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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 28, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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weekend debut. that is nothing compared to the last x-men spin-off which grossed $89 million in 2009. and second place was "the conjuring" at $22.1 million. -- captions by vitac -- hello, thank you for watching. don lemon here. a prewedding boat crash in new york that killed the bride-to-be and best man. a deadly bus crash in indiana involving a group of teens returning from a church trip. in new york city, police found a man's body while searching the hudson river. they've been looking for him since after dark friday when this boat ran into barges in the dark near the tappan zee bridge. six people were onboard, a wedding party celebrating. the man found today is not the only fatality.
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>> reporter: this afternoon we got word the second body crews had been searching for since friday night had been recovered. the body is believed to be that of mark lennon, the best man in the wedding. a nightmare for all of the families involved, but especially for the families of the couple who had a lifetime ahead of them. lindsey stewart and brian bond were the picture-perfect couple, the two engaged to be married were set to wed august 10th, until they decided to take a boat ride friday night up the hudson river. minutes after leaving the marina around 10:00 p.m., the small speed boat carrying six people struck a barge. the bride-to-be and best man were ejected. the groom-to-be was among the four survivors, knocked unconscious. when he awoke he immediately called for help. >> there was a body recovered of a female who basically fit the description of the person missing. >> lindsey stewart, the
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30-year-old bride-to-be. here she is on face bach showing off her engagement ring and this one with her sister. her mother spoke to reporters hours earlier, when there was still hope her daughter was alived. >> she is supposed to be married two weeks from today. it can't end like this. >> reporter: what's worse, authorities say, it appears the driver of the boat, a 35-year-old man, a friend of the couple, was intoxicated. he's been charged with vehicular manslaughter and vehicular assault, a horrific ending to what was supposed to be a great night on the eve of a wedding. >> this is horrible. we met with the families today. it's devastating. >> we used to go church together and they've been friends the whole time. they fell in love 3 1/2 years ago. she did all the plans herself. that's a nightmare i don't wish on any parent. >> reporter: one of the four people injured in this boating accident has been released, but
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we heard that the groom is still in the hospital with severe head injuries, recovering physically, don, as he deals with the emotional pain of losing his bride-to-be and his best man. >> now to indianapolis and the new details in the deadly crash of a church bus. the bus had just exited off the interstate at high speed when the driver said his brakes failed. >> i saw this bus going so fast. i thought, god, that guy is going fast. the light turned green for southbound traffic. then the bus just flew into my vision right away and flipped in an instant. >> the bus flipped over. there were people crawling out of the bus. there were people severely injured. people who were dead. >> the bus was carrying teenage members of colonial hills baptist church returning home from a camping trip in michigan.
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>> the deceased was our youth pastor, pastor chad phelps and his wife courtney phelps and their unborn child due next month. we also lost tanya windorff. tanya is the mother, a mother here in our church. long-time member, mother of five. tanya was at camp because she has a special needs child who wanted to go. and she wanted to make it a good week. according to her husband, it was a great week. >> at least 19 people were hurt in the crash including one person listed in critical condition. anthony weiner, still a candidate for mayor of new york city, but his cam page manager quit this weekend after a week that weiner says was embarrassing with all the admissions and apologies to his
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wife and voters for continuing to pursue a sex life on the internet. he's not the only public figure struggling to keep his job this weekend. on the left is the mayor of san diego who admitted to inappropriate behavior to women around him. plenty of people in his city want him to go. lisa desjardins has more with two men with big question marks over their political futures. >> neither man is done quite yet but this weekend both took serious blows that could make their political futures much harder. let's start in new york city. mayoral candidate anthony weiner's campaign manager has resigned. this is after news weiner was still sending sexual texts even after he resigned from congress and apologized. fellow new yorker but political opponent republican peter king was blunt on cnn's "state of the union." >> after this i think he should do himself and everybody a favor and step to the sidelines.
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he is not qualified, not psychologically qualified to be mayor of the city of new york. >> reporter: weiner was out in public today. he visited a baptist church. after he talked about losing his campaign chief but said something about dropping out himself. >> when i joined this campaign, we knew this was going to be a tough campaign. we knew, as i said, i think the very first day of the campaign i said there are things in my past that may come back and it might be hard for us to get our message out. every day we kept on doing exactly what we said we would do. talk about issues important to the middle class. >> that's the east coast. now to the west where san diego mayor bob filner is accused of sexual harassment. he admitted to inappropriate behavior and got treatment but says it was not to the level of harassment. today former san francisco mayor
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and senator dianne feinstein was sharp in her criticism. >> absence of a moral compass is subject to recall. i suspect there will be recalls. >> you think he should make it easier and resign? >> i think he should make it easier and resign, that's right. >> reporter: calls for resignation and removal from the right and left in the east coast and west coast scandals. so far the two central politicians are staying put. >> lisa, thank you. in rio de janeiro, pope francis wrapping up his first overseas trip since becoming pope. catholics who are observing world youth day helped mark the pope's final day in brazil with a rocket celebration that included a singing and dancing flash mob. vatican estimated 3 million
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people turned out to see and hear the papal mass. pope francis was elected head of the catholic church in march and is the first pope from latin america. let's get you live to the airport, galeo airport. there is the pope about to head to his airplane. he just wrapped up his farewell remarks. you see him there meeting with dignitaries and other members of the clergy as well as a little earlier kissing babies. it's been a very successful trip for pope francis. you see that huge youth concert on the beach which rivalled a rock concert with so many thousands of people, especially young people showing up and chanting and singing. there is pope francis about to head back to rome. we will update you as we get more information here. there is a huge celebration.
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draws millions, as a matter of fact. how do we tackle the thorny problems facing the african-american community? i made a list of possible solutions. i'm getting a lot of heat for it a lot of support and heat, to be honest. rescuers scramble to pull people from their homes and cars as flood waters engulf an entire town. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast, just $14.99. start with soup, salad and cheddar bay biscuits then choose one of nine entrées plus dessert!
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deadly floods left entire towns under water in north carolina today.
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look at this video. a woman scrambles from her flooded car on to the back of an emergency rescuer. flash floods wiping out homes and causing power outages. it proved fatal for two swimmers in a rain-swollen creek. swift currents pulled a 10-year-old girl away from her family. her body was found an hour later. emergency crews found the body of a 48-year-old man in the same creek in north carolina. a state of emergency has been declared in hickory and newton. nick valencia tracking the flooding for us. >> just very sad for the community there. these two victims, they're from separate families. they were swimming in the same portion of the creek. it's a very popular area for local residents. it's a pool section. they were just caught off guard by this severe weather that swept through the air wrachlt
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the body of the 10-year-old girl found saturday and the 48-year-old man found just earlier. >> the flooding we've seen everywhere. just washing homes away. this is really unusual, out of the ordinary. >> that's part of the problem. especially in the southeast, we received above-average rain totals. in north carolina, residents have gotten hammered. some areas receiving more than ten inches of rain, some parts more than 12 inches of rain. our local affiliate caught up with residents hard hit and ask them how they are dealing with the aftermath. >> i just started over and here i lost everything again. i scraped pennies to get to move in here. >> you've only been here a couple of months. >> i've been here since the 1st of the june. >> three counties in north carolina and western portion of the state received the brunt of the damage. they are still under states of emergency.
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this is the last thing this area needed it's been a very wet summer for north carolina. >> nick valencia in atlanta, thank you. >> you bet. >> in the pacific, hawaiians are bracing for big surf today. it's all due to tropical storm flossie which is churning toward the islands at about 20 miles per hour. tropical storm warnings already posted for maui and the big island. new york mayoral candidate anthony weiner struggling to put a sex scandal behind him. can voters get past his repeated indiscretions? we're cracking down on medicare fraud.
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tonight in hispanic court the driver of the train was charged with 79 counts of homicide by professional recklessness.
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jan cisco jose garzon was required to surrender his passport. his license to operate a train has been suspended. today we learned a second american has died as a result of the derailment on thursday. she had been in rome to attend her daughter's wedding and was on her way to a festival with her husband. her death brings a total to 79. the justice department is making a bold move to take legal action in voting rights cases across the nation. this comes after the supreme court struck down a key section of the voting rights act that forced states with a history of discrimination to get approval from the feds before changing their voting laws. attorney general eric holder says the they will challenge state voting laws. who better to talk about this than our political panel right there?
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good to see both of you. the band is back together. >> good to see you. >> most republicans are furious, anna, including texas governor rick perry. what's your take? >> i think those republicans who agree and disagree, i think the court was wise here. they determined that this is no longer 1965 when the voting rights act was passed. things are better in some places. the map needs to be redrawn. they also left certain protections for places where there is recent or current discrimination occurring. if there are such cases, i think there needs to be investigations and there needs to be action brought. they are going to have to prove that. it can't be political and it can't be just a knee-jerk reaction. i think the court left room for protecting voting violations, but at the same time they
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recognize that great progress has been made. >> many civil rights leaders are thrilled withhelder's move but critics say the justice department is trying to make an end run around the supreme court's decision what do you say? >> i think the department of justice is doing a wise thing. i agree with anna. it is not 1960s. that means things aren't better, but things are different. we no longer have the kkk intimidating blacks. we have other things to intimidate minorities and other things to manipulate poll results. just because we don't see burning crosses doesn't mean the situation in the south remains the same. or does remain the same. mississippi just ratified banning slavery last year. it's not as if they are that far away from where history was. >> i want to move on and talk about anthony weiner, the talk of the political world. new york race for mayor after revelations he continued his
3:21 pm
internet so-called discretions. should he stay in the race? >> i think he should not stay in the race. the reason is because he's become a gigantic distraction. there is little debate going on about the issues that new yorkers care about because everybody is discussing the images of anthony weiner's penis, okay? this man is not going to get elected. new york voters are not that crazy. this was a narcicisstic move by him. it's over. he was trying to get redemption by election with an "l" not an "r." let's get on with the issues that matter and the election. >> i'm blushing. what do you think? >> i didn't know you could blush. >> we're going there already. i think he should stay in. it doesn't really matter what people who do not live in new york city have to say about anthony weiner.
3:22 pm
we forget new york city is a city. he's running for a local position which is mayor. granted this is the most fabulous city on the planet. i love new york very much. it still must be decided by voters who live there. it doesn't matter if nancy pelosi or some guy in texas is upset because of anthony weiner's indiscretion. what matters is what new yorkers think. mayor giuliani is loved in new york, has been in drag and slept on the couch of two friends because he was cheating on his wife and she kicked him out. if he still beloved in new york city, there is still room for anthony weiner's weiner. >> at least he was having an affair with a woman, not an ipad. >> we have to run. >> you guys know why we have to run. i want to talk about my no talking points segment coming up. we'll have tough talk. when possibilities become reality.
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after the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin and the george zimmerman not guilty verdict, you could almost hear the roar of conversations about race relations. we have thorny problems facing the african-american community. a lot issues facing communities around the country. this is what we are talking about specifically. i say now is the time to talk about solutions. here's just two from my no talking points special. young people pull up your pants. saggy pants can mean saggy self-esteem. african-american community stop using the n-word.
3:26 pm
rappers, i mean that for you. your son, obviously you're african-american, you have a son, you have a child. let's talk about this particular point. saggy pants. >> my son tried to leave the house once with saggy pants. this is years and years ago. he's a big fan of lil wayne. he stopped him and sat him down. i did sort of what you did yesterday which is let him know where that came from. i think context is the most important thing, understanding the historical background. once i told him that was borne out of the prison system and what some of the different height of the pants meant, it was very clear to him this was not something he wanted to represent. instead what he does, his fashion statements now are different flashy belts. his pants stay up, i'm happy, he
3:27 pm
feels like he has self-esteem is up. more importantly, he is still allowed to express himself creatively without lengthing himself to the prison system. >> i don't understand -- correct me if i'm wrong. when i asked both of you to talk about this, i said you don't have to agree with me. i don't want to know what you think. whattes wrong with telling people to dress appropriately? these are things i said yesterday. that my mom taught me in kindergarten. parents taught their kids, dress nicely, speak well, speak appropriately. anna, am i wrong here? >> i don't think there is anything wrong with what you said yesterday. in fact, i was amazed when i retweeted it that i got so much twitter hate. you were getting it and i got it for having retweeted it. there are people who call you in to schools and call you in to speak to youth and to groups and tell them how you succeed. we are here on this panel, three
3:28 pm
minorities, two african-americans, one latino who have succeeded. there is advice to be given. success is not going to be reached by not speaking english correctly. i do have an accent and i butcher it every now and then. it's not going to be reached if we don't give tough love to our own communities if we don't offer this constructive criticism coming from a place of love and from the heart and sincerity, who is? take it as that. take it as very sincere heart-felt words coming from an african-american man who is proud of his culture, proud of his race. wears it with pride, loves it and wants to defend it and see others also succeed. >> that doesn't mean racism doesn't exist. >> right. since the beginning, since we started talking about this, week one of the zimmerman trial, we talked about is there a bigger conversation to be had on race
3:29 pm
in this country? week two we talk about the n-word. i did a special on the n-word and other racial slurs. week three he talked about black manhood on trial. it was shortened because we had the plane crash. week four we had the zimmerman verdict and reaction to that. week five i talked about the generation gap and i talked about entitlement. then i talked about profiling, as well. i talked about privilege, as well. did i not have those conversations on the air about privilege and about racism and about profiling and about having been profiled? >> you absolutely did. i think the trayvon martin trial is an opportunity for us to have the deep discussions we need to have. let's not talk about each other. let's talk to each other and within our own groups. let's remember it was during the trayvon martin trial that the
3:30 pm
paula deen scandal happened. i think a lot of people were saying, gee, how come paula deen can't say this word but how come it's being said a few days later in the trayvon martin trial by an african-american? it's a hateful word. it's a hurtful word. we should stop saying it. not because it's politically incorrect but because it's incorrect period. >> it's complicated. >> hang on. i'm going to get to that and let you finish. >> okay. >> i want to talk about this. we were talking about the n-word and taking it back. i played a clip of jay-z and chris rock. should i be telling people that? i got off the subway and told the story about this little boy walking with his mom. he was crying and she said, stop all that crying, you act like an
3:31 pm
old ass man, stop all that crying, nigger. someone on twitter, i said, hey, he's a child. you know what she said to me? mind your business, n-word. i said would you like me to call dcfs? that is a child you're speaking to. she went to a deli on the street, grabbed an umbrella and threatened to hit me with it. is that taking back the n-word? do entertainers think they are taking back the n-word when parents are calling their children that name? that is not a loving name when they are doing that. is that taking back the word? >> again. everything is about context. we cannot pretend this word exists in a vacuum and there is no connection to history to it and connection about different meanings in the black community. i know there are guy men who call each other the f-word, women who call each other the
3:32 pm
b-word. everything is about context. sometimes when outside looking in you may not interpret the context right. with that being said, i can only speak to what goes on in my house. in my house healed we don't use that word. i explained to my son why and how he should view other people who do. not judge them like they don't know any better, necessarily, but understand everyone has a different relationship than you do. there are people i know who are my friends who are puerto rican who use the n-word. if you don't have the full context of what's going on with them, you're going to be confused as heck. i try not to get so caught up in the n-word. i try not to get so caught up into sagging pants. i explain to my son what the expectations are in my house. with all that being said, we cannot keep pretending as if there aren't any sort of ramifications or residual effect that happens when you walk around the streets with pants sagging saying the n-word. you're not going to get hired in
3:33 pm
a high power position job or accepted at some prestigious university. i severely doubt you would get a decent date with anyone worth loving if you spend your entire time dropping the n-word and you can't keep your pants up. >> you know what you sound like right now, don't you? >> like a reasonable human being? i hope. >> you know the name they call you. they call you uncle tom. i'm taking that word back. >> every week, don, i go between a racist man and uncle tom. >> i thought you were going to call him a republican. >> oh, lord, anything but that. i go back and forth between being called a racist and being called an uncle tom. i like to call myself a factivist. the fact of the matter is there are things we can do in the african-american community to make our situation better, to have absolutely nothing to do
3:34 pm
with white people. there are things that happen to black people because of the residual effect of hundreds of years of slavery and the byproduct of all the subtle racism happening impacting our community. we can have those conversations simultaneously. >> we are making this a very black-centric conversation. but those five pieces of advice apply tof everybody. educate yourself, speak well, look well. keep the place where you live clean. if anybody's got trouble with you giving that kind of advice to youth out there? i don't know what to say to that. >> i don't either. it's not necessarily always about pulling your pants up. it's about respecting yourself and realizing -- people said you don't know where we are coming from. i didn't grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth.
3:35 pm
my mom and dad were not married. i dropped out of college at one point and had to decide if i was going to stay stuck or soar and i decided to soar. i had been profiled. you have to make a decision you are going to be better than your surroundings or circumstances. that's all i was saying. we have to go now. i wonder why anna navarro is wearing her barbara walters hair today? is there something we should know? >> i'm practicing for tomorrow. i am co-hosting "the view" tomorrow. i'm excited to be doing it. >> i'm excited to be your special guest. i will be in the audience cheering you on. >> thank you. >> i'll see you tomorrow. >> okay. >> thieves steal more than $50 million of jewelry while security guards look on and do nothing.
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we have breaking news on cnn. it is a bus crash in italy. it's a bad one according to an italian news agent system 30 people are dead in this bus crash. it happened in southern italy near naples. a bus reportedly went over an overpass with about 40 passengers on it. we are trying to learn more about what happened and trying to get some pictures or video for you on this breaking news. 30 people dead and a bus crash in italy. details as we get them here on cnn. in france, everyone is wondering how a gunman pulled off a breathtaking jewel heist in the middle of a dazzling jewelry exhibit with lots of security. it aappeappears the only person a gun was the robber. an armed robber walked into
3:40 pm
a jewelry exhibition and walked out with millions of dollars of stolen jewels. police estimate the value at more than $50 million. it happened around 11:30 in the morning at the carlton hotel. officials say the robber pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot the exhibitors and the people admiring the display. security guards were on the scene during the robbery, but were unarmed. no one, fortunately, was hurt. this is not the first time the carlton hotel has been targeted by jewel thiefs. in may during the cannes film festival,ing robbers made off with close to $4 million worth of jewelry meant to be worn on the red carpet by hollywood stars. the hotel is not juice a real-life crime scene. it was also the setting for a 1955 alfred hitchcock film starring cary grant "to catch a thief." something police have been unable to do. if you stand to make $1
3:41 pm
million, would you walk away from it or the birth of your child? we'll tell you about everyone's new favorite professional golfer and his newborn girl next. ♪
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the new prince george is of course a huge hit in the uk. how does the name george fit into the u.s.? tom foreman did some checking today. >> reporter: the royal decision to call the new baby george is playing well in the uk where that name is popular with many parents. on this side of the pond. >> no. not in a million years. >> reporter: one expectant mom after another told us george would never make their list of baby names chosen with elaborate care. >> i think it's important because this is something that you carry your whole life that reflects on your personality. >> reporter: 100 years ago or so, george was a hugely popular name in america. these days according to the baby name wizard website, it is barely on the charts despite two recent president's named george and movie star, too.
3:45 pm
laura watenburg runs the website. >> we've seen an evolution nobody wants to seem ordinary. i don't want my daughter to be one of four jennifers in her class. while parents want kids to stand out, kids are perfectly happy to fit in. >> reporter: while some families may cozy up to pop culture names, many others are striking a delicate balance, choosing something not too traditional but not utterly avante garde. the most popular boys names last year, jibacob, nathan and ethan. none of the names are as popular as they once were because we are choosing from a wider pool of possibilities. perhaps the only thing that remains constant, picking the right name is still not easy. >> if it's a boy i have jack
3:46 pm
henry locked and loaded. if it's a girl i have a list 18 miles long so i don't know. >> reporter: tom foreman, cnn. >> don is a good name. sports teams pay players big bucks while the cities where they play pay more to keep the teams happy. fair or foul? every time you wear it. neutrogena® healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% of women saw improvement in their skin. neutrogena® cosmetics.
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despite the headlines lately, i bring you proof not all spousal behavior is bad. hunter mahan is in the green shirt about to tee off. that phone call you see him getting was news his wife candy was in labor. guess what? he bolted to be with her. daughter zoe olivia was born this morning. he left a tournament that paid $1 million to the winner.
3:50 pm
very nice. at the nascar brick yard, 400 today. we spell redemption r-y-a-n. ryan newman took the checkered flag today. the redemption newman's win comes a couple of weeks after he found out he is being bounced from the stuart-haass racing team after this season. tony stuart finished fourth today. i'm getting newman won't have trouble finding a ride next year. new york yankees' captain derek jeter returned from his quad injury today. it didn't take long to make an impact. jeter homered on the first pitch he saw from tampa lefty matt moore. jeter's heroics helped new york avoid a sweep. the yanks edged tampa bay rays 6-5. take a look at this. red sox slugger david ortiz was so incensed over the umpire's call last night in baltimore, he did that. at the time, boston was leading
3:51 pm
the orioles by five runs. ortiz was finally restrained by his manager and a coach. no word yet on possible disciplinary action by the league. he looked ticked off, right? the tampa bay rays sent out this tweet. "wanted, steel alloy telephone with kevlar cord. will spare no expense. must intall by september 10. that's when the red sox play in tampa. at least they have a good sense of humor, right? let's bring in terence moore. that was funny, right? >> if you're not near the phone, it was funny. >> we have to give you your qualifications here, columnist to and sports contributor to his meltdown was epic, bizarre and dangerous, i guess. does he face a fine and suspension? >> he's got to. beside the fact you had to leap out everything he just said
3:52 pm
right there, it just does not look good. by the eyeball test, you've got to say he's got to be suspended five games, perhaps maybe longer. >> don't you have days when you want to do that but you have to restrain yourself? >> on days i'm not talking to you, yes. when i'm talking to you, i feel just fine. >> we'll move on now. we want to go to atlanta falcons quarter matt ryan. sign a deal that will pay him more than $100 million over five years. at the same time, the team asked the public to chip in $300 million for a new stadium. how can a team write paychecks like that? come on. >> let's put this in perspective. except for oprah and maybe facebook, the most powerful entity on the face of the earth is the nfl. about every game is sold out. the tv ratings go through the roof the whole time.
3:53 pm
these municipalities are scared to death of losing an nfl team. here in atlanta you've got arthur blank who is worth $1.6 billion. that is poor by nfl standards because you've got jerry jones of the cowboys worth $2.7 billion according to "forbes." i bring this up because he nevertheless got the city of arlington to pay for a third of his $1.2 billion stadium. to get away with this because they can. >> a few years ago i did a story on the atlanta falcons. they teach their team meebs how to keep their money, save their money. matt ryan signed a football for me. that's my retirement now. i'm so glad i got him to sign it. you went to miami of ohio. >> yes, sir. >> you were a red hog. they got new uniforms. thumbs up or thumbs down? >> it's all about recruiting. players love these uniforms. i want miami to win games, thumbs up. this is not purely about the
3:54 pm
uniforms. this is about miami of ohio trying to separate itself from that hideous miami down in florida, okay? besides the fact miami of ohio was founded in 1809, more than 100 years in the other miami down in florida, miami of ohio is where the first fraternity started, the cradle of coaches, john harbaugh, poet robert frost said it's the prettiest campus ever there was. here is my favorite miami of ohio stat. it's one of four institutions that has produced a super bowl-winning quarter ben roethlisberger and a u.s. president. who was the u.s. president who went to miami of ohio? >> i don't know. you're just showing off. >> benjamin harrison. one of our underrated great presidents. >> my producers are like, wrap him. he's just showing off now. thank you. see you next week. thank you, sir. >> thank you. this day calls you.
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so you can spend less time doing paperwork. and more time doing paperwork. ink from chase. so you can. want to get you caught up on the other big stories this week. it's time for your look ahead. president obama welcomes the san francisco giants to the white house on monday. the president is honoring the team for their 2012 world series championship. aviation buffs will descend upon oshkosh, wisconsin, this week. ea air ventures is the country's largest gathering of aviation enthusiasts. more than 10,000 planes, a human
3:58 pm
who flies at the aid of a jet pack and daily air shows will keep thousands of spectators' eyes glued to the skies. israelis and palestinian restart stalled negotiations in washington tuesday. it's been three years since both side met face-to-face. secretary of state john kerry will play a role in the meetings. president obama takes his case to the american people as he makes a speech on the economy in chattanooga, tennessee. he'll be focusing on manufacturing, high wage jobs and economic growth. and we'll get a look at just how upbeat americans are about their economy when the consumer confidence report is released tuesday. mid week, the fed decides how high or low interest rates will go. the fed's open market committee announces the interest rate decision at 2:00 p.m. after a two-day meeting. the tuskegee airmen will honor the accomplishments of
3:59 pm
african-americans who participated in air crew, ground crew and operation support training in the army air corps during world war ii. >> thursday, same-sex marriage laws take effect in minnesota and rhode island. raising to 13 the number of states along with the district of columbia that now have legalized same-sex marriage. computer hackers unite. deathcon, one of the largest annual convention of hackers gets under way in las vegas. on the agenda for the 15,000 members, debating security topics and demonstrating secret coding. conference organizers have asked federal agents to stay away. >> one of the biggest music festivals in the country, lollapalooza starts friday in chicago. the latest employment numbers from the department of labor and factory orders from the month of june. that's your look ahead.
4:00 pm
>> thank you, everyone so much for joining us. before i go, keith boykin, i love the piece you wrote on -- captions by vitac -- i've always wanted to get as far away as possible from the place that i was born. far both geographically and spiritually.