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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 21, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello, again, welcome to the third hour of cnn newsroom. i am fredricka whitfield. a look at the top stories we are following for you. that's the sound of bullets inside a shopping mall today, 11 people killed when gunmen opened fire at a packed shopping mall in kenya. another night of violence in this country in chicago, 11
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people shot, five of them killed. plus believe it or not, this is inside a courthouse in long island, almost a dozen court officers injured in this massive brawl. happening now in kenya, police and the army are frantically trying to secure a shopping mall after gunmen stormed it and opened fire on shoppers. at least 11 are dead. all morning long, witnesses share their stories with cnn, describing the horror as shots were fired, shots were heard from every direction. >> we heard shots and people rushing. we rushed to the back of the supermarket and hid ourselves,
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trying to get anything that would save us. we heard random shots all over the place. it was quite terrifying. in fact, we heard shots 30 feet from us. at one stage i saw them -- it was so worrying and people praying and crying. it was rather traumatizing for everybody. at one stage we heard that there are terrorists, that they were holding hostages, and that they were all over the mall and taking people and shooting people having coffee at restaurants, and just random shooting and lots of people were hurt. we were stuck in the same place for over two hours, this was on the ground floor, this supermarket. finally after two hours, a security guy came and told us it
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was safe for us to go. so hurriedly we left, and we saw lots of blood, sandals and shoots everywhere. and storage, and we went on to the main road, again, we heard shooting. we rushed to the end of the road, tried to get there as fast as we could. >> and moments after that interview, we heard from cnn's anchor from kenya, she gave us some great detail about the shopping mall. >> new cinema there, there were about 80 shots, some of the trend eeest restaurants and cafes are at westgate mall, one in particular that many go to. one of the biggest grocery chains in all of kenya is there, so many people would have gone
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to do grocery shopping and get things for the house on saturday morning. there's a good court, games kids can play outside. it is also in a residential area. so it is around a few other malls, too. but there are homes around this place. westgate easily accessible from so many roads. there have been security checks, obviously today wasn't a day they came through. >> american resident sara head is in kenya on business and spoke to me last hour. she said she saw blood everywhere. >> i entered the parking garage. we had just parked and gotten out of the car and heard three shots fired. and i thought actually it was a car accident, someone had been rear ended. then i saw people running and my colleague who worked elsewhere i recognized the sound of gunshots and she yelled at me, and we and other people in the parking
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garage began crawling underneath cars and behind cars and we heard more shots. so we began running. the driver who was kenyan advised us also to run. so we followed several other people into a stairwell. i thought we had gone into the parking garage. i thought when i entered the stairwell, i would go up one level and be able to exit, and that was not the case. i got in the stairwell and i was there the next hour and a half or so. there were two people in the stairwell with me, superficially wounded from gunshots. when we initially entered the stairwell, we kept going up, then heard shots above us, we ended up staying there about an hour and a half. there were several of us there. there were two people that were bleeding. >> a security agent tells cnn the violence points to a terrorist attack. journalist mark cutahee was tweeting earlier, he joins us on the phone from nairobi.
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we understand 11 people were killed, that's the latest number. what do you understand about the hostage situation and those wounded. >> look, the latest we heard, there are still a number of hostages in the building. kenyan police tell us the gunmen still inside confined to one area of the building, so it appears six hostages may be at risk. >> do you have a clear understanding how this all started? we heard from various eyewitness accounts. what's the version you're getting? >> i spoke to an eyewitness, british nationalist that was very calm, at the cafe, and he saw how this started. he was there having lunch with a friend and a car raced in and pulled up at the front of the
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entrance. parked diagonally across the roadblocking it, he saw men get out of the vehicle and they were draped in ammunition, wearing head scarves, and carrying automatic weapons and raced up the stairs at the entrance to the westgate. he says when this happened, he turned to his friend and shouted run. he got up, they knocked over the table. when this happened, everyone in the cafe saw the armed men coming up the stairs. there was general panic as everyone was trying to flee the scene. this was the eyewitness' account. he said he and his friend managed to hide for some five hours before they were rescued by kenyan police. he says as they were running from the cafe he could hear gunshots being fired into the people where they were. >> do you know whether or not any of the gunmen were
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apprehended or taken down or do you even have a number of how many gunmen? >> look, what i heard is there were ten gunmen. as i understand it, one has been wounded and taken alive by kenyan authorities. the police and the military were working in tandem to retake the building. as i understand it, the police had it from the ground floor and kenyan military troops landed on the roof and were trying to flush out the building that way. as i mentioned earlier, the gunmen are still inside and there are still hostages inside. >> martin cuddihy, keep us posted as you get more information. terrible situation still on-going at the shopping mall in nairobi, kenya. hostages still held. atlas count, 11 people killed. back in this country, chicago experiences a second night of las count, 11 people k back in this country,
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chicago experiences a second night t count, 11 people killed. back in this country, chicago experiences a second night of intense gun violence. nine shootings result in five being hilt. thursday, 13 people were shot at a park on the south side, including a three-year-old boy. shootings overnight police say do not appear to be connected to the thursday incident. and that's driving rain from the strongest storm ever. called super typhoon usagi. it has 125 miles per hour winds, equal to a strong category three hurricane by atlantic hurricane standards. the storm killed 50 people in china and 11 in the philippines. it is expected to slam into hong kong tomorrow. here is the scene in mexico where flood waters are swallowing up entire neighborhoods. officials confirm 101 people
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killed, 68 others missing. tens of thousands of tourists remain stranded. people are also trapped still by flood waters in colorado. nearly 1200 people have been airlifted out of isolated mountain areas. the damage to the state is overwhelming. nearly 2,000 homes have been destroyed and dozens of bridges and roads have been wiped out. alexandra steel in the weather center, talking about a little over a week ago when the water started to present a big problem for colorado and it is still bad. >> you know, the common denominator is the flooding rain, that's what we're seeing. let's start with this. typho typho typhoon usagi, almost 150 miles wide. it is tighter, stronger, more organized. it was a super typhoon, it is
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not that any more. it is a category five for us in the atlantic. 125 now. the outer bands of this are already approaching hong kong. airlines, flights, certainly they're hunkering down in hong kong. a city of 7 million will be impacted by this. you can see it as soon as tomorrow. again, outer bands are already making the approach. it will come tomorrow. maybe a category two for us, winds perhaps 90 to 100 miles an hour. on the other side of the coin, we had tropical moisture in mexico as well. we had two things in mexico. two hurricanes at one point. the remnants of what was hurricane manuel now impacting the states, brought five to seven inches of rain to texas. now moving eastward. this is water vapor imagery. the brighter aspects, that's where there's the most moisture in the air dumping the greatest
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amount of rain. you can see look at the front, it is all pushing eastward. everyone will get into it on the eastern seaboard. it will move through this afternoon and into tonight and tomorrow. it clears the northeast coast tomorrow. still hugs the southeast with about three to five inches of rain here on the coast to one to three inches in atlanta, georgia, points east. rain in colorado, mexico, china, even the southeast u.s. >> it has been a tough past couple weeks in so many regions. thanks so much. the government, u.s. government inching closer to a shutdown with nine days left to reach a deal on a budget. house republicans passed a plan, but it includes a big problem for democrats. it would strip funding for the health care reform law. erin mcpike joins me now from washington. what's the latest on the political fight? >> reporter: fred, you said it, it is all about politics right
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now. house republicans are trying to rest elect the battle over health care reform because they want to use it as an issue in the mid term elections. they are using this to get individual senators to go on the record about it. in the coming week, the battle will shift to the senate, but on friday it was a rare moment for house speaker john boehner, united republicans celebrated their vote to defund obama care. >> the american people don't want the government shutdown and they don't want obama care. >> yeahs 230, nay, 189. the joint resolution has passed without objection, motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >> reporter: all but one republican voted for the measure, and two democrats joined them, prompting this exuberant response. >> today when we acted, it wasn't just a group of republicans but it was a bipartisan vote. >> reporter: it was a show of force from conservatives who insisted on defunding obama care
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as a condition for approving a bill that keeps the government running, but their effort is dead on arrival in the senate, and democrats seized on the potential consequences. >> what is brought to the floor today is without a doubt, without a doubt, a measure designed to shut down government. it could have no other intent. it's purpose is clear. >> reporter: house republicans are working to shift blame for the threat of government shutdown onto democrats that control the senate. >> it is up to senate democrats to show some responsibility and follow the house lead. >> reporter: they are putting the squeeze on senators up for re-election in red states. >> i want to know where senator pryor stands on protecting the middle class from the consequences of this horrific bill. >> reporter: cantor singled out mark pryor and three other
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democrats, kay hagen of north carolina, mary landrieu from louisiana and mark begich from alaska. two senators, landrieu and begich, already told cnn they won't vote to strip money from health care. just nine days remain for the senate to vote on its plan to fund the government without cutting obama care and pass the buck back to the house. now senate democrats intend to strip the defund obama care provision from the bill and they will do that and take up the debate sometime in the next week. then we expect the house will vote again late next week or next weekend and their goal, of course, is to not shut down the government october 1st. >> erin mcpike, thanks so much. order in the court? not so much. more than a dozen people injured in a massive brawl that started in the courtroom and spilled out into the streets.
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when she's happy, she writes about bunnies. when she's sad, she writes about goblins. [ balloon pops, goblin growling ] she wrote a lot about goblins after getting burned in the market. but she found someone to talk to and gained the confidence to start investing again. ♪ and that's what you call a storybook ending. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. three u.s. troops were killed today in afghanistan. foigtsds say a gunman wearing an afghan army uniform opened fire on the special operations
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forces. the attack during a training exercise. the gunman was shot and killed. today was the deadline and syria met it. an international watchdog group has confirmed it has received a list of chemical weapons from the regime. syrian president bashar al assad is so far following the agreement finalized by the u.s. and russia last weekend. tomorrow, the organization for prohibition of chemical weapons will meet to discuss syria and how it verify the list. syrian rebels say assad's troops have been moving some of the stockpile out of the country to avoid detection. back here in the u.s., in new york, six people face charges after a courthouse brawl.>back york, six people face charges after a courthouse braw>back he york, six people face charges after a courthouse braw>back hew york, six people face charges after a courthouse braw back he new york, six people face charges after a courthouse brawl. the fight broke out after
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friends of the victims started arguing. four were hurt, including two court officers. those facing charges face rioting in the first degree and contempt of court. in tennessee, two people indicted for a murder in a case police say was a drug deal gone bad. three teens and young mother were found dead in a car in a rural part of the state september 12. investigators say the two accused tried to rob the victims during a deal to sell some marijuana. charges include premeditated murder. and you might remember the florida woman that made headlines for her nonstop hiccups. now she's making headlines for a very different reason. the 22-year-old was found guilty of first degree murder friday for the 2010 death of a man she met online. she cried in court as the judge read the verdict. she has been sentenced to life in prison without parole and has 30 days to appeal the court's
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decision. six people vanished and now the decades old mystery of their disappearances may have been found at the bottom of an oklahoma lake. we talk to one of the lead investigators next. that song you hear is titled "it's a very mad world" something beautiful and chilling from a colorado flood survivor. ♪ playtime is so much more with a superhero by your side. because even superheroes need superheroes. that's why purina dog chow is made with high quality ingredients, including 23 vitamins and minerals. to help keep him strong. dog chow strong.
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♪ you're listening to a pianist playing "it's a mad, mad world" by tears for fears. he played the song in the middle of his flood damaged home. his roommate shot the video and it immediately went viral. he says the song is uplifting, melancholic, which is how he was feeling at the time. to find out how you can help victims of the floods, visit all right, two cars sitting at the bottom of a lake more than 40 years may hold the keys to two cold cases. they were found just this week in oklahoma when highway patrol officers were testing new underwater sonar equipment. but the real discovery was the remains of six people found inside the vehicles. investigators are trying to identify them using dna, but people in the town think they
10:26 am
know who the people are. in 1970, three teens disappeared after going for a drive in a blue cam arrow. in 1969, a 69-year-old man and two others went missing, last seen in his chevy. that man's granddaughter says he just vanished. >> no trace, no, you know, clue at all. his bank account was there, his house was locked up. utilities were on. you know, he just walked away. >> so now those people are hoping for some closure. i am joined on the phone by the sheriff in custer county, oklahoma, bruce people. sheriff, do we know what the investigators are gleaning, what kind of information they're getting so far from the remains? >> well, the remains are now in the custody of the oklahoma state medical examiner, and
10:27 am
they'll be doing dna testing to determine the identity. relatives of six individuals have been contacted, either donations of dna or in the process of so we can get positive identification on each individual. >> given it has been 40 years, tell me how they go about using dna from the remains and the vehicles still kind of check out, the vehicles match that of at least two of the missing victims, right? >> yes. they had a missing person report included vehicle information which these vehicles match that information, the number of people in the vehicles match, and there were some identifiers in each vehicle that also matched, give us the indication in the investigation that these people were in fact the missing
10:28 am
set of persons from western oklahoma in '69 and '70. >> sheriff, is it believed perhaps these vehicles, the drivers of the vehicles simply lost control of the vehicles and found themselves in this lake or is there anything at this point to determine whether there was foul play involved? >> well, the initial investigation with the vehicles was extremely difficult to determine foul play because of the deterioration of the vehicles. they were completely rusted, filled with silt. however, the medical examiner's office will examine the bodies, the skeletal remains to determine if there's any criminal trauma to the bodies. at that time it will be determined accident or criminal investigation. the lay of the land so to speak of that location is conducive for someone to be driving down park road or lake road, go down
10:29 am
the boat ramp and enter the water. it is not the least bit a mystery or inconceivable that two vehicles within a year and a half did indeed drive to that location and enter the water. >> wow, remarkable investigation, 40 years after the fact. thanks so much, sheriff bruce peoples. appreciate your time. overseas, gunmen opened fire in a kenyan mall, 11 people killed in the violence in a story still developing at this hour. we'll have the latest next. cer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd. ♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track. the power tools introduce themselves. all the bits and bulbs keep themselves stocked. and the doors even handle the checkout so we can work on that thing that's stuck in the thing. [ female announcer ] today, cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everyone goes home happy.
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bottom of the hour. i am fredricka whitfield. kenyan police detained a suspected attacker in a mall shooting a short time ago, according to a tweet by list there. gunmen stormed an upscale shopping mall, firing shots everywhere. 11 people killed. a journalist at the scene says 36 hostages are still being held. president obama has been briefed on the situation. u.s. counter terrorism officials are also monitoring. number two. a catholic priest has been charged with molesting a teenage boy on a penn state campus near scranton, pennsylvania. the reverend w jeffrey polish was charged after police say he was found in a car with a 15-year-old who was wearing no pants. the 56-year-old priest is being held in the county jail on
10:33 am
$50,000 bail. police say they discovered he and the boy after a call of a suspicious vehicle. and number three. if you want the new gold colored iphone, you may have to wait a bit. when apple put it on sale, it sold out before many could get their hands on it. some shoppers even left apple's flagship store in palo alto, california, after being told there were no more gold iphone 5s models for sale. and san francisco 49ers linebacker alton smith facing charges of possession of marijuana and alcohol. police say the player was not injured in the crash, he was released after posting $5200 bail.
10:34 am
and alex rodriguez setting the record for most grand slams. he passed lou gehrig. a-rod is appealing suspension from major league baseball for using controlled substances. unless a budget deal is made by october 1st, the federal government will run out of money and shut down. the latest proposal passed by the gop led house would only prevent a shutdown if congress kills funding of president obama's health care law. democrats who hold a majority in the senate say the bill is already dead on arrival in the upper chamber. representative david scott is a democrat from atlanta who voted against the house bill yesterday. he joins us now from washington. so congressman, president obama says republicans, these are his words, quote, republicans are just trying to mess with me. are they? >> yes, they are, there's no question about it. and it's a shame.
10:35 am
we have a president here who's done an extraordinary job, rescued the country from near depression, he saved the auto industry, he has done so many wonderful things. and there's just this hatred that some in the republican party are so intense for this president. as a matter of fact, if they would just love america as much as they hate obama, we would be better off. we have a history of some of these things happening, like remember the great debates between alexander hamilton and jefferson, they hated each other, they didn't get along at all, but they had the nobility of purpose to make sure that hatred and amnesty they have did not come before the love of country that we have today. >> how concerned are you that a deal won't be reached by october
10:36 am
1st. clearly the plan passed in the house makes its way to the senate, everyone knows it will be amended, and the portion about the president's health care plan will be taken out, then has to make it back to the house. what are the chances the house will pass a gutted plan that they approved? >> let me tell you, i am very concerned, i think the people of america should be very concerned because what you have here is basically a civil war within the republican party, and what you have here is an intense situation with ted cruz playing a hand that many in the republican party are against. so you've got that dynamic in addition to the fact that here is a party that wrote in a bill to close down this government if you do not take the health care
10:37 am
away from the american people. that is desperation. there's something at work here where there are people. i left the capitol the other day, saw a couple signs that say shut her down, shut her down, so i am worried. >> congressman, on the other side of that, republicans are saying that the health care plan is a detriment to the american people and that it is very unpopular. is part of the problem that the administration hasn't done a good enough job or better job explaining what will happen with this health care plan and because of this confusion it is holding this budget hostage? >> the first part of your question, this is a challenge. look, we're dealing with a big deal here, we're dealing with something that every president has tried to bring on since teddy roosevelt, but this president has done it. he has done it the tough, hard
10:38 am
way. he reworked it through the legislature. it passed. he ran on it in the campaign against romney, the people decided with him. now we have some difficulties but we have navigator planners out there that we're getting out. i am so proud like in my state of georgia, we have university of georgia bringing out the help. this is a big, complex plan. when they had social security, we had the same problem, it had to work its way out. so there are going to be some wrinkles here. but certainly, certainly it is right now already working. you can't discriminate against women any more, insurance companies. you cannot be denied insurance for pre-existing condition. all those things are working out. stay on your parents' insurance until you're 26. already premiums have gone down 50% in new york. so they're working. we have to hustle up and do more. the president's team is out there working and this will work
10:39 am
and the american people will be proud. >> i think most people hope government will still be working come october 1st. congressman david scott, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. thank you, fredricka. reliving moments of terror as heard from a survivor of the navy yard shooting. >> the bullet missed me, shattered the glass next to where my head was. >> more from this brave woman that helped an injured co-worker out of the building while the gunman continued on his rampage. mom, dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart,
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hearing more stories how people survived the deadly rampage at the washington navy yard. for one woman, it is a story of both survival and rescue.
10:43 am
here is brian todd. >> reporter: she vividly recalls her friend's face, remembers how moments after he was hit in the temple by a gunshot inside their office at the navy yard, she thought she could save him. >> i felt him breathe. >> reporter: she says she was a few feet from her friend and co-worker when gunshots slammed around their office. she never saw the shooter. >> you almost were hit yourself, right? >> yes. the bullet missed me. the bullet missed me and shattered the glass next to where i was. >> he was down. she says when she checked his pulse, it was strong. she and co-workers ignored their own safety. what happened next while the shooter was still on his rampage is right out of a movie. >> the security guards showed up and they helped me get him to a chair to wheel him to the stairs.
10:44 am
we put him in the emergency evacuation chair and i was talking to him, and praying the whole entire time. >> what were you saying to him. >> that i prayed that god would protect him and that we need him here and that his friends loved him. >> laverne, a former navy medical specialist says at that point his pulse was still strong, but there was another problem trying to get her friend who had the nickname keesom out of the building. >> did you know where the shooter was at this time? >> no, and i really didn't care. we had to get him out. that was the important thing. >> reporter: as they were descending the stairs, they heard over a guard's radio the shooter was in the direction they were heading. she says they managed to sneak out a side door, got him to a law enforcement vehicle, which then sped outside the base to this corner. that's where these images were
10:45 am
captured. bertillia lavern, doing cpr, desperately trying to save her friend. >> then the ambulance showed up. they strapped him in. all of this happened within a few minutes of time, but it felt like a lifetime. >> reporter: he died on the way to the hospital. a doctor later said his injuries were not survivable. lavern now describes her feelings about the man she used to joke with every morning. >> that i miss him and that i won't be able to say good morning to him, that i will not be able to say good morning to him. but i know that he is in my heart and i know his family loves him so much. >> reporter: she says he had recently welcomed a grandchild, she described as the light of his life.
10:46 am
he was buried thursday. brian todd, cnn, washington.
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10:49 am
as entertainment correspondent nischelle turner reports, she's already in the books for getting the nomination. >> are you seriously going to stand here and suggest that divorcing your wife and moving me into the white house in the midst of an election is not a tiny bit of a problem? >> reporter: it is though jaw dropping moments that made scandal one of the most buzzed about series on television and made star carrie washington one of the most in demand women in hollywood. >> i feel like watching her have this moment right now is so exciting. she's so deserving of it. >> reporter: the actress up for her first emmy for playing high powered d.c. fixer and presidential mistress, olivia pope. >> carrie washington, scandal. >> reporter: the first time an african-american was nominated for lead actress in a drama series emmy in 18 years. >> it is a landmark bet to have an african-american lead be acknowledged in this category. it has not happened in decades. this is a huge, huge milestone.
10:50 am
>> reporter: the last contender was cicely tyson in 1995 for the short-lived "sweet justice." if washington wins, it will other celebrities are acknowledging what this means for twediversity on tv. >> it's a huge achievement. it means we're moving forward. at least there's a forward movement. >> it's disturbing, isn't it? it feels really odd that it's been that long. >> you're caught between rejoicing and celebrating for the acknowledgment but then being reminded one of the reasons why we're so happy is because it hasn't happened in so long. >> reporter: a scandalous oversight washington is helping it change. will the star snag emmy gold? tune in sunday to uncover the ending to this cliff-hanger. >> run and win. >> reporter: nischelle turner, cnn, hollywood. ants to know if we can pick her up.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> an update now on that ongoing situation in east africa in kenya. a shooting at a popular shopping mall. zain verjee is with us now with what your sources are telling you. zain? >> reporter: fredericka, i spoke a short while ago to a senior kenyan government source who said 30 people are now dead, at least 100 injured. one gunman has been wounded and several others have been pinned down. this is an ongoing situation. many people have been able to leave westgate mall. i understand that there are hostage being taken by some of the gunmen there. but it's unclear who exactly they are. i asked about nationalities to a spokesperson a short while ago who told me that it's unclear the nationalities of those who have been killed or injured, but the majority of the casualties
10:55 am
are kenyans. fredericka? >> and zain, are your sources saying anything more about how many gunmen? we heard from a few eyewitnesses earlier, and one reported with an australian outlet saying that they thought maybe, like, ten gunmen may be vol involved? what are your sources telling you in >> reporter: the gunmen, i understand, were able to force their way into westgate mall. you know, fredericka, this is a mall where there's a lot of heavy security. when you try and enter the mall, your bags are searched by at least two security guards standing at the doorways. and when you're driving up in your car into the parking garage, there's a bomb check squad that's out there. and they open up the trunk of the car. they check for anything there. they use mirrors to check underneath the car. sometimes they'll open up the bonnet. the heavy security presence there, but obviously the gunmen were able to infiltrate into westgate mall. it's a really popular market mall, fred. on saturday mornings, so many
10:56 am
people would be there. my dad was on his way there, and then at the last minute he decided to go to a different bank. my aunt and uncle were there having coffee with friends and going to the main grocery store there. like them, so many kenyans would have been there. so many ex-pats, diplomats, u.n. because it's such a popular place to be. there's cinema, entertainment, load of great restaurants. it's the place i go to the most whennairobi. it's about five minutes away from home. this is a shock to so many kenyans. there would have probably been people of different nationalities there as well. so right now the area around westgate mall is in total lockdown. other malls have wen shut and are on alert all threw through the city. >> terrible situation there. zain, thanks so much for your reporting. the latest information according to our sources telling zain verjee, 30 dead, 100 injured in
10:57 am
westgate mall, a shooting in nairobi, kenya. we'll have much more right after this. [ male announcer ] this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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welcome back. christine romans is standing by with a preview of today's edition of "your money." >> hi, fredericka. the navy yard tragedy re-igniting some difficult debates in this country. what is the cost of mental illne illness. big business weighing in on the gun-control debate and all in a week where a violent video game
11:00 am
shattered a sales record. that's all next on "your money." fredericka? >> thanks so much, christine. coming up at 3:00 eastern time, we'll have all the latest on the breaking news of that shooting and hostage situation at a shopping mall in kenya. we just learned 30 people have been killed. we'll have the latest on that. and a former nfl player got a huge shock when he heard there was a big party taking place at his house when he was miles away. but what will really surprise you is the response from the partygoers' parents. i'm fredericka whitfield. "your money" starts right now. another mass shooting, another graphic tragic reminder of the costs of mental illness. i'm christine romans. this is "your money." yet again we're asking that question why. 12 people murdered when aaron alexis, a navy contractor with a history of mental illness, opened fire at a washington, d.c., naval installation. the latest in a string of mass shootings across this


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