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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 24, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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last year he walked across niagara falls. he's the grandson of carl wallenda, who launched the famous flying wallenda circus act in the 1920s. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. >> how do you catch a man who already knows all the tricks you'll use to find him? he keeps zigging when he's expected to be zagging. edward snowden is on the move. but with is his final destination? >> the money lead. stocks on a roller coaster. if you are following the markets closely today, seek a chiropractor for your whiplash. a wild day on wall street for your portfolio and your 401(k). and the pop lead. actor jim carey denouncing one of his own movies and, no, it's not "the grinch." why you may not see the funny
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man on talk show couches in the next few weeks in support of his movie "kick ass 2." welcome to "the lead." it's time for our world lead. it's a man hunt that quickly seems to be turning into a high stakes game of where's waldo? so where is he? right now no one really seems to know. we do think he left hong kong yesterday when he was reportedly seen on a flight to russia. meanwhile, speaking from his hideout in ecuador's london embassy, wikileak's founder said that snowden was with a wikileak spokesperson and was both healthy and safe. >> this morning the u.s. secretary of state called edward snowden a traitor. edward snowden is not a traitor.
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he is not a spy. he is a whistleblower who has told the public an important truth. >> but assange would not give up the location of snowden. so where could he be? they could be sitting in the moscow airport. the russian foreign ministry said he has not entered russia. he could also potentially be hiding on the flight scheduled to land in cuba in about two and a half hours from now. the flight plan takes a route right over the mid-atlantic united states. phil black is on board that flight. last we heard before take-off, there was no sign of snowden on the flight. still a van reportedly pulled up alongside the plane right before departure and someone was seen boarding. we'll bring you the latest as soon as that plane touches down.
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there's also another flight that filed a plan to leave moscow for havana just before noon today, listed as an airbus a-330q. others with that q designation have taken flight paths that avoid u.s. airspace. but ground crew is denying there was ever such a flight schedule. wherever he is, the united states says they are outraged that china let snowden slip through their fingers yesterday when he left hong kong. >> we are not biography this was a technical decision by a hong kong official. this was a deliberate choice by a government to release a fugitive despite a valid arrest warrant and that unquestionably has a negative impact on the u.s.-china relationship. >> here to talk about this is glen greenwald, columnist for "the guardian," who broke the
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story about the leaks and have written extensively about the leaks since then. so, glen, do you have any idea where ed snowden is right now? >> no, i actually have no idea. the last time i spoke with him he was in hong kong. i don't know anything more than media reports which also don't seem to know anything about his where abouts at the moment. >> we have a general idea of the path that he seems to want to take from hong kong to russia and now perhaps to ecuador via cuba. now, none of these countries are exactly beacons of freedom, especially russia and china and cuba. why do you think he's headed to ecuador? >> i think the reason is very simple and it's really twofold. number one is that the united states, unfortunately, is not a beacon of press freedom either. if you read the column by the "new york times" writer david carr today is he said the fact
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there's a war on the press being waged by the obama administration is not a matter of hyperbole but a matter of math, meaning the number of whistleblowers persecuted under the obama administration is far more than any other president in history and he knows he'll face extreme punishment simply for having come forward. and that leads to the second reason and that is he needs to find a place that is able and willing to grant him asylum and shield him from that persecution. he's not searching for political nirvana. he's searching for a place where he can be safe and remain free and participate in the debate and ecuador seems to be the place he has chosen. >> glenn, the new law in ecuador that was passed actually restricts what the press can write. what president obama is doing is going after leaks and that, according to investigative reporters, is having a chilling effect on what they can report,
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but it's certainly not the same type of war on free press that we see in ecuador. >> yeah. i'm not suggesting that they're equal. as i said, he's not running around the world searching for what he thinks is a beacon of liberty. he's running around the world searching for a place that he can be free from american prosecution. and personally as an american citizen, as an american journalist, i'm much more interested in the repressive steps being taken by my own government, by the spying apparatus being built in the dark, by the lies being told by u.s. officials to the american public than i am in what country mr. snowden tries to live in. that to me seems to be a much more significant question. >> by reaching out to julian assange, who is wanted for allegations that he raped one woman and molested another --
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allegations, not proven fact -- but by affiliating himself with assange, is edward snowden risking changing the narrative out there about himself for himself, standing up for something, standing up against the surveillance programs that the national security agency is standing for? >> well, i mean, i'm not certain what the extent of mr. assange's personal involvement was in any of this as opposed to the wikileaks organization, which has never been charged with a crime, let alone convicted of one. as you pointed out, mr. assange has never been convicted of a crime either. but i think the more important point here is that anybody who leaks classified information and who brings transparency to the united states glft is going to be subject of an extremely aggressive and sustained demonization campaign. that was crew of bradley manning, true of daniel
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elseberg, true of thomas drake. it's true of every other person who does what mr. snowden did. so the claims on him that he's a narcissist well under way before wikileaks was involved. i think it's going to be used to distract the attention. >> glenn, you got into a debate yesterday with david gregory of nbc news who essentially said you've aided and abetted edward snowden. >> to the extent that you have aided and abetted snowden, even in his current movements, why shouldn't you, mr. greenwald, be charged with a crime? >> i think it's extraordinary that anybody who would call themselves a journalist would publicly muse about whether or not other journalists should be charged with felonies. the assumption in your question
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is completely without evidence, the idea that i've aided and abetted him in any way. >> james rosen encouraged his leaker to give him documents in what he thought was a secret way to e-mail him. i'm not going to launch any accusations at you but did you do anything in terms of what james rosen did? did you advise him on how to transfer the documents? >> the reason i've been reluctant to answer that question up until this point is because the theory on which those questions are based, i'm not suggesting you're embracing it, is really quite pernicious, that if you're a journalist and you work with your source and cooperate with them in obtaining documents that you think ought to be released to the public that that's called aiding and abetting. i call that investigative journalist. there is no journalist on the
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planet who doesn't work cooperatively about with their sources to obtain information for their readers. >> not only did i not do what mr. rosen did when he was accused but i did much, much less. i didn't know what mr. snowden had done until he was on his way to hong kong. so anybody who wants to raise this insinuation against me that we somehow aided and abetted, anyone who wants to raise that, let alone claim it, ought to be compelled to point to specifics or evidence to support that accusation because there is none. otherwise it's reckless inconsideration and shouldn't be talked about. >> i know you wanted to talk about a story reported a few days ago in ways in which the obama administration is trying
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to make sure no one leaks any information to anyone, whether it's national security related or not. >> right. i think that's really the key context, jake, for everything that we discussed about why he's going to ecuador, about why it is he's trying to travel through he's other countries. we do have a climate in the united states that has been created over the last five years in which leakers and whistleblowers, people who step forward to inform the public about classified information because they think it is wrong doing, they're treated as enemies of the state. just anybody who discloses anybody that the government marks classified is deemed to be an enemy of the state and punished severely. that is a very dangerous threat to the news gathering process and it's the reason why whistleblowers who come forward like mr. snowden feel the need to flee because the government has become so oppressive toward that behavior.
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welcome back to "the lead." in world news, few have shown the spirit and determination of nelson mandela. he endured 27 years as a political contender to oppose apa aparthe apartheid. he remains in critical condition suffering a stubborn lung infection. thanks for joining us. what can you tell us about mandela's condition at the moment? is there any sign of progress or
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conversely, deterioration? >> you know, jake, the last update we received was from the president of this country, who addressed the media on monday morning and he says that former president nelson mandela's health has not changed at all. he still remains critically ill in this hospital behind me. president zuma saying are doing everything possible to help nelson mandela and remainediind everyone that he is an old man, he's 94 and due to turn 95 next month. >> what do you think that president obama and his family will stop by to visit nelson mandela? are there preparations going on for such a contingency?
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>> you know, president zuma was asked that question today and he doesn't seem to think that mr. obama's trip will be affected at all. i think we're looking at two scenarios here. if mr. mandela is still in the intensive care unit in the hospital behind me, we're unlikely to get that much anticipated photo-op of the first south african president with the first black american president because the white house has made it quite clear they're in constant communication with the family of mr. mandela, and they will do whatever is in the best interests of mr. mandela's health. of course the other scenario could be that mr. obama may have to include in his itinerary the attendance of a very, very important funeral. back to you. >> thank you so much. appreciate your time. >> also in world news, to read the italian tabloids for years, he's read a social like
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resembling something like the conigula of the e.u. now he's been convicted of having sex with an underaged person at one of his bunga-bunga parties. that does not mean he's necessarily going to prison. he still has two more appeals before it is final. >> coming up, it's healthier to eat a big ma k oamac than it is drink some starbucks drinks. and jim carey is turning down his own new movie notice name of
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welcome back to "the lead." in the money lead, the dow finished the day down 139 points, but that's actually good news compared to how low it dipped earlier in the day. the dow cratered early dropping more than 250 points. it crawled back up from there but kept slipping, never managing to break even. alison, what happened there and why? >> investors are in a big tizzy because they are worried about when the fed is going to pull
1:23 pm
back. fed chief ben bernanke last week only said he may start to scale back, the market's been freaking out ever since even though nothing's actually been done. it's really the stimulus program that's been propping up stocks, creating this wealth effect. besides the fed, a lot of the wild moves that stocks made today, a lot of that was also related to china because china's central bank came out today and told the country's biggest banks to get it together, stop handing out loans so freely. so now there's concern there's going to be this credit crunch, which is not only going to hurt china, the world's second biggest economy, but it would have a ripple effect around the world, making it difficult to borrow for everybody. it would be difficult to have access to credit. the news came as more of a surprise to investors and investors don't like surprises. >> last week we saw the worst single-day loss of 2013. are traders there afraid we're
1:24 pm
in for another bad week? >> the volatility is probably going to stick around, especially seeing triple-digit moves in five of the last six sessions. analysts are saying expect more days like, there maybe until the end of the year, especially since that's when the fed is supposed to scale back on the stimulus. many believe it's not such a bad thing to see the pullback because the market has been going up, up, up. one analyst says this selloff is kind of cathartic. it's one way to look at it as envestors go through this adjustment period and get themselves ready for a marketplace that doesn't have a government stimulus program as a crutch. >> sounds like a lot of traders think this is a correction of sorts. >> coming up on "the lead," a texas university win of some sort. a decision on using race as a factor for admission. we'll talk to the university's president about whether today's ruling will change how they accept students.
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welcome back to "the lead" the national lead, supreme court decisions over the next few days could change the fabric of our country. a week full of rulings on high-profile, controversial issues. the justices kick it off by kicking the can down the road on affirmative action. in money news, just how many calories are you gulping down with that venti latte? you might be horrified to find out and now starbucks is going to tell you whether you want to know or not. >> and the pop lead. jim carrey would like to eternal sunshine one of his movies out of his mind and it's not even out yet. why is the actor, who could use a hit, bad mouthing his next big screen release? this just in, you've already
1:29 pm
heard about the irs office in cincinnati targeting groups with tea party and patriot in their names. apparently it did not stop there. the temporary head of the irs said today that multiple lists of inappropriate criteria were used to review applications for tax exempt status, but he assures that that is over with. a document on attend by cnn showed some of those lists were used as recently as this month. he also claims his external review claims the practice did not extend to other areas of the irs. >> the national lead. would the supreme court back affirmative action? would the court strike it down throughout the country? the justices surprised many by doing none of the above. the court tossed it back to the lower courts for more review. the case involves abigail fisher, who sued the university of texas as austin claiming she was unfairly rejected for admission compared to less qualified minority students who got in. the ruling chastised the lower court for not applying strict
1:30 pm
scrutiny in the case, meaning that lower court failed to make the university demonstrate that there were tno other ways to achieve diversity than by race. fisher seems undaunted. >> i'm very honored. we have more work to do but i'm looking forward to the next steps in the process. of course we're happy with it. they gave us everything that we asked for. i'm very confident that u.t. wouldn't be able to use race in the future. >> abigail fisher did not file her lawsuit out of the blue. she was hand picked by edward bloom, whose group bankrolled her. supreme court rulings on that case and same-sex marriage are also expected this week. so no sweeping verdict on affirmative action today, but there is a new caveat to the college admissions process. schools will have to show the policy is absolutely necessary to achieve diversity on campus. and joining me now to discuss
1:31 pm
what this means for his school is william powers, jr., president of the university of texas at austin. thanks for joining us, bill. will today's decision result in any change in u.t.'s admissions practices? >> well, thank you, jake. the class that was admitted for this coming fall will remain intact. the process is fes for our admi that due follow gruder will be used as we go forward this coming fall for admitting the next class. so it will not have any immediate changes. and what this case did today, it left intact the scheme that was put in place by bachy and gruder that a narrowly taleorred use of ethnicity and race is permissible in college admissions. >> the court said your school has to prove under strict
1:32 pm
scrutiny that there is no other way to achieve diversity than by the plan you have now that considers race as a factor. how will you do that given that you have this other plan in which the top 10% of high school students across the state are admitted, and that also allowed for a diverse class? >> well, the standard the court used, the strict scrutiny standard, which is generally applicable in cases of race, is the standard that we have litigated this case and designed our program with an eye to all along. we think we meet that standard, we think we will meet that standard when we go back to the fifth circuit. the automatic admissions standard that we used for 75% of our class is a useful -- one
1:33 pm
useful way. >> i'm sure you've heard from a lot of taxpayers given that every time you fight to defend this rule you are, by definition, spending taxpayer monies. are you going to keep fighting to preserve the system you have now? >> well, we will continue to defend our admissions practices and litigate this case. we think they are necessary to achieve the kind of education our students deserve, our state deserves, the country deserves and, yes, we will continue to litigate this case and argue for our admissions practices. >> as you know, there has been a lot of shift in public opinion on admissions processes that
1:34 pm
take into account race. they are less popular than they've been in a long, long time and even many liberals who have supported taking race into account in the past now think that there may be other better ways to do it, including class. president obama himself has said that he didn't think his daughters should be getting any preferential treatment because of all the benefits and advantages they have. is it time to start thinking more about wealth and economic standing and less time about race? >> well, in our admissions practices, we use a holistic review and we do take into account first-time college goers, economic wherewithal. so we do take other issues into account. and that's important for our students as well. they are going to be out working in a world that is more diverse
1:35 pm
than the world they grew up with. so those are important. but race continues to be an issue in america. we've made a tremendous amount of progress over the last 50 years in our country, and i might add that higher education has been a huge part of helping diversify our country, along with the military and along with a lot of people in the workforce. but race continues to be an issue and making sure that we have all kinds of diversity in our campuses but ethnic diversity as well. so it's time to focus on those and that requires an ethnically diverse higher education. >> william powers, president of the university of texas at austin, thank you so much for your time.
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welcome back to "the lead." if your daily starbucks fix is about as necessary as oxygen, it's a good chance your order just rolls off the tongue.
1:40 pm
but if you've never paid attention to how many calories you're consuming, prepare to get tongue tied. starbucks plans to place calorie counts next to their products. erin, why are they doing this? >> there is a good reason, jake. according to the affordable care act, also known as obama care, all fast food chains with 20 or more locations across the nation will have to post nutrition info on the walls sometimes next year. but starbucks is just getting ahead of the game already. you may not be shocked to know your caramel drizzled whipped chocolate frappuccino from starbucks is a little on the heavy side, but most customers could stay blissfully ignorant until now. calorie counts have long been posted on starbucks' web sites
1:41 pm
and store pamphlets, but tomorrow they'll be posted front and center in new boards. >> this customer is -- maybe will treat themselves with a cake pop, but they're also the same person who will spend $30 on a spinning class that day to burn it off. >> the move comes ahead of the fda requirement that will force all chain restaurants to post nutritional information by the end of 2014. >> i think starbucks is being in front of a movement towards transparency in all things consumer. >> of course starbucks is famous for offering all kinds of variations for many of its drinks. the calories will vary depending on the size of the cup but the basic information will be there for all to see. a mocha cookie crumble calorie
1:42 pm
can have as many as 590. there are 20 items that will have 200 calories or fewer. will any of this information make people rethink their choices? tomorrow starbucks are putting calorie counts up on the menu boards. do you think it will change people's choices? >> i think people would only order black coffee. >> it would be helpful to me. >> i don't think it will make any difference. i think when you order carmel mocha latte, you know it has 300 calories or more. >> for those in new york city, knowing these nutrition facts is nothing new. >> calorie labelling is one of the steps we need to take to combat new york's obesity epidem epidemic. >> reporter: some studies show
1:43 pm
posting nutrition facts makes no discernible difference but a study showed customers reduced caloric intake by 6%. for some consumers, knowledge is power and knowing the facts is a welcome chang. >> it's okay to inform people. >> everything in moderation, right? >> okay. so i actually have one of these for you, jake. >> it's very sweet. what is this? >> this is a mocha frappuccino. obviously it's a venti, okay? >> that's the largest. >> that's the largest, 20 ouncer, i believe. >> look at this chart! it's like the periodic table. >> here we go, mocha without whip cream, whole milk, 390 calories, 6 grams of fat.
1:44 pm
>> but it has whipped cream. >> another 110 calories and 11 grams of fat. at 500 calories, this is like a quarter pound aer with cheese. >> it's a liquid quarter pounder with cheese. i have to say this is very difficult to read. >> i am not going to drink this because i'll start convulsing. so someone in the newsroom, you're going to drink this. >> with a dose of insulin. >> hash tag, you're it. use the hash tag honest star bucks and tell us your name for the products. >> and why jim carrey says he can no longer support an upcoming comedy that stars him. >> and we'll have the latest on
1:45 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jack tapper. it's time for the sports lead. it's never a good thing when police have memorized your address. police have searched a pond not far from the home are aaron hernandez this morning, this after police searched his home for a second time this weekend and the suv parked in his driveway. they're investigating the murder of his friend of his, oudin lloyd. police tell us they also took a
1:49 pm
copy of a surveillance tape from a strip club in providence, rhode island as part of the investigation. hernandez still has not been named as a suspect. >> he won the boston marathon in two hours, ten minutes and 22 seconds, long before two bombs exploded near the finish line but the biggest step he happened today. the men's champion came back to boston to return his medal saying he wanted to honor the victims of the terror attack and their families. through a translator, the ethiopian told the crowd sports should unify and never be used to tear people apart. >> and a parade today for the nba championship team. it's miami's third tight until franchise history and everybody is already talking three-peat,
1:50 pm
four-peat, five-peat. >> the los angeles county sheriff's department says they want to talk to former chicago bull scottie pippin after a man was severely beaten the nobu. pippin is an nba hall of famer and still works in the bulls' front office. he's a special adviser to the team's president and chief operating officer. >> did jim carrey just bury his own movie by bashing it before it comes out? the pop lead is coming up. huh...anybody? julie! hey...guess what day it is?? ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike mike mike... what day is it mike? ha ha ha ha ha ha! leslie, guess what today is? it's hump day. whoot whoot! ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico?
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...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. welcome back to "the lead," i'm jake tapper. the pop culture lead now. the upcoming comedy "kick-ass 2" is facing critics from jim carrey. the gun control advocate carrey says in the aftermath of the newtown school shootings, he believes the movie is too
1:54 pm
violent. he tweeted, i did the movie before sandy hook and now in all good conscience, i cannot support that level of violence. for the most part hollywood has gotten a pass who has had no problem taking the gun industry to pass. what impact could carrey's statements have on the movie? chris, this was a pretty bold move by carrey. not as bold as giving the money back, but bold nonetheless. do you think it will have any impact? >> well, it's two tweets so i don't know how bold it is. he sent out two tweets all told about this. we'll see if he continues this campaign. will he pull support by not going on talk show, not writing
1:55 pm
editorials, not making movies that have this kind of violence in it. the name of the movie is "kick-ass." this is "kick-ass 2." it kicks butt. people's butts will be kicked. he seemed to be surprised by that. i'm shocked myself what he's shot. >> the creator of the comic series released a statement saying he respects his opinion but he's shocked by the announcement and notes that carrey knew full well what the movie was about. he goes on to say "like jim i'm horrified by real life violence, no actors were harmed in the making of this production." it doesn't seem like hollywood wants to go after carrey for breach of contract but maybe that could change, i suppose, if he actually goes through and does not promote this movie? >> well, you know, we'll see whether he has a change of heart. because at least the first version of this movie was really
1:56 pm
more a comment on comic and violence. and that was more like "the hunger games," which is a film about the kind of violent images and violent things that kids are forced to go through in society, rather than trying to exploit the kids themselves through the cinematic process. based on the trailer so far, the second will follow into that. one of the stars of the movie was only 11 at the time of the movie, a lofts rough language was used. if that didn't turn you off in the movie, it would surprise you that now the second movie would suddenly be something you have to draw the line on. this may have been something that was very spontaneous on the part of carrey. he may have a change of heart.
1:57 pm
tweeting is something you do after dinner, after drinks, after whatever. after he considers it, after he hears some people from the film, after he hears from his lawyers are maybe he'll have a different view on whether it crossed the line. >> it's almost an advertisement for the movie, hey, this is really violent and i don't like it anymore but there might be people out there to find that appealing. >> christopher john farley, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> he was a rock 'n' roll hall of famer often called the sinatra of the blues. bobby bland died last night. he was born in memphis. "ain't no love in the heart of the city" is one of his hit songs. ♪ ain't no love in the heart of the city ♪ ain't no love in the heart of
1:58 pm
the city ♪ >> that song is now being used in commercials for chrysler 300. and ain't no love in the heart of the city was the same quote tweeted out by alleged boston bo bomber tsarnaev just hours after the bombing attacks. >> a red panda sent to the washington, d.c. zoo to mate with his female counterpart ended up escaping from the zoo. his name is rusty and he apparently got away sometime last night. but the panda has since been located. he was found hanging out in a tree near the zoo a come of hours ago. zoo officials managed to capture rusty and get him back to safety. had he not been caught, we might have been forced to cover this story anchorman style. >> the mood is tense. i have been on some serious,
1:59 pm
serious reports but nothing quite like this. i tried to get an interview with him but they said nope, you can't do that, he will literally rip your face off. >> great story. >> hash tag, you're it. we asked you to come up with more honest names for those calorie rich starbucks menu items. >> a reporter sent in "liquid crack." and "cellu-latte." that's very clever. >> that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. i turn you over to the cable hands of wolf blitzer. he's back from italy, he was
2:00 pm
given this great award and walked around prancer style. >> everybody in urbino, italy was great. thanks very much, it was a great honor. >> where in the world is edward snowden? he looks for a country to give him asylum. >> the george zimmerman murder trial, a bizarre beginning in the case that's gripped the nation. >> and celebrity chef paula deen takes another big hit after admitting she used racial slurs. i'm wolf blitzer and you're in "the situation room." the man who stunned the world by leaking secrets about nsa surveillance is now the object of a world wide man hunt.