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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 4, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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this morning. a lot of demonstrators out there for a long time. thanks for watching around the world. you're not done yet. >> not done yet. much more in the newsroom for the viewers in the united states. >> and international viewerer coming up. >> it is all happening very fast, the people of egypt rise up again and for the second time in just 27 months, they have kicked their leader out of office. the ripple effects are already being felt here at home. >> a protest group here in the u.s. is planning demonstrations in dozens of american cities and i am talking about los angeles, washington, new york, and protesters want the government to stop what they say is unconstitutional snooping on u.s. citizens. here is something to consider as you fire up the grill for that fourth of july barbecue.
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beef, it isn't the only thing for dinner. not after the government says horse meat may soon be back on the menu. this is the "cnn newsroom." i am fredricka whitfield. while the u.s. celebrates independence day, a key u.s. ally struggles on the road to democracy. political uncertainty grips egypt rather today after an extraordinary series of events. the head of the country's supreme constitutional court was sworn in as the interim president after the military deposed president mohamed morsi. according to morsi's muslim brotherhood, he and under house arrest. carr penhaul is joining us live from cairo. morsi is being detained, and we're hearing reports of muslim brotherhood members being rounded up and arrested. update us on what's happening overall. >> there certainly seem to be
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some signs emerging that a little bit of witch hunt is under way against the muslim brotherhood because we heard in a statement from egypt prosecutor general's office he issued arrest warrants for 250 members of the muslim brotherhood. we're not sure as yet exactly how many of those have although we have heard a spokesman that some of the top leaders have been taken and we also hear from a reuters report that possibly the supreme leader of the muslim brotherhood has also been arrested. and the military stepping in can and closing down five tv channels that they believe were loyal to the government and just announced just as they signed that a witch hunt may be under way. >> so, karl, as we look at these pictures, clearly an awful lot of people in tahrir square and nothing like what we saw yesterday. what's the explanation as to why
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the crowds have dwindled? >> something to do with timing, fredricka, because down there about half an hour ago and only a few hundred people and now i would say that as people are finishing the day's work, several thousand have come and i am guessing as the hours roll by many more thousands will come for a second night of celebration. it has been quite amazing, though, today you come into cairo and things seem to be running as normal. the airport open running as normal and seen the stock market open today and shot up more than 7%, so it seems the military civilian coup has also been open for business, fredricka. >> and, karl, can you give us an idea whether it is relatively peaceful, there were an awful lot of reports of sexual assault that is took place in large
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crowd areas, but what else has happened as people have gathered, particularly in the kwar and maybe elsewhere? >> so far what we have seen is essentially any public demonstration have been if you till. over night since the announcement by the military it was ousting president morsi officials have reported more than ten deaths across, not just in cairo but other parts as well. potentially in the course of today things have been peaceful and here coming to the square what struck me is there is no sense of military presence, back two opposing sides and just lines of young civilian males who are chanting to people coming into the square and making sure they're not carrying weapons or suspicious packages, fredricka. >> karl penhall thank you so much live from cairo.
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the coup is a political mine field for the obama administration. egypt is a crucial ally. the u.s. seems to be in a no-win situation. president obama says he is, quote, deeply concerned, unquote, about the military toppling of mohamed morsi. he is choosing his words carefully. jake, the president using his words very carefully, omitting the word coup but there is an explanation for that. >> that's right. according to a knowledgeable source with whom i spoke the reason that the president did not use the word coup in his written statement that was very meticulously crafted and released last night is because they don't want to close any doors. if the u.s. government declares this a coup, there are legal ramifications that would require the government to stop providing any sort of aids to egypt and they don't want to do that yet.
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they want to encourage the egyptian military now controlling that country to put the country on a path. they don't want to not be part of the conversation according to this knowledgeable source. the president in the statement, fed wreak a also raised the issue of reviewing aid to egypt and he didn't say anything beyond reviewing it, so they're encouraging the egyptian government to move in a general direction without cutting off any lines of communication. >> at the same time, jake, the white house wants to be careful about not appearing to be choosing sides, not choosing the type of government, the type of leadership, even though this administration made it very clear it wanted to support a democratic leadership, and that's not what this is going to represent. >> that's right. look, the administration has been faulted on its dealings with egypt for a long time now, starting with of course his support for president mubarak and then of course with withdrawing support for president mubarak, and the
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president has been faulted by people in the eegyptian street for supporting president morsi who led in many ways very autocratically. one of the things that this knowledgeable source said to me is the administration, the white house, they understand that this could potentially work out for the best. it could work out that way. >> why? >> because it could end up in their view, again, just conveying what the administration is saying, not what i think, it could end up with a democratically elected president and legislature who is less ought contract i can, the president, than president morsi was. ultimately what their statement given outlast night, what it says is too bad, morsi, and the ball is in your court to the egyptian military. >> jay, thanks so much. see you again 4:00 eastern time if not before on the lead. thanks so much. as the nation celebrates the fourth of july, it is reopening day, rather, at the statue of
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liberty. visitors are invited for the first time since super storm sandy damaged liberty island and our pamela brown is there. >> an estimated 15,000 people are pouring into liberty island today to see lady liberty in all of her glory on this independence day. today holds special meaning for these visitors. they're the first ones here on the island in eight months. >> lady liberty is once again ready to face the masses, yearning for a closer look at one of america's most iconic figures. >> to be here at the statue of liberty on its opening day on the fourth of july, it is just amazing. it is really just makes your heart swell. >> everyone is waiting for so long to be back here. i think it is beautiful. we all see pictures, but to be here makes everything more real. >> super storm sandy forced lady liberty's closing just a day after her 126th anniversary. while the statue itselfy americaned unscathed, the storm
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surge stocked almost three quarters of liberty island leaving bricks ripped up and docks destroyed and debris everywhere and adding insult to injury the statue reopened after a year of renovations. cnn got rare access for the reopening all the way to her crown, the trek up a steep 377 step narrow spiral staircase leads to spectacular views high above new york's harbor. the 305-foot statue was a gift from france symbolizing the friendship between the two countries and their shared love of liberty dedicated in 1886 after ten years of construction, more than 3.5 million people worldwide flock here every year. park officials worked around the clock to make sure the island reopened just in time for this independence day. >> coming here and seeing visitors from all over the world standing out in front with tears in their eyes and excitement because she is not only our
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statue of liberty, she is the world's statue of liberty. >> there are people here from all over the world today and in fact all the tickets sold out, no surprise there. there is still construction taking place here on liberty island and still a work in progress. park officials say they want to do everything they can to make sure that the statue of liberty was open to the public on this independence day. pamela brown, cnn, new york. for some americans today is a day of protest. the target, the national security agency's surveillance program. demonstrations are planned online and in dozens of cities across the u.s. the group called restore the fourth is urging u.s. officials to stop snooping. they see it as a violation of the fourth amendment against unlawful searches and seizures. >> restore the fourth. >> restore the fourth. >> restore the fourth. >> protesters gathered in d.c. and as far west as santa monica,
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california. the campaign began as an online movement. european leaders say they're worried about reports the u.s. is spying on its allies. president obama and german chancell chancellor ameri chancellor merkel talked about it last night on the phone. the europeans want american officials to give up information on all surveillance program that is are active in europe. here is what we're working on for the rest of this hour. the dad says it is just a misunderstanding. prosecutors say it was terrorism. >> this kid is just beaming with life. he is just trying to, you know -- i mean, took it all away from him. >> a comment on facebook puts a teenaged boy behind bars. >> and look at this. a car swallowed right in the
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middle of the road, and there is someone actually in there. the dramatic rescue straight ahead. it is great to see parents get involved with their kids' school, right? usually it is great. >> shut up. >> that's it. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh, my. the school board meeting that almost turned into a schoolyard brawl. that's coming up next. hi. this is joe. >> this is frederick in afghanistan. >> having a bad hair day? >> got a helicopter? >> did you for get your name? >> don't worry because we have we will cover you and your sunburn on july 4th. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection
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i have a pretty crazy and frightening picture to show you here, one of the terrifying wrong place at the wrong time kind of moments. that is a 10-foot hole deep sinkhole. it just opened up yesterday on a busy road in toledo, ohio, right underneath a car. here is the scary part if that's not scary enough. there is a woman in that car. the hole is filling with water as you see right there. this would be a good time to panic. i have a feeling she kept it altogether. nick will hopefully have the happy ending story for us. this is scary. >> it is scary. it does have a happy ending. she was unarmed, okay, and pamela knox had a few frightening moments driving in her car when all of a sudden the ground beneath her occupied up and they say it was caused by a water main break, 10-foot hole and she is stuck. she was an elementary school teacher, able to get out and as
10:16 am
you see a pipe burst and when rescuers showed up on the scene they were worried the car would flood and finally got her out using a ladder and not before frantic 911 calls. >> yes, my car just fell through the street. a car just fell through the street. a hole opened up. >> listen, can you figure out what kind of vehicle? >> i don't know. a tan malibu. it is in the hole. it is sucked in. >> goodness. she is lucky to be alive. she got out. she is safe. look at her climbing there. she said all she got away with was a headache. no life-threatening injuries. nothing happened. >> everyone tries to envision what would i do in a situation like that. you notice she stays behind the wheel with her and an explanation, was she in shock? >> i think she was in shock. usually in sinkholes we see a lot in florida. they're natural geological failures and this was an
10:17 am
infrastructure system. it was built of brick. it just collapsed. >> you are seeing the bricks there. it collapsed and washed the ground underneath away and to form the cavity and that led to the sinkhole, unfortunately, and she was all right. >> what was the lapse of time. >> there for a handful of minutes, longer than she wanted to be there. >> they acted fast. >> lucky for her. >> incredible. thanks so much, nick. >> thank you. >> you look too cheerful to be otherwise. thank you. >> thank you. >> fire fighters meantime in arizona, are trying to knock out that wildfire that deadly wildfire that killed 19 of their colleagues on sunday. hundreds of fire fighters in prescott paused for a moment of silence and saluted their fallen comrades. stephanie elimb is there for us. stephanie, this is a tough situation and i know this entire community is grieving. >> very much so, fredricka. when you look around the city, you can see signs of the
10:18 am
morning, of the massive loss of these 19 fire fighters. while they are doing that, you know the fire fighters themselves are dealing with so much, but at the same time there is still a fire they have to battle. the good news is that it stayed at 8400 acres for a couple of days and now 45% contained and they're still out there on the fire lines and putting out these hot spots so hot shots are still out there making sure this fire doesn't grow anymore or threaten people and there is a chance some of the people evacuated would get back into their homes this weekend, fred. it just depends on the weather f they get help there and don't see big rain coming for the next seven to ten days. >> it is a tough situation. meantime, stephanie, you spoke to the parents of one of the fallen fire fighters and actually we will see your piece coming up in the 3:30 eastern hour because there will be a special today paying homage to the hot shots. here is a preview of what we can expect in that special and how the family members are coping.
10:19 am
>> it is heart wrenching to talk to people dealing with something like this, and they're still trying to wrap their minds around it. we're talking about shawn misner and his parents and they were talking about his mom saying she looks at photos and he looks so alive and she keeps thinking he is going to walk through the door and realizing that isn't the case. take a listen to how they said their family which is a family of fire fighters how they have been looking at this tragedy. >> this has been just huge devastation. it is not something -- i mean, in our family that we just never expected to happen. knowing that it was always going
10:20 am
to happen, or the worst could happen. >> so just the pain you can see on his parents' face there is and we'll have a more in-depth conversation and show you why they have an interesting mix of pain and joy that will be in our story coming up in our special, fred. >> thanks for bringing that to us, stephanie. again, that's at 3:30 eastern time today remembering the hot shots, stephanie's conversation with us, some of those family members, the misneres and more. he says he killed in self-defense. now his freedom hangs in the balance. there have been amazing moments in the george zimmerman trial coming up next. my name is kenyetta scott and here in afghanistan i want to say happy fourth of july to my grandma betty blanchard, my mom, kim, and my best friend keisha flanders, my daughter and
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a school board meeting in up state new york descended into something like a reality show complete with f bombs and physical threats. here is what happened. the mother of a spring valley high school student was addressing the board when a school lawyer interjected this way. >> are you still smirking at me. please. >> would you please shut up? >> you really need to get out. you need to get out.
10:24 am
>> who are you hiding behind, your paycheck? >> shut up. >> [ bleep ]. >> that's it. that's it. [ bleep ] you. >> oh, my. that was the school board argument that spilled into the parking lot. lots of beeping will and lots of bad language and personal insults and the school board president says the board is still deciding how to handle what happened at the meeting. george zimmerman's trial is in recess for the fourth of july holiday. tomorrow trayvon martin's mother and brother could be called to testify about whose voice is on a 911 tape. so far the most talked about witness in this trial has been martin's friend, rachel jeantel, 19 years old, and people across the country criticized her for a number of things from the way she looked to the way she spoke. her attorney says trayvon martin never judged his friend. and they spoke about the friendship earlier on cnn.
10:25 am
>> she and trayvon martin shared a group of friends, and those friends would often congregate at her house and that's when she met trayvon martin again and they began to associate with each other and as i said before, trayvon martin was one of the guys that essentially took her in because as she said, she kept it real, and trayvon martin kept it real, and he did not tease her about anything. as you see, some folks want to tease her about the way she wears her hair, the way she dresses, her complexion, her weight. trayvon martin never did any of that. he was a good friend to her. she texted each other a lot, and they spent a lot of time on the phone. she said trayvon martin had a great heart and they had a great personality and let me tell you something, for the time that i spent with rachel, she is a very personal person and a loving young lady and i could understand why trayvon martin would want rachel as ai friend and why rachel would want trayvon martin as a friend as well. >> the trial is moving along
10:26 am
quite quickly. george howell takes us into the courtroom for a look at the most recent testimony. >> the day started with a parade of witnesses from george zimmerman's past and the professors who taught him about criminal justice. >> you see george over here. >> how are you doing, george? >> to a representative from a virginia police department that rejected his application to be a police officer. >> mr. zimmerman had a problem with his credit. >> yes, sir. >> and that would be a reason why you wouldn't be accepted as a police officer? >> that's the reason why we did not consider him further based on that record, yes, sir. >> zimmerman's past could haunt him if jurors are swayed by the picture prosecutors are trying to paint a want to be cop that went too far and then less than forthcoming about how well he knew the law on national tv. >> prior to this night, this incident, had you even heard stand ground.
10:27 am
>> no, sir. >> they told the court part of the course he talk covered the practical application of self-defense laws with a special focus on florida laws like stand your ground. and zimmerman aced the class. >> he was probably one of the better students in the class. >> zimmerman's defense team argued his past training and education had no relevance to this case. next prosecutors called amy see ward, a firearms expert with the florida department of law enforcement. he testified through tests on trayvon martin's clothes she was able to determine it was a contact shot that killed him. >> it is consistent with the muzzle of the firearm touching the outer sweatshirt and the inner sweatshirt being in direct contact with the outer one, yes, sir. >> the final witness, anthony goregone, a crime lab analyst that examined dna samples on all of the evidence in the case. attorneys focused on the question of whose dna was found on zimmerman's gun. >> you were able to exclude
10:28 am
trayvon martin as having dna on the pistol grip, is that correct? >> trayvon martin was excluded as being a possible contributor to this mixture. >> court resumes friday when we're likely to hear from a member of trayvon martin's family to testify about who was screaming on that 911 audio tape, the state is then expected to rest its case and the defense will start calling its witnesses. george howell, cnn, sanford, florida. >> the murder investigation involving a former nfl star aaron hernandez, well, that's really heating up. court documents reveal investigators have found evidence that could be very damaging to hernandez. that is next. hello from kabul, afghanistan, i am chief warrant officer randall schlensig and i would like to welcome everyone in nebraska a happy fourth of
10:29 am
july. happy independence day, everybody.
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10:31 am
the u.s. postal service is reportedly tracking mail for the u.s. about 160 billion envelopes and packages last year alone. we don't know how long the government keeps the images, but the reports suggest that postal mail is subject to the same kind of scrutiny the nsa gives phone calls and e-mails. former major league star manny ramirez is heading to the minors. he is set to report today to the aaa team the round rock express, part of the texas rangers system, the slugger has a checkered past. ramirez was spended from the l.a. dodgers after testing positive for a banned substance. he retired two years later to
10:32 am
avoid another suspension following a second positive test. there is new evidence in the murder investigation involving former new england patriots aaron hernandez. according to court documents, police found ammunition and a sweatshirt matching the one hernandez was reportedly seen wearing the night the man he is accused of killing died and hernandez still has supporters, many of whom are women. >> a 37-page search warrant released wednesday may be piling on the evidence against former new england patriots star aaron hernandez, evidence not found in his multi-million dollar estate but in a two-bedroom apartment in franklin, massachusetts, 19 miles from his home. only discovered after interviewing an associate of hernandez, carlos ortiz. the documents reveal they found two items of clothing, a white hooded sweatshirt matching the one hernandez was wearing in
10:33 am
this photo obtained by boston tv station whdh and in a surveillance video the night of the homicide and a blue and cranberry colored baseball cap matching the one hernandez was reportedly wearing outside a night club. the documents also say three different calendars of ammunition were found in a bedroom night stand. ortiz told police on the night after the incident he and hernandez stopped by this apartment location. >> i love you, aaron. >> despite all of this, hernandez still has supporters including some women who are speaking out on twitter with tweets like aaron hernandez is too sexy to be in jail for life, and i don't care what aaron hernandez did, he is still sexy. >> the reason women may be tweeting that essex i, is many of them are going to be attracted to the bad boy image that this makes him more macho and so women fantasize that he
10:34 am
isn't capable of a murder, for example, because he is so handsome. and unfortunately looks are deceiving. >> hernandez is still being held without bail at the bristol county, massachusetts, jail on first degree murder charges. a mistake in the desperate search for nsa leaker edward snowden may have enraged an entire nation if not an entire region of the world. details on that next. i am lieutenant colonel eric s lf oughfy. i want to say happy fourth of july to my family in forth campbell and kim and my two daughters, sara and rachel and a shout out to my family back in pennsylvania. okay. love you all. miss you. bye-bye.
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the fourth of july means fireworks but some military families will be missing out this year. that's because of the across the board cuts known as the sequester. it cut off fireworks displays at the military bases across the country. they represent only a tiny fraction of the defense budget. offers of donations have been pouring in from people upset over those cuts, but donations cannot be ear morked for specific events.
10:38 am
the bolivian president is back in his home country and condemning the u.s. after his jet was held up in europe over suspicion that edward snowden was on board. matthew chance has the story. >> on the streets of bolivia's capital, there is outrage at western treatments of morales, the popular socialist president. the bolivian media quick to blame his imperialist enemy. pressure from the united states reads this headline forces european countries to threaten the president's life. bolivians see the refusal to allow the presidential plane to enter key european air space as a national insult. >> translator: we came very early to offer up the newspapers and the day's news. the news about the president seems like a very bad incident. that country's discriminate, that cannot happen.
10:39 am
they need to ask president morales for forgiveness. >> he had been traveling home from an energy sum knit in moscow when according to bolivian officials france and portugal refused to allow the presidential plane to cross the air space. the aircraft eventually landed in vienna where president morales expressed his concern. >> translator: there has been no explanation as to why i was not allowed to fly over france, portugal, italy, and later spain, too, because we had permission to land in the ka nary islands. >> later they accused the united states of spreading a rumor that edward snowden was on board. just hours before president morales, the told russian television he was consider an asylum request by the fugitive u.s. security analyst. reaction to the incident across south america has been swift. in ecuador the country's foreign minister called it a huge offense against the bolivian leader and the entire region.
10:40 am
in statements the union of south american nations unasor condemned the dangerous act taken by france and portugal and the spread of malicious information that former cia agent edward snowden was traveling on this plane. among nations here in south america some fiercely oppose the u.s. foreign policy. this latest incident is being seen as an unprecedented insult. bolivia called it an act of aggression and venezuela's president says it was disproportionate and unacceptable. the request of ecuador's president, a regional summit will convene to discuss a common response. already there is broad sympathy in the region for edward snowden, bolivia along with venezuela and ecuador, is seen as the countries most likely to grant him asylum and now the treatments of this south american president may toughen their resolve.
10:41 am
matthew chance, cnn, ecuador. the dad says it is just a misunderstanding. prosecutors say it was terrorism. a teenaged boy could spend now ten years behind bars for a comment he posted on facebook. that's next. i am nolan price from afghanistan here to tell you all back at home in georgia that happy fourth of july. i miss you all. i love you all. see you all soon. i have low testosterone. there, i said it. see, i knew testosterone could affect sex drive,
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of treated men had their t levels restored to normal. talk to your doctor about all your symptoms. get the blood tests. change your number. turn it up. androgel 1.62%. an update on justin carter, the 19-year-old from texas who is in jail and could be there for many years. he posted a comment on facebook he says was a yoke and it got him arrested on a terrorism charge. here is miguel marquez speaking to justin carter's father. >> i just want my kid back. he is my best friend. i miss him so much. >> jack carter devastated that his teenaged son behind bars for
10:44 am
months facing up to ten years in prison. >> i just want to tell justin we love him and that everybody is here for him and that everything is going to be okay. we're going to -- this is going to be right. >> carter is now getting help, a new legal time taking the case for free. we spoke to attorney donald flannery just after meeting his client for the first time. >> he is distraught. he is confused. he is sad. this is somebody who has never been to jail before. >> justin carter arrested in february charged with making a terrorist threat, a felony. the alleged threat says his father came off he played the online multi player video game league of legends. in a facebook conversation the person he was chatting with called him f-ed up in the head and carter responded all right, i think i'm going to shoot up a kindergarten and watch the blood of the innocent rain down and eat the beating heart of one of them. >> they need to look at the
10:45 am
context of what's put online. if they would have, i think they would have seen that it was sarcasm. >> investigators say they found evidence carter was engaged in online bullying and made a threat to a woman, a random stranger, although several warrants turned up no evidence of an actual plot. while prosecutors had no comment on the case, carter says justin was offered a plea deal that would have put him in prison for eight years. >> this kid is just beaming with -- he is beaming with life. he is trying to, you know, and they took aall away from him. >> real consequences for a comment made in the virtual world. miguel marquez, cnn. >> perhaps are you ready to fire up that grill for the fourth of july barbecue. hot dogs, burgers, and soon, do you see something in there that could end up on someone's plate? i am not kidding. we're going to explain coming up next. >> my aname is cybelle
10:46 am
hernandez. i just want to say happy fourth of july to my daughter ja lease aand my sister and in texas and germany. i love you. "and one of the most efficient trucking networks," "with safe, experienced drivers." "we work directly with manufacturers," "eliminating costly markups," "and buy directly from local farmers in every region of the country." "when you see our low prices, remember the wheels turning behind the scenes, delivering for millions of americans, everyday. "dedication: that's the real walmart"
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you have to see to believe.
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the people of santa rose a new mexico, are waking up to a very white fourth of july, almost two feet of hail fell in the city, some the size of golf balls. looks pretty. it did do damage to roofs and to sky lights. thankfully no reports of injuries. and the winner in the coney island hot dog eating contest, amazing new record today, although it is kind of a little gross. joey chestnut from san hoe sajo managed to force down 69 hot dogs in ten minutes. it is his seventh straight victory. the annual contest has been teld on coney island since 1916. a new mexico company will be the first in the u.s. allowed to slaughter horses for export in seven years. animal welfare groups have filed lawsuits to over turn the approval. cat is joining me now. first of all, we're talking about horse meat.
10:50 am
it cannot be sold in the u.s. as food, however, right, strictly export. >> that's true. there is not going to be a sudden stampede of mk trigger burgers at any point in the near future. it might show up in china, france, russia and belgium and mexico are the main consumers of horse meat. >> okay. tell us about these horses. apparently they're very specific about the types of horses that end up in slaughter houses like this. >> well, i think what a lot of people don't know is that in 2012 alone, 166,000 horses were exported from the u.s. to canada and mexico. so this provision wouldn't necessarily mean the death of any additional horses. mostly that it would be done in the country where there are more regulations on how they're actually slaughtered. these aren't horses that are necessarily having -- in the best circumstances as it is. they're mostly -- it's really expensive to feed a horse. they're, you know, from farms
10:51 am
where they just don't have enough to feed them. they're old. they're tired. some people -- yeah -- >> talking about poor horse. i mean, you know. if you happen to be somewhere where they can't afford your upkeep, you're going to end up in a slaughter house? >> yeah. it's pretty terrible. people are actually looking to use this provision to cut down on the wild horse population that is considered an invasive species in parts of the west. >> okay. so, now, horses being allowed for consumption in the u.s. is there some movement to try to make that happen? or is there even a discussion taking place involving that notion? >> there really is. a and it's really an emotional argument for a lot of people. we think of horses as these tremendous, heroic pets. mighty steed. but the reality is that out west, there is -- there are a lot of, you know, wild horses that are considered to be pests that are a strain on the
10:52 am
environment. and some people are advocating that allowing the slaughter and selling of their meat would actually cut down on the hunger problem in the u.s. >> oh, wow. all right. that's a tough argument. because we are talking about very compassionate, graceful animals. really hits close to home for a lot of people. have a hard time seeing that they would then be part of the food chain. >> it's complicated. >> it is complicated. kat kinsman, good to see you. have a happy fourth. some doctors coming to the u.s. don't get jobs as doctors. instead they work fast food or manual labor. why? we'll explain, next. >> i'm major casey jaemgs minor from manhattan beach, california, currently te employemplo deployed to afghanistan happy fourth of july i'll be home soon. we're talking with lisa about the walmart low price guarantee. that's your receipt from another store? yup! let's put it to the test. ok. nothing says all american like... bbq sauce! yes!
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10:55 am
a medical doctor, then suddenly becoming a maid or house painter. this is the reality for many immigrant doctors who come to the u.s. and aren't able to get their medical licenses. doctors at ucla created a program to help immigrant physicians get licensed in the u.s. in hopes of addressing a major shortage of primary care doctors. >> we always wondered given there are so many international medical graduates working in the country, where are the people from latin america? we stumbled upon them working in menial jobs. >> this is a woman that works at mcdonald's in colorado. >> reporter: ucla's dr. patrick dowing and michelle bulot are on the hunt for latino immigrant doctors. >> she was in university of family medicine. >> reporter: why? potentially as a solution to america's primary care doctor shortage. dowelling says there are a few thousand latino immigrant doctors living in southern
10:56 am
california alone. but they aren't practicing medicine anymore. instead of treating patients, many spend years cleaning houses, working on construction sites, and in fast food chains. >> often they work in their own country for ten years and then come here. they're not licensed. then they see the process. so they have to get a job to support themselves. >> reporter: jose chavez was a doctor in el value salvador wit than eight years in medical training when he moved to the united states in 2005. >> i'm going to call this patient. let her know we're going to refill her medication. is that okay? >> reporter: prior to last year he wasn't working in this u.s. hospital. or any hospital. instead -- >> i would do anything you asked me to as long as it's legal. and you pay me for it. i was helping, you know, cleaning houses, painting. doing flooring. >> reporter: for years, he juggled odd jobs during the day
10:57 am
with studying for the u.s. medical boards at night. >> it requires that you study at least ten hours a day. imagine you're working eight to ten hours a day and then try to study eight to ten hours at night. it's really impossible. >> all residents are required to submit a personal statement. >> reporter: it's a costly, time consuming process that most latino immigrants aren't prepared for. >> one of the things i want to help you avoid is to help you -- >> reporter: ucla's img program helps fast track these doctors to practice medicine again. >> hi, everybody. >> reporter: it provides a stipend as well as medical board prep classes and mentoring by ucla physicians. >> when i got accepted i was able to stop construction and focus on my exam. that gave me the opportunity to take the test. six months after joining the ucla program. >> reporter: they've helped 66 latino immigrant doctors including chavez pass the u.s. medical boards and then get placed into residency programs in southern california. there's a desperate need there.
10:58 am
in riverside county, there's just one m.d. for every 9,000 people. but now dr. chavez gets to be one of their physicians. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. >> under the watch of hundreds of police officers and more than 2,000 cameras, runners and wheelchair racer competed in the peach tree road race today in atlanta. participants wore yellow and blue to honor the victims of the boston bombings. a moment of silence took place before the race actually started. the peach tree road race, by the way, is one of the biggest races in the country. and today there were about 60,000 runners. congrats to them. all right. look at this. gorgeous fourth of july scene out of san francisco. the world famous coit tower is lit up in red, white and blue to celebrate independence day. the 210 foot high tower is one
10:59 am
of san francisco's most famous fireworks viewing spots. in this hour with a couple of special tributes to america's independence. first, a reading of the declaration of independence at the national archives. >> we hold these truths to be self-evident. that all men are created equal. and that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalinable rights. among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the -- by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars
11:00 am
through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? ♪ ♪ and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave? ♪