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tv   Early Start  CNN  August 7, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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so next time you need a hockey score, there is not enough mayo on your turkey sandwich or have a burger emergency, remember, there is no such thing and do not call 911. call us, we're in the book under ridiculist. look us up. that does it for us. "early start" starts now. have a great day. this radical, you know, violent extremism is still out there. and we've got -- you know, we've got to stay on top of it. >> president obama on the record for the first time on the terror threat that shut down more than a dozen american embassies and consulates. i'm begging to you let my daughter go. you've taken everything else. >> a father's desperate plea after his ex-wife is murdered. his children go missing. and the man police say is responsible is on the run. and deadly blooding in the midwest. a state emergency declared. a town evacuated. and there is still more rain on the way.
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good morning to you. welcome to "early start." happy you're with us this morning, i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm john berman, it's wednesday, 5:00 a.m. in the east. and president obama is speaking out for the terror threat that led to the closures overseas. on nbc the president said a worldwide shut down and temporary shutdown over the world was necessary and it was warranted. >> it's significant enough that we're taking every precaution. we had already done a lot to bolster embassy security around the world. but especially in the middle east and north africa where the threats tend to be high of the. and whenever we see a threat stream that we think is specific enough that we can take some specific precautions within a certain time frame, then we do so. >> the office also turned to a
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wide range of other topics. president obama called for more dialogue about the trayvon martin case. he defended obama care and insisted the u.s. does not have a domestic spying system, just systems to track phone numbers and e-mail addresses connected to potential terrorists. he also said he was disappointed that russia gave temporary amnesty to nsa leaker edward snowden. >> and for snowden's revelations about the nsa, more details could be out. he plans in the next few days to release more information about what the u.s. is doing to track internet usage. and he said what has been put out so far is just a small part of what he found out with the documents leaked. and charges on the deadly attack on the compound in benghazi, libya. sources tell cnn several have been charged including an official named ahmed abdul
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katalla. and a california man on the run possibly with a 16-year-old girl and an 8-year-old boy. after the remains of a woman and child were found in his burned out home in san diego. now, the children's family is pleading for a safe return. let's get more from miguel marquez. >> reporter: overnight, a vigil of hope for children allegedly kidnapped by this man, james dimaggio. >> we all miss you han, we love you so much. we're here. we're all here, we're praying for you. >> reporter: following an emotional appeal from the children's father brett anderson. >> jim, i can't fathom what you were thinking. the damage is done. i'm begging to you let my daughter go, you've taken
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everything else. >> reporter: speaking directly to jim demagazine yoe, the man who investigators believe killed anderson's ex-wife and possibly his 8-year-old son. and then kidnapped his 16-year-old daughter hanna. >> hanna, we all love you very much, if you have a chance, you take it. you run. you'll be found. >> reporter: the case leading to california's first state wide amber alert over smartphones late monday night. road signs calling motorists' attention to the nationwide alert. investigators anxious to catch a break. >> it is safe to say that he is a very dangerous person. armed or not, it would be safe to assume he is armed. that's why we're asking any members of the public who may believe they see him, don't attempt to contact him, don't attempt to contain him or do anything. call 911. >> reporter: investigators updating pictures of the kids and a mock-up of a bald james
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dimaggio just in case he shaved his head. miguel marquez, cnn, california. >> authorities are still looking at the remains of the child in the burned out home. but his father did not mention the boy when he called on dimaggio to set his daughter free. >> how horrible for that family. mark creche was one of two people who helped stopped a gunman who opened fire in eastern pennsylvania. we first told you about this early yesterday morning killing three and injuring several others. creche did not want his face shown on camera. >> people needed help, i helped. that's it. i was -- after the second round of shooting, i could not take any more shooting. i got up and ran, and i'll be honest with you, my wife was behind me, and i did not want her to be shot.
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>> wow, he risked his life. the suspect rockne newell had an apparent long-running dispute with township officials that's him there about his property which had just been condemned. he was arraigned tuesday on murder charges but did not enter a plea. flash flooding leading to tragedy in missouri. authorities say a 4-year-old boy was killed when a car he was riding in was swept away 80 miles northwest of waynesville. the boy's mother is still missing. leaving many homes under several feet of water. >> i want to cry. that's all i can say, i want to cry. i've never had to deal with anything like this. every tomb i look at it, i want to cry, but got to be strong. >> missouri's governor has declared a state of emergency in areas of flooding.
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>> indira petersons is watching the flooding. that's devastating. >> truly devastating, unfortunately, almost identical pictures today that we saw yesterday. we actually pulled up yesterday's radar. we reported anywhere from seven to nine inches of rain yesterday. now, let's look at the current radar. almost an identical picture. we're still talking about rainfall rates, about two inches an hour. we see a band, kansas and missouri. you have that ground that's saturated. so any additional rain is still saturating. look at waynesville. let's talk about what we're expecting the next several days. you can see where the biggest chance for more severe thunderstorms today are going to be oklahoma and kansas. so kind of the same region, as we stretch into tomorrow, we're still seeing the training thunderstorms in the same region. in fact, the severe weather will stretch to illinois tomorrow.
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we have that trailing cold front seeing the thunderstorms develop ahead of that line. eventually, this will bring rain into the mid-atlantic and northeast as well. as far as the rain totals, we're going to see the heaviest of course in that same region. spleding into kentucky and tennessee, eventually see several inches into the northeast. day after day, it's not letting up. it looks like the severe weather still expected. even up by the weekend. ask yourself this question, do you feel lucky? >> i feel very lucky. >> how about $425 million lucky? do you feel that lucky? >> i would love to be feeling that lucky. >> you are not going to win, i make you that promise right now. >> now, if i do win, you're not getting any, okay? >> the jackpot, zoraida, will i win, $425 million. this is the fourth largest jackpot in this country and yet another one zoraida will not
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win. lottery officials say the sales are brisk. but do not start spending the winnings yesterday. your odds are 1 in 175 million. >> you have two really cute kids. if i win, i'll give it to them, though. it's a chilling confession in court from the accused ft. hood shooter. >> is he breathing? is he breathing? is he breathing? >> oh, my goodness. >> and a frantic 911 call for help. usher's son rushed to the hospital. we'll tell you that story when we come back. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one bucket of data for everyone on the plan, unlimited talk and text on smart phones. now, everyone's in the spirit of sharing. hey, can i borrow your boat this weekend? no. [ male announcer ] share more. save more.
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a startling admission at the court martial for army psychiatrist accused of gunning down more than a dozen people and wounding many others. ed lavandera has the report. >> reporter: dressed in an army combat uniform and an american
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flag decorating his sleeve, major nidal hasan quickly admitted to killing defensive fellow soldiers. the evidence will clearly show i am the shooter, he declared in opening statements. prosecutors are fighting for the death penalty, but major hasan is waging his own war. he's on a mission justified to killing 13 people and wounding 30 others in the for thehood massacre. hasan went on to say, i was on the wrong side and i switched sides. he was targeting soldiers prepared to fight the war in afghanistan. heavy security is in place for major hasan's court-martial. the courthouse is blocked by massive rows of steel containers. major hasan is flown in by helicopter from the nearby jail that he's being held. he will likely question his own
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victims. >> i got shot twice in the lower back. >> reporter: 41-year-old christopher royal is one of those victims prepared to stare down hasan in court. the chief warrant officer is still recovering from the wounds, nerve damage down his arms and legs but the trauma is more mental for this married father of a young boy. >> i can't go to crowded places anymore. i don't even really go to the mall anymore. i can't take my child to disneyland because i can't deal with it. i can't take my child to six flags, because i can't deal with it. >> reporter: royal has found solace and healing in the gym. since the attack, he works out twice a day for a total four hours while the government classifies the fort hood massacre as a workplace violence. he said he considers him a terrorist but has forgiven him. every day, he goes by honoring
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his fallon comrades. >> i talk to the soldiers out there. it doesn't make sense. i see that i can go because they can't. so that's what helps me throughout my day, to keep going. and then when i go by the site, it continues to help me go on because there was 13 that day that did not make it past that site. so that kind of pushes me through. >> reporter: ed lavandera, cnn, ft. hood, texas. it's a victory of sorts for convicted army private bradley manning. a military judge reducing his maximum term for giving secrets to wikileaks to 136 years to 90 years. the judge ruling there was some overlap in his defenses. meantime, manning's father believes his son is innocent and was grandstanding when he confessed to the leak in court. >> logistically, i can't understand, because knowing the computers as well as i do, how
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you could get that much data out of a room with three other people in there, you know, sitting close proximity, where everybody could see what everybody was doing, it's -- i can't understand how that could be done. >> the sentencing phase of manning's court-martial is now in its second week. he was kwigtded of the largest leak of classified information in u.s. history. this morning, demolition crews will begin tearing down the house in cleveland where ariel castro held three women for a decade. security is going to be tight there to discourage any souvenir hunters. every single piece of debris from castro's home will be shredded and sent on for disposal. >> i'm sure people that live in that community are going to be happy to see that house demolished. researchers have been given permission to dig up remains buried at unmarked graves at a
2:17 am
now defunct school. the dozier school, for years boys claim they were subjected to severe sexual abuse at that facility. researchers say at least 96 children died there between 1914 and 1973. the singer usher's 5-year-old son recovering this morning after a serious accident at his atlanta home. the boy was swimming with his aunt and housekeeper when he apparently dove in and tried to recover a toy. his arm apparently became stuck in a pool drain. two workers there helped with the rescue there. the aunt frantically called 911. take a listen. >> my nephew was in the pool, he went -- and i couldn't get him. i tried to get him. they're doing cpr on him, he's 5 years old. >> okay, stay with me. >> is he awake? >> huh? >> is he breathing? >> is he breathing?
2:18 am
is he breathing? >> he is. >> he's breathing, yes, ma'am. >> just last year, usher won custody of his two sons after a bitter dispute with his ex-wife. the ex-wife not commenting about reports that her lawyer has asked for an emergency custody hearing. and there are new details about the final moments of southwest airlines flight 335 whose nose deer broke during a hard landing at new york's laguardia airport. this was last month. ten people were injured there. the ntsb said the captain took control of the aircraft when the plane was below 400 feet. that's a critical phase of the flight and something that rarely happens. the report says the pilots reported a wind shift during landing. some good news when it comes to childhood obesity. the cdc says its rates are falling for the first in decades. they're reporting signature declines in obesity between preschoolers in 18 states and u.s. virgin islands.
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2008 to 2011. the cdc says even though obesity is still an epidemic, it looks like the tide is beginning to turn. on the heels of that story, i have this one. are you hungry? you may be after this. this is the waffle taco. the latest creation from taco bell. it's scrambled eggs and a waffle that you see there with the waffle as the shell. it's coming to about 100 taco bell locations after being tested in southern california earlier this year. >> this may not be the healthiest way to start your day, though. each waffle taco has 460 calories which i actually thought wasn't bad but it has 30 grams of fat. >> what's 30 grams of fat? >> that is a lot. obesity epidemic and then a waffle taco. coming up here, cbs in a war with time warner cable.
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i'm with john on this. >> you're going to john the pool? >> i think i will, i will join the pool. let's look the at stocks. maybe you can make some money maybe not this week. dow futures are down 70 points this morning. this is going to be the third straight decline. who do you want to blame? blame the federal reserve. two fed presents are talking about that "t" word again. it could pull back on the stimulus program as early as next month. that's the stimulus program in the form of $85 billion a month. that is pushing the dow higher and higher. the s&p, a 90% gain so far this year. big time. more than double than what we see. how the fear is how long did this good feeling last. lincolns are getting down and dirty with cbs and time warner, les moonves released a
2:25 am
statement to cbs. the day before the ceo of time warner cable also released a statement with a proposed resolution. moonves says it went to the public and not to him, he's calling it a p.r. stunt. time warner was removed on friday. and the government claims back in 2008, b of a sold mortgages that were risky. here's the important part, though, bank of america knew it and didn't say anything. the bank said it will fight the charges and also says that securities were, quote, sold to sophisticated investors who had ample access to underlying data. meaning the investigators could have figured it out on their own. warhol, monet, rockwell, if you want a piece from one of
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it's significant enough that we're taking every precaution. >> president obama on the record on the terror threat, shutting down nearly two dozen american embassies and consulates. a major development, charges filed nearly one year after terrorists attack and murdered four americans in benghazi, we are live with new information. okay. so handcuffed, locked in a coffin, thrown out of a plane, it is an amazing death-defying stunt. it was caught on camera. how's that for an adrenaline rush? oh, my goodness. >> he's got serious mommy issues, that's all i can say. something's up with that dude. >> i felt the same way.
2:31 am
who would do this and why? >> welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. it's 30 minutes past the hour. we're hearing from president obama in shutting down the government in embassies and consulates overseas. this was on "the tonight show" the president said it was not the action to shut the embassies and consulates but he said the threat was significant enough that the administration felt it had to take precautions. >> it's a reminder through all the progress we've made, getting bin laden, putting al qaeda between afghanistan and pakistan back on its heels that, you know, this radical, you know, violent extremism is still out there. and we've got to stay on top of it. >> the president said americans should still go ahead and travel overseas, but use common sense.
2:32 am
and heed the warnings. the president also defended the nsa's surveillance programs, insisting the sags not spying, just keeping track of phone numbers and e-mail addresses associated with terrorists. now to a big development into the investigation into last year's deadly attack on the u.s. diplomatic compound in benghazi, libya. sources tell cnn, federal authorities have filed the first criminal charges in connection with that attack. and a prominent figure in libya son that list. arwa damon is tracking all the developments. she is live in cairo for us so we have charges, but have any arrests been made? >> reporter: no, at this point, not yet. in fact, one of the main individuals you're referring to ahmed abu khattalah he is effectively out in the open. we spoke to him just a few months ago when we were in benghazi, we asked him about these various allegations that have begun to surface back then
2:33 am
from a number of sources. he completely denies any direct involvement in the attack. and is perhaps something of an easy individual to charge because he has been placed on the scene. there have been various eyewitnesses who said he appeared to be commanding the attack itself. he himself does not deny being there, but he says he was simply directing traffic when he arrived onsite at the request of one of the key libyan commanders themselves. some intelligence analysts, libyan intelligence analysts, will say he in fact probably had nothing to do with it. that those who organized this attack, the key individuals were members of al qaeda and the islam islamic maghreb. and the vast majority have moved on and fighting in another battleground in syria itself. the fbi also earlier in the year released a number of photographs of individuals believed to have been involved. we had taken them to the streets in benghazi. no one had any information about
2:34 am
them at this point so while the u.s., yes, has filed these charges, they do remain sealed. this does not necessarily mean that we're any closer to seeing justice and accountability at thing stage. add to all of this, of course, the incredibly dangerous situation, the security threat that exists in benghazis it does not men they have the ability to go out to these people. >> arwa damon live in kier row thank you. we also have breaking news twouvnt world's major airports. a massive fire has shut down the airport in nairobi, kenya, engulfing the entire terminal. it's likely to be closed for days we're told. it's not color what caused the blaze but authorities do not believe it was terrorism. i do believe as reading the reports, it was under construction, the entire terminal. >> they've got serious flight probl
2:35 am
problems. a call from two top senators in egypt. john mccain and lindsay graham were there to meet with the interim government. both sides encouraged solving the crisis there. >> we also urged the release of political prisoners. we also urged strongly a national die naug, a national dialogue that is inconclusive of parties of the muslim brotherhood. at the same time, we expect the muslim brotherhood to refrain from violence. >> both senators said it's critical that the u.s. maintain its relationship with egypt. but the only way to do that is if the political situation, they say, is resolved soon. iran's president said the nuclear program is peaceful and that he's willing to negotiate with the u.s. over it. hasan rowhani said he's out to
2:36 am
stop those talks. james dimaggio disappeared earlier this week after his home near san diego burned down. inside that home, authorities found the remains of a woman and a child. two of the women's children, 16-year-old hannah anderson and 8-year-old ethan are now missing. and their father had this message for dimaggio who had been a family friend. >> i can't fathom what you were thinking. the damage is done. i'm begging you to let my daughter go. you've taken everything else. hannah, we all love you very much. if you have a chance, you take it. you run. you'll be found. >> it's unclear at this hour if the body of the child found inside is that of ethan anderson. but his father, as you just
2:37 am
heard, did not ask dimaggio to let his son go. >> all right. former president george w. bush is on the mend this morning after undergoing surgery to open up a blockage in his heart. the blockage was exposed during an annual physical. the procedure went perfectly. bush is expected to leave the hospital today and be back on his normal schedule by thursday. >> back out biking soon. former presidential candidate mitt romney is warning members of his own party, a government shutdown, he says, is not the answer. some congressional republicans have proposed not letting any spending bills pass until obama care is defunded. but romney told donors at a new hampshire republican event that the consequences of such a move could be dire. if soldiers don't get paid or seniors don't get their social security checks, they could hold it against the republican party in the future, mitt romney says. we're hearing now from an 11th accuser against san diego mayor bob filner.
2:38 am
michelle tyler alleges filner asked her to engage in a sexual relationship with him in exchange for his help in a case of an injured former marine who had been battled with the v.a. tyler said filner asked her if he could spend time with her. and made clear that he wouldn't help if she didn't. >> i believe a person in power should not take advantage of a person. >> filner is currently in what he called intensive therapy and has said he does not believe he's guilty of sexual harassment. to new york city now, a new york city mayoral forum nearly turned ugly when anthony weiner referred to a republican rival as grandpa. the 16-year-olds who mocked weiner's texting scandal.
2:39 am
weiner apparently made physical contact with his opponent. listen. >> i heard what you said. >> really? >> keep your hands off of me. don't put your hands on me ever again. >> ooh, ooh. >> you go. >> the candidate forum ironically sponsored by the arp. a 4-year-old boy was killed when he was swept away from a vehicle. his mother is still missing. that town is now in a disaster area. indra petersons is tracking that. what's the latest out there? >> the hardest thing to say, six inches of water, two feet of water taking away a car.
2:40 am
it's so important to get that information out there, especially on days like this. this is yesterday's radar in the area. the reason i'm showing this, it's almost an exact replica from today. you there go again, we're talking heavy rainfall. yesterday, seven to nine inches of rain in the area. today, we're looking at not only kansas, but the other line of southeastern portions of missouri. that rainfall, about two inches per hour. a lot of flooding concerns throughout, we actually have flood warnings and plenty of advisories. yesterday was enough, adding more additional rainfall. that's never a good thing. as far as the same thing, that severe threat, by tomorrow still talking about the training thunderstorms even stretching tomorrow into missouri and illinois. heavy thunderstorms likely in the region as we move forward. here's the reason why, the cold front trailing off the low moving through canada. we're going to continue to use these storms. rain in that area, rain in the
2:41 am
midatlanta be, even in the northeast by the end of today. >> thanks. so could this be the future of crime fighting? check this out. so that is not a real police officer. >> he looks real. >> it's a cardboard cutout. it's put up along with cameras in a boston subway station to help stop bicycle thieves. apparently, it's working, bike thefts are down dramatically since the posters were put up. the bill is, as much less, as you might imagine than having to pay for a real officer. >> on over time? >> he's not on overtime. somebody did quick math if we actually station an officer here physically 365 days a year, it would be over $200,000. >> the message this sends me is that bicycle thieves are really, really dumb. the image is based on a real transit comtraffic cop.
2:42 am
he was happy to do it, he said. >> i don't know, eventually, they're going to catch on, don't you think, berman? >> i don't know many bike thieves, but they do not seem like smart people. coming up, an incredible skydiving stunt, handcuffed, locked in a conand thrown out of a plane. how it turned out.
2:43 am
2:44 am
2:45 am
all right. so this seems to be happening more and more, unfortunately. this is a backhoe swallowed up by a sinkhole on a busy street. >> what. >> oh, my goodness. this is montreal. a crew was on the scene to deal with a faulty sewer pipe when the road simply gave away. the driver was inside the backhoe at the time. we are happy to report, he's okay. >> that is crazy >> it is. >> on the subject of crazy, some incredible death-defying pictures to show you this morning from illinois.
2:46 am
>> that guy's insane. >> that's a box. it's been called a flying coffin being thrown from a plane. and an escape artist named anthony martin was inside that coffin. his hands were cuffed. arms chained. his crew jumped with him until he could get out, he did it in 20 seconds. he did it 25 times. >> there are plenty of things in life that will kill you so why do you do this? i don't understand. that cannot possibly be a good adrenaline rush. >> strange >> let's take a look at what's coming up on "new day." chris cuomo and kate bolduan join us now. >> that's crazy. >> you wake up on national tv to
2:47 am
be talked about by john and zoraida. >> all right. here's what we're doing on "new day" today. we're following this desperate manhunt in california. a man is on the run. this is is a bizarre story. this is what the police believe. that he may be with one or two children right now having kidnapped them. and maybe killing their mother. the father of these children is now speaking out. he's working with the san diego county sheriff's department to help get his kids back. we'll take you through all of it. we'll talk to the sheriff as well. good news this morning, for the first time in decades, obesity rates have fallen in low-income children. to explain how significant it is, what this means going forward, where have we learned our lessons. we have oprah on the show, starring in an accreditically acclaimed move "the butler."
2:48 am
many are talking nomination. >> a lot of big names in that name. >> was that oprah just kissing in that? >> was she kissing someone in that? were you guys watching? >> i was captivated by my colleague's words. >> look away. coming up next, he's been facing boos and taunts since his return to baseball. but last night, alex rodriguez did something that finally had fans cheering. what, you ask? you'll have to come back to find out. >> good tease. purchase eraser? it's the easy way to erase any recent travel expense. i just pick a charge, like my flight with a few taps, it's taken care of. impressive baldwin. does it work for hotels? absolutely thank goodness. mrs. villain and i are planning our... you scare me. and i like it. let's go
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philadelphia eagles wide receiver riley cooper back in training camp after taking a few days off to seek sensitivity counseling, this after he was caught using a racial slur.
2:52 am
andy scholes joins us now with more in "bleacher report." hey. andy. >> cooper was back on the field with his teammates yesterday. he said he met with each and every one of them individually to talk about that video of using that racial slur at the kenny chesney concert. cooper says he hopes people judges him on the future and not the past. when he met with those teammates, cooper apologized for his actions and does not seek forgiveness. >> i said, i do not want you to forgive me because that puts the burden on you. i want it all on me. >> alex rodriguez after his suspension of performance-enhancing drugs. he tips him on a elbow. they love seeing a-rod get plunked. the yankees go on to lose again.
2:53 am
you can go to and where where a-rod stands. and the albert pujols, pujols gets it and throws it into the crowd. but, wait, take another look. pujols pulled the old switcheroo. he kept green's ball and gave away the meaningless one. everyone had a good laugh about that. >> you see the two handsome fellows with the crazy hair cuts. that's the manning brothers, peyton and eli. they've shown off their comedic skills on "saturday night live" but this greatest commercial may be their greatest work ever. >> ♪ now is your chance to have football on your phone and in
2:54 am
your pants ♪ ♪ the football all the time do you want that ♪ he does she does dad does. ♪ football on smartphone >> i did have sunday ticket on my phone before this commercial. after watching it, i'm sold. i'm getting sunday ticket on my phone. >> the manning phone convinced you. archie, peyton and eli all convinced you. >> can i go back and say yea, white sox? >> for mrumplunking him? >> not that. just for winning. >> andy, thank you. you make me nervous. of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars.
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2:58 am
once again we have a lot more to say to you, but -- >> it's time for "new day." take it away. >> we'll see you in a little bit. >> it's the top of the hour. that means it's time for your top news. >> i'm begging you to let my daughter go. you have taken everything else. >> desperate plea -- a father's call for help. his children kidnapped, their mother killed. now a manhunt to find the man allegedly holding them. significant threat. president obama speaking out for the first time on the global alert that has some u.s. embassies shut down for a week. will he meet one on one with vladimir putin. >> cnn exclusive. the voicemails from the san diego mayor to a woman accusing him of sexual harassment. she came to him as a victim of
2:59 am
sexual assault. she says he preyed on oh her. only we have those mess sanls. >> your "new day" starts right now. >> this is "new day." >> good morning and welcome. it's another wednesday, another hump day. we'll defeat it once again. >> we'll the take it down. >> august 7, 6:00 in the east. >> good morning. we are joined by mikayla. >> good morning. >> we have a cnn exclusive. we have heard the allegations, 11 women in total who claimed bob filner sexually harassed them. you are hearing it h h in his own words in a voicemail left to an accuser. take a listen. >> hi, it's your new favorite congressman bob filner. >> much more on that coming up. >> plus new information on that crash landing at a new york
3:00 am
airport a few weeks ago. the pilot of the southwest jet had to take the controls away from the copilot moments before the landing. the obvious question, what happened in those final moments? we'll get answers. >> all eyes are on the powerball. could you be the lucky winner? it's a $425 million win. that's tonight. where you buy the ticket could affect your chances of winning. >> a desperate plea from a heartbroken father for the safe return of his daughter. right now there is a manhunt under way for 40-year-old james dimaggio, suspected of killing a 42-year-old mom. investigators believe he hmay have her teenage daughter with him as well. now her father is begging for her life to be spared. miguel is there live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. time is critical. dimaggio is conde


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