. earth canada, ms. world canada and we have shared in the ms. universe canada. and i'm happy to pass it over to you now, and i wish you the best ever, and i want to be there. >> thank you so much. that means a lot to me this is the first time it happened. and i spoke to you directly since the pageant. i heard through the media and through the director that you
4:53 am
have been so gracious through the entire process, and i thank you so much for your message right now. i have known you for a couple of years now, and you are a person of integrity and a respectful, positive person, so i -- i thank you so much for your graciousness during this time. >> i got to say -- >> a great person. >> i'm in awe of both of your graciousness right now. i don't think it would handle it the same way. >> you would be clawing eyes out. >> you are crowned ms. universe canada for a day and 24 hours later you get a call. what was it like to find that out? >> well, it was definitely shocking. of course it's shocking. you go through this complete high and your entire family, your town is all celebrating, wishing you congratulations and 24 hours later, you're told, oh, by the way. and i was like oh, no! what will i tell everyone?
4:54 am
things happen for a reason and i really wanted to ms. universe canada, and i won ms. universe canada, may not have ended exactly the as i had hoped for, but 24 hours i was ms. universe canada, and riza gets one fantastic year ahead of her. >> riza, didn't get the crown, the drama at the moment. the 24 hours of press interviews and the high of winning. do you feel like you missed out? >> i don't feel like i missed out. after denise was crowned. i was -- i was disappointed, because i felt like i did well in the competition, but i know denise as a person and i was happy for her genuinely, because she was just -- she is a great girl. know her for a couple of years now. i don't feel like i missed out. i have the opportunity to represent ms. canada on the world stage and during that time, a couple of dates to process, i only found out on
4:55 am
monday afternoon to process what had happened, and it was very humbling for me, and to actually find out i had one and i had this opportunity to represent canada on the world stage was a huge honor for me and very humbling at the same time. >> we know -- >> you get to go and compete in the ms. universe pageant. denise, what's next for you? >> well, actually for myself, i haven't even thought about that. i'm still dealing with a lot of interviews and a whirlwind of so much happening and with family, friend, my community. i haven't taken the time to step back and reassess my life. what is truly next for me? probably education, masters, med school, who knows what the future holds for me right now? i haven't taken the time to think about it. once i have time to rest properly and recollect my thoughts, i'll have a proper assessment of what is next for me. >> both of you, ms. universe
4:56 am
canada, for one day and one for the rest of the year, nice to meet both of you, thank you. >> both champions, grace, poise, their own way. really in awe, very impressive. >> ahead on "starting point," dangerous weather tearing across aha half the country. tornadoes, extreme heat, the latest at the top of the hour. the mother of seven locked in a mexican jail cell. we'll talk to one of her daughters live and she says her mother never could have done this. >> not just a white wedding. this bride got a wet wedding, the nully weds whose entire wedding party splashed into a lake on camera stay with us, you're watching "starting point." she got a parking ticket... ♪ and she forgot to pay her credit card bill on time. good thing she's got the citi simplicity card. it doesn't charge late fees or a penalty rate. ever.
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4:59 am
our "starting point," tornadoes, fires, extreme heat. possible twisters forecast for the heartland this morning, and as the east coast faces a brutal heat wave. out west, wildfires out of control. tracking all of this this morning. plus, a political surprise overnight.
5:00 am
congresswoman michele bachmann says she won't run for re-election. she is leaving the door open for higher office. a family on edge as an american mother of seven held in a mexican jail faces accusers in court today. could get ten years in prison. her daughter joins us live. and forget cold feet. >> we have wet feet. >>. a bridal party really takes a plunge when a dock they are standing on collapses into the lake below. we'll talk about their viral moment. >> i'm sure they will be excited about that. >> good morning, everyone. >> wednesday, may 29th. welcome to "starting point." the perfect storm, a tornado outbreak in the pace in's midsection brought down powerlines in kansas and conditions are ripe for more of that. look at this massive tornado. a heat wave in the east, wildfires in the west. the entire country on high alert for severe weather. indra petersons tracking it. >> yesterday evening we saw
5:01 am
tornadoes in michigan and kansas. today, the threat strengthens, take a look at the weather setup. pretty much always the same. a low that has exited the rockies, warm, moist air out of gulf. the jet stream, really allows the system to turn. so the winds really up high in different directions, the winds at a lower level. that allows to us see the threat for lower level. the severe threat is enhanced compared to yesterday. unfortunately, similar to a week ago. looking at the bull's-eye around wichita, oklahoma city, but 30 to 60 million of you, your honor the slight risk. and still severe weather, isolated tornadoes, damaging winds, hail up to 2 1/2 inches could be seen. in the plains, not too much activity, we typically see when the sun comes out, fuels thunderstorms, and wildfires, high wind warnings, and winds
5:02 am
gusting as high as 60 miles per hour. video in lancaster, winds roaring out there. brought visibility on the 14 freeway and antelope valley to near zero. a lot of incidents. visibility zero. definitely a tough day for them. but, unfortunately, the biggest concern will remain the severe weather threat. >> no matter where you live, weather the big story this morning. thank you, indra. this just in to cnn. a local tribal official confirms the number one two man in a country has been killed in a drone strike. intelligence official says and two other men died in north waziristan, the taliban will neither confirm nor deny the deaths. michele bachmann says she will not seek a fifth term in congress. she made the announcement in a video posted this morning on youtube and also her website. >> our constitutional lous for the decision of length of service in congress to be
5:03 am
determined by the congresspeople themselves or by the voters in the district. however, the law prevents anyone from serving the united states is more than eight years. in my opinion, eight years is long enough for an individual to serve as a representative for a specific congressional district. >> jim acosta here to talk about what this means for washington, for the tea party, for michele bachmann. >> i think this was a stunner. nobody really saw this coming overnight, released this video in the wee hours of the morning and basically says in the video, john and christine, this has nothing to do with winning re-election in 2014, although she beat the challengers last time around, jim gray by a slim margin. running again in this race, and he possessed a major threet to hear future in that district. it has nothing to do with the office of congressional ethics investigation and into her presidential campaign that is
5:04 am
still a penning matter for her, and it is interesting to know, she did not rule out a comeback of some sort in the future. a lot of questions that she leaves unanswered in this video. it's interesting. a couple of weeks ago, i was standing out there with her in front of the congress when she held that big tea party news conference, when a big republicans coming out. mitch mcconnell, ted cruz, and it seemed like a big moment for the tea party with the irs investigation and so forth and talking about, perhaps the president might need to be impeached. what does he know? when did he know it? seemed to be back on top again, and all of a sudden the stunning announcement she won't be running for re-election. >> what's next for her? a bright light in the tea party movement. what happens next for her? >> they still see her as a star, a leader, i don't think the tea party caucus has much trouble finding a new leader in the congress. they have winds at their backs
5:05 am
once again, but i do think that, you know, she will be a presence republican politics here in the near future and keep in mind, won the ames, iowa, straw poll before the gop primaries got going and knocked tim pawlenty out of race. it is sort of amazing that she would drop this bombshell overnight, left everybody scratching their heads, wondering why she did this. she said it's not because of all of these reasons, but you have to entertain the notion that perhaps she is in trouble or would have been in trouble in 2014, all the questions being asked about her, a tough re-election battle. new fallout over the benghazi talking points. late tuesday, congressional committees subpoenaed ten current and former state department officials. they want paperwork and communications between state department number two and hillary clinton.
5:06 am
briana keel ar following new developments. white house already released 100 pages of e-mails about developments in benghazi what is it? what more is the oversight committee looking for? >> christine, the republican-let led committee wants more on how they suggested changes to the cia talking points in the immediate aftermath of the attack, xwoized a protests in benghazi as the cause of the attack. republicans allege the obama administration misleading on the role of terrorism. the state department says it has been forthcoming. it will look at the request. it will tell you at the white house, officials feel this is a fishing expedition and president obama said as much. called this a side show in recent weeks. >> it's interesting. sort of knocks out the economic message too. this is something that, you know, republicans just hammered the president under during the
5:07 am
election and the economy slowly healing, and all of the conversation about controversy in washington. briana keilar, thank you so much. the arizona woman accused of trying to smuggle 12 pounds of marijuana out of mexico back in court today, begging a judge to set her free. her family says mother of seven, not a drug smuggler, they claim she was arrested by corrupt officials looking for bribes. we'll talk to her daughter in a moment. casey wian following the developments live in good year, arizona. good morning, casey. >> reporter: good morning, christine. it is heart wrenching, speaking with family members of yanira maldonado who say she was wrongly jailed in mexico. yanira maldonado's family helped she would be released on at a court hearing on tuesday. but the mormon mother of seven will remain in a mexican jail at least another day. the family insists she has no involvement in drugs and is
5:08 am
being framed. >> whoever was the cause of this, that's who i am angry at. the people that put my mom in prison. without any evidence. >> reporter: maldonado arrested last week after mexican authorities said they found 12 pounds of marijuana your honor the seat of a commercial bus she was riding home in from a funeral with her husband gary. gary maldonado was asked to pay a $5,000 bribe for his wife's freedom. as he tried to raise the money, he was shipped off to jail. the family is encouraged by the evidence presented in court so far. this case is not unusual in mexico. where there has been a struggle to modernize its notoriously corrupt judicial system says mexican expert george grayson. >> the judicial system there is even more corrupt than the police. and when you are brought into a
5:09 am
judicial proceeding, you don't get to face your accuser, you don't have an automatic right to a lawyer, you may be held before you're brought to trial for some weeks, and it's a closed proceeding. >> in this case, the judge has the power to hold maldonado in prison up to four months before trial. that would likely bring more pressure from u.s. authorities. the office of senator jeff flake of arizona says that the senator has been in contact with the family as well as officials in mexico and the u.s. regarding the case. he will continue to monitor the situation. the situation now continues in a mexican courtroom. where members of the mexican courtroom who apprehended yanira mall ton addo are expected to testify today. >> yanira's daughter was able to visit with her mother briefly on saturday. and also is his father la?
5:10 am
law, larry maldonado. how is your mom holding up? >> you know, i don't know. i think -- i don't know -- i know she's scared. i know she has really wants to be let free. i know she -- she's scared. >> i know are you scared too. i can just tell. you must be terrified about what will happen if this goes forward toward a trial. four months just to get to the trial phase of all of this, you don't want her sitting there for any longer. you want -- you want her to be released. are authorities giving you any kind of indication that this could be over quickly? >> i mean, i have family members that were there yesterday, and we have high hopes, so i'm just
5:11 am
looking forward to that. hopefully friday. i'm praying that she will be home and be set free, released. >> so the military officials from the checkpoint who made this arrest, they are appearing in court today. what do you think they might say? we spoke to your father yesterday, who suggested that he thinks your mom may have been framed there. >> you know, i don't know what their plan is, what they are going to say. i really don't care. i know the truth. it's up to the judge, you know, to make that decision. but i know that whatever they say -- i'm praying that they are honest. honest policemen or soldiers, but we can only pray and hope.
5:12 am
>> and her husband is saying he fears they are not honest police and honest officials at that checkpoint. larry, how much longer -- the family must be in shock trying to figure out how to get her out of there. how is the american government and the mexican government been about getting this resolved? this is at this point an international incident, or should be. >> yes, senator flake has been very supportive and has contacted gary, and going to do everything they can to have diplomatic relations. and yesterday, it was because we had such a good day yesterday. not really a court, in a small room.
5:13 am
it doesn't leave a lot of room for family members, only able to go in one at a time. took about five hours. with the district attorney that is questioning. i believe our case is very strong. we had good witnesses yesterday and had some cross-examination today of their witnesses and that will turn out as strong as well. knowing what i know. >> larry maldonado, and anna societia. thank you for keeping us up to date on what's happening, and, please, let's talk again soon as this continues. >> we wish all the best. >> thank you. ahead on "starting point." what's in and out. what jurors can hear in the george zimmerman case and why this ruling could hurt his case. this bridal party really
5:14 am
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5:17 am
innovation never felt so good. a big loss in court for george zimmerman. >> you mentioned in opening statements, neither side can mention that during the trial. i can't imagine a situation where that would become relevant. >> reporter: we know what will not be presented to the jury when george zimmerman's second degree murder trial begins june 10th. the former neighborhood watch captain said he shot trayvon martin in self-defense. seminole county judge granted a slew of motions made by the prosecution on tuesday. the jury won't see martin's school records, social media postings or a picture of him
5:18 am
watching false gold teeth. >> i prohibit the defense from making any reference or suggesting that trayvon martin to this date had ever been in a fight. >> reporter: judge nelson agreed. and the text says and photos that defense attorney mark o'meara of a marijuana plant and gun, those are offlimits too. >> the drugs and the history of chronic use of drugs. >> and it's relevant to the theory of defense. and -- >> reporter: toxicology reports showing the chem calf in marijuana the night of the shooting may be introduced, but not during opening statements. ben crump represents martin's parents. >> this information was not relevant. it was inadmissible. so we have to not let people get
5:19 am
away with trying to pollute a jury pool. >> o'mara's request to sequester jurors was denied. as was the request to take the jury to the location. victor blackwell, cnn, sanford, florida. >> ahead on "starting point," is apple stepping into the fashion world? what they are saying about the new game changer, coming up next. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. [ dad ] tide and downy together. check for more! well, i guess i can double check... my watch! [ male announcer ] it pays to double check, with state farm.
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5:22 am
all right.
5:23 am
good morning. welcome back to "starting point." i'm christine romans minding your business. wall street's recording setting run is on. after a one-week break, the douthit another high on tuesday. the 22nd closing record this year. this on the backs of data showing americans feeling better about the economy and home prices rising. the economic data says the economy is healing and that is corroborating what stock market has been telling us all year. also just in the past few minutes. data showing that foreclosures in april down 16% from april 20 12. dow futures down by 80 point. why? the growth for china cut. we will see that in an hour. apple promising several game changers, among them? fashion. ceo tim cook show talked about
5:24 am
wearable computers. played coy, didn't give any details. he said the idea was ripe for exploration and cook says he has a grand vision for television that goes beyond existing apple streaming device. wouldn't give details about that either. a lot of people who follow apple say they think television -- they want to see if television is something apple can change the way how we deal with music. i don't think i am interested in apple schaps. >> hmm. >> police say no evidence to support amanda bynes claim that she was sexually harassed after tossing a bong from her 36th floor apartment. the actress said instead of me asking for the cops to be arrested for sexual harassment, i want my case dropped as well. his punishment will be the cop
5:25 am
who sexually harassed someone who would never find him handsome enough to be my boyfriend. that's worse than any time in jail. but i am suing him for money compensation, i love having more money in my bank! >> the unpredictable charlie sheen, and sheen will be billed as carlos estevez. first time charlie sheen useded his real name on screen. beyonce may sing about being bootylicious. but one fan went too far in at her show in coppen hagen. shaking hands when a man reached up and slapped her in the behind. she quickly responded, telling the man that he will be escorted out of the venue understandably.
5:26 am
and impressively, she went on with the performance. >> angry for a moment and most people are like, come on, don't touch her. ahead on "starting point," for the first time, jurors in jodi arias case speak out. not coming up with a unanimous decision. some & the press some of the jurors are receiving. she got a parking ticket... ♪ and she forgot to pay her credit card bill on time. good thing she's got the citi simplicity card. it doesn't charge late fees or a penalty rate. ever. as in never ever. now about that parking ticket. [ grunting ] [ male announcer ] the citi simplicity card is the only card that never has late fees, a penalty rate, or an annual fee, ever. go to to apply. starts with ground beef, onions and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all?
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5:29 am
welcome back to "starting point," everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. we're hearing from the juror whos who convicted jodi arias of killing her boyfriend, travis alexander. four jurors held out for life. the judge declared a mistrial. what were they thinking in that jury room? why couldn't they reach a unanimous decision? >> the defendant should be
5:30 am
sentenced -- no unanimous agreement. >> reporter: for nearly five months, jurors in the jodi arias trial listened to gory details of a gruesome murder and were subject to intense media coverage. that jury could not unanimously decide whether she deserved the death penalty. >> juror number three, is this your verdict? >> yes. >> this you're felt the state proved its case. she voted for the death penalty. >> i don't think she ever was truly honest with us. i know that for me, i didn't see any remorse or any issues with herself for whatever that day. or for what travis went through. i didn't see any of that. >> reporter: juror die ant schwartz also voted for the death penalty and told hln dr. drew, that the crime was too heinous. >> i looked at mitigating factors, being was she abused, her age, criminal history? those just did not weigh enough in my mind to look at what she
5:31 am
had done. >> reporter: but for the four juror who's did not impose death, the mitigating factors were enough to spare arias. >> you look at the mitigators presented in the penalty phase and to be honest, i cannot remember all eight of them. some of the things were jodi could accomplish if she were to live, the fact she was 27, no criminal history, and then there was a big factor on she had been abused. that as a child and in her relationship with travis. >> reporter: alternate juror tara kelly said she could tell that travis alexander's family was disappointed. >> you could tell that they wanted jodi to get the death penalty. >> the jury foreman has received hate mail and threats for failing to get a death sentence. the super court for maricopa county called for a retrial in
5:32 am
the penalty phase. there hasn't been a unanimous verdict. new jury will be impanelled july 18th unless the prosecutor agrees to a life sentence. and possible storm barbara. the storm formed in the eastern pacific, 145 miles south and west of salina cruz mexico. packing 45 miles an hour winds and will move soo and could reach the coast of mexico by late today. it could bring up to ten inches of rain. a pennsylvania couple faces child endangerment for putting their 10-year-old daughter in a dog crate in the back of their pickup truck. shocked motorists on the pennsylvania turnpike, of course, called police. the child was not injured, her stepfather told officers that he and her mother put the girl in that crate because she wanted to be with her dog. more fallout from lance armstrong's disgraceful exit
5:33 am
from cycling. cutting ties from live strong after a nine-year partnership. the company dropped its personal sponsorship of armstrong last yearing armstrong later admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs. nike will stop manufacturing live strong clothes and shoes at the end of the year. from transfer victim to prom queen in six short works. the true meaning of boston strong. the 18-year-old high school senior suffered serious injuries to her legs. very emotional for siddy. a few short weeks ago, she wasn't sure she would make it to prom. >> when i was in the hospital, i didn't think this was possible. oh, my gosh, rehab, and i just -- and it felt more like i could do it. i feel like i'm going to cry, i'm so happy to be back, but --
5:34 am
see, now i'm going to start crying. it's really good to be here. >> such an emotional time. celeste, sydney's mother, lost both legs and is waiting for a pair of prosthetic legs. >> the queen in waiting tour. >> the duchess of corner wall attracting lots of attention on the first trip solo abroad. and she wowed the crowds in paris. we are joined live outside buckingham palace with the story and intrigue. good morning, max. >> hi. it has been 16 years since diana died and since then, camilla has lived in her shadow. aware that public opinion generally has fallen on diana's side of things and that has started to change over the years, and interesting that camilla is trying to define herself in her own right. on the world stage.
5:35 am
>> the duchess at dior, a coveted french brand, also coveted by her husband's first wife. there are parallels between diana, princess of wales, and camilla ilya, the duchess of cornwall. this is her steps solo throughout the uk. and there are horses. this is the duchess in her element. she also showed her down to earth, approachable side at a market. tradersñi getting a glimpse int camilla's legend ear sense of humor. >> this is a piece of meat that she actually tried. i thought she was very nice, very agreeable. never mind her status. the dutches came here, and what did you think of that?
5:36 am
she was very nice. politely. loved everything i sold. very respectful. and before she heads home, a must do for all visitors to paris. she went to see the mona lisa. all this, part of a long, slow emergence for a queen in waiting. and recently when we were with prince harry, talking about his relationship with the press, camilla always had a really good relation shup with the press, she will come up, give us a big hello. a chat. always that sort of support from the media, about helping her in this emergence into this role which will eventually be queen of great britain, living in buckingham palace behind me. >> entering the big stretch for the royal family, max. a celebration, anniversary,
5:37 am
queen's coronation and maybe one of the biggest events ever coming this summer. >> reporter: the coronation six years ago when the queen was found. such a successful monarch. they are remembering that on tuesday. the whole royal family will be out and i -- and the dutches cambridge, kate, will be there. a sense of how pregnant she looks, people fascinated with the pictures, and that will be the interest there. but marking six years, and really regarded as one of the most successful monarchs in british history. >> 60 years, a long time. max foster in london, thank you so much. >> nine months to see the other big story about the monarchy. ahead on "starting point," raising money through music. blake shelton kicks off a concert to help the disaster
5:38 am
victims in oklahoma. and they really made at smash at the wing. we'll talk to the couple whose entire bridal party tumbles into a lake when the dock they are were standing on gave way. you're watching "starting point." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> blake shelton will lead an all-star lineup to raise money for last week's deadly tornado victims.
5:42 am
he will appear with miranda almost better, vince gil, usher. at a concert in oklahoma. nischelle turner live with a prevow this morning. >> reporter: good morning, john. we should say we're once again on severe weather watch here in oklahoma city. people here hoping they don't have a repeat of what they had nine days ago where 24 lives were lost, and the arrest of the community was changed forever. the people here are trying to pick up the pieces, but tonight's concert appropriately dubs healing in the heartland. so many people after that tornado wanted to help, including country superstar blake shelton. he decided he had to do something when he saw all the devastation here. he said, listen, i'm an entertainer, what i do best is perform. that's how i make people feel better. he wanted to put on a benefits concert. born and raised in oklahoma.
5:43 am
and he lives two hours south of here. has strong roots to the hardest hit community of moore, oklahoma. >> i spent three christmases at my sister's house in moore, oklahoma, and some of those helicopter views of the destruction, you can see her house, a quarter mile away from there, and just going -- my niece and nephews would have gone to that school. >> i have family in oklahoma city. my little sister, and her family is okay. unfortunately, this is something you can't -- you know, all you can do is put your best efforts forward. >> now, you heard from usher, he will be performing tonight. talking about putting his best foot forward and blake put forth a lineup that will be doing that. blake's wife, myrrh anna lambert, reba mcintyre, luke
5:44 am
ryan, artist of the year, ryan at the ti from one republic. vince gil, rascal flatts and darius rucker. this will be a good tribute tonight. and tickets were $25. blake wanted to make it affordable so so many people will come. it will benefit the united way of central oklahoma may tornado relief fund, and i have an update and good news this morning, at 10:00 central time, they will release another allotment of ticket. a limited allotment. only get them on ticket 10:00 a.m. central time, can still buy tickets to come to the concert tonight. i know i will talk to some of the artists performing a little later on, john. we're definitely looking forward to that. >> should be a great time. all of them pitching in to help. stay safe out there.
5:45 am
severe weather warnings do continue throughout the region today. thank you, nischelle. ahead on "starting point," an entire bridal party splashes into a lake when the dock collapses. the video viral. we'll meet the newlyweds who took it in stride, next. you're watching "starting point." at honda, we know some people just can't leave things be.
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5:48 am
good morning. welcome back. new legal maneuvering for major nidal hasan, ft. hood shooting. he want to represent himself at an upcoming trial. a judge will consider his request. he's accused of killing 13 people and injuring 32 more
5:49 am
after a shooting in 2009. a dallas reporting shoots that he has been paid $287,000 since his arrest. his salary cannot be suspended until he is found guilty. e-mail scandal had nothing to do with her decision to step down. evelyn hammond, first female african-american dean of the school says she will take a sabbatical. calls forress ig nation after a secret search of e-mail accounts happened of residents deans after finding out who leaked information concerning a cheating scandal. a saddened for a missing quarterback quarterback from michigan. colin finnerty has been found in a lake. the grand valley's player had teammates look for him. no foul play is suspected. hundreds of passengers
5:50 am
finding their way home from the cruise that was a nightmare. investigators don't know what caused the fire on "grandeur of the seas." over 2,000 passengers were found stranded in the bahamas. they are getting refunds and a voucher for a future cruise. and more questions around julie hermann. named in a sex discrimination lawsuit in 2008, during her tenure in at louisville. an assistant track coach says she faced gender and sex discrimination and fired after placing a complaint with the university's human resources department. hermann is held largely responsible for the coach's firing. coming soon to a theater near you. shorter movie trailers. the trailers, like "fast and furious" sequel will no longer run as long. they are looking for new minutes
5:51 am
to make them 2:30 shorter than the norm. they believe it will give more say and improve the audience experience. >> trailers have to do that they give too much away. people have complained they give too much away for years. movie executives will do anything to get to you come see the films it will be interesting to see how these competing interests. >> "starting point," back in a moment. he same t-shirt. really? but this one was washed in downy. why spend a lot of money when you can just use downy? [ woman ] downy's putting our money where our soft is. try downy softness. love it or your money back.
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welcome back to "early start." i don't have to tell you that it's the first time beyonce's backside has made headlines. this time a fan got within slapping dans. cnn's jeanne moose. >> beyonce may be celebrated for her booty, but almost had to boot out a fan for celebrating too much. this at a concert in copenhagen. shared her mike with a guy and started to walk away, he gave her derriere a little slap.
5:55 am
beyonce sashayed away, not sure whether the butt slapper went or stayed. fans captured the swat from all angles and debated it online. if she don't want it slapped, girlfriend, stop plaunting it in their faces. versus just because she performs for leaving doesn't give you the right to violate her space. people who wanted to ask about the butt grab might as well butt out. all her label would say -- beyonce is no stranger to administering a little booty love and getting from her husband jay-z. beyonce seems to reward jay-z for his playful pat, not so playful for how some excited fansed asked in serbia. pulling her hair, touching her face. earlier this month, a fan rushed the stage when justin bieber
5:56 am
seated at the piano. security instantly jumped in, knocking down the piano in the scuffle, while justin calmly walked away performing. and who can forget will smith when a ukranian prankster interview tried to kiss him? >> come on, man. what is your problem? >> i'm sorry, will. >> that's awkward, dave! >> oddest of all when britney spears invited a guy on stage so she could perform a pole dance on him. he bit her. and now the personification of bootylicious. >> my body is so bootylicious for you baby. >> reporter: had to just turn the other cheek. jeanne moos, cnn. new york. >> bad manners, very bad manners, denmark. >> bad for you, denmark. turning away, this bride and groom took the phrase taking the plunge to a whole new level.
5:57 am
yep, believe it or not, see it with your own eyes, the entire wedding party, all 29, tumbling into the water. the dock they were standing on gave way when they were taking pictures. patricia andrews released the clip, dubbed the wedding wet day on youtube, it's become a huge hit, understandable. joining us now from their honeymoon in chile are the bride and groom, tricia and frank. we have them on the phone right now. thank you so much for taking some of your time together to be us with. really appreciate it. >> on your honeymoon you want to talk to reporters. so i know one person got hurt. one of the bridesmaids got hurt. broke her arm and spent the evening in the e.r., other than that everything was wet and went on with the party? is that right? >> that's right. everyone was amazing. even suzie, with her arm, was a
5:58 am
great sport and laughed it out pretty quickly. turned into the best party ever. a million people came up to us, said it was the best wedding they have ever been to. >> trisha i've been to a few weddings, sometimes the bride can get a little intense. what was your first reaction when that dock gives way? >> of course, my first reaction is to make sure everyone is okay. and an old lifeguard tendency, as soon as everyone was fine, i instantly laughed. it was hilarious. we were all worried all day about the rain, and an outdoor reception and ceremony, and the rain held off and then we got wet anyway. >> rain wasn't a problem. >> i love the colors, beautiful shade of blue reflected in the beautiful shade of blue in the water right below you is almost just perfect. and artistic. so what -- the people at the wedding what did they say, shocked? running up to you? making sure everyone is okay?
5:59 am
must have been a few moments of chaos. >> pandemonium for five minutes, before we knew everyone is okay. everyone took it really well. laughed it off. yeah, pretty much once everyone saw tricia okay and smiling, everyone else able to have a good time again. >> a pume people were hoping you were okay too, frank. and did you wear your soggy clothes the rest of the night? >> i'm sorry? >> did you get a chance to change into dry clothes or was it a wet wedding the rest of the night? >> no, we didn't. frank and i got pretty lucky. we were on the end of the dock, he very quickly like a stunt man, jumped off and grabbed me immediately. just the bottom of my dress got wet. incredibly heavy. fine, a lot of fun. a sailboat just pulled up, we got disconnected from land. >> tricia, frank, the coolest
6:00 am
newlyweds ever. enjoy the rest of the honeymoon. >> i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. cnn newsroom with carol costello begins right now. happening now in "the newsroom" wild weather. >> we're watching a tornado, rain wrapped. >> oklahoma in the bull's-eye again. and heat wave. ory 100 degrees. also, trapped in a mexican prison. an american mom in florida accused of drug smuggling. >> and this is a pattern, and we love each other. >> innocent or framed by mexican police? plus, oh, no, beyonce. a fan dares t


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