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tv   Early Start  CNN  June 28, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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former south african president, nelson mandela, critical, but stable condition this morning. president obama heads to that country this morning. will they meet? the world watching and waiting. where is nsa leaker, edward snowden. will any country give him asylum and will the u.s. hunt him down? what is today's shocker in the george zimmerman trial after a friend of trayvon martin said race helped lead to his death. >> good morning, welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman.
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great to see you this friday. it's friday, june 28th at 5:00 a.m. in the east. we begin where nelson mandela remained in the hospital. the 94-year-old's condition is stabilized but he is critical. robin, what's the latest? >> reporter: well, it's important to note nelson mandela is still on life support. he needs help breathing. he's critical, but stable. south africans continue to be drawn to this hospital. late last night, people were still singing hymns, saying prayers. this is a nation anxious to hear news about his health. this is something that makes his family very, very angry. for a man who led a public life, they say his health battles are a private issue.
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>> the fact that my dad is a global icon, one of them -- people of the 25th century does not mean that people cannot respect the privacy and dignity of my dad. you know, i don't want to say this, but i'm going to say it. there's sort of a racist element with many of the foreign media. they just cross boundaries. it's like, truly, watch us waiting when the lion devoured the buffalo, waiting there for the last carcus. >> reporter: tough words from his daughter. president barack obama is traveling to south africa. he's been in senegal.
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he's due to leave that country in an hour. the focus will be on him. it's unclear whether president obama will try to visit him in the hospital or pay a courtesy visit to mandela's family. that is unclear. while he was in senegal, president obama visited a memorial to one of history's darkest times. brianna explains. >> reporter: president obama made a trip off senegal's coast to see a final departure point for slaves headed to the americas. >> the african-american president, to be able to visit this sight, i think gives me even greater motivation in terms of human rights around the world. >> reporter: peering through the door of no return is the door they walked through to board trips. the first lady is descendent
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from slaves and joined him for a moment. as they departed, locals clamor to get a glimpse or handshake from the president. the obama's head this morning to south africa where former president and hero nelson mandela is on life support. >> if and when he passes from this place, one thing we'll all know is that his legacy is one that will linger on throughout the ages. >> reporter: mrs. obama, who posted her first picture on instagram with school kids in senegal told them to seize the opportunities mandela fought for. >> honor his legacy by leaving a proud legacy of your own. that's how i tried to live my own life. >> reporter: in south africa, president obama will visit the island where mandela was as a
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prison. it's a trip he made in 2006. >> it will be an emotional trip. four minutes after the hour to russia. edward snowden is holed up. he is believed to be waiting for safe passage to ecuador. the government will not be forced into a decision. phil black is following these developments live in moscow this morning. the question is, where is mr. snowden this morning? >> reporter: well, we believe he's still at the airport. this will be day six of the stop over there. he hasn't been seen that whole time. despite the fact there are journalists there staking the place out, looking for him. they have not seen him. they assume he is somewhere there behind closed doors. officials are enforcing a
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deadline on passengers passing through the airport. they are not doing this in the case of edward snowden. it's contrary to what the russian government is saying. their consistent message on this. he's welcome to travel wherever he likes. they want him to do it as soon as possible. >> six days and running, closed up behind a door in the airport. at this point, what are his options? where can snowden go? >> he may not have many. we know his american passport has been revoked, doesn't have travel documents. he's made an asylum request with ecuador and possibly other countries. until they give him an invitation to travel to that country, he may have little choice but to sit there and wait regardless of how he feels about it and the russian government. >> it's like a bad movie.
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thanks so much, phil. >> it does. under investigation, a former top military officer. a source tells cnn the justice department is looking into james cartwright. nbc news says the investigation into the former vice chairman of the joint chief of staff leaked classified information about the computer virus. it infected computers at iranian nuclear facilities in 2010 setting back iran's nuclear program. an important moment in washington. the senate approved an immigration reform bill. 14 republicans joined with democrats to say yes to the plan that will create a path to citizenship to millions of undocumented immigrants boosting border security. >> the strong bipartisan vote is going to send a message across the country and a message to the
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other end of the capital as well. the bill generated a level of support we believe will be impossible for the house to ignore. >> john mccain was there as well. it faces an uncertain future in the house of representatives. john boehner will not bring it to a vote unless a majority of republicans in the chamber support it. that is not certain. the boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev indicted. >> as a result of the charges filed today, the defendant faces up to life and possibly death if convicted. >> the indictment provides details about his interest in islamic literature and reveals messages he scrolled in a boat before his capture. he wrote the u.s. government is
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killing our innocent civilians and i can't stand to see such evil go unpunished. 260 wounded in the boston marathon. the plans for the trial of james holmes. he is the 25-year-old accused of a shooting spree in a colorado movie theater that left dozens and dozens injured. the judge plans to bring in the largest jury pool ever, some 5,000 people. once seated, they will not be sequestered. because he's charged with a violent crime, holmes will be anchored to the floor in the courtroom. some dramatic pictures to show from pennsylvania that has been hammered by storms. jefferson county, north of pittsburgh.
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several other counties have flash flooding. >> out west, they are saying a few four-letter words. one is heat. it will be hot in arizona and california throughout the weekend. the national weather service says valley temperatures in southern california could approach so degrees, if you can believe that. phoenix could hit 118 degrees, which is still a record. indra peterson is tracking it. >> it's unbelievable. this is once every ten years. people get numb. we are going to look at extremes through the week. what we are dealing with is the heat out west and then the rainfall toward the east. let's talk about what's going on. high pressure is out there in the west. this is building. what is high pressure? it's sinking air. you get stagnant sinking air. unfortunately, very high temperatures. this is what we are talking about. remember, the highest temperature recorded on earth,
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133 degrees. death valley, it's possible they could see 130 this weekend. lake havasu, very popular, 126. 118 in phoenix. on the east, the opposite problem. we are talking moist air and a very slow moving cold front. that's the key. slow moving. it's having a rain cloud over the house. the flood threat is high. two to four inches. five inches in the northeast. same in the southeast. the flood threat is high for the weekend. >> hot or wet. have a great weekend. >> this is really awful. thanks. >> happy friday. coming up, a key witness in the trayvon martin case going toe-to-toe with the defense. what she said martin told her on the phone moments before his death. a woman in labor couldn't wait for the hospital. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972.
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welcome back to "early start." testimony will resume in the murder trial of neighborhood watch george zimmerman charged with killing trayvon martin. so many people talking about the dramatic, contentious debate between the prosecution star witness and the defense which seemed to try to discredit her. it was quite a day. here is cnns george howell. >> reporter: day four started as rachel jeantel day two. racial one moment, combative the next. >> are you okay this morning? >> yeah. >> you seem different than yesterday. did someone talk to you last night about your demeanor in court yesterday? >> no.
2:16 am
>> reporter: a more subdued jean tel got questions from don west who challenged the 19-year-old's account of what she heard on the cell phone with trayvon martin a minute before the fatal shooting. >> trayvon got hit. >> you don't know that, do you? >> no, sir. >> you don't know trayvon got hit. you don't know he didn't take his fist and drive it into george zimmerman's face, do you? >> no, sir. >> reporter: moments later, when asked the same question during the grilling, the teen held firm to her account of who attacked who. >> i thought you said it could have been, for all you know, trayvon martin smashing george zimmerman in the face is what you actually heard? >> what? >> yeah. earlier today. >> by who? >> by you. >> you didn't get that from me.
2:17 am
>> the woman whose 911 call captured the moment trayvon martin was shot and killed. mark questioned about who she heard on the tape. >> yell help? >> yes. >> did it seem like the screams of somebody who was getting beat up? >> they were being hurt somehow, yes. >> somebody who was having this done to them? >> it's possible. >> the final testimony of the day came from a witness who said she heard the gunshot and saw two people on the ground. selma moor testified with the help of a spanish translator she remembered seeing the man on top wearing a red and black jacket, the same jacket george zimmerman was wearing. >> there was a person crouching down over another person?
2:18 am
george howell, cnn, sanford, florida. >> was he or wasn't he an informant? the question of reputed mob boss, james whitey bulger. a supervisor took the stand admitting he took bribes from bulger. when he said there was no question bulger was an informant, bulger was heard muttering the retired agent was a liar. he'll be back on the stand today. more companies are saying so long to paula deen in the wake she used racially insensitive words. home shopping channel, qvc says deen will not appear on air and they will stop selling her items as well. others agreed she will suspend her role as a spokeswoman for a diabetes medicine. she's getting help from judy
2:19 am
smith. she's assisted kobe bryant and wesley snipes. >> jesse jackson senior was tweeting about this. he was talking about a southern culture, not to turn it into a gotcha moment. interesting there. fish as a regular part of your diet is healthy. a study shows it may reduce the risk of breast cancer. women who consume high levels of omega-3s from eating fish are less likely to have breast cancer. >> if only it didn't taste like fish. today, chicago is hockey town usa. it's okay. they are a good, likable team. as the blackhawks, they are in a victory parade throughout the city. the parade kicks off in a few hours starting at the united center, ending at grant park. they defeated the boston bruins
2:20 am
in six games to win their second stanley cup in four years. one of the bruins played with a punctured lung. congratulations. >> i have to say it, my nephew is in chicago. this is the best moment of their life. their short life, this is the best moment of their life. congratulations, chicago. milwaukee cops who pulled over a speeding car never expected this. the driver is flying through red lights. the reason for that speeding, the driver's wife was having a baby. they were not going to make it to the hospital. the cops jumped in to help, delivering a healthy, baby girl. >> i was beaming ear-to-ear. >> able to bring a life into the world is amazing. >> the girl and the mom said to be doing well. >> you are a dad. i mean, i can't imagine being the one driving the car. >> no. >> take a cab. new york city you take a cab. that's traumatic enough. the cop looked so moved by the
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the good news, coming off the biggest three-day rally. stock futures are higher this morning. the dow and nasdaq jumped yesterday. giving a soothing talk from federal reserve officials they are in no hurry to take away the billions of dollars the world is used to that we have been dumping into the market. all that soothing talk hasn't stopped the rise in mortgage rates. no calm tones there. the rate on the 30-year fixed taking the biggest jump in 26 years. that's right. that rate spiked a half percentage point in a week to 4.46. that extra point will cost you $56 more a month for every $100,000 borrowed. >> that adds up. >> it really adds up. rates are still low. they are not close to 2007, almost 7% back then.
2:26 am
while we are talking rates, don't forget the clock is ticking on student loan rates. the loans will double monday. 6.8% unless congress steps in to find a solution. it's $5,000 extra kids are going to pay because of the loan rates. ceos pay is back to levels. look how it compares to the average worker. the average worker earns 273 times more than the average worker. ceo compensation stood at $14 million last year. $14 million. >> it's a fair amount of money. >> same 40-hour week. >> bigger house, bigger car, bigger summer home. 26 minutes after the hour. coming up, a new twist in the murder mystery that landed an nfl star behind bars. aaron hernandez linked to two
2:27 am
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history of violence. the ex-nfl star behind bars in a murder mystery. now investigated in the murder of two other people. the growing case of aaron hernandez. >> rain, flooding and a dangerous record breaking heat wave. severe weather striking across the country. what you can expect in red
2:31 am
today. alec baldwin threatening to take down a reporter. >> it doesn't begin to describe it. this is a doozy. welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. >> happy friday. i'm christine romans. it's 30 minutes after the hour. >> aaron hernandez waking up this morning in a massachusetts jail. the web of suspicion around him is growing. police were back at him home in connection with another unsolved murder case. susan candiotti has the stunning developments. >> reporter: authorities are investigating whether aaron hernandez might have been involved in an unsolved double murder last summer. a source telling cnn the police found a silver suv linked to the case. they believe hernandez was renting it at the time of the murders. >> following every lead.
2:32 am
we believe we are making progress. at this moment in time, it's premature to name any one individual as a suspect. >> reporter: the lawyers won't comment on the possible connection. a judge rejected a second attempt to spring hernandez from jail on the first degree murder charge in the execution style shooting death of odin lloyd. >> despite the fact he has a fiance, baby and homeowner, he has the means to flee. a bracelet wouldn't keep him here. >> reporter: new alleged evidence at a condo leased by hernandez and in a hummer outside, also said to be linked to hernandez, they seized .45 caliber ammunition and a .45 caliber clip. the same kind of ammunition used to kill lloyd.
2:33 am
investigators based the case using cell phone tower tracking, text messages and surveillance tapes at his home and elsewhere. in the wee hours of june 17th. hernandez picked up lloyd at his home. they were joined by two other unidentified passengers. they stopped at a gas station and buy blue bubble gum. during the ride at 3:23 a.m., lloyd sends a text to his sister, reminding her of who he was with. he writes nfl, just so you know. two minutes later, witnesses hear shots near the murder scene. four minutes later, hernandez is seen carrying a gun arriving home with two other people. they matched shell casings from the murder scene to one .45 caliber shell found in his rental car. after lloyd is killed -- >> the defendant and his confederates appear at the rental agency where they rented
2:34 am
the silver nissan altima. at that time, they go in to return the car, the defendant offers the attendant a piece of blue bubble gum and finds a .45 caliber casing as well as a piece of chewed gum. >> reporter: susan candiotti, massachusetts. >> wow. president obama heads to south africa this morning. the trip overshadowed by the ongoing health concerns of nelson mandela. he remains in a pretoria hospital. he is still in critical condition. no word if mr. obama will meet with mandela. they will let the family decide if the visit is appropriate. is this a waste? the pentagon is spending millions to buy an aircraft for
2:35 am
afghan aviation unit that cannot fly it. they stopped spending money to buy russian made helicopters. at least wait until they are better able to keep the choppers in the air. she's taken the fifth. em battled irs executive could be demanded to appear again. lois lerner appeared and didn't say anything but read a statement. they waived her fifth amend rights. jon corzine facing charges for mf global. he did not act in good faith when he ran the company, violating his obligations to keep an eye on what was happening. he bears some responsibility for the firm's demise in 2011. the lawyer causes the charges meritless and says his client did nothing wrong. >> governor to senator to run thg big firm, then running it
2:36 am
into the ground. really, really a big story there. controversial comments from the governor of texas directed at the state senator whose filibuster stopped them from adopting the toughest, strongest abortion laws in the nation. he mentioned wendy davis as he argued the regulations are necessary. >> she's the daughter of a single woman. she was a teenage mother herself. she managed to eventually graduate from harvard law school and serve in the texas senate. it's just unfortunate that she hasn't learned from her own example that every life must be given a chance to realize its full potential and every life matters. >> davis was called the statement without dignity. the state senate set to consider that very, very strong bill. it would ban most abortions
2:37 am
after 20 weeks and require the procedure only take place in surgical centers shutting down dozens of texas clinics. democratic house leader, nancy pelosi is making the 2016 presidential fit known. drum roll. she urged hillary clinton to get into the race. pelosi says the former secretary of state is well qualified for the job and would be the best prepared person to enter the white house in decades. at the jackson family's wrongful death trial, t.j. is co-guardian of the children. t.j. told the court how michael offered support when his mother died and he wanted to return the favor. flash floods in pennsylvania leaving some communities under four feet of water. look at that. you shouldn't be driving through
2:38 am
that. indra says don't drive through it. out west, people are baking in the valley of the really, really hot sun. phoenix could reach a record 118 degrees this weekend. there are excessive heat warnings in effect for arizona and california through sunday. the temperature in death valley, california expected to hit 129 degrees. i can't imagine how that must feel. >> it feels hot. really hot. >> i mean, indra, that must be like a blow-dryer on your face. you can't breathe. >> people forget, it's warm. you are not getting as much oxygen. forget about the dehydration. the flooding threat. >> yeah. >> both of these things are in the forecast this weekend.
2:39 am
flooding and heat. these are the two number one killers of weather events. they are both going on. they are the two people constantly underestimate. here is the thing, we are talking record breaking heat. we are going to be breaking records for the amount of rainfall for the month of june. a lot going on. the dome of high pressure, that means sinking air. the stagnant air. i'm going to keep mentioning the temperatures. once in ten years you see temperatures like that. phoenix, 118. vegas, 117. people are going to be drinking. please, do not do that. this is very, very dangerous conditions. you need water and your elect electrolyt electrolytes. that keeps you in danger as well. the northeast, heavy rain with a slow-moving cold front. when it's that slow, large rainfall amounts. two to four inches possible. we are talking several inches of rain with all of this. the flooding concern is very
2:40 am
high. it brings us to what you were talking about. please, do not drive through floodwaters. >> six inches, right? >> six inches. a foot can wash away an suv. >> a wet summer. thanks so much. alec baldwin back in the news for what he's been saying on twitter. he slammed a reporter for the uk daily mail saying his pregnant wife tweeted out upbeat comments during james gandolfini's funeral. baldwin tweeting in return a threat to "f" up the reporter. my wife did not use her phone at the funeral. baldwin insisting it wasn't true. she tweeted, i don't believe in bringing phones into a funeral. i never did and never would. the twitter account has since been deleted.
2:41 am
>> the whole twitter account? >> i think he's been down this road before. >> 40 minutes past the hour. we'll be right back.
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2:44 am
good morning, welcome back to "early start" this friday. is lawson moving out? britain's "the sun" newspaper showing the tv chef's belongers out of the home she lives with with her husband. she hasn't been living there for several weeks since photos of his hand around her neck in a restaurant. >> rusty is back home and doing great. officials at the washington national zoo do not know how he pulled off the hudini escape. he showed up in a residential area more than a half mile from the zoo. but the good news, again, he's back and safe with the national
2:45 am
zoo right now. >> a panda on the what? >> a panda on the lamb. >> that's right. a perfect segway. let's see what's coming up on "new day." >> panda on the lamb. >> word is, it was an inside job. >> yeah? >> always look at the monkeys. inside job at the zoo, look at the monkeys. >> you are profiling. >> that's what it is. it's all about thumbs. don't kid yourself. >> there you go. >> too early for this clever humor. >> what's going on? >> big news this morning. big news, obviously. the zimmerman trial. yesterday, a very important day. why? the prosecution's best witness to establish trayvon martin was a victim from beginning to end had a tough time with counsel. are we closer to knowing who started the fight? are we closer to knowing if george zimmerman was set in that evening by hate in we are going break it down with the experts
2:46 am
this morning. >> everyone is going to talk about this today. this woman fired from her job accused of being too irresistible. the court said the firing was legal. now her case is getting a second chance in a rare, legal twist. >> we have kevin durant digging deep to help tornado victims. he talked about giving back. why he's teaming up with jay z as well for his own career. that's what we got. >> more focus on the zimmerman trial. i was riveted by the trial yesterday. i couldn't take my eyes off it. there's so much to dissect there. >> i was too. >> coming up -- the end of an era. a blockbuster trade in the nba that changed my life and could change the landscape of the eastern conference. this is big. the bleacher report breaks it down for us. next. hey, look! a shooting star!
2:47 am
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i stayed up much later than i should have following the nba draft. it was the strangest, weirdest draft. shocking picks, shocking trades. andy joins us with the breakdown. >> berman says his life is changed forever. is it really that serious? >> we'll get to the big trade in a moment. yesterday, we talked about how there was no clear number one pick this year. no one knew what the cleveland cavaliers were going to do with the first i pick. with all the uncertainty, no one predicted this. >> the cleveland cavaliers select, anthony benefitette of toronto, canada and university of nevada, las vegas.
2:51 am
>> it shocked everyone. benef bennett was projected to be a top ten, but was surprised when he heard his name. nba commissioner david sterns received the normal boos. he loved it. as a going away present, the fans gave him a standing ovation as he made the last pick. then the first pick ever announced back in 1984 came out on stage to end his time at the draft like it started. a huge trade referred to last night. this is the one berman is not happy about.
2:52 am
boston celtics send pierce and kevin garnett. the movement in boston is in full effect. in one week, the celtics have said good-bye to doc rivers, pierson and garnet. the diamondbacks and nationals went into extra innings last night. in the 11th inning, check this out, guys. a fire broke out in right field. scary moment. they didn't stop the game. play continued like there was nothing going on. >> never seen that before in a game. appreciate it. >> no problem, guys. >> kevin garnett coming to be closer to me here in new york. we'll be right back. hoo-hoo. hoo-hoo...hoo-hoo. hoo-hoo hoo.
2:53 am
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in a world that moves so fast, convenience is often all we ask for. you may or may not like this service we found out about. >> reporter: we like our drive-through fries and our drive-through lattes. will we rest in peace at a drive-through funeral? >> we offer the families something different so they have options. >> reporter: the options of having the deceased in a casket viewed by mourners driving by for when you don't care enough to get out of the car. he doesn't see it that way. >> it's designed for people who have disabilities or during
2:57 am
inclimate weather. >> reporter: he added windows low to the ground. if you pay for a traditional window, you get a drive by option. that night i could be laid out for the drive-through. >> it's no additional cost. >> reporter: the last time we heard funeral and drive-through together was when a processional went through burger king to honor the deceased. the pennsylvania man loved fast food so much, they paid tribute stopping off for whopper jr.'s on the way to the cemetery. even the deceased got a burger placed on his casket and buried with him. no one opted for the drive-through visitation. this isn't the first funeral home to offer drive-through services. the most famous one operated for 40 years in southern california.
2:58 am
the adams funeral home in compton is what inspired carl. "the los angeles times" profiled the drive-through visitation. the funeral home says it is especially convenient when the deceased is well known and there are lots of mourners. one tip, when someone is laid out at a drive-through funeral, lay off the horn. whether it's fast food or a last look -- ♪ have it your way -- well, tgif. >> what a thought to send you into the weekend on that note, drive-through funerals, chris cuomo and kate bolduan, cheer us up. >> that's one way to kick off your friday. thank you. >> kick off. >> thanks. >> i was trying to help the situation. didn't work. almost top of the hour. you know what that means on "new
2:59 am
day". time for the news. >> surely you can honor his legacy by leaving a proud legacy of your own. >> final pilgrimage. president obama taking off for south africa within minutes. will he visit nelson mandela as he remains on life support? sweeping reform. will it pass? an immigration bill is in the hands of a republican led house. trayvon got hit. the dramatic testimony against george zimmerman. a contentious back and forth with the defense that lasts for hours. we break it down. >> your "new day" starts right now. good morning and happy friday. welcome to "new day". it is friday, june 28th, 6:00 in
3:00 am
the east, i'm chris cuomo. >> i'm kate bolduan along with michaela pereira. developing at this hour did the four star general once the number two man in the military leak classified information about covert actions against iran? the justice department is investigating. a critical day in the trial of george zimmerman. trayvon martin's friend on the stand and again fireworks. >> trayvon got hit. >> you don't know that, do you? >> no. >> he cut him, he had to. >> you don't know trayvon didn't take his fist and drive it into that man's face, do you? >> no, sir. >> that is the big question, who started the fight. another question, did day four bring us closer to knowing, we're going to break it down with our star team of analysts, sunny hostin, vinnie politan


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