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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 23, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm pamela brown in for ashleigh banfield on this tuesday morning. the career of the cop who released graphic photos of the bomber is on the line this hour. shawn murphy, acting without permission, handed out these pictures of dzhokhar tsarnaev. his face is smeared with blood, and according to boston magazine, murphy took the action, because he felt this action was an insult to the
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bombing victims. now a three-person panel is determining whether to impose further punishment. let's getting right to it. migwin charles and danny cevallis. there's clearly growing support for savannah guthrie murphy. more than 60,000 likes at this hour. certainly it does, but more than just the general public support, you have to believe there's a lot of support within the police department, whether it's articulated in the open or not. this is a police officer who acted through -- probably a heroic kind of way. so while officially they must view it as a violation of internal rules, i have to believe whatever panel members are on this particular panel, they may have some leanings toward this particular officer.
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it appears under the rules he could have been suspended up to five days, so that sort of gives us a lead into where the department is leaning on this case. >> we know he did release these pictures, the unauthorized photos. did he commit a crime? >> it looks as though he just violated departmental procedure. i don't know how that hearing is going to go or that panel will make a determination. on the one hand you have -- based upon how he felt as a result of this cover magazine of glorifying this guy. he felt that wasn't the right thing to do. so you asked about the precedent we want to set for people who are in positions of power and authority when it comes to these images, are we going to allow them to do this simply because
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they feel a certain way? that's one of the things they'll be looking at, but i don't think he's broken any crime per se. >> critics are saying -- there's a lot of support, but critics are saying they could jeopardizes the case against ascertain ever. do you think that's true, danny? do you think it would influence the pending case? >> as a defense attorney, i've considered this possibly the photographs may tend to show improper procedure by the police, but that seems to me candidly to be a bit of a stretch. certainly you can imagine cases where releasing discovery might be damaging to a case. this isn't it. i think disciplinarywise there's a number of options to the panel. i think we're probably looking at something on the low end of the options, because ultimately this would come out in discovery anyway. >> you're right, there are a
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number of outcomes. he could remain on full duty, restricted duty, suspended with or without pay. we'll have to see what happening today after the hearing. many thanks. >> across britain and the worrell, the waiting begins a new. when will we give our first glimpse of the new eyre to the british throne? the cannons thunder their official welcome into. and now everybody is waiting to learn the baby's name. a newborn hasn't gotten this kind of attention since william was born 31 years ago. today anticipate has given away to we have can covered. max foster is with us, and we have royal expert have i toria
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arbiter here as well. max, you have some new information with special visitors who just arrived at the hospital. >> yes, the first visitors, the grandparents, the middletons are in the hospital meeting their grandchild for the first time. we are expecting them to leave any moment now. there's a taxi braced for them. they came by public transport, and we're just waiting for them to come out. some speculation they may speak to the cameras. it's big moment for them action and no doubt we'll meet some family members as well. potential they could be appearing on the doorstep tonight. i think it's more likely it will happen today than tomorrow. >> and of course, the proud parents, i want to go to you now, victoria. there's been a lot of talk about what this baby's name will be, a lot of names being thrown out
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there. what do you think the name could be? >> i think -- max pointed out yesterday, and i think he's right that chances are william and kate will release the name probably after they leave the hospital later today. when william was born action it took a week to name him, it took a months to name prince charles, two weeks for princess biatries, so we'll see some names, in history, continuity, names that reference the royal family's royal past. george of course is still the hot favorite. we may sea something like alexander, the queen's middle name is alexandera. perhaps we'll see alexander, possibly francis, that was diana's middle name, so there are quite a few ways this could go, and i think the long favorite is arthur.
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it's trending, and of course the ledge end of king arthur. >> i'm curious, how big a role do you think her parents will play? traditionally historically the in-laws haven't always played a big roles. >> you're right. the in-laws don't often play a -- but william has been keen making sure they're close to the middletons. just last christmas, they spent christmas with the middletons don't do that. royals are normally with the queens. the fact that they're the first grandparents there this morning to visit, the only living grandmother, so i think they'll stay closely nit. >> max, you have the unique perspective of big outside of the hospital. is max still out there? >> reporter: i am here. the middletons are about to come
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out and are going to speak to us. i will be lynched by the photographers if hype in their shot. >> we certainly don't want that. max, we'll check back in with you then and hope they come out and speak to the cameras. thank you so much. victoria, thank you for offering your unique perspective. here are some other stories were following this morning. al qaeda has reportedly taken responsibility for a late-night jailbreak at two prisons in iraq, one at abu ghraib. militants attacked with mortars and grenades while inmates set fires on the inside. 21 inmates and 8 guards were killed, more than 500 escaped. edward snowden does not have the so-called security crown jewels, according to an official familiar with an ceasement of what the admitted leaker got his hands on. snowden faces charges in the
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u.s., blue remains in a moscow airport waiting for a decision on his question for asylum in russia. well, top guns deserve top pay, but the air force just can't compete with civilian lines. according to "los angeles times," that's led to a short an of 200 fighter pilots this year. for a nine-year commitment, it will pay a $225,000 signing bonus, guaranteed. there was a big bang over the ohio river this morning. there it was. the first part of the democrat mission of the old milton-madison bridge. the rust of the old bridge will be blasted away over the next few weeks, and a new bridge is already in place. run waugh for laguardia airport is back open after a plane's landing gear collapses.
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lindo wing, as we see, these are her parents, the first visitors to meet him this morning, and we are expecting them to speak to the cameras. hopefully max is there. max, are you there? >> reporter: i am here. they're about to come forward to a microphone. there's the taxi. they'll say a few words there. >> they're doing really well. >> reporter: how are the parents? >> amazing. it's all coming back. thank you. >> reporter: carol middleton just met their first grandchild for the very first time, a truly exciting moment.
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they were the first visitors to the hospital, and all indications are the family is well. >> they looked very happy with the big smiles. you can imagine how proud they are. we're hoping, max, to meet them, to see the proud parents, to see the baby maybe perhaps tonight or more likely tomorrow. is that right? >> more likely tonight, i think simply because the process has been speeding up to this point. i'm sure they're desperate to get out of the hospital and stop putting pressure on the hospital. by all accounts everyone is in the family, so why stay longer than they need to. i would say the absolute earliest time is about two hours from now, probably expect to see some members of the royal family turn up as well to complement the middletons' visit. and also expecting to see prince william at some point.
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keep us posted, max. thank you. to other news closer to home, a runway as laguardia is back open today after a plane skidded off. the front landing gear collapsed, and the jetliner skidded into the grass. >> you can see sparks flies it veered off and came to rest. >> 150 people aboard evacuated. >> i thought it was -- i didn't realize what had happened. >> it was like getting smashed in a car wreck. >> very chaotic. no with you knew what was going
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on. >> according to the faa, the plane came safely to a stop at the edge of the runway. to. >> we were sitting on the runway, everyone pulled out their phones. there was a large gasp, because they saw the plane land. >> reporter: the scare comes on the heels of the crash landing of asiana flight 214 earlier this month. three people died. the incident closed the airport to incoming flights for just over an hour, but caused a ripple effects. these photos obtained, where passengers waited hours for luggage from a stranded plane, and this morning, many passengers from other canceled flights were still waiting. >> they rebooked me this morning on a flight out, which i'm finding out confirmed on the way over is now out of jfk. >> so now you have to go to jfk?
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>> right. >> chicago and l.a. today? >> yes. >> we had to find a hotel, then they threw your luggage off on the concourse. >> at 6:59 this morning, runway 4 reopened. the disabled southwest airlines plane was taken to a hangar for investigation. southwest said in a tame it's cooperating with local authorities and the ntsb has been notified. poppy harlow is live for us from laguardia. what's the latest on the ntsb? >> reporter: well, we know this ntsb is here on the ground. they have at least one person here. what they are doing is assessing the incident to decide if they're going to open a formal investigation. we also know they have taken that plane from the runway over to an american airlines hangar to investigate it. on top of that, the ntsb has removed the data recording from the plane, from the cockpit. they're sending it to the lab in
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washington, d.c. to get a readout of what the pilots said as it was happening. we want to know exactly what happened, if there were any warnings. so a lot of questions that the in the meantime at the present time sb is looking into it. >> not like the one in san francisco, i wouldn't think. poppy, thank you so much. well, the san diego mayor's a little too hands on with his staff? at least one woman says yes. she alleges it wasn't just the mayor's hands that were acting inappropriately. i'll have a live report next. and later the story behind this incredible that story and more, next. sfoo
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. san diego calls itself america's finest city, but there's a dark cloud over city hall, because the mayor is under fire for allegedly harassing female embroilees. >> i saw him place his hands --
8:22 am
>> irene mccormick jackson is coming forward with graphic charges against san diego mayor bob filner. she says working as his communications director was the worst six months of her entire career. >> i was placed in the filner headlock and moved around as a ragdoll while he whispered sexual comments in my ear. >> reporter: she's the first alleged victim to show her face in a scandal that surfaced nearly two weeks ago. we've reach out to the mayor's office for an on camera interview action but so far they have declined our request. >> but in a new statement. he says i do not believe these claims are valid. that's why due process is so important. i intend to -- i know that justice will prevail. just last week action the
8:23 am
70-year-old democrat posted this video, acknowledging he needed help. >> i am embarrassed to admit i have failed to respect the women who work for me and with mihm. >> hi fight goes on. >> this is not a partisan thing, this is a right and wrong thing. sexual harassment is wrong. >> the mayor needs to resign. we can't be america's finest city with america's worst mayor. >> he is not fit to be mayor of our great city. >> torrie, in your piece, you messages that irene mccormick jackson is the first alleged victim to have come forward. >> reporter: by our count, at least two. i did ask the exact question yesterday to the attorney. so far no one wants to give a
8:24 am
response, what i can tell you is the defense where people can call in, with they claims, and this morning a spokeswoman for the sheriff's department is just saying they have received calls, though she's not giving that exact number. >> all right. torrie, thank you for that report. katherine jackson grilled on the witness stand in the lawsuit. did she know her son was using or abusing drugs? plus we all know beyonce can sing, but imagine her reaction when her hair gets stuck in a giant fan in front of the thousands of fans. we have the video, and her reaction may surprise you. la's known definitely for its traffic, congestion, for it's smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the busses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution to the earth.
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but yesterday all eyes were on the pop star's mother, katherine jackson. casey wian has more. >> michael jackson's mother endured a second day of confrontational question from attorneys from aeg live, the company they are suing for millions over michael jackson's death. they displayed a letter signed by her and some of the siblings about a magazine report. putnam asked mrs. jackson was it a lie at the time to say your son had a problem with prescription drugs? she responded action yes, because i didn't know he had a problem action but earlier she admitted attending an attempted family intervention at the neverland estate five years earlier. >> she's now looking to blame someone else for the very things that she and her family knew. that's why the questions were
8:29 am
asked. >> reporter: the jectionen family matriarch has appeared tired, confused and irritated. >> i think for 83 years old, she's doing a great job trying to answer the questions. she didn't remember everything, but i think it's clear what happened. >> aeg live, which promoted what was to be the big comeback concert series is trying to show there's no way it could have prevented the death when even his own family couldn't. the trial has been filled with dramatic moments, including home videos, and testimony from paris jackson, who is recovering from a suicide attempt. >> and casey wian joins us live from outside the courthouse. casey, jackson admitted knowing michael took pain pills, admitted she attended an
8:30 am
intervention action so in light of that, how damaging do you think that is to this trial? >> it really depends on who the perspective. they said that they were able to expos inconsistencies in katherine jackson's testimony and also showed that what the family is trying to do, in their words, to try to blame someone else for michael jackson's drug abuse, and ultimately his death aren't something the family knew about for over a decade and couldn't do anything about. on the other hand, jackson family attorneys said they took a thinly veiled shot at aeg live for their aggressive questioning, an 83-year-old woman that jurors have seen needing help getting on and off the witness stand. it's a good possibility that could backfire on ael live and really create some sympathy for katherine jackson. >> certainly a delicate balance.
8:31 am
casey wian, thank you. the roller coaster has shut down, calling it a, the iron rattler is similar to the -- a woman fell to her death over that ride. it's been closed while the accident investigation continues. francis is on the second day of a historic visit to brazil. he was swarmed as we see in this video, by crowds of supporters since he arrived yesterday. people chased after his car as he was being driven through the streets, as we see security officers alongside the car had to push them away. an act of heroism. an incredible story, a wok was getting off the train when she fell in the gap. 40 passengers and staff members joined together to push the
8:32 am
32-ton train car just enough to free the woman. miraculously she is was not seriously injured. just so you know, celebrities haviousy days too. beyonce with her hair stuck in a fat. apparently nothing stops beyonce. just days after being acquitted of killing trayvon martin. george zimmerman helps people out. you'll hear the 911 call right after this break. at like i shou. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance.
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instead of telling us whatever we were saying in english, you know, we were just chastised for speaking what we knew. you know, you feel like we're an equal part, you know, not like this inferior race that we were once led to believe. we weren't. we were shunned, you know, but we matter. and thank god for that.
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almost as soon as the jury found george zimmerman not guilty of taking trayvon martin's life, protests broke out. now zimmerman is back in the
8:36 am
spotlight for an act that doesn't need any debate. he pulled a pull a family from their suv after a rollover accident. here's victor blackwell. >> i just witnessed an accident on the off-ramp. over in sanford. >> 5:45 wednesday even action a blue suv, but the driving loses control. >> it looks like an explorer. the vehicle is still there, on its side. >> glass, a mirror, a floor matt still on the scene. by the time first responders arrived, they are outside much the suv safely. one of them was george zimmerman, all this happened less than a mile from where he shot trayvon martin. monday night the story of zimmerman the rescuer was met at skepticism at an n amount acp
8:37 am
meeting. >> that's one of the most ridiculous, to do anything to validate a murderer i think is wrong. >> we've been working with the doj. >> reporter: they announced plans to put repeal of stand your ground on the ballot in 2014. >> if we lose what trayvon martin has brought us together to do, we cannot wait until february and wait just for our legislators, for our governors to possibly veto this. >> we need to do this ourselves. >> after days of protests, calling for federal civil rights charges, the sanford police department has handed its evidence and files over to the department of justice. as for zimmerman, this was a brief moment in the public spotlight. >> victor blackwell joins us from sanford. i'm glad to know the family made
8:38 am
it out okay. did they know the george zimmerman who helped, rescued them? >> that's the big question. this family has said they don't want any media attention, don't want to be interviewed. i'm sure they're very grateful. i'm sure they would also hope it wouldn't be someone else to bring that -- >> what is mark o'meara saying about this? >>. >> they were surprised to hear it. they have actually had a meeting with george zimmerman since that wednesday rollover crash, and they say he didn't mention a word about the crash. >> this is quint essentially george. this is a guy who is always involved in the community, always lending a helping
8:39 am
handled. here we go, four days after the event, something i could not have planned, but turned to be just pure george. >> reporter: but at the meeting last night, there were some people that don't believe that george zimmerman was ever there. they believe the seminole county sheriff's office is trying to work pr for george zimmerman. >> and probably nothing will change their mind. thank you so much, victor blackwell. it is a verdict that still that is america asking tough questions. anderson cooper leads a powerful town hall conversation, "raise and justice in america part 2" on cnn tonight at 10:00 eastern. there's a chance that o.j. simpson could be a free man again. the legal challenges facing the former football star and actor, when we return. ss... accomplishing even little things can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis,
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the last time you saw o.j. simpson was in may when his attorneys were arguing for a new trial. >> a real, o.j. simpson could soon be walking out of prison a free man. >> i don't see any weapons. after almost five years, there's a chance o.j. simpson may soon be a free man. >> i have a really good feeling.
8:43 am
>> i will be so disappointed. >> they believed the evidence they offered during a weak-long hear warnds a any trial for simpson, who is currently serving a 33-year sentence for his role in in what prosecutors say was an arm robbery and kidnapping. they believe they had a conflict of interest, and they think the murders of simpson's wife nicole and ron goldman also influenced the trial in las vegas. >> the before and after picket turgs show how much of a toll prison has taken. there's speculation that simpson is ill, but his attorneys say he's fine considering what he's been through. >> my personal opinion is every one year in prison takes an additional seven off your life.
8:44 am
there's also speculation that simpson seen here in "naked gun" wants to revive his acting career. his pension reserves are gone, spent on his vegas defense team, according to court testimony, while acting or a reality show might bring in needed cash, his attorneys think if he gets out, o.j. simpson will do his best to stay clear of the limelight. ted rowlands joins us in vegas. does o.j. simpson have a legitimate chance of getting out of the prison? his attorneys really do believe that -- and they believe he will be granted a new trial. baz there's no way they could
8:45 am
reply cat. at unone point they were asking for two years in prison. the odds of spending the money are -- if he gets the retrial, he'll get his freedom. >> thank you so much, ted. you danny, i want to piggyback on what ted was talking about. what do you think? >> one is the parole hearing, and wen is the -- o.j. better by hope for the retrial. that's his best shot, even though the grounds are rather weak, in general when you attack the efficiency or the effective representation of your counsel, that's usually a long shot. however, in this case they have alleged that yale galanter was actually involved somehow in the actual case. in other words, he was -- he may
8:46 am
have been even been present during the inns dechblt. however, even if he gets granted parole, parole in this case because of the difference between consecutive and concurrent sentences, o.j. must serve his first sentence and then only then if he gets paroled on one case, on one charge does he get to start serving on the second one. >> mid win, could prosecutors just cherry pick which charges. >> i'm sure perhaps they could, with respect to the parole hearing, but what makes it difficult after time to put on a case is that witnesses forget things, they move, it's difficult to track down
8:47 am
evidence. that's what makes it hard to retry a case years after this happened. remember, he was convicted in 12008, so i don't know necessarily how the prosecutors are going to do it. it may be they offer him a plea deal. one of things his new attorney is saying, is that yale galanter failed to bring to his attention there was a plea deal on the table. we don't know if that's true or not, but that's one of the things his attorneys are alleging. at the heard, when they put in the request, it was in may. why is this taking so long? >> any motion, any appeal on the other side, that's the second issue, the motion for the appeal based on ineffective assistance, they always take a long time. however, as mid win said, if it is granted, if he is granted a new trial, that will ininjure to his benefit, number one, because
8:48 am
witnesses forget, number two, because he may have already served or may have served -- maxed out his sentence, and number three, look for the prosecution to give him an offer. they're hoping for the retrial. >> it sounds like he has good reason to hope for the retrial. thank you both. another victim identified in east cleveland. in that disturbing story, the alleged killer is acused of wrapping the women's bodies in plastic. the details are after this break. really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg.
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8:51 am
we're just getting new details in about the alleged murders of three women found wrapped in plastic in east cleveland. an ohio medical examiner says he identified a second victim in this case. officials are expected to give more details about that soon. let's bring in martin savidge. what are officials telling you? >> reporter: the identifications are crucial. one for the investigation but most importantly for families. they'll find out terrible news but they'll find out something. you can see there's a white frame house, two story, front
8:52 am
porches, two bodies were found on saturday. one inside the home and one in the yard. over in this direction you'll see there's a brown brick, low lying garage and that's where the first body was found on friday. they believe it's the work of a serial killer. they also believe they have him in custody. he's been identified as 35-year-old michael madison. he's been charged with three counts of aggravated murder and three counts of kidnapping being held on a $6 million bond. authorities fear it's possible there could be more victims. there are more missing people here that are unaccounted for. because of the fact they believe he was acting as a serial killer inspired by another cleveland serial killer, anthony sowell who was convicted in 2011 of murdering other victim. there were searches over the weekend and there could be more searches conducted today.
8:53 am
right now the important thing is the second identity is being revealed. there's a third woman who remains unidentified. their bodies were so badly decod decomposed he could not immediately make identifications. ryan brawn is suspended for the rest of the year. we'll take a look at how this is a ground breaking case and what other players are saying about it. frds . [ male announcer ] come to the golden opportunity sales event
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lance armstrong is back on a bike. he's taking part in a ride that started in iowa over the weekend. he sat down to talk about life after that oprah interview where he came clean on taking performance enhancing drugs. >> the reaction and the fall out is more than i expected but that's life. i'm a big boy. i know it was an unfortunate period in our sport. when i say period, i mean 10, 15, 20 years. unfortunately for me i came right smack in the mid odle of that period and i participated like others did. that reality that the world has seen now is uncomfortable for many people. it's uncomfortable for me. >> armstrong is wrapping up the ride across iowa today. the nfl wants to find out
8:57 am
how big a problem doping is. all players will be required to give blood samples. usa today got a hold of an e-mail sent to them. they are determining the normal level of growth hormone of players. so far no comment from the players association. the hammer has come down on former mvp ryan braun. he's been suspended for the rest of the season as part of the performance enhancing drug investigation. cnn sports, rachel nichols joins me with more. this is a big deal. the fact he didn't test positive for drugs but this happened. how big of a deal is this? >> it's a major deal. more than 20 players have been associated to that. by giving him to agree to a suspension it sets a precedent of what they can do with the
8:58 am
other players. the cheaters are generally ahead of the testers. it can take years for a league to realize it and then to test for it. if you can shortcut this process like they did with braun using other kinds of evidence, records, witness testimony. you can convince players to take a plea bargain. they started by threatening to suspend him 100 games. he accepted 65 and promised he wouldn't appeal. that's a good compromise. >> like you said what does this mean for other players? espn said there could be other players suspended. alex rodriguez. what's the likelihood of him being suspended? >> a lot of attention him. how much evidence do they have against him. is it going to be eugh that he feels like he can't fight. is he going to fight it in which
8:59 am
case they'll go after him with both barrels. yankees fans should keep in mind even if baseball is able to enforce a major suspension it will notet the yankees get lihim out of his contract that's ironclad. he wouldn't play during the suspension. some players are so fed up with him that would make them happen. >> it's interesting to hear the mixed reaction from yankees fans. what are players saying about this? >> early in the steroid era we would hear players be low to criticize players but braun has touched a lot of nerves. he got out of a positive test by publicly attacking the guy who did the urine sample.
9:00 am
he gloated. the dodgers said watching him talk right now it makes me sick. she said he had a signed braun jersey in his house. he said he would take it down from his wall and i got to think he's not the only one doing that. >> there could be more fall out. this could be one of the biggest scandals in american sports history. >> absolutely. we'll keep our eye on it. thank you so much for watching. "around the world" is next. a glimpse of the new prince. that's what the world is waiting for one day after the royal baby boy is born. a prison break in iraq. hundreds of al qaeda militants on the loose after deadly coordinated attacks. now the search is on for the terrorists. super human strength. a woman trying to get