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tv   New Day  CNN  July 22, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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the moment has arrived. the moment so many have been waiting for, us included. let's take a look at some live pictures of st. mary's hospital in london. duchess of cambridge or kate as so many call her affectionately is inside at this very moment in labor, in the early stages of labor. the royal baby announcement could come at any moment. >> we are all over it. we have a team of reporters, royal watchers, all here to walk us through these key moments. when, how, what we find out about the birth. there are all these procedures and processes and guessing. it's going to be great. what is prince william's role in the birth? we'll go through that. why will this baby be so much different than those before? we're going to really give you everything we can this morning. >> and you're excited about it. >> i am. this is my birthing suit. >> excellent. of course, we have so much other news going on we'll be covering. details on that horrible accident on a six flakgs roller coaster. left a mother did. the pope making his first trip to south africa.
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a follow-up for you, we were the first to report congress cohen famously caught tweeting a similswim suit model he e thought was his daughter. let's start with this big deal going on over in the uk. the palace has confirmed duchess katherine is in labor right now. straight to cnn royal correspondent max foster live outside st. mary's hospital in london. max, we've been waiting to have something to actually talk to you about and today is that day. how excited are you, max? >> reporter: well, it was pretty exciting, i have to say. i was -- we got an early tipoff this morning at dawn. turns out that the duchess actually came around the back of the hospital about five hours ago. we obviously rushed down to the hospital. and then had the e-mail confirming it a couple of hours later. again, a huge sense of excitement here because as you say, we have been here for a week waiting for this information. i can tell you the labor is progressing normally. that's the update that we've got. good news for kate.
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and there was a couple of cars that came around the back, just kate and william and a security detail. so just kate and william inside. pregnancy, labor going very well i'm told. >> all right, max. appreciate it. we will be coming to you many times throughout the morning is my guess. keep us up to date if you hear anything before we do. >> i'm sure at this point max feels like it's his child as well. feel like i'm in labor with her. the royal family anxiously awaiting the big news, of course. to buckingham palace where cnn's erin mclaughlin is standing by. >> reporter: there's a sense of excitement and anticipation outside buckingham palace as the news has spread the duchess of cambridge has been admitted to hospital in earl stages of labor. people wishing her a happy and safe deliberavery. crowds gathering for the changing of the guard.
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certainly we'll expect crowds to be assembled for the posting of the royal birth notice. it will be placed on an easel. the very same easel used to announce the birth of prince william over 31 years ago. that's where we'll find out the sex of the baby, the weight of the baby, the time of birth. people here very excited. >> erin, keep an eye on it for us. we'll be back to you throughout the show. thank you so much. >> got the moment. you have the imagine esmagesty,. let's bring in royal contributor victoria arbitor. expert on the royal family. grew up in windsor and kensington palace herself. great to have you. >> good morning. >> always good to have you. the specialness of this. take us through a little bit of things that happen here that don't happen ordinarily other than the millions of sets of eyeballs in anticipation. >> as you say, apart from that. really you only get an heir once every generation. it's been 31 years since we've had an heir to the throne. what's most exciting to me about this baby, it's going to be the first time since 1894 the
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reigning sovereign has three direct heirs to the throne living. queen victoria was the last person to have that. when you think of the history and grandeur of the occasion that's very exciting. now we're not going to hear anything else from the palace until the aid walks out of the front doors of the hospital. that's when we'll know the baby's even been delivered. then the ceremony of the police escort to buckingham palace, the announcement being put on the easel. i like that they've really managed to include some drama in all of this. in this world of twitter, facebook, social media you can put it out. it would be round the world in a nanosecond. it's kind of over. at least we're giving this future heir to the throne some real pomp and circumstance in announcement. >> of course there's always a lot of -- any baby there's a lot of excitement around the name. what will his or her name be. when it comes to a royal and the next heir to the throne, it's especially important. >> it's very important, yes. the royal family generally
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choose dynastic names. elizabeth, andrew, edward. we're going to see something like that from william and kate. by nature they are very traditional. katherine, elizabeth, william, phillip, arthur, louis. we'll see something that has a familial history. >> not very traditional. they come from a lineage that is steeped in tradition. how do they walk that line? they want to be their own style of parents. they want to bring this baby into the world that we know it today. how do they manage that yet stay true to tradition? >> diana is largely credited with giving her boys a very normal childhood. but she actually had an easier time of doing that simply because she didn't live in the multimedia age we live in today. diana was able to take the boys to fast food restaurants, to the movie theater, theme parks. occasionally a paparazzi photographer would see them. generally they could go largely unnoticed. william and kate are not fwoing to have that opportunity. if kate's just walking the dog in kensington gardens it
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surrounds the internet seconds later. i think they're going to have quite a hard time balancing their desperate desire to be normal while also adhering to the traditions of the royal family. >> when do you think we'll actually see the first pictures of the royal baby? that is something that, you know, the relationship with the press has been a very difficult one obviously for william and harry. but when do you think we'll see the baby? >> we're all, of course, hoping when they walk out of the hospital we may get a glimpse of the baby. of course, diana had william and har harry swadled so tightly you couldn't see is there a baby in that blanket. two weeks on, three weeks on, there'll be official photographs. they'll be released in an official capacity. this is when i think william and kate are going to just hide away after the baby's born. of course, those photographs are going to be worth a fortune, anything unauthorized.
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william is going to be very aware of that. >> very interested in controlling their press and controlling that relationship. especially when it comes to their first born or any of their children. >> the queen has to be the first to be told. does she get first visiting rights? or is that as grandmother and also the reigning monarch do you get that right? >> the queen did go and visit all of her grandchildren in hospital except beatrice. her birthday was august 8th. the queen's already in bellmoro. they don't change their plans. >> when the queen had charles the king was at a squash game. >> prince phillip was down in the gardens playing squash. it's a different generation. there are a number of royal fathers that were in the room when babies were born. prince albert. edward vii. >> william will be in the room as far as we know? >> yes. william has every intention. he plans to be a very modern father, very hands on. they have not hired a nanny. he's expecting to change nappies right alongside kate. >> the home secretary won't be. that used to be a tradition.
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which i think would be a little awkward. >> very awkward. >> explain what it is. we're saying it like people know and they don't. what is the tradition. >> james ii was largely believed to have had a baby smuggled into the palace. and so there was thoughts that perhaps this was not the legitimate heir to the throne. since that time they have the home secretary present either in the room or right outside the room to witness the birth of the baby. the last time that happened was in 1936 with princess zan dalex. >> we have so much more on this breaking story throughout the morning. including how different giving birth is between the united states and the uk. there are lots of differences. we're going to be tracking it all. >> it'll be great. there's a tale we can give you about this process just last hour. that'll be very good. also people flashing in front of the screen. that's okay. breaking news. that's how it works. pay no mind to that. we're going to go to the other big story we're following this morning. raging floods after a week of
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smothering heat. this is the phoenix area sunday. two inches of rain in an hour. that opened the flood gates leading to one dramatic rescue after another. we have team coverage of that as well. meteorologist indra peelt tersos tracking severe weather in several parts of the country. first stephanie elam live in apache junction. >> reporter: good morning. it's one of those things. it rains in the mountains, comes down in the washes and it happens really fast. there were many people who got caught out there in the water. raging monsoon waters flooded parts of the phoenix area on sunday. leading firefighters to a series of dramatic rescues caught on camera. at least has a dozen people brought to safety. >> this is pretty bad. i mean, i think the worst i have seen so far. i've lived here for three years. >> reporter: emergency crews braved the thigh high flash floodwaters that swallowed whole cars in its wake. one rescue after another after
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another. watch as emergency crews rush to the aid of these two 19-year-old boys in apache junction. who crawled out of their submerged suv to a small patch of land nearby. >> at that point their natural instinct is to get out of the vehicle. at that point they're going with the flow of the water which is very powerful. >> reporter: a helicopter hovers above, lowering a harness, lifting one of the teenagers across the rising waters to safety. the second snaps pictures of the scene. even appearing to take a self-portrait mid rescue. firefighters conducting rescues by air and land, lowering a ladder from a fire truck to rescue this couple stuck in a pickup truck for nearly an hour before following a safety line to land. and just west in scottsdale, a firefighter carries this woman to dry land as the water consumes her car. a similar fate for this corvette, carried some 100 yards by the floodwaters. the driver, rescued. >> he got out of the vehicle and was sitting on top of it. the water was so high that you
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couldn't see the vehicle at all. >> reporter: nothing like a selfie mid-rescue. that's what it looked like that 19-year-old young man was doing. overall still very humid out here and still very muddy and still some leftover remnants out here of the water. but the good news to tell you, no injuries reported. everyone was rescued. >> great note. all right, stephanie. we'll get back to you. thanks so much for that. from the flash flooding to lightning storms. relief from the heat has arrived. clearly at a pretty big price. indra petersons is here with more on the wild weather. >> we really can't get it straight. first all the rain in june. now it's july. we had all that heat. we're right back to the rain. having lived in arizona, as we just described it's exactly how it happenes. you get heavy rain so quickly the water rises fast. with that we're talking about the flash flood watch today as well. it's going to last the next several days as long as we have the monsoonal thunderstorms. i've been waiting for this. to share the good news. finally temperatures where they
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should be. anywhere from the ohio valley all the way into the northeast. about 10, 15 degrees cooler than where we were last week. it feels really good out here. we are watching a little change with that. warm pressure, warm front and cold front extending from michigan all the way down through kansas. all that warm moist air means thunderstorms, showers. we have the heavier thunderstorms. one to two inches of rain is possible. otherwise really just kind of a scattered thunderstorm with most importantly, can i say it? cooler weather. thank you very much. >> great way to start a monday. thank you so much, indra. we'll watch it with you. >> we'll be coming back to the weather throughout the morni in also developments this morning from texas. an investigation under way into how a woman fell to her death from a roller coaster at the six flags amusement park in arlington. ed lavandera is following the story live in texas. >> reporter: good morning, chris. rosie espar ra's sons describe her in a facebook posting as a mother who lived adventure. her first trip here to six flags. it was supposed to be a fun day.
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it turned into an unspeakable nightmare. the texas giant starts with a spine tingling drop. this is where witnesses say they saw rosie esparza fall from the wooden roller coaster. carla brown was next in line to get on the ride when she heard the horrific screams. >> she goes up like this. then when it drops to come down, that's when it released. she just tumbled. >> reporter: some witnesses told local news media esparza told a six flags employee she was worried her seat restraint had not locked properly. esparza's son and other family members rode along with her. they had to ride out the two minute roller coaster fearing the worst the rest of the way. >> they were screaming when they came back. trying to get out of the restraint. they were screaming we got to get my mom. >> reporter: six flags over texas hurricane harbor refuses to answer questions on camera but in a written statement says we are committed to determining the cause of this tragic accident. it would be a disservice to the family to speculate regarding what transpired.
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according to a national safety council analysis of amusement park injuries there were just over 1,200 ride-related injuries in 2011. about 4% of those caused serious physical harm. roller coaster accidents accounted for about 28% of the injuries. but industry observers say amusement parks are loosely regulated. and that it is six flags that will be in charge of conducting the investigation. not an outside independent agency. >> whatever organization comes in, whomever comes in, their work is the property of six flags. and it will remain the property of six flags. because there's nothing in texas or many other states that make them have to release that information. >> reporter: the texas giant roller coaster ride, chris, has been closed pending further investigation. we tried asking six flags h long they anticipate this investigation will last. but they did not respond to that question. chris? >> all right. ed, thanks for being on that for us this morning. appreciate it. >> clearly a lot of news twop g
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i developing at this hour. good morning to the two of you. breaking overnight. fears the death toll could rise after a strong earthquake hits northwestern china. at least 54 people are dead. more than 300 others reportedly injured. state media reports the quake hit and tremors are still being reported. a gasline catches fire in virginia shooting flames into the air. fire crews working la ining late night to contain the blaze. ten houses were evacuated. the house closest to the fire was unoccupied at the time. the fire department would not confirm lightning sparked the fire but the national weather service reports lightning did hit a gas line. people in three california communities told to evacuate ahead of the devastating mountain fire are now being allowed to go back home. evacuation orders lifted in idyllwild, fern valley and pine grove. there is a new concern that potential that heavy rain will
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trigger mudslides around the burn areas. the mountain fire has consumed more than 27,000 acres. at this point it's 68% contained. the first trial involving the sudden acceleration of toyotas gets under way this morning in california according to the associated press. a jury will decide if the automaker is liable for the death of a 66-year-old bookkeeper killed when her 2006 camry accelerated to 100 miles an hour before hitting a telephone pole and a tree. the outcome could determine whether toyota will be held liable in dozens of other unintended acceleration cases. pope francis now on route to brazil on his first trip as pontiff overseas. he's scheduled to arrive in rio de janeiro this afternoon. some 1 million pilgrims are expected to pour into rio for the week of events jointly referred to as world youth day. quite a disovry. 14,000 feet below the surface of the atlantic parts of two f-1 engines from the historic apollo
3:17 am
11 mission that landed man kind on the moon. they were found and brought to the surface by an expedition team financed by founder jeff besos. america's neil armstrong and buzz aldrin walked on the moon during the mission 44 years ago this week. amazing. what a find. what a discovery. so great we can put it on display for people to say. >> 14,000 feet below the surface. that is amazing. >> 14,000 feet to bring it up is amazing. coming up next on "new day" we are following today's big breaking news as everyone awaiting the arrival of a future king or queen. there are several differences in how babies are delivered in the uk. and in the united states. and we're going to break it all down for you. we're also following what's hot back here at home. one week after a jury acquitted george zimmerman, emotions are still running high. the president weighs in, but critics are attacking him for it. the latest on that. stay with us. (girl) what does that say?
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welcome back to "new day," everyone. you're taking a look right now of live pictures outside st. mary's hospital in london where katherine, the duchess of cambridge, is in the early stages of labor. very exciting news for everyone. we're following the huge excitement over the royal birth. we'll bring you the latest developments as we get them in. first this morning, we're going to talk about what's happening back here at home. thousands took to the streets this weekend one week after the acquittal of george zimmerman. some were defending zimmerman. others protesting the not guilty verdict, and loudly calling for change. their voices were met by politicians on both sides of the aisle including an emotional plea from president obama. cnn's brianna keilar is at the
3:22 am
white house with that this morning. good morning, brianna. >> reporter: good morning, chris. many americans who were upset with the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman case are now looking toward washington, specifically the obama administration, to pursue federal charges against george zimmerman. in houston late sunday, some tense moments as trayvon martin supporters marched close by a group backing george zimmerman and stand your ground laws. earlier, emotional rallies in some 100 cities across the country. echoing president obama's extraordinary personal comments, trying to explain the pain african-americans are feeling. >> trayvon martin could have been me. 35 years ago. >> reporter: protesters demanding federal civil rights charges and supporting the president's call for states to reconsider stand your ground laws. >> if trayvon martin was of age and armed, could he have stood his ground on that sidewalk?
3:23 am
and do we actually think that he would have been justified in shooting mr. zimmerman who had followed him in a car because he felt threatened? >> reporter: republican john mccain says stand your ground laws need to be rethought. >> and i'm confident that the members of the arizona legislature will. because it is a very controversial legislation. >> reporter: beyonce and jay-z came out to stand with trayvon's mother, sybrina fulton. ♪ >> reporter: friday night, jay-z and justin timberlake ended a yankees concert with the song "forever young." ♪ i want to be forever young >> reporter: still, if you listen carefully to what
3:24 am
president obama said, you'll notice he didn't opine about the outcome of the george zimmerman case. instead he talked about people looking inward. in a national conversation, soul searching within their churches, their workplaces and their homes, asking themselves about whether they judge people based on the color of their skin. chris? >> he was also careful about any federal charges. >> reporter: sure. >> obviously this has become a bigger conversation that the country is having. and probably one it should. b brianna, thank you very much. 24 minutes past the hour. we're going to take a break. when we come back a gruesome discovery in a cleveland suburb. three women murdered. was it a copycat serial killer? that's the question officials are asking. also trying to figure out if there are more victims. we'll take you live to the scene. do not worry, we are following the breaking news. the world anxiously awaiting this morning the future queen or king of england to arrive. duchess katherine in labor at st. mary's hospital right there. we're going to take you live to
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crowds outside buckingham palace. you know why they're there. they want to watch that guard change. no. they're there because the princess is in the hospital. we are told that labor is progressing normally. we are on baby watch. that's why they're there. that's why we're here as we welcome you back to "new day" on this monday, july 22nd. i'm chris cuomo. is this the day the baby will be born? >> i hope so. for kate's sake i hope it is a short labor. >> you mean this kate. >> i'm talking the other kate. she's the real kate.
3:29 am
i am kate bolduan as you well know. we're going to say kate as many times as possible. joined by news anchor michaela pereira as always. lots to talk about today. >> we have breaking news out of london this morning. we are officially now, official news term, baby watch. right now the duchess of cambridge is in labor as i told you. a live look at st. mary's hospital in london. that's where the duchess has been admitted. that's where cnn's max foster is standing by. max, i've never seen you look better. do we have max in the shot? there you are. you turned into a young woman, max. but you're back. >> reporter: yes. she arrived just a few hours ago. it was dawn here in london. they came in a couple of cars out the back. wasn't a big song and dance. then the announcement was made she was in the early stages of labor so she wasn't induced. because that would have happened in the hospital. i've just been told as well that she is progressing normally with her pregnancy and her labor. that's good news. also in terms of what happens from here, some clarity. you'll know that when the baby's
3:30 am
born, a notice will be taken from here to buckingham palace, placed on an easel. we're trying to get the full information about what we're going to get on that. we're going to get the sex and weight on that but we're not going to get the name. we're not going to get the name probably for a few days. possibly when the couple leave the hospital. so every bit of information is being fed on here. that's the latest bit of information. but a huge media presence as you can imagine. >> max, thank you very much. i find it hard to believe that word will hold until you get the frame and easel. >> if anyone can do it the palace can. >> really? >> yes. they're very good at controlling the communication. you hear that, like, buzzing going on behind max foster? all the people? it's very different. we've been talking to him for weeks on end at this point. all happening now. while, of course, we don't know much about what's going on with the duchess's delivery as we probably should not, the poor thing needs some privacy, we do know there are major differences between how hbabies are born between the united states and united kingdom. let's bring in cnn's senior
3:31 am
medical correspondent elizabeth cohen with more on this. hi, elizabeth. >> hi, kate. i was in london a couple of weeks ago. it was really fascinating to see that when it comes to childbirth, things are just a little bit different on the other side of the pond. outside st. mary's hospital in london, the crowds have been swarming. everyone waiting with baited breath. inside a team of doctors is working. and the first question on everyone's minds? >> is it going to be a cesarean section or natural birth. she wants to be the people's princess. she wants to be normal. >> reporter: normal in england may be a little more painful than normal in the united states. in other words, kate's royal birth may be a royal pain. in england, only 3 out of 10 women have epidurals compared to 6 out of 10 in the united states. the delivery rooms are actually designed to avoid epidurals.
3:32 am
they can have aqua durals. >> the water may be all she needs. >> reporter: if kate wanted a tub, william could be right there with her. there's also a birthing chair. if kate wanted one of these contractions, she'd sit in front and william behind her. this is kind of instead of an epidural? >> yes. >> reporter: grabs on to this and feels better. >> also probably helps in pinching their husbands. >> reporter: one pain drug is quite common here. i'm here in the delivery room with april. she's about to have a baby. she's doing something that's almost unheard of in the united states. she's taking laughing gas. for pain. >> it doesn't make you laugh, though, even though it's called laughing gas. >> reporter: nothing's funny right now? >> no. nothing is funny. >> reporter: here's another difference between giving birth in the united states and the united kingdom. when i was in that hospital in london the post partum room, the room after they give birth,
3:33 am
there was at least 20 women all in one room. very different from the united states. i imagine that kate, she has her own room. she'll be recovering, i assume, alone with perhaps some champagne. >> it will be a well deserved glass of champagne. that is for sure. elizabeth, stick with us. we also want to bring in victoria arbiter to talk more about this aspect of it. as elizabeth kind of is laying out, there are differences between birth and labor between the united states and the united kingdom. there's also -- there's a lot of tradition, there has been, breaking of tradition, when it comes to royal births. where babies are born. >> the queen is actually the only monarch to have the distinction of being born in a house with a number on the door. she was born at the home of her maternal grandparents. of course, when she was born she wasn't expected to be the queen. william, of course, was the first heir to be born in a hospital. there have subsequently been nine babies delivered at st. mary's all within the royal family. we're following in a little bit of tradition here. i think it's nice for kate to be able to be in a hospital and not worry about breaking protocols.
3:34 am
of course, william and kate are going to be keen to leave hospital as quickly as possible. really just to get back to normal, to calm things down in the hospital, even though she's in a private room it's very disruptive having the police and, of course, the media presence that's outside. a lot going on. i think they'll retreat quickly home to kensington palace. hoping everything goes smoothly today. i think like diana we can expect to see kate leave the hospital tomorrow. >> william and harry were both born in the same place where the princess is now, right? >> absolute rly right. >> we were talking about birth drugs. we have tons of detail which is great. the culture of drugs in birthing in the uk, partly from royal extraction, right? queen victoria, right? >> queen victoria, i think it was on one of -- she had nine babies. it was towards the end of her babies that she actually had chloroform at prince albert's direction. he thought it would be a good idea. she said it was wonderful. it helped dramatically. >> it started a culture shift,
3:35 am
right? >> it really did. she sort of credited with starting that. she was the one that got married in white and introduced white wedding dresses. queen victoria is credited with a lot of our traditions and cultures today. >> so many influences, the royal family has, on the subjects there. even we're hearing reports that people are waiting to name their babies that were just recently born because they want to see what this baby is named. >> that's right. this is where william gets quite stubborn. it took him three weeks to announce the name of his dog. because he knew that everybody would want to name their dog lupo. i think he's going to struggle with this a little bit. we've seen the kate effect with her fashion. now it's going to be what stroller is she pushing? does she use a baby bjorn? what type of bottles is she using? everything you can possibly imagine. baby companies are kpachamping the bit. >> i want to talk about the kate effect a little later. let's bring elizabeth back in for one more moment. elizabeth, you went through kind of the motions of all the options that are over there.
3:36 am
is there any indication of what direction kate will be going in terms of her labor? >> reporter: right. there is one indication. she has obstetricians. she does not have midwives. most women in the united kingdom are delivered by a midwife. she has an obstetrician. obstetricians i think are going to be less likely to use the tub, less likely to use that sort of birthing chair with the fabric that you grab. sort of less likely to use those things. >> whichever works. as long as baby's healthy. that's all that matters, right? >> exactly. >> i like the curtain. if we had had that i may still have full movement of my right arm. my wife almost tore it right off my body. i like that curtain. we should have that here. >> not once. not twice. three times. >> what i learned after that first time. >> stand back. >> keep that safe distance. all right. we'll be talking about the baby on baby watch all morning. a lot of other news developing. michaela is going to give us that. chris, kate, victoria, good morning to all of you at home. monsoon rains lead to dramatic flood rescues in and around
3:37 am
phoenix. at least nine people were rescued, some plucked by helicopters from their vehicles. two men were trapped in a car, scrambled up a tree and were lifted out. several other people were rescued from their homes surrounded by water. sadly there's still a slight chance, 20% chance of rain in the forecast for that area today. six flags over texas vowing to find out why a woman was thrown off the 14-story texas giant roller coaster. we've also learned the german company that renovated that coaster in 2011 is also investigating the incident. no state or federal agencies are investigating rosy esparza's death. it was her first trip to six flags. a weekend of violence in chicago. at least four people were killed in a series of shootings that left more than a dozen others wounded. detectives are now searching for the suspect who shot a 6-year-old girl. little kiana tompkins is in critical condition after being shot in the chest. she was with her family friday night at a barbecue when those bullets started flying. u.s. navy considering
3:38 am
salvaging four unarmed bombs dropped by u.s. fighter jets into australia's great barrier reef during a training exercise gone wrong. this happened last week during joint exercises with the australian military. two fighter jets each dropping a concrete filled practice bomb and an unarmed laser-guided explosive bomb. the ordinances reportedly pose a low risk to the protected marine zone. check out a new video that's going viral on youtube. bonnie anniker did some tumbling for a dolphin at an aquarium and made herself a new fan. apparently in the video the dolphin is heard responding to her antics. it sounds an awful lot like he's laughing. get a bit of a show. apparently the girl belongs to some sort of performance or acrobatic or circus troupe. see him -- him or her -- really enjoying the show. >> the dolphins like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. normally people are looking at them. >> he's very much enjoying it. i'll take a break.
3:39 am
you perform for once. thanks so much, michaela. >> that's good. you perform for once. 38 minutes past the hour. we're going to take a break here on "new day." when we come back we'll take you to the scene of the shocking crime in a cleveland suburb. a neighborhood where police found the bodies of three women wrapped in plastic garbage bags. could there be more victims? they're on the hunt there in cleveland. we'll take you to it. then this. 1,700 people kick their way to a guinness world record. it's a must-see moment today. stay with us. ing au natural.
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welcome back to "new day," everybody. a series of gruesome discoveries outside cleveland this weekend. the bodies of three women found wrapped in plastic. police say a suspect is now in custody and is expected to be charged today. cnn's anna corn is in cleveland with the very latest. >> reporter: hi, chris.
3:43 am
as you can imagine the small community of east cleveland is very much in shock following the gruesome discovery of those three bodies of young african-american women. now, we don't know their identities. police are not giving us those details at this stage. i can confirm that one of the bodies was found in the basement of one of the abandoned homes behind me. now, this police search is going to continue today. they are using cadaver dogs. there is a genuine fear, chris, that they could find more bodies. police and cadaver dogs scour a chilling scene. an area in east cleveland, ohio, where three bodies were found, all wrapped in layers of plastic and taped up. neighbors are in disbelief. >> yus very, very upsetting. >> reporter: now mounting evidence that there could be more women. more bodies. more tragedy. >> i hope and pray that we do not find more bodies. however, we are dealing with a sick individual, and we have reason to believe that there might be more victims.
3:44 am
>> reporter: he knew the foul stench coming from the garage wasn't just a blocked up sewer. >> i couldn't put up with the smell. i didn't know if i wanted to throw up. it was that bad. it was a smell that no one want to smell. something rotten like that. >> reporter: customers of his cable business had complained. and when he opened the door to search for a dead animal, there were indications of something far more sinister. >> that was my fear. because the smell was that bad. i know an animal don't last that long when it's rotten. >> reporter: police were called to the scene and made the grisly discovery. a young woman's body wrapped in plastic garbage bags. another body was found in an open field. the third in a basement of a nearby abandoned building. police arrested 35-year-old michael madison, a registered sex offender and owner of the garage. the father of two is well known in the community. >> it's scary. it's heartbreaking. you know, to know someone that
3:45 am
you think that's close to you or your friend could turn out to do something like this. >> reporter: madison told police he was inspired by serial killer anthony sowell who was convicted in 2011 of killing 11 women in cleveland and is is now on death row. the case was known as the house of horrors. certainly a heinous crime that has rocked this community. chris, as i mentioned, you know, we don't know the identities of the victims at this stage. but, you know, there are missing women in this community. women who've gone missing in the last couple of weeks concerned residentresidents, thd this to our attention yesterday as we were standing outside the site where police were searching. they are just now waiting to find out if their loved ones are among the dead. chris and kate. >> that community has had a lot to deal with lately. anna, thank you very much for the reporting. 45 minutes past the hour. we'll take a break on "new day." when we come back, several
3:46 am
people rescued after heavy rains lead to dangerous flooding. they're all caught on camera. we'll show them to you. the latest at the top of the hour. you might call it step dancing on steroids. the biggest river dance ever. it is our must-see moment. that's coming up next. of course, all eyes on london. kate can't get enough of it this morning, kate bolduan, that is. >> and kate middleton. she can get enough of it. she's done. duchess is reportedly in labor. we're monitoring all the breaking news from across the pond. >> with the river dancing music underneath. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪
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true or false, main name for a girl, griselda. >> false. >> you are both incorrect. that is the main name.
3:49 am
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and welcome back to "new day." this is the edition that you actually can dance along if you'd like. can you do it, though, and break a world record while you're at it? these guys did in today's must-see moment all the way from dublin, ireland, where nearly 1,700 people high-stepped their way to a guinness world record. you are looking at the world's longest river dance line. trampling the old record by over 1,000. >> by my eye, there's 1,693 people there. >> thank you. the dance kicked off at the samuel beckett bridge on sunday. gets a little loosey goosey toward the end of the line. everyone's doing it. >> you've got to loosen the standard when you have 1,700 people. >> i don't know if we show it. at the very end. here we go. guy with a horse head on.
3:51 am
you know. >> why not? >> why not? >> why not? >> wait for it. >> there's two. >> there's two of them like chess pieces. look at him. he's crazy horse. >> you know what he's doing? prancersize. lots coming up including coming up next on "new day" we're going to stay on top of breaking news this morning. the duchess of cambridge in labor right now. the royal baby due any moment. a day of fun at six flags over texas turns tragic when a mother falls to her death while riding on a roller coaster. the new details we're learning this morning as well as the investigation into why at the top of the hour. the world's most advancedrts wif distribution systems," "and one of the most efficient trucking networks," "with safe, experienced drivers." "we work directly with manufacturers," "eliminating costly markups,"
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phil mickelson, the big lefty, came from behind to win his first british open. the final round one of the best rounds of his life. let's bring in joe carter. more for us with the bleacher report this morn ing. how you doing? what a round he played, huh? >> absolutely. you watched the coverage yesterday, guys, it was like all these other golfers, they were popping up. little by little phil started chipping his way back in. he started the day yesterday five shots back. when those other golfers, adam scotts, tiger woods, lee westwoods started crumbling, phil put his foot on the gas. you think just a few weeks ago he was gutted emotionally, beaten down after he finished again in second place at the u.s. open. to go from that moment to this moment yesterday was incredible. and to see him embrace his wife and his kids at the age of 43, finally getting that golf monkey off his back and winning the british open for the first time ever. incredible. > the man with 14 major
3:56 am
championships remains stuck on number 14. tiger woods started yesterday's final round only two shots behind the leader. whether they were short putts or they were long putts he missed several and quickly fell out of contention. he finished tied for sixth yesterday which means he's now played in 17 majors without a win. the last major win, of course, came back in 2008 at the u.s. open. finally, yankee fans are going to have to wait a little bit longer for the 2013 big league debut of alex rodriguez. he was scheduled to rejoin his team tonight but he strained his quadricep muscle during the minor league game. now he's going to have to sit out at least seven to ten more games. rodriguez turns 38 years old this week and he had just finished rehabbing from hip surgery. instead of texas, he heads back to tampa, guys, where he's going to rest, relax, get healthy. obviously he can watch for that baby to finally make its way to earth. >> to earth. >> i love to earth. it's an alien baby?
3:57 am
i love that even joe can make a turn to the royal baby. that was a very special edition of the bleacher report. >> thanks, joe. appreciate it. >> you hear the music. you know what it means. time for the wrap. a quick round up of the stories you'll be talking about today. >> from the l.a. times, the pentagon spending big money housing top military brass. it'll cost more than $560,000 this year to rent and renovate a home in miami for the head of u.s. southern command. on a lawsuit against the tiny village of new miami, ohio, complains its six speed enforcement cameras violate residents rights. believed to be the last surviving wooden whaling vessel back at sea. thousands cheered the ship in mystic, connecticut. time now for your business news. here's christine romans. >> wall street having its best month since january. markets up nearly 19%. 19% this year.
3:58 am
last week $20 billion poured into mutual funds. one stock to watch today, netflix. it's the best performing stock in the s&p 500 this year. it is the second most expensive. and the company behind the emmy-nominated "house of cards" releases its earnings this afternoon. it's a season of expensive movie flops. why not combine batman and superman into one blockbuster? this logo was unveiled at the comic-con convention. warner brothers and d.c. comics are units of cnn's parent. let's get to indra petersons for the weather. >> looks like we're seeing relief from the heat from the east to the west. monsoonal thunderstorms still in the forecast today. sometimes it means too much rain. we're looking at the threat of flash flooding. it is good news anywhere from the ohio valley stretching all the way to the northeast. where finally thunderstorms in the forecast mean the most important thing of all, temperatures going down. it was a tough week out there. today we're finally looking at normal temperatures pretty much anywhere from the midwest straight to the northeast and
3:59 am
just the way we like it. >> we'll take normal. means it's warm in the summer but not like it was last week. indra, talk to you in a bit. thank you. just about the top of the hour which means it's time for hour which means it's time for the top news. -- captions by vitac -- breaking news. duchess katherine goes into labor overnight. the royal baby birth announcement could be any moment. a country waits with bated breath. we are live with the latest. >> swept away. dramatic rescues caught on tape. a city submerged. drivers air lifted to safety. theme park horror. new te tadetails on the woman t out of a six flag roller coaster to her death. how dangerous are these rides? >> your "new day" starts right now. what you need to know? >> the smell was that bad. i know an animal don't last that
4:00 am
long when it's rotten. >> what you have to see. >> the video sensation. my newest grandma. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning and welcome back to "new day." it is monday, july 22nd. 7:00 in the east. i'm chris cuomo. >> i'm kate bolduan. we're joined by news anchor michaela pereira. we begin with breaking news this morning. we've been waiting for this for a very long time, it seems. it's finally happening. the royal baby is on his or her way. while you were sleeping the duchess of cambridge went into labor and was admitted to a london hospital. looking at live pictures right there outside the hospital. in a matter of hours, maybe minutes, the world will be welcoming the arrival of the future king or queen of england. >> i think it's going to be a while. we're going to have a lot to talk about here. like if it's a boy or a girl. we here at cnn already know because the stork is a contributor of ours. but for the rest of you, we'll just talk about what the
4:01 am
percentages are and also the intricate plan that is laid out to announce the royal bundle of joy. everything from who finds out first to when you and i get to know. we're going to break all that down for you. we're covering this breaking story like no other network can. we have coverage across london and here in new york. >> many, many other stories happening this morning. from a gruesome find and possible serial killer in cleveland to new details about a tragedy at an amusement park. also, a follow-up to a "new day" exclusive. a congressman reacting to surprising paternity news for the first time. we are covering it all for you this morning. >> sure are. first that very happy story this morning to start with. the royal baby watch live outside st. mary's hospital in london where the duchess has been admitted. the poor thing. we are wishing you well, you poor thing. that's where cnn's max foster has been standing by for us. max, we've been talking about it quite a bit. it feels like weeks and months. we love talking about it with you even more. what are the intricate plans
4:02 am
they've laid out for how this baby announcement will finally be made? >> reporter: well, i'm told the labor is progressing normally. that's good news. we're getting some more details about what's going to happen next. so when the baby's born you'll have someone coming out with a notice out of the front door. that'll be handed to a messenger, taken to buckingham palace. on that bit of paper will be the sex of the baby. i'm told the name will not be on that bit of paper. we'll find out the name possibly when we see the duke and duchess appear on the doorstep with the baby. everyone's very excited, kate. let's take you over to the road. the crowds are starting to fill out here. still nowhere near the level of -- certainly the fans are coming down here, getting ready for that big moment. a true moment in british history. >> is it true, max foster, when your three kids were born there was the same kind of crowd and hubbub out there? >> reporter: thankfully not, i have to say. would you want all of this? >> exactly. >> reporter: hopefully she can't
4:03 am
see what's going on outside. >> everyone is so excited. but everyone feels for her all the same. there's so much going on for those two at this moment. >> also it's been about a year in the making now, right, that we've been understanding this? >> i would say ever since the wedding. >> that's exactly right. >> it's been two-plus years in the making. max, we'll get right back to you. >> it's a big deal. he's there. he's not going anywhere. max is there and will be for us all morning. look, for the couple it's very important. but the family has been waiting. the world has been waiting. but the royals themselves, this is a big deal. why? this child will be the third in line for the throne. the moment he or she is born. that's a big deal. hasn't happened in a long time. erin mclaughlin is continuing our team coverage live from buckingham palace. erin, we're talking about how this child is going to be the first in a long time, special any way you look at it. >> reporter: absolutely, chris. there's a real sense of excitement and anticipation here outside buckingham palace. people wishing the duchess of cambridge a very safe and healthy delivery. the prime minister even has sent his best.
4:04 am
right now the crowds assembling outside the palace primarily here for the changing of the guard. a daily palace tradition. but no doubt they'll be returning in a short while for the arrival of that birth notice that max was talking about. it'll be displayed on the very same easel that had prince william's birth notice over 31 years ago. that will be followed by a gun salute at the park just adjacent to the palace. one of two simultaneous gun salutes. there'll be another one all the way over at the tower of london. back when there weren't cell phones and televisions and internet, this is how people would find out about a royal birth. and the people here right now outside buckingham palace wishing the royal family all the best. chris? >> all right. erin, thank you very much. just to bring everybody up to speed, here's what we know so far. at about 6:00 a.m. local time we believe the princess was taken into the hospital. word got out about 7:15. that's when people started hearing about it. since then we've heard from the palace that labor is progressing normally. >> we really don't expect to
4:05 am
hear much more until it happens. there's understandably kind of going to be an information lockdown until we know for sure that the baby was born and is healthy and everyone is doing well. then the question is, when was the first time we will see the duke and duchess of cambridge with their little bundle of joy? that's something no one knows but everyone's going to be waiting and watching. we've got it covered from all angles of this story. let's bring in someone now who has been covering the royal family for a very long time. and has insight into what it's like being a child in buckingham palace. she knows so well. katie nickel, royal correspondent for the british newspaper the mail of sunday. katie, great to see you. last time i saw you we were talking about what if, could be, as we were leading up to that special that just aired this week about the royal baby. now we know that it is happening and it's coming very soon. what's happening the latest where you are? >> reporter: well, you can probably see behind me, the crowds have gathered. i got here very early this morning. there was a buzz of excitement.
4:06 am
looking behind me now, they've really grown. i think there's just a feeling of anticipation, really looking forward to this baby being born. of course, much speculation about the sex. i don't know if you know, but about 100 million, lots and lots of people, have put bets on the sex of this baby. a lot of people have lost money because we expected the delivery to be last week. so norma more betting. it's really just a waiting game. >> seems it's been a waiting game ever since william and kate walked down the aisle together. right after their wedding you and i discussed, we have been on bump watch since that very moment. and the speculation was just rampant. if she held her clutch in front of her, does that mean she's pregnant? if she wore this does that mean she's pregnant? it just shows really what it shall how symbolic and how important this baby is to the monarchy. what does this baby symbolize? >> reporter: do you know what? the point is that once you marry into the royal family, you really have one job. and that job is to produce an
4:07 am
heir. i think you're right. there was such a spotlight on william and kate in the aftermath of their wedding. but if you look at the year that they had, they went on tour. they covered the olympics. they went on another tour. they didn't really have an awful lot of time. i mean, i'm told from friends of the couple that really they would have liked to have had this baby sooner. but this is about royal protocol. and the one thing that kate will have learned when she married into this, the british royal family, is that duty comes before self. now it's time for the two of them and the baby that's on its way. >> absolutely. do you have any insight at this moment of what's going on inside the hospital? everyone's anxiously awaiting outside for the news that the baby's born. >> reporter: look, inside it will be not nearly as hot as it is out here. it's absolutely sweltering out here. they're going to be in an air-conditioned board. they're on a level all by themselves. it's a newly renovated suite which will be made as comfortable as possible for the duchess. there will be birthing balls. there'll be a piece of equipment that she can use essentially kind of hanging from the
4:08 am
ceiling. all of these things that will try and aid a natural birth. anything to relieve as much discomfort as possible. because anyone that's been there will be thinking of kate today and wishing her well. because it's not always a comfortable experience. she'll be in a lot of pain. she's been using hypno birthing and breathing techniques as a way of coping. we really do wish her the very, very best in the hope for a smooth, safe delivery. >> beginning of such an exciting time for both william and kate and the whole royal family. we'll be watching it with you. katie nicholl, great to see you. we'll have so much more on this breaking news throughout the show. be sure of that. stay with us. let's give you what's going on back here at home. extreme weather all across the country this morning. lightning storms, flash flooding, even tornadoes. we have team coverage on that as well. stephanie elam is in apache junction, arizona. meteorologist indra petersons is here in new york, of course. i'm going to start with stephanie near phoenix where flash flooding has been the problem so far.
4:09 am
good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, chris. it happened very quickly. and several people were in their cars and found that they had to find their way out of them and to safe land. take a look. raging monsoon waters flooded parts of the phoenix area on sunday. leading firefighters to a series of dramatic rescues caught on camera. at least half a dozen people brought to safety. >> this is pretty bad. i mean, i think the worst i have seen so far. i've lived here for three years now. >> reporter: emergency crews braved the thigh high flash floodwaters that swallowed whole cars in its wake. one rescue after another after another. watch as emergency crews rush to the aid of these two 19-year-old boys in apache junction. who crawled out of their submerged suv to a small patch of land nearby. >> at that point the natural instinct is to get out of the vehicle. at that point they're going with the flow of the water which is very powerful. >> reporter: a helicopter hovers above lowering a harness, lifting one of the teenagers
4:10 am
across the rising waters to safety. the second snaps pictures of the scene. even appearing to take a self-portrait mid-rescue. firefighters conducting rescues by air and land, lowering a ladder from a fire truck to rescue this couple stuck in a pickup truck for nearly an hour before following a safety line to land. and just west in scottsdale, a firefighters carries this woman to dry land as the water consumes her car. a similar fate for this corvette, carried some 100 yards by the floodwaters. the driver, rescued. >> he got out of the vehicle and was sitting on top of it. you couldn't see -- wattsee. the water was so high you couldn't see the vehicle at all. >> reporter: i guess if you're getting air lifted by a helicopter you may want to take a selfie and keep that for documentation because hopefully that only happens once. chris, kate and michaela, happy to tell you there were no injuries reported. everybody was safe getting out of there. >> good to know. stephanie elam, thanks so much.
4:11 am
talk to you in a bit. from the flash floods to thunderstorms, not much of break for mother nature. we finally got the relief from the searing heat wave we've talked so much about. indra petersons is tracking it all and where we go from here. >> if it's not one it's the other. from the heat wave and now back to the rain. we were talking about that monsoonal moisture which is a good thing in the sense it's bringing relief for the firefighters in that area. you never want a lot of rain very quickly. with that you have the flooding threat. we continue to have flash flood watches here pretty much for the next several days as long as we continue to have the thunderstorms in the area. the upside, the one we love, we were waiting for, cooler temperatures finally thanks to the cold front that kicked through over the weekend. temperatures now a good 10, 15 degrees below last week. changing weather pattern means a lot of moisture pulling in from the gulf. the threat of thunderstorms will remain. how much rain? if you have a thunderstorm, hef ver amou -- heavier amounts, two to three inches. >> we've got the weather to deal with and a lot of other news as
4:12 am
well. let's get to michaela.china? >> actually, brazil, first. we will go to china. pardon me. we're going to go to brazil and china. how about that, chris? breaking overnight, rescue teams are scrambling to reach the site of a strong and deadly earthquake in northwestern china. 54 people, at least, having killed. more than 300 others reportedly injured. state media reports tremors reportedly still being felt in that area. now to brazil. the world's largest roman catholic nation awaiting the arrival of pope francis, the newly elected pontiff. expected to land in brazil this afternoon on his first major international trip as pontiff. it won't be without controversy. cnn's miguel marquez is live in rio da j de janeiro with that. >> reporter: this is one of the places that he will be delivering mass on copa cabana beach right here in downtown
4:13 am
rio. one of the things that is of concern to many is the security here. the pope has decided not to use the bullet proof glass encased popemobile leaving those behind for open air vehicles. millions of pilgrims are expected to be here as well. the pope has a schedule while in brazil that rivals a presidential candidate going from shrines to masses, visiting hospitals, visiting prisoners. and he's also visiting a pavilla. all things added, this trip, keep in mind, was prepared for by pope benedict xvi. but it is pope francis who will take advantage of it. on this particular location, we expect to see the pope delivering mass on thursday. back to you. >> miguel, thank you so much. now an update to former new egland patriot aaron hernandez's murder case. one of his associates, ernice
4:14 am
wallace due in court this morning for a hearing. one of three men in the car with o din lloyd when he was killed in june. wallace faces accessory after the fact and is being held without bail. an update to the deadly limo fire that killed a new bride and four friends back in may. the limo driver's estranged wife now says he was on his cell phone fighting with her that night with loud music blaring in the background. this happened in the san francisco bay area. the d.a. now says it plans to follow up on these allegations. 6-year-old nathan woessner after being rescued from a sand dune continues to improve. he's been upgraded to good condition. his family is saying his survival is nothing less than a miracle. >> there's no wiggle room on the miracle side of this equation. nathan was under the sand, under more than 11 feet of sand for more than four hours.
4:15 am
the sand didn't crush him and he didn't suffocate. he's coming out of this with no ramifications. >> his father, a pastor, by the way, say they expect nathan to be released from the hospital by the end of the week. we are so glad to be able to report that. man versus fish? the fish won. we're going to show you rescue footage from a helicopter plucking 54-year-old anthony wickman from a capsized boat off the coast of hawaii. wickman hook add 230 pound tuna on friday. during the fight, the giant fish capsized his boat, tossed him into the water. wickman was able to call his wife for help after scrambling on to the hull of his boat and was then rescued. in case you're wondering the tuna was still on the line after wickman was rescued. salvage crews reeled it in and then brought him and the fish to shore. apparently he gave the fish to the crew to say thank you for, you know, plucki ining him from drink. >> from the look of that picture i don't think the fish won. >> that's a good point. >> to paraphrase the pastor, no
4:16 am
wiggle room on who won. he wound up hanging upsidedown. >> if you turned into a sandwich, you didn't win. >> strong point. coming up next on "new day," you heard it here first. a dna test revealing the swimsuit model congressman steve cohen was tweeting during the state of the union address? it was not actually his daughter. now he is breaking his silence, talking with our dana bash. we're taking a look at this tragedy at an amusement park. a woman falls to her death from a roller coaster. how could this happen? they're taking a look to make sure that ride stays safe. new details about the investigation coming up. and the moment the world has been waiting for. the birth of the newest royal. all eyes in london -- all eyes on london, too. stay with us for the breaking details. >> they say the name is leonardo. a doctor running late for a medical convention loses his computer, exposing thousands of patient records to identity theft. data breaches can happen that easily. we don't believe you should be a victim of someone else's mistake.
4:17 am
we're lifelock. we constantly monitor the web so if any of your personal information is misused, we're on it. ♪ ow. [ male announcer ] call 1-800-lifelock or go to today.
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the beach on your tv is much closer than it appears. seize the summer with up to 50% off hotels at travelocity.
4:19 am
all right. these are the pictures of the
4:20 am
morning. you're looking at st. mary's hospital on your left, buckingham palace on your right, i believe. we know that the duchess is in the hospital. we are told that she entered about 6:00 a.m. local time. word came out about 7:15 a.m. we are told by the palace that labor is progressing normally. you know what that means. we are on baby watch. the crowds came for the changing of the guard. they're starting to grow now as word spreads that there may be a baby born to the royal couple. we're going to bring you live reports throughout the show about that. >> watching that story develop as it is. we also are watching a lot f o other headlines right now. the texas giant, it's called, remains shut down this morning after a woman fell to her death from the 14-story ride. the world's tallest steel hybrid roller coaster won't reopen at six flags over texas until it gets the all clear from safety inspectors. ed lavandera is live in dallas with the latest on this tragic death. good morning, ed. >> reporter: good morning, kate. with the threat of a lawsuit surely looming over this case,
4:21 am
six flags over texas is being very guarded about what it says publicly. but the family of rosy esparza wants to know how this catastrophic accident could have happened. the texas giant starts with a spine tingling drop. this is where witnesses say they saw rosy esparza fall from the wooden roller coaster. carmen brown was next in line to get on the ride when she heard the horrific screams. >> she goes up like this. and then when it drops to come down, that's when it released. she just tumbled. >> reporter: some witnesses told local news media that esparza told a six flags employee she was worried that her seat restraint had not locked properly. esparza's son and other family members rode along with her. they had to ride out the two-minute roller coaster fearing the worst the rest of the way. >> they were screaming when they came back. they were trying to get out of the restraint. they were screaming my mom, my mom. we got to get my mom. >> reporter: six flags over texas hurricane harbor refuses to answer questions on camera, but in a written statement says, we are committed to determining
4:22 am
the cause of this tragic accident. it would be a disservice to the family to speculate regarding what transpired. according to a national safety council analysis of amusement park injuries, there were just over 1,200 ride related injuries in 2011. about 4% of those caused serious physical harm. roller coaster accidents accounted for about 28% of the injuries. but industry observers say amusement parks are loosely regulated and that it is six flags that will be in charge of conducting the investigation. not an outside, independent agency. >> whatever organization comes in, whomever comes in, it's -- their work is the property of six flags. and it will remain the property of six flags. because there's nothing in texas or many other states that make them have to release that information. >> reporter: in a facebook posting, rosy esparza's sons described her as a mother who loved adventure and that they were so happy they were able to come to the amusement park with
4:23 am
her. as long as -- as far as how long the investigation will take, we asked six flags officials yesterday how long they anticipate this would take. they didn't get back to us with an answer on that. kate? >> all right. it will clearly take some time no matter what. thanks for bringing us the latest details on that tragic story. about 23 minutes after the hour. a lot coming up on "new day" including royal baby watch. in full swing. the duchess of cambridge is in labor right now, and our insiders have the details. who's inside the delivery room and what's happening with the labor? we're live outside the hospital in london. >> the story has it all except for one thing. a drumming granny. we're going to bring you that as well. remember her here on "new day"? look at those hands. the mystery woman pounding out some tight beats on a music store drum kit. we now know who she is. we're going to tell you straight ahead. that's what i'm talking about. i save time, money,st, and i avoid frustration. you'll find reviews on home repair to healthcare, written by people just like you.
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welcome back to "new day," everybody. monday, july 22nd. i'm chris cuomo. >> good morning, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. joined by news anchor michaela pereira. lots going on in the show. happy monday. live pictures now of st. mary's hospital. a royal baby is on the way. when will he or she arrive? that's the answer we're all waiting for. we have it covered for you. plus a story "new day" brought you exclusively. the congressman tweeting a model he thought was his daughter is not actually her father. steve cohen's reaction to the surprising revelation. it was a very good day for lefty at the british open. golfer phil mickelson takes home -- listen to the crowd --
4:28 am
takes home his fifth major title. let us begin with breaking news and great expectations. the royal baby on the way. here's what we know. the duchess of cambridge is in labor. we're told by the palace progressing normally. she got there about 6:00 a.m. local time. word got out about 7:15 a.m. local time. max foster is following developments outside st. mary's hospital in london. max, what is the latest? >> reporter: well, chris, it was dawn when the duchess of cambridge arrived at the back of the building. she's inside. things progressing normally. so good news there. all really waiting on that expected news that we've got a baby in this country, a new royal baby. this is how we think things will pan out. once the royal baby is actually born, and who knows how long that'll take, the queen, the royal family, the middletons, the prime minister will all be told. a birth notice will be taken from the hospital and driven to buckingham palace. the notice will be placed here for the public to view on the
4:29 am
forecourt of buckingham palace. this is where we'll discover the sex and weight of the child and possibly its name. the first glimpse of the royal heir will be here on the steps of the hospital. as the world continues to wait for the new arrival -- in terms of the attention here, just give you a sense of the public gathering down there. same at the other end of the road. huge amount of media. a big police present as well, chris. this really is a moment in british history. people are very, very excited about catching a moment of it. >> we have a little bit of a wait still, max. you're a father. i'm a father. this process can take a little time. certainly this is the day to be there. might as well get started as early as possible. back to you soon. >> it goes without saying. this is not something you may want to get it over with for katherine. this is not something you rush. the baby is on her own timetable at the moment. we are waiting for it now. we're awaiting the new details as to what's happening in the duchess's hospital room, we do
4:30 am
know there are key differences in the way british women and american women choose to give birth. for more on this, let's bring in cnn's senior medical correspondent, elizabeth cohen. as well as cnn royal commentator victoria arbiter and katie nicholl, author of "the making of a royal romance" and royal correspondent for the british newspaper the mail on sunday. clearly we've got this covered from every angle. elizabeth, let's start with you. with some of the reporting you did during your visit most recently to london. lay out the key differences between giving birth, how most people give birth in the uk and the u.s.? >> right. kate, in the uk there's a real emphasis on what they call a normal birth. in other words, they want that process to be as free of medical intervention as possible. for example, she's -- she's late. in the united states many women when they hit that due date, they get induced. that's not the case as we understand it with kate. she hit her due date and was not induced on that day. now, katie nicholl, she mentioned previously on our show
4:31 am
there's a birthing ball in the room and other sort of things that are used to try to encourage a normal birth. they want women up and moving around. they do not want them lying in bed. kate? >> all right. stick with us, elizabeth. victoria, what do we know about kate's birthing plan? kate and william's birthing plan? >> they've actually been very private. by nature the palace gives you as much as they think you need to know. but all the nitty-gritty details. we know kate is hoping to have as natural a birth as possible. of course, there's no way to tell how that's all going to go. perhaps she'll need something down the line. they'll never tell us. that's information we are not going to be privy to. as you mentioned earlier it's good to have some moments that are private. if everything does go according to plan and she has the baby today, we can expect her to possibly leave the hospital tomorrow. she'll be eager to get back home and start enjoying her new family. >> and a thoroughly modern royal, william is still working as a search and rescue pilot for the royal air force. he's going to be taking the allowed two weeks of paternity leave. >> that's right. he does get two weeks of paternity leave. he's actually been on annual
4:32 am
leave this last week. so he's taken that as vacation time. he'll get to spend that time at home. what the couple then decide to do after his leave is finished remains to be seen. he may have some annual leave left in which case he'll head to bell mo balmoral. there's speculation she'll head to buckleberry to her family home. >> they're trying to figure out how to be modern while still being royal. the process about getting word out about the baby is definitely a royal process. tell us how word comes out? >> this is going to be very traditional. i think as kate mentioned earlier it's about continuity in the royal family. it's these traditions the british public hold on to so dearly. an aid is going to walk out the front doors of the hospital carrying the birth announcement secretly. there'll be a police escort to buckingham palace. that announcement will be placed on the same easel used to announce prince william's birth back in 1982. that really is going to be the first moment that the world gets
4:33 am
to find out the gender of this baby, date and time. the name will not be announced. how long it takes for a name remains to be seen. took a week to name prince william, a month to name prince charles, two weeks for beatrice. >> katie, let's bring you in on this real quick. what are you hearing about who's in the room with the duchess at this point as well as the role of her mother who she's so close with, carol middleton? >> reporter: you know, it's an important role. we know how close kate is to her family. to her mother particularly. we're not sure whether the middletons are actually at the hospital. i don't believe that they are. that's not to say that they won't get there at a later point. but i think actually this was something that william and kate wanted to do together. i'm sure we'll see the middletons visit very soon. but i think just like everyone else in the immediate royal family, they probably want to give the couple a little bit of space at the moment. i mean, we're now 6 1/2 hours, i would imagine, into the duchess's labor. we're waiting here. the crowds have gathered at
4:34 am
buckingham palace. of course, this is where that easel with the notice of birth is going to be posted. you can imagine the crowds here, as with the sunshine, is going to increase. >> katie, another difference in watching stateside, a lot of people have been looking at the differences between how things work here and how things work there. i understand it's not customary to do a baby shower in advance of the baby's arrival, correct? >> reporter: it is true. i know you have baby showers in america. they're a very big thing. it is becoming more pop crular r here. people are a little more cautious. they actually like to celebrate once the baby has been safely delivered. there were reports in the british press that pippa through a very small baby shower for kate. certainly nothing on any big scale. my bet is the bubbly will be open once the announcement is made here. >> talk about the significance, victoria, of if this is a -- it's significant if it's a boy or a girl. it really needs to be noted what a significant moment this is if this is a little girl that's born. >> it really is. because the change in the laws
4:35 am
to succession are in the process of being moved through. of course, all 16 realms have to agree to these changes. but there have only been six queens in the course of over thousand year british history in their own right. so if this is a little girl, and we know that these sort of archaic laws are being changed, it really is a very exciting time. if it's a little boy, of course, we'll still be delighted. but it means the changes in the laws to succession can't be talked about for another 30-odd years. >> they do have good genes. >> yes, they do. >> how is the wattage around this event so far compared to diana's? >> what's quite interesting actually in this day and age, because of this multimedia age we live in with twitter and social media as it is, the global interest, 24 hour news, the internet, the wattage here seems to be massive. i mean, just tremendously huge every which way you look. what's exciting this morning, i'm glad max showed us the british public is starting to arrive. because the brits just don't get excited about something until they really -- until they're
4:36 am
fo forced to. no one's been that jazzed about the baby until now. whereas over here it's been huge. it's nice to see the crowds are starting to build. >> kind of a continuation of the fair ly fairytale wedding. stick with us. elizabeth cohen, my dear friend, stick with us as well. we'll continue to follow each development as we get it on the royal baby's birth. a lot of other news. to michaela. >> to the headlines now, making news, monsoonal rain led to dramatic flood rescues in and around phoenix. at least nine people rescued, some of them plucked from their vehicles. two men were trapped in a car scrambled up a tree and then were air lifted out. several other people were rescued from their homes which were surrounded by water. still a 20% chance of rain in the forecast for that area today. six flags over texas investigating what caused a woman to fall to her death on the texas giant roller coaster. police have ruled out foul play. thele roller coaster will rema
4:37 am
shut down until it passes safety inspection. witnesses say victim rosy esparza complained her lap bar was not secure before the ride began. michael jackson's mother katherine back on the witness stand in her wrongful death lawsuit against concert promoter aeg. she wept during testimony friday saying her son was not a freak. jackson and her grandchildren are trying to prove aeg was negligent in hiring dr. conrad murray and is responsible for the singer's death. the u.s. coast guard seizing 2,300 pounds of cocaine from a boat in the caribbean. the street value, $35 million. video shows the boat speeding away. but a coast guard helicopter shot out the engine. the boat stopped. the cargo seized. and the smugglers arrested. you know the mystery of the incredible drum playing grandmother has been solved. viewers called out 63-year-old mary hvizda. we now know she isn't actually a
4:38 am
grandmother. but she did jam in a bunch of bands when she was younger, then decided to give up the dream. >> i have wanted it. i never pursued it because i never thought i was ever good enough to get it and because so many people try but never succeed. >> mary picked up the drumsticks again about a year and a half ago. she says she doesn't have a compu comput computer, didn't know about youtube and had no idea the video had gone viral. 63. not a grandma. boy, she can play. >> smacking those. she's got quick hands. >> yes, she does. impressive. >> i can't get enough of that. >> i know. it's actually -- >> we keep following the story because it's just so good. >> we're going to find another way to follow it. when she becomes a grandmother it's going to be crazy. >> throw her in the good stuff. get her in a band. >> i love that idea. anybody looking for a drummer? drumess? >> tweet me. she's not going to get it from me because she doesn't believe in that stuff apparently. >> she believes it in. i don't have the time. i'm drumming.
4:39 am
no time for the twitter. we'll take a break on "new day." when we come back, news. dueling demonstrations in houston. opponents of the zimmerman verdict colliding with supporters of stand your ground laws. lefty wins the british open. phil mickelson said it was the greatest round of golf played. he and his family have been through so much. the emotional victory coming up. the world awaiting the royal birth. there it is. st. mary's hospital. the lindo wing. we'll tell you why it's called the lindo wing. found that out through google. we'll give you all the detail we can give you right through the process of it being posted at buckingham palace when the big news will arrive. stay with us. wi drive a ford fusion. who is healthier, you or your car? i would say my car. probably the car. cause as you get older you start breaking down. i love my car. i want to take care of it. i have a bad wheel - i must say. my car is running quite well. keep your car healthy with the works.
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oh, yes it is. it is about the money. welcome back to "new day." when it's money time it is about the money. christine romans is is here with all the business news you need to know. >> stocks, stocks, stocks, stocks, stocks, you guys. you wore the color green. the dow, the s&p starting this monday with four solid winning streaks. for the year so far, the major averages are up nearly 19%. that is unbelievable. this week earnings will be the focus. again, among the most watched, netflix, apple, facebook and you could see those stocks move. we've also been watching mortgage rates move. we've seen 30-year fixed rate mortgages spike up over the last year, climbing more than one full percentage point. the rush to lock in these rates may be helping housing. the this morning at 10:00 a.m.
4:44 am
existing home sales for june. that'll be a really good check of just how strong the housing market has been. when you filled up this weekend, did you shake your head when you read the receipt? or did you do something else? no swearing, please. over the past couple of weeks gas prices are up 20 cents. thank crude oil trading at its highest level in 16 months for that. it is filling up at the pump that is really that economic indicator that most people feel. it has been going up. we expect it could continue to rise. $109 crude oil right now. yeah. that's about a 16-month high. you could see it go up more. >> a lot of people say the price of milk. that's the barometer. the price of gas really hits them. >> can't get to work if you can't fill up. you can feel it. you can really feel it. >> it gets you with that credit card. little zinger there also. you look at one price there. that's not the credit card. that's the cash price. >> christine was reading my mind. i was filling up this weekend going, ow. that's not good. thank, christine. other news now, tennessee congressman steve cohen. he says he was floored to find
4:45 am
out the aspiring young model he believed was his long lost daughter really isn't. the world discovered victoria brink when the 64-year-old democrat was caught tweeting her during the president's state of the union address. on "new day" we exclusively brought you the paternity test proving he is not brink's father. cnn's dana bash finally caught up with cohen for reaction. >> reporter: a strange tweet sent by steve cohen sunday. capping off a particularly rough week for the tennessee congressman. cohen, who was known for having close ties with the african-american community in his heavily black memphis district, took to twitter after his car broke down. writing, told african-american tow driver my week. father, dna test, not father. he says, you're black, yo. cohen is referring to the outcome of a story first reported on "new day." a paternity mystery solved when he discovered the woman he thought was his long lost daughter really wasn't. >> i felt confident, that's for
4:46 am
sure, it would come out i was the father. when i found out i wasn't, i was floored. >> reporter: a more bizarre back story. flash back to february. president's state of the union address. washington was abuzz about what appeared to be a salacious social media blunder. during the speech the bachelor congressman tweeted ilu for i love you to an attractive young blond. cohen announced the aspiring young model, victoria brink, was actually his daughter. something he'd learned from her mother. an old girlfriend he'd recently contacted. >> i couldn't sleep one night. i googled her. it came out she had this daughter born on the 22nd of april in '88. i kind of put when we were together. >> reporter: cnn intended to do a story about a congressman finding his daughter late in life. but during the process, victoria and the man she'd always thought was her father wanted to do a paternity test to be sure. >> we're here to do a dna test. >> right. >> reporter: the result was a stunner. >> the result showed that steve cohen is not my father.
4:47 am
>> cohen said he only took a dna test because victoria wanted it. >> she said that she didn't know who her biological father was and her mental health, she needed it. i had avoided it. but i would do anything for her. >> reporter: despite the letdown of learning victoria is not his biological daughter, cohen says he enjoyed introducing her as his daughter at washington events like the white house christmas party. >> we still communicate. i still care about her greatly. i think she cares about me. i hope and plan to continue to have a relationship. and i think of her as my daughter. >> reporter: dana bash, cnn, capitol hill. >> people talk about this story a lot. it's really important to remember. representative cohen did nothing wrong. everything about this story -- >> that's exactly right. >> -- feels like a story where a lawmaker did something wrong. >> it doesn't feel real. he didn't do anything wrong. he really thought he was her father. >> he says he was told that. she believed it. they got a good relationship out of it. they're very close now. now you get this twist with the
4:48 am
dna test. the end of the day, it's more bizarre than it is anything else. >> you hope that relationship continues despite this news. it's difficult for both of them, obviously, to handle in such a public way. coming up next on "new day," the royal baby watch continues, everyone, outside a london hospital where the duchess of cambridge is in labor as we speak. we've got live reporters in london and experts all over the place for us here in studio and in london. from potential good news to definite good news. there it is right now. lefty, phil mickelson, wins his first british open. he says it was the greatest round of golf he ever played. we'll tell you why he thinks that is so. peoi go to angie's listt for all kinds of reasons. to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list
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welcome back to "new day." an american takes the top spot at british open. fan favorite phil mickelson, aka, lefty. pulling out an emotional come from behind victory. cnn's rachel nichols has the story. >> reporter: battled his way from five strokes down to win his first british open. when it was all over, they hugged. one on top of each other. phil, his wife, amy, their two daughters and their son. until no one could tell whose arm was whose. just that they were squeezing tight. this was not just the celebration of a golf title. this was the road that their family traveled to arrive at that moment. >> to have a life partner like i
4:53 am
have in amy and three healthy children. to have those people in my life makes moments like this even more fulfilling. >> reporter: so much of mickelson's career has played out through the lens of his family. amy went into labor with amanda, their oldest, as phil nearly won the u.s. open. she worked her way to a full recovery. when the family celebrated amanda's eighth grade graduation last month, phil made sure to be there, even though it meant jumping a red eye and going straight to the course to play in the first round of this u.s. open. mickelson didn't mind, just as he laughed it off when a family picture ended with some rough consequences for the trophy. all mickelson cared about was his family, just as he did at
4:54 am
the british open on sunday hugging them like he might not stop. >> everyone has their favorite athlete, favorite golfer, but i think he's everybody's favorite golfer. >> he's tough not to like because of celebrating his family so much. coming up next on "new day" following breaking news from london. the duchess of cambridge is in labor and the royal baby could be here at any moment. stick with us. heavy rain is causing some extreme flash flooding outside of phoenix. we'll take you live to arizona where firefighters have been busy rescuing people left stranded by the floods. stay with us. i want to make things more secure. [ whirring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat more dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business?
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for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. that music means it's time
4:58 am
for the rock block. a quick round of the stories you're talking about today. first up, michaela. >> that means i have to stop singing? president obama's launching a tour of the u.s. to lay out his agenda for jump starting the economy. from "wall street journal" marshal service admitting they lost track of encrypted two-way radios worth millions of dollars. in the "cape cod times" destiny's child -- apple's developer website has been taken down after a hack attack. company officials confirm that the site is unavailable after a hacker tries to steal information. among the ipos to watch, aglos
4:59 am
pharmaceuticals, cellular dynamics and conatus pharmaceuticals. finally, let's get to your weather with indra. >> good morning. forget the heat wave. the new story is rain and tons of it. more monsoonal moisture hanging out in the southwest, which, of course, means a threat for flash flooding. head over to the ohio valley and up to the northeast and plenty of rain over the weekend and more continues to come your way. anywhere you see thunderstorms one to two inches of rain. relief from the heat and temperatures are way down and i know you all think it feels so much better out there. >> feels great. good start to the day. it's the top of the hour, which means it is time for the top news. breaking news, duchess catherine is in the hospital in labor. the big announcement could come any moment. we have the story covered like no one else. water rescue, the daring
5:00 am
escapes as monsoon rains flood a city and drivers trapped and the only way out is a helicopter rescue. we have the dramatic video. new details on a woman killed on a six flags roller coaster. how did this happen and who has oversight over theme park safety. your "new day" continues right now. what you need to know -- >> it's scary, it's heartbreaking to know someone that you think is close to you or your friend could turn out to do something like this. >> what you just have to see. >> i can't believe it. >> she just gets to be a care-free kid and get to enjoy her life as long as she can. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> everyone, good morning, welcome back to "new day." monday, july 22nd. 8:00 in the east, i'm kate
5:01 am
bolduan. >> i'm chris cuomo here with michaela pereira. the duchess of cambridge is in labor and could give birth to a little prince or princess any moment, or not. eater way, we're live outside the hospital. insight from people who know the royals better than anyone. how has the family been preparing and what happens when the heir to the throne arrives? reporters live in london and experts in london and here in new york, as well. lots of other developing news we're watching this morning. a suspected serial killer caught in cleveland. the concern there is more victims. we also will be watching rallies across the nation for trayvon martin. also, a look at the political comebacks of anthony weiner and eliot spitzer and the role that their wives have been playing in their campaigns. >> very interesting how they're playing out. first, big, breaking news of the morning. the royal baby almost here. the royal baby is on his or her
5:02 am
way. the duchess of cambridge in labor right now in the same hospital wing where princess diana gave birth to william and harry. max foster is live outside the hospital. what's the latest, max? >> well, kate, she has been in labor for at least seven hours now. it literally could be any moment. prince charles has been out saying we could expect this baby in the next few hours. big crowds turning out here. huge police presence and what are we looking out for? well, at some point, an official, a palace official will come out on that doorstep with an envelope. that's going to be the first sign that the baby was born and delivered to buckingham palace and the sign that the baby was born officially and we'll find out if it was a boy or a girl. everyone is gripped to their tv screens for the moment. >> the world really fell in love with this couple from their fairy tale wedding and a very
5:03 am
healthy baby on the way. thanks, max. >> not just on an easel but first they put the announcement into a frame and then pult t it the easel. >> what do you expect for a royal baby? >> this story is all about the detail. that easel is going to be at buckingham palace and come into the courtwrard and that's where everyone can see it. erin is over there, what is the latest? >> people i have spoken to wishing the duchess a very healthy and safe delivery and even the prime minister of united kingdom david cameron sending his best. as you mention, that birth notice will be driven to buck g buckingham palace. it will be displayed on the very same easel that carried prince william's birth notice over 31 years ago. that will be followed by two separate, yet simultaneous gun salutes. one at the park just adjacent to
5:04 am
the palace and announcing to the world that the monarch is here. back in the day before they had telephone and internet, this is how the people would find out about the royal birth. a sense of history and tradition to the occasion. >> excited. many people around the world excited, as well. thank you so much, erin. we'll be back with you throughout the show. a lot we don't know and a good reason we don't know. some privacy that this family should have. there's some more live pictures right outside st. mary's hospital. the guard outside has never gotten so much press and so many pictures of him ever before. >> no, he doesn't like the commotion because he likes what is quiet. when the baby is born, they are going to mint 2013 for the year, coins that will be given out to other kids born on the same day. >> then there's all this
5:05 am
discussion of what will the name be? what will the baby's name be and what will that mean for other babies being born? >> jer emiah. >> let's continue the conversation. let's bring in kate williams. another kate. i am trying to only have kaets be the experts that we talk to, except for victoria, i love her, as well. kate is a royal historian and author of "young elizabeth, the making of our queen." great to see you, as well. >> great to see you. >> a lot of excitement in the uk, as well as here in the u.s. one thing we have been talking about together is what the differences are in how and in terms of how this baby will be brought up versus royal babies in the past, even different from how charles and diana raised william. >> yes. well, diana broke tradition because previous to her royal babies were always born at home. even c-sections.
5:06 am
diana said i want to have my hospital in the lindo wing which is where william and kate is right now. what we know about william and kate want hands on childhood. she doesn't want to have 24-hour nannies and give up the baby to 24-hour nannies. she wants to be there and around the palace and, so, what we're going to see is when she comes out of the hospital baby, the amazing moment we're waiting for they're going to go to kensington palace and then have a cocoon time with the three of them. introduced to great granny, the queen. >> now, obviously, plenty of staff where they're staying, but is it true no plans for a nanny? >> well, what they've said is that they have housekeepers and assistants, but at the moment they haven't hired a nanny.
5:07 am
what i think is going to happen is that kate is going to take some maternity leave, perhaps five or six months. she will have to do royal duties and it is not practical to take a baby. so, perhaps we'll see a baby for the first few months and then a nanny will be brought in. but not a live-in, around the clock nanny. >> you talked about bringing the baby to meet his or her great-grandmother. the queen. talk about the significance of this for the queen. this is something that she's worked so hard, really worked hard for herself creating the continuity of this monarchy that will take this monarchy into the next century. >> absolutely be in the next century because if this child lives as long as all the windsors do, they have this habit of longevity. the child might not come to the throne if he or she is 60 or 70 and many of us all around here waiting for it won't be here either. what's really exciting for the
5:08 am
queen, this is a long succession list. the thing is about monarchs, they have to have children. they can't choose to be child-free. if he or she doesn't have child, they have failed. she left the country without an heir. monarchs keep, they need to have children. william and kate are going to have this child and one day be the future queen or king. that's what's exciting. if it is a girl, she will be a queen. that wasn't the case ten years ago. >> they also, in a way, have to figure out what their last name will be. even though he's windsor, they have an option, right? if they wanted to use a sir name, i understand the royals could use windsor or cambridge. >> when the baby is born because it will be named, we will know the sex of the baby on the scroll in front of buckingham palace. we'll know the sex and the
5:09 am
weight and the name probably won't come out for the next five or six days. until the child is named it will be called baby cambridge and be titled the prince or princess of cambridge. but first of all, baby cambridge. say it is george or alexandra it could be george cambridge or george windsor. >> or jeremiah windsor. >> do not listen to him, kate. just having fun making up names. >> exactly. >> all right, kate williams, we'll talk to you soon. thank you so much. >> thanks so much. >> the boys used wales as their last name for the military. they don't really have a last name. other news to tell you about this morning. severe weather that is plaguing much of the country, even after the heat wave broke. thunder and lightning storms and flash floods in phoenix and we have it covered for you doing our team thing on this. stephanie elum and indra petersons in new york.
5:10 am
let's start with stephanie and news of dramatic rescues, right, stephanie? dede definitely, chris. good morning. we're seeing the neighbors come up as the sun is breaking here. one gentleman came out and said everything that happened here was within an hour and a half and then the water pretty much dissipated. look what happened during that time. flooded parts of the phoenix area on sunday. leading firefighters to a series of dramatic rescues caught on camera. at least half a dozen people brought to safety. >> this is pretty bad. i think the worst i have seen so far. >> reporter: emergency crews brave the thigh-high flood waters that swallowed whole cars in its wake. one rescue after another after another. watch as emergency crews rush to the aid of these two 19-year-old boys in apache junction who crawled out of their submerged suv to a small patch of land nearby.
5:11 am
>> at that point to bail out and get out of the vehicle and at that point they're going with the flow of the water, which is very powerful. >> reporter: a helicopter lowers a harness lifting one of the teenagers across the rising water to safety. the second snaps pictures of the scene, even appearing to take a self-portrait mid-rescue. firefighters conducting rescues by air and land lowering a ladder from a fire truck to rescue this couple stuck in a pickup truck for nearly an hour before following a safety line to land. and just west in scottsdale, a firefighter carries this woman to dry land as the water consums her car. a similar fate for this corvette carried some 100 yards by the flood waters. the driver rescued. >> he got out of the vehicle and was sitting on top of it. you couldn't see, the water was so high that you couldn't see the vehicle at all. >> and another neighbor came out here to talk to us overnight and he said that he was at work when everything happened and his wife told him what was going on and
5:12 am
he thought she was exaggerating until he got home and saw it with his own eyes. the good thing i can tell you, no injuries. everybody was able to get out safely. that's the good news there. >> what this means for the rest of the country right now. week of stifling heat and millions of americans are now coping with violent storms. indra petersons is here with more on that. >> watching the threat for monsoonal moisture on the west. once you talk about june, early summertime, weather from west to east. once you get into july, you pull that monsoonal moisture and shifting the direction from the east to the west and moisture from the gulf and heavy thunderstorms. with that change now towards the end of the pattern here, we're talking about another day of threat for that flash flooding. as far as the rest of the country, good news, finally. that cold front did push through and temperatures went down to where they should be for this time of year and that is great news. with that, we know we have the
5:13 am
threat for thunderstorms, as well. pulling up all that moisture to a slow spinning north of the great lakes and looking at the threat of thunderstorms. not a huge amount here. but, overall, i know i can't win. this is a lot better. >> all right, indra, thank you so much. this story we're covering down in texas. witnesses say mom rosy esparza said her lap bar wasn't secure. cnn's ed lavandera is live in dallas with the latest. good morning, ed. >> good morning, chris. that part of this investigation will be crucial in trying to figure out what was supposed to be a fun day at an amusement park turned into a horrific tragedy. the texas giant starts with a spine tingling drop. this is where witnesses say they saw rosy esparza fall from the
5:14 am
roller coaster. >> she goes up like this and then when it drops to come down, that's when it released and she just tumbled. >> reporter: some witnesses told local news media that esparza told a six flags employee that her seat restraint did not lock properly. they had to ride out the two-minute roller coaster fearing the worst the rest of the way. >> they were screaming when they came back and trying to get out of the restraint. >> reporter: six flags over texas hurricane harbor refuses to answer questions on camera, but in a written statement says, we are committed to determining the cause of this tragic accident. it would be a disservice to the family to speculate regarding what transpired. according to a national safety council analysis of amusement park injuries, there were just over 1,200 ride-related injuries in 2011. about 4% caused physical,
5:15 am
serious harm. roller coaster accidents accounted for 28% of the injuries. amusexment parks are loosely regulated and it is six flags that is in charge of conducting the investigation, not an outside independent agency. >> whatever organization comes in, whomever comes in, their work is the property of six flags. and it will remain the property of six flags because there is nothing in texas or many other states that make them have to release that information. and in a facebook posting her sons talked about how much they love their mother and one reason they loved her so much was her sense of adventure and that's what brought them here to six flags. the investigation will continue, although no word on how long that will take. chris and kate. >> thanks so much, ed. a lot of news happening at this hour. let's get straight to michaela. >> the suspect in the killing of three women in east cleveland will reportedly be formally
5:16 am
charged today. michael madison reportedly told investigators he was influenced by serial killer anthony sowell convicted in 2011 of killing 11 women and hiding their bodies in his cleveland home. investigators say they fear there could be more victims. at least 75 people are dead, hundreds of others injured after a magnitude 5.9 earth earthquake struck this morning in northwest china. military and red cross rescue teams are converging on the area rushing tents and other equipment to the scene. those rescue efforts hampered by rain in the forecast. experts are warning also about potential landslides. public support for the massachusetts from the night that tsarnaev was captured. he was suspended for the unauthorized release of those photos. calling for his reinstatement so far has more than 32,000 likes. he leaked the pictures in response to what he called the glamorization of tsarnaev on the
5:17 am
cover of "rolling stone" magazine. 22-year-old morgan lake of maryland driving to philadelphia friday night when a tractor trailer rammed her from behind on the chesapeake bay bridge in maryland. after teetering over the edge, the car plunged 40 feet into the water below. she was sure she would drown but then went from panic to calm. somehow managing to unbuckle her seat belt and managed to swim through a cracked window to safety. she is back home and reportedly doing just fine. it is the attack of the brooklyn tomatoes. some 5,000 people gathered to get sauced by flinging 40,000 unripe tomatoes at each other. people who were the most colorful costumes got first dibs on the rotten tomato ammunition. others came ready for battle wearing gas masks and goggles for protection. brooklyn is playing catch up. tomato wars inspired by the festival in spain. a 60-year tradition with upwards
5:18 am
of 50,000 participants. what's hilarious to watch the grins on the people having a time. doesn't look like a lot of people over 40 or 50 in that group. >> shocker. you need to cover yourself up, though. you need to cover up because the tomatoes are acidic. it gets in your eyes, it bothers you. >> hence the goggals and the gas masks. >> safety first. >> whenever it comes to tomatoes. coming up on "new day" more on the exciting, breaking news. the duchess of cambridge is in labor. we're live outside the hospital where she's giving birth, hopefully, in london. steve cohen live in the "new day" studio to respond to the tweeting incident he unexpectedly found himself in the middle of. >> stay with us. i think farmers care more about the land
5:19 am
than probably anyone else. we've had this farm for 30 years. we raise black and red angus cattle. we also produce natural gas. that's how we make our living and that's how we can pass the land and water back to future generations. people should make up their own mind what's best for them. all i can say is it has worked well for us. i worked a patrol unit for 17 years in the city of baltimore.
5:20 am
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a follow-up on a story we brought you exclusive about congressman steve cohen. tweeting with a young model at the time he thought the woman victoria brink was his daughter. we worked with the pair to get a paternity test and determined he is not her biological father. congressman cohen joining us now. sir, appreciate you taking the opportunity to be here. >> you're welcome, chris. >> where is your head and your heart in this situation at this point? >> they're both in a state of flux. i mean, static to know that i had a daughter and victoria and i were working on a relationship three years plus. and i had visions of her being my heir and going to her wedding and having grand children and all those things and loving her and she's the most lovable, sweetest person in the world. we'll still have a relationship. obviously, won't be the same because she's not going to have my grandchildren and she's not
5:23 am
my child. but i still care about her greatly. it was heart breaking and devastating and i have just been crushed. i know she has been, too. it's been difficult for her, too. she's with her father. >> she has been great throughout all of this and a special young woman, figuring out what she wants to do with her life and, obviously, developed a strong bond with you, which you found out about through her mom, to be clear, right? >> her mom called, i called her mom and she said that every time she looked at victoria she saw my face and said i lifted a great burden off of her and the only person she shared this with was victoria the year earlier. i guess at that point, you know, that was it. >> now, interestingly, when this first happened, it seemed like a no brainer. here's another lawmaker caught doing something naughty and you tell me if this was intentional.
5:24 am
you seemed to take a little bit of heat early on while it seemed now, understanding everything, you wanted to shield victoria. right, you had a great and 100% defense to the situation. but you held it for a while at first. why? >> for her. i mean she had not revealed to her father that she thought i was her father and that would have been a difficult thing to do and her and mermother didn't want to do it until absolutely necessary. i could have come out and said, look, i'm her father. that isn't right, that was her decision. i would take all the slings and arrows thrown at me and we gautto the point that it would be in texas and grown nationally. >> i'm sure you had advisors around you telling you, you have to take this steve. >> just come out and say it. i won't do that. i'll take whatever political consequences there are unless it comes to the point that she tells her father and that is her decision. >> must be important to her because victoria has spoken how
5:25 am
she watched that and it meant something to her that you really were putting her first. >> she was first in everything i did for the last three years. she was a person i thought about and tweeted her from everywhere i went and fry to explain the consequences of visits i made to places in the world to get a perspective and sent her gifts from everywhere because i wanted her -- she was my daughter. she was my family. she was my only family. >> i found this story very fascinating. we have spoken before. we kept saying we, we, me. i have been fascinated with this. i met with victoria. i thought it was so interesting on how perception is not always reality. but this has been difficult for you. you love victoria, you love your bond with her. you don't like talking about this. >> i thought it should have been personal and victoria, particularly, at first, a lot of barbs thrown at her because she's beautiful and all these suggestions about sex and that's just absurd. and this continued and people make cracks and the internet gives people the opportunity and
5:26 am
bloggers want to be first with stories and they didn't listen. we try to tell people and they still suggested and even to this day they're suggesting things and it just really, it's in society and people's minds because it is a personal tragedy for me and been such for victoria and we just need to go on with our lives. >> i want to make sure the record is clear. you didn't like something that you thought we selectively edited. what bothered with you, i want to help you with that? >> i thought it should have been clear that victoria's mother is who told me i was her father and victoria, too. because some people got the impression i looked at a facebook page or googled her and decided she was. that's not true. obviously, nothing creepy about me tweeting her from the state of the union. i will never take my ipod to the state of the union, again. but i was just so ecstatic that she was watching the state of the union because she has other interests and she was getting an interest in politics.
5:27 am
i was ecstatic and i immediately responded. >> the perception was it was creepy because we didn't know it was your daughter. that is what we talk about when we talk about the original perception and when victoria says, he's not my father. he's not my biological father, you may share a bond, to be clear, you're not her father in any definable way? >> i'm not. but she sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for father's day and she said you'll always be my father in some ways and sent me a nice card. >> look, i know this touches you. i know this does. and even though the biology isn't there, the bond is. and that's something that i'm sure warms your heart, as well. true, congressman? >> yeah. >> all right, you know what, i'm going to do something i almost never do with politicians. i'm going to give you a break on this and move on because you want to talk about the work of being a congressman. >> on a lot of levels, because i know that about you, although you have good reason to cry and
5:28 am
be emotional about this. i appreciate you coming here to talk about her. let's talk about politics, okay. we have all this going on in the country right now about stand your ground and race in america. that's something that is bringing a lot of tears and hurting a lot of hearts of people in this country. that matters to you, as well. what do you think should be happening in the country right now? >> i think the discussion that president obama started is terribly important. i wanted to start back in 2008. i passed a resolution to apologize, the first one ever for slavery. still vestiges of slavery and jim crow and we need to deal with those vestiges. my hope that the senate would have passed an identical resolution and we could have had a major event in joining those two in the rotunda or in the emancipation hall. i was thinking bill clinton would have been the perfect person or your father to lead the discussion of race in america and to have a dialogue and a meeting and a discussion. it didn't happen because of some issues with the senate concerning reparations. there are other things we can
5:29 am
do. the president needs to look at the prison population and i have written him and talked to eric holder. a lot of people who need to be in prison that don't need to be in prison. on crack and cocaine, we changed 100-1 to 18-1. people serving sentences under a public policy that no longer exist. those people should be out of prison. people in jail for marijuana possession, just proportionate members of african-americans are arrested even though the same -- >> the law reads like a good thing, but applied in a way that is unfair. >> applied racially and aclu just did a study on this. that needs to stop and people don't need to be incarcerated for things that ruin their lives later and stop them from getting housing, stamps, education. their racial justice is far away from happening and some could be through legislation and the president could start some of it with dialogue on drug laws and using his power. >> the hope is that as we move
5:30 am
away from the zimmerman case we move to the issues that are real and present in everyday life. >> i don't know if the republicans will. the republicans have not worked on jobs bill and it affects jobs bills and they're in need of these jobs more than others. the sequester hurt african-americans more than anybody else because they need public education and health care and public social programs. they're not getting them. the whole culture in washington now is messaging and it's not considering those the least fortunate of us and that needs to be our priority and the white and black and majority of blacks have needs for benefits because of the vestiges of jim crow. >> hopefully all of you down there in washington are watching what's going on in the country and something that you realize needs resolved. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> look forward to having you back here on "new day." kate, over to you. coming up next on "new day" we're waiting for a very special
5:31 am
royal arrival. the duchess of cambridge is in labor as we speak. back live to london shortly. but, also this. politics, people. anthony weiner, eliot spitzer both on the comeback trail trying to win elections in new york after some embarrassing scandals. but can it really be done? the great outdoors, and a great deal. grrrr ahhh let's leave the deals to perfect! yep, and no angry bears. up to 30% off. only at
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5:34 am
welcome back to "new day" everybody. monday, july 22nd. i'm chris cuomo. >> good morning, everybody. i'm kate bolduan joined by news anchor michaela pereira. >> what are we looking at,
5:35 am
people? >> a big ambulance. >> and a big day. live pictures outside of st. mary's hospital where catherine the duchess of cambridge is in labor and we could meet the newest member to the throne any minute. what is threat laee latest, max? >> she's been in labor almost eight hours at least now. even prince charles suggested it could come in the next few hours. he talked to well wishers when he was out and about on a public engagement. when the birth has happened, the first we'll hear is when this notice comes out on the doorstep. a palace official will be bringing a note out to go to buckingham palace. an interesting little conversation i had. place on the easel. i mean what do you wear for such a moment in british history. she has chosen a pink and blue dress. she has all her options covered and not indicating in any way
5:36 am
whether she thinks this is a boy or a girl. >> just working the odds. pink or blue. either way, you're going to be right. at least you have one of those on hand. all right, max, stand by with us. we'll talk much more about this exciting moment in their lives. to do that, let's bring in victoria. we have been talking a lot about all this. the pomp and circumstance that surrounded the easel, but we won't learn the name of the baby, likely, when we get that first moment of knowing the sex, the weight and the time of birth. >> that's right. took seven days to announce william's name, harry's name was announced the second day and took a month to name prince charles. so, anything is possible. i hope he's not going to leave us hanging that long. >> we were also talking during the break, not to diminish how the queen loves all her
5:37 am
grandchildren. >> i am looking forward to when we see the queen with this grand grandbaby. this is the future of the monarch. this is the first monarch of the 22nd century and the queen is riding this wave with immense popularity right now. a she see charles the iii next and then william iv. she sees the monarchy is safe for generations to come. >> just because we don't get the announcement of the name, doesn't mean they don't name the baby right away like everybody else. >> like most parents, they have nine months to think about a name not until they look at a baby to feel it is right. keep it private and to themselves for a couple days. every part of this is analyzed and pulled apart. i hope they allow us to have the name sooner rather than later because otherwise we see what happens with speculation. >> interesting to watch what parts of tradition they follow. they have to follow the protocol
5:38 am
of the royal family, but also are new parents and a new era, aren't they? >> they really are. william and kate do things their own way. just last christmas they spent christmas day with the middletons. royals don't do that. they don't go to the in-laws for christmas. william is keen to say, yes, we're members of the royal family and with the formalities and traditions, but at the same time we're shaking things and doing what is right for us and our child. >> it's great because you've seen all along the way how close and included the middleton family has been in all of the special moments with this couple. >> carol is going to be the only living grandmother. interesting to see how much of an influence they have. the middletons are the most working class family that has been associated with the royal family since 1028. so, going to see a lot of -- >> i like that excuse for the holidays. can't go to the in-laws, going royal this year. >> victoria, thanks so much. five things you want to know. >> for your new day.
5:39 am
dangerous flooding in the arizona desert. monsoon-like weather triggering raging flash floods and two inches of rain in an hour and rescue teams in choppers to airlift drivers to safety. and a witness says she heard victim rosy esparza complain that her lap bar was not secure moments before she fell to her death. investigators have ruled out foul play. earnest wallace will be in court this morning for a pretrial conference. he is a friend of aaron hernandez. the cross-examination of katherine jackson continuing this morning. the matriarch of the family will be back on the witness stand. it is now entering its 12th week. and at number five, pope francis making his first major overseas trip since becoming mo montf. set to arrive for a week-long visit to brazil. always updating the five things
5:40 am
to know go to >> huge to have the pope in brazil. >> huge step. >> big deal. we're going to take a break, when we come back on "new day" rallies across the country as outrage grows over george zimmerman's acquittal. is it time for stand your ground laws to change? one provocative question we'll ask. also coming up on "new day," scandal can't seem to keep eliot spitzer or anthony weiner down. the latest on their political second wind. straight ahead. as your life changes, fidelity is there for your personal economy, helping you readjust along the way, refocus as careers change and kids head off to college, and revisit your investments as retirement gets closer. wherever you are today, fidelity's guidance can help you fine-tune your personal economy. start today with a free one-on-one review of your retirement plan.
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5:43 am
welcome back to "new day" everybody. the debate over race and the criminal justice system rages on. one week since the acquittal of george zimmerman but it continues to grow. reexamine stand your ground laws. the president even speaking about the case.
5:44 am
take a listen. >> when trayvon martin was first shot i said that this could have been my son. another way of saying that is trayvon martin could have been me. 35 years ago. >> but when the president said those words it took the story of the case to an entirely different level and now we have the protests among us that we have to figure out where they go from here. joining me, reverend jesse lee peterson, founder and president of the brotherhood organization of the new destiny and founder of the south central l.a. tea party and charles. thank you to both of you, gentlemen, for being here. i appreciate it. you are in different locations. so, only one rule, as we have in all debates here. just let the other guy finish, then say what you want even if the question isn't directed at you. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> let's begin with the question surrounding the president. charles, the president came out and said that could have been
5:45 am
me. a lot of people believe that injected race into a case where race did not belong. your take on that. >> i think it was important, i think, for him as a person. as a black man in america to do what he did and i think that he has the perarerogative to do th. he found some kinship with this young man and i think that the case is whether or not george zimmerman profiled trayvon martin on the base of race we'll never know because we're not in george zimmerman's head. however, we do have what george zimmerman said the night he saw trayvon martin. and he didn't know anything about trayvon martin. he didn't know trayvon martin's name. but he did know a few things. he knew what he was wearing. he knew that he seemed, according to what he said, he
5:46 am
seemed to be in his late teens. he knew that he was a young black man. and there was something about the set of criterias that led george zimmerman to group trayvon martin with the criminals that have burglarized before. i think you have to take that into account. >> and we will right now. thank you for that point, charles. i bring it to you, reverend. charles just said it. one thing that seemed to be on zimmerman's mind was, this young man looks like the kids who have been robbing our houses. does that make george zimmerman a racist or a profiler? >> not at all. this case was not about race. it was not about trayvon martin. it was not about george zimmerman. it was about people like barack obama and so-called black leaders of the black community like sharpton and jackson and
5:47 am
others tried to manipulate the hearts and minds in order to get the stand your ground laws changed. in order to usher in new gun laws and in order to control americans more so. barack obama should be ashamed of himself. he had no business inserting himself into this trial. he knew what he was doing and what's happening right now with this rally and marches across the country. fighting and while blacks and whites are fighting, this corrupt gun mayor is getting new law s passed to control us eve more. overcome the anger so that they can see the real enemies are not white americans but the so-called civil rights leaders. >> reverend, why don't you have a right as a black person to be
5:48 am
ang rewhen a young man is just walking home, winds up dead and there is no punishment? why isn't that a situation that should make you angry? >> these folks are going to be angry about why everyday black americans are being shot down and killed by blacks across the country. last year we had 500 homicides in chicago right in barack obama's back door. jesse jackson's back door. why are they upset about those people? when barack obama said that trayvon martin, if he had a son, trayvon martin would look just like him. these black guys around the country they don't look like his son or wouldn't look like his son if he had a son. this is hypocrisy and this is black racism at its worst. >> reverend, let me stop you there. >> a sense of shame about what they're doing there. >> let me bring it to you, charles. the idea that because there is a lot of other black-on-black
5:49 am
crime this case shouldn't have been focused on. does that make sense to you? >> i think it is ridiculous to say some competition among killings. you have to say you only care about one or the other. you cannot simultaneously care about both issues. and i also think that when you have so many people say, i think the rules were that we would -- >> keep going, charles. and i think that what when you have people don't care about this, then you ask yourself why people don't want people to care about this. this case is inextricably linked to kind of gun policy in this country. so, it's not that anyone is trying to introduce it. it's just linked to it. so, illinois pass just enacted concealed carry laws. that made it the 50th state. conceal carry is the law in all 50 states.
5:50 am
you have a stand your ground laws and the self-defense laws in florida, which was what the police used as part of their rationale for letting george zimmerman talk his way out of a police precinct the night he was found standing over a boy who he had shot through the heart. that is also what allowed the jury to acquit george zimmerman. i think what is upsetting most americans and i think from what the protests that i've seen is there are white people marching and a lot of parents marching because people with children look at that and say, something is odd about the idea that someone could have a concealed weapon, can set events into motion that ends up with a person being killed. and have no legal culpability for doing that whatsoever. i think that strikes people as odd and, you know, when you have a concealed weapon. you know it. the other person may not know. you came into that situation with the gun.
5:51 am
i think that's really important to understand that it is, you know, this particular case is not local like what is happening with chicago. i mean, chicago is a great case to look at because, you know, you have other large cities with large african-american populations that are not experiencing -- >> hold on one second -- >> that are not experiencing the same levels of homicide that you are experiencing in chicago. so, chicago has 500 homicides last year, but there are almost 900,000 black people that live in chicago and this is when people use data to discriminate. you are more likely to have all the people not criminals who are doing exactly what they are supposed to do and part of families going to church or school or whatever. you're more likely because of the criminal element that you have a higher percentage. so, i think that profiling -- >> right, charles, but at the end of the day you have blacks
5:52 am
killing blacks in large numbers. reverend, make that point. >> you know, first of all, i want to say that had george bush inserted himself as president in this same case, george bush said that if i have a son, he would look like george zimmerman, all hell would have broke loose. second, nothing wrong with stand your ground laws. now in 30 states and also we have, as citizens of this great nation, we have the right to bear arm as. if you change all the laws in this country, it will not stop the destruction of black americans. the only thing that is going to change the destruction of black americans is that they have is to rebuild families. mothers and fathers need to get married and guide their children into where to go. need to teach them to understand and respect authority. secondly, employment is very appointed in the black community. barack obama and the so-called civil rights leaders could care
5:53 am
a less about that. 13% or 14% in the black community. so, you could change all the laws that you want. black folks will still be killing each other because it's not about white racism, it's about black racism and the lack of family and morality in the black community. >> i need to stop you. turn away from barack obama and jesse jackson and start thinking for themself and become individuals so that they can understand what this country is all about. >> reverend, thank you very much. reverend peterson, thank you very much, appreciate having you both we'll keep it having it on new day. kate, over to you. >> thanks so much, chris. coming up next on "new day" their careers were rocked by scandal. scandal over lewd photos. now, eliot spitzer and anthony ween back leading in the polls. what is behind their political comebacks. #%tia[
5:54 am
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welcome back to "new day." anthony weaner and eliot spitzer both in the final stretch of about to stage their own political comebacks and if poll numbers are any indication, which we like to believe that we're right on the polls that typically defeating sex scandal won't get in their way. let's talk more about this. joining me now ann daily and john avlon. what does this mean in politics
5:58 am
in general. you wrote about this recently and one line stuck out, it's official, the sex scandal is dead. >> politicians can look at a sex scandal as a way to make their name stand out. that they're really relatable and that's what they've done with great success, at least according to the polls. if anything, it's increased their street cred. >> kind of depressing. but does that mean new yorkers are a more forgiving bunch, which i would say probably not. or is this the way it is everywhere now. >> the celebrity gossip culture in the country. politicians play that celebrity game rather than hold them selves to a higher standard. that's a loss. this began with this cycle with mark sanford coming back and campaign covered. if you can win that primary, you basically win the general and that makes it easier to come back from a scandal. >> people do seem to be forgiving when they have that
5:59 am
big name i.d., right? >> there is that celebrity factor and all of a sudden they stand away from the pack. >> also an interesting element of this, the role of their lives. both of these men, as well as mark sanford, he made his way back from the appalachian trail. their wives have played a big role. when you talk about eliot spitzer and anthony weiner, two different strategies. anthony's wife has been right by his side. spitzer's wife, not so much. how does that play? >> two very different playbooks. to understand uma, anthony weiner's wife, you need to focus on the fact that she worked for hillary clinton for so many years and following that playbook. after having suffered through it, this is a race for her for political redemption and power. you get the sense she doesn't want to be seen near her husband. one interview she described him as a colleague. oh, that's cold. >> that is cold. >> so, i'm tolerating the ambition, but this is not something i'm invested in.
6:00 am
>> we're going to watch those races are coming up. we'll watch it with you and make some predictions later. john, great to see you. >> great to see you guys. look at the time, almost 9:00, you know what that means, we're done here at "new day" and ritz it's time for "cnn newsroom." look at that smile. >> it's time, the royal baby has been born, but not yet. >> we wait, we watch with you. >> i know, i can't wait. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in "newsroom" kate's in labor. kate's in labor, the royal bundle of joy about to arrive. >> prince william is under strict instructions to telephone the queen as soon as the birth has happened. >> the first to know the queen on a speal


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