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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 24, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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this. you see what happened. his face required about 30 stitches, but i'm happy to telehe's already back at work. no thank you. thanks so much for big with me. now john berman and requests the lead." the royal baby now has a name, and no it's not carlos danger. i'm john berman, and this is "the lead." the world lead willie and kate decide to go old school with the name. with a clear transcribed duty to castanza and. she -- even after he resigned from congress. changing the playbooed for political wives wronged by their spouses. and on the other coast, san diego's mayor is fighting allegations that he's a grabby boss and using come-on lines
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that sound like a cut-rate barry white. another woman is coming forward. wait until you hear what she says happened. much deserved time off. we begin with the world lead. who here had the -- because it is time to catch in. baby cambridge will be know as prince george alexander louis. you like that? because sh the announcement came relatively quickly, considering it took them three weeks to announce their dog's name last year. now we can move on to important stuffed. as -- both the queen and prince harry paid a visit to see prince george today, and the royal
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couple reportedly took him to bucklebury, where kate's parents live. max foster has been covering this story practically since conception. it's interesting that george was the queen's father's name, one of the prince charles' names, and a name that's very popular, so i think it works all around. >> they speak to the queen and get her approval in i'm sure simply because he always refers to her. now they're trying to bond as a family. >> the third name about spelled
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louis, but produce nounced louie. why? >> there's some french roots to it, and that's the way we say it over here. they may choose to call him louis, so he did you certainly for now he's prince george. >> fascinating. we are still learning your ways there, max. thank you so much. let's talk more about that first name, george, an illustrious name. we owe a debt of gratitude to many famous georges for many things we value most from america itself all the way to -- george washington, george clooney, george burns, george jones, george michael, george clinton. george bush, george bush, george bush, george steinbrenner, george costanza.
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king george, king george, king george, and king george. george look cause, george stephanopoul stephanopoulos, george takei, babe ruth or should we say george furman, george brett, george c. scott, george foreman, george patten, george orwell. s. >> i have money and property. >> and finally curious george. sow that's not even mentioning -- what is the point of this exercise, you ask? well, nothing but to suggest the -- naughty little monkey, power hitter, who is strong with the force. so now -- let's turn to experts to tell us about the real actual significance accusing the name george. we have some guests who know a lot about this. kate is standing outside
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buckingham palace. and the daughter of queen elizabeth's former press secretary. okay, george alexander louis, none of those names really surprised -- explain where they all came from. >> george, of course, is the patron saint of england, as you mentioned in a rundown, there have been six previous georges since 1714. fuls the name of the queen's beloved grandfather, technically the founder of the house of windsor. alexander, there have been three scottish king i by that name. princess alexandera is william's godmother. alexandera is the queen's middle name. so philip is not included it, we're seeing a tribute to philip's family. louis was charles's honorary godfather and william shares louis as a middle name.
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so they managed to get in a lot of family references. the second earl of spencer was also named george. while they may not have thought about it, there's a distant nod to diana's family, too. >> and a lot of americans "the king's speech" was about george vi, so kate, let me ask you william arthur philip louis, that's four names. is it surprising the new prince has just three? >> you know, you are so right. royals in history tend to have a lot of extra names. he has seven to choose from, but what we're seeing here is what we have seen throughout this period. william and kate are a fairly modern couple. what they want to do is modernize the monarchy. a bit more down to earth, and losing one of those names is absolutely a part of that.
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they're moving toward trying to say, okay, chaps, we're more like you. we drive ourselves off, giving ourselves three names. >> what about a last name? he still has a lot of those to choose from, by wales, windsor or cambridge, i suppose. >> he can, but you know, princes don't need a last name. this child, he is now the george. he's already got his own wikipedia page, within a few minutes of the announcement. he won't need a surname, but he'll want to use one at school, it will be very likely he'll call himself windsor. >> you mentioned the tie to diana's family. i think some people were hoping for something a little more explicit or clear. is there any chance you may see the spencer family if there is a second child? >> if there is a second child,
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it's possible, because the pressure will be off, it won't be the future eyre, so they won't need to worry about the constant comparison. i know a sentimental favorite was diana, but francis is also michael middleton's middle name as well as diana's middle name. so it's definitely possible to have more of a nod towards diana. >> thank you so much. thanks for being with us all week covers this story. coming up next for us in politics, the tab lloyds are calling her the puma shield. nobody is doubting the guts it took for her to face the press after her husband's latest sex scandal. coming up later. stay classy, san diego. the city's mayor facing another sexual harassment claim, but he says he's not going anywhere. we're going to talk to the second accuser live. stay with us.
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i'm antonio verboten. that's when i used the carlos danger name generator. apparently that's the name anthony weiner used. he said he's staying in the race to be new york city's next mayor after "new york times" and "new york daily news" called for him to drop out. his wife was by his side. she spoke in his defense after he admitted he september on sexting after he resigned. dana caught up with anthony weiner outside of his apartment.
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what is he saying now? >> reporter: there was a gaggle of press, as you can imagine, and effectively what anthony weiner was trying to say, nothing to see here, nothing has changed, i'm still running for mayor, and nothing will stop me from doing that. listen to what he told reporters on that issue. >> everyone has to decide, look, i know there are people who may well never conceive about it because of the things that are in my past, i -- you know, i have to tell you, for those of you out on the campaign trail, you know, they want to talk about housing, they want to find out affordable jobs with benefits, and i'm going to keep talking about those things. >> we also sent an e-mail to supporters this afternoon, john, trying to appeal to new yorkers' sensibilities, yet as a new yorker you know what i'm talking about. he said new yorkers don't quit, but he also did acknowledge the
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mistakes the fumble in this play for a redemption that he's making here, but in the mayor's race, by not disclosing early on, that he did continue with these sexual out there on the internet, he says -- i regret notice saying specifically when the exchanges happened, but the bottom line the news today is about my past life. really the news the people in new york city awoke to was an editorial in a very big prominent newspaper, really squuerring him in a graphic way. >> interesting in that statement. he has new regrets to add on to the old regrets. thanks so much. this story has sparked such a discussion and debate around the country what huma abedin did was fairly unprecedented. even shocking to some people.
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it's bone down in really two ways, the good wife and the gone wife. now we have this third option, the go all in wife. the good wife, so iconic, so familiar, they made a tv show out of it. hillary clinton on '60 minutes" by bill clinton's side after the gennifer flowers scandal, and at least near his side after monica lewinsky. not happy, but not missing either after husband elliott's proclivity went public. gen,sanford, nowhere to be seen after her husband's so-called hike on the appalachian trail turned out to be another kind of physical exertion with his argentinian mistress. >> no, never crossed my mind. >> but now the go all in wife. huma abedin, not timid by
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talking, not standing but charging head first into this scandal discussion. >> he made mistakes, before he resigned from congress and after, but i do strongly believe that is between us and our marriage. we discussed all of this before anthony decided he would run for mayor, so really what i want to say is i love him, i have forgiven him, i believe in him, and as we have said from the beginning, we moving forward. >> i want to bring in our pan to discuss this. i want to start with the. huma abedin yesterday said it's between us and our marriage. what do you think when you heard
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her say that. in your column tag, you think she was empowerering herself somehow. >> we've never seen anything like it this, and see a woman stand up in the good wife way, but actually defend her decision, talk about the therapy she's been through. this is not something i can remember any cheater's wife. i thought it was pretty brave. she was actively making a case for why she chose to stay with her husband. i can't believe they stayed with that loser. she had no stench of victim about her. she came away looking pretty good, i thought. >> she didn't seem like a victim, but she still seemed like she was in therapy, you know? 'tis i love him, i've forgiven him, therefore you have to forgive him, too. what i thought was missing is, this is why he would still be a great mayor, okay? stuffs sort of still in the
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personal, almost as if she was still going through it herself in an odd way publicly, which was kind of breathtaking. >> it was the personal side, and what happens in their marriage a lot of people would say stays in their marriage, it's not our business, but it was a political statement by going out there the way shall does. she publicly endorsed his candidacy for mayor can that be criticized? >> yeah, that's a tricky one. the question people ask about her is how people that i with him, so she's pretty clingy. i think the more difficult thing is she actually makes it possible for him to continue. he drew a direct line between her forgiveness and the forgiveness of new yorkers. he actually says that. >> and what new yorkers might be surprised about is he was still continuing the sexting a year after he resigned.
1:19 pm
she made it clear that was something he knew about, and they still made the decision to have him run for mayor, which a lot of people i think are scratching their heads about. if she knew this a year ago this might come out and he had been doing it for song, and she still gave her permission for him to run, that's interesting. >> some of our viewers who may not know her background, she's not new to politics. she's had a lot of political experience. i'm wondering if you can at least speculate on the political decision. >> i thought about that a lot. i felt like she came across so much better. he seemed like he was practically yawning. she seemed to absolutely present. i had kind of a lady mac beth thought creep in. but she's the one behind the scenes you recollectly. she's the one behind hillary
1:20 pm
clinton, always present but never center stage, and i think yesterday she in a way became the character witness for the candidate, and without her, he still wouldn't be a candidate today. >> so many people are saying today, what is she thinking, really? they're dying to know? >> look what happened with jenny sanford. people were asking her if she would run. i mean, it's almost like being a cheater's wife is a good career move. >> i'm not so sure. thank you both. we have about 46 more days to go in this election. coming up, they're calling him prince george. so what does that mean for the bookies who won the bets on the royal baby's name? we're going to look at the payout. hillary clinton hasn't thrown her hat into the ring action but her opponents are throwing everything but the kitchen sinkal her in a new attack ad. already the question we're
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. welcome back, everyone. back to the world lead. if you bothered to bet on the royal baby's name, are you cashing in or running from your bookie? zain verjee is with us, break it down for us. just how many money did the team george posey bring in? >> the name george is costing the betting houses a lot of money. it ended up being a 5:2 favorites. that means if you bet $100, yew
1:25 pm
payout would be $250. the big betting house is paying out about $230,000 to all the people who bed correctly on the name george. patty power paying out about $383,000, just to give you some context, this is the biggest nonsport betting event ever in the history of the uk, about a total of $2 million spent. i do want to mention that different betting houses have different odds. obviously the odds change over time. if you got it early, and you did that on the name george, chances are would be laughing all the way to the bank right now. >> what other bets are left? there are a lot of royal baby bets, aren't there? >> absolutely. we brits are having fun with this one. on the into ebb's first words, first international visit.
1:26 pm
canada is a foifrt for that. things like it is baby's university and career. you can also bet on the fame of the baby sibling. a lot of people are saying 2015 for that one. >> what kind of bets can you make on the first word? >> very obvious bets like papa and mama, but you can also bet on the longer words, so things like pippa, harry, and the queen. and you can bet on supercalifragilistic- expialidocious. you get about $500 back if that is the first word. >> all right. thank you. great having you on. coming up, while new york is talking about anthony weiner, california is talking about san diego's mayor bob filner. i want to speak live with one of the women who says he went too
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another day -- this time, a former campaign staffer has come forward and said filner touched her on the rear and made sexually suggestive remarks. went into detail about behavior that she describes as simply disgusting. let's listen. i had to work and do my job in an atmosphere where women were viewed as sexual objects. he asked me to work without nigh underwear on. i was placed in the filner headlock and moved around as a
1:31 pm
ragdoll as he whispered sexual comments in my ear. that was the first. now the gave further courage, laura fink says there's only one thing left for the mayor to do, and laura joins us for our viewers, telling us your experience with then congress mast filner my first fund-raising event was a formal dinner. my job was to move the congressman between courses from table to table. when i came after the second course, i stood behind him as he sat waiting for a pause in the
1:32 pm
conversation, so i could escort him to the next table. he then told me to turn around, when i did, which i know sounds ridiculous, but when you're a staffer, sometimes you don't think, you just do. so i turned around, and this was following a comment from one of the guests that had mentioned that i had worked my tukus off, and i should be appreciated for that. the congressman told me to turn around and patted me on the bum and said, nope, it's still there, and laughed. at the time you did write a then congressman as emaid. i was totally humiliated, the fact that i was worked so diligently makes your actions even more disappointing. i have two questions about this, tell me how he responded to this
1:33 pm
e-mail, and second were i trying to leave with a paper trail at the time? is an important aspect. documentation is important, because it does leave a record, and i think that i wanted to make sure that this didn't happen again, and it didn't happen to me and it doesn't happen to anyone else. so yes, i documented it, and i put it down so i would -- and i said it to sim directly the congressman did not respond. his chief of staff called me and asked me what i want to do do. i simply wanted an apology and repeated my request that this not happen to any other women on staff, and he then, the
1:34 pm
congressman women the people and mumbled an apology action and i -- >> we have reared oat, we have nod hearty, but the mayor did release a statement in responsible -- it says in part. i am embarrassed to admit i have -- that work for me and with me. he also said in a statement releasesed this week, i do in the believe these claims are valid. that's why due process is so important, i intend to defend myself vigorously, and i know that justice will prevail. what's your reaction to his statements? anything less than a resignation satisfy you if he clearly has an
1:35 pm
admission, for that reason alone, i think he should resign. he's abdicated responsibility for running the city for an unelected administrator, so is not serving in the capacity of mayor at all. so for the city of san diego, it's clear to me there's only one reason -- many, many reasons he should resign action and only one reason he's choosing to say and that is his self-interest. >> thank you for coming here and telling us your story. >> thank you so much, john. coming up next here, they want to stop her from running even before she's decided to run. we'll take a look at the new add from the stop hillary pac. and johnny carson coming to itunes. some of the super-ware clips of guests who went on to become some of the biggest starts. that's our pop lead, coming up next.
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so they want to stop her in her tracks before she even starts officially. the stop hillary pac is already out with their first ad. and yes, there's still 1,203 days until the next election, just in case you're counting.
1:40 pm
>> whatever side you're on, get ready, it's getting ugly early. >> republicans and democrats alike expect hillary clinton to dominate in the 2016 presidential election. and she hasn't given any hints. include mightweight and ends with last year's attack on benghazi, which happened on her watch as secretary of state.
1:41 pm
you keep picking at it, you -- >> but the grassroots group is pushing to go viral. the organization is entirely separate from stop hillary, 2016, a group with deeper pockets staffed by veterans of mitt romney's presidential campaign. >> i think to start early and start now, number one raising money action and reminding voters why she's not the right candidate. i think that's a smart plan. i think the efforts are going to make a difference. they want to influence her decision, too. announced this morning that her effort has more than half a million supporters signed up through facebook, including prominent alumnae through the history-making campaign. >> we talked about her as being tired. i don't think she's tired. i think that she's determined to make a difference the best way
1:42 pm
she can, and so, you know, to the extent that all of these attack hillary movements are burgeoning action if anything, that will energize her more. >> hillary rosin is a prominent supporter. >> this woman, if she decide toss run, is the most battle-tested candidate we will have ever seen, so, you know, i just don't think those a -- >> unlike 2008, the democratic fields for 2016 appears to be frozen, as vice president joe biden and governors martin o'malley and andrew cuomo wait to see what hillary clinton decides to do. >> thank you so much. now, one of my republican sources point out to me today that both of the stop hillary organizations are run and staffed almost entirely by men. they might need to be careful what they're do, because they're attacking a woman who hasn't announced what they're up to yet the to that end, i have a
1:43 pm
carrot, vernon. take a gander at what she tweeted friday, seneca falls 165 years ago today began a movement that remains the unfinished business of 21st century, that's a very influential women's rights conference in new york. now, as you may know, women do have the right to vote. what do you think that unfinished business is she's are ever to? >> she's leaving they crumbs all along the way to do more than speculate. served as an advisory. tracy, let me start with you, say she does run hypothetically, of course, hillary clinton running, hypothetically, she's got a lot of experience, she's been in the public spirit for a long, long time, but there are a lot of things, the so-called scandals that go back all the
1:44 pm
way from whywater to benghazi. would she have to address this? >> hypothetically, she would be undeterred by any of the things that are being tossed around. crumbs, i think you said a moment ago. so the notion of a hypothetical candidacy and a hypothetically scared hillary clinton, is really inconceivable to me. >> scandals at this point -- that nobody is afraid of. you the reality is we can't wait until later. is there a point to get out there this early? >> so the other thing here is
1:45 pm
that it's pretty much hillary clinton and the seven dwarfing. there's nobody else in that field. it's almost a forgone conclusion if she is to run, she's going to be the nominee. why not get started now, at least with the research that you're going to end up deploying against her in 2016. >> is it enough? they can't just run against whitewater, are they? >> i think there's more than enough than bringing up the '90s. her ownership of the obama economy is -- as well as the unanswered questions that she still has with regard to benghazi. she'sic radio silent on that. is, of course, to remind us that she was a very visible politics. not necessarily about her age, but the fact she's part of an older political generation. you think that's one thing this
1:46 pm
ad points out that she's part of a different generation? >> i don't know what they're attempting to do, except to perhaps show their hands that they recognize the power that her potential candidacy would have, and the position of weakness that the republicans are really starting out with. >> will this get the ready to hillary pak, will that get them jazzed up? >> if you do the math, something like every nine seconds, another person is offering their support for that organization. i think that speaks for itself. >> tracy sefl, thank you very much. we'll have to wait and see hypothetically. coming up, pressure, george h.w. bush shaves his head. you'll want to see this. in solidarity, we're going to show you the photo next. stay with us. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
1:47 pm
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breaking news, dramatic pictures to show you. spanish media reporting a number of casualties, but cnn has not confirmed them. no word on what may have caused the wreck at this time. the hide-speed train was traveling from madrid, with 200 passengers on board. we'll bring you more developments as they come in. he watched the man he believes murder the his son walk free, and tracy martin is on the capitol hill attending the first meeting on the congressional caucus on black men and boys. he gave the opening statement
1:51 pm
that focused on struggled that young african-americans face. >> we won't let the verdict sum up who trayvon was. i vow to do everything in my power not to give up the fight for him. not only the fight for trayvon, but the fight for so many other young black and brown boys in this country. now, back in florida, attorneys for george zimmerman had a press conference all set to go with the family whom zimmerman helped after they flipped their suv on the road last week, but at the last minute they canceled, as defense attorney mark oy mara explains. >> i think what happened with them today was they were very worried, and i think were advised by some family and friends that they really should not get involved with anything having to do with george zimmerman. that's really sad. they can't even say that george did something good for them, because people out there believe
1:52 pm
hess's so toxic, even though he's been acquitted. >> o'meara vehemently denied that the accident was staged. so former president george h.w. bush as you have never seen him before, i guarantee you. see it right there. the 89-year-old went for the full mr. clean works, if you kojak, he shaved his head, and did it to show support of the 2-year-old son of one of hess secret service agents who lost his hair, because he's undergoing cream. his name is patrick, and he's on the former president's lap. this is a matter that's close to the former president's heart. he lost his daughter robin at 3-year-old to leukemia more than half a century ago. rumor have been imploded, but now it's official. a source sis president obama will bring camelot in, as
1:53 pm
nominating klein kennedy into as ambassador to japan. she ended her own short-lived bid for the senate. if confirmed, she would be the first woman to serve as ambassador to japan. coming up, here's johnny, a treasure trove of "tonight show" clacks just re-released for a whole new generation. we'll get a look at classic clips from jerry seinfeld to jay leno and their very first appearances. stay with us. 're always stopping is because i have to go to the bathroom. and when we're sitting in traffic, i worry i'll have an accident. be right back. so today, i'm finally going to talk to my doctor about overactive bladder symptoms. [ female announcer ] know that gotta go feeling? ask your doctor about prescription toviaz. one toviaz pill a day significantly reduces sudden urges and accidents for 24 hours.
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here's johnny. >> i mean no one got a better introduction on television. and now late night legend johnsy carson is being reintroduced to a whole new audience online. itunes has posted 15 hours of footage as well as dozens of alert tones, because who wouldn't appreciate bess opened up by ed mcmahon screaming hi-how through your iphone. jeff, thanks 106 for joining us. a repeat of 15 hours of "the tonight show" that's now on
1:57 pm
itunes. what made you decide to do this. how do you pick just 15 hours. >> 45 from of terr that's available. it is hard to pick, but originally when we put out a product a vhs, we sat around a large coffee table with little 3 by 5 cards and picked the best moments we felt we are representative of the "the tonight show." we added them all together. so this is some compilation videos, and individual shows. >> one of the truly marvelous things to see is people who are so big now who were really just getting a start back then when they cut their teeth on "the tonight show." let's take a look at this clip of jerry seinfeld. >> if you would welcome in, police, jerry seinfeld. >> they're the same wherever you
1:58 pm
go. they have the guys that show yous the highs, lows, then the satellite photos. this is real helpful, a photograph of the earth from 10,000 miles away. can you tell if you should take a sweater or not from that shot? >> is there anything like johnny carson areas tonight show in terms of launching these comedians? >> i don't think there's anymore. it's amazing, a successful shot landed these guys a gig if las vegas the next night. they game new stars. >> we missed that. jay leno, who went on to host "the tonight show." let's take a look. >> weather back east, what's happening in buffalo and pittsburgh? all right. this man will back me up, look
1:59 pm
out, ko jack, thanks, viewer. >> nothing beat the leno afro and a kojak reference at the same time. talk about what you think jay learned in terms of comedy during his appearances on johnny carson? >> i think he gets a lot of his monolog skills from watching johnny. they delivered it in the same air. hi interaction with the guests is very similar. it all stems from johnny, who started this all. >> it really stems from johnia. of course elf leno and famously fought over the eyres to that so. you're the produce of "the tonight show" but also the nephew. do you think these hours, putting out these hours will bring your uncle to a closer audience. >> oh, yeah, very much so. the fact that the material is accessible from any place anywhere on a tab lett, on a
2:00 pm
smartphone is just fantastic. he loved technology. he would be amazed that this is happening. >> do you think he would be funny in 2013? >> i'm surprised it holds up, but it does. it's great stuff. >> it's fantastic. so much stuff to look at. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you, appreciate it. that's all for "the lead." here's wolf! the baby's name reveered. the third in line to the british throne will be called his royal highness. we'll bring out the history and the name why they have may have chosen. joe cross, right here in "the situation room" her take on what we've seen so far and her advice for what may be coming