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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  June 27, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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to. i selected harvard. >> reporter: her take away from the science win, $50,000. the science win, $50,000. -- captions by vitac -- >> ac 3060 starts now. good evening everyone. the star witness in the george zimmerman murder trial is the star in court. the question is for which side and also unbelievable from nfl star to alleged murderer and yet, more possible trouble for aaron hernan deds. another murder investigation. a double homicide and being looked at in connection to that. more companies cutting ties with paula deen. she's reaching out to reverend jessie jackson and tells us about advice he's giving deen. a second straight day of cross examination for trayvon martin's friend who was on the phone with him when the confrontation unfolded. rachel jeantel probably made an
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impression on you and some think maybe the wrong impression on jurors. the big developments from martin salve individual. >> reporter: wound two of the clash in the courtroom between the star witness and veteran defense attorney. it started out nice enough, rachel jeantel seemed to have adopted a more respectful tone. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: but it wasn't long before her yes, sirs seemed to take on a sharper edge. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: defense attorney don west was out to discredit her testimony that george zimmerman was the aggressor and pointed to numerous changes in her story in pref juvious accou including a letter to trayvon's mom describing what she heard and left out the derogatory language. >> you specifically chose not to tell ms. fulton that's what trayvon said.
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>> no. >> because you thought it would hurt her feelings, didn't you? >> no. >> you didn't think that would bother her, if you said that her son described the man that was following him in a car on the phone -- >> i didn't think. >> was a creepy ass cracker. >> i did not think that was important. >> not important enough to put in the letter. >> no. >> and not important enough to tell her. >> no. >> reporter: she said martin sounded tired on the phone like he was running but she said he was whispering because the teen was waiting to ambush zimmerman, something she denied. >> he got close to trayvon, yes, sir. >> and you don't know whether the man was approaching trayvon at that point and getting closer or whether trayvon was apprching the man and getting closer? >> trayvon would have told me he'll call me back, sir, if he was going to approach him, sir. >> so you're assuming that trayvon didn't approach the man
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because he would have told you if he was going to confront the guy, he would call you back when it was over? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: then west went after what could be the most damaging part of her testimony for the defense. jeantel said over the phone she heard a bump and martin say get off get off to zimmerman. >> so the last thing you heard was a noise like something hitting somebody -- trayvon got hit. trayvon got hit. >> you don't know that, do you? >> no, sir. >> you don't know that trayvon got hit -- >> he -- >> you didn't know that trayvon at that moment take his fist and drive it in george zimmerman's face, do you? >> no, sir. >> at mid afternoon as she left the witness stand, the judge reminded her that she could be called back. there may be many opinions about whether she helped or hurt the
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prosecution. in the end, the only ones that really matter are the six opinions in the jury box. >> martin joins us now. we heard some of what rachel jeantel said and who was at the initial interviews who she spoke with police. why was that so important? >> reporter: this is something the defense is trying to bring up, there was a very close relationship between the prosecution and trayvon martin's family, but also, their attorney benjamin crump. in fact, when the initial interview took place with authorities, that young lady was sitting in the home of trayvon martin's mother and seated next to her when she gave that first testimony was sabrina, trayvon martin's mother. so they are trying to imply that her testimony could have actually been encouraged or somehow interfered with just by having trayvon's mother right next to her. >> another witness called is jenna lower.
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jurors heard her call, the gunshots. what did she say that was so important? >> that's the thing, what she had to say really was not so important. she didn't bring such dynamic or anything new, but of course her call everybody knows. if she hadn't made the call at the time she did. you never would have caught the gunshot and the screams that are at the center of such a huge debate in this case. it allowed for her call to be introduced, but she really didn't bring too much. >> thanks very much. we'll take a more look at rachel jeantel's da meaner and she was the prosecution's star witness. let's remember that. as you saw in martin's report, they tried to use her to flip the prosecution's racial narrative on it's head trying to suggest the victim, trayvon martin, was racist, take a look. >> what is one thing about what trayvon martin told you that made you think this was racial?
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>> describing the person. >> pardon me? >> describing the person -- >> i just didn't -- >> describing the person that was watching him and following him. >> i see. >> sir. >> and that's because he described him as a creepy ass cracker? >> yes. >> so it was racial, but it was because trayvon martin put race in this? >> no. >> you don't think that's a racial comment? >> no. >> you don't think that creepy ass cracker is a racial comment? >> no. >> let's dig deeper with the team of legal pros. sunny, what do you think of those comments? the defense spent a lot of time on the subject of race today with rachel jeantel implying it was trayvon martin that put race into the discussion but using
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that term. >> that didn't make a lot of sense to me given the fact the defense fought so hard from keeping the prosecution from saying racial profiling and victorious in that. so they have taken what was the elephant in the room and painted it bright pink and everyone is talking about it. it didn't make a lot of sense to me strategically. what didn't work is okay, fine, those were trayvon martin's words, disparking and unkind but used it as a description for george zimmerman. she just repeated what trayvon martin said and since they weren't kind words it made her more credible because she's not trying to sugar coat anything. she's not trying to make him sound better. she's not saying he side a white gentleman was following me. she used his words and made her more credible. >> do you think it made her credible using the word cracker is not a racial team? >> yeah, and that's something i've been thinking about. i grew up in the northeast.
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it wasn't a term i was familiar with at all. for her she described it not as racial but a descriptive term. he was a white man, a creepy. >> he was a cracker -- what are you -- >> yeah, she used it as a descriptor -- >> are you actually saying it makes her more credible because she accurately described him as a cracker? is that where you're going with that? >> no you're mischart rising what i said, i said because she's not trying to sugar coat what trayvon martin said. >> the argument -- her argument that it's not a racial term, does that matter? does the jury care? >> yeah and here is why. not so much because she used a racist term but because we're talking about getting a glimpse into trayvon martin's mind and the jury is all about relatebility. we can talk about taking it easy on a young witness. we can talk about economics and
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racism, classes, at the end of the day, jurors look for relatebility. who do i relate to? when you relate to someone, you find them credible. it has nothing to do with an opinion one race is better than the other. it has nothing to do with that. when somebody talks, are they someone i can relate to? the jurors will ask is this somebody at a cocktail party, would i use that? do i view the word cracker the way this person views it? can i relate to this person? >> sunny, your argument she is authentically being herself and not trying to pretend to be something she's not and using terms danny would not use at a cocktail party, you're actually saying that makes her relateble. >> it makes her relateble because she used the terms martin used with her. she could do what she did when she wrote the letter to sybrina fulton and left that out. she says trayvon told her, now
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if she wanted to make trayvon look like an angel or wanted to make trayvon look a certain way, if that he shougt that would be harmful, she could say trayvon told me there was a white gentleman following him or a white guy following him. no, she used that term and said that's what he used -- >> hold on -- >> and i think a juror will find that more credible. >> sunny, you're making a good point she was sugar coating it and that's exactly what she did in her original statement, she left out -- she just called the guy creepy. she said trayvon called the guy creepy and later on admits she left out cracker originally because she wanted to sugar coat it. she didn't want -- trayvon's mom was there and she didn't want her to hear the language of cracker and aware it's the bad word. she didn't say it. she is relating that somebody said that word but, i mean, she's not being -- she's admitted that she sugar coated on prosecution.
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>> danny, for someone who was the prosecution's star witness, do you think she damaged the prosecution's case? do you think she helped the defense? >> she was an entity because she's interesting, but as far as advancing the prosecution's ball, you go to the elements. what do they have to prove? after this witness's testimony what did we learn? she's hazy on things and can't relate to her for a number of reasons. if you can read cursive you can't relate to this person. so you say well, i may not find her credible, not that she's lying, just that i don't think she was able to perceive and hear these things and if you take everything she says as true, where does is that leave us, that someone said -- the man said get off me at best but maybe later on maybe they didn't say that, trayvon thought somebody was following me. trayvon said, why are you following me? i don't know if we're left with
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anything that advances the prosecution's ball. >> i want to play something a neighbor of george zimmerman that made the into mouse phone call. i want to listen to that. >> i can't see him. i don't want to go out there. i don't know what is going on, so. >> tell them to come. >> their sending. >> so so you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> at. what is your -- >> just -- there's gunshots. >> who is calling for help is a big contention. did either side sway the jury who is on that call? >> i don't think so. i think the only thing that is important at this point in the trial is now that evidence is in front of the jury. we know the voice experts won't testify but someone from trayvon martin's family, they will get on the witness stand and identify the voices as -- the cries as coming from him. i suspect someone from george
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zimmerman's family and the defense case will come forward and say this is george zimmerman's voice. many of the witnesses so far have said it sounded like a boy's voice, it sounds like a young person's voice. it's up to the jury to decide. the ground work is laid for a showdown between the families and that will be fascinating to watch. >> sunny and danny, appreciate it. they will join me at 10:00 for the hour-long ac 360 special report. the key moments, we'll replay them and have the panel back. what do you think about the trial, what you saw today? we'll turn to the reluctant and combative sometimes witness rachel jeantel. and later, aaron hernandez charged with first-degree murder, you know this, he's also being investigated in connection with another case, a double homicide, details on that ahead. "i'm part of an american success story,"
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welcome back.
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every big trial these days seems to have one witness that becomes something of a sensation. in this trial, as millions have seen, that witness is trayvon martin's friend rachel jeantel. she's like the case herself -- itself poll rising. today she seemed to be at times less combative, not always as you see in this exchange with don west that starts with yes, sir but builds to something stronger. take a look. >> he told me the dude was close to him. >> right, at that point he decided to approach this man and say why are you following me? >> yes, sir. >> and he could have just run home -- >> he was already by his house. he told me. >> of course, you don't know if he was telling you the truth of not. >> why he need to lie about that, sir? >> maybe if he decided to assault george zimmerman, he didn't want you to know that. >> that's real retarded, sir.
5:18 pm
>> i'm sorry? >> that's real retarded sir. trayvon did not know him. >> rachel jeantel today, her second day in the spotlight. her performance on the stand more polished than yesterday rising eyebrows and as randi kaye reports, none of that intention is welcome. >> reporter: rachel jeantel never wanted any of this, no media glare, no attention, and no tough questions about her phone call with trayvon martin moments before he was shot. that may be why she lied about her age. >> did you say that you were 16 so that you could try to maintain more privacy? >> yes. >> so you wanted to make yourself seem like a minor, so that maybe there wouldn't be as much public disclosure as if you said your true age of 18? >> yes. >> reporter: today rachel jeantel is 19, and her life story from what we can piece together is more exposed than she had ever dreamed. she attended miami nor land
5:19 pm
senior high school and according to facebook took classes in criminal justice at miami university, though the school says they have no record. she's from north miami where she says her and trayvon martin had met in elementary school. why do we care so much who this woman is? because her testimony on what trayvon told her the night he died could make or break the case. if what she says is true, trayvon martin was scared and trying to get away from a man, a man that was george zimmerman. she may have credibility issues. he's been caught lying about her age and about her reason for not attending trayvon's funeral. and then there is her vanishing postings on twitter. according to the smoking gun, tweets referring to trayvon and the case were removed just hours before her testimony. like this one from june 21st. 16 months later, wow, i need a
5:20 pm
drink. jeantel had also tweeted about having quote jackass lawyers on my ass. it's unclear which lawyers she's referring to but certainly has held her own with zimmerman's attorneys in court. she took heat for this audio interview she gave the martin family attorney early on in the investigation. >> what did you hear? >> get off, some stuff. >> you heard get off? >> like look, get off. >> reporter: watch how she puts defense lawyer don west on his heels in court about delays his interview with her. >> when you did not want to interview me that friday. >> i didn't want to interview you? >> well -- >> we didn't -- we didn't have an interview, did we? >> no, but we agreed to that friday. >> i'm sorry that you were inconvenienced but we did not have the interview on friday because of schedulingish shups, do you agree with that? >> you should have picked me up
5:21 pm
on thursday. >> rachel jeantel was hoping to put this all behind her with this simple handwritten letter to trayvon's mother, a friend helped her write it. she sent it about a month after his death and in it explains what she remembers from that night. the man started getting closer, then trayvon turned around and said why are you following me? then i heard him fall. then the phone hung up. when the defense asked her to read the letter in court she said she couldn't read cursive handwriting and later explained she's of haitian descent and grew up speaking spanish. on her facebook monday, two days before her testimony began she posted i know i have a lot of explaining to do. randi kaye, cnn, atlanta. >> don parks and crump have been handling the legal matters and in mr. park's case. he joins us live. as the martin family attorney,
5:22 pm
how do you think rachel's testimony went today? >> i think rachel's team was great, anderson. she stood fast. her testimony was consistent, and as you see, she through various attempts to i'm peach her, held her own. >> she seemed less combative in her testimony today than yesterday. did you or your colleagues prepare her for today's testimony or give her advice on what to do differently? >> no, she has her own counsel in this case, however, remember, yesterday she came at the latter part of the court day. so she was tired and most people sitting in court were tired and we went fairly late. so i believe that she was just tired. obviously, once she was given the chance to rest overnight, came back and she was a great witness. she was very respectful to the court and gave very precise answers. >> so, you're saying you nor mr. crump gave her advice about what to do differently today on the stand? >> no, as a matter of fact, i
5:23 pm
believe she was in the custody of the agents. we had no access to her whatsoever. >> do you feel the defense attorney john west was too hash with her today? >> well, i think mr. west's presentation spoke for itself. you know, i try to make sure i don't criticize lawyers and their styles, but i think -- i don't believe mr. west is really connected with the jury but we'll see from their verdict. >> you gave a press conference after court today where you said the martin family wanted to make it clear that quote race was not a part of to this process but a lot of the prosecution's opening statement is about george zimmerman profiling trayvon martin. >> well, anderson, i think you have to distinguish that when you have a situation where we see that george zimmerman is talking in the 911 tape and describing what he was seeing in va v trayvon martin and calling him suspicious. we don't believe the focus is really race. additionally, the charge he is facing has nothing to do with race. >> so you don't believe that
5:24 pm
george zimmerman felt trayvon martin was suspicious because he was african american? >> no, i think he saw a person who had a hoodie on, who was walking. he didn't know who he was. it was a raining night. it was dark, so he thought that maybe he was seeing some of the previous conduct that he had seen in his neighborhood, so he decided at that particular point that these people always get away with it and on that night he wouldn't let it happen. >> when he was referring to, you know, these people or blanking punks as he said, you don't think that was in all a reference to african american youth? >> well, i think he saw someone that he thought was highly suspicious, someone he thought was up to something bad, that he wanted to do something about it. i think it's important, though, for purposes of where we are now, we're in a court case, bringing race into this situation does nothing but make people pick sites and invoke
5:25 pm
some preg judge into the proc d proceederin proceederings. we want mr. zimmerman to have a nice, fair and just trial. >> you're sitting with mr. zimmerman's parents. they get up when testimony is graphic, how are you holding up? >> it's very tough. so they are taking it piece by piece. i think the state is making sure they try and give us advance notice about some sensitive parts, but you had situations for example when trayvon's face was shown in some of the evidence. it was tough for tracy because that's a picture he used to identify trayvon's body and showing that picture in court invoked that. mom has had some issues, you know, just hearing syst ing som 911 tapes and the gunshot that killed your child is very tough. they are doing -- they are maintaining. they are here to see it through. they are very encouraged by what they are see income court and the job the state of florida is doing to present this case. >> appreciate your time.
5:26 pm
thanks for being on. >> thank you for having me. exclusively on "360" mark o'mara. good to have you on. rachel jeantel, do you think her testimony went well for the defense. do you think it's worked in the defense's favor? >> well, you know, i think that she was a witness, she didn't want to be involved and waited so long and found out by happenstance. i was most concerned not with her testimony but the way she started with mr. crump's interview, off record without law enforcement there and more problematic, the interview, she's sitting right next to trayvon martin's mother when she's supposed to give her first sworn law enforcement statement and in that statement she didn't tell the truth on a number of issues. i think she didn't want to be there. she was reluctant and i think that reluctancy showed up in her
5:27 pm
testimony today and yesterday. >> and stressing in the court today about trayvon martin's mo mother during that interview, does that say she was either changing her statements to the police based on who -- on the family being present? >> well, she testified that she did. she testified that when she was talking to ben crump and the mom was there and when she was talking to mr. delirion and trayvon's mother next to her on the couch and tearing up and crying, she lighteninged up. you have to wonder why any law enforcement officer with 30 years experience would risk taking a statement from a witness in front of the deceased mother. you have to know that there will be some impact and as she testified today and yesterday. there was impact because she didn't say what she heard on the -- on the telephone. she actually went light. she sort of modified it herself, and we don't know to what extent
5:28 pm
she modified with curse words and who she wanted to blame talking in front of the mother. >> have you ever heard of police interviewing a witness or potential witness in front of the parent of the victim? >> let me think for a moment. absolutely not. it is cop 101 and prosecutor 101. you have to maintain the individual nature of a witness' testimony, make sure they are absolutely not impacted or bias by the situation that they are in. we know you can't do it, you know, with bright lights and a rubber hose. you also can't do it with sympathy parent taking a statement in front of the decease's mothers. >> you said you may have to ask her additional questions, why? >> there are certain issues that may become relevant and that's talking about trayvon's history and background.
5:29 pm
my hope from the beginning is that we don't go there and try this case simply on the seven or eight minutes that happened around his passing, however, if the state presents something that needs to be rebutted by looking into trayvon martin's past, then this witness who knows pretty well and actually gave some fairly colorful statements as to what trayvon martin said, as far as some race and fighting may well become relevant. i hope not, but we may have to get that on the record. >> how does your client, george zimmerman, feel about how the trial is going? >> he's afraid. he felt he did something he has to do to protect his life and other people are trying to put him in prison because of it. he's stressed for a year and a half getting to this point and dealing with the reality he has the state of florida trying to say that what he did to save his own life is a crime, and that's a fightening position to be in.
5:30 pm
>> mark o'mara, good to have you on the program again. thank you. >> good to be here, thank you. we'll devote the 10:00 p.m. eastern hour to today's developments. key testimony, evidence, and our legal panel. we'll get more legal ann lists in and show you the key moments from this trial today in case you missed any of it. self-defense or murder, the george zimmerman trial. for more on the zimmerman trial, go to any time. just ahead, stunning new development in the story that rocked the nfl. hernandez investigated to his possible connection to a dobl homicide last year. and does paula deen's racial slur deserve all the backlash. two very different opinions on that. she's reached out to jessie jackson and he joins me to tell us what he discussed with paula deen coming up. to accept less and less
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[ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. welcome back. new development the tonight in "crime and punishment." aaron hernandez charged in the murder of a 27-year-old acquaintance is being investigated for a double homicide in boston last july. as we've reported, just hours after his arrest yesterday, hernandez was dropped by his team the new england patriots. today puma ended it relationship with him and he was denied bail again when he appealed the ruling. the prosecutors say they have
5:35 pm
uncovered new evidence. >> reporter: authorities are now investigating whether aaron hernandez might have been involved in an unsolved double-murder in boston last summer. a law enforcement source telling cnn boston police found a silver suv linked to the case after looking for it since last year and believe hernandez was renting it at the time of the murders. >> we're following every lead and believe we're making progress. at this moment in time it's too premature to name any one individual. >> reporter: hernandez' lawyers won't comment. they wanted to spring hernandez from jail on the first-degree murder charge on the execution style death of oiden lloyd. >> december spect the fact he has a fiancee and has a baby and a homeowner, he has the means to flee and a bracelet wouldn't keep him here over $250,000.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: prosecutors revealing new alleged evidence and a condo leased by hernandez in a town near the football player's home and in a hummer outside said to be linked to hernandez, they seized .45 caliber ammunition and clip, the same type of ammunition allegedly used to kill lloyd. in court, prosecutors called attention to a photo obtained by tmz calling hernandez holding a .45 caliber semi automatic handgun. >> the evidence of this photograph, holding a .45. >> reporter: they said hernandez was angry about something that was said in this nightclub. >> he was upset about and didn't trust the victim. >> reporter: they said they built their case against hernandez using cell phone tower
5:37 pm
tracking, text messages and surveillance tapes at hernandez' home and elsewhere. in the wee hours of june 17th, hernandez allegedly picked up lloyd at his home. they were then joined by two other unidentified passengers. they stopped at a gas station and bought blue bubble gum. during that ride at 3:22 a.m., lloyd sends a text to his sister reminding her of who he was with. he writes nfl just so you know. two minutes later, witnesses hear shots near the murder scene. about four minutes later, hernandez is seen carrying a gun arriving home with two other people. investigators say they matched shell casings from the murder scene to one .45 shell from hernandez' car. >> defendant and his two confed reds appear at the rental agency where they rented the silver
5:38 pm
nissan altima. at that time they go in to return the car, the defendant offers the attendant a piece of blue bubble gum and finds a .45 casing as well as a piece of what appeared to be chewed bubble gum. >> so, i mean, this is fascinating. are authorities saying whether or not they think hernandez pulled the trigger in the murder? they said he has two confederates. >> reporter: they are saying it this way, that he ork strachest the execution and he and another man delivered the fatal blows to lloyd while laying on the ground. either way, hernandez is charged with first-degree murder. >> susan, thanks very much. more companies are dumping paula deen after she admitted to using a racial slur years ago. the backlash is fast and fur
5:39 pm
yos, but is it fair? i'll speak to the reverend jessie jackson. and what the boston bomber is charged with and what he faces if convicted, coming up. know savings. this metal frame pool on rollback, you save $80! and this 4 burner grill on rollback, you save $11. get more summer for your money at walmart's super summer savings event. plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+.
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for companies are dropping paula deen after she admitted to using a racial slur in the past. home depot and target said they won't sell her products and a diabetes drug maker suspended her contract, as well. this is a day after her tearful experience on the today show. >> if there is anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back, if you're out there, please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me, please. i want to meet you. i want to meet you. i is what i is, and i'm not changing. >> the food network, walmart and
5:44 pm
sears have also dumped deen but one thing that isn't taking a hit is her book sales. preorders for the october release of paula deen's new testament, 250 recipes are so strong it's on the top of amazon's best seller's list. deen herself hired a crisis management firm. the question is in paula deen's case, does the punishment fit the crime? i spoke with reverend jesse jackson and boys watkins. >> i spoke to paula deen. i understand she reached out to you. what did she explain and talk to you about? >> she explained she's not a racist. she appeared to be agonizing over the acquisitions but the issues now and it's not just the words but she must spend her time now off of the circuit focused on the workplace
5:45 pm
conditions a, and the plan to have workplace conditions than past the test of friends. if she does that, she can be reclaimed and redeemed. >> professor watkins, we spoke the other day about her. you said in the past you've been a fan of hers. i'm wondering if your opinion changed at all, if just over the last couple days. what do you make of where she is now and what is happening? >> in order to really try to connect with paula and the situation, i reached to my elders. i spoke with reverend jackson and my grandmother. i'm fortunate enough to have a grandmother still alive and those prospectives allowed me to do something i can't do at my age, to really look at the world through the eyes of somebody who dealt with the paula deen's of the world in the 1950s, '60s and '70s and the best lesson paula deen can get from this is there a difference between liking you and respecting you.
5:46 pm
i think she has a lot of friends that are african american, and i think in her mind she really loves these people, but the question is whether or not she truly respects african americans as her equals. remember, people love their pet but don't want their dog at the dinner table. the issue to me is that paula can be completely redeemed and forgiven, but forgiveness goes deeper than what you say. it comes down to what you do. >> reverend jackson, i got a lot of tweets from people that support paula deen and advanced sales of her cookbook are number one and a lot of people are tweeting me saying the media is making too much of this. this seems like a good person. maybe she used completely inappropriate language in the past, but this has much to do about nothing. what do you say to that? what do those people not understand? >> there is something to do about something. grace can be a sin.
5:47 pm
it's not just the words so many years ago but the workplace environment. she should immediately address the charges against her. she should immediately address and thoroughly invest her work environment. is it fair? is it open? is it non-racial? is it sensitive? and they plan to make it the best workplace it can be. so the contrite words amongst and she is reclaimable if she takes immediate actions and stops trying to justify herself. >> professor watkins, is this an opportunity for people to get out of the comfort zone and have a discussion about race that maybe they haven't had or don't want to have? >> this is another opportunity. the reality is this, anderson, when someone comes to you and they say, what you said offended me, that this concept, this idea that you shared, it hurts my feelings, you have a choice. you can say oh, you're crazy or your feelings are not valid, what is wrong with you?
5:48 pm
or you can show respect and say, i don't quite understand why you feel this way, but why don't you explain it to me? why don't you help me understand, and i'll help you understand how i feel. that's how you have a productive dialogue and i think one of the things we're running into is you have millions of people in america that never endured race in the workplace and the horrors and atrocities people of color in this country experienced for hundreds of years and get to the point where they devalue that because they think that someone wrote a great cookbook. the reality is if we want to make progress and paula wants to redeem herself, this is a chance to have a good dialogue -- >> some people say she's from a sernt generation -- >> anderson -- >> go ahead. >> i would urge her to look at the crisis quickly, take on the ship, move with a plan to make it a workshop. i don't think we're spending a lot of time arguing on the
5:49 pm
20-year goal but the workplace security is very important for workers everywhere. >> professor watkins, people saying she's from a certain generation, from a certain region, she grew up a certain way and she's a product of her past? >> well, i think she is. paula deen was made in america just like malcolm x was made in america. he went through so much oppression and so many horrific experiences in his life that he spent his whole life fighting against the racism that destroyed his family. with paula deen we have to realize that paula deen is a symptom, symbol, manifestation of millions of other americans around the country who think in the same way. they don't understand why these words can be hurtful. they don't understand that this is a product of an environment, this is a product of structural racism so wiping paula deen off the planet will not make america a better country. i don't want to see her career
5:50 pm
destroyed. i want to see her cooking her food, which i've eaten and is good. we have to use this as a chance to do deep cleaning on racial inu quality and not just cleanse the surface because if we don't, we'll have the same problem 50 years from now. >> reverend jackson, professor watkins, appreciate it. just ahead tonight, the sweeping indictment against the boston bombing suspect the, more than a dozen out counts carry a possible death sentence. president obama made extensive remarks about edward snowden and how the u.s. will go to find him, like will they force a plane down with snowden on it. stay tuned for his answer. (gasp) nope. aw! guys! grrrr let's leave the deals to (nice bear!) ooo! that one! nice! got it! oh my gosh this is so cool! awesome!
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check out other stories we're following. susan hendrix has the 360 bulletin. >> reporter: the former visit president retired marine general has been notified he's under investigation for allegedly leaking information about a highly classified u.s. cyber attack on iran's new clear program. cnn has not confirmed it and he and his lawyer have not commented nor have the u.s.
5:55 pm
justice department. president obama made the most expensive remark so far at snowden. the expressed concern about secrets snowden might spell and president obama said he won't take extra orpd narcotordinary capture him. >> i won't scramble jets to get a 29-year-old hacker. >> a massachusetts grand jury returned a 30-count indictment against boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. 17 of those charges carry the possibility of the death penalty. in new york, family friends, co-stars and friends said good-bye to james gandolfini. he died of a heart attack in rome last week. he was acclaimed for his role as tony soprano. >> thanks. we'll be right back. "i'm part of an american success story,"
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that's it for us right now. we'll see you again one hour from now, i hope, for an "ac 360 special" the george zimmerman trial. all week this week at 10:00.
6:00 pm
we take an in-depth look and the key moments incase you missed any testimony. another big day in the trial and at 11:00 another regular edition of 360. "piers morgan live" starts now. "piers morgan live" starts now. see you in an hour. -- captions by vitac -- this is "piers morgan live." welcome, tonight drama in the courtroom. trayvon martin's friend takes the stand for the second day. the teenage girl who has a unique way of making sir sound like an insult. >> he did not tell me that, sir, he just told me he trying to get home, sir, but the man was still following -- following him, sir. >> and the last moment of trayvon martin's life captured on a chilling 911 call. >> [ inaudible ] >> do you think he's yelling