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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 17, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> we'll tell you guys about it later. >> let us know online. go to our website. >> it's callq" >> get us on the twitter or the facebook. >> but, now, i think we should take a break. >> carol costello's show begins right now. see you tomorrow. happening now in the "newsroom." awkward. obama/putin sit down to talk syria, but this may be on the table, too. >> no one is listening to your telephone lines. >> but fresh from the náp leaker. american spies have top secret russian communications during the last summit. plus, homicide. colorado's black forest fire ruled a crime scene. ers lucky. >> that means nothing. that is what we bought insurance for. but it's the thngs that represent our family's heritage.
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and ring row. patriots' owner robert kraft versus vladimir putin. did putin steel his super bowl ring? putin says no and furthermore, he says, it's weird. and line drive to the head. is it time for pitchers to wear helmets? some say emphatically, no. >> we're going to look like a bunch of mechanical men going around. we're going to be placing men in there with all this equipment and we're going to look like star wars before it's all over. i think the game is the game and that's just what it is. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning, thp'k you so much for being with me, i'm carol costello. we begin with a cnn exclusive. president obama's approval ratings have dropped bigtime.
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president obama is down eight points from last month, yes. but the most troubling thing about this new poll for the obama administration is it's for the first time most americans do vu believe the president is honest and trustworthy. right now, president obama is in northern ireland meeting with leaders of the most powerful nations at the g-8 summit. on the agenda, syria.3 the united states will arm the rebels there after discovering the assad regime used chemical weapons on its citizen. russia is against that move. the president will sit down with russia's president this afternoon to talk about syria and that could be awkward. the funny thing happenq" on the way to the g-8 summit. shocking new revelations from edward snowden "the guardian" newspaper sites documents from snowden that say u.s. spies based in britain reportedly tapped into communications from russian officials during the g-20 summit in 2009. yes, u.s. spies spied allegedly
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on the russians. our white house correspondent jessica yellin is traveling with the president. good morning, jessica. >> good morning, carol. president obama and british prime minister cameron just wrapped up a local field trip. they went to visit local school children. but you know they're going to get down to serious business soon and among the topics, no d8doubt, how to handle allegatis of spying that appeared in "the guardian." so far both countries have refused comment on the report you mentioned, which claims spy agencies for the u.s. and the uk spied on foreign leaders, including the president of russia. the last time the british hosted one of these global summits in 2009. these allegations certain to add tension to the meeting between president obama and russian president putin which comes up just a few hours from now, carol. >> well, on a separate note. we ha+e to go back to the new
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cn cnn/orc poll that shows the president's approval rating dropping precipitously. perhaps for the president and the democrats overall is part of that drop is from young people. young people are leaving the democrats in droves, it seems. >> well, they're leaving their approval of the president has collapsed in the last month and it really is an astonishing cratering in the president's core base of support. not necessarily a move among parties, but for the president, a 17-point plunge among young people under the age of 30. a bunch of factors contributing to that, carol. among them, six in ten americans say they object to the way the president has handled surveillance. you know, online privacy matters a great deal to young peopl the president's approval on terrorismthough still high, took a 13-point hit in the last month. and, listen to this. if you point out the president's strong suit has long been that
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people consider him honest and ethical. but now the number who find himtrustworthy has fallen by eight points. txat since the irs controversy and the leak investigations hit. now down to 49%. not a lot of silver lining in this poll. >> jessica yellin reporting live for us. and the plummeting in the president's approval ruling catching the eye of eric cantor. in an interview on cnn's "new day" canter said the numbers reflect the impact of those recent scandals on the administration. >> certainly, i would think it's troubling for the president and the fact that half the american people now don't think that the president is trustworthy and honest. and what they're witnessing is a washington and a government that has abused its power. and, frankly, has lost focus on the issue that most americans care about, which is getting people back to work. and that's why we, as house republicans, are very focused on trying to restore the faith in
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government, as well as their faith in the economy. >> canter said he believes the recent hearings on capitol hill, many launched by his fellow republicans, will not only help gain clarity on controversies but prevent similar controversies in the future. big dad of big business and big government. according to apple, federal, state and local authorities made between 4,000 and 5,000 data requests about apple users in the last seven months alone. anchor of "your money."is the so, do we know how many of these were related to national security? >> no, we don't know exactly how many were related to national security. what companies say is they can only tell us all federal, state and local law enforcement is 4,000 to 5,000 requests covering accounts or devices. but what we do know, apple says most of these are related to typical police work. what do we mean by that? missing persons and looking for
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someone with alzheimer's and trying to prevent a suicide and mreesz crime investigations like cyberstalking and the like. that i what most of these requests are for. apple very clear that they don't always say yes to these requests if they have reason to doubt them. can't see, apple says. imessages is encrypted so is facetime, serial requests. those are in a format they can't turn over to enforcement. also location services. we heard from apple and facebook and a couple others. one by one they have been saying, look, we want to tell the public what kind of information we're sharing and how often we are. apple 10,000 accounts over the last seven months. facebook said in the second half of last year similar kinds of information for 19,000 accounts and for microsoft is 32,000. again, apple says we retrieve and deliver the narrowest set of information possible to the authorities. and you've been hearing from these companies, these tech companies and information companies.
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they want to tell people sort of what the extent is their interaction is with law enforcement because they want people to know that most of these tend to be the typical police investigation-type work. carol? >> ch)istine romans reporting live from new york this morning. colorado's black forest fire is now a crime scene w$en investigators find whoever started this fire, they will be charged with murder. the sheriff says the information has far expanded beyond my arson investigator. federal and state investigators will determine the cause jt the fire. cnn's george howell is live in colorado springs. good morning, george. >> carol, good morning. so, we're talking about some 15,000 acres scorched. 483 homes destrovq" and, as you mentioned, two people who died as a result of this fire. all being treated right now as a crime scene. now, you see back here, no smoke on the horizon, that is great nquáy the latest number that we got is that the fire is 65% contained. and, obviously, firefighters are
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still working on that. they're hoping to get more weather, more rain. as we saw over the weekend to with their fight. but, again, as you mentioned, we have several investigators who will start stepping in as fire suppression passes and they start looking at the cause of this fire. el paso county sheriff explained how they're doing it. let's listen to what he had to say. >> we have called in some extra experts and support from atf and the state. we've assembled, basically, a task force to really dive into this and use the latest technology to try to determine and pinpoint the point of origin, as well as collect any evidence that may be available. >> and, carol, the sheriff is very optimistic. he says they're getting much closer to narrowing down the point of origin. that's great news. but, again, right now, the focus is fire suppression. this fire is 65% contained and we are hoping and even expecting that number to rise, given that
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we got some rain yesterday. >> that's a good thing. george howell reporting live from colorado springs, colorado, this morning. d8league baseball to protect pitchers? fans are asking that very question after the tampa bay rays alex cobb was hit on the head by a vicious line drive on saturday. the second major league pitcher hit this season. cobb has been released from the hospital and he says he has a r here with re. the linexdrive was brutal to watch. hard to believe he just has a minor headache. >> people there in the stands said they heard that crack. you know, the thing you usually associate with a great home run crack of the bat, except that's not what this was. it was the crack of the baseball against alex cobb's skull. very disturbing. take a look. it is one of the most disturbing sights in baseball.
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a pitcher, defenseless. getting hit in the head by a ball traveling more than 100 miles per hour. alex cobb tweeted that he woke up with "only a minor headache." the day after being hit by a line drive. just last month happ had to be . removed on a stretcher. last year brandon mccarthy required emergency brain surgery. he's still struggling with seizures. >> you don't think about it while you're on the mound. but when you see it happen and when you see line drives and hard ground balls go up the miñdle, it definitely does cross your mind. yp>> reporter: it's not just mir leaguers. gunner sandburg was 16 years old when a line drive struck him in the head. áhey would now like to see the widespread use of protectivq pitcher's helmets like this protoo type. >> it will give everyone who wears it confidence out on the
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field. >> reporter: while major league baseball officials studied several possibilities, only such helmets only cover 40% of the pitcher's head. cobb was hit in the ear. anything more protectivq like a hockey goalie mask is too bulky for a player to wear and still pitch properly. >> whoever comes up with a solution for this is, they're never going to have to work again for their life and probably for generations of their family won't have to work. >> now, that young man that we showed, gunner sandburg. he was saying that, you know, he thought that these kind of helmetses would help kids like him. such life-saving surgery he had, doctors had to remove part of his skull, carol, to let his brain not swell so much. so, certainly an issue, not just for major leaguers, but for parents out there, too. >> major leaguers, though, they have -- tz me, they have a strangu)qp!out these protective helmets. i was at detroit tigers spring
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training and i talked about pitchers wearing the reinforced hats and i was surprised what jim leyland told me, at least. >> look like mechanical men going around. and we're going to look like àstar wars before it is all ove. i'm not for that. the game is the game and that's just what it is. >> he's just saying, that's the price you play as a major league baseball player. you're going to get hurt. things like this are going to happen. justin verlander told me he'd try a protective helmet, but if it missed up his pitching style, he wouldn't wear it. >> these guys don't want to do anything that will interfere with the way they play the game. i had a lot of pitchers tell me that they think it will take somebody dying on the field for players to want to wear this equipment and for major league baseball to put in rules to enforce wearing this kind of equipment. but, let's be honest, baseball has been slow to embrace these kind of protective measures, even in tragic circumstances.
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a batter died, a cleveland india's batter died on the field after being struck with a pitch back in 1920. it took until 1970, 50 years later, for major league baseball to require those batting helmets that we just take as a matter of a part of the game. it took 50 years after someone died to require that. change is slow to america's pastime but we have to see if it speeds up because it's getting extremely dangerous out there. >> you're not kidding. rachel nichols, thanks so much. just ahead, was the ring stolen? controversy surrounding the diamond encrusted super bowl ring. did vladimir putin really steal it? we'll tell you what the putin camp is saying about that, when we come back.
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17 minutes past the hour. time to check the top stories. london's metropolitan police are making inquiries to see if an investigation is necessary into allegations that the husband, the celebrity chef lawson put his hands around her throat and choked her. story first reported in the
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british tabloid and neither are commenting and áhe restaurant where this all allegedly took place said none of their employees saw a thing. cnn has not spoken to any witnesses and just a few minutes ago, we learne" lawson and her children, yes, they moved out of the family home. the "chicago tribune" reports seven are dead and 40 others injured in separate shootings in the city this past weekend. the youngest victim a 16-year-old boy was shot down by a gunman on a bicycle. so far this year, chicago homicides have dropped 34% compared to last year. in michigan, another search for jimmy hoffa who disappeared back in 1975. they are executing a warrant to begin digging in a field this after they received a tip from former mobster that hoffa's body
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was buried there. best buy has the extra room and microsoft wants to add its products. microsoft mini stores located inside several hundred best buys in the united states and canada. the mini stores will begin d8opening this month. the putin camp says it's it is weird. either way, the reason why russian president vladimir putin has a patriots' super bowl ring is confusing. he got the ring in 2005 following this meeting with the patriots' owner, robert kraft. now the president is making suggestions he stole the super bowl ring worth more than $225,000. john berman is live in new york with more on this confusing tale and it is weird. d8>> carol, it is totally weird but totally a real issue right ànow between the leader of russa and the owner jt the new england
6:20 am
patriots. president obama is set to sit down with vladimir putin in just a few hours. syria, nuclear proliferation, but, you know, there might not be an issue more contentious thansumer bowl jewelry. vladim vladimir putin, jewel thief? you decide. russian president was a kgb agent, marshal arts expert, goes topless and has intercontinental ballistic missiles. robert kraft has tom brady. so, it's pretty much a fair fight. a fight between a nuclear superpower an" football superpower over all things, jewelry. a brewing international incident ovq) a ring, a super bowl ring. >> i'm tremendously humbled by this great honor. >> reporter: at a gala in new york city last thursday kraft told the crowd that putin allegedly swiped his super bowl ring back in 2005 when they met
6:21 am
in st. petersburg. according to kraft, putin admired the ring encrusted with 124 diamonds and said, i can kill someone with this ring. kraft went on to explain, i put my hand out and he put it in his pocket and three kgb guys goá around him and walked out. putin, a thief? a spokesman for the president. "i was there when it happened. so what mr. kraft is saying now is weird. i was standing 20 sent meters away from him and mr. putin and saw and heard how mr. kraft gave this ring as a gift." lost in translation. literally, maybe he lost the ring because of translation or maybe bigger, global forces involved. "the new york post" which broke the story of kraft's comments on thursday quotes kraft as saying white house officials urged him to say the ring was a gift. in the interest of u.s. soviet
6:22 am
relations. and now, mr. kraft seemed to be babbli backing off a bit. the patriots releasing a statement "a humorous anecdotal story that robert retells for laughs. he loves that his ring is at the kremlin and, as he stated back in 2005, he continues to have great respect for russia and the leadership of president putin." >> the ring is in the kremlin's library where all official state gifts are kept. worth more than $2m00. you know what is nice for robert kraft, his patriots have won three super bowls. he has some other rings. i bet he is careful before he shows them off to any other world leaders. >> my favorite part, vladimir putin looked at the ring and said, i could kill with this. >> clearly, an interesting guy. that is the first thing he thought of, carol. >> interesting. interesting way of putting it. john berman, thanks so much. >> take care. still ahead in "the
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25 minutes past the hour. we want to check in now with our friend and anchor of "early start" zoraida sambolin. she had a double mastectomy after finding out she had breast cancer. she decided to go public after angelina jolie shared her sto)y with the world. she posted videos of a pretty uncomfortable post-op video. good morning, zoraida. >> good morning to you, carol. it was uncomfortable, but it was probably one of the best days i have had so far because i finally got those infamous drains out and i have to tell you, when you go through this procedure, that is probably one of the hardest parts is those drains that stay inside of you. they wrap around your breast and taking out all that extra flu would that you need out.
6:27 am
it's just, it's very, very uncomfortable. very courageous to show these pictures to people. that must be, i'm assuming that's your doctor. >> that is actually my plastic surgeon there. he's doing the reconstruction, also. so, you know, i actually think it's great. at first i was a little reluctant. from the very beginning, i had no idea how i was gor'g to share this, as you know. for me, a wonderful opportunity to help other women that are about to go through the same procedure and what i have for myself, selfishly, is that there are a lot of women who have gone me and giving me some really great advice. they told me the hardest part is going to be the drains. and they also remind me, they do that procedure without any an e
6:28 am
anesthes anesthesia. the first drain that came out. the drain on the right side, whi(r was the one bugging me. that was painless. but when he took the left one out, that was tough. >> oh, my goodness. i was reading some of the comments on your facebook page and, you're right, it is unbelievable how loving people have been and what great advice they're giving you and following your procedures all the way along and that has to make you feel fantastic. >> i tell you, it gives me a great deal of satisfaction and, you know, just makes me feel like this was the right decision. privately, there are some women that are about to go through this procedure, one, in particular, who went into the hospital today and to be able to help them and let them know, you know, what's ahead or at lst what my experience was and give them some sense of comfort has been really rewarding. it has been really good. across the board, it's been really good. >> you sound really good and we'll keep following your progress. zoraida, thank you so much for
6:29 am
taking the time. >> i always appreciate you check in, carol. i appreciate that. very kind of you. i'll talk to you soon. >> you're awesome thanks. a woman is fired from her job for being the victim of domestic violence. we'll have her story, next in the "newsroom." [ male announcer ] with wells fargo advisors envision planning process, it's easy to follow the progress you're making toward all your financial goals. a quick glance, and you can see if you're on track. when the conversation turns to knowing where you stand, turn to us. wells fargo advisors.
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might not get you off your couch, but there's not a creature on earth that can resist this.
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good morning, thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. stories we're watching right now at 32 minutes past the hour. new woeek on wall street where investors are feeling cautiously optimistic. alison kosik at new york stock exchafg. why the cautious optimism? >> not so much cautious. the dow up 100 points already. you're looking at stocks actually coming off another wild wqqi where there were lots of triple-digit moves fju the dow.
6:33 am
actually more down dpváháhan up. that could change this week if the investors like what the federal reserve has to say. the meeting begins tomorrow and this is a biggy because the central bank is expected to say to keep its stimulus program in place and also say it's easing up on the program meaning cutting back on the amount of money it's pumping into the financial system that could calm certainty back. until then, don't be surprised to see more of this roller coaster action although this action is pretty good. carol? >> it is today, you're right. alison kosik, thanks so much. whole foods employees could use any darn language they choose. the change comes after two employees in new mexico say they were suspended for speaking spanish to each other on the job. whole foods say the two were actually suspended for poor behavior. the london newspaper "the guardian" reports that they targ
6:34 am
lt ted during the g-20 summit in 2009. u.s. spies based in britain intercepted communications of then russian president medevev here's a disturbing question. dpcrime, could you be fired for your job? d8well, the answer apparently i yes. it happened to carrie charlesworth. her husband is an abuser. )jt a restraining order and that has cost the victim, his wife, cary, her job. she was fired in san diego. the exact reason, charlesworth ex-husband violated by showing up at her school earlier this year. even though he went to jail for that, the school says she cannot go back to work and her children can no longer attend the school. she joins me now live from san diego. good morning. >> good morning.
6:35 am
>> thank you so much for sharing your story. i really ap(reciate it. >> thank you for taking the time to have my story shared. >> so, how are you informed that you were going to be fired? what did the school tell you? >> basically, i met with the director of schoo&s and the human resources director for the diocese of san diego and they informed me that due to the behavior of my now ex-husband, that i was considered a liability to the school and was no longer allowed to work at ho holy trinity or any other school in the diocese of san diego. >> just tell us a little bit, bring us back and tell us about the abuse that you suffered at the hands of your ex-husband? >> there was not just one form of abuse, there were physical instances, but there was mostly the verbal and mental and lots of intimidations. >> and, so, he's in jail now, right?
6:36 am
>> correct. >> so, physical violence, though, i suppose that's what the school is most worried about. that he's going to show up at this school, holy trinity school and he's going to, somebody is going to get caught in the crossfires, so to speak. >> yes. as a parent, i understand their concern. but as a victim and as a woman who has four children that attended that school, you cannot blame us for his choices. this is why women and men of victims of domestic violence do not come forward. they're too afraid to share story and have themselves suffer the consequences of another person. >> do you think that if you continue to work at the school that you would be endangering students and other teachers? >> he never threatened another staff member, another student. he never threatened anybody else on that campus.
6:37 am
>> i'm just going to read part of the statement that we got from the school. and, actually, this is from the diocese of san diego because this is a catholic school. in the interest of the safety of the students, faculty and parents at holy trinity school, we simply cannot allow you to return tz work there or, unfortunately, at any other school in the diocese. we feel deeply for you and about ituation in which you and your children find yourselves through no fault of your own. and i just want to read the last paragraph of the letter because it strikes me. à"please understand that this ws a very difficult decision to make and we are deeply, deeply sorry about the situation. we will continue to pray for you and your family." i'm sure you need prayers, but you need other things, as well, right? >> we needed help. our family was in turmoil and in a time of our most need, we were turned away. there was no dialogue between my principal and myself. there was no dialogue between the director of schools and
6:38 am
myself. this decision was made and nobody ever called me to say, how are you and your children? what do you need? i know this is a difficult time. nobody showed up to support me at the court cases. nobody called after he was àsentenced to see what had happened. we were turned away and they never bothered to say what can we do for you now? >> so, nobody from the diocese. nobody showed up to even reach out a hand? >> there was monetary donations provided by the school when everything first started to happen in january. and that was it. nobody ever called after that. >> do you think you'll be able to get a job anywhere? >> well, that's what makes me question myself. because any job i get, i'm going to be in the public. if i were working in retail. if i worked at a restaurant, if i worked at a bank, anywhere i
6:39 am
work, i'm going to come into contact with people. so, does that mean i don't get to work any more, anywhere? does that mean my children can't play sports for my baseball league because if i'm there everybody else there is threatened? it makes me feel like i need to live in a little hole p'd bury myself because of the actions of somebody i have no control over. >> it just seems like, it just seems like people are forgetting that you are the victim. d8>> i was the victim. and i needed help and their help to me was to tell my kids and i that we were to stay away from the school. >> what would you lr)q to happen? i mean, why are you speaking out today? >> i am speakint out for other victims of domestic violence who are in fear of losing their jobs because they come forward. something has to change. workplace policies, guidelines, employees need to work with their employees.
6:40 am
not just get them out of the workplace because, to make them somebody else's problem. something needs to change. women and men of domestic violence need to be protected so that they do not lose their job and lose the way that they provide income for themselves and their family. something has to change. >> cary, thank you for sharing your story this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up in "newsroom." domestic violence that touches women in all social circles. now she may be a victim, too. her husband caught on camera, allegedly, choking her. [ jen garner ] imagine a makeup so healthy your skin can grow more beautiful every time you wear it. neutrogena® healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% of women saw improvement in their skin. neutrogena® cosmetics.
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so you can help make a bond... i got it. that lasts a lifetime. the chase mobile app. so you can. new pictures of celebrity chef nigell lawson may leak to a criminal investigation in
6:44 am
britain. the uk tabloid "sunday people" ran images of lawson's husband with his hands around her neck. it appeared he was choking her. nischelle turner is in new york with more on this story. i've seen the pictures and they're pretty disturbing. >> you're right, this is a story stunning great britain. this is one of the biggest power couples in that couple. now, nigella lawson is not only a celebrity chef, but part of british society and her husband charles saatchi is one of the co-founders of saatchi and saatchi. these photos of him putting his hands on nigella's neck look disturbing. they were in a restaurant that was screened off from view. we don't know exactly what happened there, nigella's spokesperson told cnn that she and the children moved out of the family home. it may indicate the pictures are showing something that we think
6:45 am
they're showing. now, the london police have told cnn that they're also looking into what happened, "in order to assess whether an investigation is necessary." carol, just about 30 minutes ago, we got a statement from charles sppáchi about this incident. i haven't seen it either. i u)s& go through what he says happened. "about a week ago we were sitting outside a restaurant having an intense debate about the children and i held nigella's neck repeatedly while attempting to emphasize my point. there was no grip, it was a playful tiff. the pictures are horrific but give a far more drastic and violent impression of what took place." we had made up by the time we were home and the paparazzi were congregated outside our house and i told nigella to take the kids off until the dust settles. that is a statement from charles
6:46 am
saatchi. that's what he said happened. >> he was just touching her neck. just kind of playful choking. i don't know. very strange. we haven't heard from nigella lawson yet. but we will soon, we hope. >> her and the kids moved out of the home whether because he told >> nischelle turner reporting live this morning. take you back to wall street and the big board stocks are up. hefty 168 points. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. why the uptick? >> well, this is all about optimism, carol, about what is going to come out of the federal reserve meeting that starts on tuesday and ends wednesday because this is really a big meeting because the central bank is expected to say it is going to keep up its monetary stimulus program and keep it in place. what the fed has been doing, it has been buying back mortgage-backed securities and treasurie
6:47 am
that is pouring a lot of money into the fi'ancial system and pushing interest rates slower and pushing investors to stocks. it's one of the huge reasons v we're seeing stocks up so much with the dow over 15,000. and this is kind of what many investors want to hear. they want to hear that instead of easing up on the program that the fed is not going to change course and keep doing this because, of course, in this d8stocks go higher. you're seeing that optimism play out with the dow up 171 points. less than a half hour into the trading day. carol? >> alison kosik, i'm sure you'll keep an eye on it for us throughout the day. thanks so much. all eyes on the u.s. supreme court this morning as justices have several big, huge cases to rule on before the end of this year's term. àin fact, we could see a decisin on an affirmative action case. we'll talk about that, next.
6:48 am
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6:50 am
we will find out in just a few minutes if the u.s. suprqsq court will issue a ruling today on any one of key rulings still on its plate, and it could be a decision on affirmative action f carrie severino is with the judicial crisis netuju)y good morning. >> good morning. >> i could by completely wrong, they could rule same-sex or the voting rights action, but we think they will rule on affirmative action. >> we don't know which kay it
6:51 am
will be, but if it case, this is the longest outstanding case on the calendar and deals with a challenge to the is it props that the university of texas has. the question will be whether that program is too strict in how it balances the braces, saying we need the same exact racial balance as a state on the whole. this goes beyond the case that the court decided several years ago with the university of michigan. so the question is whether they will say we'll keep what we want before, we really strictly scrutinize thinks opinions, these state decisions, or whether they'll say this is not too big of a deal, we'll let it slide. we think justice kennedy will come out with the case and will probably find the university of texas goes too far in the racial preferences on campus. >> to put it in personal terms, we are seeing a young woman, her name was abigail fisher, she
6:52 am
says she was denied admission to the university of texas because she was white. justice kagan recused herself. this could possibly end in a tie, couldn't it? >> it could. if that happens, the lower court decisions, justice kagan was involved when she was solicitor general, so she's recused from the case. we'll find out in the 10:00 eastern hour of "newsroom" what the situation will be. thanks so much for being here. >> thanks for having me. till ahead, the san antonio spurs are one game away from taking the nba title. highlights of the big win over miami in the bleacher report. i'm the next american success story. working for a company where over seventy-five percent of store management started as hourly associates. there's opportunity here. i can use walmart's education benefits to get a degree, maybe work in it,
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6:54 am
6:55 am
the big three unable to stop the spurs. san antonio crushed miami in game 5 of the nba finals. andy scholls is here with bleacher report. >> good morning, carol. neither team has been able to win two games in a row. that doesn't matter now. for the spurs they need just one more win to claim their fifth nba title. last night in game 5, gregg popovich is trying to find a way to get manu ginobli going, so he
6:56 am
put him in the starting lineup. in the game was still close in the third quarter. that's when the spurs went on a 19-1 run. danny green was on fire. spurs crews to a 114-104 win. the series now shistsds back to miami for game 6 tomorrow night. yesterday's final round turned out to be another heartbreaker for phil mickelson. lefty had the lead, and he holed it from the fairway. that was an eagle. he was still in the lead at that point, about you he would bogey three of his final six holes. he finished in second place for a report sixth time. while mickelson struggled. justin rose had a solid dpv he shod even par. that was good enough to win his first major of his career. now he's expected to rise to number three in the world right behind tiger woods and rory
6:57 am
mcilroy. you've got to feel back for mickelson, six times second place at u.s. open. always a bride maid. andy scholls, thank you so much. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break. [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track. the power tools introduce themselves. all the bits and bulbs keep themselves stocked. and the doors even handle the checkout so we can work on that thing that's stuck in the thing. [ female announcer ] today, cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everyone goes home happy. ♪ ♪ ♪
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you may rarely look at it. but you'll always feel it. this is our signature. and it means everything. ♪ even superheroes need superheroes, and some superheroes need complete and balanced meals with 23 vitamins and minerals. purina dog chow. help keep him strong. dog chow strong. happening now in the
7:00 am
newsroom -- ache were. obama putin sit down, but this may be on the table, too. >> nobody is listening to your telephone calls. >> fresh from the nsa leaker, american spy tapped top secret communications during the last summit. plus homicide -- colorado's àblack forest fire ruled a crim scene. two dead, hundreds of others lucky. >> that means nothing. that's what we bought insurance for, but it's the things that represent our family's heritage. and ring row. patriots owner robert pratt versus vladimir putin. >> i'm tremendously humbled. >> did putin feel the ring? putin says no, and furthermore, he says it's weird. and line drive to the hqp". is it time for pitchers to wear helmets? some say emphatically no. >> we're going to look like a
7:01 am
bunch of mechanical me' going around, placing people here and there with all the this equipment on, almost like "star that's juáu the way it is. you're live in the ""cnn newsroom." requests . good morning. me. i'm carol costello. this morning americans are weighinging in on how the president is doing his job and i'm betting the white house hat they're saying. according to a new cnn/orc poll, the president's rating has dropped eight points in one month. for the first time the majority of americans say president obama is neither honest nor trustworthy. what impact does it have on the president's agenda? here to talk about it is john king, and chief political analyst gloria borger. welcome to you both.
7:02 am
are you surprised about thinks poll numbers? >> i'm not surprised given what the president has been going through lately, given the controversies over the irs, the national security agency. what's interesting to me, really, is that he has lost younger voters by a 17-point decline. that's since may. when you look at the fact that younger voters p)e not happy about the surveillance story, they don't like it, you'll see that's where this shift is really coming from for the president, and i do believe it's troubling for him, carol, because the one thing president obama always had going for him, (articularly as we watch the numbers, is that people thought he was honest and trust worthy, and they always gave him the benefit of the doubt. now those numbers have shifted
7:03 am
dramatically as well. >> i guess he's learned that internet privacy is important to young people. the question now is what effect does it have on his agenda, john? >> that's a great question. you're in the second term, it's hey call it the six-year itch election, so what happens here? he wants to work with republicans o' immigration. he would like the republicans to accept some of hess spending priorities. now the )epublicans look at him and say he's under 50%. this is the equivalent, if you had will, of ahn underwater mortgage. and then they're going to make a second run at background checks and gun control. conservative democrat democrats say he's weak at the moment, i don't have to be with him at this moment. it's counter intuitive. it tells you the cumulative effect. normally when the economy starts to go up, and optimism goes up, the president goes with it. the effect this president is
7:04 am
going down and the economy is going up, that's troubling. back to the poll numbers as it concerns union people, gloria. so republica's want to gain young people, right? they're not doing so good in that category, either. does this help them? >> look, it gives them an +y if you're a republican now and looking at they numbers, you're thinking, what do i need to do for myself? i don't need to be seen as being a friend of president president d8so if you're a republican, you're saying, well, maybe there's an opportunity for us with younger voters, particularly as you look towards 2016, which of course they're all looking towards. they have a batch of judger candidates. if they get immigration reform passed, maybe they can start appealing to hispanic voters, some minority voters. if you're looking at this and you're a republican in congress, you're saying number one, i'm not as afraid of the president
7:05 am
as i might have been. and two i see some openings here for myself political. >> interesting. thank you both so much for your insights this morning. we appreciate it. on t$e subject of internet privacy, trage and concern @&hc about how the government's efforts to keep the nation safe affects your privacy. that prompted the nsa to be alternates more open about what it's been doing. chief congressional correspondent dana bash has more on that for you. >> reporter: a full-court obama administration press to calm americans' concerns about secret surveillance programs, let by the republican house intelligence chairman. >> if you can see just the number of cases where we've actually stopped a plot, i think americans will come to a different conclusion than the misleading rhetoric i've heard over the last few weeks. >> intelligence agencies are working to declassify specific about dozens of terror plots that the national security director told congress the program help to thwart.
7:06 am
d8the government unveiled a teaser, this document claiming that -- quote, here in the homeland and in more than 20 countriqáhp)ound the world. supporters of the surveillance programs p)e trying to beat back suggestions that the government is listening in on calls in the u.s. >> it's against the law for the nsa to report and monitor u.s. -- americans' phone calls. >> reporter: another supporter, dib chaney, someone who rarely agrees with the white house, does on this. the gop vice president on the day of /11, says these programs could have prevented that attack. >> i guess i would ask everybody to pause and don't automatically -- because this is a program run by professional. >> but nay sayers like colorado democrat mark udall are not giving up. >> i don't think collecting millions and millions of americans' phone calls -- this
7:07 am
is the metadata, time, place, áo whom you direct the calls, is making us any safer. >> dana bash joins me now. i know you talked with senator mark udall. he doesn't think the programs are making us safer, but is it classified information about these plots? seen the classified information, hq just doesn't agree with checks, and frankly senior members of the community who are arguing that these programs really have been instrumental in preventing several terror attacks. we ahead from the nsa director that they are in the dozens. what we are possibly going to see as ary as today, carol, the people who disagree with him try to prove that, by revealing some declassified details of these te)ror plots. again we're told it could happen as soon as today, there's some to'ing and fro'ing about what to put out there action as you
7:08 am
know, there's a lot of skepticism about putting it out, because they're concerned about d8hurting the intelligence agen and people around the world and information.hey use to get this now, to prove to americans they think that these programs are worth potential maybe walking up to the line or at least infringing on the civil liberties. >and the drama continues. dana bash reporting live from washington this morning. as i told you, president obama is now meeting with his counterparts in northern ireland. our chief white house correspondent jessica yellin is traveling with the president. jessica, what's on the agenda? >> reporter: hi, carol. well, the big event today is the president's meeting with russian àpresident vladimir putin. among the topics they are expected to discuss -- syria. the two men have a serious difference of opinion. russia's president vla"imir
7:09 am
putin says the rebels the u.s. is arming are cannibals. he offered no prove, as a no-fly d8not allow that. now, the president is not backing a no-fly zone in syria, at least not yet, but that's clearly a thread from russia, and clearly a standoff between the two men. there is also afghanistan, counterterrorism efforts. on a later note, the acquisition that puáin palmed a diamond-encrusted super bowl ring from a u.s. -- and now allegations in "the guardian" that the u.s. eaves dropped the russian presi"ent back in 2009, certainly a full agenda at the upcoming meeting. >> lots of things on that menu. what kind of perception will the president be gettingárq) leaders there, you think?
7:10 am
>> reporter: you know, there's a lot of frustration and anger àfacing the president. first of all there's a report from government surveillance, where privacy concerns are taking very seriously. that only adds to european dissatisfaction with president obama. he's surprised many here, who thought he would close guantanamo bay in his first termed and frustrated about his ramped-up use the drondrone -- s will be on syria and also the economic concerns which actually could help also quiet the discontent. things are looking alternates sunnier there. just ahead in the newsroom, a new miss usa has been crowned, but one contestant's on-stage flub is all the buzz this morning. (announcer) born with a natural
7:11 am
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...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. :13 past the hour. a deadly week of violence in chicago.
7:14 am
according to "the chicago tribune" seven people shot to boy killed by a gunman on a bicycle. cnn is trying to independently confirm the number of dead and injured in the weekend of violence. . black forest fire in colorado now considered a crime scene. federal investigators have been called in to help. two people have died in the wildfire, which has destroyed 483 structures, the el paso county sheriff says it will be some time before residents will be allowed to permanently return home. finally we hear from the led head of the company that made the assault rifle used in the sandy hook massacre. connecticut accountant erin brady is the new miss usa. mids utah had a little trouble
7:15 am
on the question of pay disparity. >> i think we can really take this back to education, and how were continuing to try to strive to. it says it's just weird. why does russian vladimir putin have a new england patriots super bowl ring. he got the ring in 2005 following this meeting with robert kraft. putin is making a stand over questio's he stole the diamond-encrusted ring worth more than $25,000. john berman is here. this story is weird, and i am in fact live, which is a happy
7:16 am
thing for both of us. i'm a hugq patriots fan. i'm reasonably sure that putin was not on the 2005 super bowl winning team. president obama is set to sit down with the leading in a few hours, and they're going to talk about syria, nuclear proliferation. this might not be a more contentious issue than super bow& jewelry. he is an imposing character, but jewel thief? àyou decide. putin was a kgb, martial arts, goes topless and has missiles. patriots owner robert kraft has tom brady, so it's pretty much a fair fight. over all things -- jewelry. it's a brewing international incident over a super bowl ring. >> i'm tremendously humbled by this great honor.
7:17 am
amplts a gala in new york city last thursday, kraft told the crowd that putin allegedly swiped his super bowl ri'g back in 2005 when they met in st. speeders burg. kraft admired the ring encrusted with 124 diamonds and said i can killing someone with this ring. craft explained he put it in his pocket and three kgd buys got arát him and walked out? a spokesman for the president says nyet. >> saw and heard how mr. kraft gave this ring as a gift. maybe it's a case of lost in translation, literally. maybe he lost the ring because of translation, or maybe there were bigger global forces involved. "new yju)h(ost," which broke the
7:18 am
story quotes kraft as saying white house officials urged him to say the ring was a gift, in the interest of u.s./soviet relations. now mr. kraft seems to be backing off a bit. the patriots releasing a statement it's a humorous anecdotal story that robert. he loves that his ring is at the kremlin. so the 4.94 carat ring, is in the kremlin's library where all official state gifts are kept. it's worth more than $25,000, carol. when there's a legal dispute, this kind of issue, i tend to side with the guy who's got nuclear weapons. >> who said he could kill someone with that super bowl ring. >> take the ring, fine, i have others. >> whatever. i love that story. john berman, thanks to which.
7:19 am
just ahead in the newsroom. d8korea could be easing? we'll have a li+e chat with the former cia analyst about whether the united states should sit down and talk with north korea. we'll be right back. [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness... accomplishing even little things can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel for my pain and stiffness, and to help stop joint damage. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have symptoms such as persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness.
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7:21 am
biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy, too. [ applause ] biotene -- for people who suffer from dry mouth. so far no word if or when the units and north korea might
7:22 am
actually talk to, quote, ease tension. between north and south korea. good morning. it's difficult to me to believe -- >> yes, not yet. the precondition has not changqd from the u.s.'s perspective, which is that denuclearization has to be on the table. does north korea, it wasn't so long ago that they were making all kinds of threats, and now it wants to talk.
7:23 am
been doing the last couple decadqs, which is also having up the ante, and then to back to some peace offensive like this. so if they had a slapdown from china what do you suppose will come out of áhat meeting. >> i'm sure they'll do what they can to persuade north koreans to return to the talks, but talk about denuclearization. again this is not what north koreans are offers, but actually it started with japan, trying to talk to the japanese it's gotten
7:24 am
no results, we've been playing the same game for years now. >> the final question -- so what's the answer? àif we're tired of playing the game, you stop playing the game, but you rally can't, can you? >> no, we have to continue pressuring, continue with our sanctions, and we will talk only if, if you take that off the table -- but to give them what? we have to get 134g from them, right? thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. citizen, at least that's what senator marco rubio is saying now. we'll talk about that now. plus celebrity chef nigella lawson's husband allegedly
7:25 am
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7:28 am
really? checking our top stories, at just about 30 sr'utes past the hour, remember the blind activist who escaped from house arrest in china last year? now he says he's being forced out of new york university because of pressure from china. he says as early as last august and september, the communists had already began to apply great unrelending pressure on new york universities. all fellowships come to an end. even before hess rival, it was discussed as a one-year
7:29 am
experience. "the guardian" re(orts that british spies targeted world leaders during 2009. spies monitored e-mails and intercepted phone calls. it -- from then president -- russian president medvedev. if the document cites documents from edward snowden. in michigan, another search for jimmy hoffa who disappeared in 1975. federal agents are executing a warrant to begin digging in a field in oakland township. they received a tip that his body was buried there. the 16,000kp(áq black forest fire now can federal investigators called in. two people have died, which has destroyed -- the el paso county sheriff says it will be some time before the residents will be allowed to permanently return
7:30 am
home. a british celebrity chef and her children have moved out of her home. this comes as police are trying to dern whether or not a an investigation is necessary. photos were first published in the british tabloid "the sunday people" he says, instead he just touched her neck in a playful sort of way. senior international correspondent matthew chance now joins us with the latest. so what happened? >> reporter: well, it seems that charles sochi, as you just mentioned, her husband is a millionaire advertising executive and art dealer as well, saying the pictures looked more violent, trying to
7:31 am
emphasize a point he was making as they were involved in what he called an intensive debate about their children. but take a look at these images. they brought yesterday, but they've been splashed all over the front pages of today's newspapers. this one here, you can see the pictures of nigella lawson with her hand clearly cupped around her neck, that hand belonging to her husband. the headline here as well, police say they will probe what they call a choke attack. that's a reference to the fact that scotland yard here has said they will into into the details, to establish whether they need to proceed with a formal investigatio'. at the moment no actual complaint has been made, but of course this has raised concerns, and spotlighted the issue that no matter how rich or famous, our how mu(r celebrity you may
7:32 am
have, you're not necessarily protected from the risks of domestic violence. >> there are a couple other pictures that we can't show you right now. we're trying to get the rights to the pictures, but another picture, the husband is seen with his hands around her throat. she seems to be grimacing in pain. there's a third picture of her leaves the restaurant in tears. >> reporter: yeah, with regard to that first picture you mentioned with her grimacing with pain, she's also parent seen crying, her husband says she wasn't crying because of any hurt she was feeling, but simply because they don't like arguing. that's his explanation of that. you're right, she has been photographed leaving the family home, which is in another chelsea.area of london call her publicist has said she's taking her kids and moved away
7:33 am
from the family home. charles sachi says that's because of the so much press and media outside that house, that he advised his wife to move away until the dust settles. so we're getting slightly ambiguous lines from the various sides in this. matthew chance reporting live for us from london, thanks so much. a major league baseball player takes a line drive to the head, a vicious line drive, too. d8pitchers should be required t wear helmets. we'll talk about that next, in the newsroom. [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all? it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide,
7:34 am
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7:36 am
what's it going to take for major league baseball to protect pitchers? fans are asking that question after the tampa rays alex cobb
7:37 am
was hit in the head by a vicious line drive on saturday. he had to go to the hospital, but has since been released. there have been calls for reinforced helmets or hats, but some -- i talked with justin verlander about the issue during spring training? >> i don't know. it depends on how it feels on my head, you know? we don't ever like to think about balls coming back at us. i think all pitchers, you know, any pitcher anywhere in the world kind of turned their head and didn't want to watch. you don't want it in your head and think about it. it's really scary. you know, as long as it's functional and doesn't restrict anything or doesn't feel weird on my head, i wouldn't be opposed. ould mess you up that much, just a little adjustment like a hat?
7:38 am
>> maybe. i don't know. i would have to try it out. i know when i try things and don't work right away, i get rid of them. so it better work on the first try. >> as for alex cobb, he's looking forward to returning to the mound. he tweeted -- can't thank everybody enough for the prayers. elation and dejection, a tale of two golfers at the u.s. justin rose winning his first major league title. phil mickelson a bridesmaid yet again. here is don ridele. >> hey there, carly. it looked as though the stars were aligning finally for phil mickelson. he's finrárq" second here a report five times. make that an even worse record now, six. it was a heartbreaking day for
7:39 am
lefty. he couldn't hold it together and it was obvious at the end when he spoke to us in the media center, that he was absolutely crushed by yet another disp(pointment. >> this one is probably the toughest for me because, as 43 and coming so close, you know, five times, it would have changed the way i looked at this tournament all the together. instead i just -- i just keep feeling heartbreak. >> heartbreak indeed. six times the runner-up. he's had a great career, won four majors, but you do wonder if he's perhaps destined never to win the national championshi(, carol. >> i can't imagine how that feels. don, thanks so much. i get we'll be right back. this is it. this is what matters. the experience of a product.
7:40 am
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weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. the u.s. supreme court has ruled on a voter i.d. case in arizona. the issue of providing citizenship when you register to vote. a hot issue, right? joe johns action what's the >> reporter: carol, the court hel" that the evidence of citizenship is preempted by federal law. however, if a state has evidence that an individual is not eligible tz vote, then the state doesn't have to allow it. this refers to a law passed in
7:43 am
1993 called the national voters registration act in which the united states government required that all states use a consistent form for voter registration. arizona passed a law saying that citizenship proof would be required in order for people to be allowed to vote. the court essentially held today, no, you have to go ahead with the federal form. however, you have to go through procedures if you want to change it. that's the long and short of it, carol. >> that's a confusing one, i'll say that. >> reporter: not so, really. when you think of it, all it says is that the federal government's law prevails over state law w$en it comes to the issues of voter registration. that's the bottom line on this. >> joe johns reporting live from the u.s. supreme court. it's up, up and away for google. details on how these new balloon could help bring the internet to remote areas around áhe world. we'll be back. s?? guess what day it is!
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time to check our top stories. apple reversing track. the company said it originally had no idea about the government's data collection program. now analysts say it received some 4,000 to 5,000 requests, and the legal team provided each request before providing the government with information.
7:47 am
in sports, san antonio one win away from the nba title after a 114-104 victory over the heat on sunday. tony parker led the spurs with 26, and danny greenburg with the record to for three-pointers. the series shifts to miami for game 6 on tuesday. mick jagger will soon have another item on the auction block. a former girlfriend is auctioning the hair off, and expected to phet about $3,000. a florida teenager had a pretty big surprise while fishing last weekend. >> there were two big bull sharks in there. that's why i was hauling him back to the boat quickly. >> i would be swumming. he was up to grab the fin. neat el or the shark were
7:48 am
injured. about 10 inches of rain made for a soggy father's day, leaving a few motorists stranded. the same weather system will havq those of you on the east coast reaching #or your umbrellas today. firefighters making progress in colorado. it's allowing some evacuees to return home, but for thousands of others, it's still too dangry. acres, destroyed nearly 500 homes and blamed for two deaths. we spoke to a couple whose home was in the line of fire, and they're still counting their blessings. >it's ridiculous trying to think of everything you've had in the house after -- >> 34 years today. >> yeah, happy anniversary. >> reporter: karin and bill spent their 34th wedding anniversary in the hotel room taking inventory. the high school sweethearts were joined by their adult sons, daughter-in-law and 10-day-old
7:49 am
grandson emmitt. >> it was obviously our house, and the fire was -- licked up the side of áhe garage, and then seriously it was just an inferno. >> reporter: he fears it burned a sfm flag that belonged to hi father. >> all the other stuff means nothing, that's why we bought insurance, but it's the things that represent my family's heritage. my children's books when they were kids, things we have saved to pass from kevin to emmitt. >> reporter: karin hopes the blaze did not melt down a weather vane from her family hmm. she calls it king. >> he'j followed it for everywhere we've gotten. >> the house where kevin and his wife sylvia and baby emmitt live, was spared from the black
7:50 am
forest flames, barely. they are evacuees along with visitint brother craig, and are staying in a nearby room, on a wedding anniversary, a father's day, a new baby eases the pain. >> when i'm feeling really down, all i have to do is hold him. >> already just talking about him alleviates my emotional stress. when you look at his whole life is in front of him, and we've had a blessed life, and we just hope the same for him. >> paul, with three generation of moreaus, holorado springs. coming up in the newsroom, why is google launching balloon? we'll tell you next.
7:51 am
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we're wondering why and christine romans, why? >> you have a homebuilder confidence survey, that was the best, the strongest since 20206,
7:54 am
carol, really showing a recovery and how people are feeling about the housing market. you also had another new york manufacturing index that was strong as well. even before those two pieces, you had indications this morning that it was going to be a strong day, in part because last week we had a down week. most of the average ways down last week, and people were thinking, we still feel like the economy is healings, housing is healings, the job market is performing. not great, but better than it had been last year, so they're buying stjt)ák carol. >> good thing so far, right? let's talk about something cool, christine. google is lau'ching hot air balloons, in an attempt to bring internet to people and places not connected. this is really cool. >> this looks like a jellyfish, solar panels in the balloon, but there's lune mission control with radio frequencies talking to these balloon. there's 30 of them, deploying them over new s.e.a.l.ant, and about 60 different houses have
7:55 am
antennas that have been attached, so the signal can bounce from balloon to balloon and give these people internet access. google points out two thirds of the world does not have reliability access. this is a high-tech experiment to see if maybe balloon are a way to bring it to parts of the world. think after a natural disaster or something, how you could go in and build out internet access quickly. so a lot of hypothetical possible uses for it, but google, which of course is a company that game a verb, right? gave us driverless cars and google glass. it looks like, i don't know, a jellyfish to me. >> hose does it stay up there, though. what it a bird runs into it or something? >> they're going to float at 60,000 feet. they cp' move them up and down between different wind layers parachute attached if something
7:56 am
to bring them down. they have >> that is amazing. i hope it works. >> it's really cool. i'll report back if it does. >> please do. >> you're welcome. e. you're an avid bicyclist, and you're frustrated by the bicycle lanes. this ought to give you a liftoff. jeanne moos hpj the story. >> reporter: bike riders take to sharing the streets with cars. maybe this will give you a lift. >> oh, my goodness. >> wow. >> a flying bicycle. >> reporter: okay. so it doesn't fly high. it doesn't fly far, it doesn't fly long. it's phony. it ain't real. >> reporter: oh, it's real, in prague. it was a nonhuman on the book. it wasn't e.t. avoiding a
7:57 am
roadblock. instead of being silhouetted against the sun, the flying bike stayed low a total of six propellers that look like fans provide the lift, powered by batteries. it was operated by remote control. >> translator: i have to say it is already good control. i can fly it without problems. à>> reporter: three czech companies collaborated on the. >> iing br)q it warmed the heart of a window washer. >> that's what we need to clean windows. that would be great. i'm going to talk to my boss, to see if we can buy some o# those we can be flying. >> reporter: one tiny problem. flight time is limited to five minutes. that's when the batteries run out. new yorkers were skeptical. >> it doesn't look safe. >> those propellers are big. >> where do you land? where do you park it? >> and how do you lock it up? like a regular bike on the
7:58 am
sidewalk? >> the lead company says the enough for the bike to be used for sports or tourism, but some don't see the point. it? >> that it's the same from the very beginning. >> it's like, what do they call, the segways? happen. same thing with that. >> reporter: o. yeah? tell that to e.t. jeanne moos, cnn. >> i guess it will sell -- >> reporter: new york. it certainly will. thank you for joining me today. "cnn newsroom" continues after a break.
7:59 am
. hey there, everyone. i'm in for ashleigh banfield. as always, our take on daytime
8:00 am
justice. speaking out online right now, edward snowden, the man who leaked a trove of documents on the nsa's secret surveillance program, is answering questions from a reporter. also live this hour, digging up another field. here we go again. he disappeared in 1975. the new dig is taking place in the detroit area. at age 16, she was the youngers person ever on death row. today 27 years later, freedom for paula cooper. you do not want to miss this amazing story. we're going to start with president obama. he's in northern ireland for the g-8 sumsrá. back home here, there are some dark clouds brewing. our jessica yellis


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