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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 24, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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see you soon. >> "cnn newsroom" with carol costello begins right now. i think he needs a nap. >> chris, you go to sleep, happy travels, kate. michaela, you rock. have a great morning. "newsroom" starts now. happening now on the newsroom, the twisted tale of the text. >> there is no question that what did i was wrong. this behavior is behind me. >> a new scandal and a mayor's run this morning threatened by his side, the good wife. >> i love him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. ahead, the politics and a resurrection in question. could anthony weiner be forgiven again? also, hail storm. baseball sized hail blanketing the middle of the country. the violent storm lasting only
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minutes, then gone in a flash. plus, inside the terror flight. >> [ bleep ]. >> this engine is on the ground. >> brand new pictures of the moment of impact. the southwest jet's nose dive at laguardia. >> take your seat. >> ahead, what the ntsb know nows about the crash. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning, thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. we begin with a story of personal betrayal and public trust. two years after a tawdry sexting scandal chased him from congress, anthony weiner is begging for forgiveness again. turns out he continued sending lewd messages and photos to at least one woman, even after he was forced to resign from congress. what may be most remarkable in all of this, the vocal support
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he's getting from his wife, huma. two years ago the long-time aide to hillary clinton stood by, she was mostly silent as he fessed up. today she's speaking out for her husband and his bid to become new york city mayor. cnn's pamela brown is in new york with more. good morning, pamela. >> reporter: well, good morning to you, carol. no question here that huma abedin is seen as anthony weiner's biggest political asset in all of this. the question remains, is it enough to save his campaign? in an extraordinary and unprecedented move at yesterday's press conference she went to the podium and made her voice heard, saying she forgives her husband. the question remain, will voters forgive him? >> i have said that other texts and photos were likely to come out. today they have. >> reporter: anthony weiner admitting to online sex chats
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with women after resigning from congress and undergoing therapy. >> some of these things happened before. before my resignation, some happened after. >> reporter: the disgraced congressman once again guilty of the same behavior that publicly humiliated his wife back in 2011 while she was pregnant. huma abedin addressed the newly surfaced allegations, this time in a very public way. >> anthony's made some horrible mistakes. both before he resigned from congress and after. but i do very strongly believe that that is between us and our marriage. >> reporter: abedin asking northbounders to forgive her husband, like she has. >> i love him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. and as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward. >> reporter: weiner's latest apology came after new pictures and text messages with a 22-year-old woman surfaced on the gossip website weiner reportedly used the
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screen name carlos danger to carry on a sexually tinged relationship last summer. >> while some of the things posted today are true and some are not, there is no question that what i did was wrong. >> reporter: back in april when weiner announced candidacy for new york mayor, he said more allegations could emerge. >> if reporters want to try to find more, i can't say they're not going to be able to find another picture. >> reporter: with the continued possibility of more texts, there's no telling if abedin's defense of her husband will help resurrect his political career. >> it took a lot of work and a whole lot of therapy. to get to a place where i could forgive anthony. >> and carol, this morning, the in the in the and the "new york daily news" said weiner should withdraw from the race. his opponents are saying he's unfit for office. weiner said he's not going anywhere, staying in the mayoral race. according to the most recent polls he's still a top contender
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but it's yet to be seen how these new developments will impact him, how they'll impact voters and how he'll do in the polls. >> thanks so much, pamela brown. we'll talk more about the anthony weiner affair at the bottom of the hour. edward snowden can now leave, russian media is roaring the russian government is giving the nsa leaker papers to enter russia legally. the visa is temporary while russia considers snowden's request for asylum. phil black is in moscow. he joins us on the phone. tell us more, phil. >> reporter: well, carol, you're right. it's been more than four weeks since edward snowden first arrived here at the airport. one week ago he officially applied for temporary asylum in this country, asylum that would allow him to stay here for up to one year. since that time, the lawyer who assisted him with that application has said he should, any day now, receive paperwork that would allow him to officially cross over that immigration line and into russia
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while his application for temporary asylum is being considered. we are now told that he has received that paperwork. those documents that give him a short-term official status to enter this country. what that means, is that today, it is very likely edward snowden will walk from this airport after more than four weeks on the run and more than four weeks of camping out here in this airport. we're not specifically certain what time he will leave, how he will leave, will we get to see him? we're waiting to learn that right now, carol. >> you said he can stay in russia for up to the year providing he fills the paperwork out and russia accepts it, which we think it will. will snowden be allowed to travel outside of russia? >> reporter: if his application for temporary asylum is allowed, then yes he will have all the same rights as a russian citizen. he will be able to travel. he'll be able to move freely. but that is only once that application for temporary asylum has been approved. while he is in this interim
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stage where he has applied, he's waiting to give an answer, learn the answer from that application, he's allowed to enter into russia, no, he cannot leave russia at this time. but it will become a question of when that application is finally ruled upon as to just what his rights and freedoms will be. he will either be allowed to stay for a period of up to a year or he will have to leave russia. >> phil black, i know you're gathering more information. reporting live from moscow, phil black. the roilg baby is barely two days old and 34078 and dad took him out of the house today, kensington palace that would be. earlier the queen visited her great grandson for the very first time and we're still waiting, of course, to learn the baby's name. cnn's zain vergee is outside of buckingham palace in london to talk about all things royal baby. good morning, zain. >> reporter: good morning, carol. there have been so many moments,
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the queen a short while ago leaving buckingham palace going to kensington palace. we heard william and kate are also on the move. i want to talk to you about a different kind of movement i've come across. take a look at this. this is a royal baby poti training contraption and it's in pink. but you know, baby cambridge could use a blue one. as you can see when you open it up, there's my make-up, my lip gloss and eye liner there. it also cheers once there's a successful wee or whatever else, there's a big cheer that comes out of this poti training thing. i just wanted to share that with you. there's royal baby fever. take a look at this, too. carol, i found a royal diaper, fancy that. so i've been getting a few tips from the moms around here. and actually i don't have a baby of my own, nor i have ever changed a diaper but you know,
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maybe someday in the future. hey, i didn't do too bad a job. it has a crown, the letter "g." i don't know if that's a sign that maybe the name may be george. in 42 days they have to decide on a name. that's legally supposed to happen here in the uk from the date of birth. back to you, carol. back to you, carol. >> that was the most ridiculous report i've ever seen but somehow i really liked it. zain vergee, thanks for bringing a smile to our faces this morning. now we have to talk about the weather in kansas. >> bye, little bear. >> the weather in kansas was really nasty. they're still cleaning up from one nasty storm. bill guy in hutchinson, kansas, sent us this photo of hail, yes, literally the size of baseballs. strong winds damaged several businesses and blew out windows at a hospital.
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that's unbelievable. >> the hail was as big as baseballs, really. >> literally. you had moist, humid air, the cold front kicked through yesterday. this is what they saw. unbelievable, this huge wall cloud kick through the area. you saw the large hail out there. what they were having is a huge updraft. we're starting to look at the radar here. anywhere between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. look at the roars of hail, unbelievable. that's all it took, the warm, moist air and that cold front. the cold front is still there today, looking at making its way farther to the south, the only difference is we're not looking at that slight risk for severe weather. what it means is a place that's seen so much rain already in the southeast is looking for more rain. looking for another 1 to 2 inches of rain. and many places in this area are already seven to eight inches
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above average. so unbelievable, literally that they're still talking about a rainy summer out there. it is good news on the other side, at least in the northeast, now that the cold front is kicking through. i want to show you the difference in the temperatures. last week, hard to forget, 97 degrees in new york. it felt like 105. 110 at times. but now that the cold front is kicking through, look at the difference in temperatures, average temperature. we're talking about 80s out there. the most important part behind the cold front you find drier air. carol, i'm happier here in new york. i don't know about you in the southeast. all that rain is probably getting to you. >> i just go home and sleep. >> yeah, right. >> thanks, indra, we appreciate it. on to wall street where investors are riding high thanks to apple's latest quarterly report. ford, boeing, caterpillar and pepsico are set to release quarterly results before this morning's opening bell. what might that mean? let's check in with alison kosik at the new york stock exchange.
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good morning. >> we've already heard from the companies that you listed, expect stocks to open higher, especially the nasdaq. you can thank apple for that. after the closing bell yesterday, it handed in its report card, it said its profit was down 22% but it beat estimates. here's what else it said. apple said that it sold 31.2 million iphones, way more than expected. tim cook says the iphone 5 is by far, the best selling iphone. and then, then tim cook said the magic words. he said we are laser focused and working hard on amazing new products that we will introduce in the fall. that has apple shares ready to pop in about 20 minutes when the opening bell rings. it looks like apple shares are up 5% in the premarket. let me go through some of the earnings you mentioned, mostly good, though caterpillar is the bad one in the bunch, lowering its full-year sales forecast, pepsi, ford and boeing all beat estimates. boeing may be the biggest surprise, given the headache
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headlines that have come out about the dreamliner. it made up for it by delivering 116 new 737s. we are watching boeing shares up in the premarket about 2%. carle? >> alison kosik, we'll get back to you when the bell rings. thanks so much. just ahead in the newsroom, new video from inside that southwest plane as its nose gear collapses during landing at laguardia. we'll show you the frightening moment. ♪
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checking our top stories at 16 minutes past the hour. new video from that southwest airlines plane that was damaged after its nose gear collapsed on landing. brian foster, a passenger on the plane, recorded the entire ordeal as the plane landed at laguardia. ten people on board that plane were injured. a natural gas platform that exploded into the gulf of mexico is still burning this morning. workers evacuated the platform 60 miles south of louisiana. officials say no one was injured. natural gas is flowing from the well but no oil has been released. a low credit score might hurt your chance at love. in a new survey from free credit
6:17 am, 30% of women and 20% of men said they would not marry a person with a low credit score. nearly 40% of respondents said they discussed credit scores within the first year of a relationship. more allegations being levelled this morning against san diego mayor bob filner. a second woman now accuses the 70-year-old of sexual harassment. she says it happened a few years ago when she was a campaign staffer for the then congressman. cnn's tori dunnan is following the new developments. >> reporter: one of the biggest complaints from city council members is that this scannedle is making it impossible to get anything done. today calls for the mayor to resign seem to be growing stronger. it appears he's digging in for a fight, even as another woman speaks out. >> at the time i didn't go public with it because i was building a career in politics. >> reporter: a second woman is now coming forward, accusing san diego's mayor of inappropriate sexual behavior.
6:18 am
laura fink now runs a political consulting firm, but from 2004 to 2006 she says she worked for then congressman bob filner, serving as his deputy campaign manager. in an interview with kpbs she described ed an encounter. >> they said i had done a wonderful job, i worked my tush off for him. i was standing next to him. he said turn around. he proceeded to take his hand and pat me on my posterior and laugh and say, no, it's still there. >> reporter: it comes on the heels of a lawsuit filed against filner and the city by his former communications director irene mccormack jackson. >> he asked me to work without my underwear on. >> reporter: these revelations
6:19 am
were revealed about two months ago. since then, filner has not admitted to harassment but acknowledged he needs help. >> i must and will change my behavior. >> reporter: even within had his own party, calls are growing louder for filner to step down. >> it's very clear he's incapable of leading this city under this cloud of allegations. it would be in the best interest of our citizens for him to go. >> reporter: as this remains in limbo, the city attorney is putting new rules into place. the mayor is not allowed to be alone with women at any of the city's facilities and we're told that security will be enforcing this rule. in the meantime, we've reached out for a new statement from the mayor and carol, so far, no response. >> all right, toyy dunnan reporting this morning. george zimmerman, a good samaritan, we are expecting a news conference later today. we could learn more about what police say he recently did and meet the family that george zimmerman rescued. we'll be right back.
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in just a few hours we're expecting to hear from the family who got a helping hand from george zimmerman last week. the family's suv skidded off a road in sanford, florida, roll on to its side. two good samaritans stopped to help the couple and their children get out of that car. one of the good samaritans was george zimmerman. joining me by phone from sanford is cnn's victor blackwell. what more do we know about this family, victor. >> reporter: we know they are two parents, two kids who were driving on to i-4 wednesday, just four days after the verdict. mark and dana will be speaking at the office of mark o'mara, the defense attorney of george zimmerman. we're told the reason they called this press conference is because they got so many calls at their home to speak they want to have a news conference once and for all to tell what they know. there is a considerable amount of skepticism here in sanford
6:24 am
and central florida about this story, carol. this comes from one deputy on scene who says he i.d.'d george zimmerman at the scene as one of the two men. there were eight calls to 911 after this crash. not one of them was george zimmerman. we know from the trial that george zimmerman has called 911 and called police dispatchers several times but not one of the persons who called mentioned that george zimmerman was on the scene. granted, several of them were on the highway and driving. there's a chance they did not see him. but this will be an opportunity for both his family and possibly mark o'mara as well to answer questions about george zimmerman being on the scene of this crash on wednesday. >> it is interesting that mark o'mara has called this news conference -- or is hosting this news conference rather. >> reporter: it is. i spoke with a pastor here in town on monday at a meeting and he asked specifically, is the seminole county sheriff's office trying to work pr, public
6:25 am
relations, for george zimmerman? and this is the question that i'll put to mark o'mara today, is this an attempt to reboot his image? again, there are many people who just do not believe this story. we asked specifically to speak with the deputy who i.d.'d george zimmerman, who were told by the sheriff's office there will be no interviews. they released a statement and there will be no more from them on this. we will ask about this appearance of george zimmerman, so close, less than a mile, actually, from where he shot trayvon martin in february of 2012. >> victor, we'll get back to you. thanks so much. up next in the newsroom, anthony weiner's wife standing by her husband's side after his latest sexting admission. will new york city voters forgive anthony weiner again? and why did huma decide to stand by her man? we'll talk about all of that when we come back.
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this is cnn breaking news. i'm carol costello. welcome back. i want to take you out to brazil. you see pope francis in his modified pope mobile. apparently the security risk for the pope has now been raised to high. and that was raised before medium. you can see the pope going through the crowd right now. he's on his way to talk to people and also to hold mass for the masses in brazil. you might remember the other day, the pope was in a car, his driver made the wrong turn, people surrounded that vehicle. a lot of security experts said that wasn't a good thing to happen. people could stick their hands inside the car because pope francis rolled down the window. one of the reasons the security risk has been raised today is
6:30 am
because pope francis insists he still wants people to have this kind of access. so our miguel marquez is live in rio to tell us more about this. i don't know, i mean, is this wise of the pope? i mean, i admire him for doing that but there's a certain amount of fear that goes along with that. >> reporter: this is a guy who seems to be fearless, carol. cnn also understands from a official here, part of the problem on monday when the pope's car got stuck in traffic it was the pope himself directing drivers not to avoid the crowds, that the risk level for the pope's trip raised from medium security, which federal officials here had decided on, to heightened security. if you look at those pictures now in aparecida, there were a lot more uniformed police along that route. also you can see his -- the
6:31 am
modified pope mobile just surrounded by the number of personal security. i counted 12 to 15 personal security behind him. you'll also see more cars in the motorcade, bringing the pope along in every leg of his journey now. we understand that federal police -- or federal authorities are taking a bigger part, if not taking over security for the pope and moving him, getting him point "a" to point "b" all in one. what we understand on monday, it wasn't so much as a wrong turn it's been decided but 12 lanes of traffic he was in and somehow he went over to the wrong side of the lane and ended up in the public area. that's where things started to go carol? >> miguel marquez, live in rio de janeiro this morning. "newsroom" will continue after a quick break. stay with us.
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two years after a tawdry sexting scandal chased him from congress, anthony weiner is begging for forgiveness again. turns out weiner continued to send lewd messages and photos to at least one woman after he was forced to resign from congress. what may be remarkable is the vocal support he's getting from his wife. two years ago, the long-time aide to hillary clinton stood by him. she was mostly sideline the as weiner fessed up. now huma is speaking out for her husband and his bid to become new york city's mayor. >> it was not an easy choice. in any way, but i made the decision that it was worth staying in this marriage. that was a decision i made for me, for our son, and for our family. >> new yorkers have a lusty appetite for so-called chutzpa
6:36 am
but some opinionmakers say weiner has stepped over the line. the opinion page of the new york daily news says a proven liar must not be mayor. it goes on to say he is not fit to lead america's premiere city and "the new york times" editorial board is equally unforgiving, quote, it's up to mr. weiner if he wants to keep running to couldn't on voters to forgive and forget and hand him the keys to city hall. but he has already disqualified himself. cnn's alina cho is in new york with more. good morning, alina. >> reporter: good morning to you. all you have to do is look at the cover of "the new york post" to know this is not a good day for anthony weiner. take a look at the headline, meet carlos danger. the reference to the screen name that weiner allegedly used to send those lewd messages and photos to a 22-year-old woman. meanwhile on the streets of new york this morning, we were hard pressed to find anyone who said they would vote for anthony weiner and nearly everyone we talked to said he should resign.
6:37 am
>> he should definitely drop out. >> you think he should resign. >> no question. it's enough already. i agree with the other candidates that want him to resign. he should resign. at some point it just becomes absurd. i don't think anyone will take him seriously. >> how can you repeatedly do this thing? he has no shame. i'm still running for mayor after this all. i just worry about his wife. >> i don't think he should be running in the first place. i think it's a waste of his time. i think it makes new york look bad. and i really don't think he's the type of candidate that should even be in the race. >> reporter: of course for now, anthony weiner is staying in the race for mayor, in fact, he is planning to hold a mayoral forum tonight on health care, education and housing. of course his wife huma has said i love him, i have forgiven him. i believe him. carol, the big question is will voters believe in him now? one interesting to thing to look to going forward, of course,
6:38 am
will be the polls. as you well know, he leads one major poll, the quinnipiac poll but it will be interesting to see what the numbers look like in the coming weeks when the next polls come out. >> it will be interesting to see what the forum is like tonight, actually. >> you're right. we'll be watching that closely. >> we will. thanks so much. joining me, professor johnson, margaret hoover and clinical psychologist jeff gardire. one the initial scandal is uncovered resigns from congress, poses on the cover of "people" magazine with his wife and baby and says we're into counseling, we're getting better. but during that very time when he posed for "people" magazine he was sexting new pictures with another woman.
6:39 am
what kind of malady does he have? >> well, certainly he has a sexual compulsion. this is a person who has an addiction to sex. and actually all of this is not surprising to me. people relapse all the time who have these thoughts of addiction and compulsion. he said yesterday in the press conference this behavior was behind him. he's wrong. this behavior is with him. and will always stay with him and that's why he needs to be in recovery. and needs to be in therapy, marriage counseling and perhaps in a 12-step program where he's getting group counseling, supportive counselling to help control his compulsion. >> so it's been less than a year since he stopped sexting. right? i think i got that right. so if he is voted in as new york city mayor, will he be cured? can you cure yourself of something like that in such a short period of time? >> there is no cure for addiction. there is recovery. where you can be clean and sober
6:40 am
from that kind of behavior and if he does become mayor, he certainly will have to stay in treatment because the stress of that kind of a position, political position, may throw him back into relapse. i think he would do a lot of people good, people who have addictions, by leading from in front and saying, you know what, i have a psychological problem, not a moral problem, a psychological problem. i need help. i need treatment and i'm going to stay in treatment. >> okay. so margaret now on to you. i want to talk about huma. because i'm married. i really love my husband. you're married. you really, really love your husband. can you envision standing beside him, knowing what jeff just said. i'm sure she knows that, too. saying i love him, i think he's a better man, he's cure, let's go. >> i think we have to take huma at her word. what she does yesterday, not my
6:41 am
joke, chris quomo's, huma-nized him. he s she was clear about the chronolo chronology. she said the "people" magazine photo shoots were after this 2012 incident. apparently she's in the know. we have to take her word for it. she's decided that her husband will be the best mayor of new york and she'll stand by him and support him. and look, to the extent, remember, carol, he only needs to be in the top two of the democratic primary runoff. if he is in the top two he will be in the runoff for mayor. that's it. that's all we need to do. and he may very well get there, because she saved his campaign yesterday. >> so what more does she need to do? do you think she'll keep talking? in my mind she has to. we just played a whole bunch of sound bites from new yorkers who say he should drop out. >> you certainly did. but there are plenty of people -- there's another guy
6:42 am
running for city comptroller who committed a much harder offense, eliot spitzer, which we all know about. new yorkers are pretty forgiving people. if he makes this about his mayorship and not his own vulnerabilities, this may very well blow by. this could be water under the bridge by the runoff. >> jason johnson, i want you to know, this has become such a national joke, the blog site slate has a carlos danger name generator. you put your name in and it comes out with a carlos danger type of name. jason in case you're wondering we put your name it. it translates to julio adventure. it becomes such a joke. and do you want -- it's like -- and then -- i can't even put into words. it's just shocking. >> i can only imagine what my twitter feed looks like right now. i have to be honest with you, crazier things have happened. mark sanford. mark sanford won, he cheated on
6:43 am
his bif and got on national television a couple years ago and said i fell in love with another woman. we have an amazing elasticity in american politics, as much as people complain about scandal, scandal makes them pay attention to things. if anthony weiner stayed focused, he could end up in the top two. it wouldn't shock me if he ended up making a runoff as embarrassing as this is. >> is this good for the country? i mean -- >> you know, i don't know if good is actually the word. but i think it's realistic. it is very fitting that huma's mentor is hillary clinton. in a lot of ways she established this. hillary clinton 20, 25 years ago was saying i know my husband, you know, was probably not the best guy in the world but these other women are worse. she set the precedent for standing by your man no matter what kind of a low life cheating guy he turns out to be. she's continuing that trend. i feel bad for any woman who's in the position of having to defend her husband for being such a low life. we've come to accept it.
6:44 am
mcgreevey had a comeback, spitzer, sanford. it happens. i think it's possible here, too. >> thanks so much for the interesting conversation this morning. >> pleasure. >> thanks, carol. >> you're welcome. alex rodriguez has missed the entire baseball season so far with an injury. now a new report suggests the yankees slugger may never, ever again play baseball. and not because he's hurt. ♪
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for us, a lot of times a surfer is way offshore. it's all about the response time. how quickly can we respond from point "a" to point "b" or from a safe zone to the impact zone where the waves are breaking and back out of that. >> archie, he definitely puts others ahead of himself when it comes to game time where he has to save somebody. >> i started screaming, help, help. and the next thing i know, this wonderful man has a little flotation device and was dragging us through the waves. >> reporter: today, he's innovating new rescue techniques and equipment and training others to use them, including the navy s.e.a.l.s.
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caleppa is also an elite athlete, including surfing the giant waves of maui. join us saturday 2:30 eastern for "the next list." with so much competition, finding the right job is never easy. but with the nation's largest alumni network, including those in key hiring positions, university of phoenix can help connect you to a world of opportunity.
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where would you like to go tonight? ♪ [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity to see how lexus effortlessly connects you to where you're going. ♪ come to the golden opportunity sales event and experience the connectivity of lexus enform, available on all lexus models, including the es and rx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. 48 minutes past the hour. time to check our top stories. the massachusetts state police officer who leaked internal photos of the suspected boston bombers capture is now on desk duty. sergeant shawn murphy is also no longer a police photographer, a spokesman said. murphy says he gave the photos to "boston" magazine because he was furious over how the boston bombing suspect was portrayed on
6:49 am
the cover of "rolling stone." two hikers recovered this morning. police say the teenagers were in a restricted area. one of the boy's dads told wsb that signs identifying the areas off limits had been taken down. in money news, starbucks jumping on the greek yogurt band wagon. they're partnering with dannon to create a line of greek yogurt parfaits that it will sell starting next spring. a grocery store version is set to be rolled out in 2015. the ceos of carnival cruise lines and royal caribbean international will be on capitol hill today, their testimony comes as members of congress are pushing a cruise ship passenger protection act. the bill would create a hot line for customer complaints and would make it easier to get information about alleged on-board crimes. it would also guarantee passengers a clear summary of their rights. the man accused of
6:50 am
kidnapping and raping three women for nearly a decade was back in court this morning. aerial castro has pleaded not guilty. his trial to set to start in two weeks. today his attorneys got into a martin savage is in cleveland to tell us more. >> reporter: good morning. this is a pre-trial meeting the judge wanted to see how both sides were doing as they prepare to go to trial. may call it a judicial housekeeping here. but things did get heated because the defense is arguing that, look, we are less than two weeks away from trial. jury summons have gone out and yet they say there is a significant amount of discovery that they need in order to defend their client that they claim that the county right now is withholding. there was back and forth in the courtroom. the judge did not want to hear speeches but said look, it is up to the prosecution to get that evidence to the defense. couple of things to point out to you that were interesting being in that courtroom, ariel castro is there, not always do
6:51 am
defendants show up at he is proceedings. the judge said yes, he has to be at every one of these court proceedings. that's what the judge wants. also, the county prosecutor himself is the one who is arguing on the part of the county prosecutor's office. usually goes to somebody lesser down. it shows the high-profile nature of this case of what many are looking at the calendar, august 5. the trial date. many people in cleveland cannot believe that the three young women who were rescued would have to relive the horrors on the witness stand. they believe there is going to be a settlement of some sort but it hasn't happened yet. as i say, time is ticking down. it would be a huge trial here. >> you are there for the duration. many thanks. live from cleveland. baseball star ryan braun has admitted to making some mistakes. those mistakes will cost him. right in the wallet. he's also losing the support of his fellow players in major league baseball.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
sitting out the rest of the season forville eighting baseball's drug policy. ryan braun is losing support not only from his sponsors but fellow major league baseball players. >> good morning.
6:55 am
fallout continues for ryan braun aft . the quick trip dropped braun as a spokesperson. matt kent thinks braun should lose much more. kent came in second to braun in 2011 mvp voting and the slugger says the award should be taken away from braun since he used drugs that season. other players also sounded off on braun's suspension. scherzer, 14-1 this season, said i'm glad he got caught. he went out of his way to try to bring people down and cover up his lies. now he looks like lance armstrong. alex rodriguez continues to wait for his suspension. rumors are it could be worse than what braun receiv. according to cbs, a-rod could get a lifetime ban from baseball. that punishment is reserved for third-time offenders. "usa today" is reporting a-rod, unlike braun, has no interest in negotiating a plea deal and will appeal any suspension he
6:56 am
receives. couple of weeks ago we told you about the heartwarming story of grant reid. he is a huge buckeyes fan and named his cancer michigan because he wanted to beat it. after finishing chemotherapy grant did beat michigan and now he scored tickets to see his buckeyes try to do the same thing this season. even though he roots for ohio state, wolverines head coach brady hoak invited grant and his entire family to the ohio state-michigan game this fall in ann arbor. after he received the invitation, his dad said it is harder to dislike michigan now but will still have no problem rooting for the buckeyes. >> it is in your blood. you can't help. >> it got to root for the buckeyes. cool backyard pool shots. this one has to be the best. check it out. back flip with the feet and he banks it in. absolutely incredible. i have always been jealous watching the back flips off the board. i was never fortunate muff to learn how to do that.
6:57 am
>> water always went up my nose. it was painful. that's awesome. >> i go for the cannonball. that's all i was good for. >> and effective in certain circumstances. andy schultz, thanks so much. next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a quick break. wi drive a ford fusion. who is healthier, you or your car? i would say my car. probably the car. cause as you get older you start breaking down. i love my car. i want to take care of it. i have a bad wheel - i must say.
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6:59 am
♪ "first day of my life" by bright eyes ♪ you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen. happening now in the newsroom. the pope in front of huge crowds
7:00 am
right now at a mass in brazil after security there raised to high risk levels. can they keep the pope safe? plus this. >> there is no question what i did was wrong. this behavior is behind me. i apologized to my wife. >> new scandal. a mayor's run. threatened business his side the good wife. >> i love him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. >> ahead, the politics and resurrection and question. can anthony weiner be forgiven again? the royal baby wakes up in his very own crib and meets his great granny for first time. we will have all the details in the most overobservation pose 3d day old in the world. "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. we start this hour where pope
7:01 am
francis is now -- just about to give mass. take a look at these beautiful pictures. lots of adoring fans actually. caused security officials to be on high alert as well. cnn is learning part of the problem is the pope himself. earlier the pope told his driver not to avoid the crowds and that is causing a security nightmare. even here as the pope prepares to celebrate mass in brazil. miguel marquez joins us from rio with more on the security questions surrounding the pope. >> reporter: good morning. there are a lot of questions surrounding the security here. the brazilian authorities, while embarrassed by what happened on monday, seem to be clearing them up. federal officials say that now taking a larger hand in the pope's security while she in the country. the risk factor has been raised from medium to high risk. the mass is getting under way. a short time ago he did take the popemobile from the helicopter stand where he landed to the
7:02 am
basilica. you can see very clearly in those pictures that the pope is surrounded by a lot more security than he was previously. 12 to 15 of his own personal security guards. lot of uniformed security along the route as well. previousry we have seen and maybe we will see it again. there were volunteers linking hands along the routes. there has been a volunteer call-up for federal police, authorities, to come up to rio so that the rest of this week goes smoothly and that getting the pope from point a to point b from now on will be handled by a single authority rather than several authorities as monday seems to be -- the best sense we get of what happened then, is that it was simply miscommunication between either individuals or authorities. federal versus local authorities that led the pope to take his car to get into the wrong lane basically and ended up in the public's eye rather than in the pope's lane that private side.
7:03 am
>> the secured side. all right. i'm sure you will keep an eye on things. thanks so much. let's talk about edward snowden. he could soon be living in a new police for first time in several weeks. russian media reported the nsa leaker was given a temporary visa by the russian government which means snowden will be allowed to leave the moscow airport legally. just a few days ago russian human rights lawyer released snowden's handwritten application for asylum. the russian government is still considering that request. the united states, as you know, wants snowden returned to this country to face spying charges. last hour i talked to cnn's phil black. phil black is outside moscow's international airport. >> reporter: we know that one week ago he officially applied for temporary asylum in this country. asylum that would allow him to stay here but up to one year. since that time the lawyer has said he should any day now receive paperwork that would
7:04 am
allow him to officially cross over that immigration line and into russia while his application for temporary asigh slum being considered. we are now told he received that paperwork. those documents to give him a short-term official status into this country. what that means is that today it is likely snoy den will walk from this airport out to more than four weeks -- after more than four weeks on the run and more than four weeks of camping out here in this airport. we are not specifically certain what time he will leave, how he will leave. we are waiting to learn that now. >> if russia grants snowden temporary asylum he would have all the rights of a russian citizen and allowed to travel outside of russia for up to a year. keep you posted. a story of personal betrayal and public trust. two years after a tawdry texting scandal chased him from congress, anthony weiner is begging for forgiveness again. turns out weiner kept sending
7:05 am
lewd messages and photos to at least one woman even after he was forced to resign. what may be most remarkable in all of this is the vocal support he is now getting from his wife. >> it is not an easy choice in any way but i made the decision that it was worth staying in this marriage. that was a decision i made for me, for our son, and for our family. >> two years ago the longtime aide to hillary clinton was mostly out of view as her husband, anthony weiner, 'fessed up. today she's speaking out for her husband and his bid to become new york city's mayor. some opinion makers say weiner stepped way over the line i-this time. "the new york daily news" says a proven liar must not be mayor. weiner is not fit to lead america's premier city. "the new york times" editorial board is equality unforgiving.
7:06 am
it is up to mr. weiner if he wants to keep running, to count on voters to forgive and forget and hand him the deese city hall had. he already disqualified himself. cnn's poppy harlow is in new york city. what are people saying on the street? >> good morning. it is the talk of the town. "the new york daily news," beat it. that's what they are seeing to weiner. also news day, all about huma, the wife. extraordinary moment. standing by her man. then this from "the new york post." meet carlos danger. why that name? that's reportedly the pseudonym weiner went by online and n some of the lewd messages. i want to talk about the fact that anthony weiner has admitted, we know now, to sending more sexually explicit messages online. more exchanges with women than we originally knew about. he made this announcement yesterday at that press conference after a gossip website published some of those exchanges with one woman online and weiner said some of what was
7:07 am
published was true. some was not. he didn't get into what was rue and what was than. what's key is he admitted some of hose were sent after his resignation from congress in 2011. listen. >> i'm responsible for this behavior that led us to be in this place. but in many ways, things are not that much different than they were yesterday. this behavior that i did was problematic. to say the least, destructive, to say the most. caused many stresses and strains in my marriage. but i'm pleased and blessed that she has given me a second chance. >> here's something more remarkable. extraordinary. we heard for the first time in years from huma, the wife of anthony weiner. i she publicly took to 2 podium at the press conference and admitted about being nervous and
7:08 am
talked about why she's supporting her husband. she was not by his side when he resigned from congress back in 2011. remember, she is very politically savvy on her own. she is an adviser to former secretary of state hillary clinton. also, a close friend of clinton's. listen to what weiner's wife had to say. >> anthony has made some horrible mistakes. both before he resigned from congress and after. but i do very strongly believe that that's between us and our marriage. we discussed all of this before anthony decided he would run for mayor. so really what i want to say is i love him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. and as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward. >> weiner certainly hopes new yorkers can move forward and vote for him. that's still to be seen.
7:09 am
he has resisted calls of some of his opponents to drop out of the race. the new york chapter of the national organization of women called on him to withdraw. and now, as you know, he will have two public appearances later today. weill see what happens. >> i know. i wish i could be at one of them. >> me, too. >> i don't know. just going to get uglier for a time, isn't it? >> yes. poppy harl thanks so much. natural gas platform that exploded in the gulf of mexico was still burning this morning. workers evacuated the platform. 60 miles south of louisiana. officials say month one was injured. natural gas is flowing from the well but no oil released. second woman now accuses san diego mayor of sexual harassment. at the time she was a staffer for the then congressman. stepped forward after filner's spokeswoman filed a sexual harassment against him.
7:10 am
he is urging people not to rush to judgment. he says he will not resign. president obama hea to his home state of illinois to give a speech on the economy. it will be the first in a series of speeches where the president hopes to shift the national conversation back to focusing on the economy in and the middle class. just in to the cnn newsroom. federal government reports new home sales rose in june to a new five-year high. so that's great news but what does it mean if you are in the market buying, selling, renting? joining me now from new york is our expert on all things business, christine romans. good morning. >> good morning. let's start with what this means for buyers. we have seen all this economic news. where do buyers stand now? this is a great time to buy. there are more than a few big hedge fund managers, billionaires, people who are using money in this marketplace,
7:11 am
when i say what's the number one thing people can do now to make money, they say buy a house. last week one of those hedge fund managers said if you already own a house buy another one. mortgage rates are low. they are set to rise. this is a good time even as home prices are rising. cash buyers, carol, investors, have been huge players. huge players in the buying part of the real estate game. first time home buyers have not. . which brings me to the sellers. sellers, you have buyers waiting there. if you are not under water, if you know where you are going to move after this, this is a good time to sell. home prices are rising and inventory is very low. make sure real estate agents you price your home appropriately. and it could go very, very quickly. again, inventory is very low. what does this mean for renters? generation rent is new buzz
7:12 am
phrase. are there are all these young people, people in their 30s, newly married, starting their households, choosing to rent so they have flexibility. jobs market isn't that robust quite yet. rent prices are represents are rising. up 5% last year. they will probably be up about -- up 4% year over year right now. rents are rising for those of you in generation rent. i would rather rent than buy. that's the bottom line. mortgage rates are rising. represents are rising. not a lot of inventory. housing members are telling us there's a lot happening there. money is being made in real estate right now. >> fabulous we are talking about this kind of dilemma again. who knew. >> i don't mean to be the bearer of bad news but you know there is another part of real estate people in foreclosure and falling behind, even people that have been helped by the president's home rescue plan. we know some of the people are still redefaulting. there is a very sick part of the housing market that's still
7:13 am
there. another part of the housing market where people are really moving poured again. >> all right -- moving forward again. the royal baby is on the move. today he's already had some big-time visitors. now he's off to meet more of the family. the new guy is loaded with protein! i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. [ major nutrition ] ensure! nutrition in charge!
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online scheduling. available now at 15 minutes past the hour. time to check our top stories. new video from the southwest airlines plane damaged after its most gear collapsed on landing. >> open the door! >> we are not there. you need to take your seat. please take your seat. >> brian foster was a passenger on the plane and recorded the entire ordeal as that plane landed at la guardia. ten people onboard the plane were injured. castro appeared in court this morning. castro's accused of kidnapping, raping and hold three women captive at his home in cleveland for nearly a decade. castro pleaded not guilty. the court on track to start august 5. parts of can't cass cleaning
7:17 am
up from one nasty hail storm. he has dents on his truck this morning. reno county. plenty of baseball-sized hail, damaged cars ask homes in the area. wind gusts knocked over trees and power lines leaving 200,000 people without power. ♪ i know, that music cracks me up. the royal baby, prince william, and kate have arrived in buck buckleberry. the world is waiting to find out what the baby's name will be. zain verjee is outside buckingham pals in a london. i was amazed the baby is able to travel this soon. >> reporter: they are desperate to get away to the peace and quiet of the beautiful english countryside. you know what, maybe they need some of that peace and quiet so they can pick a name. this is actually a good thing for all of us as well.
7:18 am
waiting to find out what baby cambridge is going to be called. the thing to underscore here is that this is really a break with royal tradition because this is the first time ever that a royal baby hasn't been taken straight in a the confines and fold of a royal residence. instead they are going to -- ordinary place, ordinary home, of people that the british refer to here as commoners. it is a place where prince william peels comfortable. kate and william have been off into the local shop in the neighborhood. they invited the owner to their wedding. the local public around the corner. they feel like they can fit in. that's the theme they want for their baby. they want to give baby cambridge the most normal life they possibly can. they are calling it project normal in the papers. a place and space where they can bond with the baby and spend quality time. >> they did spend a bit of quality time with the queen this morning. >> yes. you know, just -- just a short while ago.
7:19 am
a little bit of commotion behind me at buckingham palace. golden and black doors swung open and the queen was in a black bentley and went about five minutes over to kensington palace. not too far from here. she spent 30 minutes with the future heir to the throne and great grandson. she was -- pretty excited to go and see him. and it was personal visit. i wasn't official. she's really close to prince william so he may or may not have float ad name by her. who knows. the queen, though, and i was hanging out at the palace gates there did not come back to the palace. we moshe does want to start on vacation and go to balmoral in scotland. super fabulous cass and always goes with her corgies. >> i bet it is a super fabulous castle. aren't they all? thanks as usual. still ahead, just days after being pound not guilty of killing trayvon martin, george zimmerman drives by a rolled-over suv and stops to help.
7:20 am
we are going to meet that family later today. the family that george zimmerman saved is also coming up in the newsroom. dana bash, another exclusive. we will tell you about it after the break. ready? happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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rarely dawes day go by in chicago without at least one reported homicide. 2012 was a violent year with more than 500 murders. this year it is not much better. more than 70 people were reportedly shot this past fourth of july holida weekend alone. that's why the congressional black caucus is holding an emergency summit later this week. congresswoman robin kelly joins me live now. good morning. >> good morning. >> tell me about this summit and what you hope to achieve. >> the summit will take place at chicago state university from 1:00 to 9:00. what we hope to achieve is a plan of action. real solutions that can be put in police by a variety of people. congress, clergy, and educators, community activists, and
7:24 am
neighbors, parents. we are bringing everybody together to try to see what we can do to find real solutions. >> violence in chicago is black on black crime. critics say that the african-american community doesn't focus enough on urban areas like chicago and vial tlens. instead they choose to rally around trayvon martin which happened, you know in sanford, florida, and involved a white man. is that fair criticism? >> no, i don't think that's fair. i think those -- that's comparing apples and oranges. there are a lot of people that are trying to fix the problem. we have examples in chicago. we hope to showcase those examples at the summit and see what we can do and to further enforce those examples that are working and we can duplicate those efforts by kids off the block, mother flager. there are people doing great things and making progress. we need more of those programs. >> can the federal government do anything? i mean, what could the federal
7:25 am
government do? increase the size of the police department? at least help with some of the funding for that? what can the federal government specifically do to tamp down on the violence in chicago? >> well, we can pass reasonable gun safety laws. that's one thing we can do. universal background checks. trafficking. store purchases of guns. also i'm having an advocacy day at the end of september. and i'm bringing in urban parents to talk about the issues to learn how to speak about the issues to congress. we are going to train them one day and have them meet with various congress people the next day. the urban voices can be heard. >> all right. we will follow the summit and see what comes out of it. congresswoman robin kelly of illinois. coming up, anthony weiner's wife is not only standing by her man. she is speaking up for him, too. will it be enough to save his mayoral campaign?
7:26 am
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7:29 am
welcome back. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. it is 30 minutes past. we have a bit more of breaking news about edward snowden. seems he's not going anywhere just yet. a few hours ago russian media reported the -- he was given a visa. that would allow him to leave the airport. in the last few minutes his lawyer came out and says that they haven't received the paperwork. what's up with that? bill black sin side moscow's international airport. please explain rip -- explain. >> reporter: certainly, carol. yes, as you mentioned a short time ago there was a flurry of russian state media reports that suggested edward snowden received paperwork that would allow him to finally leave this airport and enter russia. it was not the full temporary asylum he applied for but
7:30 am
according to russian state media it was supposedly short-term official status allowing him to return to russia. his lawyer has gone in to visit him today. a russian lawyer who has been assisting him with his asylum application. he walked in and spent an hour in his company. walked out of the secure area of the airport and said no, not true. he has not received any documents, any paperwork, that would allow him to enter russia. the stat us is this. asylum application is still under way. it will take up to three months to get any sort of official ruling on that asylum status that would then allow him to stay here for a year. any time within that three-month period his lawyer says that he could in theory receive documents that would allow him to enter the country and normally that would happen within the first week of an asylum application. his lawyer says because this is an extraordinary situation, extraordinary circumstances, great deal at stake, as we know this is a fairly key issue,
7:31 am
pivotal issue in terms of u.s.-russian relations now, it is not happening. he's not reffing that documentation, not leaving the airport any time soon. according to his lawyer it could still happen in theory at any time. >> i know because the united states. once he leaves that airport the united states wants russia to expel him from the country so he can come back here and face espionage charges. i guess it is a changing situation there. i know you will keep an eye on it. thanks so much for clarifying. we appreciate it. coming up, anthony weiner just spoke to cnn's dana bash. minutes ago. we will talk to dana to find out what anthony weiner had to say. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ hooking up the country helping business run ♪ ♪ trains! they haul everything, safely and on time. ♪ tracks! they connect the factories built along the lines. and that means jobs, lots of people, making lots and lots of things. let's get your business rolling now, everybody sing. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪
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♪ helping this big country move ahead as one ♪ ♪ norfolk southern how's that function? ♪
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7:34 am
it is a happen morning here. more breaking news to tell you about. moments ago, cnn caught up with
7:35 am
former congressman turned new york city mayoral candidate anthony weiner as he left his apartment. our photojournalist got on camera. we don't have the tape in our bureau yet but dana bash is well verse order what anthony weiner had to say this morning. so let's go to our new york bureau and join dana now. what did mr. weiner say? >> you are right. he was . what he said effectively was when people stopped and talked to him and ask him questions, he said that they don't ask him about the past. they ask about their future. he also said the past is the past. that's the gist. we hope to hear from him very soon, as soon as we get that tape. but look, the bottom line is he has not stopped campaigning. he's not stopped moving ahead with what he insists will be a mayoral run that will continue. he was leaving his apartment. we know he has a couple of public events, campaign events,
7:36 am
later today. one on public housing at the housing authority. he is going to testify there. he's -- insisting he's going the keep on keeping on. despite the fact that never mind his -- mentioned yesterday, his opponents calling for him to get out of the race but a very, very powerful editorial. lead editorial of the "new york times." everybody understands how a powerful "new york times" editorial page is. particularly in the city saying in a very harsh way, anthony weiner just needs to get out of the race for him, for his wife, and for the people of new york city. >> you have been around a long time, covered a lot of politics. lot of different cities across america. what's your best bet? i mean -- will he continue just to stay in the race? despite all of the negativity comi coming and will voters forgive him again? >> well, i can tell you what -- what my analysis is based on my reporting on this situation. that is two things.
7:37 am
one is just talking to people who are very well informed about the race and about the polling and kind of the sense of the electorate. it is that -- you know, second chance, fine. maybe. he was obviously doing pretty well considering. third chance, which -- this is what it effectively is, not so much. this is just not going to sit well with voters. the question that you asked, whether he is going to get out of the race, i can tell you from two years ago covering this very closely, this whole question of whether he would resign from congress, which he ultimately did, remember, carol, it was not something he did overnight. he had to be pushed and prodded and people called and begged him and pressured him. people very close to him and very good friends with him. people that went to his wedding. so it was not easy for him -- easy decision for him to make. he is a stubborn guy. just the fact that he decided to run so quickly after resigning from congress gives you a sense of where his head is. i don't think he will go
7:38 am
quietly. >> i want you to stay with us and bring in gail, associate professor of psychiatry at new york presbyterian hospital. thanks for being here this morning. >> pleasure. >> dana called anthony weiner stubborn. other people may say he's delusional. this wasn't having an affair -- extramarital affair. this, to me, is -- stranger because he's sexting pictures of his private parts to young women and he kept doing it. even after he resigned from congress. as dana says, but -- he will stay in the race and stick it out. what drives him? >> i would be embarrassed. >> you know, i -- i think the question really is going to come down to, you know, did he have treatment basically after all of this? because -- this reflects basically very purim pulse
7:39 am
control. right? if you are caught and you are -- you have a career demise and you still feel compelled to do something, then your ability to control your impulses, you know, is very questionable. i think that -- voters do have a right to be concerned about that. about -- you know, are they going to elect someone who has really purim pulse control and urges that they cannot contain. however, people can change. and treatment can really change people if they are truly engaged no matter how persistent, let's say, they seem to be. if they can understand what is unconsciously driving them to do that and so i think that -- he's alluded to having been in a lot of therapy and -- i guess the question is, you know, since this all occurred, has he really been in intensive treatment. has he continued to get treatment, to deal with this? and -- i think that is the for question. i also think, unfortunately,
7:40 am
that it was a mistake to not have revealed that he, you know, that this went on past when he stepped out. had he revealed all of it, you know, before hay went in the race, it wouldn't appear to be a third time. it would all be part of the same mistake which really was. >> dana, his wife was beside him this time. she spoke in his defense this time. how valuable is that, do you think? >> well, it is about as valuable as he is going to get. you know, that was -- maybe you can call it a hail mary but you can also call it -- perhaps at the end of the day secret weapon. i think that may be harder to see. she is somebody who is, you know, if you -- google her name, you probably find notoriously private in most of the articles written about her because that is historically true. she is -- classic behind-the-scenes woman to one of the most powerful and well-known politicians in the
7:41 am
world. that's hillary clinton. having said that, she also is known and -- i know her a little bit but know people who know her very well as incredibly smart and incredibly savvy. i think that people who are looking at this and saying pooh huma, that's understandable and goodness knows that there should be a lot of sympathy for her. but she also -- she's -- knows what she is doing. she made a decision and wanted her husband to be mayor. she wanted to back him doing that. she's all in. when this came out, she was pretty clear she felt she had no other choice based on how out there she was in favor of his candidacy. again, just two years after he resigned from congress. embarrassing her publicly. >> okay. we will continue to follow this story. da thank you for joining us this morning. still ahead in the newsroom, emergency medicine. the white house and the health industry launch a sales blitz for obama care. ♪
7:42 am
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thought we were bogey to hear alicia keys. here it goes. here's alicia keys. ♪ obama's on fire ♪ obama's on fire
7:45 am
♪ he's walking on fire ♪ obama's on fire ♪ ♪ everybody stares as he goes by ♪ ♪ they see the flames >> that's alicia keys. the president's second inauguration singing "obama is on fire." who could forget. the president hopes it is not his youngest constituent. obama supporters asked celebrities like alicia keys, oprah, bon jovi to sell obama care to young people. why? because the white house needs 2.7 million young and healthy adults to buy health care to keep premium costs low for older americans. this doesn't happen, critics say obama care will go bust. and philip big, former obama white house official and overseas enroll america. nonpartisan group whose mission is to convince young people to buy insurance. welcome, ann. >> hi, carol. thanks for having me. >> thanks for being here.
7:46 am
basic question -- how much would young people pay per month for health insurance under obama care? >> i think the for thing to remember here is that whether it is young people or moms or family members across the country, too many folks are staying awake at night worrying an accident or an illness may lead to bankruptcy. and the great news is that this fall there are going to be new opportunities available, whether it is young people, families, for affordable health coverage. >> we are concentrating on young people, though. from what i understand, young people are being urged to buy health insurance through state health care exchanges set up in individual states. there are three levels to the insurance. cheapest level is $141 per month for young people. that's what they would pay for health insurance. in general. right? >> well, if -- it varies. it depends on -- you know, that -- amount of money you make but to your point, there is going to be financial assistance available to folks for the first time. there's also going to be better
7:47 am
coverage available in these marketplaces, there's going -- basic health care is going to be provided to folks. think it is for to remember, one, what will be available to folks, what will be included in these plans. also the fact that financial assistance is going to be available to many. >> right. but still it will cost young people a certain amount of money every month for health insurance. penalty if they don't do that in 2014, 95 bucks per year or 1% of your income which is, of course, less than what they would pay for insurance. how do you convince young people who are healthy to buy insurance under this plan? >> well, we have done research much on this. first, i would say, you know, in recent polls we found that three out of four young people are actually believe that having health insurance very for. the problem is that in the -- they have not been able to find care affordable or that meets their needs. so -- it is not that people don't want this. it is that they haven't found something that works for them. we know that the interest is out
7:48 am
there. enroll america with our get covered america campaign, we are focused on spreading the word. making sure that moms are talking to their adult sons and daughters to make sure they have the information they need to choose what is available to them. >> i understand and i'm sure this many young people want health insurance. it is going to be a tough sell. i want to bring in our intern, megan. senior at syracuse university. she's going to one day be forced to buy health insurance. i just wanted to ask you, will you buy health insurance under obama care and are your friends interested in doing that? >> i must say as influential as alicia keys, i must say my bank account is not on fire. i would -- probably pass on paying for health insurance because the fine would be cheaper for me versus paying $141 for health insurance. >> what do you say to megan and others like her? >> well, i think -- we have been talking to young people across the country. part of this is about financial security.
7:49 am
megan may not be going to the doctor right now or think she needs help but, you know, the problem is that if -- megan or another person like her were to get into a car accident and didn't have health coverage, that could, unfortunately, lead to bankruptcy the way the system works now. >> i think that, megan, we had the discussion. megan understands that on some level but do your friends think about that every day? >> del not. most of my friends believe they are invince sxibl nothing will happen to them. it is kind of naive to think that but at the same time, though, how can you predict those events? >> especially since you don't a high-paying job just yet. >> yes. every penyi counts. >> i don't want to beat you up but i'm illustrating to people what a hard sell this will be. >> what's for to remember is that the financial help that's available. part of what we found in our research much is that you just talk about how much, you know, megan might be paying for this. that sounds like lot. you compare it to what she would be paying for it otherwise without the assistance.
7:50 am
tow shed a light on the value coming here. again, also go back to, you know, maybe alicia keys isn't going to be the most persuasive voice to megan but -- we found that maybe megan's mom would make a big difference in that conversation. part of what they get covered america campaign is all about is to have neighbors talking to neighbors. moms talking to their kids and family members talking to family members about what is coming. i think that trusted voice talking about how fimportant tht is goes a long way next expect a call. thank you so much for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. in was just few hours we are expecting to hear from a family that got a helping hand from george zimmerman last week. the family's suv skidded off a road in sanford, florida, rolled on to its side. the police say two good samaritans stopped to help the couple and their children. one of those samaritans, george zimmerman. who as you know was found not guilty in the death of trayvon martin. joining me now from sanford is
7:51 am
cnn's victor. good morning, victor. >> good morning, carol. surprisingly all of that happened less than a mile from where george zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin more than a year ago. that couple, mark and dana, will be here right behind me at the office of mark o'meara. we are expecting them to tell us about that day. we do not know yet and reached out to the media folks here if they will say yes, we knew it was george zimmerman or they will tell their story. there is a lot of skepticism here. i want you to listen to the two perspectives about this crash and george zimmerman's involvement. >> quintessential george. this is the person i knew him to be when find out about his past before february 12, is the guy that always involved in the community, always going to lend lend a helping hand and here we go four days after the event, something that i could not have planned but turned out to be
7:52 am
just pure george. >> ludicrous stuff i have ever seen before in my life. to anything to validate a murderer i think is wrong. >> there is a point of that pastor made also there were no witnesses there. other than a single deputy who we asked to speak with and seminole county sheriff's office says they will not make that deputy available. there were eight calls to 911. not one of them mentioned george zimmerman. all show to be fair, some of those people were driving and possibly did not see him. again, today at 1:30 eastern, the family who was, according to the sheriff's office, helped out of that vehicle by george zimmerman, will speak. >> thanks so much. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
7:53 am
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7:55 am
and here's the best part -- you still own your home. take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ . an incident that led to more trouble for the actress, amanda bynes. police say that she was hospitalized for a mental health evaluation on monday. this happened after she was detained after she lit a small fire in front of a home in a los angeles suburb. one witness saw a gas can on fire near her. >> what's on fire? >> it is -- like a small piece of cloth and a gasoline tank. which is why i am calling 911.
7:56 am
>> okay. >> where is it? >> it is in her driveway. >> police came and questioned amanda bynes. and then they took her into custody. cnn's michelle turner is live in new york to tell us what happened next. >> this story is bizarre. it is actually very sad. she's held on what is called a 51-50 hold. this is when authorities place an individual in custody after determining that they could be a danger to themselves or others as a result of a mental disorder. amanda bynes situation is a result of the bizarre incident you talked about where she allegedly set a gas fire in a driveway. this is just the latest in a string of incidents with her and the authorities. she also has a dui case pending southern california. she has a pair of separate hit-and-run charges against her. that were dismissed last year. just last may she was also sentenced to three years probation for driving on a suspended license. here in new york, she has a september court appearance
7:57 am
scheduled because she is fisting three misdemeanor charges for allegedly tossing a bong from her manhattan apartment in may. there is a lot going on with her now. i hope hope this 51-50 hold can get her some help. >> i hope her xarnts intervene and -- just -- it is really sad. michelle turner, thank you so much. i'm carol costello. "cnn newsroom" continues after a break.
7:58 am
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hello, everyone. great to have you with us on this wednesday morning. i'm pamela brown in for ashleigh banfield. mounting legal problems for former nfl star aaron hernandez. ex-new england patriots tight end is due back in court today in the shooting death of his friend odin llyod. "the boston globe" reports a grand jury is hearing evidence that could tie hernandez to two other deaths. susan candiotti is in attleboro, massachusetts. what's the purpose of today's hearing? >> reporter: first of all, you know, this is accused murderer aaron hernandez will be breaking the monotony of sitting in his jail cell to attend today's probable cause hearing. at a probable cause hearing prosecutors put more evidence into the record to prove the strength of their case. however, oftentimes they ask for more time or