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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 4, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone, and
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happy 4th of july. i'm ashleigh banfield coming to you live from sanford, florida, where a sequestered jury does not get to go home, but they don't go into the courtroom today. it is the george zimmerman murder trial coming to the close of week two. this is the 4th of july holiday, but boy do we ever have a lot of evidence to sift through and a lot of legal discussions and things you probably have not seen in this courtroom because there have been competing lead stories throughout the day yesterday when testimony was at its thickest, egypt had its uprising, so we have a lot of testimony to get you familiar with. first, though, we here in america celebrate independence day, as i mentioned, egypt is beginning a new era of political uncertainty. we're just getting word now from reuters that egyptian security forces have arrested the supreme guide of the muslim brotherhood. i'm taking you to live pictures of tahrir square where you can see numerous people, but certainly not the crowds there yesterday. here's what's happened since
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then. there was a swearing in of a brand new leader. his name is adly mansour. sworn in as interim president. they were careful to let people around the world know he was interim, not final. all of this after the nation's first democratically elected president was toppled. you can say coup because it happened amid the army in a massive upheaval. take a listen to what the brand new interim leader said at this official swearing in ceremony last night. >> translator: and then despite all the attempt against its independence, alongside his people defending all the principles, i would like to congratulate and greet the security forces who sacrificed
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their lives. >> well, get used to saying president mansour for now and maybe don't get so used to saying president mohamed morsi, because now he's officially under house arrest. and still people are out in tahrir square celebrating all of this. it's a little becoackwards, isn it, the military now backing the people, where it was only a couple of years ago they were killing them in that last square. live from cairo, ian, you were there then, you're there now. talk to me about not only the situation that the ousted president finds himself in, but members of his party, the muslim brotherhood, are they fleeing for the hills because there are arrest warrants up to, i think, 300 now. people want to find these people who are politically alied with the president and get rid of them. >> reporter: ashleigh, egypt is kind of in a dangerous situation right now, especially as you just said, there are arrest
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warrants out for members of the muslim brotherhood, especially the head of the muslim brotherhood, the supreme guide has been arrested. this puts egypt in a dangerous situation because the supporters of the brotherhood and of the former president mohamed morsi are outraged already as it is that their leader was taken from power and this is going to antagonize them even more. a lot of people are afraid this could lead to violence in egypt. what the government now is trying to do is form a coalition government, a government that can fix a lot of the problems that egypt's facing, a lot of the problems that brought people out into the streets in the first place, but they are going to have to bring in the brotherhood or at least talk with the brotherhood. you can't marginalize that section of society. the probrotherhood does have a significant following. >> and you know what else, ian, you can't arrest them if you're planning to have a good
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dialogue. it just doesn't set a good foundation for that. ian lee continues to watch things for us live over tahrir square. thank you, ian, for that. here stateside, our president, barack obama, is saying, quote, the united states is deeply concerned by mohamed morsi's removal and, of course, the suspension of the constitution, as well. athena jones is live at the white house. it may be a national holiday, but people are working. this is a critical time and a critical issue. how is the president now reacting after that very carefully worded statement that was released yesterday? >> reporter: well, good morning, ashleigh. that is the statement that we have. we haven't heard new word from the president today on this issue, but he held a meeting with his national security team, talked about being afterwards being deeply concerned about the removal of morsi, but it was a very long and carefully worded statement. i'll read to you just a little bit of it. he said, i now call on the egyptian military to move quickly and responsibly to
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return full authority back to a democratically elected civilian government as soon as possible through an inclusive and transparent process and avoid arbitrary arrests of president morsi and his supporters. of course, we've learned now from the muslim brotherhood president morsi is said to be under house arrest. so it's unclear how they'll respond to that, but i'll tell you the real issue here is the wording of all of this. in the statement that segment i just read to you, you'll notice the president said to return a democratically elected government, not the democratically elected government, which, of course, would suggest the need to return morsi to power. another big issue here, a word we haven't heard coming from this administration is coup. they are not calling this a coup, because in the instance of a military coup, u.s. law dictates that aid to egypt, we're talking about $1.5 billion a year, might need to be cut off, so they are not calling it a coup. the president did say they are reviewing the law on this, so that's one of the big things we'll be watching over the next
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couple of days. ashleigh? >> always interesting to see an interim president being sworn in that doesn't have military medals, but he is without question aligned with that military, so it will be interesting there. athena jones working on july 4th. thank you for doing that job at the white house today. want to take a look at other top stories we're following here at cnn. we have an update on the madeleine mccann case. since the british toddler disappeared in portugal, and if you're counting how many years, it was back in 2007. london's metro police service says it's now identified 38 persons of interest and the detectives say they are planning to speak to them all in relation to her suspected abduction. stay tuned for the details on this. also, a search of a secret apartment, one leased by aaron hernandez, yes, the man with the
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multimillion mansion had a secret apartment, and guess what was in the apartment, some interesting new evidence in his murder case. police found ammunition, ammunition that actually matched the caliber to kill his friend, oden lloyd. they also found a sweatshirt, one that matches the sweatshirt hernandez was pictured wearing on july 17th, that is the day lloyd was murdered. by now you know police are accusing hernandez of orchestrating that killing. he, for his part, through his attorneys, pleaded not guilty. plans to fight this tooth and nail. on july 4th, one of america's most enduring symbols, the statue of liberty. feast your eyes, it is open again to all of us. yes, tourists, buy your tickets and take the big walk up. the reason it's open now is because superstorm sandy had caused a lot of damage to the docks and the surrounding grounds. had to close it all down, do the renos and repairs. lady liberty herself didn't cause damage, but the repair
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costs totalled about $59 million to everything else. tickets for today, as you can imagine, sold out. and we are, of course, live in sanford, florida, where the prosecution in george zimmerman's murder trial is really on the verge of wrapping up its case. in fact, we thought it might happen yesterday. but it did not. and here's what's so ironic. george zimmerman himself had told people he wanted to be a prosecutor, a police officer, yes, but also a prosecutor. instead, he now sits there being prosecuted for second-degree murder. george howell of cnn looks at how the state of florida is trying to poke a whole punch of holes at the story george tells about the night he shot and killed trayvon martin. >> reporter: the day started with a parade of witnesses from george zimmerman's past, from the professors who taught him about criminal justice -- >> you see george over here?
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>> how are you doing, george? >> reporter: to a represent from a virginia police department that rejected his application to be a police officer. >> mr. zimmerman had a problem with his credit? >> yes, sir. >> and that would be a reason why you wouldn't be accepted as a police officer? >> that's the reason why we did not consider him further based on that record, yes, sir. >> reporter: zimmerman's past could haunt him if jurors are swayed by the picture prosecutors are trying to paint, a wannabe cop who went too far, then less than forthcoming about how well he knew the law on national tv. >> prior to this night, this incident, had you even heard stand your ground? >> no, sir. >> you'd never heard about it before? >> no. >> reporter: captain alexis francisco carter told the court part of the course he taught covered self defense laws with a special focus on florida laws like stand your ground. and zimmerman aced the class. >> he was probably one of the better students in the class.
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>> reporter: zimmerman's defense team argued his past training and education had no relevance to this case. next prosecutors called amy sieward, a firearms expert with the florida testimony of law enforcement. siewert testified through tests on trayvon martin's clothes, she was able to determine it was a contact shot that killed him. >> it is consistent with the muzzle of the firearm touching the outer sweatshirt and inner sweatshirt being in direct contact with the outer one, yes. >> reporter: the final witness, anthony gorgone, who examined dna samples on all of the evidence in the case. attorneys focused on the question of whose dna was found on zimmerman's gun. >> you were able to exclude trayvon martin as having dna on the pistol grip, is that correct? >> yes, trayvon martin was excluded as being a possible contributor to this mixture on the grip.
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>> reporter: court resumes friday, when we are likely to hear from a member of trayvon martin's family to testify about who was screaming on that 911 audiotape. the state is then expected to rest its case and then the defense will start calling its witnesses. george howell, cnn, sanford, florida. and while you may be enjoying your day off from work on this 4th of july holiday, the jury in this case, they don't get to go home. they don't get to go to barbecues with their friends and families. they have to sit and stew, sequestered, thinking about all of that evidence george just laid out. and so what do you think they are thinking? is there a winner so far in the case? our legal panel's going to weigh in on what that jury might be stewing over right after this break. [ jackie ] it's just so frustrating...
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welcome back. live in sanford, florida, i'm ashleigh banfield. the dna evidence in the spotlight yesterday at the george zimmerman second-degree murder trial. it's the csi part of this trial where the mystery goes down to the molecule. trayvon martin's fingernails, as well as the sweatshirt he was wearing the night he was killed and that gun zimmerman used to kill him, all featured heavily in the courtroom yesterday. and all of them tested in the effort to get to the bottom of what exactly happened in the scuffle between those two people that night. joining me to figure out what mattered and what really didn't in all of that very arcane information is defense attorney midwin charles, jean jecasarez,o
8:16 am
one knows more about this trial than jean, and defense attorney jeff gould, who's also able to weigh in on critical aspects of this case. jean, i want to start with you, because i need you to boil down the biggest thing, if there was one, that those jurors might be stewing over today, because they have to sit and think. they can't be with their families at their homes and doing 4th of july things, they have to think about everything that happened today. what stood out the most? >> i think for both sides, first of all, no dna on the gun from trayvon martin, so if you believe that he touched it, at least the dna wasn't there. also no dna of george zimmerman on the cuffs of trayvon martin's jacket, that hoodie. in other words, if he was trying to suffocate george zimmerman, there was no dna that rubbed off. now, for the defense, george zimmerman, remember george zimmerman never said that he touched the gun. george zimmerman always said he felt his hand go down trayvon martin's as if he might be trying to touch or reach for the gun.
8:17 am
well, on that holster that held the gun, there was a mixed profile of dna and trayvon martin could not be excluded. that's interesting. >> a-ha. i am glad you pointed that out. it's exactly what i wanted our attorneys to weigh in on. since you mentioned it, let's play the moment. four places on the gun for swabbed, the actual handle of the gun, the trigger, the slide, and what jean just mentioned, the holster. have a listen to how anthony gorgone, the dna expert with the florida law enforcement, how he referred to the holster and what he found. >> the fourth swab was taken from the holster itself. tell us -- and that's the last part of the slide that i've shown you. tell us, if you could, what your findings were regarding that. >> the swab from the holster tested positive for the presence of blood and gave me a mixture
8:18 am
of dna. i was able to resolve out a major dna profile for the sample, and that major dna profile matched george zimmerman and the statistical analysis is right here. it's the same 1 in 11 quadrillion caucasians, african-americans, and 1 in 57 quadrillion southeastern hispanics. that would be for the probability of the major dna profile. as far as the minor or lesser contributors, i was not able to deliver a dna profile, and when i made the comparison to trayvon martin, i was not able to include or exclude him from the mixture. >> so, as to the holster where you got a major matches george zimmerman, is that correct? >> correct. >> okay, jeff, so i looked at that, and i heard there's a major profile, a dna profile, of george zimmerman on the holster.
8:19 am
of course, it's his. there's a minor profile, too, but we can't tell who. is that the same as no trayvon martin? >> no. and we don't know who that is, we don't know if it's a cop. you know what, if this is what the state has, this is the kind of evidence that says to a jury they don't have a case. they are used to seeing csi. >> well, they have a case. they've been putting a case on. >> i don't know. a lot of people would say every single one of these witnesses has been defense witnesses and the state is merely putting all the evidence in front of the jury and letting them acquit george zimmerman. >> isn't that a brilliant maneuver, put it front of the jury and let the jury decide. it's the way it's supposed to work. midwin charles, when i watch hours upon hours of a dna expert, sometimes my eyes cross. you and i get to see it all the time, so we know what's coming. these jurors might be seeing it for the first time. is it too much for them to grasp the critical aspects of it? >> well, i think juries take
8:20 am
their jobs seriously when they go over this kind of evidence, and i think that the language that is used by dna experts is something that people are used to now, especially when they watch tv shows like "csi" and "law and order." this is testimony they expect during trials -- >> midwin, they get that dramatically written and beautiful tight script with language we all understand. >> they do, but they've recognized -- >> great chemistry, i hadn't heard the word alegal in 20 years. >> right, but i think they take it seriously. in other words, they expect this type of testimony to be part of a criminal trial, and so i think what they are going to do is take their job seriously and try to discuss amongst themselves the six women who are on the jury what is the relevance, what do these terms mean, how can we apply it to the job that they are supposed to do, which is listen to all the evidence and see where it fits in. i think the dna evidence is quite helpful.
8:21 am
one of the things i think came out yesterday that i think was a slam dunk for the prosecution is there wasn't george zimmerman's dna on trayvon martin. george zimmerman claims that trayvon hit him 25 to 30 times. why were there no scrapes or bruises on his fists or on his hands? i think those are the kind of -- >> there were abrasions. there were abrasions on the left hand of trayvon martin. i think three fingers had what were called not cuts, but abrasions, but not on the right hand. >> no dna. >> dna issues, that's critical. >> right, no dna. >> hold that thought for a minute, because i think they have a lot to stew over today, that jury. they were loaded down with some really tricky evidence. but they may still be thinking about some of the other evidence and memorable witnesses. i'm sure you have not forgotten in this trial the witness named rachel jeantel. she was fascinating and created so much conversation. she was trayvon martin's friend. her testimony was gripping. people criticized her. people supported her, and so
8:22 am
many talked about her demeanor. well, now we know more about why she was the way she was. cnn spoke with her lawyer to get his reaction and he enlightens us to what she was doing before the trial. we're going to play this for you next. this is it. this is what matters. the experience of a product. how will it make someone feel? will it make life better? does it deserve to exist? we spend a lot of time on a few great things. until every idea we touch enhances each life it touches.
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i think it's fair to say that one of the most talked about moments in the trial wasn't so much a moment, it was an actual witness with a lot of moments. in the george zimmerman murder trial, you would think that he would be the center of attention, as well as trayvon martin, the victim, but instead
8:25 am
it was trayvon martin's friend rachel jeantel who stood out to so many. 19 years old, in 12th grade, this young lady became very famous very fast. her testimony was stunning. people across the country were gripped as they watched her and many criticized her for her demeanor, the attitude she had with the defense attorney don west, and then also the second day she testified, we saw a very different rachel jeantel. you no doubt remember her answer to almost every question was "yes, sir," "no, sir," but it was said with a tone that may have spoken volumes more than the words. my colleague, cnn's carol costello, had the opportunity to speak with her attorney, rod vereen. it happened this morning, and he's very upset about the back lash rachel jeantel has been getting. so much of it online and out in the open, and he gave us insight to rachel. have a look. >> there has been so much said about rachel jeantel, much of it
8:26 am
not very kind. people are calling her all kinds of names. have you talked with her recently, how is she handling this? >> i speak with rachel two or three times a day. we never discuss her testimony, of course. she is aware of what's being said about her in the media. she reads the blogs and her twitter and facebook, but she does not comment with regard to what they are saying about her. she takes it all in stride. she's a 19-year-old kid, raised, essentially, in urban america. >> but people are calling her illiterate and worse than that, and it's not all coming from the white community. it's also coming from the african-american community. >> and that's what i find the most depressing about what is being said about her. you know, sometimes you can say, well, i can expect it from white america or hispanic america, but you don't expect it from black america. they have been very, very mean
8:27 am
towards rachel. >> give me an example. give me an example. >> i was listening to a radio broadcast the other day. there was some town hall meeting that was supposed to be taking place in miami. you had one doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist, who had never met with rachel and he sits there and says it's clearly obvious that she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, which i find offensive. other individuals talked about her hair. lolo jones, the olympic star, who came out and said based on the way she appeared and acted in court, she's going to burn the dvds of her testimony and sell it as madea goes to court. i find that very offensive. these are adults that are doing this. these aren't the children that are doing this. these aren't teenagers making these comments. these are adults who should know better. but you know what, you can't help ignorance. they decide they want to come across and be that way, they will have to face the music when the time comes. as many individuals as there are that come out against her,
8:28 am
there's twice as many coming out in her favor. she's courageous, brave, her testimony was unadulterated, raw, emotional, and she gave it to them exactly how she knew it. mptl >> and all of that is true, she was very real and very raw, i remember myself talking about her demeanor in the court of law. it's different. you don't speak the same way you do to your friends. have a listen at this one moment when they were discussing the possibility of her having to come back to court for a second day. >> take as much time as you want. read the whole thing if you want. maybe we can break until the morning. >> no. >> what's that? >> i'm leaving today. no. >> are you refusing to come back tomorrow? >> to you? >> are you refusing to -- >> we need to keep this a question and answer about her testimony. any other matters dealing with scheduling, i will make that
8:29 am
decision. if you'll continue to keep reading, please. >> midwin charles, i want to come out to you and do a full whip around with all of our experts today. she got a lot of flak for that. it's rude, no other way to put it, it was rude, but it was also real. give me your take. >> it was rude, and it's true that the prosecution probably should have worked with her a little bit prior to putting her on the stand. as an attorney, you are responsible for the witness that you put on the stand and what sort of image that they portray, but at the end of the day, rachel isn't on trial here, george zimmerman is. >> good point, good point. >> what is on trial with respect to rachel is her credibility. the voracity of her statements, and i found her statements about what trayvon told her, those final moments, last moments of his life, to be quite credible. the fact that he was being followed. the fact he told her he was close to his daddy's home. i found that credible. she does have credibility, and perhaps her behavior --
8:30 am
>> this is a whip around, midwin, it's a whip around, hang on, i've got two others and i've got two minutes, come on! i want you to get in on this, as well. you take witnesses as you get them. you don't get to choose them, but she was unvarnished and sometimes no matter what that tells you truth. >> she was real. two things, in substance and procedure. in substance, she said creepy ass cracker. that took the air out of this being a racial case, in my opinion, and number two, her demeanor is the only thing today we can associate with trayvon martin until his mom takes the stand. we see her challenge, we see her being rude. we think that's maybe what trayvon was, rude, challenging, attacking george zimmerman. >> great point. you know something, jean casarez, we talk at length about this kind of thing, and you, my friend, are watching nine people who are the only ones who matter. how did that jury respond to all of these moments? >> they were focused. they were really focused. and i've got to tell you, she
8:31 am
has not been released from her subpoena. we potentially could see her again in the defense case, and i'll tell you why, it's limited in florida law, but someone can testify as to the reputation of someone else in regard to fighting. the propensity to fight. and during her examination by the defense, she said, you know, i didn't think much of it, because it was just a fight, and i know that if trayvon was going to throw the punch, he would have told me, i'll call you back. the question is, why would you know that? so, did she open the door to fighting? >> i don't think she is going to be one happy lady if she's called back, certainly, as a defense witness, she will not be happy with that at all, but it will certainly be fascinating if it happens. i want the three of you to stay in place, and when we come back, we're going to do a deep dive through the evidence in the case. the gun, the hooded sweatshirt, and the cuts on george zimmerman's head. when you put them all together,
8:32 am
do they add up to murder? 63
8:33 am
8:34 am
. welcome back, we are live in sanford, florida, you are not missing any testimony in the courtroom. yesterday, because of egypt, you may have missed some. trayvon martin's hoodie, the gun that was used to kill him, and all of those phone records paraded around in court. that's some of the physical evidence, not circumstantial, it's the physical stuff presented so far in george zimmerman's trial. witness testimony, all of this is up to the jurors whether they want to believe what the witnesses have to say. it's that tangible stuff, the tangible evidence all of us wonder will it help piece together what really happened that rainy, fatal night in sanford? >> painting a picture of a killing. jurors are hearing first hand
8:35 am
from those who saw and heard the struggle between george zimmerman and trayvon martin that ended in martin's death. and then there's the cold, hard evidence, the physical evidence that will either confirm or destroy zimmerman's claim that he shot the 17 year old in self defense. here's what the defense says happened. >> the evidence will show that this is a sad case. that there are no monsters here. george zimmerman is not guilty of murder. he shot trayvon martin in self defense after being viciously attacked. >> but the prosecution says otherwise. >> ladies and gentlemen, that is just some of the evidence in this case. we are confident that at the end of this trial, you will know in your head, in your heart, in your stomach, that george
8:36 am
zimmerman did not shoot trayvon martin because he had to. he shot him for the worst of all reasons, because he wanted to. >> there are the photos, the injury injuries on zimmerman's head. did or didn't trayvon martin slam zimmerman's head against the sidewalk as he claims? the expert witness, dr. valerie rao is an expert who studied the images. >> using your definition of slamming, are the injuries to the back of the defendant's head consistent with having been repeatedly slammed into a concrete surface? >> no. >> graphic, blown-up photos of martin's lifeless body face down, his legs and sneakers peeking out from under a yellow blanket. these and others shown to the court. the jurors were visibly disturbed and martin's father,
8:37 am
well, it was all too much for him. he left the courtroom in tears. zimmerman's gun. he said martin reached for it during the altercation, but does the evidence match up? latent fingerprint expert kristen benson. >> did you find any latent prints of value on state's 183? >> no. >> you mentioned environmental effects can have a negative effect on latent prints, correct? >> yes, it can damage latent print. >> i think you mentioned rain itself can? >> it can. >> a map of the neighborhood where it happened, orienting the jurors to the scene. who was where, and when were they there, and the blood-stained hoodie. the sweatshirt that martin was wearing on the night that would be his very last. it's certainly become an icon. does the forensic evidence show that shirt was pressed up against martin's chest, or hanging down when he was shot? the difference could show whether or not martin was on top
8:38 am
of zimmerman during the struggle as he contends. an expert testified wednesday about tests that she ran on the hoodie and a second sweatshirt martin was wearing. >> this is a close-up shot of the tests that i had generated with the lighter colored sweatshirt depicting a little better that you can see the tearing and the blackening of the fabric right around the hole. >> all right. are your findings consistent with the muzzle of the gun having been pressed into the dark hooded sweatshirt and then fired through both the dark hooded sweatshirt and the lighter colored sweatshirt? >> it is consistent with the muzzle of the firearm touching the outer sweatshirt and inner sweatshirt being in direct contact, yes. >> meshing the physical evidence with witness accounts of what happened on that rainy night in florida. the jurors are taking it all in
8:39 am
and ultimately they will decide whose story they believe. the one george zimmerman tells or the one trayvon martin will never get a chance to tell. >> the anatomy of a fight, it matters. did the scuffle that ended trayvon martin's death happen the way george zimmerman said it did, and what about those itty bitty inconsistencies, but there were several of them. it's coming up a little later on in this hour. in the meantime, i don't know if you've seen these pictures, a 15-foot sinkhole with a car. look down underneath that waterfall. yes, it's a car, and there was a female driver trapped inside. just ahead, you're goirng to her the dramatic 911 call and her cry for help. good news to tell you, she made it out. you would not believe what it took. bulldog: oh, the dog days of summer!
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trouble in toledo. i want to take you to ohio, because this is worth seeing. a giant sinkhole. and look what's in the bottom. a woman driving her car down the street found there was no street below her and plunged to the bottom of that sinkhole. you can see the water main and gushing water. it's thought that's likely what actually caused the sinkhole was the broken water main, gushing
8:43 am
water, but doesn't look like there was much support for that street to start with. here is something that's amazing, though, the 911 call from an eyewitness who was worried about the person in the car at the bottom of the sink hole. >> yes, my car just fell through the -- a car just fell through the street on detroit and bancroft. a hole opened up. >> listen, detroit and bancroft, what kind of vehicle? >> i don't know. tan malibu is in the hole. it sunk in. >> unbelievable. so the pictures that you were just seeing, i'm sorry for laughing, but i do find out -- what kind of car is it, i don't care. it's a car at the bottom of a sinkhole. it's hard to describe. they were able to get to her. see the firefighter on the ladder, that is a 60-year-old woman. not hurt. thank god. imagine if that water was pouring into the cab of the car.
8:44 am
luckily it's pouring in the back of the car and deflecting. repairing that road, though, is going to take some time. back in a moment. celebrating on america, july 4th, you're not going to see a better symbol of what people are fighting for in this country than the statue of liberty. it reopened to tourists today. statue had been closed because superstorm sandy did a real number on that island. the entire island, in fact, was flooded. lady liberty herself not damaged, but what a mess. in fact, such a mess it took months, it cost $59 million to repair it. millions of people end up coming to this statue, whether they are new yorkers or visitors to new york and climb the 300-some-odd stairs to the top. tickets for today, though, if you're thinking, sorry, they are
8:45 am
already sold out. from ellis island, all the way to the west coast, everybody has july 4th today, even if they are working, it is the birthday for the country, but for some it's going to be a yucky day. fireworks could be soggy for some. karen is watching the weather. every day, karen, there are thunderstorms and copious amounts of rain, yet i have a bit of sun behind me. this is florida. what's the rest of the country looking at? >> well, we literally can divide the nation in half. we've got the hot weather, which is thoroughly entrenched across the west, but it looks like soggy skies across the southeast. this isn't associated with a tropical storm or hurricane, this is tropical moisture that's moving up from the south. area of high pressure offshore, and that kind of infiltrates the southeast with these heavy amounts of moisture and rain. nashville expecting 2 to 4, atlanta, just about the same. down towards tallahassee, 3 to 5 inches of rainfall expected there. rivers and streams filling up, but we've been stuck in this
8:46 am
very stagnant weather pattern for quite some time. high pressure across the west, that high pressure ridge is gradually breaking down. those temperatures are not going to be quite as hot, but i'll show you that in just a second. boston today will be around 95 degrees, and the west temperatures still in the triple digits. ashleigh, back to you. >> all right, karen mcginnis, thank you for that. when we return, live in sanford, florida. the key question in the case involving george zimmerman. self defense or murder? does his story match the evidence? it's all coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] fight pepperoni heartburn and pepperoni breath fast with tums freshers. concentrated relief that goes to work in seconds and freshens breath. tums freshers. ♪ tum...tum...tum...tum... tums! ♪ fast heartburn relief and minty fresh breath. [ slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums
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you'll forget you had heartburn. we know it's your videoconference of the day. hi! hi, buddy! that's why the free wifi and hot breakfast are something to smile about. book a great getaway now and feel the hamptonality welcome back. we're live in sanford, florida. you know, in any -- most any criminal case, you have your evidence and then you have your witnesses. and most of the time they are supposed to measure up and sometimes they don't. what about in the case of george zimmerman? does his story match the evidence? have a look. >> i kept yelling, help, help,
8:49 am
help, as loud as i could. he put his hand on his nose -- my nose, his other hand on my mouth. he said shut the [ bleep ] up. and then i tried squirming again, because all i could think about is when he was hitting my head, it felt like my head was going to explode and i thought i was going to lose consciousness. >> it's the essential question in the george zimmerman murder trial, was it murder or was it self defense? >> if i've heard it once, i've heard it a thousand times, that trayvon martin was unarmed. what the evidence will show you is that's not true. trayvon martin armed himself with the concrete sidewalk. and used it to smash george zimmerman's head. >> george zimmerman, 27 years old at the time, 5'9", 194
8:50 am
pounds. versus trayvon martin, 17 years old, 5'11, 158 pounds. zimmerman says it was trayvon martin who was attacking him, and one neighbor's testimony seems to back that up. >> with the person on top legs were over the person on the bottom that was laying flat on the ground. >> okay. >> now the person on top is, in fact, like this over the person on the bottom? >> i would say that's accurate. >> okay. the person on the bottom was laying flat? >> correct. could you tell if he was on his back or not? >> he was on his back. >> at this point, what was the person on the top wearing? >> it was the same person that was on the top when they were t-shaped to the sidewalk. >> okay. they did not -- i'm sorry. they did not change positions, did they? >> no. >> except the one on top in the black actually instead of laying down on the guy on the bottom was now straddling him, correct?
8:51 am
>> correct. >> but in later testimony, that neighbor, john good, told the prosecutor he couldn't confirm the person on top was hitting the other. but the bottom line is, trayvon martin was wearing a black hoodie and tan pants. george zimmerman was dressed in a red and black jacket and he says he was the one on the bottom getting beaten to a pulp until he finally broke free. i don't know what he was hitting me with. i thought he had something in his hands. >> trayvon martin was lying face down on the grass. his hands were underneath his
8:52 am
body. a single bullet went through his chest. a teen's life cut short at just 17 years old. soon the jury will have to sort through an abundance amount of testimony from dozens of witnesses before they decide if zimmerman is guilty of second-degree murder or if he's not. we are all reflections of the people who came before us. the good they did inspires us, prepares us and guides us. at new york life, everything we do is to help you keep good going.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
a sequestered jury spending this july 4th sequestered, not fun, not in court, but thinking about what they heard yesterday and probably throughout the last two weeks. i want to bring back defense attorney midwin charles and jean casarez, and jeff gold back with me live in sanford, florida. okay. yesterday a critical witness took the stand. he was a professor of george zimmerman's. he taught him law enforcement, and here is how he characterized his student for prosecutors. have a listen. >> do you remember the defendant george zimmerman being a student in that course. >> i do. >> do you remember what kind of grade you gave him? >> i gave him an a. >> i gave him an a. jean casarez, quickly, the strategy here being? >> his knowledge that he knew all about stand your ground and self-defense because of that course and so he was one step ahead of the officers to say i
8:56 am
shot him in self-defense knowing it was murder and defense turned it around to say he got an a in the course because he really knew what self-defense means. >> midwin charles, do you think that the jury made that jump or were they wondering, okay, so he is a good student and he is a good guy? >> oh, no. i think they made that jump. not only did they make that jump, it shows he is a liar because in the interview he said he never heard of stand your ground before and that professor debunk that is statement. >> i found that interesting because they did say that the law is codified into statute and i was wondering if they were mincing wards saying maybe he learned about the law in its technical words and not the colloquial stand your ground. it is one of the arguments brought up. that witness that may have been a great prosecution witness for a moment turned on a dime when the defense attorney had him describe what self-defense means and he said self-defense means
8:57 am
you don't have to be hurt, you just to have think you're going to be in imminent danger if you're a reasonable person. >> that's right. the judge instructed the jury she is the one that tells what the law is and yet the defense was able to have this witness give them a lesson on self-defense. look, you know what this jury heard? jonathan good say that trayvon martin was pummelling, pummelling george zimmerman. that's what they're going to remember. not this. >> yes, but the injuries that george zimmerman had, there was a medical examiner, strangely enough, a medical examiner looking at the defendant, not the victim, and saying that he wasn't pummelled numerous times into the concrete and you have the pictures and just quickly, jean, ten seconds on what we will see tomorrow. >> going to be an emotional day because the medical examiner has to testify with autopsy photos and then also we believe quite possibly they call the mother and even brother of trayvon. >> then we could wrap up the prosecution by the end of this week. midwin charles, thank you. jean casarez, thank you. jeff gold also here with me live
8:58 am
in sanford, thank you to all three of you experts. i appreciate it. thank you very much, and happy fourth of july to you and your family. i hope you have a wonderful day. i hope you have the day off. i am going to hand off the reigns to my colleagues who are going to take over with around the world right after this break. take care. see you tomorrow live from sanford. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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(next stop: financial center) let's get to work. the fourth of july, the united states celebrating its 237th independence day and the birth of democracy, the statue of liberty standing as a symbol of freedom. >> tonight of course fireworks will light up the skies but as this country celebrates another country struggles with a difficult transition to democracy. >> we are of course talking about egypt, fireworks also lighting up the skies and tonight a democratically elected president is out, a new president is in, the country's future uta


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