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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 18, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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serman, george zimmerman's wife. >> thank you. "around the world" starts right now. welcome to "around the world." >> as we first reported right here on cnn u.s. intelligence officials are revealing details of terror plots now causing so much controversy. >> more than 50 plots have been disrupted. listen to this. >> in the fall of 2009 nsa intercepted an e-mail from a terrorist located in pakistan. that individual was talking with the individual located inside
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the united states talking about perfecting a recipe for explosiv explosives. through legal process that individual was identified. he was located in denver, colorado. the fbi followed him to new york city. later we executed search warrants with the new york joint terrorism task force and nypd and found bomb making components in backpacks. he later confessed to a plot to bomb the new york subway system with backpacks. another example, nsa monitoring an extremist in yemen. he was in contact with an individual in the united states.
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>> dana bash was the first the report this story. she joins us from capitol hill. the other two plots we heard about involves plants and unspecified terrorist activity. two of those plots we hadn't heard about. how significant are these r revelations? >> i think the jury is still out on both of those revelations. two of the plots we just heard about in public testimony were ones we didn't know about. one with regard to the stock exchange and one with regard to some surveillance that they were doing after 911. it was a dead end investigation and it was brought back to life because of, they say, surveillance of phone records.
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they put some more meat on the bone. they made this more tangible for americans to understand. they went through a lot of details and safeguards in these programs about why it really is, for example, kind of one of witnesses said it's really just like what's on your phone bill. it just has numbers. you don't know whose name is attached and you don't know the content. the people they're talking on this panel, they're preaching to the choir. they are supporters of this program. that's the whole reason they are having this particular hearing because they want to have some of the details put out there so people understand how it works and people come to support the
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program because think have become convinced it saved lives. >> there's been a lot of talk about unpacking or digging behind these alleged terror plots. do we know if there will be more information made to the public, more specifics and details in how they are linked to these surveillance programs and what was the plan? >> well, it sounds as though, at least right now it's just these two terror plots, these two new terror plots that they talked about today that they are giving details about in public testimony. they have declassified information about. as you mentioned at the top of the program the nsa director did say there are 50 terror plots that they know of that these programs were involved in debunking and stopping but they can't talk about that in open session. they're going to come to congress tomorrow, come to the intelligence committee and give that information to members of the intelligence committee in a
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classified setting. that will help them, but it's not going to help make the case to skeptical americans that these programs are worth it. they have the right balance between civil liberties and protecting their safety. >> i just want to remind our viewers those four terror plots that was uncovered. plot to bomb a new york subway system. the second one which was the new information, the plot to bomb the new york stock exchange. we learned more details behind that and the other one is a plot to bomb a danish newspaper. that was in the news and a lot of details and finally this one that seemed to be some new information. this was the terrorist activity shortly after 9/11 attack that was thwarted.
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da dana, thanks. this is part of the effort to quiet the uproar over the surveillance program. the nsa are trying to balance the issue of privacy. let's listen in a bit more. >> as american we value our privacy and civil liberties. we value our security and our safety and in the 12 years since the takes on september 11, we have lived in relative safety and security as a nation. that's a direct result of the intelligence community effort and learn from the mistakes that permitted the attacks to occur in 9/11. in those 12 years we have thought long and hard about oversight and compliance and how we minimize the impact on our fellow citizens privacy. we have created and continue to
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monitor a compliance program inside nsa. this program which was developed base on industry best practices work to keep operation and technology aligned with approved procedures. outside of nsa the office of the director of national intelligence, department of justice and the foreign intelligence surveillance court provide other sigversight as we this committee. i believe we have that balance right. >> let's bring in our analysts. peter, your assessment of the information that we heard, i know you've written how a lot were covered by traditional law enforcement. what's your read about hearing it? >> i think the ball was advanced very slightly today by what we heard on capitol hill.
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we knew about the plan to attack the subway in new york. we knew about the plan to attack the danish newspaper. it was a tip from british intelligence that led us to him. be that as it may the third plot we heard about to attack the new york stock exchange is new. the case itself was not. we found out they had some plot to attack the new york stock exchange.
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the plots that were eluded today will remain classify. my guess is most of those are overseas or perhaps people sending money to overseas terrorist organizations. the plots withe know exist in t united states have been stopped. >> we've heard about those plots and the number 50 and then the four, why were these four selected? highlighting these particular four as opposed to the 50? will we learn about these other plots that are interrupted. >> members of congress will get
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briefed on his more than 50 examples. i think they picked the four that they picked because two of which as peter just mentioned we knew already. the other two they picked one what they call a 702 case. you have to target someone, a none u.s. person overseas involved this terrorist activity. that's the case where the individual had contact from kansas city, missouri to some unknown terrorist in yemen. that case is over. that's why they picked that one. the other one is a 215 case. that's the business records session of the patriot act where they got subscriber information from san diego telephone number. not until 2007 were they able to get the subscriber data that led
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to an electronic surveillance. they haven't given as much detail. they haven't made the case why the authority for the telephone toll records and i think the details is what will persuade the american people this is necessary. we advance the ball today but they will need to do more to persuade the american people about the necessary of these programs. >> on that note, on the political aspect does this help this president or is he going to have to do more? is. >> i think it -- look, it's hard for them because what they'd like to do is put the genie back in the bottle and like to not talk about any of this at all, but they can't. it's out there. we know it's out there. the american public doesn't trust its government.
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you see numbers on that. they want to be protected. you have to kind of show us why. help us out here a little bit. we understandhe problems with declassifying everything. i also think it had to come from the top. we know the president has given some press interviews and encouraged this conversation about the balance between liberty and national security. at some point the president will have to lead the conversation because afterall this is the same person who railed against a form of these kind of surveillance when he was a united states senator. i think it may be more incumbent upon him at a certain point after they unroll this as they are clearly trying to do to come out and speak some more about it
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to the american people. >> all right. thanks so much. there's a lot more to come, i imagine. >> it's ironic. under president bush all this put into place and under president obama pushed more so. >> we'll get reaction from workers at new york stock exchange for the news that you were just saying they were apparently targeted in one of these terror attacks. we're also working on other stories from around the world. watch this. >> tear gas, rubber bullets. these are protesters filling the street in brazil. they say the government is spending too much on the world cup and olympics and making the poor foot the bill. we'll have more. i am an american success story.
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these are top intelligence u.s. officials who have been brought before members of congress to testify and to justify the surveillance program, u.s. surveillance program of phone records as well as internet, e-mails overseas and so far what we have learned from top intelligence officials is there were 50 incidents of terror plots that have been interrupted from this information. they're giving details to members of congress. >> we're going to bring you in here alison. what kind of reaction that the news is getting that the stock exchange was a potential target? >> the official word is the no comment. i talked with some traders who have been coming here for years and years. coming to work like anybody fwh works at an office. really not a lot of reaction.
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not any fear. this is an iconic symbol of american capitalism. there are layers of security to get in. you have to go through for badge check and bag check. you have to go through a metal detector and you have to scan your badge in again. to get to the building you can't really drive close to it. you have to go through check points president not really a huge surprise from the traders on the floor there was this kind of serious threat. it's not the first time we've heard of a threat. the uk man you had been talking about was sentenced to life in prison in 2006 after pleading guilty to attack several targets including the nyse. the security here is very strong. i can really see sometimes there's more presence of security than others.
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sometimes there are more police officers with their dogs on one day as opposed to another. it doesn't mean there's a threat that day but it is interesting to see the amount of security, the ability of the amount of security to change on a dime. >> imagine that is a target. >> thank you. we're getting information that the united states will take part in talks with the taliban. >> this is important news that these talks are going to happen at all. reconciliation is likely to be long, complex and messy. the truth between afghans and the taliban is extremely low. >> it comes at the same time afghan forces take over their security responsibilities from nay to troops. u.s. and coalition forces move
9:20 am
into a support role helping the afghans when it's necessary, when it's needed. the u.s. led combat mission said to be over by the end of next year. the chief says the afghans are ready. >> five years ago afghan forces were a fraction of what they are today. now you have 350,000 afghan troops and police, a formidable force and time and again we have seen them feeling quickly and competently with complex attacks. >> not everyone agrees with this. obama three people were killed.
9:21 am
21 were wounded. >> a live robert from kabul as well. president obama heads to germany this hour. >> the war in syria was a major focus of that meeting. world leaders trying to put the pressure on the russian president over his support for the syrian government and his opposition of weapons going to the rebels. both leaders say they are going to push the parties toward negotiations to the end of the bloody civil war that's taking place. there's a generational divide on immigration reform. young americans feel very differently than older americans. we'll have a look at the results of a cnn brand new poll on this. .
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[ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪ we're getting new details
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about a big generational divide. this is over immigration reform. >> this coming as a senate considers a bipartisan bill that will offer a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the u.s. >> carlos lopez join us from washington. let's talk about the age gap. you have this new cnn poll, 54% of people younger than 65 favor the bill. only 40% of those older than 65 are in favor. what's, how do you explain the difference? >> i believe it's a generational gap. it's different on what people have heard about this bill. it's not final yet. i guess if you ask people if they believe that border security, if border security should come first or creating path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants, i guess the natural reaction is to say border security first. >> let's talk a bit more about
9:26 am
that. as you say 62% say border security is the most important issue but 36% say the path to citizenship should be the bigger priority. is there way to interpret that yet? >> the bill as being discussed includes a very important component of border security. there are amendments that are being filed to make it stronger on border security. immigration to the u.s. at the u.s.-mexico border is down to net zero to people being deported and you have to highlight this government, president obama, the deport the highest number of people per year and the number of people coming into the u.s. has gone down. it's an issue more of perception than what is happening on the ground. that's what the senate is deb e debating. >> finally, we saw it's not surprising this political breakdown on party lines. 59% of democrats favoring the
9:27 am
bill. 48% of both republicans and independents both favor it but if it passes in the senate, it's probably going to have a pretty tough sell in the house where republicans are in control. >> definitely. speaker boehner told reporters that this bill needs a majority of majority from republicans in the house. if the vote br today it probably wouldn't pass. if the senate is working on the bill and speaker boehner said it's after july 10th that they will consider it. will it happen? it's still not a done daily. you have to keep if mind that a month is a long time in washington. we'll see what happens after they finish their debate. there's a big difference. at the national level republicans understand they need immigration reform to attract the lan ttilatino vote.
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>> thank you. good to see you. >> pleasure. >> one month, an eternity in washington. coming up, a 9% bus fare hike sends brazilians into the street to protest. you can see the result there. >> we'll take you live the find out chie there's so much anger toward the government there. stay with us. e yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet.
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thanks for joining us again. we're keeping our eye on u.s. intelligence officials still testifying on capitol hill about the nsa surveillance program. just moments ago the fbi deputy director talked about edward snowden. you know the guy that leaked the program and started all of this. >> really i can comment very
9:32 am
little. it's an ongoing criminal investigation. we've all seen these leaks. it has affected. we are revealing in front of you today methods and techniques. i have told you how important they have been. the first core wlal qaeda plant. another stock to bomb the new york stock exchange, we used these programs and now here we are talking about this in front of the whole world. ? you've written an op ed and said sometimes this looks like it would be a fishing expedition. from what you've heard today from the testimony, does it sound like there's some abuse there or does it sound like this
9:33 am
is a tailored program? there's a lot of safeguards in place. the plot to divert the attack on the subway was a significant one. i think the administration has set themselves up with a bit of fall for this hearing. there were dozens of attacks foiled and a lot more information would be forthcoming. we haven't heard that today. this plot to attack the new york city stock exchange, this can cover a lot of territory.
9:34 am
there's nothing to do. they mention the new york stock exchaung exchange at all. it was much more about a plot to send money to al guide which is a big problem. if it was a lot more revelation, they had been stopped in the united states, maybe so. i think the debate will continue. >> did we hear enough specifics about what it is the surveillance program did to stop a plot or whether the program was part of the general law enforcement that did good? >> i'm sure the administration is going to kind of, will say they don't want to get too much into the actual technicalities. the fact is the plots that really happened in the united
9:35 am
states have overwhelmingly been to do with typical police activity. suspicious the public calling in a tip. a family member calling in a tip. community members calling in a tip. an informant being inserted into a plot. these conventional police techniques have been how almost all the plots have been stopped in the post 9/11 era. >> out of the 50 or so examples that they have at least in their report they will allow members of congress to see in a classified setting. what do you want to know? >> i don't think we're going to find out. i'm not naturally a huge skeptic but when the government says trust us, there's 50 other things we can't tell you about. you have to ask yourself, okay. is there -- are these problems a
9:36 am
little less problematic than they are posting. they've mentioned 20 countries. this has been sold as protecting americans. it's not quite the same thing as the way it's been packaged so far. >> still a lot of unanswered questions. thank you very much. he's right. it's classified. it's not smog we'll be talking about the next day. they'll get that information and we may never know. >> we don't know is the answer to that. we've reported a lot in the last few months about iraq. death there a daily event. suicide bomber striking again. 32 worshippers killed. police say that the twin suicide
9:37 am
attacks happened during noon prayers. they have felt marginalized. >> hundreds of people dying every month. >> protesters in turkey have a powerful new symbol now. he's been dubbed as standing man. this is a new way of protesting. >> man stood for more than five hours just looking up. the peaceful protest prompted hundreds of people to move in. >> police moved in to arrest people taking part in that protest. officers in the past have used
9:38 am
tear gas and water. we don't know if the gentlemen there is in custody but he's identified as. >> very powerful protest. what sparts demonstration over a 9 cent bus fair increased now turning into a huge protest movement in brazil. >> the protests are spreading. as many a 200,000 people hitting the streets of more than eight cities. this was yesterday. they say the government is ripping off folks, particularly the poor while spending a great of money on vents like the world cup and olympics. what is the main concern among these protesters?
9:39 am
>> what we heard last night was a laundry list of grievances. it's really much bigger than the bus fare. it's snowballed into this huge protest. brazilians are spending so much in high taxes and getting so little in return. they're complaining about the cost of living and government accountability and this money going for big vents. thp was a reaction to police crackdowns earlier last week to other protests. beam were out raged that people were throwing tear gas, shooting rubber bullets. we saw around 200,000 people around in these protests. here it was mostly peaceful. in brazilia they climbed on to
9:40 am
the roof of congress. they are demanding that the government listen to them. >> why is it the world turning to brazil for all the wrong reasons? what is the government saying and does the protest have some momentum now? >> reporter: we just heard from the president and obviously taking a look at how many people are participating in this, she's trying to fwet this on her side and it was was for brazil. she said this is a democracy. the fact so many people are getting their house heard is sign of the energy and street. she prays the peaceful protesters, she said this was a sign of a stronger democracy. people demanding things like better education and better health. the reason they are doing that is because the country has
9:41 am
improved so much. there's more people in the middle class and in fogs demand a higher class of living. he said we will not have any marches on the world cup, period. michael. >> thank you so much. appreciate that. nay to handing over security duties. we'll take you live to kabul, up next.
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9:44 am
welcome back. the u.s. planning to hold talks now with the taliban. confirmation coming just today. this is after afghan forces took over security responsibilities for their own country. >> it's just the most recent war. these talks with the taliban something many americans might find a bit surprising. what does this say about the u.s. position and the taliban. >> reporter: the taliban's position is they're winning this
9:45 am
war. so far there is no clear cut winner and the outcome will probably surface clear down the road. today the taliban sounding very confident in their first press conference in a long time in their new office. this is where they plan to hold meetings. they out lined what their goal is. they want a peaceful solution to the afghan conflict and end to the occupation. this is something washington wanted to hear the dal ban saying they will not allow anyone to use their soil to launch attacks. afghan officials and u.s.
9:46 am
officials say they recognize this office in the coming days. they say they'll hold talks. u.s. officials say they are cautiously optimistic. >> the security hand over happening there in kabul and it is now surprising, right, that you have international officials or afghan officials saying the afghans are ready to take over their own security. mike and i have been to afghanistan and know there's an incredible amount of skepticism there that they would be prepared to do such a thing. do people believe they are prepared to handle their own security and protect their people? >> same officials say this army has a long way to go. they are poorly trained and it's going to be a long time before they can effectively defend
9:47 am
their country. after today's ceremony when they hand it over the lead security role they are in the driving seat right now and they will depends their country. they will have u.s. and nato troops as back up for the 18 months to come but they are in the driver's seat. >> thanks so much. you look back we're going to be pulling out next year and leaving the afghans with an army. the soviets left the afghans with a good army, armor. took three years and it crumbled . >> they also talk about they need money. coming up, flash floods, buckled roads and entire buildings swept away. monsoon season now under way in india. look at those pictures. losing muscle... age 40t
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to northern india, torrential rain from a monsoon causing some deadly flash floods and land slides. >> you have to check out these pictures. they're unbelievable when you see them, the destruction there. at least 60 people feared dead. tens of thousands stranded now. authorities have now called in
9:51 am
military helicopters to pluck people from the areas that have been impacted by that. bridge, homes, buildings crashing down. river water levels now also rising. >> chad meyers will join us. these pictures are just incredible. tell us more about the monsoon season. it came early, didn't it? >> it happens every year but this year it came early. pilgrims were still out visiting the religious sites and think are stranded out there because of the flooding. this should have tyaken a coupl more weeks before it gets up there. it has to wash itself right back down. take a look at these pictures. the pictures tell the story. it's just water.
9:52 am
it's 60 inches of rainfall in some places where they should have 20 to 30 inches of rain. monsoons happen every year. it means switch of the wind direction. it shifted too early causing so many people to get caught off guard. you don't want it to be when people are out there walking around and visiting these sites. it's going to bb another couple of weeks wfr this stops. >> amazing. thanks so much. that's like half a town falling into the water. >> unbelievable. still ahead, what performer is doing to impact your world after the break.
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welcome back. more than 100,000 americans are diagnosed with blood cancer like leukemia each year. only 30% of patients in need of a bone marrow transplant can find someone. >> one performer trying to change that and impact your world. >> we can make an impact on people in need. ♪ love, help, strength is rock and roll cancer organization. they're getting people to register for bone marrow
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transplant. it's easy. all it takes is one of these and one person. you get a swab and that's it. that's how simple it is. i think part of the mission on this tour was when he get different ages in our shows and different ethnic backgrounds. i thought a lot of people would sign up. i think it comes a point in you you reach a certain age where you feel responsible. we have a certain level of power and by power i mean you can communicate to your fans especially nowadays over twitter and facebook. i feel like i can do something positive. it's a good thing. >> on that note good luck to him. that will do it for me. thanks for watching "around the world". we'll see you tomorrow. cnn news room starts after the break. (announcer) born with a natural
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the new york stock exchange just one target in more than 50 terror plots that officials say they have stopped since 9/11. that's the latest from the nsa hearing on capitol hill today. i'm going to go straight to it. intelligence officials trying to make the case that secret surveillance program help keep the country safe. at a hearing today they outlined four terror plots they say was disrupted because of those surveillance programs. they include plots to bomb the new york subway system, the