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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  July 8, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> okay. done. hey. we have a problem with chocolate, i tell you that. >> get him in the coffee business. oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> pilot in training. new information about what may have caused the jet liner to crash at san francisco airport. new details about the man flying the plane. train derailed. a town that looks like a war town. several dead and others missing when a train explodes in canada. a neighborhood rocked when a home suddenly explodes. good morning and welcome to
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a very start on "early start." >> it is monday, july 8th. it is 4:00 a.m. in the east. there's so much news, so much going on. we are starting extra early on this "early start." >> all right. let's start with the har i havic crash in san francisco. we are finding out more this morning about the man who was at the controls of flight 214 when it went down saturday killing two, injuring more than 180. the pilot did not have much experience flying a boeing 777 and never landed one at this airport before. he had landed there before in other planes several times. so many questions about what went wrong and how the flight turned tragic. miguel is live at the san francisco airport for us. miguel? >> reporter: good morning. we have lots of questions. we are getting some answers from amateur video that cnn obtained
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exclusively of the crash. we are learning about who was at the helm of the plane. this individual flew a 777 nine times his entire life. authorities are looking at why it came in so steep and so slow. >> oh my god. >> reporter: this morning, a stunning revelation. asiana airlines says at the controls was a co-pilot with 43 hours experience in a 777 and never landed a 777 at san francisco before. he was a veteran pilot with 10,000 hours of flight time -- >> oh, lord have mercy -- >> reporter: this was considered a training flight. it pin wheeled at one point, almost fully vertical and erupting into a cloud of smoke and dust. >> i was watching it come in.
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my initial thought was it was trying to land. >> it increased speed seven seconds before impact. at four seconds, the shake stick device jolted violently a warning the massive jet was going too slowly, stalling. >> i looked out through the window and i knew we were too low. >> reporter: before slamming into the seawall, the pilot called to abort the landing. >> there is no discussion of any aircraft anomalies or concerns -- >> reporter: these new photos show seats crushed and jumbled together, amazing so many survived. >> ash everywhere. >> reporter: some passengers thrown from the plane suffering road rash from skidding along the runway. >> flames were coming off the plane. >> the parents of two girls
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killed in the crash grief stricken, their daughters headed for summer camp in california. more than a dozen hospitalized, some paralyzed. so few injuries and deaths. >> it is nothing short of a miracle. 123 people walked away from this. >> reporter: a miracle prompting many questions. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> reporter: to add to the tragedy out here, the coroner saying that one of those young women who died in this plane crash may have been struck by an emergency vehicle. it is not clear whether or not they were already dead when the vehicle struck them. the mayor saying it was very, very chaotic out there. a very, very chaotic and tragic scene. >> further tragedy on top of the situation. there's a lot the investigators
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are looking at. the plane, how it's functioning and the pilot, the experience he had. how much do you think this is going to play and if there was pilot error, how much is that going to play in this? >> reporter: that was certainly asked or the ntsb. we hope to get more today. that's where it is clear what we are looking at. they are saying you can't go there, yet. instruments are at play and other things going on that we are not aware of yet. they are analyzing all the data from the flight data recorder and voice data recorder to see what happened on the flight. they will co-late it against a broad information to come up with the best answer possible. >> more details to come. miguel, thanks so much for that. new this morning, a different deadly plane crash to tell you about. this one in alaska.
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a pilot and nine passengers killed when their plane went down south of anchorage. it happened sunday. the plane was taking off at the time. it burst into flames as was fully engulfed. breaking news from egypt where health officials say at least 34 people killed and more than 300 wounded in cairo where president morsi is said to be held. they lobbed tear gas at them and began shooting. the military says it was the result of terrorists attempting to raid the building. they arrested 200 heavily armed attackers. another big story this morning, a run away train disaster in canada. the country's prime minister says a small canadian town looks like a war zone. five people dead and 40 unaccounted for after a train
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loaded with crude all derailed, crashed and exploded into flames. they expect the death toll to climb. paula is joining us. what is the latest? >> caller: it's hard to fathom what they have been through. there was no mistake, an inferno so intense it incinerated everything in its path. the train carrying 72 tankers went careening into the town, derailed with unimaginable consequences. earth shaking explosions followed. the fire burning for a full 36 hours. the devastation was apock liptic. sons and daughters never made it
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home, friends and families that vanished. some were likely vaporized by the sheer intensity of the blaze. >> of course, we are working hand in hand with the coroners office and with the victim unit back to talk with the families. all the bodies were transported to the montreal forensics. >> reporter: the fire consumed the heart of this town in every way, waiting for word from the missing has been excruciating. >> we are numb. we are just numb. >> reporter: canada's prime minister toured and saw the grim new that is is to come. >> there's going to be waves of emotion over the next few weeks as the extent of this becomes increasingly obvious. >> caller: the main atlantic
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line is a u.s. owned rail company. they are speculate thag what happened, john, the air brakes failed, there was no power to the locomotive, the brakes failed and the train went careening for miles until it ended up in this town. itis shocking. there is no other word for what happened here. when people were trying to enjoy a summers night, the tankers exploded a few hundred feet from where they are. >> the pictures are phenomenal. thanks to you paula newton in canada. no details this morning about what led to someone being air lifted to the hospital in boston.
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she's in critical but stable condition. the wife of john kerry became ill at the family's fay indication home in nantucket. defense workers forced to take one day off a week through september. this is a result of the spending cuts called the sequester. it's for people that handle repairs, not active duty service members. it's expected to save $200 billion. the military is warning it will slow the ability to respond to crises around the world. a privacy rights group taking a step to shut down the national security agencies spying program. "the new york times" reporting the information center plans to file an emergency petition with the supreme court today. they are asking them to stop the nsa surveillance that collects phone records of millions of
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americans. castro willing to give asylum to snowden. it's their right to grant asylum to anyone being persecuted. he did not indicate if he could fly through his nation on the way to venezuela who offered him refuge. they call the offer snowdens last chance. for now, he's believed to be at the moscow airport where he has been for two weeks now. forecasters keeping an eye on a tropical storm. it's affecting barbados. >> do you have an exgirlfriend named chantel? >> no. tell us more about chantel? >> it is way out in the atlantic. it's a 40-mile-per-hour storm. we are expecting a busy hurricane season. every storm moving into the
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caribbean with a chance of hitting the u.s. if it's out here turning to the right, we call them gutter balls. we'll catch it through the week. a lot of people are not where they want to be this morning because planes didn't get where they were supposed to get last night. if you were at the airport, the planes are doing well. last night, so many storms across the northeast things slowed down almost to a stop. chicago, a slight slowdown as storms approach you. new york city, 92 yesterday, 87 today. it will feel like a picnic. it was hot in the city, for sure. hot in all the cities yesterday. rain is coming to the northeast, again. the pattern is changing. it is stormy across the north, not the south. it will shut off rain across the south. >> massive cool down to 87 degrees. >> what a relief. it is that time of year, again. the annual running of the bulls
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in spain. where really, really smart people take to the streets. thousands of them. look at that. all members of metsa. >> that's most amazing, nobody was gored. >> tlsz still time. four people treated for injuries. the festival is on for eight more days. every year, someone does end up seriously hurt. >> the poor mothers and wives of these young folk. >> it's good to know you have a fashion statement decision on that. i understand that's important. if they didn't have the red scarf, you would be okay with it? >> more okay. coming up, more on the trayvon martin murder trial. mothers of the victim and the defendant take the stand with two different stories. a michigan home explodes. the whole thing caught on
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the george zimmerman trial enters its third week with the
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defense making their case for the former neighborhood volunteer. friday brought family members to the stand to try to explain a critical piece of evidence. >> i have had -- >> reporter: a rare moment of emotion from george zimmerman in the courtroom as this week's testimony could see more family on the stand to testify on his behalf. friday, zimmerman was visibly affected listening to his uncle explain the screams for help. >> i said that is george. i stood up, i looked at the tv. >> also, zimmerman's mother. >> do you know whose voice that was screaming in the background? >> yes, sir. >> who's voice was that? >> my son, george. >> are you certain of that? >> because he's my son. >> reporter: it was a day of dualing testimony between mothers. gladys zimmerman testified after
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sabrina told. >> the screaming and yelling, do you recognize that? >> yes. >> and who do you recognize that to be, ma'am? >> trayvon benjamin martin. >> reporter: his older brother also testified the screams were his brother. in cross-examination, fulton was put on the spot for once telling a reporter he wasn't sure. later concluded it was trayvon martin. >> for most of day nine, they listened to the medical examiner who did the autopsy on martin. >> i believe he was alive for one to ten minutes after he was shot. >> reporter: when challenged by the defense, he admitted he only recently reached that opinion, just three weeks earlier, he thought martin was alive one to three minutes after the shooting. they pointed out how the team
1:19 am
may have mishandled or damaged evidence. when asked to recall specifics there was this? >> i do not have any recall. i do not have any memory of the day of autopsy. >> attorney mark o'mara asked the judge to acquit the client after the state rested arguing prosecutors did not prove second degree murder. the judge denied it putting defense on deck as the trial moves into week three. george howell, cnn, sanford, florida. >> dramatic pictures to show you from the detroit suburbs this morning. that is a house exploding and these neighbors heard it all happen. >> i heard a serious loud boom. loud. they said get out, get out, you have to go. >> it blew up. the house literally blew up and the back of it was down. then we seen the guy come out.
1:20 am
his pants were blew off him. it was horrible. >> apparently he drove himself to the hospital. the explosion was caused by a natural gas leak. terrifying moments. friday was a win on wall street. what will today bring? we will check your markets. the very first check of the markets on this very early, "early start."
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ahh, look at that. looks like nighttime in new york city or at least very early morning. it is very early morning.
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>> thought it was the city that doesn't sleep. >> they are sort of napping at this hour. >> good morning on "early start." it is money time. poppy harlow is here with all the business news. >> no sleep for me, frankly, just got off a plane a few hours ago. a lot of interesting news as we open this week. a very good jobs report on friday. the major u.s. averages closing 1% higher on friday. it's how investors kick off the week. the tech heavy nasdaq was up. the s&p 1.6% and a stronger than expected jobs report on friday, gave a boost to investor confidence. that always matters. meantime, shares of asiana airlines tumbled following the crash landing in san francisco over the weekend. in seoul this morning, that
1:25 am
stock dropping 10% at the open. it's gained a little bit of ground since but it's still down 6%. we have so much more to find out about what caused the crash. we will be watching it closely. two people killed. 182 injured after the boeing 777 operated by asiana crashed on the run way. interestingly, though, boeing shares have not been affected by this, the maker of the airline. also, it's going to be a big earnings week on wall street. we are going to kick things off after alcoa. they will report their numbers. at the end of the week, friday, we hear from the big banks, jpmorgan chase, wells fargo. investors are going to look at the quality of the earnings, giving mixed signals on the economy. people want to know how companies are doing after hints from the feds they may be
1:26 am
pulling back stimulus that has been boosting this economy. so, big stories on wall street. good jobs report but a lot of questions this week. >> big stories worth flying all night to be here. >> obviously. would never miss it. >> your dedication is awesome. 26 minutes after the hour. coming up, breaking news overnight. violent rallies in egypt, dozens dead, hundreds wounded calling for the newly instated president to step down. it's chaos there. we are going live when we come back. hd "
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but for all these symptoms, you also take kaopectate. new kaopectate caplets -- soothing relief for all those symptoms. kaopectate. one and done. moment of impact, a close up look at what happened the moment a korean jet liner crashed in san francisco. >> oh, my god. >> chaos in egypt. deadly protests, hundreds of arrests and calls for the new president to step down. >> forget vegas, the newest game in gambling is in buckingham palace. the world waking on will and kate's baby. place your bets, folks, we are live. >> welcome back to this special edition of "early start." i'm john berman. >> 30 minutes past the hour. >> the latest on the crash of asiana airlines flight 214. this was coming in for a landing
1:31 am
when something went terribly wrong. the plane slammed into the runway, killing two and injuring 180. new this morning, more details, new details on the man flying the plane. the pilot had only 43 hours of experience flying the boeing 777. this was his first landing in the plane at san francisco nation airport. he landed other jets at the airport before. the crew tried to abort it seconds before the crash. there may not have been enough time. renee tells us one big question is was that 777 coming in too low and too slow? listen. >> reporter: air traffic control clears asiana airlines for landing at a speed of 237 knots. then the first sign of trouble on the voice recorder. >> a call from one of the crew
1:32 am
members to increase speed was made approximately seven seconds prior to impact. >> reporter: inexplicitly, the plane is approaching too slowly. >> the speed was significantly below 137 knots and we are not talking about a few knots. >> reporter: seconds later, the pilot's controls shake, warning the plane is about to fall out of the sky. >> the sound of the stick shaker occurs approximately four seconds prior to impact. >> reporter: then, just before slamming into the seawall -- >> a call to initiate a go around occurred 1.5 seconds before impact. >> oh, my god. oh, it's an accident. >> reporter: the attempt to abort the landing impossibly late. it careens down the runway and bursts into flames.
1:33 am
>> emergency vehicles are responding. everyone is on their way. >> renee marsh, cnn, washington. >> what is amazing is that almost everyone on board lived. these pictures show just how quickly many of them were able to get away from the jet as it burst into flames. more than 180 others were hurt, some critically. the two who died were 16-year-old girls from china on their way to a church summer camp. authorities are looking into whether one of them was hit by a first responder vehicle on the runway and may not have been killed in the crash. >> we are hearing voices from some of the survivors now. among them, eugene raw. he made the flight several times and he worried as they were coming in for the landing. >> i looked out through the window and i knew something was wrong. it's because, you know, we were
1:34 am
too low. at one point, i kind of, you know, felt this is not right. it's because i see water right there. right there, right outside the window. i should not. i knew. i knew it was going to happen. so, i tried to hold on to whatever i could. i was like bang. the impact was so powerful. >> when you fly a lot, you can tell when something is different. >> sure. >> he helped others and walked away with cuts and bruises. despite flying so many times, he's nervous to hear a plane flying overhead. another plane crash in alaska that left ten people dead. it went down 150 miles south of anchora anchorage. the pilot and nine passengers were killed. investigators are looking into the cause. dozens of people in a small
1:35 am
canadian town are still missing after a run away train disaster. it was hauling 70 tanker cars full of crude oil. it derailed and exploded over the weekend. five people were killed in quebec province, near the border. an engine shutdown may have caused the train's air brakes to release. the town looks like a war zone. you can see it for yourself there. the death toll could rise there dramatically. >> i know there's going to be waves of emotion over the next few weeks as the extent of this and this is a very big disaster in human terms, as the extent of this becomes increasingly obvious. >> more than a third of the town's 6,000 residents were evacuated. deadly protests outside the republican guard headquarters
1:36 am
where mohamed morsi is said to be held. we are monitoring developments in cairo. reza. >> reporter: just an awful, awful morning here in cairo. a lot of people were anxious to see which direction this would go. we are going in a very ugly direction. as you mentioned, at least 42 people killed, more than 300 injured in clashes before the ousted president morsi and security forces. it took place arnds 4:00 a.m., six and a half hours ago. this is where we believe, and there are reports mr. morsi is being held in custody. there are reports some of the victims were women and children. we are working to verify that claim. there's conflicting reports of who started the clash. the armed forces saying it was an armed terrorist group. the protesters are saying no,
1:37 am
security forces fired first. they fired during morning prayers or shortly there after. it's critical to point out, we have not verified all the claims, we are working to do that. an aftermath bloody and chaotic. video from the scene shows many fatalities placed on the ground covered with blankets. this is the single most deadliest incident we have seen after president morsi was ousted on wednesday. we are seeing the repercussions. the ultraconservative islamist party, a critical part to get this going pulled out of the coalition in protest of this mornings deadly incident. >> we understand there's voices calling for the oust of adly mansour. what are military leaders saying?
1:38 am
it seems as if they have lost control. >> reporter: well, it would seem to appear that way today. they are saying this was an attack launched by armed terrorist groups. what you have here is a fresh element of uncertainty injected into the conflict. a lot of people, among the opposition managed to oust mr. morsi were hopeful it would be a smooth transition into another government, a new government. this is a clear signal there are a lot of people that are not happy and elements to escalate the matter. >> va careious time for sure. thank you for that report. a man is back in jordan facing terrorist charges. he's held in a high security prison. several prominent terrorists including shoe bomber reid turned to him for advice and his
1:39 am
writings were consulted by some of the 9/11 hijackers. he claims he's innocent. >> the new leader of the syrian opposition is hoping a new influx of weapons from saudi arabia will turn things around. the country is in a humanitarian crisis and they need advanced weapons to hit back to the military. they won't take part in a peace conference unless they have more success in fighting the assad regime. >> it has been a month since former south african president nelson mandela entered the hospital. he's on life support with his wife by his side. mandela is still said to be in critical, but stable condition. a final farewell to 19 elite firefighters who died battling the yarnell hill fire in arizona. their remains are back in
1:40 am
prescott, arizona where they will be laid to rest. they were honored in a beautiful procession of 19 white cars. thousands of people paying tribute as they traveled more than 100 miles beginning in phoenix passing through yarnell and ending in prescott. parts of west virginia cleaning up after a severe storm blew through. heavy rain and high winds many had their yard filled with debris. a lot of severe storms overnight. kind of a mess. chad myers has the details. >> hot, humid, you get big storms, especially in the afternoon. that's what you want to think about if you are trying to fly in the summer. try to get a noon flight, a 1:00 flight. if you are on a 5:00, 6:00 or 7:00, you may not make it to your destination like thousands.
1:41 am
some of those storms caused flooding. some storms knocked down trees and power lines. a line of storms coming through chicago may delay flights. we are talking 3:40 in the morning in chicago. not that many flights, yet. as flights get going today, you may have a couple delays in chicago. a big pattern change for us. last week a dip in the jet stream. it was beautiful in the central plains. hot here, hot here. that all changes. now everybody gets hot. the jet goes to the north and it's summer everywhere. eventually it changes back. we get a couple cooldowns. it's going to be a hot couple days. not as hot in some spots as it's been. d.c., you are going to be 89 today. itis better than you have been all weekend long. atlanta, 86. atlanta, saturday, felt 25 degrees warmer than boston because it rained all day. boston, you are in the thick of it. a high of 78 with a couple showers. that's good.
1:42 am
>> will this go in the record books as one of the most extreme summers we have had? >> it was hot in the west. hot, cool, hot. if you add them up, probably normal. >> all right. chad, thanks so much. >> appreciate it. a 2-year-old alabama boy home from the hospital this morning and by all accounts, he is lucky to be alive. he was saved from drowning in his backyard pool by who? his quick-thinking 8-year-old brother who grabbed him after he went under the water. >> i thought to pull him up and yell for help because i don't want anything to happen to my little brother. >> it can happen in a split second. you can be there. they can slip into the pool. >> the parents returned the pool to the store. they plan to buy them a play set instead. >> glad they are okay. political comeback. normer governor eliot spitzer has his eye on a new political
1:43 am
office. the world is watching and waiting for will and kate's baby to arrive. is it going to be a boy or girl? what do you think? >> one or the other. >> 50/50. do they have a name picked out? place your bets.
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welcome back. could it be redemption for a
1:47 am
politician that lost his job due to a prostitution scandal? he resigned in 2008 after admitting atronizing prostitu s prostitutes. he says he is the right person to help keep an eye on new york city's spending. he hopes voters will give him another chance. another cheney may run. the 46-year-old called republican incumbent to say she's thinking of challenging him in a primary for the senate seat in 2014. senator enzy has been there since 1996. >> we could find out if texas governor rick perry is going to announce whether he'll run for a fourth term as governor. if he bows out, it could be a
1:48 am
sign perry wants to run for president, again. he tried to win the republican nomination in 2012, but ended his run early in the race after disappointing finishes in iowa and new hampshire. can you feel the electricity? can you feel the excitement? we are days away from the exp t expected birth of the royal baby. the uk is a buzz with excitement. the u.s. is abuzz with excitement. the whole world is. what are the odds it will be a boy or girl? it's 100% it will be one or the other. what are the odds it will be half that. max is outside this morning. the bookmakers are going nuts. you can lay money down on just about anything. >> they are. i tell you, in this country, they bet on anything. joining me here, rory, what have you had so far? >> it's booming.
1:49 am
itis the biggest novelty. 300,000 pounds, half a million dollars. >> same for you? >> yes. the 16th or 17th of july. she could pop any day soon. >> the other big one is the name or the sex, rather. i know both of you think it will be a girl. in terms of names, mainly girl names, right? >> girls names are leading. charlotte is has a lot of money. 4-1. >> okay. >> it's just ahead of alexandra. >> what is the relationship with alexandra? >> the money kept coming in. on saturday, we had to suspend betting on victoria. that many bets, 300, 400. she's going to give birth any day soon. enough is enough.
1:50 am
>> how appropriate. you got victoria behind you as well. very popular throughout the royal family. quirky bets as well. what is one of the weirder ones. >> the people are betting on anything. which magazine will have the first exclusive pictures. who is going to be holding the baby outside the hospital? >> who is going to be? >> we think william. >> do you agree? >> absolutely. >> you have hair color as well. you said brown. what's obvious. what's this about ginger. 51 to 71 here in the uk -- maybe harry. we'll see. >> you are going on the finances. in terms of developments, when she's in the hospital, the money is going to come in, right? >> this is the latest installment of the windsors. boy or girl, gemini or cancer. we'll find out.
1:51 am
>> you are going to have a busy week. you have wimbledon as well. >> exactly. >> you are busy. no odds on john, i'm sure they are there somewhere. >> they decline after hearing this. it's astounding. great to see you. this is fun stuff. speaking of wimbledon, what a day. it hasn't happened in more than seven decades. the man's title belongs to a player from the uk. we have that. >> reporter: it was a win that made history. after 77 years, britain finally has a wimbledon champion and national hero. >> right now, i'm extremely tired, mentally and physically. i'm relieved to have won that match. it's a crazy last game. i think when i get to take a step back, over the next couple days and sort of relax and think about what i did today, i'll
1:52 am
realize it was a big day in our sporting history. >> reporter: eight years to the day of the london terrorist attacks, july 7th holds new meaning for the british people. >> so exciting and you see the country celebrate and take ownership of such a great moment. >> so well. the previous -- when he was playing it was three sets to one. to win that is amazing. >> everyone was standing up and in tears as well. an emotional outpouring. us brits normally do well. it was incredible. >> reporter: watching from inside the royal box was david cameron who struggled to contain his emotion. >> every point was exciting. there were so many breaks and break backs. we were jumping out and shouting, hugging. it was incredibly emotional.
1:53 am
we have waited for that so long for a wimbledon champion. a score line no one would have predicted. perhaps nowhere was this felt more poignantly than in scotland, the small town where murray grew up. torn apart by shooting and sadness, today united in celebration and pride. >> you are so proud of them. he worked so hard. he deserves it. >> reporter: as the sunsets on the scene of this triumph, britains will continue to celebrate an historic win with special meaning. cnn, wimbledon. >> it was phenomenal. it was three hours long. >> you watched the entire thing? >> i love tennis. >> this was the one to watch.
1:54 am
>> congratulations to murray. another big winner coming up and a loser at the box office this weekend. we'll tell you who the loser was after the break. >> you are relishing the word loser today. >> loser. hd "
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all right. it's three minutes before the hour. taking a look at the top cnn trends on the web this morning. it may be the end of a celebrity chef's marriage. her husband tells a newspaper they are divorcing because they have grown apart.
1:58 am
she moved out weeks ago after pictures surfaced of a picture with his hand around her neck. he says he never abused her physically. he found out about the divorce the way many did, in the newspaper. amanda bynes is back in court after throwing a bong out of her apartment window. she was busted back in may when a worker said he saw her smoking in the lobby of a building. she threw the bong out the window. she denied the charges. nothing despicable about these members, "despicable me 2" took in $42 million. worldwide it earned $300 million. it's one of the best starts ever for an animated film. now the bad news.
1:59 am
chad myers spend $14 million to see it. "the lone ranger" $39 million a fraction of the $225 million it cost to make it. i'm going to see it because of johnny depp. >> head to "early start" continues right now. oh my god. >> pilot in training. new information about what may have caused the jet liner to crash at san francisco international airport. new details about the man flying the plane. train derailed. a town looks like a war zone. several dead, dozens more missing when a train explodes on the tracks in canada. we are live. up in smoke. a home suddenly exploding.
2:00 am
it is all caught on camera. >> good morning, everyone. happy monday. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> it is monday, july 8th. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. this is certainly a very big news day. we have a lot to get to. >> i want to get to the news out of san francisco. the deadly plane crash. new information about the man who was at the controls this morning. south korean officials say the pilot did not have much experience flying a boeing 777. he had never landed one at that airport before though he had been through there in other planes several times. two teenage girls from china died in the crash. more than 182 people injured. we are at the international airport this morning. good morning, miguel. >> reporter: good morning. in addition to what the ntsb is saying, we have exclusive video to cnn from the person who shot the plane crashing.


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