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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 14, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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bay. the latest from florida. then wildfires keep burning. almost 400 homes destroyed. a live report from colorado springs. angelina jlelie reacting on gene patenting. we begin with the ranling wildfire in colorado declared the most destructive. the black forest fire has now turned deadly. two people just trying to evacuate never made it out of their home. so far 379 homes have been destroyed but officials say they are making some progress thanks to improving weather conditions. the sheriff in el paso county had this message for the tens of thousands people affected by this fire. >> we're a resilient community and we will get through this.
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we will get this fire put out and that community is really the definition when we talk about the black forest community of really bringing to the true meaning of the world community. they will rebuild and recover. >> george howell is in colorado springs. george, set the scene for us, if you will. i imagine there are a lot of people who are very upset and lost their homes and trying to find shelter, places to live. what's taking place? >> reporter: what you have right now just a few minutes ago we had a news conference here with officials getting the latest information. you have residents that want to listen to the latest info. they want to know where is the fire and the situation. we have good news. you can see there's cloud cover overhead. that's good news. the winds are not too bad this morning. that's all very good as the firefighters do their best to contain it but again we know that more than 16,000 acres have been burned at this point. some 38,000 people have been
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evacuated from their homes. i want to bring in rich harvey now. you're the incident commander over all of this. i heard you use the term turning the corner. >> we hope we'll be able to turn the corner today. we're only at 5% containment in this fire. we had a good night last night. the firefighters are optimistic. if we continue to get some cloud cover, we'll continue to get a break from weather. we hope to move in a positive direction today. >> chance of thunderstorms tonight, is that good. you get rain or bad because of the lightning? >> thunderstorms can be good news, bad news. if it's wet, we'd like that. if we get the drier version, that will not be as good. we keep an eye on it. we have an eye mat that tracks the thunderstorms. we get the latest information.
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we'll take whatever they gave us. we hope for a little rain. >> rich one other question. tell our viewers about, give us some insight on the inside watching structures. how does it all work together? >> it's a team effort. it's not just our team and not just the firefighters but the law enforcement folks. it's the government folks. it's the citizens themselves. everybody is in this together and we all have the same goal to get this fire out safely, to get people back to their normal lives and just keep everybody moving forward. it is truly a collaborative effort. it takes all of us working together to make that stuff happen. >> thank you so much for your time. >> thank you, sir. >> reporter: again, it's a mix of city officials, county officials, military resources coming in to deal with this fire. at this point they are optimistic but keeping an eye on the weather, winds and things
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can shift. we wish them the best. on the east coast severe storms knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of folks. take a look oop these pictures in in georgia a tornado touchdown ripping hundreds of trees. here is what the skies look like. this was in washington, d.c. as the massive storms move through the mid-atlantic and the south. winds as high as 70 miles per hour knocked down power lines and trees. dramatic pictures there. falling tree killed a 4-year-old boy in richmond, virginia. his father injured. back here in the united states terrifying night for fans watching the nba final between the miami heat and san antonio spurs. a deck collapsed sends hundreds into the bay.
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>> i was maybe six feet from the deck when it collapsed. it's like a thousands people standing up at the same time. it was this roar of noise. by the time i turned around it was where there was once people, there was nothing. >> bartenders dove into the water to help people. dwyane wade expressed his concern. >> i want to share our concerns as the organization and our gratitude to our fans back in miami for their support. we share our concerns for all that was injured tonight. when the game started and he was guarding me. >> we have more from miami. >> reporter: just imagine one minute you're standing up and you're cheering for the home team and they just made a bucket
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and the next second in an instant the ground beneath you can gone. you can see exactly what it looks like with the full daylight. there's tables and chairs strewn everywhere. pots with palm trees turned on their sides. there's a cell phone in the water. there's pots and pans and dishes. imagine people up to 100 of them falling on top of each other. debris falling on them. all of that now fortunately over and the job is already begun of trying to figure out what happened. during the course of the morning there have already been inspectors on boats snapping photographs, taking a look at the support structures. trying to start the initial phase of figuring out what went wrong. people in the restaurant say that what happened initially happened instantaneously. >> we were sitting there enjoying the view and we heard people screaming.
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we didn't know where it was coming from. >> we were walking in to the back area and it was more of what we heard than what we saw. we heard a crack and it was seconds that the deck collapsed. >> reporter: a couple of things that helped this from being worse. within a mile of here is a rescue facility. emergency crews were here quickly on the scene. divers were here quickly. also, the water here is very shallow. in most places you can just about stand up right close to the edge where the dock is so that made the job for rescuers that much easier. >> the heat went onto beat the spurs and the series second two games a piece. the stage is set for the united states to get more involved in is civil war that's raging in syria.
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u.s. military could even arm some of the rebels. that's because the white house ai kuzs the syrian government of crossing a red line by using chemical weapons against the rebels. officials say as many as 150 people were killed with the nerve gas. a short time ago i asked if army rebel s the right thing to do. >> creating a zone that which is free of conflict is one option that's bng looked at and the question of arms is another issue. >> we'll have more on this including russia's response to the u.s. allegation about the use of chemical weapons. angelina jolie says she hopes the supreme court ruling on human genes will help women in the fight of breast cancer. she put the issue in the spotlight when she revealed she
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had undergone a double masec masectomy. a utah company claimed it has a patent on the genes but the high court disagreed. the justices rule that human genes cannot be patented but a synthetic version can. she said i hope this ruling will lead to more women at risk for breast cancer being able to get access to gene testing and to take control of their lives not just in the u.s. but around the world. whatever their means and whatever their background. new jersey governor chris christie invited to a conservative event but he passed that up. he is sharing the stage with a prominent democrat. we're not talking about president but close. a detective says this man admitted to killing more than 30 people across the country for money. a look at the bizarre case
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...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. claims, counter claims coming full force after the white house accuse syria of using chemical weapons. syria denies the allegations. candy crowley and anchor of her own show joining us. good to talk to you. you not only have syria rejecting the united states accusations but now russia is joining in. here is what russia's lower house said the data about bashar assad having chemical weapons
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has been fabricated and are lies. he writes that obama is following in the footsteps of george w. bush. how much pressure do you think the white house has to prove the allegations against syria that yes, they are using chemical weapons therefore we should get more involved? >> i don't think they will have to prove it to russia. russia is an ally for syria. they have sent military equipment and economic aid to syria. we understand where that is. you have as well that other allies have come to the same conclusion months earlier than president obama did. when the first indication came that chemical weapons had been used said i want to be sure and i want this studied. this latest from yesterday where the white house said yes they would be helping to arm syrian rebels because of the chemical weapons use came as a result of
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a couple months worth of studies to whether it's actually happening. i think russia is not going to change its mind but neither is the united states. >> do you think the obama administration has something to show or prove to the american people who seem not to have much of a stomach, if you will, for getting involved in another war? >> we've seen polls showing support for some kind of u.s. involvement. way short of troops on the ground. if chemical weapons were used but always when a president wants to take some kind of military move and right now this is not military action so much as saying we're going to help arm these specific groups of rebels but any time a president wants to make a major move, let's say he decides there should be a fly over and they must be discussing that sort of thing with allies or perhaps allies, folks in the region in
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conjunction with the u.s. want to take out airplanes, so suppose they want to do that. it's always incumbent to explain what the stakes are. i expect you will see that. >> i want to turn to immigration. t this is something former florida governor jeb bush said. i want you to listen to this. >> they love families. >> some people were looking at that wondering what did he mean there. is he applying certain things. what was that about? >> well, the totality of the statement was the argument for
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immigration reform and for embracing immigration reform. he noted a couple of statisticals that have happened and that is that hispanic population is growing more rapidly. the hispanic population is responsible for most of the growth. the white population is getting older. the use of the world fertility. we think of whether or not you're able to have children, to conceive children. f fertility rate is better or birthrate is higher among hispanics. the facts were right the wording was pretty clumsy. >> thank you so much. it's good to see you.
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we'll be watching this weekend. state of the union airing this sunday at 9:00 a.m. and this week candy will talk with representatives mike rogers. thank you. he took some heat for saying positive things about president obama. today new jersey governor chris christy is hanging out with bill clinton. he's speaking at a forum sponsored by the clinton global initiative. his speech comes day after hillary clinton spoke at her husband's forum. all this adding to political intrigue surrounding 2016. clinton and christie are considered possible contenders. now this. a town torn. children lost. parents who are continuing to fight. the shooting at sandy hook elementary school was six months ago today. we'll have the latest from
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newtown, up next. machine .
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since the massacre at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. some of the victims families teamed up with gun control advocates to honor the children and staff members killed that day. >> i ask everyone here today if they can join with me in 26 seconds of silence to remember the 26 that have fallen. >> church bells rang out this morning at 9:30, the time of attack and candles were lit in their memory. poppy is in newtown. tell us about the group organizing this day of action. what did it entail? >> reporter: it's going on right behind me. it's going to go on all day. they are kicking off a 25-state bus tour. it's going to last 100 days pushing for stricter gun control on a federal level. something we saw fail in the senate back in april. they started off with that
10:23 am
moment of silence at 9:30 this morning. they have been reading the names of not just the newtown victims but all those died from gun violence in the last six month since december 14th. today i've gotten a chance to speak to a lot of family members here. parents who lost their children, i spoke to the sisters of vickie soto, that teacher that was killed. i spoke to the father of that substitute teacher that was gunned down at sandy hook elementary. here is what he told me. >> what do you think lauren would want you to be doing now? >> lauren never imagined this would happen so i'm not sure what she would think. i think she would be proud of me of keeping her name alive and doing something to prevent it in the future because i can't
10:24 am
imagine how horrible it was when she faced that gunman and having those kids around her. it was just like unbelievable. >> reporter: he is one of many in this town who are pushing for stronger federal gun legislation. he has been in washington along with other parents as recently as yesterday meeting with the president, meeting with members of congress advocating this cause. i did reach out to the nra to see if they had any statement in reaction to this event. i've not heard back from them. it comes from the national shooting sports foundation which is based right here in newtown. they wrote newtown is a small community and six months after the terrible tragedy we are no less affected by the profound sadness of the families and the first responders who are involved. our hearts go out to them. it would be inappropriate for us to comment or to participate at
10:25 am
media requests made in connection with friday's events. >> thank you. appreciate it. debates over gun control is good for at least one large american company. not surprisingly smith and wesson. record sales of handgun and ammunition. in just one year they say sales are up 43%. the gun industry as a whole is benefitting from this record high demand mostly from folks who are afraid that any new laws will put limits on them owning a gun. remember this? >> oh. >> it was a smack heard around the world making rupert murdock's third wife famous. how this partnership is coming to an end. whitey bulger charged with committing more than a dozen
10:26 am
murders decades ago. one actor wants a front seat at his trial. ♪
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firefighters battling a huge wildfire. this is out of colorado. they say they have gained tremendous ground identifying hot spots and saving homes. look at these picture, unbelievable. it's still very much an uphill battle. so far only 5% of the black forest fire is contained. 379 homes have been burned down opinion almost 16,000 acres have been scorched. two people now found dead in their home yesterday. officials believe they were preparing to evacuate when they just couldn't make it out in time. hazardous material crews are searching what's left of a chemical plant in southern louisiana. this is an explosion and fire. it killed one person and injured 75. the fire is now out. investigators still don't know what actually caused that
10:30 am
explosion. everyone within two miles of the plant was told to stay inside for their safety. a suspect in a double murder back in 2006 makes a startling confession. authorities say this man claims he killed more than 30 people across the country. he says because it was his job. we take a look at this alleged hired killer. >> reporter: their bodies were left in the backseat of a pickup truck on a rural stretch of road in central florida. shell casing scattered around. they had been shot to death. for more than half a dozen years the 2006 killings had gone unsolved. >> it was a cold case. >> no leads? >> no leads until we started going back through the case. >> reporter: there was a year and a half ago when marion county detective began taking a fresh look at the evidence.
10:31 am
a cigarette butt a with the gotcha moment. >> it was inside a mountain due can. >> reporter: the cigarette was linked to this man. he caught up with him in an alabama jail where he was awaiting trail for a murder there. he had been captured in arizona crossing the border in to the u.s. from mexico. >> reporter: detective watts said he told him he killed more than 30 people since he was 16 years old. why? it was, he told watts, his job. >> that's how he fed his family. it's how he explained it. if he didn't do the job, someone else would do it. >> reporter: he was a debt cler collector for the mexican drug cartel. he would pocket 25% from the dealers and he killed them.
10:32 am
he made $210,000 just from the florida hits. >> throughout my career i've never sat across from a guy like martinez. he's definitely a coldhearted killer. >> reporter: he was just his friend and may have tragically been at the wrong place in the wrong time. besides the florida killings, authorities have linked him to at least 11 killings in california, one in alabama and possibly one in chicago. there may be more. according to watts, martinez is still talking. >> we're going to continue to follow that story. jurors in the george zimmerman trial will be sequestered. the trial is expected to last two to four weeks. that's the latest word from the judge and attorneys. so far 25 potential jurors have
10:33 am
been question eed vi ee eed ind. ten are minors. the murder trial of james whitey bulger started. some people might want to get seats for other than person reasons. he's charged with 19 murders dating back to the years he ran the irish mob in boston. reporters covering the trial say that robert duvall has been requests a seat in the courtroom. we are guessing he wants to watch the judge for research because he's making a movie called the judge and it's being shot in boston. billionaire is splitting up from his wife. we have a look at the power couple. >> reporter: the marriage was a
10:34 am
partnership in every way in the word. he's one of richest men in the world. she age 44, nearly half his age, a glamourous third wife with a taste for fashion and high powered friend. this is what made her internationally famous. 2011, snacking a protester who tried to throw a shaving scream pie at her husband as the media tycoon testified about his newspaper's practice of phone hacking. the video went viral earning her the nickname tiger wife. now they are divorced. first reported by is front page news. this is them in happier times talking to our piers morgan at this year's academy awards. >> how do you feel about cnn going so well against fox at the moment? >> i think we're okay. >> reporter: they met in 1997 at a party in hong kong where the
10:35 am
yale educated wendy worked at murdoch properties star tv. they have two young daughters and all the benefits that come with being super rich. no word on what wendy could walk away with but he's worth $11.2 billion paid his last week $1.7 billion in what was billed as the most expensive divorce settlement in history. >> good to see you. what more do we know about this? >> those who know them well say wendy was a huge influence on her husband everything from his friend to his politics and even down to what he wore. those friends say they believe he genuinely loved his wife and to quote, everyone is now wondering what went wrong. as you can imagine with a story like this rumors are flying of
10:36 am
infidelity but at this point nothing and i mean nothing is confirmed. >> okay. thank you. appreciate it. 11-year-old boy sings the national anthem at the nba finals. some criticized him online for his outfit. he defended his mexican american heritage and has something to celebrate.
10:37 am
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10:39 am
♪ and the home of the brave [ applause ] >> i love this kid. this is is 11-year-old sebas sebastian. he brought down the house again. this was an encore performance after he became the target of
10:40 am
racist taunts. we have the story. >> please help me give a great welcome. >> reporter: after being introduced by san antonio mayor ahead of the game 4 on thursday, sebastian did what he does best. ♪ oh, say can you see >> reporter: it's rare that the same performer sings the national anthem in back to back playoff games. the spurs didn't hesitate tengsdsing another invitation. >> when they told me i was going to be doing the national anthem and my father told me i was like yes, another chance to show san antonio what i have to give them. >> reporter: his appearance saw him targeted with taunts not from the crowd but on social media. why they got a mexican kid singing the national anthem. how are you singing the national anthem looking like an illegal
10:41 am
immigrant? who let this illegal alien sing our national anthem? a popular social media blog highlighted more than two dozen other hateful tweets. he was born in san antonio was not going to let the negativity get him down. >> it's what i love. i'm just proud to be a mariachi singer. it's their opinion. if they don't like it that's they're problem but i love it. ♪ and the home of the brave >> reporter: it was an encore that brought down the house followed by handshakes from the two head coaches. all this for a young man who
10:42 am
sent out his own tweet telling the world i'm an american, living the american dream. >> good for him. i love that kid. how celebrity obsessed teens stole bring from the rich and famous. now they are getting a lilt l of the fame they wanted. their hollywood crime spree is now on the big screen. >> i was just really upset and mad that these kids had done this to me. what they did was so wrong. [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him,
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remember this? a group of teens made headlines for stealing from celebrities including paris hilton. they stroole jewelry, clothes a beauty products just to become close to fame. if you sum it up, it's obsession. that's what one director calls it. we have a look at the new movie about what hollywood what has experiencing a crime spree. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: paris hilton's expensive closet raided in a movie version of real life crimes. for nearly a year a group of southern california celebrity obsessed teens targeted the hollywood home offense their favorite stars and stole more than $3 million worth of cash, clothes, jewelry, art and even
10:46 am
underwear. >> i think we wanted to be part of the lifestyle. >> reporter: this stolen lifestyle story has been made into a film. it's based on the hollywood crime spree that took place in 2008 and 2009. >> it seemed out of hand compared to the things when we were a kid. our obsession with this pop culture. >> reporter: that pop culture was the powerful motivation for their theft. >> they wanted to wear the things the celebrities were wearing. they wanted to be in the homes that the celebrities were in. it made them feel like they would have a chance to become famous if they were connected to that famous stuff. >> reporter: the teens used social media to track the celebrities. >> i was really upset and mad that these kids had done this to
10:47 am
me and felt so violated. what they the did was so wrong. watching it was just very bizarre to know that was real life. >> reporter: in real life the bring ring's crimes caught up with them, sort of. four defendants served brief jail sentences and the others were placed on probation. will the bling ring movie give them the spotlight they were craving all along? the film maker hopes not. >> i wanted to make it seductive enough to that you understood how they get into this world and you don't want to be encouraging. >> reporter: a look at extreme celebrity obsession. >> really. what did lindsay say? coming up, young people giving up plastic. why more people under 30 are saying no to credit cards. i wonder if the person charged this. this is pair of seven by noon parking spaces going up for
10:48 am
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a recent survey showed almost half of americans have more credit card debt than emergency savings. they may be one reason a lot of young people are choosing to pay cash instead of credit. here's christine romans. >> hi, suzanne. the other under 30 crowd is is tiching credit cards.
10:51 am
the new report from fico shows among 18 to 29-year-olds 16% of them don't have a credit card. that has doubled since the recession. young people are dealing with high unemployment and student loans. they're also delaying big purchases like cars and homes. another factor, the emergence of prepaid cards, the cards that require you to have the money first before you spend it. also the card act of 2010 passed by congress requires anyone under the age of 21 to have a co-signer on a credit card if they don't earn enough money to make full payments. the pullback means credit scores for 18 to 29-year-olds is improving. credit scores for the 60 and older crowd have gotten worse thanks to still high levels of auto and mortgage debt. suzan suzanne? >>. check this out. the most hard to get real estate in the city of boston. you might find this surprising. take a look at this. pretty nice. this is what more than half a million dollars looks like for somebody desperate for parking
10:52 am
spaces. this is in the wealthy back bay neighborhood of boston. two side by side spaces went up for auction yesterday. the auctioneer called them the prettiest parking spaces he'd ever seen. the winning bid, $560,000. pretty incredible stuff. programming note. watch out for this. in three days cnn's all new morning show debuts. chris cuomo, kate bolduan, michaela carrera going to host "new day." monday morning at 6:00 eastern.
10:53 am
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10:55 am
as you might have heard, it is a new day on cnn. we like to introduce you to our team for our new morning show starting early monday. ♪ >> all right. we got all three of them on the set. >> i need to get a new suit. >> great to see you guys. michaela perera, kate bolduan, chris cuomo all there on the set there. the new day. you guys have a hot promo there. i wake up singing that song now. i can't get it out of my head. >> sorry about that. >> no, no. i love it. it's got flavor and everything. i want our audience, of course, to get to know you all.
10:56 am
of course, i know kate very well. i want to start off with you, michaela. bringing flavor from the west coast. been in l.a. for nine years. excellent journalist. something people don't know about you. you love to snow board and work with teens who are at risk. tell us about some of your passions. >> it's interesting growing up in canada, i'm adopted. you guys have i know heard this story. suzanne and our viewers that are listening, i'm adopted so i've always been a huge advocate for kids that are sort of the forgotten kids. that's something i've used to spent my time. the little time i have when i'm not doing the news. when i can i hit the mountains. head to the mountains to do a little snowboarding. before the knees got bad. >> while she's transitioning into her life in new york she can transfer the passion for helping needy kids on to my kids. who are also very needy. >> chris, tell us about your kids. tell us about your family. tell us about your kids a little bit. you have an hour. >> best part of me. best part of me. three kids, my wife and i have. 10-year-old bella.
10:57 am
7-year-old mario. 3-year-old catalina who we call chacha. >> they're up earlier than you are. getting you out of bed. >> no. i'm going to be getting up early. probably about 5:45. come in red hot. wear the same suit every day. >> i'll be like, we're starting the show? >> kate's in training. she's been waking up at 2:30 every morning with nothing to do from then until we rehearse. >> spring training. that's what we do. >> spring training. i saw the clips of you guys repelling down a building, of course. kate, you know, i know you very well. you've covered the hill many years. you're with wolf blitzer in the sit room. this is another gig for you. really amazing. tell us a little bit about you and chris here. i know you've got now a tv husband to deal with. i know what that's like. i've got michael holmes on my hands. >> exactly. very much a similar partnership. i wouldn't call him my tv
10:58 am
husband. the brother i never had and sometimes i don't want him now. >> keep going. >> no, it's been fwragreat. we've had a lot of time to get to know each other, all three of us off camera, before we were pushed on the set together. which really helped. we know each other really, really well before we see the red light turn on. it's been amazing transition from washington to new york. we are very excited to not be talking about it anymore and -- >> finally get to do it. >> do the news and get the show on the road. >> can you give us -- >> rehearsing live tv is really hard to do. >> a tease of the show? >> yeah. give us a little tease. a little flavor of what we might see. >> you're seeing more of the set than we've shown anyone, suzanne. that's for you and all our viewers. there is going to be a lot of news. we have three hours in the morning. we're going to pack a lot in. we'll start with big stories, obviously. we're going to have a lot of international news in our show as well. a little bit for everybody. kind of a broad, wide range,
10:59 am
wide variety of news. going to pack a lot of it in. with these three wilting flowers of no personality, you'll have a lot of us as well. >> she called us wilting flowers. >> suzanne, i saw on the reaction shot you were startled wi by we have a lot of international news. >> i did that shift when i was covering the white house many years. >> i saw her face. she was like international news? does that mean i'm going? >> you know it's not pretty in the morning for me. >> you're always pretty, suzanne. >> i toent believe that for a second. >> one of the big gets you guys had, michaela, chelsea clinton. >> had a great conversation. we flew to chicago yesterday. had to compete against mother nature trying to get into chicago which was a challenge. we did have a wonderful sit-down with this woman who has a lot of passion, a lot of drive. we've really watched her grow up. it's been interesting to see now that she's 33, married, what she is kind of thinking about for
11:00 am
her own future. we talked a little bit about that. talked about the work the foundation is is doing as well. >> we're actually going to see a little bit more of that in about 30 minutes or so. great to see all you guys. i'm going to be watching. of course i'll be up. i'll be watching. a little international news as well. we've got to hand it over to brooke. brooke. good luck. -- captions by vitac -- the pain of memories. you're about to hear from parents who lost children six months ago today in newtown, connecticut. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. in santa monica, the shooter dressed in black and armed for war left behind a note before his deadly rampage. >> don't turn the camera on me, okay? >> a charity to help kids with cancer gets millions. but gives little to kids. this special cnn investigation will make you furious. >> hi, can you stop for