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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 29, 2013 8:00am-10:01am PDT

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something new as of this weekend. and by the way, it is sizzling hot out west today. an oppressive heat wave is pushing temperatures in the triple digits from california to nevada. we have the latest forecast. and president barack obama in south africa today. this morning he met with south african president jacob zuma, but will he be visiting nelson mandela who continues to be hospitalized? we'll tell you about all that in a moment. in the death of trayvon martin, one person that we have not heard from before is trayvon's stepmother. straight ahead, you will hear what she has to say about the trial and the loss of her stepson. hello, everyone. we're beginning with a dangerous heat wave carrying temperatures well over 100 degrees baking parts of the west. it could hit 128 degrees in
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california's death valley today, and people are doing whatever they can to try to stay cool. alexandra steele is live for us in the cnn weather center. this is some oppressive heat, particularly dangerous, alexandra, for the most vulnerable of our population. >> you know, but with numbers as high as these are, it's not only that. i mean, we're talking about records that aren't just highs for the day or highs for the month, but some of these places in the desert southwest could see temperatures that they have never seen before. here is why. it is a jet stream extreme. so here is what's happening. on the west coast you have this ridge of high pressure. on the east coast you have got this area of low pressure with this trough. but to the west with high pressure, we have sinking air, compressing air, and thus warming air. it's kind of like when you're pumping up your boubicycle tire feel the tire and it feels warm. that air has been compressed. we're seeing it at such a level. so the extreme heat in the southwest, at least eight states
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under some type of heat advisory, watch, or warning. anywhere from vegas to yuma to oakland. phoenix, at the i recally hour, it's 95. today 118 degrees. flirting with 120. for phoenix 120 has only happened three times in its history. look at the numbers. even by wednesday still 110. so this heat wave not only the amplitude of these numbers being so high, but we're seeing it for such a long period of time. through next week. also places like las vegas on average they should be at 103. look at this. for today 116, 117. tomorrow 117. if it hits that, it will be the highest that they have ever been, the warmest number ever. and look at death valley, 134, that's the world record
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temperature. 129 expected sunday and monday. so fredricka, really the magnitude of this is pretty substantial. >> well, hence the words death valley, you know. this is oppressive heat and it only is worse than we're ordinarily used to. and well into next week. alexandra, thank you. coming up in about 30 minutes or so from now, we're going to go live to california where the mercury is rising and rising high. we'll find out how big of an impact this kind of heat has on airplanes. pretty remarkable fact that comes with that. oppressive heat impacting your flights today. the murder trial of george zimmerman has ended its first week of testimony following a long parade of prosecution witnesses. our martin salve sagea ag-- sav is in sanford, florida.
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>> reporter: hello, fredricka. jonathan good has been one of the strongest witnesses and he took the stand yesterday. what makes him powerful are a couple things. he's a neighbor. he was in the subdi division, the condo complex, and he was the closest to the two, george zimmerman, trayvon martin, as they struggled in the darkness. he was about 15, 20 feet away. he was called by the state, meaning by the prosecution, but he really favored the defense. he was able to say that it was trayvon martin on top of george zimmerman, that at the same time he could see what appeared to be blowing being delivered against george zimmerman on the ground, and he even then talked about that big question, whose voice could be heard crying for help? here is how the defense cross-examined him. >> the boy is screaming for help however many times that you
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heard it. it was just one person's voice? >> when i heard it outside? i believe it was just one person's voice, yes. >> and you now believe that that was george zimmerman's voice, correct? >> i never said that. i said it could have been his but i was not 100% sure. >> i'm not asking for 100% certainty. i'm asking you to use your common sense and to tell us if you think that that was george zimmerman's voice screaming for help, the person on the bottom. >> that's just my opinion. >> okay. nothing further, your honor. >> little reluctant there, but he did eventually come out and say that he believed it was george zimmerman that was crying for help. of course, it is felt that in this particular case if you determine who is crying for help, then you are determining who was the victim and not the aggressor and, of course, it is the defense team that's saying george zimmerman maintains it was self-defense, the reason he shot that teen. fredricka. >> martin savidge, we're going to talk more about this case but from a different point of view.
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alicia stanley helped raise trayvon martin from the age of 3, she says, until she and trayvon's father split up 14 years later. she gave this exclusive interview to cnn's "ac 360." >> i want people to know that trayvon was a kind person. he was a loving person. he loved children, babies. you know, before this happened i really believe he had been working with children because he adored children. and just let people know that he's not what the media make him out to be. like he was this thug. he wasn't that. >> are you watching the trial? >> i am not watching the trial. my -- >> why? >> it's hard for me. i mean, to see and hear the
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things that led to his death, it's hard for me. and i don't care to hear it -- i don't care to hear that. i don't. >> do you have any doubt about what happened? >> i have no doubt that he didn't start that fight. he didn't start the fight. what i'm saying is that he did -- it was a fight. there's no doubt it was a fight, and zimmerman had to put his hands on him to cause that fight. he was defending himself. so for people to say, well, he tried to kill him and he this and he that, i don't think anyone would have been standing somewhere in the dark and then approached by someone they don't know and being pushed around and you're not going to defend yourself. >> alicia stanley, the stepmother of trayvon martin.
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so much more on the legal issues in the zimmerman trial are also straight ahead this hour. meantime overseas president barack obama is in south africa today, but he will not be visiting nelson mandela out of what the president called, quote, deference to mandela's peace and comfort, end quote. the 94-year-old remains in critical but stable condition with a recurring lung infection. our isha sesay is live for us in pretoria. south african president jacob zuma speaking about mr. mandela's health earlier today. what exactly did he say? >> reporter: hi there, fredricka. yes, the president of south africa, jacob zuma, did say today that president -- former president mandela remained critical but stable, but he also added words which people are paying close attention to, that he's hoping that he continues to show improvement and will be able to be out of hospital very soon. i must point out that the office of the south african presidency controls the flow of information about mandela's condition.
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the last official statement we got came out on thursday which also said that mandela was critical but stable, and zuma reiterating that again today, but as i say, also adding these words, we're hoping it will improve and mandela will be out of hospital very soon. another piece of information worth bringing to you is that a very close mandela family friend stopped by at the tribute wall just behind me a couple hours ago. his name is max sulu. he is the son of a very close friend of nelson mandela, walter, who was on robin island in prison with mandela all those years ago. max said just a short time ago, i want to read this to you, madiva is responding well and we're happy with the progress he's making. we want to hold onto him as long as possible. those are the details we're getting. >> president barack obama he met with mr. mandela's family.
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i want to read part of a statement released by the president saying this, quote, today i had the privilege of meeting with members of the mandela family at the nelson mandela foundation in johannesburg, south africa. i also reaffirmed the profound impact that his legacy has had in building a free south africa and in inspiring people around the world, including me. that's a legacy we must all honor in our own lives. how important is it for the president to be able to meet with the family members while they're in south africa? >> reporter: yeah, fred, i think it's hugely important. i think it's something the family appreciated a great deal. now, let's be clear, the white house had said that this meeting wouldn't happen unless the family wanted it, and certainly president obama would not be visiting nelson mandela at the hospital just behind me, but we did hear a short time ago president obama, the first lady, and sasha and malia were able to meet with members of the mandela
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family, two of nelson mandela's three daughters and a number of the grandchildren were present at the mandela foundation and the obamas were able to convey their profound sense of sadness and the fact their thoughts and prayers are with them at this difficult time. fredricka? >> keep us posted there from pretoria. appreciate that. meantime, president obama is right now at a youth town hall meeting. he's talking with students. i think we have a live picture coming up, with students at the university of johannesburg. these are images from earlier when anti-obama protesters gathered outside the campus. a scuffle broke out but authorities were able to disperse them. back here at home in this country, same-sex couples are tying the knot once again in california. a federal appeals court cleared the way late yesterday. the decision comes just two days after the supreme court dismissed an appeal against same-sex marriage. dan simon is right now in san
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francisco where more same-sex marriages will be taking place today. how busy is it expected to be later on? >> reporter: well, now that proposition eight is gone, the weddings officially begin, and we expect a lot of folks to file into city hall here in san francisco, get marriage certificates, have marriage ceremonies to mark this noteworthy event. the city of san francisco says city hall will remain open all weekend. this only happens after the appeals court, the ninth circuit in san francisco, lifted its hold on same-sex marriages following that momentous decision earlier in the week from the supreme court. now, the first wedding occurred late yesterday afternoon. a lot of cheers here in city hall as chris perry and sandy steer, one of two same-sex couples who sued made their way from the city clerk's office to city hall getting married. camilla harris, the attorney general for the state of california, officiating that wedding. the other couple who sued, a
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male couple, also got married yesterday afternoon in los angeles and they spoke out afterwards. take a look. >> we're going to fly to san francisco and celebrate with chris and sandy and the rest of the people that made this happen. and let me tell you, equal feels different. >> equal feels good. >> now, the court's timing on this was a big surprise. normally there's a 25-day waiting period after a supreme court decision and not surprising prop 8 defenders very upset about this. a lawyer for protect marriage called this a disgraceful day for the state of california. but it's unclear if they'll have any recourse or if they'll even ask the supreme court to rehear this case, but nonetheless, you can expect a lot of folks to get married all throughout the state of california and this happens to coincide with gay pride weekend in san francisco. so there will be a lot of celebrating on the streets. fredricka? >> pretty significant.
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thanks so much. dan simon, appreciate that. we'll check back with you. in the murder trial of george zimmerman, the prosecution called this young woman as the star witness. she did not want to be there. that woman right there. her testimony is straight ahead. and the blows keep coming for paula deen. the latest on what's happening to her. her cookback was on track to be a best-seller. not anymore. [ female announcer ] doctors trust calcium plus vitamin d to support strong bones. and the brand most recommended by... ook was on track to be a best-seller. not anymore. al. citracal. [ female announcer ] you trust your doctor. doctors trust citracal. grrrrreat outdoors,ouncer ] and a great deal.our doctor. ahhh let's leave the deals to perfect! yep, and no angry bears. up to 30% off. only at
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it was a pivotal, sometimes awkward, often enlightening week of testimony and moments in the george zimmerman murder trial. zimmerman defense lawyer don west beginning it with a knock knock joke in his opening statement and earlier this week his daughter posting this photo of west scarfing down ice cream with two of his daughters. the caption says, we beat stupidity celebration cones with a hash tag dad killed it. after the photo went viral, a spokesman for the defense team acknowledged the photo caption sent the wrong message and did not reflect west's true
8:18 am
feelings. west sounded his own note of dismay with this statement saying, quote, sometimes we're deeply disappointed by the things our children do, but we love them anyway and we move on. jurors in the zimmerman trial have the weekend off to mull over the testimony they heard this week from neighbors and first responders. among them the so-called star witness, rachel jeantel, a young woman trayvon martin was talking to on the phone at the time of the altercation with zimmerman. she grew testy under cross-examination by defense attorney don west. >> i told you. you listening? >> yes, ma'am. >> i had told you what happened in the interview. are you listening? >> let's bring in cnn legal correspondent jean casarez. jean, rachel jeantel was not a sophisticated witness, but some say she was very authentic.
8:19 am
did the jurors seem to really connect with her or not? >> reporter: they were really focused. i mean, they were listening to every word. i didn't see a lot of notes because i think they just wanted to listen to her as she testified, and she's so critical for the prosecution because the prosecution's theory is that george zimmerman confronted trayvon martin. she was on the phone with trayvon martin right before he was shot and killed by george zimmerman, and she said that trayvon told her, this guy keeps following me. the call wasn't recorded so we don't hear trayvon saying that. we have to believe her, but to a point she corroborates the 911 nonemergency call that george zimmerman made because we hear his car door opening, we hear the door chimes, we heard the wind as he is following. he admits it in the call basically. the question is did he keep following trayvon martin because according to her testimony, he did. >> and other testimonies included neighbors who testified seeing part of the fight.
8:20 am
in fact, let's listen to a bit of one testimony. >> it looked like a tussle. i could really only see one person, and i think i described it as possibly being some type of dog attack because there are a lot of dogs that walk in that back area and i could only see, you know, an object. >> okay. what then did you observe after that? >> it seemed like a tussle. they were vertical to me just like the blinds were. and then at one point i yelled out, what's going on? stop it. i believe. >> will the defense be happy with john good's testimony? did he help establish self-defense? >> he helped corroborate george zimmerman's story. critical prosecution that really helped the defense because george zimmerman is saying i was on the bottom, trayvon martin was on the top. he was bashing my head on the cement and that is what john good testified to. and also the demeanor of george zimmerman i think was important
8:21 am
because shortly after the shot went out, a resident of the townhouse complex was i think there in 30 seconds and then law enforcement maybe a minute after that. they testified that george zimmerman made some statements, that he said, i was being beat up, and so i had to defend myself, and he told the officer i was yelling help, but no one came out to help me. those excited utterance statements help the defense right there, but the prosecution can use the demeanor of not really caring, sort of nonchalant, like nothing had happened. that can go toward, they will say, the evil ill will and hatred that he had for this person that looked so suspicious. >> fascinating stuff. we'll check back with you later on. there's so much to talk about. thanks so much, jean casarez. celebrity cook paula deen, well, she spent years building a massive empire, and in less than two weeks, it all comes crashing down. which companies now are saying no thanks to deen?
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paula deen's world of corporate partners is crumbling around here. her publisher said yesterday it is canceling pub publication of her next cookbook. >> fredricka, qusk has announced paul loo deen will no longer been appearing on any of their shows for now. sears said it was phasing out all products tied to the brand. the announcements come to the brand as cnn learns deen has hired a crisis management firm.
8:26 am
>> reporter: december pit her repeated apologies and her explanation on national television. >> are you a racist? >> no. >> by birth, by choice, by osmosis, you don't feel you have racist tendencies? >> no. >> reporter: the number of companies ending their tie was paula deen continues to grow after she admitted to having used the "n" word in a depositi deposition. on thursday target said it would discontinue deen's products. home depot announced it had stopped seller her kitchen and cookware line and diabetes drug company novo nordisk suspended its relationship with deen. several others, including walmart and the food network also have called it quits in recent days. >> your big sponsors, your big corporations are going to stay away from her. >> reporter: forring ranked her the fourth highest pat celebrity chef last year. estimating her earnings at $17
8:27 am
million, but it's not all bad news for deen. her fans have flocked to her facebook page to show their support. there's even a we support paula deen page with hundreds of thousands of likes. some members of the african-american community have also come out in her defense. >> was it right? no. i mean, she could have used another term, but, hey, it was a mistake she made. >> she can't have a heart against black people with all she's done. >> reporter: actress stacy dash showed her support in a tweet saying in part, god does everything for a reason, paula deen. only god can judge your heart. >> i spoke with the vice president of the travel company that arranges deen themed cruises. she tells me they have no plans to cut their ties with deen. she also says since the controversy broke, people have been calling her office to show their support for deen and also ask about those cruises. fredricka? >> thanks so much. so monday don't miss a cnn special report "the "n" word"
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don lemon hosts monday night 7:00 eastern time only on cnn. it is scorching hot in the popular getaway of palm springs and other parts of the west as well. we'll go live there to see how people are coping. also find out what the new england patriots are doing to distance themselves from a former player and accused murderer. and nik wallenda joining me live to talk about his incredible walk over the grand canyon. why was he wearing jeans, by the way? ♪ [ girl ] there are man-eating sharks in every ocean... but we still swim. every second, somewhere in the world, lightning strikes... but we still play in the rain. poisonous snakes can be found in 49 of the 50 states, but we still go looking for adventure.
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"dedication: that's the real walmart" ...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. a recent jump in mortgage prices, will it slow down the housing market? tom foreman shows us areas where the housing market is going strong. >> modern luxuries combined with traditional charm. if you want to come inside and take a look, i'll shoal you what i mean. >> reporter: like the california summer, home prices around los angeles are heating up fast. agent eric tan says condos that were going for $100,000 a year ago are now fetching $16,000 and more. >> the market has changed drastically. everything has a steady trend upwards as far as the sales
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price and also competition for buyers. >> reporter: tan works for red fin where until fairly recently the ceo, glenn kelman was -- >> scared to death was probably how i felt a year ago. we were really worried about the market. it had been many years since we had seen a rally, and now this year we feel very confident. >> reporter: confident because home prices in 20 targeted cities over the past year rose about 12%, and in some markets by even more. in atlanta prices shot up almost 21%. in las vegas more than 22%. and in san francisco, nearly 24%. the general slow improveme of the economy and the re-emergence of investors are largely credited with making sellers so happy. >> on the buyers' side it's a completely different story. >> reporter: true enough. in some of the hottest markets, buyers who were calling the shots just a few months ago now find themselves in bidding wars for the most desirable
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properties. still, the journey to a full recovery could yet see road blocks and it will certainly take time. even with the upward trend, one study found the average home value now is about where it was in 2004. tom foreman, cnn, washington. all business purchases.
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checking today's top stories. president obama met with members of nelson mandela's family today. he also called mandela's wife at the hospital. mr. obama is also holding talks with south african president jacob zuma. the two leaders addressed the importance of growing trade and business relationships between the two countries. supporters and opponents of egypt's president are back on the streets. state media says fighting between the two sides have left several people hurt in the port city of alexandria. opponents of president mohamed morsi are planning massive demonstrations tomorrow calling for his resignation. a 21-year-old american teacher was stabbed and killed during protests yesterday. his family says he was just watching the demonstrations when he was attacked there. bbc reports a sailboat
8:35 am
missing at sea for more than three weeks now is presumed to have sunk. but the report says rescuers still believe the seven people on board, including six americans, may have survived on a life raft. the group set sail from new zealand on a 1200 mile journey to australia june 3rd. their racing ship built in 1928 got caught up in a storm. extensive searches have turned up nothing. and in this country a brutal heat wave is sending temperatures into the triple digits out west. it was so hot in las vegas yesterday more than 30 people at an outdoor concert had to be taken to a hospital. almost 200 others had to be whisked away to the shade. casey wian is live for us now in another hot spot. that of palm springs, california. however, being on the greens there, you make it look so cool. >> reporter: here is evidence of how hot it is here. 8:30 on a saturday morning, a beautiful weekend day, look at
8:36 am
this driving range. not a soul here. there were people out here early in the morning. they're only expecting about 40 golfers today total. that's way less than half the number that they will normally get. it's not just golf courses that are feeling the impact. aircraft. small aircraft are grounded because of the heat. >> we'll be out of business this afternoon. it's just going to be too hot to fly. when it's 110, 115 degrees the air is thinner. the thinner the air, the less lift on the airplane. and, you know, we could get it off the ground. it's not that we can't. you just shouldn't. >> reporter: now, 8:30 in the morning, as we said here, local time. you want to know how hot it is? 110 degrees. look at that. we're coming up expecting to hit 120 degrees, maybe 121 which would equal the all-time record temperature for palm springs. obviously, lots of concern about people staying hydrated, staying cool. power companies say they've got
8:37 am
extra staff on, extra crews on stand-by just in case there are any blackouts but, of course, they're urging people to really go easy on the appliances today. >> and go easy on the body in that heat as well. thank you so much, casey wian, from palm springs. if you're dealing with that intense heat today, we want to know how you're coping. send us an ireport. third round matches are on at wimbledon this morning. two big matches to watch out for today. serena williams will take on a 42-year-old opponent from japan. and serbian novak djokovic faces off with a french opponent on centre court. the new england patriots are distancing themselves even more from murder suspect and former tight end aaron hernandez. jared greenberg has that and more in this bleacher report. >> reporter: freddy is gone from the team and now the patriots want his jersey off the streets.
8:38 am
if you own an aaron hernandez number 81 patriots jersey, now is your chance to trade it in. days after releasing hernandez from a $40 million contract, the patriots understand that fans may no longer want to wear the jersey of an accused murderer. the team is allowing fans to swap a hrnds jersey for another member of the team at no additional cost. avenues fan favorite during his three-year run, however this weekend fans can go to the team store and rid themselves of a hernandez jersey going home with a patriots jersey that you are proud to put on your back. >> who wants to hang onto a hernandez jersey? >> i'd go and get like a brady jersey or -- >> i think it's a great initiative. i think a lot of people are going to take them up on that, too. it's a smart move. >> lance armstrong not only owning up to doping these days. he says it's impossible to win the tour de france without performance enhancing drugs. the seven-time tour winner told a french newspaper the race is a test of endurance where oxygen
8:39 am
is decisive. the added help is a necessity. previously armstrong admitted to oprah that doping was part of the job. all of this perfect timing and by perfect i mean the worst possible time. the 100th tour de france got under way earlier this morning. look at this. a positive sports story. 2 million fans took to the streets of chicago to celebrate the blackhawks winning the stanley cup. friday's brutal heat did send more than 40 people to the hospital. however, that didn't stop the rest of the windy city from partying on. it's the second time in the last four seasons the blackhawks have claimed hockey's top prize. for more on these stories and everything else happening in the world of sports, check out i'm jared greenberg. >> congrats to the blackhawks. what does it feel like to risk your life in a daredevil feat again and again. nik wallenda is the man to ask. he'll be joining me live after this break to tell us about his
8:40 am
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fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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everyone agrees it was a nail-biter of a moment, but nik wallenda made history again. he managed to walk on a wire over the grand canyon at a height higher than the empire state building. the wire the lent of four football fields with no safety net, no cables, nada. he joined us before making that daring attempt. he did make it across the grand canyon, and now he's back with us to talk more about what he
8:44 am
was thinking and all that good stuff. congratulations. that was fantastic. what a moment. >> thank you so much. >> so what do you remember about your walk? what you were thinking at the time. were there gusts of wind? you know, butterflies, all of that. >> yeah, there was all of that. there were butterflies, of course, leading up to it. people are always amaze ld how calm i am leading up to it. dealing with the winds, they were what we predicted. i had two gusts at 48 miles per hour. the cable was a little bit of an issue. it was a little more slack. it had to do with the temperature. it makes the cable actually contract which make it is much tighter. however, it was about 86, 87 degrees which made the cable more slack by about 5,000 pounds. it was moving a little bit uniquely under my feet. i talk about it sunday at 8:00 p.m. on the discovery channel. we have a special nik talks the
8:45 am
walk. >> fantastic. as we look at these images again, you can't see it enough, and even though we know how the outcome, i still -- my heart is like, you know, palpitating for you there. and you see the wind, you see your shirt moving. you know, you see your jeans and, you know, it seems like there are moments where you might have lost some balance, but that is what that support is all about, right? >> well, it really comes down to training. here in sarasota, florida, i walked on a cable for 2 1/2 weeks rigged the same way with wind machines creating gusts at 92 miles an hour. so i was overprepared. i would walk on that cable multiple times so i had pren at this of endurance. there were two points where i had to kneel down to actually take the rhythm out of that cable. as you walk a cable that's not supported or stabilized, it starts to get a wave inside of it. if i didn't stop, that wave would have got bigger and bigger and eventually knocked me off. i had to stop and let that wave
8:46 am
calm. >> incredible. you look like you're getting ready to go out for a walk, to walk your dog or something, jeans a t-shirt on. i guess i envisioned you might be wear a full body aerodynamic kind of lycra suit but no. >> it's amazing how many comments i have gotten about the jeans. you know what? i love buffalo jeans. i love the way they fit and i have been wearing them for a long time. i talk about it in my book why i dress that way. i have a book called "balance" and it talks about my life story and the fact i have always tried to make sure people can relate to me. if i was wearing rhinestones and a fancy costume, people can't relight to that. there's definitely something unique about what i do but i'm a normal person. i eat, sleep, and bleed like the rest of us. >> and you just walk 1500 feet above the ground with ease. okay. so last time you said you tried to best every move. are you already thinking about the next thing? >> i am. there's many, many other things i'm thinking about. i want to do walks all over the world, including the eiffel
8:47 am
fouer, the london bridge, the pir meds in egypt. the great wall of dhin. the one i have my sights set on in the u.s. is a big walk over new york city. >> oh, boy. okay. you just got to get new york, the city, to agree to -- i have heard -- >> that's always part of the process. >> that's the challenge, right? >> it is. of course, niagara falls, i had to change two laws. a law in the united states that was over 100 years old that the governor had to sign into effect. there's a lot of procedure that goes into it but we'll get through that red tape. >> you let us know. we're wishing you the best. that was fantastic. once again making history, something you do as a day-to-day job. nik wallenda, thanks so much. >> thanks. thank you. >> it was a history-making week not just for nik but also at the u.s. supreme court. the court ruled on voting rights and same-sex marriage and affirmative action. we'll break it down for you and give you an idea what kind of challenges may be ahead. the great outdoors, and a great deal.
8:48 am
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8:51 am
the u.s. supreme court handed down landmark ruling this week that will dramatically alter the social fabric of this country. two decisions directly affected a gay rights. one opened the way for same-sex spouses to receive the same benefits at heterosexuals. the other cleared the way for gay couples to mare lyry again california. avery friedman is our go to guy this morning. good to see you, avery. so, before we get to the rulings on doma and prop 8, the court weighed in on votinging rights and affirmative action. these rulings also huge. let's begin with voting rights. what happened? the president says a mistake was made. >> yeah, many have said that.
8:52 am
the decision of invalidating a section of the voting rights act in the minds of many really e vis rate that law, but from a constitutional perspective, both voting rights and affirmative action, of course the other cases that we're going to talk about, refrekt for the first time in american constitutional history, that two acts of congress were invalidated. the voting rights act basically congress is saying let or the supreme court is saying let congress rewrite it with new data. at the end of the day, i don't think congress is going to do it and i do think as you said earlier, that it will change the fabric in terms of access to the polls, especially for minorities. >> because this ruling, does it not, the interpretation being that there are no protections needed because there is no more voter suppression. >> yeah -- >> that's an extraordinary conclusion. essentially, they're saying the formula that congress
8:53 am
overwhelmingly passed said, doesn't apply. congress has to revisit, reor update the formula and then you can reestablish so-called preclearance by the department of justice. well, in the absence of preclearance, it's going to be very, very difficult for many people who have been historically denied access to the courts to get there. justice department retains jurisdiction, but without preclearance, it's going to be very difficult for some people to get to the polls. >> and then affirmative action, it's a decision, but then not really a decision. >> well, that's the best way to put it. that's exactly right. this was a 7-1 decision that said we're going to take it back to the u.s. court of appeals. well, the three judges that affirmed affirmative action at the university of texas were pinted by ronald reagan, george h.w. bush and jimmy carter. i think they're going to stick to their guns and see a reafter
8:54 am
information of affirmative action which the supreme court said is part of the fabric of american constitutional law. >> and now to doma. why is this only considered a partial victory? >> well, i think many thought that what we were going to see is a complete invalidation of the obstacles which provided the right, the right to same-sex marriage. well, p supreme court didn't go that far. essentially said this violates the equal protection of people who are entitled to federal benefits and entitled to or reasonable for federal obligations. that's all that did. it remains according to the majority, with the decision of the states, so for those states that still ban same-sex marriage, that's going to be another battle further down to road. this case this week does not create a constitutional right of same-sex marriage. >> and one lawmaker is pledging
8:55 am
to file a constitutional amendment to reinstate doma. is that an uphill battle? >> it's going nowhere. it's not going to happen. this is a pretty clear reading by the court an there's going to be no support for that kind of amendment. at least for the majority. >> despite the supreme court rule, it will still be fairly complicated for same-sex couples, particularly when they cross state lines or there's a custody battle involved. might there be i guess a potential opening somewhere down the road? >> well, i've always felt that article 4 of the constitution required one state to recognize the decision of another stalt. doma tried to do something with that. it didn't work, but i do think that you're right, that there will be a multitude of constitutional battles that we're going to look forward the
8:56 am
after this, but i do think that article 4, which very few commentators have talked about, will be the key on whether or not same-sex marriages will be valid in all-states. >> feels a little lonely, just you and i talking about this. richard in the noon hour. three of us will be together in the noon hour, but first, let me ask you, before we get to that hour, kind of give me a summarization of how you two saw the george zimmerman case. richard, you first. >> well, fred, in honor of wimbledon, it's game set match. the prosecution witness have assured an acquittal or perhaps a dismissal of the second degree murder charge. >> really? okay, avery. >> well, you know, you know the phrase like a good neighbor? well, did neighbor john goode, who is a key witness, support the defense or the prosecution? is we've got the answers for you
8:57 am
and more coming up. >> excellent. thanks so much. we'll see you again in moments. talk about that case as well as the ex-nfl player, aaron hernandez and that case he is now facing. thanks so much. meantime, the family of edward snowden said that they are ready to make a deal. in a second, i'll tell you what they want in exchange for their son to come back to the u.s. to face charges for leaking government secrets. you make a great team. it's been that way since the day you met. but your erectile dysfunction -
8:58 am
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hello, again, everyone. a look at the top stories in this noon eastern hour now. scorching, sizzling, burning,
9:01 am
however you want to say it, it is hot in the west. we'll tell you how high the thermometer will go today, next. and the woman who helped raise trayvon martin for 14 years finally speaks out about his death an the murder trial of the man who shot him. her comments straight ahead. president obama didn't meet nels nelson mandela today, but spoke about the leader to a youth town meeting. we'll tell you exactly what he we'll tell you exactly what he said. -- captions by vitac -- a dangerous heat wave carrying temperatures well over 100 degrees is baking part of the west. it could hit 128 degrees in death valley today and people are doing whatever they can to stay cool. alexandria steele is live in the cnn weather center. what is causing this? >> it's a jet stream extreme.
9:02 am
here's what it is. this is the culprit. really two sides of the same coin. the incredible heat we're seeing in the southwest. in addition to the inundation of rain in the east. it's all part of the same package. what this is a dome of high pressure. when you have high pressure, the air sink, compresses and thus, it warms. kind of like a bicycle tire when you kind of pump it up and feel the rubber. it feels warm to the touch. that air's been compressed and thus heated. a massive dome of high pressure and there's nothing to move it or shove it out of the way. so, the problem with this is the temperatures are so outlandishly warm, records not just for a day or for a month, but high temperatures, places that haven't seen these numbers so far and in addition to the kind of high of temperature, also, the duration for which we're going to see this really intense heat wave through the weekend and next week. so eight states at least in the
9:03 am
west under some type of heat advisory, watch, warning. right now, the warning in phoenix, not a lot of tee times happening out there. 100 degrees. humidity in the teens. dew point's 41. so phoenix this time of year should be in the 100s. should be at 107 degrees. today, 118 degrees. only two degrees shy of 120. they have only been 120 three times in their history, so this is a really, some incredible number, but look at the unfortunate news. tuesday, 111. wednesday, 110. so still well above average. las vegas as well. you're inside the strip, right? 100 degrees. not even at the pool it's so hot. right now at this early hour, now, vegas actually on the average is 103, so they, too, are in the 100s, but today, 116 topping records. these are old records. 115, 116. if they hit 117 tomorrow, it will be their highest temperature they have ever
9:04 am
recorded. so we're talking about some outlandish numbers an you mentioned in death valley, i mean, nobody lives there. it's 3 million acres of desert and heat, but that's where the warmest temperature in the world was recorded just about 100 years ago to the date almost and they're expecting 109 tomorrow and monday. >> that is extreme indeed. thanks so much. coming up in about 30 minutes, we will go to a place where people do live and it is desert like there, but look, hey, he's still swinging the club. it's already 110 degrees in some areas and we'll talk to golfers who are out in the heat and how they are trying to keep cool along the way in palm springs. jurors in the murder trial of george zimmerman have the weekend off to think about the long trial of witnesses they saw this week. martin savidge is in sanford,
9:05 am
florida. is there a testimony that the defense might really applaud and say it's helping them make their case is this. >> oh, absolutely. you know, a lot of the attention had been focused on what was called the prosecution's star witness. that was wednesday, thursday, but friday, the witnesses that had crucial information that struck at the heart of this entire case and probably at the forefront was the neighbor. he lives in the residence, that complex where this tragedy played out and he probably was the closest to the struggle taking place. he identifiy eied by both the c of skin and clothing. as to the fact of who was on the bottom and top. this is the defense attorney trying to extract that from this
9:06 am
witness. listen. >> the night you saw the person you now know to be trayvon martin was on top, correct? >> correct. >> he was the one landing blows on the person on the bottom, george zimmerman, right? >> that's what it looked like. >> the witness himself said it looked like mma, mixed martial arts, then ground and pound, which in some way insinuates the victim is being beaten against the ground, so that was very strong for the defense because of course george zimmerman said the reason he had to shoot martin was that he was being killed, beaten to death, literally, by the 17-year-old that night. >> all right. thanks so much. there in sanford, florida. someone else who knows trayvon martin is now speaking out. she helped raise him from the age of 3 until she and trayvon's
9:07 am
father split up 14 years later. until now, we have not heard from her. she gave this exclusive interview to cnn's "ac 360." >> i want people to know that trayvon was a kind person. he was a loving person. he loved children. babies. you know, before this happened, i really believe he would have been working with children because he adored children. and just let people know he's not what the media make him out to be. he was this thug, he wasn't that. >> are you watching the trial? >> i'm not watching the trial. >> why? >> it's hard for me. i mean -- to see and hear the things that led to his death --
9:08 am
it's hard for me. and i don't ce to hear it. i don't care to hear that. i don't. >> do you have any doubt about what happened? >> i have no doubt that he didn't start that fight. he didn't start the fight. what i'm saying is that he did, it was a fight. there's no doubt it was a fight. and zimmerman had to put his hands on him. to cause that fight. he was defending himself, so for people to say well, he tried to kill him and he this and he that, i don't think anyone would have been standing somewhere in the dark and been approached by someone they don't know and been pushed around and you're not going to defend yourself. >> all right, much more on the legal issues in the trial also still ahead. all right, president barack obama is in south africa today,
9:09 am
but did not visit nelson mandela out of what he called difference to mandela's peace and comfort. >> president mandela once said that during all those years in that cell, it was his home here. that small, red brick house. that was what he called the center point of my world. obviously, he's on our minds today and we join the people of the world in sendinging our prayers to his family because he still inspires us all. >> the 94-year-old remains in critical, but stable condition with a recuring lung infection. how much more in detail is he revealing? >> well, good to talk to you. president zuma saying what he
9:10 am
said in a statement on thursday that the former president, nelson mandela, who lies in the hospital just behind me, was still in critical condition, but was stable. he also added after these comments, saying we hope it will improve and that mandela will be out of the hospital soon. of course, feelings echoed by many not just in south africa, but around the world. also worth pointing out to you that a very, very close mandela family friend turned up here and at the wall, which is just behind me outside the hospital a couple of hours ago, a man by the name of max, whose father was an extremely close friend of mandela. saying outside the hospital that he is responding well and we're happy with the progress he is making. words once again that people around the world could take great comfort from. >> thanks so much. keep us posted there.
9:11 am
the family of the man accused of leaking government secrets about surveillance is trying to make a deal with the justice department. edward snowden's father sent a letter to attorney general eric holder. in it, he says his son could return to the united states voluntarily to face charges, but only if he remains free prior to trial and can choose where he is tried. he also doesn't want his son to be subject to a gag order. his father says he hasn't spoke to his son since april. the attorney general hasn't commented on the letter. we'll have more ahead from the news room right to your living room. also coming up, the legacy of nelson mandela. we'll hear from a man who met mandela the day he was released from prison. also, the trial of george zimmerman. we'll go inside the courtroom and look at what might be next. mom, dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats
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9:14 am
jurors this week heard from people who saw or heard the altercation. one was a neighbor who watched the fight from just a few feet away and from his perspective, it looked like martin was on top of zimmerman in a violent exchange he called dpround and pound. >> what you saw wu the person on top in an mma style straddle position, correct? >> correct.
9:15 am
>> that was further described as being ground and pound? >> correct. >> what is ground and pound? >> that's usually what takes place in that type of position. >> explain what ground and pound is in your mind? >> the person on top being able to punch the person on the bottom, but the person on the bottom also has a chance to get out or punch the person on top, back and forth. >> sure. which is the dominant position? >> that would be the top position. >> let's bring in our legal guys. avery friedman, good to see you and richard herman. all right, gentlemen, so i talked to you about 20 minutes ago and you gave us some pretty pivotal one liners about how this testimony really does serve well for the defense. avery, you say john good's testimony was pretty good for the defense in what way? >> well, he was the closest
9:16 am
person to the action. he saw what was going on. this is such a radical development. typical you know, if you actually tried cases merely not talk about them, it's the way it goes. this case started off with john good giving a riveting one-half hour opening statement. we thought wow, the prosecution's going to pull this off, but john good in my judgment is the ticket. he's creating reasonable doubt and i think this case is moving so quickly, we could see this thing wrapping up in a week or so. >> it is amazingly quick. when it first started rather slow marley, you had one witness on there for two days and everyone was on the edge of their seat watching the friend, rachel, and then, suddenly on friday, it picked up with one first responder or neighbor after another. did you see a real tidal shift in advantage of this case as
9:17 am
that unfolded? >> you know, fred, i never saw an advantage for the prosecution in this case at any time. even after the openings. all the eyewitnesses have been obliterated on cross-examinat n cross-examination. no credibility. the only one with credibility is this john good. he was directly within 10, 15 feet of the altercation. he told this jury trayvon martin was on top, zimmerman was below, and martin was throwing punches down on zimmerman. it's common sense, fred, the jury is equipped with common sense and they're going to be called to rely upon it. the guy had almost a broken nose perhaps. definitely swollen. the back of his head, lacerations. was this serious bodily harm? was he in imminent fear of death? that allows him to pull out his gun and shoot.
9:18 am
it's not case where he got up on a sunday afternoon, went to the store and on the way there, saw trayvon martin and shot him. it's not that. if he was going to do that, he wouldn't have a broken nose and blood all over his face. >> we're not even halfway done with the case. >> we are. the case is over on wednesday. the case will be over wednesday and there is going to be a motion to dismiss and i think the judge is going to reserve decision on it. >> why would there be this motion to dismiss? >> because it's insufficient. the evidence they've reduced the trial is insucht to support a second degree murder case and they have the ultimate burden of proof here to prove beyond a reasonable doubt there was tho self-defense. >> is jury will make that decision. that's not correct. >> it's a disconfidence to the martin family that they brought a second degree murder charge
9:19 am
here. >> the jurors are going to decide what constitutes real threat. yes, there may have been a fight, but we're seeing that being substantiated by the eyewitness account, whether it be audible or from john good who saw part of that struggle, but then the jury it seems is going to be in a place of deciding wait a minute, a fight, how does it go from you know, a brawl, a fight to i think i'm about to lose my life and so i'm pulling out a gun or a gun is fired and someone is killed. isn't that really at the core here, avery? >> yeah. i mean, i can't imagine that judge deborah nelson, who i think has been courageous and has handled this case well, would take this out of the hands of the jury because i think there are different ways of viewing the evidence. i think again, where i'm in agreement is that this is a tough case. whether there's an overcharge of second degree murder remains to be seen, but ultimately, the
9:20 am
judge needs to let the jury make the decision. it will not end this wednesday. it will move fast, maybe another week or so to go, but the jury's going to make the decision here. >> the prosecution's case will end on wednesday and friday, i think the defense case will begin. there only have to bring in the pathologist, show his body, then bring in the parents and other friends to say that voice was trayvon martin's. that's the case. there's no other witnesses. it's over. >> this is going to be fascinating and we'll be talking about it again. in about 20 minutes, we are all going to be talking about the former nfl player, aaron hernandez and the trouble he is now facing. now that he is looking at first degree murder charges and an investigation involving him widens even further. see you in about 25. monday, don't miss the cnn special report, the n word. don lemon hosts monday night at
9:21 am
7:00astern time only on cnn. all right. up next, nelson mandela, the freedom fighter who led a country out of apartheid, we'll talk about his life and legacy. spokesman i have to look my so bbest on camera.sing whether i'm telling people about how they could save money on car insurance with geico... yeah, a little bit more of the lime green love yeah... or letting them know they can reach geico 24/7 using the latest technology. go on, slather it all over. don't hold back, go on... it's these high-definition televisions, i'll tell ya, they show every wrinkle. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. they know that things can always just cbe better. things be. we count ourselves among those people. introducing the best civic si yet. from honda.
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9:24 am
as president obama visits south africa, his trip is ov-- the health of nelson mandela. let's bring in john battersby. john, thanks so much for being with us. so, a journalist, you have covered south africa for decade, interviewing nelson mandela many times. in fact, you were standing
9:25 am
outside the prison when he was released back in 1990 and we have a photograph, i think, that we are able to show. apparently, you were the first member of the public to shake his hand. do you remember how the former president symbolized kind of strength and fortitude at that time and do you feel like he's displaying that same kind of fight today? >> yes, absolutely. i remember that day very well. because in fact, i was actually inside the prison grounds, rather than outside. and it was an extraordinary moment when he came forward and shook my hand and we exchanged smiles. yes, i think the nature of his twilight if you like, this period, which he's going through now, is as extraordinary in some ways as his life itself because this past week, we've seen quite a profound thing happening in south africa. you know, only a few days ago, people were beginning to believe that what some of the members of
9:26 am
the family had been saying that he was, that he's now on life support and therefore, it was in the minds of many, it was just a matter of time and then we heard from his one daughter that he had when he heard that president obama was coming to the country, he had tried to open his eyes and had a faint smile and again from thether daughter the next day, that he was trying to open his eyes. i think this humanized him in a very dramatic way so that the vigils that are going on outside the hospital, the walls where people are putting up messages, the works of art that are being created and the outpour ng south africa is a real unifying experience for south africa as mr. mandela lies in the state somewhere between life and death, even in that moment, he's uniting the country. he's inspiring people and people i think are feeling reconnected
9:27 am
through what the members of the family are saying as they're coming out of the hospital. >> you describe it as very unifying, but at the same time, reportedly, one of mandela's daughters, you mentioned, is accusing the mass international you know, press, as being like vultures. she's quoted as saying it's truly like vultures waiting when the lion has devoured the buffalo. that's the image we have as a family. so after all this time, you know, nelson mandela as a public figure, there seems to be a pretty sizable contingent within the family that's having a difficult time sharing nelson mandela with the public, especially at this very delicate moment. >> i think the family is is having a difficult time and obviously, there are stresses and strains within the family, which is evident for all to see. and perhaps that, those rather harsh words reflect that sense
9:28 am
of emotional stress and trauma. but i never the less think that in these past few day, if one listens to what various members of the family have said individually when they've come out from seeing mandela, that there is a real humanizing process again taking place. people who have outside been waiting for information for a very long time and that's the public and the immediamedia. are now feeling more connected. despite some of the comments that have been made. >> journalist and author, thanks so much for joining us from london today. >> thanks. back in this country, perhaps if you're out west, you don't need me to tell you it's hot outside. we're talking about triple digits. oh, my gosh and the thermometer just keeps rising. how are people coping? we'll take you there, next. when i first felt the diabetic nerve pain,
9:29 am
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[ sound fades ] at a moment like this, i'm glad i use tampax pearl. [ female announcer ] tampax pearl protects better. only tampax has a leakguard braid to help stop leaks before they happen. tampax pearl protects better. welcome back. a look at our top stories we're following. more same-sex couples are expected to marry today in california. a federal appeals court cleared the way following the supreme court decision earlier in the week. among the first to tie the knot yesterday was a couple who launched the appeal that went to the top court. california is the 13th state to
9:32 am
legalize same-sex marriage. paula deen's publisher said it is canceling publication of her next cookbook. the latest blow for deen. now, it won't even hit the shelves. and a day after 21-year-old american teacher was killed during protests in egypt, supporters and proponents of egypt's president are back on the street. state media says fighting between the two sides have left several people hurt. and two o of the world's top tennis players will be playing today. serena williams and novak djokovic. in the last few day, several top seeded players have dropped out of the tournament because of injuries. back in this country, a brutal heat wave is sending
9:33 am
temperatures into triple digits in the west. it was so hot in las vegas, 30 people at a concert had to be taken to the hospital. almost 200 others had to be whisked away to get some shade. casey is right in the blazing sun right on the greens there, like you're about to tee off there in palm spring, california, but instead, you're kind of alone out there. is it just too hot to play? >> for most people, it really is. saturday morning, look, we've got some people showing up on the driving range. there's a half dozen folks getting ready to play, but for most of the morning, it has been pretty empty. they're expecting about 40 golfers on the course today. normal day in the summer, well over 100, so people staying away to beat the heat. here's what one golfer said about why he's here today. >> i'll tell you one thing. although it's about getting the ball in the hole, it's also about hitting the ball to shame.
9:34 am
so it adds another element to the game. so, we have fun. we do it. >> so, extra challenges for the golfers out here. golf course passing out card, letting everybody know where the water is located. we're not talking about water hazards. drinking water. they've got them throughout the course. we're expecting 121 degrees today, which would tie an all time high. right now, 9:30 in the morning, but look at the ground. it's got that grass, it's already 128 degrees at 9:30 in the morning on the grass. it's going to be very, very hot today. power companies advising people to really cut back on their electricity usage so they don't have blackouts. >> wow, indeed, very hot and dry. tough situation. thanks so much. and of course, if you are dealing with that kind of intense heat today, we want to know. how are you combing? send us an ireport.
9:35 am
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if hillary clinton is thinking of running for the white house in 2016, she just got a bit of a boost. house democratic leader nancy pelosi told "usa today" that the party is coalesing behind clinton for a 2016 run. paul steinhauser has more. >> hey, fred. hillary clinton isn't talking about whether she'll run for the white house again, but it sure seems like everyone else is. >> i don't know why she wouldn't run.
9:39 am
>> she's prepared she's well-known, highly respected. she knows she would be able to do the job so very, very well. >> that's house democratic leader nancy pelosi. in an interview with "usa today," she knows something about making history. she was the first and only woman to ever serve as house speaker. pelosi said she personally hopes clinton run. >> i believe she would be the best prepared person to enter the white house in decades. >> clinton's staying mum about her political future. >> what are we are officially renaming the bill, hillary and chelsea clinton foundation. >> but that's not keeping others from making moves. this past week, a group that's urgie ining clinton to run for president held meetings with top democratic donors and in two weeks, a group called stop hillary holds its next meeting. there's already plenty of action
9:40 am
going on. fred? >> thanks so much, paul. keep a close eye on all of those quick moving parts. monday, don't miss a cnn special report. "the n word." don lemon hosting monday night at 7:00 eastern time. still ahead, the nfl was stunned when patriots aaron hernandez was charged with the murder of a close friend and it might get even worse. that's next in our legal discussion.
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
the high profile arrest of aaron hernandez is sensational, but sadly, it is not unique. jason carroll explains why the gun culture within the nfl steams to attract trouble. >> there has been a documentary on the issue. columnists have written about it. what exactly is the gun culture within the nfl? aaron hernandez is the latest nfl player caught up in a gun related crime, but not the first. december 2012, kansas city chiefs linebacker, joe van belcher shoots his girlfriend, then takes his own life. the incident put bob costas squarely at the center of a gun debate. >> it's more likely than something bad will happen if you're armed than something
9:44 am
good. >> 2009. former new york giant, plaxico burres serves jail time after pleading guilty to a weapons charge. >> there is a media amplification factor here when a player like burres shoots himself in the leg. it gets on television for days and it doesn't do that for a regular person. >> how many players in the nfl actually own firearms? the league doesn't keep numbers. players and sports analysts we spoke to estimate the number near 60%. co compared to roughly 45% of the general population. according to the national rifle association. >> you can say there's a gun culture in any you know, group of people. you know, there could be a gun culture at you know, people work at cnn. >> former nfl running back thomas jones says he and many other former and current players legally own guns for protection. >> unfortunately, people will
9:45 am
try to take advantage of you in any way they possibly can. like i said, i'm not a gun advocate, but i'm a life advocate, i'll say that. >> he points to the incident involving sean taylor. in 2007, an intruder shot and killed taylor in his miami home. >> fe he would have had any type of protection in his home, he could have defended himself. >> chris johns is a baltimore ravens cornerback. his sister killed by gunfire, her boyfriend charged with her murder. >> i took an extra step to go and get my concealed handgun because the way the world is is starting to turn, a lot of people you know, are using guns for the wrong reason. >> the union representing nfl players set up a gun safety course, a sizable number in the ranks own guns. players like t.j. ward says he does not own a gun. at 17, he lost a friend and high school teammate, terrence kelly, to gun violence.
9:46 am
>> have you ever had a conversation with another player about guns? >> yeah, there's been plenty of conversations. >> he says gun ownership in the nfl may go beyond the need for protection. >> if you're trained to live a certain way your whole life, that is not going to stop. people that grow up in a certain environment or bad environment, you have to same friends, you have the same people you hang out with, it's hard to kick something you've known your whole life, just because you're nfl now. >> even to this day, his mother still worries. >> every day, i know my son, it's not him. it's the other people. that carry the weapons. >> it should be noted that a majority of those who own guns in the nfl do so without ever having a run in with the law. the commissioner declined an interview on the story. a spokesman did say when it comes to any crime committed by
9:47 am
nfl players, he wanted to point out that the average arrest rate for players is consistently lower he says than the general population. >> all right. thanks so much. so, cnn has now confirmed that a silver suv is sought in a drive by double murder last year in boston was registered to aaron hernandez. that vehicle was impounded overnight in bristol, connecticut. let's bring in our legal guys again. avery in cleveland, richard in las vegas. all right, gentlemen, we know hernandez charged with the murder in the death of odin lloyd, his friend. held without bail, but now, with this new efld being collected in relation to another murder case, a double murder, this is not looking good, richard. where do you see that investigation going now that this vehicle has been impounded? >> well, fred, you have the florida case where it's alleged that he shot someone in the face. the current case in which he's
9:48 am
arrested. no bail. planned and deliberate first degree murder allegations against him. you got him being investigated on a drive by shooting last year. this man who had a $40 million contract like johnny cash sang in the song, going down, down, down, burning ring of fire, he has blown up. i don't know what's happened to him, but this man is in deep trouble. you know, he has a high priced criminal defense attorney. and the current case, there's court appointed counsel representing the co-defendants. someone's going to flip on him real soon. facing life without parole. >> and avery, what are you s sayinging? >> avery's right. >> yeah, i mean, i think you have go participants. co-conspirators in the case involving odin lloyd. this is unbelievable. i don't know i know what people are thinking. since 9/11, you've got cameras
9:49 am
all over the place and the fact is, they've got surveillance where, there's a pick-up. there's obviously the alleged murder in this industrial field and then returning with video and the weapon. it's unbelievable. as well as texts from the victim to his sister. >> and then i guess reportingly, there's also texts involving hernandez texting odin lloyd something like 2:30 in the morning of june 17th to try and get together. they did. allegedly, hernandez and some others and then reportedly hernandez actually being part of unloading five bullets into odin lloyd's body. the evidence, it does seem clear, but right now, the charges are only involving the odin lloyd case, right? >> right and that's where the focus really should be. that's exactly right. the other one, we'll see what happens. this guy's got enormous problems. maybe it goes back to jason carroll's point about this package on gun ownership.
9:50 am
60% of members of the nfl? >> that's extraordinary. >> many of whom have no training? holy smokes. it's amazing. >> and richard, do you think ultimately, they're going to look at whether these cases are all related? doesn't even matter. you've got separate cases, but all involving allegedly violent crimes here. >> all of them involving hernandez with a gun. that's not good. >> right. >> at his arraignment, the prosecution let the case out pain stakingly in detail this was an execution type slaughter. he was upset with him because he was talking to enemies about him in some nightclub. he got him in the car, drove him to a remote area, shot him execution style. when he came home, his home surveillance caught him holding a gun. although hernandez tried to destroy his home video and cell phone, they were able to retrieve information off that
9:51 am
despite the fact it was destroyed. he's in big trouble here, fred. >> and five gun charges accompanying first degree murder charges, so this is a great big bowl of trouble for hernandez. >> this is big. this case is just getting so huge. it's remarkable. thanks so much. >> always good to see you. appreciate it and you can catch avery and riff ard because they are so dynamic, so smart. that's why we have them. for all the intriguing cases of the day, week, period. all right. all eyes on -- find out about the record breaking scientists say they have found 22 light years away. [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter... because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios.
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9:55 am
a new discovery may help answer the question of whether or not we are alone in the universe. scientists say three newly discovered planets rotating the same star have the potential to sustain life. >> right now as of this weekend, we believe we are the only planet in our solar system that can support life. but that doesn't necessarily mean we're alone in the universe because this discovery way out there, about 22 light years away in the consolation scorpius has scientists very excited. they say they found a star with three different planets that might support live. let's zoom in out there and take a look. they say the view would be quite spectacular, a lot like this. and imagine this, over there, that little crescent, that's one of our fellow planets circling around. three suns in the sky.
9:56 am
this is what we would call a super earth. all three of these planets, meaning their mass is four to eight times as much of that of our own earth. there would be a lot of rock here. almost entirely made of rock, much of it is made of water. their sunny side always faces the sun and the dark side always faces away. it doesn't rotate like our own earth. this is quite extraordinary they found three of these so close to each other because we've searched the guys for many, many year, scientists around the world, and they've found about 900 planets and out of those, only about 12 are capable of supporting any kind of life, so with the encouragement of this new discovery, they will keep on looking that with so many stars out there similar to our own sun, almost certainly will have to find more. >> all right, thanks so much.
9:57 am
appreciate that. as nelson mandela clings to life in a pretoria hospital, the world prays for him. i'll talk to andrew young and his legacy in the next hour. also, are "sesame street" characters, bert and ernie gay? a new magazine cover is generating a lot of discussion about their sexual orientation. stay with us. out there owning it. the ones getting involved and staying engaged. they're not afraid to question the path they're on. because the one question they never want to ask is "how did i end up here?" i started schwab for those people. people who want to take ownership of their investments, like they do in every other aspect of their lives. [ sound fades ] at a moment like this, i'm glad i use tampax pearl.
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in the cnn news room, the west is sizzling today. an oppressive heat wave is pushing temperatures in triple digits from california to nevada. aaron hernandez is just one of dozens of nfl players to run into trouble with the law just this year. we'll look at how the league is dealing with its image problem. president barack obama didn't meet nelson mandela today sh but did speak about the south african leader at a youth town hall meeting. we'll tell you what he said. a dangerous heat wave is baking parts of the west. temperatures are soaring above 110 degrees. in death valley, it could hit 128. the heat took