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tv   Early Start  CNN  June 18, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> everywhere like such as. get on board, america. get on board. as for all you pageant haters, pull out a map and see if you can find yourselves on the ridiculist. or everywhere like such as. that's it for us. "early start begins now. have a great day. president obama on defense on the record for the first time about the government's secret spy program. why he says americans are not getting the full story. a day of digging in rural michigan as investigators try to unearth one of the biggest mysteries of our time. where is jimmy hoffa's body. people take matters into their own hands with a man ranting about the u.s. government. >> good morning. i'm christine romans. president obama is defending the
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nsas spying programs. he's as hawkish as the administration he replaced. >> reporter: in a candid and unusually long interview with charlie rose, president obama revealed how defending the homeland weighs on him as he discussed his goal of helping the middle class. >> and that is the thing that i'm going to be focused on for the remainder of my presidency. >> reporter: he stood by newly revealed nsa programs that give phone and online data for many americans. >> should it be transparent? >> it is transparent that's why we set up the fisa court. >> reporter: obama bris ls. >> well, obama was a raging liberal before, now he's dick
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cheney. my concern has been not that we shouldn't do intelligence, but rather a system of checks and balances. >> reporter: he discussed the bloody civil war in syria where he said the government crossed a line using chemical weapons. long overdue said senators like john mccain. >> they are not professional fighters. the notion there was a professional military in syria for us to support. >> reporter: in northern ireland, he met with vladimir putin. >> reducing the violence. >> no breakthrough. they said they will push both sides to negotiate a peace. >> nsa chief general keith alexander will be on capitol hill to talk about the spying programs. he'll have a hearing titled how
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disclosed nsa programs help americans and why. he may address the harm caused by the leaks. >> we know the names of dozens of detainees to be held at the guantanamo bay. they are held without charge and considered too dangerous to be transferred but unable to be tried. they are from yemen and afghanistan. president obama, monday, named an envoy to work toward closing guantanamo down. a major milestone this morning. afghan forces taking over the lead for security nationwide. it comes the day a suicide attack targets a member of parliament. three people killed, 21 injured. the politician escaped
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uninjured. we are in kabul this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, john. this is a historic day with a security handover. we got a deadly reminder of what's in store for afghan security forces as they take over. three people killed, 21 injured in a suicide attack in western kabul near parliament and the human rights commission. the target was a high-ranking political official. he was unhurt. despite that attack, afghanistan forces transferred the lead role for security to afghan forces. that handover made official at a ceremony today by hamid karzai, the president. scores of afghan dignitaries. the secretary general, nato had to say about the big event. >> five years ago, afghan forces were a fraction of what they are
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today. now you have 350,000 afghan troops and police, a formidable force and time and again, we have seen them dealing quickly and competently with complex attacks. defeating the elements of afghanistan and defending and protecting the afghan people. >> this process started two years ago in 2011 when coalition forces gradually started transferring districts to afghan forces. that process is officially complete. all of this part of the plan to exit by 2014. all troops are to be out of afghanistan. john, many question whether the afghan forces are ready to take over the lead in security. ready or not, they are in the
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driver's seat. progress on the fire lines in colorado. the black forest fire already the most destructive in the state's history is now 75% contained. it's burned 22,000 square miles near colorado springs, destroyed more than 500 homes and killed two people. investigators are trying to determine the cause of the fire. there are indications it was started by people. in california, a wildfire burning close to yosemite national park. they have evacuated 150 homes. they are battling the fire. fire officials are predicting this could be california's worst fire season in 100 years. >> we are tracking the weather. good morning. firefighters are getting a break today. >> just a hint out there. one more day for a chance of thunderstorms in colorado. again, very easy to see. here is what it's looking like for 48 hours.
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the bulk of it on the east coast. where it's dry, we are looking at the fire danger. to put it in perspective, i'll show you where the droughts are. here is what the fire watches look like today. looking at the exact same regions. close to yosemite, outside the critical fire watch area. high pressure building over several days. with that, we are talking drier conditions, lower humidity expected by tomorrow. when you have the high close together, the chance of winds gusting. today is a day to deal with the moisture by tomorrow. as far as where the rain is, we are talking about virginia. look how high some of the numbers could be, two to four inches in virginia. texas, centrally located areas, three to five inches of rain. some heavy rain is possible today. we wish it could shift west
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where they need it. >> thanks. a hit man known as the executioner took the stand against james whitey bulger. john said it broke his heart when he learned bulger was an fbi informant. he called him his partner this crime saying they worked together on several hits. bulger is charged with 19 murders, racketeering. the michael jackson family and the wrongful death case. david berman, no relation, said it was wrong for them to pay murray $150,000 ahead of the comeback tour. it gave murray a conflict of interest. michael jackson's personal chef is set to testify. a flight to hong kong, a passenger started screaming about cia secrets, the nsa leaker and being poisoned.
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part of it is caught on cell phone audio. listen. >> i'm dead. i'm dead. i'm dead. >> passengers helped subdue the man and put him in plastic handcuffs. >> i got up along with a few other passengers. at one point, he reached for something in his pocket, his jacket. it's when three or four of us tackled him to the ground. >> when the plane landed, the unidentified passenger was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation. thousands took to the streets monday upset at the government. the protests were peaceful. they shut down streets in a half dozen cities. activists want changes in how government money is spent and more done to stop police corruption. this comes a year before the world cup and the summer olympics will be held there. it's a very, very big deal. riot police were on the
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streets monday as groups held a one day strike. the protest capped by this man, a performance artist who stood in the square for hours staring at a picture of the founder of the modern turkish state. many who joined him were arrested. four people have been killed. nearly 7500 injured. the battle for the stanley cup, the boston bruins are half way there. they blanked the blackhawks 2-zip. the goalie stopped 28 shots for the third playoff shutout. he was unbelievable. that's brad getting beat up there by one of the blackhawks. the point was, the bruins won game four tomorrow night in boston. i tried to go to sleep, but i can't.
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i keep waking up, let me check the score. then it's 11:00 and i have to wake up in three hours. >> and basketball games, too. >> right. >> a heart warming story from florida by a little girl taking her first steps. that's a 2-year-old walking on her new prosthetic legs. >> there wasn't any hesitation. that's what i see for her. she's not going to ever hold back. she's going to do everything full on. that's my angel. >> she's growing very attached to her test legs. when the technician said he needed them back, she said no, she wanted to keep them. a murder mystery that baffled detectives for years, the fbi finally found jimmy hoffa's grave. a soldier returning pulled out all the stops to shock his mother with an unbelievably
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welcome back to "early start." in a few hours, federal agents will dig in a field in oakland township, michigan. they are looking for the remains of jimmy hoffa. this time, they are going on the word of an ageing mobster who claims he was buried there after he vanished. his disappearance nearly 40 years ago has been an enduring mystery. >> reporter: his disappearance confounded authorities for four decades. there's no shortage of fa fascination for the former boss. the life story of the former union boss and felon with mob
2:16 am
ties inspired movies on the big screen. despite his death, speculation remains alive of what happened to him. the author of "hoffa wars" mystified the public. >> he was a mystified guy, well known, in an area where he was particularly well known. he disappeared from a public place in broad daylight and vanished without a trace. >> reporter: he was seen outside a restaurant in suburban detroit in 1975. he was there to meet with a mob figure and a new jersey teamster head. the fbi says hoffa was the only one who showed up. since then, theories ranging from the concept he wasn't killed to tips about the where abouts of his remains. in 2012, authorities tested soil samples in suburban detroit after someone claimed they saw a body buried the day after hoffa
2:17 am
disappeared. a claim he was buried in smet at a stadium. none of the leads panned out. hoffa's middle name, by chance, is riddle. mary snow, cnn, new york. >> riddle, indeed. >> i am not a murderer. that's what joseph told jurors in the opening statement in his trial in northern california. he's defending himself in a death penalty case. day seven of jury selection of the george zimmerman trial. the judge ruled the jurors hearing the case should remain anonymous. zimmerman is charged with fatally shooting florida teenager, trayvon martin. he claims it was self-defense. a group of teens may have been caught on camera posing for their own mug shot.
2:18 am
cops in maryland say they used a stolen credit card to snap the pictures of themselves in a photo booth. they use a stolen credit card. they will not be too hard to find. >> their parents are mortified. who can forget this video of a naked man running wild at a subway station. >> i'll never forget that. >> he's facing charges connected with that incident. he's an acura bat and given a mental e vaguation. he was rearrested monday. he faces seven counts, including two felony counts. >> it's crazy to look at. this could be my favorite story of the day. it's for gamers. it's been the subject of rumors for years. when the e.t. atari game flopped, did they bury them in a
2:19 am
landfill? a company won the rights to dig up the landfill in search of the truth behind the legend. they are telling "the new york times" there might not be anything there or there might be something. if there is, it could be the holy grail of video game history. the resolution of those graphics is stunning. >> amazing. they were fun. >> they really were. >> except e.t., which stunk. a happy homecoming for a u.s. soldier. he got quite a reaction after surprising his mom after returning from afghanistan. >> i still can't believe he's here. i'm holding him. this is amazing. this is amazing. >> staff sergeant says the family is always pulling pranks. he's not going back. he finished his second, his final deployment. >> good for him. this is one of those only in new york stories.
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they are calling it a puppy prom. a puppy prom. yeah. well, there were lots of tails wagging at the furry affair. the dogs and their owners dressed for the occasion. they had a puppy prom king and queen. what happens after this prom? the event raised money for a dog rescue. coming up, another hint that ben bernanke is on his way out. president obama saying the chairman of the federal reserve stayed longer than expected. >> wow. >> why that man holds the key to your 401(k) as well when we come back. it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the new fiber one caramel nut protein bar. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ]
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we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪ >> oh. oh, that is so uncalled for. all right. welcome back to "early start." that is an alarm clock that will cost you money, if you don't wake up. it shreds whatever cash you leave in it. a diabolical inventor in seattle has this. it's not for sale yet. there are instructions online if you want to build your own. >> if i want to do that, i would have the credit card number to pay me. if you don't get up, i get paid. the dow jumped more than 100 points yesterday.
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things are volatile. the blue chips posted a triple digit move in ten of the past 11 moves. here is why. see this guy? that guy right there. the key to your money is in his pocket. ben bernanke kicking off a two-day meeting. they will talk about whether they will continue the stimulus program. stock futures set to rise. ben bernanke may not be in his position for long. president obama hesitated when asked if he would reappoint him. >> i think he's done an outstanding job. he's like bob muller, the head of the fbi. he's stayed a lot longer than he wanted or was supposed to. >> his second term expires at the end of january. >> sounds like it's over, too. >> it's over. the betting is who will succeed him.
2:26 am
some are talking timothy geithner, janet yellen, a lot of people with talking about who will be the person who will have to withdrawal the massive stimulus and what will happen to the economy and the stock market when that happens. health care prices are going up. costs rise 6.5% next year. that includes doctor visits, drugs, surgery, prices are rising faster than inflation. that's not a news flash. here is the good news. this year, prizes rose 7.5%. it's because people are becoming more cost conscious. they are cutting down on doctor visits and choosing cheaper providers. coming up, cliff rescue. two teenage boys stranded at the top of the cliff and they had no way down. we'll show you the rescue caught on camera. look at that. it's coming up next. the first time i saw a sony 4k tv, it was like opening my eyes.
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defending the nsa, president obama on the record about why the controversial surveillance program isn't as invasive as you think. wildfire warning. hundreds of firefighters battle flames in california this morning. new corn certains this could be california's worst wildfire season in 100 years. two teens stranded 8600 feet in the air. winds whipping. no room for error. the dangerous rescue caught on camera. >> that's crazy. welcome back to "early start," i'm john berman.
2:31 am
president obama issuing his first public defense about the spying program. the collecting of phone call and online information is legal and transparent and does not target americans. >> if you are a u.s. person, then nsa is not listening to your phone calls and not targeting your e-mails unless it's getting an individualized corridor. on this ogram, you have a federal court with independent federal judges overseeing the program and congress overseeing the program, not just the intelligence committee and the judiciary committee. all of congress had available to it before the reauthorization. >> the president saying he's set up a board to look into how far a government data gathering should go. today, nsa chief, general alexander will go before the house committee to speak about
2:32 am
the classified surveillance. president obama heads to germany after wrapping up meetings at the g-8 summit. his two-hour meeting with the russian president did not agree on how to end the civil war. imagine being stuck on top of a cliff thousands of feet in the air. now, imagine the rescue, really, like something out of a movie. we have the story. >> reporter: a rescue like none other. 8600 feet up, two boys trapped on the rocky spine of a ridge. only a few feet wide. >> as we went up there, we made decisions to get up that made it so we couldn't get back. >> reporter: bad decisions. they were on a family camping trip they will never forget. biting off more than one can chew, all too easy.
2:33 am
we thought we could walk across the ridge. we got up there and it was heart breaking. we realized we were in trouble. >> high winds buffetting the helicopters. they made four passes before, with the precision of a surgeon, plucking the boys to safety. >> it was the most challenging i have ever done. >> reporter: lowering harnesses the boys had to put on themselves then hooked up to be carried to a landing zone miles away. >> we lowered the hook, the wind would blow us out of position. >> reporter: the harnesses had to be put on correctly otherwise, it's a long fall. the father watching from below. >> it's my oldest son and -- that doesn't come back. right, you don't recover from something like that. >> reporter: thankfully, only a frightening lesson learned.
2:34 am
cnn, los angeles. >> so frightening, it gives me goose bumps to watch those kids. fire crews in colorado winning the battle against the most destructive fire in history. 75% containment on the fire near colorado springs. it's burned 22 square miles, destroyed more than 500 homes and killed two people. investigators believe this fire was started by people. we are talking about california where hundreds of firefighters are on the scene of a wildfire there threatening homes and forcing evacuations. the so-called carston fire is burning. cnn "i-report"er who shot this said he's prepared to make a quick exit. >> if it looks like it's going to kill me, i have an evacuation plan. i have a four-wheel drive vehicle set up. i'm going to drive it out of
2:35 am
here. >> evacuation is always a good idea if it looks like it's going to kill you. >> this could be the beginning of the worst fire season in the last 100 years. take a look at these scenes. rain fell so fast it flooded streets. reports of cars being stranded as the streets became rivers. the water levels receded, no one was injured. a year ago, i was standing in the midwest, bone dry, praying for rain. >> we have floods, where is it headed next? we are tracking the weather. >> at least i have good news. how much rain is expected in the next 48 hours, where the bubble or dry spot is. it's over st. louis. yes, they are going to get more dry air today. meanwhile, everyone around there is talking about a lot of rain. they got two inches of rain in an hour. when you get that much, you are going to have a flooding concern. once again, looking to the
2:36 am
coastal sections of the carolinas. around tallahassee, it looks like. notice this, three to five inches possible around the austin and san antonio area. you could see a large amount of rainfall. a flooding threat. pop-up thunderstorms, not a surprise. the ohio valley and montana looking for the threat as well. the biggest concern is the ridge of high pressure building in tomorrow. today a slight chance of thunderstorm. 24 hours to try to gain control. meanwhile, the temperature goes on and the wind starts to increase. the fire threat will only get worse. >> thanks so much. the supreme court saying no to arizona's law requiring proof of citizenship if you want to register to vote there. they had to follow federal rules to affirm they are citizens. arizona's law required them to show a passport of another
2:37 am
document to prove it. the court said they can ask federal officials for information to require them for registration. on capitol hill, the house is set to vote on a measure to make abortions illegal after 22 weeks of pregnancy. there's an exception for rape and incest, so long as the crimes are reported before the abortion takes place. it's said to have little chance of passage in the democratic controlled senate. modern day plantations. it's how agents describe a dozen 7-eleven stores that were seized in immigration raids. nine people arrested for human smuggling. in some cases, it was going on for nearly a decade. you could hardly recognize chad johnson. there he was in a florida courtroom apologizing to a judge, getting released from jail in a week rather than 30
2:38 am
days. he angered the judge for butt slapping his attorney. now the former nfl star says he's thankful for the tough love. >> little does she know it, i love her to death. where she's been is a blessing in disguise. i thank her. everything she did was justifiable. >> we'll have more on chad johnson's reprieve later on "new day." >> a contrite chad johnson with a big, big apology. >> you don't get flip in a courtroom when you are getting an easy sentence for a domestic violence case. gm recalling hundreds of thousands of suvs saying a short circuit could set the vehicle on fire. a waterside restaurants deck collapse in miami. could this have been prevented? on everything from home repair to healthcare written by people just like you.
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>> a spokesman says they have moved out of the home she sthars with her husband. pictures showing his hand around her neck during an apparent argument in an upscale london restaurant. it was quote, a playful tiff. police in london say a 70-year-old man voluntarily ak so septembered a warning to the case. a big suv recall this morning. gm recalling 200,000 midsize vehicles. a component in the driver's door can short circuit and cause fire. on the list, the 2006-2007 trail blazer, the gmc envoy and envoy xl. the 2006-2007 buick rainier.
2:43 am
gm is advisings drivers, if you have a vehicle, park it outside until you can have the repair done, so if the fire happens, it doesn't spread to your home. i want to show you a picture from tampa. check that out. this is a far engolfed in plafls after an accident. he is the father of five. they are not heroes, just doing their job, which is to be a hero. perry is said to be okay. >> our job is to talk about people doing their jobs, who are heroes. it's not clear what caused a deck collapse but it may not have been inspected. two dozen people were injured when it collapsed into biscayne bay. let's look at what's coming up
2:44 am
on cnns new show, "new day". it was a fun debut. >> what do you have today? >> what did you know? this morning, the big story, president obama is defending the nsas surveillance program. his strongest defense yet. we break down an interview and comments by dick cheney as well. >> a lot to talk about there. a decades long mystery could finally be solved. why this time investigators think they found jimmy hoffa's final resting place. a new version of this comes up every several months. here is a study i don't want to know. there's a study out that says it is okay for pregnant moms to drink. those are bellies with babies in them we are showing you to make the point. a lot of conflicting information
2:45 am
out there. is it really safe? we are going to have what moms-to-be need to know. >> lots coming up. >> the headline, chris cuomo, not a scientist, according to him. >> i didn't say that. i didn't say that. i didn't say i wasn't a scientist, i said i didn't want to own this study. >> other studies, we'll get back to you on that. coming up, the bruins taking the lead, an important lead with those awesome goals in the guest for the stanley cup. will they go all the way? all the game action next, in the bleacher report. er ] the best thing about this bar it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the new fiber one caramel nut protein bar. the new♪fiber one even superheroes need superheroes, and some superheroes need complete and balanced meals with 23 vitamins and minerals.
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the boston bruins shut out the chicago blackhawks to take a 2-1 lead in the stanley cup finals. >> they sure did. andy, tell us more, please.
2:49 am
>> i'm sure you are happy about this one. after playing four overtimes in two games, the bruins made an early night of game three. boston took the lead in the second period on a goal from david payer. yager, a nice pass there. burrs are on. it made it 2-0 bruins. at boston, they go on to win. check it out, only nine seconds left in the game. a good old fight breaks out. game four is tomorrow night. it's do or die for the miami heat tonight as they host the spurs in game six of the nba finals. san antonio one win away from getting the big win. good news for miami is they haven't lost back-to-back games since mid january. bad news, they haven't won back-to-back games in nearly a
2:50 am
month. game six in miami tips off tonight at 9:00 eastern. do or die for the heat. the cincinnati bangles will star on "hard that was when chad johnson was their main attraction. nothing quite like hitting a foul ball at a baseball game if you're a kid. this lucky girl gets this ball and lets everyone know how awesome it is to get a foul ball. look how happy she is. later she's still celebrating and oh, no, poor little boy gets a punch right in the face and the tears instantly start falling. he didn't get a ball and he gets punched in the face. poor guy.
2:51 am
everything was okay. >> it's not cool for that poor little boy. thanks so much. >> highs and lows of the game. coming up, charlie sheen trying to fire his sitcom co-star, the on set charlie sheen drama coming up. have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? oh, yeah. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. [ wife ] sorry. [ male announcer ] but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can help make this a great block party.
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welcome back.
2:55 am
tmz says charlie sheen got angry on the set of "anger management" telling the crew that he's fired co-star selma blair and she said she's been complaining to producers about sheen's lateness and being erratic in the workplace. no official statement from sheen or blair or the producers of the show. the old saying you can find anything on the internet, jeanne moos has the story behind a one-of-a-kind unique item up for sale on ebay. >> reporter: he's not really suited to go up against braveheart because the knight in shining armor is a guinea pig, more likely to go up against his weiner dog. >> be nice. >> reporter: the guinea pig is named lucky but his luck ran out earlier this morning when he died of natural causes.
2:56 am
lucky's owner decided to auction off the armor on ebay with the proceeds going to an organization that helps guinea pigs find homes in the washington, d.c., virginia area. it can had taken sean weeks to weave the stainly steel nails. the ebay description reads "is your pet guinea pig tired of wandering around the house unarmored and vulnerable? has your guinea pig ever wanted to go to the renaissance fair and nothing to wear?" >> it's guinea pig sized. >> reporter: some suggest he should have been buried in his suit of armor but it wasn't his favorite thing. >> he hated it, he absolutely hates wearing it. it was big and pretty heavy. >> reporter: he had worn it once for ten minutes while sean took
2:57 am
the photos. he kept fidgeting and squeaking and stood still in a pose. >> the reason he stood still is because he was going to the bathroom. >> reporter: the fan on the website read it, sketched him ready to do battle, bids on his suit of armor jumps from $400 to over $800 in hours and continued to climb. so what if sean has to put one jokes. >> oh, did you have a guinea pig jousting tournament. >> reporter: the closest he came to jousting was biting his bars. jeanne moos, cnn -- >> he was a special guy. >> reporter: new york. >> with three days left to go it is now going for $3,750. >> the guy who bought his guinea pig armor made him armor is somehow upset people are making jokes about guinea pig jousting
2:58 am
tricks. let's bring in "new day's" kate bolduan and mario cuomo. >> chris is not engaging in this, sitting here shaking his head. >> i got nothing for the guinea pig armor. >> something that's not going to change the world. >> oh, christine you don't know. you do not know. >> if someone tries to throw a spear or shoot a crossbow he'll have protection. >> someday a guinea pig will come to your rescue and you'll be thankful. >> i'd like to be one of christine's kids someday, you can be changing the world. >> and make mama happy. >> low bar. >> very big news moving from the funny news to the big news coming up at the top of the hour a major milestone for troops in
2:59 am
afghanistan, afghan forces are in complete control of their own security but there are huge security issues to deal with. plus today the pentagon lets us in on their plan to get women to the front lines. live to the pentagon. >> and brand new details of nigella lawson with her husband's hand on her throat. they learned chef nigella moved out. we're at the top of the hour, time for the top news. >> we don't have to sacrifice our freedom in order to achieve security. >> breaking overnight the president pushes back on his critics, defending the nsa surveillance program. his administration's shift on syria, and why he is no dick cheney.
3:00 am
air fear, one out of control passenger said he was poisoned. his fellow fliers had to tie him down. amazing rescue, two teams stranded on a cliff, the daring airlift that brought them to safety. >> your "new day" starts right now. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela perei pereira. >> good morning and welcome to "new day" day two. thank you for joining us. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm chris cuomo, it is june 18th, 6:00 in the east. president obama on his heels but fighting back a day after his approval rating took an eight-point plunge the president is insisting anyone outraged by the top secret surveillance programs doesn't get it. brianna keilar is traveling with the president for the g-8


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