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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 1, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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surrounding areas, but that's exactly what happened. >> horizontal. >> oh, man. we are getting far too used to seeing these scenes. it is an all too common sight in oklahoma city. if a sight so terrifying could be considered common. that's a scene yesterday near el reno, 25 miles west of oklahoma city. you heard from one of those storm chasers there with miguel a short time ago when storm chasers captured this video in union city when a tornado crossed right next to them, destroy i destroying a barn, debris colliding with that vehicle, hitting it quite hard. at least nine people around the state were killed in this latest outbreak. more than 100 were injured. and in all 17 tornadoes were
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reported across the midwest, knocking out power and causing major flooding as well. we've got complete coverage of these storms for you. every single angle. ed lavandera, mr. chad myers who has been stationed there really for a week now in oklahoma city. and tom sader is standing by in the cnn weather center. please stand by. we showed you that twister in another xhount outside oklahoma city. it took one of the hardest hits in yesterday's storm. we go to cnn's ed lavandera. he is there. what are you seeing now? >> reporter: it's been almost 24 hours, don. what we're seeing now is not a cloud in the sky today. temperatures have cooled off. not as muggy. from that standpoint it's actually pretty good new, considering the work these people have to do. look at the pocket of the neighborhood we're in right here, families and friends
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showing up with trucks and trailers. the process here, don, simply just beginning, going through the mangled homes, destroyed homes, picking out from the rubble whatever you can salvage. you want to get that way as quickly as you can, get to a safer place. we've been seeing that repeatedly. we've talked to several residents. many people who have lived here in oklahoma for decades are used to tornado season. understand what it's all about. and many of them are saying that this is a tornado season for the ages, one they do not recall ever experiencing before. the man who lives in this home, we were speaking to earlier. believe it or not, he moved here two years ago. there's a tornado 15, 20 miles away in the town of piedmont. his home was partially destroyed there. he moved to this house. now look at it. two years later, cleaning up the pieces again. and that is the devastating toll that these storms have. this is a much more rural area compared to what the stretch -- 17-mile path of destruction that that tornado carved in moore.
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from that standpoint, not as clustered. not as clustered neighbor hoos that you see. it's much more widespread. this is a pocket of homes off near interstate 40 west of oklahoma city that was damaged. it was on the ground for quite a while. people saw it coming and, fortunately, no one in this area was injured or hurt as far as we've been able to tell here today. don? >> oh, boy. so, listen, ed, many people transfixed on this, saying my goodness, how could this be happening again? so many people appeared to have been stuck in their cars when these storms hit. what happened this time? >> i found that strange when i was watching that yesterday. one of the fastest -- one of the basic rules of tornadoes, the last place you want to be is in your car. i've been asking a lot of people, what exactly was going
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on in the roadways? interstate 40 is a couple of miles up the way there. i've heard from people it's been a combination of a couple of things, friday afternoon, end of the week traffic. normal traffic jam. interstate 40 is an interstate that usually you find a lot of 18 wheelers on trucks moving heavy cargo, that sort of thing. combination of all that. then everything started falling apart. trucks were getting blown over. essentially, it was a log jam. people in many cases were simply trapped there on the interstate. then there was also a mix of people trying to drive out of the storm's path which is also a very dangerous situation to get yourself into as well. that's what we've been able to piece together so far, don. >> ed, look at all that rubble behind you. unbelievable these people suffering through that again. and the threat is not over yet. we'll get back to you for sure. meantime in the midwest, not out of the woods yet. not quite yet. living in tornado-battered neighborhoods from oklahoma, missouri and beyond are keeping a close eye on rising
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floodwaters. storms have brought eight to 11 inches of rain. look at that. causing a portion of the road to collapse. that is ginormous. let's go to arkansas now. the search continues for three people missing after a high water rescue attempt yesterday. officers were trying to save two women from a flooded home when the women and one officer disappeared. a fourth person, county sheriff cody carpenter was swept away in the swift-moving water and sadly drowned. there's even more rain on the way from southern texas to ohio. the severe weather threat continues today. chad myers in oklahoma city. my goodness, chad. this is horrible. some areas have had near ly a foot of rain already. >> the rain is done for here, thank goodness. but the front that's going to make the rain, don, has slid off
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to the east by 250 miles. today is an absolutely beautiful day. we put sunscreen on. it's going to be sunny all day. humidity is gone other than what's evaporating because of floodwaters. take a look behind me. showed you that sink hole from the sky. this is what we showed you it looks like from the ground. equally impressive. pipes across that sink hole. one was natural gas, the other water. those are now shut off. for a while, some crude was leaking into the river as well. that's now been shut off. this all happened because below, where you see that washout, used to be a culvert, big pipe where water used to go through when it rained a normal rain. this is not a normal rain. 125 people south of me had to be rescued by high water rescue vehicles and boats overnight because this water came up so very fast. some people decided not to leave, by the way. they're pretty much stuck in there. the water has been washing this
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dirt away all day long. the water is coming down. we got here five hours ago, it was going over the roadway in a big waterfall. it looked like niagara falls over there. it has come down. dirt is still getting washed away at this point. they have no idea when they'll be able to get it fixed. this is a main artery, highway 62, from beaker all the way into oklahoma city. a lot of traffic will go through here on a monday. right now there's no traffic whatsoev whatsoever. they don't know when this roadway may be useable again. they may open up a couple of lanes on the side away from the sinkhole to get traffic flowing. right now this is a big bottleneck. >> let's talk about other concerns, threats facing people there. what's the biggest concern for the people of oklahoma? is it the threat of more bad weather, flooding? that they don't have water, electricity or all of the above? >> kind of all of the above. that was just scattered around
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like 1,000 in this county, 2,000 in this county. this wasn't a moore day where a bulldozer roared through one big town. this is spotty damage like everywhere. people lost shingles, power lines, power poles are down all over. this widespread damage will be harder to pick up because you're going to have to put so many power lines back up. the biggest threat today is you driving into floodwaters. that's going to be the bigger threat tonight because you don't know how deep that water is because it's dark. we drove around about 3:00 last night looking for damage. when it gets dark in oklahoma, when there's no lights, it gets dark. it's not new york dark. it's black dark. you can't see anything. don't be driving around after dark tonight. >> yeah. and it was dark last night. we couldn't see all the damage and we woke up to even more damage. it's horrific. ed had achad, you've been doingt on this. chad myers, please stand by as
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well. chad is in oklahoma city. we're getting remarkable pictures from inside these storms, to see how they form, they develop. tom costello, where do chasers go? i can't believe they do this anyway. where do they go to get the best pictures? >> that's a great question. let me start by saying this, don. we need storm chasers, no doubt. radars can tell us about rainfall and hail. they can show us debris circulation. it's the visual observation by a storm chaser that actual lly tes us the circulation, this funnel cloud has touched the ground to become a tornado. they give us the visual observation, tell us how wide it is, what direction it's moving, what intersection it's in, what community could be affected next. the problem is that there's almost become too many of them. dirt roads, country roads get
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weighted down with heavy rainfall. they can cause jams. we'll come back to this video in a moment. as you know all know, watching chad meyers or other meteorologists here at cnn, this is our radar image. even on local levels you heard of the hook echo. this is el reno here. this is to the south. they don't really want to get positioned in this area where they'll have heavy rain. then you get into the hail core. they don't want that. we've seen too many windshields shattered. many times the radar will show us debris. it's cuddle a debris ball. they want to stay down here in the clear, staying to the southeast, getting a visual, watching it move off to the east-northeast. they want to stay away from this area here. this enhanced v. many storm chasers give the term the bear trip to this. the video shows it best. we'll tuck to the storm chases that you see in the video. debris is hitting them. the tornado is well off to the left of their screen. this is the in-flow valve, the
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sucti suction, the storm is inhaling. they were caught most likely in this bear trap. we'll hear firsthand from them coming up in a little bit. dangerous situation. we obviously need them but there may be too many on the roads these days. don? >> tom, thank you very much. we really appreciate it. most of us seek shelter when tornado warnings are posted. i want you to take a look at this. >> no, no, go south! if you don't go south, we're gonna die! >> are you okay? >> yeah. >> well, you've been -- >> duck down! duck down! duck down! >> yeah, you better believe duck down, duck down. we've been speaking to the storm chasers, talking about them. tom sater talked about them. they'll join us live later this hour. some sad news to report to you. breaking news here on cnn. it's certainly saddened all of us. it hit our hearts hard here. one of the endearing tv
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characters of the 1970s as died. ♪ the way glenn miller played songs that made the hit parade guys like us we had it made those were the days ♪ >> my entire family used to sit around in the '70s and wait for this show. we couldn't wait for this show to come on. millions waited for that familiar friday night theme "all in the family." jean stapleton who played, as a character, the ditsy wife edith bunker to the main character archie bunker, has died. she was 90 years old. the family says she died of natural causes at her home in new york city. her character lives on in reruns. of her many film credits, her role of "all in the family" is one of her most well-known. yet in 1994, she told our very own larry king something surprising. >> when you walk by the screen
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and "all in the family" is on, do you watch? >> no. i've, of course, seen them all and watched them carefully after we did them. no. i linger for a minute or two and i think, be my, that's very good. but i don't watch it because i don't want it to ever creep in to anything else i'm doing. >> you had her down. >> jean stapleton will be missed. we're all going to miss you. our very own larry king will join us at 7:00 pm eastern here on cnn. what a national treasure we have lost. jean stapleton, dead at the age of 90. the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact that i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away.
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begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. welcome back, everyone. the irs in the hot seat for targeting conservative groups. facing a new scrutiny. this time over a dance video using your tax money. you've got to see it for yourself. here it is. it's this tongue in cheek video made by irs employees. it shows them learning how to do "the cupid shuffle" in inspiration for a supposed dance competition. athena jones now at the white house with more on this. obviously, they're not great dancers. probably not a good move for them to do this. so, athena, what was this video for? >> reporter: hi, don. well, the video was for a 2010 conference of irs employees that was held in anaheim, california. and while it's a little funny to
2:17 pm
wat watch, it definitely raised some eyebrows at the irs and we learned this video was going to be one of many things spotlighted in a report coming out tuesday, a report looking into wasteful taxpayer dollars at the irs. it's a video from 2010, but newly obtained by us at cnn. this video produced for a 2010 irs conference was unacceptable and an inappropriate use of government funds. the irs and the government as a whole now have strict new policies and procedures in place to ensure that taxpayer funds are being used appropriately. and so next week we have that report coming out. we also have three hearings dealing with irs issues. the inspector general is expected to testify on tuesday. don? >> athena, as you recall, i'm
2:18 pm
sure, this isn't the first video. we talked about the star trek parody and also one about gilligan's island as well. they should have known better. >> reporter: that's right, this isn't the first video. "the cupid shuffle" dance video, training video, i should say, costs about $1,600, which is really a drop in the bucket compared to the price of the star trek video and the gilligan's island spoof. those cost $60,000 to produce that pair of videos. it's a lot of money, drawing a lot of questions and we expect to get answers on capitol hill next week, don. >> eight people jailed after a riot breaks out, after a kindergarten graduation? first this, when a shopping mall goes up, most likely the wooded area around the area goes down. that's when this week's cnn hero
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comes to the rescue. >> in this fast-paced world, we do forget that we are animals and part of the natural world. this is a beautiful female bald eagle. humans, we are wildlife's worst enemy in many, many ways. she had been clipped by a small jet. we don't want her to live in a cage. we want her to get back out there in the wild. i'm mona rutger. i rescue, rehabilitate, release wildlife back into their natural habitat. i think we can get her fibsed up and back out there. i thought i was going to get 25, 30 animals a year when i started this center. once people found out, the phone never stopped ringing. this hawk is ready to go. it is all consuming but i'm doing something i love. >> one -- >> two, three.
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>> with an injured animal, everyone says let nature take its course, but 90% of these animals' injuries are human related. that's not nature. it's us. we need to become more responsible caretakers of the earth. each animal has a role to play in the food chain. if just one link breaks, the whole chain falls apart. this is a big day for these little baby ducks. we successfully released thousa thousands of animals back to the wild. it's the same thrill every single time. we're counting on the children to do a better job than we have in the past. where do wild animals really belong? >> in the wild. >> in the wild. >> i desperately want them to feel the excitement that i find in nature. we can make a difference. ♪
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a second man now facing murder charges in the grisly death of a police officer. mi michael edward bellagio was arrested for the murder of two officers. a video shows bellagio and another man. remember jordan van der sloot? he admitted to killing a woman in lima. and he is still a suspect in the disappearance of natalee
2:25 pm
holloway. now he says he he is getting married. we know he met her when she was visiting someone else in prison. in cleveland, police had to break up a near riot after an elementary school graduation. six adults and two teens were arrested and they took them all to jail. police don't know what started that fight. a west virginia teen disappears. now police realize suspects have been under their noses the entire time. the story is next. 0% greek. 100% mmm... wow, that is mmm... it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. yoplait greek 100. it is so good. there was this and this. she got a parking ticket... ♪ and she forgot to pay her credit card bill on time. good thing she's got the citi simplicity card. it doesn't charge late fees or a penalty rate. ever. as in never ever.
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i know it sounds like a cliche. it's really not. this really is every parent's worst nightmare. in july 2012, 6-year-old skylar nise climbed out her window and got into her friend's car. she was never seen again. two of her best friends told police they stabbed skylar to death. randi kaye sat down with her grieving father. >> reporter: skylar nise was a straight a student, tenth grader in star city, west virginia. she loved spending time with her dog and played the flute in the band. her father says she had dreams of going to law school. >> she wanted to be a lawyer. and to hear her argue, she could have been a very good lawyer. >> reporter: but skylar's story took a tragic turn july 6th last year when she disappeared. >> she got home at 10:00.
2:29 pm
she got home from work, said i love you, mom. i love you dad. she went to her room and we never saw her again. >> skylar's dad realized something was wrong when he found skylar's bed empty. >> when she first disappeared, what did you think happened? >> she didn't run away. she would have took her cell phone charger and hair curler and all the other stuff kids take. it's pure hell. you don't know where your baby is. you don't know what happens happened. >> reporter: an opened window in skylar's bedroom offered a clear. >> here is the one she went out of that evening. she used that black stool over the there, put it at the bottom of the window, left the window open about that much when she crawled out. >> investigators pulled the security camera video from skylar's apartment building and saw her jumping into a car parked near her window. that seems to make sense, considering skylar's best friend, a 16-year-old classmate, had told skylar's father that
2:30 pm
she and another girl, and skylar, had gone joy riding that night. trouble is, that girl said they picked up skylar around 11:30 pm. the video shows her getting into the car much later than that, around 12:30 am. that timeline only added to the intrigue. for months, investigators tried to piece together clues. friends of skylar's rallied together to comfort the family, hung missing posters. there were hundreds of leads, but nothing panned out. then in january, six months after skylar disappeared, a stunning admission. 16-year-old rachel schoeff, smiling along with her friend, skylar, admitted she kill ed he. but she said she did not do it alone. rachel told investigators she and another classmate, who was 16, lured skylar out of her bedroom and into their car.
2:31 pm
they then drove her here to this spot in rural pennsylvania, 30 minu minutes away. just as they planned, the two girls attacked her, stabbing skylar to death. rachel told investigators they were going to bury skylar. when they couldn't, they left her body here on the side of the road and covered it in branches. the other girl's name hasn't been made public, since she's charged as a juvenile. but skylar's father says she is the same girl who told him she had picked up his daughter for a joy ride. investigators searched that girl's car after rachel schoeff's confession and found skylar's blood. >> what was your daughter's friendship like with these two girls? how close were they? >> inseparable. they were together all the time, especially the one that hasn't been named yet. she had just gotten back from vacation with her a week before this. she had been best friends with her since she was 8 years old. i mean it's sick. >> remember those friends who helped and comforted the family?
2:32 pm
it's almost beyond comprehension, but dave neese says one of them was the unnamed alleged killer. >> she was finding out from us every week exactly what the cops knew. because they were telling us what they knew. of course, we were telling her, bus we thought she was so upset and missed skylar so much. and to find out she murdered her makes my me sick. >> it's not just their behavior that's so troubling. rachel schoeff actually left for church camp the day after the murder. her family issued a statement to skyl skylar's parents. it reads in part, we are at a loss for words to comfort your pain. we were shocked to learn of our daughter's involvement in sk skylar's death. we know her actions are unforgivable and inexcusable. so why did they do it? why kill skylar? the reason reason rachel has given is simple and sickening. >> they didn't want to be friends with her anymore, which is sick, you know.
2:33 pm
you don't want to be friends with somebody, you leave them alone, but don't murder them. >> what do you want to say to these two girls? >> rot in hell. how's that? that's exactly what i want them to do. i want them to go through the pain and agony my daughter went through. i want them to have no life, because skylar doesn't have one. >> 16-year-old rachel schoeff had been charged with first-degree murder. after leading authorities to sky skylar's body in the woods, she entered a guilty plea to second-degree murder as part of a plea deal. she still stands to spend the next 40 years in prison. as far as the other unnamed girl, she's been charged as a juvenile with first-degree murder. a judge will decide if she does want to charge her as an adult. there's no word as to whether a plea deal is in the works for her either. randi kaye, cnn, star city, west virginia. >> randi, thank you very much. straight now to defense attorney holly hughes from
2:34 pm
atlanta. what a sad story. one of the suspects, rachel schoeff, is being named and has confessed to the crime. do you think that's going to help her case? >> since she has already worked out a plea deal, i would say they took it into consideration, don. something as brutal as this, if you listen to what she told authorities, she said we didn't want to be friends with her, so we planned on this killing. this is a premeditated first-degree murder. they took a knife with them. they lured this beautiful little girl out of her house, took her out and just stabbed her multiple times. i would say the fact that she did sort of man up, as we say, and confess to it is probably what played into her getting the second-degree murder plea deal. >> so, holly, the other friend, who is 16 and is not being named, is being charged as a v juvenile. >> right. >> do you think that will change? >> i do think. >> they will charge her as an adult? >> i do think it will change.
2:35 pm
she has plat out put the 16-year-old into it, the other one, by confessing. she said yes, my friend is part and parcel. skylar's dad said that is the same friend who lured her out. who said, oh, yeah, she kim out and got into my car. i think a judge will hold a hearing on this. i think they will be charging her as an adult. if you think about it, we've seen cases where they have charged 12-year-olds as adult with first-degree murder. after that hearing down in juvenile court we'll see this case removed to adult court and she'll have to deal with it there. >> we'll be watching. holly hughes, appreciate you. thank you again. >> thanks, don. when a tornado touches down, storm chasers risk their lives to bring us images like this. but we're wondering, are they sometimes getting a little too close for comfort? next. but first this. the housing market is getting hot again. want to cash in on the recovery without even buy iing a house?
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christine romans has this woek's "smart as a -- "smart is the new rich." >> when you buy a house or build a house, you're fueling an entire industry and creating areas for investing. lowe's, williams-sonoma. when stock charts look like this, is it too late to get in? maybe. but there are other places to cash in. >> if you own a home, it's near certainty that you have a car. when people buy houses, they buy cars. the car industry has been doing very well lately. but there's still room, i think, for further growth. they're not expensive stocks. >> making stocks like ford, gm, honda and toyota more attractive. there are also tiny components in your house. >> the microcontrollers that go into dishwashers, into washing
2:37 pm
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tornadoes hit the midwest. oklahoma, right there at the center of it all. nine people killed, including two children. more than 100 people injured. this time, flooding is a major concern, up to 11 inches of rain pounded the area. i want you to take a look at
2:41 pm
that. entire neighborhoods submerged in oklahoma city. goodness. would you drive straight into a swarm of tornadoes? that's what professional storm chasers do. this is unbelievable. it's a shot outside union city, oklahoma, by brandon sullivan and his team. take a look. >> brandon, turn the car around! let's get ready! brandon, go! fast as you can! it's on the right. go!
2:42 pm
[ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> are you okay? >> yeah. >> we're fine. >> duck down. duck down. go forward if you can. you're good. drive. [ bleep ]. >> my goodness. think you had a hard day at the office with everything coming at you? not like that, literally. smashed windshields, debris flying everywhere. obviously it's pretty scary stuff. brett wright joins me on the phone. reid timer on the phone shortly, as soon as we can get him. and chad myers, oklahoma city, too. chad first i want to go to brett. then i'll go to chad. brett, what was it that broke the window? was that a piece of a barn? what was that? >> yes. it was a piece of sheet metal from the barn that was flying
2:43 pm
off and hit the windshield. >> okay. and then was that a car? what was that that hit the windshield again? what was -- >> well, other than the sheet metal, there was a hay bail. >> that's what it was. >> they weigh 2,000 pounds and it was rolling and it hit the car. >> as it was going through, it was like, was that a car, a hay bail? it was huge. to our chad myers, you've been chasing this storm yourself. these guys literally put their lives at risk. you can hear the other guy there going, brett, go, brett, go! get out of the way. as much as they put their liefrs at risk, we really do need this. >> sure. there are chasers out there for universities, professional societies and chasers to help the national weather service put out warnings in time but there are also chasers just out there kind of looking, because it's pretty cool to look. this was a very tough storm to
2:44 pm
chase because of the way it moved. most storms will chase to the northeast. you'll park yourself on the southeast of the cell. you'll look right up into what we call the bear cage. you'll dive a little further to the east. it will move away and you'll kind of follow it all the way. this storm did a completely opposite thing, turning to the right, moving to the south, moving right into the path of where we all were. we got chased about 100 -- maybe 75 miles to the south as one after another after another storm developed on the south side of this one super cell. this was a very tough day yesterday. and people did get hurt yesterday, don. >> yeah. so, chad, i understand we've got reid on the phone now. we've got you, brett and chd meyers. is that you in the video saying brett, go as fast as you can, get out of the way? was that you? >> no. that's not our vehicle. our video is of the suction vortices. we have the armored vehicle. typically, those tornadoes will make a left-hand turnhen they
2:45 pm
start to mature, occlude. we're waiting north of that, watching the clear spot. we wouldn't put ourselves in that dangerous position. we do have our armored vehicle if that happened, but we felt in complete control of the situation. we had chased tornadoes for over a decade, waiting for that north turn. when we saw that happen we stopped and watched it cross right in front of it. we had it early on with the suction voirtices. that vehicle that got hit by the hay bail and blew the windshield out, that's what gets storm chasers killed. i hope that people learn from brandon and those guys, because that's very dangerous. they're in a regular vehicle, too, not even an armored vehicle. and you should definitely not drive into a northward turning tornado like that. >> okay. so let's get back to brett.
2:46 pm
brett, are you the one driving in this video? >> yes. >> yes, okay. so your partner there, who is your partner with you that's screaming? >> brandon sullivan. >> okay. so brandon is screaming, brett, let's go. i mean, you're under an incredible amount of pressure as he's trying to shoot this video, to get them out of harm's way. what's going in your head as he is screaming at you and you have the tornado come iing at you an right in front of you? >> it's a life-threatening situation. i just tried to stay as cool as i can. and i knew if i go south, i'm in better position to go way out of the path of the tornado. i tried to drive as hard as i could south. >> as you're driving there, too, we also see -- i think it looks like a station wagon that comes up alongside of you. it looks like it runs off the road or gets pushed by the wind. do you know what i'm talking about? >> yes. >> yeah. so what happened with that car? i mean, what was going on here?
2:47 pm
were there other cars on the road? and were they getting pushed around as well? >> yes. there was a few cars in front of us. and they ended up -- the car behind us flew up -- either got pushed by winds or was coming up too fast. either way, he ended up missing us in the ditch and ended up getting some air. but they were okay. >> chad myers, obviously, these young men are brave or, quite frankly, as my mom would say, they're incredibly brave or incredibly crazy, maybe a combination of both. i don't mean that in a mean way. but sometimes how close is too close? >> reporter: oh, you know, i would say a mile is too close. this was a very big tornado. it also had erratic movement. we were very well away from it. we had pictures from seven miles away with a very long lens, in a very good spot.
2:48 pm
the storm, as we expected it to move to our north started to move to our south. we had to break down, move off to the east and turn south again to get on the correct side of the storm. i believe that first storm that reed was talking about kind of dissipated and then a new suction vortice, a new tornado formed east of it, almost hyper jumped to the east. we should have been ten miles ahead of it and it was only a mile behind us. and it was like where did that -- how did that move so fast? these things were moving very slow for a while. this was just a difficult day. people did get in the way. there was a lot of traffic out there, too. there were a lot of chaser. roads were blocked by chasers on both sides. you try to squeeze in between. it was a slow day. these storms at that point in time weren't moving slow. >> chad, as we leave this video, if we could put that up a little bit, i have a quick question and i have to go. reed and brett, first you, reed, are you going to do it again? >> a lot of times when the
2:49 pm
tornado matures, greensbo are. o, manchester, 2003, the one that hit cleburne the other day. >> hey, reed, can you hear me? >> yes. >> you're cutting out. >> okay. i can hear you. >> are you doing it again? >> can you hear me now? >> yeah, i can hear you. brett, you would are risk your life again to do this? >> me? most definitely. i love chasing tornadoes and i will continue doing it as long as i can. >> obviously, reed has a little trouble there. we want you guys to be as safe as possible. we appreciate your bravery. please be safe out we are moving on to talk about the loss of a national
2:50 pm
icon, a national treasure, that is jean stapleton, a very accomplished actress, but the role we remember her most of is that of edith bunker, jean stapleton, dead at the age of 90. we will come back, talk about that.
2:51 pm
2:52 pm
one of the most endearing tv characters of the 1970s has died. ♪ boy the way glenn miller
2:53 pm
played ♪ ♪ songs that made the hit parade ♪ ♪ guys like us we had it made ♪ those were the days >> it was one of the most acclaimed, highest rated shows ever, for those of us old enough to remember, millions of us would wait for that familiar friday night theme to "all in the family." that's because we wanted to see jean stapleton, one of the characters that played the ditsy wife of archie bunker. she was 90 years old. the family says she died of natural causes at her home in new york city, but her character lives on in re-runs. it is easy to forget that stapleton was an accomplished film and stage actress, appeared on larry king live in 1986 and talked about that. she went on larry king after returning to broadway in arsenic and old lace. >> i tell you, it's the most
2:54 pm
rewarding experience every single night to hear that laughter and to respond to it as an actor, it's marvelous, just a wonderful experience. >> the play holds up? >> it certainly does. it's a very funny play. and it's well crafted, it's tight. well cast. can't beat that. but i'm very pleased that it does hold up. >> very critically acclaimed actress, just before i read that, one of the stage managers here at cnn said that was one of the best performances i ever saw was arsenic and old lace back in the '90s when she did it, back in the '80s when she did it on broadway. again, jean stapleton, dead at the age of 90. we will have much more on this on cnn, including larry king live at 7:00 eastern.
2:55 pm
2:56 pm
2:57 pm
and now an out of this world event, an asteroid called 1998 qe2 whizzed past earth with its own moon in tow. imagine that, its own moon in tow. it got within 3.6 million miles of our planet.
2:58 pm
i guess it has its own entourage. scientists say it won't pass us again until 2028. then there will be even more elbow room. the asteroid is expected to be about 45 million miles away, probably will have picked up more moons. more entourage. as people are wrapping their heads around the damage from an ef-5 tornado, more twisters hit. we go there live next. intuit, just like a tablet. so easy to use, it won a best of ces award from cnet. and it comes inside this beautifully crafted carrying case. introducing the all-new 2014 chevrolet impala with the available mylink system. ♪ [ beeps ] ingeniously connecting you to your life and the road. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. bjorn earns unlimited rewards for his small business.
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