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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 22, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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let's get to max foster. he's been covering this story from the beginning, practically delivered this baby himself. max, we're now hearing from the family. >> yes. my wife and i are overjoyed at the arrival. my first grandchild. we are so thrilled for them on the birth of their baby boy. grandparenthood, says prince charles, is a unique moment in anyone's life, as countless people have told me in recent months. i'm enormously proud and happy to be a grandfather for the first time and we're eagerly looking forward to seeing the baby in the near future. >> prince charles is first in line to the thrown. now there is a baby at 8 pounds, 6 ounces, baby cambridge, as he's being called, who is third in line to the thrown. what details do we have about the delivery itself? >> so it was a normal labor. they're not using the word
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"natural." they are saying it was not a c-section. and there was a gap between having the baby, about half past 4 our time and the announcement. and that was because they wanted to spend some time with the baby. they had a decent bit of time and then they wanted to make their own calls to the family. they informed the family and the middletons and then the formal calls done by aides. but prince william was with the duchess throughout and it seems to have gone well. they're thrilled, he's an 8-pound boy. he's healthy, she's healthy. we've got a town crier here declaring the news as well. >> a healthy baby and a very big baby, at least by modern standards. let's go to becky anderson, who
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is outside buckingham palace right now, where the formal announcement was just posted. hey, becky. >> that's right. just really moments ago we saw that gilded easily and the birth notice. only sort of minutes before. that is not a long journy but they did it under police escort so they were really whisked through with the birth announcement. it was put on the gilded easel, a bit of pomp and circumstances. the first time that happened was when prince william was born back in 1982. and usually it's posted on the railing. the crowd is not enormous. people have been coming and going all day. but the problem was that nobody knew when this would happen. i hazard a guess and you see the pictures as they officially announce the baby boy, happened about five hours ago. like i said, nobody knew when this would be.
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so it was difficult really for people to decide when they would come. but you're seeing the crowds gather pip know that matthew chance is out there sort of closer to buckingham palace than we are here. what can you see and what can you hear, matt? >> becky, a great deal of excitement of course of this news. the easel, as you mentioned, as been placed outside with the official announcement. people have crowded around the gates of buckingham palace there behind me to try to get a photograph of that, try and get a glimpse of the sort of pomp and ceremony that's been taking place around me. i get the sense, as well, that the crowds are swelling. it has been a very hot day. i get the sense over the course of the past half an hour or so since the announcement was made that the crowds were swelling. people coming, i expect to see
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that official easel and celebrate what has been a widely anticipated birth in this country. >> and prince charles saying tonight he and his wife are overjoyed at the arrival of their first grandchild. he was asked a week or so ago by a number of people, crowds when he was sort of out and about in the u.k. whether he was looking forward to being a grandfather and he said to a couple of members of the crowd, well, have you got any advice for me? and one of the ladies who was there who said, quote, spoil them and enjoy it but give them back at the end of the day, to which he laughed. i'm talking here of the prince of wales. the queen of course is a great grandmother. she has a number of other great grandchildren, but this is going to be a very special one for her, it's to one of her favorite grandchildren, if not her favorite, to william, this the
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third in line to the thrown now, a baby boy. we don't have a name and we may not have a name for a number of days if not weeks. we will, though, see the royal couple we assume, tomorrow or the following day on the steps of the hospital where the baby was delivered earlier today. >> becky, it's got to be a happy time for the entire family and of course a big deal for the entire country. as you say, the crowds are starting to gather. the prime minister, david cameron, the head of government there, not the head of state because that's the queen, but the head of government will make a statement and we'll bring that to you the minute we see it. i want to get a sense of what's going on right now inside the royal family. right now we have an expert right now, the daughter of the former press secretary to queen elizabeth, knows a lot about this family. vi victoria, what do you think is
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going on right now? >> i think there's going to be a lot of self bragcelebrations ri. this is the very reason william and kate didn't want to find out what kind of baby they're having before because of the level of excitement that has just erupted over the u.k. as they found out it's a boy. the queen has been known to enjoy a gin so she may be toasting her new grandson. and the family is giddy just like any family is with a new baby. >> in previous generations the fact that it is a boy is, it's safe to say, a bigger deal but now the laws have changed so if it was a girl, it would have been the monarch as well. what difference does it make? >> it doesn't make a difference. over the centuries royal women have struggled painfully over the fact that they didn't produce a boy first or a boy at
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all. here we are with kate having a boy straight out of the gate. >> hang on one second. in is the prime minister, david cameron. >> it's wonderful news from st. mary's. i'm sure right across the country and indeed right across the commonwealth people will be celebrating and wishing the royal couple well. it is an important moment in the life of our nation, but i suppose before all it's a wonderful moment for a warm and loving couple who got a brand new baby boy. it's been a remarkable few years for our royal at captured peopl heart, that extraordinary and magnificent jubilee and now a royal birth all from a family that have given this nation so much incredible service. and they can know that a proud nation is celebrating with a very proud and happy couple tonight. >> that was the british prime
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minister, david cameron, right there, speaking for the first time. the head of government talking about the birth of this new baby boy, baby cambridge. 8 pounds, 6 ounces. it's noted it is a wonderful moment for the couple. he said it's also an important moment for the nation. i want to talk about that point with victoria. an important moment for the nation. do you think that's so, victoria? >> i think so. it's the first time the reigning british monarch has three successors to the thrown. for her to look ahead and see the future of the monarchy, it seems safe because of this popularity, because of william and kate. this baby is perhaps the first sovereign of the 22nd century. given that she's the second
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longest reigning monarch in history, 61 years, it will be exciting for her to see the future mapped out before her. >> it is a long future. this baby cambridge may not take the thrown for another 70 years or so. it could be a long, long time before this baby is actually the monarch. >> that's right. the windsors have some impressive genes. the queen is 87, she's very robust, she looks wrong. charles will be 65 this year, he's very healthy and robust as well. if we have the queen to still serve a minimum of five years, could possibly go ten, and charles could go ten, 15 years and then we've got william. it could be a good 60, 70 years before this baby is finally crowned. >> in for the long, long haul. we are seeing the crowds beginning to gather in a little bit higher numbers outside buckingham palace where the formal notice was posted on that
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easel just a short time ago. it is a boy and as you can see, prince charles says he's overjoyed at the birth of a boy. i want to go to becky outside of buckingham palace. >> reporter: there's been a real sense of anticipation here about the arrival of this baby. the really sort of strange thing was it's been over a period of three weeks. the royal correspondent has practically helped give birth to this baby. we were never told the exact due date, nor were we told whether we've gone past that date. so for about three weeks there's been a sense of excitement.
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and certainly a sense of relief to a certain extent by journalists and by the general public here that it was a safe birth that, she had no problems. so, yes, the crowd's beginning to swell. you're not seeing the crowds that we saw for the royal wedding no, the jubilee to which david cameron, the prime minister just referred, saying it's been a fantastic period of time for the royal family over the last couple of years. but my guess is you'll begin to see these crowds swell over the next couple of hours as the gilded easel with the official notice of this royal coubirth. there is an added attraction here this evening as we see that official notice. so, john, absolutely it's with the crowds are beginning to
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gather right outside buckingham palace again. you're hearing cheers every five, ten minutes. >> and these are delightful pictures to look at right now. they held on to the news about four hours before announcing a boy was born, baby cambridge as he's now known. they waited four hours because they wanted to spend some time alone. we'll come back to talk more about this big news with the whole world watching. we'll be right back. when i got the call from adt, my heart starting racing.
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time, 11:24 eastern time. just about five hours ago. william and kate spent some time alone with the baby. they held off announcing the news for about four hours so they could have that private time like so many couples do now with their children. that's such precious time, you never get it back. now everyone knows that there is a baby. i want to bring in ken, a former bodyguard to princess diana. he also was a bodyguard to a young william and harry. thank you so much for being with us right now. of course one of the things, ken that, is happening today people are realizing of course is there is one grandparent who is not here. that of course is diana, the princess of wales. she is not here right now. do you think her presence is being felt, though, by this family, particularly her son william, who she was so close to?
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>> i think william will be having a great deal of thinking about this because let's not forget that diana sort of moved this royal family into the 20th century with her modernizing style. we've seen it now post her death william and kate have continued that. and with constant references to diana's unique style of royalty. and diana did modernize it in the same way we've seen a modernization of all the european monarchies. she'd be absolutely delighted with it. but the work that diana continued is now being carried on by her son william and harry in the same way. they are really modernizers of the monarchy. and i was livesening to your interviewees earlier on saying how changes are happening, how the monarchy is moving forward
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into the 21st century. the one thing for certain is kate and william will be the instigators of that. they have a son, a future king of the united kingdom. belgium recently sort of changed their style and the king abdicated in favor of the son. so who know what is will happen. but the queen will be there for some time to come. i think it's very exciting. >> you of course were there when william and harry were children. how do you how they were raised by princess diana, how did he behave? >> the great thing was that diana was instrumental in
1:19 pm
ensuring that, you know, their childhood was going to be different puerto ri different from what had happened in the past. this caused a problem for prince charles who wanted to go the traditional line. but diana was no, no, no, this is going to be different. they went to a preprep school. diana insisted she took them on the first day and whenever possible was there to take them there and then entertain them for tea when they got back. to be sure when they got back they went to their friends' house for tea and invited friends back. she tried this normalcy. i've been one of those commentators that says you cannot get normality within the royal family because the royal family are not normal. but my goodness me, diana tried to bring normality with what the man on the street does. and william loved that idea.
1:20 pm
and he on the announcement of his engagement made very close reference to diana and what fun times he had at kensington palace, not necessarily staying in behind of the castle turrets. diana would take him down into kensington and dip into the burger bars and because that's what real kid did. >> you talk about normalcy of course, they did take about four hours before they made the announcement that the baby had arrived. to have what kind of time with the baby is a touch of normalcy. it could be 70 years before this baby does sit on the thrown and become a monarch. you talked about modernization
1:21 pm
in the royal family. that's a long time for a man to do what he wants before he has to reign. >> i don't think that that will be on the agenda of william and kate at the moment. that will -- the monarchy will take its time on that. but the whole point is we have the queen now. i can't see her saying good-bye to that at the moment. and prince of wales constitutionally will be king. and prince william, who knows where he goes. in the 21st century, life is such a fast moving process, i don't think anyone can seriously predict this. but one thing's for sure, i witnessed it and was part of it for 16 years, just how rapidly the british monarchy is modernizing itself. great story in the last two years, we had the olympics here, we had william and kate's wedding of course, but who would have thought that the queen
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herself would have taken part of a james bond movie star and sort of helicoptered and dropped -- >> thank you so much, ken. we're going to max foster right now. i believe we have the doctors we're about to hear from. >> there we are. there are the three royal doctors. they weren't going to say any words but what they did do was give us a bit of a camera moment, the two royal obstetricians and the hospital obstetrician, who delivered the baby. they have done their job. the royal baby has been delivered. so inside we can only assume kate and william are inside along with a midwife. >> so that was sort of a victory lap, a very short victory lap but we saw the medical team that delivered the baby today. >> with big smiles. that's a good sign.
1:23 pm
they were saying it's not a c-section but they're avoiding the word natural birth. so some talk here about whether there was an epidural or whatever. i don't think it was necessarily easy but clearly everyone is all smiles, which is a good sign. >> having seen some of those up close, i don't think it's ever actually easy but we're thrilled that it went well by all accounts. max foster, we will come back to you in just a second. we want to go back to buckingham palace. it's getting dark there. our christiane amanpour is outside amongst the crowds and getting a sense of what's going on. good evening, christiane. >> john, good evening. periodically you hear a bit of a cheer going out from the crowd that has been gathering outside buckingham palace. they've been honoring since this morning when the news came out that the duchess of cambridge had gone to the hospital and was
1:24 pm
preparing to give birth. now we know about five hours ago she did. the easel was put out here. they did break with tradition, with what everything they told us they were going to do, we were told the news would come from the palace. they decided in the end to go with a formal press release and of course that came about four hours after the birth and, you know, it was a boy, although one of the story lines for the last. many months has been what if it was a girl? because this would be a big change for the first time ever, the incredible lure of primo geniter had been overturned. our royal watcher and royal expert and royal correspondent, how disappointed are you that in fact they didn't just let us all
1:25 pm
wait for the typed message? >> you know, i thought it was one of those antiquated things we were going to be able to look forward to and then we get a press release. you might as well put it out on twitter. ease and simplicity we're told. there were a lot of people in that hospital room. the possibility that news might have been leaked is why. >> as many people have said to us in these long weeks of waiting, a birth is a birth and yet this one everyone is hanging on every aspect to it. everyone wants to know how she gave birth, did she have an epidural. >> 8 pounds, 6 ounces, i don't know that if there would have been an epidural in that.
1:26 pm
>> but that's completely normal. >> absolutely. >> she'd have had to have had a boy here, diana did it, the queen did it and now she did it. >> they say the heir and then a spare. that's something the royal family has really had to produce a boy and then another one just to be sure. but again, this would have been a first for the girl taking the line of succession. and the reason it's so interesting is because the royal family and parliament of course have set this precedent now, that the whole line of succession goes to the oldeolde whether it's a boy or a girl. we've been talking to a lot of the landed gentry, the aristocracy as it's known as here, that has not happened in the characters who populate
1:27 pm
downtownton abby. >> unbelievable sexist. you would think that would change. had this been a baby girl, we would have seen her take the thrown regardless. but we have a little boy. he's going to be king. >> we don't know when we're going to see a picture. we don't know if it's going to be tomorrow, the day after? >> the palace have speculated it's going to be important. she wants to have bonding time with her baby. once she's out, she's out. >> as all of us who had our first borns know, it's an incredible moment. we wish them all the love and happiness. we send it back to you right now. >> of course we saw a statement from prince charles. we have had no statements from the queen himself. when will we hear from them, when will we see the happy new
1:28 pm
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welcome back, everyone. you're looking at live pictures of buckingham palace, where just a short while ago they posted the official news, it's a boy. the baby has arrived. no name. just known as baby cambridge right now, 8 pounds, 6 ounces, a healthy baby. the parents are doing great as well. the prince charles, prince of wales, put out a statement saying he is overjoyed by the news. you get the sense by looking at
1:32 pm
those picture, those aerial shots, there a lot of people overjoyed. max foster is just outside the hospital. max, a question a lot of people are wondering now. we've heard from the prince of wales. when are we likely to see any of the royals? >> we're not going to see them tonight, i'm told. some vague chance that william will come out but i've been told they will not be coming out tonight, they will be out. the latest update is from the prime minister. he just sent out a statement as well saying an important moment for our nation, but above all a wonderful moment for a warm and loving couple. and that's off the back of princeharles with a similar sentiment as well, speaking on behalf of the family, saying "both my wife and i are overjoyed at the arrival of my first grandchild." can you imagine how thrilled the family is that everything went pretty well. >> and william, the duke, is expected to spent the night at
1:33 pm
the hospital. that's something a lot of fathers have done, curled up in the uncomfortable chair or on the floor. do you have any sense if he's staying the night? >> no. he may decide to exit as a back. we've just been told they won't be coming out as family. i do expect he will stay. he was the only family member there. it will be interesting to see who does now visit. it's unlikely the queen will come but harold middleton, pippa middleton, prince harry, he's in london later this week. i think they'll get a few visitors now and a high likelihood that we'll hear from prince william himself. we have a microphone set up that all the tv cameras will share. the intention is that prince william will speak to us. it seems likely he will. so whether that be tonight or tomorrow morning, we're watching. >> thank you, max. we'll come back to you as soon
1:34 pm
as we get any more information. we'll also take a look on the ground there at buckingham palace. you can see the crowds gathering out there, a nation really celebrating in this birth. we'll get some reaction from the scene when we come back. the world's most advanced startf distribution systems," "and one of the most efficient trucking networks," "with safe, experienced drivers." "we work directly with manufacturers," "eliminating costly markups," "and buy directly from local farmers in every region of the country." "when you see our low prices, remember the wheels turning behind the scenes, delivering for millions of americans, everyday. "dedication: that's the real walmart" when she was only fifteen hours first open hold. surgery... handing her over for surgery is the hardest thing i've... ever had to do. before obamacare, insurance companies could put lifetime... caps on your health insurance. once you hit that cap... they don't pay anymore. zoe was half way to her cap before her first birthday.
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welcome back. >> you're looking at live pictures at buckingham palace. there is an heir, third in line to the thrown, a baby boy born a little over five hours ago.
1:38 pm
8 pound, 6 ounces. the baby is fine. we do not know his name. we do know now that he's being called baby cambridge. just a short time ago they put up that official announcement on the easel there. we got word in a press release shortly before that that the baby was born and that it is a boy. if you read closely, it gives the weight of the baby, 8 pounds, 6 ounces and the time of the birth, 4:24 local time. there is the very happy scene where we find our becky anderson. let's me say congratulations to you, you look great after the labor. >> after what has been a very long day. much longer for the duchess of cambridge. it's a wonderful crowd. there are people from all over the world. you heard them cheer when that gilded easel was put out with
1:39 pm
that birth announcement about a half hour or so ago. melissa and jack are here from london. what a great day. >> yeah, it's very exciting. don't get to witness this very often. >> reporter: it's a baby boy? >> yes. >> reporter: did you want a boy? no you obviously. >> yeah. >> reporter: it's a great day for london. >> everybody loves everything to do with the royal family. everyone is really excited. >> reporter: you have gotten to the gilded easel, which is behind us here? >> not yet. >> reporter: i'm holding you up. why don't you guys try and get there. i'll move on. we have some ladies here, one from south carolina. >> i'm from south carolina. my name is erin and it's very exciting. we brought my daughter and some friends over here. it's been wonderful. i remember watching charles and
1:40 pm
diana getting married as a teen-ager and now to see her son have a baby, it's magical. so we've had a great time. >> reporter: did you come to the u.k. on purpose or was it by chance? >> it was a holiday and it just coincid coincided. we were over at the pub having your infamous fish and chips, let's get in a cab and come over here. and now we're on cnn. >> reporter: why wouldn't you want to be on cnn on a day like this. sarah is from london. what did you want a boy or a girl? >> a girl. we had the name alexandra. now we're speculating a boy, james or alfred. >> reporter: fantastic. what would you like it to be called? >> i actually agreed with sarah.
1:41 pm
i thought it was going to be a girl. anything as a mom, as long as it's healthy, has all ten fingers and toes, anything would be wonderful. >> reporter: where are you from? >> new york city. >> i'm from new jersey. >> reporter: excellent. we have a bunch of americans here tonight. how does it feel to be in london today? >> it's amazing. >> it was quite an experience. i was about to leave this weekend and i just was able to catch this at the last minute. >> reporter: excellent. >> we had nothing to do tonight so we said we might as well come by and see what happens. >> reporter: they had nothing to do so they thought we'll come down to buckingham palace and see the announcement of what you said is a once in a generation. this is third in line to the thrown, this baby boy, 8 pounds 6, born about five hours ago now. the question you were asking max is will we see the happy couple tonight? probably not, though prince william may make an
1:42 pm
announcement. and then the question is will we see the queen, who is in residence tonight? let me ask the crowd whether they would like to see queen elizabeth ii tonight? would you? >> i've already seen queen elizabeth. >> i have a little queen that i carry around to all the countries i visit and i want to get a picture with her and the queen. >> reporter: i'm told the happy couple are most likely to bring the baby here before the queen leaves for her holiday in scotland in balmoral. when asked about the imminent arrival of her new great granddaughter she said i'm looking forward to it but i hope it will come soon because i'm also looking forward to my holiday. >> so she can have her heir and her holiday, too. it's so fitting that you found some americans there. this of course a big deal over here in the united states, too. a lot of americans watching this
1:43 pm
very, very closely. and we do have a programming note. of course it is the birth of an heir to the british thrown. tonight cnn takes you to england for interviews with rare relatives. it's "will & kate plus one" later tonight. when will we find out the future king's name? and will that name have a family connection? we'll tell you next. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans,
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welcome back to our viewers
1:47 pm
in the united states and around the world. a very happy royal couple, now the parents of a very healthy royalty baby. 8 pounds, 6 ounces. it's a boy. we know that but what's its name? that is the subject of a lot of speculation. we the co-author of ten books of baby names. this has about be the baby naming of the year, if not a decade, or a generation. the first thing we know is this baby boy will have a lot more than just one name. >> i think we're guessing four is probably the number that princess diana so famously stepped over when she married prince charles.
1:48 pm
>> how much tradition do you think this royal couple will go with? i keep hearing george and james. >> i think it's a given it will be a traditional name. i have been really impressed with how they have been able to follow tradition and make things their own. i have a dark horse idea. i have a sense that the name is going to be arthur. >> there's a lot of history with that name. that's a name a lot of people know about when it comes to british history. >> it's one of the middle names of both charles and william. it's a name that does break tradition because all of the kings since the 1700s have been named either george or william or edward. so george would seem to be the logical choice. i think they're going to do something a little bit different. >> do you think there will be any tie to diana's family of course? it is a boy so it's not going to is diana in his name but how
1:49 pm
about the spencer name? >> we've been running a contest where people have been guessing the names and some people have guessed spencer, which would be interesting. i'm afraid i don't think it will happen. if i couple have a girl in the future, i can see diana being part of the name but i don't think it's going to happen in this case. >> we're going to have to wait to find out this baby's name. how long do you think we'll have to wait? >> again, i think they're not going to make us wait a week or two, as has happened in the past. my sense is that they'll announce the name when they leave the hospital. whether that's tomorrow or would i think it might more likely be the day after tomorrow, i think we're going to hear sooner rather than later. >> hang on for one second, pam, i want to bring in victoria. i do want to ask you, pam
1:50 pm
brought up an interesting name, arthur. it would be history with a twist, wouldn't it? >> it would be the history with a twice. william and his father do share arthur as a middle name as did the queen's father. arthur has made a major comeback in the u.k. it's kind of cool again and trendy but without being celebrity weird and still having that element of tradition to it. william and kate by nature are very traditional. so i think we're going to see something that we have seen before in the royal history but there actually are a plethora of names between all the princes and princesses, kings and queen that have gone before. >> no matter what the first name of the baby is when this baby boy eventually becomes king 50 years from now or so, he doesn't
1:51 pm
necessarily have to take that first name as his royal name per se, does he? >> no, he doesn't necessarily, neither the queen's uncle or their father george the 6th use their actual first given names as their kingly name. when the queen became queen and said what name are you going to take? she said, well, mine of course. i think when she named charles, that's a name she thought he would take. but there are no set rules. it's not a given. >> pamela arbiter, the name just one more piece of information we are waiting for. the royal baby has been born, a baby boy, 8 pounds, 6 ounces. live pictures of buckingham palace. we'll take you there when we come back. ♪
1:52 pm
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welcome back, everyone. live pictures right now over the city of london where there is an heir. third in line to the thrown, a baby boy, 8 pounds, 6 ounces and
1:55 pm
for the first time you're getting reaction from the proud father, william, the duke of cambridge. let's go to max foster right now outside the hospital where that baby is now resting comfortably. max, what are we hearing from the prince? >> it's a very simple line. it's less than a sentence. "we could not be happier," says the duke of cambridge after the birth of his new son. he'll be spending the evening at the hospital tonight. presumably that means he's staying overnight tonight with the duchess and his new boy and they'll be out in the morning. i think that's probably going to be the last update we're going to have tonight. prince william saying "we could not be happier." >> the sentiment of many, many fathers at the birth of their child. of course he'll be spend being the night at the hospital, which
1:56 pm
is a richutual, an uncomfortabl one for many new fathers. let's go to christiane amanpour. >> you're seeing so many fantastic aerial shots where so many landmarks have been dolled up in red, white and blue. we saw the bridge in blue, the great telecom tower proclaiming it's a boy. not far from where i am, which is just up the malle they call it, the fountains have turned blue and we understand that tomorrow is when the acclaimation, multi-gun salute, a salute from green park and there will be bells peelling from westminster abby. now, a statement staying they
1:57 pm
could not be happier welcoming the latest member of the royal family and saying obviously prince william and his wife, the duchess of cambridge are held in high esteem and great affection in the united states, as are so many of the royals held in such high esteem and affection in the united states, including the first family. she was remembering how william and kate received such a warm welcome in california during their visit shortly after their marriage. i'm joined here by katie nichol. they put off having a family by a couple of years. it was much quicker when diana and charles had william. >> you were just talking about that tour of california. i was on that tour and they carried out two major overseas tours. they were here representing the queen for the diamond jubilee
1:58 pm
celebration, for the olympics. they've been really busy. kate knows duty has to come before self. they both talked about wanting a big family. recently william said he wanted two children. i'm sure there will be many wonderful baby cambridges but they had to put things on hold. >> reporter: you have said she's been a remarkable woman who has become an extraordinary royal. >> she has taken to it. it's like she was born to be a royal. the fact that she's delivered a male heir goes to prove the fact that she is a royal. >> reporter: having said that, had it been a girl, she would have been queen. it does not take away from the happiness and joy many people feel here in england and around
1:59 pm
the world as well. this is not just an antiquated event. this royal family brings people to this country. this royal family is what attracts people to great britain, what brings the tourists. >> they've been here gathering, i've been reporting for you all over the weekend. it's like a tourism hot spot here. everyone wants to come and have a glimpse. i think it's because the british royal family is so unique. they're wonderful and eccentric and fabulous and now we cherish them to our heart and we have a new addition to celebrate. >> those counting dollars and cents are very happy to keep pointing out that this birth, like so many of the other royal events, is really a huge windfall. they think they'll spend something like 90 million pounds just toasting the royal baby. so, john? >> a birth that's a windfall of course. every birth of course christiane is a blessing. >> indeed it is.
2:00 pm
>> thank you so much for us right now. that is it for "the lead." our royal baby coverage continues with lord wolf blitzer, the duke of "the situation room" coming up. john, thanks very much. the world welcomes a new royal baby third in line to the british thrown. just ahead we go live to london where all the excitement from this historic event is unfolding. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." you're looking at extraordinarily pictures, mass crowds gathering at the gates of buckingham palace, celebrating the arrival of the first child, a son, born to catherine, duchess of cambridge and her husband, prince william. here's what we know so