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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  July 24, 2013 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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smartphone is just fantastic. he loved technology. he would be amazed that this is happening. >> do you think he would be funny in 2013? >> i'm surprised it holds up, but it does. it's great stuff. >> it's fantastic. so much stuff to look at. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you, appreciate it. that's all for "the lead." here's wolf! the baby's name reveered. the third in line to the british throne will be called his royal highness. we'll bring out the history and the name why they have may have chosen. joe cross, right here in "the situation room" her take on what we've seen so far and her advice for what may be coming next. always, new york city may i
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don't recall candidate anthony weiner vows to stay in the race despite his shocking admission of sending more sexually charged text messages. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." 24 hours since meeting the royal baby. once again, his royal highness, prince george alexander louis. the announcement from william and catherine came just hours after the queen's first meeting with her news great-grandson action and a visit from the proud new uncle, prince harry. the duke and duchess are now spending some private and quiet time getting to know their son, this according to a palace spokesman. british media reporting the newborn and his parents are in the village of buckle berry where catherine's parents live. we have more on what is going on. first of all the name, becky, steeped in a lot of british
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history. >> it absolutely is steeped in a lot of british history, it's the first prince of cambridge for more than 190 years, but do remember his great granny's father george 6:00, so if you are going to same to granny, as william seems to have done, you know, i want to be in with the family, as it were, then you've got him. she should be absolutely delighted. experts tell mess -- though, you know, this is a very modern monarchy, and kate and william certainly are doing things their own way, brutally. if this child were to country to
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the court, the third in line, needn't necessarily call himself george, for example, the grandfather, prince charles, it is said, was considering even when he takes to the throne of calling himself george 6:00. it doesn't matter what name you're born with, but this is steeped in history, and a name that's come to us very, very quickly. so a couple days we've got it. it's the last piece in the puzzle, and prince george and his mum and dad have gone to bucklebury, and has asked us to give them some privacy. >> any idea why there wasn't much more pomp and circumstance surrounding the announcement of the new name?
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>> if i were to guess, and we don't know, but if i were to guess, it is because they wanted to get this sort of media spotlight process over. i mean, prince harry's name came almost immediately, but there was some speculation this name wouldn't be released for a period of time. there's no doubt they had these names, i'm sure, for some time. it wasn't like they came out of the hospital yesterday and went home last night and said, now, what should we call him? i think there's more to it than that. but the pomp and ceremony we have seen the past couple days, the gun salutes, the ringing of the bells, i think that sort of period is over. the great-granny, you're absolutely right, she went to kensington palace breaking royal protocol. normally you would expect william and kate to bring the baby to her, but we've seen a lot of breaking of royal protocol for what is this very
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modern monarchy. they've done it and moved away out of the spotlight. becky, thank you. certainly been a whirl went of activity for the world prince, complete with lots of royal visits. car hides and a lot more. >> joining us our cnn royal commentator, victoria article bitter, and kate williams, she's the all thor, by the way of the young elizabeth making of our queen and lecturer at the university of london. kate, what is yare reaction when you heard the name, or shall we say the names? >> well, there was no great surprises here. william and kate, they're a modern couple, a new couple, they want to change the monarchy, but they were going to give this child an out there kind of name. george is so history, the founder the dynasty they are now a part of, it's such a popular
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name and of course the patron saint of england. alexandera is the queen's middle name. louis was a devoted uncle of prince philip, so this is a bumper name. this lady, who is going to bed just about now in buckingham palace, it's to delight queen eliz biii, and a king gives his name we're living in the second elizabethen era, and one day it may be a georgian era again. >> the queen is very eager for the family to make their own choices. obviously william was born into his position. he knows what's expected, but by nature he and kate are very traditional, so i think it would
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have been william and kate's choice, but he would have wanted to talk about it with his grandmother 679 he really values her opinion and her experience, and he holds onto those moments with her preciously, so i think he definitely would have run her by it over a cup of teaivities this is the first time for queen elizabeth meeting a great-grandchild. it's speculation, i know, but victoria, take us behind the scenes. what do you think it was like? >> well, the queen does have two great-grandchildren that are girls, but yes, this is the first great-grandson. i think there wouldn't have been too much ceremony. she arrived at kensington this morning. this is a family that is very close, and it's hard to spend lots of time together, simply because all of their schedules are so crazy. she was respectful of the new parents' time, and so she would
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have just wanted to hold the baby. that's a photograph i we we would have seen. this is the first time a reigning monarch -- so what a monumental moment for the queen to be holding that baby for the first time. >> let as talk about aunt pippa, uncle prince harry, they came by to meet the new baby. what do you think the role they're going to play with this royal baby is going to be? >> as you say, wolf, it's been a really busy time for little prince george he's been receiving visitors, and pippa and james middleton, kate's brother, and uncle harry at the forefront. i think we're definitely sure here that pippa and harry will play a vital reason. we're likely to see them being godparen godparents. i am very sure that pippa will
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be the godmother and harry the godmother and we'll have to think about -- some royals have up to seven, as william does, and they are going to be right there for him. harry is going to be that fun uncle, the fun uncle you always loved to play with, sliding down the stairs bannisters, that's what he'll be doing. and pippa is so close to kate, sheet be a really -- a second kind of mother to the little boy. >> very lucky little boy indeed to have an uncle like prince harry and an aunt like aunt pippa, and parents like he has as well. we congratulate the entire family. we'll continue this conversation later in "the situation room." but coming up, the ups and downs of raising not just any child. the super nanny jo frost is here, with personal advice. also coming up, she says
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the disgraced congressman is vowing to stay in the race despite prominent calls from both sides of the aisle to get out, this just one day after anthony weiner admitted, with his wife standing by after resigning from office in 2011 for similar acts. here's what weiner told cnn earlier today. >> at the end of the day citizens are more interested for the challenge they face in their lives than anything that i have done embarrassing in my past. and, you know, i'm fine. i've got an amazing wife and child upstairs, i have a comfortable life. this is not about me. our chief congressional
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correspondents dana bash is in new york. she's been cover what's going on today with this may i don't recall candidate. she's expected to speak shorely. what is the latest? >> the latest is despite the fact that he didn't speak to reporters who are camped outside his doorstep, he hasn't had any public events today, but that will change in about 15 minutes, where he will be here in lower manhattan where i am and testify xwf a housing authority committees meeting to talk about public housing which of course is a very big issue in new york city. later he's going to go to another burrow to talk about other issues, so very much trying to chemohis eye on the ball, even though he's dealing with -- really may be cap sizing his campaign, a very harsh daily
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nws editorial, and so on. that's basically what anthony weiner is trying to do. >> both of those "new york news" paper suggesting it's time for him. i think it could give earlier today, and say that she was leaving. as she in a newly posted piece, she had what could be the understatement of her life. launching this campaign was not an easy decision for our family to make. putting yourself out there comes with a cost, and oh, did she put
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herself out there. in the anales of -- in the annals of women standing by their husbands -- >> admitted that he committed sexting, and a year -- yet telling new yorkers she forgave him, so they should, too. >> it was not an easy choice in any way. but i made the decision it was worth staying in this marriage. that was a decision i made for me, for our son, and for our family. >> it was extraordinary that she spoke at all, until now, it was just the picture that signaled that a politician in trouble had support of his wife. then governor mark sanford stood
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alone, but otherwise did participate silently. louisiana senator david vitter's wife, as he was accused of sleeping with prostitute. larry craig's wife, in the face of allegations he was trolling for sixth in an airport bar, and former governor eliot spitzer's wife after he admitted to seeing high-priced prostitutes. >> my personal failings with my wife and our two children. >> huma abedin is no stranger to personal problems playing out on the political stage. for decades she's been a confident most famous scorn woman, hillary clinton. bill clinton officiated at her wedding. she's, if i had a second daughter, it was by humana. despite being notoriously private, she is incredibly savvy, knowing full well the impact of her words or of speaking at all. >> i have forgiven him, i believe in him, and as we have
2:18 pm
said from the beginning, we are moving forward. >> i've talked to democratic sources, and you don't get maybe a few seconds in before hearing the words "poor humana" given what she's had to endure, but if you talk to people who are close to her who have a sense of what's going on, they say, look this is very hard for her, but she is no victim. she went out, stood by anthony weiner's side, into you she wanted to do it. if she didn't want to do it, it wouldn't have happened, and very interesting to look at her as a next generation of political women standing by their husbands' sides when we've seen that in maybe a generation before. >> i know more is coming up later here in "the situation room." dana bash in new york for us. a horrific train crash, at least 20 people now reported
2:19 pm
killed, dozens hurt, we're getting new information. and a new storm forming in the atlantic, a storm called dorian. will it hit the united states? sfx: oil gushing out of pipe. sfx: birds chirping.
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let's take a quick look at some of the other top stories in "the situation room." a spanish official tells cnn at least 20 people are dead, dozens injured after a train derailment. there's no word on what may have caused the wreckage, but at initial, it does not appear to be an act of terrorism.
2:23 pm
a natural gas rig is burning in the gulf of mexico about 60 miles south of grand island, louisiana. workers were able to safely evacuate yesterday. the coast guard is on the scene along with two fire boats. a third one was on the way. the fourth named storm is now tropical storm dorian is packing sustained winds of 50 miles an hour. the forecast shows it approaches the west indies this weekend. it's too early to tell if this storm will hit the united states. an unusual flight delay for a us airways jet departed south carolina. it was ready to leave when a swarm of bees descended on the truck. passengers had to wait inside white the fire department and a beekeeper arrived. the plane took off two hours later. how to make sure the royal baby doesn't start acting like a
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royal problem child. jo frost is here in soich open. but first a quick look how you can impact your world by helping some very special children. hi, i'm alec baldwin, and we can make an impact on children's cancer. i've been involved with the hole in the wall gang camp in connecticut for about 20 years now. the reason i got involved was a friend of mine browed me to paul. >> i caught a fish. >> when you come to the camp, you see the joy in the kids' faces. they're having an experience that they likely can only have here. it's the parents you spend time talking to, because they've been going through a lot. there's nothing more vexing than a child who has a grave illness and you're powerless. these kids have an excess of
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difficult continues. when they come to the camp, they have a childhood on so many levels. hole in the wall is something where we have -- and it has to expand, probably the greatest cause i have ever seen. join the movement, impact your world, members of the american postal worker's union
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william and kate no doubt will have that they will likely be no shortage of advice on how best to raise their little prince. one fellow brit they may want to talk to, jo frost. here's a clip from her show. >> you know, he's perfectly fine. thank you. pick her up. every time she behaves this way, it wants you to pick her up. >> the super nanny is joining us now. jo, thanks very much for coming in. all right. we just saw a good little clip from her show. how do you keep potentially a little prince in check? >> i think it's really all about making sure that you are communicative parents, you
2:30 pm
understand what your little one needs. hope there for a new royal baby, there will be lots of royal protocol that are necessary, but also two parents who are very devoted, very loving, and certainly on the same page with their virtues and morals in how they want to raise this new one. they already have a wonderful start in certainly having catherine's family there to support her, like most young mums. they have the additional grandparents and additional help as well. i think it's really a case of these new parents understanding the importance of being direct, to support each other, get the sleep as necessary, and to make sure that you say yes to the help that's being provided for you. >> you know, a lot of us were impressed when they came out of the hospital yesterday. let me play this clip. it shows how normal they two parents really want to be.
2:31 pm
>> touch a reminder of his tardyness when he's older, so we can look at him now. he's got her looksics thankfully. >> no, no. >> thank you. he says he's done that already, changed the nappies or diapers, whatever you call them. they're under enormous pressure, you've got to admit. >> well, i think just right now they're in a place of obviously being overwhelmed with a newborn, and i think it's about the two of them understanding
2:32 pm
really that first week, that first week is about getting, you know, used to the idea that you have a little one. what a miracle, right? making sure that you meet the needs of your little one, as well as making sure that mother is well rested, and certainly that william with support in my way he can and be hands on. learns how to wash and breastfeed and all those things that come into play and well rested in between. it's a beautiful and exciting place for both women and catherine. no doubt their confidence will grow week after week. >> there's one report that prince william has watched your program to prepare himself for parenthood. what's the most important thing you should take away from that. >> certainly about the
2:33 pm
importance of communication. i say always there's a -- and certainly that's what william and catherine did to the place of them being together, but now they're extending their love and family with their newborn and continuing in that communication, continuing to lynn to one another, to meet the needs of a newborn and enjoy. enjoy. we want this family rested. we want them to make sure that they're enjoying the moment, at the same time they have the support that's necessary for one another and the extended family, and enjoy. enjoy being in the moment. they're a very grounded couple, as you can see from that clip previously. they understand the importance of being able to connect, to keck with the public, and certainly that duty as royals, and they certainly do a marvelous job, and we all want to celebrate. i'm wearing my fitting royal
2:34 pm
blue, i'm very proud to be british and to see this moment in history. >> but there must be some pitfalls as far as raising a baby like this in the spotlight virtually all of the time. >> we saw a very good job of lady diana do that and charles, where they were raised with royal protocol, but at the same time very grounded. the second that certainly the young boys were taken on holidays with lady diana and charles. we saw times of them really connecting as a family. certainly they're going to be behind closed doors and just act as a family very normal. i bo believe we'll see normalcy. maybe we won't see it, but certainly it will exist beyond the palace doors, and we have kate's family as well very much vote with the newborn so i think that's a lovely dose of being
2:35 pm
able to understand the importance of all being necessary to protect and keep our newborns safe, but at the same time for these parents to relax and enjoy it as a young modern family. >> what do you think of the name, george alexander louis? >> very fitting. i love traditional names. i think it's an honor to our queen's late father, and louis, i believe that william, duke of cambridge does have that in his na name. one final question, they may be watching you right now, we're being seen on cnn international. you want to give them one final thought as we move forward? >> yes, enjoy. be in the moment and congratulations. congratulations. >> a nice final thought from jo frost, former host of "super nanny" her new show "family s.o.s." airs on tlc.
2:36 pm
thanks so much. >> thank you. the new royal baby george alexander louis, as we've been reporting will be called george vii, when he becomes king, though he could china that decision upon bicking king. the full name is steeped in a lot of history. cnn's tom foreman has been chasing the roots. >> it was so interesting to say jo frost say she likes the name. here in this country, with you would probably look at a name as this as old-fashioned. george alexander louis, george alone we often think of as an older name, but last year it was the 12th most popular name in england, and does have a long history. three names there, that's one name short of what's traditional. let's look further down the lynnage.
2:37 pm
big family spread out over time. there have been a lot of georges. we don't even have pictures of jot georges that go back further. that's why he's george vii, and george vi is the father of the current queen right down here. that matters, because many people say, ah, they named this child for the father of the queen. the couple says that is not the case, they just like the name, but they acknowledge that it will make her very, very happy. the history of the georges is out there repeated in many events, but this george is important. many americans will know this george from the movie "the king's speech." that's the george we were talking about in that film. nonetheless, it remains a popular name in general. it means farmer or field worker. i'm pretty sure he won't be either one, but nonetheless before he would ever be called
2:38 pm
king george vii, he would have to ascend to the throne, and in all likelihood between his grandfather prince charles and his father, that could be 50 years or more away. >> thanks very much, tom foreman for that excellent, excellent history lesson. just ahead, president obama vows to focus the rest of his time in office on one major issue. stand by. dramatic new video of that crash landing at laguardia. ready for you first day, little brother?
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president obama, in a major speech today, searching for an american solution, pledging to focus his energy for the rest of his presidency on working-class americans, the middle class, as he repeatedly cited today. jessica yellin is joining us with the details of this major speech. jessica, i think this may have been his longest speech ever. it went on and on and on. >> reporter: it did, wolf it was in fast longer than his last state of union. in our counts, 1 hours, 6 minutes and 26 seconds. in that time, he mentioned jobs 36 times, he mentioned the middle class 22 times, so 6 months into his second term, and he doesn't have any major legislative pleasurements to brag about. what is he doing? he has taken a message on the road to push congress on his
2:43 pm
major economic priorities for try to wrest control of his second-term agenda. he outlined what his major priorities are, retirement security, affordable education, jobs, housing, and a big one, pushing obama care. these are all going to be the themes of five big economic speeches he's going to deliver between now and mid september -- by the end of september, wolf, you'll see a big fight over debt and spending. he wants to lay out the terms of his debate before that fight begins, worm. >> gentlemen ka, the president had a special message for republicans out there, especially the republicans in the house. >> reporter: indeed he did. the message -- blake the republicans for inaction in washington, especially as you say, house republicans, the message was tinged with a bit of a prod saying, let's get the show going before that big spending fight in the fall.
2:44 pm
here's the president. >> washington prepares to entered into another budget debate, and we'll need republicans in congress to set asigh short-term politics and work with me. >> if washington will shake off its complacency and set aside the slash-and-burn partisanship, then we have just seen for way too long, we just make some commons-sense decisions. >> wolf, the president did have kind words here, a few senate reps who are trying to work with the president, but the republican leaders, senator mitch mcconnell, he was not so kind. he said he hayes heard it all before. >> we have heard it all before. it's readily quite old. >> i guess that's auld he had to say. the senate leadership, the republicans are really critical of the president's speech, and i
2:45 pm
think we'll hear a lot more of the back and forth of the hammering from both sides on this topic between now and that spending fight. it certainly does sound lie deja vu all over against. >> jessica yellin, thank you. there may be serious improvement in the overall u.s. economy, but america's poorest would not necessarily know that. here are some very, very disturbing numbers. when president obama took office in january 2009, about 32 million americans were on the federal food stamps programs, with a cost to american taxpayers of about $39 ll ne food stamps at a cost of morehan $80 billion. many of those are children going to bed hungry if they were without food stamps.
2:46 pm
coming up, disturbing new details about what happened to this plane's front landing gear, as it touched down in new york city. and a former president goes bald. here he is, for a very good cause. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ hooking up the country helping business run ♪ ♪ build! we're investing big to keep our country in the lead. ♪ load! we keep moving to deliver what you need. and that means growth, lots of cargo going all around the globe. cars and parts, fuel and steel, peas and rice, hey that's nice! ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ helping this big country move ahead as one ♪ ♪ norfolk southern how's that function? ♪
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we're following that crash landing of the southwest jet at laguardia.
2:50 pm
federal officials are releasing new details of the accident. brian todd has been working the story for us. >> we have new pictures, new information on what happened with the crucial moments. as the investigation moves forward, a a former 737 pilot, took us through the scenarios. we got an inside look at what that
2:51 pm
don't happen very often. we look at what could have gone wrong. >> you've got a strut here that comes down to the wheels, so perhaps something in here when the plane decided to fail at that time. >> they say the front landing gear may have failed backward into the electronics bay. the gear and the axle are shown in the bay tweeted by the ntsb. when the landing gear collapses, if there's been no pilot warning -- >> is the pilot just hanging on to that steering mechanism and hanging on for dear life.
2:52 pm
>> well, they would probably take the control yoke as they say and they would push it forward and then use the rudder pedals down here until it came to a stop. >> i asked him what the worst-case scenario could have been at laguardia. >> the worst-case scenario is where the aircraft fails, gets down in the dirt and gets into some type of a spin or even a cartwheel. >> with much of the fuel in the wings, that could spark a much larger fire. the laguardia accident isn't a first. in june 2007 a southwest 737 had a nose gear collapse in oakland, california. the pilot did have advanced warning then and made an emergency landing. when i asked hyatt if this is a problem unique to southwest airlines or to the 737, he said no. the main issue, he says, is the frequency of takeoffs and
2:53 pm
landings, the simple wear and tear of any aircraft, wolf. >> those boeing 737s, brian, as you well know, they're extremely popular. >> they call them the most utilized aircraft. southwest has over 500 of them in their fleet. they don't fly anything else. this particular plane was inspected last week but hyatt tells us the wear on the 737 has to be looked at. these are utilized tens of thousands of times a day and it is the most popular aircraft around the country and around the world. they have a lot of wear and tear. >> all right, brian. thanks very much. when we come back, the former president of the united states, george h.w. bush now bald for a very emotional reason. and the new prince settling in with his parents. even has a new baby. we're going back to london. we're live right at the top of the hour. i'm a careful investor.
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happening now in brazil, pope francis being greeted in rio de janeiro. during a sermon earlier in the
2:57 pm
day the pope encouraged a crowd of young people, quoting now, christians cannot be pes misimi. he announced he will return to brazil in 2017. it's been one month since the former government contractor edward snowden arrived in moscow after revealing details of massive u.s. surveillance programs. he has been holed up ever since in the transit area of the city's international airport while seeking asylum in multiple countries. the u.s. is pressuring russia to return snowden. most recently in a phone call today by the secretary of state john kerry to his russian counterpart. >> he spoke with the former minist minister lavoroff. he believes he should be returned to the united states
2:58 pm
where he should have a fair trial, that russia still has the ability do the right thing. >> reporter: edward snowden's application for temporary asylum in russia is being processed and that could take up to three months. it could be possible he could leave the airport before then, but at the moment it does not look likely. wednesday afternoon russian media reported they had already received the necessary documents to cross the immigration zone and cross into russia to wait here while his consideration is being considered. they traveled to the airport and met with him in a secure zone and returned saying the reports are not true, he has not yet received the documents and he does not know when he'll receive them. he said normally by now under u.n. process an asylum seeker would be allowed to enter the country. the delay in this case, he said,
2:59 pm
it is an exceptional case. >> translator: i have to tell you the matter has not yet been resolved. that means no one has rejected anything coming from edward, but unfortunately the situation we have now is rare for russia. you have to take our bureaucracy into account. therefore his papers are still being considered. >> the lawyer brought snow extend a change of clothes. he now wants to stay here long term, much longer than the one year temporary asylum he has asked for. phil black, cnn, moscow. >> and take a look at this. the former george h.w. bush as we have never seen him before. the 89-year-old former president shaved his head in support of the little boy who lost his hair because he is undergoing leukemia. they all shaved their heads to show solidarity with patrick.
3:00 pm
he decided he would join them. this is a matter very close, by the way, to the former president. he lost his daughter robin to leukemia more than half a century ago. happening now, what's in a name. royal watchers get a new bit of information about the baby. we're going to get reaction from george zimmerman's lawyer this hour, mark o'mara. he'll join us live. and the backlash of anthony weiner. the new york mayoral candidate is speaking out once again today. -- captions by vitac -- i'm wolf blitzer. we want to welcome you in the united states and around the world. you're in the situation room. day after the baby made his public debut, we now know the name of the boy who would be
3:01 pm
king. he is prince george alexander louis of cambridge. they left kensington palace around lunchtime today with their new son in tow. they reportedly went to kate's parents home in bucklbucklebury. how did they come up with the name max? >> they've not explained it. th it's a very regional name. if he goes on to become king george, he will be king george vii. i wonder if they eave gone through william's side of the family's tree and kate sort of
3:02 pm
looked at them and thought what would i like. george is very popular in the schools. it works regalley and out in the world as well. >> the name came out shortly after the queen herself met this baby for the first time. >> reporter: well, we're not getting much information on that either. i think so. and then yesterday william said he was working on a name and that is a bit confusing. we wonder if maybe they haven't decided. i actually think they had opted for a name. but they didn't want to confirm it before they put it to the queen. this is a name that will go down in history. she's the head of state. she runs the monarchy. it will be polite to ask her but also there's a personal relationship to her here. in terms of his public work he entirely looked up to her and
3:03 pm
all vice to hadvice to her. when she visited today my first thought was they would come up with the name afterward. >> i thought it was george. >> there's no guarantee, is there, that even though the baby's first name is george, he'll be called george growing up, right? >> reporter: well, if you think of harry, he was christened henry. also other royals have used middle names so they could decide to call him louiilouis. it's quite common for them to choose their own names. the last king george was actually christened albert. that's the next thing. i'm sure that's what the betting companies are going to be looking to. george was the most popular bet on a name for a boy and the
3:04 pm
bookies had lost a lot of money. one has lost $500,000, would you believe. >> all right. thanks very much. let's bring in our royal commentator victoria arbiter and kate williams. why do you think they picked the name? >> it's a name as max said that's full of history. there's the queen's father who she adored. and this entire dynasty of which elizabeth and william and kate and now little prince george are apart of. they were all started off by king george in 1714 when he came over from germany to govern england when there was no heir. it was nonstop george.
3:05 pm
there was a long period that was the georgian history. i think it's ideal for what this international figure, this exciting young man, this future king, he's got one foot in the future and one foot in the past. it's just perfect for him. >> and the name louis victoria, it's one of william's middle names, if you will. do you think they picked louis in part to name him after william? >> i think there's a little bit more than that. louis is william's name and he was name after his uncle and he was a much adored member of the family. i think it's a nice way to be honoring prince philip's side of the family. also he had a grandfather couldcould
3:06 pm
called louis alexander. there aren't obvious choices like charles and philip that a lot of people expected. alexandra is the queen's former name. they have been very clever to honor this child while letting it have his own identity. >> i knew spencer could have been a name because of william's mom diana. apparently there's no connection of diana in any of these names today, right? >> good point, wolf. yes. >> sorry, kate. go ahead. >> sorry, sorry, sorry. good point, wolf. this is a windsor name, not a
3:07 pm
spencer george. i think people were hoping for more of a reference to diana here. what william is saying is this little boy is going to be a king and the king coming from the windsor line. it's difficult to do. spencer isn't a popular boy's name here and it isn't very traditional. >> if they do have a daughter one of these days, would it be appropriate for them to name that daughter diana? >> that's certainly the sentimental favorite but i doubt that will happen. they won't necessarily unless something terrible happens with the monarch but i think it would be a terrible cross to bare as much as it would be references her. he gave kate diana's engagement ring. that keeps her very present.
3:08 pm
he honors her in private name. if they named a baby after her they might use frances, which is diana's middle name. >> if we see a child named diana, it will be a middle name. there was much talk if it was a little girl we'd have alexandra, elizabeth, diana. she was the woman who did so much to change the monarchy, to revolutionalize, to modernize it, bring a fresh breath of fre. that's what prince william is trying to do. that's exactly how he honors her every day. >> were you surprised how quickly? two days.
3:09 pm
it was two days. >> it was quick when you think it took seven days for william, harry's name was released out of the hospital but i'm not surprised on the name. he said he hoped the photographers could all go back to their regular lives wheel he and kate were allowed to take care of their baby. he knew the furor and the frenzy would not die out until they released a name. if you read between the lines, it's you have everything you need, you have the photographs, the interviews, the baby's name, now it's time to leave us alone. >> a little privacy. there's no doubt about that. thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you very much. still ahead, a family yelled by george zimmerman cancels a planned news conference. i'm ask zimmerman's lawyer mark o'mara what happened. and anthony weiner, we're
3:10 pm
following the very harsh reaction to the very latest revelations in the so-called sexting scandal.
3:11 pm
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liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? this hour anthony weiner is trying to conduct business as usual on the campaign trail despite the second go-around with scandal. the mayoral candidate now admitting he sent sexually explicit online messages. there are growing calls for him to get out of the mayoral race. dana bash is joining us now from manhattan in new york. dana, weiner spoke out. i know he's going to be speaking later. what did he have to say? >> reporter: i should tell you, wolf, he's now at the first event of the day, the first public event of the day. he arrived here to gaggle of reporters, including myself,
3:14 pm
including a rush to get in. it looked like the lone ranger. it turns out he is the real carlos danger. that's, of course, the name anthony weiner used on the internet. but he's waiting to testify before the housing authority again. business as usual as he makes clear he's not going anywhere. >> anthony weiner says his fate is in the voters' hands. translation, he's staying in the race. >> that's for citizens to decide. look, i know there are some who may never concede of voting for me because of my past. i get that. >> reporter: a new e-mail to supporters, subject line, worth fighting for, tries to appeal to their sensibilities. he says new yorkers never quit and says i'll never quit on you. he did not disclose about
3:15 pm
sending pictures and e-mails to her. the bottom line is that the news today is about my past life. tell that to two prominent newspapers new yorkers woke up to. "the new york times" said mr. weiner should take his marital compulsions and marital trouble out of the public eye. >> i've got an amazing wife and child upstair, a comfortable life. this is not about me. >> reporter: weiner insifrts there's a disconnection and chatter in the media and what voters told him. >> when they talk to me on the street, they don't want to talk about my past. >> reporter: some of the new yorkers we talked on the street did say that. >> do you think anthony weiner at this point would make a good mayor? >> i think anthony weiner has
3:16 pm
enough experience to enhance new york city. there are obviously some issues he had to overcome, but in general, i don't believe that one issue -- even though it was major, should impact his merrill run. >> others, not so much. >> i think it's kind of creepy, so i don't think i would want that as my mayor. >> reporter: so far besides his opponents in this mayors race, no one, at least a prominent democrat, has called for him to get out of the race. it's not surprising, wolf, because nobody in the democratic world wanted him to get in in the first place. that's why i talked to people close to anthony weiner and his wife. the real pressure, the only one that would matter would before for his wife huma and so far she's doing the opposite. >> she wants him to stay in the race and he will. thank you.
3:17 pm
let's get some analysis with our chief analyst gloria borger. she wrote a piece. i recommend it. let me read a line or two from what you wrote. is running for mayor a required part of couple's therapy? this should be a private matter. but once weiner threw his hat in the ring asking for redemption, it became a lot less private. >> is he going to be able to run a decent campaign? >> i think it's going to be difficult. he said this morning it is not about me, but, of course, it's all about him. it's going to be difficult and break through and talk about the issues he cares about, which is new york, because there are going to be more and more. it's hard for candidate to get way from this particularly since he had to send this message out to his supporters as dana
3:18 pm
pointed out, admitting that he effective effectively was still sexting. it's a combination of his judgment, temperament, and whether you can trust him. >> gloria's got a lot more in her column. we've got breaking news. a death toll climbing in a major train accident. already killed dozens of people. we'll hear from an machinery eyewitness. stand by. and trayvon martin's father is given a warm and emotional welcome on capitol hill. [ whi] [ dog barks ] i want to treat more dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting to mobile apps, small business solutions from at&t
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we're following the breaking news. a train disaster in northwest spain. roy ter is citing a spanish regional government official saying at least 35 people, maybe more were killed and dozens injured. at least one car broke in two and another was on fire. the high-speed train had 218 patterns on board. we don't know yet how fast it was going when the accident happened. no word yet on the cause of it. officials say it doesn't appear to be terrorism. joining us on the phone now is yvette cabrera, a florida woman vacationing in spain. her family, they witnessed the disaster. yvette, what was going on? what did you see? >> well, we were driving and heading back when we noticed the
3:23 pm
traffic stopping. when we looked to the right, we saw fire and we saw the train wreck. there were trains -- the train had broken in half. some were on top, some pieces on the bottom. they canceled all events that they had for today. >> and did you see bodies being cared off the train? >> no. in police hadn't gotten there yet. we were watching -- >> excuse me for interrupting. you were there as soon as the train got off the tracks? >> yes. >> what was it like? just give us a little flavor. i assume there was a lot of panic. people were screaming. how close were you and the family to the actual train. >> we were actually on the highway looking downward. people were in shock. they couldn't believe that it had happened. >> and you took some of these pictures that we're showing. you submitted these pictures to cn n nn spis ireport, right?
3:24 pm
>> yes. because we had never anything like that before. >> >> how far are you from the site of the crash? >> about ten minutes off. >> i assume people are deeply, deeply distraught, very upset about what happened. >> oh, yes. a lot of people are going to the hospital to donate blood because it was very traumatic. they cannes. ed all the events they had for today. >> good luck for you -- i'm sorry. finish your thought. >> tomorrow's a big celebration. they have big parties all over the city and it's a holiday. the celebrations were supposed to start tonight with fireworks but they canceled them. >> i'm sure they did. yvette cabrera vacationing with her family in spain and witnessing this horrible, horrible train crash. thank you, yvette. we'll get you more information
3:25 pm
and update you on what we learn. also standing up, a standing ovation for trayvon martin's father in washington here on capitol hill. and family helped at the scene of an accident by george zimmerman canceled their news conference. we'll speak with zimmerman's lawyer mark o'mara. he's standing by live. i'm the next american success story. working for a company where over seventy-five percent of store management started as hourly associates. there's opportunity here. i can use walmart's education benefits to get a degree, maybe work in it, or be an engineer, helping walmart conserve energy. even today, when our store does well, i earn quarterly bonuses. when people look at me, i hope they see someone working their way up. vo: opportunity, that's the real walmart.
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it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and stadiums. but, of course, it's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before. happening now, a new move by trayvon martin's dad to honor his memory. stand by for his appeal to congress. we'll get reaction from george zimmerman's lawyer mark o'mara and i'll ask why accident victims helped by george zimmerman decided not to speak out. and a u.s. response to the deadly unrest in egypt. a delivery of fighter jets now on hold. aisle ask about the strain with relations with the united states right now. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in the situation room.
3:29 pm
a powerful moment today for trayvon martin's father. he appeared at a congressional hearing here in washington and got a standing ovation. tracy martin came to the nati nation's capitnatio nation's capitol to defend his son's memory and to keep the conversation going about race in america. let's bring in joe johns. how did it go? >> the controversy keeps going. tracy martin was on thehill to talk about the hearing. he talked about the law and african-american men and about his son. >> reporter: the father of trayvon martin on capitol hill with the congressional black caucus showing how the simmering issues of race and law that came up in the george zimmerman case are just as politically explosive, perhaps more so since the jury acquitted zimmerman of
3:30 pm
his murder. >> to have his name slandered and demonized, i think, as a father i think it's real important that my message to the world is that we won't let this verdict sum up who trayvon was. >> reporter: cnn political an analyst cornell belcher met with him just before his appearance on the hill. he said it could be a crucial moment in the debate over stand your ground laws but on a personal level for the martin family. it's a time to let the public know who their son was. >> they also wanted to find their son. one of the things that's been problematic from the case is the defense defines george zimmerman in a way that was helpful to his defense, but i don't think they feel as though their son has been well defined and sort of
3:31 pm
who he was. >> reporter: the back and forth over the martin case went to new heights after president obama himself weighed in with a deeply personal speech. >> when trayvon martin was first shot, i said that this could have been my son. another way of saying that is trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> all eyes are on the attorney general eric holder. the obama constituency wants to know whether they'll take any further steps in the case. >> by allowing and perhaps encouraging violent situations to escalate in public, such laws undermine public safety. the list of results tragedies is long and unfortunately has victimized too many who are innocent. it is our collective obligation. we must stand our ground. >> the martin family has started a foundation to honor trayvon's
3:32 pm
memory and to push for changes. >> we're here today to see what we can do to stop this from happening to your child. >> members of the congressional black caucus say they're hoping to bring some charges in the civil right case but stand your ground laws have limitations. tomorrow the attorney general is expected to speak in philadelphia before the international urban league. >> thanks very much. we were expecting to hear today from a family that escaped an suv accident in florida with the help from george zimmerman, but the news conference was abruptly canceled. zimmerman emerged from hides laing last week. he helped family out of their overturned vehicle. we're joined by defense attorney mark o'mara. thanks for coming in. >> certainly. >> before we get to the
3:33 pm
cancellation, do you have an immediate reaction to what trayvon martin's dad said here in washington today? >> look. i don't think it's my place to define who trayvon martin was. we were very careful during the trial not to impugn trayvon martin's integrity. quite honestly, if the foundation of the family wants to remember him in a certain way, they're entitled to it and they should. my only concern was trying to define who george zimmerman was and the fact that he reacted to violence that he had to react to that night only as a last resort. >> let's talk about the news conference today. all of a sudden it was canceled. the family that george zimmerman helped, didn't want to go forward at the news con frechbls i know you were involved in getting that together. what happened? >> well, unfortunately, you know, an event happened last week where jourj did what any
3:34 pm
good samaritan was. he was right there pulling out the two kids and their family from an suv that was smoking, maybe on fire. he was leaving the scene when the law enforcement came up, fire department and talked to him for a few minutes. the frustration i have is the family who wanted to thank george for doing what he did publicly, in talking to other people and family and friends realize thad in any way connecting yourself with george zimmerman is very toxic. they wanted to but they thought about the possibility of blowback against them. >> you know on social media, twitter, they're saying maybe there was no such accident and it was all made up and you want to respond to it. >> absolutely. law enforcement was the first on scene and they noticed george zimmerman and there was a report documenting he was there. they put out two press releases, both documenting that george zimmerman was there and the fire
3:35 pm
department identified and recognized him as did the family members as did an african-american male who also stop and recognized george and said he was praying for him. so the idea that this was made up is just the same people who refuse to accept the jury's verdict just want to be angry, just want to hate george zimmerman are still going to. even if we had a videotape of the accident they'd still say it was made up we can't respond to people who don't want to listen to the truth. >> how concerned is george zimmerman for his own safety? >> he's still very concerned. he had hope thad everybody who listened to that trial would -- sorry -- would listen to the trial, would listen to the evidence that was published nationwide and worldwide and would realize what happened that night and why he acted the way he did. the frustration is that even though the facts came out the way they did, there is a percentage of people who simply refuse to accept it and want to maintain their anger, so he's
3:36 pm
afraid that that anger may still fall upon him even though he was acquitted and exonerated from acting in self-defense. >> i assume you spoke with your client. is he still getting threats? >> yes, he is. they are. and quite honestly since the verdict of acquittal, there's been an upswing in them because people are very frustrated. for some reason as i said before, people are connecting the acquittal to lost of civil rights. i clearly believe it's the opposite. justice was meted out appropriately. this does not affect the way racial relations should occur in our country. my fear is we've separated more than come together. >> are you surprised by the national reaction to the verdict? >> i am. i think those people who have an open mind listen to it and understand what happened. people who decide not to have an open mind and keep a closed mind and to act in a prenl disway
3:37 pm
have lost the opportunity. this growth that can come out of this verdict, there's growth that can come out of the conversation that we could be having, the way young black males are treated in the system. but if we polar idesed ourselves, walked to the opposite ends of the spectrum, then it may well be lost and i'm very worried than. >> has george zimmerman expressed any concerns to you about what's been going on directly? >> absolutely. he also believed -- of course, he knows he acted properly that night and in self-defense. he was hoping an opportunity to get the case tried before a jury which is why we didn't go with a pretrial hearing which may have led to a dismissal. it would actually then be believed by the nation. he's sort of surprised 57d a bit chagrinned and there's more anger now. >> we know he has a license to carry a concealed weapon.
3:38 pm
is he still carrying a concealed weapon? >> i think it's more important now than before february 26 of 2012 that he have an ability to protect himself because of the amount of anger out there, so, yes, he is protecting himself. >> did the authorities give him back the actual gun he used to shoot trayvon martin? >> no. that gun will never be used by anyone against it needs to be destroyed. they're doing an investigation concerning civil rights violations. they completed one last year and didn't find anything, but, no, that gun will never beused by mr. zimmerman or anything else. >> what sells going to happen? is he going to change, move, lose his identity? what's next? >> unfortunately he'll have to live in hiding.
3:39 pm
i don't think he'll be able to walk down the streets safe ever again. unfortunately like you said, a new identity, changing his view, changing his looks, moving somewhere where he's not known as well. it's a shame that in a country that prides themselves on a criminal justice system and how far we treat criminal defense dants that he has too walk in hides but that seems to with the way it is. >> mortgage o'mara is the attorney for george zimmerman. mark, very much for joining us. >> thanks, wolf. nice to talk with you. president obama delays military aid to egypt. i'll speak about it. i have an exclusive interview with egypt's new foreign minister. stand by. ipmunks go all the way. ♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what? what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good.
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the governor of virginia is apologizing. republican bob mcdonnell announced he's paying back more than $120,000 in loans from the donor. now under the scrutiny of state and federal investigations. he denied he broke any laws. our chief national correspondent john king is over at the magic wall. he's got more on what's going on. what is going on? >> well, wolf, let's talk about what's going on. this is bob mcdonnell's last role as governor. let's look now what he's dealing with. about $275 through in gifts, loans, and contributions from a businessman named johnny williams. he owned a medical scientific
3:44 pm
company. he announced he's paying back $120,000 in loans. about $108,000 in travel by the governor's committee, travel fees. $120,000 in lobes to mcdonnell and his family and $46,500 in personal travel and gifts to the chief executive of the state and his family. let's break it down. about 40% of it went to the campaign but 9% went to the governor's daughter. he gave a $10,000 gift to one daughter, $15,000 catering gift to the other daughter. a quarter of it went to maureen o'donnell, his wife. a $15,000 high end new york shopping trip that again, this
3:45 pm
contributor, donor, friend gave to the governor's wife. and another 25% of that money went to a real estate business the governor partly owns. again, the governor insists he broke no laws. he says even though it's unseemly and embarrasses the state it's in full compliance but certainly it's overshadowed his last year in office and ended any talk of future political play. >> explain why this has become all of a sudden such a big deal. >> first of all, wolf, this is a state of virginia with no history. this is a polite state, genteel state, mr. jefferson's commonwealth. this doesn't happen in virginia. secondly the fall from grace that's happened is startling for people like us because he was seen as a rising star. he was never vetted for
3:46 pm
president but people thought he could play a high role. squeaky clean, married to a former cheerleader. ken cuccinelli, the republican, has ties to the same donor. he's not being accused at the same level of wrongdoing, but it takes ethics off the table for him in this race, wolf. so that's an important aspect. >> we're watching closely. pete, thanks very much. up next, a delivery of u.s. fighter jets to egypt now on hold. the president making that decision. i'll speak with exclusively with egypt's new foreign minister in cairo. ot a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80%
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3:50 pm
the very significant development, president obama is delaying delivery of four f-16 fighter jets to egypt. the decision comes amid the deadly upheaval following the ouster of the president mohamed morsi. the planes are part of a u.s. arms sales package to egypt. i spoke with that to the new egyptian foreign minister. spent years in washington as egypt's ambassador and has spoken with john kerry on the phone in recent days. have you received a commitment fraumt kerry and the obama administration that the united states will continue to provide egypt with roughly $1.3 billion a year in military aid and another 200 million or so in economic aid? >> we haven't actually discussed
3:51 pm
that in that fashion. we discussed relations as a whole and the effect of what is happening on the region. >> has the obama administration attached conditions that continuing this financial assistance? >> as i said, we did not discuss the assistance in that form. i think it is being addressed on congress at this point in time. >> he knows there is a serious strain in u.s./egyptian relations. >> we intend to do our best to achieve a democratic system because it pleases egypt and pleases others and is something that is fine and we are happy to do. we are doing this because egypt needs the system, an inclusive one and transparent one. >> is that when you hope new elections will take place? >> no. the road map laid out by the political forces after the 30th
3:52 pm
of june indicated that we will start devising the constitution and adopt one within four months. and we actually started last week.first committee. within weeks after that we will have the parliamentary elections and we will call for elections for president. the whole process should not extend beyond nine months. >> i asked him about the fate of the ousted president mohamed morsi. >> he is in a secure facility. i don't know the venue but it is a secure facility and is being treated respectfully. >> is he under arrest? >> no. as far as i understand as of the interview no formal criminal charges have been made against him. >> his children say they have not heard from him, they don't know where he is and they are worried about him. what is your message to his supporters, his family and others who may be worried about
3:53 pm
mohamed morsi. say what you will about him he was a democratically elected president of the egypt. >> the new government is moving away from several major policies of the former muslim brotherhood led government. unlike morsi and the obama administration the new government no longer demands that syrian president bashar al assad step down. >> is your policy the same of the obama administration that bashar al assad must go? >> the syrians have to reach a compromise and ultimately that will require a new system. who stays and goes is up to the syrians. >> says egypt will continue to honor the 1979 peace treaty with israel. >> treating any way at all since the revolution. so the answer is obviously yes. >> and don't know yet when he
3:54 pm
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so for comedians it is the
3:57 pm
story that keeps on giving. >> reporter: the press is on weiner watch. >> i have said to you and others. >> reporter: grilling weiner even in the middle of the street. the only ones enjoying this more than the media, the comedians. >> anthony weiner the peter tweeter is at it again. >> the dirty. >> reporter: the dirty. weiner's most damaging online chats are way too steamy for us to repeat but some of the tamer exchanges had commentators in stitches at the blaze tv as they performed a dramatic reading with will cane as weiner. >> you are a walking fantasy. >> i want to take care of your eev need. >> the man running for new york city mayor inspired "glee" with a screen name he allegedly used for sexting. >> your name is carlos danger. >> this is weiner's way of
3:58 pm
getting more latino support. >> letterman did the top ten other pseudonyms. >> reporter: animal new york created a carlos danger for mayor proposal reporting to show weiner in all of his glory. and then there was the mystery man who kept popping up at weiner's press conference. >> what happened today. >> reporter: he quickly became known as the cubicle guy. politico put cubicle guy's prairie dog popups to music. some compared him to wilson the fence peeper from "home improvement" to others he brought up memories of the
3:59 pm
killroy was here. turns out it was jeff mckinny. he said he had nowhere else to stand as one online poster put it he works in radio. he forgets that people can see him. anthony weiner's alleged alias has itself popped up on this danger carlos is around t shirt. just don't fantasize while walking, a word of caution. carlos danger. >> she always does those excellent reports. you can always follow us what is going on behind the scenes here on the situation room on twitter. tweet me or tweet the show. tomorrow a very, very special interview here on "the situation room" the former commander of
4:00 pm
central command general james mad s. we had a very lengthy exchange. you are going to want to see this tomorrow. i will be back in an hour filling in. "ererin burnett outfront" starts now. a deadly crash in spain tonight. we have more from the fallout of yesterday's anthony weiner press conference. we can confirm for you the identity of the woman that he recently was sending lewd messages to. and the royal baby finally gets a name. we are going to tell you why they chose this moniker. let's go out front. good evening. i'm erin burnett. the deadly train