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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 29, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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lobbying to hot wire or hack the way the system operates. >> head to for the revealing sit down with al gore. stay tuned for your moneys for the very latest for the countdown to shutdown. it looks like we have some very lagt nights in store. >> these stories are topping our news this hour. it's down to the wire, in less than two days, the government could run out of money. we'll tell you why prospects of overting a shutdown are dimmer than ever. and what the house is about to do. just how dangerous is youring your cell phone while flying? an american daredevil rockets through the sky in one of the world's most unique locations.
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congress might be a little quieter today than you may expect, especially since it's only 30 hours away from a government shut dourn. the senate is not going to be voting today that the house voted on just after midnight. weighting after midnight is an act of arrogance. right now, house republicans are rallying calling for the senate to act. but the house plan doesn't have much hope in the senate anyway, that's because of two amend. s. one would delay obama care for a year and the other would repeal a medical devices tax. so just over one day left. the deadline is midnight on monday. and we are covering all of the angles of this story, starting with breanna keeler who is live at the white house. let's go ahead and start with breanna. this all has boiled down to a big blame game at this point, habilitate it?
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i mean, what response are we hearing today from the white house and lawmakers. >> well, the white house says, allison, that congress should just pass a bill to fund the government and overt a government show down. they don't want house republicans messing with obama care. and we've heard this from president obama, they will negotiate on budget issue, taxes or spending or entitlement reforms, budgetary issues. but they don't want house republicans trying to make these big changes to the president's signature health care reform law. no now, to hear some republicans say it, we've actually budged on this. >> republicans and democrats are supposed to find a middle ground. but right now, it's the
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president saying my way or the highway. if i don't get everything i want, the democrats are saying they're willing to shut down the government. >> now, president obama has said that he welcomes it if republicans want to improve the law, if they can make some mutually agreed upon changes, but no one really expected that to be done separate or related to this bill. abld, you know, president obama says this is a legitimate bill. that congress passed it, the supreme court upheld it. and the message from white house officials is just that repu republicans need to move on. there's really no ind kagsz that's happening. and the senlsz is that the likelihood of a government shutdown, that it is pretty likely. wi' we're looking at the clock ticks because that would take place tomorrow night into tuesday morning. >> there is a lot of kicking and screaming, but we're happy about our plan. congresswoman michelle bachman
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says we're very excited. erin, you talked to one senator who's also pushing really hard to defund obama care. what did he tell you? >> allison, that was ted cruz, the texas republican. he has been leading the charge in the senate. he was one who wanted to defund obama care completely. as breanna started to budge a little bit with the delay. here's what ted cruz had to tell me this morning. >> the house has passed a one-year delay. is that good enough for you or do you want to kill it? >> i think it is a strong step in the right direction. we get to study the exact terms on how that delay will operate. would i support anything that m mitigates the harms. >> how likely is it that do you think for a short time the government may shut down this week. >> you know, i don't know. i hope it doesn't. i don't think we should have a government shut down. and the only reason we might is
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if harry reid continues to refuse to compromise. to refuse everyone to talk. if harry reid draws the line and says he will shut down the federal government rather than treat the american families with the same exceptions that have already been given to big business and members of congress. >> now, allison, we have under today, from a senate democratic leadership aid, that is there is not a lot for ted cruz to stand in the way of the next senate vote that will occur tomorrow. it will be just one simple vote. and the democrats just need a 5 1 vote majority to strip out the amendments and send the bill wac to the house. so we will be very much in the same place tomorrow. but as we heard the second ranking democrat in the senate, some of them do very much expect a government shutdown to happen. allison? >> all right.
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and we'll be watching every move. now, if there is a shutdown, here is what would happen. thousands would be furloughed, although congress would get paid. essential stafl like the mim tear, f.b.i. and air traffic control would stay on duty, but paychecks can be delayed. if you're planning to take a vacation to national park, forget it. they're going to be closed. passports and government loans won't be issued. there are some things that will not be affected. that includes medicare and medicaid and you'll still get your mail delivered. you can find out more at cnn pntd pn >> a church deacon is charged with murder. it happened in lake chaurms, louisiana. about 130 miles from baton rouge. doug feric has more.
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>> people gathered outside the tabernacle of praise worship center in lake charles, louisiana after reports of the crime. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says pastor ronald harris was killed while he was preaching. this man has been charged with second-degree murder in the case, after he allegedly called dispatchers and admitted to the killing. this morning, new information about the suspect who had direct ties to the church. >> we've been told that mr. kerry is a member of the church. he was a deacon of the church. it appeared as though this investigation is involving some issues that occurred with the church. >> witnesses told police kerry walked into the church, shot the
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pastor once then again at close range after the pastor had fallen to the floor. the gunman then fled the scene. >> these people thought they were hearing a message from god. instead, they witnessed a pastor being gunned down in the middle of the service by the deacon. >> kerry drekted them to two guns, a shotgun and a pistol that were thrown in a wooded area. cnn, atlanta. >> the community of lake charles will hold a candle light vigil for pastor harris on tuesday. and his funeral has been set for october 12th. parts of oregon and washington state are getting slammed by unrelenting rain and feersz wind gusts. more downpours are expected tonight and tomorrow. flash flood warnings are also in effect. gay and lesbian companies across new jersey are celebrating a judge's ruling in favor of same-sex marriage.
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the judge ruled it's not enough. jacobson said in her ruling this week, the label civil unions is illegally preventing same-sex couples from getting benefits. the case will be appealed. the olympic torch begins its journey to russia for the 2014 winter olympic games. the flame was lit this morning during a ceremony in greece. after that, the torch heads to moscow to begin a tour across russia. the opening ceremonies begin on february 7 of next year. he cheated death once already. now, this daredevil is taking another plunge. this time into a ten-foot crack into a mountain. we're going to hear from this brave flier and show you his jump. plus, an unmanned space rocket blasts off on a test siet.
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they hope to take astronauts to the space station. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger.
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the general assembly begins with two big speeches. a day later, israeli prime minister speaks. hi, nick, let's start talking about syria, first.
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tomorrow, chemical weapons inspectors are going to be heading to damascus. what do you think they're going to take tomorrow? >> syrian foreign minister will take the stage in the morning. i think really given syria is already said by joining the chemical weapons con vengsz. it will give up its chemical weapons and agree to u.n. terms. they're unlikely to shake away from that. you'll hear a lot of noise because they wanted to deter against alleged weapons of mass destruction nuclear bomb program. they will be wrestling with one key thing that slipped into that uchlt n. resolution late last week. it was an endorsement to the geneva peace plan.
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>> they've clearly come out in dasmascus. i think you'll see a lot of that noise reiterated tomorrow. >> israeli leader certainly made headlines. when he took out that drawing of a bomb with a redline representing the point where israel would no longer tolerate iran's nuclear ambition. this past week, iran agreed to talk about its nuclear program. should we expect to -- are we going to see an equally passionate speech? >> he's already been clear that he's coming here to tell the truth, despite all the smiles. and then that phone call between the two, a huge change in the
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tone of the nature of their relations. but so far, we've seen nothing concrete. we've seen they wouldn't give up their right to enrich. >> we have to enrich negotiations around the table to discuss various aspects of iran's enrichmented program. a right to enrich is nonnegotiable. >> now, those cynics who think iran is buying time with all of these fresh-faced negotiation desire will seize upon that. barack obama is ok with iraq having access to nuclear technology. >> the status of how well-enriched it's going to be. both sides looking for concrete steps and i'm sure they will be
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pounding home that idea that simply the ie rariranirksz ans buying time. >> okay, nick peyton walsh, thanks. and now to israel where a suspected spy is under arrest. the suspected, ali mansori was carrying photos of various sites around israel. they say monsori is from iran, but also is a belgian citizen. he has admitted to being a spy and was promised a million dollars for setting up a spy network in israel. could using your cell phone on a flight cause electronic interference that could bring a plane down? now we'll finally get some answers and the in-flight rule? yeah, they could change soon. purn all have something neatly tucked away in the back of our mind.
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. a government shutdown looking more and more likely, december piet the fact the house had passed a plan that keeps the government open. but the problem is that it attaches delaying obama care to that measure. so, yeah, the battle is getting ugly day by day, hour by hour. i want to show you something that happened on the house floor last night when a democrat tried to speak against the. i want to know why the government is shutting down the government. mr. speaker of the house is not in order. >> the house shall come to order. the gentle lady deserves to be heard. >> ron brownstein, the director
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of the national journal, has it really come to this? boos on the house floor when a member is speaking? >> well, compared to you lie, it's relatively tame. we are seeing steadily the confrontation between the parties escalate. any kind of traditional, historic, convention is being torn part. this government shutdown, as dramatic as it is, may be the second most porntd confrontation we're heading toward. in the mid lt of the month, the possibility of the u.s. falling on its debt. so just an extraordinary level of con flikt. >> yeah, maybe they're getting all revved up for what's coming in a couple of weeks. we hope not, but you never know. so the speaker actually issued a statement saying if the senate
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stalls until monday afternoon instead of working today, stld be an act of breathtaking arrogance by the senate democratic leadership. what do you make of the actions? is he running the house? or is it just speaker in name only. >> well, right now, house leadership feels something like a contradiction in term. woe e we've seen the extraordinary set of events. the president won 332 electoral college votes, 50% of the vote, the speaker went out and said the election changes things. the obama care is the law of the land. and, in essence, he was signaling it was time to move on and the republicans had any time of approving this, i believe deep down he fundamentally believes that. >> last week, he saw the
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extraordinary senator ted cruz that the speaker extense ichly wanted the kau cucaucus to foll. >> so you look at what's been happening the last time. republica republicans, they got blamed. do they not get it that a shutdown might not be a good idea? or is it that they hate the president's health care law that much that they don't care about shutting down the government. >> well, there's a viert of things. sfir first of all, the last shutdown was, in political terms, ionsa ago, there's no question there was a turning point in the presidency of bill clinton. he went ahead of him during the shutdown and never trailed again. but the republicans did not lose the house, even though they lost seats. there's a certain inexstrablety towards is this. they've within heading well over as the republicans won the
1:24 pm
house. they are very hostile to president obama. and this is something they want today do. they have wrach eted up this competition. >> we're going to be seeing this again, possibly defaulting on the federal debt for the first time in history. >>. >> i think that's designed to make the shutdown less own rus and easier to sustain. what they've done there is take the idea of the shutdown. >> they will increase their leverage and make a concession. the sentiment would be not to include that.
1:25 pm
the pressure of the house republicans to back down. but it may be that that idea is so attractive, as senator tim cane said, the democrats may have to ak september it. democrats blooech that repeliev republicans will be blamed. while the president would have the adds vantage, not necessarily an overwhelming one if the government shuts down. >> cnn's cross fire is going to have the latest on the possible government shutdown and the fight over the president's health care fannings. tune in tonight at 7:30 eastern for special coverage. there are a lot of people trying to figure out how obama care will affect them. we're finding out what they're doing to get ready. this is for you.
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so you can be inspired by great food once again. chase sapphire preferred. so you can. bottom of the hour, welcome backment here are five things crossing the cnn news desk right now. an impending government shutdown is looking more likely with the senate not even working today. that means a vote on the house's version of a spending plan would not happen until tomorrow. even then, harry reid has said the measure won't pass because
1:29 pm
it will also delay obama care. it appears things are still at square one. >> number two, chicago police have arrested a fifth person in that shooting. 13 people were injured at a southside park. three-year-old deanta harold left the hopt earlier this ek wo. teams showed up to that park officer a police event. police say they're expecteding more arrests in the case. >> number three, we now know more about how 19 firefighters were killed in a yarn erksz lrksz l hill fire in arizona in june. investigators have released their report. and among their conclusions, investigators say there was no indication of reckless actions. >> five, four, three, two, one,
1:30 pm
lift off. >> number four, falcon lifting off this morning in california. the unmanned rock et is testing upgrades for its launches. the rock et is 22 stories tall. number five says it all. lane kiffin fired. the trojans have lost 7 of their past 11 games. house republicans don't like obama care and they've made it clear, very clear, by passing a spending plan that would delay the plan for a year. how does it affect americans?
1:31 pm
margaret connolly joins me now from new york. margaret, you've been talking with a small business owner. tell me what he's saying. >> we talked to seine kankle. he owns 38 applebees rest rant ins the new york area. now that that october 1st enrollment deadline looms, he talked to us about hold up he's going to handle it. >> owner of all new york area applebees restaurants sparked controversy last year when he threatened to stop hiring. >> we won't build more restaurants. we won't hire more people. >> a year later from his newest restaurant -- >> this wall is all living. >> he says he'll find a way to continue his business. and his best people are full time people. >> am i going to penalize my people? no. i've got too much at stake. >> these crucial decisions facing business owners have dooir economic konsz kwenss.
1:32 pm
lawrence john goodman. >> our small businesses are being force today provide a very expensive package of health department benefits. and the new law gives them no additional help. >> cost is the single big esz concern for companies. >> what kind of impact? >> i think it has size mick proporgszs. it's going to change the fabric of who we are. >> for zane, he's taking each phase of reform at a time. >> i don't think it's going to be so terrible. i think that people are not going to opt, at least for this first year, for 10% of their gross income going to obama care. >> now, zane is just one example. across the country, they're calculating what costs will be. >> what about other companies? what are they doing? >> well, it all depends on their
1:33 pm
priorities. ups and delta, they say obama care is going sto cost them, for sure. trader joe's and home dee poe, they're moving their part time to obama care exz changes. they're shifting all of their employees to a private exchange. ibm and time warner is moving retirees to private exchanges and starbucks, they're not going to change their coverage plan even though they say obama care will raise their costs. >> okay, margaret connolly, thanks. would you pay 140,000 dlarsz offic for a 15-year-old car? some people did. american idol winner splits his time and takes time to give back the singer and major league baseball -- the singer and major league baseball have partnered up to help inner city kids develop their baseball skills and their minds. it's today's impact your world.
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>> i could have never imagined to prepare for what was going to happen to me. at 17, i was planning on just being your average hoolt stuntd and, all of the sudden, idol happened. i love that responsibility and i embrace it. it seems like the only stories we grow in the news are child stars going crazy. i want to be the opposite of that. >> i grew up having two loves in life, baseball and music. it's revitalizing baseball. >> when i was growing up, i learned about big esz life lessons whether it was perseveranper perseveran perseverance, hardwork or teamwork. it's making sure these kids get same opportunities. i can relate to these kids. i'm talking about what they're doing and the experiences they
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aficionados from across the country flock to one thing. chevys. a collection of 500 plus kars and trucks. the big sale was a 1958 chevy pick up truck for $148,000. the collection is being called a
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capsule of u.s. automotive history. now, to that big debate over your cell phone and whether it can bring down a plane or not. a government industry group is expected to release its findings and recommendations to the faa on the sublt tomorrow. the report may lead to looser rules on phones, e-readers and similar devices on planes. >> reporter: the faa could decide to relax those restrictions. at boeing's plant in seattle, we asked the people who build the planes if it's dangerous to keep devices on during all phases of flight? >> the emissions are being measured by this antenna here. >> inside boeing's electromagnetic interference lab, engineers have been studying the issue for years.
1:40 pm
>> its emissions cross the threshold and could interfere with systems like the plane smoke alarm. next test, a laptop. >> it goes above the limit line. >> it failed shoing potential interference. a tablet in wifi mode also failed. but the same tablet altested in ae airplane mode is safe. >> it's causing more work for pilots during critical phases of flight. >> a recent survey found one in three passengers left their devices on because they forgot. despite that, engineers say no electronic device has ever taken down a plane.
1:41 pm
>> so planes like this one, being designed with technology that can counter interference. >> it's recommended devices not be used in flight unless the airplane has been tested against every possible electronic device that could be used on board. and he says there's another problem. >> you would be asking the flight attendants to monitor which devices can and cannot be used. >>. >> and while the faa expects to get the recommendations storm, cnn doesn't know if the faa will reveal what those recommend daxzs are tomorrow. arod says he's fighting for his life. and that fight moves into the bass ball commissioner's office tomorrow. arod's lawyers are trying to overturn his 211 game susz pension for doping. we've got your preview next.
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watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. . the baseball regular season will end later today. but for alex rodriguez, he still
1:45 pm
has a fight on his hands. rodriguez is accused of using performance-enhancing drugs. here's a preview of tomorrow's hearing. >> well, the star witness in all of this may not be the man a lo of people out there are thinking of. it's a man from south florida who ran an antiageing clinic here. and his credibility will be key. >> reporter: alex rodriguez says he has spg to prove, and not just on the field. his 211 game suspension, baseball's long esz doping punishment, still very much in play. still a sore spot with fans. >> the last seven months has been a night mare. >> arbitrator frederick horowicz will hear both sides. rodriguez claims major league
1:46 pm
baseball used unethical practices to target him. and major league baseball's claim, rodriguez took peds, including testosterone and human growth hormone. is boss prepared to testify monday that he gave rodriguez peds? if so, it would be a different account of what he told espn last april. >> i'm a nutritionist. i don't know anything about performance enhancing drugs. >> that was one of bosch's former friends. bobby miller suspects why bosch changed his story. >> he told me that they paid him $5 million. >> bosch's spokeswoman says he is cooperating but is not being compensated by the organization. mlb would not comment.
1:47 pm
bosch has not spoken to the press since that interview last april. we tried tracking bosch down at a hotel in coke nut grove, miami. no luck approaching a car connected to bosch, either. >> can we have any sort of comment at all? bosch's spokeswoman says he looks forward to testifying at arbitration. >> it's a big moment for baseball. it's a big moment for alex rodriguez, for yankees fans and there will be a lot of anticipation on what the arbitrator ultimately decides. >> a high stakes game. if the 211 game ban is allowed to stand, it will end his career. if it's allowed to stand, a lot of people would see that as being a big blow to baseball. the arbitration process is
1:48 pm
expected to take up to several weeks before we ultimately have a dgsz. alison? >> thanks, jason. you know what, it takes guts to do what this guy dusz. he's plunging into a 30 foot craft in a 900 foot tall mountain. this week's 15-year-old hero is making a big difference in their livings. >> september is back to school. and for most kids, that means back to school shopping. i used to take those things for granted until i realized there was a lot of kids who didn't have those sort of luxuries. i remember my first shelter visit was seeing kids who were just like me. the only difference being they had footwear that was falling apart. >> i was nervous to go back to school. my shoes were old and too small for me. >> when i lost my job, i had to
1:49 pm
decide either to spend money on the shoes or medicine or diapers. >> kids get blisters on their feet because they have to wear whatever shoes they can get. it just wasn't right. my name is nicholas. i'm 15 and i give new shoes to kids living in homeless shelters across the country. my family's garage is filled to the brim with boxes full of new shoes. shelters send us orders with the kids' name, gender, shoe size. i've donated new sneakers to over 10,000 kids in 21 states. home le homeless shelters shouldn't worry about how they're going to be accepted or fit in. >> it's more than just giving them a new pair of shoes. i'm helping kids be kids.
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okay, so this has been a really crazy week in news. there is one story that flew under the radar that we'd like to share with you. a high-tech winged suit to fly. he was in china this week where he pulled off a speck stack lar stunt. we caught up with his yesterday and here's his story in his own words. >> i didn't realize, really, what i was getting myself into until i got here and started jumping out of the helicopter.
1:54 pm
you look at the numbers, but you don't know what you're facing until you start to fly it. i could see instantly it was an incredible challenge. i didn't understand how nature could create such a strange formation. on stunt day, i mean, the weather, literally, it was horrible weather the entire day. we weren't going to get to do it. the stunt was cancelled and then all of the sudden, somebody said jim, you need to come out here right noi. i stepped out and started flying. the feeling was so overwhelming. i never felt such a sense of joy. for me,it's not about the feeling of, you know, adrenaline or anything like that. the concept is to try to push myself as far as i possibly can. and, you know, seeing what i'm capable of. >> the angles are at such a way that when you enter this crack, you have to do a side slip.
1:55 pm
you're inside and you're side slipping as you're falling in, otherwise, you're going toe impact the wall. and my hands came within, you know, feet of contact at over -- i'm doing 120 miles an hour. when you're jumping out of a helicopter and you're just wearing a wing suit, you're flying your body. it gives you the sensation of flying. the feeling is so absolutely unbelievable. and it's something that, you know, human beings have been dreaming about since we've had the ability to dream. i hope that people out there, you know, have the courage to go out there and chase their dream, whatever it is. >> cool. what do jodi arias, jimmy carter and president obama all have in common? well, they're all part of our week ahead about it's coming up next. [ taps baton ]
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[ dings ] ♪ ♪ ♪
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take talk at midnight on monday. the government shuts down. unless congress reaches a deal on a spending plan, we start there for our look ahead at the week. >> the pleasure early this morning that would fund the government through the middle of december and would delay obama care for one year. senate democrats say they'll never agree to it. the senate isn't back in session until tomorrow afternoon, hours before the potential shutdown. also, on monday, president
1:59 pm
obama is scheduled to meet at the white house with the israeli prime minister. president obama praised the two leaders for returning to peace talks. jou can still sign up for health insurance coverage under obama care. that means you can start shopping for health departmentcare in state-based, snurnsz exchanges. >> the former heavyweight champ started the program to recognize those who are fighting for social justice. singer's christine aguleira is also getting an award. jodi arias is back in court. jurors will then decide whether she lives or dies. and that's all for me today. i'm allison and the next hour of
2:00 pm
newsroom begins right now. >> are you coming back here soon? >> i'm coming back tonight. >> you are? >> yes. >> you're leaving on a jet plane and you'll be back. >> you did a great job down there in hotlanta. >> thanks, don. >> all right. see you back up here soon. >> okay. hello, everyone. top of the hour. thanks so much for joining us. the countdown is on and there is no deal insighted. there is just 31 hours to go until the first government shutdown in 17 years. we stayed up late last night to see the house approve amendments to avoid a spending bill. democrats insist that bill is doomed. and the senate won't even meet again until tomorrow afternoon. remember, the government starts


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