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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  July 27, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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officials called the flash floods some of the worst they've seen in decades. a storm system stalled over the region dumping more than a foot of water. some bridges and roads in the area were flooded out or washed right out entirely. an emergency management official in lincoln county says his crews conducted five roadway rescues. here in the cnn newsroom everyone i'm don lemon. we have an incredible hour ahead. first we start with breaking news here on cnn. it is breaking news out of indianapolis. three people killed in the bus crash. the crash of a bus reportedly filled with teens returning from camp. the bus flipped on to its side near an interstate ramp. in addition to the three killed, police say at least ten others are injured. the indianapolis star reports the bus crash caused a large diesel fuel spill and hazardous
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materials crews are working to clean up the area. we don't know what caused the crash. police on cnn came on, told us they're investigating this. just moments ago here's who i spoke with. michael kewitt of the indianapolis police department. >> we have concerns here on the scene, it's my understanding there is a total of 37 passengers. >> 37 passengers. three dead. i misspoke there. three dead. 17 injured. we were told 40 passengers but you're saying 37 passengers, correct? >> yeah. that's just a preliminary number i was given that there was 37 passengers. three deceased on the scene. two have been life lined to area hospitals. eight other people involved in the crash have been transported to area hospitals by ambulance. >> okay. are these all people who were on the bus who were deceased and
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are injured? >> that's my understanding. however, it is under investigation right now. >> okay. so that's the latest that we have right now. we'll bring you new developments on this breaking story as soon as we learn them. we're keeping a close eye on that situation in indianapolis. this is terrible as well. here in new york a bride-to-be found dead today after a prewedding boat party turned into a disaster. now the driver of the boat is charged with manslaughter. just hours ago authorities found the bride's body in the hudson river about 25 miles north of manhattan. she was on a speed boat that slammed into a construction barge last night. the best man is still missing. four other passengers including the groom hospitalized. let me get straight to cnn's alina cho who is covering this. really a terrible story, alina. tell us about these charges and had the boat driver been drinking? >> it appears so, don. really a stunning development in this case within the past hour. authorities came out, gave a
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news conference and announced right at the top that they had arrested a 35-year-old new york man with vehicular manslaughter and vehicular assault. they do believe that he was driving this boat while intoxicated. he apparently was a friend of everyone onboard. as you mentioned, earlier in the day, just before 1:00 p.m. eastern, searchers did recover the body of one of two people missing from this boating accident. that body is believed to be that of 30-year-old lindsay stewart, a bride to be, set to be married just two weeks from today. really a woman with her full life ahead of her. the missing man is said to be the best man of this wedding. we should mention that the search has been suspended for now due to high tide and tired crews who have been on the water all night and all day today. but it will resume tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. let me tell you a little bit about what happened last night, what caused this.
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about 10:00 last night a small speed boat carrying six people in all left a marina not far from here. within minutes, essentially, this boat hit a construction barge connected to the tapanzee bridge behind me. two people were ejected. four people remained in the boat with severe injuries. among those who survived, was the groom, who apparently at the time of the accident was knocked unconscious. when he came to, he called 911. now, we are hearing from authorities that the barge apparently was lit both from the front and the back but they tell us it was a very dark night, not a full moon, and they also say even the most experienced boat captains might have trouble on the water behind me because, don, post superstorm sandy there is also a lot of debris in the water. again, the very latest is that a
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35-year-old man has been charged with vehicular manslaughter and assault in this boating accident which apparently claimed the life of a bride to be. one man is missing and right now the search will continue tomorrow morning. >> very sad. thank you, alina. appreciate that. seven people are dead after an apartment building standoff in south florida late last night. that includes the gunman. police say he set his apartment on fire, then shot the two building managers who responded, plus four others before a s.w.a.t. team stormed the building and killed him. police have identified the shooter as 43-year-old pedro vargas. they say he had no criminal record and no history of irrational behavior. they also say the tragedy could have been a lot worse. >> it could have been a much, much more dangerous situation. this is a terrible tragedy. the fact is that when we found him in the investigation, he still had plenty of live rounds of ammunition left with him.
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had we not cornered him, had we not acted quickly and decisively, and then entered and engaged him, this could have been a much greater tragedy. >> police say they negotiated with vargas for three hours but the negotiations failed. that's when they decided to storm the apartment and were able to kill the gunman and rescue two hostages. so we'll get you more information on that as we get it here. we want to talk some politics now. not spilling any secrets about politicians and how they sometimes behave badly. we know that. look at the news just this week. these two men are trying to explain themselves, one trying to keep his job, the other asking for a third chance at a political career. and they're just the latest in a long string of public figures who have to address things in their private lives that they'd rather not. so i want to bring in now nick ritchie who is here. he runs a website that broke the latest chapter in the anthony
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weiner trouble and scandal. he is from the i'm sure a lot of people didn't know about the but they know about it now. so, nick, thanks for joining us. tell me how the dirty got these latest anthony weiner pictures and messages. >> well, don, how it works with the dirty is people can submit content kind of like an e-mail upload similar to youtube and i get submissions and tips i guess from all over the world from individual people and this girl sidney leathers reached out to me saying, hey. i have this information. can i send it to you and see if you can do anything with it. it happened to be anthony weiner basically lying about his whole situation. and telling her that he is running for mayor and telling her to hard delete all the conversations and it was pretty amazing when i got it. >> so she reached out to you,
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correct? >> yeah. >> here's the thing. i see your site showing pictures of anthony weiner. do you show the pictures of her? >> no. when she came to me first she wanted obviously everyone that submits stuff it's anonymous. i try to keep her identity a secret and obviously that wasn't going to happen. the story was too big. she decided to come out. originally, you know, when we discussed how we were going to do this she said she wanted to be a private person and didn't want her identity out there. >> because my question is, if she is going to come to you and she took these conversations as well, she was sexting as well. >> correct. there is something in it for her. if you're going to show his pictures why not show hers? >> we were trying to expose him because he was basically saying this was behind him and he -- he was lying to people. saying i haven't had any other
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conversations and i'm cured and she was bitter about that. >> i get that. but what i'm saying to you is that she is an adult. she is a consenting adult. >> correct. >> she did not have to -- i'm not condoning what anthony weiner did. it appears he is the only one here who is in trouble for this and people are glorifying her behavior. he has a right, he is a public figure. she didn't have to do it and now she is going on your website, going on other shows and she probably thinks this is something fun that is good for her. she is going to make money from these entertainment shows for now. does she really want to be known as the woman who was sexting with anthony weiner? if you look, if you -- i'm sure monica lewinsky would probably give her very different advice about this situation. do you understand what i'm saying? >> i totally do. originally she didn't want to come out. buzz feed was the actual website that basically revealed her identity and it just snowballed. the original plan was that she
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wanted to stay private. i'm not condoning what she did. she knows she screwed up. she knew he was married. she was sending naked pictures to him. numerous naked pictures and having phone sex conversations on a daily basis. you know, and her whole thing was she doesn't think she is the only one. she felt like she was kind of taken advantage of her. >> i understand that. when someone comes to you, do you think about this or did you just say hey let's put it on the website or is this something, would you think about not running anything like this, that this is just way too beyond the pale? >> she actually, you know what happened, she actually came to me twice. she came to me in april. then she came april, 2013, and came to me about a month later and i kept telling her i need more information. this isn't just something i can just throw out there and put my neck behind. and put it on the line
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basically. i went through last weekend and we went through the conversations, basically put out a bullet point game plan as far as how to get it out to hide her identity and we put it out there and look what happened. >> yeah. listen. i'm not putting -- i don't mean to put you on the spot here but there are two people involved here. she appears to be -- people are making her out to be a hero and anthony weiner out to be a villain. i'm not condoning what anthony weiner did but her behavior is not something that we should be proud of as well. and probably she shouldn't be. that's all i'm saying i totally agree with you. >> yeah. thank you, sir. appreciate you coming on. >> thank you, don. we're not even close to finishing talking about politicians behaving badly. are they finished? is there a future after a scandal? guess who will be here with me. mayor marion barry who knows about surviving a scandal more
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[poof!] [clicks mouse] there's doughnuts in the conference room. there's doughnuts in the conference room. automatic discounts the moment you sign up. okay. a lot of breaking news here on cnn. you see the two pictures at the to please of your screen. that is an interstate in indianapolis where a bus has
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crashed with teens coming home from camp. three people are dead. 37 people on the bus. 17 injured. on the lower left of the screen they're looking for a plane, a small plane crashed into lake michigan. this is courtesy of our affiliate wisn reporting that debris was found that looks like it was from a 1975 piper single engine plane, a coast guard boat searching for a small plane that has crashed into that lake. debris was found, the coast guard was contacted after the plane disappeared from radar. no word on how many people were onboard the plane. to the right, that is brazil live now. that's shots of the popemobile. his holiness pope francis on his way to copa cabana beach in rio. he was just standing outside the popemobile moments ago. he will hold a prayer vigil for
3:16 pm
young pilgrims. earlier today the pope celebrated mass at rio de janeiro cathedral and met with politicians and clerics in brazil and urged them to close the gap between the country's rich and poor. it is the pope's last night in brazil and his first international visit. he will celebrate mass tomorrow before heading back to the vatican. again, you're looking at live pictures. look at the faces of the people in the crowd. enamored, in awe of his holiness pope francis who is now making his way through the streets of brazil heading to copa cabana beach. we will keep you updated on this story here on cnn. the prosecution rests in the whitey bulger case. if you missed the fireworks this past week we'll run it all down and hear from a former associate of bulger, next. ♪ [ male announcer ] you wait all year for summer. ♪
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reputed ex-mobts whitey bulger has not decided whether to testify in his own defense. the prosecution rested friday after 63 witnesses and lots of testimony about alleged bribes, murders, extortion, and drug deals. bulger is charged in connection with 19 murders. deborah furyk is tracking every angle of the bulger trial in boston. >> reporter: for the jury it was a rare moment hearing the voice of james bulger. >> bulldogs. sandy connors the guy in the phone booth. >> yeah. yeah. >> they threw my name in the mix. >> right. >> recorded during a prison visit the notorious mob boss
3:21 pm
described the murder of eddie connors. eyewitnesses say bulger fired the machine gun. yet despite an occasional outburst he has sat quiet as members of his notorious inner circle have betrayed the famous code of silence and testified against him. bulger's hit man, his hench man and his enforcer justified their betrayal, saying bulger betrayed them. because like his hench man james bulger was an fbi informant for more than two decades protected by rogue fbi agents bulger's criminal empire grew unchallenged. john shay once ran drugs and served time for bulger. what do you think is going through whitey' mind as he sits there listening to this? >> it's killing him that he is being outed as a rat. >> reporter: bulger's former accomplices have provided grisly details of the 19 murder he is accused of testifying he either planned them or did the killing himself. he allegedly strangled two women very close to his crime partner
3:22 pm
whose step daughter deborah hussy and his stunning girlfriend debby davis had both become liabilities. phlegmy testified bulger, quote, strangled davis all the way down to the basement. her remains were found in a tidal marsh with some of her hair intact. davis's death still haunts her brother. >> it's an image in my brain, my sister and the grew some way they killed her and what they did and wrapped her up. it's like torture. >> his hench man described bulger getting a per verse high from the killings, have to lay down after while his cronies buried the bodies. tommy donahue's father an innocent victim was caught in the cross fire of one of bulger's shootings. when you look at whitey bulger what do you see? >> i see a complete psychopath maniac murderer who has no failings and no heart for
3:23 pm
nobody. >> bulger's hit man killed businessmen, friends, rival gangsters, and anyone who got in the way. he testified bulger laughed after a drive by shooting, thrilled by the rush of bullets felt overhead. >> these gangsters changed everyone's life. it's everyone who lives, whose life has been destroyed. >> yet only one thing has made bulger lose his temper repeatedly. being called a rat. his enforcer, kevin weeks, sneerd, we killed people for being rats and i had the two biggest rats right next to me. bulger turned and cursed. >> jay carney lead counsel walked in the first day and said, he is an extortionist. he is a drug trafficker. he was a book maker. but he didn't kill those women and he wasn't an informant. that's all whitey cares about. >> bulger's defense starts next week. deborah feyerick, cnn, boston. >> we will be following it for you. we are moments away. you don't want to miss this.
3:24 pm
we're talking politicians behaving badly but not like you've heard before. anthony weiner, bob filner, eliot spitzer. i'll talk to a body expert and a man who knows all about surviving scandal, mayor marion barry. that's right. that's next. [ male announcer ] this is george.
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these are some of the bold, new ram commercial trucks -- built to tilt the axis of capability. guts. glory. ram. live pictures from rio de janeiro. there is the pope out of the popemobile and walking up to
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where he is going to speak and give a sermon. his holiness pope francis on his way to copa cabana beach in rio. he will hold a prayer vigil for young pilgrims there. we have seen him all week here for the last couple of days as he has been making his way through rio and the popemobile, getting in and out of the popemobile. actually, frightening some of the members of his security and the people who were watching as well because he is getting really close to people. he wants, he is a pope of the people and doesn't always abide by security rules and doesn't like to be cooped up in that popemobile which keeps him separated, he feels, from the people he is serving. and there is pope francis now making his way up. again, these have been beautiful pictures we've been watching all week here. and, you know, the vigil is -- there is a vigil tomorrow. you know the pope, this pope really, when he came into power,
3:28 pm
set a precedent when it comes to meeting and being among the people and not being held as some would say to a standard where he is above other people. choosing not to ride sometimes with the other bishops and cardinals or riding the bus with them i should say and not taking his special popemobile or special rides and secured rides. there he is about to speak. we will keep an eye on this for you. again, these pictures are just beautiful. phenomenal to watch. there is pope francis there. keep an eye on that for you. also, as we move on here, the new prince george is of course a huge hit in the uk. but how does the name george play in the u.s.? our tom foreman did some checking in today's american
3:29 pm
journey. >> the royal decision to call the new baby george is playing well in the uk where that name is popular with many parents, but on this side of the pond? >> not in a million years. >> one expectant mom after another at new york's prenatal yoga center told us george would never make their list of baby names chosen with elaborate care. >> i think it's important because it is something that you carry your whole life. you know, that reflects on your personality. >> a hundred years ago or so george was a hugely popular name in america, but these days according to the baby name wizard website it is barely on the charts despite two recent presidents named george and a movie star, too. >> we've really seen a revolution in american baby naming that no one wants to seem ordinary. what you hear a lot is i don't want my daughter to be one of four jennifers in her class.
3:30 pm
but while parents want kids to stand out, kids are still perfectly happy to fit in. >> so while some families may cozy up to pop culture names like from the hunger games many others strike a delicate balance choosing something not too traditional but not utterly avant-garde. name says the most popular girls names last year were sophia, emma, and isabella. the most popular boys names? jacob, mason, and ethan. but here is the thing. none of these names is as popular as the most popular names once were because we are collectively choosing from a much wider pool of possibilities. perhaps the only thing that remains constant, picking the right name is still not easy. >> if it's a boy i have jack henry. if it's a girl i have a list 18 miles long. i don't know. >> tom foreman, cnn. all business purchases.
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men, power, and sex. why do some men in power behave so badly? plus reading their body language. it's what they didn't say that made all the difference. >> i'll be glad to take one or two questions. >> and the art of the come back. how do some make it back from the brink while others fall off the cliff? >> very good questions. we'll start with politicians behaving badly right now. texting nude photos, tyrsts with prostitutes, inappropriate sexual advances. we're zeroing in on scandals involving anthony weiner, san diego mayor bob filner and eliot spitser who have all made headlines this week. joining me now is sex and relationship expert dr. simone
3:35 pm
veann and cnn kmen dater dino badala and the man who almost needs no introduction mayor marion barry. we'll talk with you a lot especially the part where we talk about what happens next. how do you rehabilitate yourself? let's get into this now. i'll start with you, doctor. why do sex and politics seem to go hand in hand, doctor? >> well, they do, don. the type of personality that is drawn to being a politician means you are obviously drawn also into power. there is a big connection between power and risk taking. the more powerful you feel the more risks you take the more risks you take the more powerful you feel. but also what we know is we're looking at particularly weiner i've been covering a lot for cnn this week, is that there is a big difference between somebody who feels entitled and somebody who has a sexual compulsion. now of course we all relate to stress in very different ways
3:36 pm
and politicians can relate to stress in very different ways. we're thinking president obama is able to deal with it a in a healthy way, weiner not so much. so he is craving that attention to deal with his stress and acting out in a way that actually, to me, says he has an entitlement complex. >> okay. >> he is not caring what he does. >> let's bring in a politician who has been no stranger to scandal. former washington, d.c. mayor and current d.c. councilman marion barry. marion barry served time in prison for drug charges after he was videotaped smoking crack in 1990. earlier this month he was punished and fined for accepting illegal gifts from city contractors. you are quite open with what happened to you and quite above board and many people are surprised that you even accepted coming on the show. why would you accept to come on the show quite honestly, mayor? thank you for joining us, by the way. >> first i wanted to clear myself in terms of what the fbi did in my situation.
3:37 pm
it's different than congressman weiner or governor spitzer. i was entrapped by the fbi. they spent $7 million to $10 million trying to entrap me at the vista hotel. they've been looking in my trash and everything else following me around. i want people to know that what was in that package, they wouldn't even tell us. they tried to kill me i think. they had a paramedic there. my story is totally different. it's not of my own behavior. it's the behavior of the fbi and the american government that got me where i was. now, in terms of the -- wait a minute. >> hang on. you take no responsibility for what happened in that hotel room? >> i take responsibility for going there but i did not take responsibility for being entrapped. 9 of the 12 jurors, nine black jurors voted to acquit me of all charges and three white people voted to convict me. so that's what happened. wait a minute. >> i'll let you finish but i just want to clear this up.
3:38 pm
you're saying you weren't smoking crack in that hotel room? >> nobody knows what it was. they got the trial -- >> i understand that but i'm asking you. were you or were you not smoking crack? >> no i wasn't smoking crack. i don't know whey was smoking. i never smoked crack and i don't need to smoke crack. and so that's not the issue. the issue is the american government sent this video all over the world letting people believe i was smoking crack. nobody knows. we asked the judge to order the fbi and u.s. attorney to produce the results of what was in that pack. they refused to do it. so that is very, very clear. on the other hand i take full responsibility for reporting these two gifts the first time it happened. we had an ethics law in america. i voted for it and i brought this out. they didn't go looking for me. 31 years of public service. nobody has ever accused marion barry of kickbacks or bribery,
3:39 pm
stealing government money or anything like that. >> let's get back to this. >> on the other hand, i understand those who fall, those who get pushed, those who push themselves into a hole. everyone listening to this and not listening, we're going to go through something. if you live long enough you'll go through a storm. you'll either push yourself into a hole or somebody pushes you into it or you do things to do that. if the question is not that you get pushed into this hole, that you get up. my philosophy is that we all are going to go through something. it may be a divorce. it may be kids. it may be drugs. it may be money. it may be something. it may be seeing a photograph somewhere. but we need to understand that americans are forgiving people. if you're sincere about it like i was and some of the other people are, if you're really sincere, ask for forgiveness, be serious about that, and then you
3:40 pm
have to also accomplish something before that. >> mayor, i'm going to let you give more this of advice when we talk about surviving these scandals and rehabilitating yourself a little bit later on in this broadcast. we're going to continue to talk about this. dean, don't worry. i'll get you in as well. again, thanks to our guests but our conversation will continue coming up with a body language expert to look at what went unspoken between anthony weiner and his wife at their news conference this week. you don't want to miss it. the secret is out. hydration is in. [ female announcer ] only aveeno daily moisturizing lotion has an active naturals oat formula that creates a moisture reserve so skin can replenish itself. aveeno® naturally beautiful results. thto fight chronic. osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, you will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever
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we want to zero in on the anthony weiner scandal now and what wasn't said at his joint news conference with his wife uma. a body language expert joins the conversation now along with simone bienne and dino badala. she has taken a lot of flack for standing by her man through the repeated sexting revelations. let's look at her stance during the press conference right now. okay? she actually didn't stand that close to her husband. what does that mean? >> what that means is she is putting some distance between herself and her husband. between couples and lovers what we'll see is a proximity. roughly 18 inches. then you get into a personal space or personal zone a foot and a half to four feet. that's where she was standing. so she set the precedent. in my opinion when you're going to come out strong and you want to say that you and your husband
3:44 pm
have moved forward and you've looked, are leaving transgressions behind, i think you should start off more powerful and having, being physically closer. that is exactly what anthony weiner did when his wife spoke. >> okay. >> he was physically closer to her. >> okay. so i want you to watch and listen as weiner talks about what he did about getting another chance with his wife. listen. >> this behavior that i did was problematic to say the least, destructive to say the most, caused many stresses and strains in my marriage, but i'm pleased and blessed that she has given me a second chance. for the past several months i've been asking new yorkers to also give me another chance. >> okay. so at one point she turns away from her husband. she's looking down. quite frankly one of the reporters who here at cnn told me yesterday her eyes locked
3:45 pm
with uma's and it looked like she was going to cry and she looked away. what do you make of this particular gesture? >> it could very well be that she was trying to hold back some emotion. you know, she is in the public spotlight, supporting her husband, but at the same time she has to deal with feelings of betrayal, right? and deceit. but she wants to be supportive. so, sure. when we turn away we're avoiding someone or something that has caused us pain. it's very natural to turn away. why? because when we look at that person who's caused us pain and humiliation, it brings it back up. it is almost a way to protect ourselves. think about when you see something we don't particularly like we kind of cringe and turn away from it. it is very natural. >> i want to -- i see you are shaking your head. when you have a marriage quite frankly when everybody says i want to get married, people, same sex married couple, i want to get married. but the vows do say for better
3:46 pm
or for worse. she appears to be abiding by her wedding vows and the worst thing you can do, the worst thing you can do as betrayal is when someone you are married to is having a hard time and you leave them at the bottom. that is the worst thing you can do. am i wrong with that? >> i don't think you're wrong. i wish she had reached over and slapped anthony weiner in the head in the middle of the press conference. it is shocking anthony weiner is the one that commits the wrong and the back lash is against her. she is a woman. she graduated from george washington university. well respected in washington. consultant make money. i know people in her family. they have money and emotionally support her. she is not a hostage. she could leave if she wants. this speculation that how dare she stand there. this is ridiculous like she is a hostage of anthony weiner. she could walk away. she is a smart, independent woman. i think people are demeaning the quality of her as a person. >> that's what i was going to say. if you listen to your vows it says for better or for worse.
3:47 pm
if you've ever been in a relationship at a down point you say how can this person leave me now when it was great, you know, you loved the great times. you loved the dinner, the publicity, all that stuff. but what i'm going through is a bad spot and you're out of here. come on. >> i agree. i wouldn't leave -- i'd stay. >> she could say, listen. this is my husband. i took a vow. he's a knuckle head right now. i may not be with him for the long haul in the future. who knows? but right now he's in a bad spot and i'm going to stick by him because i am the best friend he has. let's listen to this. >> i think it was not an easy choice in any way. but i made the decision that it was worth staying in this marriage. that was a decision i made for me, for our son, and for our family. >> doctor, i applaud her. i am sure people will be ticked. i applaud her.
3:48 pm
she is doing what you're supposed to do when in a marriage. >> you see, don, i think you would be a very nice person to be married to if the shoe was on the other foot. you'd be the ideal candidate but have i to say, listen. she is a wonderfully smart, bright, intelligent woman and we don't know her motive for staying in this marriage. yes, she could be a good wife. yes, she could be looking at this is a cultural expectation of what women do. it is a cultural expectation of what men or male politicians do that they go out and they cheat. and it could be actually that she has political motivations herself, which i'm not criticizing her for but applauding her for because if he wins and is successful then she benefits from that success as well. whatever i completely agree with dean. she ain't no victim. >> here's what i have to say. all right? i think that the last thing this guy, listen. he did something really stupid. but can you imagine if his wife left him at this point? come on. if she really, truly loves him,
3:49 pm
he's done a stupid thing. she probably realizes, look. i'm all this guy has right now and when he gets stronger, i may rethink things but right now i'm not going to kick a man when he's down even though it is his own fault. >> maybe he didn't do it. >> maybe it was his alter ego. >> anthony weiner is a good guy. look. if your name is anthony weiner, carlos danger -- >> he did a really silly thing. i'm not condoning. come on. >> i'm not either. >> people are under estimating uma, you know. that's all i'll say. thank you, guys. back to the rest of the conversation. politicians returning to prominence after a fall from grace. ahead, how do they gain back the public's trust? marion barry is going to be back with us.
3:50 pm
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3:53 pm
top in the polls in the new york mayoral race before this week's revelations. eliot spitzer is said to be leading his race for new york city comptroller. and who could forget former washington, d.c. mayor marion barry? it wasn't a sex scandal though. he was re-elected to the mayor's office and the d.c. city council after he served time in prison on drug charges. marion barry, let's start with you. >> okay. >> how did you manage to bounce back from this horrific scandal? i remember i was on vacation with my family watching the news reports and we were all going, oh, my gosh. what is this, what is going on? this man will never come back. yet you did. how did you do it? >> first of all, it wasn't a scandal. it is important if gairg you arg to come back to be real, sincere, humble, asking for forgiveness for real, not as a fake. in terms of your wife, my wife who is now deceased from
3:54 pm
leukemia sat in the courtroom for eight weeks every day to listen to lies and listen to this. i'm sure she was cringing inside. we went outside, she showed her sincerity. that's part of coming back. both parties have to be for real. like hillary clinton and bill clinton. i think that was a real situation and so part of it is to shall real. don't try to b.s. people. don't try to put on things. but also you got to have a strong, spiritual base. >> what would you say to anthony weiner right now? >> i'm not going to say anything to weiner because i'm not talking to him. i'm talking to other people like yourself. let me say something about new york politics. i live in washington, d.c. i go to new york but i don't know anything about new york politics. i don't want to comment on anybody running or not running. but back to spirituality you have to have a strong spiritual base and also you have to believe in yourself. you have to also -- all right, mayor. i get what you're saying but i
3:55 pm
want to get on because we're running out of times. howard, you are the vice chairman of, right? >> right, don. >> what's the best advice for politicians? if they want to come back, if anthony weiner wants to make a come back? >> well, the first thing and the thing that weiner didn't do was if the volcano erupts you have to wait for the lava to stop flowing before you clean it up. his problem was that some of this news was still coming out. he was doing a really good job of claiming the dialogue, getting his discussion in, which is why he was leading in the polls. he has a few million dollars from his last congressional campaign but that once you lose the ability to get your message out, it's over. i think that's what's happened to him now. he can't go to, you know, he can't go to a kosher soup kitchen without somebody ripping him apart for his texting
3:56 pm
scandal. he's lost the dialogue right now. >> what would you tell him? >> i think if you look at the polling you'll probably find the more he's out there the more he is hurting himself the more he is hurting any future chances. i'm in new york this week. i've talked to a lot of new yorkers. there is a lot of anger over the humiliation to the city saying i don't want to hurt the city any more. i want to step aside. would do him a lot of good in the future. i don't care how much money he has to spend if you're thinking of the political future i think the citizens of new york would appreciate him not talking right now. i have a saying, don. silence is golden. duck tape is silver. time for the duck tape. >> you always have the best.
3:57 pm
thank you. mayor, thank you for coming on. >> thank you for inviting me. any time. i watch cnn from time to time. thank you very, very much. >> thank you all. all right. howard as well. all my guests. next we'll take you live to brazil where the pope about is to deliver a special message. [poof!] [clicks mouse] there's doughnuts in the conference room. there's doughnuts in the conference room. automatic discounts the moment you sign up.
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we want to give you live pictures of brazil, a youth event his holiness pope francis at the copa cabana beach in rio. he has a very special prayer vigil for young bipilgrims ther. i'm don lemon. anthony bourdain, parts unknown, begins right now. [ speaking in foreign language ]