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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 14, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon, i'm jake tapper. welcome to this especially edition of "cnn newsroom." finally a verdict in george zimmerman's second degree murder trial. >> in the circuit court of the 18th judicial circuit in and for seminole county florida, state of florida versus george zimmerman. verdict, we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty, so say we all floor person. >> george zimmerman now a free man. that means no more gps monitor. he's free to leave seminole county. zimmerman's attorney say no matter where he lives, what career he pursues, george zimmerman will be a marked man. right after the verdict people from across the nation
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protested, most peacefully but many had the same message, the system is broken. justice for trayvon martin has not been served. >> for them to use the sidewalk as a weapon now, saying your kid can walk down the street now, not doing anything, just go to the store and somebody can get in a fight with them. a grown man can get in a fight with your kid. they can have a gun. now your defense is you picked up a sidewalk and beat this head in. that's not right. it's open season on all our kids now. it was a travesty of justice this time. i really believe we should change these laws. >> i think this was a mistake. i don't know if it was prosecution or if it was jury but it was a mistake. >> i don't blame every white person in seminole county for this. >> you seem angry?
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>> i'm not. the system didn't work for us. the system was broken initially. i think the system continues to be broken tonight is what i'm suggesting to you. >> but about that system, that system, there are those who say it's simple, the prosecution did not prove its case, did not prove second degree murder. the state needed to show george zimmerman had ill will, hatred, spite, evil intent against trayvon martin and clearly the jury agreed the prosecution did not make that connection. martin savidge live in san frrd, florida. how are officials moving forward in we heard some warnings about protests getting too rowdy from the sanford police department. what are they doing now. >> i think warnings put out by the sanford pd. the warning was demonstrations around the courthouse, there was a fear, a concern that the noise level would be heard by jurors
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while deliberating and somehow that could affect deliberation. there were warnings around the courthouse, no large hailers. can you speak, loudly but no amplification for that reason. i think the city is well aware there are a lot of people with strong emotions. these emotions will take time to play out. i spoke with the mayor. he said the demonstration areas they have had throughout this trial will remain open. the parks are open if they wished to peacefully express their feelings or gather in some way. the neighborhood will not close their doors and say we're not open. they realize it takes time to work through. they felt it was improperly blamed, they didn't do their job. the prosecution and defense said, no, the police department did their job. so this community is now trying to move forward from what
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everyone agrees is a tragedy, and it's one day at a time. >> the police department there, as you say, has been under fire. the former police chief was essentially fired. but what those who defend the police have been arguing is there wasn't enough to proceed with a prosecution that would result in conviction. that's what one of the detectives expressed when it came to murder two charges and what the chief of police says. did they feel any vindication with this verdict? not that they are happy about the result but it signifies their suspicions there wasn't enough evidence where proven correct? >> i think the person you really have to ask is chief bill lee. as you point out, he was fired. there was no doubt about it. he initially stepped down and eventually was decided by the city official he would be fired. and yet it appears that now he was fired without maybe
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justifiable cause, at least when you listen to what the defense and prosecution both said last night. i think this police department now has realized it had a community relations problem. there is no question about that. the perception, especially in the african-american community, there were problems. they have worked to try to rectify those problems. they still have a ways to go. they admit that. lessons are being learned. bill lee may be unfortunate collateral damage. we'll see. >> martin savidge, thank you very much. we don't know where george zimmerman will live or when he'll do, but one thing is for certain, the civil lawsuits will be coming. not just that but possible federal civil rights charges against zimmerman. there's a big debate that started not long after february 26th, 2012, the day he shot and killed trayvon martin. was this case about race? angela corey, the special prosecutor who charged zimmerman with second degree murder, she
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says, no, it was not. >> this case has never been about race, nor has it ever been about the right to bear arms. not in the sense of proving this as a criminal case. but trayvon martin was profiled. there was no doubt he was profiled to be a criminal. if race was one of the aspects in george zimmerman's mind, we believe we put out the proof necessary to show that zimmerman did profile trayvon martin. >> lets talk about race. i want to bring in columnist for "washington post" and jelani cobb, writer for new yorker, director of african-american studies in connecticut. i'll start with you. using the word "profiled" isn't there an obvious racial connotation with that word, even if it's not on it when they used it in court? >> absolutely. what happened here in the courtroom was the same thing in
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a broader society. we talk about race by not talking about it. we talk around it. so the very fact what angela curry said was that trayvon martin was profiled as a criminal, this was not about race. race was the reason, the central element of why he was profiled as a criminal. so even when the defense, mark o'mara said, kind of incredulous to hear him say, had his defendant been black, this never would have happened, they would have brought charges, which absolutely doesn't stand up. saying he was recognizing tacitly there's a racial element here. everyone knows that. >> cli want to play reaction fr the martin family attorney and get your reaction to it. >> the whole world was looking at this case for a reason. what people wanted to see, as we all said, how far we have come in america in matters of equal
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justice. certainly as we have said, we'd be intellectually dishonest if we don't recognize racial undertones in this case. we have to have responsible conversations about how we get better as a country and move forward from this tragedy and learn from it. >> clinton, do you think it's the racial component made it so that so many millions of americans were captivated by the case. >> 100%. when you use profiling and talk about race, the bottom line in most people's eyes, profiling is ill will. you talk about intellectual dishonesty and what we're doing about it, separating the two doesn't fly with most people in america. >> as a young african-american male, clinton, do you feel differently because of this verdict? >> i wouldn't say i feel differently. it's not exactly surprising.
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this is the reality you grow up. my mother sent me a text message this morning that said very plainly, be careful. i knew what that meant, she knew what it meant and millions across the country does. once a ruling is made, it's okay to profile. whether you kill up for debate. profiling along, not a problem. >> one of the other things, nagging persist enelements that happened in this case, criticism saying african-americans were only concerned in an instance where white person profiles and the death of african-americans but lots of other african-americans killed by other african-americans. i thought that was a disingenuous argument. the reason is this. race is what makes the question of this even being a crime. if this is another african-american, it's clear that this is a crime. a young unarmed person should
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not be gunned down for the offense of carrying skittles and iced tea home from the store. only when we inject race and identification and race nng country does it actually become a question whether or not a crime has been committed. when we look at this in terms of context, for the back story, this echos in the lived experience of african-americans, in the lived memory. it echoes back to the period of lynching, extra legal justice and so on. so this is confirmed by an entire slate of historical experience. this is not simply oh, about george zimmerman. this is about everything that happened prior to him. this is about, faulkner said, the past is not over, it's not even in the past. >> clinton, we have to take a break, i wan to get your final thoughts on the verdict and your reaction to it. >> i think when we live in a
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state of america somebody can stalk, accost and effectively kill someone without repercussions we need to re-evaluate what we're doing as a human race. >> all right. clinton and jelani, thank you for joining me. hopefully we'll talk to you more later this week as this continues. congregati congregations across the country, we'll take you to the church where trayvon martin's family usually worships. stay with us. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no... try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch. unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you. no, you can't. pretty sure we can... try snapshot today -- no pressure.
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are going to be people who aren't going to be happy with what's taking place. it's important for us for people to understand this. there's people and plans in place to make sure the city remains safe. should things occur we have the ability to respond to those things. you go into sanford, florida, it's business as usual. >> almost as usual. mr. zimmerman a free man, acquitted last night on all charges by a jury of six women. zimmerman's response to the verdict was subdued and silent. the interpret erupted in outrage, both outrage of those who ported a guilty verdict and those who supported a not guilty verdict and were angry at those who felt differently. what leaked onto the streets mirrored that emotion but mostly it was nonviolent thankfully. several peaceful and vocal
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marches popped up. many held signs asking for justice for trayvon saying no justice, no peace. pastors made last minute changes in their sermons taking into account the verdict. the church where trayvon martin's mother sybrina fulton normally attends? >> reporter: that's right. this is the miami neighborhood where trayvon grew up, lived, the park he attended not far from here. sybrina fulton and tracy martin often attended this church here today. there was some thought perhaps they might be here this morning for perhaps the 11:00 a.m. service. they did not come. the pastor, arthur jackson, did talk with sybrina today. this is part of the message that he got. >> they are very upset. they are very heart broken as you can imagine, as my parent would be, the senseless tragedy
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of losing a child. i applaud her. i commend her faith in god. she still trusts in god amid the trial. >> and in fact, the pastor, pastor jackson said sybrina asked him to convey that message to parishioners here this morning to continue to trust in god. while she was not here, there were some other members of the family that did attend. a cousin and aunt and uncle. as you might expect their feelings, they were hurt, sad, confused and they are devastated. >> we're just, everybody in prayers. trayvon, as sybrina said, could have your son, my baby, anyone in america's baerks just wa zam been walking to the store.
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>> everyone at this moment may be feeling burdened. they have to stand strong on their faith. they have to know god has it. no matter what he has it. we give it to him. we give our burdens to him. be strong and peaceful and stand together and hold one another up. >> just be peaceful. the verdict is in. conduct your self accordingly. my heart is heavy. i'm very proud of the trayvon martin movement. all tragedies are converted to a good and positive nature rainfall it's interesting, many members of the community here, that we talked with here at the church, expressed to us if you thought that this community was going to erupt in violence, as many people did in the wake of a verdict, then that in itself was stereotyping. they said that in itself is just wrong and this they are focusing
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their anger on changing laws, particularly here in florida. >> thank you so much. much of the nation is on the zimmerman trial and verdict there's much you need to know, including the sudden death of tv's popular star from "glee." we'll have the details in a moment. i can double check... my watch! [ male announcer ] it pays to double check, with state farm. is as much about getting there... ♪ it is being there. ♪
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a sudden and unexplained death in the world of pop culture, actor cory monteith of the hit show "glee" was found dead. he was only 31 years old. monteith was with the "glee" cast. two years ago he won teen choice for top actor in a comedy. among those in shock, "glee" director adam shankman. he talked to us this morning.
11:22 am
>> i had several interactions with him yesterday where he said to me he was feeling amazing and even said i'm feeling fantastic again. and you know, he was obviously referring to, you know, this year going to rehab. so i'm like everybody else really devastated and confused by what happened. >> monteith's body found in a vancouver, canada, hotel room. an autopsy will be performed monday. police have ruled out foul play. lets bring in hln's dr. drew pinsky. thanks for joining us. we don't know the cause of death. we do know the young man, actor, cory monteith struggled with addiction issues since he was at least 13 years old. we just heard the dplooe director refer to monteith's drug problems. what are your thoughts? >> jake, i think it's pretty apparent when somebody has a
11:23 am
chronic, potentially fatal illness, particularly when they die young, you have to think of addiction. whether or not we had any knowledge of addiction, addiction is one of the leading causes of death of young people. this is another reminder that addiction is a fatal, fatal disease. unfortunately we don't know too much about what happened here. also a reminder in the period after somebody has been treated, sometimes more dangerous intervals, they may have been on a substance for a long time, become col rant to it, clean up, take something that would be a nominal or smaller dose to them but since they are no longer tolerant it can be sufficient to kill them. >> one of the questions for those of us that don't traffic in the world of addiction, people like cory monteith who struggled with addiction, yet had so much going for him, so much money, so muchable and the means to try to combat this
11:24 am
addiction, do the riches, does that fame, does it make it easier or harder? do you have access to more ways to combat the illness or a bunch more enablers? >> it's a great question. it cuts both ways. the biggest problem i've had treating celebrities. they make a lot of money and they love their work and go back prematurely. if you look at robert downey and his success, it's because he left work and folked of on recovery for years before he contemplated coming back. only then did he come back under the supervision of his peers. yes, by the same token, he does have access to good treatment. lets be fair, treatment works but addiction is a fatal illness, a chronic fatal illness like so many others. we don't see insulin doesn't work because a diabetic is out of control, we say time to go back in for treatment.
11:25 am
the difficult part about addiction, keep that person engaged, keep that recovery as a priority in their life and keep everybody understanding if they don't do that their life is in danger. this is just a reminder of that, a sad, sad tragic reminder. >> so sad. dr. drew pinsky, thank you so much. >> appreciate it. a nightmare in canada keeps getting worse, five more bodies recovered from the scene of the train disaster in quebec, that raises the death toll to 33, more people missing. the 73-car plane derailed in the center of town and the tank cars exploded. another twist in the edward snowden saga, the journalist who broke the story of the nsa surveillance program leaker, told an argentinean leaker that snowden still has information that would be the united states's worst nightmare if released. he warned the u.s. government if anything were to happen to snowden, that information would
11:26 am
be immediately revealed. on friday he said he would ask russia for temporary asylum. russian officials have reportedly not yet received an asylum application. one person not talking today is george zimmerman. he stayed out of sight since leaving the courtroom last night. up next we'll hear from his brother who spoke with cnn just a few minutes ago. >> i dbefore i dosearch any projects on my home. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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. george zimmerman found not guilty by a court in sanford, florida. there's another court that could still hold him accountable. federal court. the head of the naacp said he was outraged by the verdict and told candy crowley he will urge the justice department to file a civil rights suit. says it was racial profiling by zimmerman that led to trayvon martin's death. >> make a choice about whether or not they will pursue criminal rights charges. we are calling on them to do just that. when you look at his comments and when lou at comments made by young bla young black men in that neighborhood, there's reason to believe race was a factor. there is a situation in this country black people, as black parents, partners raising black boys, black girls in this society, that it feels so off that our young people have to
11:30 am
fear the bad guys and the good guys. the robbers and the cops and the self-appointed community watch volunteer, they are keeping folks safer. we want to finally live in that country, that our kids say the country every day, say the pledge, one nation under god with liberty and justice for all, we yearn to be in that place. >> george zimmerman at the center of the missouri high-profile case. what's life like in a case not guilty of this magnitude. one question asked zimmerman's brother robert today. take a listen. >> whe is the last time you had a chance to speak with your brother and get a sense of where his head is now? >> we heard from george last night. he is adjusting. that's really the best way i can put it. i think he's been caged in. he's had these constraints with gps and having to show up to
11:31 am
court every day and having this weigh on him. freedom is kind of a new concept to him all over again, as bizarre as it sounds, he really is able to move about this country and do as he pleases for the first time in a long time. >> any idea of plan for him now? >> snow. i as his brother would like to see him heal, recenter himself. take some time to rest and relax. the stress has been incredible on him, on our family. i think it's important that he take some time for himself. he's been through a lot. i can't foresee any plans or meaningful engagement he'd have with society for a while because of the threats still going around and continue to. >> want to ask you about that. you have mentioned previous concern for your brother's safety and your family's safety and that continues as well. mark o'mara had even told cnn that george doesn't go out without wearing a disguise or body armor, something under his
11:32 am
clothing. what are the threats your family has been receiving? >> people take to social media, someone behind a computer screen but threats are vile, disgusting, sometimes in person like people wearing shirts with my brother's face on it in crosshairs or encouraging others to act out violently against him. i know you can't take every one of those seriously but you can't afford to be wrong about a threat either. you can be dead wrong if someone were intent on harming you. >> that's a portion of what robert zimmerman had to say. next hour we'll give you his reaction to naacp's bush to the justice department to file a civil rights case against his brother george and the issue of media bias. plus he'll tell us whether george zimmerman will use the gun he used to kill trayvon martin and we'll delve into the possible legal troubles zimmerman could face. stay with us. it starts with little things. tiny changes in the brain.
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the last acquittal in a high-profile case you might remember was casey anthony. she was found guilty of not daughter caylee.year-old - here is a life what it's been like since. cameras, still cameras, courthouses. she got slapped with several lawsuits after she was acquitted. we can expect the same for george zimmerman. trayvon martin's family could file against him, could be civil rights charges if the naacp gets its way. joining me former prosecutor beth harrison, attorney and prosecutor. lets start with what mark o'mara said last night when asked about possible civil lawsuits against his client. >> if someone believes it is appropriate to sue george zimmerman, we will seek and we will get immunity in a civil hearing. we'll see how many civil lawsuits are spawned from this
11:37 am
fiasco. >> so what can zimmerman do about these civil lawsuits that may be about to come his way. >> when mark o'mara said we will get immunity from civil lawsuits, sounds like he wants to invoke the stand your ground procedure which he did not do in a civil case. had a judge found what this jury found, then he would have been immune from civil prosecution and civil liability. by his word choice, sounds like maybe he feels like he can get a stand your ground hearing at this point and have a judge find i kind of agree with the jury here and immunity from civil liability. otherwise if he doesn't go that route he seems confident his client is absolutely innocent which means no civil liability. he's confident about that. >> faith, zimmerman is also suing. he filed a libel suit of nbc for editing his famous 911 call. how do you think the verdict
11:38 am
could impact? >> it could have an impact based on the fact he has now been ab solved of criminal liability. he can use that and go into court and argue, look at how the narrative and media exposure almost impacted the outcome of this case. that's the argument he's going to make, to see if he can succeed in that lawsuit. beth is right about this stand your ground immunity. if he wins a stand your ground hearing he's ab solved of civil liability and that's what mark omayor, a was alluding to last night. >> earlier this morning on cnn, state of the union, urged attorney general eric holder to file federal hate charges against zimmerman. he previously spoke about the bar needed for these type of charges in an interview last year. lets take a listen. >> federal hate crime we have to prove the highest standard in the law, something that was reckless, negligent does not meet that standard. we have to show there was
11:39 am
specific intent to do the crime with the requisite state of mind. >> beth, sounds like an even higher standard than the one the prosecution faced with this trial which the jury said they did not meet. can you give us a sense of how likely these charge will be to be filed. >> when lou at the statute, a fairly new statute, acted after james birders matthew shepard's death. he was a gay man left to die in wyoming. james byrd, a black man, tied to a vehicle and dragged to his death, disgusting case. that is what motivated this law. the question in those cases that the victims were picked out because of sexual orientation or race. that has to be proven here. people say, yes, he did racially profile trayvon martin, the justice department may feel he's got an explanation for why he did it. we may not be able to meet our burden. we'll see. they are looking into it.
11:40 am
i suspect they will conclude their investigation fairly quickly because they have had the case for a long time and they know, i'm sure they will follow the trial. >> faith, what do you think? do you think the justice department will seek these charges against zimmerman? it does seem like a higher bar based on what holder said a year ago? >> i actually don't think so. it's very different. the facts of the case, the racial profiling, yes, i think that actually happened based on what we heard on the tapes and the evidence prosecutors presented in court. that's very different from making a race-based -- committing a race-based crime. did george zimmerman kill trayvon martin in part because he's african-american. i don't think the facts support that. i don't think that actually happened. i do think he was racially profiled and trayvon's death could have been prevented had he not done that. to take it a step further and say it was a race-based crime, i don't think the justice will find that. >> it sounded as if holder was hypotheticaling at that, reckless, negligent, does not
11:41 am
meet the standard specific intent to do the crime with requisite state of mind. beth and faith, thank you so much. from trial highlights to verdict tune in tonight for ac 360 special not guilty, the george zimmerman trial. in a minute we'll turn our attention to today's other big news including texas governor rick perry explain why his state's restrictions on abortions are not an attack on women's health care. [ mortazavi ] i'm definitely a perfectionist. details are really important during four course. i want to make sure that everything is perfect. that's why i do what i do. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's just $14.99. start your feast with a choice of soup, then salad, plus biscuits! next, choose one of nine amazing entrees like new coconut and citrus grilled shrimp or linguini with shrimp and scallops. then finish with dessert. your four course seafood feast, just $14.99. [ mortazavi ] everything needs to be picture perfect. i'm reza, culinary manager. and i sea food differently.
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i'm reza, culinary manager.
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to get on their feet. mohammed elbaradei interim vice president for foreign relations. he was a vocal critic of morsi. morsi supporters are still out there staging mass protests. in the wake of last week's street violence, a state run news agency said prosecutors have frozen the assets of 14 people including several members of the muslim brotherhood. considering legal action against san francisco tv station and ntsb. the airline is upset for them using racially offensive names in a report about the pilots board 214 which made a crash landing in san francisco last weekend. the ntsb said the station called looking for information on the pilots, fake names for the pilot were confirmed by a summer
11:45 am
intern working at ntsb. it was not immediately clear who generated fake names but ntsb insisted it was not the intern. in texas governor rick perry has nothing but praise for the lawmakers who just passed his state's new restrictions on bori abortions. in an exclusive interview he replied to critics who say the restrictions will hurt women's health care. >> in the state of texas we put a substantial amount of money into women's health care programs over the course of the last two years partly because the obama administration pulled our funding to the state of texas because they disagreed with texas restrictions on these abortions. most people in this country believe six months is too late to be deciding whether or not these babies should be aborted or not. we put the limit at five months in this bill. >> as for the obligatory
11:46 am
question as to whether or not he'll run for president again, governor perry said he's focused on the final 18 months he has on his current job and not 2016. as we've been reporting a subdued sunday in churches across the country. what they are saying in the church where the reverend martin luther king once preached.
11:47 am
11:48 am
11:49 am
the zimmerman verdict has sparked emotional protests across the country. it started out the courthouse in sanford, florida. people demanded more protests and wept. quickly demonstrations spread coast-to-coast. listen to this rally in san francisco. >> justice for. >> trayvon martin.
11:50 am
>> justice for -- >> trayvon martin. >> people shouting for justice for trayvon martin. remaining mostly peaceful except one in oakland, california, where a police car was smashed. marched late into the night calling for more to join them. in chicago three carried a sign saying, we are trayvon, shouting not one more. an emotional moment as they sang quietly on the steps of the capital building in tallahassee. there are those who heard the verdict and expressed relief, even approval. there are those who felt shock, anger and frustration. there are those who shook their heads at what a tragedy it is. all types of people headed to pews to find answers. lets focus on those with disappointment. in atlanta where martin luther king, jr., once preached, nick, what was the mood there this morning?
11:51 am
>> reporter: it was a mood of disappointment. a lot of frustrated parishioners showing up this morning, more than 2,000 of them, the majority of which were supporters of trayvon martin. pastor warnock paid tribute. one of the most powerful moment of the service was when he called on all his parishioners 18 years old or younger to join him at the altar. dozens walked to the front of the church holding hands. he looked at thoem them and said sincerely, you are our future. the world needs your voice. we're counting on you. after the service i was fortunate enough to run into men visiting on a college mentoring program and i asked them what they thought about the george zimmerman verdict. >> who of you all in this group has ever been racially profiled or felt they were a victim of racial profiling.
11:52 am
so when you look at a story like trayvon martin and you see the rule, what do you guys think, being young black men? >> sometimes i be thinking i'm next, walking through my neighborhood. sometimes i don't -- not only do i be in my neighborhood, i be out at the landing and stuff like that, and there be a lot of people just looking at me. like even when i'm in business attire. i just think about all these cases and like i be trying not to do some things like turn my music up loud or anything like that. i just think and use that as like a tool to help me stay away from -- >> pastor added to his theme by saying this happened for one reason and one reason only
11:53 am
because black youth are treated as problems, not people. jake. >> thank you. the zimmerman verdict came down very late last night but not too late for the nays's headline writers. next a sampling from today's morning papers. [ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so.
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11:56 am
not guilty declared the traemp tribune and the new orleans sentinel. also zimmerman walks. zimmerman not guilty. no holds barred "new york post", tray-vestey." reaction to the street, this is everything you need to know. >> to prove the crime of manslaughter the state must prove two elements beyond a reasonable doubt. one, trayvon martin is dead. two, george zimmerman intentionally committed an act or acts that caused the death of trayvon martin. goenlgz cannot be guilty of manslaughter or committing a merely negligent act or if the killing was either justifiable or excusable homicide. >> technically could be a debate going on between manslaughter and second degree, could be a debate between manslaughter and acquittal. >> in the circuit court of the 18th judicial circuit in and for
11:57 am
seminole county, florida, state of florida versus george zimmerman. verdict, we, the jury, find george zimmerman not guilty. >> completely shocked. utter shock. i cannot believe he was not found guilty. >> obviously we are ecstatic with the results. george zimmerman was never guilty of anything except protecting himself in self-defense. i'm glad the jury saw it that way. >> i am gratified by the jury's verdict as happy as i am for george zimmerman. i'm thrilled that this jury kept this tragedy from becoming a travesty. for that we are eternally grateful. >> i am disappointed as we are with the verdict but we accept it. we live in a great country that has a great criminal justice system. it is not perfect but it's the best in the world. we respect the jury's verdict.
11:58 am
>> to the living we owe respect. to the dead we owe the truth. we have been respectful to the living. we have done our best to assure due process to all involved. we believe that we brought out the truth on behalf of trayvon martin. >> i really can't put into words how relieved we are as a family. that's what my father said. having said that, i don't think it's a time for high-fiving. i've acknowledged, we all have acknowledged mr. martin, trayvon martin lost his life. it was not an act of murder. it was not an act of manslaughter. the jury has spoken. our judicial system has spoken. but that does not diminish the tragedy. death is tragic in any circumstance. >> and this just in, president obama has issued a statement about the verdict in the trayvon martin case. i'll read it to you in its entirety. the death of trayvon martin was
11:59 am
a tragedy, not just for his family or any one community but america. i know this case elicited strong passions. in the wake. verdict i know those passions may be running even higher. but we are a nation of laws and a jury has spoken. i now ask every american to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son. and as we do, we should ask ourselves if we're doing all we can to widen the circle of compassion and understanding in our own communities. we should ask ourselves if we're doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis. we should ask ourselves as individuals and as a society how we can prevent future tragedies like this. as citizens, that's a job for all of us. that's the way to honor trayvon martin. a statement from president obama issued just moments ago read in its entirety commenting on the verdict in the trayvon martin trial.
12:00 pm
hello, i'm jake tapper in washington, d.c. welcome to this special edition of "cnn newsroom." the not guilty verdict definitely does not mean zimmerman is in the clear. martin savidge is live in sanford, florida. martin. >> jake, there are a lot of things that still need to be resolved in this particular case, even though we've had a rendering of not guilty. for instance, civil suits are likely. not likely, you can guarantee they will be coming. mark o'mara, the defense attorney understands that. they will be ready and prepared. on top of that the perjury charge placed against shellie zimmerman for apparently lying under oath, that needs to be resolved. then there's the question whether the prosecution make how acted improperly during the trial and did not hand over all the discovery. the defense is asking for sanctions there. then on top of that, of course, is the issue of civil rights and whether the