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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 24, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning. we have a very busy show ahead. the day's main news and as always our take on daytime justice. let's begin here. what a day edward snowden book order a night from moscow cuba, but did the plane leave without him. expletives fly in the courtroom on day one of the trayvon martin murder trial as prosecutors portray george zimmerman as an angry murderer. and how much heat can paula deen stand? the food network already kicked her out of the kitchen and qvc is hinting it could be next. can her southern cooking empire survive? and we begin here in sanford, florida. a huge day where helicopters have been buzzing over the crowds outside the courthouse while expletives have been flying around inside the
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courtroom. that's where george zimmerman has been watching as day one of his highly charged murder trial has been playing out. taking you inside now with live zimmerm zimmerman. you know he admits that he shot and killed trayvon martin last year. but his entire defense is it was self-defense. this morning right out of the gate the prosecution opened with a string of curse words they say were right out of zimmerman's own mouth just minutes before the shooting. and the defense believe it or not decided to lead its opening statements with a knock-knock joke. >> [ bleep ] punks. these [ bleep ] always get away. those were the words in that man's chest when he got out of his car, armed with a fully loaded semiautomatic pistol and two flashlights to follow on
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foot trayvon benjamin martin who was walking home from a 7-eleven armed with 23 ounces of arizona brand fruit juice and a small bag of skittles candies. >> knock-knock. who is there? george zimmerman. george zimmerman who? all right. good. you're on the jury. >> wow. interesting tactic. george howell is live in sanford, florida for us. i'm taken a bit off guard. i don't think i've heard an opening statement made in that way. give me a little bit most of re feel for how things have been playing out. this is an important time. cases can be made or lost in openings. >> reporter: interesting to compare these two attorneys and their styles. we're being look at don west, a
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slower, more deliberate. in fact leading the jury through these examples, leading through diagrams. we understand that his opening statements could take some two hours as he describes that night of february 26 from george zimmerman's account of what happened. but again looking at that comparison to john guy, it was forceful, jarring, very direct. the words that he said directly to that jury. and he also took time to pick apart george zimmerman's account of what he says happened that night. for instance, the statement that zimmerman says martin made that you'll die tonight. guy says that did not happen. no one heard it. also the claim that zimmerman got on top of trayvon martin and spread his arms out, guy says that that did not happen. in fact he says that martin's hands were under his chest. so he's taking time to really pick it apart. >> and that could very well be the prosecution's main plan here is to go bit by bit what this
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defendant said and how it may or may not match up with the evidence. george howell, i know you're busy watching all of these developments unfold. so back at her and we'll continue to watch this, as well. anderson cooper will hold a very special program on the zimmerman murder trial at 10:00 eastern tonight. so please don't miss it. a watershed case. the supreme court speaking of watershed cases handing a key affirmative action case back to the lower court. it was a case that was brought by a young woman who says that her application to the university of texas at austin was rejected because she is white. joe johns joins me live from the supreme court. so everybody was waiting for a big decision as to whether this would be a massive blow to affirmative action or not. joe, what exactly is it when it's just a bit of a punt? >> reporter: right. i think the or not part is relevant here right now. they pretty much decided to kick it back to the lower court and
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tell the hlower court that you have to use the highest standard available to decide the case. that's called strict scrutiny. so what the lower court now has to do is decide whether the texas affirmative action plan is narrowly tailored to meet a compelling government interest. that is the definition of strict scrutiny. bottom line here, affirmative action remains the law of the land. however, there is more to be decided down the road. >> and i think it's important for people to understand this is a public university and this is essentially public policy. but a lot of things seem to flow out of that, as well. a lot of those decisions affect private universities, as well. so are the private universities watching closely to see if all of a sudden things will change in their banks, as well? >> i think everybody is watching this. and i can tell you that public universities certainly were all preparing to try to pivot and
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deal with whatever decision might have come out of the court. important also to say what the university of texas program is at issue. they take the top 10% of all classes of all high schools in the state of texas and after that, anybody else who gets admitted from texas has to go through a formula where race is one of many factors used to on determine whether you get in. so all of this has to be looked at again.n determine whether you get in. so all of this has to be looked at again. determine whether you get in. so all of this has to be looked at again. we'll be hearing more on this. >> joe johns with another busy day at the supreme court. we haven't heard yet from them about same-sex marriage. and the court has decided to add another day. and also the president of the naacp will join us in about 30 minutes from now to discuss a little bit more about what this decision or indecision depending on how you look at it, what it means for affirmative action. the government is really mad.
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think you could say fit to be tied this morning. president obama and all those who have something to do with this man not the least bit pleased because edward snowden, the leaker of the secret u.s. surveillance programs, has really sort of put his thumb in the eye of this country as have the countries who have been refusing washington's request to hand him back over here. those countries being china and hong kong and russia and ecuador. not one of them willing to help the united states get its guy back. but the most pressing problem right now apart from all of those pressing problem, we don't know exactly where this man is. you can look at where the planes could be. we do know he left hong kong. he had been hold up for several days there. we do know he flew to moscow. he was expected to be on a flight cuba which left a couple of hours ago, but we are also told that he apparently did not board that plane. so it's assumed his final destination was going to be ecuador where he's requested asylum.
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ecuador's foreign minister said a decision will be made in due time. brianna keilar is following all of the details. so the question i have for you, and i'm not sure what the government is saying, but is the white house more angry or more embarrassed at what's going on right now? >> reporter: i think that right now there is a lot of frustration, but i also think when you're talking about the issue of embarrassment, i think it's more that the administration stands to be at risk of ineffectual. there is a stern warning that relations with the u.s. could be stressed. and also pressure on a defiant russia to act. and what you're seeing is it seems a concerted effort among administration officials to paint snowden as sort of hypocritical, raising questions
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about his sort of self described being a champion of internet freedom and freedom of the press. here is the secretary of state a short time ago. >> i suppose there is no small irony here. i mean, i wonder if mr. snowden chose china and russia as assistance in his flight from justice because they're such powerful bastions of internet freedom. >> reporter: one of the big issues here is that the president is at risk of appearing in-effectual. he's met with both the presidents of china and russia. stymied by china when it costs to sish security.
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and now this. so this is a big challenge for president obama. . >> and i'm sure the first thing they want to know is where he is. so we'll keep checking in with you. thank you. big story as well today, wall street. what a rotten day. good monday morning to you. the dow plunging by triple digits within mutes of the opening bell. down about 186 right now, but it was down 250. alison kosik joining us. i know china has been a problem. i know that a big hit in china has reverb racesrere reverb rac. >> what happened overnight was the people's bank of china, the equivalent of our federal reserve, what it did is it told the country's biggest banks to get it together, to stop handing out loans so easily. so that has propped up the worries about the stability of china's financial system. that's putting investors on edge
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here. and then putting on investors on edge about when the fed, our own federal reserve, could pull back on the billions of dollars that it has been pumping into the which i. i know this is a chart, not school, but interesting to look at. it's the volatility index known as the vix. it measures the fear in the market. look how much it's jumped over the past several days. 28%. that's a big deal. that's a big deal because after the fed said that the gravy train may start to go away, investors started running for the exits. at the height of the financial crisis, vix was up to 80. right now at 20. but to see the jump shows just how much investors are spooked by what ben bernanke said last week. >> and we should definitely not mistake that big spike for good things. it's a big spike of bad is what that is. >> exactly. >> alison kosik, keep an eye on things for us. got big top stories we're
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following for you you. nelson mandela's can ondition h taken a turn for the worse. he's been hospitalized for moths of this month. but now he's list this had critical condition. fael members a family members are keeping vigil. president obama is planning a big push for immigration rae form. the president is scheduled to meet with business leaders who have thee form. the president is scheduled to meet with business leaders who have thereform. the president is scheduled to meet with business leaders who have the -- who have immigrated to the united states. and then the senate vote is expected to happen later this afternoon. that amendment by the way would beef up the border security portion of the overall immigration reform proposal. what a feat. nik wallenda back on solid ground. i get dizzy just watching this shot. but he successfully did it, me it across a quarter mile wide little teeny gorge.
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yep. wow. look at that. nothing to help him along the way. he was 1500 feet up. and that cable is as small as it appears on tv. 2 inches wide. no safety harness, nothing to help him. even at the moments the wind got him nervous, made him crouch down to get better balance, yes, nik wallenda is part of the legendary high wire family. and, yes, it was him walking across niagara falls last year. wow. next stop apparently manhattan. that's a tough one. paula deen on the hot seat. she lost her tv shows, but what else could she lose after revelations that she used a racial slur? plus police are getting familiar with the inside of aaron hernandez's home. the latest on the investigation of v involving the nfl star coming up.
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she will sl racial slurs. and it's all over the tabloids. her empire seems to be crumbling thanks to the publication of a deposition in a court battle. so i'm looking through the usa today and i see this headline which i think is really rough. i don't know if you can see this. experts, paula deen is done. is that fair, is she done? how bad is this going to get for her? >> honestly, i think no matter who you talk, to everyone will have a different opinion. she's a very you powerful woman. she's had a very successful career. she's weathered other storms in the past. so it's yet to be determined if she'll be able to weather this. that said, her products are sold at several chains, so there could be more fallout following the food network's decision and now her supporters are dishing out plenty of criticism of that
8:19 am
decision while others are applauding the food network. >> i want to apologize to everybody. >> reporter: paula deen's fans are standing by the butter loving chef and threatening to boy scott the food network. >> i'll wrap this bacon and deep fry it. >> reporter: at her savannah restaurant, the line was around the block as patrons showed support. >> she has apologized. >> i think it's a learning lesson for her and the people to forgive. >> reporter: deen stirred up controversy for comments while being questioned under oath as part of a racial and sexual harassment lawsuit against her and her brother filed by a former employee. >> please forgive me for the mistakes that i've made. >> reporter: friday she issued back to back video apologies online after readily admitting to using the "n" word in the past. >> the color of your skin, your religion, your sexual preference
8:20 am
does not matter to me. i am here to say i am so sorry. >> reporter: deen is also accused in the lawsuit of wanting to plan a southern plantation themed party with black waiters. just last year, deen spoke at a "new york times"s event about race relations in the south and her views on slavery. >> black folks played such an integral part in our lives. they were like our family. and we didn't see ourselves as being prejudice. i think we're all prejudice against one something or another. and i think black people feel the same prejudice that white people feel. >> reporter: shortly after her public apology, the food network said it was not renewing her contract. the scandal has whipped up more than 13,000 comments their facebook page. i'm firing you, good-bye, wrote
8:21 am
one. others applaud the food network's decision to dump deen. great move. it has to be done. disrespectful slurs will not be tolerat tolerated. and the fallout could continue. listen to what qvc which carries deen's line of cookware told cnn. >> we're watching those developments closely and reviewing our business relationship with miss deen. >> walmart has not yet commented on the future of their relationship. meantime the case she's involved in is ongoing. and deen released a statement thanking the food network for 12 great years. like we said, the case involving her former employee is not over yet. >> and there are pages upon pages of deposition that i think as they start to come out, may actually work in her favor. it's a bit surprising. >> it is. but interesting talking to analysts who say could this have been avoided if she had just settled.
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>> no kidding. let us know what happens. not far from boston, investigators are looking through a wooded area around the home of aaron hernandez. the police already searched his home and then again over the weekend left with bags of potential evidence. police are investigating the death of a friend of his whose body was found a half mile from his home in a wooded area. hernandez has not been named as a suspect and no charges have been filed against him. as of this newscast. a family in tears and an absolute shock trying to come to terms with what happened to their little girl. and now wondering why a registered sex offender was able to get so close to them. . ♪ tracks! they connect the factories built along the lines. and that means jobs, lots of people, making lots and lots of things. let's get your business rolling now, everybody sing. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪
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one minute he was offering to help a mother and a daughter buying them clothes and food at walmart. and the next moment he was handcuffed as the chief suspect in the little girl's murder. it all seemed to happen so fast. 8-year-old charish perriwinkle disappeared from the store with that brand new family friend.
8:26 am
but a friend with a dark past. a registered sex offender who had just been sprung from prison three weeks ago. within a day periwinklriwinkle found dead. the child's mother could barely stand at a vigil last night. the family is in total shock. >> very hard to accept. i'm trying everything i cannot break down in front of everybody. at least we have some clind kin closure. a lot of familiy ies out there y haven't found their kids. >> reporter: this is cheriarish perriwink perriwinkle, who likes to play dress up and loves to sing. on sunday, her 5-year-old sister sang for her. in a vigil to honor her memory.
8:27 am
hours earlier -- >> having been arrested and charged with kidnapping and murder. >> reporter: donald smith appeared in court. the 56-year-old florida man is a registered sex offender. police say he first met them at a dollar skgeneral store friday night. >> he offered to take them to walmart and buy them some clothes. >> reporter: after being inside the store for a couple of hours, smith offered to buy the family hamburgers. >> as he walked, he took our 8-year-old victim with him. they walked to the front of the walmart towards mcdonald's. and did not stop at the mcdonald's. they got out in his van and left. >> reporter: saturday morning police arrested smith soon after her body was found in a wooded area near jacksonville church where this memorial for her continues to grow. >> anything you can tell snus. >> reporter: according to the department of corrections, split has a lengthy criminal record. he was most recently convicted
8:28 am
of impersonating a public employee and aggravated child an be bus. court records show he was sentenced to a year in county jail and was just released may 31. smith is being held without bond. he has pled not guilty to the kidnapping and murder charges. >> so disturbing. thank you for that. coming up, man in the hot seat. former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi and the verdict in his sex for hire, yes, former prime minister sex for hire trial. verdict is in. stay with us. [ male announcer ] my client gloria
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8:32 am
seriously damaged u.s. intelligence operations and he's been charged with espionage. and once again he is on the run. problem is exact whereabouts at this point still a mystery. in a kip diplomatic swlap in the face, hong kong, china, russia, all rejected u.s. requests to hand him over and instead he's on his way somewhere probably ecuador. joining us to talk about this, jill dougherty and also paul callan. so himy biggest question is if was so wanted, why is it his passport was only revoked when he had left hong kong? why didn't they take it away a lot sooner and make it much harder for him to get away? gr on the timing i think that's a very good question. the officials that i've been speaking with say that they felt the seriousness of this after all a felony was pretty important, that that would dictate something they would hope. and that also they were not getting any indications from the
8:33 am
chinese anything was amiss. and then at the last minute, the chinese and this kind of technicality said we don't have sufficient documentation, we have more questions, and that is the point that snowden left. and by the way, snowden apparently was traveling when he went to moscow on some type of ecuadoran asylum document. so even if his pass port was not val valid, he apparently was able to get into russia at least holding that asylum document. >> i want to play something now and it's actually julian assange, the founder of the wikileaks organization, who has been very outspoken about all of this. he's been standing up on behalf of edward snowden's principles. he himself has south ght asylumr the last year. he wanted it take about america's actions and what he thinks of what's happening right now. have a listen. >> the u.s. secretary of state
8:34 am
called edward snowden is traitor. edward snowden is not a traitor. he is not a spy. he is a whistleblower who has told the public an important truth. >> so paul, that may be the heroics that many say edward snowden has displayed. but no matter how you slice this, no matter what you think about him, he's broken the law. what are the chances he'll actually face a court? >> well, i think the chances of us getting him back are getting increasingly grim. a lot of people were asking me where is the best place for him to go, is he going to ice land, staying this china. and when i look at the extradition treaty, they all have one little loophole. and that is it's a political rights loophole. it gives the host government the opportunity to say, hey, we think he's being persecuted on sort of a political ground as
8:35 am
opposed to a criminal ground. he's charged with espionage which is essentially a political crime. so he gets into a country that's hostile to the u.s., we're not getting him back. and he's picked one of three -- he could have gone to cue barks venezuela or ecuador. three most hostile to the u.s. in central and south america. so he's apparently picked one of them. >> and ecuador, we have an extradition treaty? >> yes, but it has the big loophole. and let's say a russian spy was on the loose and he sought asylum in the u.s.. do you think we would send him back to russia if he was charged with russian espionage? >> why they're suggesting is the pot calling the kettle black. but the conversation continues. thank you both. we have a very busy day today. the supreme court, we have one decision. this one on affirmative action. but still really big cases left
8:36 am
to go. and we're ticking on time. we'll talk about today's big decision and the rest of the docket. the president of the naacp will weigh in on the decision or the indecision depending on how you look at it on affirmative action today. not really. aaah! jessica! whoa! your friend's a rate sucker. her bad driving makes car insurance more expensive for the rest of us. try snapshot from progressive. snap it in and get a discount based on your good driving. [pop!] stop paying for rate suckers! try snapshot free at it's been that way since the day you met. but your erectile dysfunction - it could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph
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the supreme court announced it is handing a key affirmative action case back down to a lower court. officially it's a vacate and remand. up officially, you could call it a punt. it was a case that was brought by a woman in texas who says that her application to ut austin was rejected because she's white. i'm joined now by jeffrey toobin who literally wrote the books on the supreme court. that's official speak. unofficially, what does it all mean what happened today with
8:40 am
affirmative action? >> what it means is affirmative action is hanging by a thread when it comes to university admissions in this country. what justice anthony kennedy's opinion said is if a university wants to use race in admissions, it has to articulate why that's the only way that diversity can be achieved and we're going to look very, very carefully at the university's reasoning and it may not be good enough. and you, university of texas, go back and explain again why you think you need this program. it's not outlawing affirmative action, but it certainly seems like the court at least these nine justices are heading in that direction. but they haven't gotten there yet. >> stand by if you would for a moment. i want to bring in naacp president and ceo. you heard jeffrey toobin describe this as affirmative action managing on by a thread.
8:41 am
is that your read of it and if so, is this a grave concern to you? >> we read this very differently. which is not surprising in a case where you're ultimately dealing with a punt. but when you look into the actual decision, what you see is that they affirm the role of race in admissions. and we have seen that just affirmed in the past few years. so we do believe that there is a majority on the court that will sustain the use of race again as one of very many factors in university admissions. and this is a sign to universities across the country to keep the doors open, to make sure that every kid of every color gets a close look and a fair shot. >> mr. jealous, it's no secret the african-american justice on the bench clarence thomas is conservative, but he has said --
8:42 am
>> he's very conservative. >> to say the least. and he out of this nine suggested he'd like to strike down all affirmative action. not surprising to you? >> it's deeply ironic from justice thomas in many ways. but the reality is that he is entitled to his view. fortunately the majority of the court has never -- never seems to hold thomas' view on race. >> intriguing. and i look forward to seeing more of what the lower circuit decides to do. mr. jealous, thank you so much for being with us. jeffrey toobin, thank you for your reporting on the indecision so to speak today, as well. other big news that's happening may not seem big, but it is big. jim carrey is coming out swinging against gun violence in the movies. the trouble is he is swinging against his own movie. his own brand new movie. we'll explain it in a moment. ea. the usual, bob? not today.
8:43 am
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i want to take you back to sanford, florida where the defense in george zimmerman's second-degree murder trial is giving its opening statements right now. this is a new cnn opinion research poll where 62% of americans questioned say the charges against zimmerman are either probably or definitely true. the prosecution has the burden of proof in this case. we'll take you into a live picture. that's don west, the defense,
8:46 am
standing up and making his case. this defense team needs to convince that jury that trayvon martin's killing was in self-defense and wasn't second-degree murder. let's have a listen to what he said in his opening statement just a short time ago. >> little did george zimmerman know at the time that in less than ten minutes from him first seeing trayvon martin, that he, george zimmerman, would be sucker punched in the face, have his head pounded on concrete, and wind up shooting and tragically killing trayvon martin. >> i want to bring back paul callan and also joining us is defense attorney denny sivalas. while the burden of proof is on the prosecution, when it comes to self-defense, you really do have to come out swinging, don't
8:47 am
you. >> you come do. but remember the burden isn't only to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that george zimmerman committed second-degree murder, but they also must disprove the affirmative defense of self-defense. so the prosecution's burden is two fold. yes, you have to come out swinging, but you can prove self defenses circumstantially. i guarantee you they have not made the decision whether zimmerman will testify, though they want the prosecution to think it is a very strong possibility. >> paul, when it comes down to whether someone should testify or not, we have two people who know exactly what happened that night, one of them is dead and cannot take the stand. the other is sitting there and is awaiting judgment. how can he not -- and i say that only because how can he not be the only one who can get up there and say what happened? >> it remains a dangerous move to put him on the witness stand. you're right, he's the only one who knows and can say. but the defense attorneys will
8:48 am
certainly try to get his story in through other ways. he gave a confession and statement to the police. and he's appeared on television. there are lots of side doors to present the zimmerman story that the prosecutors will attempt to prevent and the defense will push. so we'll see if he testifies. but with the defense attorney opening on a knock-knock joke, i'm starting to wonder about it. there is not a lot of skroof jo murder trials. to open on a joke, not a good way to get things started. >> everything is different on tv. i've covered a number of trials and i feel like i was in a different trial than the one that played out on tv when i was in the courtroom. in this particular case, it felt like it fell flat. i have no idea if in the courtroom it did or did not. because there are six women sitting on that panel. danny, when it comes to that, what exactly was the point that the defense attorney was trying to make by saying knock-knock,
8:49 am
who is there, george zivictim z you're on the panel. >> i can't guess at that, but based on whatever his reading was of that jury, he was trying to bring a moment of levity to an otherwise very serious case and trying based on his own subjective interpretation of that jury to identify with them. even if it fell flat with us who watched it from afar, maybe he saw something in those jurors that he thought that was the appropriate place for a comment like in a. and you said it yourself, there is a huge difference when you're in the courtroom and the way it's perceived when it's televised to millions. >> they won't be giving him an hbo special on comedy. >> you do hear on hbo a lot of f-bombs and another network accidentally let all the f-bombs go to air. how powerful, paul, is it when you start with the gritty, gritty reality of what went on just before a killing?
8:50 am
>>juries want to hear the gritty reality. this >> juries do want to hear the nuts and bolts. they don't want to hear jokes. they want to hear reality and evidence. >> you get that in voir dire. you're warning it's going to be really rough. if anybody is watching this interview wants to watch this live now, hln is airing this trial. you can scoot over there. you can go back and forth all day long. you get your news, edward snowden and george zimmerman trial. anderson cooper has a special on the zimmerman murder trial. it gets under way at 10:00 eastern tonight. i encourage you to have a look at that night. berlusconi, a former prime minister wrapped up in a
8:51 am
prostitution scandal that brought him down but just how far down? like prison down. moments ago the court decided what to do with this former italian leader. we'll take you there live for the sentence. this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. becausit offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal.
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got some breaking news out
8:54 am
of italy. former prime minister has been found guilty of having sex with a prostitute and abuse of power. what does this mean for jail time for the former prime minister or does it mean jail at all? >> reporter: not yet. according to the italian appeal system he has two appeals before the verdict finally sticks. we understand from his lawyers is he will appeal. that appeal has to be submitted within 45 days. if it does stick seven years in prison plus a permanent ban from public office. that for a man who was three times serving as prime minister and currently sit in parliament. this definitely does not bode well for a prime minister who for the last 20 years has been in the eye of a variety of legal storms. >> amazing, ben. the prosecutors asking for five and instead he gets seven.
8:55 am
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jim carrey has a new movie
8:58 am
coming out. don't expect him on the talk shows promoting it. he regrets doing it because of the violent content. take a peek. >> there are more and more people joining us every night. >> reporting for duty. >> that is pretty violent. here is the tweet. i'm going to use his words. i did kick a month before sandy hook and now in all good conscience i can't support that level of violence. aren't you obligated to promote movies? >> we'll have to see what's in his contract but i think he is. the standard clause is you have to support the film after it's released. travel around the country and have people go see it. you can't say i changed my mind
8:59 am
because there was a shooting and don't go to see the movie. there's going to be big lawsuits against him. >> that's exactly what i thought. maybe the distributor or studio could sue him. what about the other stars. they are relying on it to do well. they may not be the big a lister. could they sue him? >> i think that happens to a lot of people in entertainment like with charlie sheen and the other members. i think the main cause of action will be the studio against the actor. there's a lot of evidence that leans towards liability here. this is a sequel. if he had any question what it would hold or doubts he acted in it and there was a first movie that gave a reasonable forecast. without seeing the contract we don't know for sure.
9:00 am
every movie star has some obligation to promote. >> there's a lot of promotion going on right now. the news stories are promotion. we're flat out of time. thank you for watching. "around the world" is next. welcome to "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. >> e ward snowden is on the mooefr. the obama administration is not happy about that. we're expecting to hear from the white house at any moment. we'll take you there live. >> edward snowden is on the run across the globe trying to avoid prosecution. earlier today he was in moscow. he was expected to board a flight to cuba. it's not clear if he did or