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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 11, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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only new members of the insect legion of doom, meet the mutant m mosquito, so big, so bad, they can sting through your clothes. >> one thing, you can see them coming, feel them land, and smash them before it ever becomes a problem. >> that's the good side of those? >> have a great day. >> that's it for "starting point." "cnn newsroom" with carol "cnn newsroom" with carol costello starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- happening now, man hunt in hong kong, the nsa leaker on the run and in hiding. this is the man who broke the story, says more secrets are coming. also, an eye lift for the iphone, updating apps, better battery life, music streamlining, but will apple sour on major innovation? plus, overdraft and over the
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top. why you could pay hundreds more if you opt into your bank's overdraft protection. breaking right now, the airport in richmond, virginia, being evacuated. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning, thanks so much for being with me, i'm carol costello. this morning there could be new fallout from that bomb shell revelation that the u.s. government could be monitoring your phone calls and online activity. u.s. federal agents are now building a case behind the man behind the claims, intelligence contractor edward snowden. one of the journalists who broke the story says new details about the top secret program will soon be reveeld, but he will not reveal where snowden is hiding. >> i know where he is, generally, i'm not going to talk about where he is. either in general or specifically. he's a source, and i'm not going to disclose information about his whereabouts. he's perfectly capable of doing
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that himself if he wants to. >> cnn's anna korin is in hong kong. do we know if anyone is looking for snowden in hong kong, anna? >> well, carol, we don't know that information. we've contacted authorities here in hong kong, also chinese authorities. neither have made any comment whatsoever. we've contacted the u.s. embassy here in hong kong, and once again, you know, the same official line, no comment. so, as far as we know, no one is hunting or searching for edward snowden, but we do know that he is here in this city. this is a city of 7 million people. he checked out of a hotel yesterday, as you mentioned. as to where he is now, we just don't know. but you certainly have to assume, carol, that authorities are looking for him. >> once they figure out what to charge him with, and the government here is now building a case against him, you've got
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to wonder, i guess someone might be -- or they might put the -- what will happen? tell me what will happen. it's confusing. >> it is confusing, and we are all in the dark, which is why this is such a difficult story to report on. you know, edward snowden has only spoken to the british "guardian" newspaper. after that, he seriously went to ground. we have appealed to his contacts to also interview him. there's so many unanswered questions. you ask what's going to happen next, well, there is an extradition treaty between hong kong and the united states. so if the united states issues an arrest warrant, then hong kong will have to abide by that. however, there are exceptions, and those exceptions include if snowden claims to be a political prisoner or if he's going to be sent back to the u.s. for political crimes. that could, perhaps, slow down the process. we spoke to a hong kong
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legislator today, he said that this could drag on for months. at the moment, we know he's here in hong kong, as to how this plays out, carol, we just don't know. >> anna reporting live from hong kong this morning. as snowden hides from public view, another source of controversial leaks is speaking out. julian assange says his revelations on u.s. intelligence drove him into hiding this past year at the ecuador embassy in london. he's saying fear of persecution is eroding press freedoms. >> the two journalists involved in the snowden case, what is the chance they'll be in my position? what is the chance that snowden is going to be charged with aiding enemy and is in the same position bradley manning is in in three year's time? this has to be eliminated, otherwise it is the end of national security journalism in the united states. >> do americans really care? according to a new poll, 56% say
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the government's tracking of phone records is an acceptable way to investigate terrorism, and when asked what's more important, investigate threats or privacy, 62% say investigate terrorism. assange says snowden should be packing his bags and seeking asylum. >> we don't know the strategy snowden and his advisers have put together. i hope there's something really solid there, but looking at it from the surface, i would strongly advise him to go to latin america. latin america has shown in the past ten years that it is really pushing forward in human rights. >> the british newspaper, "the guardian," says snowden talked about possible asylum in iceland. wikileaks reportedly operated there for awhile without government interference. this is cnn breaking news. >> and happening right now in
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richmond at the international airport there, it has been evacuated. the action taken after the airport said a serious threat was phoned in. law enforcement agencies, along with canine teams now sweeping that airport, passengers are able to access parking lots and drive out of the airport, of course, we'll update this story as soon as we get more information. antigovernment protests intensifying against a key u.s. ally. >> i can hear some blasts. >> just hours ago, riot police in turkey unleashed tear gas and water cannons on protesters in the capitol city. they are demanding the resignation of their promise and a government that they say is growing more oppressive. cnn's nick paton walsh live in istanbul this morning. good morning. >> reporter: carol, behind me, every few ten minutes or so you do hear, again, tear gas being fired by police as they continue
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to exercise control over the central square here in taksim. this began at 8:00 this morning, began as a leisurely pace, then met by protesters, which met with molotov fire bomb cockta cocktails, rocks, even a device that fires fireworks at the police. police retaliating with tear gas, water cannons, as well. the scene we've seen developing behind me now is police trying to gain control of the park, which is the central area of woodland, small, but densely populated by protesters and tents. they moved in briefly, then pulled out again, but the strategy seems to be to regain control of central taksim square and move down some of these side streets there. the small group of protesters now playing this odd standoff they've been doing hours now, throwing rocks at armored vehicles. pretty sure now you'll see a response by police firing tear gas back at them.
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carol? >> nick paton walsh reporting live for us this morning. back at home, america's top cancer doctor accused of poisoning a colleague she was dating. she's charged with spiking her lover's coffee with, of all things, a deadly sweet tasting chemical commonly found in antifreeze. her victim did survive. ed is live with more on this case. good morning, ed. >> reporter: good morning, carol, bizarre story, indeed. the doctor has been charged with aggravated assault and put on administrative leave and she works at one of the premier cancer hospitals in the hospital. dr. gonzalez is a breast cancer specialist researching the most aggressive forms of the deadly disease at the m.d. anderson cancer center in houston. she was featured in this susan g. komen foundation video, highlighting the day in the life of a breast cancer doctor at one
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of the most respective cancer hospitals in the country. >> one of my aunts died with lung cancer when she was 35 and i was 10. that was when i sort of made the decision that this is what i wanted to do. >> reporter: which makes the allegations swirling around her all the more stunning. police investigators say she tried to poison her lover, a fellow cancer doctor at m.d. anderson, as well. according to court records, back in january, george was behind these gates at the home of anna maria gonzalez angulla. she made him a cup of coffee, started drinking it, but told her it started tasting too sweet, that she put splenda in it and she'd make another one. 16 hours later, he was in the emergency room. bloomenshine started losing his balance, slurred speech, loss of motor skills. according to the court records, doctors found a deadly chemical
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used in antifreeze, but m.d. anderson officials said it's commonly found in labs at the cancer center. it could be a tough case to prove in court. >> what you always have to take a look at, what the prosecutors are als going to look at in this case is the motive, why did somebody want to do it and why did they want to do it in this way and rule out other environmental factors? that's where the defense is always going to go. was there a motive, would somebody have done this, do they have the character, so to speak, to do this? >> a lawyer says she's, quote, completely innocent and these allegations are, quote, totally inconsistent with her personal and professional life. neighbors say she's a quiet woman who kept to herself. george survived, but suffered serious damage to his kidneys, even needing dialysis to try and repair the damage.
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carol, the defense lawyer says they have had several meetings with prosecutors and they are hoping they'll take a, quote, fresh look at the case and reconsider the charcges. carol? >> ed reporting live for us this morning. if you drive a dodge dart, listen up. chrysler's recalling nearly 15,000 of the 2013 models over concerns the engine controls could malfunction and cause the cars to stall. the automaker says it's unaware of accidents or injuries related to the problem, but if you have a compact car, your engine controls will need to be recalibra recalibrated. chrysler will do it for free, so contact your dealer. rebates up to $5,000 will sway you to drive off the lot in a brand new chevy volt. the plug-in car gets about 40 miles for a charge and has a gas engine for longer drives.
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alison kosik has more about this. such conflicting information about the sales of volts, aren't they? >> nothing like sagging sales to get auto makers to offer big incentives. if you are in the market of a new car, maybe time to think about going electric. on the chevy volts, you'll be able to get a $5,000 rebate, plus the standard $7,500 tax credit, and state incentives, too. on 2013 models, there's a $4,000 rebate or put down $2,400 and pay $269 for three years. i feel i'm selling a car here. honda deals get hotter. new honda fit, $259 a month, only being sold in california at the moment. here's the thing with these cars, carol. these car makers often lose money on electric cars and it's an uphill climb for sales. the public hasn't widely accepted electric cars yet. but they are still an important part of the automaker business,
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so it's sort of viewed as an image maker. gas guzzlers have gotten such a bad reputation over the years, electric cars show these companies do care about the environment. consumer response has been mixed. volt sales, as i said, are down from this time from a year ago, but sales of nissan's leaf, they are up quite a bit. tesla model s, that's doing quite well. carol? >> alison kosik at the new york stock exchange, thank you. picture this odd couple, the hoodie with tim tebow. new england patriots head coach bill belichick is expected to announce the quarterback signing at a news conference in the next hour, but do not expect to see any dwtebowing. andy schultz is here to talk more about the patriots' move. why do the patriots need tim tebow? >> they don't necessarily need tebow, but they feel they can take him and turn him into a
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useful weapon on offense for the team. josh mcdaniels, he's the patriots offensive coordinator. he was the head coach of the broncos back when tim tebow was drafted in the first round. mcdaniels is the guy who believed in the start he could turn tim tebow into a starting nfl quarterback. we're not going to see tebow starting for the new england patriots, tom brady is the starter for the new england patriots. >> isn't he going to try out for the back-up quarterback position? >> ryan mahllett is the backup, tebow comes in as the third guy. he's resisted a position change in the past. he said i'm not going to play tight end, i don't want to play fullback. he's always wanted to play quarterback, but you never know with the patriots. you could see some interesting situations when tim tebow enters the game. >> there's all kinds of things online and i like to read everything i can. tim tebow's a fascinating guy, let's face it. i heard he's learned -- somebody taught him to throw the football with more accuracy and did it
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through footwork or something like that and now he's fantastic. >> who knows if it's really solved yet, but he did work with steve clarkson this off-season and worked on his throwing motion with thai chi. it has something to do with getting his whole body in uni n unison. anything in between, who knew where it would end up, that was his problem with the accuracy. thai chi, who knows if it could solve tim tebow's throwing motions. >> the stuff you see old people doing in the parks? >> mr. miagi in "karate kid." stick around, next hour big announcement could be made. just ahead in the newsroom, a base jump gone horribly wrong. how this lucky thrill seeker survived a dangerous parachute malfunction. ♪
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this is cnn breaking news. >> all right, we're going to take you back out to richmond, virginia, to take a look at
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kwha what's happening at the airport. a disturbing phone call came into the airport at 6:15 this morning, that's eastern time. this has been going on for a few hours now. they evacuated not only the airport, but the parking garages, too. as you can see, all of the passengers just sort of had to stand around outside the airport waiting, because they couldn't get into their cars and drive away. we understand now that the garages at the airport have been swept and are deemed safe, so at least people can get into their cars and drive off. no flights are taking off or coming into the richmond international airport, though, so it's likely all of those people, well, they probably already missed their flights and are not happy, but the airport officials are doing this in safety's name, which is much more important, because they are still sweeping the inside of the airport at the richmond international airport. of course, we will keep you posted. all right. checking other top stories at 19
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minutes passed the hour, cleanup under way following severe storms. you're looking at damage left behind after tornados ripped through parts of maryland. completely destroyed, much of the region also dealing with flooding. now to las vegas where some very patient passengers came up with a way to cope with a four-plus hour wait on a very hot airport. listen. ♪ i believe i can fly ♪ i believe i can touch the sky ♪ ♪ i think about it every night and day ♪ ♪ i spread my wings and fly away ♪ >> i don't know if that would cheer me up or really annoy me, but you are hearing that correctly. the group broke into singing along r. kelly's classic "i believe i can fly" until the plane finally took off. a base jumper lucky to be alive after a jump went horribly wrong, her parachute opened the wrong way.
6:21 am
it slammed her into the side of a hotel three times. hear the crowd below. the parachuter was saved after she crashed on to a tenth floor balcony. she suffered a broken nose and a couple of bruises. the morning after pill now available to girls of any age. the obama administration dropping its fight to restrict access of the emergency contraceptive. this means the pill will be available over the counter with no restriction. only those 15 or older were previously allowed to buy the contraceptive. nearly 2 dozen people will be back in a florida courtroom today. jury selection is resuming this morning in the george zimmerman trial. potential jurors face questions. also greeting jurors, demonstrators. some are calling for a revolution in the name of trayvon martin.
6:22 am
george halas outside the courtroom in sanford, florida, good morning, george. >> reporter: good morning. court was supposed to start at 9:00 a.m. today. looking at the court right now inside, it just got started, and we expect to see more of the same. yesterday, a lot of what happened was closed to the media, but we did get to hear some of these critical questions that the prosecution and defense posed to these potential jurors, for instance, if they knew anything about this case or they'd ask people what their favorite local or national news outlet might be. some people said they didn't watch the news. but one thing was crystal clear, the judge in this case is moving ahead at rapid pace. day one and george zimmerman's defense team said it wasn't ready, requesting a delay of trial, but judge debra nelson wasted little time. >> third notion for continuance is denied. >> reporter: next step, jury selection. with a pool of 500 potential jurors to choose from, 100
6:23 am
people were called to fill out a questionnaire monday. from that number, 21 were selected for individual questioning by the prosecution and the defense. the goal of both sides, to qualify a panel of six jurors and at least four alternates. several prospective jurors answered questions out of camera view to conceal their identities. >> do you recall hearing anything about the case, even if you didn't really pay attention to it? >> i probably heard it on the news, but never paid attention to it. >> i'd like you to tell me one or two other things you've heard about this case. >> it was two people being in the wrong place at the wrong time and two people instigating something that probably could have been avoided. >> reporter: it was the first time for george zimmerman to see the people who could decide his fate, charged with second-degree murder for the fatal shooting of 17-year-old trayvon martin. zimmerman's brother spoke to the media. >> i think it's important that jurors get to know that george is a real person.
6:24 am
he's not just whatever images people flash across the screen or whatever narrative people write about. he's a sensitive person, he's generous, he's very likable, if you actually get to meet him. >> reporter: on monday alone, a total of four people were individually interviewed by attorneys for possible jury duty. cnn legal analyst sunny hostin says she's not surprised. >> they only need six jurors in florida. ten probably, including the alternates. this judge moves at such a quick speed, i can't imagine this will take more than a week. i don't think this judge will allow for that. >> reporter: and back in sanford, florida, with these live pictures inside the courtroom, you see george zimmerman there, and again, just listening to what's happening there, it is more of the same. you hear these prosecutors and defense attorneys asking questions of these prospective jurors. again, the goal is to go through a pool of some 500 people to
6:25 am
narrow that down, again, to six jurors and at least four alternates, carol. >> all right. george howell reporting live from sanford, florida, this morning. still ahead on the newsroom, a twitter account is born. will this wife, first lady of arkansas, and first lady of the united states, and dog owner, add presidential candidate to the list? (announcer) born with a natural energy cycle...
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she is the most traveled secretary of state in u.s. history, but there was one place hillary clinton had yet to go, until now. white house correspondent brianna keeler has more on clinton's twitter debut and why some hope her next stop is 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> reporter: the now iconic image of then-secretary of state hillary clinton sporting dark glasses, intensely studying her blackberry is her profile picture on her new twitter account. clinton is taking twitter by storm. the former secretary of state, senator, and first lady also
6:29 am
described herself as wife, mom, lawyer, and, get this, hair icon and pantsuit aficionado, which she joked about at a recent fashion awards dinner. >> all you really need is a small, but passionate audience to be successful. we could call it "project pantsuit." >> reporter: perhaps most telling of all in clinton's twitter bio, "tbd," immediately interpreted as a sign she'll launch another run for the white house. happy to welcome our 45th president to twitter, one of her supporters tweeted. clinton has kept a low profile since leaving office in february, though she's remained in the headlines, connected to the obama administration's handling of the september attack in benghazi, libya. four americans were killed, including a u.s. ambassador. clinton's poll numbers have slipped slightly in recent weeks, but she still remains a popular figure, and while she hasn't said publicly she'll run
6:30 am
in 2016, her allies are getting ready in case she does. >> there are groups who are getting ready, whether or not she's ready, there are other people ready for hillary. they want to be sure if she makes a decision to run, that there's support right off the bat. >> reporter: bill clinton responded to his wife from his twitter account, asking, does twitter have a family share plan? daughter chelsea clinton said simply, welcome, mom. president obama also welcomed his former rival. judging by hillary clinton's first tweet, there will be many more. thanks for the inspiration, she said to the creators of the tumblr parity "texts from hillary," which made this photo famous, then, "i'll take it from here." it's a pretty impressive debut, she already has more than 300,000 followers in less than 24 hours and being on twitter will allow hillary clinton not only to connect directly with voters, but also allow her to
6:31 am
fundraise, which is very important when you're running for the white house. >> i think that's the most important thing of all. brianna keeler, thanks so much. reporting live from the white house this morning. this is cnn breaking news. >> all right. we want to take you back to istanbul, turkey, because it's getting pretty bad there. you see the smoke in the air, that's actually tear gas. government forces have been trying to break up protesters who have been protesting in the streets in different parts of turkey for a couple of days now. nick paton walsh is in the middle of it all. tell us what's happening, nick. >> reporter: well, behind me we see this continued standoff between police and protesters down there. they've made now two barricades that are reasonably constructed. they've been throwing rocks at the police and the police respond with substantial amounts of tear gas to clear them away. this continues, frankly, for
6:32 am
minutes and hours, another crack there, as well, but we're now into eight hours of this activity. sometimes we hear a stun grenade go off, too. police now into the eighth hour of trying to control the protesters around the square. sometimes tear gas billows out and obscures our view of much of what is happening, but it's a strange scene, because while there are these clashes happening down side streets and tires on fire, we're also seeing sometimes people what seem to be going about their ordinary business, taxis simply driving through. the central greenery here, the park, the protests began across the country, that seems to be left alone. the istanbul governor certainly said that was the plan. we saw police move into it briefly, then pull out again. but the question, obviously, now how do police get a lid on what's happening, coming to a
6:33 am
close, many concerned istanbulis wake up or see clashes, they may choose to join the protest. no sign of that yet, but also no sign of a definitive lid on the unrest behind me. >> all right. nick paton walsh, stay safe. we appreciate your report. just in case you're wondering, the protesters want the prime minister of turkey to resign. they say he's imposing conservative islamic values on citizens and eroding individual rights. we'll take you back to turkey when we have more information to give you. also some breaking news out of richmond, virginia, back here at the united states at the richmond international airport. it has been evacuated now for a couple of hours. on the phone with us now is troy bell. he's the p.r. guy at the richmond international airport. troy, hello? >> good morning. >> tell me what's going on. >> the airport received a threatening call this morning. it was deemed to be serious enough to lead to a terminal evacuation. the call came in between 6:00
6:34 am
and 6:15 local time. the evacuation shortly thereafter. we are still in a state of evacuation, but the terminal sweeps have been complete. the parking decks are clear. at this point, we admitted airline workers and we hope to be able to open the facility to the public here very shortly. >> we found it kind of unusual that the entire airport would be evacuated, and so were the parking garages there. what kind of threat was this? >> just the nature of the threat. i won't go into specifics, but it was broad and included multiple facilities at r.a.c. >> so you think you're not going to find anything, right? >> i'm sorry, say again? >> you said you're allowing airport workers to go back inside the terminals, that probably means you don't expect to find anything? >> well, no. we've already completed the sweeps. we had e.o.d. technicians and
6:35 am
canine teams in the terminal building. they go through the public areas first. those were found to be clear. there were some additional sweeps looking at a baggage makeup area, but at this point, it is clear. we've been able to -- first thing is, the airline employees take their positions, then we'll soon be able to allow customers back into the facility. >> to our viewers, just ignore that banner, you're not looking at turkey, this is the richmond international airport. thanks for removing that. i would assume the investigation now returns on whoever called this threat in. is that an easy kind of investigation? i expect it isn't. >> well, there's multiple agencies involved with this. we, certainly, had a quick local response. fortunately, airport police and fire, virginia state police have been great partners. a lot of mutual aid folks got involved with that, but you can
6:36 am
certainly make assumptions that in terms of an investigation, it will involve both local, state, and federal authorities. >> all right, troy bell, i'll let you get back to work, thanks so much for informing us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. newsroom is back in a minute. with our "name your price" tool, people pick a price and we help them find a policy that works for them. huh? also... we've been working on something very special. [ minions gasp, chuckle ] ohhh! ohhh! one day the world... no, the universe will have the pricing power they deserve. mouhahaha! mouhahaha! mouhahaha!
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6:40 am
overreach back in 2000, and as a libertarian, he's not exactly in favor of the government interfering in our lives anyway. congressman bar joins me now, thanks for coming in. >> i wish it were a more pleasant topic, but it's good to be here. >> let's start with that, you said, i told you so, which says to me you're not really surprised by these revelations. >> not at all. even before the usa patriot act, there were signs we saw in a congress, at least a number of saw that the government was moving far too fast and far too quietly and under the table in the direction of massive databasing of americans' communications. it accelerated greatly after 9/11 with the patriot act and foreign intelligence surveillance act expansions, and voila, now we have absolute data mining, dragnet data mining, by the government. it's very troubling. >> the president said, though, americans aren't being targeted, it's foreigners overseas.
6:41 am
>> that's absolutely not true. americans are being targeted. americans in this country that have no connection with any illegal activity or terrorist. the president may be technically correct in the standpoint that a lot of the information that the government is gathering is not the phone call conversations themselves, but all sorts of data surrounding that call, which can be just as revealing as the conversation itself. >> so you sound a lot like edward snowden, the nsa leaker, so in your mind, should he be charged with a crime? >> that's not really the main question. that will take care of itself. the justice system will handle mr. snowden. the real question that the american people and the congress need to be focusing on is not did edward snowden violate the law, but did the u.s. government violate the law? that is the most troubling and much more important question for the american people and for the congress. >> so, would you consider snowden more of a whistle-blower? >> well, like i say, i think it's very, very important what
6:42 am
has happened since these revelations came out, at least the issue is before the american people and before the congress. if we don't do anything about it, if congress just sort of moves on to something else or focuses just on edward snowden, shame on us. this is a real opportunity to develop some real national policy on whether or not we want the government snooping on every man, woman, and child in this country that communicates electronically. >> on the other hand, you look at a bunch of polls available out there, and the majority of the american people aren't that upset about it. they said, you know, i don't have anything to hide, look at my phone records, i don't care. >> that's sort of the lindsey graham approach, gee, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. our government, our system of government, was not set up on that basis. our bill of rights protects us, whether or not we think we're doing anything wrong, it protects us against unreasonable searches and seizure, and by any measure, what the government is
6:43 am
doing is unreasonable. >> congressman barr, thank you so much for joining us this morning, we appreciate it. >> thank you. overdraft protection, you may have signed up for it to make sure transactions go through to protect you, but guess what, opting in for that protection could cost you money. you will never survive the running of the bulls...
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my name is sana. this is not a good place for kids. >> for me, it was an absolutely
6:46 am
breathtaking experience. i felt i was stepping back in history. something very medieval about it. the misery of life, the lack of water and sewage. education is really very low in the sense of priorities. in the case of sana, her father was such an inspiration. he said, don't be like me. i never stepped foot inside a school. you can. >> translator: i found out that my father was dying. i cried and i cried, and i told my mom, mom, don't cry. i will succeed with or without my father. >> in a place that is dark and ugly in so many ways, this child has such a great appreciation for words. >> translator: my poem would be like "i dream of being an engineer. i'm excited to grow. i will never let my dad down,
6:47 am
and i will never fall behind." >> she's currently enrolled in high school and on track to attend college. to learn more about the campaign behind the film "girl rising" and a fund for girls' education, go to "girl rising" premiers this sunday, june 16th, at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. [ female announcer ] think all pads are the same? don't.
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6:49 am
apple is coming out with a kill switch for its iphone and other mobile devices. the switch expected by this fall will allow you to go online and deactivate your phone if your phone is snatched. the move comes as police nationwide call for tech companies to find solutions to discourage smartphone thefts. we'll have much more on this story in the 10:00 a.m. eastern hour of newsroom. to opt in or not. if you're signed up for overdraft protection at your bank, you could be putting yourself at risk for increased
6:50 am
costs or having your account closed involuntarily. al wl alison kosik, i thought this was supposed to protect you. >> it never ends. what happened was the consumer financial protection burrow put together a report, this group was created in 2010 to be a voice for every day people. and what they found out is that checking account customers are racking up hundreds of dollars in overdraft fees each year. they total about $225 on average. and boonks have been required to automatically opt customers out of overdraft protection ups they voluntarily opt in. now, depending on the bank, about 10% to 40% of account holders currently have the protection. but the report found out consumers who opt in end up with more costs. the cfpb looked at heavy overcrafte eover cra
6:51 am
drafters before the rule was in place and it found out opting out reduced fees by more than $450 separately consumers who opt in are more likely to end up with involuntary closures. meaning the bank will shut down your account. since negative account balances are a big contributor to the bank shutting you down, that's one factor to consider. banks make a pretty penny, though, on these fees. overdraft fees generated about 32 bh$32 bhlillion in bank reve. is that totally unreasonable? we'll have to see. the cfpb says it's still deciding what its next step will be. >> so what do you do, just ask a lot of questions of your bank if decide to protect yourself? >> well, should you always ask a lot of questions. but based on this study, it seems to be you're better off opting out and just keeping track of your purchases. now, if you make huge purchases let's say if you pay a car payment and you you don't want that to bounce or you have to pay your rent, you may have to think twice about that.
6:52 am
but based on this study, it looks like opting out may save from you paying the hefty fees. >> i think should you keep your money under your mattress. just kidding. truly discouraging, though. you put your money in a savings account and you make no interest whatsoever. so why bother, right? >> it is very frustrating. but you have to also look at -- i know you don't like this, but the banks are dealing with low interest rates. hard for the banks to make money. so they're finding these loopholes -- >> they make money hand over fist. you just said $32 billion on overdraft fees. >> that's true, yes, but i'm just saying for the other side of it, if we're going to try to be fair and reasonable, the way the banks see it, which i don't agree with, the common public doesn't agree with, but this is their way of making up for the fact that interest rates are low, they're not making the kind of big bucks that they used to make. >> you're a nice person. that's -- >> trying to be fair. >> i know. thanks so much. tim tebow should be back on the practice field today with a
6:53 am
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6:56 am
it is tebow time in new england. the quarterback is the newest member of the new england patriots. it is official now. andy schultz has more in this morning's bleacher report. >> good morning. tim tebow is expected to be in uniform later this morning when the patriots hit the field for their first of their three day mini camp. you now, for a while there it looked like tebow wasn't going to find a new team this offseason. but patriots are apparently ready for tebow mania. tebow is signing with the team as a quarterback. we all know he won't be competing with tom braid ddy fo playing time, but he could be used in certain situations. bi tebow is reunited with josh mcdaniel. he's currently the offensive coordinator and head coach of the broken companincos when the tebow. bill belichick will speak in the next hour at a news conference and it looks like patriots
6:57 am
nation is ready pop check out the front page, it reads it's our tebow time, good god! >> looks like the sergio/tiger feud has been put to bed. they shook hands and met face to face since his fried chicken comment. u.s. open kicks off on thursday. tiger is part of an all-star opening threesome. things did not go well for chad johnson. he was about to have his plea deal for a domestic violence deal accepted, but when the judge told johnson he should thank his lawyer for his good work, johnson slapped him on the bh butt and the courtroom started laugh which go did not make the judge very happy. >> he's an excellent attorney. do you have any questions this
6:58 am
isn't a joke. everybody in the courtroom was laughing. i'm not accepting the plea. >> oh, man. if only he wouldn't have gave his lawyer that he wouldn't have to spend 30 days in jail. >> did he realize the judge was a woman and he was up on charges of domestic violence for hitting a woman? >> he kept looking around like stop laughing. >> yeah, i bet you. andy, thanks so much. the next hour of cnn news room after a break. [ sneezes ] you're probably muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. love the air. there's a new way to fighte it. litter box odor. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions. two trusted names, one amazing product.
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7:01 am
happening now, manhunt in honk congress. >> i know where he is generally. i'm not going to talk about where he is. >> the nsa leaker on the run and no on where to be found. and top secret he spy facility. the nsa's largest. is this where your information will be stored? also, tornados ravage maryland and kentucky, scorching heat out west. this is not your average spring. plus poisoned coffee. a doctor, her lover, and lasting damage. and hello john oliver. >> looks weird. it feels weird. it even sounds weird. it sounds weird to me and this is my actual voice. >> "the daily show" begins its summer without jon stewart. you're live in the cnn newsroom.
7:02 am
good morning. the now former employer of the nsa informant is speaking out and implying that edward snowden may have xnlg x.age rated a bit. booz allen just released a statement saying snowden was fired and he didn't makes a much money as he claims. christine romans begins our coverage. so tell us about these developments. >> booz allen says they fired snowden yesterday. booz allen is the massive major government contractor, $5 million or $6 million in revenue last year, almost all of that from government contracts. booz allen says in a statement about the leaked information, he can confirm edward snowden was an employee of the firm for less than three months, assigned to a team in hawaii, though den who
7:03 am
had a sal hery at a rate of $122,000 was terminated june 10th for violations of the firm's code of ethics and firm policy. snowden told the guardian that he made almost $200,000, that he lived in paradise as he said in hawaii with a girlfriend and that he left all of that trapping of luxury and success because he felt so strongly about what he said was spying by the american government that he wanted to change that. as you can imagine, we will be and authorities will be and all people following this story will be looking at every one of the claims he's made and tries to unpack who is edward snowden and what are his motives. at least from the statement from booz allen, $122,000 was his salary. he worked for them for only three months and they officially fired him yesterday. >> just fired him yesterday. so we don't know, he might have made up the money doing something else, we just don't know.
7:04 am
>> that's right. >> or key hahe could have been exaggerating. >> a lot we don't know about snowden. we know he checked out of the hotel in honk congreg kong wher been for some weeks, a hotel that is $400 u.s. a night, where he was hiding under the covers, typing on his computer because some of our roerts were talking to guardian reporters. he was worried that there were cameras in that room. so he lived sort of the life of subterfuge until he went public and now he has left that hotel. we don't know exactly where he is. wi don't know if charges are be prepared. we don't know what the next step for the u.s. government is or for edward snowden. earlier this week he had talked about maybe looking for -- word was he was looking for maybe a country that would grant him asylum. but again, we are still trying to understand the motives and more about what makes this guy tick. only three months he had worked there. he also told the guardian that he dropped out of high school,
7:05 am
that he had not completed his computer courses at a community college. so every one of these sort of angles of his background will be scrutinized. booz allen saying $122,000 was his salary and officially fired for violating their code of conduct yesterday. >> understandable. christine romans mentioned charges, possible charges levied against edward snow deny den. joe johns is covering that part of the story. he joins us there washington, d.c. >> there is an investigation. law enforcement expected to use their regular play book on this. law enforcement official tells cnn authorities are preparing charges in this case, but nothing is imminent as of yet. there is a briefing for house members scheduled on capitol hill today involving the fbi, intelligence community, even though authorities do not yet know the extent of this case how much more sensitive information from the national security
7:06 am
agency may have been leaked to a british newspaper. >> and as far as we know, joe, the government hasn't started sx take extradition proceedings and we don't have any american agents searching for this guy this hong kong? >> i don't think we have as far as we know extradition. there are fbi agents on the ground in hong kong and available to the authorities. so that could be happening. but you don't want to speculate. >> and i know you have a story for us, so let's roll it now. >> investigators are scouring the personal and professional al life of edward snowden to determine if anyone helped him gather sensitive document that's leaked to expose the agency's top secret surveillance
7:07 am
programs. snowden's last known whereabouts are traced to this hotel in congress congress, but he's no longer there. a reporter with the guardian said on monday he will not be the one to reveal his source's location. >> i know where he is generally. i'm not going to talk about where he is either in general or specifically. he's a source and i'm not going to disclose information about his whereabouts. he's perfectly capable of doing that himself if he wants to. >> and snowden sparked suspicion even before he revealed himself. investigators visited his honolulu home asking about his long disappearance from work. but they were too late. he and his girlfriend had cleared out. a new national survey shows that a majority of americans are okay with the government surveillance. 56% of respondents say they approve of the phone tracking program and even more 62% say they're willing to have their privacy intruded upon if it
7:08 am
prevents terrorism. >> the public needs to does whether the programs and policies are right or wrong. >> reporter: snowden could face felony charges under the espionage act. >> if you disclose classified information to unauthorized individual that could lead to the detriment of the united states, then i believe that carries a ten year penalty. >> reporter: and if charged, the next question is getting hong kong to extradite him. >> state department can immediately revoke his u.s. passport and then send certified copy of the revocation to the authorities in hong kong basically notifying them this individual is no longer traveling on a valid u.s. passport. >> there are calls on capitol hill for prosecution of the person who leaked information on the national security agency and we may not yet even know the extent of this. the journalist from the guardian
7:09 am
says more stories are on the way. >> joe johns reporting live from washington, d.c.. hang you. anti-government protests intensifying this morning against a key u.s. ally. just hours ago, riot police in turkey unleashed tear gas and water cannons on protesters in the capital city of istanbul. they're demanding the resignation of a prime minister and government that they say is growing ever more oppressive. nick paton walsh is in istanbul. have things calmed down? >> reporter: we have seen tear gas still pouring out. some of the barricades. police have made it clear through their actions they want to take taksim square back from
7:10 am
the protests. that's been relatively easy for the past few hours. the real fight they are facing is one of these side roads heading down to luxury hotels away from where i'm standing. that's where protests have erecterect ed bear raids. this has been nearly nine hours of slashes since the police moved in early in the morning.r. this has been nearly nine hours of slashes since the police moved in early in the morning. some protesters were pulled back as armor trucks and rocks, molotov cocktails, seem to result in one of the armored trucks actually catching flame that took 20 minutes to put that out. the question now as people begin to get word spreads and maybe the protesters in the last few weeks or so against the police being a ticks, do they join protest protestors, do the police manage to keep them from coming and realize some results.
7:11 am
or are we looking at an evening of continued clashes here. >> nick paton walsh reporting live this morning. back here at home, richmond international airport now reopened after being evacuated for nearly three hours this morning. the terminal and parking garages were cleared after an airport spokesman says a serious threat was phoned in. passengers were forced to wait outside or in their cars, but the richmond, virginia international airport now open for business again. an overhaul for apple as the tech giant gives its iphone and ipad a makeover. laurie segall is in new york with more. part of this i really like. >> absolutely. tim cook says this is the biggest change to ios since the introduction of the smartphone. but a lot of people wanted the bright sign any new toy. a lot of pressure during the conference for apple to continue to innovate. some say they delivered, some
7:12 am
say they didn't quite deliver. take a look. >> it's a great thrill that i announce ios 7. >> reporter: your iphone and ipad will soon look very different. >> now double click, move into notification center and just swipe between your runs applications. >> reporter: also baked in services like a flashlight automatically update, all on display at the am developers conference. >> match rick isan update to th system and much anticipated music streaming service. >> we call it itunes radio. >> reporter: long known for sure prices, apple doesn't have any in the key note. most were heavily anticipated. >> before steve jobs died, he put up a slide on the screen that said 2011, year of the copy cats. and he talked about how they're all just copying apple's
7:13 am
innovation. and it was true. but itunes radio is a pandora knockoff. apple is just copying it. >> reporter: steve jobs was known for his dramatic presentations. >> there is one more thing. >> reporter: a line that introduced many of apple's most famous inventions. so can apple continue to innovate? it's a question the company faces. the marketing chief previewed the long awaiting new mac pro. >> they're using steve jobs bravado to back up nonsteve jobs innovation. this is in-creditedbly expensive. is it innovative? within a vacuum of geeks, power user, designer, editors. the type of people that will spend a lot of money for a computer, not a product like the ipod, i foiphone other ipad. >> a lot of people waiting for
7:14 am
that one more thing. although a lot of developers are happy and say the updates are a long time coming. >> one of the new features that i like features this kill switch and it's designed to thwart apple pickers. >> absolutely. and if you've ever had your iphone stolen, which it has happened to me, it is not a good feeling, you've got about like two seconds before your iphone is completely wiped. so essentially to have a feature called the activation lock. if someone disables your find my iphone security part or if they completely wipe your phone, in order to reactivate it, this they have to type in n. your apple i.d. and password. will it work and hackers get through? maybe. but is it a step in the right direction? from someone like me who had my iphone completely taken away, would i have liked this back in the day. >> wouldi would have, too, becay tracker didn't work because they shut my phone off. but that solves that problem? >> it's a step.
7:15 am
if anything, it could reduce the value of iphones on the black market. can hackers get through it, possibly. we'll wait and see. but it's the kind of thing that this could help quite a bit. and if you look in major cities, they have to do something to counter the problem. >> i think they need the help much the phone companies, too. so we'll see. thanks so much. coming up next in the newsroom, america's spy agency now working on a gargantuan data farm that is so big it could hold 100 years worth of e-mail, texts and phone calls. also, a live look at the white house right now. we're expecting president obama to speak about immigration reform in just a few minutes. i turned 65 last week.
7:16 am
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7:18 am
as the feds chase down edward snowden, the nsa is putting the finishing touches on a complex in utah. according to npr, this thing is 1.5 million square feet of top secret space. what will it be used for?
7:19 am
they're calling it a data farm. here to talk about it, howard burkus. welcome. thanks for being with us. so 1.5 million square feet. what will go into all that space? >> well, 100,000 square feet is devoted to computers and computer servers. and the rest of the space will be used to maintain those computers to keep them from burning up. they will generate an enormous amount of heat, take 65 megawatts of power to you power those computers and servers. that's enough to power 65,000 homes. it if that was a city in utah, it would be utah's tenth largest city for that power consumption. >> so the next question is what those computers will be used for. what will they harvest? >> the nsa will only say that
7:20 am
those computers will be used to gather electronic data that relate to foreign intelligence. what we don't know of course based on what we've heard in the last week is whether there will be domestic e-mail, phone calls, text messages also gathered as part of that. i think we won't really know what's going to be going into the utah data center until we find out if we find out what nsa is gathering generally speaking. >> so once it gathers these e-mails and texts and phone calls, will they be stored at the data farm or will they be checked on and then fly away somewhere? >> what the nsa says is that the data farm will gather and store out of this electronic information and that analysts who are sitting at computers all around the world will be able to
7:21 am
connect via network connections to the utah data center and do the analysis there. they tell us that there won't be any analysts based here in utah, there that there will just be 100 or so technicians to keep the place humming. >> i would assume this is not the only data farm out there. >> it isn't, but it will be the biggest that nsa will have to date. nsa is also building as we speak another data farm outside its headquarters in fort meade, maryland. this facility is expected to handle what is referred to as five zetabytes of data. it's equivalent to 1.125 trillion dvds. this is an estimate from william benny, a technical director at nsa and has become a whistle blower. it's his sort of calculation.
7:22 am
nsa won't tell us how much data they will be able to handle there. that's classified information they say. >> i bet so. but you found out a lot howard, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. as the senate prepares to vote on the so-called gang of eight's bipartisan plan for immigration refor, president obama will weigh in from the white house at any moment now. the president will make remarks from the east room. you're looking at it right now. well be joined by representatives from labor unions, the chamber of commerce, san antonio mayor will be there among others. brianna keilar is also in there somewhere. so what's the president expected to say about immigration reform? >> reporter: he's expected to make an argument for it both when it comes to national security and when it comes to the economy. and this is a big day for president obama here at the white house and his administration. this issue comprehensive
7:23 am
immigration reform will be a defining issue of his second term about it not the defining issue. and it will be defined either as a failure if it doesn't get through congress or as a tremendous succession for president obama. so this is an event meant to highlight the issue as the senate does begin debate on this bill that has passed in bipartisan fashion. you'll be seeing president obama talking to really some different supporters here. you have some strange bedfell s bedfellows. democrats and republicans in the audience. but he'll be flanked by members of law enforcement, there will be business leaders here, labor, religious leaders as well as political leaders. and again, this happening simultaneously as the senate begins debate and faces a key test vote on this issue later today. the fate of this bill in the full senate is not secured. will this is something that will be taking weeks really as they
7:24 am
move through debate on the issue. but in recent days, there has been some momentum. kelly ayotte, republican senator from new hampshire with conservative credentials, pass put her weight behind the bill. that is certainly something the white house is appreciative of and pointing to as something that is moving this bill in the right direction. but even if this gets through the senate, there is a huge question mark when it comes to the house. and you have lot of republican leaders who want to see immigration reform passed. one of the big lessons for them of 2012 was that they stand to bhk politically irrelevant if it they don't move forward on this issue of comprehensive immigration reform. but in the house you still have a lot of republicans who are certainly not on board with anything that includes a path to citizenship as this bill does in the senate. >> also concerned about the
7:25 am
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call 1-888-xarelto or visit . a top cancer doctor is accused of trying to poison a colleague she was dating. she's accused of spiking her
7:28 am
lover's coffee. her victim did survive. here is more from ed latlavende. >> reporter: she's researching the most aggressive forms of the deadly disease of cancer in houston. she was featured in this susan g. komen oig foundation video highlighting a day in the life of a breast cancer doctor at one of the most respected cancer hospitals in the country. >> died when she was 35 when i was 10. so that was when i made the decision this is what i wanted to do. >> reporter: which makes the allegation swirling around her all the more stunning. police investigatorses say she tried to poison her lover, geor a cancer doctor, as well. george was behind these gates at the home of annamaria gonzalez. according to those records, she made him a cup of coffee, he started drinking it but told her
7:29 am
it tasted too sweet. she told him finish that first cup and that she'd put splenda in it and make another one. he drank both cups. 16 hours later, he was in the emergency room. he started losing balance, suffered slur speech and loss of motor skills. according to the court records, doctors found ethylene glycol in his system. a potentially deadly chemical used in antifreeze. but officials told investigators it's also a chemical commonly found in labs at the cancer center. the defense attorney says it could be a tough case to prove in court. >> what you always have to take a look at what the prosecutors will always take a look at in a case like this, the motive. why did somebody want to do it. and why good they with a don't do it in this way and rule out over environmental factors. it that's where the defense will always go. was there a motive, would somebody have done this, do they have the character so to speak to do this.
7:30 am
>> reporter: a lawyer for gonzalez says she's completely innocent and that these allegations are, quote, totally inconsistent with her personal and professional life. neighbors around her gated home say she's a quiet woman who kept to herself. george survived but suffered serious damage to his kidney, even even needing dialysis to repair the damage. and the doctor is out on bond and her attorney had also told us 245 they had had already several meetings with prosecutors here in houston and they're hoping that they will take a new look at this case. they say this is completely out of character. so it will be interesting to see how that continues to develop here in the weeks ahead. >> absolutely. ed lavendera reporting live for us this morning. thanks so much.
7:31 am
they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four words... scarecrow in the wind... a baboon... monkey? hot stew saturday!? ronny: hey jimmy, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? jimmy: happier than paul revere with a cell phone. ronny: why not? anncr: get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. don't take celebrex if you have bleeding in the stomach or intestine, or had an asthma attack, hives, other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. thanks so much for being with us. checking our top story, the u.s. now building a case against the man behind those intelligence leaks. former contractor edward snowden. and the british newspaper says it will soon reveal new details about the government program which may be monitoring your phone calls and e-mails.
7:34 am
snowden now in hiding. russia says it will consider an asylum request from him. nelson mandela remains in serious but stable condition as security has increased at the hospital where he's being treated. this is mandela's fourth day in intensive care. his ex-wife visited him on monday. his daughter has flown into be with him. tornadoes ripped through parts of maryland. of the region deals with severe rain and flooding. three mysterious deaths in the same hotel room. now the case has been solved. the deaths began last month at a north carolina hotel. >> reporter: they happened in the same second floor hotel room in the area right above the
7:35 am
pool. this hotel remains closed, but pli tell us carbon monoxide may be to blame. a frantic call for help. >> this is awful, please. >> so there are two people in the room at this time, is that right? >> at least two that we know of. it's a woman and young child. >> reporter: after 11-year-old jeffrey lee williams and his 49-year-old mother are found unresponsive inside a room here at this best western hotel in boone, north carolina. >> i'm not hanging up, ma'am. this just happened to us last month. so please come help us. >> reporter: when paramedics responded to the hotel saturday afternoon, jeffrey was dead. his mother barely alive. both were staying inside room 225. that's the same room where darrel and shirley jenkins, an elderly couple from washington state, were staying when they died on april 16th. >> it was really a shock to hear
7:36 am
that that room had been occupied again after what had happened to di darrel and shirley. >> reporter: their deaths remained a mystery until now. >> it was just within the past 24 hours that the toxicology reports have become available indicating that there was a lethal level of carbon monoxide. 60% in their blood level. >> reporter: elevated levels were found inside room 225 on saturday. investigators are still working for find out how the odorless gas got into the room. >> 225 is locate above a maintenance room and pool which contains a heater. so of course we suspect that that could be a source. but the officials will do a comprehensive investigation and look at all possible aspects.
7:37 am
>> reporter: an attorney for the hotel released a statement saying in part the health and safety of guests who stay at our hotel is our number one priority. we are cooperating fully with authorities. the attorney for the jenkins family is expressing dismay that this happened again. >> my clients are extremely upset that this had to happen again or was allowed to happen again. >> reporter: boone police chief says in north carolina, carbon monoxide detors are not required in hotels, but he's hoping the tragedy will help change that. >> did anyone stay in that room between when sven continues stayed and when this little boy who died stayed? >> reporter: police tell us at least one other couple did stay in room 225 in that time period. police reached out to that couple and they told them they were okay. >> all right. in just a hch-actually we'll take you look to take a look at the east room. as you can see, president obama
7:38 am
is now being introduced. he'll soon begin remarks on imgrai immigrai immigration reform. we'll stay because the president is beginning his speech. let's listen. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to the white house. it is a pleasure to have so many distinguished americans from so many different walks of life. we've got democrats and republican, labor and business lead ares up on stage, law enforcement and clergy. americans who don't see eye to eye on every issue in fact in some cases on just about any
7:39 am
issue but who are today standing united in support of the legislation that is front and center in congress this week. bipartisan bill to fix our broken immigration system. and i have to say please give another round of applause. it takes a lot of courage to share her story and hope that despite the risks, she could make a difference. but she's representative of so many dreamers out there who have worked so hard. and i've had a chance to meet so many of them who have been willing to give a face to the undocumented. and have inspired a movement across america. with each step they reminded us time and again what this debate
7:40 am
is all about. this is not an abstract debate. this is about incredible young people who understand themselves to be americans, who have done everything right, but have still being hampered in achieving their american dream. and they remind us that we're a nation of immigrants. throughout our history, the promise we found in those who come from every corner of the globe has always been is one of our greatest striefrng strength. it's kept our workforce vibrant and dynamic, it's helped build the greatest economic engine that the word has ever known. when i speak to other world leaders, one of the biggest advantages we have economically is our demographics. we're constantly replenishing ourselves with talent from all
7:41 am
across the globe. no other country can match that history. and what was true years ago is still true today. who is beeping over there? you're feeling kind of self-conscious, aren't you? that's okay. in recent year, one in four of america's new small business ev owners were immigrants. one in four high tech startups in america were founded by immigrants. 40% of fortune 500 companies were started by first or second generation america. think about that. almost half of the fortune 500 companies when they were started
7:42 am
were started by first or second generation immigrants. so immigration isn't just part of our national character. it is a driving force in our economy that creates jobs and process pair for all of our citizens. here is the thing. over the past two decades, our immigration system hasn't kept pace with changing times. and hasn't matched up with our most cherished values. right now our immigration system invites the best and brightest from all over the world to come and study at our top universities and then once they finish, once they've gotten the training they need to build a new invention or create a new business, our system too often tells them go back home. so that other countries can reap the benefits, the new industries. that's not smart. but that's the broken system we have today. right now our immigration system keeps families apart no years at
7:43 am
a time. even for folks who technically under the legal immigration system should be eligible to become citizen, but it is so long and so cumbersome, so btha families end up being separated for years. people were ready to give their all to earn their place in america and have straighted for years to join their loved ones here in the united states. it's not right. but that's the broken system we have today. >> we'll step away. as you can see, president obama pressing for immigration reform. a bill set to come up before the senate very soon. and of course it's a controversial bill because it includes an earned path on citizenship, something many lawmakers considered amnesty. if you want to continue to monitor this live press conference that president obama is holding, you can go to we're also monitoring another
7:44 am
press conference soon to begin in foxborough, and this has everything to do with the nfl, tim tebow and the nunk pay tpat. we're expecting an announcement that tim's bebow will become pa the patriots. sir... i'll get it together i promise... heeheehee. jimmy: ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? ronny: i'd say happier than the pillsbury doughboy on his way to a baking convention. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can help make this a great block party. ♪ [ male announcer ] advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function.
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let's take you back to foxborough. bill belichick is enthusiastically addressing reporters about the distinguish to his team, that would be tim tebow. can we go back there? >> -- our fourth week here of otas sla/mini camp. and i feel like the team has done a pretty good job -- >> i didn't mean for us to take his actual words. i think he said everything he'll say about tim tebow. andy sh andy schultz is here. we were monitoring his comments. what did he say? >> of course every reporter was all about tim tebow. and classic bill belichick fashion, he's like he's a good player. he'll help us. we're looking forward to it.
7:48 am
he's not going to expand on this. they asked him about what about the craziness that comes with tebow mania and he was just like, well, we've been in front of big crowds before. it won't phase us. so that's pretty much what you'll get from bill belichick. >> after all, they have had giselle in the owners box. let's go to the tape. >> rolling into our fourth week here of otas/mini camp. and i feel like the team has done a pretty good job. hopefully by the end of this week we'll be in decent position to go into training camp. we've been installing a lot of information on our schemes. had a chance to execute them. still a lot of work to do there. but i think for the most part we've gotten good corruption from everybody. good work on the field.
7:49 am
definitely better than we were a few weeks ago. we still have a long way to go. so keep taking it one day at a time. hopefully we finish up well will week and put things in place to start off a good training camp. >> what you can tell us about your decision to sign tim tebow? what is it about his personality or attitude that he can make -- >> anything we do is what we feel is this the best interests of the deal. tim is a talented player, smart and works hard. so we'll see how it goes. >> how much of a consideration was the attention that i'm sure you knew would come with signing tim tebow before making that decision? >> we do what's best for the team. >> how do you deal with a player coming in with all the fanfare and celebrity, do you have to
7:50 am
sit him down and talk to him about all the doings, is there any way you feel special when you get all this fuss? >> in all honesty, we've been through this before. we've ben in front of beggar crowds than this before. we'll just keep doing our job. try to get better as a football team individually and collectively. >> how do you plan to use him? >> in a position. we'll do what's best for our football team. so we'll see. >> is it possible he could be used on special team defense in addition to offense? >> we'll see. i don't know. >> what are some of the things you liked about tim and are evaluating him from last year and the rear before that? >> he's a talented guy, he's smart, works hard. we've all seen him play. he can do a lot of things. we've seen that.
7:51 am
>> specific to that position, though, do you have an idea of a 53 man roster? >> no. >> you can talk about your relationship with tim? have you known him a long time? obviously there are things about him that you like. >> i have a lot of respect for tim. >> you have a close relationship over a lot of years i understand? >> never coached him before. certainly close with a lot of the players i've coached through my career. >> there are people around the league who question his ability to play quarterback in the nfl. how do you feel about that? >> i think i've already said that. >> i've answered the question twice. he's a talented player who is smart and works hard. >> dove to discuss with him some of what comes with him, the way his training chasm was covered
7:52 am
last year and what goes on outside of football? >> we have a team full of players. everybody has a job to do and i'm certain he'll try to do the best he can. we'll all try to do the jobs the best we can. >> i know you try to eliminate distractions. are you worried this could cause a distraction? >> hopefully there will be more than that at the games on sunday. >> will you have any objection to tim kneeling down and operation after he makes a big play, tebowing as it's come to be known? >> i think we've already talked enough about him. we'll see how he does and go from there. >> do you care if he does that? that's what he's kind of known for. do you have any objection? >> i think i've covered it. anything else?
7:53 am
[ inaudible question ]. >> good, solid. . improved every year he's been here. done a good job. >> i know tim had a chance to work with vinnie testaverde. did that weigh into the decision at all? >> haven't talked with him in a couple years. >> is he the second quarterback or will he come in and competing for the spot? >> it right now everybody is out there trying to learn the assignments and we'll let the competition go in training camp like we usually do. >> how much askdoes a player ha to learn coming into mini camp to adapt to the system? >> i don't know. >> is it different with every -- like you say sometimes it's different -- >> we've been in three weeks of otas. so whatever that is, that's what it is. a week of training camp is a
7:54 am
week of training camp. a regular season game is a regular season game. it all adds up every day. you can do the math. i don't know. [ inaudible question ]. >> he'll do what he can do. >> how much have you stayed in touch with gronkowski over the last few weeks? any concern about his availability? >> all our players except one of them are here. so we see them all on a regular basis. [ inaudible question ]. >> we go through personnel on a daily basis and meet periodic will i from time to time all throughout the year, all 365 days basically. >> you had strong words in response to a report last week
7:55 am
saying you didn't like tim as a player. were you upset that something was being put out there on your behalf? >> i don't have anything to add. >> any conversation with urban meyer? >> no. whatever conversations i have with anybody is between myself and that person any way, so it's not -- i don't think that's anything that would be shared publicly. >> do you see it that he just needs a couple adjustments? >> we'll see how it goes. >> hoch was josh mcdaniel a part of the decision? >> i don't know. >> he drafted him.s a part of the decision?
7:56 am
>> i don't know. >> he drafted him. >> there are a lot of people in the decisions like there usually are. i couldn't put a percentage on it if that's what you're looking for. >> what was the general reaction? i know you don't want to talk about specific conversations, but general reaction from tebow's camp to get a call from you guys? >> you'd have to talk to them about that. i don't want to represent what somebody else said or thought. we'll step away. that's bill belichick telling us that tim tebow is indeed a member of the new england patriots. i'm starting to feel sorry for tim tebow. other football players joining a new team wouldn't be put through the ringer. he's not even there. >> one of the reasons tebow has had so much trouble finding a team. he didn't ask for this.
7:57 am
but just part of the deal. >> i like how his responses are almost entertaining. but when asked what position tebow would be playing, bill belichick said -- >> talenteded play, smart, works hard. he would not commit to say he's going to be a quarterback. so makes you think maybe they're bringing him in, some alternative positions to try like say a tight end. gronkowski is dealing with lots of surgeries. he's questionable to start the own. but we don't know if tim tebow can catch a ball because he's been resistant to a position change. >> i'm sure he'll try out for backup quarterback, right? gr that's where he wants to play. but you heard belichick talking when ryan mallard. so it's not like they're looking for a backup quarterback. so tebow has to prove himself that he can play the position. >> it is curious that the patriots wouldic about up tim tebow. just curious.
7:58 am
with a guy like bhelichick who isn't like to call attention to himself. >> looked like he was almost looking forward to that press conference and giving those three word answers and just can dismissing all the questions. so funny to see him in that role especially when everyone always wants to ask about tim tebow. >> i heard what you said about gronkowski, but do the patriots really need tim tebow? >> like i said, they have a backup quarterback. they don't need him. so someone in the organization must feel that they can use him and make him be successful on the field for them. >> we'll see what happens. andy, thank you so much. thank you for joining us. newsroom continues after a break.
7:59 am
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good morning. i'm ashleigh banfield and we have a very busy show ahead. the main news an always always our take on daytime justice. the trail goes cold on edward snowden. as the firestorm over his secrets that he exposed gets every hotter. the entire u.s. house in a closed door briefing today. and former u.s. attorney general alberto gonzales is in our house, he'll weigh in on what it all means to national security and your personal privacy. also an ex-cop accused