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tv   Around the World  CNN  June 26, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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the supreme court issues landmark ruling. same-sex marriage sporters slating. aaron hernandez taken into cuffs and let go by the patriots. emotional testimony from george zimmerman's neighbor. whether the jury can hear the previous 911 calls. paula deen apologizes in a national interview. she says i'm not changing. she takes another hit from a big sponsor. i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. we're going to start at the u.s. supreme court. after weeks of anticipation the justices handing down two major rulings on same-sex marriage. >> the court struck down a key
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part of the federal act doma. the justices dismissed an appeal over california's proposition 8. that means that same-sex marriage will be legal in that state. >> there's strong reaction to the rulings from both sides, not surprisingly, have a listen. >> this is about equality. that means marriages in my state and all over will be treated equally under more than 1100 provisions of federal law that use the term marriage or define benefits according to marriage. >> justice kennedy's opinion takes up to the brink of same-sex marriage. i believe that will be devastating. i believe marriage is a prepolitical institution and one of god's greatest gifts and it always has been and always must be the union of man and woman. >> joe johns joining us.
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let's start with the ruling on doma. what is it about doma that the justices considered unconstitutional? >> they said the defensive marriage act was unconstitutional because it deprived same-sex couples of equal protection under the fifth amendment and throughout history defining and regulating marriage has always been the province of the individual states. justice anthony kennedy said it rejected that tradition. i was in the courtroom when he tlae tlaed and when he read the rule there was an audible squeal that came out for the supporters of equality and marriage. >> you had concern about anthony
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scalia. he said the court has chaeted both sides robbing the winners of an honest victory and the losers of the peace that comes from a fair defeat. we owed both of them better really saying the issue has been split. where do they go from here. what more needs to be done? sgr there >> there's a lot more to be done. scalia is saying this is a political matter and supposed to be decided by the electorate. in some states same-sex marriage has been approved and others it hasn't. he said it's not the province of the supreme court to step in and decide winners and losers when democracy is supposed to do that. it looks pretty clear in the state of california same-sex is going to be legal again in very short order. the nest question, of course, is whether you'll see another lawsuit with someone who has what's known as standing.
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that's a real injury and a real stake in the case to come forward and say they want to reinstate proposition 8. that's probably what will happen in california. haven't seen that yet. >> it's law school 101. civil procedures. the individual who takes a court to federal case says i've lost something. something has happened to me. i've been injured in some way and therefore i want to sue. what the court is saying is that the individuals who are trying to prop up or protect the proposition 8 did not have a stake. all they were were supporters of proposition 8.
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that's what you need in order to get into federal court. the court also said whatever you want to do in state court is fine with us. federal government doesn't have anything to do with that. >> all right. we'll leave you there. thanks so much. joe johns there in washington. >> president obama just issued a statement. he said in part i applaud the supreme court decision's to strike down the defense of marriage act. this was discrimination enshrined in law. it treated longing couples as a separate and lesser class of people. the supreme court has righted that wrong and our country is better off for it. i want to bring in jeffrey toobin. this is going to impact millions of people's lives and it has a financial impact as well as something of a boost here. tell us about the finances behind it. >> this is a very big deal. there are lots of provisions in federal law that gives certain
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benefits to married people. for example, married people can file joint tax returns. that saves them. married people can receive social security's survival benefits. that's an advantage. under the defense of marriage act gay people who were married in the 12 states did not or could not receive those benefits. this decision changes all that. in those 12 states those people who are married to people of the same sex receive the same federal benefits that straight people do. what is an interesting implication is the federal government will have to figure out is what about gay people who live in the 38 states who don't have the opportunity to get married. can they start to receive some of those federal benefits if they are in a marriage-like relationship. lots of implications but no doubt this was a huge victory for supportest of gay rights.
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>> still cloudy on that. that's going to be a big issue. when it comes to proposition 8 what's at stake there? >> reporter: that's a very simple question of can gay people in california get married today? the people who brought that lawsuit say the answer is yes. it appears to be right. the court dismissed that case on technical legal grounds on the doctrine up standing. it appears as a result of decision by the supreme court the law in that case is the district court decision which said proposition 8 is unconstitutional so the supporters of same-sex marriage are saying that's the law of the case. proposition 8 is unconstitutional. gay people can start to get married today. t there may be some objection but given the way california is governed these days with strong
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supporters of same-sex marriage, it seems likely they will resume immediately and never be stopped again. >> i want to squeeze another question in on doma. what happens in you live in a different state or mover to a different state? the federal benefits go with you? >> reporter: they almost certainly go with you. one of the complexities that's not resolved is suppose you're two women who live in massachusetts and got married there. you move to alabama, when you get divorced who divorces you. when you want to deal with custody of the children your shared in massachusetts, how do you resoever that in a state that doesn't have same-sex marriage. all of these issues are work their way through the courts now. what's so remarkable about justice kennedy's opinion is it's written in a very broad
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way. it gives the impression, it doesn't say this, but any sort of discrimination that puts gay people in one category and straight people in another is unconstitutional. that's the implication of his decision. the implication of his decision is that same-sex marriage has to come to the whole country. he didn't say that. that has not yet been -- that's the law of the land but certainly there will be test cases brought in short order which may yet establish it. >> going to be a lot of loose ends to tie up. >> i think that's what makes it so complicated because it's still a match work of different states with different laws regarding same-sex marriage. this is a move in the direction of marriage equality. there's different say ways to deal with it. >> i think jeff's points are great. you're in a different state but you got married legally, do you have rights in the state that didn't allow legal marriage.
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>> much more coverage up ahead. we're going to turn to other news. in new england patriots fired aaron hernandez after police led him off in handcuffs. this is outside his home. >> investigators have been searching the area near his home after the body of one of his good friends was foundless than a mile away. susan outside the courthouse. taken away for what? >> reporter: we don't know exactly because they haven't told us what the charge or charges are against new england patriot tight end. a very popular player. now that he's been charged in connection with an ongoing murder investigation into the death of odin lloyd, the man whose body was found, obviously it's a huge change for him down the road. what will his future be? we have to think about the
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victim's family as well. let's recap. there's been searches in the past. this happened more than eight days ago. searches near hernandez's house. the body was found less than a mile away. they have been to his house twice. at one point a few days ago carrying away several bags of undisclosed ed items. he will be brought over here where he will face a very first appearance and we'll find out what the charge or charges are and whether he will qualify for bail. >> it didn't take long for the new england patriots to drop him. what is their explanation? >> reporter: they dropped him. they released a statement. i'll read it to you. a young man was murdered last week and we extend our sympathies to the family and friends who is mourn r mourn his loss. words can't express the disappointment we feel knowing
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that one our our players was arrested as a result of this investigation. also not long ago we received a statement from the nfl which caused the arrest of aaron hernandez deeply troubling. i also spoke to the relative of the victim here who said it's the first good news she's had since learning about her brother's murder last week. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. a story a lot of people are following. big mystery. one of the most wanted men in the world may be relaxing after a very stressful week. it's what a spokesman for the group wikileakss said about edward snowden's studio tus. >> russian authorities have said he's in transit area of the moscow airport between the arrival gates and the passport check points. phil is at that check point. we have heard from russian president saying they're not going to hand him over to the united states or anybody else.
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what is his fate? >> reporter: well, the president's argument, if you like, seems to center on the fact that russia and the united states do not have an extradition treaty or agreement. president putin's comments went further than that when talking about what's going on. he made a comparison to the wikileakss founder, julian assange and both men consider themselves to be defenders of human rights and asked if these are the sorts of people who should be extradited to be jailed. they are famous because they have openly made alleges about america's commitment to human righ rights. a common them in russian politics a that america is not as pure as it claims to be and hypocrite cal when criticizing over countries. >> phil, it brings to mind the case of the man in syria stuck
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in the transit lounge for eight years. snowden wants to go to ecuador or iceland, how long can he hang around in the lounge? >> reporter: that's not clear. there's a time limit of 24 hours. he has clearly exceeded that window if that's true. there seems no willingness on the part of russia to kick him out although putin has said this sooner he goes, the better. he wishes this problem hadn't landed on his doorstep. the problem is there's no obvious escape for snowden. it's a real challenge for him to end up in one of his preferred countries. we've heard he applied for asylum in ecuador. these countries that may be friendly to him or not easily accessible from moscow. there's not necessarily direct
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flights. he would face a reality where he would have to skip across the globe from country to country where there may be regimes that will not assist the united states in returning him. >> thank you. she's speaking now. the woman who challenged federal defense act. >> the united states of america over a tax bill. the answers complex. i want to give you some of the background. i lived with and loved thea for more than four decades in love and joy and sickness and health till death did us part. she died in 2009 from heart condition. two years after we were finally married i was heartbroken. on a deeply personal level i felt the stress and anguish that in the eyes of my government the woman i loved and cared for and shared my life with was not my legal spouse but was considered to be a stranger with no relationship to me. on a practical level due to doma
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i was taxed $363,000 in federal estate tax that i would not have had to pay if i was married to a man named theo. even fp i had met theo just immediately before, married him and never lived with him before he died the tax would have been zero. overwhelmed with a sense of injustice and unfairness i decided to bring the lawsuit against the government to get my money back. i lucked out when robby caplynn a litigation partner walked into my life. paul has a proud tradition of representing clients including lgbt clients in a wide variety of probono matters. one of those outstanding cases is edith windsor, that's me, versus united states of america. at a time when gay organizations approached said it's the wrong time for the movement, robby p
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caplynn in said there's no wrong time to seek justice. answered my plea and movered on this old lady flourished. a long with james essex who joined us right up front and pamela of the stanford law school supreme court litigation clinic, historic victories in addition to one the obama administration to change its mind and no longer defend the constitutionality of doma, two persuading the district court if there was no racial basis for doma and it was unconstitutional. three we won the first decision ever by a federal appellate court holding that laws like doma that discriminate should no longer be presumed to be
9:18 am
constitutional and should be subject to scrutiny. our counsel of record argued our case in the supreme court on march 27th this year. when she argued she was cool and calm and formed and reasoned. all of which sustained by her deeply felt passion for equality in all of our lives. we won all the way. thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this all possible. thank you, james for coming in. >> edith windsor. not only is this a victory for her, the money that she had to pay to the government because they did not recognize her marriage of 42 years they were together. she said marriage is magical. it's magical thing. it means so much to her not just
9:19 am
financially but all around as well. >> what is she 83 years old? >> 83. >> reaction coming in from around the u.s. for the supreme court decision on same-sex marriage. we'll be hearing from both sides right here at cnn. the judge decides that jurors can hear previous 911 calls. we'll talk about what that means for the cause. paula deen says i is what i is and i'm not changing. we'll have more from this morning's controversial, not just for the grammar, interview. la's known definitely for its traffic,
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geico. just a click away with our free mobile app. ...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. we're hearing more riveting and graphic testimony today. this is about the night george zimmerman killed trayvon martin. >> jurors spent the day lynning to accounts of the scuffle between zimmerman and martin. george, the testimony from the two women today. tell us about it. >> reporter: these two women important to hear their testimony especially from the prosecutor's because they are relying on these witnesses to determine who was screaming for
9:23 am
help on february 26th, the night of this fatal shooting with trayvon martin. i want to talk about the first witness. she spoke to this network weeks after that shooting to give her account of what happened. she basically said this. she was in her bedroom, opened the window and heard two distinct voices. she saw two people on the ground. with those voices she said she heard a more dominant stronger voice and a softer voice. a voice she believed would be a young boy. listen to her 911 call. >> i'm looking out my window and someone is yelling and screaming help. i heard like a pop noise. they're still out there right now. i don't know what's going on. >> you're not the only person calling me. we have one officer on scene and another on the way. >> good. i see the person right now. i see him like walking. there's man coming up.
9:24 am
oh, my god. i don't know what he did to this person. >> in cross-examination the defense quickly pointed out to the court that it's nearly impossible to determine who was screaming because again she did not see any of this. what she heard, she was an earwitness. also we heard from another person who heard things happening outside of her unit. she said she heard a howling sound and then she saw two people on the ground. this is important. she believed that the bigger person was on top. she said that she believed that person was george zimmerman. defense attorneys asked her why did you think that. she said it's because i saw the picture and she saw that picture of him in his football uniform. a younger trayvon martin. i believe he was 14 years old. a very different martin on that day of february 26th. he weighed a little less than
9:25 am
180 pounds. george zimmerman weighed 180 pounds. trayvon martin was certainly taller but the two were about the same weight. >> george, the judge also ruled on those previous 911 calls that zimmerman made to the police. she will allow the jurors to hear the tape. how significant is that? >> reporter: that's really important for the prosecution because the burden is on them to prove that concept of depraved mind here in florida. that zimmerman had a pattern. he grew with frustration and the day that he faced with trayvon martin that was the day that martin would not get away. that's what they want to prove. with these five calls, you hear a pattern. you do hear that zimmerman called several times to the nonemergency number. each time he would report suspects either using the word black or african-american interchangeably and again the concept is he did it so many times. is this the time he snapped?
9:26 am
that's what prosecutors want to prove here. >> trayvon martin's girlfriend expected to take the stand. any idea on what we might hear? >> reporter: still uncertain whether she will exactly take the stand. it's highly expected she will. this is a very important witness. she was on the phone with trayvon martin on the cell phone. the two were talking and this is moments before the shooting. her account of what she heard, what she told trayvon martin, what trayvon told her very significant to this case and the timeline. it would prove to be crucial to the defendants's case because it could contradict what george zimmerman has to say. >> all right. thank you so much. this is a fast moving trial. a lot of people watching the details. coming up, paula deen making a tearful apology this morning. will it be enough? we'll have that debate up next. and drop offs s begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day
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it was a tearful apology over using racial slurs. paula deen speaking out about
9:30 am
her troubles. now we know that ceasar's entertain has dropped her. >> also qvc saying it's weighing its options after that deposition revealed that deen has used racial slurs. as her business empire crumbles she took on damage control. have a listen. >> if there's anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back, if you're out there please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kits me. please. i want to meet you. >> so, deen insists she said she only used the n word once decades ago. we were all watching that interview this morning. what struck me is she contradicted she said she used
9:31 am
it once but in the deposition it was a lot more open ended that she used it more than once. >> that was an important distinct when you compare what she said today to what was used in that deposition. you mentioned that ceasar's entertainment has dropped her and smithfeels and the food network made their answer public. it's the first time she admitted having used the n word. in that same deposition she was asked if using the racial slur in a joke was hurtful. she replied she could not determine what offends another person. here is what she said today about that. >> do you have any doubt in your mind that african-americans are offended by the n word? >> i don't know. i have asked myself that so many times because it's very
9:32 am
distressing for me to go into my kitchens and i hear what these young people are calling each other. it's very, very distressing. >> you never joined in on that long? >> no, absolutely not. >> deen became very emotional. she seemed to break down. she said she was heartbroken for what has happened. listen to what she said next. >> i is what i is and i'm not changing. there's someone evil out there that saw what i worked for and they wanted it. >> in the interviews deen mentioned she had wonderful support from heareverend jesse jackson.
9:33 am
he does not think anyone is beyond redemption he believes her apology should be followed with actions. >> she said somebody was evil out there. who is she referring to? do we know? is that the person filing the lawsuit against her? >> it wasn't clear who she was referring to but one can assume she's referring to the former employee who filed this lawsuit. >> it will be interesting to see if she can rebrand or regroup and redeem herself. >> everybody is sort of dropping off, all the business links. coming up, we'll get reaction to today's supreme court decision from a group that opposes same-sex marriage. efficient trucking networks," "with safe, experienced drivers." "we work directly with manufacturers," "eliminating costly markups," "and buy directly from local farmers in every region of the country." "when you see our low prices, remember
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9:37 am
same-sex couples from the same benefits that straight couples get. >> the court weighing in on california's proposition 8. the justices said prop 8 supporters have no legal standing to defend the law. that ruling clears the way for same-sex marmgs to resume in california. >> joining us from the steps of supreme court is john easton. clearly this was not a winning day for you or your team. what do you make of the decisions from the supreme court? where do you go next? >> we think the court got it wrong in both decisions. section 2 remains in place. justice kennedy recognizes that the state's define marriage policy for their states. oddly that decision in doma suggests the trial court ruling in the proposition 8 case which is still on the books is
9:38 am
erroneous. it can't define marriage for itself. >> john, i'm just curious and it goes to how the decisions were outlined today too. the question being how are you harmed by this decision? how is anyone harmed by this decision? >> one has to look at how society had benefitted from traditional marriage to answer that. when you destroy or redefine the institution, all of society will be harmed. society that's put such stock in the institution as a counter balance to government and the way we raise our children. >> how is that harmed? >> you make it something about adults and making children irrelevant. >> does it concern you at all that the public opinion seems to be in a different place where you are. the latest cnn poll showing back in 2008 you had 44% in support of same-sex marriage.
9:39 am
now it's at 55%. you have people like ted olson who is leading the charge for marriage equality. does it concern you might be out of step and on the wrong side of history? >> polls come and go. the fact of the matter is -- >> these are people's opinions. it's clear that people's opinions are changing now. >> you asked me a question. you want me to answer or not. polls go up and down. 37 states have voted to reaffirm traditional marriage. the supreme court did not accept that argument and said each state will continue to define marriage for its own pruurposes. 37 states have done so. >> i want to read anthony scalia's dissent or a bit of it. he said the court had cheated both sides robbing the winners of an honest victy and the lose
9:40 am
es of the peace that comes from a fair defeat. obviously you'd agree with that but why? >> i'm having a little trouble hearing you. justice scalia is a little miffed. they're not talking about defining it for purposes of state's law but for purposes of federal law. just one example on immigration does that mean the federal government has to defer to the states and will have different immigration policies depending on which sdat you're in. that doesn't make any sense. i think justice scalia is frustrated with the opinion. >> thank you. big developments in the george zimmerman trial. the judge is deciding jurors can hear the call. what does that mean for the case?
9:41 am
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9:44 am
we've been hearing emotional testimony and seeing some graphic images from the night george zimmerman kill eed trayv martin. >> this trial is moving on quickly. i want to look closer at some of the proceedings now. today, paul, the jurors heard from two women who saw part of this altercation between zimmerman and martin. let's listen to what they said. >> the yells for help that you heard at that time could you identify whether it was the dominant louder voice or the higher pitched one? >> on my opinion i truly believe especially the second yell for help that was like a yelp. i really felt it was the boy's voice. >> one is on top of the other. the one on top was moving his
9:45 am
hand, arms. >> you're describing something with the hands or demonstrating moving something with his hands. can you tell what the person was doing on top? like he's hitting him. >> what is your opinion as to who was on top? >> i believe it was zimmerman comparing the size of their body. >> paul, can you explain that. the size of their body. were they evenly matched? do we know? >> reporter: this is what we know. under florida law if george zimmerman was the initial aggressor he's not allowed to use deadly physical force to defend himself. he forfeits that right if he started it. the idea about who is yelling help, whose on top and on the bottom very, very important issues. we know this. trayvon martin was -- he was a big kid. he was 17 years old. he was a football player. he was considerably taller than
9:46 am
zim zimmerman zimmerman. i think he's thought to be bigger because he's older but in truth he's probably the smaller figure. as the testimony comes in it sounds like the witnesses believe that trayvon martin was in sort of the submissive position with zimmerman on top. it's not very clear this testimony. >> a lot of it fairly subjective too in way. another thing that's interesting is trayvon martin's mother was told she couldn't hold back her tears. no doubt jurors saw that too. yesterday the father walked out when jurors were shown photos of trayvon martin's body. tell us about those shows of emotion, graphic pictures, testimony and the like, hold up they impact the jury and the outcome of the trial. >> reporter: this is part of the building block of murder case. i've tried a lot of murder cases as a prosecutor myself and i always would sit down with the parents and say there's going to be some tough moments. you're going to see pictures of
9:47 am
your child in court and a lot of times the parents say i don't want to be there. they're not in court when the testimony comes out. the question i have here now is was this orchestrated by the prosecution. we'll let you leave during the testimony or it may have come up spontaneously. the parents may have said we want to be there for everything and maybe the emotion was too much. someday we'll know the back story. we don't know at this point. it has an impact on the jury. it's a horrible moment and very sympathetic to lose a child and a lot of women on the jury with kids. that was a tough, that's tough evidence. >> is that typical that they would use that as a strategy to have the parents in the room and react? >> it's not at all unusual. the emotion is used by prosecution in murder cases. a lot of times you have big fights about whether autopsy pictures should go into
9:48 am
evidence. a lot of times prosecutors want them to go into evidence because they want the jury to see how horrific the killing was. that's to stir up the emotions of the jurors. this was an attempt to stir up the emotion in that jury panel, i think. >> thank you, paul. appreciate it. >> nice being with you. coming up, the yankees general manager had some choice words for a-rod. we'll have it when we come back. the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard even in stupid loud places. to prove it, we set up our call center right here...
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yankees slugger in hot water with his boss. this is because of a tweet he posted after his hip surgery. >> he should have had lip surgery. he said his doctor cleared him to play. rachel, goodness. what's he doing now? >> alex only joined twitter less than a month ago. at the time there's a lot of people in sports who said this is not going to be a good idea. sure enough. here we are. this idea of when he was going to be able to come back in full games is a bit at odds between alex's camp and the yankees. his camp floated he might be ready and the yankees came down. the fact this tweet came out very frustrating for the yankees brass. our friends at the new york post have summed this up in their nice, usual, quiet, reserved,
9:52 am
understated way at the new york post. this was his quote. we can read his exact quote. he talked about the idea that it's the organization that says when alex gets to come back. he said when the yankees want to announce something we will. alec should just shut the bleep up. he said that's it. i'm going to call alex now. he wasn't even able to reach him. he had to e-mail him. that tells you the state of the yankees and their star slugger. alex is not the guy that signed that 10-year, 275 million contract years ago. it hasn't been going well. >> is he going to return to the yankees? >> he will because they are paying him. this is why you're getting that frustration from the gm because they are locked into this
9:53 am
marriage. there is no divorce. they have given him this incredible amount of money. he's under an investigation for major league baseball for performance enhancing drugs. even if he's found guilty of that mlb can suspend him for up to 100 games and the yankees still have to keep him on their roster. there's no out clause even for something like that. this is a frustrationing union. the owner said he is disappointed. he will be back because the checks keep coming. >> that's a lot of money for a guy that hasn't been playing that well. u.s. stocks starting to rebound after some highly volatile days of trading there. up 110 points or so. the dow up. >> pretty good turn around there. we'll have more when we get back. h a of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief.
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going to take you to austin, texas. a night of intense drama over a restrictive abortion bill that ended in chaos. have a listen. >> if i can have order we'll suspend the roll call vote until we can get order in the chamber. >> the republican dominated senate failed to pass the bill by the midnight deadline because the chamber erupted. you see it boos. shouts of shame just drowning out the vote.
9:57 am
this lasted for 15 minutes. >> that's a response to the senate chairman cutting off wendy davis' attempt at a 13th hour filibuster. the ruling she had gone off topic, 13 hours. the bill would have banned abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy and call for tougher standards. that's it for us. have a great afternoon. walmart's education benefits to get a degree, maybe work in it, or be an engineer, helping walmart conserve energy. even today, when our store does well, i earn quarterly bonuses. when people look at me, i hope they see someone working their way up. vo: opportunity, that's the real walmart.
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the decision is in. united states supreme court gives supporters of same-sex marriage a huge win striking down part of the defense of marriage act. 911 tapes will be played during george zimmerman's second-degree murder trial. we'll bring you the latest from sanford, florida. paula deen calls basic suizations that she's a racist horrible lines. i'm wolf blitzer. let's get to riveting news. george zimmerman second-degree murder trial is moving along quickly. jurors spent most of the morning listening to accounts from


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