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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 17, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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heads shaved in solidarity. this is the boy's mom. >> 15 boys went into that barber shop. 15 men walked out. every time i think about it, it brings tears to my eyes. >> travis says his friends going bald has made it a lot easier for him. i'm don lemon. that's it for me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. >> are they whistleblowers or anarchists? do they make us more safe or less? i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." the world lead, everything you ever wanted to know about spying but were afraid to ask. nsa leaker edward snowden fielded questions from the public from wherever he's hiding. the buried lead, the internet activist hailed a hero for bringing internet to the rape case. is that justice? is it even true?
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our interview with the man who went by the handle kentucky anonymous is coming up. and the pop lead. his father sent him to earth to save mankind. i'm not talking about jesus. superman. but the studio is counting on those similarities to sell "man of steel." welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. edward snowden did a "ask me anything" interview. when asked how many sets of the documents you disclosed did you make and how many different people have them? if anything happens to you, do they still exist? snowden said all i can say right now is the u.s. government is not going to be able to cover this up by jailing or murdering me. the truth is coming and it cannot be stopped. remember when the head of the
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nsa on wednesday told congress that these methods of surveillance, in particular the prism program that, that may have helped prevent dozens of terrorist attacks? well, specifically one from 2009? >> section 702 clarkson was critical to discovery and disruption of the plot to bomb the new york city subway system; is that correct? >> that is correct. in fact not just critical, it was the one that developed the lead on it. >> well, snowden says that's also not true. in his online chat he wrote "u.s. officials also provide misleading or directly false assertions about the value of these programs as they did just recently with the zazi case, which court documents show was not unveiled by prism." the last we knew about snowden's
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whereabouts is that he was in hong kong. snowden says, "if i were a chinese spy, why wouldn't i have flown directly into beijing?" petting a phoenix? it turns out a majority of people here in the u.s. do not support snowed general's cause. new polling here for you. 52% of those polled disapprove of his actions, compared to 44% who support him and most people, 54%, want to see snowden extradited back to the u.s. and prosecuted for what he's done. for more let's turn to glenn greenwald. glenn a glenn, thanks for joining us. snowden say "the u.s. government is not going to be able to cover
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this up by jailing or murdering me, truth is coming and it cannot be stopped." to a lot of people that murder suggestion sems liems like a ra outrageous charge. is there any evidence that snowden's live is in any danger? >> if you read news accounts of what u.s. officials are telling journalists, they seem to think that if he turns over to the japanese governme chinese government or some foreign government, and there's no evidence he intends to do so, but the u.s. officials said it will be one of the gravest injuries to u.s. security ever. he's kurnd the only way they might think to stop him would be to physically stop him. they've targeted u.s. citizens in the past who they perceived as a threat to national security. he's saying putting me in prison or killing me won't prevent this
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information from being disclosed. it's a safety mechanism he's using because he's fearful in his situation. >> when you're talking about pursuing people for security, you're talking about anwar and the like? >> right. >> the leaks of the past few days, particularly the last few days that the nsa was spying on the russians, these are the sort of things we expect the nsa to be doing. how is that whistle blowing and how is aiding a non-democratic, sometime adversary of the united states aid the cause of civil liberties here at home? >> i would say two points about that. number one, i don't really think
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that his principal or certainly his only concern is that the u.s. is spying on its own citizens. the first time i spoke with him, he was really worried in a the nsa was destroying privacy globally, that by working with other governments and targeting citizens around the world that they were destroying privacy and anonymity and creating a worldwide, global surveillance net from which really no one on the planet was free. as far as the story you just referenced, i think it's really important to understand the process here. he went through the documents and found the documents that he thought were of public interest, including those that describe various public surveillance so there can be a limit. he gave those documents to "the guardian" through me, as well as some to the "washington post" with the instruction that we should all exercise very careful journalistic assessments and
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make the choice of what should be published or shouldn't be. if there's an article in "the guardian" or "the washington post," it's up to the paper to public it. the british government spied on its allies in london. can you debate whether that's a legitimate article to publish but that decision was made by "the guardian" editor, not by edward snowden. >> and administration has argued that congress has oversight and they are brought in the loop, the specific committees but also when it comes to specific white papers, members of congress were invited to see them in 2009 and 2011, there is a fisa court and
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they take issue with the fact that there are abuses and illegal. your response? >> it's totally false. look at what the democrats on the intelligence committee. they've been desperately trying to get the public aware of the fact given the obama administration's secret law, as they called it, and they were constrained from even talking about it in public. this oversight is impotent, it's symbolic. even the senators who are alarmed by what they see are barred by law from doing anything about it. the nsa does not need warrants, they go once every six month, to the fisa court and they rubber stamp these vague guidelines and once they happens, the nsa can force telecoms and internet companies to give them whatever
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they demand under whatever the fisa court has blessed their guidelines. this does not involve looking over the shoulder of the nsa or making sure they're not abusing their power. it's symbolic and empty oversight. >> glen greenwald of "the guardian," thank you for your time. >> snowden's disclosure is no doubt making for awkward handshakes. they have to stand there and act like the u.s. and u.k. spied at the g8 summit in london. documents show how american spies targeted then russian pressure dmitri medvedev during the summit by intercepting his
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calls. how on earth did president obama explain that to vladimir putin as the two of them battled it out over syria in putin acknowledged the u.s. and russia do not see eye to eye on syria but have agreed to push the parties to the negotiating table. at the start of the summit in public everyone was all smiles as president obama talked up a new deal with the european union. >> among the things we'll discuss here promoting new growth and jobs on both sides of the atlantic. i'm pleased to join the leaders to announce a new trade agreement that will help us do just that. >> "the guardian" reports the brits set up fake internet caves to steal e-mails from delegates.
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>> coming up, he says all he did was put on a guy fox mask, post some videos and the fbi was at his door, but the feds are telling a different story. i'll talk to the online activist who waged digital warfare on steubenvil steubenville's football team and is facing jail time for it. >> and we'll tell you about stolen identities and exploited labor that all allegedly went down at a string of 7-elevens. ♪ helping this big country move ahead as one ♪ ♪ norfolk southern how's that function? ♪
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astrazeneca may be able to help. welcome back to "the lead." in the buried lead, stories we think are not getting enough attention, a drunk 16-year-old girl at a party raped by two high school football players. it was an outrageous case that shocked the entire country and forever tarnished the name of the town in which the heinous act occurred, steubenville,
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ohio, especially after images of the act and about the attack went viral. >> greetings citizens of the world. >> many of us first learned of the rape after this guy got involved, this masked man, threatening re v threatening revenge on the whole team of football players. his wrath was centered on not only those two young men sentenced to juvenile detention after being sentenced to rape in march, both of who may be soon moved to a residence rehabilitation center with a program for sex offenders, no, anonymous was focused on the other players, who allegedly documented the assault and did nothing to stop it. anonymous demanded the players apologize to the victim and if they did not, their personal information would be shared with
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the world. >> this document will be released unless all those involved come forward -- >> when they didn't come forward, the masked man published this video. 2,000 people ended up rallying on the steps of the steubenville courthouse demanding justice in what became not just an outpouring of support for the victim but opposition to rape. the 26-year-old cyber security consultant and rapper who goes under the name shadow. his home was raided by the fbi. he says he had nothing to do with the hackings, that he only
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posted the video and says he's now facing three felony counts, including taking control of a secure computer and identity theft and media outlets are outraged thinking if convicted, he could face more jail time than the rapist. that th all feeds into this idea of injshs of a society that goes after the wrong people. but is it that simple? not everyone thinks the anonymous community acted heroically. false accusations are defamed innocent people and in the view of some law enforcement complicated the investigation. >> explain what happened when the fbi came to your door in april. >> sure.
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i was turkey hunting on april 15th and i had come back to the door and loaded up my computer to work and sat down and my dog jumps up on the door and i was expecting a t-shirt from shield that day and whenever i opened up the door, i seen what appeared to be a fedex truck in the driveway and out jumped 12 swat team agents fully loaded with assault rifles pointed at my face telling me to get down. they cleared my house, brought my brother and girl friend down and cuffed us and interrogated us. we weren't read our rights, we weren't mirandized, they did not provide badges and it took me over a month to even track down my belongings. they went through the accounts
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of my brother and his girl friend, who have no prior criminal history, nor do i. think-the-basically violated our further amendment, illegal search and seizure and my lawyer has encouraged me to go and tell the world this story. >> they are accusing you or investigating you for hacking into the account of this booster of the football team, whose account was hacked. but you're saying you had nothing to do with it. >> correct. the man who done it has came out in the herald paper there in the ohio valley, as well as on his own twitter account publicly admitting -- >> you're talking about bad cat. but bad cat claims you approached him and asked him to break into the account. you're saying that's not true? >> i'm saying that's not true. people claim a lot of thingsline. >> the two now convicted rapists were arrested within a week of the attack in august but you did
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not get involved in the case until december. what were you trying to achieve with your activism? >> basically my specialty within anonymous was what i referred to was weaponizing the media, which is getting people like you broadcast what needed to be heard to the masses in a more effective way than twitter or social media. there was a lot of grass roots med media movement going. i opted to build relationships with reporters and get the word out, that way higher authorities would get involved because i had heard chief mccafferty, the police chief is trent mays' cousin and handled the evidence and that would be a huge conflict of interest and would allow for potential cover-ups to take place. so i felt it necessary in order to weaponize the media that this girl would get justice. she's thanked us many times,
1:21 pm
family friends stop by at rally, she's texted people and our prayer goes out with her. we're standing here with her to wait for the grand jury to get done with what they're dpog. >> very quickly, deric, there is beauty in activism but there can be vigilante justice. obviously the victim of the rape is our primary concern but there are people in steubenville who saw their reputations horribly and unfairly attacked by internet activists. do you play any role in that? do you see that as also unfair? >> with people going online with local leak, that was not run by me. it was a third-party site and those would be put up for speculation. i have no control of that and i disagree with a lot of what is
1:22 pm
on local leaks but it's there and i was there for the occupy movement and we'll be there until it's stopped. >> thank you so much. >> coming up on "the lead," dozens of shootings in a matter of days. while you might call it shocking, some see it as progress. >> and how the internet may be the guiding light that rescues grandma's favorite pastime. highest in the nation in customer satisfaction... i say "family," because we've been blessed with this honor for 3 years in a row... rest assured we'll treat all of your mortgage needs with tender loving care. amazing client satisfaction: it's a quicken loans family value. call 800-quicken or go to to experience it for yourself.
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movement and we'll be there grandma's favorite pastime. "
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now it's time for our national lead. dozens of shootings and seven killed in one weekend. baghdad? nope. kabul? nope. chicago. the spree of violence started on friday afternoon and went on through father's day. the youngest victim just 16 years old. police say he collapsed a few feet from his home after being shot while trying to escape a gunman on a bike. there were 26 shooting incidents but police won't say exactly how many people were hurt. as bad as it all sounds, police say the murder rate is actually down 33% compared to the same time last year. >> it's a scheme so devious, it hard to believe it was cooked up at the same place you go to again your slurpees. nine man injuries and owners across long island and virginia face federal charges for allegedly hiring undocumented immigrants and using stolen identities to pull it off. they say they stole a portion of
1:27 pm
their pay and forced the workers to live with them and pay their rent in cash. the 7-eleven spokesman said the company is cooperating with the investigation. >> the president is in northern ireland for the g8 summit. with poll numbers like his latest, it's actually not a bad place for him to get a pint, or ten. kevin maddon, you're a good republican but you're also a good irishman. any recommendation of local beers for the president? >> there's a really good beer there called smithics. it's served in 24 ounce cans so be very careful. >> the secret service will be all over it. stay with us.
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welcome back to "the lead." no longer a profitable daytime staples soaps are making a comeback but not on tv. i make a cameo on the set of "all my children."
1:31 pm
will they let me play my own evil twin? >> the politics lead. president obama picked a good time to get out of the u.s., benghazi, the irs, the gl government collecting our phone records. and the pop lead. there was a book in the new testament when jesus threw a guy through a building? no? churches are asking people to preach the gospel of krypton. >> welcome back to "the lead." the days are gone when your blue haired grandma would make the trek into the living room to watch her stories. so operas have come back from the dead. they've been resurrected online. "days of our lives" won best
1:32 pm
drama and one has since moved to the web "one life to live." there was a time when the daytime dramas were an atm machine for the networks. "general hospital" had 11 million viewers the year of luke and laura's wedding. but they began to die off. audiences shrank. but with all the program we're seeingline and other content -- online on networks like netflix, soaks may get another life. >> vincent spent 12 years on
1:33 pm
"all my children." >> our baby died. >> and in a twist as dramatic as the story lines, his time at pine drama was gone. or is it? >> i got a often call and it's like one of those things where someone died and three years you get a call and you open the door and you're like what the hey? rich frank saw money making potential in bringing the soaps back online. >> the viewers loved the show and the advertisers had been in the show for years. seemed like a perfect match. >> the second life for "one life to live" and "all my children" has not happened without tension. "prospect park" has sued over
1:34 pm
story lines. and tv fans may notice differences in the online version. susan luce is gone. she's had scheduling conflicts. and they're not so innocent anymore online. they've moved ahead five years to create a new set of teen-age characters. >> so your characters when you went off tv were a little younger than you are? >> they were. they weren't in the teenage years folks. >> they play miranda and a.j. the producers are hoping their story line grabs a younger audience, one used to watching on their smartphones and they've knocked down the number of episodes from four a week to two in order to keep viewers from falling behind. >> they want to binge view sort
1:35 pm
of towards the end of the week if they are not able to get the show during the week. and having less shows for them to catch up on is more important than having more shows. >> another plus for having the shows online, it's a lot cheaper. "prospect park" was able to cut costs by moving the shoot log case to connecticut for tax breaks and also by creating new contracts. to save more money, the producers took a huge risk, casting me to play tv investigative reporter spencer phillips. i needed some exacting advice so i turned to torston kay, who plays tv's zach slater. >> i was thinking of doing a voice like spencer phillips. >> what's the first one? >> spencer phillips. >> and your voice? >> spencer phillips, american business networks. >> is he hoolder than you?
1:36 pm
>> i haven't been given any back story. >> is he the same weight as you? >> i would think so. >> then i would use the same voice. >> after going through make-up and coaching, it was time for my debut. it was going to be a stretch playing a pushy reporter, but i was up for the challenge. >> brook english? >> nailed it. oh, there were more lines. >> do you care to comment on the behavior of mr. chandler's son right now? >> whether to cut costs or because let's face it, i'm really, really good at acting, i did my scene in one take. in your face, torston. >> i was thinking spencer phillips, american film networks. >> so you only want to do this for one day? >> jay-z released a three-minute commercial that aired during the
1:37 pm
nba finals and teamed up with a giant in the cell phone industry. sorry twitter haters but in the words of the rap mogul, you can't knock the hustle. he's taking flak from fans who accuse him by selling out with samsung. since samsung has already purchased the copies to get away, that means jay-z's album went platinum before it was even released. despite all the backlash, he's not the first artist to use social media to promote an album. pistol annie's used vine to present their artwork. jay-z's album drops july 4th. >> kids are driving fast these days. now there's a new status symbol for the under 10 ground.
1:38 pm
porsche is selling a pedal powered go cart for kids under 110 pounds with composite rims and a rear breaking system, all for just $900 for a toy they'll probably outgrow by next summer and grow bored with before the end of the week. we're not sure if there's a cup holder compatible with a juice box. but #you're it. coming up, in politics it looks like somebody just took a stick to his pole numbers. president obama is in northern ireland while back home his public image is taking a dramatic hit. >> and who wouldn't trust this face? russia's president vladimir putin says he did not steal a super bowl ring. the owner of the patriots, well,
1:39 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." now it's time for the politics lead. the president is overseas but his poll numbers have him underwater. his approval points have dropped 8 points, leaving him at 45%, his lowest rating in more than a year and a half. he can thank scandals from the nas surveillance leak to the panel on benghazi about that. joining me kevin maddon, chief correspondent for the "new york times" magazine.
1:43 pm
mark, do you believe this poll? some people are questioning this poll. it's a very comprehensive poll. do you think this is the first one of a whole bunch that are going to show these scandals have had an effect? >> it certainly could. if you look at the period that covers, it's really the first poll that covers the entire run of bad news that's sort of clumped into about ten days about a month ago or three days ago or so. this administration has gotten pretty good of riding the wave of ebbs and glows and poll numbers. in the second phase it's easier to not shrug it off but blow over a little bit. >> when i look at polls, i always look at the trend line. what i find trouble if i'm in the white house is the president's trend lynn in his popularity and the level of trust for him is going down right as many americans feel the economy is starting to recover and their perceptions about the
1:44 pm
economy is starting to go up. usually the president rides those numbers up. there may be an erosion of attributes that may cause some irreparable harm for his second term agenda. that's what i'd be very worried about. >> we should also say congress have having incredibly poor approval ratings as well. when we said that to the white house, they said, well, congress is barely out of single digits. and that's true. if you worked at the white house now, would you be worried? >> i also like to look at trend lines but i don't see any reason for concern here. if you look a little deeper beyond the overall approval and the voter opinions on economy and jobss are he unchanged. he's within the margin of error. there is not that devastating dip that others are trying to portray. >> on the economy and jobs? >> on the economy of jobs.
1:45 pm
he's within the margin of error and that's the encouragement here, that this isn't some devastating dive that's unrecoverable. i think mark's point about the clump of scandal coverage is certainly something that would have an impact. and to your point that voters look around and say, well, nothing's getting done in washington and does obama bear some blame for that? >> one of the things that's interesting is he has a huge drop among young voters, down 17 points in the last month among people under 30. one thing he's done that people disagree with also even more is on syria, 70% of americans oppose sending arms to the syrian rebels, according to the pew poll conductsed before the announcement on chemical weapons. this is exactly what president clinton in that, quote unquote
1:46 pm
private meeting said don't worry about the polls, just do what's right. >> as the one member of this panel who doesn't look at trend lines, i guess, i feel i need to speak for the nontrend line viewers. >> we appreciate that. >> president clinton is much more remembered by history than it is by short-term poll numbers. i think that's clearly something that could resonate with the president and obviously he speaks with a bully pulpit there. >> i think with younger voters he always patterned himself as somebody challenging the status quo. with syria the big problem is he hasn't made clear to the american public what the objectives and goals this policy. there's a muddled message coming outs of the polls because
1:47 pm
there's a muddled message coming from the president. >> and the president is very ambivalent about this, he seems very torn. >> these are impossible choices. do you attempt to intervene with a civil war, recreate with the russia on one side and u.s. on another? it's a 1980s dynamic. or do you attempt to create peace in the middle east and who has had success there? >> thanks very much. up next in the pop lead, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a christian christian allegory. sir... i'll get it together i promise... heeheehee. jimmy: ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? ronny: i'd say happier than the pillsbury doughboy
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. now it's time for the pop culture lead. despite what can only charitably be described as a luke warm reception from krcritics, the superman movie "man of steel" was the biggest june opening in box office history. even though an attempt at a superman update flopped a year ago, there is a savior being tied to the latest installment and i'm not talking about producers christopher nolan. there is a "man of steel" christian connection. >> you may not have known this unless you're one of the foremost experts of things on
1:52 pm
the internet but superman is actually an allegory for jesus and now hollywood has turned that into a big marketing push. when "superman the man of steel" opened in theaters this weekend, it got a surprise push from the pulpit. >> somewhere out there you have another father. >> reporter: marketers have also prepared an entire sermon titled "jesus, the original superhero," pointing out how superman could be interpreted as an allegory for jesus. >> you'll give the people of earth an ideal to strive for and help them accomplish wonders. >> reporter: pastor quinton scott from baltimore attended one of the screenings. >> there was an push to say, hey, we're actually putting out
1:53 pm
something that speaks to your group and everything. >> reporter: did you take it seriously at first? what did you think? >> truthfully, no. when i sat and actually looked at the movie and started to see how it was the story of christ and the love of god was weaved into the story, i was very excited. >> what's the "s" stand for? >> it's not an s. in my world it means hope. >> well, here it's an "s." >> reporter: all this may sound strange b hollywood has long known that hollywood can make miracl miracles occur, not just with religious movies but also general family fare. >> you just have to decide what kind of man you want to grow up to be, clark. >> i think it's a very good thing that hollywood is play ay
1:54 pm
attention to the church as market place. in this case you've got a good match. >> here we have a message about superman and really an underlying message about the original superman, jesus christ. >> reporter: are you concerned that this studio is using you and religious groups to sell this movie? >> they're using us, but in fact we're using them. if you give me another opportunity to talk to someone about jesus christ and i can do it because of your movie, that's a win for me. because it is about spreading the gospel. >> reporter: now, other groups have seen allegory connections as well. superman is seen by some as jewish. >> so was jesus, by the way, jewish. >> exactly.
1:55 pm
it all comes together. >> we also need to add that warner brother studios, like cnn, is owned by time warner. >> too many warner, the big daddy. thank you very much, erin mcpike. >> coming up, patriots owner bob kraft accuses vladimir putin of stealing his super bowl ring. what did the state department have to say about that today? rew and feel the hamptonality
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welcome back to "the lead." it's time for the sports lead. mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. mr. putin, may i please have my ring back? doesn't quite have the same ring to it? new england patriots robert kraft told the paper that vladimir putin stole his ring, while admiring it saying "i could kill somebody with this ring" and put it in his pocket. the state department said they're staying out of it. a spokesman of putin said the ring was a gift. a patriots spokesman today said it's a story that kraft likes to tell to get a laugh.
1:59 pm
if you're debating whether the cost of higher education is worth it for your kid, this is not going to help. there was a typo on a giant signed, "what i learned at coll collec -- colllege." three ls. >> last week 11 members of congress sent a letter to the league and all 32 team owners are pushing for a name tag. >> we asked you earlier to help
2:00 pm
porsche promote its new $900 go-cart. and "providing solutions for the under 10 mid life crisis" and tank tweeted "because my daddy makes more money than your entire immediate family. follow me on twitte twitter @jaketapper. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. i turn you over to "the situation room." >> president obama and vladimir putin face-off over syria. >> and the nsa leaker in a liveline


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