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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 24, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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hello, everyone. great to have you with us on this wednesday morning. i'm pamela brown in for ashleigh banfield. mounting legal problems for former nfl star aaron hernandez. ex-new england patriots tight end is due back in court today in the shooting death of his friend odin llyod. "the boston globe" reports a grand jury is hearing evidence that could tie hernandez to two other deaths. susan candiotti is in attleboro, massachusetts. what's the purpose of today's hearing? >> reporter: first of all, you know, this is accused murderer aaron hernandez will be breaking the monotony of sitting in his jail cell to attend today's probable cause hearing. at a probable cause hearing prosecutors put more evidence into the record to prove the strength of their case. however, oftentimes they ask for more time or continue wants and
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that's probably what's going to happen here today and here is why. we know and reported and according to the sources a grand jury has been meeting to consider evidence in this case. and charges are likely within the next week or two. since that is the case, it is very likely that the prosecutors need to ask for more time and judges generally granted it. in effect, there may be a very shall very brief hearing today and they -- probably will not be hearing any more evidence but, of course, we will wait and see. >> we sure will. prosecutors may be preparing for charge against hernandez in the killings of two immigrants. do we know what the connection is, possible connection between hernandez and these two immigrants? >> reporter: yes. absolutely. we have been reporting on this since the start. you know, he's being looked at, according to our sources, aaron hernandez, for a link to a drive-by double shooting. that happened a year ago july. and it wasn't until authorities
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stumbled upon a silver suv that was parked in the driveway aaron hernandez's uncle in connecticut that they were able to make more of a link. at least they are looking at that connection right now. they are trying to keep a lid on all of this. yes, reportedly a grand jury now looking at that. that's a different jurisdiction. it is in boston. we learned in a courthouse in connecticut yesterday that the d.a. in boston asked for and got a seal on the search warrant for that suv. why? because he told the court that there is critical evidence they are looking at in this case and they are concerned that more information comes out about what they learned about this suv and other witnesses, that it could jeopardize their investigation. pamela? >> interesting. susan candiotti, thank you so much. now let's bring in our legal pan foal talk more about this. former criminal prosecutor jenkins with us and attorney brian. thank you for being here. faith, i want to start with you.
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hernandez has pleaded not guilty in the death of odin llyod. as we heard susan report, a grand jury is hearing evidence about two additional murders. what does this indicate to you? >> it indicates about the other case where the grand jury is hearing evidence the prosecutors believe they have enough evidence to go forward. and go poured with the case based on the probable cause. that's what you are having in both of these cases. this hearing today is about probable cause. is there enough evidence to go poured and is there enough evidence to go to trial in the case. that's what the judge will determine here, much lower standard than a standard for trial where it is proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> so the fact that this other case has gone to a grand jury indicates basically it is more narrowly focus order hernandez and indication the prosecutors have enough evidence. is that right? >> they believe they have enough evidence for the grand jurors to probably diet hernandez and that's what they expect to happen. going before the grand jury, presenting the evidence and those jurors will determine and vote if they believe will is enough probable cause to go forward. >> brian, one of hernandez's
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alleged associates, carlos ortiz, is seeking immunity. how serious do you think this is for hernandez? >> it is very serious. any time a prosecutor can find an accomplice, somebody that's involved in a proceeding, offer them immunity in order to testify against a witness, that simply means that they have a case that they are going to go forward with and it is going to be very difficult for the defense to counter that. of course, the way the defense always corrects that is to say hey, listen, you got a deal. you are really the bad guy. you made a deal in order to exculpate yourself from some kind of criminal responsibility, criminal liability. this case is very early now. this is moving very quickly. there is going to be a lot of procedural process that happens. this grand jury indictment probably is going to move the case right to trial. but i wouldn't expect to see a trial in this case for many months to come. >> ortiz is particularly interesting in this case because he is the co-defendant that's come forward and said that another co-defendant involved actually told him hernandez is
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the individual that actually shot the gun and killed odin llyod. his testimony will be particularly crucial in this case. you could see him coming forward and testifying in the hearing. hearsay is allowed. >> we will have to wait ask see what happens. thank you. we will discuss other legal cases later this hour. here's other stories we are polling this morning. explosion ripped through a natural gas grilling platform in the gulf of mexico. fire continues to burn following yesterday's blast. 60 miles southwest of grand nile, louisiana. 44 workers had to be evacuated. desk duty for massachusetts state police photographer sean murphy, officer that got into hot water for releasing hundreds of pictures he took of boston bombing suspect tsarnaev. a board will decide what's next for murphy. officials say that termination is unlikely. it has been exactly 100 days since the boston marathon
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bombings. the last of the victims is going home this hour. mark will be discharged from a rehab hospital in just about 30 minutes from now. he lost his right leg and his left leg was badly damaged. he may lose it as well. it has been a busy morning at kensington palace. this right great grandma arriving to meet the new royal. queen elizabeth's first look at the heir to the british throne. it was quick visit. it was pipa and prince harry's turn to come for a view of the boy known now as baby cambridge. prince william says they are still working on a real name. that's the royal couple right will. taking the newborn for a ride after all the visitors left. take a look. here's some amazing video from china. a hillside gave way earlier this week after heavy rains there. reuters reports that as many as 1400 people were forced from their homes and there could be another 2,000 who still need to be evacuatied there.
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after hiding out in moscow airport for more than a month, edward snowden is expected to leave the terminal. that's his hope. a live report coming up. first, anthony weiner insists he's the best candidate for mayor of new york city except that there is a major problem. new revelations of more sexting. his wife is speaking out. what she has to say coming up. [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness...
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it was less an week ago people were marveling at the comeback of anthony weiner. he was leading at least one poll for the race of new york mayor. yesterday weiner admitted sending more explicit online photos and messages as recently as last summer. more than a year after resign prosecuting congress for the same habit. standing by his side, perhaps his greatest defender, his wife. >> anthony has made some horrible mistakes. both before resigning from congress and after. but i do very strongly believe that is between us and our marriage. >> reporter: anthony's wife asked new yorkers to forgive her husband like she has and in a
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dramatic news conference tuesday. >> it took a lot of work. and a whole lot of therapy. >> reporter: disgraced congressman once again guilty of the same behavior that publicly humiliated his wife back in 2011 while she was pregnant. huma abedin addressed the allegations this time in a very public way. >> i love him and i have forgiven him and i believe in him. as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward. anthony weiner weiner admitting to online sex chats with women after resigning from congress and undergoing therapy. >> i said more texts were likely to come out and today they have. some of the things that have been posted today are true and some are not, there's no question that what i did was wrong. >> reporter: weiner's latest apollee came after new pictures with a 22-year-old woman surfaced on the weiner reportedly used a screen name carlos danger to carry on
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his sexually tense relationship last summer. >> while some of the things that have been posted today are true, some are not, there's no question that what i did was wrong. >> reporter: back in april when weiner announced candidacy for new york mayor he said more allegation could emerge. >> if reporters want to go try to find more, i can't say that they are not going to be able to find another picture. >> reporter: with the continued possibility of more texts, there's no telling if the defense of her husband will help resurrect his politial career. >> it looks like it will be up to voters to make the final decision. let's bring in cnn chief political analyst gloria borger. anthony weiner warned us more pictures could be coming out. he left out one fact, how long that behavior has been going on. we are finding it was after he resigned from congress. do you think he should have come clean about this before now? >> yeah. i think that's the real problem here. voters believe in redemption.
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they are very willing to give you a second chance. but they expect you to come clean befores they do that. what he did is a classic political move. which is that he tried to inoculate himself and he said look, you know, i think you -- some of these texts may come out. you might find one or two or maybe six that will come out. what he didn't tell us is the most salient and for fact, which is that this occurred a full year after he resigned the congress in disgrace. and around the time he and his wife were saying, you know, he was in therapy this their world was coming together. this was all behind him. so i think that the voters of new york have a right to ask the question about were didn't we know this, why didn't you come fully clean about how long this behavior extended. >> we were all surprised, i think, we both were, probably,
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that his wife went to the post sxwrum spoke out yesterday. she perhaps is one of his greatest assets. do you think she can save him? >> i think she is the only thing so far that saved him. if she had not been there, you -- i think it would have even been more of a problem for him. look, "the new york times" did an editorial saying that he should leave the race. that will be for in new york. huma is his greatest character witness. wife is always a character witness for her husband. as you pointed out in the clip you showed earlier she said, look, i have forgiven him and i believe in him. the implication, of course, being that that is what voters should do as well. and so her words take on a very for meaning. however, now that their private life has become so public again, i think it comes back to the question for the voters of judgment and of trust. and, you know, my question is, i know that people don't trust
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politicians. they think they have terrible judgments. the questin is where is the bar set in the new york city mayoral race? >> right. you know, he saying he's not going to drop out of this race despite growing opposition to him and "the new york times," "new york daily news," saying he should withdraw. his opponents saying the same. it will be interesting to see if he can maintain his position in the polls. how this impacts him. >> i also think that -- you have to believe that privately there are key democrats in the state of new york who may be talking to him and saying, you know, anthony weiner, it is time for you to get out of this race. as you know, pam, it is not exactly that the democratic establishment has been rallying around weiner. chuck schumer, his former mentor, senator from the state of new york, has been silent. noticeably on this entire candidacy. i think people are probably trying to get him to withdraw.
8:16 am
it took him a long time to decide he ought to leave congress. he is a pretty stubborn guy. and so if he is going to leave the race it may take him some time to come around to that point of view. >> i think it would -- i think it would say a lot if he is elected mayor of new york city, after all of this. gloria, i want to point out you wrote an interesting column on this on i encourage everyone to check that out. thank you so much. >> sure. now to russia. nsa leaker edward snowden may finally be able to leave the moscow airport. but first, he must do some paperwork if and when he gets it. she's always been able to brighten your day.
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after a month of waiting at the moscow airport edward snowden may be leaving the airport's transit terminal. he is waiting for a document that would allow him to leave the airport but not the country. >> reporter: snowden may be leaving moscow's airport soon.
8:20 am
what can you tell me about that? where is he going? >> well, the application he made was for temporary asylum, for him to stay in russia because the united states and its allies made clear they are going to physically prevent him from exercising his right to seek asylum by doing things like grounding planes that are carrying presidents of sovereign states if they think he is on it. i think the plan, ironically, he will stay in russia for some period of time so what you have is the united states basically forcing him to stay in russia not withstanding the fact that he has many document it is u.s. government claims sensitive. >> phil black is live from moscow and has been covering the story for us. phil, do we know anything more about when snowden may leave the airport and where he might go? >> reporter: well, one point today it looked like it could have been today. snowden's russian lawyer had always said he expected it would be today and would be allowed to leave one week after his
8:21 am
official application for temporary asylum was submitted. and earlier today, a flurry of russian state media outlets suggested reported specifically that he received necessary documentation to leave this airport while his application was being considered. it wouldn't have been official approval of the application but simply official stats that would let him enter russia while that application procedure was going through. his lawyer met with him at the airport. we spoke to him a short period ago. he said that's, in fact, not true. he has not been granted the necessary paperwork by russia's federal migration service to enter the country yet. what we know is this. application should receive some sort of answer within the next three months. and at any point within that three-month period snowden could receive the documentation he needs to enter the country. it is not going to be today, though. we do not know specifically when it will be. his lawyer said usual procedure is for it to take place within a
8:22 am
week. that hasn't happened. it suggests that this process is taking a little longer than expected. >> a waiting game. thank you so much. morgan's full interview will air on piers morgan live on saturday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. speaking of snowden, the house is expected to vote on restriction as to the nsa's controversial phone surveillance program today. the decision comes after snowden leaked information to the media. the white house issued a statement saying that it opposes the amendment and asking the house to reject it. turns out the delivery from the postal service may soon be over. you may have to walk to a new location to get your mail and packages. pope francis visits a must-see shrine in brazil while his security stat us is upgraded to high risk. those stories and much more when we return. copd makes it hard to breathe...
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sometimes, we trip ourselves up. and although the mistakes may seem to just keep coming at you, so do the solutions. like multi-policy discounts from liberty mutual insurance. save up to 10% just for combining your auto and home insurance. call liberty mutual insurance at... to speak with an insurance expert and ask about all the personalized savings available for when you get married, move into a new house, or add a car to your policy. personalized coverage and savings -- all the things humans need to make our world a little less imperfect. call... and ask about all the ways you could save. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? president obama is on his
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way to illinois. it is the first of several stops the president is making to talk to people about the economy, jobs and middle class. he is scheduled to speak next hour and, of course, we will bring that to you live. the u.s. postal service is planning to end door-to-door mail delivery for new housing developments. they want a more centralized delivery where residents collect mail from a cluster of mailbox mess the neighborhood. officials say that it would save $4.5 billion a year. house votes on the issue today. over to brazil now. pope francis toured the shrine to country's patron saint today. the vatican says the pope insist order adding the trip to his agenda. the practical official tells cnn the security for the pope's visit has been raised to high risk. you will remember seeing his car swallowed up bay crowd of enthusiastic followers on monday. here again today, people could actually touch the car as it drives by. ariel castro was in court for another pre-trial hearing.
8:27 am
he pled not guilty to all charge against him. he is accused of raping and kidnapping three women for over a decade. his trial is set to start in august. the lee bodies found wrapped in trash bags in east cleveland last week have been identified. they are angel-- the man has be formally charged with the death and taken into custody after a stand-off at his mother's house. the university of southern california student says police told her she wasn't raped because her assailant didn't have an orgasm. he is one of many students that filed complaints and now the feds are investigating. live to the campus when we return.
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would female sthaupts say they were raped accuse the university of trying to sweep
8:31 am
their claims under the rug. that accusation led to a civil rights investigation by the department of education and it is not just suh sc. women on numerous campuses across the country with similar claims are coming forward with their stories. stephanie, are these women saying the university is basically trying to cover up these crimes? >> hi, pamela. i don't know if they would use the word as much as covering it up as they would say that they bungled. i spoke to two seniors. the student coalition against rape. they say that consistently the university of southern california allege has failed to follow its own rules as far as code of conduct when a student reports being raped. they say on numerous occasion it is university bungled or shelved or mispiled a complaint coming in from a student saying they were raped. they also allege that it is in very rare cases an assail ant goes to being suspended or
8:32 am
expelled from the school. we got confirmation from the department of education saying that they have begun a federal investigation into how rape cases are handled here at usc. this was all prompted because these women, along with their 77 members, and group there, went on to file a complaint with usc. one of the women told me that she has proof that -- in an e-mail and also recorded conversation was the assailant with him admitting they did not have consensual sex. >> very interesting to note that a victim can come forward with a binder of evidence that supports their claim that they were subjected to a violent attack but the school will choose to believe completely unsubstantiated claim from a male student who denies it. >> for its part usc said in a statement, quote the university of southern california takes all reports of sexual violence extremely seriously and has many
8:33 am
resources available to assist students that experience you wanted sexual contact. we thoroughly investigate and take appropriate disciplinary as well as interim remedial action. the university said that previous investigations have resulted in a wide variety of sanctions including the dismissal of students. they welcome the current investigation. another senior, another founding member, alexa schwartz, who i spoke with yesterday, she claims that what happened to her in 2010, how she feels about it turned from shame to sadness for rape victims going through this alone. she also said she wants to hear from the university directly. hear from her. >> i would like to prevent other rapes from occurring on my campus while i'm still here, while i can create change. we want to work with usc. we would love to work with usc to create a safer campus. >> we did confirm with the department of education they have other universities that they are investigating as far as
8:34 am
these rape charges. but because these investigations are open, pamela, they are not giving us any further details. >> thank you so much for that report. these are serious accusations with serious implications for usc and other colleges and universities because of the federal title 9 law. we will talk about this and bring in our legal team in new york. attorney and former criminal prosecutor faith jenkins. in los angeles, attorney brian, nice to see you both again. >> thank you. >> faith, let's start with you. you have prosecuted similar sexual assault cases. if these allegations are true the universities are not thoroughly investigating these claims by these women, what do you think the reality is of these administrators are just trying to protect the school's reputation and enrollment? >> the universities have a duty to report if there are sexual asaultsz taking place on their campuses. what they are investigating internal investigations and finding that these claims are without merit. or that there is not muff evidence to go forward. then they are not reporting those sexual assaults and guess
8:35 am
what's happening. they are keeping their crime numbers low. oftentimes with colleges and this is an ongoing problem, motivating factor for not publicly reporting the sexual assault cases like they are required to do is a -- want to keep the crime numbers low because it impact it is reputation of the university. >> these, as we mentioned, very serious allegations. one student saying that she had been raped at a paternity party and allegedly told bay police officer, quote, women should not go out and get drunk and expect not to get raped. another womt claims she was told that she wasn't raped because her attacker stopped. can you believe that kind of insensitivity? >> it is really incredible to believe, particularly in that metropolitan area like los angeles, where the police on the campus are actually sworn police officers under the laws of the state of california. and then the university actually released a statement in part of the statement released it said that these students could have gone to the lapd, los angeles
8:36 am
police department, if they didn't think they were getting satisfaction with the police at the campus. the campus are actually police. this is title 9 of the federal government law. that means that any student who attends a university has a right not to be discriminated against based on their sex. if the federal government gets serious about this, they can take extreme action and including coming in and taking over the police operations of the university and they can shut down the -- whatever kind of discipline system the school has itself. and these are very, very serious allegations. and we will see how wide this spreads. i agree with faith. this is directly designed by universities to promote their schools and get quality students to come to their schools. and they don't want this kind of bad information out there in the public. >> it is just -- so disturbing to think that that could be the reality of we are dealing with. as you pointed out, some serious implications for these universities. quickly, what alternative do
8:37 am
these vunts if the police fail to investigate? >> well the first thing that the -- they can do certainly can go to the los angeles police department. i understand in some cases they at least have now and the police are investigating. they also can bring civil suits. they can bring civil suits against the sxunt against the administrators of the university and against the fraternity in the one case where the rape was report toad kur in the fraternity house and ultimately and obviously against the person who committed this horrible crime. so -- the women have both civil and criminal remedies at their disposal but it is not the sames if they had done it exactly at the moment that the rape had occurred or the alleged event occurred. >> one of them did go to the police and the district attorney's office, there was not enough evidence to go forward with a criminal case. however, the school's obligations are separate and apart from that. under federal law they are required to have programs in place to address sexual assault
8:38 am
claims and one of the allegations in the complaint is the school simply did not follow their own policies and procedures and in investigating the claims and taking actions against the perpetrator who is also a student at the school. >> let's be clear, hone ever own us is on the university to look into these allegations and we still have a lot to learn from this and most certainly will be following the story. thank you. coming up, performing with a crocodile. definitely a profession that takes courage to say the least. especially when the crock snaps at your head. take a look at this dashcam video. look to the other side of that. massive smoke and flames engulfing a vehicle. those deputies saved that driver. they join me up next.
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we have dashcam video. sheriff's deputies pulled a man from a burning car just moments before it exploded into flames. take a look. turns out the driver was having a medical emergency resulting in the crash. and if the deputies had been was just few minutes late, he wouldn't have made it. the deputies are joining me. they rescued the victim and are here live from orange, california. thank you both for being here and talking about this.
8:42 am
as we saw in that video, it was -- a daring rescue. you both risked your lives saving the driver. what was going through your mind in that moment when we were trying to get the man out of that car? >> well, once we decided to go ahead and pull him out because -- the flames began to get large, we just want to the make sure we moved quickly but safely. we had month idea what he was going to do with -- mr. he would be combative or not because -- it was -- kind of a bizarre scene once we pulled up. >> how about you, officer? >> there were a million things running through our minds when we approach a scene like that. the guy's actions inside the car were so strange. it was creating a million different things. is he going to approach us when we approach? is he trying to hurt himself?
8:43 am
when we approached -- there was no more time to wait. we basically had to enter the car and pull him out. >> you make an interesting point. it is such a bizarre situation. you don't know if this man has a gun or what is going on. how are officers normally expected to act in scenarios like this? >> you know, our safety in normal situations like this, we are thinking of our safety first. like i was saying earlier, his actions were so bizarre. when we pulled up, the guy was pressing on the gas pedal as if he was trying to flee the scene. when we initially made a voice contact with him, made voice contact with him through the window, he looked at me and attempted to light a cigarette. i couldn't see one of his hands. when we made a decision we had to go into the car and pull him out once the flames entered the cab of the vehicle, when we were approaching a car and can't see someone's hands, we are just not comfortable. it got to a point p we waited any longer, we weren't wanting on deal with what could have
8:44 am
happened after. >> absolutely. you said -- make sure i heard that correctly. he was trying to light a cigarette? >> yeah. upon first contact with him, after he had -- started depressing the gas feddal and spinning the front wheels, i started to order him to get out of the vehicle. it looked like he was uninjured. looked over at me and had a cigarette in his mouth and tried to light it as i'm ordering him to get out of the car. >> wow. he's still in the hospital. have you made contact with him? have either of you spoken to him since the incident? >> no. we have been unable to. >> we haven't had any contact. all we heard is he's recovering and hopefully he gets to 100%. >> he certainly owes you his life. you are our heroes in a lot of people's eyes, including his, i'm sure. thank you so much. thank you. $1 million cash and a stripper. why police confiscated it and a judge gave it back.
8:45 am
that story is up next. the must-see video. crocodile show where the beast doesn't exactly follow the script. we are going to be right back with those stories and more after this break. "i'm part of an american success story," "that starts with one of the world's most advanced distribution systems," "and one of the most efficient trucking networks," "with safe, experienced drivers." "we work directly with manufacturers," "eliminating costly markups," "and buy directly from local farmers in every region of the country."
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she lost it all in a traffic stop because police believed it was drug money and now a judge ordered the police to give the money back with interest. i had to say this story so interesting to me. basically there was a traffic stop. police pulled them over. find all of this cash in the back seat. brian, do you think that police had a right to be suspicious here? >> oh, yeah. i mean, this case reminds people that what we do as lawyers is interesting and changes every day. a police officer stop someone that has $1 million in cash, driving a car across the country, that's called probable cause. that may be the dictionary definition of probable cause. the person obviously has a right to go to court to make the claim for their property back which they did in this case and got the property back. ultimately, when a police officer finds a million dollars in a car, my only question is was it all in singles?
8:49 am
>> you know, wrapped in hair bands. according to the story, they had initially lied about it saying there was than anything in the car, no money and then police found it. you look at that and the fact the drug sniffing dog did detect drugs on the cash apparently. but still -- faith, what do you think about this, what's your reaction? >> it is not illegal to have a million dollars in your car and drive across the country. there were no drugs or drugs paraphernalia. it was just the cash. the judge did the right thing by giving the money back. asset forfeiture is a common action prosecutors take when they believe money a product or proceeds of illegal activity. no one was arrested and charged with a crime. no criminal act that was committed. these people simply had a million dollars. the government certainly has an incentive go after the money because when you forfeit cash like this, the money goes to the government. the district attorney's office may get the money. there's a lot you can do with a million dollars. simply put, there's no crime here. having money and having that kind of cash is not illegal
8:50 am
activity in and of itself. >> do you think police have a right to be suspicious given the other circumstances the driver said we don't have any money and they found money in the car? >> again, it's not illegal. i understand it's suspicious. this woman says she's a stripper. it's proceeds from stripping. she got to keep the money with interest. the government has to pay the interest because they never should have confiscated. >> let's talk about taxes. do you think the irs will check on her? >> i think there's a file that's been opened up and the irs sometime in the last 48 hours on this case soon it hit the major media. while faith is right, it isn't illegal. there's nothing that's wrong. there's lots of questions raised. why isn't this money put into accounts? it was transferred from
8:51 am
california to new jersey to open up a nightclub. this looks like it warrants a tax investigation to find out where it came from whands was goi going to happen to it. she's probably opening her nightclub now. >> thank you so much. appreciate your analysis on that. no matter how many times you stick your head into a crocker dial's gaping mouth, sooner or later those jaws will get you. the trainer has been doing this stunt for years believe the animal got spooked when his hand slipped. his face required 30 stitches and he's already back at work. we have knew sound from anthony weiner. more must see video. this ride in a hot air balloon is anything but romantic. the story behind these pictures
8:52 am
here up next. mom, dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart,
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scene scandal involving anthony weiner. the daily news and new york times have called for him to drop out. here is what he told us a short time ago. >> there's been people since the moment i got in this race that didn't want me to run. there's people who didn't want me to run at the very beginning. a lot of people have been crying out for somebody to talk about issues for the middle class. a will the of people weren't craz crazy about me running. >> one of those who wants him is out of the race is dill de blasio. he says enough is enough. weiner is saying this is behind him and he's staying in the
8:56 am
race. this is the look and sound of the southwest jet liner crashing. the nose landing gear collapsed on monday. sparks showered the runway. ten people suffered minor injuries. the ntsb is conducting a full investigation. it's an unhappy ending to a balloon ride a few miles outside of amsterdam. you can see the balloon going down in a lake. definitely not the plan. there were 11 people in the basket. two went to the hospital. it isn't known what caused the balloon to come down in the water. vietnam war vet knows that first hand. during a patrol his platoon came under fire. he was the only survivor. he revealed what saved his life and how it dramatically changed his life.
8:57 am
dr. sanjay gupta has his story. >> reporter: infantry platoon sergeant was on patrol in vietnam. >> as we're going out, i hear mortars coming in and machine guns going off. >> reporter: something odd happened. >> i feel myself falling face first into a rice patty. two days later i woke up in the military hospital and they said i was lucky. they found any a body bag. >> reporter: he was put in a body bag presumed dead. they discovered him still breathing. >> the diagnosis was diabetes. >> reporter: he passed out from the effects of the disease. he was the only soldier in his platoon to have survivored. >> if it wasn't for diabetes i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: he's been legally blind since the 70s.
8:58 am
he lost most of his hearing. he needed a kidney transplant. sailing kept him afloat. >> when i went to vietnam and came back so sick i never thought i would get into sailing again. he started challenge america. it's a therapeutic sailing program for people with disabilities. >> sailing is nothing like being on the water and be nature. no one is going to jump out of a hole and shoot at me. >> reporter: it has 27 modified sailboats based in san diego. his goal is to help the world see people with disabilities as equals. >> it's nice. you get front of the line privileges but that's not what we're doing. we want to be equal with you. give us a chance to prove we can do it. you may be surprised. good inspiration.
8:59 am
you can watch sanjay gupta saturday afternoon at 4:30. thank you so much for being here with us. "around the world" is next. he's been hiding out in a russian airport for more than a month. when will nsa leaker edward snowden get his walking papers. a security nightmare. pope francis insists on being near his flock but the crowd making it difficult to keep him safe. also queen elizabeth meets her great grandson for the first time and there's no shortage of family members ready to meet the little prince and help out if they can.
9:00 am
edward snowden will be staying in the transit area of the airport for nouz. a few hours ago it got complicated. it was reported he would be able to leave the airport and enter russia. >> he hasn't received the paper work for this temporary visa. phil black is joining us from inside that airport. phil, what do we know about snowden's status right now? >> reporter: well, his asylum application is in. we expect an answer on that at some stage can within the next three months or so. he could receive permission to leave the airport to enter russia officially while that application is still being processed. we know that looks unlikely to happen today.