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tv   To Be Announced  CNN  October 5, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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love it or hate it, this is it. ♪ love it or hate it, this is it. -- captions by vitac -- i'm don lemon with a look at your headlines. u.s. special forces have captured an al qaeda operative wanted for the bombings of embassies in kenya and tanzania he was captured in tripoli and held in libya. a u.s. official says the operation was conducted with the knowledge of the libyan government. the u.s. had a $5 million bounty on the man. in somalia a u.s. navy seals team went on a mission to nab an al shabab leader.
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the navy seals had to withdraw before they could confirm he was killed because they were under fire. keeping an eye on the gulf coast right now as karen comes ashore. the storm has been down graded to a tropical depression with sustained winds up to 35 miles an hour. coastal communities are still expected to get heavy rainfall through monday. some areas could see as much as 6 inches of rain. a republican senator is pushing a compromise plan to end the government shutdown. the maine senator calls for a repeal of the medical device tax used to fund obama care. her plan calls for businesses to tweak their pensions for tax revenue. and a,000 furloughed civilians will return to work next week at the defense department. those are our headlines this hour, keeping you informed.
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cnn, the most trusted name in muse. after more than five months the latest legal showdown around michael jackson's death has come to a close. the family claimed that aeg live was to blame. aeg said it was michael jackson's own decisions that led to his death. it could have cost aeg live $2 million. but a jury decided that aeg was not to blame. >> what does christmas mean? >> love. >> love what? >> your family? >> who is your family? >> me and people who love you. >> it was a side of michael jackson the world had rarely seen until now. for months a jury inside a
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courtroom watched private home videos, saw personal photos and listened to experts from friends and family. jurors were weighing whether aeg live was responsible for the death of michael jackson. michael's mother katherine and his children filed an 18-page complaint against aeg live. before the trial began i spoke to jackson family attorney kevin boyle about the family's lawsuit. >> why is mrs. jackson and the kids and the family suing aeg. >> well, it's very simple. aeg defendants are negligent in their hiring, retaining or supervising of dr. conrad murray which led to the death of michael jackson. >> guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter.
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>> conrad murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving michael jackson a deadly dose of propofol, a powerful surgical anesthetic. >> the jacksons hired an expert who worked with artists for decades to estimate what would michael jackson possibly with a reasonable certainty have earned had he not died june 25th, 2009. from touring and merchandise sales just on the "this is it" tour would have been $1.5 million. >> the aeg attorney believes that the case hinged on one thing only, did aeg negligently employ dr. conrad murray. >> even if he was hired by aeg live he was not hired negligently.
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there were no indications there was a problem with dr. conrad murray. it's not just that you hired but you had to hire knowing there was a problem. and aeg live had no indication at any point there was a problem with dr. conrad murray. >> sunny hostin has been following the case. >> aeg live's defense is interesting. it's listen, we didn't pick conrad murray, michael jackson picked conrad murray. michael jackson had a history of drug abuse. he had a history of this kind of behavior and he single-handedly chose the person to help him with his addiction. >> i spoke with aeg live's president and ceo three years ago about similar allegations. and in that interview philips said the decision to hire conrad murray and pay him $150,000 a month was solely michael's choice. >> he stared at me with this very deep stare and said you
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don't understand. my body is what fuels this entire venture and like barack obama i need my own physician with me 24/7. okay. that's not negotiable. >> after 83 days of testimony, the juror reached a verdict. >> there has been a verdict in the michael jackson wrongful death lafayette. >> was dr. conrad murray unfit or incompetent to perform the work for which he was hired? answer. no. >> jurors decided that while aeg live had hired dr. conrad murray the concert promoter was not liable for michael jackson's death. >> they felt that they were limited to focus on specifically, was dr. murray at the time he was hired, fit and competent to be a general practitioner. and they said that was a conclusion that was supported by he had never been sued.
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he had been practicing for a while and went to a good school. of course, on the surface he was fit and competent. >> the verdict means that neither cat ran jackson nor michael jackson's children will get any money from aeg live. the family has played a major role in this trial. his oldest son, prince, took the stand in june. >> prince jackson made an impact on the jury, perhaps most importantly in humanizing the loss of michael jackson as a father. he described the life, the birthday parties. he described the fun and he described the sadness and the jury listened very closely. >> the kids saw their father as he lay lifeless in his bedroom. since their father's death, prince, paris and blanket's lives have gradually become more open to the public. after years of hiding behind
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masks and being guarded from the media by their father. >> there's no question from all of the witnesses who saw michael with his three children during the years that he had them that he was a loving, caring, attentive father, carrying his children with him to meetings, traveling the world with them. it was pretty clear in the testimony that they were his world. >> jackson's attorneys introduced pictures and videos into evidence, giving jurors a rare look at michael and his children behind the scenes. also on the witness list? daughter, paris jackson. but then -- >> more breaking news this hour. >> more drama in the jackson family. >> paris jackson, the 15-year-old daughter of pop icon michael jackson was rushed to a hospital in los angeles.
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>> paris jackson was supposed to come into court and testify in person. however, just over a month into the trial and before she was be called, she tried to kill herself. >> there's no question about that, that his daughter, paris jackson was absolutely devastated by his death, so much so that she tried to kill herself. >> while paris underwent treatment throughout the summer, jurors continued to find out more about michael's last few months. >> this jury has had a front-row seat, literally, to a very intimate show, revealing the pain and the life and the joys of being michael jackson or in his family. >> the best defense, sometimes lawyers think, is blame the victim. but it has to be part of the defense here. and it has to be michael jackson
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was addicted to drugs way before we got involved with him. >> the defense tried to paint michael jackson as a drug addict. >> they brought out a long parade of doctors who had given michael painkillers or had used propofol on michael jackson. >> mr. jackson was a grown man. and as a grown man he knew precisely what he was doing. there is a certain proassumption of risk here. and related to that, many people in mr. jackson's life have indicated that one of the reasons for his ongoing adiscusses and one of the places where it became a real problem for him was in 1993 around the time of the first accusations about him and a young boy and then again later in mid 2000 around the time of his trial. >> fame, drugs, manslaughter.
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coming up, the jacksons are forced to relive the painful memories of losing the pop icon they loved. >> no one in the world is happy about having a family member die and having to pursue a lawsuit about it particularly when children are involved. it's just not a happy thing. >> but next -- >> he is not breathing? >> yes, he is not breathing, sir. >> the day the world lost an icon. >> he's on the bed, sir. >> let's get him down on the floor. i'm going to help you with cpr now, okay? >> and the events that led to his death. i'm on expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for, because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners,
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as the sun rose above the exclusive los angeles hills, inside michael jackson's mansion, the entertainer began the morning of june 24th, 2009 doing what he loved -- preparing for a show. >> now do it slow. >> he and i would start about noon or 1:00 at his home. we'd dance a few hours and stretch. >> you have to have a full attitude. you have a half attitude. >> travis payne was michael jackson's long-time choreographer. >> we were on a journey with michael that was going to return him to the stage he loved so much. i know we were eight days away from leaving for london. ♪ all i want to say is that >> the stage is where michael was most at ease. on stage there was no one better. ♪ since age 5 he had electrified audiences around the world with hit songs like "i want you back".
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and the world appeared ready to welcome him back. it had been 12 years since jackson's last major performance. the king of pop was poised to regain his throne. >> this is it. this is the final -- this is the final curtain call. >> according to the contract with concert promoters aeg, michael was to perform 50 concerts at the o2 center in london over a nine-month period. >> i'll be performing the songs my fans want to hear. >> but was michael physically up to the challenge? both michael and aeg had a lot on the line. >> it was his comeback. it was his renaissance, his rebirth on stage. after so many years of being out of the spotlight, a lot of people were wondering if he could pull this off. >> this is it, and see you in july. >> but there were questions
8:17 pm
about whether jackson was ready. kenny ortega, the director for "this is it," called a private meeting at jackson's home. aeg's ceo randy phillips attended the meeting. >> kenny was concerned that he wasn't coming to enough rehearsals, that he was taking it a little too nonchalantly. and michael explained that he needed kenny to build the house and then he would come in and paint the front door. >> on the afternoon of june 24th jackson arrived at the staples center in downtown los angeles. rehearsals for "this is it" often ran late into the night. on the surface, the man many say was born to perform never looked better. but beneath the surface concerns from the very moment the concert tour was announced. jackson was pushing himself to the brink. >> i was thinking how is he going to do these shows?
8:18 pm
>> record producer rodney jerkins. >> 50 dates at 50 years old? that's a lot of dates. and i was -- i kept saying i hope he gets a physical trainer, someone to really work him out, to make sure he's healthy and prepared. >> jermaine jackson says his little brother was ready. >> i mean, he could have did 200 shows. >> i talked to jermaine following a band rehearsal. >> i felt that he could do it because of the way the shows were spaced out and it wasn't like every day. ♪ see, like when we first started we were doing one-nighters where every day you're in a different place, riding the bus and you're sleeping on top of each other. that's tough. but this was -- and you didn't have to take the stage, now you were in one location.
8:19 pm
>> i think that night he finally accepted down deep in whatever the inner reaches of an artist's soul are that he could do this. ♪ all i want to say we were walking to our cars, and he put his arm around me at the staples center, and he said, "thank you for getting me here. now i know i can do it and take it from here." >> but hours later -- >> yes. he's not breathing, sir. >> okay. and he's not conscious either? >> no, he's not conscious, sir. >> okay. [ siren ] >> a 50-year-old man in distress. that man was michael jackson. >> michael jackson, the king of pop -- >> was taken to the hospital. and there were rumors -- >> he was apparently administered cpr in the ambulance. >> fans around the world hoped and prayed. but the music megastar would not survive. >> my brother, the legendary king of pop, michael jackson, passed away on thursday june
8:20 pm
25th, 2009 at 2:26 p.m. >> the los angeles county coroner would rule jackson's death a homicide. the cause of death, acute propofol intoxication. propofol, a powerful anesthetic administered by michael jackson's personal physician, dr. conrad murray, on june 25th, 2009. murray would be charged with involuntary manslaughter. coming up, what happened in the final hours of michael jackson's life? and who was responsible? [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar
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join us at and thrive. ♪ opening statements are just minutes away in the trial of michael jackson. >> knx 1070's john barry is live at the courthouse in downtown
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l.a. >> on september 27th, 2011, conrad murray, michael jackson's doctor, would go on trial. >> if seats become available, you're on standby. >> outside the los angeles criminal courthouse jackson's international stardom took center stage. inside courtroom 107 a jury of seven men and five women took their seats. hln's ryan smith was watching. >> this is the death of michael jackson. and it's not just that he's a famous star. it's that someone lost their son. you know, their brother, their father. >> district attorney david walgren laid out the prosecution's case. >> michael jackson trusted his life to the medical skills of conrad murray.
8:25 pm
that misplaced trust in the hands of conrad murray cost michael jackson his life. >> to help prove their case prosecutors presented two very different portraits of the pop legend. ♪ from a vibrant singer, dancer and entertainer on stage to a completely different person behind the scenes. >> to michael jackson -- >> then midway through opening arguments, a stunning moment. >> the voice of michael jackson as he had never been heard before. >> when people leave my show, i want them to say he's the greatest entertainer in the world. >> jackson sounded fragile, impaired, incapable. >> you may be seated.
8:26 pm
>> and that's just what kenny ortega feared. ortega was directing the most anticipated show in decades, with a star he feared wasn't up to it. but murray insisted he was in charge of his health. >> he said i should stop being an amateur doctor and psychologist and be the direct enand allow michael's health to him. >> those were the words of conrad murray? >> that was close. >> on june 25th that meant helping jackson get to sleep. based on the affidavit, dr. murray's efforts to get jackson to sleep began with a ten-milligram tablet of valium at 1:30 a.m. it didn't work. according to the affidavit, dr. murray injected him with another drug. at 3:00 a.m. that didn't work. he tried another drug, a sedative. that didn't work either. murray told investigators at
8:27 pm
10:40 a.m. he gave the pop legend 25 milligrams of propofol, a powerful surgical anesthetic, finally putting jackson to sleep. but soon after all hell broke loose. to describe the scene firsthand -- >> alberto alvarez -- >> -- district attorney walgren turned one to of the first men to rush into jackson's bedroom. >> he was laying on his back with his hands extended out. i observed that his eyes were slightly open, or open, and his mouth was open. >> alvarez said murray was frantic and vague about jackson's condition. >> i asked dr. conrad murray what happened? and he said, "he had a reaction. he had a bad reaction." >> in the midst of the chaos, alvarez spotted jackson's children in the doorway. >> and they were right behind me and paris screamed out, "daddy." dr. conrad murray said, "don't
8:28 pm
let them see their dad like this." >> we heard about paris breaking down. very powerful visual. >> jim moret is chief correspondent for "inside edition." >> from the perspective of a juror and as a parent, can you imagine seeing your own father lying there most likely dead with his eyes wide open? >> we have a gentleman here that needs help and he's not breathing. he's not breathing and we need -- we're trying to pump him but he's not -- >> okay. >> okay. how old is he? >> finally, at 12:22 p.m. alvarez called 911. as they waited for an ambulance, murray asked alvarez for more help. >> he reached over and grabbed a handful of vials and reached out to me and said, here, put these in a bag. >> when paramedics arrived, murray withheld critical information.
8:29 pm
>> did dr. murray ever mention to you having administered propofol to michael jackson? >> he never mentioned the word "propofol." >> not mentioning propofol, not keeping medical records, throwing vials in bags. the prosecution was painting a picture of a doctor with plenty to hide. in fact prosecutors say he was on the phone for 47 minutes during the exact time he should have been carefully monitoring his patient, a patient to whom murray supplied a deadly stockpiled of drugs. >> two bottles of -- >> and on day seven, d.a. wa wallgren added into evidence all
8:30 pm
the vials of drugs found in michael jackson's home. . >> to take a patient with all of these drugs and to leave them unattended in that state is medical abandonment. >> jackson was officially pronounced dead at 2:26 p.m. june 25th, 2009. a direct result, said prosecutors of mistakes, delays and recklessness by dr. conrad murray. when we come back, conrad murray speaks for himself. i was made to work.
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benjamin moore. for everything that matters. ♪ he did not act as a medical professional using sound -- >> -- in mr. jackson's body -- >> for over a week dr. conrad murray listened as district attorney david walgren portrayed him as reckless.
8:34 pm
>> conrad murray abandoned michael when he needed help. >> then, on day 9, for the first time, jurors heard murray's own voice and his version of events in a police interview recorded just days after jackson's death. >> your name. >> conrad robert murray. >> it was jackson, murray said, who told him all about propofol and insisted he use it to ease jackson's crippling insomnia. >> he knew that that was the only thing that worked for him. i constantly cautioned him. >> cautioned him and claims murray tried to wean him from the drug. still, jackson pressed for propofol on the day he died. >> he said, "i can't function if i don't sleep, so i agreed that i would switch over to the
8:35 pm
propofol. >> then murray said he sat at jackson's side. >> i monitored him, saw his oxygen saturation was stable. heart rate, everything looks stable. then i needed to go to the bathroom. then i came back to his bedside and i was stunned in the sense that he wasn't breathing. >> dr. murray not only admitted he gave michael jackson propofol in the hours before michael jackson died but he said, oh, sure, i've been giving it to him for weeks, every night for 60 days, so conrad murray's statement was critical because he gave -- it gave the police and the prosecutor everything they needed to charge him with a crime. >> to finish his case prosecutor david walgren turned to conrad murray's colleagues. >> shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god. >> i do. >> three doctors, three specialties, one conclusion.
8:36 pm
>> an extreme deviation. >> a far deviation. >> egregious violations in the standard of care. >> dr. stephen schafer, who literally wrote the book on propofol, counted 17 egregious violations by murray, any of which could result in death. >> the lack of electrocardiogram. the lack of breathing monitoring -- failure to call 911. >> yes. >> it was four days on the stand that left jurors fascinated and murray shaken. finally, after 16 days and 33 witness -- >> the people are prepared and would ask to rest at this time. >> thank you. >> it was conrad murray's turn to convince a jury. >> all the defense has to do is show reasonable doubt, so if they show you one alternative that's plausible to you, then essentially dr. murray could be acquitted. >> lead defense attorney ed chernoff had laid out that alternative days before in his opening statement.
8:37 pm
>> when dr. murray left the room, michael jackson self-administered a dose of propofol that with the lorazepam created a perfect storm in his body that killed him instantly. >> now chernoff turned to his own experts. dr. robert waldman reviewed evidence from his journals. jackson got frequent painkillers. >> for the jackson family, they were hard words to hear. >> and they sat in that courtroom and listened to testimony that their son and brother was a drug addict. and often they had to leave. but they were always there the next day. >> the addiction, the insomnia, the desperation were so great,
8:38 pm
said dr. paul white that jackson swallowed powerful pills by the handful. >> it would be my guess that mr. jackson may well have taken three or four pills at a couple of different times. >> then white, a renowned anesthesiologist demonstrated how he believed that murray administered propofol. >> that's what dr. murray said he did. >> that's a safe way to do it. >> murray gave jackson 25 milligrams of propofol. soon after, jackson, himself, administered the final dose. >> do you see it's aself inject of propofol that did it? >> in my opinion, yes. >> and then it all rested with the jury. one charge, one man dead and another man's freedom in the balance. >> the tension in this case is at a fever pitch.
8:39 pm
what's in line in all this, dr. murray could go to jail four year if he is found guilty. on the prosecution side and for the jackson family it's will michael jackson get justice? will there be someone held accountable for what happened to this man? >> we're following the breaking news this hour. a verdict in the involuntary manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray. >> we, the jury in the above-entitled action j. find the defendant dr. conrad murray guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter. >> coming up -- >> do you feel you did everything you could? >> claims that the promoters behind michael jackson's tour were responsible for murray's negligence. >> is there a camera i can look into so the public can check if i'm telling the truth? not yet. ♪
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8:44 pm
is it" concerts hired dr. murray and was responsible for his criminal actions. >> it'll be for the jury to decide -- >> kevin boyle is the attorney for katherine jackson. >> aeg were negligent in hiring, retaining or supervising dr. conrad murray and that that ultimately led to the death of michael jackson. >> aeg live claims that dr. murray was working for jackson and was not employed by the company. marvin putnam is a defense attorney for aeg live. >> i can't quite understand how they're making the claim they're making given conrad murray's own statement two days after michael's passing. he said, "i was hired by michael jackson. i had worked for michael jackson for years." >> the jackson family claims aeg live instructed murray, quote, "not to look out for jackson's best interests but rather to do whatever medical procedures were calculated to get jackson to perform."
8:45 pm
their so-called smoking gun is an e-mail from aeg live co-ceo paul gongaware sent to the show director. the jacksons believe the e-mail proves aeg employed murray. >> it really is a smoking gun it's probably one of the most important pieces of evidence that michael jackson's attorneys have that aeg supervised, directed, forced, employed dr. conrad murray to provide michael jackson drugs so that he could perform. >> in a taped deposition played for the jury gongaware was confronted with the e-mail he sent. >> it says, "we want to remind him that it is aeg, not mj who is paying his salary. we want him to understand what is expected of him." did you write that e-mail? >> i don't recall.
8:46 pm
>> he came across as suffering some sort of executive amnesia, if you will. >> the jackson family in looking at that e-mail believes that aeg made it clear to dr. murray that he was supposed to make sure that michael jackson performed no matter what. >> hold for applause. hold for applause. slow umbrella, fade out. >> show director kenny ortega e-mailed gongaware 11 days before michael's death with concerns about the singer's health. an emotional ortega read his e-mails to the jury. "there are strong signs of paranoia, anxiety and obsessive-like behavior. i think the very best thing we can do is get a top psychiatrist to evaluate him asap." >> at the end of ortega's several days of testimony the jury actually applauded. i've never seen that in a trial
8:47 pm
before. >> this picture of a frail michael jackson, taken less than a week before his death, was introduced into evidence. kenny ortega described michael's deteriorating health as they prepared for the concerts. >> the insight that he gave into what was happening with michael in his last weeks was incredible. about his deterioration, about how he couldn't remember his lyrics to his songs, about how he wasn't getting the dances, and about the conversations with the aeg live executives about what to do about michael. it was very revealing and key in this trial. >> jackson's attorney called a sleep expert, dr. charles sizeler, to explain michael's rapid decline in health. dr. sizeler testified that the 60 nights of propofol infusions conrad murray admitted to giving the star robbed him of r.e.m. sleep, the deep sleep needed for the brain to restore itself.
8:48 pm
>> michael jackson likely went 60 nights, 60 days, two months without getting any real sleep. >> aeg attorneys argued michael jackson was a drug addict who sought out doctors who would feed his addiction like conrad murray. >> they brought out a long parade of doctors who had given michael painkillers or had used propofol on michael jackson. >> the defense used the deposition of randy jackson, michael's brother, to argue that not only was michael addicted to drugs but he would have resisted any efforts at an intervention. >> aeg live said if the family can't help him, if the family can't stop him, how could we as concert promoters ever be expected to have done that? i think that was one of their strongest witnesses. >> michael jackson's two oldest children, prince and paris, were
8:49 pm
on the witness list to testify until -- >> paris jackson, the 15-year-old daughter of pop icon michael jackson, was rushed to a hospital in los angeles. >> in the midst of the trial, near tragedy. michael jackson's daughter, paris, was rushed to the hospital in june after cutting her wrists in an apparent suicide attempt. paris received medical attention and would no longer testify. however, jurors would still hear about her struggle through her mother and michael jackson's ex-wife, debbie rowe. >> it was hinted at with her brother's testimony, her grandmother's testimony. but it was directly said when debbie rowe, her mother, testified. she said, "i almost lost my daughter. she tried to kill herself." that dramatic moment it was clear the jurors knew that one of the results of michael jackson's death was the extreme sadness of his now 15-year-old
8:50 pm
daughter and her attempt to take her life. >> prince, michael's son, did go on to take the stand. he told jurors that his father would often cry after talking to aeg live executives and the pop icon feared for his life leading up to the concerts. >> it was very clear that prince felt that michael jackson felt really pushed to the brink by aeg executives. he didn't trust them. ♪ they don't really care about us ♪ he didn't like them. and he heard his own father say while sobbing, "they're trying to kill me." >> another powerful witness, the matriarch of the jackson clan, katherine jackson. >> katherine jackson said she was there to speak up for her son. she says, "he's not here to talk for himself. i'm here for that." so through katherine jackson we were hearing michael jackson.
8:51 pm
>> michael's mother has been in court every day. >> katherine jackson is in her 80s. she's a grieving mother. and it's clear that it was a bit contentious. >> when she got her chance to go head to head with the defense, she took it. >> she argued with the aeg live lawyer, confronted him, and there were moments when as her lawyer said, she tried to deal with it in a christian-like manner but sometimes she failed. >> through those closest to him, jurors were able to see a side of michael jackson hidden from the rest of the world. >> his mother, katherine jackson, his son prince and former wife, debbie rowe, they all provided emotional testimony, insights into michael's personality, his life, his fears. that was, i think, testimony that really captured the jury's attention. ♪ >> amidst the personal
8:52 pm
testimony, the jury saw intimate family photos and home video. jurors saw michael jackson grow from a young boy to one of the most celebrated entertainers of our time, performing songs like the jackson 5's "i want you back." ♪ oh baby give me one more chance ♪ ♪ to show you that i love you ♪ won't you please help me >> and finally to a father himself. >> hi, my name is prince michael jackson, and i am my daddy -- and i'm daddy's baby. and i love my daddy. >> and i'm my daddy's baby. >> months after the trial began the jurors heard closing arguments. >> they don't want to answer the questions. >> the judge read the jury a special verdict form with 16
8:53 pm
questions. >> this case involved a number of legal questions. first of all was dr. murray hired by aeg live and should aeg live pay damages. a lot of complex legal questions within that. >> then jurors began deliberating. after just 13 hours of deliberations. >> has the jury reached a verdict? >> for the jury to begin considering awarding the jackson any money the jurors had to answer yes to the first five questions. >> did aeg live hire dr. conrad murray? >> answer. yes. >> but when the court assistant read the second question. was dr. conrad murray unfit or incompetent to perform the work
8:54 pm
for which he was hired? answer. no. >> the jurors concluded that the concert promoter was not liable for michael jackson's death. >> there appeared to be frustration among the jurors we talked to a they were boxed in by question number two. >> the jury foreman cited the specific language in the verdict form as a deciding factor in their decision. >> the court gave us a series of questions to answer. and in each question it didn't stop with is dr. conrad murray competent? it asked was conrad murray competent for the job he was hired to do? we felt he was competent to do the job of being a general practitioner. if the word "ethical" been in the question it could have been a different outcome. but for the job he was hired to
8:55 pm
do that's what we had to focus on. >> kevin smith echoed what aeg live said throughout the trial, michael jackson was a grown man responsible for his own decisions. >> michael jackson was pretty used to getting his own way. he was a big star. he had all these doctors who wanted to be his doctor and he could get what he wanted. and if anybody said no, they were out of the mix. he would find someone else. >> attorney kevin boyle spoke on behalf of the jackson family. >> we of course are not happy with the result as it stands now. we will be exploring all options legally and financially and make a decision about anything at a later time. >> dr. attorney marvin putnam was not surprised by the verdict. >> aeg live didn't do something wrong here and were not going to be shaken down. you can't do what they do for a living and let people knock on
8:56 pm
your door and say i'm going to bring a cause of action unless you bring me cash. you can't do that. >> the verdict means that the jackson family will not get any money from aeg live. still, katherine jackson claims that the trial has never been about money. >> it was katherine jackson's decision to file this lawsuit almost three years ago. she was asked during her testimony why and she said, "i want to know what happened to my son. it is a search for the truth." and just give them the basics, you know. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners,
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welcome back. after months of tense testimony, the latest chapter in the death of michael jackson has ended. the jackson family attorneys will explore all legal actions and make their decision about another move at a later time. stay with cnn for continuing coverage of the case. i'm anderson cooper. i'm anderson cooper. thanks for watching. -- captions by vitac --


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