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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 14, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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and as always i like to preet. have a wonderful weekend. i'm brooke baldwin and john berman in for jake tapper. what goes beyond the line as the syria is drawing deeper into the civil war, but accused of lying about giving them backing by the assad regime. there on the ground, it is already called the worst wildfire in colorado history, and crews have a tiny fraction contained so how much more damage will it do? and the politics lead. hillary clinton appearing at the same event in which her husband is sharing the stage with one of her potential 2016 rifvals shoud
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they both decide to run, of they both decide to run, of course. -- captions by vitac -- i'm john berman in, and for the first time ever, jake tapper is off today. meanwhile, we begin with the world lead and the steep escalation in the american role in the syrian conflict. we're in, sort of. the u.s. government is now ready to give military support to the rebels who are battiling the regime of al assad. there is proof that he did in fact use chemical weapons against a small force. >> we are aware that any use of chemical weapons would have been by the regime. >> specifically talking about sarin nerve gas which is one of the inventions that you wish that mankind could un-invent.
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according to the white house 100 to 150 people have died from chemical attacks in syria which to be frank is 0.001% of the people who have died since the civil war began two years ago. so many people dying regardless of the method, but chemical weapons is where president obama drew the red line last august, and the regime denies using them and saying that washington gave quote a statement full of lies and accuses the obama adm administration of flagrant tricks to justify arming the opposition. new today, white house says it is a lot more difficult and a lot more expensive to set up a no-fly zone over syria than it was in libya in 2011, but the white house did not rule it out completely. ban ki-moon, the secretary-general of the united nations said that arming either side in the conflict quote would not be helpful. many of the rebels are al qaeda sympathizers and the shiite militant group that the state
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department classifies as a terrorist organization, and clearly the danger of arms falling into the wrong hands is evident. so whether you agree with arming the rebels this fact is inescapable and as we said, people are dying inside of syria every single day. cnn has a crew right there on the ground, in the capital city damascus, and that is where we find our own fred pleitgen, and fred, the question is this, how are the syrian people and the government reacting to the new decision by the united states to give support to the military rebels? >> well, on the one hand you have mentioned that there is a lot of anger on the part of the syrian government coming out to say that what the united states was saying and the allegations were lies to try to supply the rebels with weapons, but clearly, they are also very, very worried about all of this, because of course they know that the united states would be the formidable force that could make a large difference on the ground here in syria. one of the interesting things that i did today was to walk around damascus and spoke to people there who support the
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government, and lot of them were really in the mode of disbelief. they said they never would believe that the government would ever use kchemical weapon, and they believe it is fabricated and done by the opposition if anyone used chemical weapons, and then that mode of defiance where people were saying if america wants to come here, and if america wants to help the rebels, let them do that, because we are ready to fight against america, but of course in everything that people say here, you do hear that worry, and that concern that if america were in fact to play a larger role in the conflict, it would mean a lot of trouble for the assad regime. >> the white house has made fairly clear, fred, that they are not talking about a no-fly zone, it is not on the table, and they are not ruling it out, but not something they are activity seeking right now, and seems like small weapons. a sense on the ground that these types of small weapons could turn the tide on behalf of the rebels? >> no, small amount of weapons would not turn the tide of the
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rebels. one thing here in syria is a lot of the small weapons and more tars and rpgs going around on both sides. the big thing would be a sophisticated anti-tank weapons for instance and also anti-aircraft weapons, because we do know that the assad army has a pretty formidable military. it has airplanes. it's got the heavy tanks, and of course, it also has hezbollah fighting in the ranks as well, and that seems to be what has been making the difference in the past couple of weeks, because the hezbollah fighters don't only provide manpower on the battlefield, but formidable in urban combat and that is what is going on. the other interesting thing that i have seen, john, because i have been going around to damascus here in the front lines of the city, because there are districts held by the rebels, and the syrian military was very, very confident that they have the upper hand, and i have never seen them speak to open to the western journalists as they spoke to me in the last couple of days, and we will see how they do it in this equation, but they have been confident and certainly america entering the
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scene would deal a large blow to that. >> fred pleitgens in damascus for us this morning or this afternoon which could be a different damascus tomorrow than it is today. one person who has been arguing for intervention since the civil war began is senator john mccain, and he may be finally getting the wish or at least part of it. the senator joins me now. senator mccain, the white house makes clear that the u.s. will start providing military assistance to the rebels, presumably that means weapon, so what weapons are you comfortable giving the rebels there, and are there any weapons that you are not comfortable giving them? >> i am -- i am comfortable with giving them whatever the weapons they need to defend themselves against the onslaught of russian weapons of the most sophisticated kind, iranian weapons and the kinds of unequal battlefield that we are in today, and i'm absolutely
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convinced that we need to have heavy weapons both anti-tank, and anti-air. finally, could i say that unless we take out bashar al assad's air assets and establish a safe zone, it is not going to change the favorable conditions on the battlefield for bashar al assad. >> and let me ask you frankly, are the rebels losing right now? >> absolutely. no doubt about it. i received a phone call from general edgeris a few nights ago that portrayed the situation, and that it is dire, and obviously, it has fallen and next is aleppo, and they are using assets to fly in men and equipment and surround the city and the bloodletting and the massacre goes on much to our shame. >> is this enough to turn the tide the weapons going in now? >> it will not. we have to establish a safe zone and move the patriot missile batteries close, and take out
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with the cruise missiles the air assets and the logistics on the ground and establish that safe zone. and then we can change the equation on the ground, not before. >> well, the safe zone, senator, does not appear to be happening, and the white house makes clear they don't and certainly not seeking a no-fly zone, so then why do this limited amount to begin with? >> well, i think that's a legitimate question. it may help prevent some of the slaugter that is going on, but as far as changing things dramt clishgs cli -- dramatically, i'm afraid it won't and what will succeed and what won't, but the consequences of doing nothing which have obviously been detriment detrimental to the united states national security interest over the last couple of years. >> one of the reasons for doing this now the white house says is because syria crossed the red line on chemical weapons and proof the white house says of proof of sarin gas.
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the politico has an article quoting an obama administration official saying that would we have made the determination that he would have crossed the red line? yes, probably, says the information source in politico. so was the fact here the sarin gas or the fact that the rebels were losing ground on the ground? >> well, it is more than coincidental that those two events coincided like the french and others had already concluded that he is using this sarin gas in small quantities, but, again, here's this is the red line, and we have alleged that killed between 100 and 150 people, and 93,000 have been massacred as we have stood by and watched and the casualty numbers continue to go up. it is disgraceful. >> you say it is more than coincidental that we are declaring the use of chemical weapons at the time that we are deciding to arm the rebels and are you suggesting that domestic
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politics are at play? >> no, but beginning to realize in the white house that their predictions that assad would fall, their present statement that assad must go, and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and then secretary defense testifying before congress that it is inevitable that bashar al assad will fall, and nobody believes that under the current conditions, and the effect of the middle east of a bashar al assad's success is incalculable and it is turning into a regional conflict and they are realizing that is a fact, and jordan and lebanon being destabilize and the effects of an assad victory on the view of k countries in the region about the power and influence of iran are incalculable. >> and there seems to be a lot of schisms within the rebel community there and different rebel groups -- >> that not true. >> you think they are united and you think that none of the weapons will end up in the hands of people who some people
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consider extremists? >> well, some of them might. and i think that is the risk that we take, but if we have a safe zone and move the opposition council in there and have them coordinate with the military and much easier get the weapons to the right people, and use it effectively. look, this is a mess. you and i have not even discussed the chemical weapons caches, but to do nothing is the worst of all options in my view. it is going to be very, very difficult and much more difficult than it would have been two years ago, and i'm not saying it is easy, but the status quo is the worst of all options. >> senator john mccain, thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me on. and coming up, didn't she say she wanted a break? hillary clinton outlines a very aggressive post secretary of state agenda which has people asking about a 2016 presidential run. you thought that the birthday
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welcome back to "the lead" everyone, and it is called the worst fire in colorado. the wildfire has destroyed 389 homes so far and killed two people in central part of the state. colorado is a tinderbox right now. 38,000 people have had to evacuate and some with moments' notice, and this wildfire has burned through 16,000 acres and at last check the firefighters said it was only 5% contained. just 5%. the politics lead. hillary clinton may not be talking 2016 in chicago this week, but then she doesn't have to, because she knows that we will. we can't help ourselves. why should we with a constant diet of crumb-like clues that
1:16 pm
keep falling. she is co-hosting the clinton conference initiative with her husband and today, she launched a new initiative that could go over with one highly coveted group of voters, and that is if she runs. we are live in chicago with more. hey, erin. >> hey, john, it is going to begin in a few minutes with governor chris christie in here, and he should be called the ultimate republican colleague, because he has been in washington for a republican cattle call, but we will see what could be a preview of 2016 on this stage. >> reporter: if you were putting together a fantasy team of 2016 presidential candidates, you'd probably pick from this week's lineup, and start right here in chicago. >> i'm pleased to be here to announce new commitments that
1:17 pm
have come out of cgi america. i am now able to share these responsibilities with bill and chelsea. >> reporter: private citizen hillary clinton has turned her agenda to a philanthropic agenda, and leaving here buzz ing that she is the odds' on favorite for democratic nomination three years from now. >> do you want to see her run for president in a few years? >> absolutely. if there is any woman who can do it, hillary is the woman. >> president clinton, thank you very much. >> reporter: the only democrat who got minor attention this week and could be in the 2016 mix is chicago mayor rahm emanuel, but he was a distant second fiddle to the main event, but the curious attraction at the democrat party in chicago, was the appearance of another potential 2016 hopeful, a republican. >> this e llection is not about
1:18 pm
playing politics, but about doing the right thing. >> you ain't lying, cc. >> reporter: fresh off of slow jamming the news with jimmy fallon, chris christie is set to take the stage with bill clinton the talk leadership and collaboration. it could easily be a preview of the next general election giving the political watchers a visual image now of political heavyweights pitted against each other sharing the stage. maybe a sly move by kris tchris but it may not have sat well with the con ser servatives who have to bear him. >> he is a moderate and that is why he has a bad rap with hanging out with obama. >> reporter: christie opted for that event other than a cattle call of likely presidential gop members going on in washington. rand paul, marco rubio and paul ryan all took turns addressing the party faithful. >> what the american people are
1:19 pm
seeing everyday as they turn on the tv screens and see the investigations, and they see this overreach, this is not what i bargained for. >> reporter: of course, paul ryan won't face off against president obama again. if the last two days are any indication, the next three years in politics are shaping up to be hillary clinton versus the republicans. now, for any of the other democrats, it is hard to get attention when every move that hillary clinton makes is news. a little earlier today, hillary clinton and chelsea clinton took this selfie photo backstage, and i can tell you that next year, the conference will be held in denver, the site of the 2014 convention. and get ready for some rocky
1:20 pm
mountain oysters. >> and i have been looking at the self-tweeted chelsea and hillary clinton for any signs they are running in 2016, and there is something in the smiles, but we will get back to you on that, erin mcpike. it means something. it has to. appreciate it. come up, they are revolutionaries and they are only young girls. we focus on young girls who are fighting for education. we will speak to the star of "slumdog millionaire" about her role in the new place. and will the reason behind a divorce make a reason in just how much wendi deng will get? for all those who sleep too hot or too cool,
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her breakout role was as a girl fighting to survive on the streets of mumbai in india in the 2008 smash hit "slumdog millionaire" but now freida pinto is using her celebrity to tell the stor ies of young wome across the globe. in the new cnn documentary "girl rising." look at this. >> i will read. i will studimey menstudy. i will learn. if they try to stop me, i will try harder. if they stop me, there will be other girls who rise up to take my place. i am changed. >> rita pinto joining us now, and this film, freida following nine girls in nine countries all struggling for education and empowerment, and the stories are told with the help of meryl
1:25 pm
streep, and salena gomez and cate blanchett, and tell us about the power of the film and how you got involved. >> well, i feel that a film like this reaches out to people from d different parts of the world, and especially people who we want to help as influencing decisions and policy-makers as well, using the celebrity voices, or voices of people who are in the industry, the entertainment industry making it all of the more powerf, and useful for filmmakers as well, because they have a reach, a fan following and a fan base, and we can appeal to them to make a change. we have been talking about a world where we see children very happy, but we can't really talk about it unless we actually do something about it. so i feel through the film, i have had the opportunity to do a little bit of what i could possibly do, and then go out there and continue advocacy, and which ever possible way i can. i am hoping that the film will
1:26 pm
go the other countries as well and not just the united states. i know it will have the release in england as well, and i'm hoping that it goes across the globe to india, and pakistan and afghanistan. >> and growing up in mumbai, it is a big and complicated city, but growing up there, you witnessed incredible poverty and you saw girls denied education and in some case forced to have children while they were still children themselves, and did that help to draw you into the project to help inspire your work as an activist. >> for me, the reason why i wanted to be part of this is quite simple. i had a lot of things that a lot of children did not. and i had a good education and a lot of children did not. and i just thought it was unfair, because when it was little all i was told is that education is like a basic necessity like food, clothing and shelter and water, and that was not the case. so my, the reason why i wanted to be part of the project is because it talks about all of
1:27 pm
the targeting of girls who are not in school and trying to bring them into school. so i think
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welcome back to the lead, everyone, i'm john berman. the money lead, and when you are insanely rich, heartbreak is expensive. the last time rupert murdoch got divorced it cost him $1.7 billion and now it is happening again and it could cost him even more. also in money news, happy birthday to you -- that's be $10,000, please. someone actually owns the right to that song that we all know by heart, so do you need a lawyer to e help you blow out the candles? and in politics news, what did jeb bush just say? the former governor of florida tries to express something nice about immigrants, but he might want to work on that phrasing.
1:32 pm
all right. the "money lead" deciding who gets the kids after a divorce is hard enough, but when you have to split up corporations, yachts, private jets and summer homes, too, well, things can get down right "war of the roses" ugly, and that is why there is so much speculation that the split between media mogul rupert murdoch and wendi deng could be bitter and end up to be one of the most expensive divorces in history. and we are joined by amy who has been covering this, and let's look at some of the reports of murdoch's reported assets. the $30 billion vineyards and the beverly hills villa, and the beijing mansion and two yachts and a corporate boeing 737 which is like more of the dishes and the dogs that most of us have. we understand that there is a prenup here, and is it possible
1:33 pm
that wendi deng could be entitled to the assets? >> well, we saw how ferocious she went after the protester in london, and so we can just imagine how she will go after negotiating what she will get in the divorce. >> murdoch split from the second wife, and reportedly cost him $1.7 billion, and any sense that this one could be more expensive? >> well, it depends how the prenup is structured and the shares in the company. as you know, their daughters together, grace and chloe, have equal shares but they don't have voting rights like the other four children, so they won't gain control in the company potentially after murdoch died. >> and the voting issues could be serious, and do you expect thom to be negotiated? >> well, that was an epic
1:34 pm
marital battle when rupert murdoch said on the "charlie rose show" that they would not have the same voting rights as the other children do, and whether they will revisit it, we will see. >> they had that fight when things were well. and what about the timing of this divorce, because a big split of murdoch's empire right here, and could their split affect the big corporate split? >> well, the company has assured nae the timing was coincidental and of course, everybody says that murdoch is readied for the two big splits, and the company is divided, and he is spending time with the new publishing company, and people say he is invigorated with this, and spending the time doing it, and could be that he is cleaning up his life right now. >> and amy, thank you is much. appreciate it. we hope it goes well for both of the murdochs. so you are have been probably singing "the happy birthday song" since you were a kid, but if you were doing it publicly, you could owe hundreds of thousands of copyright infringement fees. the song written more than 120
1:35 pm
years ago by mildred and patty mills, and the famous song writing duo, and since then the copyrights has been collecting millions of fees, but now there is a lawsuit that could change that. >> well, let's go ahead and sing -- ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: no, mr. president, don't do it! not another white house controversy, and not that song. wait, stop, not the kids, too. don't put them in this legal jeopar jeopardy. i know it is pretty much the most famous song in the english language and we have all sung it everyone from babes to bombshells and "happy birthday" indeed, mr. president. but if your happy birthday is too big and too public and you don't have permission, it could cost you $150,000. or $112,630 euros for those who
1:36 pm
once dared to sing to former pope benedict had they been charged and that is the cost of unauthorized using of those 16 words according to warner chapel music who claims they own the rights to "happy birthday." >> it is a case in which the previous owners of the song, the predecessors of warner chapel at some point didn't think to themselves that they were protected by the copyright, but then maybe they saw an opportunity. >> reporter: and now one documentary company is trying to challenge it filing a lawsuit thursday to have the song returned to the public domain. >> the arrangements are certainly under protection. but nobody plays those particular piano arrangement whence they perform "happy birthday" so it is not economically significant. >> warner chapel has the reasons for fighting and $2 million reasons in fact, and that is how much they make $2 million every year on that song. it is why so many tv shows and
1:37 pm
movies go to ridiculous ends not to sing the happy birthday even though they mean "happy birthday" to the three stooges. >> we get a birthday cake and if you get a tummy ache and moan and grown don't forget we tell you so. happy birthday. >> to "two broke girls" who would be more broke if they tried the version. ♪ happy birthday to you >> even mr. rogers -- >> "happy birthday ♪ ♪ happy birthday dear friend ♪ we sing to you >> and even mr. rogers, if it is not safe for him, can it be safe for any of us? ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you oh, nevermind. i can't afford it. on behalf of cnn i apologize for
1:38 pm
my sing iing and cnn has reache out to the music company warner chapelle, but a spokesman for the company declined to comment on the lawsuit. coming up, less singing, and it is first barack obama and now chris christie is hanging out with bill clinton and will the public displays of affection hurt the new jersey governor if he decides to run in 2016, and plus he loves hot pockets and his kids which technically makes him a fat dad and those are his words and not mine. comedian jim gaffegan opens up about life on stage and the inspiration behind his jokes. if there was a pill
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the "politics lead" and here is a question for you. where did jeb bush take his sex ed class? speaking to a group of religious conservatives this morning, jeb bush left a comment about the immigrants that left the crowd squeamish, listen. >> immigrants create far more businesses than native-born americans over the last 20 years. and immigrants are more ter tile and they have more families an intact families and they bring a younger population. >> all right. so more fertile, hmm. let's bring in the panel to talk about this. cnn contributor and democratic strategist maria cardona, and also reporter for politico, and i want to bring you in maria -- >> and immigrant. >> and when you heard that jeb bush said that immigrants are more fertile? >> well, i cringed, but i will give him a pass here, because i
1:43 pm
looked at what he said in context and actually the words are correct. if you look at webster's dictionary, the third definition of fertility is birthrate of a population, and that is what he meant. >> 87.7 births per 1,000 for immigrants compared to 57.7 births per 1,000 of women born in the united states. >> so what he said is correct, and the con text is that he was talking about the benefits of comprehensive immigration reform, and she is in the right place for that, and he was also talking about the benefits of what immigrants have done and will continue the do for the economic vitality of the country, but he should not have used those words. >> thank you. and nothing more comfortable to talk about between men but fertility, and terry, does this stick and one day and done? >> well, jeb bush said a good thing here, and leaving aside what you do with illegal immigration, because he is wrong on that, but right on the
1:44 pm
demographic facts, but right on the basic underlying economic point, more babies and more people are good. the cbo earlier in the year, when they were estimating future economic growth for the united states, they said it is lower than what it used to be, because the baby boom generation is retiring and fewer young people are coming into the workforce and if you look at the history of the human race, there are more human beings than 2,000 years ago, and people are better off materially than they were across the globe, because on net people create wealth. >> may all be true, but doesn't the word creep you out a little bit? what do you say manu? >> well, for jeb bush, he has had a clumsy roll out since he went out into the public domain and he came out with the immigration book earlier in the years, and the position seems to be backtracking for the support of the immigration overhaul, so it may raise questions of
1:45 pm
whether or not he is ready for the primetime and whether or not he is going to be able to make comments that could prove to be game-changing gaffes if he decides to run in 2016. >> you are talking about the rollout which is for 2016 which is an exciting topic for people who are in politics, which we all are, and so let's talk about it. chris christie is out in chicago with the clinton global infishtive and last i checked, bill and hillary clinton, democrats, and chris christie is republican. what is he doing there? >> well, if you are talking about the political positioning, and leaving aside mitt romney, the republican party will tend to nominate people from texas and kansas and california and from texas, michigan in the case of jerry ford, and it is very difficult for a northeastern to be nominated for president when the base is not conservative. i don't believe that chris christie can do it, but everybody remembers that mitt romney did a 180 on issues when
1:46 pm
he ran. >> and manu, if you see chris christie in chicago, what are you thinking? >> they are thinking what happened? right before the run-up to the november elections when christie was praising obama for the handling of hurricane sandy, and a that time it really gave momentum to the president, and hurt the romney campaign and a lot of the veterans and republicans will not forgive him for that, and so that is going to kind of bring back memories for that really critical moment in the campaign, and christie is going to have to deal with that should he decide to run. >> but remember, we may be focused on 2016, but christie is focused on getting re-elected first. because he has to be reelected before he is even going to run in 2016 and being seen with bill and hillary clinton and chelsea is good for a purple state. >> and that might be good for 2013, but not 2016. >> right. >> and thank you all to come in here to talk about fertility.
1:47 pm
>> thank you. moving on. one standup comedian has no problem poking fun at the waistline and his parenting skills. jim sup next to talk about both. and what is a working dad to do when the job interferes with the parental duties? if he is phil mickelson, and he has a jet, he finds a way to do both. what vent the golfer refused to miss during a major golf tournament, and how it is affecting his performance coming up next. the next american succes story. working for a company where over seventy-five percent of store management started as hourly associates. there's opportunity here. i can use walmart's education benefits to get a degree, maybe work in it, or be an engineer, helping walmart conserve energy. even today, when our store does well, i earn quarterly bonuses. when people look at me, i hope they see someone working their way up. vo: opportunity, that's the real walmart.
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now it is time for something that we like to call "the lead read" to bring you the books
1:51 pm
that your friends will be talking about in the summer barbeques and here is one that comes in time for father's day, and the book is called "dad is fat." it is written by standup comedian jim gaffegan and don't let it fool you to think that it is a weight loss program the leave you depressed, but it is a hilarious look at how his world was turned upside down by his five kids. jake tapper sat down with the comedian to find out more about what inspired him to share his parenting joys and nightmares with the masses. >> a lot of the comedy books -- >> reporter: the title of the book "dad is fat" is not a joke, he wrote, but an observation by his son jack. >> the first sentence that he wrote was "dad is fat." and then i put him up for adoption. >> and that is the first sen ten, because there is a picture of it in the book. >> and amazing handwriting and before the drip s and drab s o
1:52 pm
madman, but then it is dad is fat. that is the level of respect. i am sure that babies, you know, they headbutt you. >> boy babies. in my experience, because i have a 5-year-old girl and 3-year-old boy. >> no, you look at the difference between girls and boys, and this is just me asking for trouble, right. but you look at the behavior of a little boy, and you are amazed that there was ever a male president. like, they are like orangutans, right? >> reporter: he says he wrote the book to honor the five, yes, five kids and to let other dads know that he does not have a clue either. are you stopping at five? >> i don't know, because when you have four, people are like, wow, but when you have five, people are like, how about stopping? are you creating your own nationality? is there a country called gaffeganistan? what are you doing? well, you know, having kids and i think that you'd agree, it is all, you know, all of the successes in the end when we are
1:53 pm
about to die it is going to be, and come down to last thought, did we pull out being a dad? >> really? >> and i know it sounds corny, but that is the truth. i also believe that my children have made me a better man. you know, each, all five of them, an based on thd based on need 34 to be a good guy. >> reporter: the book is a new york times best seller, and although he loves the feedback, he finds the reviews confusing, especially some of the adjectives used to describe the comedy. >> i have seen in a couple of articles wistful. i i am like, wistful. i am like, what does wistful mean? so there is something about, you know, a braggitude to be a dad. maybe when they are teenagers i will say, i hate it, but i am a grateful. >> are you gearing up, because the daughter is 9, and the kids become teenagers now at 10.
1:54 pm
i don't know if you knew that. >> yes. >> so you have trouble ahead. >> yeah, it is, you know, my joke is always when people bring it up, well, it gets easier, right? but i don't know. i think that there's, you know, the whole calculation of being a parent is not design ed for victory. you know, the most you can hope for is maybe they will ignore you from 18 to 21 and come back at 21. but it's going to go back to it being selfless, and you have to hang in there, right? >> yeah. >> it is scary, and you know, them becoming teenagers, but i am glad that the teenagers are going to be nuns. >> they signed up already? >> well, it is cute how think they they are going to be a princess when i am like, you are going to be a nun. >> has your mother ever made anything as good as a mcdonald's fry? not even close. >> reporter: he is described as a family-friendly comic, because he does not curse, and it is a
1:55 pm
label that he tends to resist. >> i think that all comedians aspire to be known as funny, and so when there is family-friendly, there is, you know, people are not going to the theater shows simply because i'm not cursing and it is not like everyone is constantly cursing, and they are like, come over here, because this guy is not cursing. that is not the drawing point to my show. and also, you know, as a parent, you know that family-friendly means low-quality. i have to say that i don't know that my son jack's comedy is family-friendly, because there is a lot of pooh-pooh. >> well, there is a lot of potty humor, and we have gotten my son off of it, but when he is with the friends, it is all pooh jokes, but this is cnn. >> totally a family-friendly show here. "dad is fat" is available in stores and online, and very funny. coming up in the sports lead, it is the kind of thing that you would expect to see in the mini golf course, only no windmill,
1:56 pm
and we are talking about the bumper balls at the toughest golf tournament there is, and we will show it to you next. ♪
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1:59 pm
first ever u.s. open title, but maybe he locked up father of the year just in time for father's day. mickelson's daughter graduated eighth grade wednesday night in san diego, but phil had a crack of dawn early tee time in pennsylvania the next day, so what would he do? would he skip the graduation? no. he went. then he flew overnight from san diego to philadelphia, and got about an hour of sleep, and then teed off in one of the biggest tournaments of the year. the sleep deprivation did not show though, because he finished the round atop the leaderboard, and he is still leading through four holes today. good for phil. there was a moment at the u.s. open today that is destine tord the blooper tv. look at carl patterson who is about to hit the approach shot on the 5th hole when the ball hit him mid swing.
2:00 pm
brendan crick hit him, and he was allowed to return to play, and that is an icy glare. make sure to follow our show on twitter at theleadcnn, and that is all today. i'm john berman sitting in for jake tapper, and happy father's day, everyone. i turn you over to the able hands of jessica yellin in "the hands of jessica yellin in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- happening now, he has been slammed by republicans for praising president obama, and now chris christie skips a conservative gathering to take the stage with another top democrat, bill clinton. we will go there live. one moment they were cheering the miami heat at a waterside bar, but the next moment, this loaded dock collapsed throwing 100 people into the water. now we have new video of the terror and the chaos. and the white house says it will provide military support to syria's rebels. i've just learned some new details