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tv   Around the World  CNN  August 8, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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about what to do under the circumstances and here lying to cops, bad stuff. >> bad, bad, bad. all right. brian, thank you both for being a part of the show today. it is nice to have you. appreciate your insight and all of you watching, thank you as well. great to have you. stay tuned. around the world starts now. a doctor in china accused of selling newborn babies to human traffickers. >> also radioactive water leaking into the pacific ocean. japan's government looking for ways to stop it and one idea is so freeze the ground. >> another drone strike in yemen after u.s. officials warned all americans to get out. we're live with the latest. welcome to around the world. i am suzanne malveaux. >> good to have you back. thanks for your company today. >> anxious situation out of tampa, florida. it appears to be over. this is what happened. police issued a warning for
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thousands of people, this is in southern downtown tampa, to stay indoors because a chemical fumes coming from the port. >> a bit of a worry. they say a small fire in a silo released the fumes into the air and the fire is now out. the fumes have disbursed and the order to stay indoors has been lifted. >> and a doctor now in custody accused of selling babies. we're learning more about the allegations against the doctor. this is out of china. a baby boy, the doctor allegedly sold, is now back with his parents. >> what a story. police investigating ten similar cases at the same hospital, held the vigil, promising to overhaul hospital procedures. they're calling for severe punishment of anyone involved in trafficking. here is david mckenzie from china. >> it is an awful case of baby human trafficking in a city in western china that is shocking the nation. take a look at these extraordinary images as a young
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mother is reunited with her newborn son who had been trafficked to a neighboring province. here are the allegations, that a doctor in the town at a maternity hospital convinced the parents that their child had a congenital detect and took the child away from them and sold them for some 3,000 u.s. dollars to human traffickers. seems like this is a trafficking ring and isn't the first time. scores of parents in the city have come forward to say that their children, too, might have been taken away and sold to traffickers and eventually through several steps to adoptive parents elsewhere in china. of course this is shocking china and shocked the government. they say they're going to have a national review of health care in the country to see where it could be to allow such an awful thing like a parent using their child to human traffickers. david mckenzie, cnn.
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>> and for more on human trafficking and cnn's effort to stamp out modern day slavery, do visit the cnn freedom project website. and japan is promising to do whatever it takes to stop this massive leak we're talking about at the crippled fukushima nuclear plant, will you recall 3 hunto00 tons of is seeping into pacific ocean. >> 300 tons a day that has been leaking since it was damaged in the major earthquake and tsunami a couple years ago. today japan's prime minister ordered the government to come up with several sure fire options to stop the spread of all of that contaminated water. >> so tepco and this is the plant operator is now proposing a plan that has actually never been done before. they're talking about freezing the ground surrounding this plant. i want to bring in chad meyers to talk about what does that involve? >> drilling a number of holes,
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putting many operators in an awful lot of radioactive dust and pumping coolant into these to freeze the ground and around the plant itself. what's happening, they're still using water to cool the rods and the things have melted. they still have to pump water in and out every day. they can't prevent some spilling over. and now that it is seeping up again and back into the ocean and it is a serious ocean and especially now it is spreading. for a while we thought it is a little area and i know it is a big spill, big meltdown, and now it is actually getting larger in scope due to the size of what's going to happen. how much is leaking into the ocean? enough to fill an olympic swimming pool in one week. that's 94,000 gallons per day. still an awful lot of water. talk about the tons, it is hard to get your mind around what a ton of water feels like.
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you can think of what 1,000 gallons or 94,000 gallons of water looks like. so what can be done about this? they'll try to stop the water from going into the ocean and where will we go from here? this is it. go ahead and push this into the next graphics and we can take a look at what's going on in the next one. what can be done? underground barrier they have already that was built before is actually working. it is keeping some out. they're pumping 110 tons back and frt and using recycled water and trying to recycle this rather than have it spill out and giant pools where the water is pumped into the pool and pumped to cool it and back into the pool and kill it. you can do it for a while and all of a sudden it is not going to do as much as it could. they're thinking about trying to make this ice barrier that will stop all of the water from going around. it will be a large barrier and thousands of holes they have to drill pumping down this very cold coolant, freezing the ground, and a circular round
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pool barrier to stop the water from going anywhere but right there around the power plant. >> is there any way the radioactive material or water could reach the united states? >> well, you know, the life expectancy, the lifespan of the half life as they call it on this stuff is pretty long. we're talking for some spots hundreds of years for some of these things. we'll see 151 will take awhile, so of course we have already seen some of this, especially when it blew up and some of this did rain down on parts of north america and so minor that it would be less than you would get on any of i think minor x-ray on a finger and, sure, this water, this nuclear stuff will get in the water and not all just going to fall out. it will swim around for a while. >> and yeah, very worrying. they have even begun the thought of cleaning up generally the area, you know, unbelievable. >> people there a little weary
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now nuclear power as well and rethinking it. >> exactly. >> china also suffering through an unrelenting and deadly now heat wave. >> hundreds of millions of people across the country are affected and dozens have died. the temperatures are scorching not only in the day and also during the night as well and some places high time lows are in the high 90s. >> unbelievable. records being shattered in several major cities including shanghai, the big corporate capital if you like. today temperatures expected to top 107 degrees in the city. >> i think these days the weather in shanghai is just like being in a sauna. taking a stroll outside leaves your whole body covered in sweat. you need to change to a new set of clothing for morning and afternoon if you are outside since it is so hot. >> also having an economic impact drajing the crops and the roads across the country getting warped as you can imagine, the
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heat seeping down on the concrete there. >> and the crops, huge issue, a lot of farmers wiped out from this. the middle east now, 19 u.s. embassies as you know also consulates still closed there, and across north africa, officials taking that threat of a terror attack very seriously. >> this is yemen, where american and british government workers are considered non-emergency. well, they are leaving. u.s. officials went even a step further warning all americans to get out of yemen. it is just not safe. we're getting word now that there is been another u.s. drone strike in yemen so that makes two just today. >> and following things for us in beirut, this is a daily event, and again we're hearing that civilins among the casualties. tell us what's going on. >> for the last three days in a row there have been drone strikes, suspected u.s. drone strikes in yemen going after al
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qaeda in the arabian peninsula and one around 1 a.m. local time in yemen and is traditionally a holt bed for militants and we just got word in the past few hours there was another suspected u.s. drone strike today, local officials telling us this also targeting aqap and fighters, at least two killed in that drone strike and this under scores just how concerned the u.s. and yemeni officials are about the heightened terror threat there. many people i have been speaking with the last few days very concerned an attack which is considered to be the most dangerous wing of the al qaeda network could be imminent against embassies there or other western related targets. we should add drone strikes in yemen quite a common occurrence the last few years. the u.s. and yemeni officials cooperating in the counterterrorism measures there and, yet, even though there have
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been so many drone strikes many analysts say they believe the al qaeda leadership has not been sufficiently weakened and that's extremely worrying for that country which is an environment where that group can really thrive. michael. >> also, tell us a little about you have al qaeda and long since been a hot bed of terrorism in yemen, a lot of concerns about it. what are the leaders doing, the president, president obama, the leadership of yemen in terms of trying to rein this in in terms of both companies cooperating. >> the leadership of the u.s., the leadership yemen has been very clear in that they're cooperating and trying to vanish al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. they have been concentrating on this the last several years. now we have seen in the last week yemen's president how he went to the white house and he met with president obama. they both stated their intention to continue these counter terror
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measures and in the last couple of days there has been what appears to be a rift develop between the relationship because after the u.s. and britain announced they were going to evacuate embassy personnel, you had the yemeni embassy in washington, d.c. sounding displeased about that saying this only serves the interest of extremists there, that this would under mine the counterterrorism measures that were being taken, so it will be interesting to see with this key partnership if it recovers and how this will develop over the coming days and weeks at a time when or and more drone strikes are happening at least six in the last two weeks alone. >> just quickly, almost out of time, ask you this, a lot of people are starting to say we won't see any u.s. troops on the ground per se, but there is whispering if you like about special operations and perhaps considered, been there training in places, but actually pulling triggers, is that even on the cards? >> when you speak to u.s. officials, yemeni officials,
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they say absolutely. the u.s. has been loathe to talk about any kind of training missions they have there or if they have any boots on the ground there. clearly the u.s. wants to maintain their only presence will be with drones. we know from yemeni officials the last few years there is a small presence of u.s. and british troops there in a training capacity for the yemeni counterterrorism forces. >> appreciate that. >> a bomb went off in pakistan today, at least 30 people killed. police are convinced this was a suicide bombing. this happened at the funeral for a police officer shot to death just two days ago. >> the victims were lining up for the funeral procession and one of the officers saw somebody suspicious and went over to talk to him and he blew himself up. in addition to the people killed at least 40, some reports say 50 injured. >> here is more of what we're working on around the world. men on a motorcycle, they attacked two british women with acid. the women were volunteer
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vo:remember to changew that oil is the it on schedule toy car. keep your car healthy. show your car a little love with an oil change starting at $19.95. welcome back, everyone. flights are taking off and landing at that airport in nairobi, kenya, we told you about shut down after the huge fire that took place. officials saying more international flights are expected to resume later today. >> you see there they set up tents to accommodate the passengers after that fire destroyed the international terminal. there is still no word on what caused the fire at east africa's busiest airport. we both have been there. flowers and agricultural products, travel to europe, and a very important airport there.
9:17 am
the exports, and tourism, at about $1 billion a year to kenya's economy. >> it is a mess and will take years to fix. in brazil six people are dead and dozens hurt after a bus plunged off a bridge on the train tracks below, terrible story, the packed with commuters and heading home from work. >> and the driver apparently lost control as he crossed an overpass and this is just outside rio and according to a brazilian news agency the number of injured could reach almost 30. >> and you remember that horrific train crash last month in canada. it caused that fire. at least 42 people died when the run away train loaded with oil barrelled through the sister of quebec and burst into flames and did so much damage. >> the montreal main company has filed for bankruptcy in canada and the united states. the engineer had parked the train for the night when it
9:18 am
broke away. this accident still under investigation. >> and police are trying to find out who carried out this horrifying attack on two british teachers. it is just an awful story. >> a terrible story. this is the east african nation of tan za knee a. they were on the island of zanzibar. a couple of men came by on motorcycles and threw acid in their faces and joining us from nairobi, what have you been able to learn about the motive for this? there has been a lot of talk about growing islamism in this place. >> there is no admission of guilt, no claim of the accident, but a lot of people that we have been speaking to say that there has been a lot of worry for a while in zanzibar about this growing trend towards anti-western sentiment and growing trebd through islamist fundamentalism and just two
9:19 am
weeks ago the business men of arab descent was injured in a similar attack and he was accused because he built a mall with shops that people said sold clothing they felt was inappropriate and they accused him of being unislamic and he is seeking further treatment in south africa. i have a little good news. the two girls we have been told have been given the all clear by the medical teams and they will be heading home this evening to their families. >> do we have a sense of their injuries and know how they're doing physically and emotionally as well? >> i can't imagine how they're doing emotionally. you can appreciate two 18-year-old girls only out there volunteering for a few weeks. in fact, if this was meant to be the last week of their time there. it must have just been absolutely horrifying. in terms of the actual injuries, zanzibar authorities say they believe and we'll have to wait
9:20 am
to hear what they have to say but they believe they did get treatment to them in time and although the acid was splashed on their chest, faces and hands, that these injuries were caught before they could have caused much more lasting damage. >> terrible story. thanks so much. and the government is really concerned because zanzibar is a huge tourist destination and foreigners start to get worried about going there and that could have massive economic impact. >> when you think of the kinds of attack, that is just cruel when you talk about acid and it is a detriment. this american man, amazingly, woke up one day with no memory, not only that, he forgot how to speak english and he could speak swedish. >> he told our producer i am scared. i don't know what's going to happen to me next.
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welcome back now. imagine this. waking up and having absolutely
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no memory of who you are. >> that is so crazy. this actually happened to this guy. this is a man from southern california. dr. sanjay gupta explains how. >> suzanne and michael, we know micha michael boat write, 61 years old, born in florida and in the u.s. navy during vietnam and taught english while he was living in china. it is over the last few months he says he simply cannot remember anything about his past including his native language of english, and all he can speak now is swedish. take a look. his bizarre story began five months ago when motel staff found him unconscious in palm springs, california. the only clues were i.d.s in his wallet and evidence he had flown from china to palm springs and he was taken to desert regional hospital and diagnosed with dissober active amnesia, a rare
9:25 am
psychiatric condition typically associated with a dramatic event. he awoke in the hospital insisting he had lost his memory and forgot how to speak english. eventually it was a hospital swrk who uncovered his years live ago broad, in china, japan, and, yes, sweden. this week he was released from the hospital and now lives at this homeless shelter. in our exclusive interview speaking only in swedish, he says he has recurring nightmares that are too disturbing to describe. he told our producer i am scared. i don't know what's going to happen to me next. one bright spot, eva, an ex-girlfriend that says she dated michael in the 1980s. talking to her on the phone here, he suddenly seems at ease. even though he says he can't remember her. eva wants me to go back to sweden. that's what i want, too, he says.
9:26 am
i feel like a stranger here. sweden feels like home. >> so suzanne and michael, the first thing you might think is this a hoax? is he malingering in some way? i tell you, doctors don't seem to think so. this has been going on for quite some time, and no one has seen any evidence of a hoax and no one caught him off guard from a brain perspective the other thing you wonder is there some sort of brain injury or stroke or seizure and again they don't think that's the case and typically with the brain injury you can lose memory but not sort of your entire pastor very specific language like this. the third thing is sort of this idea of a disassociateive amnes amnesia. you heard him talking about the factet traumatic memories he couldn't talk about. that may not cause. we don't know for sure. we know if it is that sort of third cause, people can sort of snap out of this. they can improve, sometimes it
9:27 am
requires antianxiety medications and sometimes it just takes time. suzanne and michael, back to you. >> fascinating story. unbelievable when you think about it. >> this is a story that is worry ago lot of people. the internet transforms what used to be the school playground bully into a very serious threat. >> up next, we're talking about the tragic case of a young british girl and the abuse that pushed her over the edge. wante one of those emergency pendants. the ones that let you call for help. and i said, "that's not for me! that's for some old person!" but we finally talked my mom into calling adt. then, one day, i slipped and broke my hip. the pain was terrible, and i couldn't get to the phone. i needed an ambulance, so i pushed the button. it's okay, mrs. anderson. the paramedics are on their way. it was so good to hear adt at the other end. [ male announcer ] adt home health security services. with one touch of a button, you can summon help from anywhere in your home and talk with adt's trained professionals, who can call for emergency assistance and even stay on the line until help arrives. 1 out of every 3 people over 65 will fall this year.
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this is a story sadly becoming all too familiar. you have a teenager bullied online and now commits suicide. this happened again in great britain. >> a terrible story. we reported on one in italy not long ago and in great britain this is hannah smith, she hanged herself in her own bedroom last week. her father said she had been viciously bullied on the question and answer website very popular in britain called ask dot fn. >> the british prime minister
9:31 am
david cameron is calling for a boycott of websites linked to bullying. dan rivers has more on the cyber bullying and the campaign to stop this. >> she has become britain's most high profile victim of cyber bullying. 14-year-old hannah smith, driven to take her own life after a vicious campaign of online hate messages. >> i read these messages. it made me so [ bleep ] angry that just felt who could put my little girl through that? >> the family prepared for hannah's funeral, her sister has been targeted by more abuse on the internet. cyber bullying is suddenly the issue of the day in u.k. a facebook memorial page had to be taken down after being targeted by so-called trolls and here is where some of the abuse is being orchestrated, an unregulated forum set up in new
9:32 am
york. journalist mark smith helped unmask twitter trolls receiving death threats himself and he shows me messages where users are planning to celebrate hannah smith's death. >> it is a forum where there are no rules. almost no rules. anyone can post anything they like and as a result a lot of people use it to organize these kinds of attacks on people that they think will be funny, where can they provoke a reaction on this memorial page. >> hannah committed suicide after repeated insults on the social media site ask fm and they say they actively encourage our users and parents to report any incidents of bullying. posts are anonymous, making trolling easy. another leading player in social media, twitter, also criticized for failing to tackle cyber bullying. several prominent british women like hellen lewis received tweets tliek this and death threats. she understands how hannah must
9:33 am
have felt. >> it is because you feel you are being picked on by an enormous number of people and everybody around you hates you and everybody knows about it because it is a public humiliation aspect and for a vulnerable teenager it must be incredibly hard to deal with. >> cnn managed to ask several questions online to a self proclaimed troll asking why he did it, he or she replied it is the 21st century equivalent of rotting vegetables and cnn responded so fun and a political statement. he or she replied, sure. >> it is a huge problem. over the last four years convictions re has increased by 50%. it is just the tip of the iceberg because over a third of instances do not get reported. >> hannah smith's last message online was this. a cry for help that is only now getting attention it so deserved.
9:34 am
>> and by the way we're talking about the other case in italy, there was another one in canada as well, and we are getting word now that there have been two arrests in that canadian cyber bullying case. this is a girl called 17-year-old rataya parsons who committed suicide last april after a digital photograph of her allegedly being sexually assaulted was passed around the school. >> and her family says parsons was the victim of online bullying for months. today two males, we do not know their ages, but they were arrested at their homes in halifax, nova scotia. police say they're being questioned but would not say what the charges would be that they might face. >> some good news anyway there. >> yes. we're also watching the devastation on the ground. this is in syria. up in ex next we'll show you slight pictures where the fighting has literally wiped out entire towns.
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welcome back. in syria today we have been hearing conflicting stories about what may or may not have been an attack on president bashar al-assad's convoy. >> we're actually working to confirm this. rebels claim that they hit his convoy with mortar shells today and the syrian government is saying this did not happen. state tv showed this video of the president arriving at a mosque. >> we don't know if this video was taken before or after the alleged attack, but syrian state television says definitely after. they say that the president in fact drove himself to the mosque and the two-year uprising against the assad regime killed an estimated 100,000 people and the horrible effects of this civil war are visible even from space. >> more on that approximate earthquake active.
9:39 am
>> we often show you atrocity from syria's civil war from the perspective of the people living it. today we paint a bigger picture. what the devastation looks like from the sky. amnesty international just released a series of satellite images. this one shows the aleppo neighborhood last year and this is what it looks like now. whole areas decimated by government strikes in february. a similar fate in this neighborhood. now showing the destruction of war even from space. the neighborhood here before and here after. these strikes alone killed more than 160 people. over 4 million people have been displaced, many now living in makeshift camps.
9:40 am
here from high above a camp near the city of otma close to turkey seen last year and now tents filling the space entirely with new people hoping to find refuge. also, satellite images of looting, here the ancient city and now clearly you see all the pock mark from looting at the site, a rare view from space of the tragedy while on the ground the human suffering goes on in syria. h >> amazing visuals there. no animals in captivity, that is the goal of one country and that means closing the zoos. we'll tell you where this is coming up. you deserve more than justo flexibility and convenience. so here are a few reasons to choose university of phoenix. our average class size is only 14 students. our financial tools help you make smart choices about how to pay for school. our faculty have, on average, over 16 years of field experience.
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welcome back to around the world. among the top stories a judge now orders lawyers for the fort hood gun man to remain on the case. this court-martial resumed today in a base in texas. >> he was representing himself but defense lawyers are acting as kind of a stand by counsel if you like. they say hassan wants to get the death penalty, and they asked to be removed from the case. the army psychiatrist of course is charged with killing 13 people, wounding 32 in a november 2009 shooting rampage.
9:44 am
>> it is an interesting story. more than 100 people on board this commercial flight, really so lucky when you think about what happened here, what could have been a major accident in indonesia. >> and guess what did happen? it was a boeing 737 landing when it ran into a cow, yes, a cow, that was standing on the runway. the pilot managed to skid the plane to a stop off the runway and into the grass, 110 passengers on board and no serious injuries, well apart from the cow. the local governor says fences around the airport not in great shape. no kidding. >> imagine that, a cow on the runway. >> handle that announcement over the pa, sorry about that, a cow. >> everybody was okay. customs agents in hong kong have seized a huge illegal ivory shipment. it was shipped from nigeria. >> said to be worth more than $8 million and no arrests made so
9:45 am
far and hopefully they will in the future. we'll go to my homeland, australia, a happy reunion. check out this 7-year-old boy that went missing from his family during a picnic and it is winter down under. let's remember that. he was lost in the wild over night and wearing only a sweater and cargo pants. >> he survived, and he told his parents how. there was a kangaroo that came up to him and kept him warm. >> kangaroo came closer to him and ate the flowers and the kangaroo fell asleep next to him. i think god sent a kangaroo to keep him warm. >> i think it is a miracle. when i smell his jacket, it is kangaroo. >> i love that. have you ever been hugged by a kangaroo? >> no, but you don't want to get kicked by one. they have a long claw on the lower legs and they could kill you. it was an extremely -- that was south african accents. they weren't locals.
9:46 am
the kid's name, simon krueger, he was found on sunday, 24 hours after he wondered from his family and he was less than half a mile away from where they lost him. kangaroo hugging. only little arms at the top, too. >> are you a resident kangaroo expert, you know that. >> we'll move on. >> delicious. >> you have eaten one, too, that for another day. >> we'll talk about that. >> costa rica, government believes wild animals, this he should only live in the natural habitat. they're moving to shut down two popular public zoos. >> it is not that easy and environmentalists say it may not be good for the animal that is only know life in captivity. >> it has been a favorite for school children for nearly 100 years. the days may be numbered. government officials say they want two public zoos in costa rica shut down. their ultimate goal is to
9:47 am
eventually have no animals in captivity at all. the idea is that any interaction with animals should take place in their natural environment. >>. >> translator: public or private zoos as well as sanctuaries or shelter that is can't abide by the rules will not be able to operate in costa rica. our country is evolving and adapting to an environmental culture of zero cages which has been gradually growing. it is not perfect, and it won't happen over night, but that's the goal. >> this veterinarian says environmentalists and the government don't understand what they're talking about. in his view animals can be released back into the wild or sent to a rescue center. >> translator: if they close it down, none of the animals here could be released. most have permanent injuries. even though they have been treated the injuries prevent them from flying or seeing well. some have lost their natural instincts. in other words, they will always have to live in captivity.
9:48 am
>> there are legal issues to consider the facility was to a foundation 20 years ago and the officials say they can run it and the government missed the deadline to cancel the franchise. >> translator: the contract clause that speaks about the reannual says that it renews automatically if neither party indicate it is doesn't want to extend in the first quarter of the contract year. the deadline expired on august 10th of last year. >> costa rica bans circuses with animal abts more than a decades ago and sport hunting is also prohibited. the most recent dispute about zoo animals has already made its way to the courts and much like the animals at its center it is already getting wild. news in we want to report, the israeli defense force telling us that the airport in
9:49 am
israel has been shut down, all flights suspended. mainly do domestic flights and it is not the main international airport in tel aviv that does domestic flights around israel. geographically it is interesting. it is right near the border with egypt and jordan and a lot of these domestic flights and the idea of saying it shut down and not saying why. >> comes at an important time when you think about the u.s. embassies closed in the region because of terrorists and potential terrorist threats and we'll try to get more information about specifically what the security threat is there. the fact that they closed that down is pretty significant. >> very popular place, very popular tourist place. all right. we'll keep an eye on that. while you playing games on the smartphone. >> someone else could be watching you through your phone. that's right. we have tips to keep those peering eyes away.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
angry birds is actually a fun game to play. a little addictive. you don't know it. >> i know it, i just haven't really played it. >> we'll talk about this. while the birds are zapping the pig, someone may be spying on you watching you do it and maybe even stealing your information. >> laurie segall reports on how hackers can use your game app downloads to watch you, listen to you, even take your picture. watch this.
9:53 am
>> your smartphone, turned into a spy phone. >> i am looking at my phone and playing the game angry birds and i am doing my thing here. >> you see angry birds on the screen. on the other end a hacker can see you. >> we use the peek function to take a picture. there is us looking at the phone. >> that's just beginning. >> we can record conversations. you can use the listen function here and when i click listen. >> ten seconds of conversation on this phone. hopefully it will record and we'll see how it goes. >> how did they do it. >> we use angry birds because it is a popular game. >> popular app and be careful where you download it. >> sent an e-mail to this great game that you can download if you just go to this link. go to the link. we download the game. install it on their phone and they're happy and get to play the game. the spyware is there. >> it is not the app that is the problem. it is a malicious link users click or a fake app they
9:54 am
download. he is a security researcher and his work it used to find security flaws like this. >> we created atrojan horse, an application with the malware buried inside and they install the application all by themselves and the trojan horse inside creeps out and takes over their phone. we can do this to any game we want or any other application. >> once you download the bad link, your private data exposed. >> then we go to the website, and the first thing we can do is locate where they are. here we are at black cat in las vegas. that's where this phone currently is. you can see it right there. what we have on here, we have immediately have the e-mail address and the telephone number and the type of phone that they own, and we have also taken the contact list off the phone here. >> google and app recommend users only download apps from the respective app stores. >> what do users need to know about how to protect themselves? have you come up with this code and you won't release it and you have come up with it so it opens the door to other people being able to do that.
9:55 am
>> that's correct. what you first of all can do is first of all be very careful with the applications you load. if you get an e-mail saying click here to download the application, unless you know that person, don't do it. >> all right. we're both wondering how do we protect ourselves from something like this happening? even to angry birds. >> and don't to want pick on angry birds. it is not them. >> it is not just angry birds. it is this is just, you know, look, don't download a link because this could happen with any application. down load apps from the app store from android, apple, and also keep your software updated and i will say, guys, this may be a little paranoid in general. you just can't get overlooking at the phone and seeing a picture of yourself that a hacker took. >> i think it is weird. a little terrifying. the advice is the basic old advice we have had for years and don't click on something you don't know. >> exactly. >> good advice. >> thanks, lori, appreciate it. take a quick break. you know throughout history,
9:56 am
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folks have suffered from frequent heartburn. but getting heartburn and then treating day after day is a thing of the past. block the acid with prilosec otc, and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. all right. cautionary tale for you, especially if you happen to be going swimming or fishing or both. check this out. look at it. >> oh, boy. so what you got there. a fish stuck on the hand. >> that's the official term, fish stuck on hand, yeah. >> this is a scuba diver, not very happy about the situation
9:59 am
here that happened. we want to know how this happened. we have more of this unfortunate fish tale. >> the look on this fisherman's face says it all, pure agony after he got his hand stuck inside the toothy jaws of a monk fish in russia. this video now viral. it is not exactly clear how he got caught in the rather awkward position but they use everything from a wooden plank to a metal bar until finally success. check out those jaws. they aren't the only ones amazed as to how this could have happened. back to you. >> wow. >> how did he get his hand in there. >> my god, it is incredible. >> he is russian apparently. that's why we don't know for sure yet. >> he is lucky he still has his hand. >> exactly. that is one ugly fish by the way. i think this was in norway, wasn't it? >> he does not look happy. this went viral, of course, and the caption was in soviet russia fish catches you.
10:00 am
>> it certainly did. ouch. that will do it for me. thanks for watching "around the world." you're not done yet. >> not done yet. "cnn newsroom" starts now. i can't fathom what happened in jim's head, what happened. obviously just lost it. >> the desperate search for two missing children in california, a father speaks to cnn about the man wanted in connection with their kidnapping. and this is how some commuters started their day. this is in nashville. their bus gets stuck in flood waters, but this isn't the only trouble spot. we'll take a look at the areas hardest hit, and following the near death of their son in a pool accident, usher's ex-wife says she wants custody. we'll take a closer look at public celebrity battles over children.


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