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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 28, 2013 8:00am-10:01am PDT

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\s. plus a high school football team suspended gets back on the field, but not without learning a major life lesson. all those stories are coming up, but first syria is now officially on notice. last night the u.n. security council approves a resolution demanding syria eliminate its entire arsenal. the resolution warns there will be consequences if damascus doesn't comply, but it does not authorize automatic use of force. the resolution was hammered out by secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart. we talked about the diplomatic
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breakthrough last night. toorch tonight with a strong resolution, the security council has demonstrated that diplomacy can be so powerful, it can peacefully defuse the worst weapons of war. elise joins us from the united nations. first of all, what is syria's reaction to this vote? >> well, alison, it hailed the resolution, said that it satisfied all of syria's concerns and that syria is fully on board as it agreed upon, but it said now it's up to members of the security council, particularly france and others to make sure that no arms get to the rebels. they have to do their part. as you know, the syrians government has complained that other countries are arming the
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rebels. they say that electricities are involved in this civil war. as we do know, there are some extremists that are armed in syria fighting the regime as well. >> so we know the chemical weapons begin in syria tuesday. tell me, what have you learned about how all of that will really play out? >> this is an organization that's involved in dismantling the weapons, called the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. it's a very small organization based out of the hague in in the netherlands. it will have to tap into other world bodies, but they have about 50 sites they need to take a look at and see how they'll go about it. this kind of stuff could take years and they only have a year to dismantle the weapons. so what we understand is they might have a quick-and-dirty way of putting these weapons out of the use, so to speak, not really destroying them completely initially to make sure that
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syria can't use them. but one of the problems is some of these sites have been rebel-held areas. if remains to be seen how easy this will be. >> elise labott, thank you very much. an iranian news agency says a protester threw a shoe in the direction of president hassan rowhani when he arrived home today. that's considered an extremely offensive act in the middle east. the report says there were several protesters there, but also support -- a dialogue that include a phone chat, a phone conversation with president obama. it's the first direct contact between the country's leaders in more than 30 years. national security divorce susan rice explained how the phone call happened.
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>> somewhat surprisingly we were contacted by them to say that president rowhani would like to speak to president obama by telephone on his way out of town, and we were able to make that call come together, and it did, and it was a constructive discussion. >> that discussion focused on iran's new offer to compromise on its nuclear program. cnn's jim scuitto has more. >> reporter: it was just a 15-minute phone call, but one that was 34 years in the making. >> the very fact that this was the first communications between an american and iranian president since 1979under scores the deep mistrust between our countries, but it also indicates the prospect of moving beyond that difficult history. >> reporter: the prospect of reaching an agreement on iran's nuclear program seemed out of reach just weeks ago. >> while there will surely be
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important obstacles to moving forward and success is by no means guaranteed, i believe we can reach a comprehensive solution. >> reporter: a sentiment echoed by the iranian president, who tweeted word of his call before the president confirmed it. he ended a week-long charm offensive, with a promise to submit a plan by next month. >> translator: i assure you on the iranian side, this will is there fully 100% that in a very short period of time there will be a settlement on the nuclear issue. >> reporter: as for that historic call between the presidents, a senior administration official said it was cordial in tone. both leaders expressed a determination to resolve the nuclear issue, quote, peacefully and expeditiously. though they spoke through an interpreter, at the end rowhani did say "have a nice day" in english, and obama said good-bye
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in farsi. ticktock, in one hour, john boehner is expected to meet with republicans, as they prepare to vote on a plan to avoid a government shutdown. we just caught a glimpse of him as he arrived. the house is getting ready to take up the spending plan that the senate passed yesterday, which will restore funding. president obama insist the house pass it as well, but listen to what boehner's spokesman said -- the house will take action that reflects the fundamental fact that americans don't want a government shutdown, and they don't want the train where could that is oobama care. grandstanding from the president won't bring congress any closer to a resolution. dana bash is live on capitol hill. dana, i don't know, does that sound positive? what are the house republicans discussion today? >> positive is definitely not a word i would even come close to using these days, particularly not at this hour. right down the hall behind me is house speaker john boehner's
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office. he's huddling with his fellow leaders trying to finalize a plan they'll present at the top of the hour. this is not a time you want to be john boehner. because he is having the trouble we've seen him having all along, frankly the whole reason we got into shall showdown right now, which is he has a number of people in his caucus, who are demanding they, quote/unquote fight. initially it was to completely defund obama care. now the ball is back in the house's court and there still are enough republicans who want them to go ahead and vote again on a spending bill, which does some things to obama care. i'll give you some of the options they're discussing -- maybe delay obama care for a year, maybe get rid of the board -- or as sarah palin lovingingly called them, the death panels, and also the
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medical device tax that helps pay for obama care. there's a discussion about maybe repealing that. you see the list of three, it could be one, all or different, they're trying to figure that out. those are just some of the options, if they may changes to the bill that the senate sent over yesterday, which is clean, the senate has already said no way. democrats who run the body over there, the senate saying we're not going to do anything that's not clean. but speaker boehner has to go through the machinations for political reasons and also for raw numbers. he is 2ker78d, i am told that at least at the outset he is not going to take up the senate bill, which maybe he could pass with the help of democrats, because he wants to help republicans again get the need to make some changes, the need to feig office their system. that means we'll probably be close to monday night without a
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clear path on whether or how the government will stay open. >> and the drama continues. dana bash, we'll keep checking in with you to hear the update. the affordable carable commonly known as obama care will impact almost everybody in the u.s. in some way. you can see more in if you currently don't have health insurance, log-on and share your photo or video describing your experience. remember the arizona wildfire that killed 19 firefighters in june? today a report will reveal why those deaths happened and provide recommendations for avoiding similar tragedies in the future. are more terror attacks planned for east africa? we'll get the latest in the investigation into the deadly mall attack in kenya. [ female announcer ] are you sensitive to dairy? then you'll love lactose-free lactaid® it's 100% real milk that's easy to digest so you can fully enjoy the dairy you love.
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go long.
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the terror group that's taken responsibility for the brutal massacre in kenya could be planning more attacks. that's according to two u.s. officials who say the intelligence community is monitoring a stream of classified information, and it
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suggests al shabab may be planning other attacks. i'm joined by tom fuentes, the former assistant director of the fbi's office of international at operations. good morning, tom. >> hey, alison. how concerned are you with this new information? >> it's actually not new information. authorities have been aware of planned attacks on neighboring countries for the last three or four years. they attacked the world cup soccer venue that people were watching in ganna, killing 74 people. since then, in 2011, the kenyan authorities raided a safe house in kenya, and found explosives, firearms and false passport that belonged to samantha, the so-called white widow. so the planning, conspiracies, attacks, this has all been
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ongoing for a couple years. recently the leader of al shabab is believed to have sent a tweet. he's believed to have tweeted that he warns kenya, this is just act one, the westgate mall attack, but it's really not act one. it's a continuation of a number of planned attacks that have been going on there. >> that's agents startling. let me ask you this, officials say there aren't any details about targets, but what chances are there these terrorists could go for something high profile like the maul, and maybe just not in east africa? >> the chances are great. that's exactly what they could do. the other concern here for u.s. authorities is we don't just need young men to travel from minneapolis or from toronto, canada to go to somalia and train how to be terrorists and shoot guns and do bad things. those kids were radicalized at home, here in the u.s. and
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canada, they med directly with recruiters, and made the choice to go there. they wouldn't have to go there. this could become radicalized here, and as we no, no problem obtaining the weapons here without ever go to somalia, without ever coming up on the radar of law enforcement or intelligence agencies. >> exactly how much are those here in the u.s. on alert for a possible attack. >> very much on alert, but if somebody radicalizes on the internet, all they have to do is go to one of our big cities, and they would have no trouble gaining automatic weapons to carry out an attack. it wouldn't take much for them how to fire those weapons and walk into a mall or a grocery store or movie theater, anywhere else. that's no big mystery that that's a big possibility. >> tom fuentes, thanks for your time. >> you're welcome. a lot of talk has focused on one woman known as the white
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widow. interpol issued a red notice for her this weeks. officials say it's for an incident from back in 2011, but there's been it speculation she may have been in that mall in kenya. brian todd has more on who she is. >> reporter: she's been photographed as a british schoolgirl with a soft-saysed innocent smile. she's in and out called the white widow trying to -- that she may have been involved in the nairobi mall attack. >> al shabab, the terrorist group on a twitter handle have denied that any women were involved in this attack. >> but a senior conditionian official says that a woman was there, and kenyans leaders believe that she's had bad intentions. she had, by all accounts a normal, even innocent
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upbringing. as a teenager she married, and she was pregnant when lindsey blew himself up in the attacks that killed more than 50 people. it's not clear if she initially condemned those bombings. >> reporter: authorities say she's also been elusive t. known to travel on a fake south after kaj passport until the name natalie webb. in 2011 -- they raided two homes. there they found similar bomb-making materials to those used in the london bombings. they arrested people for plotting to bomb tourist areas, but they were too late to is catch samantha. do those add up to her potential voflt with the wetgate event?
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>> they're real misogynists. they believe that women should be at home in a body veil. >> reporter: but she wouldn't broadband the first western woman to be involved in a well-known terrorist plot. in november 2005 a belgian who had joined al qaeda blew herself up and injured a u.s. soldier in a suicide bombing. and colleen larose from pennsylvania, who called herself jihad jane, plead ed guilty to plotting the murder of a swedish cartoonist. brian todd, cnn, washington. later, several major u.s. cities are at risk of going under water because of climate change. is either side going to blink? or will there be a government shutdown? that's coming up. ♪ [ crashing ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums.
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see that lock? it's ticking down. your government could be shut down in days. right now the gop-controlled house is considering a spending plan in what's become a congressional version of hot potato. >> a reminder that expressions of approval or disapproval are not permitted in the senate. on this vote the yeahs are 79, the nays are 19. >> the democratic-controlled senate voted to keep the government open, but only after striking the house gop's language that gutted the president's new health care program. both sides, as you can imagine, are digging in.
8:23 am
>> it is unfortunate that there has been republican division on this issue. when it comes back to the senate after the house stands their ground yesterday again, we will have an opportunity for republicans to come home, for republicans to stand together. >> if they want to deal with all these many issues, let's do it without a gun to the head of the american people. if they want to look at the device tax, let's do it in the context of a separate piece of legislation. we are not going to play games with the american people. >> this is exhausting. joining us is crystal wright, a conservative blogger, and maria cardona, a emdemocratic strategist. crystal, let me go to you first. the ball is back in speaker boehner's court. he's facing a showdown with the tea party caulks in the house. how does he come out this without shutting down the government.
8:24 am
>> well, alison there's not many times you'll hear me saw this, about you the house republicans just look stupid right now, along with senator ted cruz. i mean, what speaker boehner needs to do is get his caucus together and say, look, guys, we are losing the pr battle when it comes to funding the government, the continuing resolution and debt ceiling. i think they need a singular message. the message should be pass the senate bill. i think that they have a lot of merit in arguing for we do have a problem with spending, so bottom line, house republicans need to compromise, the president needs to compromise, but at the end of the day, president obama has done a masterful job of messaging his agenda. he always does, but he too has
8:25 am
said obama care is full of glitches. it's glitches galore, so i think that's the track that the house republicans need to get on, and i think they can make headway with the american people who, a lot of the american people don't want obama care, 70% say they don't even understand the law. >> maria, let me ask you, we can kind of tell. most people don't understand the difference between the spending bill and the debt ceiling coming up. here you have these lawmakers in congress going head to head and the americans on the whole don't get what's going on. is it really worth it? >> it's ridiculous what's going on. my friend crystal wright is mostly right. because this is going to be a very bad omen for the gop. they do not have a good image right now in terms of a party that understands what the american people are going
8:26 am
through, what middle-class families are going there. i think what is going on here, alison, you're right, a lot of people don't understand the affordable care act, but also what we see is that the majority of people want to give it a chance to work. that's why it's laughable to me when the house republicans say they're listening to the american people. because they're not. the american people don't want a shutdown if there are changes that need to be made, and i and the president agree with crystal, come to the wibl with their ideas and the president and the democrats would be willing to listen, but do not attach it to a government shutdown, do not attach it to america going into default. all of which would be very harmful to average american families, the very people that
8:27 am
the gop need if they want to ever become a majority party again. >> let me ask you both very quickly, what do you think are the chances we'll have a shutdown come monday at midnight? >> i think we're going to have a shutdown. remember, whatever the house republicans decide to do with the bill will not make the senate democrats happy. senator reid has already said that. so i don't know how they meet the timeline form the senate has already gone home. that's not enough time, so i think the government will shut down temporarily. >> maria, what do you think? >> i think there's a very, very slim chance that john boehner will today, again very slim chance, but he has a chance to cut the stranglehold that the crazy tea party caucus has on him today at his meeting at noon in half an hour and say, look, guys, this is not working for us, because it's not. let's take our fight to the
8:28 am
president and to the democrats. let's try to negotiate with that on what it is that we want on the affordable care act, but let's not put a gun to the american families in this country with the threat of a government shutdown, or even worse, with the threat of defaulting on our debt. >> all right. mari maria, crystal, thank you for your time. we'll talk more, i'm sure. >> thanks, alison. great to be with you. >> thanks. "crossfire" will will have the latest. ralph nader and carly fiorina are the guests. so watch tonight for very special coverage. just days after suspending the entire football team for bad behavior off the field, a utalk high school football team returns on homecoming night. the outcome, players say they won't forget. a new jersey judge has ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, but if governor christie gets his way, that decision will never go into effect.
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maintenance included.
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bottom of the hour now. welcome back. i'm alison kosik in for fredricka whitfield. number one, iranian president rho hansi having a groundbreaking conversation with president obama. apparently, though, not being welcomed by everybody in iran. a news agency reports a protester threw a shoe toward rowhani when he arrived back at the airport today. that's deeply offensive in the mid eve. the news agency reports that he was greeted by reporters who backed his efforts to end the country's nuclear standoff the west. number two, the u.n.
8:33 am
security council has approve a resolution. the resolution warns of consequences if syria doesn't fully comply, but it does not authorize automatic use of force. chemical weapons inspection in syria are scheduled to begin tuesday. number three, house speaker john boehner arriving on capitol hill about an hour ago ahead of a meeting with house republicans, a spending plan is now in the hands of the house. the senate passed it yesterday with one key addition. it now restores funding to obama care. that's a big, big hangup for republicans. sdploop an amazingly strong decision. that's what a gay rights group says about a state judge's ruling allowing new jersey to allow same-sex marriage. it's allowed civil unions since 2007, but the judge said they aren't sufficient, because they deprive couples of similar benefits.
8:34 am
and number five, investigators are releasing a report on the yarnell hill fire that killed 19409 shots in arizona in june. it's expected to provide details of what happens and give recommendations to avoid future incidents. the death toll was one of the highest from a u.s. wildfire in at least half a century. president obama's conversation with irani rowhani definitely made history. the move could be a huge step in resolving concerns over iran's nuclear program. joining mess to talk about this, treta parsi. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what's your reaction to this shoe-gate that happened today? >> shoe-gate. it already has a name. remember this. in a city of about 10 million people, 60 people showed up to protest rowhani's diplomacy,
8:35 am
while a much, much larger number of people showed out to support it. at the end of the day, this was a move that revealed the weakness rather than their strength. >> what do you think of the phone call? i want i think this was historic and the most important aspect is this -- now diplomatic efforts between the united states and iran has a direct involvement of both presidents from both countries, which means they now have ownership of it. when they have ownership of it, the cost of failure rises, and as a result, they will be far more committed to making sure that it succeeds. that makes this so much different from all of the past efforts that have been made that unfortunately have failed to break the deadlock between the two. >> is it more pr, smoke and mirrors than substantive conversation happening here? >> it seems already there's more substance behind the scenes, but i think the important thing, of course, is that in the beginning there is going to be a lot of
8:36 am
pr. we will know about the substance as the negotiations proceed, but frankly we've never gotten this farther in the past. >> what do you think, can iran be trusted? >> it's not about whether it can be trusted or not. it's about how we use diplomacy to build the trust that is needed and to make sure we have the verification and transparency measures in order to make sure that we don't have to trust, but we have our own ability to verify that they're doing that they're claiming what they're doing, they're living up to the agreements. >> thank you, trita. >> sure. obama care has ended up in the spotlight. will it be defended or not? that question is at the forefront of the whole debate right before parts of obama care are about to go into effect. margaret conley speaks to one business owner, he says he would have to stop all hiring. >> that's a virtual reality. >> reporter: the owner of all new york area applebee's
8:37 am
restaurants sparked controversy a year later from the newest restaurant in east harlem. >> this wall is all living. >> he says he'll find a why to continue with business and his best people are his full-time people. >> am i going to penalize the best people because the president has put into place something that penalizes me? no, i've got too much at stake. >> reporter: the crucial decisions have desire economic consequences. >> small businesses are being forced to provide a very expensive package of health benefits no their employees. cost is the single biggest concern. >> what kind of impact will that have? illustrates i think it has seismic proportions. it's going to change the fabric of who we are and how we go about our daily lives
8:38 am
ultimately. >> for zane, he's taking each face of reform at a time. >> i don't think it will be so terrible. i think people will not opt, at least for the first year, for 10% of their gross income going to obama care. >> margaret conley, cnn, knock. there are a lot of claims about the president's new health care plan coming from both sides. this is just one from the president. >> we will keep this promise to the american people. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. >> so is that true? the short answer -- maybe. it's probably true that the majority of people who have insurance will not be affected by the new law, but clearly some will. the white house says the president assistants by the claim, declaring on its website nothing in the proposal forces anyone to change the insurance they have, period. want to find out all the answers? go to
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and after a run to record highs, stocks have fallen back this week, as washington gets mired in gridlock. it's not just the threats of the government shutdown, no, it's all that squabbling over raising the government's borrowing limit called the debt ceiling that has investors a bit concerned. >> alison, the september surge -- the first weekly loss, squabbling in washington is creating uncertainty on wall street, investors are worried about a government shutdown and another debt ceiling debacle. analysts say investors aren't panicked yesterday, because they still expect a last-minute deal. blackberry reported a $965 million loss. shares are down more than 30% in year, but the stock may not trade much longer. fairfax financial offered $4.7
8:45 am
billion to take the company private. more happy housing news, home prices just 12.4%, and even with rising mortgage rates, they climbed 8% in august. j.p. morgan chase is in talks with the government to settle -- the agreement could cost the bank possibly 11 billion dollars. j.p. morgan has been accused of selling risky mortgage-backed securities while representing them as safe. want fries with that? you have to think about that one. starting next week mcdonald's will offer a choice of sides. customers can have a salad, fruit or vegetables at no extra cost. don't forget to join christine romans on a brand-new "your money." obama care is here forget the politics, she's got the facts. >> seine asher in new york, thank you. this is a car love's dream. on the auction block in pierce,
8:46 am
nebraska, some date back to the 1930s. many have been barely driven. it took a local dealer decades to acquire of car. he finally decided to auction them all at once to pay some bills. one hiss football coach made national headlines this week after he suspended his entire team for bad behavior off the field. well, now the team is back, but the question is -- have they all learned their lesson? [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word... if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts... well muddlers, muddle no more. try zyrtec®. it gives you powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because zyrtec® starts working at hour one on the first day you take it. claritin® doesn't start working until hour three. zyrtec®. love the air.
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8:50 am
here is christi paul. >> reporter: with this 90 yard kickoff return, the union cougars were back in the homecoming game after a week in the national spotlight and the lesson of a lifetime. >> that's how you do that, billy. >> reporter: the head coach, matt labrum about the staff decision to suspend every varsity and junior varsity player on the football team. >> never expected it to go like it did. >> reporter: holding the team accountable for off field misconduct by a few players got reaction from across the country. >> if you could tell the coach i think he is wonderful. >> i want you to know i give him an a double plus. that's awesome. we need more of that in this country. >> reporter: the coaches say they had a few academic issues this season as well as some attitude problems. and last week the staff learned a player or two may have been involved in a cyber bullying incident at the school. >> just felt like everything was
8:51 am
going in a direction that we didn't want our young men going and so we felt like we needed to make a stand. >> reporter: so the team had to trade in their jerseys and perform community service, elect new team captains, and attend a character education class. >> i figured we just been cutting down, i figured there was no more games. >> pass interference, that's the worst call. >> reporter: back under the friday night lights, a capacity crowd turned out to support the team at their homecoming game, a game this team will never forget. >> i think it will effect us the rest of our lives, i don't think we'll ever forget it. >> reporter: christi paul, cnn, atlanta. >> good for the coach. we tackle the legal cases. they join me for a quick look at what's on the docket. a man sentenced to 30 days in jail for rape has served his sentence. those that don't like the light
8:52 am
penalty want him to serve more time. will the court give them what they want, avery? >> well, allison, in montana there's a mandatory minimum and the judge screwed up but he entered a second order to make the punishment fit the crime. did it work? we've got the answers for you and more coming up. >> richard? >> and not only that, the judge commented that the woman who was 14 years old looked a lot older. and you would say would you, statutory rape. but in montana, that is a defense. more to come. >> that's crazy. all right. we will have more on that just ahead and the jury is deliberating in the lawsuit from michael jackson's family against the concert promoter. we breakdown the case next hour in the newsroom. a blockbuster report from the u.n. says humans caused the vast majority of climate change. whether it is our fault or not, the change is happening.
8:53 am
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so this is disturbing. the u.n. says the world is getting hotter and sea levels are rising and humans, yes, us, we're mainly to blame. scientists say they are 95% sure that we and our activities contribut
9:00 am
9:01 am
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9:07 am
care. if you don't currently have health insurance, we want to hear from you. share your photo or video describing your experiences. syria now officially on notice. last night the u.n. security council unanimously approving a resolution demanding syria eliminate its entire arsenal of chemical weapons. the resolution warns there will be consequences if damascus doesn't comply, but it does not authorize automatic use of force. the resolution was hammered out by secretary of state john kerry and his russian counter part. kerry talked about the diplomatic break through last night. >> tonight with a strong, important, precedent setting resolution requiring syria to give up its chemical weapons, the united nations security council demonstrated that diplomacy can be so powerful it can peacefully diffuse the worst weapons of war. >> and chemical weapons
9:08 am
inspections in syria are scheduled to begin on tuesday. the diplomatic break through between the u.s. and iran isn't sitting well with hard liners back in iran. an iranian news agency says a protester threw a shoe at president rowhani, that's considered an extremely offensive act in the middle east. there were several protesters there, and also several supporters that welcomed dialogue with the u.s., a dialogue that included a phone chat, a phone conversation with president obama, the first direct contact between the country's leaders in more than 30 years. this message was posted on rowhani's twitter account. president rowhani has landed inter and after a super busy week in new york city. >> somewhat surprisingly, we were contacted by them to say that president rowhani would like to speak to president obama by telephone on his way out of
9:09 am
town and we were able to make that call come together, and it did, and it was a constructive discussion. >> and that discussion focused on iran's new offer to compromise on its nuclear program. a convicted rapist walks out of jail after serving a one month sentence. he raped his 14-year-old student. she later killed herself. people are furious and they're taking action. tuesday, you can start to sign up for obama care, but do most americans really know what it is? we're going door to door to find out. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away.
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9:12 am
the affordable care act, also known as obama care, kicks in on tuesday. as we found out, a lot of people don't know anything about it. that has health insurance workers going door to door to spread the word. our sain asher went with them. >> we will start at the top of the hill. >> reporter: with a few days to go before the new health insurance exchanges go live, an army of obama care experts are going door to door. >> good morning. is christopher home? >> we're not selling anything. >> do you have insurance? >> reporter: trying to explain obama care to americans that don't have health insurance. >> i don't know if it has something to do with caring for people, obama care, basically that's all i know. >> reporter: according to kaiser family foundation, 43% of uninsured americans still have no idea about the new exchanges. >> i have a question.
9:13 am
who created this affordable health care plan. >> this was passed by congress, yes, the affordable care act. >> i was just wondering as a citizen of america, how come i did not hear of this. >> reporter: health care reform is a source of contention in congress, many of the people we spoke with in new jersey were hearing details of obama care for the first time just this week. >> i'm definitely going to read into it. >> is obama forcing americans to get health insurance? it sounds that way. >> reporter: enroll america, a nonprofit funded by insurance companies, health care groups and charities is working to spread the word, dispatching 130 field workers in ten states. >> we can follow up with you. >> reporter: on october 1st, 48 million uninsured americans will be able to purchase health coverage through federal and state exchanges. coverage starts january 1st, and they must enroll before march 31st. >> they're going to be able to shop like you shop for an
9:14 am
airline ticket or flat-screen tv and see what's the best price for you. >> this is all new to me. never know about any of this. >> reporter: whether you know about it or not, it is still the law of the land. if you don't sign up in the next six months, you may face a penalty of $95 or 1% of your household income. zain asher, cnn. >> if you want to know more, go to parts of the east coast are going to need to be evacuated because of global warming, and the report says guess who is to blame, you and me. a former high school teacher served just one month in jail for raping a 14-year-old girl. today he is a free man. today, prosecutors are trying to do something about it. our legal guys are up next. mr. mojito? ok it's got to be really fast, i've got one second hey
9:15 am
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a former high school teacher who served just one month in jail for raping a 14-year-old girl is a free man today. people are furious about this lenient sentence, and the judge's comments about the victim as well. prosecutors in billings, montana are appealing the sentence to the state supreme court, and reporters are trying to talk to the man at the center of the controversial case. >> reporter: stacy ram bold sped out of prison a free man, checking in with his parole officer. hi, i am from stacy from cnn. are you checking in with the parole officer? >> reporter: he dashed out. can we talk about your one month sentence? left for home. former teacher not answering any questions from cnn about his one month jail sentence for raping
9:19 am
his 14-year-old student. he was arrested in 2008 and as he awaited trial, his young victim was tormented her for being a rape victim. before the case was heard, she took her life. to add insult to injury, the man that was supposed to represent justice, judge todd baugh, sentenced him to one month behind bars, saying the teenage victim seemed older than her chronological age and was as much in control as the then 49-year-old rambold. the judge who has also repeatedly ducked cnn's questions has since admitted the sentence may have been illegal. state laws mandate a two year minimum for this crime. rambold is now a registered sex offender and faces a long list of probation and parole conditions, 59 of them to be exact. he can't be around children, go to a bar, get on the internet or even open a checking account. what's more, this may not be the
9:20 am
end of his legal story. prosecutors filed appeal with the state supreme court, hope to put him back behind bars. >> i see hope on the horizon. i think as long as we know that it's happening, we can acknowledge it and do something to change it. >> reporter: hoping to finally find justice that has so far failed charice morales. >> all right. let's go ahead and talk about this story with our legal guys, avery freedman in cleveland, and richard herman. you are joining us. i don't know where to begin with this, so many outrageous aspects to the story. as key young mentioned, state laws mandate just a two year minimum for this crime. avery, just two years for rape, are you kidding? >> well, that's the mandatory minimum, allison. what's involved here is
9:21 am
something much greater than this, and that is what the judge did was try to equate blame between a 51-year-old high school teacher and a 14-year-old student, and that is so far removed from reality. and then to make it worse, the judge appeals his own order if you will, and the appeals court said there's nothing you can do about it. the last resort is by prosecutors to try to convince montana supreme court to take this case to undo what is malignant, just an appalling result, and that's the last legal hope here. >> richard, your thoughts? >> the judge was going to resentence him to two years. just before he did that, the prosecution filed appeal and stopped him from doing it. eventually on appeal, he probably will get sentenced to the two years, but understand something. we have to analyze this, not emotionally but legally and intellectually. this situation would have been a very difficult case to prove because she took her own life. if you don't have the victim, it
9:22 am
is very hard, almost impossible, to get a rape conviction without her. having said that, they cut a deal, they took away the three felony charges. he pled to one on a deferred prosecution. but he got deemed a level one sex offender, and you heard in that previous package, 59 conditions he has to live by. granted, because of a violation of those conditions, he was brought back before the judge for resentencing. and the violation was he attended another location and he got into a relationship with an older woman of age. that was the violation. so the bottom line is this. >> terrible. >> there's probably a two year sentence handed down. >> i don't agree. if that prosecution to the supreme court is going to be successful, that trial court has to have discretion for a just result. it is appalling, malignant,
9:23 am
girls and women face it every day. that's the last hope. i don't agree with that analysis. i genuinely believe this is an appalling abuse of discretion by the trial court and we're hoping montana supreme court will do something about it. >> let me ask about the judge. people are trying to get the judge kicked out of office with that petition. if that doesn't work, voters i understand can kick him out of office. isn't that the case, richard? >> yes, he is up for re-election next year. but right now he is before a disciplinary committee based on alleged bias of his ruling here. whatever you want to talk about, the legislature makes the rule and set the sentencing here. the sentencing like avery said, two year mandatory minimum, and he sentenced the person to 15 years, but put him on a 30 day deferred. >> deferred. >> because they couldn't prove the case. that was the plea bargain. they could have gone to trial and he could have got acquitted, too, then what would people have said? >> he had discretion not to
9:24 am
accept that. the court had discretion not to accept that plea bargain clearly. unacceptable. >> if the prosecution said this is our deal, judge, you better take it, the judge has to take it. otherwise there will be no deals in that jurisdiction and everybody will go to trial. >> i have to leave it there. we're going to be back with you in about 20 minutes. we're going to talk about something different, the michael jackson wrongful death trial. after 21 weeks of testimony, it is now in the hands of the jury. we're going to come back to you. >> yes. 19 firefighters died in june, what went wrong and what can be done to prevent it happening again. [ male announcer ] progress isn't about where you've been. ♪ it's about where you're going. the new ram 1500. best-in-class 25 mpg. ♪ north american truck of the year. ♪ the truck of texas.
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a great tasting way to get the nutrition you need. look for new boost bars next to boost drinks. available at walmart and other fine retailers. brand power. helping you buy better. when the government shutdown days away, what do most americans think of political gridlock going on? cnn's political editor shows they want more flexibility from our politicians. >> reporter: in the show down between democrats and republicans over government shutdown, public opinion seems to be clear. you want congress to compromise. a majority in two polls, including this one from pew research says congress needs to work it out, with the minority saying lawmakers should stick to their principles, even if it
9:28 am
leads to government shutdown. also clear, most of you don't want a shutdown. according to cbs news, "the new york times" poll, 8 in 10 say threatening a government shutdown isn't an acceptable way to negotiate. if the government runs out of money starting tuesday, who would you blame. in two new polls, more point fingers at congressional republicans than at the president. in two others, the public is divided. the health care law is front and center in this political game of chicken. >> health care costs overall are rising much more slowly than they did before we signed the law. so far so good. so what's all the fuss about? >> obama care fails, it is an example of why big government fails, and it is not fair. >> our poll from earlier this month found support for the measure is dropping. 39% favor most or all provisions in the law, down 12 points from the beginning of the year. and two other new surveys find
9:29 am
only a minority supporting the measure. with polls bolstering each side's arguments, there may be even less incentive to compromise. >> paul steinhauser in washington, thank you. yes, we are a little more than two days from shutdown of the u.s. government. what does it mean for you? 2 million civilian employees will be furloughed, causing scores of backups and slow downs of services at agencies through the country. if you were planning a trip to a national park, better forget it. parks are going to be closed, so are all museums and zoos, and federally backed loans are frozen, home buyers, students, business owners, depending on a loan, have to wait. cnn analyst gloria borger on shutdown watch this week. gloria, let me play a short clip of the president after the senate voted to keep the government open without gutting obama care. listen. >> the house republicans are so concerned with appeasing the tea party that they have threatened government shutdown or worse
9:30 am
unless i gut or repeal the affordable care act. i said this yesterday. let me repeat it. that's not going to happen. >> all right, gloria. right now at this very moment we have the white house digging its heels in, we have the senate digging its heels in, as we wait to see what the house republicans plan to do. >> dig in their heels. >> exactly. how much of a political box is house speaker john boehner in at this point? >> you know, he is in a hugely tough position. i don't think we can overstate the importance of this to his speakership. this is a defining moment for him because he has a very unruly group in his caucus who are saying look, we are willing to shut down the government because we want to defund obama care, we want to at the very least delay obama care, which the president says amounts to trying to kill the bill. and he has to figure out a way.
9:31 am
he understands how unpopular shutting down the government is. he saw the polls that paul steinhauser just pointed out. it shows in many polls republicans would be blamed for it, so he's got to figure out a way to keep his republicans happy, particularly that group, and make it look like he's not abandoning them, while trying to thread the needle and get to some resolution that would not shut the government down. and i honestly think that's very, very difficult, if not impossible for him to do, so it looks more and more likely that you'd end up with some kind of a shutdown, then maybe some procedural loops to kick the can down the road, which as you know members of congress have been known to do before. >> that's a good point. americans, we're growing weary of kicking the can down the road. at what point do both sides realize they're not wing points with americans, not gaining ground in the popularity
9:32 am
department. >> one would think pretty soon, particularly since the really big fight, and you know this from what you cover, allison, the big fight and the more important fight and the more long lasting fight is the one over the debt ceiling, which is coming mid october. at that point, social security checks, if you did not raise the debt ceiling, which is effectively saying we're not paying our credit card bills, then at that point you're going to lose your social security and at that point our troops won't be paid, and then people are really going to start to get upset about it. so you know at that point, sometime between then and now, presidential leadership has to be exerted because people believe the energy for solutions in the country really has to come from the white house. at this point the president is going to let it play out, allison, but at a certain point i do think he is going to have to stand up and say all right, enough of this, i cannot let this happen on my watch and kind
9:33 am
of start knocking heads together and see where he gets. >> all right, gloria borger. i am going to dana bash on capitol hill. she has new details what's in the republicans' plan. dana, what do you have for us? >> reporter: we reported at the top of the hour we were told by republican sources that what they're going to do is not only fund the government but deal with obama care in that they're going to delay it for a year, going to repeal a tax on medical devices which helps pay for obama care. i am now told by republican sources who are by the way inside the room right now getting briefed on their plan that there are two other things that are in it. one is to make sure that members of the military would still get paid if there is a shutdown. that's a huge, huge issue. as we have been reporting of consequences of a shutdown, men and women on the frontlines, their paychecks would stop and that's something that's a political and every other way a nonstarter, even for people who
9:34 am
are in the republican party who say if the government shuts down, so what, so that's very interesting that that at least politically is in this measure it seems. and the other thing is that with the senate passed, would keep the government running 'til middle of november, this would take it to the middle of december. but this is a really important point for people to remember. once you started talking about adding anything to this, according to senate democrats, it would be a nonstarter, so whether it is delaying obama care, whether it is medical device tax, anything that changes the funding bill, which is now clean or has no strings attached is a nonstarter. so anything that's added really does increase the likelihood of a shutdown in a big, big way. >> they're muddying the waters in a big way. dana bash, thanks so much. ralph nader, carly fee or even a, tonight for special
9:35 am
coverage. and just ahead, how climate change is endangering south florida. i am meteorologist chad meyers at the national hurricane center. it has been a quiet season so far. only takes one big storm to make a difference. we talk to the foremost expert about storm surge in a bit. this week on the next list, the neuro prosthetics. >> they wear the robotic invest and he or she would use his or her brain activity to control the movements directly of this vest. and the vest will provide some sort of tactile feedback to the person, like temperature, fine touch, the concept to get the signals translated into language, electrical signals that the brain can interpret. >> it went from an idea that was impossible when i was first injured ten years ago to
9:36 am
probable to inevitable. >> the designer melds high tech with high fashion. she lights up the showroom with interactive designs. those stories on the next list, this saturday, 2:30 eastern. ♪ [ male announcer ] some things are designed to draw crowds. others are designed to leave them behind. ♪ the all-new 2014 lexus is. it's your move.
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9:39 am
a blockbuster report on global warming released by the u.n. this week, and it says the world is getting hotter and sea levels are rising and humans are mainly to blame. scientists say they're 95% sure we have contributed to a jump in
9:40 am
temperatures across the globe in the last six decades. stunning. one of the biggest dangers from rising sea levels comes from storm surge. one of the most vulnerable places is south florida. that's where we find cnn meteorologist chad meyers. chad, an area like that is in real danger from a storm surge. why is that? >> reporter: because when i arrived in miami beach wednesday, it hadn't rained, there was nothing in the streets except water. and i looked down, i said there must be a water main break, that's the only possible reason there would be water in the streets. when i talked to the experts, they said no, that's the tide. the tide is so high, water levels coming up so much, you can get water in the streets in high tide and it is saltwater, and it is everywhere, up and down alton, not miami beach proper, but the rising warm water, potential for bigger hurricanes, hurricane experts say this is just the beginning.
9:41 am
>> what you're seeing is a microcosm of what's happening all across the u.s., you see it in norfolk, sea level rise is causing areas to flood under unusually high tides. our building, we put things where we thought the water would never go. now because of sea level rise, the water is going there. as we advance this out in time, that means storm surges which come on top of sea level and any sea level rise is only going to get worse. >> reporter: there are so many cities in the way of a storm surge with a big hurricane, including galveston, from tampa, through south florida and up the east coast, big weather coming. obviously the first hurricane of
9:42 am
the season hitting the u.s. not here yet, hope it doesn't happen at all because i am not sure we're that prepared. we will have to keep watching it, allison. >> it is hard to believe it. they see how beautiful it is out there, hear the music playing, i am sure people are enjoying themselves on saturday afternoon there, but the signs are there, aren't they. >> reporter: we are only 3 feet above sea level, if the water comes up, it will come over top of the island and out the back bay. that's the issue. if you push water up and push storm surge on top of that, surges will get higher and higher. >> chad myers, thanks so much. jurors in the michael jackson wrongful death trial are trying to decide who is at fault and whether the singer's family should get a whole lot of money. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage.
9:43 am
so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at
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9:45 am
jurors in the michael jackson wrongful death trial are getting a long weekend off. cas casey wine enhas more. >> reporter: jurors in the case of michael jackson's family versus concert promoter aeg live spent their first full day of deliberations without reaching a verdict. it was very clear though right from the start they began to tackle the first and most important question of the many questions they must answer on their verdict form, and that is did concert promoter aeg live hire conrad murray, the doctor convicted of giving michael
9:46 am
jackson that fatal dose of propofol, that despite the fact there was never a fully executed signed agreement between aeg live, murray, and jackson, and also murray never actually received any money from the concert promoter. we know that they were talking about that first question because they asked for individual copies, one for each of the 12 jurors, of that contract agreement, that tentative deal. they also asked for benign things like office supplies and they wanted a dvd player and copy of "this is it" the posthumous video released over the objections of michael jackson's family, after his death. at stake, potentially more than a billion dollars in damages that the jackson family lawyers say should be paid to his mother and his three surviving children. if in fact the jury finds aeg liable, those damages could be reduced by percentage of amount,
9:47 am
depending how much responsibility they give to michael jackson for his own death. jurors do not have to reach a unanimous agreement on each of the 13 questions that they must answer. nine jurors, because it is a civil case in california, have to answer in the affirmative on each of the questions. court is dark on monday. deliberations will resume on tuesday. allison? >> thanks, casey wian. we will be watching. let's bring back our legal guys to talk more about the michael jackson wrongful death trial. avery freedman, and richard herman. the jackson family conceded he bears some responsibility for his own death, they're suggesting about 20%. how surprised that they even admitted that, or were they basically forced to because of trial testimony about his drug use? >> that's great, allison, a great analysis. they actually stood up and said
9:48 am
a, b, c, blame it on aeg. no, they didn't say that to the jury. they hope they get to the comparative negligence stage here, because question number one is did aeg hire conrad murray. if that answer is no, if 9 out of 12 say no, the case is over and over now. the fact we are going into next weekend and next week would seem to indicate they're going to say yes, they did, or they had something to do with it. that they find michael jackson and aeg hired him, the jury gets to comparative analysis, and because of the devastating information brought out during trial that michael was almost a half billion dollars in debt, we know he was a drug addict for the last 10, 15 years. >> it is more than that. >> they say the reason -- >> much more than that. >> the reason aeg should be held is they didn't do a financial investigation of conrad murray. what about of michael jackson? this guy, his mother's house was
9:49 am
almost in foreclosure. >> let avery get in here. >> it was an absolute wreck. >> the reality is that the plaintiff is asking for $1.5 billion. they had to concede they might be only partially responsible. at the end of the day, the jury is doing the wrong thing. we are not going to see a flash verdict. they have been there for five months, allison, they have to look at all of the evidence. in los angeles, nowhere else in america do you have orchestrated video at the end that brought some of the jurors to tears. at the end of the day, that's the first question. michael jackson was the one who engaged the doctor, insisted on having him there. how in the world would aeg live know what's going on in the bedroom, know about propofol, all of this surfaced at the end of the trial. i think this is a very, very close case. >> except, allison, they have an e-mail, the ceo of aeg was advised listen, conrad murray is keeping him under medication, not letting him come to rehearsal, he writes and says
9:50 am
remind him who is paying him every week. that's a problem for aeg. that could come back and haunt them. >> that's only a piece of the puzzle. >> hire, supervise, maintain. that's a problem for aeg. >> the next burning question and the last one i can give you for today, how long do you think it will take for the jury to reach a verdict? >> i think a couple more days it will be over. by wednesday i think we will have a verdict. >> i disagree with that. bottom line, if they're taking it responsibly, this cannot be a flash verdict. it has to take more than a couple days. >> all right. >> over the weekend, not flash. allison, you love miami, go canes. happy birthday. >> this isn't a criminal case, it is a civil case. >> we shall see. deliberations continue again tuesday. thanks for your time. thanks, legal guys. the legal guys are here every saturday at this time to give us their take on the most intriguing legal cases of the day. we are about to learn just what happened to the 19 firefighters who died in a wildfire in arizona in june. investigators are releasing
9:51 am
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we are minutes away from learning about how 19 firefighters were killed in the yarnell hill fire in arizona in june. investigators are releasing a report and scheduled to hold a briefing happening at 1:00 eastern time. the report is expected to provide more details of what happened and give recommendations to avoid future incidents. the death toll was one of the highest from a u.s. wildfire in at least a half century. an amazingly strong decision, that's what a gay rights group says about a state judge's ruling requiring new jersey to allow same-sex marriage. the garden state has allowed civil union since 2007, but the judge said they aren't sufficient because they deprive same sex couples of federal
9:55 am
benefits. governor chris christie indicated he plans to appeal to the state supreme court. hard to believe, "saturday night live," almost 40 years old, but it's going strong. we're going to tell you what big changes you'll see this season. i love it! how much do you love it? animation is hot...and i think it makes geico's 20 million drivers message very compelling, very compelling. this is some really strong stuff! so you turned me into a cartoon...lovely. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. jim, i adore the pool at your hotel.ver had to make. anna, your hotels have wondrous waffle bars. ryan, your hotels' robes are fabulous. i have twelve of them. twelve? shhhh, i'm worth it& what i'm trying to say is, it's so hard to pick just one of you,
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we did it baby woohh oi ma yerp yerp moshi moshi, meow what?! ♪ let's take a live picture from capitol hill. looking at the microphones there. house speaker john boehner is expected to show up any time soon to talk about how the negotiations are going on for
9:58 am
the spending bill that's on the table. we're looking to see what he says about the republican party's budget plan and the house is in session all this weekend, and the hope everybody has at this point is to see the lawmakers come to some sort of compromise to avoid a government shutdown that would officially start monday at midnight. we will keep an eye on that, go back to it if we see anybody start to walk up to them. want to feel old? "saturday night live" turning 39 years old this year? that's right. almost middle age. but it isn't getting old. in fact, it is making some big changes. nischelle turner has a look. >> live from new york, it's saturday night! >> reporter: "saturday night live's" familiar opening includes unfamiliar faces as it begins its 39th year. >> there are six new cast members this season, the most in many seasons. "saturday night live" has shown an amazing ability to re-invent
9:59 am
itself over the years. >> reporter: established stars like bill hader, jason is he dak is, fred armisen said good-bye at the end of last season. in their place, a half dozen new faces. >> i am so excited for them, and they're about to go on this really life changing journey, and i'm excited for them and i am excited to watch. i can't wait to watch the show. >> do you have any advice when you come in to do a show like this for the new cast? >> enjoy each other. >> weekend update with seth meyers. >> reporter: the next departure, seth meyers, he leaves early next year to take over nbc's late night talk show. >> losing so many cast members around the same time must make people at nbc a little nervous. they have gone through this before, so they know how to handle it. it is like the seniors graduating from a team or high school. when the freshmen come in, the school feels different.
10:00 am
>> reporter: one recent graduate has some advice for the incoming class. >> i just remember my first two seasons like i just didn't sleep. i mean, starting thursday night, i couldn't sleep, there's so much pressure of making it, am i doing okay. >> we'll be right back after a word from our sponsor. >> just have fun. i will go into a big sh peel, but have as much fun as you can and it's going to be all right. >> reporter: bill hader is heading to hollywood like so many snl of the past. >> the legends. >> reporter: andy samburg has worz words of comfort. >> you come in, everyone compares you to what it has been before, it has been on so long, it was better before what it is now, until you fur


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